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Betrayal: Bondage Trap
  • Author - CrimsonCheeks  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, Other-f, consensual, non-consensual, bondage, cbt, public, sensorydep, spanking, torture, toys, tricked
  • Post Date - 4/2/2019
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Author's Note: This is the first half of the full story, part 1 of 2. Part 2 is in progress of writing up.

The story is true, non fiction.

Part 1

It's a beautiful warm mid summers day in a quiet secluded parkland, trees all around me providing shade. I look around only to see trees, open spaces and a drive path just ahead of me that passes me from left to right that has a large shelter on the left side with park benches in it and a car park on it's left side. The right side of the drive path leads out of my view, is the exit to this area leads to the main road.

The sensual world of BDSM

A walking trail passes from behind me on the left of me about 5 meters away which leads to the drive path and directly to the shelter with the benches in it.

My predicament started out very exciting but now I am nervous and alone, both scared that someone will discover me and at the same time hoping they do as I am in desperate need of that to happen if I'm to be free. I am unable to move, My body is trapped and I have been betrayed.

I am helpless, naked and in inescapable bondage for anyone who comes along to see...

Spreadeagled between two trees, completely naked, shackles locked onto my wrists and ankles with padlocks, chains pulling my arms up and wide, and my legs spread wide apart held by chains at the base of the trees. There is a large ball gag in my mouth, tightly locked into place with a padlock at the back, a leather hood locked onto my head and a anchor style butt plug deep in my arse that I can not push out.

My clothes are gone, the keys to all the padlocks that have me locked in bondage are gone and there are whips on the ground near my feet.

This is where I am at, how did I get here? For me to explain my predicament I have to start from the beginning...

Not to long ago I met a woman on a kinky classifieds site. We had exchanged a few emails before sharing our cell numbers to make contact.

After a few days of Text messages, we finally had our first phone conversation. At this point we had both established that we both have a fetish for bondage and I had told her about my fetish for being chained up outdoors.

We had clicked, and she was anxious to meet so we had made a date where we would get together in person and go from there.

Our meeting place, a mall for coffee and lunch, she in her car. I don't have a car at this point so I use public transport to get there.

It was not intended, but on our first meet we ended up at my place and had what I would call, amazing sex.

As we lay there winding down, we talked about our likes and dislikes, limits etc. Mostly it was about mine, she insisted on knowing everything, curious to know my outdoor bondage limits and she was excited and more than eager to make it happen, that very day!

I pulled out my goodies bag from the closet and unpacked everything I had in my inventory of bondage gear and lay them all out on the bed next to her.

High quality pairs of locking leather wrist and ankle shackles, a couple of ball gags, one medium and the other large, blindfolds, long, short and medium lengths of high grade steel chains, a container with a lot of padlocks and keys, standard handcuffs, leather locking head hood, butt plugs, nipple clamps, soft floggers and heavy flogger type whip.

As she inspected all the items, she asked me how keen I was to let her take me somewhere and chain me up, when I asked her where should wanted to take me, she replied "that's for me to know, and you to find out".

I was so turned on by the fact that this was going to happen, I expected that we would gain a little trust and time together before going to this level but my bodies willingness to just jump straight in got the better of me and I agree to it with a much enthusiasm.

Her approval to my reaction was cheerful, yet a hint of deviousness to it. That made me nervous but I was feeling my excitement growing in my body like a kid that just found out he's going to Disneyland for the first time.

We packed the strongest shackles, all the chains, all the locks which we placed the keys onto a key-ring for easy use, and the spares all went on a separate key-ring as a backup set, the whips went in, butt plugs, leather head hood, lube, both gags and smaller padlocks to suit them.

Having all the necessary items packed and ready, she requested the blindfold be left out along with the pair of standard handcuffs. I asked her why and she said "I want to make it interesting, so you will be blindfolded and handcuffed for the drive and wont know where we are going, its a surprise, I promise you can trust me, it will be a lot of fun".

Butterflies tingled lightly in my stomach as i was very nervous about this but my excitement of having this gorgeous woman chain me up naked somewhere, got the better of me and I surrendered to allowing myself to be taken on this journey without hesitation.

After a having a cup of coffee and preparing ourselves, I took my bag and she took the handcuffs with the key and the blindfold and we locked up the house and headed out to the car.

When we jumping in, she suggested I give her the spare set of keys to all the locks and she will put them in the glove box for safe keeping as a backup just in case. I took them out and handed them to her and she placed them in her glove box along with the handcuffs and blindfold. She looked at me and said we were going to stop at the shops first so she can run in and grab some food and drink for us before we head out and she will put the blindfold on me and cuff my hands after going to the shops.

We arrive at the supermarket and she asks me if there is anything I would l would like and to wait in the car for her. I just wanted some water and I gave her some money to pay for whatever she gets and she headed in.

Sitting in the car waiting, I was deep in my head, imagining where we will go, what will happen and the feelings dwelling inside me were intense. She finally came back out after about 20 minutes. I wondered why she took so long to grab a couple of items but opted to say nothing and just brush it off.

She placed the items into the back seat and drove just up the next block where there is a small park and pulled over to make me put the blindfold on. I secure the blindfold and she inspects it checking I did it properly and cant peek. She then releases my seat belt and puts the handcuffs on me, just in front, nothing special, and told me to keep them in my lap as she reaches over and grabs my seat belt and passes it over my arms and locks it in, lightly pinning my arms to my body. Obviously I can maneuver them out easily but she tells me to keep them there.

We must have been driving about 15-20 minutes, definitively out of town and on an open road in the country by the speed and the fact there was not any stops after the first 4 minutes. Just a couple of points where she slowed down to turn off somewhere. The car slows down again, and I feel it turning off, this time there's no speed up, just slowly moving, couldn't be anymore than about 10kph. My mind races, thinking this could be it. Right I was as the car comes to a stop and she turns off the engine.

"We're here" she says in a cheerful voice as she opens her door and jumps out of the car.

My car door opens and she leans in and takes off my seat belt, takes my cuffed hands and helps me out of the car, telling my to walk and that she will guide me. She directs me and slowly walks me for a minute and tells me to stop. I have no idea and can not tell where I am or whats around me, only my heightened sense of sound, birds chirping, very distant cars on the highway, other than that, quite.

She removes the handcuffs and tells me to not move, just stand and obey her commands when she tell me to do something. She proceeds to remove my shirt, assuming she tossed it to the ground as my mind starts to race again, my breathing starts to accelerate faster and deeper and that tingly butterflies in the stomach feeling returns. I feel her at my feet now, untying my shoes, then she commands me to lift my right foot. I raise it and she removes the shoe and the sock on that foot. "You can put your foot down now and raise the other" She said sweetly. I raise my left foot and she removes the shoe and sock, then again tells me I can put it down now. She says it so soft and sweet like, to me that is sexy and it makes me trust her more. My sicks are then removed gently from my feet.

I hear her rummaging around a little before she tells me to stand. I stand up straight and she loosens my pants belt and slowly pulls them down to my ankles and says "You know what to do". The sound in her voice, almost a giggle, but soft and sweet like she is really enjoying herself. I did know what to do, obviously, I lifted one leg at a time as she removed my pants from my body, leaving me wearing nothing but a sexy style mens G-String and a blindfold.

She tells me there is a bench behind me and to sit as she helps guide me. I'm Now sitting on the bench, still blindfolded, a G-String shy of naked and this beautiful woman taking my hands and handcuffing them behind my back.

"Now take a seat and don't you move" she softly whispers in my ear.

I hear a zipping sound, the zip on the bag of goodies is being opened as I carefully sit back down. I hear her rummaging through it, the sound of chains clanging intensifying that butterfly invasion in my stomach.

She takes my handcuffed hands and attaches a length of chain to the center with a padlock and loops the chain around one of the planks on the back of the bench, on the seat part at the bottom back where my arse cheeks are planted and padlocks it in place.

Again she whispers in my ear "You're not going anywhere sexy, you stay here while I go get some things ready, and don't make a sound".

I respond with agreement, that total submission to this beautiful woman that makes my body tingle and quiver with both excitement and fear.

I hear her gathering things and then she walks off.

Things go silent for a minute until I hear a car door close, nervousness fills my body as I listen carefully.

Its silent, no sounds other than birds chirping in the background.

It feels like forever when I start to think about what is happening and how long I've been sitting there, handcuffed to the bench. Its been about 15 minutes and finally I hear her door open and close again. Then nothing but silence for yet another 5 minutes as I wonder what she is doing and how long I've been waiting. Suddenly I hear her voice in my ear, whispering "Are you ready to be chained up sexy man".

I nod my head yes and hear a slight laugh under her breath, the sound of a muffled giggle like she was trying to hide it but I noticed it there.

"Raise your right leg for me" she requested. I raised my foot up to feel her wrapping one of the ankle shackles around it, the shackles are hospital grade full leather with a locking buckle to secure with a padlock once on, she places the shackle on, making it tight and I hear the click as she locks the padlock onto it.

"Now the other leg please sexy" she requested. I raise my left foot up and she repeats the process. My ankles are now fitted with high grade leather shackles and cant be removed without a key.

She reaches down behind me and unlocks the chain from the bench, keeping it attached to the handcuffs so the chain is an extension hanging off the center. Keeping my hands cuffed behind my back, she takes the length of chain and feeds it between my legs and takes it in the front of me. The chain is pinning my hands to the small of my back now and riding in my arse crack as it brushes my balls on the way through to the front where she now holds it and starts pulling it to walk me.

Uncomfortable but exciting to me, I am being dragged, I felt the change in air after a few steps so I assume I was in a sheltered area and now out in the open. I became sure of this when the ground changed from concrete to grass.

The feeling of the short grass on my feet is nice and for a few step along the way I feel course gravel which was a little uncomfortable but then grass again.

The walk lasted about a minute before we stopped.

"Now relax, and stand here, do not move OK" she says softly in my ear... "Do you trust me" she asked.

With only the slightest pause and a deep breath that to me felt like it shivered, I replied "Yes".

I really wasn't sure that I should be trusting her but I was here now, this had already started and I was both scared and excited at the same time. I could hear chains rattling near me which caused the butterflies in my stomach to become a little more intense, but wow did that turn me on, that sound echoed through my mind making my entire body quiver and my cock get hard.

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She noticed and I could have sworn I heard another giggle, not hers,like another person was giggling in sync, but my mind was overcompensating and sensitive to sounds I thought It was just that echo like effect I was experiencing from my thoughts.

I suddenly feel her take my hands from behind and unlock the handcuffs. My hands are free again very briefly before she takes my right hand and fits it with one of the hospital grade wrist shackles, wrapping it around and closing it onto my wrist, then finally placing a padlock on the locking buckle and snapping it shut.

Doing the same on the left hand, she secures the shackles onto my wrist and again they cannot be removed without the keys.

I am now wearing only shackles and a G-string. Still blindfolded, I stand there nervously, its a strange feeling to be so turned on and excited yet have such a high level of nervousness.

Suddenly she puts the handcuffs back on my wrists directly beneath the bottom of the shackles, cuffing my hands behind my back, despite the shackles on my wrists, she cuffs my wrists back behind me and says "It's a lot more fun to have you more restrained".

She steps behind me and tells me to open my mouth. I do and forcefully she shoves the ball gag in my mouth and pulls it back hard and tight, its the large one too. "mmmppphhhh mmmpppphhhh" is all I could muster as I started to feel a little panicked but the forceful way she put it on me as she tightens the straps through the buckle at the back of my head and pulls it on as tight as it will go, then through the locking buckle, she padlocks it in place assuring it cannot be removed without the keys.

"There, now that's nice and tight, Now the next part, I don't want you peeking, eyes shut. OK" she ordered, I replied with a nod and a "MMmmmmrrrrrppppphhhh Mrrpphh" muffled through the large ball gag in my mouth.

Instantly, the blindfold is removed and my temptation to peek is strong, but I don't, even if I did plan to, I didn't have any time since right away, straight after the blindfold is removed, a leather hood is slipped down over my head. It's a swift motion and loose fitting so it was fully on my head before I knew it. I opened my eyes and found myself in complete darkness as I feel the hood being tighten by laces from top to bottom. Straps are then fastened, one that passes over my ball gag to the back and fastened tight and the other around my neck at the bottom of the hood. Padlocks are placed through the strap buckles and locked into place to assure the hood can't be removed with out the keys. I am nervous as hell and start to protest about the hood but there's nothing I can say, "Mrrrppppph Mrrrrpppphh aaaarrrggg nnnnnnneeeeewwww" Is about the extent of what comes out of my stuffed mouth.

Her lips almost pressed on the hood at my ear, she says "Relax and trust me, OK". Her words soft and reassuring. I notice right away its harder to hear her through the leather hood, it was more than a whisper this time, like someone talking to you through a window at normal volume.

My hands still cuffed behind my back, i stand there almost terrified but strangely more excited than I've ever felt before, the butterflies in my stomach stirring lightly and my body quivering a little.

Both my arms grabbed from the back, I am pulled backward slowly, guiding me about 4 steps behind me and I am again stopped. There is something about the way I was handled at that moment of being pulled back, like it was almost too powerful for such a petite girl to have that much strength but then again, I am bound and week right now so maybe that's why, along with my mind racing in its sensitive state.

The rattling of chains brings my mind back to attention, now only focused on the sound of them clanging and the knowledge that they are for me and they will soon hold me in bondage. My body involuntarily gyrates accompanied by the quite like moan that vibrated through my throat, trying to escape the gag in my mouth. I hear her laugh and giggle, I feel almost humiliated by it but the overwhelming feeling and mental state causes me once again to moan, this time sounding exotic, like I'm getting a blow job and it's amazing kind of moans, along with my breathing being deep and irregular pace, again I hear laughing along with the sound of those chains rattling around me.

I feel something going on at my right ankle, It's a chain being attached to the solid D ring on the shackle. She locks it on and moves to the other ankle doing the same. I faintly hear the click of the padlocks as she snaps them shut. The sensation traveling through my body, especially my stomach and my hips area, my body weakening and again I moan into my gag as I get more and more turned on and yet, scared. My mind racing back and forth between the thoughts of wanting to back out of this and really wanting to go all the way. But we all know what I really want, I want to go all the way, I just can't help it. Suddenly my thoughts interrupted by the feeling of pressure on my right ankle, "lift" she commanded. I respond by lifting my foot which is pulled outward and positioned on a spot on the grass. I feel the pressure of the chain being pulled taut as she wraps it around the base of a tree beside me, bringing it back around to place a padlock on it, securing the chain to the tree assuring my leg cant go anywhere.

As soon as I heard the lock click shut, the other ankle is taken by hand and pulled outward. Again she tells me to lift the foot. I lift and she pulls my leg outwards and guides it to a spot on the grass and pressures it down, indicating me to plant my foot there. Without enough time for her to grab the chain and pull it around the tree, I feel that is being done already. I seemed impossible but again, I can't see, all my other senses heightened and my awareness very distracted by my physical feelings.

The chain now pulled around the tree and back is padlocked in place and I once again hear the click of the closing padlock sealing my legs fate.

My legs spread wide apart, about one meter is clear between them and another chain is attached, this time between my legs, from shackle to shackle on the inner sides of the shackles and the chain is locked on with padlocks and pulled taut so there is now pressure pulling my legs outwards and inwards, I can't move my legs any direction as I stand there helpless.

More giggling as I test my restraint, I try to move my feet but can't do more than slightly lift each one, only a little. I moan and wriggle by body and the giggling I can hear behind me sounds like they are very entertained by this, My mind snaps back to overthinking mode... hang on, THEY...

I am now certain I can hear her giggling but another giggle from a different tone...And direction, like one from my back left and the other from my back right... OMG I just don't know, maybe I'm over-thinking this, but I'm now really focused on listening for it to make sure.

My hands are taken behind my back and the handcuffs are removed, leaving my wrists in the shackles that are locked onto them. Like on my ankles, a padlock and length of chain is attached to the solid D ring on each wrist shackle. The unmistakable click of each padlock echoes through me and instantly my mind wondered, lost track of my focus to listen, THEY could tell what it was doing to me the second those chains were attached, my body started gyrating again and my moans were obvious. My focus was jolted back as I definitely hear two different giggles this time, one to my left and the other to my right, further apart than last time, now I am sure there is someone else there with her and I panic. Just as I turn my head from left to right and back again, moaning in my gag, trying to talk and ask who else is there, only "MMMMMrrrrrrppppphhh MMMMrrrrrpppppphhhhh"

Is all they could hear as they both now laughed for real, at the same time pulling the chains that are attached to my wrist, my arm are pulled up and outward above my head and very quickly the chains at the trees branches are padlocked and secured in place. There is nothing I can do, I can't barely move accept the tiny bit of slack they left to make sure I don't lose circulation. I struggle and squirm in my tight bondage only to find they did an outstanding job of it, I'm not getting out on my own, there's no way. I'm in it now.

Amanda is the girl I came with, her friend has been trying to stay unnoticed the whole time, until now, the other girls presence is definite. They both are now talking and giggling about what they are going to do next. The feeling of fingers on my hood, undoing something, its the strap that goes around to cover my eyes completely, like an add on blindfold that's designed to buckle on at the back, it is loosened and the blindfold part is taken off. I can see again, It's limited as the sides of the hood restrict my peripheral vision but I can see.

Standing in front of me is a beautiful woman, I've never seen her before. I look into her eyes as she looks at me with a big smile on her face as she looks my body up and down. Amanda, the girl I do know, appears in view next to her friend as she walks in front of me. Both girls with a big smile and Amanda with a devious like look in her eyes.

After a little giggling and toying with me by touching my my body all over and teasing my cock, Amanda cuts my g-string off at each side and rips it off of my body. I now stand in this very open public park, spread-eagle, completely naked, shackled and chained between two trees, gagged, hooded, and there is no way for me to get out of it, I am completely at the mercy of these two beautiful woman that have locked me into bondage.

After ripping my last remaining piece of clothing from my body, they both turn their backs at me and start walking away.

Butterflies going wild in my stomach almost make me feel sick, "Mmmmmrrrpppph MMMMRRRRPPPPHHH" I moan into my gag and make my first attempt to try and get out of the bondage, I struggle and squirm only to find that it is impossible to do anything at all, just slight movements is all I can manage, the chains and shackles are all high grade and very strong, there is no way I can break them, not even if I had leverage, which I don't, There is absolutely no escape...

The girls look back at me as they walk away, see me struggling and squirming in my bondage and they once again laugh then keep walking. They stop at what I'm guessing about 20 meters, not far, and I realize I haven't looked around to work out what area or environment I am in. My thoughts and sight were fixed on the girls and what they are wearing and how incredibly sexy they look as they walked to the spot they are in now. Amanda wearing cut off denim shorts, cut too short that a hint of her arse cheeks hang out making her arse look divine as she walked, and a crop top covering her top half leaving her belly visible. Her friend wearing a sundress, short, but not excessively short, enough to notice her incredible legs. The sight of them and the predicament that they have me in has made me so hot, my cock is the hardest it has ever been.

I watch them closely while at the same time I test my restraints, trying to free myself but my attempts are futile, not a snowballs chance in hell one would say. I watch them and see Amanda's friend pointing one direction, to my right. I look that way but can't see much through the trees around me but I do notice the driveway they are standing beside, it's the parks car path, which leads to my left to a parking area where I notice Amanda's car parked and a shelter with benches and tables. I'm sure that must be where she had my cuffed to one of those benches before chaining me up in the spot I am in now. I think to myself deeply if this place is somewhere I know or know of, but I can't know. As I look to the left and explore the car path and shelter, I look a little more to my left and I feel the extent of my vulnerability and openness of my position as I notice abut 5 meters to my left is a walk bridge, part of a walking trail that leads over a small creek, the creek winds around behind me a few meters back but the bridge is not as far back as the creek winds in at my side, still a few meters away though.

My mind is out of control now, thoughts of how popular this place is, how often will someone come here etc. My fear starts to exceed my excitement and I make a sudden ,give it my all, effort to break out of the bondage but I can't, I literally have zero percent chance of getting out of this on my own.

I look back around for the girls and see they have made their way to the shelter, sitting opposite each other on one of tables talking and whatever else they are doing that I can't make out.

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Amanda's friend suddenly walks off to the right on the car path as Amanda walks to her car. Taking her time she sits in it for a minute and then gets back out, closing the door and comes walking back toward me.

When she reaches me she asks me if I like her friend, I nod yes with a moan into the gag and she teases me by touching my body seductively, squeezing my naked arse cheeks and running her hands down my chest and stomach before taking my hard cock in her hand and lightly stroking it. "I bet you would like me to suck on this wouldn't you" she teased. "MMMRRPPPHH MMMRRPPPHH" I replied with my head nodding yes.

Just at that moment I hear a car coming, pulling into the park and heading down the path, it comes into view and I start to quiver, my body shaking nervously. Amanda giggles and tells me to relax, its her friend, she went to get her car at the parks entrance and bring it in next to hers. "my friend thinks you're sexy but she can be devious, actually she came up with a good plan on what to do with you" she said very deviously and stops playing with my cock.

Her friend now having parked her car, walks up and steps behind me. I hear the rattling of chains and keys then it stops, She appears in front of me and looks at Amanda and says," vibrating or non vibrating?". Holding in her hands two butt plugs, both are medium in size and of the anchor variety, meaning you have to clasp the insert-able end together to insert it and as it goes in the plug spreads, the two sides fans out like an anchor so it can be pushed out.

"Definitely vibrating" replies Amanda with a laugh to accompany her answer. Neither of them looking me in the eyes at any point as they go on about it like I'm just a toy or a statue. Amanda lubes the plug and runs a little lube on her finger onto and in my arse hole as I try to pucker it but she sternly says "Try to resist and my friend here will take the whip and whip your balls with it"... The tone of her voice scared me, it wasn't angry or mean, just direct and she meant it. My body quivering and my nerves take over as I do as she says, moaning in my gag.

Moaning and my body shaking a little, one of them, I don't know which, slowly pushes the plug in a little, then out, in and out, about 4 or 5 times before suddenly pushing it all the way in and pressing it as far as it can go in. I feel it filling me, I doesn't hurt, its kind of pleasant but uncomfortable at the same time.

One of them grab my arse cheeks in their hands and squeeze, telling my I have such a hot arse and that it's going to be a lot of fun to whip it.

I feel the whip teasing my arse and the backs of my thighs as it is lightly stroking me, Its Amanda's friend, she walks around my body, stroking me softly with the whip, its the heavy one too, it really stings a lot when being whipped by it, She brushes it over my hips and my cock and balls and then back around to my arse cheeks and legs and she circles me a couple of times. Then all of a sudden, crack, the whip lands hard on my arse cheeks, it hurt and my body jolted as I moaned, more SCREAMED into the gag. The whipping goes on as the girls take turns whipping my arse and backs of my thighs until I am literally screaming and violently trying to escape the bondage. Their amusement is made known to me as I could swear that they are turned on in a big way when I hear Amanda's friend say "For good measure"... Amanda replies "hell yes, make it a real good one"... The whip brushes down my arse crack and I feel it going between my legs to tickle my balls, I know where this is going and I try yet again to break free from the chains that hold me helpless but there is nothing I can do about it except for the squirming and shaking my head NO, with nothing but muffled moans escaping the gag.

Silence for a moment, it's deafening in a way as I wait for the inevitable, and then...Crack....

The pain, oh my god , I scream into the gag as she landed the whip perfectly between my legs, connecting with my arse crack, balls and part of my cock. I went limp for a moment and was terrified there was more coming but thankfully not.

I heard the whip drop to the ground as Amanda walked in front of me saying "Aaawww poor baby, did that hurt"... Of coarse it hurt, my attempts to beg her to unlock me went unnoticed as nothing more than gibberish moaning into the gag.

"I'll make you feel better baby" she says as she gets down on her knees and starts sucking on my cock. Oh my god, it's amazing, and the sight of her friend deliberately bending over in front of me, her dress lifting enough to reveal her arse and pussy, she is wearing no underwear and its smoking hot. I am distracted by this until my attention is diverted to what she is doing, packing my clothes into the bag. She looks back at me with a devious smile as she closes the bag and leaves it there. She walks up to me, complimenting Amanda on her amazing oral skills

She walks behind me while Amanda keeps sucking my cock and presses the button on my butt plug, turning it on and making it vibrate."Now lets make it interesting shall we" she taunts, pressing the button 2 more times making it vibrate at maximum intensity.

The feeling is amazing, the sensations mind-blowing and it doesn't take me long until I cum...HARD... Suddenly I feel the sting of a sharply swung whip, right on my arse, the girls lashed the whip hard on my arse cheeks at least 20 lashes, my arse now red from the burning sensation the whipping had left me with.

They throw the whip down to the ground near my feet alongside the light whip and Amanda steps in front of me, looks right into my eyes, the look on her face is sexy, like she is seducing me but not. Suddenly she holds up the keys to all my locks, shows them to me and hands them to her friend who takes them with a big smile on her pretty face. Amanda then shows me the spare keys and hands them to her friend as she whispers something to her during the pass.

A conversation I can't hear as they are both whispering and giggling for a good 2 minutes as I just hang there and watch helplessly.

The girls begin to talk normally now, deliberately in front of me so I can hear everything and they can watch my reactions.

Standing in front of each other about a meter or 2 in front of me, they converse with each other almost like I'm not there. But talking about me and what they are thinking of doing.

Amanda: "I planned on this from the start"

Friend: "But he doesn't know"

Amanda: "Of course not, that's why it's going to be so exciting"

Friend: "OK I'm in"

Amanda: "Grab the bag and lets go"

Friend: (Looks over at me and then back to Amanda) "So we are just going to leave him here"

Me: (Shaking my head NO) "Mmmmmrrrrppppph Mmmmrpppphh Mph Mhp Mmmmlllleeeeeeeessssss nnnnnooooonnnnt lllleeeeeemmmmee MMMMMRRRRPPPHHHH"

My body shaking, my breathing erratic , I try to get out of the chains again, desperately giving my every effort to break free but it's impossible. I am truly at the mercy of these two girls. Both giggling uncontrollably at my reactionand my futile attempts to escape.

Amanda: "yep, (glances at me with a smile) I;m just thinking about if we should leave the keys here or take them with us and throw them in a bin far from here"

Friend: " Oh my god that's so cruel"

Her friend pulls out the keys and then the second set of back up keys and joins them to a single key-ring.

Amanda: "well I'll let you decide"

Friend: "hhhmmmmm well that does sound fun, maybe not for him (glancing over at me with her mind already made up) But lets see what he has to say about it"

Her friend walks right up to me, looks me in the eyes and comments on the look of fear in them as she dangles the keys in front of my eyes and teases me with them.

Friend: "I bet you'd really like for us to unlock you now hey"

I enthusiastically nod my head YES as I squirm in the restraints with more attempts to get free.


My futile attempts at trying to beg them not To leave me there and please unlock me.

The girl completely ignoring my desperate Pleas, knowing I want to be unlocked.

Friend: "Oh OK, I thought you would want out but if you want us to leave and take the keys with us...(again dangling the keys in front of my eyes) OK"

She looks back at Amanda and says " looks like we are taking them with us and trowing them away for good... his clothes too"

I violently try to escape again, panicking and screaming into the gag to please not do this.

Friend: "OK, have fun"

Amanda smiles and waves goodbye to me as her friend gives me a kiss on my chest then
Turns her back to me and starts to walk away.

Amanda, following her friends lead, looks

Me in the eyes and says,

"Looks like you're on your own baby" and

Blows me a kiss turns her back to me and they both start walking off toward their cars, grabbing the bag and looking back every few steps to see me squirming and struggling in the chains.

The girl places the keys with my clothes into The bag and zips shut.

As they make their way, me screaming into my beg for them to please not leave, they ignore me and I am forced to watch as Amanda hot arse wiggles away with her friend and her giggling and walking to their cars.

They reach their cars and hug, jump in and I hear the cars start up and can do nothing but watch as they pull out, very slowly driving past in front of me heading right for the exit, Amanda in front and friend following close behind. They give me a wave as they pass and just keep driving out to the exit

Where I hear both cars speed up on the road and completely drive away with a couple of beeps of their horn and I hear the cars disappear into the distance.

So here I am, you are all caught up to the moment at the beginning of this story and I am terrified.

The girls have left me chained up naked, spread between two trees in a public parkland, gagged, hooded and a buzzing butt plug in my arse.

Whips lay at my feet and they have taken my Clothes and all the keys to my locks which are probably in a bin somewhere far away leaving me no chance for escape and no hope for someone to come and unlock me. My only hope is for someone to find me and get some bolt cutters and come back to cut my chains.

Even then, I have no clothes and have no idea where I am or how far from home I am. But right now my biggest problem is the bondage, I am stuck, trapped in a spread-eagle steel trap, squirming and struggling with every thing I have, hoping somehow I can get free but it's completely useless. One thing I learn for certain is, no matter what I try, no matter how hard I try, I am not getting out of this, I am trapped and there is NO ESCAPE!

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Saturday, April 13, 2019  

Superb Writing!

Thursday, April 04, 2019  

waiting for part 2, nice story

Tuesday, April 02, 2019  

Amanda and her friend are so hot. Do you know where I could find someone like them? How long do I have to wait for Part 2? Can't wait to see how this ends.

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