No Hard Feelings
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  • Story Codes - non-consensual, breathplay, drugs, extreme, kidnapping, mummification, plasticwrap, slavery
  • Post Date - 4/15/2005

Kathryn was an impressive looking woman by any measure. The brown haired girl had recently turned 30 and was still very fit and proud of the body she worked hard to maintain. Standing 5’11 she had been a champion swimmer at high school but had given competitive swimming away when she was 16. To stay in shape she went to the gym and worked out several times a week and still played A Grade touch footy. Her interest in football a legacy of growing up with two older brothers and playing footy in the backyard with them, where she had learned to rough house and hold her own.

Kathryn worked as a production manager at a plastics and packaging firm. She was drawn to working for this company for the “lurks” it offered. Kathryn had a thing for plastic, well kink in general, but especially plastic. She loved being wrapped and sealed in plastic so she couldn’t move or breath. She was a switch sub, while being encased and having her breath controlled by another woman was the ultimate for her she also got off on doing it to other females. Yes, Kathryn was also a lesbian. She had tried sex with guys a few times when she was young but when she slept with her first girl at 18 she knew that was the path she was meant to walk.

Working on the production room floor with mostly male workmates she knew she drew their looks and she had heard comments not meant for her ears.

“Pity she is a dyke, good sort like that, what a waste.” That was why she was as excited as her male workmates when 21-year-old Melanie, nick named Mel, had joined the office staff. She was a small petite blonde with a tight arse and hot body. Kathryn and Mel lived in neighbouring suburbs not far from their work. So Kathryn recognised the hot little blonde when she first came to work as she had spotted her in several local bars and she had observed her being very friendly with both men and women.

So over the last couple of months Kathryn had set about doing the same thing as her male workmates, doing the spadework in the hope of getting into Mel’s pants. A group from work had gone out for drinks one night and Mel was enjoying being the centre of attention, flirting with the boys and Kathryn. When Kathryn had the chance she drew Mel aside and told her that she was quite attracted to her and she would like to get to know her on a more than plutonic basis. Mel had turned her down saying

“I’m very flattered Kath, you are a great looking girl and a really like you, but not in that way, I’m not into women. No hard feelings I hope.” Kathryn knew she was lying, the little bitch, about not being into girls as she had seen her with her tongue down several other women’s throats but shook her hand and said sorry and no hard feelings.

So now the opportunity Kathryn had been planning for had presented itself. Mel generally worked back on Friday arvo to finish off the salaries and shifts for the following week. Kathryn had put everything in place to execute her plan towards Mel.

Mel was up in the office finishing off her work. Everyone else had gone home. Kathryn went around the factory making sure all the doors were locked and they weren’t going to be disturbed in the little play session Kathryn had in mind. Kathryn went to the staff lunchroom and got a beer and cruiser from the fridge. She cracked them both open and dropped several tablets into the cruiser. She took both drinks into the office where Mel was in the process of closing the computers down and packing up for the week.

“Hi Mel” Kathryn said in entering the office. “How about a drink before we both go home for the weekend.”

Mel looked at her watch. It was nearly 7pm and she had to go home and get changed before her friend Rebecca came over to get her for the big night on the town they had planned.

“OK, I’ve got time for a quick one.” Kathryn gave Mel the cruiser and proposed a toast.

“No hard feelings for when I hit on you a few weeks ago then.” The 2 women clicked their drinks and drunk up.

“Of course not Kath, don’t be silly. I was quite flattered actually, but like I said I’m not into women.

“Ahh well, my loss.” Said Kathryn “So what are you up to tonight?”

“I’m going out for a night out on the town with a girlfriend of mine. What about you?”

“Just a quite night at home, kick back and relax.”

“That sounds good too.”

The two girls chatted for 5 minutes until Mel drained the last of her cruiser. Mel went to stand from her chair and was a little wobbly

“The drink must have gone straight to my head.”

“Ooh, I think you’ll find it’s a little more than that.” Mel looked at Kathryn and tried to focus on her as her vision had become a little blurry too.

“What, what do you mean?”

“I mean when I said there were no hard feelings I lied. I know you are into women as well as I’ve seen you making at with them a few times at bars and nightclubs, so I have drugged your drink and in a moment you’ll pass out and when you come to I’m going to have my way with you and there will be nothing you can do to stop me.”

Mel had become quite unsteady on her feet now. She tried to move towards the door but it was like her legs were made out of lead. They wouldn’t respond and she fell forward. Kathryn caught her as she fell. Mel made a feeble effort to break free but the drugs took over and she passed out.

Mel slowly drifted back to consciousness. She opened her eyes and realised she was laying on her stomach. Her hands were behind her back. She tried to move them and found she couldn’t. She couldn’t even open her hands. She also quickly realised she couldn’t separate her legs. Her eyes became accustomed to the light and she took in the full gravity of her situation. She had been stripped naked and was laying on her stomach in the middle of a large clear plastic drop sheet. In front of her on the sheet was some of the factories produce. A packet of extra heavy duty cable ties, a 100 pack of clear plastic bags 30 by 45cms in size and a roll of duct tape. With a good deal of difficulty she rolled onto her side and looked down her body.

She could feel the cable ties biting into her wrists, ankles and her legs above her knees. Mel wasn’t above knocking off some of the products from work for her own kinky purposes. She had been tied with these cable ties before and knew how strong they were. She knew she couldn’t break free of them, Christ, they were quite difficult to cut through with sharp scissors. And as if she wasn’t in bondage she couldn’t escape from with the cable ties she had also been bound with duct tape. It was wrapped around her ankles and above her knees as well. Her fingers had been interlaced and duct tape wound round and round her hands turning her hands into a useless duct tape ball. Her arms had been taped to her body. The duct tape had been wrapped above and below her breasts and a figure 8 between her breasts. It very effectively bound her arms to her body. Any chance of calling out for help had been removed by several of the plastic bags being scrunched up and shoved into her mouth and duct tape wrapped around her head. Not only was the tape wrapped around her mouth and the back of her head, but also under her chin and over the top of her head. She tried to call out but could barely admit a squeak.

How had she got like this? It all came flooding back. That fucking Amazon Kathryn had drugged her. Mel struggled against her bonds but she knew she could not escape. She froze on the plastic sheet when she heard the click click of stiletto boots. Kathryn appeared in front of her put a chair down and sat on it. Mel looked up at her from her helpless position on the floor. What she saw both excited and scared the hell out of her. She was wearing 6-inch stiletto knee high shiny black PVC boots and a black rubber cat suit that was so shiny the light gleamed off it and looked like it had been sprayed onto her athletic body.

“As you can see I’ve got changed into garb more in theme with the evening ahead of us. Now you need to listen very closely and think about how you behave. As you can see you are totally helpless and at my mercy. So far I am guilty of drugging you, kidnapping and false imprisonment. I could go to jail for quite some time for what I have done so I have no intention of letting you go. If you hadn’t of given that bullshit line about not being into other women we could have had a consensual relationship so you have bought this on yourself for being a little slut and liar. I have no intention of letting you go and how long you live is now up to you. If you follow my instructions immediately and please me I may keep you as my sex slave. If you cause me problems I will dispose of you.”

Kathryn lent forward and lifted Mel by the throat strangling her. Mel did her best to nod yes. Kathryn put her down again and smiled.

“Good.” Kathryn got up off the chair and moved it off the plastic sheet and also cleared off the items she had used to bind Mel. “Now one thing you are going to learn is that I am seriously into breath play. I love being suffocated. Being hanged, strangled or drowned is a turn on too but suffocated with plastic is the biggest turn on that exits. You’re about to experience it. Hope you get off on it as much as I do.”

Kathryn folded one side of the plastic sheet over Mel and rolled her over a few times until she was at the edge of the sheet. She then folded the excess plastic below her feet up onto her legs and wrapped duct tape around her legs sealing the plastic sheet at the bottom. Kathryn then folded the excess plastic down over Mel’s head and chest and wrapped duct tape around her body sealing the plastic over Mel’s head. Mel’s eyes nearly bulged at of her head when she realised the predicament she had been sealed in. She was sealed in an airtight plastic packet.

She tried to struggle but was helpless. The plastic, which Kathryn had pulled tight, clung to her face as she tried to inhale. Kathryn pulled up the chair in front of her suffocating prisoner and sat down and began to rub her clit through the rubber suit as the show began. Mel shook her head inside her plastic prison in an attempt to get the sheet off her face.

“What I really like is the more you struggle the more you sweat and the more the plastic sticks to you, also the harder you breath and the more the plastic is drawn back to your face.” Kathryn said. Mel inhaled again, and again the plastic stuck to her face. To make matters worse the plastic was sticking to the duct tape that had been wrapped around her head. She writhed in the plastic sheeting she had been taped up in, but in desperation she knew she was loosing the battle.

Kathryn’s orgasm began to build. She knew it was only a matter of time before Mel succumb to the plastic that imprisoned her. A couple of things were happening to Mel. One thing she expected, one thing she didn’t. The more she struggled the hotter and sweater she got. She started to slide and in the plastic which was beginning to stick to her naked body. She was also getting hot between her legs. Being bound and helpless and suffocated in the plastic sheet she was becoming wet and horny.

Mel looked up at Kathryn through the hot sweaty plastic and tried to call out for help and air. She couldn’t get anything out as the plastic stuck to her face again as she tried to inhale. She could see Kathryn rubbing herself and knew this sick bitch was getting off on watching her suffocate. The damdest thing was she was getting off on it too. This was the most intense sexual experience she had ever had. The fight was starting to leave her as the plastic seemed sealed over her face now. She tried to inhale again but got nothing but plastic. The plastic was clinging to her sweaty face as stars started to dance before her eyes and an orgasm shuddered through her body.

Kathryn watched Mel shudder and slump back onto her stomach as she passed out and stopped moving. Kathryn burst into orgasm knowing that if she left Mel sealed in the plastic sheeting she was only a few minutes from dieing. The ultimate power, deciding whether another person lives or dies. Reluctantly Kathryn got off the chair and ripped the plastic covering Mel’s head and let her breath again. Kathryn sat back down to relax and bask in the glory of her orgasm. However her moment was shattered when she heard a car pull up outside. What the hell she thought, it was only 9pm, and the security patrol didn’t come until after midnight. She turned off the lights and snuck a peak out the window.

A red sports car pulled up and a very attractive dark haired girl got out. She was dressed for a night out on the town. The girl wasn’t tall, about the same height as Mel, 5’3, 5’4 maybe but helped out by the stilettos she had on. She was a dark skinned girl who was well tanned. She looked to be of Italian or Latitino decent. Long dark hair fell over her shoulders and down her back. Kathryn thought this girl was a young Salma Hayek. She was a little glamour. She came to the employees door and banged on it.

“Mel, I see your car out here, it’s Rebecca. Come on, knock off work and let’s go out.”

Kathryn looked back at Mel who was beginning to come to laying on the floor. As quietly as she could she tip toed over to the plastic bags and got a handful out and some cable ties. She put 5 bags one inside the other as she made her way to the door which Rebecca was banging on more aggressively now.

“Come on Rebecca, I’m supposed to be meeting a guy when we go out tonight, open up.”

Kathryn opened the door and moved behind it. Rebecca burst in.

“Well it’s about time” Rebecca’s car lights shone through the door and cast light into the dark factory. Ten meters in front of her on the floor she could see a bound girl wrapped in plastic. Rebecca heard a noise behind her as the door swung shut and Rebecca turned. Before she had time to react Kathryn struck. She pulled the 5-layered plastic bags over Rebecca’s head and zipped a cable tight around her neck. Rebecca moved her hands to her face to rip the plastic bags but her wrists were grabbed by Kathryn. Kathryn spun the much smaller girl around and tripped her pushing her to the ground. She pulled Rebecca’s hands behind her back and bound them with cable ties. She sat on Rebecca’s arse while she tried to get up and held her down. Rebecca tried to struggle but Kathryn was much bigger and stronger. The plastic bags over her head began to suck back to her face as she tried to take gasps of air. She was panicking as was bound, pinned down and being suffocated. She tried to bit through the bags but it seemed like there were an endless amount of bags on her head. Her teeth made a hole in the first one, and the second, but each time she tried to take in air she got nothing but plastic being sucked into her mouth.

Kathryn held down her new prisoner. She did her best but once bound she knew she had the smaller women at her mercy. As oxygen deprivation took it’s effect and Rebecca’s struggling subsided, she passed out Kathryn smiled and thought how good is this. I thought I’d only have Mel as my suffocation play toy, now I have her gorgeous mate Rebecca as well. What should I do with them?

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