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Weekend To Remember!
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  • Post Date - 3/9/2019
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Reader's Comments (4)

Author's Note: Weekend away, me and my girlfriend and her friend, this was 2 years ago.

Chapter 1 - The Back Story

So a couple of years back when I was 17, I was part of a kind of scouts/guides group. Basically we were all a little old too actually be in the scouts anymore but we enjoyed it when we was younger, well my GF and her friend enjoyed guides (The female equivalent). Anyway there was a trip away with the rest of my group, it was in the summer time and we were all heading to the country side, the aim of the weekend was to do group survival tasks and team building.

The day we go, I am sitting in my Girlfriends living room, her friend A turns up as we often did stuff in a 3. They are both really, really hot if I do say so myself, my girlfriend and is to this day is very feisty were as A is more relaxed and calm. My girlfriend is 5ft2 brown hair, tanned, A is 5foot1, blonde quite pale. We set off to the meeting point, me and A are very amused though as my Girlfriend had decided to go for a spray ta before we went, needless to say it didn't go to well she looked bright orange, literally from head to toe and was very embarrassed by it and as me and A didn't want to get on the wrong side of her we both did our best to retain our amusement.

We get on the coach, all sat together and we notice this group of girls sat behind us on the bus. The girls were very noisy and obnoxious and were beginning to irritate us, the girls were all the same age as us, same height and size as my Girlfriend and A, we had not seen them before or since and they had different accents so we can only presume they came from elsewhere as it was a regional thing.

Upon arrival we were put into our groups us 3 were in our own one, the girls in there one an everybody else in there's. We got our tent up first, and went to check out the local village, and once again we bump into the three obnoxious girls, at which point my girlfriend told them to "shut it" and "watch it". Me and A got into her about calming down which she did eventually, we had our dinner and got to bed and played some good old fashioned board games!

Chapter 2 - The Event

We wake up, we are informed by our commander we are playing a game of capture the flag today. We are going one on one in teams, were against who you ask? them girls. The aim of the game is to capture 3 flags, the flags we were searching for were red, they were searching for our 3 blue flags. The game was played over a half a mile radius of woodland, we had half an hour to hide our flags and had 2 hours to find the 3, the commander would inform us when there was a winner. So we planned to hide one at distance, and two near our hut, which consisted of shelter, pole to hold the shelter up and a map. Me and A were the two who were aiming to set off long distance and my girlfriend suggested to stay and guard our fort, she was very fired up to win this and she is naturally very competitive and bad tempered. Anyway within half an hour me and A had captured 2 of the red flags, when we were informed we had lost by our commander, we saw one of the girls about 5 foot 1 and blonde walk past us looking rather smug.

We talk to the commander for 5 minutes, just general chit chat. The commander asks were my girlfriend is and we do not know were she is.

Chapter 3 - The Bondage

Before I talk about my erection to the bondage ill talk about what she was wearing.

She (My Girlfriend), was wearing short blue denim shorts, a white crop top t shirt, and brown toe post sandals (the ones with the stick next to the big toe), she was also wearing a head band, basically she looked really, really sexy.

The bondage, so me and A are about 100 yards from the hut when we can hear a strange noise, it continues to get louder as we get closer we presume its an animal or such like as we are in the country side, the hut is about 15 foot wide and 7 foot in the air. As me an A get within 20 yards we begin to realise it may be my Girlfriend, the MMMMMPPPPPHHHHSSSS gave it away a little. Before you judge me I have always had a big bondage fetish and this was like a dream come true.

We walk quite quickly towards the hut, to find her tied up! She was kneeled down, her hands tied in front of her to the pole with rope, her ankles were tied together as she was kneeling on them, and she was gagged with a single strip of white duct tape. She was struggling furiously, I paused at the front of the tent a mixture between shocked and turned on, A simply says "Oh my god", as she to gets down on her knees in her to untie her, she first goes to take the tape off her mouth, and fails the first time she tried in what was a rather quick attempt, before getting the tape off at the second attempt, she had a white cloth sort of object stuff in her mouth, (which turned out to be a sock), A quickly asks "what happened", to which my still struggling girlfriend looks at her and says "just untie my feet".

What actually happened?

Well I wasn't there when she explained this as in the immediate after math, my Girlfriend told me she wanted to talk to A alone. But A told me the blond girl we walked past, who was acting a lone also and was the main girl my girlfriend was having issues with. Came in the tent and demanded she told her were our flags were, to which apparently my girlfriend refused at which point the girl walked forwards and believe or not stamped on my girlfriends feet, as she had boots on. Before overpowering my girlfriend and getting rope and a roll of white duct tape out of her back bag and tying her up. Apparently she told my girlfriend once she had her feet and hands tied that if she revealed were the flags were she would untie her. My girlfriend told her were the flags were and the girl smiled and left her tied up and told my girlfriend she had a dirty mouth and gagged her with a sock and tape.

My girlfriend was not crying or anything like that, she was just humiliated and as if she felt helpless and defeated. Which she was in all honesty, she never reported the incident and we went home the next day on a separate coach. My girlfriend is well over it now however, and laughs and jokes about it.

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Saturday, March 16, 2019  

I know youíre not supposed to critique grammar in general, but this story is not really even readable.

Saturday, March 16, 2019  

Rather difficult to read. A story as short as this really needs to be much more focused and concise. To much waffle about stuff that has no bearing on the "plot"

Tuesday, March 12, 2019  


Sunday, March 10, 2019  

Very hard to read. Proofread before posting.

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