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Chloe's First Girlfriend
  • Author - Chloe  
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  • Unique Views - 17581
  • Story Codes - F-f, consensual, reluctant, armbinder, bondage, chastity, loving, self-bondage, teen, toys
  • Post Date - 10/17/2018
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Author's Note: i really hope you like my first story. there will be more chapters to come so watch out for them.

Chapter 1 - The First of Many

A wave of different smells, mostly leather, entered your nose as you walked in the shop. Loads of different items lined the shelves. The assistant, who also happened to the shop, gave cheerful smiles to any customers who glanced her way.

I walked briskly. The section of the shop I was interested in was the "gags" section. I'd come in this store a few times but I quickly rushed in and out most times, to nervous to stay for any longer. I was nervous about what the other customers would think of me and what I was buying even though they were probably into the same thing as me. I kept walking getting a bit faster. I'd made it to the item id been looking for.

I picked the ring gag up of the shelf.

The feel of the smooth metal ring on my fingers was wonderful. Just touching the gag got me moist thinking about everything I would do that night. Remembered a video i'd seen when I was younger of a slut wearing a ring gag and then a penis gag forced inside her mouth, "I can't wait to do that", I thought. As I thought about this I began to put the gag inside my mouth but I was interrupted.

"Can I help you with anything", a voice spoke behind me. I turned around surprised and shocked, it was the assistant. Her name tag declared her as Taylor. Instantly I went into my protective shell of silence and didn't respond but just looked down at the floor. "I see you've picked out a ring gag. It's a good choice and there are many great products that go with it perfectly during a session". Taylor began picking a few items of the many shelves: a set of ankle and wrist cuffs, a pink vibrator, a satin blindfold.

I'd got past the initial shock of being spoken to and was beginning to realise what was happening. I mustered enough confidence to mumble, "I don't want any those". Taylor stopped, gave me an powerful look and asked in a questioning voice, "oh, so are you are a bit more of a hardcore bondage girl?". "I guess so", I replied in a voice barely audible voice. "We'll be moving on to the back of the store then" Taylor proclaimed.

As we proceeded to the back of the store Taylor asked my name and I almost just mouthed "chloe". "Wow that's one of my favorite names. Honestly". We continued further toward the back of the shop

I couldn't believe my eyes, I wanted to try on every single thing there. Taylor pointed toward the item on display in the middle of the room and spoke excitedly, "Now this might be a bit out of your price range but I just have to show this corset, it just came in and it's just crafted so perfectly. Also the corset can be locked up as it uses belts to buckle it up at the front and a special pad that goes over the lacing to stop you from undoing the laces which. So basically you or someone else could padlock this beaty onto you and lock you in forever".

I couldn't help myself and before I could the words just forced themselves out of my mouth "please let me have it, don't worry i've got lots of money, I can afford it, please". Taylor was surprised but and looked like she was going to respond but instead picked up the corset and walked away from me to the counter at the other end of the store.

When I got to the counter Taylor had already bagged the corset and ring gag so she proceeded to hold out the card register. The price read £456 but I swiped my card without a second thought. Just before I left the store the assistant, Taylor, spoke, "come again on monday we're getting a big shipment of some of the best handmade items in the country".

Chapter 2 - Trying It Out

I couldn't do anything when I arrived home as it was still only 5:00 and my parents could come into my room at any moment and see me tied-up and gagged on my bed naked except for a few undergarments and a tight corset. I just sat and waited looking at the bag with "tied up in love" written on it. It was 7:00, so much time had passed without me realising. Mum called me down for dinner.

Dinner was as uneventful as always and didn't last long so I quickly left the table leaving the maids to clear it up. I rushed up the stairs to the north-west wing of the mansion where my bedroom was. From after dinner to the next day no one came near my part of the house, the night was mine.

I swiftly unlocked the padlock on my secret draw looked through to see what could possibly match up with my new favorite item of bondage. I brought out a set of red leather belts that contrasted well with my smooth long dark hair. The second item I chose was a sexy black crotchless garter belt to hold up my sleek thigh-high stockings. Next I picked out my favorite pink vibrating dildo.

I began stripping. Once naked I pulled my garter belt up around my waist followed by the familiar feel of my dark thigh-highs that had lined my legs for so many nights. I tightened the first belt around my ankles to the point where they would be half numb in the morning. The second belt went around my legs just above my knees preventing any hope of walking. As I went along each item I made sure to lock a small padlock on each buckle keeping me from escaping the bondage until I managed to shuffle myself to the furthest room in the north-west wing, where the keys were.

I carefully inserted the dildo into my pussy, to be turned on once I was wearing everything. I placed the corset round my waist. My cunt was wet now from the excitement. I buckled the front together, padlocking all three buckles. Then slowly I started to tighten the laces on the back of the corset, stopping once I was struggling to breath normally. I tied off the ends of the laces into multiple tight knots, pulling the leather pad over the lacing and finally padlocking that too. I was now completely locked in the corset.

However I was not done yet as I grabbed the other item from the shopping bag. I had to open my mouth incredibly wide as I had gone for the biggest size there. I got the ring gag in, pulled the straps around my head pulling the ring further into my mouth. Tightening the gag as much as possible, I padlocked the gag as well as all the restraints I was already wearing. I finished off the whole ensemble by keeping my hands behind my back and carefully tightening another red leather belt around it, remembering to padlock it.

Currently I was on my bed with my arms and legs tightly bound by the smooth leather straps, my mouth forced open by a shiny metal ring, a vibrating dildo intruding into my pussy and a wondrous red leather corset preventing me from making much sound out of my mouth even if I wanted to.

I turned the vibrator to random and set it to go for 10 hours nonstop and clicked the lock button. The lock button meant that now I had no way of stopping the dildo until either it was morning or I got out of my bondage.

At first it started sofly making me moan quietly, but the dildo quickly increased in power to the point where I was moaning constantly. the vibrations kept on increasing and I began to writhe a little in my bonds as I got to the climaxed and then I came, the cum squirting onto my luxury bed. I slumped back onto the bed and I knew this was going to be the best night i'd had in a long time.

Chapter 3 - A Surprise Welcome

It was monday, four days after the first time I entered the shop and brought the wonderful new corset to add to my collection of toys. Taylor had told her a special shipment of the highest quality products around.

The moment I stepped outside I became the shy and timid chloe the world knows me as. I walked towards the train station because I didn't want the butler driving me there as he might tell my parents.

The train journey was short as the private bdsm shop wasn't far from home. During the journey I thought about what amazing new things Taylor might show me.

When I arrived Taylor walked up to me with a look saying, "i knew you'd be here". Suddenly I felt a big object pushing into my mouth. Just as I realised Taylor had padlocked a ball gag on me she was already clicking cuffs onto my wrists behind my back. As if she knew I was about to scream she whispered in my ear "shhh. Trust me. I thought it would be more fun I we saw the new products like this". For some reason I trusted her, even though this was my first time with someone else holding the keys.

Taylor proceeded to put a secure leather blindfold over my eyes and guided me toward the back of the store. "I haven't let anyone else see this yet. I just knew you would come back". She sat me down, still blindfolded, on one of the seats in the changing rooms. Her footsteps left me and I got worried for a moment but almost instantly she calmed me and made me nervous at the same time as she told me "i'm gonna pick out my favorite new products and then you get to try them on". I tried to respond but the ball gag prevented my speech and all that came out was an incoherent "aii oant ont ooh ooh at". Taylor laughed at my attempt, "come on it will be so much fun. You can trust me, all I want to do is make sure you have a good time at my store".

She didn't tell me anything but just began to undress me. Instantly I started to squeak into my gag but Taylor simply replied with "you can't wear the products if you've got a bloody fur coat on". I let her carry on. she had to undo the cuffs to undress me so she told me not to try anything with my hands or that would ruin the whole experience. As her firm hands lifted my top off she realised that I was wearing the corset i'd got from her last week, she gave an appreciative murmur in response. For the same strange reason I trusted her I didn't feel uncomfortable, naked around Taylor.

It was time to put my bondage on. My cuffs back on but my blindfold off so I could see what I would be wearing. Taylor began sliding crotch length black leather boots up my legs. She buckled them up tightly. There must have been ten belts altogether going round each boot. Taylor put a padlock on every single buckle, the silver padlocks adding to the already beautiful look of the boots. I tried to stand up (the heels must have been the full 10 inches) and I would have fallen had Taylor not caught me like prince and princess, her long golden hair falling over my face. We shared that moment for a bit.

Taylor lifted me up and placed me back on the seat, then left to get item number two. She came back with a sleek shiny metal chastity belt. And as she started pulling it up my legs I noticed two massive intruders, one for each hole. My squeal muffled by the gag, I tried to move away but I was already in a corner. Taylor stopped and spoke reassuringly "we'll take it as slow as you need it to be". I calmed down a bit but I was still nervous. Slowly Taylor worked the two masses of rubber into my holes. After maybe eight minutes they were in and Taylor locked the device shut. She told me about how both the intruders were also vibrators and could be turned on with the remote.

What came next was something to replace the handcuffs. I had done lots of research on bondage when I was younger and I knew that the item I was placing my small thin arms into was one of the things I had wanted to try ever since I found out about bondage. The armbinder was a perfect fit, as if it had been made just for me. Taylor of course got straight to tightening the belts as much as possible and padlocking not just the armbinder but added a padlock connecting the D ring on the armbinder to one of the rings at the bottom of the corset. I tried to show my appreciation for the armbinder by moaning gently into the gag. Taylor seemed to recognise the meaning of my moan and stroked my hair.

I was completely at her mercy but she treated me as if I was nervous friend she had convinced to go dancing with her at school. I loved every moment of it.

The next item was not a common item but an over the mouth neck corset. It acted like a posture collar but looked so much more sleek and attractive. Inside the product I could see a small lump inside where the mouth goes and my suspicions were cleared as Taylor unlocked the ball gag and pulled it from my mouth. Straight away I began to jabber about how much I loved her and what we were doing. However very soon Taylor had slipped the neck corset round my neck and began to buckle it tight. I spoke a bit louder "no please I want to be able to speak". Taylor just hushed me "shh it's fine". I complained louder this time and instead of hushing me this time she just tightened the belts forcing the lump, which I now realized was an inflatable gag, into my mouth. With incredible speed she grabbed the pump and gave it seven squeezes so that my mouth felt like it would burst.

I tried to shout at her but only a faint noise escaped my mouth I tried to escape from my bonds. When I realized I couldn't do that I tried to run. Once again I fell, the ten inch boots impossible to run in, an once again Taylor caught me. She stood me up and hugged me whispering in my ear "hey, I just wanted you to wear everything. Have a look in the mirror, you look beautiful".

I couldn't help myself. I looked in the mirror and yes I looked stunning. The curves on my petite body frame were accentuated perfectly by the different products. The red mono-glove pulling my shoulders back forcing my cup size C tits outwards. The curvaceous corset working wonders on my waist. Anyone who walked past and wasn't stunned when they saw me clearly had a problem. Of course that would never happen. I would never let anyone apart from Taylor see me like this.

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Sunday, November 25, 2018  

So far so good.There's all kinds of place's you can go with these two.Looking forward to more.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018  

wow, lovely, what will be the next event.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018  

erm this is me, chloe. i think i accidentally made a new story instead of updating this one. if someone could email me about how to update a story that would be great

Sunday, October 28, 2018  

great beginning, please dont stop here!

Sunday, October 28, 2018  

A bondage enthusiast finding a lover is a beautiful concept. Thank you and please continue.

Saturday, October 20, 2018  

Lovely. Please continue.

Saturday, October 20, 2018  

Relatable character and good introduction of her. Lots of gags and an inflatable one as the icing on the cake. Can't wait for the next chapters! Hope you keep it a bit reluctant ;) 5/5

Friday, October 19, 2018  

You simply must continue this story. As many others have pointed out, the gentleness is a rare bonus.

Friday, October 19, 2018  

Hey, a bondage shop adventure that doesnt end in rape, thats original!

Friday, October 19, 2018  

I like this story! It has that true intimate aspect as opposed to the sadistic torture that most stories contain nowadays. Please write a part 2!

Thursday, October 18, 2018  

Great story as first try and looking forward to sequal, tried to compliment you in email but bounced back.
Looking forward to seeing more from you

Thursday, October 18, 2018  

Nice premesse, hot little rich girl pampers herself with a little bondage fun. The title might imply that Taylor is the first of many girlfriends; Iím hoping that not all of them are a well meaning.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018  

Great first story. I hope you write many more.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018  

Wonderful story , and so much excitement , i hope you do a sequel , best wishes Paul

Wednesday, October 17, 2018  

This is a really great start, please write more. A few problems with the grammar, but well worth a read. Hard to believe it's a first story!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018  

Good story i hope realy that there will be a sequell soon

Wednesday, October 17, 2018  

A great story. I hope that there will be more soon

Wednesday, October 17, 2018  

pretty nice for a first try.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018  

Nice start, really hope to see where this goes. Please keep it up!

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