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Emily in Tinseltown: Her First Day
  • Author - thepinkbishop  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, M-f, non-consensual, bondage, drugs, humiliation, public, sci-fi, spanking, toys, tricked, violent
  • Post Date - 3/30/2019
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Author's Note: Emily is a hot young thing, a wannabe in world where metoo is something other people worry about.

Emily tried to ignore the pain in her shoulders as she reached awkwardly behind her, struggling to undo the catch of the peephole bra she had had been given to wear. She had been tied up for several hours and her shoulders ached; the prolonged bondage had also left her fingers were numb and she fumbled with the catch several times before finally freeing it and shrugging her breasts out of the wet-look PVC cups taking care to ease the little puckered rings around her swollen, bruised nipples.

The sensual world of BDSM

Her breasts were still sore from the surgery, the flesh aching from the unfamiliar weight and pressure of the silicone implants that had taken her cup size from DD to FF; the skin felt tight, stretched, red and shiny. She cradled them in her arms for a moment to ease their still unfamiliar weight from her chest examining the bruises where they had been whipped during the session. Her nipples hurt too, they had been enlarged at the same time as her breasts, injected with collagen to swell them to twice their original size and were even more sensitive than her breasts; the abuse they had suffered during the morning's shoot had been pure torture and when the whip had caught them she had screamed into her gag. She caressed her right nipple gently, wincing as it swelled almost immediately in response; she had always had very prominent and responsive nipples and had always enjoyed the attention they had attracted; in their newly enlarged state they were a striking feature of a body that cried out for attention.

Emily was a girl who liked attention and was used to getting it with her sharp blue eyes, intense and passionate and her thin, pretty face with its prominent cheekbones, thin straight nose and narrow, pointed jaw; her lips were sharply defined and always glossed and her smile was white; she had dark hair which she dyed a glossy black. However, although she was pretty, it was probably Emily's body that got her noticed more, her small pert form, with its large breasts, now even more eye-catching, her slim waist and narrow hips; her legs firm and toned. She was the perfect cheerleader and the prom queen; and now she was going to be a star.

The door opened and Emily turned, still cradling her breasts.

She was wearing only the fully fashioned stockings and garter-belt that matched the bra she had just removed; the wet-look PVC knickers had vanished at some point during the morning.

'You won't be long will you, Honey ?' It was one of the studio assistants. 'Only we need the room for the next shoot.'

Emily felt herself blushing even though the man had not only seen all she had to offer but handled most of it too during the morning's filming. She should probably have said something about his barging into the changing room without knocking but she didn't want to upset anyone let alone someone from the studio on her first day.

'No.' She her voice was unusually quiet. 'I won't be long.'

The man gave her semi-naked body a cursory glance and left without closing the door. Emily pulled it shut behind him to give herself a little privacy as she undid the garter belt and took the stockings off still attached.

There was a small, cracked mirror mounted on the wall and she regraded herself running her gaze over her body noting the bruises from the whips they had used on her and the indentations of the ropes still obvious on her skin.

She knew she looked good and the porn shoots were only temporary while she waited to get a proper part. Her agent had assured her she would go far; after all, if she wasn't star potential why had she loaned her the money for her breast surgery and helped her organise it ?

Lola had got her this job too on her first morning with the agency.

She would have liked to shower but the cubicle looked filthy with mould and she didn't have a towel so she began to dress, pulling the rubber minidress over her head and smoothing it across her body; it covered the worst of the welts and bruises which were mostly on her bottom and its tension was surprisingly comfortable over her breasts. The dress displayed her body beautifully, especially her breasts making her big nipples jut out, unmissable; her curves caught the light from the bare bulb that lit the room.

The dress had been provided by her agent and was supposed to get her noticed; it had certainly done that. She still couldn't believe she'd just walked into this role. It might not have been quite what she wanted in the long term but it was a start and, in at her first audition she'd got the part.

She hadn't even had to act, just smile and peel off her dress in a sexy way which was something she'd done countless times before.

Thirty minutes later she'd been on set.

She smiled as she picked up one of her boots and slid her foot inside before zipping it up; she repeated the process with the other. Like the dress, the boots were shiny and black; they came up to her thigh and had six inch heels with platforms under her toes.

She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror, standing straight and holding her head up, shoulders back, thrusting her chest out.

There was no doubt she looked good in that outfit. It would open doors for her.

A girl had to start somewhere even if it was a bit part in a porn film.

They, the cameraman's assistants who seemed to double as actors, had begun by tying her wrists behind her back and then done the same with her elbows. They'd seemed impressed she could touch them together behind her. Then they'd started to wind ropes around her body, pulling her shoulders back and encircling her breasts.

She'd asked if she should be struggling or acting frighted but they had told her not to worry; being natural was better.

Then they'd lowered her to the floor and started to tie her legs together, looping rope around her thighs and ankles before pulling her feet up until they almost touched her elbows; they'd then tied her wrists to the ropes encircling her waist. The position was uncomfortable and put a huge strain on her shoulders and back but she hadn't wanted to complain and didn't want to interrupt the filming so she had laid there quietly.

Next they had gagged her, pushing a huge red rubber ball into her mouth and buckling the strap tightly behind her head. The gag had a large leather pad with four huge buckles that they then closed over her mouth to help keep the ball inside.

It was at this point they had told her to struggle. They didn't seem too impressed with the way she did this as one of them brought a whip like horse riders use and started hitting the soles of her stockinged feet with it.

This certainly made her struggle and she rolled around the floor pulling at the ropes and squealing into her gag. They used the whip on other parts of her body too, especially her belly and her breasts.

It had really hurt when one of the blows had hit her right on the nipple.

This treatment had seemed to last for ever but it had finally stopped and, as she lay panting hard from her struggles, one of them had smiled down at her and said she'd done a good job.

After this, they went for a break. She'd hoped someone would untie her but nobody did and she was gagged so she couldn't call out to them so she lay on her side trying to ease the ache in her shoulders and stiffness in her back waiting for them to come back.

The did return in the end and they clearly hadn't forgotten her because one of them brought her a drink in a plastic bottle like joggers use. Crouching down beside her, he undid the panel of the gag and then the straps holding the ball in and then helped her push the ball out of her mouth; she was grateful to be able to move her jaw again and for the drink.

She couldn't help thinking that being given a drink this way was a bit like being a baby fed from a bottle; the liquid wasn't water and she wanted to ask what it was but with the nozzle in her mouth she couldn't. However, she was thirsty after being gagged so she drank it down quickly and found herself giggling at the thought the man might have to put her over his shoulder and burp her like her sister did with her nephew. She was quite relieved he didn't, though he was quite handsome. She wondered if he tied up lots of girls; she guessed he probably did, and wondered if they were all as pretty as her; then she wondered what a happened if she needed to relieve herself during the rest of the shoot; she asked the man but found it difficult to talk, felt her tongue slurring the words, presumably because she'd been gagged for half the morning.

The man smiled down at her and held up her gag; she'd smiled and opened her mouth so he could push it back in. This didn't hurt as much as she thought it would. In fact, she had begun to feel quite comfortable in her bondage; so comfortable, in fact, that she had started to feel sleepy.

She'd woken up sometime later to find herself lying on her back on what looked like a gynaecologist's couch; her arms were still tied behind her back and under the couch, though her wrists weren't tied to her waist anymore. Her stockinged legs were lifted up and spread wide and there were black leather straps round her ankles, knees and thighs holding them in place. There were also clamps on her nipples. She couldn't believe she could have slept through being tied like this and assumed her struggles earlier had been more tiring than she'd thought.

She was also surprised to find they'd finished filming for the morning.

The man who'd given her the drink came to untie her and she smiled up at him before remembering that her mouth was covered by the big leather panel.

The first thing he did was to pull off the nipple clamps.

Emily had screamed into her gag arching on the table, her smile fading to be replaced by a scowl.

'Best get that over with.' She man grinned down at her. 'You'll get used to it.'

Emily wasn't sure she would get used to it and thought she should complain to the studio manager for being treated like this but had remembered it was her first day and she didn't want to upset anyone.

She settled for glaring at him over her gag.

The man didn't seem to notice and bent below the table to free her wrists, then he unstrapped her legs and left her alone.

She lay for a moment with her legs still in the air wondering if he would come back to take out her gag but he didn't so eventually she reached behind her head and undid the strap, struggling to pull the huge ball out of her mouth. Eventually she succeeded and was finally able to close her mouth. Cautiously she rubbed her jaw and licked her lips. The taste of the strange drink was still there mingled with the sour rubber of the ball and leather of the panel.

Then carefully, she lifted her legs from the stirrups and tried to sit up; she failed the first time as a wave of dizziness broke over her and she thought for a moment she might vomit. She clamped her jaw together and dragged herself to a sitting position. There, she wobbled briefly and took a couple of deep breaths, glad she was no longer encumbered by the gag. The nausea passed and she carefully slid down off the couch, holding one of the stirrups for balance. Her bottom felt slippery and it was as this point she wondered what had happened to her knickers. She was still wearing the peephole bra and the suspender belt.

She looked around and found the knickers on the floor.

Her sex and thighs felt slick and wet.

They'd clearly used some sort of lubricant on her.

Perhaps they'd pushed something inside her.

Bastards !

She'd seen these sort of films, big dildo's forced inside girls while they were tied up. Though the actresses pretended to enjoy it she knew most of them didn't; a girl could tell these things. A few of them, however, either did enjoy it or were very good at the acting part.

How could they have done that while she was asleep ?

She'd never be able to prove herself as an actress if the didn't give her a chance to act and sexual arousal was something she knew she could fake; she'd done it often enough with the men she'd slept with.

Emily had then picked up her discarded knickers and walked unsteadily to the changing room she had been given to use.

Out on the street, Emily stood squinting in the early afternoon sun.

It was hot and she was already starting to sweat.

A black rubber mini-dress and thigh boots wasn't the right clothing for this weather at all and the dress didn't cover her shoulders; she'd spent plenty of time ensuring she had a good tan but this blistering sun could burn her shoulders or, far worse, give her tan lines. The street was empty and dusty and she wished she'd had a drink before leaving the studio. She turned round for a moment with the idea of going back in but the door had already locked behind her and she couldn't see anyone in the office.

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She had an address for her next appointment but no idea how to get there. She'd hoped to call a cab but paying for it relied on her being paid and the men in the studio said they'd have to pay her agent.

She would have called Lola but then remembered she'd left her phone with the agent incase any important calls came in while she was on set. Lola had been very insistent on that though Emily had thought that was the point of having an agent. 'Sometimes they call your private number sweetie...' Lola had told her. 'They shouldn't but then they're not all as good as me.'

There was a payphone down the street and Emily started to walk towards it but at that moment a car swung out of a side turning and pulled up in front of her.

'Emily ?' The driver wound down the window as he pulled up beside her and she felt the cool wash of aircon.

The car was swanky, almost as nice as the white Mercedes Lola had dropped her off with earlier.

'Course you are.' The driver made a show of looking up and down the deserted street. He was Latino, mid thirties with curly hair and a dark complexion. 'Lola sent me. You don't want to walk up into the hills in this heat.'

'Thank you.' Emily smiled and the door popped open behind the driver.

'I'm Earl.'

Emily nodded and slid into the cool interior of the car pulling up the door behind her.

'Lola tells me it's you're first day.' Earl pulled away and looked up at his mirror as she spoke.

'Yeah.' Emily smiled nervously.

'You havin' a good one.'

'It's been ok.' Emily shrugged and was reminded of the ache in her shoulders.

'It's not far to Mr Leicester's place.' Earl accelerated as he reached the highway. 'You must be doing well getting a role on your first day. You'll go far.'

'Thank you.' Emily lay back, the leather of the seats cold against her bare thighs and arms.

'It'll be twenty five by the way.' Earl told her conversationally.

'I'm sorry ?'

'Twenty five bucks for the ride.'

'Oh...' Emily's throat went suddenly dry. 'I don't...that's just to say that I thought Lola had sent you.'

'You not carrying any money ?'

'No. I'm sorry.'

'Oh, hell.' Earl shrugged. 'I'm sure we'll work something out.'

They did indeed work something out and Emily delivered the goods on her knees beside Earl's car at the side of the winding hill road, swallowing as much from thirst as not wanting to offend the driver who'd done his best to accommodate her lack of funds.

He hadn't wanted to take anything, of course, but he was a businessman and like everyone he had to earn a crust. If word got out that he was offering free rides to actresses, where would it stop ?

This was, he said, an investment for the future. He had a cousin who worked at Universal and could probably get her an audition.

One good turn in this town always deserved another.

He even let her keep the handcuffs.

Mr Leicester would be delighted if she pitched up on his doorstep already in bondage. It would show a real commitment.

And so, when Earl dropped her at the end of Leicester's drive, Emily had trudged the last half mile in her six inch heels with her wrists cuffed behind her back in the hot sun with the salty taste of a man's cum in her mouth and some of it dried on her chin.

She was flushed and sweating as she rung the doorbell with her nose and tried once more to pull her dress up where it had slipped down exposing her breasts.

'Emily ?' Mo Leicester was short and round and bald.

He was already on set when his assistant, Carrie, showed Emily in. The assistant had made no offer to make Emily any more presentable and simply lead her round the side of the house to the studio.

She wished she'd at least been able to freshen herself up, retouch her make up, perhaps straighten her hair; even pull the dress up over her breasts.

Mr Leicester's eyes roamed over her body taking in her bare breasts and enlarged nipples.


She wasn't quite sure what she was perfect for in this state but it was a complement and Mr Leicester was, according to Lola, a very influential man.

'Get her into costume.'

'Yes, Mr Leicester.' Carrie nodded. 'This was please, Emily.'

Emily followed her still cuffed and bare breasted.

'Your playing a space heroine who's been captured by aliens and is being tortured. There'll be stuff going on around you but your role is basically to be wank fodder for the nerds.'

Emily wasn't quite sure she understood but she didn't like to show this bossy woman her ignorance so she followed Carrie to a trailer where the assistant removed Emily's handcuffs and had her strip off. She then powdered Emily's body with some sort of dust that took away the sheen of sweat and added a little extra make up, highlighting her lips and eyes.

'I'm going to do your nips too. Mo likes them to stand out.'

Emily stood as the girl rouged her nipples and smeared a little pancake paste to hide the bruises on her breasts.

'Doesn't have to be too fine a few bruises will add authenticity but the aliens are torturing your character sexually so we don't want too many bruises that show you're an S&M actress.'

Emily couldn't help smiling.

Actress !

Carrie lead her out onto the set.

Emily assumed she would have been given a robe or something to wear but she wasn't.

The set was made up to look like the interior of an alien spacecraft with wires and curling vents and control panels with various symbols on.

As well as being assistant to the director, and make up artist Carrie was also a set technician and spent the next twenty minutes installing Emily into the alien's 'torture device'.

She began by locking Emily's arms behind her back into some steel cuffs which looked very fake but were surprisingly secure and slightly too tight. Emily tried not to wince too much as her elbows were again made to touch and then locked via a bar to a steel collar.

Like the cuffs, the collar was slightly too tight.

'It was made for another actress.' Carrie explained but she'd gone sick and we need to finish the shoot.

Emily nodded her understanding even as she felt the uneasiness of having a band of steel pressing tightly on her throat.

Carrie then lead her slightly to the side of the set where she made Emily stand with her legs spread while she locked similar cuffs round her ankles. Then Carrie pulled down a long flexible silver tube with a ball in the end and a flange.

'Open up.' Carrie held up the strange device.

Emily felt puzzled. Perhaps it was the lightheaded feeling from the collar or perhaps it was the fact she'd had very little to drink since the morning and it was a hot day.

'Come on, Honey.' Carrie snapped. 'We haven't got all day. Open your mouth. This is your gag.'

Carrie rolled her eyes, expressing with the gesture her opinion that S&M actresses were all bimbos.

Emily took the ball in her mouth and Carrie tightened the straps around her head, pulling the flange across her face like a muzzle.

At least the ball wasn't as big as the one she'd been gagged with earlier.

Not until Carrie began to pump it up.

Securely bound and gagged, Emily could do nothing to protest against what was to follow and with the collar and the muzzle between them making her feel quite lightheaded she simply stood still trying not to let her knees buckle as the rest of her bondage was applied.

A dildo came first on a pole, Carrie pushed this inside her casually, extending the pole far more than Emily thought strictly necessary. Then came a butt plug, on a tube, the whole arrangement looked rather like the gag she was wearing, it even had a balloon to keep it in place.

Carrie laughed. 'It's all about aliens and probing.'

Emily wasn't sure it was funny. She was stiff and uncomfortable and plugged and finding it hard to breath.

The next 'alien' device Carrie connected was a pair of boards painted silver; they were about two feet long and hung from cables; they went above and below her breasts and were tightened across them by three long bolts; Carrie adjusted these firmly until Emily felt her breasts were being crushed and she was worried that the silicon bags inside might burst.

'Don't want them coming off when you struggle.'

Emily gave a little whimper into her gag.

'Nearly done, Honey.'

Two more silver tubes were attached, one to each nipples, they had plates inside which could be tightened squeezing them a little like the press on her breasts.

'There.' Carrie gave the tube on Emily's right nipple a tug. 'All secure.'

Emily's reply was more of a gurgle.

Carrie ignored her and looked at her watch.

'We start shooting in about forty minutes so I'm going to leave you to get into character.' Carrie smiled to herself. 'But first I need to let you know a couple of things.'

Emily did her best to nod, the tube to her mouth bouncing as she did so. The movement made her rock slightly and the tubes to her nipples and anus bounced too.

'The aliens will be speaking...well...alien. So you won't understand what they're doing to you when they pull the levers.' Carrie gestured to a set of levers mounted ominously on the wall. 'We obviously can't let them really torture you but the nipple tubes will give you a mild shock when they're activated and Mr Leicester wants you to pretend that the device is turning you on. After a while, the dildo will start working; when this happens he wants you to build towards orgasm; but they're torturing you remember so they won't let you cum. Don't go over the top.'

Carrie patted Emily's bottom. 'Understand ?'

'Mmm.' Emily nodded and felt the devices attached to her body move accordingly.

Finally, she was being given a chance to act.

'There are a few other bits but it'll be pretty obvious what you're suppose to do.'

Carrie gave Emily a final pat which was really more of a slap and made her sway wildly though she was prevented from falling by the press on her breasts.

It was probably about two hours later that filming actually began.

Emily was stiff and aching and, despite her thirst, her bladder had been so full that she had been forced to wet herself. Fortunately, it was hot and, aside from a slight dampness on the inside of her thighs, she was pretty sure nobody would notice.

The aliens were indeed terrifying, certainly to a helpless actress who'd been kept in bondage for most of the day, starved and thirsty; and was currently naked, clamped and plugged; she really was feeling very light headed and had spent most of the last thirty minutes or so concentrating on her breathing and trying very hard not to pass out.

They were huge green creatures who spoke in a guttural language. They came in leading the heroine, a blonde in a skin tight silver costume that was artistically torn to expose her right nipple, one of her buttocks and most of her thighs. Her ankles were chained together and her arms were cuffed behind her back a little like Emily's.

Emily watched as they chained the blonde to the wall.

'You'll never get me to talk.' The blonde said defiantly as they turned their attention to Emily.

Even before they used any of their 'torture devices' they spent a few moments pawing her helpless body, touching her breasts and belly and slapping her buttocks. It looked as if one of the aliens was telling the other what her planned to do to his captive.

Emily whimpered and gurgled hoping she was doing the right thing.

There was then a brief exchange in their alien language and one of them moved to the levers; the other, clearly the more senior one; gave the command and the first lever came a quarter of the way down.

Emily jolted in her bonds crying out and swaying as a shock burned her nipples. Again, her clamped breasts kept her upright and the struggle to hold her balance made her need to breathe even more acute.

There was another alien exchange and the lever was moved lower.

Emily convulsed in her bonds, the shock was even more powerful; her eyes darted around the set, practically begging not to be given another; but nobody noticed her distress.

Then she remembered Carries instructions.

She gave a low moan and the alien by the levers responded by nodding.

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Emily kept acting, pretending that her arousal was building.

The aliens spoke again and another lever was moved.

Initially nothing appeared to happen then Emily felt a strange feeling in her rear, a fullness then a bloating. She began to squirm and another shock hit her nipples reminding her of what she was supposed to do.

Though she had never had an enema before, the fullness in her belly told her that she was getting one now. She had once had a boyfriend who'd liked her to dress up as a nurse; he'd asked her to give him an enema though she'd never agreed. It was clearly something some people enjoyed and it wasn't actually unpleasant.

She squirmed a little more and pretended to be aroused by it.

The first lever was moved again and another shock hit her nipples. She arched her back and cried out, thrusting her breasts forward panting around her gag.

There were probably people out there who would actually enjoy what she was going through, though most of them were probably men; men who would never actually experience it.

The dildo started. A firm signal that she needed to appear even more aroused.

She panted and rocked and thrust her breasts out. Faking arousal was the easiest part of acting and, with the dildo pumping inside her it wasn't that hard to imagine she was being fucked. It was all a bit monotonous and not terribly satisfying but she'd had boyfriends who were worse.

Not always boyfriends; it was amazing what men would buy a girl for sex.

They had to shoot the scene about three times. The blonde heroine kept getting her lines wrong and each time, they went back to the start.

By the end Emily was hoarse despite the gag and her nipples burned. She didn't think she could take another enema and was a bit surprised that each time they just hung another bag up and let it run into her.

Just like the morning she was left behind when they took a break and she realised that was probably normal for a bondage actress. It would have been a lot of work to free her and then tie her up again and she knew the importance of continuity so she was stiff she didn't mind too much but would have liked the opportunity to use the bathroom.

The shooting restarted about an hour later.

'Ok, Honey.' Carrie told her just before, give it all you've got. 'Remember you're totally sexually frustrated, you'll do anything to have an orgasm.'

The aliens came back and Emily gasped as she was given a fifth enema. It felt like she might explode and her bladder was so full again she she could barely hold on.

Then the shocks and the vibrator started up again.

She almost got carried away this time, continuing her sexual gyrations when the vibrations stopped but a shock to the nipples reminded her she was being denied and she did her best to squirm in frustration pulling on her bonds and moaning into her gag. The aliens laughed and pawed her again; playing with her intimately and goading their blonde captive who looked on with her mouth open and her eyes wide with fear.

Emily thought she could easily have played that role and was a better actress.

Then the dildo started up again and she was off with her best pre-orgasm moans squirming and crying into her gag as more shocks were applied to her nipples.

It was getting dark when Emily came out of the set and the trailer was locked though, fortunately, someone had left her rubber minidress and thigh boots on the step. She was naked and stiff and her nipples were burning; at least she'd made it to the bathroom when the enema tube had been removed.

She wondered how she was going to get home and was almost hoping Earl showed up even if she did have to give him a blow job in payment.

She was an actress !

It might be a porn film but it was a film, not just a bondage scene like the morning.

She walked round to the front of the house as Earl drove in.

'How d'it go, Emma ?' He climbed out of the car to open the door himself.


'Oh yeah.' He smiled. 'Need a ride.'

'How much will it cost ?'

'You know my fare.' Earl grinned and Emily dropped to her knees.

Earl dropped Emily off at Lola's office. By the time she'd realised the office door was looked Earl had gone. She pulled on the handle in frustration and then shrugged and leant back against the door.

Another car pulled up and a man leant out. 'How much, Love ?'

'What ?' Emily looked at him in surprise. 'How much for what ?'

'Do you do anal ?'

'What the...' Emily was horrified to be mistaken for a street whore, even if she was leaning against a downtown doorway in a rubber mini dress and thigh boots after dark. 'Fuck off !'

The man hesitated for a moment and Emily feared he was about to get out of the car.

'Fucking bitch !' He looked away and drove off.

'Friend of yours ?' Lola appeared beside her with a bottle of whisky in her hand.

'Lola...' Emily was relieved to see her agent.

'Come on, let's get you inside.' The agent unlocked the office door and Emily followed her in.

'Howd'it go ? Did Earl pick you up ?'

'Oh, er...' Emily stammered. 'It was...' She hesitated then told Lola about Earl.

'Oh, he really shouldn't do that.' She shook her head disapprovingly. 'But, he does have a bother who works at Universal so he's not a bad guy to have on your side.'

Emily thought she should argue but decided it might be better not to.

'You'll want to freshen up.' Lola continued, changing the subject. 'I've got a couple of auditions booked for you later.'

'Really ?' Emily was suddenly excited.

'Yeah. Go take a shower and I'll unlock your room.'

The bathroom was damp and most of the tiles were cracked; there was mould on the walls around the shower and no shower curtain. Overall, it was slightly better than the shower at the first studio she'd been to.

Emily peeled off the rubber dress and boots and stepped in. The water was luke warm and barely more than a trickle but she did her best to wash herself. She was just inspecting her bruised nipples in the light of the dim bulb when Lola opened the door.

'If you're done, I'll unlock your room.'

'Ok. Thank you.' Emily stepped out of the shower, her hair and body dripping. Her towel was in her room.

Emily followed Lola down the hallway carrying her dress and boots and trying to cover her naked body as best she could. As the reached the metal door to Emily's room a man emerged from the room next door. He was dressed in jeans and a leather jacket and smiled lasciviously as he saw her. Emily did her best to cover herself up as the man walked past her.

She waited as Lola unlocked the steel door and pushed it open with a rusty creak.

The room inside was dingy with a bare concrete floor and the plaster on the walls and ceiling was peeling away; the main item of furniture was a large bed which looked surprisingly study and was fitted with a series of decorative studs and rings that looked equally sturdy. It had a thick mattress and a satin sheet. There was a chair too which matched the bed and looked like the sort of chair somebody might be strapped to if they were being interrogated. They were, according to Lola, movie props.

Lola pulled the door up behind her and locked it.

This was, Lola had told her, a high crime area and she wanted to be sure 'her girls' were safe.

That's why the window was barred.

Emily looked for her suitcase to retrieve her towel but couldn't see it so dumped her dress on the chair she lay down on her bed looking up at the cracked plaster on the ceiling while she dried off.

It was a warm night and she didn't mind being naked knowing she was safe in Lola's care.

She must have been tired because she suddenly woke as her door creaked open.

A man came in and Emily sat up quickly covering her breasts as best she could with her hands. She was about to scream when Lola appeared behind him.

'This is Mr Black.' The agent smiled. 'He's her to audition you.'

Mr Black smiled too, though only with his eyes. He was tall and thin, Afro-Carribean, dressed in a white suit and carrying a large carpet bag.

'Pleased to meet you, Sir.' Emily held out her hand and then realised the gesture had left her breast uncovered. She withdrew it.

Mr Black looked her up and down.

'Shall I get dressed, Sir.'

Mr Black smiled more genuinely. 'That won't be necessary.'

'Ok.' Emily felt nervous and glanced around the room. She spotted the chair. 'Would you like to sit down.'


'Ok.' Emily was feeling even more nervous. 'So, Mr Black, what sort of film is this.'

'Bondage.' He looked at her directly.

'I see.'

'Have you any...experience ?'

'Yes, Sir.' Emily smiled and, taking her courage in both hands ploughed on. 'I've doing a lot of bondage at the moment.'

Mr Black smiled again, genuinely. 'Shall we make a start then ?'

He put the bag down on Emily's bed and opened it.

'That is quite tight, Mr Black.' Emily shook her shoulders; arms were strapped behind her back in a black leather sheath that ran from her fingertips to her shoulders and made her elbows touch.

'I prefer 'Sir' when you are in character.

'Oh.' Emily turned slightly and tried to smile at him over her shoulder. 'I'm sorry, Sir.'

'Quite.' Mr Black's smile was, once again, just for show.

'I have played submissive roles before, Sir.' Emily realised she'd displeased him and was trying to show she was still suitable for the role.

'So your agent tells me.' Mr Black tightened some straps across Emily's shoulders, pulling them back even more and ensuring the single sleeve would stay in place.

He spun her round and looked at her naked body. She realised the restraint made her lean forward and stick her breasts out.

'A collar next, I think.' Mr Black produced a black leather collar from his bag and buckled it around Emily's neck, locking it in place with a small padlock. It had a D-ring riveted to the front.

A body harness came next, straps over her shoulders with rings for her breasts that he manipulated into place. She had been handled quite freely already that day and barely registered any concern that he was touching her so freely. The rings of the harness were a little small for Emily's newly enlarge breasts and she could feel them pressing in to her flesh; when she looked down she could see her breasts slowly turning purple. He buckled the harness around her waist and then two cuffs that dangled from them around the tops of her thighs.

She stood still as he walked around her.

'Bow your head when playing the submissive.'

Emily complied.

He circled her again and then took something else from his bag.

It was a whip.

She watched as her rubbed it across her right nipple and felt the response it caused.

'Very good.' His voice made him sound genuinely pleased.

He teased her other nipple and it responded in the same way, swelling and stiffening.

Emily give a slight shudder.

She wasn't exactly turned on by this S&M shit but her nipples were very sensitive.

'Have you even been whipped ?' She could imagine that genuine smile now.

'Yes, Sir.'

Emily felt a pressure under her chin and lifted her head.

He was looking directly at her.


Emily knelt down, looked up at him, remembered his previous command and the sort of role he clearly wanted her to play.

She bowed her head.

Thwack !

The whip came down hard on her breasts.

'Ahhhh !' Emily cried out in pain, her breasts burning, throbbing.

'Remember you are a submissive.'

Emily blinked back tears. Even in the morning session she had not been hit that hard.

'Yes, Sir.' She realised she was breathing quickly. 'Sorry, Sir.'

'Good girl.'

'Thank you, Sir.' Emily had always liked to be praised.

'You know, I think you're quite a natural.' The man continued to walk around her. 'I think I could use a girl like you.'

'Thank you, Sir.'

'Shall we proceed with the audition ?'

The rest of the audition concerned Emily's oral skills. First, still kneeling she had to undo Mr Black's belt with her teeth and then his zipper, then pull down his shorts; she then took his large erect cock into her mouth to demonstrate her considerable abilities, swallowing dutifully as he came into her mouth.

'It's customary to thank a dominant for giving his seed like this.'

'Yes, Sir.' Emily licked her lips in what she hoped was suitably sexual way. 'Thank you, Sir.'

'And you should wait before swallowing.'

'Yes, Sir.' Emily had always been told it was good manners to swallow. 'I'm sorry, Sir.'

'It's little things like this that will get you hired.' Mr Black informed her earnestly as he stuffed his flagging cock back into his pants.

'Yes, Sir.'

Mr Black looked at his watch. 'Now, my dear, I have to go, so we'd better get you out of that costume.'

He began to undo the harness and then the single sleeve.

Unfortunately, he seemed to have mislaid the key to Emily's collar.

'Never mind.' He told her, stuffing the harness and sleeve into his bag.

Emily knew it was bad manners to ask if she'd got the part so she didn't, she simply sat on the bed fingering her collar as Lola came to unlock the door. Emily had wanted to ask her agent where her clothes were, her real clothes that is; she was also hungry. However, Lola simply let Mr Black out and slammed the door behind him.

Emily heard the lock click.

Mr Black wasn't the only producer eager to audition Emily that night.

A couple of hours later, she was lying, still naked and collared on her bed when the door opened again.

'This is Mr Green.' Lola informed her, disappearing before Emily could ask about her clothes, or the collar or whether it was possible to have something to eat.

Mr Green was dark haired, caucasian, with a thin face and a scar. He wore a pin-striped suit and, like Mr Black carried a carpet bag.

'What would you like me to do for you, Sir.' Emily asked, kneeling up on the bed with her head bowed.

Mr Green smiled genuinely but Emily did not find it reassuring.

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