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A Maid's Reward
  • Author - TheBoundBard  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, bondage, humiliation, mummification, torture
  • Post Date - 10/18/2018
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Author's Note: Originally published on my deviantArt, but I figured why not publish it here as well. Enjoy Ariana and Zelda's antics, and the picture that goes along with it: https://www.deviantart.com/theboundbard/art/A-Maid-s-Reward-STORY-LINK-IN-DESCRIPTION-740963637

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

Ariana had seemed a little...or rather, very suspicious when she called Zelda about hanging out tonight. "My place is a little messy, but don't worry, it'll get taken care of!" Followed by some giggles. Despite that, Zelda had still come over at 6 o'clock, with movies, snacks, and their normal sleepover stuff. Which of course, meant rolls of duct tape, gags, and other such fun materials. She was about to knock on the door, only to have it open right as she was reaching. "Hey Zelda!" Ariana exclaimed with joy, happy to see her best friend. She gave Zelda a big hug, almost making her drop her bag.

"Hi! Excited to see me, I see?" Zelda giggled. Ariana simply nodded. She grabbed the bag from Zelda before taking her hand and pulling her into her apartment...which was a total mess. It looked like the aftermath of a tornado, but it was probably just one of Ariana's famous parties. "I thought you said the place was gonna taken care of! And that it was a 'little' messy!" Zelda yelled in surprise.

"Yeah, it's gonna be taken care of..." Ariana quickly grabbed both of Zelda's hands, pulling them behind her back and quickly securing them with a pair of handcuffs from her back pocket. "By you!"

"Oh, hell no." Zelda started trying to leave, but Ariana quickly grabbed her shoulders and led her to the bedroom, where a maid outfit was laid out the bed. It had the headdress, the short skirt, the puffy shoulders, the matching tights, everything that a perfect maid outfit needed. "Oh, HELL no, missy. You think making it into some kinky game is enough for me to clean this pigsty?"

"You get to keep the outfit when you finish~" Ariana said singsongingly. Zelda immediately blushed.

"...Okay. I'm in. But you're still tying me up tonight afterwards too!"

"Deal!" Ariana unlocked Zelda's handcuffs. "Now, strip, maid!"

Despite the amount of times Zelda had been naked for Ariana, the self-consciousness of undressing around her never really went away. Mostly because she knew Ariana was thinking about all the ways she could tie her up and pleasure her. She wasn't wrong.

Once Zelda was in just her bra and panties, she reached for the maid outfit, only to have her hand smacked by a riding crop. "Ow! You told me to put it on!"

Ariana giggled. "Yeah, I misled you a little by keeping this hidden." She ran to the closet, pulling out a nice corset. "Grab the bedpost, I'll tighten it for you."

Knowing that Ariana wasn't going to let her put it on herself, Zelda turned and grabbed the bedpost, the corset being wrapped around her waist not a second later. Ariana made sure to tighten it as much as she could, not stopping until there was no slack left she could pull out. Ariana quickly tied the lacing into a bow, and then smiled. "Now you can get dressed."

Zelda watched Ariana as she reached for the maid outfit for a second time. She wasn't going to let her hand get hit again if she could help it. Luckily, the riding crop stayed in Ariana's pocket, and she was able to take the dress first. She put it on quickly but carefully, not wanting to damage it by accident, but also knowing that Ariana wasn't the most patient when she was excited. Unfortunately for her, she still wasn't going quick enough, and earned a swat to the rear from the crop. "We don't have all day, maid! There's lots to do, and I'd sure hate it if I had to take away my maid's reward..." Zelda yelped in surprise, grabbing the tights and sliding them up her legs quickly, and then putting on the headdress and heels. Ariana gave her another surprise, tying the apron on for her and making a nice bow from the extra cloth. The outfit was complete. Or so Zelda thought.

"A beautiful maid for a beautiful house...or well, apartment. Anyway!" Ariana went to her closet. "Maids must keep their posture perfect." Zelda figured what this was foreshadowing, and knew she guessed correctly as soon as the posture collar was fastened around her neck, and then locked into place. "They must be seen, and not heard. Open." Zelda opened her mouth obediently, starting to fall into her role. Quickly, a large ball gag was gently pushed into her mouth, the straps tightened behind her head. "And finally, maids don't escape without their mistress' permission."

Ariana had definitely made that one up, but she needed an excuse to attach leather cuffs to each of Zelda's ankles, followed by a twelve inch chain. Similar leather cuffs were applied to Zelda's wrists, and to her surprise, a chain of about eighteen inches was attached to them. However, as soon as Ariana started to lead the chain towards her collar, she knew why it was so long. The middle of the chain to Zelda's collar was locked onto the D-ring that would normally be used for a leash, preventing her from lowering her arms further than the chains and collar would allow. The ends of the chains for all the cuffs were then locked in place as well, meaning Zelda would be stuck like this until further notice. "Now you're ready!" Ariana beamed.

Zelda mmphed quietly, trying to get used to moving with the ensemble she'd been trapped into. It seemed that if she wanted to get anything from the ground, she would have to squat as far down as she could, and then bend the little bit that was possible to grab what she needed. "I'll be keeping tabs on you, maid, so don't think you can relax on the job. Now, get to it!" Ariana gave Zelda another swat on the butt with the crop, making her yelp and head out to the living room. Luckily, it seemed the bedroom had been off-limits and was already clean, so she didn't have to worry about that. The rest of the place, though...

Zelda started with the cans, bottles, paper towels, napkins, and other garbage littered around first, figuring it would be the hardest and most time consuming, and the best to get out of the way. All through the process, Ariana stood on close watch, making sure to point out when she missed something and giving her a quick hit to keep her motivated. Zelda blushed with each hit, and Ariana was reveling in her embarrassment.

It took some time, but eventually, all the garbage was picked up. Zelda's butt was sore, but it wasn't over yet, as Ariana pulled out a mop and a bucket, filling the bucket with soapy water. "There's a bunch of sticky spots from spills, take care of them, would you?" Zelda knew that was a command, not a request, and got to work at mopping the whole apartment. Luckily, that was a lot easier than the first task. The worst of it was the bathroom, of course, but luckily, Ariana hadn't followed her in there, which meant no hits. Unluckily, it didn't smell good, to say the least.

"Now just do some general tidying. Make sure everything is neat, looks nice, you know what I mean?" Zelda grunted and rolled her eyes. This was a lot of work for a maid outfit that she could've just bought herself. "Don't think I didn't see that, maid." Ariana's mood switched from bubbly to threatening very quickly, but just as fast as it came, it left. "Hehe, I'm soooo gonna punish you later!" She giggled, going to sit down on the couch while Zelda took care of the last of the cleaning. This was the easiest part, and in no time, Ariana was checking over her work.

"Very good! Now, one last thing-" Zelda cut her off, mmphing angrily. She hadn't done enough? "Quiet, pet! I'll make it worth your while, just relax." Zelda calmed down for now, but was more than ready to play and be pampered like she thought would happen when she first got here. "I've been feeling rather stressed, so I'd like a massage. That'll be the last thing I need you to do." Zelda sighed, giving in seeing as it was the last thing. Ariana sat down on the couch, motioning for Zelda to come. Once Zelda sat down, Ariana unlocked the lock keeping her wrist-chain connected to her collar, making the job a whole lot easier. She put on a movie while Zelda completed her last task, letting the maid-girl take breaks during the best parts so they could watch together.

"Alright. You've earned the outfit," Ariana said happily. Zelda sighed in relief, and Ariana began to unlock the chains, followed by removing the cuffs. Zelda relaxed against the couch as she was freed, though she had to lean forward to have the posture collar removed. It was quickly replaced with a normal collar, but wasn't locked on. Once she was freed, save for the ball gag, Ariana instructed, "Go to my bedroom, and take off the whole outfit, minus the corset and gag. You have to keep those on." That was fine by her. Zelda strolled to the bedroom, taking her sweet time taking off the outfit. She folded everything and set it on the bed for now, returning to the living room.

"Hehe...need a pee break." Ariana blushed before running to her room, which had its own bathroom. Fortunately, Ariana had only forced Zelda to clean the one bathroom, not her personal one. Zelda relaxed, watching the movie while Ariana was gone. She heard a flush, and then the sound of Ariana walking back...in heels? She turned, seeing Ariana in her maid outfit, hands behind her back, and wearing everything but the headdress. "We still have one mess that's not cleaned up~" She brought her hands out of hiding, exposing a roll of plastic wrap and a large roll of grey duct tape. Zelda smiled behind her gag.

Ariana made the process of wrapping her sub quick, positioning her arms behind her back and taping around her wrists before encasing her up to her shoulders in plastic wrap. Then came the layer of duct tape, making sure to wrap nice and snug. Though, one layer didn't seem snug enough, so Ariana got another large roll, making sure to use it all before reaching Zelda's shoulders. She helped the mummy to sit down, and then began to carefully massage her, telling her what a good maid she was and how helpful she'd been. Zelda relaxed as her aches were soothed, and blushed at the occasional cheek kiss given to her. Zelda seemed close to falling asleep...until suddenly, a leash was attached to her collar. "Hmmph?"

"Don't think I've forgotten about that punishment I owe you~" Ariana winked. Zelda looked at her mistress worriedly as she pulled her close, wrapping her arm around her and gripping the leash tight.

It was gonna be a long night.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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Saturday, October 20, 2018  

I refrained from voting. I'm confused and there was no sex. Maybe I missed something. Zelda has her wrists cuffed behind her back. Then a couple paragraphs later she's being dressed in a maid outfit and corset with different bondage. When were her wrists uncuffed? It was a good story of using a subbie though. Thank you for writing this.

Thursday, October 18, 2018  

Fabulous erotic writing

Thursday, October 18, 2018  

Thanks for submitting but this didnít really do it for me. Perhaps if I knew the characters better... I just didnít find it very sexy.

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