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Beer and Bisexuality
  • Author - Neil Sanddriver  
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  • Site Rank - 2291 of 2690
  • Unique Views - 5019
  • Story Codes - M-m, analplay, cross-dressing
  • Post Date - 10/16/2018
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Author's Note: would love to hear from you guys and girls. Love discussing all things bondage etc with like minded people. so please feel free to email me anytime.

As the double doors swung open , the cold night air hit him. It was only late September and it felt like a winters night. Neil glanced over the garden and saw a solitary looking bloke sat on the wall. He was debating weather to go home at this point as he was already half drunk and was a bit board being out on his own.

He wandered over to him, "so I am not the only one out on my own then"

The man looked up and smirked "no mate, it's a sad state of affairs isn't it, we haven't got a friend between us".

Neil smiled at him and extended his hand

" I am Neil"

"hiya mate. Danny"

Neil got into a conversation with Danny and before long they where both talking like old friends. It seemed they had a lot in common, the main thing being, they where both out mourning the split with their girlfriends and trying to cheer themselves up.

They went back in and sat at the bar, both seemingly enjoying each others company and exchanging stories of their break ups.

Before they knew it they were interrupted with the bellowing voice of the door staff ordering them to drink up.

Without hesitation, Neil offered Danny a drink back at his Flat a few streets away .

Danny, enjoying himself and not ready to call it a night graciously accepted and before long both men found themselves in fits of laughter on Neil's couch, working there way through a crate of lager.

Neil had been explaining that since his split with his girlfriend Tracy that he had been quite low and couldn't really bring himself to sleep with anyone else or get involved.

Danny stated that he had, had a one night stand but soon regretted it as it was not really his thing.

As expected with drink flowing Danny got up and asked where the bathroom was and then disappeared. In his absence, Neil started to clear the lager cans away and thought about calling it a night, he thought he may offer Danny the couch if he couldn't be bothered going home.

Back from the bathroom, Danny emerged in the doorway, a big, almost child like grin on his face .

"you my friend are a liar"

Neil looked at him confused

"you said you hadn't been with a women since your ex"

Remaining puzzled Neil offered the universal tilt of the head, inviting Danny to further explain himself.

"Well if you haven't had a women here, why are there women clothes on your bedroom floor? "

Neils brain took a minute to catch up and he remained confused. Then it hit him, shit he thought.

"Erm well to be honest mate they are mine, it's erm....... well a little hobby shall we say"

Why where these words coming out of his own mouth he thought, he was speaking before his brain could catch up.

Danny stared at him for a moment.

Then smirked again.

"don't believe ya mate, if they're yours then go and change"

Danny sat on the couch, his arms folded looking up at Neil .

Neil thought for a minute.

"well I don't think that's appropriate mate, do you ? It's a very personal thing" .

Danny thought for a minute

" don't bother me my friend, go on i dare you"

"you dare me ? What are we in? High school?" Neil scoffed.

This exchange went on a little more before Neil, now fairly drunk went off to his bedroom, before long he stood in the doorway to his living room in his pvc knee high boots, red stockings, lacy knickers and red pvc dress. He knew what to expect and he awaited the laughing and teasing.

But Danny just sat there staring at him before he said something that shocked them both.

"you look quite good mate"

He quickly back tracked

" well you know, not in a weird way, just not what I was expecting"

Neil couldn't help but get a buzz, he felt nerves and excitement rushing through his veins. The drink was masking any inhibition and fuelling his outlandish behaviour. He came over to the couch and done a little twirl for Danny .

He then suddenly felt his bum being smacked and heard Danny laugh . He went to smack him again but he grabbed his wrist.

"Any more of that mate i will get my handcuffs out"

This was not an accidental comment, Neil had decided he wanted this to go somewhere even if it was the drinks talking.

Danny stopped in his tracks and thought for a moment.

"go on then tie me up, I dare ya".

No less than two minutes later Danny found his wrists cuffed behind his back and the moment that was to change the course of both their lives was seconds away.

He started to wriggle testing his bonds when, Neil straddled him.

"oh I this is a bit heavy isn't it mate, never had a guy do this to me"

Neil produced a ball gag and before he could think Danny willingly opened his mouth. It was buckled tightly behind him and then it happened.

Neil stayed straddling him for a second and felt his cock grow between his legs and push against his lace covered balls.

Wtf he was making him Horny. Neil felt a surge of what can only be described as power. He had actually turned this guy on , this guy who was now helpless before him. He looked Danny dead in the eye as he reached down and felt his cock.

"Is that for me ? "

Danny groaned through his gag and put his head back. Neil made him look at him.

" I need to know your OK with this"

Danny nodded as Neil caressed his hard cock through his pants. He unbuttoned his shirt and started playing with his nipples as he felt him grinding against his lacy knickers. He climbed off and knelt between his knees, leaning over and nibbling his nipple as he groaned. Neil instructed him to lift his bum whilst he slid his pants off revealing his lovely circumcised cock.

It was all to much and he took it in his mouth as Danny shivered with nerves and anticipation. He was gentle with him and teased the head with his tongue before taking it fully. Danny fought his cuffs and groaned louder but there was no use, he had made his choice and it was a good one. He had never had such a pleasurable blow job. Neil's own hand slid into his knickers and he massaged himself simultaneously as Danny got closer.

He looked up at him, drooling on himself from the gag and twitching and shaking, he moved quicker his tongue more firmly against his cock taking him as best he could before he felt the pumping sensation and the salty taste. He was determined to take it though and kept going, swallowing as he went till there was nothing left.

He released it and looked up at Danny who unbeknownst to him had been watching.

Neil grinned and got up, without hesitation he gripped him under his arm and helped him to his feet. He then escorted him to the bedroom like a prisoner before tying him firmly spread eagle to the bed. He took his gag out .

"look Neil that was amazing but I don't know about this, isn't it going to far?" .

" I have made my bed now your lying in it"

Danny panicked a little. That seemed sinister, like it didn't matter what he said, Neil was going to do what he wanted.

He was left to ponder this as Neil disappeared. He was gone a good 20 minutes. This was done on purpose as Neil was finding the power he had over him a massive turn on. And he was watching him from the doorway struggling and trying to pull on his restraints. Neil was stroking himself getting more and more turned on at his prisoner and his helplessness .

He re entered and slid down his knickers , now damp with pre Cum and shoved them in Danny's mouth before he could react he fastened ring gag securely between his teeth.

Danny was nervous as he watched Neil slide down his chest and start biting his nipples his pvc dress rubbing against his bare skin and his boots clamped to his outer thighs.

He just couldn't help it and he started to grow underneath him, Neil slid down further and rubbed his own throbbing cock against Danny's, fencing with it. He started to grind against him like he was a women. He lay back and closed his eyes as this continued and then he felt something cold on his cock. He looked down to find lube being Coated on it and Neil smiling at him as he lowered himself onto it.

It felt so strange entering another guy, but it was tight and inviting and watching him rock up and down on him in his shiny dress and stockings made him excited. He lay back pulling on his bonds as now he heard Neil groan, getting faster and more form his rock hard cock smacking his abdomen as grinded him into the bed.

Neil started twisting his nipples and groaning loudly, as he rode him. Danny could take it and exploded inside him. Neil moved off him fairly abruptly and headed straight for his face. Instinctively Danny knew what was next as he felt the knickers in his mouth being pushed back further and a warm substance filling the corners of his mouth and spilling out through the ring gag . He didn't like it very much but he couldn't stop it.

Neil climbed off him and released him. Both guys thoroughly exhilarated from their experience.

But what was going to happen next ?

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