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The Company Party
  • Author - John Doe  
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  • Story Codes - M-f, bondage, loving
  • Post Date - 9/2/2018
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Author's Note: Laura has had eyes for Greg, and uses the company holiday party to lure him into a fun evening of bondage and love-making

Greg always enjoyed the company holiday party. it was fun to wear a tux once a year, and fun to see his coworkers in formal wear, too. Most of the men wore black tuxes; a few even had tails. Scott McGregor always wore his kilt, which was a great conversation starter for him. The women had much more latitude in their formal clothing selection, of course, which made them more interesting to see. Greg was parked on a bar stool, watching people arrive, checking out their fancy clothes, nodding hello to those he knew.

Tight Pantyhose. Tighter Bondage!

A woman in a beautiful light blue dress with subtle sparkles walked in and grabbed his attention. Her wavy blonde hair, parted in the middle, bounced on her shoulders as she strode confidently into the room. The dress covered her right shoulder, but her left shoulder was bare, and a ribbon of fabric surrounded her left arm above the elbow. Greg initially thought that her dress was falling off on that side, but when he looked more carefully he saw another ribbon of sparkly blue fabric going down her forearm to a third ribbon around her wrist, almost like a corsage.

'My god, she's beautiful,' Greg thought, but he wasn't quite sure who she was. Then she looked his way and gave him a coy little smile, which made his heart skip a beat. He followed her with his eyes, and as she approached the doors to the ballroom, she slowed for just a moment, turned toward him, smiled just a bit, and cocked her head as if to say 'are you coming with me or not?'. He thought it looked like Laura from the IT Department, but he was used to seeing her in jeans with her hair pulled back and glasses on, so he wasn't 100% sure. He headed into the ballroom, and as he got closer he realized that this lovely vision was indeed Laura. He had always thought her very attractive, but tonight, she was on a whole new level.

"Hi Laura, wow, you look fantastic! Your dress is stunning," he said.

"Thanks! It's fun to get really dressed up once in a while, don't you think? You look pretty sharp too," she replied with a smile that didn't betray the nervousness she felt about her plan, which was now in motion.

They chatted about the dress, and he told her how he thought for moment it was falling off on one side. "Well," she said, touching his hand, then leaning close to him and whispering, "maybe you better stick close to me tonight and make sure it stays on." Just then a DJ spun up some music, and Laura closed her hand around Greg's wrist, pulled him toward the dance floor, and said "Let's dance!" He wasn't a great dancer, but he was starting to have a great time, because Laura was spunky, vivacious, and beautiful. For several months, he had thought about asking her out, but hadn't because he was just too shy. Luckily for him, she had taken the initiative.

They danced to three or four fast tunes, then the DJ started a slow-dance tune. Greg waited a moment to see what Laura wanted to do, thinking that she'd probably leave the dance floor and maybe get a drink. To his surprise, she reached up and put her arms around his neck; the top of her head was at about his nose level, so it wasn't an uncomfortable reach for her. He reciprocated by tentatively putting his arms around her back, just above her waist. For the first half of the song, she looked up into his eyes. Then she surprised him by resting her head on his shoulder, moving her arms down, and pulling him toward her until their chests were touching.

Greg and Laura stayed together throughout the party. They talked, laughed, flirted, touched. When their hands found each other under the table, their fingers intertwined. A while later, when their hands had separated and migrated to the inside of each others' thighs, they could both tell where the evening was headed. So about 30 minutes later, when she asked if he wanted to go somewhere more private and work on getting her dress to finally fall off, he readily agreed. Hand in hand, they walked to the hotel's elevators. When the elevator reached the 14th floor, she reached into her tiny pocketbook and pulled out a hotel key card. Greg's head was spinning; he wasn't sure whether this was really happening or whether it was a dream. Once inside the hotel room, she immediately turned and gave him a long, passionate kiss.

"So, you might be wondering why this is happening tonight," she said.

"Um, yeah, I mean, I'm having a great time with you, but the thought did cross my mind."

"Well, one of my jobs in IT is to check web access logs to see if people are wasting too much company time on Facebook, or looking at sites they shouldn't be looking at from work. So I know that you sometimes look at sites that are not exactly safe for work, shall we say."

'Oh crap, I'm getting blackmailed,' he thought. He started to turn red from embarrassment, and his head dropped.

"Oh, no, no, no!" she said, pushing his chin up and looking into his eyes, "This is good!" She took both of his hands in hers. "Don't feel bad. For one thing, you wouldn't believe how many people look at stuff they shouldn't be looking at while they're at work. For another thing, I've had a crush on you for months, so when I figured out that you were interested in the same kinds of kinky things I like, I started fantasizing about you tying me up, teasing me, and..., you know..., fucking me. I couldn't stop thinking about it; I wanted you so badly. No one else. Only you. So I decided to take a leap of faith; I spent an obscene amount on this dress, and I spent the whole afternoon at the beauty parlor, all to see if I could get you up here into this hotel suite. And here you are." She smiled briefly, then her face turned serious. "But if you think this is totally weird, or you're not interested in me, you can just turn around and head out the door, and this never happened. Just please don't tell anyone, because I'd definitely lose my job if the company found out." She paused, and bit her lower lip. "But, umm, if you are interested, I've got a lot of rope here."

Greg was stunned, so stunned that he couldn't speak. This had to be a dream. After what seemed to him like 10 minutes, but was probably only 10 seconds, he gave her his answer by leaning down and kissing her, hard. When he pulled away, he said, "I've been thinking about you, too. I've wanted to ask you out for a long time, but I'm really shy about that kind of thing."

She kissed him again, then said, "Well, problem solved. Now, get this expensive dress off of me." Zip zip zip, and there she was in her Victoria Secret bra and panties. "Bra too," she said, so he reached around and undid the clasp and let the bra fall to the floor. Her breasts were magnificent. Not huge, just right.

Laura was feeling a little relieved, but still anxious. Being analytical, she had calculated her chance of success. Greg's reputation was not of someone who jumped into the sack at every opportunity, so she had figured she only had a 1-in-3 chance of luring him up to the room; he'd have to actually be interested in her to come up. That's why she went all out: the dress, the hairstyle, then basically throwing herself at him.

Once he was in the room, she figured there was at least a 50% chance he'd bolt once he found out what she really wanted. So having gotten him to come this far made her feel pretty good. But she didn't know if he was really into bondage. Maybe he had looked at those kinky sites a few times and decided it didn't interest him. So she figured there was anywhere from a 75% to a 90% chance that he wouldn't really be into tying her up, that he would just go through the motions tonight, then never talk to her, or probably even make eye contact, again. But so far, so good, she told herself as she slowly undressed him down to his boxers, then led him into the suite's bedroom, where the bed was covered with coils of soft, cotton rope of various lengths.

Greg was flattered and exhilarated. A gorgeous woman he was attracted to did all of this just to reel him in? And she wanted him to tie her up? This really seemed too good to be true, but he wasn't about to question it, so he turned Laura around, took a coil or rope, found the bight, and placed that in the middle of her back at wrist level. Then he wrapped the two strands around her arms, through the bight, and started back the other way. Laura got that familiar tingle in her stomach that only happened when she was being tied up. Then, instead of just going around the outside of her wrist, Greg pulled the rope between her torso and wrist, looped it around the wrist so it was in back again, then went between her wrist and torso again, toward the front. The rope now made a figure-8 between her torso and wrist. He ran the rope across her belly, repeated the figure-8 on her left side, then again on the right, then again on the left. He separated the two strands, and used them to cinch the figure-8 on each side. Finally, he tied the two strands together, in front, near her left arm, to avoid a lump in back.

"I think you've done this before," she said, smiling and thinking to herself that this was a pretty good sign that he really was into bondage. He said nothing, but grabbed another coil and put its bight in the middle of her back, below her breasts. He made two turns below the breasts, then two above, cinched the sides, and drew the remaining rope to the middle of her back. He made one cross of the two strands, then ran them up her back, and over her shoulders on each side. He used the two strands to cinch the breast ropes. Surrounded on all sides by taut rope, her lovely breasts stuck out even farther, and he couldn't resist fondling them for a few seconds.

"How's that?," he asked.

"Mmmm, great," she said, with the excitement tingle going full strength now. She walked over and lay down on the bed, then scooched herself over to the middle, knocking some of the remaining rope coils onto the floor. "Now you can do whatever you want to me, and I can't stop you," she said, tugging her arms uselessly outward and looking hungrily at him. Grabbing another coil, he found the bight and started wrapping her ankles. He cinched that and tied it off, then tied and cinched her legs just below her knees, and lastly, just above the knees. He looked down at Laura, and remembered that just a few hours ago at the party, he was sure she'd never look more beautiful than she did just then. But lying here nearly naked, with bunches of ropes holding her arms, breasts, and legs firmly, and a hungry look on her face, she was even more beautiful.

He sat on the edge of the bed and stroked Laura's blonde hair and her cheek, then lightly kissed her, and told her that she was beautiful all glammed up, and beautiful all tied up. She kissed him back. Then he sat up, took one more piece of rope, rolled her onto her side, and tied it in the middle of her back to the rope encircling her waist. He pulled the free end up between her legs and tied several large knots in it, then lay down next to her and started sucking on her breasts, while rubbing her crotch with the knotted rope. Laura's hips rocked up and down, and she began to moan. He varied the tempo and pressure of the rope, but he wasn't rough. Greg started nibbling on her erect nipples, and a few minutes later, her body jerked - as much as it could given how restrained it was - and she gave a little yelp as the orgasm hit her.

Greg untied her legs, and pulled her panties off. "Are you going to fuck me now?," she asked.

"No, not yet, but you're going to cum again," he said, smiling at her.

He wrapped a rope around her right ankle and tied the other end to a bedpost, then her left leg to the other bedpost. He climbed between her spread-eagled legs and started to lick her very wet pussy. His tongue darted in and out, licking fast, then slow, and it didn't take long for her to have a second explosive orgasm. After she came down from the high, she asked "Now are you going to fuck me?," she pleaded, "'cause I've dreamt about it for weeks."

"Yes, now I'm going to fuck you," Greg said.

She was wet and he was hard, so he slid right in. He fucked her slowly, and that made her squirm. He was so turned on, though, that he came pretty quickly, and his convulsions made her cum a third time. After a minute, he untied her legs, but not her torso, and then snuggled next to her.

"Do you want me to untie you?"

"Not yet," she purred, "just snuggle."

"So how could you be sure I didn't already have a girlfriend, and that I was coming to the party?," he asked.

"I have a spy in your department," she said, matter of factly. 'Natalie!,' he thought. 'She sits in the cube right next to me, and she and Laura are thick as thieves.'

"Well then, what else do you know about me?," he asked.

"You don't go out drinking with the hard-partying bunch you work with, you call your mom every couple of days, which is very sweet, and you drink too much Red Bull!," she laughed.

"Well, you seem to have me at quite a disadvantage," Greg jokingly huffed.

"Hold on buster!," she said. "I'm all tied up here, and somehow I have you at a disadvantage?," and they both laughed.

They lay quietly for a couple of minutes, enjoying their snuggle. Greg thought about the fact that this relationship, just hours old, was moving at 100 miles per hour. He was ok with that; he felt so comfortable with Laura. He said, "Laura?"

"Mmm?," she replied.

"This was a helluva date."

Laura had been sure for months that she wanted this night, but she hadn't been sure she'd want more nights like it. Having finally experienced it, there was no doubt in her mind that, yes, she wanted more nights like this. She wanted more than that, too. Greg was so kind, and loving, and he really knew how to turn her on; she wanted him as her boyfriend. But she didn't know if he felt that way, so she hedged and said, "Sure was. I'm thinking this could be a regular thing we do."

Greg looked over at the beautiful blonde and said, "Me too. And I'm thinking *we* could be a regular thing."

She smiled and said, "A regular thing..., and a kinky thing..., and a boyfriend-girlfriend thing - I really like that," and she leaned over and gave him a quick peck. As Greg returned her peck with a tender kiss on her forehead, he thought to himself, 'Best. Company party. Ever.'

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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Thursday, September 27, 2018  

A wonderful story and quite plausible. I enjoyed reading it.

Sunday, September 09, 2018  

HEA Bondage Date! Great Writing! More?

Saturday, September 08, 2018  

nice and well written. please write another.

Friday, September 07, 2018  

Enjoyed this. Bit cliched in places but I hope you write another one.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018  

Short, sweet, and fun. Thanks ^^

Tuesday, September 04, 2018  

Great story. More would be great. Thank you.

Monday, September 03, 2018  

Sweet love story - very nice

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