Blissful Entrapment
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  • Post Date - 5/25/2006

Chapter 1 – The Best Laid Plans

Angelica was looking forward to this Saturday for the past week. She shared a quiet two-bedroom house in a Boston suburb with her roommate and best friend Tiffany. The two of them were joined at the hip growing up through college so it seemed logical they should live together as well. Being women of taste, they decided to rent a house instead of a small apartment to give themselves a real sense of home and privacy. The two of them have been quite happy over the past year and even adopted a dog to share their home with.

With all their happiness, there was one key component missing, love. They both had dated a several men during college and after moving in together, but no relationship lasted more then a few months. They certainly were attractive enough. Angelica stood at 5’ 6”, blue eyes, blond hair, 36C chest, nice long legs and just about the best muscle tone a 24 year old body can have. Tiffany stood at 5’ 7”, brown eyes, brown hair (which she always died jet black), 36D chest, nice legs, a killer body and was the same age as Angelica. On a few occasions the two of them had engaged in a few alcohol induced experiments together, even joked about becoming lovers, but by the next morning neither ever spoke of it.

Angelica had always admired Tiffany and while she could never admit it to herself, she did feel something for her beyond friendship. Tiffany was self-assured and a take command type person where Angelica was very docile. It wasn’t until college that she discovered that many other people felt this submissive nature and often expressed it through bondage, even torture. She realized early on that she was attracted to Tiffany for her domineering nature, however she would never dare mention it to her.

For weeks Tiffany had been planning a trip and was leaving for the weekend to visit her parents about 300 miles away in New York. They usually attended these trips together, but this time Angelica feigned an excuse of why she couldn’t go. She helped Tiffany pack her car up and waved to her and their dog as she drove out of the cul-de-sac. Angelica went back inside and started to prepare for her weekend fun.

Over the years she had collected a number of restraints, rope, gags, and locks. She had even documented all of her self-bondage adventures in a catalog. The catalog was often used like a restaurant menu to order up the activity for the hour, day or weekend. In this case however, she already had plans for the weekend and grabbed her suitcase of toys and headed to the basement.

One of her favorite adventures was to tie herself up and lock herself in the dog’s cage with a padlock. Angelica would have the keys clipped to the top of the cage and to get to them it would involve knocking the cage over, some squirming around and eventually releasing herself from the cage. Once out of the cage she would then be able to release herself from her bondage.

To start her adventure she stripped all of her clothes off. The slight chill of the basement passed right through her causing some goose bumps to appear. It served to remind her that she was about to become a slave to herself and she will soon have no control over her own comfort. With her clothes off, she prepared the cage for the days activates. She laid a folded blanket inside the cage since she will be kneeling most of the time the metal grates of the cage would quickly be too much discomfort. Crawling inside she moved into position, facing the front of the cage.

Angelica pulled the suitcase closer to her and began pulling out the items for her adventure. Once she had everything out of the suitcase, she pushed it aside. In front of her was pile of leather, rubber and steel. She realized the chill she was now feeling was not from the cold, but from anticipation. Already dripping wet, she inserted a moderately sized dildo into her cunt with a flanged base. Using a piece of soft cotton rope, she cinched it around her waist at the small of her back. Pulling the rope through her legs and tied it tightly in the front. The dildo has a pulsing vibration that will slowly build her orgasm over the course of an hour, but not until she turned it on.

Using more cotton rope she cinched each ankle to her thigh. This effectively immobilizes her while still allowing her some ability to get the keys later. Before she forgot, she took the keys to her handcuffs and tossed them across the room. When she eventually frees herself from the cage, she will have to crawl across the cement floor to reach them. Picking up the keys to the cage padlock she attached them to one end of a snap hook and clipped the other end to the top of the cage. She looked around one last time to make sure she had everything she needed, shut the cage door and locked it shut.

With more chills of anticipation racing through the slave to be, she picked up her favorite red ball gag harness. Her love for the gag was its effective design and overall comfort. The ball slowly went into her mouth and finally popped into place behind her teeth. The tightened the first strap around the back of her head, over her hair. The next went over the top and connected to another buckle in the back, however she didn’t tighten this one yet. The final strap was pulled tight under her chin causing her mouth to tighten around the gag. With the chin strap in place she tightened the top strap as tight as she could. This served to lock the ball into her mouth without any hope of moving or dislodging it. Unless it was tight, Angelica never got any thrill from her self bondage adventures.

Angelica only had three steps to go to complete her self bondage and the next step was her special torture. She picked up a pair of clover nipple clamps and attached one behind each nipple. She used to be sensitive, but over time she has learned to adjust to the initial pain of the clamps. In fact, these clamps had rubber bands wrapped around the ends to hold on even tighter. With the clamps secured, she attached a device consisting of two snap hooks joined by several rubber bands. With one hook attached to the top of the cage the other hook, joined by the rubber bands, hung at face level. Positioning herself to be as tall as possible in her current state she attached the snap hook to her nipple chain. The rubber bands connecting the snap hooks kept constant pressure on her nipples and will make it very difficult to pull them off without the use of her hands.

With some discomfort starting to build, she knew she would have to rush. The next step was to tie her elbows together. Using two leather wrist straps she attached them just above her elbows. Using some more rope, the folded it in half and threaded it through one d-ring and through the other. The other end of the rope was then pulled through loop in the rope. Pulling down on the rope drew her elbows closer and closer together. Pulling the rope through her legs and up slowly drew her elbows together. With an almost in-audible click, the two d-rings connected and she knew her elbows were touching. Angelica then tied off the rope in front making sure there was no chance of it coming undone.

The only thing left was her hands. There was still time to back out, but for Angelica, in her head she was already a slave so there really was no choice. She turned on her vibrator, looped the handcuffs around her crotch rope and in one swift movement, clicked them shut. She even double-locked them with a paperclip she had put in her hand before locking herself away. She dropped the paperclip, closed her eyes and started enjoy being a tightly bound slave in a cage.

It wasn’t long before her imagination took hold and she fantasized about being held captive by a slave trader. In her fantasy she had tried to escape and was caught. Instead of being sold off she would be kept as his personal toy to use and abuse. Angelica slowly began to pull and tug at her bonds, trying to escape the madman who can done this to her. Each jerk sent a sharp pain through her nipples while the vibrator sent its own shockwaves of pleasure. Combined she was building up to a massive orgasm, the kind she only achieved from the strictest of bondage. It wasn’t long before her body went stiff for about 45 seconds and groaned as if she was in sheer agony. Finally she collapsed, panting like a dog and held up by her nipples.

After a few minutes of rest she closed her eyes again and began to fantasize that her husband and master caught her flirting with another man. As punishment he had tied her up in the dog cage and told her he would be back for her in the morning. Her orgasm this time built up a lot faster and hit her like a freight train. Again she was panting and now the pain in her nipples was starting to ache. It was usually at this point that Angelica would start to work her way out of the cage.

She took a quick look around and prepared to knock the cage over. Once it is over she can then work her way around and get the keys to the cage to release herself. Taking a few deep breaths she lunged her body against the side of the cage, but to her surprise it hardly moved. Puzzled, she repeated the process a few more times with less and less success. In the past the cage went right over without too much effort. She looked around to see what could be holding the cage in place. To her horror, she noticed the cage was bolted to the wall!! How could this be? Then it hit her, Tiffany had mentioned that the dog was knocking over the cage at night and she was going to find a way to better secure it. “How could I be so foolish??” she thought to herself. Angelica had never considered that Tiffany actually followed through on her plan.

With the realization that she was in fact trapped with no way to escape, Angelica tried her best to fight the panic building within her. With tears welling in her eyes, she starred at her handcuff keys, seemingly miles away now, wishing she had been a little more thorough in checking her escape plan.

Chapter 2 - Secrets Revealed

A wry smile came across Tiffany's face as she watched her prey squirm through the basement window. She had long suspected Angelica was tying herself up while she was away, but she had no idea she could be so devious in her work!

In fact Tiffany had purposely staged her trip just for the opportunity to catch her in the act. Angelica had mentioned, under the spell of wine, on several occasions her affinity for bondage, but wouldn't go into much detail on what she liked about it. Even inebriated, she was always uncomfortable discussing the subject. It wasn't until Tiffany came across her cookbook of self bondage adventures one day. The detail and time some of the scenarios described obviously would require hours or even days to complete. It was then painfully obvious why Angelica always wanted the house to herself.

Tiffany dwelled on her findings for a few days before crafting her plan. It was simply really, feign a trip to New York and catch her in the act. Something within Tiffany compelled her follow through with this plan, and to control her. She tried to rationalize it as just having a power trip, however power trips usually don't leave her pussy moist.

Tiffany stared intently at Angelica, relishing in her obvious discomfort. Beads of sweat welled on her forehead as she struggled against her bonds, praying for some defect in her work. The job was done all too well. Shaking her head, Tiffany broke her fixation on her friend and went inside.

Once inside, she walked through the kitchen and to the basement door. Slowly she opened it, releasing the stuffy air from below. Instantly she could hear muffled cries coming from the cold cement room below. Pausing between steps, she made her way down the stairs to the basement and over to Angelica's cage.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" She asked with a wily grin.

"Mmmmphpphh!!" Angelica muffled in response.

"What's that, you want out?" she questioned. Angelica feverishly nodded her head.

"Here is how I see it. If I didn't come back, you would be stuck here until Monday afternoon, and that's assuming I came straight home. As it were, I did stage my trip to try and catch you in one of your games, so I propose a deal. You become my slave for the weekend, until noon on Monday or I leave you here and return when I feel like it. So are you in or not?" Tiffany quipped, with a tone Angelica and not heard before.

Like two gunmen staring each other down in a duel, there was a long uncomfortable pause. Tiffany hoped that Angelica would play along, but could never force her friend to do anything she didn’t want. Angelica on the other hand lusted for Tiffany to control her, but didn't want it to seem obvious.

After a minute passed, a simple nod broke the tension.

"Good to her slave. For the rest of the weekend, you will call me Mistress. You will do what I say, when I say it, without question. Disobedience requires punishment, so I suggest you be on your best behavior!" she growled.

Angelica simply nodded in agreement.

Tiffany picked up a few heavy locks from the bondage suitcase on the floor, reached inside the cage and hooked them on the rubberbands pulling on her nipples. Angelica thrashed her head around as the pressure increased on her nipples. By the third lock, she was panting profusely through her nose and grunting in her gag.

"Those should keep you entertained until I get back. I have some errands to run." she said with a coy grin. Despite Angelica's best efforts to get her to return and remove the locks, it was no use. She was long gone leaving her nipples on fire.

Chapter 3 - Bondage 101

Angelica had never been so turned on in her life. Sure, her nipples felt like they were lit candle wicks, but it only served to further her lust and desire for the situation she was now in. Like it or not, this is the scenario that she desired most, to be bound, gagged, helpless and at the mercy of her mistress, Tiffany. What excited her even more was the lack of control. Even if she didn't agree to obey her new mistress, she would still be stuck for days in the cage. As her mind swirled around the possibilities of what might happen, her vibrator slowly pulsed, furthering her desire until her body tensed for a few moments then slowly going limp. The vibrator was relentless in its cause and continued to work its magic on Angelica, causing her breath to quicken its pace.

Tiffany made her way upstairs to Angelica's room to see what goodies could be found. She had played around with handcuffs with past boyfriends, but nothing like what she saw in the basement. She felt the need to educate herself on the subject before playing with her new slave. She poked through a few drawers and boxes in Angelica's room and finally hit pay dirt, a stack of bondage magazines.

She spent hours flipping through each one, focusing on the restraints used on the various models. Tiffany quickly recognized that she defiantly had an affinity towards rope and gags. She found herself spending several minutes on images with women tightly hogtied, elbows tied together with a strict gag in their mouth. Some editions of the magazines had rope tutorials which Tiffany studied intently. It wasn't until the last magazine when she came across an advertisement for a mistress. She was dressed in a tight, shiny leather corset with cups pushing her large breasts up high. The outfit was completed with thigh high stiletto boots, matching garter and leather panty set. She knew she had to have that outfit.

After a few brief searches on the Internet, she found some local fetish shops that carried similar outfits. With the excitement of a child on Christmas day, she ran out of the house, completing forgetting to checkup on her prisoner in the basement. Hopping in her car, she drove off into the city.

Angelica's condition had taken a turn for the worse. Over the past few hours, she had several orgasms, many of them lasting for minutes at a time. She was completely exhausted, thirsty and in extreme pain. Her arms were numb from the lack of circulation as were her nipples. Her knees and legs were sore from the kneeling position, and while strict gags are her favorite for short sessions, it was really starting to take its toll on her jaw. To make matters worse, all she could do is ponder what Tiffany would possibly do with her? What if she wants her to stop? They never established a safe word or signal.

The sun was beginning to set which meant she had been locked in the cage for almost 7 hours. Angelica couldn't imagine what was taking Tiffany so long, or why she had left the house. Just then, Angelica's worst fear hit her, was she going to bring back some friends to humiliate her? Just the thought of that type of humiliation gave her a renewed energy to fight her bonds. Try as she might, it only served to increase the soreness in her nipples and arms. For the next hour, the pain was secondary to the sheer terror of humiliation. Hanging her head, her eyes welled up with tears.

Tiffany arrived back at the house with her purchases in hand. She wasn't able to buy everything she wanted, she was by no means rich, but felt that she would still look the part of Angelica's mistress. Opening the door, she headed upstairs to get dressed.

Angelica spirits improved when she heard Tiffany return to the house and she heard no voices or extra footsteps. She tried moaning to her to try and get her attention, but she was either ignored or Tiffany couldn't hear her. At this point, she didn't care what Tiffany did with her, just as long as she was out of the cage.

The sun had now set and it was completely dark in the basement. It must have been a cloudy night as not even moonlight made its way in. Just as Angelica was conceding to the reality she would be spending the night like this, she heard the basement door creek open and the kitchen light shine down the stairwell. Finally, Tiffany has come to release me!

Chapter 4 – The Fun Begins

Angelica was awestruck at what she saw before her. If she didn’t know better, she wouldn’t have recognized her. Tiffany’s statuesque figure towered over her cage casting a small shadow over Angelica. She stood still, legs slightly apart allowing her captive to take in the sight before her.

Angelica scanned her body from top to bottom, starring in disbelief that her friend of so many years would fit the role of a dominatrix perfectly. Her jet black hair was pulled into a tight braided ponytail followed by dark menacing facial makeup. The tight black corset pushed her breasts up and cinched her waist tight leaving her midriff exposed. Leather garters and panties, black of course, attached to stockings. To complete the ensemble, a pair of 4 inch heels were strapped to her feet.

Without a word Tiffany reached inside the cage and retrieved the key to the lock as well as removed the tension on Angelica’s nipples. She winced in pain from the change in pressure, but new the worst was yet to come. Slowly she made her way out of the cage with Tiffany’s help. Once outside Tiffany grabbed both nipple clamps and quickly removed them. Angelica screamed in pain, toppling onto her side. Tiffany slowly massaged her abused nipples trying to restore the blood flow.

The remaining bonds, except for the handcuffs, were removed. Before she had a chance to speak, Tiffany asserted herself by saying “You will speak when asked a question or to acknowledge my orders. If you forget this rule, the gag goes back in for good!”

Still stretching her jaw, Angelica meekly replied “Yes Mistress.”

With that a thick posture collar was selected from the pile of goods and put around Angelica’s neck. Snapping a leash to the front d-ring, Tiffany led her slave upstairs to her bedroom. As they walked into the room, she turned quickly to her slave and whispered “Your safe word is Yankee’s Suck”. Angelica couldn’t help but smile.

“Given your tiring adventure today I give you a choice. You can sleep in the bed with me and attend to my needs or you can sleep at the foot of my bed. I can assure you that latter will not be as comfortable.” Tiffany stated.

Angelica thought hard about the decision, but couldn’t bring herself to service her friend, she felt it would be just too weird. “I would like to stay at the foot of the bed, Mistress” she timidly replied.

“Interesting decision, one I fear you will regret” she sneered. Angelica gulped at the threat.

Dispensing of the small talk, Tiffany grabbed her slave and slowly forced her to the ground on her stomach. Selecting a coil of rope from a nearby dresser, she tied her ankles together tightly leaving plenty excess rope. Using a key from the basement, she removed one handcuff and re-secured her wrists in front of her. Angelica couldn’t help but think how easy it would be to escape her bondage with her hands in front.

“Push up with your hands, arch your back and try to touch your toes to your head” she commanded.

Without thinking she complied while simply responding “Yes Mistress”.

Angelica hand sorely underestimated her mistress. In one swift movement, Tiffany had wrapped the excess rope from her legs around her throat and cinched it off tightly to her ankles. Caught off guard, Angelica tried to reach for the rope but without her arms supporting the arch the rope blocked her airflow. She quickly recovered and restored the arch with renewed vigor.

“Please…. You can’t leave me like this! I will choke!” she pleaded.

“It also seems I will be pleasuring myself this evening, looks like we both have problems” Tiffany scoffed, “Oh, and do try to keep it down”

Fear and panic started with build within Angelica once again as she weighed her options. She was enjoying this far too much to end it so soon, but on the other hand what if she slipped and couldn’t call out her safe word? Does she know she can’t really leave her like this all night?

Tiffany removed her clothes within eyesight of her slave and set them on the nearby dresser. “Good night slave!” she said cheerfully, shutting off the light and climbing into bed.

Embarrassed and humiliated by the thought of eating her friend’s pussy out seemed to be small prices to pay to gain release from her Mistresses devious bondage. With her arms exhausted and starting to shake, she swallowed her pride and called out “Mistress, if it would please you, may I join you in your bed?”

A minute passed, her arms were starting to shake badly now.

Angelica was about to call out again when her mistress spoke “I guess I can allow that.” Within moments the rope around her neck was loosened and Angelica fell to the floor. “You look tired, too bad you have a long night ahead of you!” she mocked.

With her ankles still tied, Angelica pulled herself onto the bed and slid under the covers with the help of Tiffany. No further commands were needed as she maneuvered her way to Tiffany’s pussy taking note of how moist it was. She was defiantly enjoying this as well!

Chapter 5 – Slave Training

Hours had passed since Angelica first climbed into bed with Tiffany leaving the bed soaked with lust, passion and exhaustion. Under the covers they both gazed at the ceiling relishing in the aftermath. The sun had already begun to rise and without warning Tiffany’s clock-radio went off playing Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a Place on Earth”. Angelica giggled at the coincidence, glancing at the handcuffs still on her wrists before looking affectingly at her Mistress.

“I don’t know what you are so happy about, you are still my slave and the day has just begun.” Tiffany said with a cunning smile.

“Of course Mistress” was her humbled response.

“I am going to sleep for a few hours, I suggest you do the same” advised Tiffany. With that the two girls lay close together and renewed some energy for the day’s activities.

It wasn’t until close to 10am when Tiffany started to stir and get out of bed. Leaving her slave in bed she picked up her outfit from the night before and went into the shower. After toweling herself dry she meticulously put on her outfit, rubbing out any wrinkles and creases. It didn’t take long before she was once again a striking and powerful mistress on a mission.

Angelica could hear Tiffany preparing herself for the day and considered joining her in the shower but decided against it since she was not invited. Instead she patiently kneeled at the bathroom door with her head held low, waiting for the next order.

Quickly opening the door, Tiffany smiled at her slave below her. Threading her finger into the d-ring of her collar she pulled up to her feet and led her to the closet. With a devious smile, she removed a frilly French maid outfit complete with stockings and heels.

“I think you will look really nice in this while you clean the house today” Tiffany commented while removing Angelica’s handcuffs.

Angelica stood in shock, not from the comment, but from the outfit. Despite all her adventures and her lackadaisical nature towards bondage, she felt naughty holding the outfit in her hands. She couldn’t explain why, maybe it was some of the cheesy porn movies she had watched as a teenager.

She took her time putting on the outfit, trying to be as sexy as possible for her mistress. Tiffany sat on the edge of the bed desperately resisting the urge to rub her pussy to orgasm. Maybe it was because she was now able to openly ogle at her sexy and seductive friend after all these years or maybe she was just enjoying the power trip.

Angelica completed the outfit by strapping a pair of 5 inch heels on her feet. Standing upright, she slowly turned around and modeled for her mistress. Tiffany was bursting with desire and wanted to rip her out of those cloths and have some more fun with her, but she was on a mission.

Selecting some rope from the floor, Tiffany stood behind her slave and started tying her elbows together, just enough to limit mobility. Angelica was led to the basement stirring fears that she may be locked in the cage again. Tiffany had other motives however and selected a number of items from the suitcase.

“Hmm, this looks interesting!” Tiffany snickered. Angelica’s eye’s grew wide as she looked at the pump gag with a full head harness in her hand. Resigning to her mistress’s wishes, she opened her mouth to accept the gag which Tiffany eagerly stuffed in her mouth. After securing the multiple straps, she picked up the pump and attached it to the air nozzle.

After two pumps, it was obvious Angelica had a mouthful.

After four pumps, she started to resemble a chipmunk.

At six pumps Tiffany was satisfied that he wouldn’t be hearing any protests from her slave for a while. Muffled moans escaped from the gag as Angelica shook her head in protest. “Keep still slave!” she scorned, disconnecting the air valve releasing a small hiss of air.

The bondage was completed with a short hobble chain secured to her ankles between two leather cuffs. Tiffany snatched the ring on the posture collar still around her slave’s neck and pulled her close.

“Listen carefully slave. I want this house scrubbed from top to bottom. Floors washed, dishes cleaned, counters scrubbed, furniture dusted and beds made. Until the task is done to my satisfaction, none of your bonds will be released. In fact, if you are not done by 6pm tonight I will tie your collar to my bedpost and leave you there for the night. I suggest you get moving!” Tiffany dictated.

Hours passed as Angelica diligently cleaned the house. As much as she wanted to be free of her bondage as soon as possible, she wished she had more time. The clocks in every room mocked her as they ticked closer to 6pm. By 5pm she was just finishing the bedrooms amazed at how difficult it was to make a bed with her arms hobbled. With only the kitchen left she scurried downstairs and stopped dead in her tracks.

“I thought I would make a cake, who knew these things could be such a mess?” Tiffany said with halfhearted sympathy.

Angelica was visibly upset, but with only a grunt she went to work. Tiffany had managed to get flour, sugar and frosting everywhere. To make matters worse, she didn’t bother to put anything away. All the cupboards were much higher then her arms could reach she pulled a chair from the dining room table into the kitchen. Grabbing the sugar bag with one hand she went to step onto the chair and found the task to be much more difficult then expected. The hobble chain was not long enough! “MMmmphhhhrrrrrh!” she screamed into her gag.

Not to be outdone, Angelica she kneeled on the chair and was able to stand herself up and put the sugar away. The laborious task was repeated for each ingredient causing quite a sweat to build on her brow. Stepping down from the chair one last time she looked back and the clock and found she only had 20 minutes left!

Angelica kicked into high gear and started scrubbing the counters. Her mouth was throbbing from the constant pressure and her shoulders, combined with all the activity, were just able to give out. The very thought of being tied to the bedpost for the night chilled her to the bone and helped further her determination.

5:48pm – Angelica was just finishing the counters and started loading the dishwasher with all of Tiffany’s dishes.

5:55pm – She finished loading the dishwasher and set the dials to wash. Leaning as far as she could over the sink, she scrubbed the inside of the sink of all the cake residue from the dishes.

5:58pm - Glancing around she found that the chair had not been put back yet. Angelica’s hobble feet scurried across the floor, returning the chair in record time.

5:59pm - Returning the kitchen for one last review she suddenly remembered, “The floors!” It was too last to wash them, so Angelica used the broom to sweep the derbies on the floor under the refrigerator. “Hopefully she wont notice!” she thought.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

The sound echoed throughout the house as Angelica spun around to see Tiffany leaning against the doorway. “I’m impressed, let’s go upstairs and get you more comfortable” Tiffany complimented.

Once again they were in Tiffany’s bedroom. “I have one last command before I release you… kneel down and worship my feet” Tiffany said.

Angelica could see no harm in it and thought it would be foolish to upset her Mistress now. Carefully she knelt on the floor at her Mistresses feet and slowly gave her gag kisses, moaning and wiggling her ass putting on quite a show. Preocupied as she was, Angelica didn’t notice the leather cuff that had been locked around the bedpost.

“Sit up straight, like a doggie!” commanded Tiffany.

Her slave complied and in one swift movement Tiffany pulled her posture collar close to the cuff and snapped a padlock shut, securing her fast to the post.

Angelica thrashed in disapproval. If only Tiffany could hear her words instead of muffled grunts she would have certainly received an earful! “How dare she? Doesn’t she know she can’t keep me like this all night? I haven’t even had any food since yesterday!” she furiously thought.

“You didn’t really think you would get away with sweeping the dirt under the fridge did you?” Tiffany sneered. “I am going to leave you up here until I decide what to do with you.”

Up until this point the adventure had become a dream come true. Angelica was not sure she enjoyed being at the mercy of her friend at first, but quickly discovered it is what she had always wanted. Maybe that was why they stayed so close all these years. Despite how wonderful the past day had been, she couldn’t help but cry as she heard Tiffany’s footsteps fade down the hallway. Until now she was certain that all of Tiffany’s actions were out of love and the desire to fulfill a long time fantasy, but it was obvious now that is not the case. “Why else would she leave me like this? She wasn’t really supposed to leave me like this!” Angelica sobbed.

Fifteen minutes passed and Angelica was started to regain her composure. It was difficult to get comfortable with constant pressure on her knees, mouth and shoulders, but she didn’t have a choice. Hope was on the horizon however as she could hear Tiffany’s footsteps returning to the bedroom. “Maybe she changed her mind and realized how cruel she was?” Angelica prayed.

The lights were turned on and dimmed to a low light. Angelica couldn’t see anything given her position, but knew her Mistress was right behind her.

“I am going to blindfold you, please stay quiet and don’t move until I ask you to” Tiffany whispered in her ear, carefully securing a leather padded blindfold over her eyes.

Tiffany loosened and removed the ropes that had secured her slave’s elbows many hours ago. Slowly and lovingly she massaged her shoulders, easing the stiffness from them. After a few minutes had passed, Tiffany continued removing the remainder of the bondage leaving only the blindfold.

Using extra care, she helped her friend to her feet and guided her into the bed. Angelica was in seventh heaven and now knew that her friend did truly love and care for her. Her body twitched with anticipation and excitement under the bed sheets, “How could she be so lucky?” she mused to herself.

Tiffany starred at her friend and smiled, she too felt very lucky herself and intended to prove it to her friend. “You look thirsty dear, open your mouth a little” she asked. She carefully guided a glass of Angelica’s favorite wine to her lips. Within seconds the glass was consumed without missing a drop. “How about something to eat?” Tiffany asked. Angelica nodded with a smile.

The romantic night continued as they dined on chocolate covered strawberries, freshly baked cake and fine wine. Tiffany whispered to her friend, “You do realize we will have to do this again?” Angelica smiled, “I was hoping you would say that”

“Shhhhh” Tiffany said softly, holding her finger of her lips, “you look exhausted. I think I know just what you need”

Tiffany threaded her arms through the headboard and clasped a shiny pair of handcuffs over her wrists. Angelica moaned, instantly turned on as she playfully tugged at the restraint. Tiffany smiled, “You’re going to be glad you have those by the time I get done with you!”

“In that case Mistress, a gag might be in order” Angelica said with a devious smile.

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