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City Break
  • Author - thepinkbishop  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, F-m, F-mf, M-f, consensual, analplay, bondage, cross-dressing, games, humiliation, loving, public
  • Post Date - 9/3/2018
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Author's Note: For those that enjoyed 'When in Rome...' and my other Mirkada stories, here's another story of a couple on holiday getting up to some bondage fun. Simon and Marie are on a specially tailored trip to New York.

'This one ?' I pointed towards the sheer blue satin balcony bra on its plastic hanger.

I didn't often get to go lingerie shopping with my wife and I was rather enjoying myself.

'Do you like it ?' Marie knew exactly what I would think of it.

I flicked through the rack until I found a 36-DD and lifted it on its hanger before holding it up to allow her to examine it more closely.

'Want to try it on ?' I was trying to imagine her wearing it and felt the inevitable response in my groin. Marie has a fit body and since she's had her breasts done I've had trouble keeping my hands off it.

Actually, it was a problem before the boob job too.

'Try it on ? Really ?' Marie looked at me like I was an idiot.

'That Italian couple from the apartment went into the changing rooms together.' I glanced towards the curtain through which they'd passed and leaned in, dropping my voice. 'They're probably having sex in there right now.'

Marie rolled her eyes. 'Is that all men ever think of ?'

'Women have their moments too. Beside's we're on holiday.'

'We both know sex is not going to happen.' She looked down at my groin.

It was true. Even as we spoke I could feel my cock straining against its metal prison.

We were saved from domestic stale mate by the shop assistant or hostess or whatever they called such people here in New York.

Two countries divided by a common language !

'Would you care to try the garment, Madam ?' She was a pert brunette in a white blouse and tight blue pencil skirt teetering on patent leather heels that must have been at least five inches; she showed a 'well presented aspect', which is to say she was heavily made up, giving her a smooth complexion highlighted with dark red lips, blusher and lush dark lashes; her hair was drawn into a slick tight ponytail. 'Sir ?'

It was clear I was included in the invitation or, perhaps she was on commission.

If she really wanted to make a sale, it had taken her a while to approach us, certainly a delay compared to the attention we'd received during our last visit to the States, and I suspected this might be the way Marie was dressed in a long black cloak that, for want of a better description, resembled a Victoria traveling cloak or a medieval Dutch mantle.

I was dressed more 'normally' in a blue suit but the shiny steel collar locked round my neck was pretty obvious. If anyone looked carefully, they'd probably see the outline of the chain running down my back too, and the bulge of the rectal hook locked firmly inside me.

Our appearance had certainly attracted a few glances and clandestine whispers on the tourist bus.

The assistant probably thought we were a couple of wierdos too but a sale was a sale and I do have a thing for designer suits.

Marie started to make excuses but I cut her off.

'Yes. Madam would love to try the garment.' Sometimes a man must be masterful.

Marie shot me a withering glare.

'And the panties too ?' The girl bent showing another 'well presented aspect' (it really was a tight skirt) and rifled through the adjoining rack to find something approximating to Marie's size, pulling out a pair of 36" full knickers in matching sheer satin. 'It comes in a thong too.'

'The, er, panties will be fine.' Marie winked at me as she used the Americanism.

'And a garter belt ?'

'Why not.' I took the 'panties' on their hanger.

The shop assistant bent further, confirming my earlier suspicion that she preferred thongs, and a moment later held out a wide suspender belt.

'We have fully fashioned stockings too.'

My cock made another valiant effort to straighten but was left frustrated.

There was an awkward pause until I realised that the assistant was offering the 'garter belt' to Marie. I reached out and took it gallantly and then we followed the girl towards the curtain screening off the changing rooms.

I rather hoped to hear whispered Italian and gasps of pleasure from the slim older blonde who was allegedly in here to try on what had looked like a baby doll nightie and lacy thong to entertain her younger partner but was disappointed though, clearly, the couple were in one of the cubicles together.

The assistant handed me a token with '3' on and a pair of disposable paper 'panties'.

'Please use these.'

I took the disc and the paper panties, wondering if perhaps I might get to rip them off with my teeth later, and we slipped into the cubicle locking the door behind us.

'You'll have to help me.' There was challenge but also excitement in Marie's somewhat urgent whisper and the way she looked made my cock strain again.

'It'll be a pleasure.' I pulled open the cape open to reveal her partially naked body; naked apart from a collar and a leather corset sculpted below her magnificent breasts and shiny red knee high leather boots; she wore bondage sleeves too, leather sheaths buckled tightly to her arms and linked across her chest and shoulders by matching straps; the sleeves ran from her shoulders down to her fingertips which were forced into a single point and padlocked to the back of her corset, lifting them into the small of her back. That body was all mine for the taking, except she was locked into a steel chastity belt too.

And, of course, my cock was securely locked in its cage.

I had to make do with a grope of her firm breasts.

'Someone's enjoying this.' I ran my hands over her swollen nipples.

'You can't imaging how much that cape chafes.'

My cock twitched and I leaned forward to kiss her but she backed away slightly turning her head.

'Oh, go on.' I pressed forward.

'No, this make up took Mi-Mi nearly an hour and I don't want you to smudge it.

Marie usually wore very little make-up but this morning the maid had apparently put it on with a trowel giving Marie less the 'well presented' look and more a high class whore appearance with ridiculous eyelash extensions and shining crimson lipstick.

Combined with the cape and the added height if her heels, this meant Marie was very hard to miss. The glint of steel collar nestling in the neck of her cloak probably didn't help.

Though she wouldn't let me kiss her, she did let me play with her breasts for a lot longer than I expected and from the look in her face and flush across her chest; I know she enjoyed it too until, finally, she reminded me what we'd come into the cubicle to do and I reluctantly released her firm fun-bags.

After hanging the cape on a hook, I took the panties and knelt down before her, allowing her to step into them before I pulled them up over her boots and settled them in place over her chastity belt. No need for paper panties here, I could save those for later. I couldn't help running my hands down the front of her firm, tanned thighs and enjoying the proximity of her shiny red patent leather boots.

'You can kiss them if you like.' She whispered down to me with a smile.

I bent and took advantage of the offer.

A man has to be submissive sometimes too.

I'd have liked to do a thorough job but I knew we had a schedule to keep so I stood up and took the bra from it's hanger.

Marie turned her back to me, presenting her tightly sheathed arms and the little padlock that kept her mitted hands in place, delightfully clear of her bottom allowing easy access to the crop or the cane or even a firm hand. I frowned as I was reminded someone had got there before me and left a dozen stripes that last night had been red and were now settling to a darker purple. I had a matching set.

I might have managed to keep my hands off her bottom but I couldn't stop myself hooking my finger in one of the straps across the back of her shoulders and pulling her towards me.

She gave a little gasp as I drew her off balance. The heels of Marie's boots were five inches and I knew she'd been concentrating very hard not to fall; the humiliation of exploring New York naked and in bondage under a cloak with everybody speculating that was what she was doing could only be surmounted by sprawling on the sidewalk to reveal that everybody had guessed right.

Needless to say I didn't let her fall.

Having gained her full attention, I leaned round and slipped the bra over her breasts, making a diligent effort to heft them gently into place. Then I did the fastener up, certainly something I was less experienced it.

'Comfortable ?'

'Very.' She pushed herself against me grinding her satin covered bottom against my helpless cock and I reached round to play with her newly covered breasts.

'Oh, that's very nice.' Her voice was trembling.

We were jolted back to reality by a knock on the door.

'Is everything all right in there ?'

The assistant didn't appear to concerned about the Italian couple but had obviously had picked us out as oddballs.

'Yes, fine.' I called. I wasn't sure Marie was up to saying much. My voice wasn't as steady a I would have liked. 'We'll be out in a moment.'

I listened to the girl's heels receding and Marie turned to face me. Her eyes shining with arousal.

'Just when we were getting somewhere.' She whispered huskily.

She might have been getting somewhere.

'Would madam care to wear the garments home ?' I grinned.

'No, thank you.' She grinned back. 'I wouldn't want to stop that cape chaffing.'

I helped her out of the lingerie and hung it on the hangers then I helped her back into the cape.

Ten minutes later we were once- again on the tourist bus with me carrying a Macy's bag containing some very expensive lingerie.

We stopped for lunch in a small diner near Central Park, sitting down at one end of the wall bar so Marie could drink her white wine through a straw unobtrusively and I could feed her forkfuls of salad discretely.

Then we tackled the rest room.

Fortunately, there were individual cubicles tucked round the back of the servery and we managed to slip into one together.

I helped Marie out of the cape again and turned my back as she sat to pee.

I can be gallant too.

Then we swapped places. In the cage, it was easier sitting down.

After washing my hands I went for her breasts again and, once more, had the pleasure of her push back against me as I toyed with her nipples. In a few moments she was panting heavily.

'You really shouldn't do this to me when I can't get the full benefit.' She gasped and pressed herself more firmly against me.

'Tell me about it.' My cock strained against the bars of its prison as it had for most of the morning and now I could hear it chinking against Marie's chastity belt through my pants.

'We should get back on the bus.' Marie said in a way that indicated she wasn't fully convinced that this was the best thing to do.

'There's something I have to do first.' I'd been a bit anxious about this all morning but it had to be done.

'I do hope it involves my nipples.' Marie was breathing hard, her mitted hands straining against their restraints and rubbing against my belly.

'Oh, yes !' I couldn't help smiling 'An order from Mistress.'

'I like it already.' She panted, even more excited.

I reached into my pocked and pulled out the little pot of paste that I'd been given that morning.

'I've been told to rouge your nipples.' I whispered into her ear. 'I hope you don't mind.'

'Not at all.' Marie positively purred.

I opened the pot and took a finger full of the red paste. It was slightly coarse, almost abrasive and as I rubbed it against my thumb I felt my skin tingle. Slipping the pot back into my pocket, I transferred some of the paste to my other thumb and forefinger and then reached round to rub the paste into her swollen nipples.

'Oh fuck ! That's good.' Marie tipped her head back, nuzzling against my neck. 'Perhaps you could do this again when we get home.'

I gathered she meant our real home rather than our holiday apartment.

'I'll make a note.'

'Such a gentleman.' She moaned rather loudly. 'Always thinking of others.'

'There's something else.' I reached into my other pocket.

'Oh, good.'

'You might not like it quite so much.' I reached round again. 'Mistress has told me to clamp your nipples.'

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'Bitch !' Her insult wasn't exactly heartfelt and, even as she said it she rubbed her cheek against mine. It was nice to be able to do it without one or both of us wearing a muzzle.

Marie actually quite enjoys nipple torture and, as I closed the clamps she squirmed deliciously.

Remembering what she'd said about the cloak chaffing, I angled the clamps down so that the tips of her nipples could still rub against the cloak.

I really am a thoughtful husband.

'Do I have to keep these on all afternoon ?'

'Those are Mistress' instructions.'

I felt rather than saw her smile.

'I can live with that.' She shook her breasts. The clamps were quite heavy but the jaws were rubber lined and the springs were quite light; decorative and teasing rather than harsh and punishing.

'Shall we go ?'

I released her, somewhat reluctantly.

'I suppose we should.'

Through the afternoon, we took in a few more of city's sights from the tour bus including a ride down 5th Avenue. Naturally, we went to the top deck of the bus, Marie forced to take the stairs in her heels with nothing but her balance to support her and me to catch her of she fell.

We also took a stroll in Central Park and then took a yellow cab to the Chrysler Building where we were booked to take the elevator to enjoy views across the city at dusk. It wasn't too surprising that the security gates alarmed as we went through. A female guard passed a hand detector over Marie's body, noting the traces of metal around her chest.

'I have pierced nipples.' She Marie confided trying to avoid a strip search and the obvious outcome.

The security guard raised her eyebrows.

'Would you just hold your arms out, Madam.'

Marie looked at me.

'Er, I have a shoulder problem.'

The guard took Marie discretely to one side.

'I have a piercing too.' I ventured to her colleague as my cock alarmed.

The guard waved me through.

Marie reappeared a moment later blushing slightly despite her heavy make up and was let through.

'Are you ok ?' I whispered as we queued for the lift.

'Yes, fine.' Marie was slightly flustered. 'Why wouldn't I be ?'

'Oh, I don't know.' I grinned. 'Did she...?' I gestured to her cape.

'Oh, yes.'


'She realised I could hardly be much of a threat.'

'Very broad minded these Yanks.' I grinned.

'Very.' Marie started to regain her composure. 'In fact, she wrote her phone number on a parcel tag and tied it to my nipple clamps.'

'Lucky you.' I winked at her. 'At least she couldn't do a cavity search.'

'Oh, she could have if she'd wanted too; she had a pretty big pair of bolt cutters.'

We arrived at the apartment which was in a fairly nondescript building a few blocks from Times Square a little after seven and were let in by Mi-Mi, Mistress Jazz's Japanese maid.

Mi-Mi helped Marie out of her cape, spotting the luggage tag immediately and smiling as she noted the word 'Carlie' and a phone-number. The maid didn't say anything; neither did she make any attempt to remove it or to release my wife from her bondage.

Then Mi-Mi began to undress me, helping me out of my jacket and shirt and then directing me to remove me pants and shoes.

A few moments later I stood naked aside from my collar with it's chain and anal hook and my cock cage, of course, beside my lovely restrained wife.

'You are late.' Mi-Mi admonished.

It had taken a surprising amount of time to get down from the top of the Chrysler building.

'Sorry, we...'


We bowed our heads and Mi-Mi clipped a leash to each of our collars before leading us into the sitting room.

We were indeed the last to arrive.

The lesbian couple we'd 'met' the evening before knelt in one corner, both dressed in leather harnesses, their arms folded up at their sides, mitted hands linked together behind their collars; both were muzzled. They clearly had some sort of pet fetish: their harnesses sporting wide collars with name-tags proclaiming them to be Olga and Kata; they wore cute ears on Alice bands and had tails too, fastened in place in the same way as my rectal hook; I was sure I had heard something at breakfast about M-Mi planning to take them for 'walkies'. Aside from their names, I was pretty convinced they were European though they'd both been muzzled during each of our encounters. Both were blonde and blue-eyed with honey tanned skin and slim firm bodies.

As Maria and I were lead into the sitting room, they looked up briefly, smiling behind their muzzles before looking back at each other and leaning in to nuzzle together.

The Italian man with the older wife was there too; the couple we'd seen in the lingerie department of Macy's; him sitting comfortably in one of Mistress' leather armchairs dressed, as the night before,in an expensive looking Italian suit reading the paper, while she knelt at his feet, straight backed, but with her head slightly bowed dressed in old-fashioned looking cream lingerie that consisted of a heavily stitched cone bra, tightly laced corset, deep knickers and fully fashioned stockings; an ensemble that contrasted with her deeply tanned skin. This was, I guessed a rich woman of leisure who could afford to spend a good deal of her time worshipping the sun. She was probably in her forties (probably late forties, or perhaps that was the effect of the sun on her skin) but from the look of her body and her neatly coifed blonde hair, clearly took a lot of time with her appearance. I wondered, perhaps uncharitably, if her young partner, who couldn't have been more than late twenties, was paid to accompany her.

The woman's arms were laced behind her in a heavy duty black leather single sleeve that drew her shoulders back, emphasising her upright posture and was linked to the high posture collar that encircled her throat. The leather leash clipped to her collar was looped around her younger partner's wrist. Her red lips were stretched around an enormous gag.

As we passed she maintained her upright posture but followed us with blue eyes.

'Knees !.' Mi-Mi positioned Maria and I on the rug in front of the fireplace.

We dropped to our knees obediently and I slipped me hands behind my back where Mi-Mi cuffed them.

Then we all awaited Mistress' pleasure.

Mistress Jazz was, as in our previous encounters, dressed from head to foot in shiny black leather, a tight-fitting catsuit with a zipper that nestled between her heavy breasts flaunting a deep dark cleavage speckled with freckles that added to her attraction as an exotic creature. However she dressed, she would be a striking woman, six foot tall even without the huge heels of her shiny black boots; she had sapphire blue eyes and wore her red hair loose, an unruly tangle of tight curls which she was forced to sweep away from her face at frequent intervals.

'I trust you had an enjoyable day sightseeing ?'

'Yes, Mistress.' Marie and I chorused together.

One did not keep Mistress Jazz waiting.

She extended a shiny black boot towards me and I bent forward planting my lips on the glistening leather.

'And what have we here ?' Mistress bent and lifted Marie's parcel tag.

'A gift from an admirer, Mistress.' Marie must have known she was risking a whipping for such a brazen reply.

I smiled at the thought.

'Really ?' Mistress Jazz looked skeptical.

'Yes, Mistress.' Marie smiled.

'If you say so.' She read the label. 'Did she offer any more than her 'admiration' ?'

'No, Mistress.'

'I will have to give this Carlie a call, you're not the first she's shown her 'admiration' for and she clearly has a flair for this sort of thing.' Mistress looked across at Mi-Mi. 'I could do with a second maid; Mi-Mi can be a little wayward and it would be useful to have someone around when I punish her.'

Mistress Jazz released the label and Marie's nipple chain and pushed her foot forward. Marie bent to kiss it.

'Mi-Mi.' Mistress called to her maid. 'I thought I'd give Simon and Marie use of the playroom this evening.'

'Yes, Mistress.' Mi-Mi curtseyed.

'Perhaps you could help them decide who's going to play which role.

'Yes, Mistress.' Mi-Mi curtseyed again and pulled a coin, a silver dollar, from the front pocket of her white rubber apron. She tipped it into her right hand, showed us and then slipped her hands behind her back, clearly changing hands several times.


It was clear what Mistress wanted us to do.

'Left.' I nodded towards Mi-Mi's left side.

I swear there was a moment's hesitation before she brought her hands out and, when the maid opened her left hand to show it was empty, I was pretty convinced she'd swapped hands.

'Looks like Marie will be the one in charge tonight.' Mistress Jazz' lips curled into a smile.

'Thank you, Mistress.' Marie smiled too.

We'd booked in as a sub couple but with the option of playing other roles and, I suppose, it was only fair to give Marie a crack of the whip so to speak after a day exploring the city on bondage.

I watched Mi-Mi step behind Marie and free the tips of the bondage sleeves from the corset then start to undo the straps holding the sleeves in place. It took several minutes and, despite the relative comfort of the bondage, I could see the pleasure in my wife's face as she was allowed to move her shoulders and arms after over eight hours with them locked behind her back. Once she'd stretched, she rubbed the sweaty skin of her arms which was indented by deep strap and zip marks. As she did so, Mi-Mi reached for the nipple clamps causing Marie to cradle her breasts defensively.

'I can manage that, thank you.' Marie told the maid rather pointedly.

Mi-Mi gave a brief look of surprise and stepped back to watch as Marie carefully supported her left breast with her left hand and then gingerly took the clamp between the thumb and forefinger of her right hand.

She grimaced as she released her nipple and the feeling suddenly returned.

She repeated the process with the other side.

'If Madam would like to follow me.' Mi-Mi turned on her heels and Marie rose to her feet with surprising grace despite the heeled boots.

'Thank you, Mistress.' Marie smiled warmly at Mistress Jazz. 'Does the chastity belt come off too ?'

My wife seemed almost to be begging to be chastised.

'Not yet.' Mistress frowned and looked at me. 'Neither does the cage.'

'Yes, Mistress.' I bowed my head.

'Come along.' Marie bent to pick up the wrist loop of my leash and I began to crawl awkwardly behind her.

The playroom was a thing of dreams; kinky fetish dreams involving S&M fantasies, bondage and punishment, but a place of desire nonetheless.

I entered on my knees as befitted my status as the slave of a slave, following Marie in her corset and shiny red boots, and, sadly, still in her shiny steel chastity belt.

My wife was clearly as overwhelmed as me and stood for a moment, taking in the array of bondage toys: pillars and posts, pillories, a diagonal cross; the walls were lined with whips and canes, shackles chains and cuffs of every description.

'May I help Madam choose something she likes ?' Mi-Mi worked here and was clearly used to the room and its many wonders.

Marie thought for a moment.

'That !' she pointed to a whipping post; three posts actually in a tripod, the sort of thing people are tied to when they are whipped on old films.

Mi-Mi smiled and lead the way, Marie following and me crawling behind on my knees torn between taking in the room in its full glory, my wife's taut buttocks separated by the shining steel of the chastity belt and Mi-Mi's smaller bottom wrapped in its frilled rubber knickers clearly visible below ruffed hem of the little black rubber maid's dress she wore that more resembled a tutu than a miniskirt.

I'm embarrassed to say, Mi-Mi won though this was largely because she reached up at that moment to pull down the cuffs on the whipping post and her little breasts nearly popped out of the top of the dress while her bottom stuck out as the hem of her skirt bobbed even higher.

It was probably a good thing that Marie was going to discipline me.

( link opens in new window )

'Perhaps Madam would like to choose a whip.' Mi-Mi suggested as she crouched behind me and freed my wrists.

From the way Marie looked down at her, I got the impression she wasn't entirely happy about Mi-Mi taking over and the thought of these two women coming to blows over who was going to be Mistress had the inevitable effect on my poor captive cock. However, Marie handed my leash to the maid and sauntered off towards the rack of whips on the wall swinging her hips and clicking her heels in a way that was clearly calculated to draw my full attention.

My cock twitched again and I was so distracted that I barely noticed Mi-Mi locking my wrists in front of me into the leather cuffs attached to the tripod; she then pulled them back up encouraging me to my feet and then stretching me up onto my tiptoes. I paid a little more attention when I felt my collar to press firmly against my neck and the rectal hook to which it was connected slide more deeply inside me. However, Mi-Mi only got my full attention when she kicked my legs apart and started to cuff my ankles to the bases of two of the three poles, putting even more tension in the chain between my collar and the rectal hook and forcing me up onto the very tips of my toes. I looked down to find her squatting at my feet and was treated to a decent view of her small cleavage nestled in the little black dress; sadly, the white rubber frill stopped me getting a really good view of her nipples.

I looked back to Marie to find her studiously reviewing whips and glancing back at me occasionally in a way that showed she was weighing up the effect each would have on my body; her expression told me she was going to enjoy this particular punishment.

I hoped I would too.

With my body stretched on the frame, plugged and collared, there was certainly nothing I could do to prevent it.

I watched Marie take down a long coiled bullwhip and run it through her fingers, then glance back at me, her dark eyes shining with pleasure.

'Gag him for me would you, Mi-Mi.' Marie's voice carried an air of command that she'd clearly summoned for the occasion; my wife had clearly risen to the occasion.

'Yes, Madam.' Mi-Mi had just finished locking my ankles in place; at Marie's command she stood and walked to the rack on which the gags hung: bits, balls, muzzles, dental retractors...

It was Mi'Mi's turn to size me up.

Watching a pretty Japanese girl dressed as a kinky French maid, complete with lace cap, fully fashioned stockings and shiny black heels picking out a gag for you while tied naked to a frame was going to be one of many pleasant memories from this holiday.

Some people take photos, some buy souvenirs.

I think I was drooling from more than my cock and I wasn't even gagged.

'Discipline.' Marie's voice was sharp in my ear and I felt the whip she had chosen pressed against my face; her breasts were pressed pretty firmly against my back too; I was sure I could even feel the corset and the lock on the chastity belt.

I glanced at her, her face was very close to mine.

'You clearly need some discipline.' Marie's eyes flashed with excitement. Perhaps there was some jealousy there too; she must have known I was looking at Mi-Mi.

'Yes, Mistress.' I knew my place.

I suddenly found Mi-Mi standing in front of me with holding a large red ball complete with heavy black panel that would wrap around the lower half of my face.

'Open.' Marie took the initiative, at the same time running her hand down my body, her fingernails caressing the side of my chest.

I obeyed and Mi-Mi pushed the gag into my mouth.

If my cock hadn't been locked in it's prison, I think this sort of treatment might have been enough to make me cum but it was so I didn't.

Marie and I played these games a lot but this was a step up from our usual fun and I guessed she was as horny as me, possibly more so. Shortly after booking in to the apartment we'd had a drink and a shower then we'd been restrained, our arms laced onto single sleeves, our bodies harnessed, our ankles cuffed, then Mistress had laid down the house rules, emphasising them by use of the crop on our bare bottoms. Despite our tiredness and jet lag this treatment had left us intensely horny. You can imagine our frustration when we'd been locked into our chastity devices and then chained to opposite sides of the large double bed in our room. Over the next hour or so, we'd tried hard and with increasing desperation to reach each other but we'd been placed tantalisingly out of reach we'd eventually fallen asleep looking at each other over gags and trying not to whimper in sexual frustration.

A day of this treatment later, we were even more frustrated.

'Thank you, Mi-Mi.' Marie handed the maid the whips she'd chosen and reached up to tighten the gag herself. 'A little tighter, I think.' She pulled on the straps drawing the ball more deeply into in my mouth.

I love being gagged and Marie knows it.

'We don't want you giving away state secrets, do we ?' Marie smoothed the black leather panel across my face and began to buckle it closed. The buckles were obviously stiff and I could feel her struggling with them. I tried my best not to look at Mi-Mi who was regarding me with her golden brown eyes and very deliberately prodding my captive cock with the tip of the long stiff whip Marie had selected alongside the leather bullwhip.

'Thank you, Mi-Mi.' Marie spoke rather pointedly as she took the whips back. 'That will be all.'

'Yes, Madam.' Mi-Mi curtseyed. She clearly knew she would probably be back in control of Marie in a few hours and could, presumably, extract any revenge she wanted at that point.

Mi-Mi's heels clicked towards the door and I was left with Marie.

'I seem to recall you took advantage of me at lunchtime.' My wife's dark eyes betrayed her excitement. 'At a time when I was completely vulnerable.'

I tried to feign innocence.

'I had to wear those clamps on my nipples all afternoon.' She teased my right nipple with the tip of the whip.

If I could, I would have pointed out that I'd put them on under Mistress' instruction.

'Ergo, it's your turn to suffer.' There was a definite pleasure in her voice.

We might be a sub-couple but we were used to playing flexibly.

Marie had been in bondage most of the day; it was reasonable that I take a turn.

In fact, it was way more than reasonable.

'But before I whip your ass, I'm going to enjoy a little nipple torture.'

I knew what she meant.

She hung the long bullwhip around my neck and then hooked the loop of the straight one over my captive cock.

'Don't go away.'

Again I had the pleasure of watching a beautiful woman choosing a way to torture me.

My cock twitched as Marie stood with her back to me perusing the rack of nipple clamps. She has a beautiful ass and great legs; the tight corset emphasised her waist beautifully and those shiny boots ! I couldn't help but enjoy the way she ran her fingers across the clamps on display, knocking the chains and little weights so they swung suggestively.

'These are nice.' She spoke conversationally holding up a set that clearly piqued her interest. 'Lovely sharp teeth.' She opened the spring. 'And a decent weight.' She weighed the steel ball in her palm. 'Perhaps I should try them first.' She held the clamp against her own nipple and teased it gently. 'God, that feels good.'

If she put that clamp on her nipple, I was sure I would be able to make myself cum.

'Na !' She grinned. 'They'd look much better on you.'

I looked at her wishing I could throw myself to her feet and worship this sexual goddess.

As much as anything else, those shiny red demanded my attention.

'But first...' She walked a few steps to another rack. 'Just what I need.'

She picked up two thin cords and sauntered back to me, still smiling.

'Enjoying the show ?'

I nodded. Seeing my wife collared and corseted and locked in a chastity belt was unbelievable exciting. Not only that but she was bare breasted and her nipples still rouged from where I had applied the paste earlier. I couldn't believe how erect they were.

'This paste is very interesting.' She must have seen me looking at her breasts. 'My nipples have been tingling all afternoon.'

She lifted the nipple clamps to show me.

'And now it's your turn.'

I watched, utterly helpless as she ran the jaws of the clamps over my right nipple and then let them close gently. The feeling was exquisite, pleasure literally radiating out of my nipple. She repeated the process with the other side then set the weights swinging.

I moaned into my gag, straining in my bonds, barely able to contain my lust.

'Want me to take them off ?' There was a note of concern in her voice.

I shook my head vigorously and the nipple weights swung again.

'Good boy.' Marie smiled. 'Now for some fun.'

She took one of the cords and tied it to the chain between my nipple clamps then she pulled it and tied it around the third post of the tripod I was cuffed to, stretching my clamped nipples and forcing me to arch forward.

I moaned into my gag again.

'Don' t get too excited.' She grinned. 'It's not as if you can get anywhere.' She tapped my steel cock cage. 'I am going to have to buy one of these.'

I moaned with pleasure. I was so deep in subspace that I might never surface again.

Still grinning, she unhooked the whip then tied the second cord around the tip of my cock cage and pulled on it, dragging me forward by my shaft and balls; then she tied the other end to the third post so I was forced to stretch forward even further.

'Now for that whipping.'

I so wanted it.

She stepped behind me, the clicks of her boot heels suddenly very obvious over the sound of my breathing as I hung helpless in a state of pure ecstasy.

I jerked, gasping as the first blow landed, the tug on my nipples and cock just adding to the glorious sensation of the bondage.

The pain was somehow beautiful.

'Do you want some more ?'

God, yes !

I nodded vigorously.

Marie ran the whip down my back, teasing me, then tapped it against my skin very lightly.

I squirmed.

'Harder ?'

I nodded again. If I hadn't been gagged I would have begged.

She continued to tease me.

'Usssshh !' It was the nearest I could get to 'please' through the huge gag.

'Well, if you insist.'

She struck me again.


God, I loved this woman.


And again.

The pain was intense and part of me wanted it to stop but most of me didn't. I wanted her to beat me until I couldn't take anymore.

After a dozen strokes I was howling into my gag and thrashing in my bonds, my body wracked with an unendurable mix of pleasure and pain.

That's when Mistress Jazz came in.

I heard her heels clicking on the wooden floor even over the roar of my breathing.

I was bathed in sweat, gasping...

'Someone's having fun.' Mistress Jazz accent was unmistakeable.

'Yes, Mistress.' Marie stopped whipping me and, after a moment's pause, dropped to her knees bowing her head then, after another pause, lifted the whip offering it to the dominatrix in a beautifully submissive gesture.

'Good girl.' Mistress Jazz seemed genuinely pleased though she didn't take the whip.

I hung in my bonds keeping my head down but watching the beautiful redhead from the corner of my eye as she walked around me inspecting Marie's work.

'Quite the little dominant.' Mistress Jazz sounded pleased.

'Yes, Mistress.' Marie seemed to exude a confidence, almost a defiance; perhaps she was hoping to be strung up in bondage next to me.

Mistress Jazz took the bullwhip from where it still hung around my neck.

'I hope you were planning to use this one too.'

There was a moment's silence.

'I...' Marie stammered, her confidence suddenly slipping. Then it returned. 'I want to Mistress...but I've never used one before.'

'Then I'd better show you.' There was clearly a note of pleasure or, perhaps pride, in Mistress Jazz' voice. 'I'm sure Simon won't mind.'

I shook my head.

I really didn't mind.

'Good boy.' Mistress Jazz stepped behind me.

I could imagined her poised, ready to strike, her slim form coiled. This was a holiday photo I'd like to have.

Then the pain hit me, an explosion of agony across my back that turned the heat in my body to a sudden, terrifying cold.

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Fuck that hurt !

I hung in my bonds panting hard, willing the pain to go away.

Mistress Jazz traced a finger along the line of pain.

'Hurts, doesn't it.'

I nodded vigourously. 'Eshh, isssdresshh.'

I felt her breath on my back, cool on my sweat-drenched skin.

'The key is...' Mistress Jazz turned to Marie, still kneeling beside me. '...to use the tip.' She smiled. 'It's all in the wrist action.'

Mistress Jazz handed the whip to Marie.

'Your turn.'

I was glad to see my wife hesitated.

'Unless you'd like me to do it for you.' There was challenge in Mistress Jazz' voice.

Marie stood and took the whip then allowed Mistress Jazz to guide her into position.

There was something deliciously sexual about this leather-clad dominatrix standing behind Marie, her slim body pressed against my wife's back, holding her.

I was suddenly profoundly jealous.

Mistress Jazz drew Marie's hand back, her rouged lips close to my wife's ear then guided her body through the motions.

'Ready ?'

Marie smiled. 'Yes, Mistress.' There was a huskiness in her voice, a marker of her arousal.

Was Marie as turned on by Mistress' Jazz' touch as I was ?

Marie drew her hand back and struck.

Another burst of pain exploded across my back. This time, though, the expectation was worse than the blow itself. It still bloody hurt.

'Good.' Mistress Jazz purred, adjusting Marie's posture again. 'Again.'

'Yes, Mistress.'

This time, the blow fell a little short, a sharp stinging slap.

'Not bad. Stand a little straighter.' Mistress Jazz' hand gently slapped Marie's bottom.

Marie straightened, smiling at the other woman's touch and tried again.

Thwack !

Fuck that was a good one !

I gasped.

The next two were nearly as bad as the first.

I found myself sweating with pain and fear, my limits pushed. I really wasn't sure I could take another one.

'I think he's had enough.' Mistress Jazz took the whip from Marie.

'Yes, Mistress.' Marie voice betrayed her disappointment that it was over. 'Thank you, Mistress.' She lifted her head and took a step towards the leather clad dominatrix, chest thrust out, mouth slightly open.

I wasn't sure if she was offering herself to Mistress Jazz or challenging her.

Fuck, I loved my wife !

Mistress Jazz smiled and stood her ground. 'Don't you think you should thank your husband.' Her tone was slightly mocking, condescending.

'Yes, Mistress.' Marie lowered her head, submissive once again. Disappointed too.

'You've been a very good boy too.' Mistress Jazz addressed me, walking towards me with slow steps then running her leather gloved hand down my chest.

I looked at her over my gag. She was magnificent. I'd have let her whip me again.

'Time for you to have a bit of fun too.' She smiled pulled a key out of her cleavage then bent to unlock my cock cage.

As she slid it off, I sprang to rigid attention.

Mistress Jazz stroked my erection gently then turned to Marie. 'After all he's done for you, you'd better make him a happy man.'

'Yes, Mistress.' Marie knelt obediently in front of me, she was still deliciously naked aside from the steel chastity belt and collar, and those lovely shiny red boots; her large her dark eyes lifted to fix on mine as she guided my cock into her mouth; she teased my balls with her fingers before slipping her hands behind her back.

After twenty four hours of sexual torment, the outcome was obvious.

Marie is pretty good with her mouth and she was putting on a show for our new mistress.

She took my deep into her throat and, when she finally made me cum, which didn't take long, even swallowed though as she did so, she looked up at Mistress Jazz with an expression that said 'I really am a very good girl...'

Whether Mistress Jazz was impressed by Marie's submission and oral skills I couldn't tell, however, when Marie had swallowed my cum, Mistress clipped a leash to my wife's collar and lead her out of the playroom; my wife crawled submissively beside on all fours.

I was left hanging by my wrists from the whipping post with my nipples still clamped and my butt still firmly plugged still savouring the memory of the whipping and Marie's fellatio.

I was hugely intrigued by what was happening between Marie and Mistress Jazz.

Mi-Mi came for me about thirty minutes later, releasing my nipples with a callous disregard for the length of time they'd been clamped; then she freed my ankles and lowered me down to the floor where I knelt watching her bend to untie my cock cage from the post to which it was still tied. Then she clipped a leash to my collar and lead me from the room; me crawling on all fours at her heels as Marie had done beside Mistress Jazz, still muzzled and plugged; without the cock cage, I was very stiff.

Mi-Mi lead me up the hallway and into a bathroom where she positioned me, still on all fours, on a wooden draining rack fitted with cuffs on each corner which she snapped around my wrists and ankles. It was a lot more comfortable than the whipping post.

Then, she pulled on a pair of latex gloves and removed the butt plug. I had worn it for so long, it actually felt slightly strange to be without it. However, I wasn't left for long, a moment later another plug was pushed in.

'Have you ever had an enema ?'

I shook my head.

A moment later a strange tightness appeared in my lower belly then a fullness. It wasn't unpleasant, not at first anyway. Then, slowly the sensation increased, tightness becoming tension then cramping then overt spasms of pain.

'Don't go away.' Mi-Mi slapped me on the bottom and left me alone.

This was worse than the whipping, the pain a little less intense but each spasm far more prolonged than the lightening strike of the whip. I began to sweat again.

Left alone, I tried to expel it but nothing happened and by the time Mi-Mi returned, I was drenched with sweat, squirming in my bondage and panting around my gag.

Mimi began to release me then she took the enema tube out.

I looked up at her for a moment, unsure what to do.

Mi-Mi indicated the toilet.

I rushed to it, feeling myself reddening at the humiliation of having relieve myself in front of her. I didn't have any choice.

When I'd finished she pointed back at the draining board and I dropped to all fours, crawling back onto it where she locked my in place again.

I was relieved not to have to look at her.

After locking me in place, she proceeded to wash me down, soaping my body with one hand and washing it off with a shower-head held in the other. As she did this, my cock twitched constantly, earning me several slaps on the bottom which did nothing to curb my arousal.

Finally she removed my gag and brushed my teeth.

I guessed this was how the lesbian couple liked to be treated and wondered if Mistress Jazz was doing the same for Marie.

My cock twitched violently at the thought.

'Now we dress you for dinner.' Mi-Mi gave me another slap.

She filled a bowl with cold water and lifted it between my legs.

'We cannot have you getting out of hand.' She squeezed my cock and slipped the cage back over it, locking the fastener around my balls.

Fortunately, she didn't replace the butt plug.

As well as the cock cage and my collar, dressing me for dinner involved nothing more than a pair of nipple clamps.

Marie on the other hand was seriously dressed. Her lush body had been literally laced into the bodice of a studded red leather dress that was so ludicrously tight, it was a wonder she could breath but then, it did leave most of her chest, including her magnificent breasts completely bare. I spotted immediately that her nipples had been rouged again and, probably, stimulated rather thoroughly from the way they jutted out. The lacings of the dress were down the left side and this showed a fair amount of flesh there too before the split skirt swept across her legs leaving the left completely bare. She had a leather strap like a garter around her left thigh and there was a riding crop stuck though this. The outfit was topped or perhaps I should say bottomed by a pair of patent leather ankle high toe boots that glistened wetly and just cried out to be worshipped; she also, of course, still wore the steel collar locked around her neck.

The whole ensemble was deliciously dominant despite the collar and the toe boots made her seem to tower over me.

What man would not crawl submissively beside such a woman ?

She'd had her hair done too, swept up and oiled and her make was beautifully applied.

We met in the hallway outside the dining room where Mi-Mi appraised her briefly and smiled before handing over my leash then, still on all fours, I crawled behind my third mistress into dinner.

Considering it was the first time Marie had worn toe boots, she did pretty well though they did make her walk slightly flexed, sticking her bottom out.

As far as I was concerned, this was no bad thing.

Mistress Jazz was already present, as always clad in a black leather catsuit, seated at the top of the table conversing with the younger husband/gigalo who's older blonde wife/client knelt beside him still restrained and lingerie clad but at least not longer gagged. The lesbian pet girls knelt in the corner of the room cuffed and collared with food and water bowls in front of them.

As Marie lead me in, Mistress Jazz stood and air-kissed her, inviting her to sit down and Mi-Mi helped her into a suitable chair. I knelt back on my heels like a good little slave boy and slid my hands behind my back, resisting the impulse to play with my nipple clamps.

Mi-Mi served us dinner, which is to say that she served Mistress Jazz, Marie and the Italian who I learned was called Vincenzo. In their turn, Vincenzo fed his 'companion', and Marie fed me holding handfuls or forkfuls to our mouths.

Mistress Jazz fed Olga and Kata, throwing food onto the floor for them and commanding them by name to crawl forward and take it with their mouths, a game both girls seems to thoroughly enjoy. They also seemed to relish licking each other clean if one of them was left with food around her mouth or, occasionally, on her chest or thighs. Mistress Jazz smiled indulgently at this behaviour but, if Mi-Mi spotted it, while she was serving food or clearing away, she chastised the pair with the riding crop she carried.

Over dinner we learned that Vincenzo and Sophia were indeed husband and wife. Vincenzo's English was poor and, when he struggled to understand he gave Sophia permission to speak. We thus learned that he was her third husband and, before they met, the Italian aristocrat, for that is what she was, the daughter of some count or other, had experienced little more than vanilla sex. Vincenzo's ideas in the bedroom had thus been quite a revelation to her and ones that she'd thoroughly enjoyed. She'd 'snapped him up' to use her idiom even though he was a little over fifteen years younger than her.

'I really don't care if he's a gold-digger.' She announced. 'Quite frankly, it's worth every cent of my estate to experience the sheer joy of sex with him.'

From the way they spoke, I didn't think he was a gold-digger despite his sometimes rather aloof air.

'You haven't lived until you've been tied and gagged and locked in a wardrobe with the Prime Minister fucking some blonde in the room outside.' Sophia discretely didn't mention which prime minister but the Europeans in the room probably all guessed.

Marie did not give me permission to speak but she did tell a little of our story, much of which seemed to centre around the sexual humiliations she had enjoyed putting me through in the course of our relationship though she did tell them about the time I'd left her tied up in a hotel room in Paris and she'd been discovered by one of the maids who'd called the supervisor who'd, in turn, called the manager. I'd returned to find Marie, still tied to the bed wearing nothing more than some very sexy French lingerie surrounded by nearly half a dozen people discussing whether they should untie her, leave her be or call the gendarmerie.

After dinner Vincenzo and his wife stood and bid us goodnight, then he lead her away for their turn in the playroom. She really was very graceful despite her bondage and the sheer silk lingerie looked fabulous on her even if she was old enough to be my mother.

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Marie stood too, bid Mistress Jazz goodnight and then lead me, still on all fours, to our room leaving Mi-Mi to arrange walkies for Olga and Kata.

It took us a few minutes to get to the room with Marie clunking along in the unfamiliar boots after a glass or three of wine and pausing briefly outside the playroom to listen for Italian gasps of pleasure. Again we were disappointed in this though whether this was because Sophia was securely gagged or the door was thick it was impossible to tell.

Back in the room, Marie rested her hand on the back of an armchair and indicated that I should kneel by the bed.

'Yes, Mistress.'

'I don't recall giving you permission to speak.' Marie drew her whip from her leather garter and I bowed my head to cover my smile.

'I have a surprise for you.'

I looked up to see Marie holding a key.

I couldn't imagine where she might have concealed it.

A smile crossed her face. 'Can you guess what it's for ?' She looked meaningfully at my groin and I smiled too. 'And, in case you are wondering, I'm not wearing anything down there, locked or otherwise.'

I'd guessed as much; the dress really was very tight; but Marie lifted her skirt aside to reveal her bare sex.

'If you're a very good boy and please Mistress Marie, she might just take that nasty thing off your cock and order you to put it inside something a lot more interesting.'

'I'll do my best, Mistress.'

'I'd better not be disappointed.' Marie tossed the key onto the bed and sat in a leather armchair with a sigh of relief.

Then she crossed her legs and tapped the whip against a glistening red boot.

I crawled forward and began to worship my beloved wife and mistress.

Things had just gotten interesting, certainly for Marie, when there was a knock at the door. I was still down on my knees having dutifully progressed from a thorough inspection and diligent worship of her lovely shiny boots through some attention to my wife's toned and tanned legs to a stage where leather-clad 'mistress' Marie was enjoying a good tonguing: at least, I gathered from her moans and the way she was squirming on the edge of the armchair that she was not being disappointed.

Mi-Mi entered just as Marie was nearing climax; I had my tongue deep inside my wife's soaking pussy and my face buried in her sex; Marie's hands were firmly and very commandingly in my hair ensuring I did a thoroughly good job.

My own cock was straining hard against its confines eager, to escape the captivity it had been enduring for most of the last twenty four hours and, perhaps repeat the experience it had enjoyed earlier in the playroom.

'I have come to put you to bed.' Mi-Mi informed us.

'It's alright, Mi-Mi.' Marie told her in a voice that was slightly shaky with arousal. 'I can manage.'

The little Japanese girl must have finished walking the pet girls and had presumably locked them in their cage for the night. She was not going to by put off her duty by Marie however close she was to orgasm.

'Enough !' The command was accompanied by a swift blow of the maid's crop to my buttocks and another to Marie's breasts.

Marie reluctantly released me. I wondered if Olga and Kata were being kept frustrated too.

'On your knees.' Mi-Mi was clearly in full dominant mode and not to be disobeyed. Marie slid off her chair to kneel in the mixture saliva, pre-cum and her own juices that were slowly spreading across the floor between her legs.

It took the maid only a moment to undo the lacings of my wife's dress which then practically sprang off her body leaving her naked save her steel collar, the leather garter and the boots.

'Take off you boots then kneel with your hands behind your back.'

'Yes, Mistress.'

Marie obeyed as Mi-Mi went to the ottoman at the foot of our bed and lifted the lid. By the time the little maid returned with two coils of black rope my wife and I were kneeling obediently side by side.

Mi-Mi began with Marie, first binding her wrists behind her back, then cinching her elbows, then she tied her arms to her body fashioning a lovely rope bra for her big firm breasts; rope round Marie's belly followed; then she was pushed face down and rope added to her thighs and ankles frog tying her. Mi-Mi finished with a bag gag.

Then it was my turn.

With Marie watching, lying one her belly completely helpless with her mouth wide and drooling around the gag, Mi-Mi tied my hands and then wrapped rope around my shoulders pulling them back; she then ran ropes between my legs on either side of my caged cock, pulling them deeply between my buttocks; then I lay down beside Marie and Mi-Mi tied my thighs together and then my ankles. I was gagged too.

Being tied and gagged like this with my wife, already tied and gagged beside me, was intensely erotic and having my cock caged was so frustrating but it did stop me climaxing which I think would otherwise have been the result of this sort of treatment.

We lay looking at each other and Mi-Mi checked her knots.

They all felt pretty tight to me. I couldn't see myself getting free anytime soon.


We both started to pull on our bonds; for me, this is one of the best bits of bondage, exploring the restrictions placed on my body, straining and squirming, especially when I know I won't get free though I usually have to be careful not to cum my load before things get even more interesting.

'Harder.' Mi-Mi suddenly lashed Marie's feet with her crop and my helpless wife squeaked in surprise around her gag before starting to struggle more. 'Harder.' Mi-Mi hit her again and then again.

Marie cried out into her gag, squirming and tugging at her bonds frantically.

'You too !' Mi-Mi began to beat the soles of my feet too and I joined Marie in struggling violently against the ropes.

After a few minutes, the two of us lay side by side panting around our gags and still as securely bound as before.

'Good.' Mi-Mi seemed happy with her work.

Then she bent and lifted Marie by the ropes around her chest and legs and dropped her on the bed.

I recalled the frustration of our previous night lying bound and separated. It appeared we were to have another frustrating night of separation; even if we were allowed close together, I was still securely locked in the cock cage. I was surprised when Mi-Mi suddenly lifted me onto the bed too with a surprising display of strength; or, perhaps it wasn't surprising, I knew how tightly she'd managed to tie the ropes binding me.

'Have fun.' Mi-Mi slapped me hard on the bottom and left us alone, bending to scoop up Marie's discarded dress as the passed then, after dimming the lights, she closed the door behind her.

I lay on my side, looking at Marie, gagged and bound, excited by the tight ropes around her lovely breasts and her dark eyes wide with lust and frustration that mirrored my own. We both struggled again but remained securely tied and then, without any, specific agreement wriggled towards each other pressing our captive bodies against each other and kissing around our gags. Marie seemed particularly charged and, as I nuzzled her neck, she pressed herself hard against me, spreading her legs.

'Oll offoor.' She told me. 'I vannd do dake oud or gag.'

'E'll ged eaden !' If I rolled over and let her take out my gag, I'd be in trouble.

'Ooove ad a uggin orgashm, uu ashdard !'

She was right. She'd sucked me off in the playroom.

I rolled over.

So did she.

With some difficulty, she wriggled up the bed so she could reach the strap to my gag and then, fumbled with her bound hands until she managed to undo it.

I pushed the ball out of my mouth.

'Let me do yours.'

'Ugg off !' Marie spoke with surprising vehemence. 'Uggin ligg e oud uu ashdard !'

What else could I do ? I rolled over a pushed my tongue between her thighs.

Marie climaxed quickly, clamping my head between her thighs and straining against her the ropes that bound her as she came. She loves being tied and made to cum in bondage as much as I do.

I lay for a while with my head between her legs enjoying the scent of her sex and listening to her breathing return to normal.

'Ood voy !'

Yes, I was a good boy.

'A pleasure, Mistress.' I smiled and kissed her gently on the clit.

She squeezed her thighs closed gently in response.

I loved this woman.

'Ome on ve eed do find thad gey.'

'What ?'

'A gey do our gocg gage !'

I'd completely forgotten about the key to my cock cage.

I rolled onto my belly and looked around. It was lying at the top of the bed by the pillows and I wriggled towards it, turning over to grab it with my bound hands. Then I wormed my way back down the bed.

'Turn over.'

Marie did and I felt her fingers brush mine as she took the key.

'Want me to take your gag out ?'

'Ooo !' Marie seemed quite certain she wanted to stay gagged.

'Really ?'

'I vand ou to eard de gey !'

'Earn the key ?' I smiled. I knew what she meant.

I rolled over enjoying the sight of the tight ropes across the tanned skin of her back and the shoulders then pressed myself against her, kissing her gently below the collar then nibbling gently.

'Ood voy !' Her fingers groped for my cock cage but she made no attempt to unlock it.

I nuzzled her neck until she rolled over and then I began to kiss her chest, working my way down to her breasts.

'I could untie you.' I pulled at the ropes with my teeth.

'On'd ou uggin dare !'

I nibbled the flesh of her big, firm breasts and then began to suck on of her nipples.

Marie moaned around her gag.

I moved to the other side.

'Ood voy.' Marie's voice was becoming dreamy.

'About that key...'

'Nearry ere.' Marie smiled around her gag. 'Chusht anosher vive inudes.'

I continued to nuzzle her breasts then worked my way down her belly.

It was a lot more than five minutes later when she rolled over and unlocked the cage.

My cock leapt out.

'On'd isshappoind e !'

I had no plans to disappoint her.

We didn't get the chance to have sex with us both in bondage often though we'd done it a few times using handcuffs and even once or twice with ice timers to keep us helpless for longer.

This was a lot more fun.

Marie was still very wet from her previous orgasm and the attention I'd been lavishing on her. Getting my cock into her was easy once we managed to get into a position where I could do it.

We giggled a lot and Marie called my quite a few rude names as I struggled to enter her and, when I was inside, slipped out.

Finally, however, we got into a position where we could fuck with Marie on her back and me lying across her in a very kinky sideways on variation of the missionary position.

Marie and I were both lying on opposite sides of the bed, both gagged and I was wearing my cock cage again when Mi-Mi came for us the next morning.

Marie can be very dextrous even in tight bondage.

We'd had sex twice and then, exhausted fallen asleep for a few hours before waking stiff and surprisingly horny. By that stage the light of dawn was obvious behind the blinds so we'd tried our best to make it look as if nothing had happened though I suspected the smell in the room and the wet patches across the bedspread would have made it pretty clear even in Mi-Mi hadn't simply guessed what we'd been up to.

Whether she knew or not (and her slight smile suggested she knew exactly what we'd been doing) she freed us and gave us the opportunity to shower and use the bathroom on our own.

No enemas this morning.

We thus showered together, always a delightful experience with Marie, especially a collared, nude and very satisfied Marie; it was just a shame I was caged !

Once clean, we were both leashed and lead, still naked, by Mi-Mi into breakfast.

I say naked, we were, of course, collared and Mi-Mi had put rouge on Marie's nipples.

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There were five of us on our knees this morning, the two us, naked and freshly scrubbed; Sophia, in a fresh set of vintage lingerie though not this morning restrained; and the pet girls, both today strapped tightly into bitch suits that forced them to crawl on their elbows and knees, muzzled and, I thought, firmly plugged judging by bulges over their sexes and the way their tails were positioned. The two lovers were crouched over their food bowls, rubbing their lovely lithe bodies together in what could only be a display of unfulfilled and this very urgent lust.

As Marie and I knelt back obediently, Mi-Mi took up her whip and used it to separate the canoodling lovers who both looked up at her with wide reproachful eyes over their muzzles.

A moment later, Mistress Jazz entered accompanied by Vincenzo and I wondered if they had been 'playing' together. I looked briefly at Sophia but the expression on her face and the whipmarks on her body suggested that, even if Mistress Jazz had been present, Sophia had enjoyed plenty of attention.

Submissives and pets ate together, crouching over our food bowls while Vincenzo and Mistress Jazz enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. When they were finished, the pets were remuzzled and lead away to be caged and the Contessa crawled out leashed on all fours beside her husband.

Then, somewhat to my surprise, Mistress Jazz lead Marie away again while Mi-Mi took me.

I wondered where Marie was headed and I thought briefly of her encounter with Mistress Jazz in the playroom. Though I'd been curious, I hadn't really had the opportunity to ask my what had happened overnight, though I gathered Marie had not been allowed an orgasm. I felt a little jealous that my wife might have been singled out for special treatment but the thought of my wife being submitted to lesbian slavery by our gorgeous redheaded mistress made my cock strain against its confines.

I just hoped I wasn't heading for another enema.

A few moments later, I found myself in what Mi-Mi called the 'dressing up room'; like the playroom, this was another fantasy space, a treasure trove of leather, rubber and PVC. I caught sight of Marie's leather dress lying over the back of a chair and guessed my wife had been here the night before.

If she hadn't been gagged all night, I suppose she might have told me about it and what had happened between her and Mistress Jazz.

I briefly enjoyed another lesbian fantasy of Mi-Mi or, perhaps, Mistress Jazz herself handling my lovely wife as she was dressed her for dinner the previous evening. The fantasy grew as Mi-Mi made me stand between two pillars and spread my arms; she then snapped cuffs round my wrists and began to rummage through the racks of dresses.

I've never done any cross dressing. It's not really been my thing although, when Marie and I playing our kinky games, she does sometimes make me dress in her lingerie when she was playing dom.

I've already mentioned that she likes to humiliate me.

What happened next was a surprise and considerably more fun than having the enema. Already wary enough of Mi-Mi's dominance, I was not about to ask her what she planned for me, particularly standing naked and cuffed between the pillars and when she put her crop in my mouth, it was a clear sign I was not supposed to interrupt her.

She began by dressing me in a pair of PVC briefs that were completely split in the crotch, allowing my caged cock room to poke through. Ominously they were split in the back too suggesting that I might be in for another day of butt plugging. The briefs clipped in place. A matching bra and some false breasts followed and then she pulled out a corset. The corset was in black leather and had some pretty heavy buckles which she spent some time ensuring were tight. I've laced Marie into her corsets a good few times; she tells me she enjoys the tightness around her body, a little like being in bondage; a few times she's worn one to work under her clothes but, when she gets home, she's usually very relieved to be let out. I've laced her in for sex too, I love to have her on her knees in lingerie and, especially a corset, at my feet practicing her oral skills. It is, I suppose, not a surprise that most of her corsets have some stains on.

From our experience with Mi-Mi the previous evening, I knew the pert little Japanese girl was strong; I shouldn't therefore have been surprised by how tightly she strapped the corset; it was like having a vice clamped around my waist, or perhaps a steel band; it certainly affected my breathing. I could now understand Marie's reservations some evenings when I asked her to dress up for me.

Satisfied that my waist was suitably trained down, Mi-Mi selected a little black rubber dress for me that was not unlike her own. Like the briefs, this clipped together and I gathered this was probably standard for many of these garments that might be used to dress someone in bondage. Like her maid's dress, this had a little apron of frilly white rubber and a skirt that stuck out.

Stockings followed. black rubber ones which rolled up my legs and clipped to suspenders that hung from my corset; then she guided my feet into shoes with four inch heels. Marie can do justice to five inches and she'd only had a little difficulty in the toe boots the previous evening; for me, this was going to be a challenge.

She completed my transformation into a rubber maid with a tight black latex hood, finally removing her whip from my mouth only to replace it with a harness gag, forcing a big rubber ball between my teeth and buckling the multiple straps around my head. Then she stood back and surveyed her work as I shifted uncomfortably in the heels; the latex against my skin was making me sweat and the corset reminded me of its presence every time I took a breath.

I was already drooling around the gag.

'Not bad.' She smiled and turned away deliberately bending in front of me to show off her latex knickers as she rummaged through a box of sex toys.

'Remember this ?' Mi-Mi straightened and showed me a butt plug. It was already attached to a chain.

I groaned into my gag and Mi-Mi smiled.

'Naughty boys must be punished and you were a very naughty boy last night.'

I recalled Marie had been equally naughty and I wondered if she was being punished too. Perhaps, even now, Mistress Jazz had her tied up in the playroom and was 'punishing' her.

My cock twitched and strained against its metal prison.

Mi-Mi walked behind me.

'Ready ?'

She didn't wait for an answer; she spread my butt cheeks and pushed the plug in firmly. It went in surprisingly easily; I felt the chill of the cold lubricant and then the plug slipped inside; the previous day it had been a bit of a struggle. I was clearly becoming an anal slut. She locked it in place, locking the chain to the back of my collar and then between my legs to the bottom of the cock cage.

Finally, it was time for bondage. Mostly, I'm into leather bondage though I quite like being tied. I'm not usually into chains. This was clearly going to be a morning where my boundaries were being stretched as they had already been on this trip.

But then, we travel to broaden our minds.

Mi-Mi clipped a long chain to the front of my collar then she locked cuffs around my ankles and locked these to the bottom of the chain; then she freed my wrists briefly but cuffed them together in front of me and locked them to the long chain; I've seen rubber maids cuffed like this and put to work so I was pretty sure what was coming next; the final pair of cuffs went round my biceps pulling my elbows back firmly but not too tightly.

'Time to put you to work.' Mi-Mi put a feather duster in my hand and snapped a leash onto the front of my collar then lead me out of the dressing up room.

First I did a little light dusting, encouraged by Mi-Mi's crop then I vacuumed the hallway before mopping the kitchen floor. By the time I'd done all this I was sweating profusely in my rubber outfit and drooling maniacally around my gag; my feet were aching from the heels and my butt was sore from Mi-Mi's whip and the constant pressure of the plug.

I throughly enjoyed the bondage and humiliation.

When I'd finished the kitchen, Marie lead me down the hallway to a room I hadn't been into before.

She knocked before opening the door and leading me inside.

It was clearly the 'master bedroom' or, in this case, the 'mistress bedroom' and the mistress of the house was at home.

Uncharacteristically, she had shed her catsuit and was dressed in leather lingerie, half cup black bra and high cut knickers; aside front this, she wore a pair of shiny black thigh boots with spiked heels.

God, she was gorgeous.

Marie was there too !

My wife was naked and stretched out on Mistress' Jazz bed, spreadeagle, wrists and ankles tied to the four bedposts, not tightly, but enough to hold her and enough to give her room to writhe under the torments and teasing Mistress Jazz was inflicting upon her. There were clamps on Marie's nipples and fresh red whipmarks across her body which shone with sweat from her struggles. The heat and scent of her body seemed to fill the room. As I entered, Marie was pleading through her gag, her body arched, breasts thrust out.

Mistress Jazz held a vibrator to my wife's pussy.

'Beg !' The dominatrix commanded.

Marie raised her head, as if to look at her tormenter although she was blindfolded. 'Vleassshh ishdreshh ! I eed do gummm !'

'I think you can take another whipping before I let you cum.' Mistress Jazz voice did not have it's usual steadiness.

'Esshhh ! ibb e, vleashh. Ibb e and ed e gumm !' Marie seemed to be completely lost in subspace, or completely desperate as she begged to be whipped and then allowed to cum.

'Well, if you insist.' Mistress Jazz smiled sadistically and picked up the flogger that lay beside Marie on the bed.

She was a woman who appeared to enjoy her work.

I watched Mistress Jazz bring the tails of the flogger down on Marie's breasts and heard Marie whimpered but not with pain.

'Offer them to me.' Mistress Jazz raised the whip again. 'Offer me your tits.'

Marie obeyed, arching up, thrusting her chest out.

Mistress Jazz struck again, harder this time, across Marie's clamped nipples. The chain between the clamps danced.

Marie cried out through her gag but maintained her position, breasts thrust out and Mistress Jazz brought the whip down again.

'Again ?'

'Eshh, ishdresh. arder, ibb e arder.'

Mistress Jazz struck Marie's breasts again.

'Time to do some work.' Mi-Mi interrupted my voyeuristic pleasure, pulling on my leash and thrusting the feather duster back into my hands.

Reluctantly, I turned away. Behind me, I could hear Marie begging again and heard the buzz of the vibrator.

'Vleash, ishdresh... ed your shlave gumm !'

I did my best to concentrate on my work but it was very distracting.

Marie was close but Mistress Jazz clearly knew her work and I turned to look at my wife's sudden cry of anguish.


'Beg for another whipping !'

'ibb e ishdress, ip or shlave shlud !'

'And where would my slave slut like to be whipped ?'

'Busshy, ip y busshy, ishdresh !'

'Offer it to me !'

I turned to stare as Marie lifted her hips and spread her legs, offering her shaved pussy up to the flogger.

Marie screamed into her gag as it fell.


'Esh, ishdress. Vleashh, ishdresh.'

The whip fell again and then again.

Marie climaxed, screaming into her gag, muscles spasming as she strained against the ropes binding her.

Mistress Jazz smiled and switched on the vibrator.

A sharp blow of Mi-Mi's whip redirected my concentration and, with my hands shaking slightly, I continued to dust.

Behind me Marie climaxed again and I readily accepted another blow from Mi-Mi's crop in exchange to a glance at my helpless blindfolded and gagged wife squirming under Mistress Jazz' touch.

I took quite a few more blows, not really minding as I enjoyed the show until Marie lay back on the bed, gasping round her gag, her magnificent chest heaving with the exertion of her orgasm. By the end, I think even Mi-Mi was intrigued by Marie's submissive appetite.

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Needless to say, my cock was straining for similar release long before the end.

Mistress Jazz had clearly enjoyed herself too; she was surprisingly flushed and I saw one hand slide into her leather knickers as she sat on the bed beside Marie, idly toying with my wife's nipple clamps.

'Shang u, ishdress.' Marie gasped eventually.

'Oh, I'm not done yet my little lesbian slave slut.' Mistress Jazz pulled on Marie's nipple chain.

I watched as the dominatrix undid the ties on her leather briefs and climbed onto Marie, knees straddling her chest; sweeping her mane of red hair to the side she leant down and unbuckled Marie's gag.

Marie licked her lips and moved her jaw.

'Now be a good little lesbian slut and thank your mistress properly.'

Marie swallowed. 'Yes, Mistress.' Her voice was hesitant. 'Thank you, Mistress...'

Mistress Jazz slid along Marie's body, lifting her bottom over Marie's breasts and then lowering her sex over Marie's mouth.

I saw Marie swallow and then, hesitantly, push out her tongue.

Mistress Jazz lowered her hips and Marie's tongue made contact with her sex.

The dominatrix smiled.

'You want to watch ?' Mi-Mi jerked my leash and pulled me over to the side of the bed, pushing me to my knees.

I think it was the first time Marie had realised she wasn't alone.

The flush in her skin caused by her struggles and orgasm had been fading but I saw her suddenly blush hotly, her face and chest turning a bright crimson.

'Mistress ?'

'Oh, we all know about your slutty lesbian desires here.' Mistress reached down and undid Marie's blindfold before pulling it away from her eyes.

Marie blinked, looking around even as her tongue brushed the dominatrix' sex again.

Our eyes met and, despite the hood, I know she recognised me.

Her blush increased and she whimpered but her tongue again flicked across Mistress Jazz' pussy. Then she smiled as her eyes took in my situation.

The dominatrix reached down and held Marie's head in her hands.

'Concentrate.' There was a smile on Mistress Jazz's face.

'Yes, Mistress.' Marie thrust her tongue into the redhead's pussy and the dominatrix turned to look at me.

I blushed beneath the hood as much as my wife had just done.

Mistress Jazz licked her lips suggestively and I lowered my head watching, rubber clad and feminized and helpless in bondage as my wife used her tongue to give cunnilingus to our Mistress.

And enjoyed every second it.

'You look good as a woman.' Marie kissed me gently on the lips so as not to mess either of our carefully applied lipstick.

We'd been sent out for dinner and a Broadway show and were standing outside the theatre.

This time it was me in bondage and Marie with orders from Mistress.

I was wearing a high necked blouse that was buttoned up to cover my false breasts but not quite enough to cover my collar; it was, however, thin enough to show clearly the black lacy bra underneath and the corset tightly squeezing my waist. The long leather skirt that went with it was also tight and hobbled my steps almost as much as the cuffs round my ankles; below this, needless to say, I wore stockings. My heels were three inches making me very tall in the surrounding crowd and drawing even more attention than the blonde wig and heavy make up.

There could be little doubt in anyone's mind I was a transvestite.

I was wearing a black leather coat too, a long one. Just before leaving the restaurant Marie had made me put my hands in the pockets then she'd locked the cuffs around my wrists via small holes in the side of the skirt to a belt strapped around the top of my thighs. I just hoped I didn't fall over on the heels.

I was leashed too; discretely, of course; Mistress Jazz had stipulated this along with the bondage to be applied when we'd left the restaurant for the theatre. I was thus forced to walk very close to 'Mistress Marie'.

Needless to say I was still caged and plugged.

Marie wore her collar too but was otherwise unrestrained. She'd been allowed to wear the lingerie we'd bought the previous day; over this she wore a blue vest that stretched tightly over her large breasts and left her midriff bare; she also wore a black leather miniskirt and fuck-me shoes.

She looked every inch a whore and, from the way Mi-Mi had done her make-up, a pretty slutty one. The fact the tops of her stockings were showing just added to this image.

Mistress Jazz and Mi-Mi were pretty good at public humiliation.

'Come on, Bitch. Let's go and take our seats.' Marie turned and pulled on my leash.

I had not choice but to follow.

'You have no idea how horny I am.' My cock was standing rigidly erect finally free of it's cage.

'Nnnnnmm.' Marie nodded suggesting that she might but the large rubber ball in her mouth discouraged her from expressing more.

We were back in the apartment and I'd just won the 'pick a hand game' with the silver dollar apparently giving me ownership of Marie's lush body for the rest of the night, or at least until Mi-Mi came to tuck us up.

Marie had thus been the one to get the enema and had been delivered to me on all fours and leashed.

I'd been liberated from my bonds and my female clothing and my body was starting to take up its natural shape again having finally been released from the corset; my butt plug had been removed too leaving me naked aside from my collar.

After her enema, Marie had been told to dress, in the lingerie, at least; at some point, she lost the slutty vest and skirt. I had her down on her knees, wrists locked together in front of her body and cuffed to her ankles by a very short chain so she was forced to kneel with with arms between her legs, bent forward so her head and shoulders were on the floor and her bottom was prominently displayed.

I'd already caned her once.

'Gonna beg me to cane you ?'

'Nnnggg.' Marie gave her head a small shake; as much as should could in the awkward position.

'You did it for Mistress Jazz.'

She blushed.

'Are you chealoush ?'

'Only a little jealous.' I teased.

Marie shrugged. 'Vleash gane e, Ashter.'

'A little more enthusiasm.'

'Vleash, ashter. Ur shlave shlud vegs do be ganed.'

'Better.' I gave her a couple more strokes.

'Shang u, ashter.'

'Good girl.' I stroked her bottom.

'Does ashter ish his shlave do bleashure him ?'

'If you're a good girl, I might let you pleasure me.' I smiled. 'But I think I'm after something a little more exciting tonight.'

'Are u going do ugg y arshe ?' Marie knew me so well.

'Mi-Mi says you've been fully prepared.'

'She'sh a shlud, delling you I'd ad an enena.'

I grinned and pulled down her panties to reveal Marie's lovely firm (and currently rather bruised) butt.

I was really ready for this and my cock was slippery with pre-cum; I had no difficulty pushing it inside her tight little hole though I was pretty sure Mi-Mi had already lubed her.

'Ashdard !'

The sensation was exquisite and, even though she was calling me a bastard, I knew she didn't mean it.

Not much anyway.

I slid in a little further my, balls pressing against the bottom.

Marie groaned and I reached round to fondle her breasts.

'Better ?' I slipped her breasts out of the bra and teased her nipples. I could feel the gritty paste on them; Mi-Mi had clearly been very through preparing this bondage slut for my pleasure this evening.

'You're gonna vay vor shis !'

I pinched her nipples and she squeaked delightfully.

In compensation I nuzzled her neck.

'You gan'd get aound e !'

I slid my cock back and then pushed myself deeper inside.

'Don't tell me you're not enjoying this just a little bit.'

'You're shdill a ashdard !'

I moved one hand up to her sex, my fingers seeking her clit.

'Perhaps you'd rather it was Mi-Mi fucking you with a strap on.'

Marie began to blush.

'If you begged, I might whip your tits while she did it.'


I continued to slide in and out of her, thoroughly enjoying the tightness of her sphincter on my cock and the sensations it caused with each thrust. I didn't neglect Marie and she seemed to enjoy my fingers teasing her nipples and playing with her sex. She was certainly moaning gently into her gag as I came inside her but I figured she'd had a pretty exhausting morning with Madam Jazz.

Perhaps she'd get a bit of action when Mi-Mi came to put us to bed.

Marie did get to have a bit of fun later.

Mi-Mi came in to put us to bed at around midnight.

She freed Marie and even allowed her to use the bathroom by herself before we were commanded to kneel facing each other and strapped into heavy black leather harnesses; these were of similar design except that Marie's had steel rings that sat around the bases of her breasts. Our wrists were strapped to our thighs.

We were gagged too, our mouths each stuffed with a rubber ball held in place by a web of straps so that we were soon watching each other drooling freely down our chins and onto our chests. Mi-Mi then made us lay us down on the bed and put cuffs around our ankles and clipped these to the backs of our thighs.

All our bonds, including our gags were then locked in place with small padlocks.

The bondage wasn't severe and not even as tight as the ropes the previous night.

When she'd secured us, I'd expected Mi-Mi to leave us as she'd done on previous nights but, on this occasion, she stayed for a while to play.

'You've been a bad boy.' She informed me, standing behind Marie. 'You don't get to play.'

There was no point arguing.

Mi-Mi began by applying more rouge to Marie's nipples, and then with my wife lying helpless on her side continued to tease them gently until they were standing proud and stiff, then her hands moved down my wife's belly to her sex. Just as earlier in the day, my wife had given herself to Mistress Jazz, so she had no hesitation in giving herself over to her inner lesbian and offered her body freely to Mi-Mi; not that she really had any choice. I watched helplessly as Marie opened her legs and pushed her hips forward, clearly eager for the maid's touch.

She blushed slightly as she looked at me, her dark eyes shining over the straps of her harness gag then tipped her head back as a loud moan of pleasure escaped through her gag.

'You watch.' Mi-Mi looked at me, bending over and flashing her cleavage. 'Maybe you will learn something.'

I've always thought myself a reasonably considerate lover (and was actually beginning to regret the way I'd just treated Marie) but I did as the maid suggested, watching as she teased my helpless wife with her fingers until Marie was whimpering her need into her gag for the second time that day.

I saw Mi-Mi smile and felt myself blushing.

Perhaps Mi-Mi and her mistress ran courses on giving pleasure to their own sex; perhaps I could enroll for a residential.

The index finger of Mi-Mi's right hand began circling Marie's clit and my wife's cries increased in intensity.

Mi-Mi winked and put her finger to her lips; still stimulating Marie, the maid slid her left hand into her stocking top whence she produced a little silver device attached to a ring which she slipped over the tip of her left index finger.

I knew what was coming.

Marie almost screamed with pleasure as Mi-Mi pressed the vibrator against her shaved sex, just above the point where the maid's right hand was still circling teasingly. I saw my wife lift her head looking towards me, saw the intense need in her face, the pleading look in her eyes.

'Aahhhhhhhhhh.' Marie's eyes widened, losing focus.

'Does Marie want to cum ?' Mi-Mi teased.

'Ggod, esh !' Maire nodded violently, muscles straining at her bonds, drooling uncontrollably and as she spoke saliva flew from her lips. 'Vleash ed e I gum, ishdresh !'

Mi-Mi smiled at me and pressed the vibrator more firmly against the front of Marie's sex.

Marie squirmed.

I squirmed too. My cock was rigid and drooling almost as much as my mouth.

Mi-Mi did finally let Marie cum but only after extracting a promise that Marie would be her 'little lesbian slave bitch' until further notice. I assumed, as a contract extracted under duress, it wasn't binding; at least not after we'd left the apartment.

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I lay for a few minutes watching Marie recover, as she rested on her side with her eyes closed.

She might be satisfied but I was fucking horny again.

I began to work my way across the bed towards her.

Marie opened her eyes.

'Ad do you and ?' She looked at me over the straps of her gag.

'Ad do you shing I and ?' I thought it was pretty clear what I wanted.

Marie grinned. 'You're a vad voy !'

'Esh.' I nodded. Mi-Mi had said so several times in the last couple of days. I had the whipmarks to prove it.

Marie looked at me for a moment, apparently frowning around her gag. The she smiled again. 'You'll ave do gatch e.' Marie suddenly rolled over and wriggled away from me.

I looked at her then laughed around my gag, following her, squirming and trying to drag myself along by my bound hand.

We rolled around the bed for ten minutes until we were both breathing hard with the exertion.

'Aren'd e shpposhed do ve going do shleeb ?'

'You and do shleeb ?' I challenged.

'O !' Marie shook her head. 'I and you do vugg e shenshlessh !'

Grinning around my gag I began to chase her round the bed again.

If she wanted to be fucked senseless, I was her man.

We were lead to breakfast as befitted Mistress Jazz' naughty slaves who had been up half the night fucking, harnessed and cuffed and, as before, made to eat from bowls on the floor. I was, once again locked in the cock cage and butt plugged though Marie seemed to have escaped her chastity belt.

My wife was clearly the favourite.

The pet girls had apparently moved on and, like us, Vincenzo and the Contessa were leaving that morning. The Contessa, was no longer in bondage; she wore a bespoke linen suit that suited her elegance; in contrast to her previous apparent fascination with lingerie, I was fairly certain that this morning she wore nothing beneath the suit. She smiled and nodded to us as Mi-Mi saw her out and then we were left alone harnessed and cuffed with Mistress Jazz.

It was the dominatrix herself who took up the silver dollar this morning and I was not in the leas

t surprised that Marie won.

'I'm sure Mi-Mi will be back for you shortly.' The dominatrix informed me as she extended her boot for me to kiss. I bent forward obediently and placed my lips on the shiny black leather. Then Mistress Jazz took up Marie's leash and, commanding her to her feet, lead her from the room.

I had to admit, they made a lovely pair, Mistress Jazz, once again in her tight black leather catsuit, a red ponytail this morning dancing between her shoulder blades, firm buttocks swinging below her slim waist as she strode from the room with total confidence on her huge heels and Marie, naked save the black leather harness; smaller and vulnerable, wrists cuffed to her thighs walking barefoot a pace behind, head bowed, dark hair loose and glossy; leashed and submissive.

I rather hoped I might see more of them together before we left for the second stage of our holiday.

I was left alone only a moment before Mi-Mi returned. Ominously, she had her whip already drawn.


I obeyed but clearly wasn't quick enough. With my hands cuffed to my thighs I was a little awkward; I was also in no position to defend myself.

I'd earned three more stripes by the time we reached the playroom.

'Kneel here.' Mi-Mi pointed to a wooden box on the floor, the top and one side unfolded. It was fitted with a number of straps.

I had a bad feeling about this but I wasn't in any position to resist.

I knelt down as commanded between the two sides of the box facing the back, and Mi-Mi strapped my ankles and calves in to the base. Then she gagged me, pushing the now familiar huge rubber ball into my mouth and pulling a web of straps over my head.

I was drooling almost immediately. I've always loved harness gags.

Then she pushed a padded steel bar between my elbows and my back and fastened it to the sides of the box severely limiting my ability to move. Two more bars followed, locking between the two sides of the box above me. Mi-Mi attached several straps to these and the sides of the box anchoring me in place by the shoulders, waist and thighs; she also clipped the top of my harness gag to the bar above my head.

My eyes were level with a small grill in the back of the box.

It was at that point that the door to the playroom opened and Mistress Jazz came in accompanied by Marie.

My wife's clothing was a little less ostentatious than the leather dress she'd worn the night before last but it was stunning and, once again, consisted entirely of shiny red leather, it even creaked as she walked. I'd have worshipped her if I'd been able.

'What do you think ?' Marie smiled down at me, stroking my cheek with the tip of her whip.

I looked up and drooled.

She was wearing a leather bustier that seemed to cling to her, stretching across her magnificent chest and even from where I knelt displayed her cleavage invitingly; it was decorated with half a dozen shiny buckles and straps and left her midriff bare; it was clearly very fine leather, polished and shiny, wet look, and thin enough to show a gentle bulge over her nipples; she wore a skirt of similar design, ultra-tight and down to her knees, it was so tapered that she had to walk with tiny mincing steps; she wore bondage shoes too, six inch heels and platforms that screamed 'fuck me !'.

'I'll take that as a complement.' Marie turned to give me a back view; the skirt was incredibly tight over the bottom or perhaps I mean tight over her incredible bottom; the back of the bustier consisted of nothing but straps, her tanned skin revealed between them along with the marks of her recent whippings.

She turned back to face me.

'Apparently we're traveling separately.' Marie smiled down. 'Your going freight and with the money we've saved on the ticket, I'm going club.'

'Nnnnggg.' I shook my head and pulled at my bonds but I was completely helpless. When I'd seen the box, I'd been pretty sure this was coming but had assumed Marie was being placed in a similar one by Mistress Jazz.

It wasn't a box, it was a crate but I guess I'd had the romantic notion we'd be traveling freight together.

'I think we should allow him a little freedom, don't you ?' Mistress Jazz looked at Marie and smiled.

'Yes, Mistress.'

'Mi-Mi.' Mistress Jazz held out her hand.

Mi-Mi handed over a key which Mistress Jazz passed on to Marie.

Marie disappeared from my view but could hear the clunk of her shoes on the floor then the creak of leather as she crouched down. I jumped as she took hold of my cock cage and unlocked it.

My cock sprung out.

Marie walked back round me and held out the cage and its key to Mistress Jazz.

'Keep it as a souvenir.' Mistress Jazz smiled. 'Perhaps you can use it when you get home.' The dominatrix nodded to Mi-Mi. 'I don't think he's quite ready yet, Mi-Mi.'

'Indeed, Mistress.' The little Japanese maid curtseyed and her skirt bobbed revealing her bottom in its full glory.

I was pretty sure I wouldn't like what was coming but then, I was already butt plugged, gagged and tightly restrained. What more could happen to me ?

Nipple clamps !

Mi-Mi teased my nipples briefly then placed a sprung clip on each of them. At least I got a pretty good view of her cleavage, including her large brown nipples this time, as she bent over. She linked the clamps to a ring on the back of the box using a short thong with a loop in it; it wasn't tight but then she hung a weight on the loop; it swung ominously, jerking on my nipples as she released it.

'Better lock him up.'

Mi-Mi began by closing the roof of the box.

'Don't forget the finishing touch.'

'Of course not, Mistress.'

There was one more bar to go in, just behind me. Mi-Mi slotted it in then I felt her slip something around my balls, some sort of strap which she tightened before pulling gently on it; I guessed she was fastening it to the bar behind me a little like she'd done with my nipples. I hoped it wouldn't be too tight. It wasn't but, in the same way as she'd done with my clamped nipples she added a weight that dragged gently on my balls as it swung.

It was surprisingly stimulating.

Mi-Mi closed the back of the box.

I looked out at Marie and Mistress Jazz through the grill.

'Mistress ?' Marie's voice did betray a little worry.

'Yes ?' Mistress Jazz regarded her cooly.

'It is...safe ?'

'Oh, he'll be fine. It's only a few hours.' Mistress Jazz smiled. 'Unless, of course, they deliver him to Hampton, England by mistake.'

She laughed and I heard Mi-Mi lock the box.

'It's just...'

'You may join him if you wish !' Mistress Jazz cut her off and Marie took a step back.

My wife clearly didn't love me that much ! (Not that I'd have reacted any differently).

'Besides.' Mistress Jazz' voice softened. 'I think he'll find it rather stimulating.'

Mi-Mi laughed. 'I'll bet this one won't get to the parking lot before he cums his load.'

Marie had the integrity to look shocked but Mistress Jazz and Mi-Mi just laughed.

I just knelt in my crate drooling.

A few moments later the entrance buzzer sounded and Mi-Mi went to answer it.

She returned with two men and a woman in overalls. The woman asked Mistress Jazz to sign an electronic tablet then directed the men to pick up the crate.

I felt the crate being tipped and was glad Mi-Mi had taken such care restraining me. I was completely helpless in bondage and, if I hadn't been firmly strapped in place would have bounced around in the box; there was nothing I could do but enjoy the ride.

As soon as they lifted the crate, the full effects of the weights on my nipples and balls became clear; the weights swung and my nipples and balls were mercilessly teased with every tip or jolt.

I'd spent most of the last few days in bondage and, though I'd had a lot of sexual stimulation and a good many satisfying orgasms, I'd just been put in bondage and crated for shipment by a rubber maid, teased by a dominatrix and seen my beautiful wife dressed to thrill in skin-tight shiny red leather.

I could imagine the looks she would get as she travelled dressed like that.

My cock was just itching to do it's thing and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The weight attached to my balls swung and jerked and this did all kinds of things to my captive body.

I almost made it to the parking lot before I came my load.

Somehow my cum hit me right in the face.

I did it twice more during the journey, mostly as I thought of Marie sitting on the train in her dominatrix outfit wondering what the other passengers might think of it or what they might think if I was with her, harnessed and muzzled like one of the pet girls, kneeling at her feet.

And that's how I ended up arriving at the second centre of our holiday: crated and in bondage, naked and covered in my own cum.

Perhaps, if you're a good boy, I'll tell you what happened there.

The End
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Wonderful Fun!

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