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Doctor Paine
  • Author - Sadistic Sam  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, M-f, consensual, non-consensual, analplay, bondage, kidnapping
  • Post Date - 2/28/2019
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Reader's Comments (2)

Author's Note: This is also a spin-off from Giselle and incorporates some of the same characters later on. I hope you like it.

Chapter 1

Doctor Ted Paine was on top of the world. He was relaxing at his wide desk having his dick sucked by one of his employees. A tall blonde with large enhanced breasts, a tiny waist and long legs, she was well versed in what her employer liked during his morning blow job. She slowly sank his length down her throat and held it there for nearly a minute, then slowly eased it out. Her tongue worked the underside near the tip as she reached the end. She knew he was in no hurry this morning and would savor the extended time she spent worshiping his dick. As her skill finally brought him off, his hand pulled her face tightly to him and he blasted a load into her throat. She was almost to the point of passing out from oxygen deprivation when he released her and she cleaned him with her tongue. Straightening her tight fitting skirt and blouse, she left his office to start her rounds. She would visit every senior employee and relieve them in whatever manner they wished. She was officially the "stress reliever" for his practice and every day serviced most of the 20 doctors that worked there. With an MBA, she was over-qualified for any position within his practice and when interviewed for the Office Manager's opening, had been sure to point that out repeatedly. Dr. Paine had hired the stuck up woman and then quickly reduced her to a quivering sex toy with regular "therapy" sessions and mind-control orchestrated by his wife. She was further humiliated with breast enlargements, multiple piercings and modification to her vocal cords that produced a high-squeaky voice. She lived in a small room in the basement with only a bed and a bathroom and was available to any employee. Her diet consisted of a tasteless mush, but she was allowed to beg for treats from her fellow employees. You wouldn't believe what she'd do for a Klondike bar!

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

Doctor Paine's skill with facial reconstruction, tummy tucks and enhanced breasts made him "the" hot plastic surgeon to the rich and famous; his Miami practice took up three stories of his building. His wife's psychotherapy practice (he was married to Doctor Jennifer Paine, a brilliant psychotherapist who was also incredibly hot) took up the ground floor. Their apartment took up the top floor and unknown to the world, there were two floors below ground level. His practice made him and his employees rich.

Dr, Paine also had a sideline; he was doctor to the underworld, treating criminals and changing appearances for those that were running from the law at exorbitant rates. But he also provided plastic surgery to sex workers; big fake boobs and tummy tucks for mobsters' girlfriends and strippers and sex slaves.

Dr. Paine's secret part of his clinic contained a state of the art operating theatre, several recovery rooms, a psychotherapy suite and slave cages. At the moment, in the psychotherapy suite Dr. Jennifer Paine was checking a young blonde, a very popular item for the Middle Eastern bordellos. This particular woman had decided to try and blackmail her boyfriend, a local contractor. After threatening to tell his wife about their affair, they were to meet so he could pay her off, but a pair of kidnappers waited for her instead. As she finished checking their work on the restrained blonde, she told her assistant that the woman was ready to ship. Packed in a small packing crate, she would be put on a private jet and delivered to a customer in Dubai.

Ted Paine had been a small child, very bright but not athletic. He was picked on by larger boys his age and they relentlessly challenged him with taunts of "What's wrong? Are you scared?" Ted grew to despise those words. He was also quite shy and didn't know how to act around girls. He was accepted to college at 16 and met Jennifer his junior year. She was a very bright, assertive and outgoing girl two years older than Ted, tall with large breasts, tight waist and round ass; she had long black hair and blue eyes. Once setting her sights on something, Jennifer went for it. And for reasons he couldn't quite work out, she set her sights on Ted.

While at college, he had started running and working out, and while he would never be tall, he developed a strong sinewy physique. After she persisted in making friends with him and inviting him on dates, Ted thought she had some ulterior motive. Why would this tall, gorgeous woman want him? Jennifer was getting frustrated at his reluctance to commit to a relationship with her, but she persisted. One Friday night as he dropped her off at her apartment, Jennifer invited him in, with the plan of finally seducing the shy virgin. She excused herself after seating him on the couch and changed into a lacy see-through negligee'. Coming back into the living room, Ted saw this beautiful woman and panicked. Stuttering excuses, he tried to leave, but Jennifer, feeling rejected by his reluctance to sleep with her, got mad and screamed, "What's wrong? Scared?"

Hearing those hated words, Ted's vision went red. He advanced on the woman, knocking her back onto the couch. Grabbing her by the throat, he squeezed and seeing the panic in her eyes, realized he was aroused. His dick was straining to escape, so he pulled his pants down with his free hand and forced her legs apart to find she was soaking wet. Although she had stopped fighting, Ted maintained his grip on her neck and forced his dick into her. Jennifer moaned, "Please, fuck me!" and Ted started moving in and out. Even though he flooded her insides very quickly, he kept forcing his dick into her pussy. By this time Jennifer had come too and had pulled her ankles up over his shoulders allowing his dick to pound her deep. Both hands had grasped his wrist, not trying to pull his hand from her neck, but keeping it there, enjoying his control. Ted's free hand wandered between her breasts and grabbing one tightly, pinched her nipple eliciting a sharp moan and another orgasm from Jennifer.

A half hour later, the exhausted pair was lying on the couch. Ted didn't know what to say, having nearly strangled Jennifer then raped her on the couch. Jennifer was too overwhelmed by this shy little guy's surprising ability to make her come repeatedly. What a catch! Ted, tried to mumble out an excuse to leave, but Jennifer used her legs to grab him around the waist and said "That was fantastic! You are the best fuck I've ever had and I'm not letting you go! Why don't we go into my bedroom and I'll thank you properly!" Ted, confused as to what was happening, let her lead him to bed and disrobe him. Setting him on the bed, Jennifer kneeled down and started licking his now erect manhood. Ted moaned "That feels so good!" and Jennifer answered, "If you want more, you'll have to make me" and guided his hands to each side of her head. Getting the idea, Ted grasped handfuls of her long black hair and pulled her toward his cock. Her hands clasped together behind her back, Jennifer let Ted face fuck her, swallowing and choking on his dick until he shot a load down her throat.

The next morning, Ted woke up with his dick in Jennifer's mouth and pulling her off, fucked her from behind, Jennifer ass up on the bed, Ted holding her head by the neck against the mattress. She came twice. Then lying back on the bed, Ted's arm around Jennifer, they talked. Both made a discovery that night. Ted never knew he could be so assertive and dominant, Jennifer realized she enjoyed Ted being in control. From then on, Jennifer became Ted's submissive and they were inseparable; they moved in together that weekend. Experimenting with their newly discovered D/s lifestyle they found they both enjoyed Jennifer being bound, whipped and violated how and when Ted wished.

Now, fifteen years later, they were rich, powerful and sought out by everyone. While he charged exorbitant fees to his rich and important clients, Ted included free clinic days for people that needed reconstruction but couldn't afford it.

Mr. Doctor Paine had a date with Mrs. Doctor Paine tonight. Because of their busy schedules, they made a point of taking Friday night as "date night". After finishing with her patients for the day, Jennifer had returned to their home. She bathed and dressed. First, black stockings held up by garters, a short pleated black skirt and tight knit top with long sleeves and bared her midriff below her unfettered breasts. The loops piercing her nipples were obvious to any observer. Black 6" heels and a black steel slave collar resembling a choker finished the outfit. Dressing finished, she went to their toy cabinet and removed the heavy stainless steel butt plug and Bluetooth controlled vibrator. Inserting both, she used a fine steel cable laced through grommets in her lips to lock her pussy shut over the vibrator. A lock sealed it shut. A twist of the butt plug's handle expanded it and a click verified that it was now locked in her ass. By the time she was finished, Ted was dressed in a pair of slacks and sport jacket and out they went.

They enjoyed dinner at a fine Cuban restaurant and Ted occasionally tormented Jennifer with the vibrator, controlled by his smart phone. Due to the intruder in her ass, she had to lean forward, putting more pressure on the vibrator. She was quite excited by the time they went Salsa dancing at a club. Jennifer having to be careful not to dance too wildly and show her boobs or bare ass! They returned home late. Ted disappeared into his dressing room while Jennifer went to their "play" room.

Going to the middle of the room, Jennifer removed her skirt and top and secured her ankles in a pair of metal stocks holding them three feet apart, then placed a ball gag in her mouth, secured behind her neck. Adding a blindfold, she stood, placing her neck and wrists in another set of stocks. As the stocks clamped shut, she heard a click as the latch secured itself. She was now captive to whatever Ted decided to subject her to. She didn't have to wait long; the vibrator kicked into high, causing her to start moving her hips, trying to work herself to orgasm. As she neared the peak of pleasure, the vibrator cut off and Jennifer moaned in frustration.

After a few minutes, the vibrator slowly started building in power and just before reaching maximum, a flash of fire blazed across her breasts causing a massive orgasm. Ted then proceeded to take a paddle to her ass, getting it glowing red. Jennifer came again during the spanking. Suddenly, the upper stocks started lowering, causing Jennifer to squat. As her head reached crotch level, it stopped and she felt her gag removed. Ted's dick soon replaced the ball and her head held still by the stocks, Ted fucked her face. As he came, he backed out quickly and splashed cum all over her face. Jennifer used her pierced tongue to clean up what she could, but cum still covered her nose, cheeks and chin. The stocks returned to full height, stretching Jennifer to tiptoe. Next she felt her pussy unlocked and the dildo removed. She almost came again from the loss.

Strings were attached to her nipple rings and loosely pulled up to the frame. Another string was attached to her clit ring and stretched to the floor. Her pussy was filled again by a larger dildo, then it was backed out until it just at the entrance to her pussy. From the feel, Ted was using one of the medium sized Bad Dragon models. This dildo, mounted on a pole, was secured at the base to a hole in the lower stocks. Then the head and neck stocks began to lower, forcing Jennifer down on the dildo and pulling her nipples up. Just as it reached deep enough to start feeling painful, it stopped. As the stocks started slowly moving her body up and down, forcing Jennifer to fuck herself on the dildo, another flash of fire across her breasts brought her to another orgasm. She didn't remember the next 15 minutes, having completely submerged into sub-space and cuming repeatedly as Ted used a cane on her tits, giving them bright red stripes of fire.

He stopped when he realized that Jennifer was hanging in the stocks, unable to support her weight with her legs. He stopped the stocks at the lowest point, the Bad Dragon filling her pussy and nipples pulled taut. Ted removed the butt plug filling her ass, getting a moan in response. He quickly replaced it with his own dick and standing there with his hips against her warm, red ass, started the stock moving again. Jennifer was fucking herself on his dick in her ass and the dildo in her pussy. When Ted eventually came, her released Jennifer and carried her to their bed and cuddled her until she fell asleep, still clad in stockings and heels and wearing the blindfold and gag.

Ted woke up the next morning with Jennifer's tongue on his dick. As he stretched and opened his eyes, he saw she now had her wrists cuffed behind her back and wore a ring gag. She still wore the blindfold, stockings and heels from the night before. Pulling her off his dick, he flipped her face up, trapping her arms behind her back. Ted pulled her to the edge of the bed and with her head hanging off, slid his dick down her throat. Grabbing her neck with one hand, he played with her red, striped tits with the other. Ted fucked her throat, Jennifer using all her will to prevent gagging and choking on his dick.

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When Ted finished, he replaced Jennifer's ball gag, secured her hands in front of her and removed the blindfold. Smacking her on the ass, he said "Bacon and eggs, toast and hash browns this morning slave!" Jennifer moaned in response and headed to the kitchen to fix their breakfast. She hated cooking bacon naked!

Ted watched her cook, her bare breasts bouncing, red ass inviting more abuse. When finished, Jennifer brought two plates; Ted's breakfast and another plate with a toasted English muffin. Serving her "master", Jennifer then knelt at his side and waited for permission to nibble her muffin. After he was done, Ted removed Jennifer's gag and allowed her to eat. Ted sat and drank coffee watching Jennifer eat her breakfast.

Ted's phone rang; he had a patient coming in from a "special" customer, so he led Jennifer into the playroom and secured her ankles to thighs and placed her on a Sybian with double intruders. Her wrists were pulled up behind her and the ball gag replaced. Turning on the vibrator, he clipped a short chain to her nipple rings which was pulled down to her clit ring. A blindfold finished off her bondage and he left her to enjoy "alone time" while he saw his client. Jennifer moaned into her gag and while she enjoyed the vibrators, hoped Ted wouldn't be gone too long!

Ted met the ambulance at their emergency entrance. The Paramedics working for his practice were both sadists and enjoyed the special patient transports. Jim had been charged with multiple rapes in four states, but thanks to Dr. Paine's skill, had a new face, life and career in Florida. His partner, Sam, was a hardcore lesbian with a predilection toward sadism. Her favorite past time was tricking previously straight women into lesbian relationships and turning them into slaves. Her current girlfriend had been a petite blonde Baptist preacher's wife who now craved being fisted while tied immobile. Sam had set her sights on the wrong woman and had been on the run from a Chicago gang until Dr. Paine gave her a new face and life.

Their patient was mummified in sheets, blood staining several spots. She was wearing a cervical collar and what showed of her face was bruised. She had been sedated, intubated and was receiving oxygen and IV fluids. Sam, having ridden in the back with their patient said: "She's stable, the blood looks worse than it is although her pussy is a little tore up and she's also bleeding from the ass. There's a few partial thickness burns around her cunt lips and nipples and I think her jaw may be broken. "

"What happened?" asked Dr. Paine. "Her father is head of the Cali cartel and she got caught by some 4th Street bangers on their turf. They tore her up real good, but her old man had a GPS tracker on her and those guys are going deep sea fishing without a boat about now."

Okay, let's get her in for an exam. You guys didn't take any liberties coming in did you?"

"No sir! We treated her with kid gloves. I never got the hang of breathing salt water!"

"Good! Her father is not one to cross!"

Dr. Paine did his exam, took X-rays and bandaged the woman, who they kept unconscious. Her jaw would need wiring shut and she would need some cosmetic surgery for a few injuries, but overall the injuries weren't life threatening. She was moved to a room on the recovery level of the main clinic and her father allowed in and her injuries explained. Carlos Bastile thanked Dr. Paine for his personal attention and vowed to be in his debt. Having a cartel leader owing you a favor could come in handy sometime!

Dr. Paine scheduled his oral surgeon in the following week to handle the jaw, and one of his plastic surgeons could handle the rest. The woman's sedation was scaled back to allow her to wake up. Everything handled, Dr. Paine went to see how his wife was doing.

As he walked into the playroom, Jennifer was having her 14th orgasm and it was torture, not pleasure now. The Sybian was unstoppable and it's vibration on her clit was transmitted through the chain to her nipples. Ted turned the machine off and released his wife. "How about a restful afternoon at home?" he asked her. All Jennifer could do was moan and nod her head. She showered then spent a while in the hot tub, then dressing again in heels, stockings, cuffs and gag she returned to kneel at her husband's chair in the living room. Ted moved to the couch and patted the seat beside him. Jennifer sat beside him as he wrapped her in his arm and turned on the TV to watch a couple of movies. Jennifer half napped while the movie played: he had seen "Silverado" at least a dozen times but loved to watch it. The second movie was more her style, the latest in the "50 Shades" franchise.

At dinner time they ordered a pizza in and ate it with a couple of beers in living room like college kids. By bedtime they were both ready for a good night's sleep, so after clipping her cuffs behind her back, Jennifer gave him a blowjob and they fell asleep with his arm around her and her head on his shoulder.

Jennifer woke up with Ted's face between her legs, nibbling on her clit and tugging on the ring. Ted worked his tongue over her pussy, slowly increasing her excitement until her thighs clamped on his head and she shuddered in ecstasy. Smiling up at her when she recovered, he quipped, "You know the rules. You failed to wake me with a blow job. Now you pay the penalty!" Getting nipple clamps from the dresser, he placed them, bringing a moan from Jennifer. Then with a swat on her ass, said "I think this morning, pancakes and bacon are in order!"

Oh, no!" thought Jennifer, "not bacon naked again!"

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Thursday, February 28, 2019  

Excellent story. My only gripe was you set up Jennifer Paine as “a brilliant psycotherapist” but we never got to see that side of her. I think it would have been neat to see the other side of her coin.

Thursday, February 28, 2019  

fine story

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