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Probation Period
  • Author - Absolutist  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, consensual, armbinder, bodymod, bondage, chastity, humiliation, latex, loving, slavery
  • Post Date - 3/8/2019
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Author's Note: Victoria and Penelope are engaged in a no-holds-barred mistress/slave relationship. As usual, it's complicated.

Thanks a lot to all who helped with suggestions and editing, especially JG-Leathers, Nye North and GeeTwo.

Part 1 - NOW

The ceiling lamp flickers, intermittently bathing the windowless room in cold neon light. A naked body begins to move on the narrow bunk where silvery, shimmering chains wind their way over the pale skin of the stretched-out woman. Their soft tinkling is suddenly drowned out by a loud clicking noise from the heavy steel door's locking mechanism, then a tall woman with long black hair steps through the opening door and stops in front of the wall of bars separating the cell and bunk from the rest of the large room. Over her arm, she carries a comfortable-looking bathrobe, somewhat worn out, which forms a strange contrast to her immaculate black leather outfit.

"Good morning, Mistress." The young woman on the narrow bunk manages to rise halfway before being held back by her chains.

"Hello, Penny. I think we can leave the formalities aside. Do you know what day it is today?"

Penny freezes for a moment, then closes her eyes and takes a deep breath before silently nodding.

"You have persevered. You've endured everything. You can be very proud of yourself. I assuredly am."

"Thank you, Mi.. Victoria."

She waits patiently while Victoria unlocks the door of her cell, then, piece by piece, frees her of her chains. She stares meditatively at the wide metal cuffs tightly encircling her slender wrists, until Victoria has released the final chain to her collar so that she can finally stand up. With a brief gesture, Victoria points to the bathrobe she has dropped down on the cot next to Penny.

"Put that on. The rest of the house isn't as cosy and warm as your cell."

"Oh, I don't mind that."

"Maybe you don't. But be considerate of Alfred's blood pressure."

"It's not so easy to shock him," Penny contends, but still slips into the robe, then together they leave the room in which Penny has spent so much of her time over the past months and silently climb up the stairs to the light-flooded ground floor of the house. They proceed further up the generous staircase to the gallery on the first floor and upon arriving at the top, Penny suddenly stops and extends her hand towards Victoria.

"Please give me the keys!"

Victoria scrutinizes Penny's face, but her suddenly mask-like, rigid features don't reveal any emotion.

"Of course," Victoria relents after a moment's hesitation, pulling out the loop of her necklace from the front of her top. In place of a pendant, a clutch of unusually shaped, little keys dangles, which she now detaches and presses into Penny's hand.

"There, you have them. By the way, I've asked Alfred to prepare a bath for you."

"Huh? Oh, thanks, that's very considerate of you, but please leave me alone now?" Penny demands absently, staring spellbound at the cluster of strange keys in her hand.

"As you wish. I suppose I'll hear from you once you have decided. You know where to find me." Victoria turns abruptly and stalks away.

Penny looks up in surprise and raises her hand, as if intending to hold Victoria back, but remains silent. Instead, she leans against the railing and watches Victoria irresolutely until she disappears from her field of vision.

"Crap!" Penny exclaims softly, clenching her hands into fists, so that the keys press painfully into the soft skin of her palm, then she quickly turns away and hurries off in the opposite direction.


It took a while for the melodic humming of her smartwatch to penetrate Victoria's mind, indicating that her training session was over. Strangely enough, it was while running that she could best calm herself and think. With a regretful sigh she killed the alarm, jumped off the treadmill and began a series of stretching exercises.

When she straightened herself again, she found herself the subject of numerous admiring glances. Some of the men caught staring looked away in embarrassment, while the more self-confident ones tried a winning smile instead. Victoria was used to being the centre of male attention and didn't mind, even though she sometimes found it annoying. Some of her would-be admirers were so convinced of their own irresistibility that they misinterpreted her dismissive behaviour as a particularly challenging way of flirting - only being deterred from further advances by sharp-tongued rebuffs, or, in rare, even more obstinate cases, impressive demonstrations of her karate skills.

She grabbed her towel, then quickly left the fitness centre. Enticed by the prospect of a hot shower, she hurried with quick steps towards her cabin. The corridors in this part of the ship, reserved for premium passengers, were designed with a dignified elegance that her fitness outfit comprised of sports bra, short trousers and running shoes clashed with badly. This was made plain by the venomous glances of some elderly, costumed ladies that she overtook along the way. Fortunately, the cabin door accepted her key card without the bitching that was typical of over-sophisticated technology, and Victoria was able to escape their silent disapproval by withdrawing into the safety of her suite.

She went straight into the spacious bathroom and slipped out of her sweaty training outfit, but before taking off her smartwatch, she looked at the status display, whose soothing green assured her that everything was fine with Penny - at least to the extent it was appropriate to make such a statement given the circumstances in which Penny presently found herself. That thought brought a happy smile to Victoria's face and a pleasant shiver of excitement ran through her. Quickly she got into the shower and while she let herself be caressed by warm water, her hands wandered over her body, soon finding their way to her breasts and lap as if of their own will. Later, she admonished herself with a regretful sigh and grabbed the shampoo.

Half an hour later, she stood naked in front of the right half of the large built-in wardrobe in the suite's bedroom. In quick succession, she selected a black leather bra, a tight skirt made of the same glossy material and a pair of knee-high lace-up boots; tossing the ensemble onto the huge double bed.

First, she stepped into the skirt and with some effort, shimmied it up over her hips and buttocks until it hung loosely around her narrow waist. To close the zipper, she had to suck in her breath and hold it for a moment, but in exchange, when the zip was fully closed, the skirt fit like an expensive glove; emphasizing her (literally) breathtaking figure.

Next, after fastening the clips of the wide chest band over her spine, she shrugged her upper body into the expensive bra so that her firm breasts with their pertly protruding nipples disappeared into the tight-fitting leather of its deep cups, then she adjusted the shoulder straps to the point that they dug narrow furrows into her shoulders. Quietly cursing, she spent another 10 minutes lacing her slender calves into the high shafts of her boots, before getting up and posing in front of the mirror mounted on the inside of the cupboard door.

With a critical eye, Victoria examined her image; made only a few final adjustments, then was satisfied. Even a less biased observer would have to admit that her appearance was well worth all the effort. Her black, straight hair, strictly combed back and falling over her shoulders, combined favourably with her classic, perhaps somewhat sharply cut, facial features; her dark, almost piercing eyes and pale complexion were complemented by sensual, blood-red lips. Her appearance, combined with her leather outfit, constituted the epitome of the femme fatale, or the stereotypical dominatrix. She quietly closed the cupboard door. Showtime!

For a moment, she stood motionless and listened to the ship's various, subtle noises. If one listened carefully, amongst the rustling of the wind and the waves, the subliminal humming of the engines and the cheerful voices of the other passengers, from time to time other sounds could be discerned. A muted clicking and muffled moaning emanated from the closed wardrobe. But one had to listen very carefully indeed.

The furniture in the cabin was not only sturdily built, but also firmly anchored to the walls and floor, so that even in heavy seas it would not leave its assigned place and turn into deadly projectiles; a circumstance Victoria found convenient for her very own reasons. A smile played on her lips when she unlocked the doors on the large cupboard's the left side and quietly opened it.

Immediately, not only the volume of the moaning multiplied, but also its intensity. Probably, it was the light draught on her sweaty skin that had informed Penny about the end of her solitary confinement, since no other senses were at her disposal; this handicap enforced by the tightly laced, thick and insulated leather helmet that adhered to her head like a second skin. It was hermetically sealed except for two small, metal-reinforced holes below her nose. At the neck, the helmet merged into a wide posture collar that concealed the end of its rear lacing, being secured with a small, silvery padlock, thus preventing any unauthorized attempts to remove it - not that Penny's other bonds left her the slightest opportunity.

Her slim arms were confined behind her back in an armbinder that reached halfway up between elbow and shoulder, pressing her elbows firmly against one another. Lower down, the thick but supple leather casing firmly encircled her wrists, with the palms of each hand pressed onto the other by the tight mitten. To Victoria's delight, this aspect posed no real problem for the very flexible Penny, although it assuredly turned into a challenge in the long run.

The mercilessly tightened holding straps, each running over one shoulder to the opposite armpit and thus crossing over her chest, securely prevented escape of any kind - despite her dramatically backward bent shoulders. There was no possible way she could wriggle her arms out of their leather prison; a condition that the twin straps above her elbows and around her wrists could have guaranteed on their own. They too had been pulled taut and secured with locks like all the others of their kind.

As well, the wide strap around her wrists provided a stable anchor point for a short chain, the other end of which was attached to the clothes rail, mercilessly pulling her arms high up behind her. Combined with the wide belts that bound her ankles to her thighs, the result was a severe strappado that forced Penny to balance on her knees. This was a feat she had unwillingly, but valiantly struggled to accomplish for the last two hours.

Victoria crouched, smiling and with delicate, fingertip caresses, began to stroke Penny's thighs that trembled with tension. The subdued sounds that penetrated through the helmet took on an urgent undertone. Penny couldn't produce understandable words due to the firmly inflated butterfly gag she wore under her mask, but the message, however, was clear: she implored salvation from her torment. So not exactly what Victoria was up to now.

Victoria let her hand glide to Penny's crotch. Her fingers slid unerringly between the lust-swollen labia and penetrated deeply. Penny froze momentarily, then her formerly imploring moans were replaced by frantic but restricted inhalations, for she was now desperately struggling against the resistance of her tightly laced corset to suck more air into her lungs.

A tremor ran through her pinioned body when Victoria first gently circled her fingertips around the vaginal opening and then slowly ran them upward between her lips until they encountered the hopefully erected clitoris. The gentle touch made Penny shiver violently and a throaty wail pierced through her gag. Involuntarily, she tilted her hips forward and pressed her thighs together as if trying to prevent the intruder responsible for her wild flaming excitement from escaping.

"Not so fast!" Victoria freed her hand and had to smile. Her fingers were shining wet, a finding sweat alone could not provide a satisfactory explanation for.

"It seems to me that someone is enjoying her treatment. What do you think?" she mocked, holding her fingers under the helmet's breathing holes. "Maybe I'll allow you to climax later. Once you've earned it."

Penny sagged in her bonds with a disappointed groan, which due to her precarious position caused her arms to be instantly pulled up almost vertically behind her back. She immediately tried to straighten again, but Victoria beat her to it and instead released the chain that connected her wrists to the clothes rail, then she opened the lock on the posture collar and began to work on loosening the lacing of the helmet.

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Two minutes later, she first pulled it forward over her prisoner's head and, finally, it came all the way off to reveal the sweaty face of a young woman with short blonde hair. The narrow straps of a gag harness dug into the skin of her head and around her neck she wore a snugly-fitted, stainless steel band that had previously been hidden by the posture collar. Above the wide leather shield that covered her mouth, green, slightly reddened eyes blinked in the sudden brightness and immediately directed an imploring gaze towards Victoria.

"I know, I know ..." Victoria gently stroked her dishevelled hair. "Wait, I'll free you from your gag right away."

With nimble fingers she had soon opened the many buckles until the mouth shield was held in place only by the thick latex balloon filling Penny's oral cavity to capacity. To get it to pass between her teeth without dislocating her lower jaw in the process, Victoria had to first exhaust nearly all the air via the integrated valve and only then was she able to extract the now flaccid rubber pad, accompanied by a surge of saliva.

"Ah!" With a relieved sigh Penny slowly closed her mouth. Victoria watched with interest while she moved her lower jaw back and forth with her eyes closed and pain-distorted features, intent to regain control over her stiff muscles before finally looking up.

"Thank you, Mistress. May I have something to drink, please?" Penny asked in a husky voice.

"Of course." Victoria fetched the water bottle with the straw from the bedside table, then sat down on the bed and pointed to the floor in front of her feet. "Come here!"

She waited patiently as Penny slowly crept closer on her knees, then, when she had reached the designated place, Victoria held out the bottle to her and allowed her to drink until she had quenched her thirst.

"Another sip?"

Penny shook his head. "No thank you, Mistress."

"Good." Victoria placed the bottle on the floor, then leaned forward and hooked her fingers through the front ring of Penny's steel collar and pulled firmly while slowly reclining and spreading her legs, forcing Penny's head deep between her thighs until she felt her slave's breath on her exposed pussy.

"You know what to do."

Much later, they both lay in bed, Penny closely cuddled up to Victoria, who stroked her hair absentmindedly. After Penny had used her tongue to bring Victoria, who was in this respect a discerning customer, to an apparently acceptable climax, the latter had returned the favour by stimulating Penny for what felt like an eternity - at least half an hour - with a vibrator; albeit without allowing her to climax. Every time Penny was a hair's breadth away from release, Victoria had paused her efforts and watched her helpless victim wriggle in wild frustration in her bonds until her arousal had dropped back to a sub-critical level. When Victoria at long last had had enough of this horrible/beautiful game, she had pushed Penny over the threshold by mercilessly using a strap-on dildo.

All of Penny's pent-up sexual energy was unleashed in a spectacular orgasm followed by a volley of smaller aftershocks that left her completely exhausted and numb. She had hardly reacted when Victoria freed her from the corset and armbinder, then pulled her into bed. The handcuffs, which now fixed her hands behind her back didn't interfere with Penny's contentment at all, but on the contrary, relieved her of the need to do anything other than just lie there and enjoy the lingering bliss of her climax.

"Do you think I'm too harsh on you?"

Victoria's sudden question broke Penny's post-orgasmic lethargy and made her flinch. She bit her lips to not spontaneously scream 'Yes!'. In truth, Victoria had always stayed well within the limits of their agreement and helped her to realize a long-cherished fantasy: to be treated like a mere sex toy, taken out of the closet only when needed, but otherwise left to languish helplessly and securely tied up in the cabin, while her mistress enjoyed all the comforts of the luxury cruise. Was it Victoria's fault that the reality behind her fantasy brought her to the limits of her stamina?

However, this was exactly the kind of thrill Penny sought and craved with a vengeance. While she still had been trapped in the closet, only the thought of her safe word had allowed her to endure the painful bondage; but now, the mere memory of the torments she had suffered during her martyrdom made her horny again.

Penny quickly looked up at Victoria's face. Depending on her mood there was no right answer to this question anyway. Yet, as usual, her mistress had her features under perfect control, unfortunately.

"It was very intense ..."

Victoria frowned. "You may speak freely."

"I'm treated in such a way, as Mistress considers fitting," Penny declared piously.

Apparently this was not the desired answer because Victoria's frown deepened and she sounded irritated when she reformulated her question: "Well then, if you had a wish, how should I treat you?

"It's not up to me to express wishes, Mistress."

"Suit yourself!" Victoria was now visibly irritated. She sat up with a jerk, slipped from the bed and retrieved the harness gag and the awful helmet from the floor. "If you don't want to talk to me, you shall say nothing at all."


In anger, Victoria slams the door to her suite shut and quickly crosses the living room to drop onto the bed in the adjacent bedroom, then rolls onto her back and stares sightlessly at the ceiling while she attempts to analyse her feelings. Why is she angry, disappointed and sad? What did she expect? After Penny has had to submit to her will (and whims!) every minute of every day for the past six months, she can hardly blame her slave for seizing the opportunity to run away from her now. Penny would want to enjoy her regained freedom to the fullest extent, and above all without her tormentor interfering.

In fact, their agreement stipulates that she must leave Penny completely alone for the next 24 hours because she has to be able to make her decision freely and without outside influence whether she wishes to continue their unusual arrangement. Or not.

In the seclusion of her bedroom, Victoria curses the restrictions imposed on her by her role as Penny's mistress. Right now, she would have liked to approach Penny as a confidante and friend. Or as her lover. But in any case without the obligation to constantly maintain the necessary distance between mistress and slave. She thinks back over the past months; these counting among the most intense and happiest of her life, and not simply because for the first time she has been able to let her dominant side run wild. In enforcing the subjugation of a headstrong, beautiful and rebellious slave and the ensuing contest of wills she has realized one of her life's passions.

Out of an initial sympathy for Penny, deep feelings have developed almost against her volition and so Victoria has found it increasingly difficult neither to show them nor be misled by them into misplaced lenience towards her charge. Is it possible then that, when her timid advances did not meet with enthusiastic acceptance, she has erred on the side of strictness in an effort to not give her feelings away?

A few times she has come hard up against the limits set by Penny and even gone beyond them, assuming that this would be precisely the kind of borderline experience her slave seeks and ultimately wants. Or has that assumption in reality been nothing but a convenient rationalisation to justify her own sadism, fuelled by her own growing frustration? While being honest with herself, she acknowledges that she has consciously been trying to push Penny into using her safe word a few times lately, but of course the stubborn brat has not done her that favour. It seems as though her slave ultimately stands to gain the upper hand in this exotic game.

Penny has probably long since realized how Victoria feels about her. Yet, the question remains how she will deal with this knowledge. Perhaps Penny has waited all this time only for a clear and unambiguous sign from Victoria to trade the implacable and aloof mistress for a loving one? No. It has been Penny's express wish from the very beginning to experience abject submission and nothing else. She has, without question, enjoyed being almost unconditionally at another woman's mercy, just as Victoria herself has been intoxicated by the power granted to her. Today, however, the game ends with the expiry of the six months long probation period and all of her imagined power culminates in nothing but helpless impotence.

Victoria claws her fingers into the silky bed sheet with the thought that everything could be over after today being unbearable, despite her realisation that that outcome might actually be the best thing for both of them. Given how their relationship has come to a head recently, continuing as before for sure is not an option.


"Look what I have here!" Victoria waved what appeared to be a standard DIN A4 envelope in her hand. Nonetheless, Penny gasped for she suspected that the envelope's contents could only be of evil portent for her. She was already out of breath anyway, being in the final phase of the fitness training regime Victoria had prescribed: struggling up a simulated incline on the cross trainer.

Since Victoria had brought home a body fat scale and thus revealed Penny to supposedly be in the 'skinny/fat' portion of the population, she had, in addition to yoga sessions, also required a demanding workout to now be a part of Penny's daily routine as well. At least she was allowed to exercise without annoying shackles, if one disregarded the fact that she was always leashed to the respective training device by her ever-present collar.

Victoria retrieved two tickets in bright red and black from the envelope.

"These are VIP tickets for 'Europe's biggest fetish and BDSM Convention' - and that's where you and I will be going! What do you think? Are you excited?"

"I'm thrilled," Penny claimed with very little enthusiasm, which was not solely a result of her physical exertion. In fact, she had wanted to attend this event for quite some time, but unfortunately, based on recent experience, she had cause to suspect that there existed a slight discrepancy between her and Victoria's ideas regarding the manner in which she would be attending.

"You do have the terms of our agreement in mind?"

"Don't worry, no one will recognize you," Victoria assured her blithely, only to continue with a malicious smile: "However, what's good for the goose is good for the gander ..."

Penny did not find out what Victoria had meant with her remark until a week later, when they drove their big SUV to the convention venue and parked it in a secluded spot of the fenced parking lot, where they were shielded from view by dense vegetation.

"Here we are," Victoria informed her silent front passenger. "Showtime!"

Over the past months, nearly every time when they were out in the car, Penny was required to wear a long coat with its deep hood pulled fully over her head, hiding her risqué outfits and the harness gag which Victoria had always insisted on her wearing since their very first car ride together.

In the aftermath of that momentous trip, Victoria had informed her slave in no uncertain terms (and with the help of a judiciously applied crop) that henceforth she would gladly dispense with 'unqualified comments' about her 'dynamic' driving style. Actually, Penny felt quite safe with Victoria behind the wheel, even though she liked to max out the eight-cylinder's acceleration power. She somehow mastered even the most confusing of traffic situations with somnambulistic confidence, seemingly to be intimately aware of the car's dimensions down to the millimetre, just as if she had been driving a taxi in a Southeast Asian metropolis for years.

Victoria leaned across to Penny, pulled the hood back and off her head, then opened the buckles of the harness that held the big red ball gag in her captive's mouth.

"Spit it out!"

Penny lowered her head to her chest and began to move her lower jaw back and forth, while, as always fascinated, Victoria listened to her muffled groans. Already spread wide open by the gag, her mouth resisted Penny's dogged efforts to open it any further and use her tongue to push the huge silicone ball past the barrier formed by her teeth. Finally, she gave up her futile attempts and looked up at Victoria pleadingly.

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"Ih can'h!"

"You can't spit out the gag?" Victoria inquired with false regret, then giggled with glee as Penny shook her head dejectedly.

"Excellent! Wait, I'll free your hands!"

First, she opened the lock which attached Penny's handcuffs to the front ring of her chastity belt, then unlocked the cuffs themselves. With the use of her hands, Penny finally managed to extract the ball gag from her mouth using gentle twisting movements.

"Ahh!" she moaned when she was finally able to relax her jaw muscles that had become stretched and sore during the half-hour drive. Yet, she was only granted a short respite. Victoria extracted a sports bag from the trunk and put it in front of her feet, then opened the zipper and removed a black leather armbinder. Penny - with a sinking feeling in her stomach - recognized it as the strictest one in her small but fine collection: the particularly tight one, that reached almost to her shoulders whose buckles were secured with small locks.

"OK, take off the coat, then put your hands behind your back!"

"Yes, Mistress."

Victoria waited impatiently for Penny to wriggle out of her coat in the cramped space. Beneath it, a gleaming black latex catsuit was revealed; encasing Penny's luscious curves like a second skin. The way her ringed nipples and her body's every contour showed under the shiny rubber layer made it clear that no other garment had found room between the suit and her skin and so, consequently, she wore her shiny, stainless steel chastity belt over it. With squeaking sounds she slid forward on the seat's leather, then turned her back towards Victoria and venting a resigned sigh extended her arms behind her.

Once more, Victoria admired how effortlessly Penny could bring her forearms together, including her elbows. Undoubtedly, in addition to regular gymnastics, Penny's delightful slim figure also played an important role here. Victoria's more athletic physique made the same pose a rather strenuous affair, despite years of yoga. However, Penny's natural flexibility did her little good, since it only incited Victoria to push her bondage to limits that even she could barely endure.

Today was no exception: When Victoria finally was done, Penny could not suppress a throaty moan. Her elbows were pressed firmly against each other by the armbinder, laced to the max and forcing her shoulders back so far that she had to keep her back ramrod straight and stick out her chest, as if she wanted to draw attention to her ringed nipples. These were now prominently displayed, showing blatantly under the thin layer of latex. Without the idiosyncratic, conditional reflex that somehow made her body transform the aching tension in her joints into sexual arousal, she would have considered her position painfully uncomfortable, but as it was she enjoyed the severe bondage - at least for the moment.

Even the anxious question of how long she would have to helplessly endure her predicament did not dampen her lust, but stoked it instead! It was too late anyway. The small locks with which Victoria had secured the buckles of the holding straps crossing above Penny's breasts and going around her wrists and upper arms ensured that she was completely at Victoria's mercy. Not even any compassionate soul they might encounter at the convention would be able to take pity and free her against mistress's will.

"It doesn't get any tighter than that! Ha! That will show them," Victoria enthused.

"In case it looks as tight as it feels, they'd better be impressed. I'm glad you for one are enjoying it."

Victoria's face became serious.

"Can you endure it? Or should I loosen the armbinder?"

For a moment, Penny wavered between reason and arousal, then her masochism gained the upper hand.

"Make me endure it!"

"Good girl," Victoria praised her and gently stroked her head. Penny snuggled her cheek against Victoria's fingers but the intimate moment lasted only briefly, then Victoria withdrew her hand and reached into the sports bag again. The leather object she drew out this time made Penny flinch.

"Oh, no. Please don't make me wear that again, Mistress!"

"Oh yes! You most certainly will. You said you didn't want to be recognized."

"But then I won't be able to see anything at all!" Penny complained.

"Really? I wouldn't have noticed it myself, but now that you mention it ... I'm afraid you'll have to live with that. Now, bend the head so that I can put the helmet on!"

"No! I don't want to!"

Penny shook her head wildly in rebellion and struggled madly against her restraints to avoid what was coming, but to no avail. Victoria looked on with amusement for a moment, then her hand shot forward and grabbed the hair at the back of Penny's head.

"Ow! You're hurting me!"

"Stop this nonsense immediately and hold still! I'd really hoped we were beyond this stage." Victoria maintained her iron hold and stared sternly into Penny's face until she gave up her resistance and lowered her eyes in surrender.

"I'm sorry, Mistress."

"OK, apology accepted just this one last time. But I warn you, no more antics!"

Victoria loosened her grip, whereupon Penny tilted her head back as far as her collar would permit and allowed the tight, black leather helmet to be pulled over it without further ado. Apart from two metal-reinforced holes for the nostrils and a larger one for the mouth, the mask had no other openings. Victoria adjusted the fit of it until everything was seated perfectly, then she turned to the lacing at the back and starting from the crown, she pulled the criss-crossing laces taut through the chromed eyelets.

When she reached the bottom edge of the collar at the nape of Penny's neck, she repeated the whole process with a vengeance, before securing everything with a knot. When she was finally done, the soft leather stretched tautly around Penny's skull so that her facial features were nearly visible beneath it. Finally, Victoria closed the integral collar over the knot of the lacing and locked it snugly around her neck, so that here, too, no unauthorised person stood a chance to free her.

Penny endured the whole procedure without uttering a single sound; only her hectic breaths whistling through the small nostril holes were clearly audible. Fortunately, she did not suffer from claustrophobic attacks; otherwise she could not have tolerated having her world reduced to the oppressive confines of the helmet which neither allowed her to see anything, nor to hear particularly well, muffling all ambient sounds to the point where they were almost drowned out by the noise of the blood rushing in her ears.

As it was, the awareness of her almost complete helplessness triggered quite different emotions. Her subliminal but nevertheless undeniable anxiety added to her excitement and the thrill she so desperately craved. Yet, up to now she was still able to plead for mercy or help, an oversight that Victoria would surely correct soon. With this realisation, she involuntarily pressed her thighs together and groaned throatily.

"Are you alright? Are you getting enough air?" Victoria's loud question penetrated through the hood and jolted Penny out of her masochistic bliss.

"Yes, no problem, I'm fine," she replied impulsively, being well aware of the foreseeable consequences of her statement. But even if she had tried a tactical lie, the end result would probably be the same.

"Perfect! Open your mouth as much as you can!"

At the same moment Penny felt a touch on her lips. She willingly opened her mouth, fighting against the resistance of the helmet. Instead of the expected ball gag - for which she likely would not have been able to pry her teeth far enough apart anyway - she felt a flaccid, silicon rubber bladder pushed into her mouth.

Penny shivered fitfully, but it was too late to protest by this point. Victoria was already stuffing the wings of the inflatable gag into the space between her teeth and cheeks and its central partition behind her front teeth. It was her strictest gag, the only one that reliably stopped all attempts at speech - and the only one she was truly afraid of. Not quite as afraid as of the electric shocks her steel collar frequently meted out to keep her from making any noise at all, but it was close.

Although she would never admit it to Victoria, Penny loved being gagged. Well, she did not exactly love the inherent discomfort and humiliation, but without a gag, her bondage just did not feel complete since a crucial element was missing. As long as she could talk and protest or beg, she felt compelled to actually do so. Only enforced speechlessness relieved her of this perceived obligation and allowed her to revel in her helplessness.

Despite its size, she had almost gotten used to the ball gag. It was Victoria's declared goal to keep her gagged in one form or another for days on end, which is why she was 'encouraged' to practice with ever larger gags over ever longer periods of time - a training that Penny secretly enjoyed, although the butterfly gag was an exception. From her sorrow- as well as lustful experiences she knew how extreme it could be. Similar to doing a bungee jump after looking into the abyss, facing up to wearing it once more required a conscious effort on her part each and every time. That is not to say, however, that Victoria would have given her a choice in the matter in the first place.

After the various sections of the inflatable gag had found their proper places within her mouth, Penny felt its wide leather panel begin to press onto her lips, followed by the many ensnaring straps of the head harness designed to secure it immovably in front of her mouth. Since the gag - like most other pieces of her slave equipment - had been made to measure for her according to Victoria's exacting specifications, each strap sported only a few holes, so that harness could either be fastened 'too tight' or 'damned much too tight' in Penny's considered opinion.

Incidentally, Victoria seemed to be in a rather merciful mood today, although this probably did not bode well with respect to the length of time that she would be forced to tolerate it. Besides, Penny was very well aware that her evaluation of the situation could only be preliminary: the gag had not been inflated yet, which meant that the pressure its expansion would exert on her jaws and therefore a variable decisive for the overall assessment was still unknown.

Penny was not left guessing for long. Victoria screwed the hose connection of a small hand pump onto the valve protruding through the mouth shield and then squeezed the bulb. After some energetic squeezes, Penny began to protest incomprehensibly, yet enthusiastically. Victoria paused for a moment and tilted her head as if she was listening hard, but shook her head regretfully.

"Still much too loud. As long as you can make such a spectacle, you're not really gagged."

Immediately the volume of Penny's protest doubled. Victoria was not impressed.

"You're only confirming that I am right!"

Penny groaned in anguish. A few more squeezes reduced her whining by as many decibels to only a quiet whimper and guaranteed the desired state of silence. In the meantime, the rubber bladder in her oral cavity seemed to have assumed the dimensions of a billiard ball. It pressed her tongue down and completely filled her mouth to the last corner, but without expanding down her throat and endangering her breathing.

At the same time, its side wings distended her cheeks, so that without the constricting mask she would have resembled a chipmunk after a particularly fruitful session of foraging for nuts. She hated it when she looked so ridiculous, but Victoria seemed to enjoy the sight for some reason. Fortunately, under her tight helmet only a slight curvature of her cheeks showed, which under the prevailing circumstances was a cold comfort indeed to Penny.

Before Victoria removed the hand pump, she checked the fit of the gag, trying to slip her fingers under the mouth shield and the straps of the head harness. As Penny would have wanted to confirm to her, if she had been able to do so, everything was once again 'damned much too tight'. Victoria played it safe once more and secured the buckles with small locks, then petted Penny's leather-encased head.

"Almost there ..."

Victoria took a pair of lockable, thick leather cuffs with approximately 30 centimetres of connecting chain out of the sports bag and a moment later had them fastened around Penny's ankles, then came a second, longer chain with a sturdy leather hoop at one end, quite possibly designed to keep a cranky pit bull rather than a petite woman in check. Victoria clipped it to the front ring of the hidden steel collar, which projected through an eyelet in her latex suit. In combination with the collar of the hood directly above, the wide steel band made tilting her head almost impossible.

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After she had prepared her slave girl, Victoria was finally ready to take care of her own appearance. She folded down the vanity mirror and checked her make-up. This time she had opted for a casual outfit because she did not want to steal Penny's thunder, or attract any wannabe slaves. Unfortunately, even in jeans, T-shirt and biker jacket she could hardly be considered a wallflower. However, for her to change her spots to the extent as to swap her high heeled boots for Birkenstock sandals was inconceivable.

After a few last corrections to her hair she was ready. She circled the car and helped Penny climb out.


With insecure steps Penny had to follow the constant pull of her collar. Blind, almost deaf and with her arms fastened into the armbinder behind her back, it was a challenge to simply maintain her balance on the high heels of her laced boots. In addition, Victoria set a pace she could hardly match, thanks to her stride being shortened by her ankle hobble chain. It required her full concentration not to stumble on the uneven pavement of the parking lot, so that she missed the sudden slackening of the pull on her leash and bumped into Victoria, who had stopped in front of the ticket booth at the entrance to the exhibition hall. A muffled, many-voiced laugh penetrated her helmet, drawing her attention to the fact that she had messed up their grand entrance in front of a larger audience.

"Watch it!" Victoria hissed angrily into her ear.

How? Unable to utter a hot retort, Penny felt herself turning red. Suddenly she was glad that her face was concealed from curious observers. They passed the checkpoint without further incident and left the entrance area, then at the threshold to the main hall they paused briefly.

"Don't embarrass me!" Victoria admonished her one last time before pulling her into the hustle and bustle of the exhibition spaces. From a distance, humming basses reached her ears, presumably accompanying a stage show. The general background noise made Penny suspect that they were moving in the midst of a larger crowd, but in her immediate neighbourhood the vociferous conversations seemed to die down and be replaced by hushed whispers. Presumably her appearance was causing quite a stir.

It felt strange to know that she was at the centre of attention, yet at the same time was quite inescapably trapped in her own small world. Likewise, she almost felt ashamed of being presented to strangers practically naked and in such a helpless condition, but simultaneously the notion excited her as well. Without a doubt, her well-proportioned body attracted a lot of covetous attention. She could not help wondering how prominently her stiff nipples showed through the thin latex.

Anyway, the steady pull on her collar prevented her from getting lost in her conflicted emotions. She had to concentrate hard on her steps, anxious not to stumble. If she fell and perhaps even dragged Victoria down with her in the process, stunned admiration would surely turn into raucous mockery. She did not even want to consider what Victoria would do to her then.

Hence, she followed along obediently behind Victoria, who, to her relief, now strolled through the exhibition hall at a much more leisurely pace than before. Victoria probably wanted to get an overview first, at any rate Penny suspected that, since it felt like she was forever led every which way along the aisles formed by the various booths. Within a very short time, she had lost all orientation and would not have been able to tell whether they were at the edge or in the middle of the hall. It was a thrilling experience to be led tightly bound, gagged and blindfolded through a crowd, completely dependent on her mistress.

Finally, the dragging on her leash disappeared.


Penny obeyed and sighed into her gag with relief. Her forced strutting along on high heels had proved to be quite exhausting in the long run. Within her cat suit, she had become mighty warm and the thin latex adhered to her sweaty skin, adding to her sensations of complete confinement.

"A very compliant slave you have there!"

Suddenly, she was accosted by the dark voice of a man who had perhaps been standing next to her the whole time. Penny jerked involuntarily and almost jumped to the side. Not knowing what was going on around her definitely had its downsides.

"But only if you're woman enough to take her on," Victoria countered.

"It certainly looks as if you have everything under control."

"Thank you. But your companion can't complain about the lack of a hard hand either."

"Well, indeed, she can hardly complain." The amused sounding voice of the man was accompanied by a soft rattle of chain and what sounded like an outraged snort, which led Penny to suspect that the 'companion', just like herself, was severely gagged and bound.

"Actually, I had my eyes on her butt when I said that. These marks look like quite precise handiwork," Victoria said.

"Well observed. From time to time my slave requires a spanking; this morning it was necessary again. Unfortunately, my favourite flogger broke down recently and so I had to get a replacement. But you seem more interested in the whips here?"

Whips and floggers? Penny stopped breathing. Why on earth had Victoria stopped at a stand for whips and floggers?

"I've heard that these are of very good quality."

"I can confirm that. We've always been very satisfied, haven't we, Nina?"

Another outraged snort suggested that Nina begged to differ, but of course her helpless protest was only taken as further proof of the high quality of the torture instruments on offer. Apparently, Penny, if unlucky, would soon get to form her own impressions.

"By the way, my name is Robert."

"I am Victoria and the obedient young lady here is Penny." Victoria briefly tugged her leash, so she had to make some kind of involuntary bow.

"Pleased to meet you. Best manners, I see. My slave Nina could take a leaf out of her book."

Another snort and Penny could not help but notice a certain, probably unwise contradictory tendency in her counterpart. A peculiarity that Penny allegedly shared with her, at least if one believed Victoria's respective complaints.

"But Nina possesses other attractions, as you have already discovered. I have noticed your intrigued glances," Robert teased.

His amused words stung Penny. Why was Victoria interested in other subs? She pricked her ears so as not to miss any of the conversation, which was not an easy task given her leather helmet and the manifold ambient noises.

"Same as you stared at Penny," Victoria observed.

"Touché! But she really is an eye-catching sight," Robert admitted.

"Not quite as eye-catching as Nina! Hers is indeed a ... an unusual rig-out. Somewhat extreme, but wildly fascinating as well."

"Thank you very much! Would you like to have a closer look at her? Nina certainly can't object!"

"Of course," Victoria agreed.

"Come on, there's more room over here, and nobody will bother us."

Their voices became quieter when they turned and walked a few steps away. This was followed by a prolonged period, accompanied by a soft clinking, during which they apparently inspected Nina's outfit. Penny was annoyed to be the only one who missed out on the action, especially since she was almost bursting with curiosity. She would have loved to see with her own eyes what fascinated Victoria so much. As it was, she had no choice but to try eavesdropping, despite her helmet, on Robert's low-voiced explanations, which repeatedly sent shivers down her spine.

"Yes, everything is made to measure, that's why all of Nina's cuffs and her collar fit so perfectly. However, the special thing about them is their locking mechanism. Once closed, it's impossible for them to be opened again. In an extreme emergency, we'll just have to use heavy equipment to tackle the shackles ..."

"As you can see, Nina is delicately built and has always been very flexible. Nevertheless, it took several months of training before we could fix her arms in this position on a more or less permanent basis ..."

"This is her favourite gag. Behind the mouth shield of the head harness is a custom-formed silicone mouth filler. It's not too big and so she can wear it for days on end, and has actually worn it, now, for several weeks ..."

"Exactly! The piercing jewellery was custom designed and made especially for her. One cannot buy something like that off the shelf. By the way, the manufacturer has a booth here at the fair ..."

"The piercing for Nina's nose ring was done through the solid cartilage of the nasal septum - like for a Nasallang. Of course, that is way more painful, but Nina can take it. Besides, there's nothing better to tame an unruly slave ..."

"At first, I had to be very persuasive, but now she sometimes surprises even me with her fantasies ..."

This continued for quite a while, while Victoria apparently was shown over and over again the more interesting details of Nina's accoutrements and restraint ensemble. Before Penny's inner eye, the image of a young woman who had allowed her master to transform her into the ultimate fetish object for bondage and piercing enthusiasts, drew itself stroke by stroke.

To her dismay, Penny realized that she felt attracted to this vision as much as it put her off. Wasn't she following a similar path? After all, she had allowed herself be led on a leash through the exhibition hall of a BDSM convention, clad only in a revealing latex outfit, helplessly tied and gagged. Wasn't it natural for Robert to mistake her for a kindred spirit of his slave? But how much of Nina was really part of herself?

Engrossed in her disturbing thoughts, she only realized that Nina's demonstration was over when Robert said goodbye to Victoria.

"Here is my card. Please feel free to contact me directly, or I can email you more details about Nina's equipment. Perhaps next time you'll introduce us to your mysterious girlfriend? I would imagine that Nina and she have a lot to tell each other ..."

"If we allow them to talk, that is," Victoria pointed out sardonically. "But let's see, Penny is still very shy unfortunately. Anyway, thank you for the offer and I'll take you up on it for sure! Have fun at the fair!"

"The same to you. See you soon!"

"Yes, until then!"

Penny spontaneously breathed a sigh of relief when the retreating tinkling indicated that they were alone again. Victoria had obviously been fascinated by Nina's equipment. Who could say what ideas this encounter had given her? This Robert definitely represented a bad influence, which had to be avoided if possible. Unfortunately, Victoria saw it quite differently and grabbed Penny around her shoulders, then conspiratorially bent her head down to her ear level.

"That was a most instructive encounter. Too bad you couldn't see Nina, otherwise you wouldn't complain any more that I treat you too harshly. Perhaps I should ask Robert to help training you for a while?"

"Hohh!", Penny protested in horror.

"No? Rather not? Then you'd better behave yourself in the future!"

Victoria gave her a slap on the butt to reinforce her argument, then turned again to the displays of the fair stall. A little later she had made her choice and pulled Penny along behind her to the checkout.

"The Devil's Tail it is? Someone must have been very naughty then. A first-rate choice and one you'll certainly enjoy for a long time."

Penny couldn't really share the enthusiasm of the saleswoman, but unfortunately nobody seemed interested in her opinion. She waited patiently while Victoria completed the purchase, then obediently followed the pull on her collar again, trotting behind Victoria like a horse on a lead.

Wherever she went, astonished cries and muffled whispers seemed to follow. In the isolation of her leather helmet the round tour seemed almost endless to her. Either the hall was very spacious or Victoria had set herself the goal of traversing each corridor at least once in each direction. A few times they stopped at other stands and Victoria bought something, but Penny never knew which items had aroused her interest. However, she was sure that sooner or later - whether she wanted it or not - she would become acquainted with them.

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When they stopped once more, Penny would have loved to sit down to relieve her aching feet; but instead, she felt a sudden, strong upward tension applied to her leash when it was apparently fastened somewhere above her head, forcing her to balance on her toes if she didn't want to dangle from her steel collar. Quickly, she shuffled forward to lessen the strain on her neck and hit a wall with her breasts first.

"I'll be right back."

What? Victoria couldn't seriously intend to leave me alone like this, could she?


"Don't be afraid, stay calm and nothing will happen to you!" Victoria patted her head reassuringly, then she hurried away.

"Koh hak!"

Penny instinctively tried to follow the retreating steps, but immediately her collar exerted a strangling pressure on her neck that held her back. She turned towards the wall and bent her knees slightly, but had to straighten up again at once, when her rigid steel collar clamped itself mercilessly into her throat. She had no chance of escaping her leash; helpless as a lamb tethered in the woods, around which a pack of wolves was gathering. Only that in her case instead of hungry wolves, ruthless sadists like Robert would pounce on her ...

She had barely formulated the thought when she began to struggle frantically against her bonds in a mix of fear and fury. With all her strength she fought against her armbinder, but unsurprisingly, the leather didn't yield a millimetre. No matter how much she twisted her shoulders or tried to push her elbows apart, her arms remained stuck uselessly on her back in their tight leather prison.

Her pent-up frustration erupted into an unarticulated scream which, thanks to her hood, resounded in her ears but was otherwise stifled by the huge gag in her mouth. The only thing she accomplished was to run out of breath and so she had to stop her fruitless efforts to somehow free herself. Exhausted, she leaned her forehead against the wall and desperately sucked air through the nostrils of the mask to regain her breath.


Without warning, a hand had grabbed the ring at the top of her gag harness and forced her head back.

"What kind of racket is this? As soon as I let you out of my sight for a second, you're creating a scene," an apparently furious Victoria hissed into her ear. "Just you wait! I've warned you ..."

Before Penny could recover from her surprise to protest against the rough treatment, Victoria let go of her head and stepped behind her. Immediately thereafter, a line of burning pain erupted across both of her chastity belt-separated buttocks when the Devil's Tail slashed across her butt with a loud whistling noise. Penny howled, dancing mindlessly from the pain against her short hobble chain, but Victoria in her righteous anger was unmoved by her frantic wailing. The next blow was directed at the backs of her thighs, then it was her bottom's turn again.

Penny thrashed madly at the limit of her leash like an eel on a fishing line and tried desperately to avoid the blows, but she had no chance. Victoria seemed to have a seventh sense for her hectic evasive movements and the bound-together arms swinging wildly in front of her butt and so guided the whip again and again with supernatural precision to its designated target. Unfortunately, the thin latex of her suit proved to be completely inadequate for the task of protecting her sensitive hindquarters from the painful bite of the pointed leather tongue.

Two more strikes raised the total to six, then Victoria's wrath was apparently spent. She embraced the sobbing Penny from behind and hugged her for long moments.

"Shh, calm down! Now it's all good again. It's all good!"

She spoke soothingly to Penny and gently stroked her head until the miserable sobbing eased and the tension left her body. Penny remained upset, but it was much more tempting to let herself fall into Victoria's comforting embrace than to cling doggedly to the ultimately useless anger she felt over her burning bottom. Especially since it was burning not only from the blows! In retrospect she had to admit that the whipping had also stoked her libido ...

"I do hope you've learned your lesson. You mustn't freak out like that, just think what impression that makes. If you don't want to draw unwanted attention to yourself, you shouldn't act like a fledgling slave who hasn't learned to trust and obey her mistress yet. Don't lose your countenance! I advise you keep quiet now, I've activated the shock function of your collar."

With this whispered admonition Victoria untied her leash from the wall ring and dragged Penny after her. Around them, applause suddenly surged. It was only at this moment that Penny realized her little drama had attracted an audience that had witnessed and enjoyed her punishment. In her mind's eye, a repetition of the scene played out in slow motion, as it must have looked like from a spectator's point of view: First, there was the awe-inspiring Victoria, who effortlessly radiated dominance even in her jeans, skilfully swinging the whip; then herself as her defenceless victim, virtually naked in her shiny black, skin-tight rubber outfit, but fortunately anonymous due to the hood, dancing dementedly on her high heels in a vain attempt to escape the blows of her strict mistress; the slapping of the whip when it hit her sensitive ass; her screams suffocated by the gag ...

It was so unbelievably humiliating to be first disciplined in front of strangers like a stubborn donkey, then placated into obedience again with a few, calculated cuddles. And yet it was so incredibly exciting. If she hadn't been so thoroughly bound, her hands would probably have found their way to her crotch without caring about any spectators. Or, she would have torn the mask off her head to reveal herself to the envious eyes of the voyeurs as the proud slave of her divine mistress.

The emotions that these thoughts unleashed were so overwhelming that Penny involuntarily stopped. For a moment, she wished for nothing more eagerly than for her fantasy to come true - only to be snatched out of her trance by a violent tugging on her leash which immediately brought her back to the here and now. She nearly lost her balance and only a few quick steps saved her from an ungentle crash. Composure! With an effort she suppressed a weary sigh and resumed strutting behind her mistress.

Penny was drawn along to another booth, where she was made to wait again trapped in her own dark world while Victoria inspected the goods on offer. Several times, muffled clinks penetrated to her ears, suggesting metal as the material of choice. Penny was confused; they were already well equipped with chains, handcuffs and all other sorts of bondage gear made of steel or sometimes titanium, most of these custom-made for her. Her extremely talented collar with its many functions was even a unique specimen, probably the only one of its kind worldwide. So what on earth was Victoria looking for now?

Penny came closer to solving the mystery when the stand owner spoke up courteously.

"Can I help you? Are you looking for something special?"

"Indeed I am. Our mutual acquaintance Robert told me that you've designed the piercing jewellery for his slave Nina."

"Oh indeed, her jewellery is something very special. I never imagined I'd sell more than one set of that."

"Not so fast. For now, we're only interested in the designs."

"No problem. The jewellery definitely requires a number of rather uncommon piercings that take some time to heal. I don't even know who did them for Nina, so you'll have to contact Robert for that."

"That's what we were planning to do."

No, we were not! Penny had to muster all of her self-control not to protest vociferously into the gag. Only fear of her shock collar's painful retaliation held her back. Instead, she stomped her foot angrily, knowing for sure that she didn't need, and certainly did not want any additional holes in her body! Admittedly, the play with her nipple rings was very intense, but that made any step-up from there completely unnecessary, and above all, undesirable.

There was an immediate reaction to her silent protest, in the form of a jerk on her leash that dragged her forward until she stumbled against Victoria, who shoved a leg between her limbs and stepped on the connecting chain between her ankle cuffs, pinning her down in place.

"You disagree? Shall we take the necessary measurements right away?" Victoria's voice hissed in her ear.

Penny froze for a moment before shaking her head as best as she could.

"That's what I figured." Victoria took a step back and turned back to the proprietor of the stand.

"Please excuse the small interruption. Do you have the designs here?"

"Yes, I have the files on my laptop, we can go through the specifications together, preferably in the back of the booth. If you want, you can lock your slave in the cage here, she seems to be a little, uh, nervous. My wife can take care of her while we're busy."

"Gladly, thank you very much!" Victoria jerked on the leash again. "Come!"

Penny followed her for a couple of steps, then she felt hands on her shoulders gently pushing her down.

"Squat!" Victoria ordered.

Penny hesitantly obeyed, then was immediately pushed forward by the hands.

"Just a few steps ..."

Penny almost toppled over when her toes suddenly hit an obstacle, but Victoria held her steady and helped her to sit down on her knees.

"Now slide forward! Careful! Pull your head in!"

Penny obeyed and crawled forward on her knees until she was completely inside the cage and its rear door could be closed. When she heard the lock click behind her, she slowly began to explore her temporary prison. There were only a few inches of leeway on all sides before she bumped into tightly-spaced bars. This was not a repurposed hamster cage, but professional equipment, just as they used at home. It was solidly built, made of steel and had a padded base plate. Nevertheless, it would be an uncomfortable wait; hopefully Victoria's session with the owner did not take too long.

However, her caging was not complete, for, a second later, Penny felt a pull on her leash when its other end was, apparently, locked to one of the cage's bars. She felt the increased, and in her view, totally unnecessary additional bondage very strongly and struggled what little she could, only to feel her hobble chain also pulled upon before it too was fastened to the cage's bars.

"Behave yourself!" Victoria emphasized her parting admonition with a slap on Penny's raised buttocks, then she was gone.

Penny leaned a little against one side and tried to find a somewhat tolerable position. Slowly her whirling thoughts calmed down. Victoria loved to frighten her, but she would never break their contract and cause her permanent damage. In the worst case, she could always use her safe word and activate the opt-out clause in the contract, but that would also be the end of their delightful game. A defeat she was not ready to accept, especially since she found the fantasy of being turned into a pure sex toy against her will so exhilarating.

Meanwhile, the hustle and bustle of the convention continued around her. The booth was well frequented and a lot of visitors seemed to be particularly interested in her cage.

"Is the cage's contents part of the deal?" was a frequently asked question, to which her guardian answered increasingly irritated with a regretful "Unfortunately no, you have to provide for that yourself."

Penny listened to the banter with mixed feelings. She was unable to decide whether she should feel degraded by being considered part of the inventory or flattered by being the object of desire. In the end it didn't matter, since both views seemed to stoke her libido in the same way and she enjoyed all the attention. As far as her bondage allowed, she began to loll lasciviously inside the security of her cage.

"Can one buy the inmate only?" the latest joker inquired, and Penny rubbed her thighs against each other with relish, which the latex rewarded with a soft squeaking sound.

"Unfortunately, she's not ..." the proprietor's wife started to reply.

"Only by the hour. Of course, it all depends on the price as well," she was interrupted by Victoria's voice.

Penny held her breath. She couldn't possibly be serious, could she?

Apparently, the joker hadn't been either.

"Uh, really? What would ... how much ...?" he stuttered.

"Definitely more than you can afford," Victoria dismissed him and turned back to the stand's owner who had returned with her. "May I have the key for the chains and the cage, please, Alex?"

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"Of course. Or, you could also leave Penny here for a while longer if you wanted to take a look around unencumbered. As you see, we're keeping her safe and the customers are obviously very fond of her."

"A tempting offer, but unfortunately we have to leave now. Perhaps another time?"

"Too bad, but I suppose there's nothing to be done about it."

A few moments later, Penny had been released from the cage and was once more strutting behind Victoria. She was more than ready to finally go home: her feet were hurting, her arms felt numb and the strained muscles of her jaw were protesting their abuse with an increasingly vicious pain. She was soaked with sweat and the latex stuck to her body.

The visit to the fair had surpassed her worst fears. Not only had she seen nothing at all of the displays, even though her outfit and strict bondage must have made her one of the main attractions. Then, Victoria had taken things to extremes by whipping her in front of everyone until she had struggled, howling in her restraints and the audience applauded. Her butt still smarted from the blows she had received. Too, she had also been made a spectacle of while bound in the cage.

Yet that was not even the worst of it. The worst was how much she had enjoyed her public humiliation! The wetness in her crotch was by no means caused solely by the sweat sloshing in her suit. Just remembering her disgrace now turned her on again, but unfortunately, as long as she was locked into the chastity belt, the path to indulging her urges remained blocked.

The changed, ambient sounds and the cool breeze that swept over her body made Penny realize that they had left the exhibition hall and were now crossing the parking lot to the car. The worst is over! Relief flooded through her and she almost fainted. With the end of her ordeal close at hand, she suddenly felt like a puppet whose strings had been cut.

The last steps were the hardest. Her legs seemed full of lead and she barely managed to put one foot in front of the other. When they finally reached the car, it was a struggle to hold herself upright until Victoria had opened the doors and manoeuvred her onto one of the seats. Exhausted, Penny reclined against the backrest. Now, all she wanted was to be freed of her restraints and sleep for the next hundred years or so.

Meanwhile, Victoria worked on her gag until a soft hissing was heard and Penny sighed with relief when the intrusive bladder inside her mouth began to shrink. She struggled to suppress a groan when she managed - against the resistance of her protesting, stiff jaw muscles - to close her mouth a few millimetres, but then the hissing stopped.

"If I free you completely of the gag now, you will doubtlessly start to yammer," Victoria pondered. "You're probably also bathed in sweat inside your helmet, so that'll make for a nice stench here in the car, but if we drive with the window open, you might catch a cold and that would be irresponsible of me."

Hello? Victoria couldn't seriously consider keeping her tied up, gagged and hooded for another minute? Penny was beside herself with horror and this time she could no longer contain herself. She vented her displeasure with a gag-stifled cry, which was immediately punished by a painful electric shock from her collar. Breathing heavily, she doubled up on the seat.

"Don't! Please calm down again, you're only hurting yourself." Victoria stroked her head comfortingly. "Look, I'll let you choose: Either I'll untie you now and you can rest, or ..." Victoria interrupted herself and began to massage Penny's breasts through the suit. She played gently with the rampant nipples, which began to show even more clearly beneath the latex.

"... or I'll only unlock the chastity belt and shove the just purchased Hitachi vib..., pardon, massage stick between your legs."

Penny, who had immediately become horny again under the skilful ministrations of Victoria's practised fingers, flinched. She had wanted this particular vibrator forever, but Victoria had always claimed that it was hard to come by. Perhaps the visit to the fair had one redeeming aspect to it after all?

"So, what is it? If you want me to free you, nod once, if you prefer the Hitachi, nod twice".

Damn it! Penny wanted to be freed of her bonds and have the vibrator as well. She felt as if she had been locked up in her leather and latex prison for days and days. Thanks to the tightness of the chastity belt she could only breathe in shallow gasps. The armbinder robbed her of her arms and made any resistance impossible, while her collar and the gag prohibited any verbal protest. Imprisoned within the helmet, she was kept completely disoriented, unable to see anything or hear properly. Victoria had absolute control over her. She was in the hands of a self-confessed sadist, at the mercy of her every whim and so her only hope was that Victoria would not push the game too far, for otherwise she would be doomed.

That wasn't true of course. Although Victoria had just generously allowed her to choose her ordeal, in reality she always had a choice. At any time, she could decide to use her safe word. But that would also spell the end of her agreement with Victoria. No more heavy bondage and evil torments, which only fuelled her need for more, more, more. If she was honest, she didn't really want anything else. The wetness in her crotch attested to that and so, in the final analysis, she had no choice after all. She was a slave to her lust. She nodded impulsively twice while her abdomen contracted almost painfully.

"A wise decision. By the way, I switched off the shock function. During the ride, you're welcome to entertain me with your moaning."

Part 2 (added: 2019/03/25)


With a sigh of comfort Penny slips deeper into the warm water and closes her eyes. Her fingers gently caress her body, sliding around her breasts, toying with her nipple rings before finding their way back to her lap. How long has she been made to dispense with the pleasure of touching herself there! It is a boon she has formerly taken for granted, before being forced to wear an inescapable chastity belt.

Now, she shudders with masochistic relish and the movements of her fingers become more frenetic and urgent. Down there, where for endless weeks unyielding steel has removed the centre of her lust from her reach, they once again reacquaint themselves with long lost territory. Penny bites her lower lip and moans throatily. How often have severe gags prevented her from all other vocalizations? How many times have hands not her own pulled on her nipple rings during sex and thus spiced her arousal with the necessary amount of pleasurable pain? She gasps as she climaxes, her orgasm intense and satisfying, but far less breath-taking than the previous ones.

A few languorous minutes later, she opens her eyes and studies the wrinkled skin of her hands, realising that it is high time to get out of the tub. Wrapped in her comfortable bathrobe, she leaves the bathroom a minute later. In the bedroom, she first straightens the rumpled bedspread, then collects the chastity belt and the wide metal cuffs for her wrists and ankles from the floor, where she has carelessly dropped them earlier in her frantic haste to finally rid herself of them.

After some time spent searching, she discovers the bunch of keys for her shackles under the bed. Thoughtfully she touches her collar, which she has not taken off in her impatience. She has become so used to its constant presence that she almost doesn't notice it any more. Is Victoria using its sensors even now to monitor my bodily functions? Has she been notified about my unauthorized orgasms?

The unbidden memory of the terrible punishment she has been subjected to for indulging herself in prohibited masturbation, although only once, makes Penny shiver with terror and she snatches her hand away, as if she has burned herself on the metal. This time, however, she is safe from retribution, and so after her moment of shock passes, she puts the key ring into her gown's pocket and grinning smugly continues her way to the study. Once there, she sits down at the desk and opens her laptop.

For the next hour she is busy working her way through the masses of messages that have accumulated in her mailbox, before she leans back in her office chair with a sour smile and thoughtfully looks through the glass front of the room into the garden. The arrangements made for her absence have proven to be effective, nothing urgent awaits her personal attention and the world seems to be doing quite well without her. It is both a sobering and comforting realization that no one appears to have missed her particularly and so without pressing obligations, she is free to live her life according to her own ideas. Or those of my Mistress! The last six months have definitely provided her with a taste of what those might entail.

With this thought she involuntarily squeezes her thighs together. In her memory, the time she has spent as Victoria's slave is reduced to a single, seemingly infinite succession of episodes of torture, humiliation and horror, yet at the same time and inseparably connected, there have been intense moments of devotion, ecstasy and fulfilment. These long hours of almost unbearable sexual tension were always crowned by breath-taking climaxes and blissful exhaustion.

Even the times when she has been imprisoned in her isolation cell, comfortably, but inescapably restrained and leashed with nothing but her bondage to focus on, have provided an experience more intense than the mindless bustle of the daily humdrum she has lived before. In her innermost being, Penny feels that in playing with Victoria, for the first time, she has begun to assuage her previously insatiable desire for submission.

The realisation that it is now in her own hands to go even further and let her wildest dreams become reality, both electrifies and frightens her at the same time. Her fantasies have now evolved to a point far beyond mere temporary playing and culminate in genuine, unconditional and irrevocable enslavement. As if what I've already been subjected to hasn't been extreme enough!

With a shiver she recalls the luxury cruise in the South Seas, because for her, the journey has been anything but luxurious. Instead of enjoying the tropical sun on deck, or on the white beaches of various exotic islands, she has spent 95% of her time tied up and gagged in the cabin; not that she has seen much of even that! For many hours she has languished in the (admittedly generously dimensioned) closet, often wearing a blindfold or worse a discipline hood. At least the sea has been calm and the cabin air-conditioned.

Meditatively, Penny strokes the soft fabric of her bathrobe with her fingertips. During the last six months she has rarely been permitted the opportunity to wear normal clothes. Most of the time she has spent naked or covered in skin-tight latex. She loves the material: how it feels, its smell, and above all, what she looks like when wearing it. The lust that shines in Victoria's eyes at the sight of her body encased in rubber proves that her mistress feels the same way. In return, Penny is happy to accept the inevitable sweating.

Victoria also loves Penny's nipple rings, although for her they haven't exactly been an unequivocal source of joy. Strictly speaking, piercings even violate the rules of her slave contract, yet Victoria has only realized one of her long-cherished, secret fantasies by having them done. What Penny has foolishly not anticipated is the enthusiasm and ingenuity Victoria has exhibited for including the rings in their play ever since.

The days after the previous, smaller rings had to make way for larger ones to stretch her piercings further have been especially tough. Now, the dull silvery thickness of the rings makes it impossible to confuse them with ordinary jewellery and for the initiated clearly points to their disciplining characteristics. Nevertheless, Penny still finds the presence of the unyielding metal embedded in her body and the possibilities it offers to control and punish her extremely exciting.

Almost too exciting. Especially when she considers how much further she is willing to go in pursuit of her fantasies. After visiting the BDSM convention, the encounter with Robert and his slave Nina has more and more frequently dominated her thoughts for days on end. It is only with great difficulty that she has she refrained from raising the subject with Victoria. For sure, her mistress has only been waiting for her approval to arrange a meeting, and who knows what would then come from that ...

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Penny fidgets restlessly on her chair. Within the next hours she has to inform Victoria of her decision if and how she wants to continue their arrangement. Ending it now and contenting herself as before with mere fantasies, self-bondage or occasional, carefully prepared and choreographed sessions is no longer a viable option for her. Now that she has tasted blood, going back to a 'normal' life, while possible, seems pointless. Moreover, Penny is sure that Victoria would not be available as a stand-by dominatrix for sporadic sessions; yet she is the only one who Penny trusts enough to surrender herself to absolutely.

But even continuing as before would not be a real option either for Victoria or for her. They both want more, much more. In recent weeks, she has sensed and felt Victoria's growing frustration - often on her own skin. She is sure that some of Victoria's actions have been intended to force her into using her safe word to bring about a premature end to their dead-locked relationship. She can certainly sympathize with Victoria, for she, too, has found it increasingly difficult to keep her feelings in check and not crack under the strain. However, giving in to her feelings for Victoria would have meant losing control.

Penny lets her head sink onto the desk and cools her hot forehead on the cold glass surface. No matter which way she looks at it, she has to make up her mind. Wanting to surrender herself completely while, at the same time, trying to keep control is like squaring the circle. All she can do is move forward with the only question being: How far is she prepared to go, if otherwise she risks losing Victoria forever?


The address contained in the mysterious invitation belonged to an impressively large, modern house that presented a fortress-like, stark concrete façade to the world, with narrow windows reminiscent of embrasures. Anyone who could afford such a property and dwelling in this neighbourhood, or anywhere else in the city, definitely had more than enough money, so maybe the paragraph of the invitation that spoke of a 'financially interesting offer' turned out to be not entirely fictitious. Nervously, she pushed a recalcitrant strand of hair behind her ear before pressing the bell and looking as calmly as possible into the camera of the intercom.

"Yes?" a tinny voice answered.

"Hello, I'm ..."

She did not get any further before the voice interrupted her: "Ah, Miss Sisking, you're expected. Please be patient for a moment, I'll let you in!"

After half a minute of tense waiting, a distinguished middle-aged gentleman opened the heavy door and ushered her into a generously appointed and surprisingly bright foyer. The bunker-like architecture was presented only on the street side of the house, while at the rear, large glass windows provided an expansive view of a park-like garden and pool surrounded by a high wall. A wide and elegant staircase led up to the first floor, so that despite the modern interior she was reminded of an old manor house.

"Miss Bode will see you in a moment. I'll show you the way."

While following the man in the dark suit, she looked around with interest. It was the first time in her life that she found herself in an ambience that seemed to have sprung from the pages of an avant-garde architecture magazine. The high-ceilinged rooms were flooded with light and the bright floors, combined with lots of exposed concrete and minimalist designer furniture, made the house look like a walk-in sculpture, but decidedly quite sterile. She imagined how a concealed army of domestics constantly ensured that each piece of furniture was exactly positioned at its assigned place. In direct comparison, her own small apartment resembled the epicentre of a devastating earthquake.

After rounding several corners, they reached their destination: the room was dominated by a black glass conference table surrounded by the inevitable Eames chairs. But that was not what captivated her attention. It was the young woman who now stood up to greet her with a firm handshake. She had expected someone over 40; perhaps some career woman wearing a power suit, but not an elfin blonde in jeans and camouflage tank top who must have been a few years younger than herself.

Victoria felt her mouth go dry and she had to hold on to herself not to stare at her hostess. Thanks to an amazing resemblance to a young Romy Schneider, she matched her preferences perfectly, but unfortunately not her social class, making her practically unattainable, even in the unlikely event that she happened to also prefer women.

"Welcome Miss Sisking, I'm glad you could come. Please have a seat." The young woman pointed to one of the chairs and waited until Victoria had seated herself before sitting down as well. The man took a seat a little apart, from where he watched the action attentively.

"Before we continue, we must first take care of one necessary formality." The woman pushed a densely printed sheet of paper over the table. "I must ask you to sign this non-disclosure agreement. By doing so, you agree to keep the contents of this conversation strictly confidential."

Victoria drew the sheet in front of her and skimmed the text. Violations were threatened with penalties that would ruin her for the rest of her life. Apparently, these people attached great importance to discretion.

She reached for the pen, but stopped at the last moment.

"It's nothing illegal, right?"

"No, not at all. At most, it would be considered ... unconventional," the blonde assured her while the corners of her mouth lifted. The man frowned at this answer, but when he caught Victoria's questioning gaze, he shook his head in the negative.

"All right, then." She signed the declaration with a flourish, then looked up with anticipation. "What is this all about? Your letter remained quite vague ..."

"The matter is somewhat delicate." The young woman, who had appeared so self-confident until this point, showed a touch of nervousness for the first time, but immediately had herself under control again. "To get to the point without digressing: I've done some research on you. You may rest assured that I've been fully-briefed, both as regards the public part of your life and the ... ah ... unofficial one. On the basis of this information I will make you an offer. I would like to hire you as my personal dominatrix."

When Victoria left the conference room an hour later, she still felt as though she was in a dream from which she could awaken at any moment. As she followed Alfred to the door, she tried to organize her swirling thoughts. Actually, the offer was far too good to be true, but she was unable to see any hidden catches by any stretch of the imagination.

If she accepted the proposition on offer, she would in all respects train Ms Penelope Felicitas Bode, the 22-year-old heiress to one of the country's largest fortunes, as her slave. The initial contract would be for the next six months, with the option of extending it for another six months at each term's end.

For at least the next half a year, the attractive and apparently heavily-masochistic young woman would be totally in her power; a willing victim for her sadism. Victoria would move into her own suite in the house and thus be available to take care of her protégé's education 24/7. She would also have access to a generous monthly budget to cover all expenses incurred to advance Penny's training. Best of all though, for her 'efforts', she would also receive a lavish fee, including tax-free weekend and holiday bonuses. The money would be adequate to cover her livelihood for the rest of her studies after the first six months long term already.

At the beginning of the negotiations, Victoria had been sceptical. Of course, it had made her angry that Penny had been snooping into her private life, but had to admit that her people had done a good job. The dossier meticulously listed every detail of her life: her mother's early, accidental death, the tense relationship with her father, a complete chronology of her various friendships, enmities and affairs; her hobbies, sporting activities, musical preferences, favourite books, films and television series, her financial circumstances, political views and religious convictions - or rather the latter's absence. Victoria suspected that she should urgently reconsider her use of social media.

Without wanting or even suspecting it, she had gone through an elaborate vetting and application process. Naturally, the dossier compiled on her also contained her high school grades, the diploma of her training as a nurse, and the results of her university courses up to now. Above all, however, there was one area usually not covered in traditional CVs, namely her sexual history.

This was actually the focus of Penny's many questions and she had asked them with painstakingly suppressed excitement. When had she first recognized her sado-masochistic inclination? How had she dealt with this realization? Had she always felt attracted to her own gender? How did she come up with the idea of financing her studies by being a part-time dominatrix for an exclusive escort service? What, in her opinion, constituted the secret of her success? Apparently, her clients had given her enthusiastic reviews and obviously, the discretion of the escort agency was just as up for sale as its other services.

Victoria had answered thoroughly and truthfully, as she felt Penny's interest was sincere. By that point she had instinctively realized that there was volcano of unfulfilled desires seething beneath the blonde's cool façade. Her hunch had been confirmed when she was given the opportunity to read the clauses of the proposed 'training contract'.

Naturally, Penny had ruled out senseless brutality, permanent damage, or an involuntary coming-out. The use of a safe word was her last resort, enabling her to instantly terminate the contract and withdraw irrevocably from it. In the event, Victoria would immediately receive all outstanding pay, including a substantial bonus, with no further obligations. But beyond that, the other provisions were more about giving her license to do things to her charge rather than putting restrictions on her actions.

Penny wanted to spend the whole six months as a sex toy and prisoner. She would wear a specially-created, custom made collar that could be used to monitor her vital signs, and whose shock capability made it possible to control her in public. She was to spend many hours strictly tied up and gagged. The rest of the time, she wanted to be put in chains or locked up in cages or boxes. Even at night she should be prevented from escaping or resisting by suitable restraints. For this purpose, a cell was already set up in the cellar, from which escape was completely impossible. There was no overlooking the fact that Penny had a veritable bondage fetish.

Victoria would have the right to force Penny to engage in any sexual activity, although the involvement of third parties and practices involving body excretions were ruled out. She was allowed to break Penny's resistance by any means she saw fit and was, in fact, required to severely punish any lack of zeal. Conversely, she was encouraged to reward good performance accordingly.

Penny obviously believed in the proven principle of carrot and stick. In principle, Victoria had no problem with these aspects of the contract, especially since nowhere in it was stipulated when the reward was to be granted. In her experience, sexually frustrated slaves could be spurred on to peak performance by the promise of a climax. Anyway, she had no intention of acting as a mere facilitator for Penny's sexual fantasies, and clearly stated her refusal to function solely in that capacity. Penny had been quick to realize that such a role would indeed not meet her needs.

As part of punishment, Victoria was allowed to torture Penny in any manner she desired, provided that the treatment caused no lasting damage and left no permanent marks. Victoria was strictly prohibited from giving in to any and all begging, tears or pleading, except for use of the safe word. On the contrary, when she was faced with such blatant lack of discipline she was required to proceed with particular severity.

She had grinned inwardly at this point. Obviously, Penny had no idea what unbearable torments Victoria could inflict on her, and yet remain still within the framework of rules she had set. Penny appeared to be bent on being taken to her limits, perhaps to prove something to herself - Victoria knew of such cases.

She had no difficulty in recognizing the unfulfilled longings and secret fantasies of a still inexperienced masochist in the clauses of the contract, who, after long hesitation, had finally decided to give in to her repressed passions. She would either find fulfilment in them, or, if she did not like the experience, be able to settle the matter once and for all, without having any doubt afterwards that she had not seriously tried.

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It was quite plain that Penny was not the type to be satisfied with half measures; hence the insistence on 24/7 and maximum harshness. It would take a lot of Victoria's skill to provide her with the desired, borderline experience without unintentionally causing a severe trauma.

The distinguished man, who had introduced himself as Alfred and was apparently Penny's closest confidant, had followed the negotiations closely, but had only commented on a few details of the practical implementation. It had not escaped Victoria's notice that he was, to put it mildly, sceptical about Penny's plans, but he bowed to the young woman's will. Victoria discerned that Penny was used to getting what she wanted and so, just to set a counterpoint, had demanded a day for consideration, which she intended to utilize fully, although she already knew that she would accept the offer.

"A word, please."

Deep in thought, Victoria had paid little attention to her surroundings, until Alfred suddenly turned towards her and pointed to a wide niche next to the entrance door, which probably served as a cloakroom. She followed him willingly, eager to learn what he had to say. Apparently still undecided as to how he should present his request, he first scrutinized her thoroughly.

Victoria also took the opportunity to study him more closely. For a man who had passed the age of fifty, he seemed very fit. Small wrinkles around the eyes suggested that he enjoyed laughing. But now his face was serious when he fixed her with a penetrating look.

"I've been in the service of the family for over 20 years now. I've seen Penelope grow up. Her parents didn't have it easy with her, she was a ... wild child." He took a breath before continuing. "After the accident, I took custody of her until she came of age. It was a difficult year for both of us." With a curt gesture, he pointed to his grey hair.

"For a time, she seemed determined to follow her parents to the grave. Parties, affairs, alcohol and drugs - unfortunately nothing out of the ordinary in her circles, but she carried it to extremes. She barely missed a lethal overdose once, but luckily, this shock acted as wakeup call.

Then she switched to extreme sports, everything that promised a thrill and robbed me of my sleep. Fortunately, she also survived this phase. Penelope tries a lot, but her initial enthusiasm fades as soon as she masters something. Business lies in her blood, but unfortunately it doesn't interest her very much." Alfred sighed sorrowfully and paused, probably to let what he had said take effect. Victoria found his story highly revealing, but did not know what he was getting at and so, with a gesture, invited him to continue.

"Two months ago, I found her tied up. I don't know how she managed it, but she had hung herself by her feet, and having bound herself so thoroughly, couldn't free herself. When I found her, she was semi-conscious.

Later we talked for a long time and I learnt that she had been tying herself up for years and had an amazing collection of pertinent 'toys'. This was obviously another, not entirely harmless hobby of hers. Ms Victoria, I've seen a lot of things in my life and so wasn't shocked, but I was deeply worried because she didn't confide in me before it was almost too late. In the meantime, I've studied and read a great deal of the literature about the BDSM lifestyle, although I can't claim that I understand her inclinations. However, if it makes her happy ... Anyway, I hope with all my heart that with you, Penelope will finally find what she is looking for."

He leaned forward until his face was only a few inches away from hers and his voice became dangerously quiet.

"Now you are probably wondering why I have entrusted all this to you. To avoid any misunderstanding: I love Penny like a daughter of my own. I do understand that you will coerce her, humiliate her and torture her and that she would have it no other way. I have to accept that. But please understand that if you abuse our trust or harm her beyond what she needs and desires, you will be very sorry indeed. I promise you that."

Alfred stepped back again and looked her firmly in the eyes. Then he extended his hand towards her.

"Ms Victoria, I think we understand each other? Welcome aboard. I'm looking forward to a mutually beneficial, for us all, relationship."

Victoria nodded seriously and returned his firm handshake.

"Yes, we understand each other. Thank you, Alfred."


Victoria stands indecisively outside the conference room and nervously strokes her hair. She has spent a sleepless night in the course of which, after a long struggle with herself, she has decided to refuse an offered extension of another six months to her contract. Provided that eventuality comes to pass at all; in the late evening, her smartphone has received the alarm that is triggered when Penny removes her collar.

She braces herself and opens the door. Alfred, as always in a flawless dark suit, greets her with a nod of the head.

"Hello Victoria! Please have a seat!"

Penny is wearing the same jeans and tank top that she has worn when they first met. Did she fall in love with her right then? No, in the beginning there was only the purely physical attraction and a lot has happened since then. The lighter stripes of skin around Penny's neck and wrists prove that beyond a doubt. Victoria struggles to push aside the uninvited, emerging memories of Penny's naked, collared and cuffed body writhing in ecstasy. What she has to do is already hard enough.

After everyone has seated themselves, Penny pushes a stack of papers across the table.

"Please accept this extension of your contract for another six months. You will see that there's a substantial increase of your fee, but most of the other terms remain unchanged."

Victoria stares at the contract in front of her. The 'substantial increase' turns out to be a straight doubling of her remuneration. She would not have to worry about money for many years to come. Wasn't it crazy to give it all up just because she would continue to be Penny's employee? Her temporary 'mistress' leased for another half a year? A mere means to an end?

Victoria looks up with burning eyes to see that Penny also appears pale and tired. Under her eyes are slight shadows, which is unusual considering her amazing resilience. She nervously avoids Victoria's stare.

"Thank you, Penny. That's a very generous offer, but unfortunately, I have to decline."

"That's what I thought you'd say." Penny speaks quietly, staring down at her hands folded on the top of the table in front of her. "But I had to know."

For the first time in years Victoria doesn't know what to do. She would love to jump up and run away before she begins to cry in front of the two people she had come to know so intimately over the past half year. Instead, she visually devours her former slave for perhaps the last time, burning her image into her memory.

When Penny lifts her eyes again, they are filled with a feverish glow. Yet, she seems completely calm outwardly when she turns to Alfred.

"It's time."

"You're sure?"

She grasps his hand and squeezes it when she steadfastly answers his questioning gaze. "Yes, absolutely sure."

"Then that's a good thing. I think I'd better leave you two alone now." He gets up and kisses Penny on the forehead. "Good luck!"

Before he leaves the room, he secretly winks at Victoria.

Her gaze follows him thoughtfully. What is that supposed to mean? Does Alfred want to spare himself an embarrassing farewell scene? During the last six months he has always kept himself in the background and never interfered in their games, although he must have found it hard to do so, given how harshly Victoria has sometimes treated Penny. Actually, she even imagined that he has come to accept how much Penny enjoys and craves Victoria's strict and uncompromising dominance. After all, he has confided to her a few weeks ago that he believes Penny to be 'in good hands' and that he can finally sleep peacefully again.

A loud noise makes her turn around to see that Penny has placed her opened collar on the glass top. She begins to undress slowly in front of Victoria's eyes, first pulling her top over her head, then she releases her bra to expose her firm breasts. The massive rings in her nipples glisten dully in the bright light of the ceiling lamps. Victoria watches as if hypnotized and only after Penny had tugged at her pants does she wake from her trance.

"Penny? What is this? If you think you can change my mind this way ..." - then you are not wrong, Victoria completes her sentence in thought. She has to bite her lip so as not to burst out loud with it. Damn!

Meanwhile, Penny unabashedly continues her provocative striptease. Victoria is itching to show her with the Devil's Tail what she thinks of Penny's audacity to try and persuade her in this way. She has made her decision and has no desire to play games any more.

After Penny has removed her last piece of clothing, she stands before Victoria and unashamedly displays her perfect, naked body. The enforced fitness training of the last few months has ensured that her lean torso now sports defined muscle groups.

"I thought a lot about us last night, Victoria, and I'd like to propose a new arrangement between us, please?"

Penny takes the contract extension from the glass top and tears it in half, then tosses it into the trash can under the table. She next bends over the table and pulls out a sheet from the sheaf of papers in front of her own seat, and places it in the hand of a bewildered Victoria. Without further ado, she kneels in impeccable posture before Victoria's chair, crosses her wrists behind her back and humbly lowers her gaze, exactly as Victoria has taught her to do.

Victoria's eyes skim over the page covered with Penny's precise handwriting, then she frowns and quickly turns the sheet over before carefully reading the text on the front again. She presents the blank back side to Penny's face.

"You didn't write down any rules!" Victoria states.


Irritated, she looks down at Penny, kneeling motionless in front of her.

"What's that supposed to mean? No limits?"

"Exactly. No limits whatsoever." Penny appears completely unconcerned when she quietly adds, "Or just the ones we write down now."

Victoria elects to ignore the last remark. She will not allow Penny to back-pedal right away. Instead, she decides to call Penny's bluff.

"No time limit either?"

"Carte blanche," Penny affirms.

"Are you serious?"


Victoria raises her eyebrows and asks herself a most important question: What if Penny is really serious? She should be made aware of all of the possible consequences. Better to make sure that she truly understood what she is getting into.

"I'm going to have your head shaved. No more annoying hair under your masks and helmets."

Penny accepts the announcement without any visible emotion.

"You'll remain locked in your chastity belt 99.9% of the time. With the penalty dildo and butt plug."

Once more there is no reaction. Victoria has to bring the big guns in.

"I'll have stainless steel wrist and ankle cuffs made for you. The same kind that Nina wears, the one's that can't be opened once they're closed. You will also be fitted with a permanent, non-removable collar."

For the first time, Penny's ostentatious equanimity is somewhat shaken and her breathing accelerates noticeably.

"You'll also be extensively pierced just like Nina has been. Your labia, tongue, nose and so on. Robert has developed some really interesting concepts and you will get to be the one to show them off," Victoria adds.

Penny moans quietly, shuddering with both terror and arousal at what the future might hold for her. Victoria doesn't miss how she unconsciously rubs her thighs imperceptibly against each other.

"What are you doing? Do these things turn you on? Answer me!"

Caught, Penny interrupts her sacrilegious actions.

"M-maybe, Mistress," she admits meekly and blushes.

"Unbelievable! You really are an incorrigible pain slut, aren't you?" Victoria shakes her head. "And on top of that you still believed I wouldn't notice how you were stimulating yourself! I thought I'd broken you of that habit."

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Deliberately, she fails to mention that she too is aroused by these same ideas, albeit not as the receiving party. Be that as it may, it is now obvious that Penny will not be deterred by threats that cater to her own fantasies. Victoria vows to herself that she will teach the brat to fear her yet.

"I'll present you in public, Penny, and this time without a helmet. Everyone will recognize you."

Penny licks her lips nervously. At last Victoria knows she is on the right track.

"You will, of course, have to be marked permanently. I think a tattoo immediately above your pubic area will work great. What do you think of 'SLAVE' in beautiful, big letters? Then everyone immediately knows what you are."

"Only if they see me naked," Penny dares to object.

"Would you rather I have it placed on your forehead?"

Penny gasps in horror and shakes her head.

"I thought so." Victoria smiles sardonically. "And if I have the tattoo put there nevertheless?"

"That would be your privilege, Mistress. Then I would just have to accept it," Penny concedes in a hoarse, shaking voice.

Victoria pauses in surprise. Is Penny actually willing to go that far?

"So, you're really giving up your safe word?"

"Yes, I will. Instantly."

"Let me understand you perfectly, Penny. You wish to, and will, completely surrender yourself to me, without reservations?" Victoria continues, staring intently into Penny's eyes.

"Yes, Mistress. I do."


There! The crucial question has been asked. Victoria feels her heart pounding, but Penny continues to keep her eyes lowered and her head bent, staring silently at the floor. Victoria has almost given up hope of getting an answer when Penny finally raises her head and looks her straight in the eye. All of a sudden, the self-assurance she has displayed before is gone and the words tumble out of her mouth in a rush.

"Because I trust you, Mistress! Because, only with you do I feel safe and can let go completely. Because I know that you love me! I've known for a long time, I am not blind! Damn, why have we all become so cynical nowadays? Otherwise, this wouldn't sound so ridiculous just now. But Mistress, it's your fault!"

She starts to weep, tears flooding down her quivering cheeks while she continues to speak.

"You made the permafrost in my heart thaw, and for the first time something is stirring within it. For the first time in my life I really feel alive. Because I love you too. Yes, I love you! And I want to live with you because I assuredly could not face a life without you. I'd kill myself, and God knows, I've tried."

"But I don't want, no, I simply cannot be just your dominatrix!" Victoria exclaims, shaken by her own emotional response to Penny's outburst.

"Mistress, a slave is not entitled to suggest ... It's just an idea ... but maybe ... Well, maybe you might consider marrying me? Of course, that's a lot to ask under the circumstances and I'd completely understand if ..."

Penny's stream of words is suddenly interrupted when Victoria grabs her neck and kisses her firmly on the mouth, tears of her own flowing freely. It takes a long time before they resurface to catch their breath. Victoria looks at Penny in wonder, as if she is seeing her for the first time. Wow! We should definitely do that again ...

This time it is Penny who initiates the kiss. It is not quite as frantic and urgent this time, but no less passionate than the first. When they finally manage to disengage, Victoria has slipped off the chair and stares deeply into the tear brimming yet smiling eyes of her slave. Do I have the same idiotic grin on my face as Penny? She quickly straightens and strives for an appropriately severe facial expression.

"Don't think that I'll be more indulgent with you because of that!"

"I will be an obedient slave!" Penny asserts with a mischievous grin, "... a at least most of the time."

"I'll see to that." Victoria smiles maliciously and takes the metal collar off the table.

"Careful, Mistress! The safety pin needs to be removed before it's closed."

Victoria hesitates and takes a closer look at the collar.

"What kind of lock is this? There's no key hole."

"Yesterday I replaced the old locking mechanism with this permanent one," Penny admits, blushing slightly.

So-so. Victoria contemplatively weighs the collar in her hands. Penny has obviously been pretty sure of herself. Victoria realizes she must not forget that she is now together with a skilled manipulator who is accustomed to getting everything she wants. However, that is a challenge she is happy to accept.

"How about visits to the doctor and dentist? What about flying and trips? If you are to be in public, there will be no way to hide it, other than to conceal it with clothing. I hope you understand that fully," Victoria inquires.

"Well, I'll just have to accept that and live with it. Everyone will see the collar and probably know precisely what it means, but I can deal with that."

"What if there's a medical problem?"

Penny shrugs. "Then I guess we' ll have to cut the metal open somehow."

Victoria flips the two halves of the collar open, revealing the sturdy locking posts on the opposite side of the nearly invisible hinge.

"Penny, when I fit you with this collar, I will immediately make you my slave again. You do realize that I can make my announcements true at any time then?"

"Yes Mistress, that is clear to me."

"Okay, I'm going to give you one last chance to change your mind."

"Please, Mistress, I want it. I need to be your slave!" It is plain to see that Penny can barely keep her excitement in check.

"Very well, Penny. Suit yourself. Now, lift your chin!" Victoria removes the safety pin and loosely wraps the dully gleaming metal band around Penny's neck. "Any last words?"

Penny moans and closes his eyes.

"Do it already!" She exclaims impulsively, then adds a belated, "Please, Mistress!"

"With the greatest pleasure," Victoria replies with an oily eagerness steeped in irony, which Penny - deeply submerged in her subspace - fails to register. Victoria struggles to suppress a grin. Old habits die hard. Penny might be facing a steep and painful learning process until she finally realizes that Victoria is no longer her employee. But one thing at a time.

Using both hands, Victoria slowly presses the halves of the wide, ring-endowed, steel band together, until the joint under Penny's left ear slides almost fully closed. She has to exert considerable pressure to make it snap shut with a sharp, metallic click. Penny's slender neck has once again become snugly-encased in her collar and, this time, there is no way to remove it.

"Ooohhh! Yes!" A tremor runs through Penny's body and Victoria watches with amusement while a damp spot spreads between her thighs. She gives Penny a few seconds to calm herself, then grasps her chin and tilts her head back as far as the width of the collar at the nape of her neck permits.

"That reminds me! Actually, I haven't really responded to your so-called 'idea' yet."

Penny looks up surprised at first, then her face assumes a worried expression. Victoria grasps the front ring of her collar and effortlessly pulls Penny up until she stands meekly in front of her. The ring once more proves to be very handy when she plants another kiss on her stunned slave's mouth.

"Yes, I will!"

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Friday, May 24, 2019  

Hello there, My name is Aly and I would like to know if you would have any interest to have your website here at utopiastories.com promoted as a resource on our blog alychidesign.com ?

We are updating our do-follow broken link resources to include current and up to date resources for our readers. If you may be interested in being included as a resource on our blog, please let me know.

Thanks, Aly

Monday, May 20, 2019  

Сan we have a timid hope that you continue this story?

Tuesday, April 23, 2019  

Marriage is Much More Permanent!Laws and All!

Thursday, April 04, 2019  

Hot/intense sense that are still soffused with care en genuine love. Thank you for this lovely story

Wednesday, April 03, 2019  

Love it, thank you for writing this

Friday, March 29, 2019  

As Penny`s previous collar has so many functions is the new collar advanced in comparison with old one? If not (and the collar is permanent), it seems that Penny is really skilled manipulator, because she just tricked Victoria.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019  

Imagine that when Victoria again tied up and gagged Penny, she fill the blank backside - and Penny see it, but have no idea what conditions her Mistress set - and than Victoria invite Alfred and give that deal to him for safekeeping...

Tuesday, March 26, 2019  

A great ending. Well done.

Monday, March 25, 2019  

A very entertaining story, good work:)

Monday, March 25, 2019  


Monday, March 25, 2019  

A good ending. my head cannon is that Victoria and Penny get to know each other as people, going on dates and all that kind of stuff, developing in to a full fledged relationship.

Thursday, March 21, 2019  

Hi Venom,
the scene with Victoria preparing Penny for her public appearance at the BDSM convention has certainly been inspired by your excellent stories, putting some of these strong pictures into my mind - though infecting might probably be a more accurate choice of word here ;-)
As for the gag stuff: Admittedly, nobody does that better than you.
Cheers, Absolutist

Wednesday, March 20, 2019  

Not only is this story full of gag stuff, it also sports some nice "power lines" -- snappy formulations which send strong pictures and even allow the narration to be recognised by.

"Make me endure it!" is a prime example.


Wednesday, March 20, 2019  

I loved this ... and wish I had written it. Probation Period contains all of the bondage scenarios that one could wish for (except for no nipple clamps ... sigh). Still, I very much look forward to the next chapter(s). Definitely 5 stars ...


Sunday, March 17, 2019  

Great story, very well written. Keep on writing!!!

Friday, March 15, 2019  

Thanks a lot for commenting, as always much appreciated! Since most of you seem to enjoy the story, you might want to know that I’ve posted the second (and final) part earlier this week. Less bondage, but hopefully of interest nevertheless.
Cheers, Absolutist

Thursday, March 14, 2019  

Sometimes choices are soo hard to make, especially when you want them ALL!Lucky you have an understanding Mistress!

Thursday, March 14, 2019  

Sometimes choices are soo hard to make, especially when you want them ALL!Lucky you have an understanding Mistress!

Thursday, March 14, 2019  

Penny is having some fun adventures here.. fun read.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019  

The whole story is just one long technical description, there's no actual erotic substance here. At all. Yet another story without soul.

Monday, March 11, 2019  

Great story and you should write a story on Nina and Robert

Monday, March 11, 2019  

What a wonderful story, I enjoyed it a lot! I see similarities with JG-Leathers' style of writing: by describing the inner (often conflicting) feelings of Penny and her Mistress Victoria, you really get sucked into the story. It's as if you are experiencing it yourself. A great result if you can manage that as a writer!
I hope there will be a follow-up, there are enough loose ends to develop further.
~[And how I would love JG-Leathers to write another story as well!]~

Monday, March 11, 2019  

What’s not to like ? Stantonesque bondage and two lesbians so hot for each other they can barely think straight. I enjoyed the way it was told with the flashbacks - always a good device to keep the bondage flowing. I loved the ‘will-they-won’t-they’ storyline too. It’s a 5 from me. Looking forward to how it plays out. tpb.

Monday, March 11, 2019  

I like where this is going. The transition from a contracted period to ... what? Will they find love, alongside the BDSM?

I hope so.

Sunday, March 10, 2019  

Well written and well done. Thank you.

Saturday, March 09, 2019  

I adore it! Extreme and yet loving and consensual with emphasis on the way both experience it. Thank you for sharing this with us

Saturday, March 09, 2019  

Beautiful! 5 stars. Please continue.

Friday, March 08, 2019  

Awesome story. Waiting for more extreme bondage.

Friday, March 08, 2019  

Love it. More please.

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