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  • Post Date - 10/14/2018
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Author's Note: 'The Game' is the network's biggest show. Every Saturday night during the season, millions watch as the Players do battle in the Arena.

Come on you bitch !

Vixen pulled the stock of the net-rifle against her shoulder to stop herself shaking. She felt like shit and she was almost out of time.

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

Just a few more steps.

Blonde, it had to be Blonde, those ridiculous heels, tapping so cautiously. Incredible she wasn't strapped to some fuck-rack already with those huge breasts clamped and her ass burning from a dozen points worth of abuse.

Come on !

Vixen needed a kill, a good one.

A tracked camera bot slid across the floor beside her. There was something tangled round it, a thin leather rope.

A kill on screen !

A surge excitement ran through her. The footsteps stopped.

Fuck !

The siren wailed, the endgame lights turning the zone red. Five minutes left...

Vixen stepped out.

It was Blonde, those tits were unmistakable but...

'Shit !' Vixen wasn't the first to find her.

Blonde was hooded, restrained too, her wrists strapped to a thick waist belt, elbows pulled tightly behind her in a way that made her huge tits stand out even more prominently than they usually did; her costume, at best tiny bits of rubber that barely covered her lush, almost obscenely enhanced body, was in tatters, the globular breasts and depilated sex clearly displayed; her ankles were cuffed, a short strap linking heavy rubber cuffs locked around her boots; she was leashed too, a leather cord running from a clamp on her right nipple to one on...

...the camera bot !

Hunter !

Vixen realised the distraction too late and started to turn but she was way too slow. The stun blast hit her full in the back and she crumpled.

She came to in the pillory. The first thing she knew when her mind unscrambled was the pressure of Hunter's cock against her sex, slipping easily inside her.

Fuck !

The sensation was not unpleasant; sexual arousal was a side effect of SLUT, the drug they all took to heighten their senses, improve their performance; sulphuryl-L-uridyal transferase.

She was bent at the waist, hips pressed against the horizontal bar of the stocks, neck and wrists pilloried, ankles spread, locked apart. There was a gag in her mouth, a large, sour rubber ball. She was already drooling.

Hunter was thrusting inside her, pushing his large cock in as far as it would go, one hand twisted in her hair.

She felt his other hand fumble below her, playing with her nipples, felt them respond.

Mmmmmmmm !

She knew she was flushing, arousal spreading...

No !

She'd had to last the whole game on a single dose. She should still be feeling like shit...

Wanker !

He must have slipped her some more SLUT while she was out, pushing a cap into her arse or pussy. He continued to fuck her as the unmistakable effect of the drug washed over her.

She struggled but there was nothing she could do. Hunter's cock was large and insistent and she was very wet...

'We're off !'

The lights went down and one of the techs removed Vixen's gag.

'You bastard !' Vixen struggled in the pillory, shouting at Hunter's muscular back as he left the set.

Hunter turned, made a gesture of surprise, arms wide. 'Me ?' He flashed that innocent smile, so charming across his tanned, handsome face, with it's baby blue eyes and mop of blonde hair. His body was huge, muscles rippling, oiled, displayed in a leather singlet.

Even after the intense orgasm he had just forced on her, a part of Vixen's mind, the part that was susceptible to the SLUT, wanted him to fuck her again. The rest of her wanted to put her hands around his throat and squeeze until his eyeballs bulged or, at least, until she managed to take that smile off her face; she tensed again against the steel yoke of the pillory.

'You know, that's a good look for you.' Hunter walked toward her. 'Ever thought of turning Prey ?'

'I'm gonna fucking kill you, Hunter.' Vixen put every ounce of strength into her struggles but the pillory barely moved.

He stopped in front of her, ran his fingers through her short red hair. His crotch was no more than a few inches from her face. He nodded to the tech. 'I got this.' His hands moved to the lock of the pillory and then paused.

'Just get me out of this, you bastard.' Vixen struggled again.

'What's the magic word ?'

'Hunter. I'm going to fucking...'

'Vixen. Take it easy.' Hunter laughed as he popped the lock.

Vixen was in front as they burst out into the night, slamming open the studio's fire doors, the screams of the crowd lifting her mood. Hunter and Rogue followed closely. The usual crowd was there, the fans, the curious, the hustlers surging around her. Why wouldn't they be ? Back in costume, black straps around her lithe, sinuous body, low heeled, cushioned boots, the coiled whip at her hip Vixen let the throng press against her, signing books and body parts that were thrust towards her; posing for photos, smiling at the physical contact; basking in the adulation; papers containing com-numbers often written on the back of indecent photos were pushed into her hands or shoved into her costume, her boots.

She was showered and scrubbed, the SLUT pessary Hunter had given her boosted by another dose heightening her senses so that she spotted the cute brunette wearing thigh boots and not much else and made a point of stowing her number safely even as she slapped away the hand that lingered far too long but very pleasurably over her buttocks.

Then she heard it.

'Princess !' It came out the way they used to scream 'Vixen', just before they mobbed her.

She turned, picking out the girl who had spoken, followed the fan's gaze.

Saw her.

There was a time when Hunter and Rogue had to protect her from the press of the mob. Nights when they'd been swept away, taken an hour to get two doors down the street from the studio to 'Colosseum', the bar where the Players drank.

'Bitch !' She had meant to think it but it had come out as a low hiss.

Princess was there, her pretty, fucking highness, all long glossy dark hair and tooled white leather costume, that fit young body with its long legs, slim waist and heaving breasts.

Every horny teenager's dream girl.

The crowd moved on leaving Vixen alone, pressing past Hunter and Rogue to the young brunette with her large dark eyes and pretty face with its softly pouting lips.

'Don't you just want to smash her smug fucking face in ?' Vixen grabbed Hunter's arm and dragged him towards Colosseum.

'Will you stop it, Vixen.'

'She didn't even fight tonight. She shouldn't even be here.'

'She's climbing in the ratings. The Network's pushing her. Come on ! Let's get you a drink.'

Hunter looked up and grinned. 'If it makes you feel any better, you're still a hell of a fuck.'

'Wanker !'

'Take it easy, Vixen.' Hunter held up his hands. 'It's just a game, remember.'

'Hunter...' Vixen's voice was low, urgent but she was interrupted by Blonde sliding into the booth beside Hunter. Clothed now, though barely; semi-transparent latex hugging the curves of her form; her hair washed, styled, dried; lashes curled; lips and cheeks rouged; perfect presentation in contrast to the flushed face and sweaty mass of hair Vixen had seen an hour before when the Prey had been freed from the hood she had been laced into during the Game.

Blonde pressed herself against Hunter wrapping her small hands around his huge biceps, her long scarlet nail extensions pressing into his tanned flesh.

'What was that you were saying ?' She asked with that that coached, girl next door voice, her blue eyes wide, lashes fluttering. Blonde had been playing the part for so long now, she did it without thinking.

Vixen frowned at the intimacy of the couple, struck by the sudden unmissable message of their body language but before she could speak the waitress appeared at their table, a pert blonde in a black rubber bustier, knickers and boots. She carried a tray of drinks, beers and a cocktail.

Players drank for free.

Vixen took one of the beers, cold, the bottle dripping; she lifted it to her lips and downed it in long swallows before placing it back on the table with a flourish and taking a second.

'Don't tell me you two are fucking now.' Vixen ran her fingers through her short red hair still wet from her shower.

Hunter and Blonde looked at each other and Vixen saw the smile on Blonde's face, the slight reddening of her already rouged cheeks, before the nod confirmed it.

She watched Hunter turn towards her, knowing that he was going to tell her something she didn't want to hear. He pushed his beer away and looked at her with those blue eyes.

Why aren't you fucking me ?

Vixen suddenly felt very alone.

They had done it, of course, they nearly all had; it was expected, part of the scene. The media loved it; Predator on Predator, Prey on Prey the speculation, the recriminations in the Game and out of it, the exposes, the secretly recorded vids.

'Actually, Vixen, it's a bit more than that.' Hunter's voice had that serious tone that people who were't Players used when they dealt with emotional stuff or arranged a mortgage or did stuff Players didn't have to.

'What, you talk afterwards too ?' Vixen forced a laugh.

'We're going to get married at the end of the season.'

'WhaaaaaT ?!'

'You, know, Vixen. It's what normal people do. Get together, settle down...'

'Have kids.' Blonde smiled in way that Vixen had never seen before.

'Oh, come on ! You're having me on, right. The Network would never agree to it. Sex sells. You'd be fucked.'

'We're getting out, Kate.' Hunter's blue eyes were sincere, his voice concealing a hint of...pride.

'Don't call me that.' Vixen had tried to forget the name Kate Vreil.

'Alright. I'm sorry. Vixen !' Hunter looked around, bending forward in a conspiratorial way. 'None of us is getting any younger. We can't go on forever.'

'And if they make these things any bigger,' Blonde pointed to her huge breasts straining against their rubber confines, 'I wont be able to stand upright.'

'Come on guys.' Vixen looked at each of them in turn. 'I'm twenty nine. You can't be much older. We've got years to go.'

'We're on the way down, Vixen.' Hunter sounded rueful.

'You might be. I'm still up there. Top of my game.' As Vixen spoke the brunette waitress sauntered past, stopping to collect Vixen's empty bottle, giving her a wink. Vixen smiled looking overtly down the girl's rubber covered cleavage.

'Really ?' Hunter's eyes were drawn up behind Vixen's shoulder and the Player turned.

'Oh, fuck !'

The huge screen showed a close up of Vixen's face, eyes wide over the huge ball gag in her mouth, saliva running down her lower lip and her chin. The screen split, a shot of her in the pillory bent over, Hunter using her, her expression as he slapped her bare buttocks, reached below to play with her nipples then the convulsion as she came, shuddering and jerking in her bonds, gasping around the gag.

'Top of your game ?' Hunter chided.

'You got me this time, Hunter.' Vixen looked round for the waitress but she had gone. She knew she was blushing and tried to hide it. 'Next time I'll rip your balls off and stuff them down your smug throat.'

'Sure you will.' Hunter shrugged. 'You know the ratings. There are new kids on the block. At least think about it. Go out on a high, when you chose, not because the Network axes you.'

They watched the other highlights, Hunter fighting off Rogue to capture Blonde then a glorious punishment scene as he hung the Prey by the ankles, spanking her pussy and then tearing away her costume before shoving his cock into her mouth.

Beside her, Vixen could sense blonde smiling. She turned away and downed the second beer, popping another capsule of SLUT with the last mouthful.

'Hey. Slow down.' Blonde reached out and touched her hand. 'You'll kill yourself.'

'Apparently we haven't got much longer anyway.' Vixen pulled her hand away.

( link opens in new window )

'Nice round, Vixen !' The voice was cultured, high caste, not coached like Blonde; natural condescension laced with sarcasm.

Vixen turned to see Princess standing behind her. The screen was reshowing Vixen's forced orgasm.

Fuck, that's all I need.

Taboo stood beside the young brunette, her slim body almost as perfect in its black rubber coating, her wiry red hair framing her pale, freckled face. Taboo was the youngest Player and had seemed in awe of Vixen when she'd started; they'd even fucked once, maybe twice then, suddenly, she'd thrown her lot in with Princess.

'Thought you were a Predator.' Princess was making a display of enjoying Vixen's defeat. 'Must have been wrong.'

Behind Princess the screen was showing a montage of archive footage, Vixen's defeats, images of her bound and gagged, chained, on her knees munching pussy and sucking cock; an interview with Raven holding a young Vixen on a leash. The image brought back memories of their ensuing affair, of nights chained, hooded and naked, to Raven's bed, her young, naive body writhing in SLUT induced lust.

Raven !

Vixen felt pain. Raven was the only one who had ever really seemed to care about her. Then she hadn't.

'Shove it you prissy cocktease.' Vixen knew she sounded like a child, reproachful, reduced to petty insults. Thinking of Raven, really thinking about her, brought up all the pain of her ultimate rejection, made her feel young and vulnerable.

Princess leaned in closer. 'Looked to me like you were the one teasing cock tonight.' She looked across at Hunter. 'You won't find me as willing as this hussy. Lay a hand on me and I'll break your fingers; all of them.' She turned back to Vixen. 'You're going down, Vixen. When we meet you're going to eat my pussy.'

'In your dreams...' Vixen stood, the table rocked, drinks spilled. She turned to face the brunette, shoving the girl backwards. Her heightened senses watching the younger Player reach for her taser.

I can take you, Bitch.

Hunter was on his feet in an instant, standing between the two women in a move that was so quick for a man of his size that, had Vixen not known him, would have taken her by surprise.

Princess was taller than Vixen but Hunter towered over them both.

'Enough.' Hunter's voice carried gravitas. He was a senior Player. A Predator. Even if he wasn't, in a straight fight he could easily have taken the two of them together and Taboo too.

Princess stared up at him, dark eyes defiant, but made no move to threaten him.

'I'll take you down too, Hunter.' The brunette leveled her gaze in Vixen. 'And you, Vixen, we're up together next week so you've better limber up that tongue.' She turned away and then turned back again to poke out her own tongue lasciviously.

'I'm Candy !'

'I bet you are.' Vixen smiled across the table at the brunette who had just slid into the booth opposite her.

Hunter and Blonde had just left, arm in arm, Hunter waiting until Princess and Taboo had departed the club before theatrically telling her it was time for an early night. Blonde hadn't even made a show of demurring but, like the rest of them, she was probably still high on SLUT and as eager for a fuck as Vixen was.

'Got any SLUT ?' Candy looked hopeful, expectant; they all did.

'Buy your own.' Vixen was used to being hustled. SLUT was a street drug too though usually sold in a much less refined form.

'Come on, we all know the Players get the best.' The brunette smiled. 'Just one. I know you can spare it.'

'What's it worth ?' Vixen focussed on the girl with a degree of effort fighting the effects of the alcohol, five, perhaps six beers on an empty stomach. The girl's hair was jet black, clearly dyed, and stood out seemingly unruly but clearly styled; dark eyes; a thin face, pretty but not stunning, her nose, eyebrows and lips were pierced; she wore a PVC dress with lace trim.

'Oh, I'm sure you know what I'm offering.' Candy's smile made her prettier or perhaps it was the beer. Vixen watched as the girl flicked her tongue stud against her teeth.

'Alright.' Vixen grinned. 'I've got plenty at my place.'

'Good.' The girl smiled back, producing a leather leash from below the table and clipped it to a ring on the front of the black leather collar she wore. She threw the wrist loop across the table towards Vixen. 'I can be a little wayward. I hope you'll be firm with me.'

'Not a problem.' Vixen took up the leash and stood, swaying slightly.

'Nice place...'

'Yeah !' Vixen dropped the leash and turned a full circle, her arms outstretched. 'All mine.'

The flat was large; an expensive, single space penthouse with views of the city's bright lights; it was, however, sparsely furnished and untidy, the bed unmade, coffee cups and empty bottles lying where they had been emptied or partially drunk; a small kitchen filled with takeaway boxes and dirty plates, mould; an expensive leather sofa was piled with dirty clothes; discarded underwear on a the low table beside it next to an open bottle of SLUT with a dozen caps spilled among a set of cuffs, a short whip, a vibrator and a gag.

Vixen saw Candy take the place in, her gaze finally settling on the open bottle of SLUT and the spilled capsules.

'Let's have some privacy.' Vixen stepped between Candy and the table, her words were still slurred. Her hand reached out to stroke the other girl's hair. 'Shutters.' She called to the AI and the windows darkened.

Then Vixen's fist closed on Candy's thick dark hair and she pulled the girl in.

They kissed, Vixen aware of the girl's piercings against her lips, the tongue in her mouth, warm and eager, the pressure of the stud.

When Candy broke away, the look on her face was one Vixen had seen many times before.

Top of my game...

Vixen watched the girl pull her dress over her head exposing pale flesh decorated with swirling blue green tattoos, small breasts with pierced nipples, she wore no knickers and more piercings glinted between her thighs. In her stiletto heels she was about the same height as the Player.

'Slut's on the table.' Vixen crouched slightly. 'Yours of you can get it.'

The girl's eyes flicked back to the open bottle then back to Vixen's face, her tongue darting out to circle her lips. Candy's movement, when it came, was slow and, despite her drunken state, Vixen took her easily, rolling with her and pinning her to the floor near the table; she snatched up the cuffs and used them to lock the naked brunette's wrists behind her back.

'I hope you'll be rough with me.' Candy was breathing hard from the struggle but her voice carried just the right level of submission and challenge.

'Always.' Vixen's right knee was across the back of Candy's thighs, her left hand holding the girl's cuffed wrists leaving her bare buttocks exposed. Vixen slapped her hard and the girl quivered with delight.

'Up.' Vixen lifted the girl to her knees then stood and reached for a pill. 'Open'

The girl opened her mouth and Vixen tossed the capsule towards her. Candy tried to catch it but it dropped to the floor. The girl started to move after it but then stopped, and glanced back at Vixen.

Vixen cocked and eyebrow. 'Fetch.'

The kneeling girl chased after the fallen cap, crawling excitedly with her cuffed wrists swinging behind her. Vixen watched and the brunette bent to retrieve the drug, swallowing the capsule hungrily. She turned, licking her lips, her eyes shining.

'Thank you, Mistress !'

Vixen smiled and began to undo her costume.

There were tears in Candy's eyes when Vixen dropped the crop on the bed and stroked the girl's red, hot bottom but there was no look of reproach as she knelt on the floor, her chest resting on the bed.

'Thank you, Mistress.' There was no reproach in the girl's voice either.

'Please me again.' Vixen stood up straight, took a swig of beer then sat on the bed spreading her legs; the brunette crawled round to nuzzle at the Player's pussy.

The girl was still cuffed and collared and still wearing her low ankle boots with their stiletto heels. She still wore her collar too with its dangling leash.

Vixen had been entertained by many girls like Candy; cute and eager to please though few had taken their spankings with quite such pleasure and most, even high on SLUT only managed half a dozen strokes from the crop before begging her to stop.

Memories of her time with Raven surfaced again, of being that girl, the one who could take it.

It was probably why she was such a top Predator: no fear, whatever happened, Vixen could take it.

She'd taken some pretty harsh beatings in the early days as she clawed her way to the top

And now she could dish it out at work and for pleasure.

Candy's tongue ran over her pussy and then slipped inside, the stud teasing Vixen's clit. The Player had climaxed twice already despite her alcoholic load in the two hours the girls had been together.

'Good girl.' Vixen slipped her fingers into the kneeling brunette's hair closing her fists gently so as not to change the thrust of the girl's tongue.

Candy purred, her tongue stroking Vixen's labia before pushing itself between them again.

Vixen laid back on the bed allowing Candy to tease her. Her head was clearing of the effects of the alcohol and another capsule of SLUT was dissolving inside her amplifying the sensations the girl was creating in her sex. She bit her lip gently and arched her hips.

Five minutes later Vixen came again, pulling Candy's face against her pussy as the girl's tongue probed inside her, it's stud pressing insistently and accurately on the Player's G-spot.

'Very good girl.' Vixen meant it.

'Thank you, Mistress.'

'Want to cum ?' Vixen didn't usually bother but this girl was good and...well...

'Yes, please, Mistress.'

Vixen hauled the kneeling girl up onto the bed and rolled her on to her back so that she lay on her cuffed wrists then the Player straddled her before lowering her mouth between the girl's thighs. Candy's clit was pierced with a heavy ring that could be used to anchor a leash, a row of smaller rings ran along each labia and Vixen used these to tease the girl's lips apart before running her tongue down the swollen moist flesh.

Candy squirmed, gasping and Vixen continued to tease her, flicking the rings and pulling at them with her teeth.

Despite the pleasure she had enjoyed or, perhaps because of it, she couldn't help thinking about Hunter and Blonde...and Princess.

Then she thought of Raven, of submitting to her mentor; Vixen had been earmarked as Prey then, lean and willowy, a submissive toy for the predatory brunette who had come top in the season ratings year on year. Their relationship outside the Game had been as much news as their in-game antics. It was Raven who taught her how to please a woman, punishing her when she failed to perform.

And then Raven had gone.

'So what are you going to live on ?' Vixen launched a kick at Hunter which the big man deflected with ease.

It was the morning after the Game and the two were training together as they often did. Vixen's hangover was starting to diminish.

'What ?' Hunter looked genuinely puzzled.

'When you retire ?'

'Oh.' Hunter came in for a grapple and Vixen dodged to the side. 'We've been saving. We've enough for a deposit on a farm back east.'

'You're going to be a farmer ?' Vixen stopped for a moment, taking a punch to the gut that, even though pulled, doubled her over, winding her.

'Yeah.' Hunter lifted her up, pulling her shoulders back to open up her chest. 'I grew up on a farm. How d'you think I ended up looking like this.'

'You...' Vixen gasped struggling for breath around her laughter.

'Vixen...' The call was loud, the voice familiar. The weekly draw of the Game. Everyone knew it was rigged but they tuned in the same.

Vixen stepped forward raising her hands as the studio audience whooped.

Vixen had long been the crowd's favourite as Raven had been before her. Something about her, a mix of her look, that vulnerable girl that still surfaced when her back was to the wall, her fierce determination, her reckless style but also some sort of presence that all the Players had.

( link opens in new window )

'Nightmare !'

Boos all round. Nightmare was a cheat, the bogeyman, the fall guy, the villain everyone loved to hate.

'Princess...' The crowd went wild. Princess, their new favourite....

Fucking bitch !

Vixen kept smiling.

I can take her.

Princess stepped forward.


Oh what a surprise !

'So, Princess...' The show's host stepped forward thrusting a microphone towards the brunette. '...how do you rate your chances against Vixen.'

Princess smiled and glanced across at the redhead with a look of practiced disdain.

'Pretty good actually.' Princess practically purred when she spoke in her smooth, high caste accent. 'I've been training hard and, well, she's not exactly having a good season.'

There was a mix of cheers and catcalls from the audience.

'Bitch !' Vixen hissed the word under her breath.

'Nightmare can be pretty tough too.' The host was trying to draw the girl into claims that would inflame the crowd.

'Yeah. I guess so...' Princess shrugged. '...but after I take out Vixen I really want a crack at Hunter !'

'Wow ! Fighting talk...' The host turned to the audience who were whooping excitedly. 'Ladies and Gentleman...I give you our rising star, Princess.'

The crowd went wild as Princess' full, perfect lips curled into a smile.

'We go in five...'

Vixen pulled her gloves tight...


...checked the catch on her whip...


...rolled her shoulders...


...her neck...


Vixen crossed herself.

'We are live !'

The lights went up as Vixen's cage door clanged open amid the wail of sirens, she rolled out and came up into a low crouch.

The steel corridor was clear and Vixen sprinted down it, the double dose of SLUT in her blood heightening her senses, her awareness of her body, the pounding of her heart, the rasp of her breathing. At the node there was a left turn and a ladder.

They were in the Facility, an arena styled on late twentieth century industrial site complete with steel corridors, gantries and walkways. There were side rooms which were often primed with extra gear that could be used to make a score or aid a kill.

She flattened herself against the wall and then peered round.


Vixen reached for the ladder, cautiously using the back of her hand; it was a little early for tricks, stun shocks, but tonight she didn't want to make a mistake. She climbed to the next level.

A casket !

She checked for traps, wires, sweeping a hand over its surface ready to spring back at any second.


There was still the possibility of a charge, enough to knock her senseless, leave her helpless prey to anyone who found her.

She crouched, checked left and right.

Opened the clasp.

A stun pistol. Ranged attack. One charge.

'Sonofabitch !' She couldn't stop herself from saying it out loud.

Vixen smiled, took up the pistol, stood, shoved the weapon into her belt.

I could take out Hunter with this !

Someone crossed the node ahead.

She only caught a flash, black costume, red hair. Taboo ! And she was limping.

My day just got better !

She knew she could take Taboo...

...and still have time for Princess.

And maybe with the stun pistol take Nightmare too...

Vixen sprinted, turned the corner.

Taboo was crouching, strapping her knee with something from a MedKit.

Vixen checked behind her, fingered the pistol, stowed it and pulled out a set of restraints.

She exploded forward, Taboo's head snapped up but Vixen kicked the redhead in the jaw before the crouching girl could react.

Taboo sprawled, stunned and Vixen was on her, exulted, pulling her opponent's arms behind her back and snapping restraints on the girl's wrists then a cable tie around her elbows, pulling them in tight. Still squatting on her victim she doubled a leash on itself to make a choker and looped it round Taboo's neck.

'On your knees, bitch.' Vixen stood, yanking on the leash, dragging the stunned girl from the floor. Taboo gave a choked cry fighting to get to her knees.

'Up !' Vixen kicked her and Taboo struggled to her feet. There was blood on the girl's lip and signs of swelling around her jaw where Vixen had kicked her, her eyes were glazed showing she was still stunned from the blow.

Though Vixen wanted Princess she also needed to score; judge and audience votes. There was a Room beyond the node with the ladder. She dragged Taboo inside. The other Predator was somewhat recovered but still no match for Vixen, especially with her wrists cuffed and elbows bound. Vixen shoved her against the wall and pulled down the hook of a winch before snapping it over the chain linking the redhead's cuffs. She pulled down on the winch chain and Taboo's arms were jerked up behind her making her stagger on the steel floor in her heels.

'I'll get you for this, Bitch.' Taboo's voice was defiant but Vixen thought there was a hint of fear in her eyes.

'We'll see.' Vixen gave one final jerk on the chain and Taboo grunted before lapsing into silence as she was almost lifted off her feet.

Taboo's rubber costume shredded easily under Vixen's determined fingers exposing the girl's breasts and her taut, pale skinned body.

'Nice.' Vixen toyed with a big red nipple before giving it a vicious pinch.

Taboo swore and tried to kick her captor but Vixen easily avoided the kick and the helpless girl lost her balance, her heels skittering on the floor as she swung helplessly.

'You're nothing but Prey, Taboo.' Vixen raised her voice, she wanted the viewers to hear this, wanted the points. There would be half a dozen cameras in the room to record the action from every angle.

Humiliation and pain got the votes early on.

Besides, the bitch had betrayed her, sided with Princess !

She finished stripping the helpless girl leaving only strips of rubber clinging to her freckled flesh and the remains of her suit around her cuffed wrists and elbows.

She used a nipple bar first; Taboo's breasts were too small to bind easily but her nipples were big enough to hold the bar nicely. Nipple torture and breast bondage were always popular, the press was a particular favourite on the big breasted Players, especially Blonde but the heavy steel nipple bar was a reasonable alternative if the press wasn't possible. Taboo began to swear at her again and Vixen slapped her hard. Then she used a spreader bar to force the redhead's legs wide apart leaving her all but hanging by her cuffed wrists; a butt hook strung to the hoist kept the Player bent at the hips.

'Kiss it.' Vixen held her whip to Taboo's lips.

The helpless girl glared at her defiantly, spat blood.

'You're gonna regret that !'

Anger surged through Vixen; Taboo had betrayed her, had sided with Princess.

Vixen shook out her whip and vented her anger.

'Enough !'

Vixen turned, surprised to see Hunter.

'What the fuck... ?'

The huge Predator was not in costume, just leather trousers and a vest.

'She's mine, Hunter. Fuck off.' Vixen turned back to Taboo hanging helplessly in her bonds, the girl was barely conscious, her buttocks and thighs a plethora of bruises and welts, some bleeding. Angrily, Vixen raised the whip to strike again but Hunter grabbed her wrist.

'I said enough.' Hunter's voice conveyed restrained fury.

Vixen spun, her wrist held immobile, raining kicks and punches with her free hand against the big man but he continued to hold her then pulled her close to him.

'Vixen. Stop it !' His voice was a hiss.

Rage surged within her and she snarled at him, still struggling futily in his powerful grip; then she remembered the stun pistol in her belt. Raking her nails across Hunter's face to give a moment's distraction she reached for the weapon, leveled it.

If it had been in her right hand she would have fired it but then Hunter hit her and she went down.

Vixen coughed and tried to sit up but something stopped her. She opened her eyes, her vision clearing, on her right, at least. She was lying on her back on some sort of table. Lifting her head she could see she was still in costume but there were extra straps. She tried to sit up again but something tightened around her neck and there was a pressure on her chest.

'Oh fuck !'

She was strapped to a gurney, leather bands across her chest and belly, her thighs too; med restraints; cuffs around her wrists held her arms by her side, others around her ankles kept them apart. She looked around frantically.

She was alone in the med room.

Vixen went wild, bucking and shaking her body, fighting against the restraints, screaming at the top of her lungs, the gurney bouncing and rocking beneath her.

The door opened.


'What the fuck have you done to me, you bastard ?' Vixen practically screamed, the gurney nearly turning over with the force of her struggles but as Hunter approached she could see the bloody scratches on the side of his face.

Her rage began to subside, overtaken by self loathing.

Abruptly she found herself blinking back tears.

'Vixen, are you ok ?'

'Do I look like I'm ok ?' She began to struggle again, the rage resurging. He'd taken her prey, hit her.

'Vixen, stop it !' Hunter held the gurney to still it. There were white astringent strips across the gashes on his cheek and his right eye was bloodshot.

She lay back.

'God ! I feel like shit.' The SLUT was fading from her system. Her head was pounding. She couldn't see properly from her left eye.

'You look like shit.' Hunter smiled.

'You're no fucking picture yourself.' Vixen couldn't help but grin back. The effort seemed to hurt the left side of her face. 'Got any SLUT ?'

Hunter looked round, his hand moving to his pocket.

'No.' He paused.

'Oh, come on Hunter.' Vixen began to struggle. 'At least get me out of here.'

'I'm gonna get a mirror first. While you're still restrained.'

'Two game suspension.'

'Could have been worse.' Hunter took Vixen's arm. 'Come on, let's get a drink.'

Vixen had been kept in restraints for nearly two hours and it was only Hunter's presence and her insistence that she needed a piss that had persuaded them to release her. They'd then waited another hour for the head of station to get back from the hospital where they'd taken Taboo.

'Chief says she's gonna be alright.' Hunter lead them out of the station through a side door and down the street to a quiet all night bar.

It was way past the Game.

'Like I care.' Vixen pouted lopsidedly, her left eye now swollen shut.

'Vixen, you could have killed her.'

'It's a grown up game, Hunter. People get hurt.'

Hunter pushed her into a chair and ordered two beers. 'You want something to eat ?'

'No, I'm good.'

'You should eat.'

'What are you, my fucking mother ?'

The barman placed two beers on the table and stood beside them for a moment until Hunter realised what the man wanted and pulled out his wallet.

Vixen lifted the beer and took a long draught.

Candy was sitting outside her door when Vixen came out of the lift. The brunette was dressed in the same short black PVC minidress and spike heeled boots. She had brought beer.

'You weren't at the club.' Candy stood, smoothing her dress.

'I was busy.' Vixen pushed past her, shoving her entry card into the slot.

'What happened ?' Candy's voice showed shock and concern as she looked at Vixen and the Player touched her swollen face her fingers probing the swollen, boggy flesh.

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Vixen looked at the girl in surprise. 'You don't know ?'

'One minute you were giving Taboo the lashing of her life then it all went dark; technical glitch they said. Then Princess was shafting Nightmare...'

Vixen's eyebrows lifted further, hurting her swollen face. 'Nightmare ?'

'Yeah. Took him out. No weapon, nothing. Clamped his balls and used a strap on to fuck him up the ass. Won her the Game.'

Vixen's anger flared again and she was about to round on the girl, send her away.

One night was usually enough, two at most.

She was pretty good last night.

And she had beer !

Vixen stepped through her door; she didn't invite the girl in but she left the door open.

She popped a couple of caps, feeling better immediately, long before the drug could have hit her system, and tossed one to Candy who caught it in her hands and swallowed it eagerly.

Vixen opened the fridge. The smell of rotten food assaulted her nostrils. There was no alcohol.

'You gonna open those beers ?'

'Sure.' Candy looked pleased. She picked up an opener from the floor and pierced the carton before handing it to Vixen.

Vixen took a long draught. 'Oh yeah !'

'Thank you, Candy.' The girl's voice was sarcastic.

'You know where the door is.' Vixen looked at her sharply.

'You might be a Player but you can still be polite.'

'I'm a Predator. I take what I need !' Vixen took a step towards the brunette, glaring at her.

'And what you need now is some ice on that face.' Candy pushed past her and opened the freezer. The compartment was thick with frosting. 'How can you live like this ?' Candy picked up a knife, wiping it on a stocking that hung half in the sink and began to chip away at the ice. She scooped some up and dropped it into the toe of the stocking, knotted it. 'This will sting.' She passed the makeshift icepack to Vixen and then lifted the redhead's hand to compress it against her swollen face.

'Ow !'

'You are a big baby !' Candy give her a tender smile.

'I am not.'

'Sit there and I'll get you some NSAIDs. I assume you have some iproterafen.'

'End cupboard.'

There were at least a dozen packets.

'Well, at least you shop regularly for something.' Candy pinched out a couple of tablets.

'Great hangover cure. Besides I do their commercial.' Vixen downed the last of her beer. 'May I have another.' Her voice conveyed mock politeness but when Candy ignored her she added 'Please.'

Candy smiled and pierced another carton, handing her the beer and the anti- inflammatories.

'Thanks.' Vixen made is sound almost genuine.

Vixen cradled her ice pack and her beer, watching as Candy busied herself trying to tidy the kitchen. The brunette's slim body was different to the rippling physiques of her fellow players but pleasing and, when she moved, it was with grace; also when she stretched up or bent down her short dress rode up exposing her bare sex with its piercings.

After a while, Vixen began to feel better, the SLUT rejuvenating her, alcohol relaxing her and the NSAID taking away the pain.

'Hey. Stop that. Come and sit by me.'

Candy turned. Her smile, Vixen thought, definitely made her prettier.

She has green eyes.

She knew she hadn't noticed the night before.

The brunette walked towards the Player with an exaggerated swing in her hips that made her skirt lift then she pulled the dress over her head, tossing it aside in much the same way as she had done the previous evening.

'That's a nice party trick.'

'I find it breaks the ice.' Candy dropped to her knees spreading her legs, her back arched and arms behind her back displaying her small breasts, her head bowed.

'Would Mistress like to play with Candy ?'

Vixen sighed. She suddenly felt exhausted. 'Maybe I'll just...'

Candy knelt up and planted a kiss firmly on Vixen's lips.

'Oh, what the fuck.' Vixen kissed her back then shoved her away, standing to unbuckle the strap that held what she liked to call her codpiece in place. Then she reached down, her fist closing in Candy's hair as she pulled the girl towards her.

'Do you need to pee ?' Vixen watched Candy squirming on her knees.

The helpless girl nodded urgently.

'Ok. Hang on.' Vixen bent and undid the belt binding the girl's ankles and then picked up the key to the padlock locking the chain around Candy's neck.

After pleasuring her mistress, Candy had begged to be tied and chained at the foot of Vixen's bed. Much to the submissive's pleasure, Vixen owned an apparent treasure trove of bondage gear and had strapped the brunette into a single sleeve before fitting her with a body harness; a gag had followed, a huge ball held in place by a harness that partly covered the Candy's green eyes; she'd then found a padlock with a key and a length of chain.

Whether Candy had slept or not, Vixen couldn't say though she, herself, awoke to late morning sunlight streaming through the unshuttered windows and Candy kneeling beside her bed fidgeting. For a moment Vixen had panicked that she had overslept then the night's events flooded back to her.

Once released Candy sped to the bathroom despite her arms still being tightly restrained behind her back and the gag still firmly in her mouth.

Vixen sat on the edge of the bed and pressed her swollen cheek gently before rummaging through her bedside table for a mirror.

'Oh fuck.' Vixen's face was hugely swollen, the skin blue and black, broken in places, the left eye barely visible.

Candy returned a few moments later looking very relieved and Vixen quickly stuffed the mirror away under her pillow.

'Do you ever take those boots off ?'

Candy shook her head.

'They are cute.'

Candy grinned and dropped to her knees crawling the last few meters towards the bed.

'Are you offering to pleasure me again ?'

Candy nodded.

'Hell, I haven't got anything better to do.' Vixen reached behind the girl's head to undo her gag. 'Shutters !'

'You want to tie me ?' Vixen's voice was guarded, the thought of being bound stirring up feelings she suppressed, mix of emotions. The last person who'd bound her away from the Game was Raven.

She recalled the pillory and the medical restraints pinning her to the gurney, shuddering at the terrible feeling of helplessness.

'I don't think so.'

Candy pouted. It was ten days into Vixen's suspension and she had spent most of them confined to the flat with Candy or, more accurately, in the flat with Candy confined. The Player had been out to train, not at the studio but at a gym near her flat, going out with a cap pulled down and collar turned up to hide her face. Even so, the press had been at her door almost constantly.

Candy had been out shopping too, insisting they eat regular meals.

Candy had also spent time tidying and cleaning Vixen's flat happy, mostly, doing this in bondage, usually with her hands chained in front of her and her elbows cuffed behind her. The Player had enjoyed watching her and using the cane if her new 'maid' showed any signs of slacking.

The network had not released any images of her struggle with Hunter and the story of a technical problem seemed to have been accepted by the fans, some sort of explosion that had left Vixen and Taboo with minor injuries.

Hunter had tried to call her and, after five days and over a hundred unanswered calls on her com she had finally opened the door to him. His face was healing and the injury had been publicised as a training accident excusing him too from the draw for the week's Game.

Things had been awkward at first but then Candy had appeared in rubber apron and, of course, her boots, her arms restrained behind her back in bondage sleeves that were clipped to the back of a chastity belt and a duster sticking out of her gag.

'Well, I'm glad to see you're keeping yourself occupied.' The Predator's gaze had run over the brunette, taking in her tattoos and her piercings, her bondage and the rubber apron that clung to her body revealingly.

Vixen laughed beckoning Candy over.

'Hunter, this is Candy. Candy, Hunter.'

Candy smiled around her gag, her eyes widening and her face flushing. Vixen put an arm around her shoulders.

'So she's not just the maid then ?'

Vixen felt herself blushing.

'You and Blonde kept telling me I needed a steadying influence.'

Hunter smiled.

'Then I'm very pleased for you Vixen. See you next Saturday.'

Vixen came hard. Tightly restrained in a bolero style straight jacket she had bought on a whim for a pretty blonde she was fucking; it left her breasts bare and very exposed to Candy's teasing; she knelt on the floor beside her bed with Candy screwing her from behind with a large strap-on.

She'd finally agreed to submit but made it clear she didn't wasn't to be blindfolded or hooded. Raven had kept her like that, sometimes for days at a time and, though it was years ago, she feared the implications of such sensory deprivation, feared to lose what she had gained over that time.

Terrified that she might start to enjoy such treatment again.

Candy nuzzled the side of Vixen's neck just above the collar of the bridle that held the gag; she held the helpless redhead in her arms.

'Are you drooling ?'

Vixen shook her head quickly. She had been spanked twice for drooling round her gag and Candy had threatened the cane as a punishment if it happened again.

'You are.' Candy leant round to look at Vixen's face, the strap on still intimately connecting them.

Vixen tried to turn away but Candy held the bridle, keeping her head still.

'Looks like naughty Vixen's going to be punished.'

Vixen shook her head more vigorously. It was not the fear of punishment, more that she didn't want to relinquish the pleasure of being held like this and, though she usually went with girls these days, the joy of being deeply penetrated.

Whether Candy understood this or not, she held Vixen for several minutes before finally letting her go and sliding the dildo out of the Player's sex.

Vixen gave a low gasp and straightened up, turning to watch Candy, naked save for her little boots, strut to the bed and pick up the cane that she had selected earlier. The girl flexed it, testing it's strength.

'So, ready to accept your punishment ?'

Vixen looked at the cane and shook her head.

'You didn't mind being spanked.' Candy's voice was playful, cajoling.

Vixen knelt with her arms folded across her belly, looking up at Candy suddenly finding herself trying to say she would much rather be put across the brunette's knee and given another spanking but the words were made incomprehensible by the large rubber ball strapped into her mouth.

Probably for the best.

'I'll tell you what.' Candy smiled down at her. 'You've cum several times, mostly without permission, if I'm being honest, and I'm getting quite randy. So I'm going to take your gag out and let you pleasure me and, if you do a good job, I'll let you off the caning. Are we agreed ?'

Vixen looked up at her and bowed her head, as much to cover up the blush she could feel spreading across her cheeks at the humiliation she was enduring as any true wish to submit further.

'I'll take that as a yes.' Candy sat on the bed spreading her legs and Vixen crawled towards her, head still bowed.

'You're still drooling.'

The large ball gag was back in Vixen's mouth.

They lay on the bed, Vixen, still restrained, in Candy's arms.

'You really are a very messy slave.' Candy traced her fingers through the saliva on Vixen's chin, drawing it across the Player's small breasts and using it to moistening her stiffly erect nipples.

They had both taken another dose of SLUT and, despite her prolonged bondage and many orgasms, Vixen was aroused again.

'If you want to be spared the cane again you'll have to beg to be allowed to please me.'

Vixen nodded more enthusiastically this time, smiling around her gag and pressing her body back against the other girl's. Much to the Player's pleasure, Candy held her for a moment before removing the gag, and pushing her to the floor where the redhead knelt, thighs spread, her arms wrapped around her belly by the straight jacket.

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I could get to enjoy this.

Vixen grinned up at the pretty little brunette and Candy sat up, spreading her legs, showing her gaping sex with its dark lips and multiple piercings.

Vixen leant forward towards.

'No.' Candy pushed the kneeling girl away. 'Beg.'

Vixen looked up at her.

No, I am going to have to get rid of her.

'Please, Mistress.' Vixen spoke without enthusiasm. 'Let me pleasure you.'

'You're not trying.' Candy spoke sternly, turning to pick up the cane.

Vixen looked up at the girl, the effect of the SLUT getting stronger.

'Please, Mistress.' Vixen dropped her voice to a husky whisper. 'I beg to pleasure you.'

She flashed a seductive glance.

'Good girl.' Candy began to pull her in but then stopped. 'One more thing.'

Vixen knelt.

'I want you to beg me to keep you in bondage all night.'

'Oh, come on.' Vixen struggled against the straight jacket.

'Do it or Mistress will use the cane.'

Vixen looked up at her, a smile curling her lips. 'Please, Mistress. I beg you to keep me as your slave tonight.'

'Good girl.' Candy pulled Vixen's mouth against her ringed pussy.


Vixen smiled as the crowd booed.


She stepped forward lifting her arms. The cheer was good but not what she was used to.


The crowd whooped with delight.


Vixen looked up sharply. She had been expecting Taboo.

'Vixen, of course, laid off the last two weeks following her injury.' The host approached her. 'Vixen, the question on everyone's lips, are you fighting fit ?'

'I'm ready.' Vixen stretched, flexing her gloved fingers. The swelling on her face had almost gone and the bruising that remained had been covered with make-up.

'Anything to say to your fans ?'

'If Princess thinks I'm easy she's going to find out she's wrong. I'm gonna fuck that prissy butt of hers and cane those posh tits 'til she comes like the filthy slut she is.'

The Host turned to Princess. 'Any comeback on that, Princess.'

Princess smiled, a magnanimous gesture she had no right to make; her voice smooth and high caste. 'The little red whore knows she's on her way out. She can either walk away now with what's left of her dignity or come out of the arena on all fours as my leashed cum-slut.'

'We are live !'

Vixen burst out of her cage, throwing herself into a roll and coming up in the shelter of a column. They were in the Arena, more open than the Maze with its passaged and nodes or the Facility. She glanced left and right.


She turned left moving steadily under cover of one of the raised fighting platforms, her whip in her right hand.

There was a ladder going up another descending to the levels below.

'The Arena' was designed to model an ancient colosseum, a fighting arena, a small lake, an island, ladders down to the 'slave pens' beneath. The Players were released one at a time from their starting cages either around the perimeter of in the pens below.

Vixen crouched and looked around. All clear.

She turned right, crouching low under the fighting platform.

If she met Nightmare down here she'd have a chance of escape, she might even be able to take him in the confined space.

Staying low she worked her way around the floor of the arena.


After twenty minutes she was still alone.

She took a ladder down to the pens.

Fifty minutes later there was still not sign of another player; Predator or Prey.


She took a ladder back to the surface.


Fuck this !

There was a set of steps up to the fighting platform.

Vixen took them two at a time.

'Princess, you prissy hooker.' She screamed out.


'Where are you, you poxy slut ?'

She began to run across the deck.

If Hunter caught her here...

Then Princess was there, stepping out in front of her, taser in her hand.

'Well.' Princess grinned cruelly. 'Look what the cat dragged in.'

Vixen reached for her whip but even as she did so she knew she would be too slow.

Never get cocky, Raven had taught her. The crowd don't like it and you'll only get caught.

Princess raised her taser and Vixen heard the trigger catch, felt her heart pound, her mouth going dry.

No ! it can't end like this.

Vixen felt a shiver of fear; not for pain the tazer was about to cause or the beating she was about to take but for the sheer injustice, the humiliation.

Maybe it was time to go.

'No.' Princess smiled coyly. 'Let's do this properly.' She tossed the taser aside and raised her hands in a fighting guard.

Vixen could imagine the approval ratings.

Bitch !

She stood for a moment holding her whip.

I should slash that pert face open and leave you bleeding.

Keeping her eyes on her opponent she tossed the whip aside, forcing a smile onto her lips.

'I can take you, Bitch.' Vixen kept her voice low as she lowered her head, curling, ready to spring.

The end game started, the world around them transforming instantly into a glowing, apocalyptic red.

There was no circling, no sizing up; time was short and they sprang at one another in fury, grappling and rolling, came up, clashed again.

Princess was strong and skilled, her balance excellent. They struggled for a moment in hold, Vixen staring at her opponent's face, vision clouded by hatred; traded short blows, elbows, knees...broke apart traded kicks, connected again.

I've got this.

Vixen's experience began to tell.

Then it happened...

...a distortion of her vision, a stumble.

What the fuck !

They were in close in hold but Vixen's arms were suddenly heavy, her legs tired.

She staggered under pressure from her opponent, unable to prevent herself being turned, felt Princess' fingers in her hair yanking her head back, tried to struggle but her legs were so weak she could barely stand.

'On your knee's, Bitch.' Princess' voice rung in her ears, distorted.

Vixen couldn't stop what was happening to her, found she was on her knees, unable to rise, unable to lift her arms...or her head, barely able to keep upright. Her vision was a tunnel; tiny distant points of light, points that were fading.

She tried to remain upright on her knees but her strength failed utterly just as her vision faded to blackness and she began to fall forward.

Panic took hold, blind terror that took away all reason.

Princess's hands caught her and she felt a pressure around her throat. She wanted to scream, may have done but she heard no sound.

Then she was pulled forward, fell onto all fours, just enough strength remaining to allow her to crawl blindly in confusion of panic and fear. Something tugged at her neck and in her terror she allowed herself to be drawn along.

Then a sound filled her mind, familiar but...

The klaxon.

Then that too faded and she remembered no more.

The darkness lifted like a blanket leaving her instantly aware that she had been robbed of time and memory but she had no idea how much.

Vixen opened her eyes.

She was lying on the floor of the arena curled on her side her strength returning as if surfacing from dream in which she had lost the power to move.

Around her, techs were carrying out the post show checks apparently oblivious of her presence.

She had never really thought about what they did after she and the other players had gone.

She shook her head and tried to rise, pushing herself up with her hands but something stopped her.

She took a moment to focus. There was something under her hand, black and ribbon-like. She followed it up, tracing its length with her fingers until she reached something around her neck. Awkwardly she fumbled at it numb fingers probing, grappling.

A collar !

'I'm telling you, Hunter, she drugged me.'

The big blonde Predator shook his head. 'Come on, Vixen. She beat you. It happens to us all.'

The screen showed a leashed, collared Vixen crawling on all fours behind Princess lit by the red lights of the endgame.

'Then why aren't I putting up a fight ?' Vixen scrolled back and ran the sequence again.

'Sleeper hold. Pressure on the carotid. Your heart slows down, you pass out.'

'Hunter she gave me something that made me...blind.' She shuddered at the word, recalling her fear, the terror of being helpless, the need to follow Princess, leashed, crawling like an animal.

Hunter had found her barely five minutes after the Game had ended; shivering, vomiting, alone still struggling to remove the collar. She'd had just enough energy to refuse another visit to the medical room and he'd taken her out of a back exit to the anonymous little bar, away from the crowds: crowds who were howling for their new favourite: Princess.

Blonde sat down beside her, an arm around her shoulder; the big breasted prey smelt fresh and clean, her hair shining, makeup freshly applied, the expensive scent she was sponsored to advertise washing off her body.

Vixen was dirty, still in costume, sweat dried on her body. She could still smell vomit.

'I don't suppose you saw what happened.'

'Honey I was bound and gagged within seven minutes, I spent most of the session being fucked in the arse by Nightmare then having my tits thrashed by Princess; bitch used the fucking breast press.' Blonde grinned ruefully, her coached accent slipping as she tried to console her fellow Player. 'Like the man says, sometimes we get beaten. It's part of the Game.'

'I'm Predator.' Vixen growled the words, shrugging off Blonde's arm.

'Let Chris take you home.' Blonde's coached accent returned.

What ? Chris ? Oh, you mean Hunter !

Numbly Vixen stood. 'It's ok, I'll get a taxi.'

Fuck, I have no life.

The morning was worse.

Vixen had spent the night alone, dirty and still clothed. Her body still shaking from the effects of the drug she knew Princess must have used on her.

She had taken a dose of SLUT but nothing had happened.

At some point, she'd wondered where Candy had gone.

Never fucking there when you need them !

Turning on the news channel she once again heard about her defeat...

...and about the 'latest revelations'...

Fuck !

'Troubled Game star Vixen is in hot water again...'

She looked up.

'...candid video of the Prey turned Predator performing submissive sex acts with a fan have been released...'

'Please, Mistress. I beg you to keep me as your slave tonight.' Vixen saw herself kneeling in the straight jacket, collared, her breasts exposed, then lying on her back, Candy squatting over her.

Fuck !

'Good girl !' Candy was standing in front of her teasing her nipples with metal clamps.

'Thank you, Mistress.' The clamps were firmly on her nipples and on the screen, Vixen shook her small breasts.

Vixen's com buzzed: Hunter...

'What the fuck do you want ?'

'You've seen the news then.'

Vixen flipped channels to see multiple visions of herself kneeling, tonguing Candy or bent over the bed having her arse caned.

'Little bitch !' Vixen threw her com at the wall.

Raven's home was out in the country. It had taken Vixen several calls to get the address and at least an hour to find it but the ride had at least cleared her head.

It was nearly midday, the sun hot and high, the air immediately stifling as she settled the bike by the gate-com and buzzed.

There was no answer but the gate opened and she rode up the drive, parking the bike in front of an angular building, all sharp edges and floor to ceiling windows that looked vaguely in the style of the late thirties. The gardens were landscaped, exotic plants that would once have been thought of as tropical species now thriving in the post ozone climate of twenty fifty three. There was a woman tending one of the beds and, for a moment she assumed it must be Raven but when she stood, the girl was smaller and, on closer inspection had red hair, dark with sweat. She wore little, a white top that hung loosely over her lean body, barely lifted by her small neat breasts and a white thong.

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'I'm looking for Raven.' Vixen even felt awkward saying it, asking for help.

'Round the back, probably by the pool.' The girl lifted a hand to her brow to shield her eyes, an expression of surprise crossing her face. 'You're her aren't you ?'

'Who ?'

'The one. Vixen.'

Shit. The Player prepared herself for a comment about the stories on the news, perhaps about how she had disappointed her loyal fans.

'She really misses you.' The girl looked at her sadly.

Vixen frowned.

'That way.' The redhead gestured and turned back to the bed she was tending.

Vixen turned, walking in the direction the girl had indicated, rounding the corner of the building to see a paved courtyard surrounded by more glass and palm trees; an infinity pool hung over the valley beyond.

There were three figures in the courtyard, all naked: one in the pool, another small lean redhead that could have been the gardener's sister, swimming lazily; beside the pool the other two stood embracing, kissing, a redhead with her back to Vixen...and Raven.

The pair separated and Raven gave the little redhead a playful swat on the bottom before the latter dived into the pool.

Raven looked much as Vixen remembered her, a head taller than her, lean and muscular, large breasts, those piercing blue eyes, soft pink lips.

'You're not supposed to be here.' Raven mouth formed a smile as she walked towards Vixen. 'You're not even supposed to know where 'here' is.'

'It's amazing what money can buy.' Vixen watched her former mentor and lover approach, the knot that had been in her stomach tightening to a point where she could barely breathe.

'I'm surprised you've got any of that left.' Raven was similar but not the same. Vixen could see wrinkles around her eyes and the corners of her mouth, there was a slight loss of tone in her breasts, the tautness of her body smoothed gently by a layer of flesh that had once not been there.

Then, suddenly Raven was standing in front of her, the full beauty of her face, of her blue eyes filling Vixen's vision.

Vixen's mouth was dry and the knot in her belly made her look away.

The redhead twins in the pool clung to the stone slabs at the waters's edge, perhaps they were triplets; they were watching her intently and she couldn't help thinking how much she looked like them too.

She had no idea who her family were but somehow the thought that she was being reunited with three long-lost sisters amused her.

Then, suddenly, Raven's hands were on her cheeks and pulling her in, her lips pressing against Vixen's with a forceful passion that stunned the younger Player.

When Raven released her she was gasping, the knot in her belly released and replaced with another completely different one.

'Oh, Vixen...' Raven held her, looking at her intently. 'You've no idea how much I missed you.'

'You left me !' Emotion raged through Vixen like a tsunami and tears forced themselves into her eyes, welling up, hot and bitter with the anger and pain of rejection, stinging in the heat. 'You fucking left me.'

Vixen's heart pounded in her chest and she felt like she couldn't breathe.

'I'm sorry.' The sorrow in Raven's face was genuine.

Vixen hit her and Raven went down clutching her cheek.

There was a splash beside her and the Player turned to see the two redheads exit the water together, crouching ready to defend their...lover...employer...mistress... ?

'It's ok.' Raven was down on one knee, her hand on her jaw where Vixen's blow had landed. 'It's ok.'

The redheads looked at each other, uncertain.

'Go.' Raven waved them away. 'Leave us alone.'

'I had to do it.' Raven sat across from Vixen in the coolness of the house. She had shrugged on a brief white robe that clung to her where her body was still wet from the pool. 'They made me an offer I couldn't refuse.'

Vixen looked down at the beer bottle in front of her. She had barely touched it.

'I regret it you know.' Raven reached out to take her hand but Vixen snatched it away. 'Every day I've regretted it.'

'You seem to have done pretty well for yourself.' Vixen looked around knowing she was being petulant but gripped by feelings she could not begin to control.


They were silent.

All the things Vixen wanted to say, wanted to ask, all the insults she wanted to scream, all the declarations of love she had recited vied to be heard but she only began to shed more tears.

'I've been following the Game.' Raven's tone said that she had been following all the events. 'You and Princess have quite a thing going on.'

'I'll get the bitch.' Vixen snatched up the bottle and took a swig. 'I know she was behind that vid.'

'I suspect she had help.' Raven's tone was knowing.

'What's that supposed to mean ?' Vixen drank again, anger dominating in the internal struggle of her emotions as the strange but familiar world she had entered by visiting Raven fitted itself awkwardly into her current reality.

'The Station know how to sweat their assets.' Raven smiled cooly. 'They know a good thing when they see it.'

'She fucking drugged me.'

'Phegraline, blocks the receptors SLUT binds to. Probably wouldn't do much to an average punter but to a Player...' Raven's look conveyed her meaning. 'It's absorbed through the skin; she probably had a patch on her glove.'

'I went blind !' Vixen felt like she was admitting her darkest fears.

Raven finally caught her hand and Vixen looked up to find the other woman's face blurred by tears.

Raven was crying too.

'I should go.' Vixen stood.

'No.' Raven held her. 'Please stay...'

'Come on then.' Raven beckoned Vixen with her fingers.

They were in Raven's training room.

It was late evening and they had spent the afternoon making love, reacquainting themselves with each other's bodies. For all they had aged in the ten years since they had been together, their tastes had not changed, they knew each others needs and desires.

Then they had been sub and dom: Vixen, Prey and Raven, Predator. Vixen had enjoyed being bound by the older women, enjoyed the submission, the bondage, the pain and humiliation of being Prey.

Today they were equals or, perhaps both had needs.

Candy was the first women Vixen had submitted to since Raven had left her so publicly. She had been the last to know, kneeling hooded and leashed at Raven's feet in the studio when the Predator had announced her retirement.

When they had released her, Raven was gone.

She had tried to take her own life but Hunter had found her. Taken her to the med room and stayed with her then made her stay with him. It was him that had got her to come back as Predator.

And, with all the pain and anger, her rise had been unstoppable.

So now she faced Raven as an equal.

'I hope you've been keeping in shape.' Vixen smiled, genuinely she felt, for the first time in days, perhaps weeks or maybe months; years perhaps.

'Oh, I can still take you.' Raven smiled, that challenge, that confidence that Vixen loved in her.

Vixen raised her guard and then launched a kick at Raven's head.

Fuck !

Vixen found herself on her back, the breath driven from her body. She sprung up, wary now.

They closed, both looking for an opening, exchanging blows, Vixen finally throwing Raven, dropping to pin her but the brunette span out, coming to her feet and they fought again.

'Not bad.' Raven smiled. 'But I can see why Princess beat you.'

Vixen flung herself at the brunette.

Raven put her down with contempt.

Vixen sprung up again, noticing now that her opponent was breathing hard.

'Getting old ?' It was the redhead's turn to taunt.

Vixen had expected a response, something but the blue eyes stayed focussed on her.

'Nothing I can't handle.' Raven continued to regard her cooly.

Vixen attacked, getting through Raven's guard this time, catching her wrist, spinning her, forcing her down, straddling her, pinning her with her thighs.

Raven struggled but Vixen held her.

'Got you.' Vixen smiled, savouring the moment.

'Finish it !' Raven's voice carried an edge.

'What...?' Vixen looked down at her former lover in surprise.

Raven's face was taut, blue eyes fixed on her former lover. 'Bind me, you bitch.'

Raven arched up, crying with pleasure. She was lying on her back still bound in the large low bed that looked out over the gardens.

Through the window the three redheads were playing together in the pool, the lithe bodies glistening in the sunlight.

Vixen did not see them; she only saw the woman before her.

'Oh fuck, I've missed that tongue.' Raven panted, her breathing returning to normal. Her hands were tied in the small of her back and her legs frog tied, spread to allow Vixen full access to her smoothly shaved sex.

Vixen grinned down at her, the salty taste of her lover's sex still strong in her mouth.

'Make me come again.' Raven's voice commanded her attention.

'Fuck off.' Vixen grinned down at her, surprised by a surge in confidence. 'It's my turn.'

Raven arched a dark eyebrow, her expression mischievous. 'Yes, Mistress.'

Vixen crawled up the bed and planted her sex over Raven's mouth. 'Better make sure you do a good job !'

In answer, Raven's tongue slid over the redhead's sex. 'It will be a lot better than good.'

'It had better be.' Vixen's body shuddered with pleasure, a rush of joy and the thrill of power.

'The season climax...and what a show we have planned...' The studio director stood on the platform surrounded by the Players who were not competing in the final Game of the season. 'Who's going to lead the victory parade ?'

It hadn't taken Vixen much effort to talk him round.

A showdown between her and Princess was inevitable.

It was just a question of who else would be involved. All he'd stipulated was that someone had to be there to stop them killing each other.

'I'm told it's going to be a good one - glory for the winner and...well, suitable humiliation for the loser...but the controllers are being very tight-lipped about what is going to happen.'

His use of the singular reflected what they all knew.

A screen popped up.

'Hello, Vixen. This is Princess.' As if anyone didn't know. 'I'm here to make you an offer.' She smiled, all dimples and innocence. 'If you beat me, I'll come back as Prey next season.'

Even the assembled Players were shocked.

The screen folded up and the studio director waited for Princess' words to sink in.

'That's right folks, this one is high stakes.' He gave a knowing smile.

The screen popped up again.

'Hello, Princess.' It was Vixen. She'd made the recording three days earlier. 'If you beat me, I'll hang up my whip and walk.'

'Fuck you look good.' Vixen stood beside Raven in the tunnel, both in costume now, the warning lights flashing as the show-down prepared to go live.

SLUT coursed through her veins but her heart was pounding with way more than the drug.

She took deep breaths and tried to calm her nerves.

The reality of her situation was hitting home.

Raven had been given a costume update, black rubber stretched over her body, firming and shaping, lifting her breasts and providing a tight curve to her bottom; the rubber bodice supported black rubber boots that clung to her legs, rising to the mid-thigh; her dark hair was swept back, held in place by a black tiara moulded into the shape of a Raven's head.

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Raven flashed her a smile of exotic black lip-gloss, her dark eyes shining. 'You've no idea how good it feels to be back.'

Vixen lifted her fists and Raven struck them.

'Fuck that.' Vixen grabbed her partner behind the neck with one gloved hand and pressed her lips hungrily against Raven's.

'I want you...'

'We go in five...'

They could already hear the roar of the crowd.

Vixen pulled away and the pair stood ready.

The Eyrie was a set of platforms, 'decks', a three dimensional maze that was said to have been inspired by late twentieth century 2D video games. The competitors jumped and climbed, scrambled over nets and used ropes and ladders to move between the platforms.

It wasn't often used. There was a safety net to catch those who fell but, there were also a lot of platforms to fall past before a competitor hit it.

A Predator called Gorgon had died a few years ago and the Eyrie hadn't been used since.

Tonight, it was different. It was the biggest space the studio owned and, like the Arena, it was very open, perfect for a live crowd; and what a crowd; tonight the Eyrie pulsed with life, emotion; the roar of ten thousand voices was almost deafening as Vixen and Raven emerged blinking into the harsh lights.

Though much of the Arena was open there were still hidden places; the Eyrie left no room to hide.

It also had a few surprises.

They raised their hands and the roar of the crowd rose with them.

Vixen looked around, momentarily awed by the spectacle. She'd fought in it once before. Well, not fought; she'd been Prey then.

She recalled Gorgon; the hadn't known the Player well but she'd been there when they carried her body out.

She shuddered; then she refocussed as Raven touched her shoulder and pointed.

Princess and Taboo had the height advantage.

'Fuck.' Vixen looked up.

Raven smiled, exultant; still riding the roar of the crowd.

'Let's go.'

The two Predators began to climb towards their opponents.

'Keep together.' Raven was breathing hard, two platforms behind Vixen. Despite her fitness, moving through the Eyrie was challenging and she was struggling to keep up with the lighter, younger Vixen.

A cam drone flew between them and the screens to one side showed a no-holds-barred view of Vixen's sex barely hidden by the thin leather strap between her legs.

Vixen looked back, pausing for breath.

They were nearing the platform on which Taboo was standing; Princess was one level up and behind, able to join the fray when she chose. Vixen could see the expression on the Taboo's face, the fierce look in her blue eyes. They hadn't spoken, or fought in the same Game since Vixen had beaten her so savagely; the network had been keeping them apart. The bruises had healed but the girl still wore a support on her right elbow under the webbing of her tight black costume.

Vixen watched as Taboo swept a hand through her long red hair and shook out the bolas she carried for the Game.

Nervous are we ?

Vixen jumped to her left, trying to keep her distance until Raven was level with her, looking back to make sure her partner was still following.

That's when it happened.

The platform she'd just left tipped and dropped separating her from Raven.

'Fuck !'

Princess and Taboo were on it immediately, skilled Predators dropping, moving in for a kill, isolating their prey.

Vixen looked up searching for a route to them but it was a long climb that would take several minutes and by the time she reached them she would be out of breath and tired and Raven would be down.

Taboo lunged at Raven, making the older Predator step back and turn, forcing her to position herself nearer the edge of the platform that was rocking gently under the combined weight of the two players.

Nearer to Princess.

Taboo closed again.

In a straight fight Raven would probably win but on the shifting sands of the Eyrie Taboo's light frame and her agility gave of the edge; and if Princess joined in...

They grappled for a moment and then Raven threw her opponent.

The crowd roared.

It was at that moment Princess leapt down knocking both fighters to the ground.

The platform tilted alarmingly but Princess held Raven tightly, wrapping her legs around the brunette's body, pinning her and, in an instant, Taboo was winding rope around Raven's ankles, cinching them together.

It was over in moments, Raven, bound hand and foot.

The crowd jeered. There had been a lot of hype over Raven's return but the media had been alive with gossip around the ability of a forty year old woman to compete in the Game. There had been talk that it was just a publicity stunt, or a ploy to leave Vixen vulnerable.

It had all happened too quickly.

Vixen could only watch as Princess kicked the helpless brunette in the face, the woman's head snapping back, her eyes glazing.

She knew she should probably have waited, considered her options, but she began to climb.

'Come on, Bitch.'

Raven was hanging by her ankles, Taboo holding the rope that suspended her from a hand ring used to swing between decks. Princess was brandishing her taser. She had already torn the brunette's costume away from her breasts and was using the taser to torment the helpless brunette.

Vixen leapt as Raven cried out with pain again, Princess' taser making contact with the helpless Player's right nipple.

Only two more platforms to go...

Vixen danced along a narrow beam and then up a ladder until she stood over the large platform on which Princess and Taboo stood.

'Gonna come up and fight ?' Vixen beckoned Princess. She was still breathing hard from the climb.

'Perhaps you'd like to come down here.' Princess held the taser towards Raven.

Vixen jumped.

The platform was large and solid, one of the more stable places in the Eyrie but it rocked violently as Vixen landed and she almost slid off.

Raven screamed and Vixen looked to see that Taboo's grip had slipped. The redhead looked almost as pale as her captive.

Princess grinned maleficently.

'Shall we dance ?'

They traded blows, two fighters at the top of their game; Princess was good, there was no doubting it and she was throwing out moves to thrill the crowd; high kicks and spins; attacking constantly, driving Vixen back.

There was little doubt who the crowd favoured too and when she took a kick to the face that made her vision darken and split her lip they screamed for a kill but as her opponent loomed over her, she managed to respond with a blow to Princess' belly that doubled the brunette over.

She stood, her vision clearing, chest heaving from exertion, lifted her fists.

Heard Raven scream.

Taboo had dropped the helpless Player another foot towards the abyss.

It was the distraction Princess needed and she hit Vixen in the chest with a kick that knocked the petite redhead over the edge of the platform.

Vixen spun in the air, adrift in a sudden eerie silence.

One minute there was the moderately solid ground of the deck beneath her feet and the next there was nothing.

Something smashed into her back and she reached out instinctively, her fist catching a knotted rope and her body snatching a desperate handhold on life, breaking her fall with a force that nearly tore her shoulder apart.

She swung.

Gasping, her shoulder burning with pain as ten thousand throats let out a held breath and filled the air with noise.

She looked up at Raven.

Above her Princess jumped to a lower platform calling back to Taboo.

'Just drop the bitch and we'll finish her red-headed whore.'

It was Vixen's turn to scream. 'No !' She would have begged, traded her life from Raven, anything, even submitted to Princess.

'Let's finish her.' Princess called impatiently. Swinging and jumping down another level. 'I want this bitch on a leash.'

Vixen watched Taboo look at Raven, begin to unwind the rope from her fist.

'No.' She almost sobbed the word.

Taboo began to lower begin to lower her captive...then swung her in.

'Let her go.' Princess' voice was contemptuous.

The crowd turned.

Raven had once been a favourite.

The Game was all about violence, domination, deviation but it wasn't about death.

It was about the roar of the crowd too.

Taboo began to knot the rope supporting Raven.

And for a moment, Princess looked uncertain.

Vixen swung her legs and used her left hand to pull herself back up to the nearest deck struggling to one knee as Princess dropped on her sending her sprawling.

She took a kick to the belly, tried to rise, took another to the face and fell back gasping.

'You're gonna be my bitch, Vixen.' Princess' high caste accent rung in her ears. She grabbed Vixen's ankle and pulled her back towards the centre of the platform. 'I'm gonna keep you muzzled on a leash.'

She rolled Vixen over and sat on her chest, pinning her down as she pulled cuffs from belt and held onto Vixen's right wrist.

Vixen squirmed but she was pinned down and winded and the pain in her shoulder as almost unbearable.

Then the ground beneath them rocked violently.

Vixen seized the moment, bucking and throwing Princess off her and bringing her left hand round in a punch that broke two of her knuckles.

Princess went down and Vixen sprang on her, grabbing her wrists and pulling them back, reaching for the cuffs to confine them before her opponent could recover.

She was aware of a cam bot hovering in front of her and took a moment to look up.

She winked and the crowd roared.

A shadow passed over Vixen and she looked up to see Taboo standing over her.


But the other Predator didn't strike.

Instead she bent and picked up the cuffs, passing them to Vixen.

In a moment Vixen had Princess restrained, using her whip to bind the girl's ankles, pulling her legs into a hogtie.

Then she stood, holding out her hand to Taboo.

Taboo redhead shook her head.

'You cannot be serious !' It was the last thing Vixen said before Taboo hit her.

'Ready ?'

Vixen looked up.

Her dislocated shoulder had been reduced and her fingers bandaged. Someone had been holding ice on her split lip.

She'd had a shot of SLUT too and that was the only thing that kept her from screaming as her wrists were cuffed behind her back.

Then Taboo clipped a leash to her collar and lead her out into the studio.

Princess and Raven were already there.

Both harnessed and bridled between the shafts of the victor's chariot.

Taboo lead Vixen up onto the platform of the chariot and took up the reins.

'Better make it good, Princess.' Taboo smiled smugly. 'Or I'm going to tan that ass when I get you home.'

Princess muttered a series of expletives around her bit and Taboo struck her hard with the whip then she turned to Vixen.

'I'm sure Raven will show you how to behave.' Taboo turned to Vixen. 'And can you keep that mouth of yours under control or do I have to get someone to gag you ?'

'I'll be good, I promise, Mistress.' Vixen flashed a smile that reminded her how sore her lip was.

Hunter and Blonde appeared, the Prey in a costume that was surprising for being unripped even if it was barely large enough to cover her nipples and a tiny triangle of shaved pubis. She was leashed and gagged and strapped tightly into a single sleeve, following Hunter on toe boots that were linked by a six inch chain.

Nightmare was there too, Tango in tow; and the other Players; Predators pumped and Prey leashed and bound.

It was the season finale parade.

'We go in five...'

'Interesting choice of tactic.' Hunter slid into the booth holding his beer.

Blonde was still with him, still restrained but her gag now hung around her neck.

They were back in the Colosseum following the parade which, after displaying to the studio crowd, had spilled out onto the streets where the Players had been mobbed for two hours until the police had finally moved in to disperse the crowd.

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Taboo was sat in Vixen's usual seat, smiling and looked down at the girl kneeling at her feet cuffed, gagged and blindfolded.

'She had it coming.' Taboo looked back at Hunter.

'And you had a desire to win the season ratings.' Hunter chinked his bottle against Taboo's. 'Congratulations.'

'Looks like you may have got something else too.' Blonde licked her glossy red lips and nudged Hunter so that he held his bottle to her mouth.

'Oh, this is for one night only.' Taboo's fingers had been inside Princess' bra, cupping the firm breast and toying with the girl's nipples since they'd entered the bar. 'She's pissed as hell but I plan to enjoy the spoils of victory anyway. The bitch will be insufferable in the morning.'

Princess struggled, her string of expletives muffled by the huge gag strapped into her mouth. Taboo pinched her nipple. 'Shhh or mama use the quirt again !'

The brunette had been handled and abused almost constantly while harnessed and pulling Taboo's chariot and she was still clearly indignant about her treatment meaning that Taboo had been offered little choice but to keep her restrained and use the whip to control her.

'Thanks, Tab.' Vixen was there suddenly, her arm in a sling, the other holding a bottle and a leashed Raven. She was looking intently at Taboo.

Hunter looked up with mock amazement. 'Did I hear you right ? Vixen saying thank you ?'

'Don't make it any harder you freak.' Vixen glared at Hunter then turned back at Taboo. 'I owe you.'

'Oh, you do.' Taboo smiled. 'Big time.' Her fingers continued to toy with Princess' breasts.

Vixen stood for a moment as if wrestling with some internal problem.

'Look, Tab. I'm thinking you might need a partner next season...' Vixen paused trying to ignore the growing look of incredulity on Hunter's face as he realised what she was saying. 'You know, what with...well, Princess Barbie here being declawed and put up as next season's prize fucktoy. I though you might need someone to...watch your back.'

Taboo looked even more stunned.

'I'm not sure I want you watching my back.' Taboo spoke cautiously. 'Anyway, aren't you two...' She looked beyond Vixen to Raven, still in her pony harness.

'That's pleasure.' Vixen pulled on Raven's leash and the brunette pressed herself against the younger redhead. 'I'm talking is business.'

'They've renewed your contract then ?' Blonde looked up at the Vixen and her prize.

'Said I'd quit if I didn't get a raise.' Vixen's smile was back, though rather distorted and lop-sided.

'And they bought it ?' Hunter shook his head in disbelief.

'I might have mentioned you two were going and had made me an offer...' Vixen winked as Hunger's blue eyes widened.

'Anyway, they want me to lead up the season with Tab here and they've taken Raven back for a little eye candy too. Apparently, she scored more than Princess in the ratings.'

'I'll have to think about your offer.' Taboo hand's finally left Princess' breasts. 'Right now I have other things on my mind.' She pulled on Princess' leash and then took hold of her hair, kissing her hard around the large ball gag that filled her mouth.

'I can give you some advice on the whole eye-candy thing.' Blonde looked up at Raven. 'Will you get your breasts done ?'

'That depends...' Raven rubbed herself suggestively against Vixen.

'On what ?' Blonde nudged Hunter to request another swig of beer.

'On what Mistress wants.' Raven pressed her lips against Vixen's neck then ran them slowly along her jawline.

Vixen smiled and slid into the booth next to Taboo, pulling Raven onto her lap.

Behind her, the screens showed her cuffing Princess.

The End
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Wednesday, October 17, 2018  

Fantastic story! I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Monday, October 15, 2018  

It is a great story and I would have loved to see more about this group and what happens between Raven and Vixen next season of the game and also what happens with Princess as prey. Anyway love the stories very much.

Sunday, October 14, 2018  

Once again you delight with an inventive and smoking hot tale. I wonder how you manage to steadily produce this amount of high quality writing but Iím very glad you do. Thanks again for sharing!
Cheers, Absolutist

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