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Welcome to Gaggedutopia's Story Archive! We offer a wide selection of nearly one thousand stories featuring Chastity, Self-Bondage, Mummification, Bondage, Cross Dressing, FemDom and hundreds more! To the right are the most recent and popular stories. If you're looking for something specific our Tag Cloud is a great place to start.

We are back 

I want to thank everyone for their messages of concern and offers to help while the site was down. The site's special hosting requirements had become too costly and was shut down while I considered all options. For now, I've converted the site into a static HTML version. Features such as comments, ratings, and even new stories will not be working but the 3000 stories on the site will be accessible.

The site will still need to be rebuilt and I'll continue to work towards that goal. For now, I hope this will be a good middle ground until that goal is achieved. One idea that was suggested was to open source the project so the community can help. It's certainly an interesting idea and if anyone is interested shoot me an email.

Thanks again for the support and enjoy the archive!

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