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When I Died A Million Times
  • Author - writer_unblocked  
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  • Site Rank - 2507 of 2723
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  • Story Codes - MF-mf, non-consensual, analplay, cbt, fantasy, slavery, snuff
  • Post Date - 3/3/2019
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Author's Note: What if in the after-life you pay for your sins by living the life of a cosmic slave caste? This is an esoteric experiment, silly, and nothing to take too seriously.

Chapter 1

When I died, my body fell into a dark void while my soul parted away. Little did I know that my body and soul had their own agency. I watched as my soul floated away as a bright white incandescent body, but not bright enough to illuminate the darkness around. It was a familiar face, an old friend, a twin abandoning me.

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Deeper and deeper I fell. My soul now resembled a distant star fading further and further away.

Then, my naked physical flesh was plucked by many dark hands. Roughly, cruelly, without care, the million hands groped and felt me up. They plucked every single strain of hair as I cried in pain, but they cared not for my tears as they probed my body and every hole-my mouth, my belly button, my ears, my anus, my urethra, every and all holes. Fingers choked my throat, while other fingers bore into my asshole, and other hands molested my cock. They squeezed me thin and molded my flesh into feminine curves and peeled off the top layer of my skin to expose a supple one inside. They cupped my testicles, tugged it hard, twisted them endlessly, and castrated me by plucking my balled up sac like a ripe fruit. Then they took out the testicles, threw away the useless flesh, and planted them in my chest like seeds-plump breasts grew in place.

Hands dipped in blue ink appeared out of the void and my whole body, every crevasse, every opening, and every inch was painted in Mayan blue. This unique blue, the colors of sacrificial meat. An Egyptian braded bobbed wig with golden beads at their tips was stitched into my scalp, and I felt each piercing of the needle. My septum was pierced with a golden ring, and they leashed to it a string like gold chain that was long as my body from head to toe. Another hand pulled my tongue out and pierced it with a golden ring too and leashed it with a similar long chain off it. My new and sensitive nipples were pierced and leashed. The tip of my shriveled little cock was pierced and leashed. My perineum too pierced and leashed. An iron mold was locked around my neck and into it hot liquid gold was poured to bind me in a permanent collar. I smelled my flesh scorched as smoke seeped out of the mold while the liquid gold burned my neck. A special hand with an emerald ring pulled out a golden mechanical keyhole, and another hand with a sapphire ring wielded a hammer, and the two jammed the keyhole device into my forehead. The torture came to an end when a hand with ruby ring branded a red circular signature on my right ass cheek as a sign of authenticity of their newly crafted flesh doll.

A deep voice pierced through my mind and passed judgment: "To be reborn! Mere cattle, cosmic slave caste in Naraka for the next 20 millionth rebirths. No soul shall inhabit this sacrificial meat, only smokes of an extinguished soul fire. Feed the many hungers of the world in all its form and existence. We cast you down to your fate: nameless, many, replaceable, disposable, eunuch, a cosmic slave."

I dropped into shallow dirty water of mud and chunks of many other things. I wasn't the only one. Many cosmic slaves dropped into the swamp water from the great void sky above. All painted, pierced, chained, collared, keyholed, and branded. They wailed and screamed from everywhere. Many swam towards each other for help and comfort.

As I tried to catch my breath from all the pain and trauma, a storm-battered red wooden boat donned with Japanese lanterns hanging about it slowly floated my way. I waved my hands and yelled out for help. Then I saw the crew: ebon black demons with horns, varying size and builds, varying number of hands, lusty mouths, hungry red tongues, and ivory white teeth. I turned and swam as fast away as I could-unable to process it all but the fear. One fat demon swung a large fishing rod towards me and the hook caught the end chain leashed to my perineum ring. I felt the pain sting through my body! With sheer force and speed, the demon reeled me out the water. It handled my petit new body with ease and hooked me on a fish hanger at the center of the boat. I hung upside down from my perineum, I cried, screamed, and flayed my hands and legs around, but I only spun around and caused more pain. My hands and feet felt the warm soft flesh of others hanging off the fish hangers. My eyes dried and adjusted as I saw other cosmic slaves hung like caught fish. Our bodies touched and wrangled among as we hung closely in a dense bunch. Some hung from their tit ring, others their nose, some from their tongue, and then a few by their limp little cocks. I couldn't say who had it worse-we were all blue, all naked, we all cried, we were all in pain, and we were all confused from this living hell.

A fat, ebon demon with red lips and four eyes in a row swung me towards him with his large hands, and he licked and tasted my cock, continued licking to taste my breasts and suckle them, and finally probed my mouth with his tongue and let go. I was lathered in his saliva as I swung there in sheer fright.

Another blue slave was plucked off the hanger by smaller dark green goblins dressed in dirty white cloth. They tossed her on the table on her stomach. One goblin locked her nose ring to one extreme of the table, then followed quickly with her tongue. Another spread apart her tits by yanking the chains on either side and locked them to the table. The last goblin pulled both chain leashed to her little cock and taint and locked it tight at the other end of the table. It didn't matter that her hands and legs were free to flail about, despite how hard she tried to get up or free herself, the pain of trying kept her secure on the table on her stomach. She managed at times to only lift a little before her tummy fell back down in pain of her nipples and dick being pulled apart. As she tried and tried, the goblins laughed and laughed. They surrounded her on the table and one couldn't resist but smell the musk from her ass. Eventually, it began licking her. She ... seemed to enjoy it despite hating herself for doing so. She even began to moan.

The bottom deck's door slammed open, and a most hideous, black, blob of fat demon came out and kicked and slapped off the goblins off her. He then reached into his torn shorts and pulled out a ribbed big black cock and began stroking it as it drooled gooey saliva off its mouth on the cosmic slave's body while smelling it's scent too. In a swift motion, the fat demon moved fast for its size and grabbed hold of her legs by the thighs and spread them apart. It then fucked her asshole as it pulled at her by her thighs and ploughed in deep every time. I saw the unbearable pain in her eyes as tears dripped and unable to scream and cry as she gagged on her tongue yanked out by the leash. I couldn't make sense of how such girth could enter that tiny body-it fucked her until she went motionless little by little and simply let herself get used like a motionless doll.

The demon enjoyed it all, and every time it looked at our pile hanging from the hanger, we shrieked as one.

Out the same door, another skinny red demon walked wearing an apron, a chef's hat, and wielding a meat cleaver. He walked up to her and swung and cut off her left arm. She snapped back in shock and wriggled trying to escape in vain. The blue arm was chopped into many little pieces and expertly turned into sushi as the poor slave looked in horror. By now, the other demon had finished fucking her and took out his cock glistening in covered gruel and cum. Her asshole leaked out his cum on the table, but non of the vile creatures there cared. The chef demon went to the other side of the table, chopped off her other arm, and then expertly flayed that too before cutting it into bite size pieces. In the end, her body was left on the table armless and wrangling about. It's strange she did not bleed at all. It was just clean meat.

The chef demon then took out a set of old keys, some were in iron, others silver, and one in gold. He took one of the iron key and then put it into her keyhole on her forehead and turned it two times clockwise. The cosmic slave stopped frozen in place before smiling. The goblins undid her bondage, and, armless, she stood up on the table and started dancing by swaying her hips and body like a snake. She danced on the very table where her arms were cut up into sushi. She was entertainment for the crew while they took their lunch brake.

The bite size meat pieces served as lunch for the hard working crew of demons. The slave watched as they ate her arms up, savoring her flesh, but she danced on with a smile, brimming with playful energy.

The boat must've caught its quota and headed back to god knows where. During the trip, I feared getting cut up and eaten as sushi. I wasn't, luckily. Instead, the demons found my asshole to be quite a delicacy. I was passed around by demons like a vodka bottle they shared and each one probed my asshole with their tongue to taste me. Against my own shame and hate, I loved being passed around and tasted like that. I even began playing with my new tits as they licked me out, and a thick white milk oozed out. The ooze dripped into my mouth, and it wasn't milk ... it was something else, but I drank it gladly.

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