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Dolly's Debut
  • Author - TV Candi  
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  • Site Rank - 1686 of 2806
  • Unique Views - 7064
  • Story Codes - F-m, consensual, armbinder, chastity, cross-dressing, latex, public, watersports
  • Post Date - 2/3/2020
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Mistress leads me across the club, and I can feel everyone's eyes following us.

It's my first night in public as a latex sex doll. My bright pink rubber catsuit is eye-catching enough, but its built-in G-cup silicone tits really make heads turn. They stick out even further thanks to the armbinder pulling my arms together behind me, and the tight black patent leather corset pulling my waist in by a full eight inches. The rubber hood I wear has eye and mouth holes, but the mouth has thick red rubber lips that double as a ring gag, forcing my mouth open. My posture collar with glittering letters spelling "FUCK DOLL" dispels all doubt of what I am. A tight rubber mini skirt and six-inch heels complete my ensemble. Everything is locked on: collar, hood, corset, armbinder, heels. Mistress locked everything on at home, and jingled the keys at me before saying, "we won't be needing these," and locking them in her wall safe. There's no escape for me tonight.

Under my skirt is an additional restraint: my chastity cage, held in place with a thick Prince Albert piercing. Mistress says it's the perfect tool to contain "dolly's shame." It's done so for over four months now without a release, and the keys to the two locks may as well be on the moon at this point. I don't even know where she keeps them. There's a bondage ring attached, and I can move my neck downward just enough to see my owner's fingers with their perfect manicure and red polish wrapped around a leash handle, pulling me across the dance floor by my caged cock.

Mistress has a quick conversation with a member of the club staff; between the hood and the loud music I can't hear a thing. He gestures to a somewhat out-of-the-way corner, and then heads off. Mistress flashes me a grin as she leads me over to the corner.

When we get there, she detaches the leash, then gently guides me to my knees, facing outwards. At this point the staff member returns with some items in a small bag, handing them to my Mistress. First to come out is a short spreader bar, which is quickly affixed to my ankles, pulling my legs slightly apart. One padlock and my armbinder is attached to the ring in the middle of the spreader, and a short length of chain. A second padlock and the chain is secured to a tie-down ring in the floor. With the corset keeping my back ramrod-straight and the armbinder pulling me back slightly, I'm effectively trapped on my knees, with my face pointing slightly upward.

Satisfied with my position, Mistress reaches into her purse and pulls out a small sign, which she shows to me before mounting it on the bar table next to me:

"DOLLY - Use me as you see fit"

Leaning over, she says loudly enough to be heard over the music, "See you at closing time, dolly." Finally, she attaches a blindfold to my mask, leaving me in darkness to await my first guest.

Over the course of the next several hours, some of my visitors put their fingers in my mouth. Others use their tongues. A few decide to use strap-ons; at least I think they were strap-ons. All of them are a tiny minority compared to what most decide to use my mouth for.

When Mistress returns after who knows how long to remove the blindfold and release the spreader, my jaw is aching. Unlocking me from the floor, she guides me to my feet, and helps me stagger over to a mirror near the toilets. There are strings of cum on my face, and my tits, and my corset. At least a few people decided to use me as a toilet as well. I have no idea how much fluid I've consumed; at least ten times as much as I'm wearing. I've completely lost count of how many customers I've satisfied as well.

"You look like you had a good time tonight, fuckdoll," says Mistress. Pulling my skirt up slightly to expose my cage, she continued, "And judging by the dribbling from your shame, I don't think I'm wrong. You did exceptionally well tonight, Dolly. Three or four more nights like that and I may even consider letting you out of that cage of yours for a go of your own! We'll have to see how you do over the next few months. You smell horrible right now, though, so you're riding home in the trunk. I think we'll just hose you off in the garage before putting you to bed in your toybox."

*We?* I think. *Who's we?*

Just then a well-built man appears beside my Mistress with her coat. "Ready to go?" he asked.

"In a moment, dear," she responded. She turned back to me and said, "This is Thomas. He's already had his way with you tonight. I'm sure you'd remember him if he used you again. But I liked his technique so much I invited him home to try his hand with a real woman. Since you did so well on your first day on the job, I'll turn on the speakers in your box so you can listen to Thomas and I enjoying ourselves while you're waiting for morning."

She reaches down under my skirt again and runs a fingernail along one of the slits in my cage. "I'm sure you'll enjoy being so tightly confined in your storage box in your doll suit and armbinder all night. Maybe you can count how many times I orgasm to pass the time. And then tomorrow morning, for breakfast, perhaps the two of you can...get reacquainted. While I watch, of course."

Involuntarily, I let out a low moan as I contemplate my immediate future, my shame surging in its cage.

Mistress laughs as she attaches my leash to my cock prison again, lowering my skirt. And then, after Thomas helps her into her coat, they walk hand in hand towards the exit, pulling me helplessly along behind them.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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Wednesday, February 05, 2020  

Awesome job!

Monday, February 03, 2020  

Great short and erotic read!

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