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Nowhere Man
  • Author - Dirk  
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  • Story Codes - MF-f, non-consensual, reluctant, armbinder, bondage, kidnapping, packaging, ponyplay, sensorydep, slavery
  • Post Date - 9/30/2018
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Author's Note: Be warned, this is again a pretty dark story about non-consent, slavery, extreme bondage and dehumanization. As always, please be aware: This is purely a work of fiction, I write this for fun and I do not do stuff like this in real, nor would I advise you to do this. Be nice to each other.

Comments, either on this website or, if you have interest in a discussion also per email, are strongly encouraged! I am interested in your feedback.

Chapter 1

I do not remember anymore what the name of the town was. I do remember that I arrived on a rainy afternoon, after a damn long drive. I had never been there before, but the place was easy to figure out: It was an old mining town, situated between hills and creeks, with old factories still towering over the scenery. Once it must have been bustling with workers and trucks. Now it was mostly bustling with memories of the 'good old times'. The old train station that I drove past looked like a ruin.

But as I steered my truck across main street I saw a surprising amount of young people. Seemed liked somewhere near there might be a college. There were quite a few bars, and those were crowded. Somehow that made me curious, and also I had been alone for a long time. So after I had checked into the local motel I decided against better judgement to go out for a drink or two. And that's how I met Lily.

She stood at the bar, talked to no one, held on to her drink. She was in her early twenties, so about ten years younger than me. She looked like a college student, but not necessarily upper class: There was something tough about her, something stubborn and unruly. The clothes she wore - faded jeans, dirty sneakers, a shabby leather-jacket - did not look like the kind of fake vintage bullshit you could buy in an expensive store, they rather looked genuinely worn and old. Lily was not posing either, nothing about her reminded me of an act. She was not in that crowded bar to be seen or to meet people, she was not there to pose or impress: She seemed to be a valid no-bullshit, wise-for-her-age kind of girl on a quest to get shitfaced with as little fuss as possible. She knew what she was doing: Even though she was young and had a pretty babyface, her eyes had the shine of beginning intoxication and slightly widened pupils, and the hint of dark shadows beneath.

But what really got me about her was how she smiled at the boys. Because that's what they were to her: From out of the crowd (and the place was so full with people that it was hard to say where the crowd anded and the walls began) a guy would approach her every few minutes. She would patiently allow him to test his routine withher. And then she would be friendly enough, but also dismissive enough to utterly demoralize him. They would all give up after a few minutes, and when they turned around her smile would get a little more cheeky and she would take another sip from her drink.

"Please be honest: Do you think I'm behaving like a bitch?", she suddenly asked me. At that point, I had been standing shoulder to shoulder with her at the bar for about an hour. This seemed to be the first time she looked at me directly. She had green eyes and delicate pale skin. She wore her short blonde hair in a pixie crop. She was tall for a female, very slim but kind of wiry. Had I been asked to guess her favorite sport, I would have put my money on her being a runner.

Meanwhile, she sighed. "I know these guys are trying to be nice, and I don't blame them for wanting to fuck me. But I came to town to meet a friend, not to get laid. And I just found out she isn't even in town today, she's visiting friends on the east coast. Now I'm just annoyed by the world in general."

I shrugged and smiled at her. I was used to seeing girls like her as potential victims. But right now she was just a nice young woman to have a casual conversation with. She interested me, but I also kind of liked her. It's a complicated emotional landscape to navigate sometimes, when you are essentially in the business of abduction and human trafficking.

"You are doing fine", I said. "There are a lot cruel ways to brush a guy off, but you allow them to keep their dignity. Are you saving up karma for some big sin?"

Now it was her turn to laugh. We kept talking. Then we shared a joint behind the bar. She told me about how she had worked hard for a stipend and now found college disappointing, how she hated all those pretentious twentysomethings who thought they had it all figured out. How she was bored to death in this town, even after having arrived only two months ago. I, of course, could not tell her who I was or why I was in the town - so I made up something about my job as a trucker and an ex-wife somewhere in Florida.

"Huh", she said a little perplexed. "You don't seem like that type. You are a little rough around the edges, but..." She softly shook her head and looked at me with more curiosity.

"Well, maybe you are a trucker. I doubt that you are 'just' that." We shared a few more jokes and later we kissed, and not much later after that we were in my motel room on the bed, getting undressed.

Her body was as lithe and smooth as I had imagined it, but with some scars on her forearms that showed she once had been cutting herself. Some of it was hidden behind a sleeve tattoo: green ivy vines wrapping themselves around her left wrist and arm all the way up to her shoulder, interspersed with tiny lilys. I kissed it. Her skin was warm and soft and tasted like salty caramel.

Maybe it was that tattoo, or maybe it was just my general inclination towards those things. But as we were naked on the bed, kissing and gettig more and more intimate, I decided to test the waters: I took the handcuffs out of my pocket and showed them to her.

She hesitated for a moment, a little doubt flickering behind those deep, green eyes. Then she kissed me again and grinned, and pressed more firmly against me. "That's fine", she whispered and then offered her wrists to me. "If you do this right I won't need my hands anyways." That was a playful little joke, but there was more to it: She wanted the handcuffs and did not want to outright admit it. They turned her on, and as I slipped them around her wrists and tightened them I could feel her warming up fast, a new kind of look on her face. Maybe she had never been tied before, but obviously she loved the thrill.

In the hour after I had her chained to the bed, I made damn sure that she had no reason to complain. We both got what we needed, and more than that. There was just enough tenderness and roughness, sweat and kisses. At one point I put my thumb into her mouth and she dug her teeth into it as if it was a horses bit. In the end she shuddered and came, and for a while did not stop cumming, and finally collapsed, glistening with sweat, smiling blissfully.

For a while we did not talk, we just enjoyed how great the sex had been. There was some after play, and more kisses.

A little later she asked me: "Hey, can you turn on the tv?" That request made me laugh under my breath. I was sitting next to her now, we were both cooling off. I offered her a cigarette. I had to hold it to her lips because her hands were still cuffed to the headboard of the bed. It's a little quirk I have: I like to see how long it takes until a girl will ask to be unchained.

Lily did not ask me immediately to be released, so I turned the TV on, enjoyed her smell, shared that cigarette with her.

And then something deeply fucked up happened: That TV had about a million channels, and on one of those - actually on a fairly obscure local news channel from different state - they were showing the portrait of a guy. The subline said "Police in Tampa, Florida searching for suspect in disappearance of five women." They did not have a foto of the man, but they had a pretty good sketch. The guy was kind of good-looking, maybe a little rough around the edges. He seemed a little above thirty, with dark, curly hair and a pronounced jawline, blue eyes and a nose that was not ugly-looking, but definitely had been broken at least once in the past. I zapped to another channel within two seconds, but the damage had been done. Because that guy was definitely me.

Lily had seen it too. For a heartbeat she said nothing, then from the corner of my eyes I could see her swallow. But she was impressively fast in getting her act together. "Hey, can you see if you find any cartoons?" She asked this as if she had not recognized me. Her chaaks had been flushed from the sex before, now they turned a deeper red. "I'm in the mood for some silly bullshit."

I smiled at her and got up from the bed. "What, you did not have enough silly bullshit for one night already?" I leaned forwards, kissed her forehead, stroked her tits. I made a decision in that second. I was kind of sorry for the girl, but I was also a professional. And I had to take care of this situation now, the best way I could.

"Hey, I just realized that the key to the handcuffs is in my jacket, and my jacket's still on the drivers seat. Let me get the key and then release you from those thngs." I winked at her and I could see the deep relief in her eyes. She quickly nodded. "Geez, I knew there was something else I wanted to mention." Her smirk looked almost real.

So I went out of the room and I wwalked across the parking lot fast. My mind was racing, but I have been living a pretty risky life for years, and so I had no problem calculating my chances. It was a shabby motel and no one had seen us enter. There seemed to be only a few cameras. In the bar, some people wold remember her and some would remember me. Even fewer would remember having seen us together, in the dark behind the bar. How long until someone would miss the girl? How many suspects would there be? How fast could I drive?

The keys to the cuffs had been in my pocket all the time. But from my truck I got some other things I needed: A roll of duct tape, a rubberfoam-ball and a small bottle of ether. I wished I had more professional equipment with me, but most of that I had been forced to leave back in motherfucking Tampa, Florida. So for now - until I found a trustworthy supplier - this stuff would have to suffice. But that was okay. I knew how to make these things work.

When I came back into the hotel room, I could see that Lily was more nervous. Her wrists were slightly red, obviously because, while I was gone for a minute, she had tried to free herself of the cuffs. She smiled at me, but that smile did not reach her eyes.

"Hey there you are. Have you found the key? Because as soon as I can use my hands again, I'd like to say thank you for this sexy night!" I admired her. She had been dealt a bad hand, but she played it with a lot of style.

Sure, here they are. I took the key out of my pocket and showed it to her. I smiled and sat down on the bed next to her. I leaned forward and, instead of immediately unlocking the cuffs, I gave her a kiss. She tasted great. As we kissed and the tip of her tongue moved against my lips, I cupped her left breast with one hand, then ran my hand upwards, grabbed her short hair and pulled her head back a little. When the kiss ended, I looked into her eyes from close up.

"I know you recognized me, Lily. And you know I can't let you go now, don't you?"

She was clever, and she had obviously been suspecting something like this. She immediately started to scream, but she was still inhaling air for full volume when I already pressed the ether-soaked piece of cloth against her mouth. I held her head firm with my other hand, and I used all my weight to pin her down on the bed.

In movies, ether or chloroform works within a second. In reality, it takes time. It's a struggle, even when a lightweight female is being chloroformed be a muscular male. Even when that female is in as disadvantageous a position as Lily was. She groaned and struggled, she tried to scream with the rag half over and half in her mouth. Her head jerked back and forth and her legs kicked out under me like crazy.

She did everything she could to throw me off, and all the while her green eyes were wide as saucers, staring at me in anger and shock. I did of course develop a massive boner while I fought with her. It's in my nature. I had not seen her as prey before, she had just been a pretty one night stand. But now, through sheer chance, she had turned into my prey anyways. As her struggling weakened and her eyes became more and more glassy, I could not help but laugh. A quiet evening in town was all I had wanted, and now my life was even more complicated than before.

Finally she was unconscious, limp on the bed with her half-closed eyes looking right through me. Time to tie her up for transport. The cuffs came off, instead I began to tie her with the duct tape. When she would wake up later, she would feel like a very sore, very tight package. And then, after a short talk with her, I could plan my next move.

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I was being hunted by the cops, possibly by the FBI and maybe even by The Club. I was pretty damn broke, lost in the middle of nowhere and in the possession of a newly acquired, untrained slavegirl. I had been in quiet waters only a month ago, and now I felt like a man in the middle of a bulletstorm.

But the game was not over yet. People in certain circles knew me only as the Nowhere Man, and I had earned that nickname. I could not help but grin while I rolled Lily on her belly and began taping her arms together. No mater how this would end, right now I was having a fucking lot of fun.

Chapter 2

It was getting close to morning hours. The streets were empty, and all bars had closed. The town was silent as a grave.

Part of me wanted to get out of that town as quickly as possible. But I was no amateur. And I knew that the engine of my truck would have woken at least a few people. Some of those might wonder why I left in the middle of the night. And only one of these people needed to remember me later and to make the connection to the disappearance of Lily.

Fact was, I needed to bide my time. In the morning, I could just drive off without raising any suspicions whatsoever. I would be just one of several passing truckers who had stayed in town over night.

So I prepared what I could prepare, silent as a mouse. I refilled on coffee and I made some plans and studied some maps and checked the communications array that was hidden inside my truck. It held no good news for me: I was still a wanted man, and not only wanted by the cops. The Club was also very interested in my whereabouts.

Lily regained consciousness about an hour later. We were in the back of my Cascadia by then. I had carried her the few steps across the dark parking lot. She had been hidden beneath a blanket. Now she was in the small sleeping compartment behind the drivers' seat.

I am a large guy, and that compartment is uncomfortable for me. But it's always bearable for a few days. I had only chosen to sleep in a motel tonight because I had already been on the run for some time. I had longed for an opportunity to sleep with my legs stretched out.

Since Lily was smaller than me, and thus the compartment would have been quite comfortable for her. But to her misfortune I had put her into a cruel form of bondage while she had been 'asleep': As the young student slowly came back to her senses, I could see how she realized that I had put her arms on her back, had wrapped them at first with gauze and then placed three layers of duct tape over that.

That way, essentially, I had fused them together from Lily's fingertips to her elbows. I had then wrapped more gauze and tape around her upper body, so that her already useless arms were pinned against her back.

I had used the rest of the gauze and tape to wrap her legs from ankles to knees. She was half-naked and half-mummified that way, and as a final security measure I had folded her legs and forced her heels against the back of her thighs. The last bit of tape had been used to connect her armbondage and the restrained ankles, so that she was pretty snugly hogtied.

In short, she was not going anywhere, and the strain on her body had to be painful. I found the sight of this limber young woman in such unforgiving bondage damn sexy. Naturally she would not share that sentiment.

At first Lily just stirred a little, then snorted, then coughed, then opened her eyes without really seeing anything. A minute later her pretty elfin face contorted as she began to feel the discomfort, then she looked a little shocked as she realized the amount of pain her nerves were reporting. She moaned and stared at me in an offended way and now her body regained some tension as her arms and legs worked against the bondage while Lily tried to get into a more comfortable position.

I have drugged and tied a lot of women in my life, so I knew quite well the stages they went through when they regained their senses. Lily was a quick one: Most women would have needed a lot longer to re-orient themselves.

"Oh shit my arms... have you broken my fucking arms...?" Her voice was hoarse and her speech still a bit slurred, but she was doing well. She tried to turn her head to see what I had done.

"Your arms are going to be fine." I stroked her cheek and patted the side of her head.

"They really don't feel fine", she protested. She was sarcastic. "Please... come on... George, right? George, you have to get me out of here... the handcuffs were fine. I enjoy some kink in my life. But this is over the top..."

She grimaced again, struggling weakly with the bondage. I estimated that 66 percent of her discomfort were real and only the other 33 percent were an act. "I'm not joking! I think my arms are dying... I don't have any circulation.... please get me out of this..."

It was time for a hard truth. So I leaned a little forward, stroked her blonde, pixie-cut hair and shook my head.

"I have done this before, to a lot of girls. Your arms are not dying. See what happens if you strain against the bondage? The gauze and tape give a little way and allow you to stretch your muscles a little, you can exert some pull with your shoulders and you can even work the muscles in your back a bit." I grinned. „Sure, it does not really give way and you have no chance to wriggle yourself out oft he bondage, no matter how often you repeat that little workout. But I didn't give you this slack by accident, Lily? You can stay tied like this for a pretty long time. It is going to be remarkably uncomfortable. But your arms, as I said, are going to be fine."

It took her a moment to absorb what I had just said about my experience with these kinds of situations. It was a treat being able to watch her face as the penny dropped. Her green eyes got a little clouded, her nose wrinkled and her lips moves silently for a moment. She tried to keep her cool, but it was not easy for her. She was still so young.

"So... how often have you done this before...?", she asked me carefully.

"That's not important. But you should know that I made a pretty good living out of it. I'm a professional, for what it's worth." I smiled because I knew how fucked up this had to sound in Lily's ears. "I'm not planning to kill you, and I'm not some kind of lunatic. I'm just a freelancer in an unusual line of work. I am a man who is experiencing a temporary... dispute with an employer. What you saw on TV, what happened in Florida... that was not my fault."

"Oh, that's great", she said. Her voice was now dripping with sarcasm. "I would be really worried if a madman had drugged me and tied me up in a compartment in his truck. So I am mighty glad to hear that you are sane!"

I sighed. "It makes more of a difference than you realize", I insisted. "Listen, I was forced to work for a very stupid, very careless employer for a while. But now, once more, I'm working only for myself. I intend to leave that Floridian episode far behind me. But to achieve that, I need to move fast. And I need to take you with me, because I cannot trust you to keep your mouth shut."

She did not understand, and maybe she did not even care. "No, I have a better idea, you just let me go", she insisted. "I saw your face on the news. Big deal. You seem like a nice guy and we had great sex and I don't give a shit about what the cops down in Florida want..."

"It's not just the cops who are looking for me. And anyways, I wish I could believe you. But I could not take the risk in the motel room, and now that we are here that particular ship has sailed anyways."

"You don't get it, George!" Panic crept into her voice. „You have to let me go. You can't fucking keep me like this, my arms..."

"I told you, your arms are not dying off. None oft he slaves that I acquired and trained has ever..."

"I don't give a shit! I need to get OUT of this NOW, I need you to fucking RELEASE me and..."

No matter how tough Lily was for a girl just above twenty years old, now she was showing nerves. I did not blame her, but I could not afford her to panic either. Her perky, pale tits were a little squashed by the gauze and tape above and beneath them, but I had made sure that they were still uncovered. I put a hand over her mouth and then pinched her left nipple very hard, sending a flash of white-hot pain through her body. She groaned into my hand, her eyes wide, nostrils flaring.


I held her down and waited for her to stop struggling. Tears were in her eyes. I could see how she composed herself, with all the mental strength she could muster.

This would not work every time. But for the moment it had. The pain and the fact that I could reach out and do this to her had helped to emphasize how deep in trouble she really was, and that screaming and this particular problem would not make it go away. I took my hand off her mouth.

„You could have just slapped my face, like they do in those old movies", she whined with a hint of her trademark sarcasm still left in her voice.

„That would not have been half as much fun", I smiled. Her nipple was red and began to swell immediately "Now listen. I did not plan to kidnap you, it just happened. I had no choice. What you need to do now is accept that you are not in control." I sighed. „You ant to survive? Then trust me. And as a sign oft hat trust I need you to give me your passwords." I took her mobile phone from my pocket. "Your passwords for your emails, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram - all that shit, in one long list."

She stared at me, quickly calculating her options. She shook her head, confused but defiant. "Fuck you!"

I felt sympathy for this feisty little pixie, but that did not mean that I would have a lot of patience with her.

"I said I want to get you through this alive", I explained. „But you have to consider my own situation. I am hunted by some very unpleasant people. I only have few thousand bucks in cash left right here in this Cascadia. All of my contacts have gone silent, at least for the time being. You might be an asset that I can use in the future, a chip to cash in at some point. So, if you play along, you can survive."

I gave her a stern look. I meant every word I said, and I wanted her to realize that.

"Or you try to give me trouble. You were a great fuck and you have something about you that makes me think you might be a unique pet. But I am not a sentimental guy.

So if you don't play along and give me all your damn passwords, I will get a plastic bag, pull it over your head, clamp your mouth shut and pin you down for about five minutes. Then when the convulsions have ended, I will take your dead body with me in this very truck and drop you into a ravine somewhere along the way. Do you understand that?"

She did understand that, and she gave me all the info I needed with a slightly shaky but mostly composed voice. I wrote them down in my notebook. A few misleading social-media posts sent by her phone would be very helpful in sending anyone searching for Lily into the wrong direction. But rebellious loner that she seemed to be, I hoped that not so many people would notice her disappearance anyways.

She was in pain, she was tired and she looked at me again with those eyes that made her seem a little older than she was.

"So what now...?" She was scared. "Is this the moment when it turns out you tricked me and you're going to kill me anyways?"

"No." I shook my head. "This is the moment when I tell you I have to gag you and you tell me it's not necessary."

"It is really not necessary! I promise I will be..." She hesitated, realizing she had no chance to change my mind. She groaned in frustration, her arms stretching as far as possible behind her back. I knew she would never be able to free herself, but I was satisfied that I had applied the bondage just tight enough. "You fucking asshole...." Fresh tears appeared in her eyes and made them look even larger. She shivered. "I hate you, you fucker."

I got a large rubberfoam-ball and some more of the gauze and tape from my pocket. "Usually when I take a female, I render her unconscious and then keep her that way until I have her in a safe place", I told Lily. "But I don't have that option here, so you'll be conscious while I drive. And I just can't take the risk to leave you ungagged."

"My life was fine until I met you!" She did not scream, but she was getting louder. "Why did I decide to sleep with you? It was so damn obvious that you were not a normal guy!"

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I smiled and cupped her chin. "Lily, that's exactly why you went with me. You were not looking for normal guys. And by the way, I doubt that your life was fine. I saw how you messed with the men in that bar. I saw the old cuts on your arms, half hidden by the ink. And when I offered you the handcuffs, you loved the idea to get chained to the bed by a stranger. You don't want to be a part of the herd, girl, you want to be special."

I pushed the rubberfoam-ball against her lips and she hesitantly opened her mouth because there was nothing else she could do. I stuffed her mouth with it until her cheeks bulged, then I began to wrap the gauze around her head, covering the whole lower side of her face with multiple layers. As the pressure increased, her cheeks were pushed upwards and she developed that timeless look that a strict gag gives a pretty girl.

By now she realized how mightyly the cruel gag would add to her discomfort, and she produced some very weak groans of protest. I took the duct tape and began to layer it over the gauze.

"Girls like you are the easiest to take", I explained to Lily. "A herd also means protection. But you don't want to be part of the herd, so you turn that protection willingly down."

Her protests grew louder when I rolled first the gauze and then the tape across her eyes, but 'louder' here refers to a very weak snuffling noise. I applied earplugs I had formed from paper and wax, then put some tape over her ears too. Now she was immobilized, mute, blind and deaf. I had a massive boner again, because that act of taking and restraining a pretty female never gets old for me. But I needed to concentrate, so I quickly placed her in the hidden compartment beneath the mattress - soundproof air inlets would prevent her from suffocating - and locked it. I was pretty sure I would fuck her later, but now I needed to focus on other things.

I climbed back onto the driver's seat and looked at the sky outside. Dawn was finally here. The town was waking up and an increasing number of cars filled the streets. It was time to show the world how normal and unremarkable I was. I would pay for my room, get a healthy breakfast in the nearby diner and get back on the road. It looked it was going to be a sunny, beautiful day.

Chapter 3 (added: 2018/11/10)

It was around eight o'clock when I finally started the ignition. The streets were busy now, just as I had hoped. No one gave me a second glance as I left - not even the stoned son of the motel manager when I returned the key to my room.

Once outside the town, I followed a winding road with woodland on both sides. Beyond and above the woods, visible in the distance, were the edges of mountains. In the early sunlight they appeared as if they had been bathed in gold.

Traffic eased up quickly as I left the town behind. Occasionally I saw other vehicles, mostly trucks that transported logs or heavy machinery. But most of the time I was alone and all was silent, except for the steady hum of the engine. I had time to think.

What had happened in Florida could be my end or could just be a bump in the road for me. Only time would tell. The Club was a ruthless bunch, but several of them had been my customers over the years. And most of those had been very satisfied with the services I provided.

Okay, one(!) guy in Florida was now catatonic. But he was not catatonic because I had made a mistake. He was now essentially a cucumber because he had been stupid and very careless. A woman I had abducted for him had fried his brains with the electrical device he had designed to wipe her memories and free will, and she had only been able to do that because he had not observed any kind of safety protocol whatsoever.

I had warned him as I helped him set up shop but he had been an obnoxious, condescending shithead from the very beginning. I had only stayed because he was also paying very well and because I had a reputation to lose. But I could not babysit him 24 hours a day, and so his olympic-swimmer-turned-bondage-slave prisoner had managed to persuade him that she had fallen in love. He had believed her and untied her, the moron.

One minute you are a highly specialized professional with a flawless track record and friends in high places. The next minute all kinds of people want to ask you questions about a burned down mansion in Florida, a catatonic furniture-mogul and an Olympic athlete traveling from talkshow to talkshow, telling people about her brief experience as a madman's' prisoner.

A good thing was that she knew nothing about The Club. As far as she and law enforcement authorities were concerned, her 'Owner' had been working alone. A bad thing was that obviously she remembered my face quite well. I had been blocked from the Club's network, none of my calls receiving any answers. This was bad.

But like I said, it could also just turn out to be a bump on the road. I was a very wealthy man myself, thanks to my former success. I knew that several members of The Club had fond memories of me and the opportunities I had provided them with. They would lay low now, but they might give me a chance to explain myself after the storm had passed. What I needed to do was reach one of my safehouses and allow things to cool down.

I drove as far as I could, but after a few hours the exhaustion caught up with me. Since everything had gone haywire I had not slept much. Last night was supposed to be a night of good rest, but my chance meeting with Lily had turned it into another night spent awake. There was no getting around it: I needed to stop the cascade before I feel asleep at the driving wheel.

From time to time I had passed overgrown parking lots at the side of the road, half-hidden in the undergrowth. I chose one of those and found it neglected. Seemed like I had a good chance of being left alone here. So I parked the Cascade as deep between bushes and trees as I could safely steer it and then, with a sigh, turned the engine off.

I could have slept now, immediately. But even though I knew that Lily could survive a lot longer inside the hidden compartment, I decided to open it. I kind of liked the sweet little cunt, and maybe I wanted to make sure I had calculated everything just right.

She was in bad shape, but that had been to be expected: She was breathing, but not moving. Was she unconscious? She was bathed in sweat, and drool had seeped out through the gag and had turned into a small pool beneath her cheek.

Lily was still a handy package, but to my surprise she had managed to pull the bondage a bit apart, so far that her fingers had come free. She had been able to loosen a little off the tape that I was wrapped around her legs.

It had not helped her. At some point she seemed to have given up, maybe even fallen asleep. What she had achieved was a pitiful result after what must have been hours of hard work for her. But it showed me nonetheless that I must never underestimate her.

I lifted her out of the compartment and she awoke. She cringed, moaned into the gag and obviously was in pain. I massaged her shoulders and arms while they woke up and she shuddered from the distress. I unwrapped her legs and allowed her to sit on the mattress, then took the plugs out of her ears.

"Do you need to pee?"

She sobbed and she nodded.

I double-checked that no one could see us, then led her out of the truck. She could hardly walk and she tried to protest through the gag when I told her to squat down behind some bushes.

I knew very well what she was trying to communicate because that's what they always try to say: That they wanted to keep some dignity, they couldn't run away anyways, so why would I not let them do this alone? Of course Lily was trying to tell me just the same: That she needed no babysitter, and if I would just untie her hands for a moment she could take care of this herself.

They all try that. I always find it annoying. Now that Lily was in my hands she was a commodity, and I do not bargain with commodities. I see no sense in allowing a piece of commodity to keep her fucking dignity.

I wished I still had one of the shock collars, a taser or at least a crop. But at the moment I was without even my most basic kit, so I just I slapped her ass and gave her a stern look.

"Get it over with, Ivy. Or don't, it's your choice. But if you stain my Cascadia or your box, I will beat you black and blue."

She sobbed again then she did what she had been told.

When she was done I brought her back into the car. She was still sobbing. Once inside I slowly peeled the tape off her mouth and took the rubberfoam-ball out of her mouth.

She had been wearing it for hours and her speech sounded accordingly slurred, her jaws were obviously hurting. She tried to thank me, and I held a bottle of water to her mouth. She drank greedily.

"Please... please, let me..."

"No. Eat this cracker."

I put the cracker into her mouth and she hastily ate it. But she also tried to keep talking. I guess she sensed that she did not have a lot of time.

"My arms... really, they kill me, it hurts so fucking much..."

"Here, another cracker." I fed her as quickly as possible.

"Please, chain me to the steering wheel or to the seat, just please don't put me back in the box, I am going mad in that fucking box, it's hell in there, you are driving me insane...!"

"Nope, sorry Ivy. It's the box for you." I gave her another cracker.

She looked shell-shocked, but she still asked: "Why... why Ivy...? My name is Lily... Why have you started calling me Ivy?"

I shrugged. "I always change her name, when I take a girl. It's another small way to make it more difficult to identify you. Once a girl is trained and broken, her old life is over. The new name is one way to prove that point."

"Jesus fucking Christ, you can't do this to me!" Now she was screaming, so I slapped her face really hard. Some snot and some cracker crumbs stuck to my palm.

"You need to get your shit together", I told her. "I usually wouldn't even talk to you, let alone listen to you. You are property now, and I keep you alive because I might use you later. You cannot talk me into feeling compassion for you. What you can do is you can play along, make this easier for me and in the process also make it easier for yourself."

She hesitated for a moment, shaking. Then she said, under her breath: "You can not be like that.... you can't be... you're trying to scare me, but you have to know this is wrong... oh God that box was nearly driving me mad.... Please get this shit off my eyes, you can't keep me like this... I can't stand this anymore, this is no way to treat a human... "

I was fed up with her attitude. I stuffed the gag back into her mouth and secured it with fresh tape, against her protests. Then, all fired up and in the mood to prove my point with more than just a damn name change, I turned Ivy around and opened my pants.

She realized what I was doing, and she whimpered and struggled against me, but there was just nothing she could do. It took me a few heartbeats to pin her down, to spread her legs and push into her. Naturally she felt tighter than last night. I held her by her hips, then I put a hand into the back of her neck and grabbed her firmly.

"Ivy, you need to stop making this hard for both of us." I kissed her ear, then began using her with quick, hard thrusts. She squirmed beneath me, shuddered, sobbed into the gag. I enjoyed her movements, the warmth of her body and her cunt and the power I had over her.

I was not under the illusion that she enjoyed the rape. I knew she would hate it and hate me as well, and that most likely she was contemplating revenge right now. Her struggling and the frantic, gargling protest were speaking volumes.

But to my surprise her pussy seemed to lubricate a little more than I would have expected under these circumstances. Oh, I was not some idiot from Florida who thought an abducted, enslaved woman would fall in 'love' with him. I may be a villain, but I'm not a moron. Still, over the years I had learned to register the subtle differences in the reactions of different slaves. And some of the nuances of Ivy's reaction told me that maybe she could learn to be a very interesting slavegirl for an ambitious owner.

But that was all in the future. Right now I held her down and kept using her until I finally came. I pumped into her and then welcomed the relaxing feeling that follows such an egoistic orgasm. She gargled in frustration and stopped fighting, now that she felt that I was done.

I got off her and taped her fingers and legs together, just as they had been before. I placed the groaning, sobbing girl back inside her box.

Afterwards I slept like a dead man for many hours. I briefly awoke once to the weak sound of a computerized signal. In the dark, a red light was flickering. But I was still much too exhausted, and soon I slipped into another dream, filled with dark figures from my past and my imagination. They all were chasing me, and I carried Ivy on my back and finally jumped into the castles moot to escape the badly designed end tables they were trying to encircle me with.

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Saturday, February 09, 2019  

As a female, the eternal bondage hell theme is what keeps me constantly aroused, the complete dependence a kidnapped female has on her captor for basic survival. The shame of enjoying what's being done to her. Your stories are very well written and captivating. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to updates.

Friday, November 30, 2018  

Frankly, and as a woman, I fantasize about that "eternal bondage hell" and how it would feel to know that the fate is sealed irreversibly. However, after some hours and some hard orgasms it's a relief to have that key in reach. What I want to say with this is that I do not think that's a matter of the gender, it's just a matter of fantasy. I am pretty sure that a Mistress can have similar fantasies from the other side of the fence, and still releases her slave after some hours - or the next morning.

It's all fiction and dream here, so what about?

Cheers Andrea

P.S. Please continue writing

Sunday, November 11, 2018  

Good story! But pleeease correct the typo about her drool. Can't wait to see where this goes

Saturday, November 10, 2018  

This is supposed to be an update from the orginal story that ended with chapter 3, i don't see a new chapter with this update. Why send me an update if there is nothing new to read.

Thursday, October 18, 2018  

Hi...Great story Love it and like you truely enjoy the ideal of the female gender suffering in hardcore bondage hell can't wait for the next chapter please keep up the great work....

Thursday, October 11, 2018  

Hi, Dirk here. I'm replying to the commentator from October 10th 2018:

I do not know if you are male or female, but it may be that especially females - the gender more often victimized in these stories - have a harder time understanding why the "eternal bondage hell"-trope is so strong for many men.

For me it's a fascinating and quite arousing topic, which is why I write about it again and again. So while I respect your wish for more diversity, I am afraid you may have to read other authors' stories to find it.

Thank you for the Kind words you found for my stories, they are very much appreciated. If you want further discussion, please feel free to send me a message.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018  

To me, your stories are among the best on this site. You create individual characters instead of stereotypes, and that is a hard thing to do given the fact that the main subject - bondage - is a given.

But I have one request - to you, and to all other good authors in here: Can you think of storylines which do not necessarily spiral the victim down into some eternal bondage hell? There are so many possible different outcomes, so many different roads Lily's fate may take her.

I guess what I am hoping for is more suspense in bondage stories, and a greater variety of endings.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018  

It's gratifying to observe a professional at work. Yet Lily with her feisty attitude is a probably a rare delight even for the experienced slaver.
Excellent continuation of this engrossing tale! Cheers, Absolutist

Thursday, October 04, 2018  

Nice start looking forward to more.Lots of potential here.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018  

A great start to another great story. Pleased to hear that you have more chapters in the works. I do hope that this doesn't mean you've abandoned "Hello Darkness My Old Friend".

Monday, October 01, 2018  

Dirk here
I can not promise how often this will be updated. Depends on my inspiration I guess. But I have some more chapters ready, so it's not going to be over too soon.
Thank you all for the comments so far, cheers.

Monday, October 01, 2018  

Well written start. Curious to see where it develops from here

Monday, October 01, 2018  

I like all your stories. I hope this one continues but I personally find it way more interesting when it is written solely by the girls point of view. The darker the better!

Sunday, September 30, 2018  

I agree with the other commenters, it's yet to really become as dark as your introduction suggests. ;)

The story has a lot of promise so far though, so I look forward to seeing what comes next.

Sunday, September 30, 2018  

Great start! From the narrators fondly reminiscing tone, I gather that Lily might turn out to be more than just another girl he abducted. Looking forward to another excellent tale from you devious imagination.
Cheers, Absolutist

Sunday, September 30, 2018  

Love where this is going! How often you going to update this?

Sunday, September 30, 2018  

Very well written. But it would be a more unusual read if she managed to escape by either luck or outwitting him, or we read about the law enforcement justice that’s surely due to him. How does he get caught? In most stories they never do, in reality it’s part of the addiction.

Sunday, September 30, 2018  

It hasnt even begun to become dark yet haha. This is only the beginning. Hope to see a continuation soon.

Sunday, September 30, 2018  

This is well written and seems to be carefully thought out. The sex scene is nice - understated but gets the meaning across. If this is more than a one-off, I’m looking forward to seeing the story develop: the tags are intriguing. tpb

Sunday, September 30, 2018  

The story has only begun to become dark haha. This is merely the introduction to the story and no disclaimer is necessary haha. Hoping for a continuation soon

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