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The Drive Home
  • Author - Bog Lemos  
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  • Post Date - 2/4/2020
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Author's Note: A quick 'coming of age' experience Molly has makes her want more play. Your comments greatly appreciated!

As Christie and Jen mindlessly thumb their ridiculous cellphones on FaceSpace and Twatter, Molly sits at the picnic table taking in the sun and looking at the hunky college guys milling around the park. Christie looks up "Molly, I just can't believe you don't need a cell phone- especially before your drive to North Dakota. Won't you be so bored alone out there?" but before making her point she instantly looks back down as her phone dings slightly. Molly's mind conjures up an entertaining image: stranded in some country backwater, forced to dress up like a sex slut by a cult-like group of neighbors who mock "Should have brought your phone, little city girl" as their gross inbred son lurches forth.

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

Molly sighs: nothing interesting ever happens to her. Single and a bit of a tomboy, her red-and-black plaid long sleeves contrast harshly with her light white skin. Fit and strong, Molly's dark black hair's subtle curls gingerly frame her thin, soft and feminine face. Watching as the astute boys return her long stares she perceives the little tingles of a man building courage. Her going line is "Cell phones kill ghosts". Cellphones are a high-tech way to avoid trust and dealing with people. Her best friends are totally ignoring her right now because of those stupid things. A little sheltered, Molly deeply trusts people and the upcoming trip will build that trust in ways she never imagined.

Finally Christie and Jen pocket their stupid phones to leave and Molly answers Christie's question with "I want to live life, not become a Foogle Advertiser ID. I don't want to smash peanuts or grow beets on my phone." The other ladies shake their heads as Jen asks "When do you leave?" "Thursday, I'm looking forward to meeting the college staff for my PHD work." They walk together to the dorm, giggling a little as a boy tries to hit on one of them, but as a team the ladies are unstoppable. "Hi, cutie" he dares, but flanked by Christie and Molly, Jen laughs the handsome man off.

Sharing a friendly three-way hug they part to their separate dorm buildings. Thursday morning along with the normal goodbyes and "Drive Safe" wishes, the three exchange simple friendship bracelets. Together the magnets realign making the weird half-symbols say 'Friends Forever'. The simple tokens will especially help with Molly being gone and shunning cellphones all together. They asked her one last time to buy a phone for the trip, but Molly refused- this is only a 1-week trip over from Pennsylvania's countryside to North Dakota, and she already planned the whole route and even the hotels- picking a boutique Bed and Breakfast off the beaten path for the trip home.

The drive there went fine, and after getting the hotel near campus, Molly calls Christie and Jen on conference for a few minutes. Even with the heap interstate hotel half-way, the drive was long and she opens her roller board luggage and drops into bed without showering. Morning comes quick, luckily the hotel alarm clock works, and Molly gets ready and goes to the first of many long meetings, arranged on the weekend during off hours.

Saturday's tours and intros go great and Molly emails her friends a short update before shutting down the computer and heading to the hotel. A quick shower, much less formal clothes, and off to supper- she goes to a college bar/grill and gets a couple free drinks from strangers, flirting a little.

Molly gets Sunday off to totally relax. She checks out a couple student churches, and one farther in town; drives around campus and hikes a short trail in the dry state park twenty minutes away. No men, just old folks and idiot boys, but she knows "I could live here getting my PHD. This is a nice enough area." She suppers back at the same bar from yesterday out of sheer laziness.

Unattached, Molly likes the attention she gets and gives one guy get a kiss, but she walks herself home to the hotel and sleeps alone getting ready for the Monday's all-important final interview.

Dressing overly formal, like a professional assistant at a high-class legal office, Molly uncharacteristically spends almost an hour getting her makeup perfect for this key interview that starts at 2PM and goes until 5 (gentle reader, some weird lady name 'Tracy' somehow came up from her subconscious as a daydream for no reason). Her dark black hair pulled into a tight, up bun, her eyes perfectly outlined, the black skirt with professional black pumps and short heels, the light silk white shirt with almost-unnoticeable white bra and the light blue jacket finish out her outfit as she totes her leather computer bag, holding the much smaller pink clutch with her money and ID; staring in the mirror Molly wishes she had a camera to get a quick selfie.

At reception she gets a cab for the short trip to the head offices- to avoid wind and sweating on the way- and the interview goes perfectly. "Molly, you'll make an excellent addition here, and I hope you truly are as happy with the compensation we would like to give you for your time as you said you are." All smiles, Molly excitedly leaves the main offices with her mind made up: next year she will earn her PHD on this campus!

Walking back to the hotel, now that the sun is lower and she doesn't care so much about her looks, Molly drops off the computer bag and undoes her bun to reveal the sexy past-the-shoulder black hair, enjoying the contrast with her light skin and professional makeup. The bar/grill she was at last night is calling her name.

As she walks past reception, Molly remembers her friends- it is pretty late now in that timezone but she asks the girl for the phone, and dials up Jen, quickly reporting "Let Christie know too- I'm going to celebrate tonight! Everything went perfect!" Not wanting to be rude Molly is brief with the house phone.

At the bar the bartenders know her and congratulate her good work during the interview, the John obviously impressed by her transformation from tomboy into high lass business professional, and Sarah is maybe jealous. Molly starts with too many drinks, and too expensive food. The place has two $25 entrées that looked great yesterday, and treating herself she gets the local organic filet mignon that comes with pasta and a generous salad. Men notice her: a very attractive, young businesswoman made up perfectly glowing like she just earned a big commission, eating and drinking to match. From Molly's perfect 25-year-old physical condition it is obvious she doesn't eat like this often, every boy sees the chance to take advantage of her celebratory mood, but of course only the braver men dare.

"Hi, I'm John", the first attempt starts. Yesterday lots of guys were unafraid to buy her drinks, but today her mood is stopping the chodes. Holding her head high and looking straight at John's quivering eyes, Molly starts, "Hi, John," who proceeds to tongue-tie himself into oblivion: "I thought I'd.." "Did you want.." "I can pay for.. well you have money, clearly.. you are rich I guess" and looking at Molly's silent, strong, independent, expectant stare, he walks himself off.

Another girl across the bar was watching. Getting Molly's eye she giggles and both girls openly laugh. Alexandrea quickly moves close to Molly.

Her jet black hair is pulled in a loose ponytail and she has a sexy denim jacket with short sleeves exposing her ample cleavage, and a light blue shirt with cute tied knot just below the belly button. Asian descent, light skin; rock-washed jeans exposing the bottoms of her shins and brown high-heeled booties with an off white fur lining exposed at the top; simple gold dangling earrings and a darling smile that suggests she hangs out here often and likes the attention.

The girls spend the night flirting more and more, Molly opening a couple top buttons as they get free, expensive cocktails from guys. The second man to really hit on Molly does better. Tim spends a half hour sitting next to the ladies at Molly's side, explaining "Wow, I wish I was getting my PHD- but no, I'm going to graduate this year and start working at a Fortune 500 company, as a lawyer." The attraction is there but Molly needs to leave tomorrow and so she makes Tim stop at a long kiss, and offers her phone number, warning "It's a land line in Pennsylvania." That slowed Tim down and afterward Alexandrea asked in a concerned voice "Don't you have a cellphone?"

"Nope. Every time you make a phone call, you kill a ghost." "What?", Alexandrea laughs, as an inebriated Molly continues "Yes- I saw it on TV, each time a call goes through, a ghost dies." Half-seriously Alexandrea pushes- "But ghosts are already dead, right?" "Ah yes, but the ghost can turn into a ghost- of the ghost." Molly responds, realizing alcohol slurring her speech more than she hoped as the bartender Sarah stifles a laugh. Despite Alexandrea's friendly smile and Tim's good-natured laughter, Molly asked for the check soon after that. Tim returned to his seat by his friends, offering "Drive safe tomorrow, Molly. It was a pleasure to meet you." and sharing a quick hug before leaving the girls.

"Aren't you worried about being alone without a cellphone?" Alexandrea re-iterated as they pay their checks. "People did fine without them before. Anyhow I hate the constant distraction and it takes away so much of what life has to offer by making you focus on the small, emotionless screen." "Hmm. I never thought of it that way, Molly." Molly smiles "Tim is quite the hunk, Alex." Nodding the local girl explains "Yes, but we dated before a long time ago." "Need help getting home?" "No, I'll be fine. Thanks for hanging out with me." As Molly got up to leave, Alexandrea took the first step and hugged Molly goodbye, then went over to talk to some friends in a darker corner of the restaurant part of the building.

Molly somehow got back into her bed safely. Waking up hungover she checks her important belongings. Sighing at her negligence, she leaves just before final checkout to start driving home. The return trip is always dull and tonight she'll have to drive past sunset to get to the hotel she reserved a week ago. Sighing, Molly hooks up the computer's audio book to her car radio and gets on with it.

Around 7PM Molly pulls off towards her bed and breakfast, in a small town about thirty miles off the interstate in Indiana. Known for the views and a great historic downtown with restaurants and shops, when she made the reservation she figured it would be good to relax after her interviews. Unfortunately since she left so late this morning, most of the day is already gone- but, ignoring the two large chain hotels at the exit ramp (one with a big $59 rate sign), she heads south toward Waddleworth, IN. The road is a big split carriageway with two lanes 70mph going each direction for a few miles, but road closed signs make it obvious the expressway isn't done, and the rest of the journey will be a no-passing two-way tar road (one lane each direction, two boring yellow lines the whole way down the center, 55mph). Sighing tiredly, she sets in for another half hour of dull nighttime driving down the deserted path that she'll have to double back on tomorrow, long since having swapped the audio book for a top ten radio station.

Eyes shut for a few seconds, Molly forces them back open. Out of nowhere, a deer jumps up from the right passenger-side ditch, slamming mindlessly into the side of her car. Screaming as the shattering glass hits her right arm the car lurches across the centerline, burnt rubber hits her nose and the deer's force into the car transfers through her seat belt as Molly compensates steering hand-over-hand with powerful strokes as time stops for the youth. Everything quiets, Molly shakes the glass off her arm and right pants to check herself. The main airbag did not deploy, only the passenger-side door bag; her face is clean except airbag dust, and the car is silent, stopped on the slope of the ditch, as a wolf howls in the distance.

Her rapid breath slows as Molly unbelts herself and gets up to walk around the car using the flashlight she brought, her panting making light fog in the crisp air. The passenger door is ruined but the front and hood look OK. The deer is 500 feet back on the side of the road, a small doe, amazing she did so much damage. "Do I wait for someone or keep going?" Molly considers. On a whim, she gets down and looks under the car for liquids spilling, but everything looks OK. So she jumps back behind the steering wheel and buckles in.

The car starts OK, but after ten minutes of trying she isn't able to get it up out of the ditch. Forward, back, the car keeps slipping farther and farther from the road- down toward the bottom of the steep ditch, her old tires aren't helping the small, economy, front-wheel drive, lightweight car. Fed up, Molly gets out and grabs her leather bag and computer, throws a couple water bottles and a change of clothes in it, and locks the car laughing- the whole passenger window is gone so anyone can just reach in and unlock it. Thinking for a while, she rechecks there is nothing valuable inside and considers the remaining ten miles to town. The car stereo said 8PM so walking 3 miles an hour- maybe someone will stop and help her on the way. Shit. At least her clothes for the day of driving were conducive- jeans, track shoes, a comfortable long-sleeved shirt. "Let me leave a note" she finally thinks before going, and puts a large yellow note in the driverside door in case a police officer comes by- "Please tow to Waddleworth where I am going to stay tonight. My B&B phone is 555-3535. Molly" There is only one B&B in town and maybe she'll get lucky and have the car drivable in the afternoon.

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The night walk starts okay but quickly grows wearisome and she considers just sleeping on the side of the road. Two cars rush by like they didn't even see her, which is possible since her jeans are dark and her shirt is too. Sighing, probably around 9PM Molly sees a small group of three well-kept mailboxes. "The Baxlers", "The Judes" and one with just the house number on it. At first she walks past, but, reconsidering, she follows the short driveway to the three separate houses. It is late, but this is an emergency, and no-one is stopping to help her on the road, no cops drove by, and town is still more than an hour away by foot.

The house with no name has bright lights and a TV on, and voices coming from inside. The Baxler house has one window lit, but less brightly, and it is a much smaller house, run-of-the-mill. And the Jude house looks very nice, large pillars and modern brick - like it belongs in a better neighborhood.

At random, Molly knocks on the first house's door, with the TV going. It takes a few tries, but eventually an older woman answers "Hello? What are you doing here?" through the white, metallic windowless closed door. "I need to use a phone, please." It is scary but empowering at the same time to follow through with her word- doing what people had to without cellphones. The nice lady will let her in, warm her up, give her the phone- it'll be late, but the tow truck will come pick her up on the way to the car, get the car to some body shop in Waddleworth, and probably drop her off that the B&B. Then Molly will have to explain to the B&B owners why she got in so late, but they'll see the tow truck so it should be okay.

Relaxing a little, Molly requests "Please, it is getting cold and I already walked a long way from my broken car." But the woman already left deeper inside the house and is asking "Carl? Come over here, there is some lady that needs our phone." After some shuffling around, the door opens wide, and Molly sees the married couple for the first time- in their early forties, younger than she thought; the man is a little fat, starting to grey; the woman, in shape, has nice brown straight hair. Both in comfortable bed clothes; her bright pink toenails exposed matching her fingernails; the house looks inviting enough although there is clutter and some piles of jackets in the entryway.

"Oh? What happened?" Carl questions, his voice powerful, but his tone calm. The husband is clean-shaven and stands straight, his soft smoking jacket contrasting with the fading signs of a muscular young man, tall and well tanned but with the gentle calming mannerisms of a politician or lawyer. "A deer hit my car and disabled it." Molly responds easily enough as she closes the heavy entry door behind herself, but the woman rebuffs "You mean you hit a deer and broke your car." Shaking her head slightly, Molly agrees, as the two homeowners look at each other kind of smiling. "Doesn't your cell phone work?" "I don't use cell phones. They.. kill ghosts." Molly explains, immediately wishing she hadn't blurted her standard line in front of the strangers.

Shelia looks at Molly for a second, then up to Carl. "Can we help her, dear?" she asks too quietly. Carl looks down at Molly and asks "Are you going to be a good girl?" Molly nods, taken aback, and Carl clarifies- "You aren't going to rob us or something?" "No... No, sir, of course not, I just need to make a phone call to get into town tonight." After a long pause the two introduce themselves- as Carl and Shelia- to Molly.

"Do you know anyone in the area?" "Do you have a boyfriend?" Getting a little scared, Molly starts withdrawing, but they offer kindly "Come on and we'll fix you some warm cider while you use the phone. It's right there, on the wall." Molly smiles at this and walks past the couple toward the phone, hoping to be quick about it. Probably best to call the B&B so they'll know I'm here and maybe recommend a towing company or even come get me.

The First Evening

"Carl and Shelia" - Matt and Angie - always dreamed of something like this. The defenseless young girl walked to their house alone like a gift from the bondage lords. Reaching to the special drawer, Matt quietly pulled out the chloroform rag and like nothing the small lady melted into his hands. Her leather tote had an older laptop computer, several paper notebooks, a fiction novel and a purse. True to her word, no cellphone and no charger- even the laptop's power cable didn't seem to be there. The girl brought two large bottles of water, one half-gone, some trail mix, and a change of clothes along with her ID, credit cards, a debit card, and some small cash ($50).

"Ange, this is perfect!" Matt yells loud enough to wake the neighbors as he lays Molly down on the couch. "She is perfect", Angie agrees happily, running her hands over Molly's silky-smooth light colored cheek, considering her perky 20-something breasts, and appreciating her practical clothing style and simple natural beauty, the small curls in her long black hair, the flat stomach. Molly is fit, thin, clean and not wearing makeup; her training shoes and comfortable jeans suggest an outdoors person, and sneakily Angie notes the girl has a basic but comfortable perfectly-fit black bra around 32C. "But... what are we going to do now Master?" she asks diverting her husband. Smiling Angie is already thinking about having her own slave to control, with Matt's direction of course. Just for a few days so the girl could go on living normally- and they could go on living comfortably outside prison.

"Go unplug the phone line outside, turn off our cell phones and hide them and the chargers, darling. I'll hide her car- it must be toward the interstate and we don't need the sheriff finding it and asking questions." "But what do I tell her when she wakes up?" "Baby, just explain she passed out on her own, that it is okay, but she'll have to stay overnight- the phones are dead here and we don't get cell service. Not even the neighbors, who will be asleep and whom we don't want to disturb tonight."

"Okay, and show her how I use my handcuffs?" Matt thinks for a bit about that. "Yes, yes. Let her see how we play for herself, maybe she'll feel more at ease with just you girls. But only after you give her some food and make her use the bathroom, shower and borrow a robe." As Molly wakes, Shelia gives her the bad news that the phones aren't working. Molly picks up the dead line, and punches a couple buttons without dialing, knowing nothing will happen. "Come on, dear. Let's get you cleaned up." Shelia suggests as Molly replaces the receiver.

Matt quickly finds and hides the car, obvious skid marks on the road- surprising no-one stopped- and takes the deer home skillfully gutting it for storage in the outdoor freezer. Angie follows through perfectly, calming Molly and getting her to clean up and relax in her older bathrobe, and shares a big bowl of popcorn. Molly is surprised at the kindness of these strangers and grows more and more proud of her trust in people and how well she is handling an emergency without falling back to technology.

Everyone really is honest and friendly in the world, and this nice older couple is actually taking care of her. After watching TV for a bit waiting for Carl to return Shelia mentions as casually as she can "Molly, if you don't mind, normally when I relax with my husband and play a bit I wear different gear. I mean if it bothers you feel free to go to bed early..."

Molly smiles nicely, "No, I'm wide awake. I'm sure whatever playing you and your husband do will be nothing new to me." "Okay, well, you might as well come with me then, darling- maybe you want to try." Shelia replies a little too happily. The room right after Molly's guest bedroom has the same nondescript door as all the bedrooms, but inside as Shelia turns on the lights Molly gasps. Bondage enthusiasts.

"I never got into..." Molly starts defensively, but Shelia immediately makes a heartfelt request: "Normally Carl does this but... since he is helping you, I was wondering..." Scared Molly considers her options- run out to wake up a neighbor in the robe, say no and go to her guest bed, or play along. Sensing the uncertainty, Angie smiles inwardly and lightly presses "It's sexier when someone puts handcuffs on me. And ankle shackles that clink and clang just so, I feel so... so alive, so in the moment. I mean sure, I can put them on myself, but to have someone else... especially a cute young lady..."

Smiling, Molly agrees, unsure exactly how to use them. Shelia explains the double lock and coaches "Check them by trying to tighten it again. Then make sure they are still loose enough to be safe." Molly smiles once all four cuffs are correctly locked "That was easy enough." Shelia smiles lustfully and writhes a bit in the cuffs, like a cat stretching, relaxed and happy- overplaying the comfort of being chained and hoping Molly will pick up her blatant signals.

Molly starts heading back for the living room so Shelia purrs "It feels so feminine, so great to be stuck and restricted. You obviously have never been handcuffed, right, Molly?" "Well, I was arrested once, but they cuffed my hands behind my back." "Well, that is extreme for at home. How did you feel when the cop had that control over you?"

Molly kind of smiles as Shelia brushes over the awkward moment by going to the bureau of drawers and grabbing another set of hand and ankle cuffs from a drawer. "You know, Carl is used to me watching TV in cuffs. I do it all the time. What do you think he'd think if you handcuffed yourself and were doing the same thing?" Molly stares for a second, totally unsure now, as Shelia holds the cuffs out to her. Already helpless- in a stranger's robe without any outside contact- what difference would wearing handcuffs make?

Daydreaming Molly considers "It would be sexy... Carl would focus all his attention on me, the younger girl... and Shelia would keep me safe" as her eyes glaze over for an instant. Shaking her head clear, she responds "No, that's okay, I don't think..." Shelia smiles kindly, "Baby, I know the look that was in your eyes before. But if you won't do it for yourself, think of it as a small favor for staying here- to give my husband a little thrill. He'll be horny for weeks after seeing us sitting together."

That rational excuse resonates: "A special thanks for my hosts for letting me stay tonight." Agreeing "It could be fun..." she takes the extra set of cuffs and locks herself loosely up, feeling a chill of sexy fear.

They sit on the couch chit-chatting and watching TV. Shelia is nice and during the commercials their talk turns sexual- she explains that Carl got her into bondage a long time ago and how being helpless turns her on.

The handcuffs have long chains and are comfortable, at least once the metal is warm, to hang out in snacking and watching dull TV shows. "You know, my husband always had threesome fantasies, Molly." Molly looks at Shelia and laughs a bit, they are almost twice her age and way too friendly to kidnap someone. Still, Shelia keeps planting seeds... "It would be really fun to safely lose control for a day or two, don't you think?" "Have you ever been whipped? Never?"

As Carl bangs the front door open, Molly hides the cuffs under her robe in an instinctive, fearful reaction. Shelia smiles "Did you just feel a twinge of emotion, Molly? Didn't it feel great, like being at the top of a roller coaster, didn't your stomach leap up into your chest?" Molly tries to hide her smile before Carl gets in.

"Well, your car's beat up pretty bad, Molly. The tow company will go bring it to our shop in town tomorrow. For now I brought your luggage here." Carl says without introduction, harshly ignoring the warm moment Angie just made with Molly on purpose, banging down Molly's large travel luggage. Then, squinting, he looks closer at Molly. "Are you cold, darling?" he asks with concern. Shelia kind of laughs as Molly awkwardly hems and haws, and finally Shelia holds her own hands apart slightly, dangling the chain between them.

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Carl, kind of laughing, looks at Molly closer. "Did Shelia convince you to put her handcuffs on for her?" Molly's blush gets worse as Carl pauses and suggests "And then did she convince you to chain yourself up too, Molly?" The older married couple are all smiles as Molly musters her response. Unable to stand it anymore she assents "It looked fun" and Carl smiles warmly. Molly replicates Shelia's motion, exposing her hands and pulling them apart, smiling broadly.

Carl laughs openly now and offers in a friendly voice "Well, they look great on you, Molly!" as her blush fades as she feels a new excitement- a strong man she doesn't know is standing in front of her semi-nude body, just the robe, and knows she is cuffed- yet she feels safe enough. How did she get here, Molly happily wonders, now unable to consider running to a neighbor's house to wake someone else up for help. Removing his jacket and boots, Carl sits in an easy chair next to the couch the ladies are sharing.

As the TV show ends Shelia offers "You know, Molly, we could have some fun here- this might be the only chance you ever get for something like this. What are the odds, you find a good couple like us, well equipped, knowledgeable, friendly- no connection to your family, we don't know your friends, you can walk away after" and Carl interrupts "We always fantasized about playing with a younger girl that loves bondage after the kids left."

"Can I sleep over it?" Molly asks. The married couple think for a bit and Shelia asks "Have you ever slept in cuffs before, dear?" "No" "Well, why don't you? As you know, they are quite comfortable, but kind of sexy. Think about what you want, tomorrow we'll have breakfast and decide what to do. Maybe your car takes an extra day at the shop and you get a little vacation. Or maybe you want to rush home to your normal, safe environment and pretend this never happened. Just be true to yourself." Molly sweats feeling like she is under a microscope.

For Molly's benefit they changed the discussion to new TV shows and Waddleworth, and the best restaurant in town, before going to bed about an hour later, Molly feeling safe and secure as ever. Carl stayed in his fall clothes, 'warming up', and being the perfect gentleman.

Lying in bed too awake to sleep Molly tugs at her cuffs in mock attempts to break free, enjoying the sensations, and feeling her warmth grow. Molly reminds herself "I can't make a mess in the guest bed." Still, adding imaginative flourishes to the day's events and thinking about what Shelia and Carl mean by 'fun' gives Molly's mind ample opportunity for naughty adult thoughts. She giggles to herself "I was kidnapped, handcuffed, forced to stay here; they took my car and won't let me contact anyone on the outside" and rides the scary edge between reality and fiction. "Those are all... true" her mind warns as another part of her head rebukes "Molly Anne Davis, these people have been nothing but kind and caring. You almost have to play along for *their* sake".

Later she wakes up for the bathroom. Surprising herself with the cuffs, she smiles maneuvering around with them- the restriction feels imposing and strong, making her feel feminine and small, not in charge of the situation but focusing on her response and her emotion. "I know how to get them off, in the next room, where Shelia left the keys out in the open" Molly considers as she flushes the toilet, but goes back to bed smiling to herself "It is cozy having these couple chains on. I wonder why." and gets under the covers to re-warm the metal, feeling the heat she left deep within the bed.

Matt and Angie lay in bed talking quietly about their luck. "You eased her in nicely, Angie." Matt praises. "Yes, but she is new, and standoffish. We have to decide if we keep being nice and drag this out, or if we just force her to do what we want." Matt thinks for a few long seconds, then responds, "Yes, that would be the right thing to do, to decide for Molly. But here is what we are going to do tomorrow instead. We'll make her decide. We will win no matter what." He pauses. "The longer she goes along with us, the more culpable and guilty she'll be, and everything will be more interesting." Again he pauses. "But if she says she needs to go home, we can always just force her anyhow. It's all about keeping our options open until the last moment."

Angie sighs, unsure. "Okay, how fast do we push the girl?" Matt considers and as the loving couple drifts asleep together he says something like "Make her a maid tomorrow morning, baby." Amazing dreams favor her sleep as Matt continues planning the days to come.

Day Two

Waking softly, Molly tests her chains again. Even though she played with them throughout the night, they still feel new and interesting, and she smiles slightly as she considers taking her robe off. Of course, she can't, the chain goes through the sleeves. So, getting up, Molly heads to the kitchen where an amazing breakfast is being made. "Good morning, Molly" Shelia smiles as she serves up a cup of steaming, aromatic black coffee. "Did you sleep okay with those?"

Carl studies Molly the whole time, trying to gauge her. "It was... interesting" Molly admits, blushing. "I think I will buy a set online once I get home." Carl smiles to Shelia at this.

"How do you like your eggs?" he asks partially hiding his smile. "Over easy, please." Molly responds as they finish fixing breakfast- toast, bacon, eggs, jam; coffee and butter. Molly notices Shelia is wearing pink 2" heels and a short skirt. Her top is flannel, solid light red exposing her belly button; her breasts are large suggesting they had children. On her neck, Shelia has a thin leather black choker that looks tight. She has practical diamond earrings and a large wedding ring. Once the plates are full, Molly asks "Can I take off my cuffs and get changed?"

Carl and Shelia both smile and look at her. Carl asks "Well... did you take them off last night?" "No" "And why not?" Molly's blush comes back hotter than ever and Shelia smooths the conversation over- "If you want to eat in your robe, that's fine, dear. I enjoyed eating handcuffed the first time, relearning how to position my arms and take my time. We really meant what we said last night- if you want a little adventure, we are willing to have some fun together while they work on your car."

Everyone starts eating the nicely cooked eggs, bacon and toast. Molly digs in, assenting and smiling as they talk about Waddleworth and the area. The town has about 10,000 people and is only 5 miles away; the next neighbor after the two closest houses is only a quarter mile down the narrow road. At ease, Molly herself re-engages the difficult topic, asking "What kind of fun were you talking about last night, Carl? I mean"

Carl pounces at the opening. "Molly, we always wanted to play with a younger woman, and have some safe fun. I mean, we don't have any diseases, and unless you are a virgin (Molly laughs)- I mean it's up to you, but we won't let you get hurt or anything. It is safe here." Shelia quietly sighs, knowing too much safety is a turnoff. But trusting Carl's opinion she awaits Molly's response.

"Uh... well that helps, but what..." Molly continues. Carl smiles broadly, "Imagine you were adopted, a destitute orphan that we felt pity on. So we took you in but made you be our housekeeper." Shelia is still holding her breath, trying to urge support with her eyes, hoping against hope Molly will agree with the plan so they won't need to turn forceful. Force can come later, once we get started; let Molly at least begin totally on her own and build up some guilt and complicity.

Carl looks to Shelia who explains "I'll help you to work, show you what to do. And we have the cutest outfit that you'll just" and Molly cuts her off "I'll do it! But I really need to call home." Carl thinks for a second, and responds, "Well, I already left a voicemail for Ms. Davis when I was in town, if that is good enough." Surprised, Molly looks Carl in the face- "How did you know"- and Carl explains "Your luggage had a label with your information on it. It looked like what the airlines require." Blushing Molly agrees, "Oh yes- it has mom's phone and address, and mine too- did you call me or her?" "Her, silly, you are right here." "Oh, okay... hmm." Molly finishes her toast and Shelia suggests, "Go unlock yourself, and meet me in your bedroom- I'll show you what I have in mind." Molly undoes her cuffs in the bondage room, keys were exactly where she assumed, wondering "Why am I getting ready to dress up for strangers? I wonder what clothes they expect me to wear. But why am I even considering this?" Inadvertently the robe rubs her nipples and the tingle melds with the fear and femininity of the safe situation, pushing her forward.

Returning to the bedroom, Shelia has set out the maid's uniform- short white skirt, small faux apron, white starched top, a maid's tiara and three inch heeled black open-toe shoes- and is sitting on the bed smiling. "Go ahead, try it on and see if it fits!" Shelia suggests, clearly expecting to watch.

Molly blushes but shrugging lets her robe fall softly, and gets dressed. She keeps on her own red thong panties and fastens on her black bra, making Shelia smile, and then puts on the uniform- the black bra underneath shows through nicely. Everything feels clean and new.

Satisfied, Shelia has Molly spend time applying simple, professional makeup. Getting up Shelia smiles at Molly, calmly requesting "Good, now come with me back to the gear room." Smiling a bit, Molly follows Shelia to the bondage room. Shelia suggests "Go ahead and put just the ankle cuffs back on, Molly." Complying, Molly's specious bellyaches make Shelia smile. "And the handcuffs, baby" Shelia requires. "How am I going to get anything done?" Molly asks. "Don't worry, I have some extra motivations for you, darling. Look in the top drawer under the mirror over there." Molly opens the oversize drawer of electronic toys, mouth slowly opening at the selection of dildos and vibrators- many with sections of cool, smooth metal electrodes built in.

Gauging her reaction Shelia explains "Molly, I can grab one of our whips" (indicating the wall with half a dozen different floggers, whips and switches) "to help guide you, but if you want rewards, you'll have to pick one of the remote control vibrators and put it on." Getting close to Molly's head as she looks down in the drawer, Shelia leans in and whispers pointing "This little one is my favorite, it hits my love button perfectly but is non intrusive."

There are several assorted vibrators, a couple TENS units and a special harness device. "Put the harness on under your panties, Molly." Complying, Molly adjusts the straps for a good fit. The harness splits to easily go on even with Molly's ankles cuffed together. With the harness on and her panties still down, Molly looks over the drawer again. "Go ahead, pick one. I keep them clean." Shelia urges as Molly looks through the drawer and selects the vibrator she just pointed out. It snaps into the harness, just touching her clitoris, and Molly quickly pulls her panties up as Shelia lusts.

Grabbing a short riding crop off the wall, Shelia eases "So here's how this will work, my dear. If you make a mistake-" and Shelia taps Molly on the behind with the crop, just enough to spook her- "I'll help remind you what to do. But if you do well-" and Shelia shows Molly the remote, that goes from 0 to 10 and has some extra controls, and with her short pink fingernails turns it on at 1 for a half-second, then briefly switches to 5 and back- "I'll try to keep you entertained, at least until you start making too many mistakes. Then I'll have to bring you back down." and she turns the vibrator completely off. Molly is shocked how easy it was to enjoy the clitoral vibrator in front of the total stranger. Maybe Shelia is more than a stranger now.

Standing back, Shelia looks at Molly again, considering. "You look like a doll, but there is something missing..." Without complaining Molly holds her hair up to one side dangling the cuff chain as Shelia puts on a wide, black leather choker that has a small D-link in front and several belt buckles in the back to adjust to the fit. Leaving it loose, Shelia compliments "Wow, Carl is going to drop his jaw!"

Molly smiles embarrassed leaving gear room, trusting Shelia like her own mother, looking around the house for her first task. The first thing that comes to mind is the unattractive piles of jackets in the entryway, so she heads in that direction without being told. As she starts picking up clothes, Shelia smiles and turns Molly's vibrator on, explaining calmly "Please clean this up, put the jackets in the entry closet. There is a vacuum cleaner and mop in there, along with some other supplies. Then do the dishes and come find me outside." "Yes, Mistress" Molly replies as Shelia smiles broadly- like any young lady, Molly knows how to submit, even if she never did it before and was always too scared to let anyone know she could.

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Refilling her coffee, Shelia heads outside to relax with her husband. They have a large backyard that overlooks Waddleworth, and a hot tub on the deck. Sitting in the chairs, they continue discussing Molly while she works cleaning inside.

Molly does her best to arrange the piled-up jackets, working around her handcuffs and ankle cuffs in the 3-inch heels. Occasionally something catches her chains or she tries to step too far, but all in all everything goes well. The floor under those piles is dirty orange tile, and seeing a broom she sweeps, then follows the suggestion to mop. Moving the filled bucket around is much harder with the handcuffs, but she gets it, and in the meantime Shelia kept her vibrator on low. Her thoughts shift from how boring doing housework is to how much more boring waiting on some mechanic in a small town would be to how sexy being a servant to some stranger is as she starts sweating despite the cool fall temperature.

Finishing with the mop, Molly heads outside and dumps the bucket out in the backyard, and sees the married couple chatting. "Everything going okay, dear?" Shelia asks. Turning toward them, Molly responds "Very good, Mistress, the entryway is almost done." Carl gets up and comes to look at Molly in the maid uniform for the first time as Shelia surreptitiously cranks her vibrator up. "Wow, Molly, you look great! I'll let you finish up and then maybe can meet the neighbors. Just do exactly what Shelia says, and do a good job." He pauses, smiling and shaking his head in gratitude. "And I like how you call Shelia Mistress... would you mind..." he says leading her. "Of course, Master, I am happy to call you by your proper title." Molly over-exaggerates, but Carl smiles broadly and returns to his wife, who turned the vibrator up a bit as a reward. She smiles approvingly "Keep up the good work, Molly." as Carl sits back down enjoying the day.

"Wow, she looks better than you said, dear." Carl remarks letting Molly overhear. Blushing a little Molly finishes emptying the mop bucket outside and heads back in. Shelia turns her vibe down as Molly leaves Carl's presence. Putting the mop stuff back, Molly grabs the vacuum and plugs the cord in next to the living room where she watched TV last night. She vacuums that room, the hallway, and her bed- not wanting to do their bedroom, since she wasn't ever in there, and skipping the linoleum-floored bath and bondage gear rooms. Trying to get under the furniture where she can, Molly finally calls it good and returns the cleaner and closes the entryway closet back up.

"Dishes." Molly says outloud, starting to get bored. The kitchen's tile floor clicks under her heels as the chains produce a nice metallic clinking sound, almost like a wind chime, and Molly fills the sink and starts washing. The couple didn't have many dirty dishes so washing and drying only takes fifteen minutes. Molly leaves a few serving dishes out on the counter but the rest of the plates, glasses and silverware have obvious cabinets that she stacks them in.

Looking around, there are lots of other things she could do, but everything Shelia asked is basically done. So, taking a deep breath, Molly goes to the bathroom and cleans herself up a little, fixes her makeup and heads out. It is about 10AM.

Walking outside, Molly heads over to the married couple. Shelia continues using the vibrator whenever Carl focuses on Molly, and turns it on at a low hum as she hears Molly's chains drag near the doorway, before she even opens the weather-tight door. "All done!" Molly smiles as she sits down. Carl looks over to Shelia, who gets up and calmly states: "Molly, use Mistress and Master when addressing us. Let's go take a look at your work before we call it good." Sighing, which draws a stern look from Carl, Molly gets up and goes back inside escorted by Shelia as the vibrator turns back off.

Shelia looks around and nods approvingly. "The entryway looks good, Molly." "How did you do on the dishes?" "I wasn't sure where to put a couple serving dishes, Mistress." Smiling, Shelia orders Molly around putting everything in its place. The vacuuming looks OK too so Shelia brings Molly back to the kitchen.

"Make us some ice tea and bring it out, and then you can relax too." Shelia commands in a friendly voice. Molly agrees, starting to get items immediately, but Shelia playfully taps her butt with the riding crop- "Say 'Yes, Mistress', dear". Startled Molly stops and turns to Shelia and smiles and curtsies a little, "Yes, Mistress, I'll get right to it." Shelia calmly explains "We'll be joined by the other two couples that live on our road, bring 6 glasses. But they won't stay long. After that, we'll talk about the afternoon plans." She leaves without expecting any response, moving Molly's vibrator to a gentle hum.

Molly looks around the kitchen for various supplies to make a simple ice tea. With Carl and Shelia outside, Molly boils some water and strains the tea leaves out after, pours the strained water over ice and gets a tray of glasses ready- old fashioned iced tea. Smiling, Molly carefully walks the tray of filled glasses outside, sets them down next to the couple, and heads back in to get the rest of the pitcher. Shelia turns up Molly's vibrator each time just as Molly starts to open the door, building a pattern for the young woman.

The warm fall sun is calming as they sit in quality wooden rocking chairs painted white at the intricately welded metal table. "This is relaxing.", Molly compliments, looking over the large harvested corn field that stretches out down the hill their house is built on. The outskirts of Waddleworth are right there- she could walk there no problem. Daydreaming a bit, the first of the neighbors come by (Shelia again turns up Molly's stimulator the moment she realizes Molly is aware of being scrutinized by a man). "Hi Carl and Shelia", the man says awkwardly, and Carl introduces Bob and Tracy Jude to Molly. "So you're the new help?" Bob inquires.

Tracy's strong upright posture is accentuated by the shoulder pads in her grey charcoal business suit (tailored blazer and matching pants), covering her long legs and broadening her chest. The cut is high quality and modern, business oriented, expensive. Her thighs jut out expounding life and the well-done makeup imparts the noble lady the age of a thirty year old although clearly she is in her late forties. Her professional eyes gauge Molly and Tracy's mind is set: this is her next slave girl. Molly's eyes flee from her commanding stare, perfectly straight brunette hair, long, framing a smooth round face and dark, professional lipstick, intricate expensive gold necklace. Instead Molly focuses on the smooth exposed ankle skin, Tracy's amazing to-die-for designer heels, black with a silver bit on the very tip of the heel, closed toe, something Molly thinks she saw in Vogue. Smiling and agreeing with Bob she sits with the others offering "Molly, how nice to meet you" in a daring tone.

Laughing uneasily Molly explains "No, this is just a little fantasy I wanted to try since I am stuck here waiting for my car to get fixed." "Oh, I see." Bob hints a smile toward his loving wife with bashful eyes, Tracy smiles broadly back staring at Molly again easily overwhelming her glance as they sit at the table to relax with us. Small talk and no one asks too many details about Molly. John and Anna are the last to show up, they seem more normal to Molly, and once everyone is comfortable Carl suggests "Molly, why don't you go get some shot glasses and my whisky bottle from the kitchen? We can all have an eye-opener before John and Bob go to work today." Molly's surprised look urges Carl to explain that all three families are well off, semi-retired and that he only works part time himself.

John and Anna are unassuming, dull people. Molly has no problems looking these folks in their shy, down-to-earth eyes and Carl's charitable mannerisms prove they are just along for the ride because of their good luck in real estate. He wears a boring camouflage bomber cap to be ironic with the old business suit; she wears a solid green flannel shirt with a front pocket, messy long red hair, little or no makeup, jeans- warm and comfortable in the chill air compared to Molly's maid outfit, eliciting a tiny shiver from the young girl.

Getting up, Molly fake-curtsies, kind of giggling, and goes to the kitchen with the tray, returns doing as she was told. Shelia again turns the vibrator way down when Molly is alone, but back up as Molly starts to reach for the door handle- getting smart, Molly walked toward the door and back as if she forgot something, but Shelia somehow knew and wasn't tricked.

A little concerned about how well Shelia is playing her, Molly finally opens the door with the small serving tray and expensive whisky, ice jar and shot glasses. Shelia's smirk makes her motives clear as Molly's clit is humming along while she tries to maintain composure and act properly. "She wants me to show my arousal in front of the guys!" Molly knows, trying to be nonchalant. It makes her fall farther into the submissive role of proper maid mannerisms.

Everyone is pleased with Molly's serving and Tracy audaciously asks "Is Molly going to be available for cleaning like the last girl?" Carl's glare silences her, but enjoying the moment and thinking she is joking about 'the last girl', Molly smiles "Yes, Tracy, I'd be more than happy to come clean at your house this morning, if Mistress allows." Everyone smiles and Shelia agrees "Then it is settled-Molly will clean Tracy and Bob's house this morning, then we will have lunch here." and cheerfully hands Molly's vibrator remote to Tracy. Molly looks worried to Carl who smiles back and adds "You'll do fine, dear, just do whatever Tracy asks. I'll get started with the grill for lunch."

Tracy gets up and commands in a strong voice: "Maid- get up and get moving!" and Molly jumps to attention, following her to the house on the far left. Molly has trouble keeping up and Tracy is more than happy to help prod her along, tapping either butt cheek with a short switch she produced as she dawdles trying to kick stones out of her open-toe shoes and not trip over her ankle chain while the older lady easily outmaneuvers her. Bob smiles in pride over his wife to the Pattersons: "Oh, I love my Tracy in charge, look how she makes that little girl seem like an awkward duck, how graceful her correction are, how Molly can't bear to hold her gaze." Angie smiles but Matt only laughs a bit at Bob.

"Maid, you're going to dust everything and clean my stove." Tracy states plainly and waits a couple seconds outside her front door for Molly's response. Hearing none, she uses the thin rod to lightly slap Molly on the upper thigh, eliciting a startled "ah!", while continuing to look expectantly at the young lady. Molly finally understands and blurts "Yes, Mistress, I will get right on it." as Tracy turns her vibrator back on slowly. "You see, dear, being agreeable and doing what I say has its rewards."

Molly gets started dusting with Tracy at her side the whole time, administering slight corrections- "Be sure to get under the photo", "Stand up straight", "Bend at the waist, silly girl!"- and slowly turning the vibrator up as they go. Tracy is more of a stranger than Shelia, and cleaning her house, Molly is getting more and more excited by her bitchy nit-picking and constant attention. "Maybe I should do something wrong just to get a little rise out of Tracy" she daydreams. After they finish dusting, Tracy shows Molly the cleaning supplies for the stove and harshly commands "Get to it, maid!" as she turns the vibrator off totally and walks away.

Annoyed, Molly cleans the stove lackadaisically. Bored she mischievously quits early and goes to clean herself in the bathroom. "I feel like a little girl testing my limits, I miss Tracy's ministrations" Molly knows. Meanwhile Tracy sees obvious burnt grease streaks that Molly missed- "Get over here, girl! I bet you wanted me to find this!" Molly rushes out blushing and lying "I'm sorry, Mistress. I didn't mean to..." Tracy does her best to look angry (she is secretly quite pleased), cutting in with the command "Follow me, girl." Apprehensively Molly follows to the living room, where Tracy sits and indicates for Molly to lay on her lap. "I don't know, Tracy..." Molly balks, but Tracy easily orders: "Now, girl, get on your knees and lean over me."

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Laying on the stranger, Molly feels the vibrator turn back on before Tracy smacks her left ass cheek with her open hand. It barely hurts, but Tracy emphasizes each with the vibrator, increasing the speed up until she spanks, then dropping it back down to accentuate the wait, slowly counting out 10 slaps. Tracy isn't pushing hard, merely giving a sample of what could be, and her every subliminal accentuates that fact as Molly's body clearly wants much, much more.

Finally Tracy halts the vibe and commands "Get up, you horn-dog", physically pushing Molly away upright, "Go finish your job right, and then you can head back to Shelia's and clean up for lunch."

Feeling let down, Molly goes back to the kitchen and cleans more before returning to Carl's house, the whole time thinking "I am a slut, what did I want Tracy to do to me?" and unsure if she wants more or less of this. As she finally heads for Shelia's bathroom, Shelia intercepts Molly and smiles a bit. "How was it?" she asks in a gossiping tone. "Well, at first it was pretty boring, but after she spanked me (Shelia gasps) and I..." Molly confesses, looking down. Molly thinks "Even cleaning her oven after being punished was somehow entertaining. What's wrong with me?"

Shelia pauses for Molly to look back up at her, before smiling "It's okay, baby. We all like letting someone have control for a little bit." That scares Molly at first, but looking into Shelia's eyes she realizes she is telling the honest truth. "I just want to be able to trust someone else for a few minutes... is that so bad?" "Don't worry, darling, Carl and I will be able to guide you if you let us. Just relax and enjoy the time you have while your car is being fixed over in town."

Shelia comes over and gently hugs her from behind, crossed-armed, carefully touching her breasts in a very sexual way, motherly yet dangerous-erotic. She whispers "You can trust us." cuddling the younger lady. Molly slacks her posture to fall into Shelia, letting the older woman take some of her weight, and closes her eyes as her vibrator turns up to full blast- Tracy.

After about thirty seconds the vibrator slows and opening her eyes Molly sees Carl standing in front of the women. Tracy is stifling a giggle as she clicks the vibrator full off to make Molly focus and she stands up straight in front of the large man. "Master Carl... I didn't see you there", she offers, hiding her mental state. Carl looks slowly toward Shelia and Molly feels their interchange. She starts saying something but Carl takes over.

"Molly, you know you are stuck here all day, right?" "Yes, Master" "And you know we will keep you safe and are letting you use our house to live in and our bed to sleep in?" "Yes, Master, Thank You" Molly repeats, sincere and timid, but knowing she is inherently safe. The neighbors are cutting a dangerous line, keeping Molly on edge but willing, adventurous but chaste; all parties work hard to maintain the balance.

"Okay, go ahead and change to your normal clothes for lunch. I'm sure you are tired of those handcuffs and ankle cuffs." Molly smiles "Master, yes, they are nice but they are starting to rub." Carl suggests "But you like the restriction they bring?" Molly's blush is all the answer anyone needs, but the married couple force the issue pausing and looking at her for an answer.

"I like how I have to limit my movements, be careful not to trip; it makes me keep looking inside and checking myself. And blaming myself for little mistakes that come from my actions, silly accidents." Shelia smiles agreeably and takes over asking "Are you willing to switch to a more challenging role after lunch?"

Molly's face turns white as long moments pass before she nods slowly "Master and Mistress, I want to experience more but I..."

"Then it is settled, go ahead and clean up Molly, leave the chains and come meet us for a late lunch in the kitchen when you are ready. Shelia did a wonderful job cooking while you were cleaning at Tracy's."

Showering slowly and thinking over the day's events, Molly wonders what she just agreed to. Lunch is excellent- a large, flavorful meatloaf with bacon around the top, homemade baked beans, collard greens and cornbread. "The grape juice is local" Shelia explains. As things wrap up, Shelia clears, and the pleasant conversation turns back to Molly's fate. "What did you mean by more challenging this evening?" Molly asks broaching the subject herself.

Carl and Shelia both start to speak, but Tracy merely asks in a commanding voice: "May I have the honors?"

Molly's visible shake in her plain clothes makes everyone scared she is going to quit, not that she could- Carl would just use the chloroform bottle he has hidden behind his back- but everyone wants her full support. Shelia smiles slightly and supportively gets behind the still sitting Molly, gingerly hugging her and carefully blowing into her right ear.

As the young lady shakes her whole body, Tracy presses on (after Carl's confirming quick downward nod). "Molly, come with me. You did very well on the stove and I want to reward you with an outfit that is more appropriate." Molly blushes as she realizes she wants to follow Tracy while Carl adds in a loving tone "Tracy may seem harsh but she is one of us and you are safe here, Molly."

Part of Molly's mind worries over how far she is leveraged: trusting strangers that told her to trust strangers, people who she doesn't know who maybe know people she certainly can't know. The fear adds texture to the experience and for whatever reason hangs on to every word of Tracy, the old bitch. Tracy slowly and calmly explains "Come, dear, if you like what you are wore this morning the outfit I have in mind for you will be to die for." Scared Molly can't help but acknowledge she is looking forward to Tracy's fashion choices.

Enjoying Bondage

Tracy leads Molly into her home again, but this time they go all the way through to the back, to Tracy's bedroom. Tracy's house is clean and well organized, and even her bedroom is in perfect condition- no clothes exposed, bed made correctly, no makeup or jewelry out in the open. "Wow, this place is spotless" Molly comments to Tracy's smile: "Yes, we do make an effort. When I have parties I let everyone put their coats on my bed, so they all see the room." She continues "So let's change your outfit. I know Shelia saw you naked before, so go ahead Molly. Put your clothes in a pile folded neatly please."

Complying slowly, Molly kicks off her shoes, pulls off her top, folds it, then slides out of her jeans. "Go on." Tracy orders, getting impatient.

Molly blushes and diligently follows Tracy's ongoing instructions. "Of course, Mistress" Molly mouths, cowering in front of the older lady. Shaking she carefully sets her shoes side-by-side, removes and folds her socks, then follows with her panties, somewhat folded, and finally the bra. Shivering in front of Tracy, Molly can barely comply with the order "Stand straight and look me in the eyes, slave."

Tracy is holding up a waist chain with D-links. Without thinking, Molly allows herself to be enrobed. "Pull your hair back, darling" is Tracy's next soft suggestion, as she gets used to the extra support of the waist chain. Instead of the maid choker Tracy locks on something thicker also with D-links, and weaves several leather ties into Molly's long, dark hair, smiling covertly as the youth gets used to the new attire like an innocent newborn exploring its tiny word.

"Since you left your vibrator at Shelia's you can use one of mine" Tracy comments, making Molly feel guilty somehow, and after a quick search in a cabinet she hands Molly a small harnessed dildo with little metal plates and a battery pack built in. "It is too big" Molly starts but Tracy just smiles "Put it in, child."

Tracy has Molly put on a pair of light blue hipster panties before pulling up a short black leather skirt and putting on a matching, breast-lifting corset. "This isn't tight at all, darling, but eventually you'll beg for me to pull it snug." Tracy promises as she pulls the slack from the corset's cords in back. "I don't think I could get myself in or out of this on my own" Molly thinks out loud as Tracy smiles "I know, isn't it delicious?"

"What now, Mistress?" Molly asks. Tracy mandated padlocked black platforms that inexperienced Molly slowly locks on herself. Bending down is difficult for the youth with one foot locked in an uncomfortable 4" platform while wearing a corset for the third time in her life. Tracy grabs some items while Molly finishes up.

"You are going to walk back with me to Shelia's, but you'll change your posture for your new role. Keep your head up high the whole time, but your eyes down toward our waist level. Your mouth needs to stay a little open, and you'll walk in front and to the right of me." Tracy snaps a simple dog leash on Molly's collar like it is the most ordinary thing to do in the world. "Keep the leash snug. You'll get used to the exact amount of pressure on your neck from its gentle pull. That way you'll know which direction to head, even if you can't see, and when to slow down and speed up."

"Will that really work?" Molly asks, earning a gentle tap from the short flogger. "You can ask questions, slave, but be sure to call your superiors by a proper title." "I'm sorry, Mistress." "Molly, yes, it can work quite well with time. For now we'll just do a quick crash course before moving on."

The Judes have a nice backyard with grass that had been lush during summer and is now fading; recently raked there are only a few fall leaves littered around. They have a large rocking swing and several ornamental boulders, with small rock gardens bordered by flowers that are done for the season. "We'll walk around here for a while so you can get used to your shoes and attire, and fix up your posture a little, my darling."

Molly sighs but willingly starts walking, with Tracy tapping her butt at regular intervals, forming figure eights around certain boulders and the swing, changing back and forth at random. "You're getting better, Molly!" she encourages, and using the remote turns her new vibrator on a nice, low hum. Steering Molly with the leash, Tracy liberally rewards any correct guesses, while gently tapping for mistakes. As the mistakes predictably become fewer and farther apart, Tracy strengths her corrections- nothing powerful but certainly unpleasant.

"This is silly, but I kind of like anticipating the punishments" Molly daydreams to herself, having automatized the once difficult task of walking in the direction Tracy desired. "Maybe it is just the vibrator." Molly abruptly halts, only after realizing Tracy wanted her to, and the older lady commands "Molly, turn around, remember to look down but keep your head and chest up proudly." It seems weird to Molly to be confident with part of her body but shy with another, but doing as Tracy asks, she feels a strange fetish in herself. She can be the opposite of a responsible adult: a child testing limits.

"Perfect!" Tracy compliments, walking forward and giving Molly a big hug, holding her close for a long time so their warmth and scents intertwine. As they finally part, Molly offers "I don't know why this is so pleasurable, Tracy, maybe there is something wrong with me." Tracy beams inwardly at this, Molly is everything the Pattersons expected. "Never be ashamed to embrace the role, Molly my darling. It is a special and glorious gift. Just go with it, and see how far you can push yourself." Smiling brightly, Tracy continues "We'll keep you safe." in a less candid tone.

"Now, let's get back to Carl's. I want you to go up to Shelia, keep your chest and head up, eyes down, and slowly kneel. Ask her to please help tie you up so you can have some time to meditate and relax." "Tie me up?" Molly balks, but Tracy's confident voice explains "Or perhaps you should be more honest and explain that you think it could be very sensual and pleasurable to have no control at all, not even of your body, if only for a moment." Molly's embarrassed blush assures Tracy she is in the right state of mind.

"Let's go through my house so you can use the bathroom one last time before Shelia has her way with you." Molly isn't sure if she should laugh or shudder but Tracy's friendly body language and open smile makes her confidently go forward as Tracy removes the leash. She uses the bathroom quickly and rejoins Tracy, willingly getting re-leashed, and with a hopeful smile starts out toward Shelia.

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"Wow, that is a sight to see Ange." Matt comments as Tracy somehow commands Molly ahead of her across the gravel driveway in a stylized, straight-line pattern following circuitous imaginary borders near the grass. Molly had asked Tracy to tighten the corset some, and the simple black leather contrasting her fair white skin looks so precious and cute, like a kitten whose eyes haven't opened yet. "But will she actually ask to be put into bondage?" Angie asks, less convinced by the girl's looks and annoyed by Matt's ogling.

As they approach Molly stares down to Shelia and Carl's waists, and can't help noticing his engorged penis in his loose jeans. Keeping her eyes at waist level she looks between the married couple, and suddenly remembers her task. She feels Tracy unhook the leash and respectfully walks toward Shelia. Making a good attempt at grace she falls to her knees and looking at Shelia's crotch with her head held up high and proud, asks in a quivering voice, "Mistress Shelia, could you please tie me up so I can have some time to think?"

Smiling mischievously at Tracy (Molly is still looking down as she was told) Shelia replies with a respectful "Molly, if you want to expand your horizons a little, I'll be more than happy to help. I know you wore handcuffs for the first time last night, basically, so I'll be careful and let you ease into.."

Shelia's awkward pause makes Molly look up into her eyes, exactly as she hoped, and she continues "Into the kind of pleasure that makes me go crazy and I just want to share the glory with you." Carl scoffs, shaking his head, as Tracy smacks Molly the hardest she has so far, not very hard at all, on her right butt cheek with her short crop "Slave! Your eyes!"

The juxtaposition of Shelia surrendering somehow and Tracy rightly punishing her for explicitly defying her instructions, combined with the surprise and incident fear of being called out for it physically by the slap makes Molly jump back, almost falling on her back. Red with fright and trying to regain her composure, part of her screams "Misbehave! Give them something to punish me for! I want to be a bad little girl!" Shelia smiles broadly at Tracy, as Carl shakes his head, and Molly, embarrassed at not being able to even be a proper slave, works to correct herself, oblivious to the neighbors' interaction as her focus moves more and more inward.

"Come with me, slave" Shelia ominously commands, her tone and the attitudes of the neighbors leaving zero doubt. Carl buttresses her: "Molly, I expected more from you. Maybe you will be more reliable and prudent with Shelia than you were with Tracy, she clearly leads with a hand that is far too loose." His point hits home and Molly guilts over not being enough of a slave for Tracy- and knows she has to be a better slave for Shelia- even though Molly is hardly sure what a slave is and Tracy seemed stricter. Tracy had been slowly increasing her vibrator's speed, a fact Molly only realized when she cuts it off as Tracy and Carl leave together so Shelia can take care of Molly.

"I.." Molly starts as Shelia cuts her off and orders "Up, slave, let's go to your room." Unsure where to go, Molly realizes she misses the leash and Tracy's knowing hand. She gets up, looking down, and heads towards the bondage room where she had the maid uniform put on earlier this morning.

Things changed. The room is now darker, with candles, and the furniture is rearranged and the windows evidently have blackout curtains. In the center, there is a padded X-shaped table with brown leather straps all around. Molly dares another sidelong glance up at Shelia, who smiles coyly "I might have gotten things ready for you." as Tracy re-enters commanding "Lay on your back, Molly, and remind Shelia what you want to have happen."

The ladies get Molly strapped in, and Carl comes into the room with a big smile. "Here Molly, this will help keep you entertained." He says, putting a set of noise canceling headphones over her ears. "Night, night" Shelia says loudly as she pulls a blindfold over the incapacitated Molly.

Relaxing into the darkness, Molly's new headphones start playing a relaxing nature soundtrack, a babbling brook, as her vibrator turns on and off at random intervals. On the X frame, Molly's arms and legs are strapped down snugly to the table at four points on each limb. Her chest and waist are tied down pressing her light body into the resilient foam of the bed, making her feel heavy.

As the minutes pass, Molly gets claustrophobic, and scared. She starts shaking a little and Shelia steps in caressing Molly's breast and lifting the headphones to whisper "Enjoy it, darling. You can do no wrong, just go with it, let the fear and doubt build, then relax anyhow. Focus" and she gingerly rubs Molly's upper thighs "on the sensations and your body, it is a healthy meditation."

The headphones gently are replaced back on Molly's ears as she huffs "This is stupid" in her head, but respectfully remains silent and merely smiles. Pleased, Shelia goes with the others and quickly convinces Tracy to be more generous with the vibrator. After Shelia is gone Molly starts implementing her ludicrous suggestion.

Without human interaction, time slows, letting emotion and sensation grow. Molly knows her bladder isn't full, so it hasn't been that long, but tied and blindfolded, her mind misses the constant feedback that normal life provides. Proud of herself for not having a cellphone, Molly lets several maniacal laughs out considering how her fainthearted flighty friends would do in her place. But she shivers and truly gets worried for herself. The sick smell of her fear permeates the room.

"Be generous, dear" Angie implores as Tracy backs the girls' vibrator remote down. "This is her first time." Tracy merely smiles back and gives Molly a bit more pleasure, before lowering the knob.

"It is amazing how people know when another person is affecting them. I'm sure she knows I still have the remote in my hand" and she twists the knob randomly "and her world view is becoming more and more my own." Angie smiles "She is quite the catch, Matt, can't we keep her forever?" Tracy shakes her head disapprovingly as Matt agrees "We're not going to force her, my love." and the ladies both hold a long pause.

"Really, baby, can we keep her?" Angie begs "She is such a doll, so sweet, untainted, pure." Tracy laughs "A virgin?" and Angie makes a face while Carl laughs. "We will do what we can." He waits for the ladies to calm down. "We all want her to stay. The best we can do is make sure she knows she is welcome any time she wants to come back. I won't trap her."

The sadness in his voice overwhelms their girlish demands embarrassing both women. Carl clearly will be the most hurt by the loss of this new girl. His resolve is heroic in the ladies' eyes as he stares out to Waddleworth stoically continuing "Let her orgasm. Release her as the climax fades so she feels comfortable and happy. Angie, bring towels, wetted cloths, and clean her sweat immediately after." "Tracy, once she climaxes, you'll have to release her- immediately. All the straps. And undo the knots and loosen her corset, lose the boots and D rings." Matt continues in his clear, commanding voice "Then put her back in the robe from last night, and add handcuffs like before."

The ladies seem unsure this is the best route but Matt's confidence makes the plan happen. After another hour of teasing, they decide to go in and finish Molly off. Angie massages Molly's breasts as Tracy ups the vibrator and then sets down the remote to use both hands near Molly's crotch. Carl just watches, proud, smiling as the neighborhood girls take charge.

Smiling deviously Angie flips a switch for Molly's headphones and the sound changes from the calming brook to passionate love, and returning her hands to Molly's chest they await the inevitable. Molly's mouth, still open, never complaining but moaning as her body at first recoils to the change, but now searches slowly back and forth, as if trying to scratch an elusive itch, even though she is held firm. The effect of the moans in her headphone, the first touch on her breast, and of course her crotch all blend together pushing Molly into a withering ball, exposed and defenseless, unable to stop herself.

Angie and Tracy smile at each other, knowing they have her at the perfect apogee for growing her burgeoning fetish. Every input has to be carefully choreographed, and working together they perform a sort of mermaid dance over the youth's precious body, a lesbian ceremonial sacrifice, the knowledge of the older ladies directing the endless power of the youth and pushing her farther forward than any man could. Carl exempts himself from the analogy as Molly screams overwhelming, uncontrolled pleasure; already having admitted her helplessness against discomfort, she can hardly be blamed.

As she peaks all three neighbors co-op to remove the straps rapidly, pull the headphones, lower the vibrator to almost nothing. For the ladies this moment is more important than all the setup: will Molly want more? Shelia helps her up blindfolded, smiling and disoriented, comforting the youth. Tracy releases the corset's leather lace to loosen it comfortably. In a proud, strong voice Carl declares "Amazing, Molly, you did great! You were able to trust us, relax and reach the full potential the environment offered you!"

Molly guiltily moves her hand thinking to release the blindfold but Tracy hushes "Leave it, baby. You don't have to say anything or doing anything for a while. Just enjoy." Molly's body shakes a little before she decidedly falls under Shelia's protective wing and stands for long moments against the older stranger, hands at her sides but head up proud.

Her quick inward breath worries Carl but the ladies know her state. We could tell her anything and she'd do it, her muscles are so squishy and compliant. Removing the waist and neck choker they ease a plush robe over her blinded body. Molly feels the chill metal of handcuffs on her right wrist and willingly pulls her arms together to facilitate putting them on, reassured by the gently clicks of the double locks and still blind leaning heavily into Shelia.

Smiling Molly allows Shelia to lead her down the hall to the living room couch she started on last night. Tracy quietly speaks "Let us take those harsh boots off you." With Shelia helping her down on the couch, Tracy lifts her legs up so Molly is lounging comfortably as she removes the locked-on boots. Molly loves the personal attention. Angie has the ankle cuffs but decides to leave them off knowing Molly's feet are sore from the platform boots.

Finally Shelia whispers "Now I'm going to take the blindfold off, I don't want the light to startle you so keep your eyes closed." Molly's hands don't move, staying calmly together near her crotch the whole time. Shelia carefully pulls the blindfold without snapping it back.

Molly abides by the suggestion and doesn't open her eyes for long seconds as Tracy gets ready to leave. Finally she opens her eyes to a familiar scene- the TV is on but muted, the lights are just like last night, and Shelia is in the same dress. But Tracy and Carl are here too. Smiling Molly offers humorously "Is there popcorn?" and glances out the dark windows, not so subtly realizing how much time passed.

Mentally bracing herself, Tracy takes the burden- hoping to keep Angie and Matt in Molly's good graces- and remarks in a snarky voice "Quite a bit of time passed while you were enjoying yourself, slave." The indifference is clearly an act and Molly knows it was Tracy just seconds ago coddling her feet, but, she allows herself into the trap, indifferently staring at Shelia's short pink nails: "Tracy, you are mean." But Tracy takes it as a complement: "So you want to be a slave forever?"

Unable to understand why, Molly looks up and slowly smiles toward Tracy "I kind of do!" and Tracy responds with a huge reassured smile, dropping the 'tough Mistress' act. Carl and Shelia laugh timidly. Tracy continues "Of course you do, my dear: it is your destiny." Molly silently agrees, looking at her shining handcuffs.

But backing from the smooth pleasure of willing submission and the fun of a shared act, Molly realizes everyone is staring at her, awaiting a real decision. Shelia smiles heading to her chair "Baby, you did great, but now your car is ready and you can leave." Molly looks unknowingly for a few seconds before Carl and Tracy speak over each other trying to intercede: "But you" "You'll be"; Tracy relinquishes control begrudgingly to Carl who proceeds from his easy chair.

"Molly, of course we want you to stay here overnight again so you can get a good start driving tomorrow during daylight." Molly smiles affirmatively. "More than that, we want you to stay here full time. But it is your choice: you can become a full time assistant and maid here, we will take care of you financially and we can have fun some days and do things like we did today." Tracy warns "You'll miss out if you leave, people will call you a freak if you try to get them to play with you like this anywhere else, darling." Shelia and Carl both look angrily at the old maid as she apologetically withdraws the threat.

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Molly stares. Her responsible side thinks "I should just get out of here so I can go home." Shaking slightly her body retorts "And pray for this to happen somewhere else? Beg the fates for another chance at this bliss?" as she luxuriates under the warm robe and part of her concedes "They probably sugar-coated it for me today" countered by "Stupid oven cleaning de-greaser".

"Think about it, Molly." Shelia interrupts, taking the advocating paternal role, unmuting the TV and settling in to listen to the soft newscast as if this were the normalest thing in the world. Carl and Tracy follow suit, quieting and calming. "Okay, I'll sleep on it- Shelia, could we really have some popcorn?" Carl smiles and goes to the kitchen to start making a batch while Tracy says her goodbyes and after talking indistinctly with Carl in the kitchen heads home. The rest of the evening is pleasant as everyone talks small talk until they get enthralled in a good movie.

Too soon Molly finds herself back in bed, horny and cuffed. Thinking back to the day she smiles to herself "What am I going to do now?" Everyone is expecting me to be gone for years at the stupid PHD program- and no-one is planning to help move or come visit. I can just come here instead. Everyone will think I am being responsible and learning for my future. But taking months to play at fetish? The thought starts to make her wet as she again tests the handcuffs, pretending for a moment Tracy might come punish her again if she is too loud. Even after the big orgasm this afternoon the thought is fun. As she drifts asleep her sleeping mind runs scenarios with Tracy taking more and more control, and Shelia and Carl acting as loving backstops and safety valves.

The next day Molly wakes up late. Lazily shaking off the sleep, she sees a simple card and the cuff keys on top of her clothes from Tracy's, freshly washed, in neat pile. Getting up, she reads "Molly, be true to yourself, listen to your heart". Sighing Molly unlocks the handcuffs and stretches, walking nude to the bathroom and for a long, warm shower. She explicitly skips makeup blow drying her hair. Coming outside she smiles to find everyone- Tracy, Bob, Carl and Shelia- at the metal table overlooking Waddleworth, just starting to eat a late breakfast. Happily announcing "Good morning!" she sits down to enjoy the view, the crisp air and the simple breakfast with freshly squeezed orange juice that Shelia evidently put together. Everyone exchanges pleasantries and Molly talks about her career and her friends.

Eventually she gets to her decision. "I have to go get my PHD, I'm sorry." she dejectedly explains. The disappointed neighbors nod their approval silently.

"But I wonder if I could stay here a few days when I drive back and forth to North Dakota every couple months." Smiling little grins of encouragement the neighbors perk up as Molly explains "This place is amazing and I could never give it up, but throwing away my life and just enjoying my fantasy would ruin the fantasy itself. It would make work out of pleasure, and pain from fun. Eventually I would resent you all, and leave, years older, but without the chance at a PHD and a great career."

Carl, taking charge, nods assertively "Yes, you are right of course. Even if you had decided to stay permanently I would have probably forced you to go." Both ladies glare at Carl. The parting is bitter-sweet, after everyone exchanged their real names and phone numbers, Molly gave the married couples big hugs (even Bob) and stole one last longing glance before getting into her small car and starting it.

"Molly!" Angie yells just before she turns onto the tar road. Running up to the window, Angie hands Molly a small token of her stay- the original, comfortable but edgy choker that she had Molly wear as a maid. "Safe travels my love."

Hours later in the car appreciating the fall leaves Molly fingers her friendship band brooding over Ange's saying "I am her love" and Tracy's warning "I'll be a freak" as she nears her home state. Maybe it would be best to keep her home life as is, she sadly realizes, blaming herself a bit for being afraid and blaming boys for being so wussy they would never truly lead her even for a day. Even Jen and Christie won't be much help, she sighs, thinking of them Twatting 'Molly the maid' she just shakes her head.

The End
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