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Under The Table
  • Author - Ryutai_Kitsune  
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  • Site Rank - 1626 of 2723
  • Unique Views - 6458
  • Story Codes - F-m, consensual, ageplay, bondage, public, teen
  • Post Date - 3/4/2019
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Reader's Comments (4)

I hadn't been to an undergraduate lecture for at least a decade, but this would prove to be one of my most memorable ever. The funny thing is, I'm long past being an undergrad nor have I enrolled in a new course as a mature student. One of my closest friends is a young college student. We met at a kink party a few months ago and made an immediate connection when we found out we had quiet a bit in common in both worlds. Unfortunately when we met I was an out-of-town visitor and I don't live in the same state let alone the same city, much to our frustration. But, every now and then one of us manages a short visit.

It was my turn to come see her and while usually the visits take place on a weekend, my job meant I had a whole week off so here I was at her college hanging out. We were walking to her morning lecture, the plan was for me keep myself busy in the campus library for the hour and although we tried to hold a conversation as we walked, both of us were very distracted. I'd stutter through my sentences as the rope harness I had under my clothes itched and rubbed (she was practicing her rope topping skills on me) and she'd just look at me and start giggling, taking every opportunity to ping a rope through my shirt or stroke my back, causing me to shiver and stutter some more.

I was too distracted to notice that it was still a good half-an-hour before the lecture started when we entered the lecture theatre. It was empty and given that it was the first lecture of the day there was no one hanging about. My friend ushered me to a back row and shuffled me right along to the end against the wall. The lecture benches were fairly typical; continuous without breaks. They had fronts which skirted all the way to the floor so you could put your bags down by your feet and they wouldn't fall forward onto the chairs in front. The leg room was pretty generous, much to my relief as I have fairly long legs.

She shuffles in next to me: "I thought you'd find this lecture interesting since it's on a topic similar to what you studied when you were a student. Would you like to stay and listen?" I was very pleased to hear this, we don't get much time to hang out as it is. Then I remembered my itchy rope harness and squirmed. If I could go to the library I would be out and about and able to readjust, go to the loo, but her giggle made me relent, and instead I was compelled to accept the invitation. I'll manage; her company is worth the lack of comfort! "Oh you're not sitting here, though!" she said with a touch of her Domme voice. I know her well enough to tell the subtle differences in her tones, from the full extent between sub to Domme.

I raised an eyebrow as she looked around the empty lecture theatre when suddenly she grabbed in between my crotch through my jeans. "Strip down to your panties" she softly commanded. I was shocked for a split second. We had given each other open consent to touch each other, yes, but we'd never fondled and played in a public setting. Before I got short of breath I was about to protest which she grabbed a little harder, but soft enough that it felt like 'trust me'. "Do you want to stay or not?" she queried with a gentle smile and a twinkle in her eye. I took a deep breath and as she held onto my growing cock I took off my shirt exposing my body and the rope harness. The university campus was over 50 years old and this was one of the older lecture theatres, so it did not hold onto its heat very well; I started to get goosebumps, and not just from the slight chill.

As I removed my shoes and socks she looked around again before helping me take off my jeans. Exposed now in just a rope harness and sissy nylon panties, I was now stood in between her wide legs. With a quick nod of her head and eyes down to her ground I instinctively knelt down on the floor between the small space of her seat and the bench. She shuffled through her backpack and got out two handcuffs, an open-mouthed hood and a silicone ring gang. I didn't even know she had those let alone slip them in her bag amongst all her paperwork; I started to wonder if she had been planning this for a while!

I began to nervously watch the doors at the top of the theatre for anyone else who had a mind to turn up early. Remembering back to my days as a student, usually the first lecture of the day started late as most of us would probably still be in bed. That thought still was not reassuring and my heart started pounding as she clicked a set of cuffs gently around my ankles. She lent forward and whispered: "Do you still want to do this? Please use your safeword and we'll get you dressed in plenty of time before others get here". I thought about it. I knew she wouldn't be disappointed if I called 'red', as we have more than enough respect for each other. We've also built up a lot of trust, so instead I put my arms behind my back and lowered my head. She lent forward. Her long soft black hair, which drifted down over and past her bosom stroked my face, leaving me with even less power to resist. I nestled my head on her lap and felt the cuffs clip around my wrists. When I relaxed I noticed she had threaded them through the part of the rope harness around my lower back, so I couldn't bring my hands around to the front. "Now you obviously need to be very quiet and still! This class isn't very big but I'll still hide you behind the bench and cover you up." I nodded. "Oh, I when I said you will be listening, I meant it!" And with that she slid the soft hood over my head positioning the opening over my mouth. Within seconds my ears started to become more attuned. When she said "Open up!" I could hear the sharp Domme tone buried within her sweet soft musical voice. No sooner had I opened my mouth it had a ring gag shoved in it and fastened behind my head.

"You've probably got about 10 minutes to get comfortable before others start arriving. As soon as you go still I'll assume you are comfortable and set my bag and hoodie in a way that you are hidden. Make sure you behave yourself! I don't want to get in trouble!" Oh she was already in trouble when it became my turn to top, but for now I couldn't argue. I had to use the entire 10 minutes to find some way of fitting into that small space and in between her legs. I'm not getting any younger and my joints can get a little painful, but eventually I settled for curling up partly on my side with my head resting on the edge of her seat in between her legs. She wiggled about a bit herself no doubt to ensure she was comfortable, as I can't imagine having a 6ft guy stuffed in a cavity in front and between your legs doesn't leave much room for maneuver! It was a very tight squeeze but we both managed to settle. She then closed her legs, squeezing me like a hug and I guess she was starting to arrange stuff like her bag. I felt her hoodie, which usually sits bulky and baggy on her slender frame go over her lap and my head. Within seconds I wasn't feeling cold anymore.

After what must have been 10 minutes, but it seemed longer, I was in already in subspace. I was slightly uncomfortable but too far gone to care. Suddenly I felt a sudden rush of blood from my crotch to my head and I gasped for air, giving a whimper. It felt like she had taken her left shoe off and was using her left foot to stroke in between my legs. I was curled up in a way that exposed myself to her left foot. I must have moved too much as she shhhh'd me down and stopped stroking me. "Be quiet and behave your... oh! Here we go!". I heard a distant voice become louder and closer and I almost started to panic before my friend replied back "Oh hi! Best not come too close cough I've got a bit of a cold and don't want cough to spread. I don't feel like having anyone sit near me today!". I didn't know whether to cry or laugh, but I knew I couldn't do either, so I just stayed as still as I possibly could. I did note some disappointment in the voice of whoever my friend was speaking to, but lo and behold they shuffled away. Every time someone came over to sit or say hi, she would discourage again and thankfully we got lucky every time. She had to get stern with one guy who seemed to not get the idea. I thought we were going to be busted when she turned on a very sharp Domme voice, the likes I never heard before and whoever it was sounded like they tucked-tail and backed off. I started shivering with nervous energy; I felt her pat my head in reassurance.

It seemed that was the last person she had to talk to and she began to stroke my cock again with her foot. I had gotten so hard by this point that it had poked out of my panties and was resting along the worn carpeted floor of the theatre. If this keeps up I'd start leaving patches on the floor! Any shuffle I now made would be met with not just her foot but also the abrasiveness of that scratchy surface. The murmur before the class started helped to mask any subtle movement I made, but every time I moved or whimpered she'd stop stroking, squeeze me in between her legs and give me a naughty naughty-type tap on my head through her hoodie.

The class went silent and I could hear the lecturer's voice greet everyone. I knew everyone's attention would either be on the lecture, or they'd be half asleep still. At least, I desperately hoped so. I tried to listen to what the lecturer was saying but I started to have all kinds of thoughts in my head. My friend is, let's just say, pretty damn attractive and she has a tendency to turn heads, so I almost freaked out thinking that almost every person had a turn to gaze our way. Then when that wave of paranoia would subside I'd then feel lust and longing for her. We aren't, would you believe, in a relationship beyond a strong friendship and play partners. But that's another story. This public play scene took me totally by surprise and then started to think if I should be upset or betrayed but replaying conversations and negotiations in my head; I couldn't find fault. I wanted this and she knows my boundaries and limits. We're both exhibitionists on the kink scene and we'd talked about covert play. Half way through my analysis I felt another rush of blood to the head from between my legs, it took me suddenly and I jolted my head in to her crotch. She quickly covered with a fake-cough, then prompted to squeeze me again and tap my head and stopped stroking me with her foot. Argh, this was frustrating! I had never felt so exposed, irritated but blissful at the same time!

I had no idea how much of the lecture had past or how much of it was left. But I was now starting to get very uncomfortable. I was drooling from my gag and quite clearly leaving a pool of saliva that was partly collecting onto the edge of her seat and partly dripping down onto my body. I tried to move ever so subtly, quietly and slowly. Every now and then she would squeeze me with her legs to stop me moving and cough to cover-up. I thought I couldn't last, but whether it was though shear will-power or falling back into subspace, I don't know, but I managed to resettle. After I had been still for what seemed like an eternity she would start to stroke my cock with her left foot again. Each time I would resist gasping or twitching. It was starting to get too much and now I found myself deliberately making subtle movements to get her to stop, but not without her squeezing me and telling me off with that soft tap to my head.

Surely the lecture was almost over; that had to be an hour! I just could not take this anymore. I wanted to stretch but it would mean too much movement. I wanted to explode but dare not try and rub myself and do it here in public. We'd be caught for sure. Not to mention the mess beyond what I was already leaving! I have no idea what came over me but I had the urge to be bratty. I worked ever so gently and gingerly to position my head so my mouth and ring gag was over what I seemed to be her crotch. I could tell she was getting nervous (and perhaps excited) as she was squirming and squeezing me with more frequency. I pushed my tongue out as far as I could, forcing her to take a sharp intake of breath which she followed up this time with a fake coughing fit. I stopped to allow her to gather herself, perhaps take a swig from her water bottle (it sounded like). Then she almost crushed me; I knew I was getting a big telling off and that I'd be in for it later. Remembering we'd both be in serious trouble if we were caught, I didn't push my luck any further!

Finally after what seemed like forever people started shuffling out. Again she had to work hard in diverting people away. One, perhaps the guy who got too close earlier, she settled on telling him that she'd meet him at the campus coffee shop in an hour, just so he'd go away. After a few more moments of silence, the hoodie was whipped off from her lap and my head. I could feel the fresh air rush in through the pores of my hood. "Oh you're going to pay for almost getting us caught!" she whispered. "You need to finish what you started with your tongue. The next lecture isn't for another 50 minutes, but if you aren't finished in enough time for us to get out of here then I guess I'll have to hide you for another hour!"

Needless to say, I got to work..!

The End
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Thursday, March 14, 2019  

Maybe You Could Extend This Story? Great Story!

Thursday, March 14, 2019  

Maybe You Could Extend This Story? Great Story!

Tuesday, March 05, 2019  

This was an AWESOME story. I hope you can post more.

Monday, March 04, 2019  

Very nice story. Well done. Loved the little touches that made the discovery just a little more likely. I hope you write some more...and did you say something about switching roles ? Iím already drooling. tpb

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