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Author's Notes: This is a true story from a recent weekend. I'm not used to writing non-fiction so I hope you like it. To those who may wonder, the answer is 1 week :)

It's not very often that I have the house to myself for an entire day. This weekend the kids were away and my wife at a concert in the northern part of the state. Since she wouldn't be returning until the next morning I decided to try out some 'real' self-bondage.

Tying myself up wasn't anything new but was almost exclusively centered on being able to orgasm. I would also gear the release in such a way that I could get out in minutes after my orgasm. This time I wanted to go for broke. I wanted to be bound, unable to orgasm and be forced to endure some discomfort.

For years the one thing that prevented me from taking the leap was the fear of getting stuck. While I love my bondage to be tight and inescapable my anxiety goes nuts if I think for a moment that I am stuck. Having a few close calls in the past doesn't help make any leap of faith any easier.

My plan was different than any other self-bondage session I had done before. Making sure the house was securely locked I gathered my gear and made my way to the basement. Setting everything on a chair, I made a second trip to bring down a bowl full of ice.

Despite my best efforts the arousal in my pants was already starting to put a hamper on my plans. After undressing completely I used my shirt to fill it with ice. With a good bundle tied off, I let it rest of my semi-erect penis. I have read hundreds of stories of how effective this should be but was having no effect. I finally had to go back upstairs and watch TV for 30 minutes before it settled down.

Seizing my opportunity, I slathered my cold limp cock with silicone lubricant and slid it into my CB-6000 tube. I moved quickly as I could feel my arousal coming back. Throwing caution to the wind I selected the medium sized points on intrigue before sealing everything up and sliding the pin through the hole. For those of you unfamiliar with the POI, they are a band of plastic spikes that make erections undesirable to say the least.

I threaded the padlock through the hole but didn't snap it shut just yet. While I let my member adjust to its new home I moved to the next step of my plan. Picking up a 4 digit combination lock from my pile, I set it to a random combination. Without looking I took several pictures and even video with my digital camera. I moved everything into a zip file and launched my Timelock program.

Looking through the options told it to randomize the clock, have a 12 to 24 viewing penalty and a torment display. I wanted my chastity to keep me frustrated even after I'm released from my bondage. Since the program was set to randomize the release time, I set my release to be 8 hours. I loved the idea of not knowing. Without a second thought I started the timer leaving the all too familiar 'Pay penalty' screen up. The only way I could get a 'clue' to my remaining time was to click the penalty button but risk having up to 24 hours added to my sentence.

I placed my keys to the chastity lock in a small steel box, locked it shut and randomized the dial. For many chastity enthusiasts this wouldn't seem like a big deal but despite months of owning the device the keys were always in my control. My wife and I played with it on occasion, but usually just as some added foreplay.

Before starting my adventure I setup a playlist of my favorite bondage videos. Setting the viewer to full screen I immediately paused the playback. This would make it easier to kick things off in a few minutes.

For my first torment I started with a pair of 5" stiletto shoes that I had bought almost 10 years ago. I've never been into cross dressing, but love their use for self bondage. I had them hidden away for years now and I had to use a little silicone to give the patent leather a bit of a shine. It just felt wrong to put them on covered in dust.

The shoes had a number of crisscrossing straps that I carefully pulled snug and secured. I wished they were locking even though I couldn't get them off without my hands now anyway. I guess it's the 'inescapable' side of me.

With my shoes on I continued with a heavy set of leather ankle cuffs, pulling them tight. My posture collar went on next without any effort but its restriction would slow me down a bit. With hesitation I decided to put on my nipple clamps next. They are homemade and screw tight to ensure they won't go anywhere without some significant pain.

I gritted my teeth a bit as each one bit into my nipples but I am somewhat used to the initial pain now. Using the thumbscrews on the top I tightened each one loosely. I found that I could make them much tighter if I increase it slowly over several minutes.

Under normal circumstances I would be focused on the pain in my nipples but at this moment it was my cock. My body knew what the restraints led to and was trying to rise to the occasion. The pain was still dull but was starting to get worried that I would chicken out.


Before I could talk myself out of the chastity I clicked the lock shut. A rush washed over me as I realized what I just sentenced myself to and that I was truly in unknown territory.

With cautious steps I stood from my computer chair onto my heels. It took me a few moments to get used to the pressure in my toes and steep instep. Taking slow steps I moved the rest of my gear onto my chair and wheeled it over to the middle of my finished basement. Above me was a series of ceiling tiles; one of them hiding an eye-hook that I had screwed into the stud.

Selecting a brown sheer stocking from the pile I thought about how much ice I would use. I decided to use my knowledge of stories to base my selection on and decided on two. It seemed reasonable at the time since the basement was already a sweltering 81F degree's. I figured at best it would only be 30 minutes or so before it melted.

Threading the stocking through the eyehole I pulled it down until it reached the ice. The next step took a bit of patience as I threaded it through a clothesline catch. It's a small metal device with compressing ball bearings. Rope, or in this case a stocking, can be pulled through but can't pass back without pulling the release. After a couple minutes I had it threaded and was ready to finish things up.

Walking over to the computer I hit the space bar to start the movie clips playing. The first one had a slow start so it was easy not to get distracted. Next I pulled two handcuff keys from my desk drawer placing one on my desk and the other on a low bookshelf near me. The redundancy was in case one slipped out of my hands. I knew had several more upstairs in the bedroom if absolutely necessary.

The ice inside the stocking was already starting to make a puddle on the floor and started to get worried that I might not have much time. I made my way back to the center of the room and reached for my spreader bar. It was simple and homemade using a thick wooden dowel and two eye-hooks. A couple of padlocks later and my legs were spread two feet apart. With the addition of the heels I was already starting to feel a bit of strain in my legs.

Using a hardware store chain link I connected the clothesline catch to the chain on my nipple clamps. I used the opportunity to tighten the thumbscrews on the clamps a little more sending a somewhat pleasant jolt of pain through my body.

I scanned the room one last time and looked long and hard at the ball gag still sitting on my chair. I decided against it because I didn't want to risk choking or having my allergies flare up. With everything in order I pulled hard on the stocking I reached my handcuffs; snapping one side over my left wrist.

Giving the clamps a quick half turn I pulled the clothesline catch towards the ceiling and the stocking through it. The result left my standing at attention to reduce the growing pain in my nipples. The video had moved on to juicier scenes and the whole situation had my cock fighting painfully to get free.

Slowly I put my hands behind my back and encircled my other wrist without snapping it shut. I just watched the video and took it all in. Nothing seemed unbearable but I had only just begun. I could see the puddle below me had got bigger but the ice didn't seem to be any smaller. Thoughts of backing out started to fill my head when I heard the first click of my handcuff closing.

I knew from experience that my hand was too big to fit through now. Wisely I closed them the rest of the way before I hurt myself trying. The rush I felt wasn't quite was powerful as most stories described but was certainly there. Standing in the middle of my basement with my nipples secured to the ceiling, keys out of reach and legs spread in high heels I was truly stuck. There was no pending orgasm to keep my mind busy. The only distraction was a video to keep me frustrated and my cock pressing hard against the plastic spikes.

Typically when I watched these videos I never really paid much attention. Pretty girl gets tied tightly, teased and maybe tortured a bit. Minutes later my seed was flying into a tissue. Now I had no such luxury, in fact part of me wanted to turn it off. With my new found focus and attention to the details of the scene I was even more turned on.

My first mistake was leaving a clock in view of my position. With my mind in overdrive now I started to count the seconds between drips and tried to estimate my release time. My conclusions didn't sit well and I found myself seriously testing my bonds looking for a weakness. Despite the temperature I soon realized that the cubes made a big mess but wouldn't melt in 30 minutes like I had hoped. With only 10 minutes passed I figured I had at least and hour or two ahead of me.

Under normal circumstances I would be having a mild panic attack right now. What kept it at bay was the knowledge that by simply squatting I could get free. The catch of course was dealing with the extreme pain of my nipples being pulled though an unforgiving clamp. To make things more difficult (painful), the stocking had quite a bit of stretch to it. The result would be like slowly pulling a piece of duct tape off after it was stuck to your public hair.

The clock slowly reached the 20 minute mark and my legs, especially my calves, were starting to ache. I found myself shifting between my legs every few seconds trying to find some relief. I knew with certainty that I bit off a bit more than I wanted to, I should have skipped the heels. The stretch of the stocking wasn't helping much either as it maintained a constant pull on my clamps. Still I gritted my teeth and continued to fight the urge to pull myself free. I knew a failed attempt would only make the pain 10 times worse.

drip drip drip

The puddle was quite sizable now but there was still plenty of ice to keep me there for a while. Forty minutes had passed and my legs were starting to shake. The realization that pulling the nipple clamps free may not be my decision was renewing my pointless fight against my bonds. Strangely my 'escape attempt' renewed my sexual frustration and gave me new energy to press on.

At the hour mark I was on the last video of the set. While the size of the ice wasn't changing much from my perspective, the stocking was masking what was really going on. It had become very brittle like hundreds of small tunnels were dug through it. Taking a step back I could hear it crack under the additional pressure. While painful, I repeated the process a few times and could see some of the ice pulling through the hole. Within ten minutes I was finally free!

I instantly collapsed onto the chair to give my legs a break. I soon found out that with the heels still on and the spreader bar in place the relief wasn't much. With great effort I stood back up and went for the key on my desk. Releasing the cuffs and other restraints was pretty simple after that.

With the CB-6000 still locked I still had no way of getting any release. I minimized the video player and could see the Timeclock program still in the same state as before, 'Pay penalty'. The deviousness of its setup renewed my frustration with vigor and the dull ache of the plastic points returned.

With only 90 minutes passed I knew it could be another 6 and a half hours before I was released. Not knowing for sure how much time I had left was a special torture. I had anticipated this and why I set the penalty viewing option. There was no way I would risk even 12 hours to a glimpse of the time remaining, but the option to do so still nagged me.

Not wanting to watch a toaster (so to speak) I got dressed and cleaned up my toys. I decided to watch some movies to keep my mind off my frustrated cock.

At some point during the second movie I must have dozed off. I awoke hours later to the sound of my wife's heels walking across the hardwood floor. Startled, I looked at the clock and back at her puzzled.

"The whole thing was a bust. Freezing cold, sound problems and half the bands didn't even show up. When I found out Amy and Jim was leaving early I caught a ride back" she said, "I'll be back in a minute, I want to check my email"

Still a bit groggy I laid my head back down and started to doze off. It didn't last long before my wife clicked her way to the top of the basement steps and woke me up again.

"What's TimeLock?" she questioned with a slight grin.

"Uhh, nothing. Just some program I downloaded" I responded nonchalantly.

"So if I 'paid' the penalty, it's no big deal right?" she pressed, using air quotes on the word 'paid'.

My expression must have been easier to read then children's book. After a long pause I answered, "You... you didn't though right?"

"Twice actually. Looks like the timer is up to a day and a half. So what is it?" she asked again with a knowing grin.

I explained what it was and showed her I was wearing the chastity tube. I figured she would be upset with my activities but seem pretty pleased with the fact I hand not cum all day. We talked a while about it, how I felt in it and if it was something I wanted to do more of.

Frustrated beyond anything I felt before I told her I couldn't give an honest answers. If I could have got out that second I would have. Fantasy and reality were two different things. It certainly wasn't how I planned the day to end but one thing for sure. My next orgasm was going to be earth shattering.

"I'll do my best to keep from paying the penalty; it is awfully tempting though" she said with a playful grin.

Part of me regretted setting the option, but the true be told the loss of control was still pretty exciting. A day full of firsts, that's for sure.

The End
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