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Captain Elana Garcia, Star Slut
  • Author - SadisticSam  
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  • Unique Views - 7013
  • Story Codes - M-f, Other-f, consensual, non-consensual, analplay, bondage, kidnapping, spanking
  • Post Date - 2/10/2020
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Author's Note: Trying my hand at a little sci-fi. Let me know what you think!

Chapter 1

"So much for the exciting life of a Starship Captain!" Elana muttered to herself. Six months into her nine month trip in the cargo ship Nuevo Mundo to the Kepler system to resupply the two colonies there and then transport their Mithril ore to Trappist 1 for processing. That cargo of refined Mithrium will bring her back to the manufacturing plants on Mars. Six months off then do it all again. It takes a special person to stand the solitude of a three year trip, even with the newest version Brain/Computer Interface Virtual Reality pod and virtual reality "books" to occupy her leisure time.

And plenty of leisure time was available. Her ship's computer navigated the wormholes needed to get to her destination, maintained the ship and avoided trouble. The human component was just there as a safety in case of an "emergency", as required by the pilot's union contract.

The small control room was attached to Elana's crew compartment, about the size of a one-bedroom apartment. Behind that was a storage hold with Elana's supplies for the trip. It was connected by a spider web of girders to the cargo pods; five hundred 8,000 cubic meter containers filled with cargo. Behind that was the fusion drive module. Instant death greeted anyone curious enough to get within a hundred meters of the engines while underway but the cargo pods shielded the crew compartment well enough.

She was settling her slim 1.6 meter body back into her VR pod after fixing today's emergency. The computer determined an approaching object was on a collision course and roused Elana just minutes after she started her rest cycle. The object turned out to be an old ejected garbage pod which caused no damage as it bumped the hull near the airlock as it passed by. A greasy smudge was all the evidence of the encounter. The computer recorded the pod number as it went by and would report the violation of the "Clean Space" directives. It didn't notice the smudge start slowly moving toward the airlock door.

After slipping her naked body back into the pod, Elana turned her VR on, to live the rest of the trip as the heroine in this hottest new discovery from a hidden cache of ancient literature from the late 20th century called "Slave Girl of Gor". The interface let her live the adventure without chance of permanent injury. But the book was a little tame for the highly sexed and masochistic pilot.

Most books from that time were destroyed when the Evangelical Movement revolted and took power after the assassination of Saint Donald. Rallying behind Emperor Osteen, American "Christian Destiny" became their motto and the rest of the world crumbled to their power. Muslim capitals were nuked. North Korea, Russia and China were attacked with biblical diseases cooked up in government bio-labs, killing billions. Books were burned, alcohol forbidden, drug users and homosexuals executed.

Religious madness ruled the planet for a hundred years, but finally the "Second Dark Ages" ended when many people realized their religious leaders were corrupt, closet homosexuals, child molesters, drunks and drug addicts. They had ignored human accelerated climate change and the earth was unable to feed humanity and millions starved. Those few people left alive made quick scientific progress out of necessity and humans finally made it back into space and eventually interacted peacefully with alien races. People of most systems were now freely encouraged to fuck what or who they wished. The recent discovery in California of a hidden library vault full of what was called "bondage porn" had started the S&M craze currently sweeping humanity.

Elana had finished the vid and replayed the "good" scenes several times by arrival at her destination and in spite of the VR's realism, was hot for something real to fuck. Kepler's two worlds were served by a station in orbit between them and after docking; the Nuevo Mundo crews quickly started stripping her of cargo containers and restocked with ore containers.

Elana was dressed in the fashion trend sweeping Mars when she left; a white see-through blouse with plaid tie, matching plaid skirt, white above the knee stockings and black high-heeled shoes and waist length black hair in a pony tail. She quickly found a bar on the station and set about finding a suitable partner for the stopover.

She quickly dismissed the rent-boys lining the bar and set her sights on a Cetian sharing a drink with a human. Elana knew from experience that Cetians were very good fucks, with lots of stamina, and having two ejaculatory organs, could either take turns with them or use both at the same time. Their ejaculate had an electrical charge that would generate a shock to the recipient at orgasm and also contained a neuro-stimulator that would cause orgasms to last from 5 minutes to two hours. There was even an "old wives tale" of humans being driven insane by Cetian cum.

She walked up to the couple and grabbed the Cetian's ear, rubbing the lobe in what she knew was a very sexual greeting for them. He turned and smiled at the slim, short girl with long black pony tail that had interrupted his drink.

"Sorry, girly. My buddy and I are a team and we'd break a little thing like you!"

Elana replied, "I'm tougher than I look. I bet a cube of Mithrium I can take whatever you two can dish out!"

The Cetian laughed in their way, huffing three times. His friend just smiled and said, "Come along, you have a bet! We can use one of the house cubicles. I'll even pay for it and we'll even carry you back to your ship when we're done! I know you won't be able to do walk on your own!"

He grabbed Elana by the pony tail and started marching her toward the lift, his Cetian friend following along behind.

The cubicle was outfitted as a typical 21st century household dungeon (as best as the archeologists could decipher from the ancient texts) and the two quickly had Elana lying on a table, ass and head hanging off each end. Her arms were pulled down and tied to the table legs and her ankles cuffed and pulled wide to the ceiling. A rope around her pony tail pulled her head down.

"Let's warm up a little." The Cetian said, picking a small flogger off the wall as his companion tore open Elana's blouse revealing small firm breasts topped by little cherry colored nipples pierced by small gold rings. He started twirling her nipples; getting harder each time. Looking down at her bare pussy, the Cetian said; "A couple of hundred should start the party going, don't you think girly?"

Elana squirmed a little, but stayed silent.

The first stroke surprised her with the intensity and she gasped as the sting of a dozen hornets burned her pussy. "He must have it turned up to 10!"

"Oops! Sorry girly. Let me turn this down a little. Say a 7? Can you take a hundred wasp stings to your pussy?" Without waiting for an answer, he proceeded to whip her ass and pussy with enthusiasm. Each impact from the neural enhanced whip getting louder and louder screams from Elana. After several minutes, the Cetian stopped and told his friend, "You're turn. Those tits are all yours while I plow these holes."

Both men dropped their coveralls and as the "human" came into her view, Elana realized her mistake. He wasn't a man, he Proximan! While appearing completely human, the Proxima males' penis was 35 centimeters long and 2 centimeters in diameter. And the normal mating ritual for them was similar to what humans call "oral". As he slid into her throat and down into her lungs, Elana knew she was NOT going to enjoy this face fuck! While the Proximan penis provided their mate with oxygen during mating, Elana still had the feeling of choking and suffocation. Proximan male sex organs moved on their own, so he just stood at her head, letting his penis accordion in her throat and lungs while Elana choked on his dick and felt like she was suffocating.

Elana had gotten warmed up by the whipping and the sexual choking had her close to orgasm, but she needed something in her! The Cetian, sensing this was the time, slipped both his sex organs into Elana's pussy and ass at the same time. Elana came as soon as he bottomed out. He continued to plow her holes vigorously, giving Elana more orgasms, when the Proximan revealed a twist. He reached down and grabbed her breasts in both hands which were clad in needle gloves. This caused Elana's body to stiffen as her breasts were electrocuted by dozens of needles and she came again.

The two kept fucking Elana, her pussy and ass burning from the equivalent of a hundred wasp stings, her breasts stabbed with electric needles, choking on a dick that wiggled around inside her of its own accord. She was on the verge of another orgasm when the Cetian stroked down hard and his electric cum shocked her ass and pussy, then the euphoria from his sperm hit.

Elana had been coming for eight minutes when the Proximan came. Her lungs filled with his cum and she continued to orgasm until she passed out. Unlike human sperm, his was packed with oxygen and Elana was able to breathe it, albeit with fluid filled lungs, she still felt like she was drowning.

When Elana awoke, she was hanging upside down naked, with her arms tied to the back of her neck in a reverse prayer pose. A ring gag held her mouth open and a puddle of the purple Proximan cum was under her face. She coughed up another glob.

"We figured this was the best way to drain you out." She heard a voice say. "Are you ready for round two girly?"

Elana felt her ass being covered with a liquid. As she felt her skin start to get warm, she realized; "Fire paint! The paint would slowly warm until it felt like her skin was being burned, but left no damage. The Cetian came around and painted her pussy, lower belly and breasts too. Then he scooted a chair up to Elana's head and sat down with his dicks in her face. He removed the ring gag.

"Now here's the deal. You suck off both my organs and I spray the antidote. But in the meantime, you burn!" Elana began to suck the upper organ for all she was worth, while her skin started to get warm. As she used her abdominal muscles to move her head up and down his shaft, the paint had started to become a bad sunburn sting. Just as the Cetian reached down and pinched both nipples hard, he came, the electric jolt going straight to Elana's burning clit and starting a ten minute orgasm.

While Elana jerked and rocked to what seemed a never-ending orgasm, the Cetian was kind enough to switch his sexual organs, so the hard one was in Elana's mouth and her convulsions worked him toward his goal. As Elana finally came down from her orgasms, it was just in time to realize her skin was being roasted over a low fire, her breasts and clit throbbing and the Cetian still working his still hard organ in her mouth, while his flaccid one rested on her chin.

She had just enough time to catch her breath when he swung a cane down onto her clit and came again, driving her over the edge with the pain, her roasting skin and the euphoria caused by his cum. Fifteen minutes into this orgasm, Elana's mind went numb and she was just a semi-conscious mass, hanging there quivering.

When Elana woke, she was in her ship's VR pod and deep in space again. Checking the clock, she had been in space 22 hours! Her skin felt sunburned, her pussy, asshole and throat hurt, fluid was dripping out of her holes, cum was all over her face and she could barely move. A "Message Waiting" light flashed on her comm console.

It was the Cetian; "Hey girly! You weren't awake to pay up, so we rented your unconscious cunt to the dock workers until your ship was ready to sail." The video cut to Elana being carried over his shoulder naked through the station, then slumped face first over a storage drum, two men plowed into her mouth and cunt and a long line waiting behind them. "We real-vid recorded the whole thing and left you a copy to relive in your VR pod. It will start automatically as soon as this vid ends.

"We didn't know your regular rate, so we charged a 10th of a cube each. We kept the first twenty to pay off your bet, and you'll find the rest in your ass."

Wiggling her butt, Elana realized there was a full feeling there and reaching around, found the strings to her coin purse hanging out. Pulling it free hurt! And resulted in a voluminous amount of multi-colored cum leaking out her asshole, but there was enough tenths in there to make at least 2 more cubes.

"Look us up your next trip!"

With his sign off, her VR pod started and Elana relived her gang rape for the next 10 hours. Best station stopover ever!

Once the vid ended, Elana dragged herself to the sanitation cubicle and programmed a long shower, douche and enema. She drank two quarts of electrolyte while the machine cleaned her up. A quick check on the ship and ten hours of sleep was what she needed. She'd have to wait a day or so to relive her gang rape in the VR pod again! In between another vid she wanted to live, called "The Story of O", she relived the gang rape event several times on the next leg of her trip.

Neither Elana, nor anyone at her last stop realized that a grease smudge had moved into the airlock while the Nuevo Mundo was docked and was now making slow progress toward the crew compartment.

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Sunday, February 23, 2020  

Very contemporary, and imaginative

Saturday, February 22, 2020  

Loved the title.

Friday, February 21, 2020  

I don't like SF porn, but this one was well done and imaginative and I kept reading.
I think you have a good framework for and almost infinite number of chapters with a change event with the smudge to look forward to!
You could even farm chapters out!

Saturday, February 15, 2020  

The universe you created should provide ample opportunity for strange encounters of the interesting kind. Looking forward to learn what other creatures our bold captain meets next!
Cheers, Absolutist

Friday, February 14, 2020  

Good to let the imagination off the leash for a while. There were some clever ideas though not all of it was new. I like the way you constructed the background - the hedonism and the ‘fad’ of BDSM

Thursday, February 13, 2020  

That post apocalyptic future seems quite realistic.

Thursday, February 13, 2020  

I like the ending as it leave it open to a sequel story.
Good work. Was well written and a good story.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020  

Never trust grease smudges that can move.

Or talk.


Wednesday, February 12, 2020  

It was a fun read and I would like to see where you take the story. Keep writing.

Monday, February 10, 2020  

Interesting beggining. I'm looking forward to next chapters

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