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Girl Trapped
  • Author - Jya Byrd  
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  • Story Codes - f-self, bondage, loving
  • Post Date - 1/8/2020
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I settled back in bed as much as my bondage would allow. Now THAT was an orgasm

Or those were orgasms.


Whatever, My clit was worn to a nub and my mind was mush.

Good times.

The problem was, by the time I put away all my toys, I'd be horny enough to want to unpack them again.

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

More good times.

My sigh was muffled by the gag as I prepared to start unlocking stuff. I slipped the key to my cuffs from the pouch I had sewn at the bottom of my corset.

My glove-covered fingers recognized the familiar shape of a handcuff key.

Unfortunately, I had locked myself into leather cuffs.

Because I had cut my wrists the last time I wore handcuffs, I had changed my wrist restraints to padded leather cuffs. Cuffs that were attached to my belly chain by a padlock.

The keys to the lock were on top of my side table, An unreachable five foot away.

I wasted a few minutes trying to free myself. The bed barely shook and the gag muffled my cries. I was still trapped.

I'll admit, it had always been a fantasy to be truly trapped. Totally helpless and at the mercy of a cunning Master.

Or Mistress. I ain't fussy.

Now, half if that fantasy had been fulfilled.

It was the missing half that might kill me.

I guess I went crazy. I fought against the ropes that held me to my bed as I screamed in frustration. Maybe if I could get a little slack, I'd be able to pull something free.

I was too good at self-bondage. There was no slack, there was no chance of escape.

There was no hope.

I screamed and cried for a while, when I calmed down I was as tightly strapped as before. Taking long, slow breaths, I methodically searched for an escape.

The ball gag harness that muffled my screams was tied to my brass headboard. My head was trapped but what if I bit through the ball? Would that allow my screams to be heard?

The harness I had so lovingly buckled on stopped me from opening my mouth. The ball was positioned behind my teeth, no way to bite.

Okay, what else?

Ropes ran from under the bed ending in snap hooks attached to my collar. Nothing there for me.

The next piece was my elbow cuffs. They pulled my arms wide and away from my body as the wrist cuffs brought my hands together. The chain I had wrapped around my body was locked to the cuffs.

I didn't see any way of freeing myself from this combination, but if this was all that was holding me down, I would still have been trapped.

I closed my eyes as I struggled to find an answer.

I opened them when my vibrator sounded different.

It was hovering above my bed.

The cord was still plugged in the wall and the long wand slowly swayed back and forth.

Back and forth.

I had been trapped for what? Four hours tops. Wasn't it way too early for hallucinations?

And that was when the cord of the vibe touched an ankle cuff and unbuckled it.

I was still trapped. Ropes and cuffs still held my other ankle, my knees, my elbows...

Definitely still quite trapped.

My eyes were glued to the sight of my still-vibrating toy move slowly around me, freeing my legs.

Then my elbows.

It paused then, apparently confused by the rest of the bondage. I "Mmmumphed" and used my nose to point at the keys on the table.

The vibrator drifted to the table. The cord lowered, touched the keys and somehow lifted them.

The keys shook as they floated before me, as if to ask, "Are these what you want?"

I nodded frantically as my hands reached for them.

Slowly, carefully the keys moved towards me and lightly fell into my open hands.

I still didn't believe this was real, nonetheless, I held the padlock with one hand as I fitted the key into the small hole.

With a small twist, the lock popped open and I was free.

Well....still bound to the bed and wearing assorted leathers...but free.


I released the few remaining pieces that made me bed-bound and bolted for the bathroom.

Hysterics had to wait. I really needed to pee.

After a much-needed minute, I wrapped a towel around my fetish clothes and stood in the doorway.

"Um....thank you."

The vibe just swayed.

"Um, can you understand me?"

The vibe bounced up and down.

It nodded!

What do you say to a sex toy that just saved your life?

"This may be a stupid question, but are you the vibrator, or someone holding it?"

In answer, the vibe swung in a circle a few times. Obviously someone was holding the cord.

"Okay, you're holding it. WHY are you holding it?"

The toy dropped to my bed and a moment later, the cord to my clock-radio was lifted up. After that was dropped, a lamps cord was lifted.

"You have a thing for cords....does that mean something?"

The cord from the lamp was pulled out of the socket and the cord dropped to the floor.

"Are you going to plug it back in?" I asked.

Next the radios cord was lifted, unplugged and it fell as well.

"You can't because............Electricity?"

The vibe floated up, then nodded

Inspiration struck. "Can you type?" I asked, running to the dining room and grabbing my laptop from the couch.

I placed it near the end of the bed where I could still see the screen. The vibrator lay on the floor as words slowly crawled across the screen.


Plug what in? The lamp? The radio? If this...thing wanted me to get intimate with a sex toy again, it had....then I noticed the battery power on my laptop.

Seventeen percent.

It had been at full power when I grabbed it. What could...?

Oh yeah. Bob needed electricity. I don't know why I decide to call it "Bob," But the name seemed appropriate.

I plugged the computer in and prepared to learn all about my savior.

Bob didn't know a damned thing.

"What is your name? Are you a ghost? An alien? How long have you been here? What do you want? Do you like bacon?"

All were answered by "I DONT KNOW."

After an hour, I learned that his memory, (I assumed male, Bob had no idea.) His memory went fuzzy after about a month. He was able to pass through walls and floors as long as there weren't any electrical wires in them.

Bob was able to go down to the second floor, beyond that, things started to feel wrong. He could go up about four floors as well.

He spent his time either in front of someone's TV or watching the world go bye outside. Occasionally he would drain the battery of a drone that was flying outside. Apparently, Peepeing Tom's were using tech.

That was until he discovered the free show I provided.

Oh, he REALLY liked watching me.

He remembered when I locked the cuffs to the shower rod, (And cut my wrists). He vaguely remembered when I had locked my hands behind my back and squatted on the vibe.

He did not remember the enema disaster. I had wondered if I liked enemas. I learned I didn't. I also didn't like the results when I couldn't unlock the crotch strap fast enough.

I thanked him again for saving me, and tried to figure out what I was supposed to do next.

Google was no help.

He SEEMED friendly....possibly a bit too friendly. If he had wanted to harm me, I had been helpless.


"Here it comes,' I thought. What strange desire would he demand?

I would I like it?

No....He asked if I would mind leaving the TV on when I was at work or sleeping.

He REALLY like food shows..

Can ghosts be gay?

In the dining room of my apartment, I tuned in the TV as he had asked.

I excused myself, locked the bathroom door (That would stop him!) and freed myself from the rest of my bondage.

After a scalding but brief shower. ( I didn't fully trust him) I jumped into some sweats,, grabbed my laptop and nervously went back to the TV.

As I had showered, I had come up with a solution. I would leave the TV on all the time and he was welcome to watch it. Whenever my bedroom door was closed, he was to stay out.

He was NEVER to enter the bathroom.

That all sounded good to him...and he liked being called "Bob."

We quickly settled into a routine. I would come home from work and read about everything my neighbors were up to; Mrs. Henderson was cheating on her husband, The guy in 3b liked to crossdress, Gilligan was still on the island.

I had no idea if Bob was confused about reality versus sitcoms or he had a sense of humor.

I just wondered who was watching Gilligan every day.

The big change for me was, no orgasms. When I lived with my parents, I couldn't play if the dog was in the room. There was No Way I was going to buzz with Caspar the Kinky Ghost watching.

Or so I promised myself.

All too soon I started fingering myself under the sheets.

Then I added a vibrator.

And handcuffs.

And, well, everything.

As the weeks passed, I grew increasingly comfortable with Bob. He was...consistent. Never complained, never made a mess, didn't snore.

One night I realized I didn't have to bind myself. Not when I had a willing partner. I entered the dining room, (Which I now called "Bob's room) with a pair of handcuffs and keys. There was a very long extension cord with a night light plugged in the end. This allowed Bob to reach anywhere in the room.

One odd thing; I couldn't feel Bob's touch, even when he was holding his cord. I did feel the electricity, and that hurt.

I tossed the keys on the coffee table, then cuffed my hands in front of me.

"Bob," I said, trying to keep a level voice, "Please unlock these handcuffs in ten minutes. "

No reaction.

I primly sat on the couch and watched The Partridge Family with him.

After ten minutes his cord rose in the air and lifted the keys. Moments later I was free.

Moments after that I was online, ordering items that I dreamed of but couldn't use in self-bondage.

In the following months, I had Bob bind me in various way, but I always had an out by having extra keys or scissors close by. But each time, freedom was just a bit harder to achieve.

It didn't matter though, Bob never failed me.

Then the mono-glove arrived. Thin, sky-blue leather with stays running its length. A two inch wide locking cuff to hold my wrists and a locking tab to prevent the zipper from loosening.

As much as I would have loved added a corset and other toys to this session, I was too hurried.

I HAD to feel the embrace of leather. I had been dreaming of it ever since I saw one in an old HOM mag.

"Bob, one hour." I said as I pulled off my clothes. I wondered if I could cum from this bondage by itself. I had always needed fingers or toys to get over...but this...this might just do it.

I struggled to keep still as the straps crisscrossed above my tits. Then the long, slow pull of the zipper and it pressed my arms ever closer together.

With the final snap of the lock, I allowed myself to moan my desire.

A moan that was cut short as a ball gag was popped into place.

I grunted confusion and surprise as the familiar silencer settled into place.

My confusion grew as my leg irons rose from the toybox and snapped themselves around my ankles.

I stood meekly as a collar with a leash was added. Bob was clearly in charge, I was loving the bondage as I was worried about his....enthusiasm.

Bob had never taken the initiative before.

The leash made me lay down on the floor. My knees were spread when the chain between my ankles was locked to the D ring at the bottom of my mono-glove.

Soft leather pressed over my eyes as a blindfold was added.

Something changed in me. This was it. I was bound, helpless. Unable to stop or change what was to come. A plaything for my Master until he decided to free me.

(I had been helpless a few months earlier, but thinking I was going to die kinda spoiled the mood.)

I wriggled and squirmed a bit, testing my range of motion. This was interrupted by the most-welcome sound of my vibrator snapping to life.

Bob was an expert in using a vibe. He slowly and methodically played my body, making me scream in frustration as my needs grew.

Then, when I knew I couldn't take anymore teasing, I was forced to endure multiple, orgasms.

And then he started it all over again.

Later, so very much later, I felt the strap on my wrists briefly tighten, and then fall free. The tab at the top of the glove popped open and the zipper was pulled down. It was an effort to move, but I eventually managed to work my arms free.

It took a while for my arms to begin to obey me and unbuckle the gag.

( link opens in new window )

The blindfold I just yanked off.

"Don't ever," I croaked, "Don't ever do that again...........today."

I was worn out. How could my muscles be this tired when I hadn't been able to move?

"Bob," I said as I struggled out of the remaining bondage, "That was incredible. It was the best sex I have ever had. I just wish there was something I could do for you."

His cord rose from the ground and moved to his laptop. By the time I followed him, a single word glowed on the screen.


Although the following months were probably the best of my life, there were a few set-backs. Which led to new rules.

Rule #1. Bob does NOT order anything on the internet!

I knew it was on sale, but I had no use for a set of twelve butt plugs in various sizes and colors.

Rule #2. Three means free!

Three grunts, three snaps of my fingers...whenever I do the same three things repeatedly, it means I need out NOW!

Bad tacos demand immediate answers!

Rule #3. No overnight bondage..

I had to call in sick one day because of the imprints left from sleeping in a set of wrist and ankle cuffs. Even my Strait Jacket left imprints on my innocent body.

Other than a few minor problems, Bob was a dream come true.

I would come home from work, make a quick meal and discover what devilment Bob had created for me. My bondage box was now a set of boxes and fetish clothing took up half of my closet.

I used a kitchen timer to remind Bob when it was time to free me.

My biggest problem was that Bob controlled what was on TV when I was helpless.

I bought earplugs when I realized I could identify which episode of The Brady Bunch it was within the first minute.

Bob would release me around nine or when the buzzer sounded. Then I would get a snack and watch a TV show made in this decade. Afterwords, I would head to bed, unbound.

For some reason, All I needed was a bit of bondage in the evening to guarantee a great nights sleep.

One Saturday afternoon I was making my lunch when my phone dinged. My mailman had brought another package. I turned off my soup and ran for the elevator.

I could barely control myself coming up.

It was, at least I hoped it was, it had to be..

It WAS! An all leather...ish sleep sack! Guaranteed to confine me all night without leaving a mark! I wanted to test it for a few hours before being confined all night.

Just to be on the safe side.

I let Bob know I would need his help in a bit as I hurried to get ready. I pulled off my over-sized T shirt and yoga pants and replaced them with a corset and stockings. I added a silken panty and slipped my favorite vibe down the front.

But I didn't turn it on...

The sleepsack had a long zipper reaching from my ankles to my neck. Every foot or so, there was a two inch wide strap. I looked closely at the buckle and saw the small loop where a lock could be added.

There were D rings all along each side to attach the sack to a bed.

For some reason, Bob has trouble with snaps, (Yet he loves locks...go figure) So I snapped a few hooks on each side that were already attached by rope to under my bed. I would be able to thrash a bit, but I would still be held fast.

I found my timer and set it for ninety minutes. Then I called to Bob as I slid into the sack and fitted my punishment hood.

Two hours was my limit in this wonderful, fiendish toy. It had thick padding over the eyes, not that there were any eyeholes to be covered. More padding over the mouth and a hard-rubber pear-gag to limit conversation.

I pulled the back closed and yanked the zipper down, covering the tab with the built-in collar. I turned on my vibrator and wiggled into place.

I found the arm sheaths and slid into position. My feet were nestled together in the tight bootie, I could feel the soft leather surrounding my arms all the way up to my armpits.

What was taking Bob so....The zipper slowly hissed up. As it progressed, my freedom left. First my legs were pressed together, then my arms were held at my side. Finally I felt the leather slide closed over my shoulders and around my neck.

I felt two taps from Bob's electric cord. I answered with two head bounces. "Are you all right?" had been answered with, "Just peachy."

I felt the strap at my ankle being closed and I think I heard the snap of a lock. It didn't matter if I heard it or not, I knew it was there.

Quickly the remaining straps with pulled closed and locked shut. I fought the restraints for a few seconds, paused and bounced my head two times.

I was a prisoner once again and I couldn't have been happier.

I tested the limits of my bondage and I was able to wiggle like a snake that wasn't going anywhere. I could squirm and bounce, but I was stuck until the timer sounded.


Some time later, after the third or fourth orgasm, I realized I could not stay in this overnight.

I was sweating too damn much.

I banged my head into the pillow three times, grunting with each bounce.

I paused for a few seconds then repeated my call for help.

C'Mon Bob, make with the keys!

During one of my pauses I heard a sound that turned all my sweat to ice.

My smoke detector was going off.

The soup! I thought I had turned it off, but if I didn't.

I was now screaming for Bob, desperately fighting for my freedom, all the while thrashing in three beats.

Wait..what was that..."

"Fireman! Call out!" I heard faintly through my hood. I called out as loudly as I could.

The gag was very well made.

I intensified my screaming and crying because I could smell smoke. Why didn't Bob help???

Finally, I had no strength left. I was choking from the smoke and losing consciousness. I knew I was hallucinating when Bob spoke to me.

"Okay, I got you. Give me a second to get...damn, where are the fucking keys? We don't have time..."

I felt the side ropes vanish as he cast a spell. Another spell made my helmet melt away as sweet, sweet air filled me! Then he rolled me up in a magic carpet and we flew away.

A coughing fit brought me back to reality. I was being carried down darkened stairs by Bob. I had an oxygen mask over my face and I couldn't move my arms.

Had the fire damaged my spine?

Then I fully woke and realized I was still in the sleep sack. Bob had wrapped me in a blanket to cover my bondage.

No, not Bob, a fireman.

I think.

"Bob? I asked.

He laughed. "No, the name's Steve. We're almost out, you're safe now."

We rushed out of my building. I was placed on a gurney and buckled down. I was loaded into an ambulance with Steve sitting near me.

As we pulled away, Steve shouted to the driver. "Take it slow. I need a few minutes back here."

THAT sounded ominous.

"Honey?" I was about to answer when I saw he was using his phone. "Bring a set of sweats to the ambo entrance. Hurry."

He loosened all the canvas straps and unrolled the blanket. I didn't see where he found the bolt-cutters but he made fast-work of the small padlocks. After the remaining straps were loosened, the long zipper was opened.

"Turn over please, we don't have much time."

He loosened my laces and unclipped my stockings. "Shit, we gotta hurry." He muttered as he flipped me on my back and unhooked the busk.

"Take out the toy and wrap yourself!" He commanded as we backed up."

He grabbed my dripping toy and shoved all my gear into a canvas sack.

The back of the ambulance burst open and I was lost in a swirl of medical jargon.

After having my vitals checked, a nurse pulled my curtains shut and handed me a track suit. "Steve said you might need these." She said.

"More than you know." I commented. "Steve seems nice."

"More than YOU know!" She parroted, waving her wedding band.

Okay then.

She stayed with me, calming me down and advising me to not mention the bondage unless I wanted to be featured in some lurid headlines.

Steve stopped by on his way out. He said it looked like the building was a total loss.

I asked where the fire had started, dreading the answer.

"The basement." were the two sweetest words I had ever heard. It wasn't my soup. "It looks like it was an electrical fire. We'll know more in a few days."

Steve's wife and I chatted after he had left. She steered the conversation back to my bondage.

Yes, they enjoyed the lifestyle. The look I got from her left no doubt that she was not interested in a threesome.

Or a foursome.

"What happened to your partner?" She asked.

"I have no idea." I said honestly.

"I'm guessing he was caught outside and wasn't able to get back to you." She said. "That was why he used the computer."

I looked at her in confusion.

"Steve said someone left a message on the main trucks screen 'APT 6F GIRL TRAPPE'"

"Where was the truck?"

"Halfway down the block."

Bob had saved me. Bob, who couldn't go lower than the second floor because it felt "wrong" had gone down the block and gotten help.

I hoped he was now free and had gone to heaven. Or maybe he was back in my burned-out apartment, waiting for me. Or maybe he was just....gone.

Oh Bob, I didn't deserve you.

I sat there, softly crying, while she answered her phone.

I dried my tears as she returned.

"That was Steve, he found something interesting about your apartment."

"Oh?" I said, not caring in the least.

"Many years ago when Steve was a rookie, his squad had to break into your place because of a small fire. A candle had fallen on a carpet where it smoldered for hours and a man died from the smoke."

Suddenly, I cared very much.

"The poor bastard had tied himself to the bed. The candle must have been set to burn through a rope and release a set of keys. When it fell to the floor, he was trapped. You were very lucky that didn't happen to you."

I hadn't been lucky, I had been protected.

Oh Bob.


My eyes were glues to the small screen as Steve expertly steered the drone through my shattered windows. I had told him that I wanted to see if there was anything left in my apartment. The truth was: I was hoping Bob would drain the drones batteries.

I had searched every other place he could have been, carrying a laptop and praying for a message.

This was my last hope.

"Isn't that where you bed was?" Steve asked as he hovered over a blackened hole.

I nodded in mute horror. That might have been me.

"You stored some of your outfits under your bed, didn't you?" Steve asked.

I nodded again.

"And more in your closet?" There was a large, gaping hole where most of my fetish gear had been kept.

My entire body had been wrapped with that crap. My debt to Bob grew.

I hoped he had found peace.

"Wait, I see something! Part of your closets floor survived.I'll try and get closer."

As the drone closed in, I recognized the garish colors on the box. "Don't bother,' I said. "It's nothing I need."

The twelve butt plugs could stay right where they were.

The End
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Friday, January 10, 2020  

Outstanding story! Unique and fresh from the thousands of other stories. Well done!

Friday, January 10, 2020  

Interesting plot, would love to see more girl x mystical being stories :)

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