Costume Surprise
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  • Post Date - 4/23/2006

Susan had looked forward to this evening for over two weeks now, ever since her new online interest had invited her to be his date. They had never met in person, but she felt something special about Richard. It was like they had known each other for years. Normally she was very cautious about the men she met online, and this one was no different. On the other hand, if things went well, she knew he wouldn't be waiting until the third date to have her.

This particular event was a costume party held in a large warehouse near the city piers. She had always heard from friends how much fun it was, but never had the time or a boyfriend to go with. This was not your typical Halloween party however. Aside from it being late July, the object wasn't to scare people off but attract them, if you get the idea.

Susan's costume for the evening was a very sexy, Wonder Woman. She found it in an online auction and had to have it. Knowing her lovers interest in comic books, she couldn't resist.

She put on the costume and makeup and walked out to her car. The excitement was building within her, it had been a long time since she had done anything this 'naughty' before. Her days were spent as a bank teller and nights by herself, looking for love on the Internet or masturbating to porn. Often she found herself watching damsel in distress videos, which is why, at least subconsciously, she chose the outfit she did. Maybe Wonder Woman will find herself tied up by her truth rope!

She arrived at the address given to her, but it seemed odd there were very few cars around. For a party of a few hundred people, she expected a parking lot full of cars. Thinking she had the wrong address she walked towards the building and was reassured by a printed sign "Costume Party Inside - Second Door".

"Silly me" she thought "nobody actually shows up on time to these things!" Confident, she stepped inside to at least check it out. Opening the second door she couldn't see any resemblance of a party. It was just an old warehouse that looked abandoned. Taking a few steps inside she called out to see if anyone was around. Out of nowhere she is assaulted from behind. A damp cloth is held over her face as she fights to free herself. Thinking quickly she held her breath and feigns unconsciousness hoping to escape when her attacker releases his hold.

Her attacker carefully lowers Susan to the ground, laying her on her side. Not taking any chances, he quickly pulls her hands in front of her and locks a set of hinged handcuffs over her wrists. Without missing a beat, the same treatment is applied to her ankles.

"Damn!" she thought to herself, "How in the hell can I get free now?"

Her question was soon answered when she felt herself hoisted up over the strangers shoulder and moved to the center of the warehouse. He pulled her off his shoulder and held her against a sturdy wooden beam. Holding her hands above her, she heard the distinctive sounds of more handcuffs ratcheting shut, securing her handcuffs to a ceiling pipe.

"Fuck! Fuck!" she cursed. "At least when I was on the floor I had a chance, now I am stuck here for good!"

Pain shot through her wrists and down her delicate arms as her weight was now supported by them. As she focused on ignoring the pain, her abductor ripped her top off in one swift pull, tearing the zipper in two. She screamed in astonishment.

"Well, well... look who's awake after all?" questioned her abductor.

"What do you wann...mmppmmphh!" she muffled, interrupted by the large ball gag now in her mouth.

"Look at that, the red matches, well, what's left of your outfit. I thought you were unconscious or else I would have gagged you sooner." he muttered.

"Now Susan, that is your name right?" he questioned, "No matter, I will refer to you as slave, slut, whore or whatever name I see fit and you will respond to all of them. We are going to play some games and have some fun... that is why you came here tonight right? To have some fun?" he questioned.

This was not the kind of fun she was looking for. Deep down, she knew this was her ultimate fantasy, yet it didn't seem the same. She was truly terrified of what this man could be capable of.

After much thought, Susan decided to cooperate and do whatever he asked. Maybe he will just get his rocks off and let her go unharmed. It also occurred to her that if she treated this as just a fantasy it might help curb the fear welling up in her stomach. Anything was worth a try at this point, what choice did she have?

He removed the handcuffs from her ankles and proceeded to tie each leg to a floor anchor. The rope was rough, strong and handled with masterful care by her abductor. It was obvious to her this was no amateur.

With her legs secured, he applied similar treatment to her wrists, tying them to ceiling hooks and pulling them tight. In a matter of moments she was tightly bound in a standing spread eagle, gagged and totally vulnerable. "At least my wrists don't hurt as much now" she mused to herself.

With vibrator in hand, he stood close to her and whispered, "Fight the bonds, but not the pleasure."

Slowly, he moved behind her and gently massaged her right breast. To his surprise, almost no foreplay was needed. Her bikini bottoms were starting to get wet with arousal and her nipples were rock hard. With the vibrator set on low, he slowly filled her loins with ecstasy. With her mind clear of all thought, she pulled at the unrelenting ropes. Susan was hooked, there was no turning back, her approaching orgasm was all that was on her mind. She had always fantasized what it would feel like to be helpless and driven to the peek of ecstasy, she just never knew it would be this good!

Her captor carefully studied his prey as she thrashed against her bonds. He had taken a gamble by abducting her like this, but deep down he knew she would want this. For months he had read her posts on various bondage related forums, even replied to a few, but never revealed who he really was. It wasn't until a month ago when he recognized her screen name on an online dating service, is his own area no less. He couldn't help but gasp at her beauty, he knew he had to pursue her.

Susan was deadly close to a climax and he knew it. Harshly, he withdrew the vibrator from her tender patch of ecstasy. "MMmmmmppmph!!!" she screamed. Like a dog in heat, she bucked her hips begging for me. Moaning and pleaded with her captor, but he was unfazed by her protests. "Sorry slut, you have to work for your treats, like a good bitch" he quipped.

Defeated, she slumped her posture forcing the ropes to hold her up. He watched her futile attempts to rub her thighs together, but the rope held fast. "I'm going to untie you now slut and prepare you for our next game. If you play nice, you might get a treat." he spoke sternly.

With a hesitant nod, she agreed to his terms. Susan reasoned that he had not hurt her or even tried to rape her. She started to get the feeling she knew this person but quickly dismissed the possibility. She had never revealed her identity on the forums. "Besides" she thought, "I want my damn orgasm!"

It didn't take long for her captor to release the rope from their anchor points and pull her to a nearby wall. With the exception of a few ropes hanging from her limbs, she was mostly unfettered and knew this would be her best chance for escape. As much as she wanted to run, she was also overwhelmed by the power this person exuded. She knew she was submissive by nature, but never knew how much it turned her on to be under someones control.

"Squat!" he commanded, snapping her out of her trance.

Susan complied immediately. Quickly, he wrapped the ropes around he legs, forcing them into a partial frogtie. She found it hard to keep her balance as he guided her over to the nearby wall. "Now don't move, I don't want to see you get hurt... at least not yet" he smirked.

Her captor collected what appeared to be metal brackets and a cordless drill. Panic started to fill her stomach again as he approached her. Without a word, he dropped the items to the floor and gently held he left wrist. After untying the stray rope, he firmly pressed her wrist against the wall. He stared into her eyes, assuring her she would be alright. With a free hand, he picked up one of the brackets and placed it over her wrist. Holding it in place, the cordless drill made short work of bolting it to the wall. In only a few moments, he had secured the right wrist to the wall as well. He completed his work by tying her ankles to her thighs and securing them to the wall as well, forcing her legs open wide.

"My my, don't we look delicious secured to that wall," he commented, "but something doesn't seem quite right." Before Susan could even react, he pulled a knife from his pocket and cut the band on her bikini bottoms and panties. After disposing of the fabric he gazed at her naked form, admiring her perfect body and enjoying every bit of those submissive eyes staring back at him.

"If only she knew how many hours they had chatted online, even talked on the phone" thought Richard. While it was true that some of he details he provided were forged, like the pictures of himself, he didn't want to risk rejection. Richard was an average guy with an average life and knew she wouldn't give him the time of day unless he could really impress her. He played his cards carefully, making sure to say the right things and be the 'perfect man' that she desired. The game had got him this far, but he had to be sure Susan was enjoying this as much as she appeared to before revealing his true identity.

"I'm going to remove your gag. Don't ask any questions or speak unless I ask a question and answer quickly. Understand?" he questioned.

Susan confidently nodded. "Anything to get this gag out of my mouth!" she thought.

Richard removed the gag and tossed it aside. "Are you ready for that orgasm?" he asked.

Her eyes perking up, "Yes!" she exclaimed.

"What have you done to earn one?" he asked.

"I... I.. don't understand?" she replied.

"Slaves don't get treats unless they earn them. They earn them by making their Master happy. So I pose the question again, have you earned one?" he asked, raising his brow.

"I.. don'... no, I haven't. What should I do?" she asked, bowing her head slightly, maintaining eye contact.

"Sounds like it is time for your first lesson!" he smirked. He strolled over to his bag of goodies and revealed a flogger and some weighted clamps. Susan's eyes almost leapt from her head. Fear welled in her stomach again as her heart rate quickened. She frantically pulled at the metal restraints, but they didn't budge. She wanted to say something, but found herself totally speechless.

The first blow landed across her right breast. She jumped and screamed but soon found the whips bark was louder then the bite. Her breast did sting a little, but nowhere near the level of pain she expected. Sensing that she could handle more, Richard attached the weighted clamps to her labia. Susan grimaced at the pain, taking a few moments to adjust.

Richard continued in a criss-cross fashion across her breasts and abdomen. Susan fought against her bonds, not really to avoid the pain but to enjoy the experience. She quickly discovered however that the pain was starting to build with each swing. It didn't help that he weights pulled relentlessly on her pussy, swinging with each blow, furthering her discomfort. Her struggles became more and more desperate. With each new blow it was like she could feel all the previous blows at once. Susan started to wince and gasp, finally looking to her captor for relief.

Without slowing his pace, he asked "Have you thought of something?"

"ugh.... oww... please... ugh... I will ... ow .. suck... owww!... your dick!" she painfully replied.

Richard had hoped for this response, but did not really expect it. He stopped flogging her. A little unsure, he questioned "Why do you want to suck my dick?"

"To make you happy Master" she replied, exasperated.

"To be honest, I think I would enjoy flogging more" he answered.

Susan thought for a moment. She then puffed her chest out and stated, "If it is what you desire Master"

Richard pondered Susan's proposal long and hard. This was as much a literally state for him as it was a metaphor. It was obvious to even Susan that he wanted nothing more then to ravage her. Shaking his head as if to clear his thoughts, a devilish grin appeared across his face as he looked down at Susan.

"You learn quickly slut, you may get your treat yet! Before that happens however, I am going to release you from the wall and you will follow me over there." he said pointing to a heavy wooden beam across the room.

She nodded her head "Yes Master"

Richard knew this would be the true test to see if she really enjoyed this or was simply playing along to escape. He first released the ropes around her legs allowing her to stretch in sit down. Using the power drill he easily removed the metal brackets that had secured her wrists.

"You may removed the weights yourself" he informed her.

"Thank you Master" she replied.

Wincing in pain, Susan quickly regretted removing them so quickly. The pain was fast and sharp, but soon dulled to a low ache. She tossed them aside, hoping she wouldn't see them again anytime soon.

He motioned with his hand for her to stand and follow him. If she was going to run, now would be the time. Richard walked in the direction of the beam while continuing to motion for her to follow. Susan glanced for a moment at the exit which was only 15 feet away. Even if she couldn't outrun him, she knew she could make it outside and scream for help.

The thought quickly escaped her mind and she started to follow Richard towards the beam. It was obvious he was familiar with her desires and she wasn't about to miss out of the finale. More and more she sensed a certain familiarity with him, like she knew him, but couldn't quite place it. She had to find how who this mystery man was.

As the expression goes, Richard was as happy as pig in shit. He was completely elated with his ultimate fantasy coming true right before his eyes. As she approached, he pointed towards the beam "Stand right there slut"

With Susan in position, he placed her arms horizontally on the beam. Starting with her right wrist, he expertly coiled rope around it and cinched it tight. More ropes followed as her elbows and left wrist were cinched tightly to the beam. Using his last rope, he carefully coiled rope around her neck and secured it to the beam as well. This put her head in a very stressful position and knew she would be begging for mercy in no time.

While Richard left to retrieve more equipment Susan quietly tested her bonds once again. She was amazed at their effectiveness, even more so then the metal clamps. Even more menacing was the rope around her neck. If she relaxed and let her head hang it put painful stress on her neck and shoulders. Conversely, by lifting it up the ropes prevented her from reaching a comfortable position before choking her.

He returned with a spreader bar and what looked like a massager taped to a pole. Within moments Susan's legs were spread wide by the spreader bar. Richard placed the massager against her pussy and wedged a concrete block at the other end to prevent it from sliding off.

"Ok slut, time for some fun" he smirked. "I am going to turn this massager on and time you. If you make it to five minutes before begging for mercy, I set you free. If not, well, I hope those ropes are comfortable!"

Reaching between Susan's legs, he flipped the switch to low. He knew he could get her to orgasm in very little time by setting it to high, even having her beg for mercy from overstimulation, but that was too easy.

It wasn't long before his plan was showing the first signs of success. The low vibrations had brought her close to climax but was not enough to push her over.

Susan started panting heavily. Raising her head, then lowering it, then raising it again. One could smell her frustration as well as her juices as they permeated though the air. She started to grunt and take short winded breaths as her frustration grew.

After two minutes had passed she was moaning like a cat in heat, eyes drilled shut, thrashing in her bonds.

After three minutes Richard watched her straining her body any way she could hoping something would push her over the edge. Her juices were now tracing down her legs forming small pools beneath her. He watched as her body glistened from the sweat in the warehouse lights.

It wasn't until four and a half minutes passed that Susan lost control. With her few remaining breaths, she screamed "Richard, PLLEEEASE let me cum! I will do anything!"

With his prey officially captured, he smiled to himself has he flipped to switch to high. Her body went rigid immediately as the most intense orgasm of her life ripped through her body. Her neck pressed tightly against the ropes, limiting her oxygen, but she didn't care. She felt as if she was in another dimension, one where only intense pleasure existed.

After a minute Richard shut off the vibrator and let Susan recover. It had taken a few minutes, but slowly she opened her eyes and looked seductivly at Richard.

"So Susan, now that you know who I am, do you think you will be up for more games?" Richard nervously asked.

"Well, I don't know. I guess as long as I am all tied up I don't have much say in the matter!" she smirked.

"I suppose that is true, and you did lose this game after all. I also believe you said you would do anything to cum, and I correct?" he questioned.

"Why yes, I guess that is true" she subjectively replied.

Richard unzipped his pants and moved towards Susan, "I have just the thing in mind!"

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