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It’s been 4 hours now; something is wrong. Claire, or Mistress Claire as she demands to be addressed, has never left me unattended for an hour before, let alone four.

I am completely naked except for my watch. It is now obvious to me that this was not an oversight on her part. The cold, stark concrete surroundings echo the small hand ticking away keeping me keenly aware how slow time can pass.

The door on the far wall was left partially open, taunting me with freedom I know I cannot have. This too is intentional, for that I am sure.

I met Claire at a bondage convention in Florida last year. It was your classic sub meets mistress story. I was trying on a leather hood and my hair got stuck. She offered to help and asked if I was with anyone. When I told her I wasn’t, she slid a padlock into the bottom two holes and locked the hood on. She told me that I would be released once we chatted a bit.

Surrounded by hundreds of people, I felt relatively safe and was certainly intrigued by her proposal. After tossing some money for the hood on the table, she secured a collar around my neck with a chain leash. A soft tug was all that was needed as she led me through the convention floor. My cock was already rock hard and straining against my jeans. Along with most of the other patrons, my eyes remained glued to her perfectly formed latex clad ass. Her heels clicked loudly on the tile floor, drawing more attention to her and myself. This realization made me thankful for my new hood. After what seemed like a few seconds, we ended up in a small presentation area with plenty of empty chairs.

We chatted for hours; she was easy to talk to and easily convinced me to reveal my deepest fantasies. This is something about being near a beautiful woman, decked out in leather, latex and very high heels. Her hair was pulled tightly back, adding to her domineering aura that surrounded her. I felt compelled to be totally honest.

I was disappointed but not surprised when she revealed her true motive. Meeting me was not a mistake, but rather a sales meeting for her services as a professional dominatrix. She offered the first two sessions free of charge, what did I have to lose?

After the second session, she knew I would be back for more. Truth be told, she knew at the convention but let me believe it was my decision anyway. Claire was not your typical dominatrix for hire; I was to be one of 5 male subs that would obey and service her every whim. We had all been handpicked by Claire at the convention, however we would never meet. Her only condition was that we stay true to her.

Each of us was instructed to get a Prince Albert piercing or PA for short. Our sessions continued while they healed and thankfully she was very gentle with my penis during this time. Unfortunately, gentle also meant no sex either (another perk that Claire had granted on previous occasions).

Six weeks later, I was ushered into the middle of her cement basement where my wrists were locked to a chain hanging from the ceiling. My pants were removed and a three foot spreader bar was locked between my ankles. Completing the ensemble with a large 2” ball gag, she walked behind me out of view only to return with a metal contraption.

Claire held the metal tube in front of my face for a closer look. At first I didn’t realize what it was until she slathered it in lube and slid it onto my penis. Instinctively, I drew myself back causing the tube to slide off. Unimpressed with my action, she grabbed my balls, pulled me close and easily slid the metal tube back on. A ring was placed behind my balls and around my penis and locked in place with a small brass padlock. To my horror, a second lock was threaded through two eyelets in the tube and through my PA piercing and snapped shut.

She was serious when she said we were to stay true to only her.

She explained that I was not worth her time unless I could devote 100% of myself to her. She knew that I would masturbate often while thinking of her and that all that energy should be kept pent up and only for her.

As punishment for pulling back, she refused to let me cum for a month. Sure, she would clean me once a week or work me to the brink only to let me plead for release on the edge before locking me back up. Not knowing that one month was my sentence at the time, I mouthed off to her about how unfair the situation was. That bought me another month in chastity.

6 months had passed since my dick was first taken away from me, I had only had 4 orgasms. Furthermore, this was not part of any fantasy that I wanted so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I was familiar with the brand of brass padlock used by Claire, so I went to a few local hardware and department stores and bought close to 100 set of locks and keys. Making an evening of it, I opened each package and tried the keys on my lock. Two hours in, I hit pay dirt and both locks opened!

Despite my best efforts, it had to be obvious to Claire that I was not my ‘chastised’ self. Somehow knowing that my best efforts to please her only resulted in a 1 in 4 chance of orgasm was not a great motivator when I was able to reach orgasm on my own now. In fact, I was starting to realize that it was never about what I wanted (except the first two sessions), but about her boy toys serving her.

Being submissive in nature, telling my Mistress that I wanted to ‘break up’ was not in me. No, I opted for the time tested passive aggressive tactics that almost every man uses at one point or another. I chose to become distant, lethargic, and unresponsive to her. On a few occasions I simply didn’t show up. Claire never said a word when I would show up next week, but I could see the scowl in her eyes.

Last week I received a voicemail message from her confirming that I will show up and on time, stating that we needed to talk about our arrangement. It had only taken two months; maybe she was finally ready to cut her losses? Little did I know what she was really looking to cut.

Looking back at the events of that day, I should have been more careful. I should have just asked what she wanted to talk about, why did I allow her to undress me and put me in that predicament? I knew my answer however reluctant I was to accept it.

My ‘bondage’ if you can call it that was embarrassing to say the least. While completely naked, Claire had me put on a blindfold and removed the chastity tube. Gentle strokes quickly turned my member into a rigid pole; the thought of a blowjob filled my head and clouded my judgement. Instead, I felt a lock threaded through my piercing and locked it to a chain connected to a ceiling pulley. By the time I removed the blindfold, Claire had already pulled the slack out of the chain forcing me to stand directly under the pulley.

“I’ll let you cool off for a bit; be back later!” she said, her heels clicking on the basement floor as she left.

As the hours passed, I started to get worried about fatigue. With my penis piercing locked as it was, I couldn’t sit down or move to a new position. To make things worse, I had to constantly keep my erection going unless I wanted to stand on my toes. What made the situation worthy of Claire was my in ability to cum. Having to work myself to an erection over and over, knowing that if I cum it could be an hour before I can get it back forcing me to stand on my toes. Mind numbingly frustrating as it was (more so than a month in chastity) my willpower prevailed at the expense of my sanity.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to stand still and after losing my balance once, I didn’t need to be reminded of the consequences. I entertained the thought of calling for her up the stairs; but somehow I knew that is what she wanted. Any excuse to torment me further.

After another thirty minutes of waiting, I heard the familiar clicking of her heels once again. My body was trembling from exhaustion and fear. She walked into the room carrying a small notebook and some paperwork. Claire pulled a chair from the wall and positioned it near the pulley rope connected to my piercing. She sat and made herself comfortable before looking up at me. I started to speak, to beg for release but was instantly interrupted by her booming voice.

“Did you think I wouldn’t find out?” she asked, careful not to break eye contact with me.

“I..I… I’m not sure what you mean.” I answered; with so many thoughts in my head, I really wasn’t sure what she was getting at yet. “Please Claire, just let me down. This is ridiculous.”

Claire slowly pulled the pulley rope down. The chain slowly rose, causing me to lift my heels slightly off the ground. My cock felt like it would burst from pressure. This was somehow turning me on and brining new levels of discomfort to my already dire situation.

“I suggest you take me seriously. You do not have a whole lot of slack and I doubt your piercing will sustain the weight. Furthermore, you know better than to address me as anything but Mistress Claire” she scowled, giving the pulley a short pull. “I will ask again, and keep asking until I get an answer. Did you think I wouldn’t find out?” she asked again with her hand poised on the pulley rope.

“I’m sorry Mistress Claire, I shouldn’t have masturbated or removed the tube without your consent” I pleaded, praying that is what she is looking for.

“That’s not all” she said, stone facing me. “Your behavior over the past few months has been deplorable; you have made it obvious that you are not happy with our arrangement. Do you have anything to add?”

“I.. well.. have not been entirely happy Mistress Claire. It seems that we only do what you want. I enjoyed myself the first month, but once the orgasms stopped, I lost interest” I answered, wondering if I would soon regret my total honesty.

“I’m not sure what you expected from a Dominatrix; it isn’t about blowjobs and cookies I can assure you. You agreed to serve me and only me for one year. In return, I would train you how to serve a woman, how to put her needs first. Deny it all you want, you are attracted to my ability to control you, command you and bend you to my will. You are simply a sub, a pathetic one at that. You have done nothing but waste my time. What do you have to say for yourself?” she asked with an angry stare, twirling her index finger around the pulley rope as if to warn me that no answer will be good enough.

“I am deeply sorry Mistress Claire. It was not my intention to do this to you. Please allow me to make it up to you” I pleaded, hoping for some leniency.

Pausing for a moment, she tilted her head slightly, debating my fate. Without warning, she pulled the ropes again forcing me to my toes. My dick was stretched upwards and I desperately grabbed onto the chain for support.

“Oh God! Please Mistress Claire, let me down!” I begged, trying to shake the stabbing pain already in my toes.

Claire stared at me coldly, stood up from her chair and took a few steps towards me. Looking me up and down she donned a crooked smile and said “You can leave anytime you want dear. The door is open and I am sure you can break free of those pitiful restraints. Do I need to leave you alone to think about it?”

I could feel a wave of panic wash over me. The thought of my dick being disfigured was more than I could bear; let alone the pain. Out of desperation, I blurted “Tell me what you want, I will do it. Please just let me down. I will go without orgasms; I will wear a chastity belt; I will service your every desire. Please give me another chance Mistress Claire!”

“How can I trust you? You have lied to me before” she quipped.

“I’m in no position to lie, I …” I blurted before being interrupted.

“Oh but you are! People in your position will say anything to please their captors” she grimly stated, “I’m growing tired of this game, say goodbye to your dick!”

With a few clicks of her heels she was near the pulley rope again. I was in total panic, clawing at the chain trying to gain any support. Her hand was now on the rope, preparing to rip the piercing out.

“Potatoes!” I screamed.

In the week that followed, Mistress Claire tended to the wound on my penis. No, it was not ripped out, but some superficial damage was done from all the tugging.

She had done such a good job at convincing me that her intentions were real that it wasn’t until I was saying my goodbye’s to my penis that I thought to use our safe word.

During our first meeting, I had told her how I enjoyed predicament bondage and that the threat of harm or serious maiming turned me on. The scene was so real that it took me days to take it all it and answer her final question. “Did I enjoy myself?” The answer was of course yes.

Mistress Claire admitted there were never any other men under her control, just me. They were only fabricated to make me jealous and work harder to become her favorite. When I became distant she realized how one sided the relationship was and came up with the scene as her way of apologizing.

Life quickly returned to normal and we ended up moving in together. Without all the lies and deception, life is much easier and we enjoy every minute we are together.

If you are wondering, she did hold me to my word (despite being under duress). I locked and secure in a brand new chastity belt. It uses special keys, so there is no chance for escape. Just to be sure, the tube inside the belt contains a PA piercing hook thus removing any hope of pulling it out unless Mistress Claire expressly wishes. All I can do is please her every whim, cross my fingers and hope that month next will be my ‘lucky’ month!

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