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Printed Into Slavery
  • Author - Sadistic Sam  
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  • Site Rank - 900 of 2739
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  • Story Codes - M-f, non-consensual, analplay, bondage, kidnapping, machine
  • Post Date - 9/4/2018
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Reader's Comments (11)

Author's Note: This is a bit different and with the advent of 3D printers, could be in some poor girl's future!

Yasmin Safar was a smart, beautiful woman. Of Persian ancestry, she was born in the US to Afghan immigrants. She was tall and curvy in just the right places and wore her long dark hair pulled back in a pony tail and despite her father's protests, eagerly adopted western dress and attitudes. She loved high heels, short tight skirts and low cut blouses that emphasized her large bust. She loved sex and had been the "popular" girl in high school for the young studs.

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

Just turning 30, she had finished her PhD's in Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering and was working for a defense contractor developing new body armor for soldiers. John, her boss, was a driven man having lost his brother in Afghanistan and was known to break into virulent tirades against Islam, Afghans and immigrants. Considering her ancestry, Yasmin was surprised when he hired her to oversee the project and treated her professionally throughout the project. She was working long hours with a 3-D printing system to print head-to-toe, flexible body armor in various camouflage patterns, fitted to the user by printing directly to the body. The design included boots and a balaclava of the same material, giving the wearer near full body coverage and, being printed onto the soldier, had no seams. An ultra-violet laser would be built into the index fingers of the suit allowed the user to open and close the appropriate areas to allow bodily functions. The material, once finished, looked like latex and had gotten the nickname "the Batsuit" for the way it outlined the muscles of the wearer. Incorporated in the design were sensors to monitor the wearer's vital signs and electronic stimulators to prevent muscle cramping during long periods of immobilization while in convoys or guard duty. The material was recyclable and once used; the old suit would be tossed in a hopper on the machine and recycled.

Yasmin knew they were close to finishing the project and had gotten the printer to print the gloves, boots, leggings, torso and the balaclava on manikins. Now all they had to do was integrate the programming combining the designs. And test on humans.

Yasmin wasn't involved in programming and John told her to take a week off to recover from the strain of 16 hour days for the past 5 months. The following Monday, she reported back to work, ready to test the new program. The first test was successful, printing a full suit on the manikin without error. The process was intentionally slowed down, but once ready, a full suit could be fitted to a soldier in 5 minutes. The manikin was transferred to the indoor testing range and was shot at with various weapons without damage, even surviving a grenade explosion.

Next was testing on a human volunteer. John decided to be first, climbing into the privacy booth, tossing his clothes out. His fitting went well, although he complained that the process "was a little warm!" Once the system was sped up, that issue should be minimized. On the range he exclaimed that "that stings!" when shot repeatedly by an AK47, M4 and 9mm pistol equating it to a bee sting.

Next, two military volunteers were fitted. Both were Rangers from the nearby military base and Yasmin got quite turned on by their tall muscular frames and manhood, which was outlined perfectly by the suits. Again, the test went perfectly, the machine now on full speed. John congratulated the staff on a successful, profitable and life-saving project and all adjourned to the staff dining room for champagne and hors d'oeuvres. After everyone had a few glasses of champagne and enjoyed the shrimp, John gave everyone the rest of the week off with pay and told them to rest and come back to work the next Monday, ready to tackle production. Yasmin had a little too much bubbly and was a little tipsy when her fellow employees started heading home.

As they left the hall, John pulled Yasmin to the side and asked her to stay a few minutes so they could talk. Yasmin's heart sank, knowing she was getting canned because the project was over, but instead, John asked her to stay for one last test run.

"We've had a successful test on the men, but there are plenty of female soldiers in combat too, and I want to make sure it works for them! Can you stay a few minutes and run another test on yourself? I wasn't sure you'd be comfortable with the staff around, so I wanted to wait until they left. I'll give you some privacy and come back in half an hour to check on you. Just run the program "Batgirl V.2S"" Yasmin assured him she was willing and after he left the equipment bay, she stripped down and stepped into the booth. Yasmin had placed her hair in a pony tail that day and left it in place with a hair band.

As the computer registered her presence in the booth, a virtual keyboard and monitor appeared in front of Yasmin. There were several versions of the software available and Yasmin scrolled down to "Batgirl V.2S" and selected it. As the monitor and keyboard faded into the wall, a small shelf appeared out and a computer voice told Yasmin to insert a pair of ear buds in her ears and a pair of goggles over her eyes. Once done, she was instructed to stand with legs spread at shoulder width and arms raised. As she brought her arms to shoulder height, steel stocks shot out and the walls and secured her wrists, neck and ankles. "Subject safety clamps in place" came from the computer and Yasmin was surprised, since she designed most of the machine and didn't build in any clamps! Then she felt something between her legs and as the machine intoned "elimination system installing" a small plug was inserted in her rear and a larger one installed in her shaved vagina. Yasmin was shocked and embarrassed, but they actually felt a little good.

The sprayers started just above the stocks holding her ankles and Yasmin held still as the system worked and her body warmed as the shiny black material was applied, encapsulating her body. When it reached her shoulders and paused, Yasmin felt the material stiffen and the lower clamps released, and she realized she couldn't move! The sprayer returned to her feet. When it reached them, Yasmin was picked up off the ground by her wrists and neck, allowing her toes to dangle, struggling to reach the floor. The machine voice cautioned her to "Hold Still!" and Yasmin stopped struggling as the sprayers applied a pair of boots to her feet, but not the combat boots she expected; a pair of high heeled boots with 6" heels!

Yasmin was set back on her now high heeled feet and as the clamp secured her ankles again, the wrist and neck stocks released but the suit held her locked "hand's up". The sprayer returned to her head and again with a "Hold Still!" command, Yasmin's head was covered with a skin tight hood except for a small opening where her pony tail emerged. As the system completed the program, releasing the stocks and unfreezing the suit, Yasmin opened her eyes inside the goggles and realized she could see! Ambient noise also filtered in through the earbuds.

Yasmin stepped out of the booth and looked at herself in the room's mirrored wall. Every curve of her fabulous body was visible and her nipples stuck out prominently on her chest. She could see her pussy lips clearly and the dimples on her ass. "ASS" appeared on her forehead in bright red letters! As she stood there and admired herself and puzzling over the lettering, the suit rippling with every movement of her skin, John called in and asked "Is it okay to come in?" Yasmin shrieked "NO!" and grabbed a robe off the wall to cover the suit with. "You can come in now!"

"How did it come out?" he asked as he strolled into the room. "It looks good!" Yasmin replied, "But when did the clamps get added? And the inserts? And the goggles? And what's ASS mean?" John said, "We added the clamps and inserts while you were on vacation. The test subjects squirmed a bit too much from the heat and we were told at the last minute to allow for extended wear without the fingertip laser. The goggles add ballistic protection for the eyes."

"It was a surprise, but the system worked well." Yasmin replied, "How do I get out of the suit then?" John replied, "Well, in actual use, a laser will be provided each group of users. But you don't have to worry about that" and taking a smart phone from his pocket and tapping it a couple of times, Yasmin's suit locked up again. "I also added a little change to the program you used, and now I control your suit completely! And "ASS" is short for my "Afghan Sex Slave!" With another click, Yasmin world went black and she couldn't hear. She felt the suit stand at attention and the jaw locked preventing any sound. The "inserts" started vibrating. As the vibration built, both inserts started to expand until they were almost painful. Then, with the rear insert causing her ass to ache, the front began moving. Ridges rode up and down, around and in a spiral. Yasmin felt a tingle of excitement starting in her pussy. While she concentrated on the impulses slowly bringing on an orgasm, Yasmin didn't realize the suit walked her out of the building and into a van.

Yasmin was almost at a mind-blowing orgasm when everything stopped. Her vision and hearing returned and she was standing in John's bedroom. "I know you have a ton of questions, but all you need to know is: everyone has been told you quit when the project ended. Your apartment has been cleaned out and everything disposed of. Your phone sent a text to your mother saying you had a new found faith in Islam and moved back to Afghanistan. If case you haven't figured it out yet, the suit you are wearing isn't the same you worked on. It's a side project I've been developing. It's computer controlled and I can allow anything from free, unrestricted movement to total immobilization. While you've worked here, our computer analyzed your movements and the suit is programmed to move just as you would, but without any control by you. Eventually, you will be so influenced by the suit, you will do my bidding without the remote! From now on, your name will be ASS until I tire of you and you're disposed of!"

Tears came to Yasmin's eyes and she screamed, but the suit muffled the sound. Her mind said "run" but Yasmin felt her knees buckle until she was kneeling and the suit opened at her mouth, curling in to make a ring gag as John dropped his pants and his manhood leapt toward Yasmin's mouth and Yasmin felt her arms curl up, clutching his ass and pulling his cock into her mouth. He fed all 8" into Yasmin's mouth, the woman unable to move or reject him. She choked and gagged, but John persisted and used her throat to masturbate to an orgasm. Yasmin was no stranger to blow jobs, but this was a vicious face fuck and she had no choice. As he finished pumping a load down her throat, he held her face to his belly, not releasing Yasmin until she almost passed out from lack of oxygen. The entire time her mind was screaming for oxygen, Yasmin's body knelt there immobile, unable to move.

Zipping his pants back up, John said "Let's see what this baby can do!" and using his phone, Yasmin's suit leapt into action. The vibrators started back up and she stood spread eagle immobile, bent at the waist clasping her own ankles, lay on her back and spread her legs wide then moved them up to shoulder height holding her ankles with locked hands. While laying spread for John's amusement, he used an app on his phone to "unzip" the crotch of her suit and pulled the intruder out, replacing it with his hard cock. Tapping the phone, Yasmin started getting shocked at nipples, clit and ass causing muscles to cramp and milking John to another orgasm. After he came, he replaced the intruder and sealed the flap and the insert started vibrating again, bringing her to orgasm too. Locked into place, with no control over her own body, vibrated and fucked, she came so hard she passed out.

When she came too, she was standing in the kitchen, the suit, not caring whether ASS was awake or not, was cooking John's dinner. "We programmed in recipes from around the world, so you can earn your keep!" Slapping his slave on the ass, which activated a shock where he touched her, John left to make a drink and relax. A little later, ASS carried the plate into the dining room and placed it before John and stood at attention. He enjoyed to gourmet meal interspersed with pinching her nipples and rubbing her cunt lips. Each touch from him brought another painful shock. Once finished, ASS picked up the plate and cleaned the dishes and kitchen.

Still computer controlled, she walked into John's bedroom and laid face down on the bed over a pile of pillows, elevating her ass, the suit locked her in place and blocked her vision. John came in and retrieved a heavy cat o' 9 tails from a cabinet and told Yasmin "This will be the first of many nights of punishment for you. I will take out my hate for your people on you!" John started whipping her ass with the cat, each strike translated by the computer into electric shocks on the spot of impact. After 10 minutes of the whipping, John parted her suit at the asshole and took the intruder out. With no preparation, He thrust his lightly lubricated member into her ass and as she struggled in vain against the immovable suit, plowed her ass until he came. Once done, John dismissed her for the night.

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Her computer control walked ASS back into the kitchen and she crawled into a cabinet. Sound and vision blocked, she kneeled at a dick shaped spout coming out of the wall and her suit opened, forcing the 6" down her throat, then locked in place. Yasmin slept like this, kneeling in a cramped cabinet with the dick in her mouth occasionally moving it in and out like she was blowing a man and it ejaculated an unappetizing, but nutritious goo which also included birth control. Sometime during the night a spray came on and washed her down. She was still exhausted when the suit had her crawl out and start John's breakfast.

When breakfast was complete, as John enjoyed it, ASS was forced under the table to blow him while he ate. As he dressed for work, he told her "the computer will take you through your daily duties and I've thrown a few surprises in too!" After he left for work, the suit had her clean the kitchen first, then the rest of the house. Every hour or so, it would vibrate and shock her into orgasm while she cleaned. At the end of the day, she was kneeling in the hallway, blind and deaf with her mouth open when John came home from work. Days of this routine stretched in front of ASS and she thought she would go mad.

A year after she had been captured, John had some men from his brother's unit in for a party. ASS was their serving girl with only her tits, pussy and ass exposed and her mouth held open by the suit. They took turns with ASS, fucking her mouth, cunt and ass relentlessly. ASS took it all quietly, already succumbing to her programming. At the end of the night, they took turns with whips as she stood immobile, arms outstretched and screamed from the pain. Several of the men started their long battle to beat PTSD that night.

Five years later, the computer no longer controlled her, but ASS never realized it. The routine, combined with subliminal brain washing she received at night, had programmed her to the point the computer wasn't needed. She crawled from her sleep cabinet at 5 AM, prepared John's breakfast and gave him a blow job while he ate. After he left for work, she cleaned the house and had orgasms with no outside stimulation every hour through the day. With his dinner ready, she kneeled in the front hall, mouth open, ready to give John his welcome home blowjob. After dinner, she positioned herself for the vicious whipping John gave her every night, then silently allowed him to abuse her asshole. The night finished with ASS crawling into her cabinet for another night sucking on a rubber dick.

John was happy with the arrangement and ASS, well, she didn't have a choice.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018  

Come on everyone, it is possible to write in stereotypes without subscribing to those stereotypes. People engage in raceplay without being themselves racist, like how men can engage in anal play without necessarily being attracted to men (and I shouldn't even NEED to say this, but OBVIOUSLY there's nothing wrong or abnormal with being a guy into guys).

Sunday, September 23, 2018  

Raping and torturing an utterly innocent woman is a cure for PTSD? That would be pretty much the exact opposite of a cure. You are ignorant, you're writing about things you don't understand,and I feel bad for you.

Friday, September 21, 2018  

Seriously? Even here people need to virtue signal? Great story man. And the background matters. Fiction is better the more REAL it is. That's why the context is good. Ignore the politically correct morons and keep doing what you do! And please share more. Thank you!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018  

So far,John is well taken care of by ASS! What's coming sounds very interesting!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018  


Sunday, September 16, 2018  

From the author: I have no underlying dislike for Muslims or Afghans. Her ethnicity was just a convenient reason for her captor's abuse and the acronym "ASS".

Saturday, September 15, 2018  

Is there supposed to be some underlying political message in this story?

I agree with one of the posters down below. The story would be a lot better if you didn't bring ethnicity into this.

Saturday, September 08, 2018  

I think you have a low opinion of our soldiers. As a former Marine, I was embarrassed.

Friday, September 07, 2018  

Itís racist.

Friday, September 07, 2018  

Honestly, this story would have been fine without the ethnic component.


Wednesday, September 05, 2018  


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