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A Unexpected Parcel
  • Author - Sharia's_moments  
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  • Story Codes - Other-f, reluctant, bondage, chastity
  • Post Date - 2/1/2020
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Reader's Comments (5)

Author's Note: Please note that I have Dyslexia so I appologise for any issues people have reading this story. As my punctuation and my paragraphs may not be good.

This is a fictional story and my first so please enjoy.

Part 1

My name is Sharia I am tall with long brown hair and slim to medium build depending on the angle of the light haha. I would like to tell you a story about something that happened to me when I was 18 and I moved into my own flat.

Shortly after I moved into a nice new but small flat I was still deciding on the colour scheme and the different things I would like to buy to make this my home, I browsed online for places to get carpets, paint, wallpaper and such online for hours looking at different colours and designs to match the idea I had in my mind, finally deciding on a few different things and ordering them making sure to put my new address and not my old one as strange as it was to finally have a place of my own.

The next day came it was Tuesday afternoon and a delivery man dropped of a number of parcels and a carpet fitter came to measure up and order the carpets I wanted, I decided on a maroon colour carpet with a similar colour feature wall and other white walls. After he left I left for work doing a night shift at a care home close by.

I got home around 7:30am Wednesday morning and started to open a few of the parcels I got the day before when I came across one in my name but not from a company I to my knowledge ordered from. I opened the box and inside was what looked like a square old brass music box with arrowed marking on the corners and a star in the middle and a tiny gold key taped to the side of it "I don't remember ordering this maybe it was a mistake" I said to myself quitely. I removed the key and inserted it into the lock and it opened with a slight click with the top opening upwards inside was what I can only describe as gold coin shaped item, I went to pick it up when I suddenly I woke up on my sofa.

Dased slightly I shrugged it all of as some sort of day dream and continued about my day, having food, cleaning and watching abit of my favorite show NCIS. As I relaxed with a nice cup of coffee and a couple of biscuits I recall the event a day dreamed earlier confused about the box and the coin looking thing inside it having never seen it before and how I could have dreamed that up. As I was getting into the episode I was watching a felt slight pain in my left hand but looking at it there was nothing there so I thought I must have strained it at work or moving my stuff around and realising its late decided to goto sleep.

Around 2:30 maybe 2:40 I was awoken by the pain in my hand again but this time I could see a strange glowing under back of my hand, shocked by this I jumped up and turned the light on and continued to examin my hand when all of a sudden the light changed and something in my hand sprug to life and came through the top of my hand it looked a little like a USB slot from a laptop or desktop pc and started to panic when the same thing happened on my other hand too.

Scared of what was happening in decided to look online to see if anyone had seen this or received a strange package anyone or anything to explain this. I found a few posts on reddit and other places speaking of this but they had no replies so I was non the wiser.

I started to get up from the computer when I got a sharp shock in my hands and a kind of thin wire came out of my hands and linked itself to my computer and I was unable to move. About 5 minutes later website opened stating welcome to Access Transdimention you have been choses to test the new cybernetics access program, You agreed to this test when you accepted the terms and conditions of a recent purchase online... Item number 1489274. A few moments past and I started to get really tired.

I came round and looked at the time on my desktop I had been asleep for over 7 hours it was now nearly 10am and I was still unable to move, a new message appeared on the screen saying Access initiating and I felt like my whole body and mind was just floating I very disorientated. When I opened my eyes I was in what looked my bedroom but something felt very different I was able to move again and when I looked down I was wearing a very tight black satin corset and a leather knee length skirt and around 5inch studded black high heels. I tried to remove these clothes but there were no openings or any way I could finds to actually take the clothes off. Moments past and could feel a sudden push infront of my and I fell into a chair.

There I was in these unfamilier clothes and my own room or at least it seem to be when a TV appeared on the wall with a message and a voice saying "Thank you for your authorised participation to Access Transdimention we have used your computers webcam to make a replica of your environment and we will be conducting a number of tests for the human limits system 2 steps will be activated today and anything changed here will affect out of system reality.

Steps are as follows

1: Controlled arousal system

2: Body function intermission

These will intialise outside system at random intervals without warning. Other Steps will be added in future. We have contacted your Employment and arranged 1 month leave unpaid but you will receive funds for this month for participation.

"Steps 1 and 2 syncronisation activated" a voice said and with that I came too infront of my computer and I was so confused no webpage was opened nothing on my hands "did I just dream all of that" I spoke quitely to myself.

I really started to feel hungry and started to head down stairs and into the kitchen, searching the fridge for anything that took my fancy, I decided upon making cheese and onion toastie, setting the things I needed into the toastie machine I got from argos and turned it on as I waited a stood and had a cig at the door, one of very few I have only smoke maybe 2 or 3 a day now. The machine pinged and I took the toastie and sat down and started to eat and watch the news.

15 minutes laters I started to get a strange feeling and I couldn't move again no matter how much I tried and I started to feel so turned on, so awake all of my nerves standing on end, I could feel my eyes widen and suddenly I was having a very strong orgasm from nowhere I felt like my body was on fire but I couldn't stop it and touch myself or anything and was just frozen and feeling like I about to pass out into a dazed ecstacy. This went on for over 20minutes and was just broken my mind was swimming and then it all stopped and I could move again but I was too exhaxed to move and just laid back and gradually dosed off.

I woke up Wednesday morning looking at the clock it was 06:05am and I asked my new alexa what time I needed to be at work and it replied with "your work schedule has been removed you next scheduled work day is in 29 days, 17 hours and 54 minutes. With that I remembered the events or last nights when another strange feeling seemed to grim me and my body moved of its own accord and I began to walk into my bathroom goto the toilet and then head into my bedroom boot the computer and when complete a message said. System active and the 2 cables came out of my hands again and I was back stood in the center of my room unable to move. Looking forward again I see the TV from before stating Stage 1 and 2 in prograss, activating stages 3 and 4.

A voice then said "Stage 3 and 4 as follows"

Step 3: Denial and penetration

Step 4: Mute and Blind

Random interval no warning.


And as before I was back at my computer but this time I had a strange device around my waste a metal belt and it when down under my skirt and up my back in one solid peace. I tried to remove it and a message came up on my pc screen saying do not temper or punishement system will be initialised. I ignored the warning and continued to try and remove with that a very sharp pain hit my vagina and I was frozen again. A voice came from my speakers and said "You have broken a rule punishment system active"

With that I couldn't see, move or speak it was like I had a blindfold of sorts on and something in my mouth stopping me from speaking. In my mind I was panicing but my body was still and mute and worse yet I felt the same feeling as yestoday that an orgasm was building but this time I felt something thrusting inside me it felt quite large and it vibrated strongly my mind exploded again into a dazed and broken state, barely able to breath or think.

What seemed like hours just passed by and I came around and found myself laid in bed wearing different clothes than before, now I was wearing a black latex dress with knee high boots and a black high collar around my neck stopping my from looking too far down. Again all these items appeared to be stuck, I stood up and looked in the mirror and noticed how amazing I looked in these I was happy I could see and speak again but I still had the metal contraption around my waist. I started heading to my living room when my body stopped and moved itself back to the computer and in a flash I was back in my bedroom looking at the tv.

The words due to testing results we are activating steps 5 and 6 early appeared on the TV. These will be the final tests this week. Then a voice said "We are happy with the results so far and hope you are please with the product so far, this is currently a Beta system and you are 1 of just 10 participents. When the product it fully released you will receive a complementry copy". With that I thought to myself why on earth would I want this in my life.

Move writing appeared on the screen saying steps 5 and 6 as follows

Step 5: Restraint System

Step 6: Full Arousal Test.

With that again I was at my computer everything gone apart from the metal cladded around my waste and lady parts. I knew this was going to be a long day but knowing what it said at least this is my last day for this week.

Or so I thought.

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Monday, February 10, 2020  

Knowing about your dyslexia actually made this easier to read. It wasn't grammatically perfect, but it had an interesting pace to it. I liked it and found it a lot easier to read than expected.

I also like the story. Would love to see it continued :)

Sunday, February 02, 2020  

Thanks for writing this. Interesting sci-fi with a bit of eroticism.

Saturday, February 01, 2020  

Very interestingly thought out. I would love to see what you could do with an editor helping you out with punctuation and such.

Saturday, February 01, 2020  

neat idea and story

Saturday, February 01, 2020  

Interesting start, but ends very abruptly. I hope you continue so we can see where this is going. Thanks for sharing.

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