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  • Author - Theo73  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, F-mf, M-f, non-consensual, reluctant, bondage, drugs, humiliation, kidnapping, loving, slavery
  • Post Date - 10/15/2018
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Author's Note: A young couple house sitting for a friend discover her BDSM playhouse and explore their various bondage fantasies over the course of their summer vacation. What they don't realize however, is that their friendly host has other plans in mind for them.


Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

Nathan slowly lulled his way back to consciousness, but even after his vision cleared and his mind was no longer a haze, he realized something was amiss. His limbs refused to move, he could wiggle his toes and clench his fists but they were anchored to awkward places on the chair. When he felt the familiar strain of rope against his skin, he tried to call out but found the words unable to form past the ball jammed in his mouth. A piece of long white fabric was pulled tightly over the gag and its adjacent straps. This was done to prevent him from drooling on himself as opposed to keeping the gag in place. He could feel the tightly buckled straps around his head; with or without the cloth, the ball gag wasn't going anywhere.

He looked down and saw white rope around his chest and stomach, pinning him to the back of his seat. His arms were bound behind the cross rails, rope cuffs just above his elbows kept his shoulders back and more roped his wrists to the back of the chair, his ankles were bound to the spindles on the sides; suspending them just above the floor and spreading his thighs wide. The position was uncomfortable but not unbearable, given a few hours, he thought, and that would probably change. His clothes had been taken off, everything except his underwear. Despite his best efforts, Nathan found himself becoming increasingly aroused by the situation. As his penis became harder, it bent awkwardly inside his briefs, adding another level of embarrassment and discomfort to his situation.

Despite the lack of light he recognized the room from his first walk through the house; it was the guest room on the first floor. The bedroom was sparingly decorated; there was a closet, an unwrinkled double bed, a dresser and a small bedside table, on top of which stood a lamp. The window curtains were drawn and there was no way to tell what time it was. He was tied to a chair between the bed and the doorway, facing the open room, a thin beam of light leak shined in from the outside hallway.

Nathan began to wonder if this was Jillian's doing and if so, she had gone to great lengths to make this as convincing as possible. They had done similar bondage scenarios during their time here, but nothing involving spiking each other's drinks, of that much he was sure. Drugging each other wasn't exactly something they had discussed either and for some reason his gut told him that this had something to do with them using Carly's bungalow. A lakeside cottage that Carly used to rent out, the story goes that she no longer wanted to deal with tenants and decided from then on to use it for storage. Jillian never believed that story and was intent on finding out what she was hiding and if Jillian had her way, Carly would never find out.

It all started on the second day of their vacation as they were having breakfast. That's when she pressed a key into his palm. Nathan stared at it quizzically as he chewed on a piece of toast. "What is this? Some kind of house key? What does it open?"

"I may have an idea." Jillian said with a playful smile. It was a look Nathan knew well. A Look that told him they we're about to do something they probably shouldn't, but we're going to do anyway. Jillian was a snoop by nature, and the mystery of the vacant building was on her mind ever since they arrived here.

"They could write a Hardy Boys type novel about you," Nathan told her as they walked across the country road, the sky reddening with the setting sun. "Jillian and the Mystery of Carly's Cottage."

"Sounds good, I'd read it." Jillian said without missing a beat, it was the sort of answer that made Nathan smile with loving admiration. She spotted this and gave him a playful yet chastising look, "Hurry up and stop creeping"

Carly's house was directly across the road from the bungalow, which faced the lake. They had passed it many times on their way to go swimming. It was a two-floor home with a large patio and sliding doors looking out unto the water; blacked out with large curtains. They stopped at the main entrance at the side of the building. Nathan was surprised when the key slid in easily enough and Jillian opened the door to a darkened hallway. The young woman looked back at Nathan with a reflective expression on her face, "If I'm the protagonist in this novel of yours, I guess that makes you the Watson to my Sherlock, huh?" She said with a little smile.

"Watson was always the more reasonable one." Nathan retorted. Jill threw her head back and cackled as she entered, her voice echoing through the empty hallway. Nathan didn't wait to follow her in, if they had come this far, there was no way they were turning back, especially with Jillian at the helm. Nathan knew better than to try and convince her to change her mind, it was better to follow along and hope for the-

Something suddenly tugged at his neck.

Nathan's heart sank as he just realized a collar had been buckled just below his Adam's apple. He pulled his head forward in response and felt resistance on the other end. Each tug was met with a metallic rattle and a muffled squeal.

It was Jill.

Although the lack of light made it difficult to see, he found he had been in the room long enough that his eyes had adjusted. That, and there was a bit of light leak from the doorway. He looked back at her in his periphery and found they had been bound nearly exactly the same.

Jillian was also half-naked but facing the wall, wearing a white top and a matching pair of panties. Her variation of the rope harness pushed out her small chest; propping up her breasts. Nathan always enjoyed how a rope harness did that to a woman's chest, making hard nipples clearly visible from underneath a tight shirt. For whatever reason, she also was wearing a blindfold, the same fabric used over her ball gag was folded over her eyes and knotted tightly behind her head.

Jillian turned to Nathan and uttered a series of muffled cries as the pair struggled to free themselves in the darkness. The chairs they were bound to were back-to-back but a foot apart with the short chain stretched along the small gap in between; every time one pulled themselves forward the other was pulled back. The distance was just long enough that loosening each other's knots was not an option. Furthermore, they had to be careful not to tip their chair over and bring the other down with them. Nathan joined Jillian's muffled calls for help; more convincing than any performance she had done for him up until now. Nathan couldn't exactly blame her; being tied up in your underwear while in a dark room with your boyfriend was as worrying as it could possibly get, especially if you had no idea what was coming next.

They had spent most of their vacation in bondage, taking turns playing out scenarios and fulfilling fantasies that revolved around a single "helpless" captive, never had they considered getting tied up together. But there they were, helpless and half-naked, tied to chairs with ball gags in their mouths. The third act in their Hardy Boys Mystery. The only question remained was who did it? And why?

They both froze as they heard soft footsteps approaching the doorway; spots of darkness broke the line underneath the entrance. Someone was just outside the door. The knob turned and the door opened slowly, pouring yellow light into the room. A woman stood in the doorway, she was in her mid thirties, with curly, cascading red hair and an hourglass shaped body. She wore a leather corset, plain black panties and matching black garter belt. The corset pushed her ample chest upward, and gave more contour to her curvy form. Her body type made Nathan think of a 1940's pin up girl.

"What have we got here?" the woman said as she sauntered into the room with a hand on her hip. Nathan sat in disbelief and heard Jill respond as she recognized the voice, replying with muffled questioning pleas. The corset was all the information he needed, they were now in the presence of their captor. It was Carly, Jillian's friend and their gracious host. A person Jillian would often describe as the big sister she never had. The woman who invited Jillian to her home, had spiked their drinks, and now seemingly held the young couple captive in her house on a summer evening. They both sat there dumbfounded, half naked and mute. Carly looked down at her bound captives with a wicked twinkle in her eye.

"Don't look at me like that, you both know exactly what you did..." Carly said mischievously as she circled her prisoners. Their nervous faces followed her as she walked around and stopped between them and the end of the bed. "Here, lets make it easier for us to chat." She said as she removed the chain between their collars, and tossed it casually on the floor. She then turned each chair so that they were facing her, bound side by side at the end of the bed.

She walked over and lit the lamp on the bedside table, bending over and giving Nathan a good look at her backside, pushing her ass out suggestively. Nathan found himself unable to look away as her back arched and her ass lifted. Nathan watched, hypnotized by the woman in the corset as Jillian sat oblivious to the private show Carly put on. Her lips preoccupied with the ball gag in her mouth and making muffled sounds of desperation. Every movement she made was done so with sensuality and purpose, like a practiced routine, it reminded Nathan of a burlesque show. That's because it is, a show just for me. Nathan half expected her to walk over and continue the routine as she slowly peeled off what little clothing she wore. All the while, Jillian would sit there bound and gagged, unable to do anything to stop it. This did not happen however and she returned and sat cross-legged on the edge of the bed.

With the light on Nathan could now see what Jillian was wearing more clearly. A short sleeved white crop top and panties; they were white with a cheeky cut and a pink rose on the left side. Nathan could see she had worked up quite a sweat with all her struggling and his eyesight followed a drop as it made its down her neck and stopped at the ropes binding her chest, just above her hardened nipples. The two now sat on full display, crotches spread wide before them, Nathan in his briefs and Jillian in her panties, their genitalia pushing out on the thin fabric of their underwear.

Carly reached behind Jill's head and pulled off her blindfold. The captive girl blinked in the light as her eyes adjusted. The young couple looked to each other and then back at Carly. The woman in the corset sat back with her arms behind her, smiling.

"This reminds me a lot of that scene in Pulp Fiction...you know the one, right?" she said as the captives looked at her with urgency in their eyes. "You two however..." she said as she leaned forward, moving a hand up each side of a captive's leg. "Are so much hotter." The pair responded with muffled groans as they exchanged worried glances.

"And by the way Jill, those are really cute." She said pointing at Jill's crotch before putting a hand on Jill's hip, touching the side of her underwear. Jill tried to shrink back. "I wonder...are those your sexy panties?" Carly looked at her intently for a moment, as if gauge her reaction. "Maybe I'll go through your bags and find something you can try on for me, maybe do a little dance?" Jill responded with muffled, lispy pleas as more drool pooled around the ball gag, soaking into the thinly stretched cloth; forming an ever-growing wet spot. Carly nodded but became distracted staring at Jill's underwear, her hand gingerly tracing the waistband, then the rose. "Ball gags are a pain, I know. The drooling is quite bothersome, hence the..." she looked up and made a looping gesture toward her own face. "Don't worry Nathan, I'm not ignoring you." Carly said reassuringly to the man at her right. "Its just Jill and I have years of sexual tension we need to address." she said, giving Jill a playful wink. Jillian responded with a little sound of surprise as color rose to her cheeks. She spoke to Nathan as she got up, "By the way Nathan, I took you for more of a boxers man but those are very pleasant surprise."

She walked over and stood over Jillian for a moment, and then she gingerly sat down between her legs. She grabbed the top of the seat with both hands and wrapped her legs around the girl in the chair. Jillian's attempts to inch away were futile and she merely wiggled in her chair between her captor's thighs. "Go on, you can struggle if you like...I don't mind." Carly's bare feet settled on the floor at either side of the chair and she watched as Jillian's lips (pressed tightly against the white cloth) made more attempts to form understandable words. Carly was unmoved by her protests as she sensually brushed some of Jill's hair off her face. She then grabbed the sides of the girl's head and kissed her passionately over the cloth, where the ball jutted from her mouth. Nathan watched as Jill's widened eyes rolled back into a state of ecstasy. Carly's hands made their way down the small of her back, grabbing at her backside; Jill responded by moving her hips rhythmically, as best she could. Every so often, Carly would shoot a knowing glance at Nathan. Carly leaned in again and whispered into her ear. "I'm gonna take out your ball gag now because I want to kiss those lips of yours. And you...won't say a fucking word." She didn't wait for a response as she untied the cloth and unbuckled the ball gag. Once removed, Jillian stretched her jaw and Carly waited for a moment before again, kissing her fervently on the mouth. They both did so with closed eyes. Nathan always found the sexual chemistry between the two young women to be obvious, but never quite as realized as it had been in that singular moment. As Carly pulled away, her teeth tugged at Jill's lower lip. The girl in the chair, with eyes still closed, began to speak.

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"Carly, I-"

Carly didn't wait a moment longer before snapping into action, hand gagging her immediately. Jillian's eyes shot open urgently as she tried to explain, her words muffled from beneath the tightly pressed hand. Nathan thought he had heard something resembling "I'm sorry" but he couldn't be sure. She didn't get far before Carly began stuffing her mouth with the fabric she had worn over the ball gag, taking special care to fill the sides of her mouth, to prevent her from choking on it. Jillian protesting throughout it all. She stood up from the seat with lighting speed; pointing at the girl's stuffed mouth, "DON'T YOU DARE SPIT THAT OUT!" Carly then stomped angrily towards the dresser and opened a drawer, Jillian turned to Nathan, with a rag filled mouth and an expression that could only be read as.


Carly had taken something from the drawer and walked back behind his girlfriend's chair. A lengthy and sudden tearing sound bounced off the walls of the room as Carly brought the long band of gray tape down over Jillian's lips and stretched it across her face. Jillian's face spoke volumes as her eyes bulged and eyebrows furrowed. Carly brought the tape around her head twice, stopped and made a little flap in order to easily tear it off when the time came. Jillian thankfully, had a pixie style cut and the tape missed the majority of her hair. The gray bands stretched tightly around her head in thick, even strips. It was applied tightly, with barely a wrinkle to be seen. Jillian turned to Nathan, disheartened, desperately trying to speak. The tape squeezed the lower half of her face, distorting it. She quieted as Carly came back around to face them.

The woman in the corset stared down at her captives. "I will not tolerate disobedience. You two have had your fun and games, but as far as I'm concerned, for the time being, you belong to me, consider this payment for your transgressions." The pair looked on in bewilderment as she continued. "I'm not going to hurt you. That's not my thing. I will however, keep you bound and gagged for the remainder of your time here, for our mutual sexual pleasure." Carly slid forward unto the floor, on the same level as her captives. "From what I understand, you two seem to really enjoy that, don't you?" She said as her hands made their way between their legs, the pair made no attempt to shy away this time. She brought her hands back, now kneeling in a prayer position on the floor in front of them, hands on her legs. She looked at them with kind, honest eyes and for only a moment, let the mask fall away. "So what do you say? You two cuties want to get kidnapped?"

The pair exchanged a look, and realized that if they truly wanted it to stop, it could. The bound and gagged couple stared at each other for only a moment before nodding in unison. Deciding in tandem, that this was what they wanted, what their bondage education had been preparing them for. And when they turned back to Carly, they were met with that all-too-familiar smile.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019  

Enjoying the story very much hope it continues thank you for posting the story canít wait to hear the rest

Thursday, February 14, 2019  

Enjoying the story very much hope it continues thank you for posting the story canít wait to hear the rest

Tuesday, January 01, 2019  

Hope it doesn't end here - looking forward to more.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018  

I did enjoy this though the ending is rather frustration - it was just getting really interesting. I do have to say that the setting left me a bit muddled. The iscene setting paragraph didnít really match the story although I suppose this is better than giving too much away. Hope we find out what happened.

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