From Fantasy to Reality, A Model in Chains
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Author's Note: Our first two stories have been well received and we thank all our readers for their comments and support. There was only one type of criticism in the comments and that was that the story was unrealistic for a few reasons. We agree. We were much more interested in bringing my co-authors darkest fantasies into view. Some fantasies are never meant to become real. But, that being said, this newest story is very realistic to both of us, to the point of being autobiographical in parts, then to depicting many of our fantasies that could easily become real under the right circumstances. I admit we got to the point where we felt and became the characters, or they became us. Let's just say we became very emotionally invested in what we wrote. No revenge this time. No extreme forced anything. You, the readers, can wonder what parts we have already explored and what parts might be in our future. It will be interesting to see if this realism is what most readers want, or the extreme of the first two stories.

One change up in this story's presentation is that my co-author wrote the first part of each chapter and I wrote the end of each. The opposite of the first two stories, though she is still the slave and I am the Master. We hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

I love vanilla wafers. And prefer vanilla tart flavored froyo at Yogurtdreams. But my vanilla social life was not working, and I was becoming more and more desperate and testy about it.

If had been up to my parents, vanilla would have been my flavor of choice. Both were born in Asia and their expectations of their only child were drummed into my head early in life. High grades were the priority. I was not allowed to date in high school; their idea of being "understanding" was to allow a Caucasian girl to visit our home to study for a common class.

Many times I asked, no, begged to go to a football game, or to skip my piano lesson just once to see a movie with friends. The answer was always the same: study, study, study. 4 point oh. Only those activities that served to build up my college app were allowed.

And this would have been the only life I would have known, had I not happened to take a somewhat different walk home from school one day. A boy asked to treat me to a frap at Starbucks, and so I got approval to stay after school for "extra chem practice."

We walked along Colorado Blvd, past a used book store. There was a rack outside and I merely glanced at it, noting the paperbacks that were displayed. I almost stumbled, trying to hide my surprise and shock. On the cover was a picture, actually art, of a girl, nearly naked, kneeling on the ground. But what really startled me was that she had a collar around her neck, and a long metal chain trailing behind her.

I could not stop at that moment, nor draw attention to myself and let Jeremy know what had caused me to stumble. Throughout the treat at Starbucks, my mind was back at the bookstore. I had already agreed to let him walk me close to home, certainly not home, and I was calculating if I could pretend to depart towards my house and then double back.

It was already 4:30, so I had to go directly home, or face an inquisition that I might not have survived. I was totally unable to lie and deceive my parents. They seemed to see through me as though I was transparent.

Throughout the night and school the next day, I knew I had to return to the bookstore. I skipped lunch, to save the money for the book, and literally ran to the store, praying that the book was still there, and that I could purchase it quickly and not be home too late.

What a relief! There it was. There she was! The book was entitled Captive of Gor, and since readers may not know of this place, I will not diverge too deeply. It is a fantasy world, not about guts and blood, not that kind of gore, but Gor, a sci fi planet where women are slaves.

That night, under my covers, I read about this girl from earth that was taken to Gor and there her dreams and fantasies were fulfilled. She was collared, branded, pierced and enslaved. Lucky girl, because for me, though I eventually read many books of the series, my dreams and fantasies were not being realized.

My parents would not allow any socializing with guys in high school. I must have been the only girl on campus without pierced ears. Masturbation was my only escape. You think I should have rebelled. Well, then you just do not know how it is to be an Asian girl with strict parents.

I got into UCLA, which for my parents was a deep disappointment. It was not about grades, but about extra curricular activities, I think. I had nothing to enrich my application and Asians with 4.0 GPA's are a dime a dozen.

I did rebel slightly at UCLA. My first day, I walked into the village and got my ears pierced; the second day my belly button. Needless to say, my parents were horrified, but they got used to it.

Yes, I did date, but I could not bring myself to yield to temptation and toss my virginity away like a used tampon.

And then my desires and needs and fantasies got the best of me. I often checked out the LA Weekly, a free paper that told of Los Angeles entertainment and included a few ads about fetish clubs and other bondage-related locations. What caught my eye was an ad for a fetish model.

I knew I could not afford all the bondage paraphernalia that excited me on my meager allowance. I loved the various gags and leather and metal bondage gear that I saw flashing by on my Tumblr, and it occurred to me that I could at least ask about this photo opp. I was too short at 5'4" to be a real model, but if I could somehow have a secret part time job, with the guarantee that my face would not be shown completely, well, that would be the best of all worlds. The location on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood was not far from campus and while I would not venture there at night, in broad daylight, it had to be safe.

So Tuesday after my last class, I caught a bus from campus and after one transfer, arrived at the location. I had called ahead, asking about the job, and made a reservation for an interview. I could not ask a friend to come along, so I admit, I was a little scared and yet, I was in control and if it seemed unsafe, I would get out of there in a flash.

I was all ready for this round of interviews and had a little time to just sit and reflect. How times had changed. Then again maybe not times but I sure had. I looked back and remembered how being the "nice guy" was responsible for some really bad relationships. How was I supposed to know that many women either took advantage of that or ignored you altogether and went after that bad boy. Maybe I should take some solace that in doing so they wound up with a lot of heartache. But some of them were later my own friends and family and I felt sorry for them. That might have been partially what sent me on my quest to learn about abused women, why they stayed in those relationships, and about submissive women and above all both their differences and similarities.

I read recently on Facebook a post from a young friend. "Bad boys ain't no good but good boys ain't no fun." Unfortunately both are mostly true. Mostly.

I had a few of the worst relationships because of being one of those nice guys, then I went into exploration mode. I did make up for some of my lost time trying to develop and learn about my wild side. After a few very interesting encounters, I found out some things about myself though. That I loved learning about and sometimes fulfilling a woman's fantasies. I did research about the subject and learned a LOT. Case in point. I met one woman on a telephone chat line whose fantasy was to "have her virgin ass fucked." I obliged. One of my fondest memories. And in a few more memorable trysts, I also met a woman that needed to be spanked to cum. Another that wanted to be tied to the bed. One that wanted to be choked. Whoa... that one kinda freaked me out and still doesn't really interest me. Oh and yes... a woman that could cum just by roughly grabbing her by the shoulders and cum even harder if you pushed her up against a wall. Yes. I had been really naïve. But there was one brief encounter with a Chinese woman that really started my total fascination with Asian women.

Not long after that, the internet came to my rescue. Still naïve though, I was browsing the chat rooms and came upon one called "Rapesex." I was a little confused and entered it to lurk and learn. After a while I sent a Hello to one woman who changed the course of my life forever. She explained her rape fantasy as not really wanting to be harmed but having someone take complete control. To feel helpless. That led to an online, then phone, then a real life romance all in the roles of Master and slave. And though the relationship only lasted a couple years, it had brought out a fascination in me that opened up so many new doors. Let's just say I learned a lot from that point on. I had no idea before her just how common rape fantasies were in women.

Though I am still too nice probably, with a lot of research and experience behind me I have brought out a side of me that women seem to like. The Dominant, the Master, and what better way to meet new women than by turning my newfound wisdom and skills into fulfilling my own fantasies, as a fetish and bondage photographer and sometimes director of course.

Being the nice guy though did help me in several ways. Women found me non-threatening. It was easy to talk them out of their clothes or just be around my bi and lesbian female friends when they were "busy" with other women. But I soon learned that plain old vanilla sex held no interest for me anymore. Intercourse was boring. If there wasn't some fetish, bondage, or risqué element to it, then why bother. It was just not exciting.

I guess this is what sent me down this road. The thrill of naked or nearly naked women in leather and steel. Bound, helpless, and in a deep state of desire even when it appeared it was all against their will. They craved being used in so many ways.

I had taken hundreds of pictures of my female friends in the past, so, when I retired, I accumulated all the props for my dungeon. Oops, I mean studio of course. Everything needed to take extremely believable bondage and fetish photos and videos when needed.

Being retired, this is more a hobby than extra income. I would be doing it even if I never sold a picture. Just the same, real bondage shots are very desirable. It's easy to find beautiful models that will dress up in latex or leather and smile. Sorry but that is totally boring and way too common. What I specialize in is the total bondage package and more important seeing fear in the girl's eyes and capturing it with the camera.

Most experienced models are just there for the pay. Their mind is a million miles away and it shows. These never get past my interview. There are others that are curious but only superficial. No commitment when pressed. There are a few that have that inner total sub desire. They can't help it. It's what they are. These make good bondage models but I was still looking for something even deeper.

Breaking from my reverie I started thinking about the interviews. I scheduled six of them over a six hour period. Some might last fifteen minutes. Conversely, ones that showed promise would get a much more intensive interview and take considerably longer. All part of the biz.

I had two release forms, though the second was more of a contract. The first covered the interview and sufficed also as the application. The second was for anything and everything that could and would happen if the suitable model signed up. There was enough fine print and legalese that most women would just sign and might regret later. I hadn't had to use those options yet but I had not yet found the woman I wanted to push to her limits.

The first applicant had some modeling experience. But she was typical. She wanted high dollars and had the totally wrong attitude. I dismissed her rather quickly with the obligatory, "Don't call us, we'll call you" though with a bit more subtlety. Next.

The next was a very experienced fetish model. Definitely not what I wanted. Though good ones were rare, they were again just pretty faces that wanted to show off in fetish wear.

I was getting frustrated and bored. Though a couple of them showed promise, it was one of those days when I was just really particular. A different day, perhaps different results. Then the last of my interviewees walked in.

I tried not to be stunned at her looks and to focus. I had my own idea of perfection of course even though never expecting it to materialize in an interview. I had to get my composure now though. A Master must always be in control of himself, the first and most important rule. Physically she was perfect. My preference has always been slender and/or tiny women. 5' 5" tops and as tiny as 4'8". Give or take, dependent on other factors. Height proportionate to weight of course. Huge breasts and big bottoms hold no interest for me. Tiny women just looked more vulnerable and submissive. An Amazon just didn't fill the bill. But physical traits are only a part of the submissive look.

What she was wearing showed a lot of skin. A good sign. She was also adorned in "fuck me" hoop earrings. A subliminal message that told what she wanted, even if she didn't know it.

I am good at reading women. It comes with experience. There are small signs. The way she looked at me then lowered her eyes. The way she postured herself when she was standing and sitting. I could tell. Though she kept her legs closed, subconsciously she really wanted to spread them, even though she may not have even been aware of that. This would be confirmed when she left by a dampness on her chair. I decided to throw most of my caution to the winds and see what she could handle. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. And nothing lost if she bolted for the door. I changed to my most authoritative voice and asked her for her resume. I anticipated and was glad there was no modeling experience at all.

"Tell me. Why are you here?"

That question would catch the right women off guard. If they came back with a canned retort, they were not acceptable. Bye bye.

The opposite of most interviews, the lowering of eyes, the hesitation and quivering of voice was the more acceptable response. I hardened my voice. "Why are you here? Must I repeat myself?"

Even at this juncture some women would bolt. All part of the screening process. Then she said, "I am not sure, Sir".

"Good", I responded. "An honest answer." This was a simple but a first and important test.

"Before we go any farther, are you 18 and do you have proof?" She acknowledged affirmatively as I expected though with Asians it was hard to tell sometimes. Yes, she was Asian and already feeding my hidden fantasies and hopes. Her ID said she was 20 years old. No doubt a local college girl. Jennifer Hu.

"Read the form. This is only for the interview. I will ask you to do things that will help me decide whether you are what I need for this and future photo shoots. If at anytime you feel they are too much, you can leave immediately, but the process is then over and you cannot come back. Understood? If you agree though, you can sign the application. There is another and more detailed form if you decide to sign with me for a rather lucrative contract. Do you understand?" She nodded in agreement.

"Good. I have questions for you and I expect you have some of me. All must be answered and agreed upon before any contract between us."

Such concerns for the details were, of course, only meant to allay her fears and get her to agree and sign. This was always the tricky part. Her first question and obvious fear was for her anonymity. That was understandable, though she did not know of course, that the cameras were already rolling. I explained to her that there were ways of hiding her identity with masks, hoods, makeup and camera angles or photo shop, though the pay was less if her face could not be shown. She accepted that but what I read between the lines was that money was not what brought her here. Also a good sign. But all this was a ploy. What good is a bondage model if you can't see the fear in her eyes, feigned or real. Minor point.

"Look around you at the pictures on the walls. You can see various types of fetish modeling. From women in fetish wear to the more hard core bondage pictures. What I am looking for could be classified as an actress as well as a model but I want her reactions to the bondage situations to be more real than just acted."

I stood up and pointed to a large picture on the wall of a woman chained and her mouth spread open with a wire apparatus. The look of fear in her eyes was all too real. "This is what I want to see. And this one." Again I pointed to another photo enlarged to poster size. It was a woman cuffed, collared and shackled in shiny steel, and chained with her knees and legs wide spread to show her open shaved cunt and her engorged clit. Next to this was an extreme close up of those intimate parts of the same girl.

I knew I had her attention. Her eyes were wide in half shock and half something else.

"Have I scared you away, yet?"

I could see her body slightly tremble but she could not take her eyes away from the pictures yet. Hesitantly she shook her head no.

"Good," I said. "But saying this is one thing. You must be ready to commit and know what you are getting into. Meaning the willingness to be naked and posed like you see in front of you, at my whim with any and all types of bondage equipment. You must follow my orders completely. My camera will capture everything."

At that point I was standing next to another wall poster of a woman being fucked by two dildos attached to a machine. Ass and pussy both filled. It was very easy to tell by the face in the picture that the woman was being forced to orgasm and she was rubbing her own clit to make it happen faster. I could see her staring at it. All as planned.

"At this point, if you are still interested I want you to fill out the application and give me your driver's license so I can make a copy for age verification. So far I am pleased with your candor and reactions. I will quickly review your application and decide if I should give you one further test before letting you go and making my decision among the applicants. You are one of six." I wanted to instill in her mind before she filled out the application that there was competition. While she filled it out, I copied her driver's license and left the room so I could observe her through a one way mirror while she was alone.

I watched her as she read the different parts of the application form. Besides the mundane of height, weight, measurements, there was a section of types of pictures the applicant was willing to allow. They started with bikini, lingerie, nudity, and led to bondage, interaction with toys, women, men and of course allowing full face exposure. I knew this section would be her hardest and she may have questions. I walked back into the room just as I saw she was about to finish. I asked her if she had any questions before finishing the application.

"Yes. A few things, sir. If I don't agree to my face being photographed, will that exclude me from being chosen?"

I said, "No. Though definitely preferable, we can still work with that. This is an application. Not a contract. All things will be considered in comparison with you and the other applicants. If they are willing to do more then you may be at some disadvantage. Next question."

"You have here 'interaction' with toys, women and men. Are you talking real penetration with toys and real sex with men and women?"

"Good question." I responded. "At first probably just the presence of each and alluding to more. No doubt penetration by toys will be common in the future. Sexual situations with women and men may be required at times for some special projects but that is not what I am looking for right now. Why? Is this a problem? You are not a virgin are you?"

Her silence was confirmation. "Oh, I understand. Then let's say that there is much money to be made even in non-penetration photographs. When and if you are willing to have that tiny bit of skin shredded and you are willing to have it done on camera... there will be a sizable bonus."

She quickly finished the application and handed it to me with shaking hands. I scanned it briefly, already knowing pretty much what it said.

"Now, for you there is one more phase of the interview, and I will let you know that only two others so far have come to this point. I want to see how well you react and respond to my directions and commands which is really what bondage is all about. Dominance and submission. Right now there is no camera (a lie of course). But you will have to believe you are a slave and completely submissive. My slave, for this role. You will address me as Master. Understood?"

"Yes, Master"

"Good. Remember you can walk out the door at anytime but I am hoping that you will not. There is more to why you are here than you may as yet realize. Are we clear?"

Again she lowered her eyes and meekly agreed with another, "Yes Master." I couldn't help get my hopes up a little.

"Obviously from the pictures you can see a lot of what will be expected of you. You will need to be both trusting and obedient. Let's just dress you up a bit to give you the feel of your role as a fetish and bondage model. No nudity necessary until you are being photographed and paid, of course."

I saw her breathe a small sigh of relief. I didn't want to push her too hard at first. I already had more interest in her than just a new model for my camera. But time would tell if she was 'the one'.

I reached into a drawer in my desk and handed her a box. "Take this into the dressing room and return wearing it. You should also find a pair of shoes there that will fit. This will help you feel your part as the submissive or captive."

I admit that with other women in the past, I was often much more direct. I knew with them it was a combination of reasons. Not really caring whether they stayed or left, or perhaps reading them that they were ready for most anything to get the job. The one thing I had learned by now was that many women would do more things with, for and in front of a total stranger than with people that they knew. That was part of the excitement for many, because they also felt more free and anonymous. Both could have dangerous consequences of course. With this girl though I would go a bit slower since she was already nervous and I really did not want to scare her away.

"Oh, one more thing. Do not wear your underwear under this outfit. For one it would not look right at all. But more important is that I want you to feel naughty about being bare under it. Don't worry. It will cover you completely."

I opened the door to the hall and pointed to another door marked 'dressing room' on the left. As she entered it, I closed the hall door again, then swung a full length mirror away from the wall which revealed the opposite side of the one way mirror in the dressing room where she now stood. Though I could easily watch the video later, and would, there is nothing like being the voyeur to live action.

I watched her open the box. At first her jaw dropped and she shook her head slightly but her eyes were transfixed on the garment. She felt the soft leather and saw the shiny buckles. I knew she would not be able to resist at least trying it on.

The outfit was the finest leather, soft and smooth, a very short mini-skirt and matching top. But what set it off was the amount of skin it showed. The front of the top was all buckles showing a generous about of cleavage. In fact top to bottom but covering most of her breasts from the other sides. The skirt had matching buckles on the side from the top nearly to the bottom. Lots of flesh exposed but still much more covered than many club outfits. It was very hot and sexy.

With a deep sigh she removed her clothes and donned the garment. That of course did not mean the she would have the nerve to come back out to me wearing it. I noticed she had a small landing strip of hair above her otherwise smooth pussy. Cute but it would have to go.

I watched her dress only inches in front of me. Inspecting her new look from every angle. There was a look of mischief in her eyes. She tried to tug on the skirt, to lower it slightly, but it barely budged. After a few attempts, she gave up with a shrug of her shoulders.

I had this outfit made long ago but never found the right girl or one of the right measurements to wear it. Maybe this was a sign. She looked at the selection of shoes for something that matched. All were about 5 inch heels of course. I was surprised she seemed to handle the heels quite well. Either she had worn similar spikes in the past, or she had very good natural balance.

Another deep sigh breath and she reached for the door. I had just enough time to close my side of the mirror and retreat to my desk.

She entered the room and stood in front of me with downcast eyes. I got up and approached her then put my finger under her chin and raising her gaze to mine. I held that for a few long seconds then slowly walked around her, drinking in every inch. As I re-entered her field of view, I finally spoke.

"Beautiful. Leather suits you well. It goes perfectly with your skin tone and the color of your hair and the outfit looks like it was custom made for your body." It really did.

"Thank you, Master."

"A while ago when you were looking at the pictures on the wall, I think there were a few that caught your attention and maybe one in particular. Tell me which one that was."

"So many but maybe this one, Master."

I was enjoying hearing her address me that way and it seemed to be so easy for her to fall into that role. She had the true inner slave that I wanted, at least in her fantasies. But could she handle it in reality? I knew I had to put her to the test, but I was in no hurry.

She pointed to the one of the girl in steel. Wrists, ankles and collar. The picture of a slave. I was not surprised.

"Ahhh, yes. Very good. Now. Would you like to feel what it is like to wear such ornaments? There will be no chains yet. That will come later. You must learn to trust me completely before that."

Her eyes lit up and she nodded.

I produced the same steel cuffs, shackles and collar that she had seen in the pictures. There was a ring on each cuff and the collar for attaching chains. The key was similar to an Allen wrench that slid into a hole in the edge of each cuff. I took my time putting them on her with a combination of light touching and then locking them into place. The tactile sensitivity and response of her body to my touch was more than I had hoped for. She could not hide her whimpers, a sound that I much loved and found rare in today's women. When I spoke to her my lips were so close to her ear that she could feel my breath.

"Look into that mirror now and see how much more beautiful you are in your collar than you have ever been before." I saw her eyes transfixed at what she saw. A different woman staring back than the one that entered only minutes ago. "Look at yourself. Then look at all the other pictures on the wall and imagine yourself in these positions."

I watched her and could see the excitement in her eyes. I noticed she closed her legs and rubbed her upper thighs together. I was fairly certain a trickle of her juices was beginning to work its way down her inner thigh from her bare pussy under the leather skirt. I wanted her to know that I had noticed. I put my hands on her shoulders and turned her toward me.

"Excellent. I can see how all this is affecting you."

Then she realized what I meant and dropped her eyes again, embarrassed almost to the point of humiliation.

"No. This is a very good thing." I slowly reached down, very slowly so not to scare her off, and just inserted two fingers slightly below the skirt hemline, touching only the skirt at first. I felt her shiver, and paused.

"Look at me, straight in the eyes," and when she did I continued, touching her skin and feeling the moisture. Her eyes began to water, but she did not move, and I wiped my fingers along her thigh. I brought them out and held them between our faces. I then touched one finger to my lips and then one to her own lips. "This is exactly what I want. A girl that feels excitement at the very thought of being bound and photographed as well."

I handed her a tissue and she turned her back to me briefly. When she turned back, I held out my hand for the tissue. She was mortified as I took it and laid it on my desk.

Changing the subject to distract her I said, "You seem so comfortable with the steel. Would you like to wear them home? I will give you the key to remove them later and return tomorrow. I usually don't give any clues to how well an applicant has done but I will assure you that I am pleased. I will say you are in the top 2 at this time."

I waited. Forcing her to make the decision.

"Yes, Master. I would like that."

"Go back to the dressing room and change then and I will check my book for tomorrow's appointment."

Again I watched her as she looked long and amazed at her image in the mirror till it seemed, reluctantly she removed the garment and returned.

"The reason I want you to wear the cuffs and collar home is so you can feel them, get used to them, even sleep in them. Feel your role as a slave girl. I am trusting you to come back, of course. Dominance and submission is all about complete trust. Even as a paid model, the bond between you and your photographer is important. If your trust is complete you will be far more believable, and you will be a huge success. The world of Dominance and Submission can seep into you, though. Down deep. Especially for those who are seeking something different. Something, shall we say, less vanilla in their lives."

I saw that flash of recognition in her eyes. I knew I had hit on something important to her.

"Here, let me show you how the cuffs unlock," and I showed her how the key worked in the locks of the cuffs. What I didn't tell her was that the collar needed a different key.

"I want you to go home wearing your new adornments. It's dark outside now and few will see. But here is a light windbreaker that will hide your wrists cuffs and most of your collar. At least wear those home. If you do wish to take off the ankle cuffs then you can, but I hope you don't. Master and slave relationships are all about doing things your Master wants, just to please him. A Master may push your limits, but you will find that you will love that. Wearing steel in public is a very minor thing. I am betting that it gets your juices flowing even more. Am I right?"

"Yes, Master," she quietly replied.

"Come back tomorrow at the same time for a second interview and I will make my decision then." All business now I wanted her to still feel the pressure of competition. In reality, so far, she was exactly what I wanted.

"Yes, Master".

As I watched her leave I thought to myself, the very fact that at this point she remembered the correct response or better yet, it felt natural to her to say it, spoke volumes. My hopes were at a peak. Time would tell.

Chapter 2 (added: 2014/11/14)

I was in a dream-like state as I prepared to exit the building. I paused to take a deep breath, relieved and yet excited. It seemed to me that all that had happened in the past two hours was almost perfect, beyond my expectations. 'Master,' realizing he had given me no other name, seemed very safe, and he also seemed to read my thoughts. Maybe I was not that unique and that his past experiences and contracts with other girls had given him insights into the young female mind.

It was dark outside, but I had to take the bus back to campus. There was no way to hide the ankle cuffs, and I did not want anyone thinking I was an escaped convict, so I squatted down near the stairwell and used the tool to remove the cuffs. They were so shiny and hard. With a mental sigh, I dropped them in my bag. The windbreaker would sufficiently hide the wrist cuffs and my collar.

My collar! I could not believe how sexually stimulating it felt. I would have to take it off in the morning, at the latest, but I could hardly wait to get home, look at myself in the mirror, and masturbate my brains out!

The bus ride back gave me time to think and relax. It all felt so right, and I would certainly keep tomorrow's appointment.

My roomie was not home when I returned to our apartment. It was not hard to avoid her. We shared a common kitchen and living room, but we had our own bedroom and bathroom. I grabbed half a Subway and a yogurt from the fridge and went to my bedroom. In seconds, I had stripped and was propping one foot on the dresser, relocking the cuff. The CLICK sound immediately sent my pussy into action. I looked in the mirror and saw the image of a Gorean slave girl, preparing herself for her Master. I locked the other ankle cuff.

I stood back from the mirror and used a scrunchy to tie back my hair. Something was missing. Heels! I scrambled through my closet and found the shoes with the highest heels I owned. They were at least an inch shorter than the pair that Master had me model.

I stood before the mirror again and with my phone took a picture from my chin down. I retook it from my nose down. I wanted to be sure it included the hoop earrings I so loved, another aspect of Gorean culture. I submitted that picture to a Tumblr site that blogged selfies of Asian girls.

By then, I was simmering to the point of eruption. I removed the heels and almost raced to the shower. Some of my best cums occur in the shower, with the shower head on pulse and pressed against my pussy. Tonight was no exception; in fact, it might have been the best cascade of cums of my life! With my neck, wrists, and ankles wrapped in unyielding steel, my fantasies were running wild.

I was able to drift off to sleep quite easily, feeling that the day could not have gone better.

When I awoke the following morning, I felt a little groggy. It was like I had been dreaming, but could not remember the dream. When I turned over, my ankles touched and clinked, reminding me of last night. Mmmmmmmmm, I purred, and reached up to stretch, seeing my bound wrists. I reached up to finger the metal around my neck, feeling its smoothness against my skin, feeling its strength against my femininity.

In seconds, my other hand found my awakening clitty, poking her little head from under her labia folds and blankets. She is very spoiled and wanted immediate attention; within a short time, I had my first cum of the day. Yes, this would be a great day, I thought.

I had a 9 a.m. class and so did my roomie, Teryn. She is a hottie, for sure. Of the two of us, she is the extrovert, the one guys notice first. I am more the tag-along, the afterthought, the "girl with Teryn." Well, I smiled, who was collared and cuffed in steel this morning, and had a one to nothing cum lead? I smiled and rose from my bed, padding to the bathroom to pee.

I sat on the toilet and examined my wrist cuffs. Nothing changed in my mind overnight. They were beautiful and I felt more "woman" than ever before.

My pussy was sticky, so I took another quick shower, deciding against a shower cum, but promising myself one later. I finished, dried myself, and decided to dress before breakfast. That was not my usual routine, but I just did not want to leave the safety of my room until the last minute. I would normally have walked into the kitchen in a long T, or with just my bra and panties, but that was not in the plan, bondaged as I was.

It was late fall, but the weather had been typical So Cal great. I thought of the leather outfit Master had given me to wear last night, and imagined wearing it to class today. I smiled inside. Eventually I decided on a pair of cut off jeans that barely hid my ass, a halter top, and flip flops. I would put on a Bruin sweatshirt when I left the apartment, and wear it until the day warmed up. Sigh, time to remove the steel.

I sat on my bed, unlocking my wrist and ankle cuffs. I closed them, and set them aside to take with me later. I needed the mirror to remove my collar. I felt naked walking to the mirror, without the wrist and ankle steel. I hadn't examined the collar in any detail last night or this morning. The front had a ring and I imagined a leash hanging from it. I turned it around on my neck, noticing a notch at the top. I inserted the wrench tool, but it would not enter the slot. For a moment, my tummy did a flip flop, but I figured I just didn't insert it at the right angle. I took a scrunchy to pull back my hair for an unhindered look and tried again. It was not going in the top. That was certain. I flipped my hair, stalling for a moment because my stomach had reacted again by doing a somersault. This time I brought the wrench up from the bottom. CLANK.

At that moment, I lost it! I tried to force the wrench from the top, then the bottom. I dropped it on my dresser and physically tried to part the collar, but it would not budge. I wanted to scream in frustration, but then decided to calm myself, knowing that a panic was not going to help. I picked up my phone and called the number of Master's location. I got a message advising me to leave a message and someone would return my call as soon as possible and to have a nice day!

"Hi, um, this is Jennifer Hu, I, um interviewed with you last night. Yeah, well, there is a problem. The cuffs came off perfectly, but the collar did not open, like, it's stuck. Please call me back and tell me how to get it off. Thank you," and I hung up.

I could not just sit around my room all day waiting for a call. He might not even get the message until much later in the day, if his business is primarily conducted in the afternoon and evenings.

There was only one thing to do, return to the building in which I interviewed last night and get Master's help. I could not let anyone see me, so putting on my sweatshirt and zipping it to the top, letting down my hair, I grabbed my bag with my class notebooks, and the steel cuffs. I checked myself in the mirror. Not bad.

"Hi, Teryn," I called, walking to the door.

"Hey, Babe," she replied in her usual sexy way.

"No time for breakfast, I'm gonna grab a Starbucks on the way, see you later."

"K, have a good one," and out the door I went.

The bus took me to the same location as last night, and I walked into the building, memories of 12 hours ago very vivid. Up the staircase, two doors down on the right. The door that said, "Over the Edge Studios"

I had almost no hope anyone would answer. It was barely past 9 a.m., so unless there was a secretary that arrived early, I would just have to wait. I hated the idea of missing classes, but priorities dictated otherwise. Then I saw the sign that read, "Out of office, will return at 3 PM." My heart sank. I would have to spend all day in classes with the collar. I could not miss a whole day. I was screwed.

I knew she would be pissed. My only concern was how I would handle that. There was no doubt in my mind that it was an opportunity to assert my control. I made it a point to be unavailable so she would have to wear the collar all day. No doubt she would need to be very creative when or if she could not hide it. Still, anger at me was not conducive to the type of relationship that I wanted with her, so I would have to immediately quell that attitude. This was a very thin line to walk. Yes, I wanted her to be the one that fulfilled my own fantasies. Yes, I thought I knew what she wanted and was seeking.

The difference was that in the past I really didn't get emotionally involved with my models. Sometimes it got sexual. We had fun. No strings. We both walked away with good memories and lots of pictures. I should keep it this way this time as well. I just had a feeling it would be more difficult to separate the emotional from the physical. If there even was anything physical, of course. I shouldn't be thinking that far ahead.

When she walked in the door I could see she was livid. I gave her just 30 seconds to vent about the key and collar and then I said, "STOP".

"Give me the key." She did and I deftly palmed it and used the correct key to unlock her collar. She was stunned.

"It is more difficult to work the key in the collar and looking at it reversed in a mirror. I should have had you practice before you left."

By then I had removed the collar and she would never know my ploy even if she was dubious about what I had said.

"But, far more important than a trivial error, perhaps it was a good thing. Tell me. How did it make you feel to not be in control for once? To be forced to wear your Master's collar, with nothing you could do about it?"

I had stopped her in her tracks. Now she wasn't sure if she could blame me for the embarrassing incident of wearing the collar all day, plus the humiliation of blaming me for something that could have been her own lack of dexterity. I didn't give her time to answer. She could think about that on her own time.

"I find this a rather timely incident. If you have no trust in your Master, then this is more significant that you realize. You may leave now if that is what you wish."

Her anger cooled instantly at my subtle threat.

"Decide now. I still have one more applicant for the position."

Giving her no real time to think about it, I knew she would stay, of course. What I had planned for her today was another story. It was a toss up. Would I push her too much and make her bolt? I guess that was preferable to her not being pushed at all and there not being enough excitement for her to stay.

"Speak, slave. Do you want this job or not?"

She jumped at my words. All anger forgotten and no doubt again remembering the excitement and wetness this was causing. She may be still unsure but I knew she was all but hooked.

"Speak now or go. Your choice."

I was not surprised when she finally said. "No please. I am sorry Master. Give me a chance."

Yes, I was using a method that many totally abusive and worthless men use. Making a vulnerable submissive feel guilty. The difference was that I would never abuse a woman. Abuse I guess is relative, of course. Spanking, whipping, humiliations were not abuse to a woman that down deep wanted and needed these things. To me abuse was beating and torturing a woman and making her believe she deserved nothing better. Even worse, making her believe emotionally she was worthless. Wrong. Oh so totally wrong. I love women. It is a terrible thing that women with submissive desires wind up used and abused by men that are clueless about these things. A Master does demand obedience and rewards his slave for it. Even on Gor, a fictitious planet where women are slaves, they are revered even if whipping is necessary at times. Punishment there is for a reason but they are very much, prize possessions. For an abusive earth man, physically abusing a woman is fun. Sorry, but that is just wrong. I wondered if my Asian beauty had ever heard of Gor. More than just science fiction, it depicts a philosophy that is all too true, at least for those who understand it.

"My decision has not yet been made, so let's talk. Last night when you went home, how did you feel about seeing yourself naked and in the first stages of bondage?"

I saw her eyes widen but didn't give her a chance to speak.

"I am betting that you couldn't wait to stand naked in front of your mirror and pretend you were a captive. In fact, I will bet your little hole got so juiced that you had to masturbate. Tell me. How many times did you cum? Once, twice, many times?"

She dropped her eyes, embarrassed no doubt that someone she had met only yesterday already knew her better than any of her friends. And no doubt humiliated by the fact I was being crude with her and it was turning her on.

"Look at me. How many?" I demanded

"Many, Sir."

"Big ones? Small ones?"

"Both, Master."

"And why did the steel affect you so much?"

"I don't know," she whispered. "I don't know."

"That's the second time in so many days that you have answered one of my questions that way. It is possible that if you win the contract, I could help you answer these questions, but it would take a commitment on your part to delve deep. You might just discover more about what drives you and what you are searching for than you can possibly imagine. Would you like that?"

She hesitated only a moment.

"Yes, Master. Please help me understand."

"We shall see. But first let's continue the interview. I think there are some important points yet to discuss."

I laid out all of the cuffs and collar on the desk. Then the key. The correct one.

"Use the key to open them all. I don't want you to fear wearing them again."

She opened them all. Even this key fit more snugly into the collar than the cuffs. The hole was just a little smaller. It would open them all. The other key a touch bigger would only open the cuffs.

"Now go into the dressing room and put on the outfit that is there waiting. As before, no underwear. I will again stress that under contract you will be wearing far less or nothing. I will be taking pictures very much like you see on the wall so look again at all of them. You will also feel my hands on you frequently to position you, to fasten chains, to get reactions or just to make sure your nipples or clit are properly aroused for close-ups. Just keep that in mind for now."

I had flooded her brain with a lot of perhaps shocking new ideas and I wasn't anywhere near finished. I watched her again through the one way mirror. This outfit was also leather but this time a bit different. The top held her breasts snuggly in place and completely covered. There was only one wide shoulder strap. The material was thin and showed her aroused nipples. This skirt was not tight at all, flared, a-line, whatever they called it, but it was even shorter than the last one, barely covering her ass and other treasure. The heels this time were a bit higher as well. There was hesitation again but she could not help herself turning and staring at the girl looking back from every angle.

When she returned, I looked her over.

"The outfit fits perfectly but it definitely needs some accessorizing."

I am sure she expected me to again put her in steel. A thought but I had a better idea. I pulled out from a drawer a box of items. I produced first two more sets of cuffs and collar but this time made of thick leather with shiny buckles and rings. I took one slender wrist and buckled on the cuff.

"As you can see there is no lock unless I attached a padlock through the rings. Perhaps another time."

I bound her other wrist then told her to put one foot on the chair. Not easily done in the heels. She had to steady herself with a hand on the back of the chair. I took my time. I could smell a bit of her musk as she heated up. After finishing her ankles and her matching collar I backed off to view, then said, "Something is missing."

She just looked at me in anticipation. I took two lengths of light but strong chains, then attached both to her collar and the other ends, one to each wrist cuff. Then I turned her toward the mirror and asked.

"What do you think?"

I had my hands on her shoulders and could feel her tremble. She just stared.

"Well my little slave. I think you look very Gorean. I am picturing you one day wearing a camisk."

She spun around and looked at me with pleading eyes. For a second time I heard her whimper.

"As I suspected. How many of those books have you read?"

"All of them, Master."

"That explains a great deal. Assume the position of a pleasure slave."

She immediately dropped to her knees and spread them wide. Back straight, hands on her thighs with palms up. Chin down but eyes up waiting for a command. She had no doubt practiced this position and did it perfectly.

"Very good. You know that a kajira only lives to serve her Master."

"Yes, Sir."

"And of course you know that a Gorean Master would make you yield to him for his pleasure in any and in many ways and you would welcome it."

She barely hesitated but dropped her eyes and said, "Yes, Master, I know. It is your right."

"Excellent, but that will have to wait."

She looked up and I swear I saw disappointment. But I had a couple other things planned for her and timing was everything.


"Yes, slave?"

"My cuffs and collar."

"Yes, what about them?"

"Will Master lock them? Please."

I didn't answer but picked up a medium size but weighty lock for each. I ceremoniously clicked each into place. She was breathing faster now.

"Rise slave." I pushed her in front of the mirror again. "Bondage seems to suit you."

I looked at my watch. "I have an appointment with the other girl." It was easy to read panic in her eyes. "But I don't want you to leave yet. This should only take fifteen to twenty minutes. I want you to wait in the studio. The door is across the hall from the dressing room. You can explore a little. Browse the equipment that I use for photo shoots. Get a feel for it. I will come and get you soon."

She agreed with a "Yes, Master." But she was still shaken by my discovery of her Gorean needs. As soon as the door closed I pulled back a large framed picture on hinges revealing another one way mirror to the studio.

There were a lot of expensive cameras and lighting equipment, of course. It was also a very well equipped dungeon. Not just the modern BDSM stuff. It looked like a real medieval dungeon in some areas, complete with rack, stocks, the works. On the walls hung an array of whips, paddles, chains, cuffs and collars. There were shelves that contained a plethora of vibrators, dildos and plugs of every size and shape. This should keep her entertained a while I thought. I saw her hesitate as she walked in. I had to laugh. Talk about your kid in a candy shop. Only better.

As if on cue, Vanessa walked through the door of my office. Vanessa was not one of the applicants at all. In fact I had already ruled out all the others. If Jennifer did not work out I would start over but so far my hopes were high. Vanessa was a real dominatrix, but her services were strictly for women only. I brought her in on occasion when I needed a woman's touch with a submissive model. I should also mention she stands about 5'10", but with her sky high stilettos, she is well over 6'. She wore for this little show, a latex corset with matching latex thong. Her muscular ass and thighs were bare to her shiny mid-thigh boots. The corset pushed up her ample breasts till they were almost spilling over. Above one breast was a tattoo of a beautiful woman on all fours wearing only a collar and leash. She had other tats as well as piercings, but nothing gaudy. Not to forget long black hair. Very much the Domme.

"Where's our victim?" she said with a laugh.

We watched Jennifer explore the studio while I explained to her each setup. All with a light touch today. I wanted her to make everything look spontaneous in her role as just another applicant. I tucked a hundred dollar bill fully down her cleavage.

"Cheapskate," she laughed. It was a running joke. She loved this kind of thing and would do it for free, but I was taking her time away from work and we were friends so I always gave her a little tip.

We walked into the studio together. I thought the girl's eyes were going to pop as she looked up at her Domme to be, at least for the next twenty minutes or so.

"Jennifer, this is Vanessa, your competition. As you can see, she is the opposite side of the coin from you. She is an experienced Dominatrix. You, as we have already seen are the antithesis, very submissive. I am going to have you both do a little improvisation. Actually Vanessa will be improvising at my suggestions. I will be grading her performance on creativity. You, slave, I will be judging your quickness to obey and your reactions. Nothing elaborate. Just a couple minutes each. "

I didn't know at all if she had ever had any intimate interaction with a woman before. I didn't care and I wasn't going to ask.

"First act. Vanessa. Jen is your submissive girlfriend and she just said or did something sexy that made you horny. What might be your first reaction?"

With zero hesitation, Vanessa grabbed a fistful of her hair and bent her head back and kissed her hard and long on the lips. A full thirty seconds or more. The Asian's eyes went wide at first then closed and returned the kiss eagerly. I just smiled and made a note on a pad to make it all look legit.

"Next. Your new pet needs to be walked."

Vanessa grabbed a leash from a hook on the wall then turned back.

"All fours my little puppy bitch."

Jen dropped immediately and Vanessa snapped on the leash. Then she walked her pet all around the studio twice and came back. She patted her on the head and said, "That's a good girl." Jennifer rubbed her face up and down Vanessa's shiny boot. Nice touch I thought.


"Now, you have just found out that your slave has been sneaking around and giving blowjobs. You are intrigued. You have always known she was a bit of a slut and you love her for that so you tell her that you want to see her technique."

Vanessa laughed and grabbed a very realistic looking dildo from a shelf and held it in the proper position. Jennifer was still on hands and knees as Vanessa used her hair to raise her into position. I was impressed by her enthusiasm and style at sucking the dildo. Experienced or a natural, I wondered.

"Very good. You are not mad at her, but since she was cock sucking without your permission she must be punished."

Before Jen could react, Vanessa had grabbed a small flogger and pushed her shoulders to the floor. In this position, I saw the super short skirt ride up completely, baring her ass. I heard the tails of the whip connect twice on each cheek. I had no doubt a few tails went between her slightly parted legs and found a more sensitive target as well. She howled.


But it was over in seconds

"One last thing. Vanessa, you want to check to see if everything that has just happened has turned your slave on. No penetration allowed though."

Her fingers disappeared between the girl's legs.

"Geez, she is soaked."

I saw her fingers covered in juice. I leaned down and said, "Slave, do you want, no, need to cum?"

"Yes, Master."

"No, not good enough this time. How bad do you need it? Beg for it."

Her body had completely taken control of her mind.

"Oh God. Don't torture me, please make me cum.


I nodded to Vanessa who would do it as I told her earlier.

"Ok, but only once this time."

I had told Vanessa to slide two fingers between her pussy lips then up over her clit, then to squeeze her clit between them. I had thought though it would take more than one time. I underestimated her. It seemed like she was barely touched and exploded like a volcano. The spasms were intense until she shuddered, then trembled as they subsided. Perfect. I love seeing women orgasm but all women are different. This girl was incredible.

When she regained her composure, though not her breath, I pulled her up by her leash and led her back to the hall with Vanessa following. I told Jen to go into the dressing room and change. I also handed her the key to the locks. She looked up at me with the sad eyes of rejection. I put my lips to her ear and whispered, "Don't worry, you were perfect."

The spark in her eyes came back as she entered the dressing room. Van and I went into the office. Then she turned to me and said, "Holy shit, man. She's a keeper."

I laughed out loud and said, "Ya think?"

"But you were perfect, too. Thanks."

"You bet. But if you get bored with her, just send her my way. Deal?"

"Well. I can't imagine that happening anytime soon, but friends can share. That's a better deal."

We high-fived, but she also kissed me on the cheek and winked. As she sashayed out the door, I had to laugh at the thought of her walking around in public dressed like that. Only in L.A., I guess.

Jennifer walked in a minute later. Now looking so different but adorable in her cut-offs and halter top. She was quiet. I pointed to the chair and tried to be businesslike.

"Ok. First of all you did nothing wrong. In fact you were great. It's a tough decision though and here is why. Vanessa is an experienced Dominatrix. This job for her is great advertising. She wants her face spread all over. More business. She needs no training and has her own outfits. All plusses. On the other hand, you are inexperienced and don't want recognition, which I completely understand. You also would require me to make the investment in clothes at least at the beginning. All that being said though, I would rather hire you."

She looked up finally at that last comment.

"We now have only one hurdle, but I believe I have a solution."

She perked up a little bit more.

"All your reactions to everything you have experienced so far, show how deep your submissiveness is. That is what I want. But just as important are your facial expressions. Your eyes especially, but also your mouth, chin, etc. Not showing your face is a problem. Now here is the solution. Thanks to the digital age, it is relatively simple. Any photo that shows your face, even video, can be run through a computer program giving certain parameters to alter the basic structure of your face. It works even better than a mask. Your best friends and family will not recognize you."

Her eyes showed she was skeptical but this was all true. Of course, I would still have the originals. I smiled and said, "And I can prove it to you."

She perked up again.

"When you get home, send to me, as soon as you can, three or four pictures of you to my phone. It doesn't matter what you are wearing or if they are head shots or full body as long as your face is very visible. I will alter them and send them back to you in a few hours. Then you can test the people closest to you by asking if they know that girl. I suggest taking them with different clothes and backgrounds so they can't guess that way. Never tell them it is really you. I will wait a day or two after for your call, but please call me either way you decide. Here is my cell number. Ok. Now here is the offer so you can think about that, too. I won't pay for basic training sessions or just time discussing your submissiveness. Only for photo shoots. I usually pay $50 per hour for a newbie, but because I think you have so much potential I will double that. Send me the pictures as soon as possible.

"Since you may or may not be back, I am not going to send you home with expensive steel cuffs and collar this time. Instead, these will suffice and I expect you to wear them often, if not always, until we meet again. I think you were born to be collared and cuffed, and you will feel naked without them. They have no locks, so nothing can go wrong," I smiled.

I handed her black leather cuffs and a collar. The collar was spiked, not unlike a Goth girl might wear, certainly not unlike a dog bitch would wear. She timidly held out her hand, took them, and dropped them in her bag.

"Oh, and one last thing. For all your trouble and extra transportation expense about the key to your collar, maybe this will help."

I folded a hundred dollar bill and tucked it into her halter.

"You may leave now, slave. This choice may be the most important one so far in your young life."

As she went through the door she looked back, smiled and said, "Thank you so much, Master."

Chapter 3 (added: 2015/01/16)

I stepped out of the building, the $100 still poking out of my halter top. I was walking on clouds and my heart was still racing. I looked left and right, then straight ahead and just smiled a mile wide. I did it! I wanted to shout with glee.

I looked at the hundred and started to laugh, loudly and joyfully. Relief coursed through my veins and then a thought hit me. If anyone walked by right now, seeing the bill showing out of my skimpy top, they would conclude I was a happy hooker with a generous tip! And you know what, I didn't care. No one would know me here and I just got a job that was a fantasy come true!

Sunset Blvd is alive day and night. Tourists and locals mingle in a menagerie ranging from ordinary to otherworldly. I pulled the spiked leather collar from my bag and strapped it around me neck, tight. I doubted anyone would give me a second look.

I walked towards the bus stop, the smile not fading. I felt the stickiness of my thighs, and I wanted to stop and play with myself. 'Get a hold on, girl,' I thought happily. Unbridled joy, having found an outlet for my long repressed fantasies. I pulled the $100 from my top, and pushed it deeply into my bag. I felt the leather, considered stopping right there and cuffing my ankles and wrists, and then decided to revel in the anticipation and wait until I was back home.

The sun had set when I arrived back at my apartment. "Teryn," I called, hoping she was not home, and she was not. My heart was beating as I raced to my bedroom, shut the door and began to undress. I wanted to masturbate so badly. Then I paused, at war with my desires. I removed the hot and sexy collar.

Priorities. Main meal before dessert. I quickly took several selfies for Master. If anyone saw them, nothing would seem out of the ordinary. Short dress in one picture, cut-off shorts in another, girl-next-door smile in one, bad-ass girl stare in the next. Just another coed trying to act desirable, I laughed to myself. I sent the pictures to his cell and quickly stripped.

In seconds, the cuffs were tightly strapped around my wrists and ankles. The collar was tight against my neck. I was a Gorean slave girl. I stood before the mirror, hands locked behind my head, breasts thrust out, legs spread and pussy aflame. I couldn't wait.

Propping one foot on the top of the desk, trying to replicate the fingerings of Mistress Vanessa, I knew I could force a cum in seconds. I withdrew my fingers, took a selfie with my legs spread, set the phone down, grabbed my wet panties from the floor, stuck them in my mouth to muffle any sound, and seconds later exploded in my second orgasm as a "slave." I crumbled to the floor, not wanting the moment to end, extracting all possible magma from my throbbing pussy. I sighed and lay in wonder and satisfaction, my fingers plunging in and out.

I must have fallen asleep. "Jenn! Hey, wanna get something to eat?" Teryn. She was home and I was in a naked heap, smelling of musk, my fingers imbedded in my cunt, the embers still aglow. The door!

It was not unusual for us to barge right into each other's room. I scrambled to my feet, racing to the far corner closet. "Yeah, hi Teryn, gimme a few. I was napping," I smiled and shouted back. "I gotta take a shower first. I was working out after classes today." Amazing, not one lie had escaped from my lips, so far anyway.

"K. Move your ass, girl. I'm hungry," Teryn replied.

I fumbled with the collar and cuffs, removing them and flipping them to the back of the closet. I opened the window to air out the room, and walked to my bathroom, connected to my bedroom. She might walk into my bedroom, but we have never walked into each other's bathroom without permission. Teryn had retreated to her room and several minutes later, I was showered and clean, all evidence of my eruption washed away.

We walked into the village for a veggie burger, shared some sweet potato fries, and chatted about the day. Oh, how I wanted to share my experiences, but I made my day sound as dull as possible. We talked about going out on Friday and asking a couple of guys to take us to a movie premiere. Always less expensive when the guys are along, right? They gotta treat or appear cheap in mixed company. Men are so easy to manipulate. Just flash a smile and some skin, and hop on the magic carpet for some free entertainment.

I checked my phone often during the meal and walk, hoping for a message from Master. Nothing.

We both had a light day on Thursday, so normally there was no rush to get back. But I had ants in my pants and could hardly wait to collar and cuff myself again. Teryn was simply not convenient today. I lied that I had a major paper due tomorrow and I had only started. She accepted my words and we got back to our place before 8:30.

We didn't lock the doors to our bedrooms. That would have seemed strange, but I shut it and tossed my heavy bag with a few books in front of the door, just in case. That might give me an extra 3 or 4 seconds, if needed. In moments, I was a Gorean female, naked except for the black leather.

I picked up my phone, unable to refrain, and called him.


"Hi. This is Jennifer. Just checking you got my photos."

"Yes, in fact, I just finished shopping them and I'll send them back to you so you can see what I meant."

"That's great, thanks."

Pregnant pause.

"Was there anything else?" he asked.

"I just wanted to say I want the job."

"I thought you wanted to think about it and check what I meant about how I could photoshop to hide your true identity."

"No, I mean, I am sure what you say is true and I don't want to seem hesitant. I trust you."

"That's good to hear. But there is trust and there is trust." He paused, but I sensed what he meant. "What are you wearing right now?"

He must know. He can tell it in my voice. "Nothing."

"Haha, I am not surprised," he chuckled.

For just a moment, I flared inside. Why would he say that? I was not that kind of girl, at least not usually.

"I doubt you are totally naked."

"Um, I have on the collar and cuffs you let me borrow."


"Nothing else."

"What about your hoop earrings? They tell a lot about you, you know, especially if you have read as many Gorean books as you said earlier."

Yes, the hoops. I never thought much about them anymore. I knew the symbolic meaning on Gor, that only slave girls wore them. "Yes, Sir," I quietly confirmed.

"Nadu," he spoke harshly into the phone. Immediately I dropped to my knees, spreading them widely, back straight, my breasts thrust out. "Put the phone on speaker and set it on the floor. Place your hands in the appropriate location." I obeyed immediately.

"How many times have you masturbated since you left me earlier?"

"Once, Master," I revealed.

"Only once, slave? Tell me about it."

Hesitantly, I did.

"That was hours ago. What have you done since, slave?"

"I went to have dinner with my roomie and just got back a few minutes ago."

"So the first thing you did upon returning was to strip and call me?"

"Yes, Sir," I quietly admitted.

"I noticed today that you are not completely shaven below the neck. Nice trim, but I want you to shave completely for our first official shoot." I guess it was not asking too much. I was not committed to my 'little triangle' of pussy hair.

"Yes, Sir, I will. When would you like me for the shoot?"

"I was thinking Friday after school. Might run a little late, like 12 a.m. Is that a problem?"

I thought of Teryn briefly, but I could hardly use that as an excuse. After all, this was my chance!

"Not a problem, no Sir."

"Stand, slave. Take a picture of yourself and send it to me now. If you trust me, showing your face. If not, then neck down."

"Like this? I mean, naked?" I asked stupidly, regretting my words instantly.

"Of course, slave. Now!"

I stood before the mirror. The first picture showed all of me. What should I do? My heart was beating so fast. How could I send him this photo? I barely knew him!

I retook the picture, making sure my face was hidden from my nose up. It looked ok. It would have to do. I sent it, my breathing rapid and ragged.

In seconds, my phone rang. "Hello."

"I realize you might not trust me with your face, but look at the rest of your posture. It is, in a word, regrettable!"

"I'm sorry, I..."

"Then retake it, and convince me you are the right slave for the job."

I was no longer thinking clearly. I was reacting to his commands and my need to get the job. I set the timer, stood far enough back to make sure I would not be cropped top nor bottom, and stood as I had before the mirror. Legs spread, hands locked behind my back, collar, cuffs, and hoops visible. I didn't even think of whether to smile or not, but when I saw the picture, with my mouth agape, it told the truth. I was a slave in heat. I sent the picture.

Moments later, I was rewarded with his praise. "That's more like it. See you Friday at 3. Make sure you are shaved. It doesn't really matter what you wear, I will have everything you need when you arrive."

"Yes, Sir." He hung up before the words were out of my mouth. I just stared at the phone. 'What have I done?" I asked myself.

I cut off the phone abruptly to let her mind catch up on what had just happened. Sending a naked and very incriminating picture to a near stranger? I could almost feel her panic right now. However, once she had a little time to think about it, she already knew she would be naked, or close to it, for any photo shoot with me and the poses, props, etc would be far more shocking than this one nude picture.

Now I was also thinking about the brief conversation. I had told her I would send the altered pictures. She had said thanks and also said it didn't matter because she trusted me. That was, of course, before I essentially ordered her to send the latest and most revealing picture. I decided to wait an hour for her to stew about what had just happened. It would give me time to shop this recent picture as well and send them all back to her. That would restore her trust in me and make her very anxious for our next meeting. She may or may not even realize that I would always have the originals. The idea may never even come up unless necessary.

The timing of our next meeting was also planned for a reason. Friday night for a college girl was no doubt always a night out to cut loose after a school week, and any girl this beautiful had lots of options I was sure. The fact that she had agreed almost immediately made it fairly clear to me that she would have to cancel plans. Good. Commitment was a major plus even at this early stage.

The next steps were also important. I wanted to get her hooked on the excitement, the perversions and the orgasmic highs of Dominance and submission. Her first taste with Vanessa had gone well. I needed her to experience more slightly deviant pleasures before I started pushing her limits.

And there was the fact she was a virgin. So much to think about but I had to keep myself focused on the goal. But damn she was hot. Definitely a distraction. I chuckled to myself, but I knew that between now and our next meeting my other work would suffer, but I had already begun pushing everything else to a back seat because of this little Asian coed.

I finished the pictures and sent them to her with just three words. "For my kajira."

Now to turn to the task in front of me. I had to decide costume, scenario and more important ideas how to best accomplish what I wanted when we next met. In one sense the time until Friday 3 PM seemed forever. On the other hand the time must have flown, because it seemed that the bell was already ringing signaling her arrival. She was here.

I didn't get up from my desk, but said "Enter!" loud and commanding enough for her to hear. She came in and I nodded to the chair and said "Sit!" She hurried to do so. I had only glanced her way as she crossed the room. As I figured she was in casual school dress again. She obviously had a thing for Daisy Dukes. Works for me.

I finally looked up from the papers on my desk. "First, what did you think of the altered pictures?"

"I was amazed, Sir. I showed them to a couple friends and even my roomie that I see every day. No one recognized me at all. Yet I know they are me and that makes it exciting and real. Thank you, Master, for giving me this chance."

"Good, but now the final step. Here is the contract. I will give you a few minutes to go over it and ask questions before you sign, just like the application. "

I left her as before but watched her peruse the document. Important things like specific acts she may have to perform were clear and at the beginning. Types of poses, nudity, sex acts, props and so on. In other words, the willingness to be touched, penetrated, used and somewhat abused, by nearly anyone, anything at anytime, no holes barred.

There was also a clause about discipline. And, of course, the clause to release only altered pictures to the public. However, buried in the fine print on page 4 was a bit of legalese stating that all this was only for the duration of the contract which could be terminated by either party for no reason. If necessary, I would have that hold; that if she broke the contract, I could release any picture I had. But at this point I had no desire to enforce that. I really wanted her to keep coming back to my studio of her own volition, or should I say drawn by her own desires and needs. I knew she wouldn't get to that part of the contract before I walked back in.

"Questions?" I asked as I sat down.

I saw her take a very deep breath, then look at the pictures on the wall. The plethora of beautiful women in steel and leather, bound and having their holes assaulted in so many ways and especially the look of sheer ecstasy on their faces. I could almost see her heart beat quicken then saying, "Only one, Master. Will my picture one day be on your wall?"

I was impressed but trying not so show it. "Is that what you wish, slave girl? I am sure none of your friends would ever see it there."

"I'm not sure, Master. One day I want you to show off your kajira on your wall. And by then I will know whether I want my face photo shopped, or not."

I was stunned by her candor, but kept my composure. "Hmmmm. We shall see, slave, we shall see."

She was proving so far that she was all I had hoped. My own fantasies come true. But again I reined in my emotions. She had much to experience yet and when pushed to her limits she may still balk or refuse completely. That was expected, but by then she, hopefully, would not be able to stay away for long. It was all in pushing the right buttons at the right time, enforced by a healthy dose of orgasms; forced, withheld, and permitted.

She quickly signed the contract without reading any more. I didn't know if it was because she wanted to do it before she lost her nerve or she was really excited about its potential to fulfill all those fantasies that she knew she had, though was just beginning to understand. She handed it back to me triumphantly.

"Excellent. We are now ready to do business. You know your way to the dressing room. There you will find something different to wear from your previous outfits, but I think you will like it. Remember, no underwear. Actually, from now on that is a rule unless I tell you otherwise. When you return I will add the proper adornments and give you additional instructions for your first modeling job. Now go."

I could tell her heartbeat was faster and her breathing as well as she said, "Yes, Master." Then she hurried toward the dressing room as I watched the sweet curve of her ass that I could see peeking from the bottom of her cut offs. This was going to be fun, though I had to be patient. A lot of things I would love to do to that beautiful bottom. All in good time though. I would not rush anything.

I again watched her as she entered the dressing room. I watched her eyes, seeing her initial shock then joy. The only thing hanging from the rack was a Gorean camisk, and a strap of leather binding fiber. The camisk, for those who do not know the term, is an extremely simple garment. A long rectangle with a hole cut in the middle for the head to go through. Much like a poncho. It would leave her sides bare. Normally the hole was round and the length of the cloth would reach to just above the knee. This was a bit different as the hole extended down in a V to show a good amount of breasts and was a much shorter. It would be interesting to see if she knew the proper tying of the leather "belt".

As I watched, I saw she knew exactly what to do and was eager to wear the crude garment. No heels this time. Just bare feet. Actually any clothes at all had to be earned by a slave on Gor. Most of the time they were kept naked in only collar and chains. I could see the excitement in her eyes as she stared at herself in the mirror. But I had to instill something else in those eyes for the photos. Fear. And I had an idea exactly how to do that when the time was right.

As she walked back into the office and stood in front of me, I could tell she was nervous, of course. The camisk did little to hide her charms from my appraisal. I did not show any emotion nor speak as I walked around her to view her from every angle. I also pushed the opening of the camisk further to show more of her breasts. I wanted her to get more and more used to my touch.

I think she knew what was coming next as I opened another drawer in my desk. This time I withdrew a very shiny steel collar unlike the first. It was slim and elegant. Not wide like the other. I went behind her and snapped it shut around her slender neck. The sound of its closure had a ring of finality. I snapped the matching cuffs around her wrists then had her put each bare foot on the chair to secure her delicate ankles. I could feel her trembling. But I was not finished. When she saw the next item, her gasp was audible. I began attaching the sirik to her collar and each wrist and ankle. Then I put my hands on her shoulders and pointed her toward the mirror.

"Speak slave. What are your thoughts?"

"Master. Thank you. I look beautiful in my steel."

"Indeed, you do. You were born for this. But there is much for you to learn."

"Yes, Master. Your slave needs training. She understands."

"Good." I grabbed the chain near her collar and led her into the studio.

She followed obediently, like a puppy in training. I took her down to the far end of the studio. I could tell she was taking in more and more of all the props and paraphernalia that I used in my business, and for my pleasure, of course. Much of which was beyond the world of Gor and deep into bondage and discipline, with a healthy sprinkling of other fetishes. She would learn about those soon enough.

We stopped with her feet in the middle of a thick, black fur rug. When I released her, she immediately dropped to the position of the Gorean pleasure slave. The Nadu command had not been necessary. One side of the camisk fell from her shoulder allowing one perfect breast to be fully exposed. Though accidental, it would make for perfect pictures. I could adjust it later if desired.

"Slave, it is 4 PM and you are now on the clock. That also makes you as of this moment a professional model. While I am adjusting the lighting equipment, I will permit you to ask any last questions. Once I start shooting there will be no more words unless you are asking permission to speak in between scenes. Otherwise I want you to stay in character. When the shoot is over we will talk more. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

She didn't hesitate to open up with a question.

"Master, you have so much equipment and so many smaller things that I have never seen. Will Master use them on his slave?"

"Perhaps in due time. For today though we will maintain the Gorean theme, since you already know the role well. What are your thoughts about what you see?"

"Sir, the machines, the size of the dildos and plugs, the variety of whips and paddles, are all scary, but at the same time so exciting."

"And, how does that affect you?"

"They are making your slave juice muchly in anticipation."

I had to laugh. "Excellent. I appreciate your honesty and will keep that in mind for the future. But for today we will adhere to the book. No more questions for now."

I took my time and began taking pictures of her from every angle with my digital SLR, while making suggestions to cause changes in posture and expression. I also frequently touched her face, hair and any other part of her body while helping her make these adjustments. Then I stopped.

With an exaggerated sigh, I said, "There is something wrong."

She looked up questioningly.

"For this type of modeling you must also be an actress even for still pictures. Meaning you must feel the part so the emotion shows on your face and especially in your eyes. I should have told you before that for this scene, I need the look of a new slave recently kidnapped from Earth. Though even a fully trained slave knows she is only property and can be whipped, sold or even slain, if she fails to please her Master. She always has this fear in her heart and mind. A new slave on Gor is much more afraid for her life. I need to see that fear.

"Master, may slave speak?"


"Slave completely understands. She has led a sheltered life and has never feared anything more than parental verbal discipline or criticism from a Professor."

"Yes. You need motivation. Then listen carefully and keep my words forever somewhere in your mind. You can draw upon them for inspiration, but they could even save your life one day, so listen well."

Her face was now a big question mark of confusion.

"You are very naïve and far too trusting due to that pampered life. This is also a very common trait of submissive women. Sometimes it is the excitement they seek while in their search of a Master. Unfortunately, there are very few Masters and many abusive and dangerous men. Some are far worse predators and prey on such women because of their vulnerability. Trust is 100% mandatory between a Master and his slave, but it is hard to find and should not be easily given. Most important, never allow someone to tie you up unless you trust them with your life. Now slave, with that in mind, how long have you known me?"

"Three days, Sir."

"Exactly my point."

I snapped another picture right then. The look in her eyes had changed. Much better. I took a few more then showed her the difference. She nodded, but the fear stayed in her eyes. What I had said to her would and should stay with her when I or especially someone else chained her or otherwise made her helpless.

I put down my camera and removed her sirik. Then I grabbed the leather strip around her waist and yanked. It had been knotted correctly and came completely away in my hand.

"I want you to remove the camisk for the rest of the shoot. Do it slowly. New slaves are more frequently naked till they earn the right to wear any garment at all. But you know all that."

I half expected her to balk at this command but there was no hesitation at all. I took several pictures of the 'unveiling.' And now she was beautifully bare, including the smooth skin that she had shaved at my direction. She noticed that I noticed, and she blushed. I caught that on camera too. I took several more photos. Wide angles to extreme close ups. Next I took the leash that Vanessa had used on her and snapped it to her collar, then gave it a downward tug and she immediately went to all fours. I resumed walking around her clicking away.

I noticed the fear in her eyes had faded. I laid down the camera again, then took the end of her leash and led her to a medium to large size cage. This time she did hesitate. I gave her a slap on her bare bottom, hard enough to make her yelp and nearly jump into the cage, then locked the door behind her.

"You are losing your look of fear. Remember what I told you before."

Then I continued to take more pictures of her in the cage. Her mind was no doubt in turmoil. Was I just a great director or was there a real element of danger here?

I pulled my phone from my pocket pretending it had just vibrated from an incoming call. I answered it, then told her to get the feel of what it is like to be a captive slave.

"I will be back in a few minutes."

Not giving her time to protest I walked the length of the studio then out the door, casually turning out the lights as I made my exit. 'Accidentally,' of course.

The studio wasn't pitch black. There was still a florescent glow. There were also infrared cameras just in case she did panic. Again I was pleasantly surprised as I watched her. She took a drink from a metal dog bowl in the corner of the cage. No hands. She truly wanted to feel like a Gorean slave girl. I was impressed.

I left her alone for about twenty minutes before I returned and upped the lights. Before opening the cage I threw a couple more furs on the one where she had posed before. Then I unlocked the cage and reached in for her leash.

She followed like a cute puppy that was eager to please. I put her back on her knees in the middle of the furs then removed the leash.

As I again picked up my camera, I gave her new instructions.

"As you well know, a slave lives only to please her master in any way necessary. Far more important than the trivialities of cooking and cleaning, she is of little worth if she cannot seduce her Master into making good use of her in his furs. Slaves are trained how to do this. For this scene you are now well-trained, with burning slave fires and in much need of him to fill those needs. No words. Let your body talk. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

She began to slowly go through a wide range of poses and facial expressions from innocently seductive to lewd and crude. She was good. My camera caught everything. I could see her juices flowing, creating wet spots on the furs. Her thighs and nether lips were slick and shiny. I am sure she realized it and didn't care. She began to spread her pussy, pushing her ass up off the furs in invitation. I wondered how much was role playing or was she past that and truly wanting to be fucked. I wrote that off to wishful thinking on my part. She was panting, whimpering, and moaning audibly now, and I said to her. "Make yourself cum, NOW!!"

My command was barely out of my mouth it seemed when her fingers found all her highly aroused buttons and she erupted. Such a beautiful sight. I kept clicking even as she collapsed, still shaking. I gave her a few minutes before I spoke. Again all professional.

"Would you like a drink of water before the next scenario?"

I thought I detected a flash of disappointment in her eyes at the abrupt change of subject. More wishful thinking, I was sure. Though I wanted her badly, it was too soon. She nodded agreement to the water. I reached into the cage and returned with the water bowl then told her to drink. Without hesitation, she lapped it up greedily. She looked up at me with water dripping from her chin and her eyes seeking approval. I reached down and patted her head and scratched her behind the ears.

"Good girl."

"Thank you, Master," she replied, still flushed.

"But pets do not speak," I admonished her playfully. "You just gave me an idea. Follow me pet."

She followed on all fours to the foot of the bed in the corner. It was made from rough hewn wood that looked old. There were four large round posts at the corners with chains imbedded in them at strategic places. The bed was also covered in furs with another on the floor at the foot. The perfect spot for a slave or a pet to sleep. She knew exactly what to do and curled up on the floor, luxuriating in the soft fur. I snapped a chain from the bedpost to her collar. I took more pictures of her naked body and contented smile.

Now I had one last scenario which would probably be the climax of the day. I unsnapped her collar, grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her to her feet, a bit more roughly than I had been with her up to this point.

"One last ordeal slave or perhaps your first real ordeal," I said to her as I walked her over to a spot where there were two chains hanging from the ceiling. There were also chains attached to the floor below them.

I attached each wrist cuff from the dangling chains which stretched her arms high and wide. Her ankle cuffs were attached to the lower chains which held them splayed as well.

"I am going to set up two cameras which are programmable to take bursts of pictures with pauses in between each burst. One in front to catch your facial expressions and full frontal view. The other to catch everything that happens from the back.

I knew she was listening but her eyes were fixed on the Gorean slave whip hanging on the wall near her. Also called a tawse or taws, it was a formidable tool of discipline. Her eyes widened as I reached for it. Her fear had immediately returned.

"Master, may a slave speak?"

"Yes, you may."

"Why is your slave to be beaten? Did she do so poorly to displease her Master?"

I had to admit, I was more than a little stunned that she could remain in character under the circumstances.

"A Master hardly needs a reason other than just to give a slave a reminder of her status. However, this is not punishment. This is for the camera. I will make it hard enough to redden your pretty little ass. But I want your reactions to be as if you are in ten times the pain."

"Yes, Master, slave understands now."

I turned on the cameras and let them cycle through the first burst and pause. I was ready by the second. I brought the whip down with just enough force to make red marks. The wide tails of the taws made a scary sound and I doubted if she had ever felt much physical pain in her life before her recent meeting with Vanessa. She screamed as her body jerked away from the contact.

"Noooooo, it hurts!!! No Master, no, please."

I brought the whip to her flesh four more times, then grabbed the other camera for a few close ups of her bottom now crisscrossed with red stripes. I also took a few extreme close ups of her pink and juicy sweetness between her spread legs, from below. Nice angle and view. She was moaning and breathing heavily but I could see her juices trickling down her inner thighs.

I hung up the whip and walked around to face her. The auto cameras were still taking pictures, but I put down the other. Then I took a riding crop from the wall and played with it as I spoke.

"Since you are now literally a captive audience there are some things I want to tell you. You may respond now but there may be some things you want to think about a while before our next meeting.

"Yes, Master. Your slave is listening."

"Good. First it is obvious you are very aroused now. In time we will talk in more detail and learn together all the things that excite you, but right now I am curious about the pain. Your nipples are very hard and I see you are dripping with desire."

I punctuated my words with the touch of the crop, first using the tip to circle her extended nipple. Then I snapped the crop against it and did the same to the other. She gasped and whimpered.

"Master, before meeting you and Mistress Vanessa, I had never even been spanked or paddled, much less whipped. But Sir, I admit when reading about the punishments of Gor, I would cum many times."

"Very good. Those nipples seem to be begging to be ringed and belled." Her eyes went wide at that comment. I had her full attention.

I ran the leather tip of the crop down over her sensitive stomach, over her clit and down over her pussy lips. She jerked her hips forward wanting and needing more contact. I began to tap the leather end of the crop against her swollen clit.

"As you have already seen by all the props, equipment and pictures, we have much we can explore and photograph together. Much, much more, far beyond the Gorean way of life. Would you like that?"

I hadn't stopped tapping and toying with her clit.

"Yes, Master, I think so, Master."

Then a pause.

"Master, pleasssseee!!!"

'"Please, what?"

"Please teach me. Please stop torturing me. Please, please, please make me cum!!!!"

I laughed as I hung up the crop and thought how easy this would be. I took one nipple and twisted it. Then roughly grabbed her crotch and squeezed. I continued to abuse her nipples as I slid my fingers up and down between her pussy lips then found her engorged pleasure button. I pressed it hard with my thumb and rubbed. It took about five seconds and she screamed.


She flooded my hand with her juice. I knew I could make her cum again and probably several times but I wanted her to go home still in need and masturbate while thinking about all that had happened. I told her as much. I did, however, make her lick all her juices from my hand before I removed her from the chains and turned off the cameras. She was still out of breath as I led her out of the studio. I pointed toward the dressing room and told her to get dressed and meet me in the office.

I didn't watch her dress this time. I could review the video later, but I could imagine her trying to see how red her ass was. I admit that even I was stunned by her performance. I do not believe I had ever seen such a natural, a woman born to be a slave.

When she entered the room I motioned her to the chair across the desk from me. She sat down quite gingerly.

"Now, I would say for your very first photo shoot, you did well. I especially liked the fact that you remained in character the whole time. What say you? Was there anything you really enjoyed or didn't enjoy? Speak freely. I demand honesty."

"Master. I loved everything," she responded, with girlish enthusiasm.

I laughed at her joy.

"Excellent. That may not always be the case, of course, as we explore your limits. Now, (all businesslike again), I know it is only about 9 PM and I told you we would probably work till midnight, but I think that is enough for our first session. I will however pay you for the entire time that I had mentioned before. In the future I will just leave it open ended and pay you for your time in front of my camera. Let's see. I put you on the clock at 4."

I counted out eight, one hundred dollar bills and handed them to her. Her eyes lit up. Icing on the cake.

"Thank you so much, Master. Will you need me again soon?"

"Yes, but I have much work to do now with the shots I took of you today. There are probably hundreds. Usually, only a small percentage survive my critique and are good enough to use. I will send you a few of the best of the best and you can see the rest when you return."

"Master, can I borrow the collar and cuffs again?" she asked, almost a plea.

"With the money you earned tonight, you can buy your own," I joked.

"Yes, but then they are not yours," she replied quickly. I understood.

"Which ones?" I asked, moving towards the drawers.

"Steel, please, wide steel, and maybe some length of chains?"

I grinned, my back to her, and said over my shoulder, "Locking?"

"Yes, please, Master, as long as I can borrow the key, also."

Too bad, I thought. One day she will yield to her desires, and allow me to keep the key.

As I walked her to the door, I said, "Oh, one more thing. Your body is beautiful and a nearly unmarked canvas. Only your ears and navel are pierced so far. I think a few elegant modifications are needed before we continue. Here," and I handed her a business card. "You have an 11:00 appointment tomorrow morning. Everything is paid for. Wear your collar and cuffs."

She looked at the card, then back at me, saying nothing. But I could read her mind as she saw her appointment at the Prix Chic Studio, subtitled Piercing, Tattoos and Body Beautification. Just a few blocks away on Sunset.

"Oh, and get a size larger hoop earrings for our next shoot." I was opening the door for her and I could tell she wanted to say something, but changed her mind. I told her then to go home and think about the whole evening, masturbate and cum as much as she wanted. I would expect her to tell me details as before. Perhaps in a phone call. She agreed without hesitation and I watched her backside disappear into the elevator.

A torrent of images flooded my mind right then. Some of what I had seen and done the last few hours. Some of wickedness I hoped to make happen in the future. I didn't know how long I could keep her interest, of course, but I intended to make good use of her and the time I had while it lasted. She was everything I wished I had found many years ago.

Chapter 4 (added: 2015/03/25)

Is this what it feels like to be a Gorean slave? I doubt my current state even scratched the surface, but I felt so alive and "woman." I did not want to leave; I wanted these emotions that coursed through my body to last forever.

Was this fantasy, or was this real? It felt real. I certainly did not fake the orgasm, nor the yearning in my belly for more. The money was real, and I laughed to myself. Imagine being paid to live out my deepest fantasy.


And then reality, briefly pushed aside, set in. I looked at the card Master had given me, with 11:00 a.m. handwritten at the top. My parents had nearly died when I pierced my ears and navel, but clearly Master had something else in mind, "elegant modifications" he called them. What did that mean?

I needed to get back to my apartment, to cum, and to call Master and make sure he understood I could not allow certain body mods that would be evident to my parents. Yet, I had to admit, if not for the parentals, I would be willing and more than just a little interested. I turned my back to the street, reached down to my cut-off denims, and was tempted to cum right there on the side walk.

I hurried to the bus stop, before I lost the battle within.

It was nearly 10:30 when I got back to my place, far too early for Teryn to be home. I hoped she was not upset with me. I would treat her to a scrumptious meal with my easily-earned money and make sure she and I were still good.

I love my bathroom cums, the warm spray from the handheld shower head pressed against my pussy, the needles of water pulsating in harmony with my need. I lay in the tub, naked, but collared and cuffed in steel. I checked that they would open before locking them around my neck, ankles, and wrists. I filled the tub with warm water.

11:15 pm. I did not expect Teryn before 1 or 2 a.m., so there was no rush. I took a picture, headless of course, of my masturbating in the tub. I called Master, certain he would still be awake.

"Kajira," he stated matter-of-factly upon answering.

"Yes, Master. Your kajira reports she had a glorious cum." I described how I masturbated, the very act of disclosing something so intimate that I began to juice again. There was a thin, oily slick on the surface of the bath water.

"Send me a picture, immediately."

"Yes, Master," and I sent the one I had just taken.

There was a pause. "You had it ready to go, didn't you, kajira?"

"Yes, Master."

"Tell me what you are feeling right now. Leave nothing out."

"I feel totally at peace and happy, Master. It is like a total release of needs and passions and desires that I have suppressed for years. Do you understand, Master?"

"Of course, kajira. And think how far you have come in only a few days. If I had asked the same thing before, your response would have been, 'I don't know.' Now you know and understand as Gorean slaves understood, that only as a slave can you be truly free."

"Yes, Master, I now understand and yet I am sad."

"Sad? Why is that, kajira?"

"Because, because I am in need." I felt release just telling him, though I am sure he already knew.

"I continue to be amazed that you are a virgin. How is that possible, since you are a simmering slave if ever I have seen one."

My clitty throbbed at his comment. "I just never wanted to hurt my parents. I partially tore my own hymen one day with a cucumber; at least I think I did."

"I'm not surprised," he laughed.

I continued to play with myself, my clitty playing peek-a-boo underwater. "Master, about tomorrow..."

"Yes, slave?"

"The Prix Chic, I mean, what do you have planned for me?"

"That would spoil the surprise slave, and remember, curiosity is not becoming a kajira."

I knew that expression, but still... "Master, as much as I want this job and as much as I enjoy it and you, I cannot allow anything that would be obvious to my parents. They were angry enough with my ears and belly button."

"I understand. What I have planned will not be problematic, but for us to continue, for me to train you, and for you to further understand your own body, you must obey me and trust that I am doing what is best. Do you trust me, Jenn?"

Jenn. Not slave nor kajira. "Yes, I trust you, Master."

"Good. After your appointment, come by the studio. I will clear my afternoon calendar for another shoot, ok?"

"Yes, Master." Visions of hundred dollar bills flashed through my mind, and of a kajira on all fours, posing and exposing on command.

"Now, I need to get back to work. So much good quality today, but also plenty that needs to be discarded. I will see you tomorrow, about noon or soon after."

"Good night, ..." He had hung up.

I continued to recline in the tub, but I had lost my desire to cum. My stomach was churning, concerned that I was getting in deeper than I could handle. I could always walk away, good money or not.

It was nearly midnight when I finished speaking with Master, and I was suddenly very tired. I wanted to stay up to talk with Teryn, but I also needed some sleep.

By the time I got to bed it was 12:45 a.m. I lay under my covers, collared and cuffed, my ankles linked by only a few inches of Master's chain. I had already planned tomorrow. I would take the bus to Sunset, leaving Westwood at 8:25. I knew an earring shop in the same vicinity, so I would stop there first.

I never heard Teryn come in. My alarm went off at 7:30. On a Saturday morning, I would normally sleep in until 10, but not today!

It took a moment for me to realize my situation. I knew something was different when I tried to stretch, and my legs would not part. Bending my knees, I unhooked the chain that connected the ankle cuffs, and set it next to me. The clanking of the chain links as they settled on my bed sent chills up and down my spine. I wanted to just lie there, enjoy the metal that bondaged me, but I had miles to go.

I reached onto the night stand and used the key to remove all the steel. I was beginning to understand more and more about myself-without the collar and cuffs, I felt more naked. As soon as I was done with my earrings purchase, I would put them back on, as ordered by Master.

Good thing I put a towel under my ass, because it was quite damp from my juices! Heaven only knows what I was doing in the middle of the night. I smiled in complete bliss.

I took a quick shower, no time for a morning wake-up cum, popped in a slice of bread to toast, some OJ, and then a quick note to Teryn.

Hi Babe,

I hope you had a good night. Missed you, but made $100 on my first shoot. Cash! So my treat later, k? Not sure about today, since they seemed pleased with me and asked me to come back this morning. Miss you, hugzzzzzzzzzzz,


Two lies, $100 and 'they.' It couldn't be helped.

I decided on a short skirt, tennies, and a tie-off blouse. I would have worn my strappy sandals, with ties up my calf, but in a short time my ankles would be cuffed. I really needed to do some shopping, now that I was rich! A hoodie for the morning chill.

Sunset on a Saturday morning was as quiet and peaceful as I have ever seen it. A couple of homeless guys going up and down the street searching trash cans for bottles, cans, and cups of McD coffee with a sip or two remaining. That always gave me a pang of sadness. I could have bought them both a good meal, but it was already 10:20 and I didn't want to be late to my Prix appointment.

Don't think I had forgotten about that. It was a dark cloud that I had tried to ignore throughout the night and morning. I had no idea what Master had in store for me... no, that is a lie. I had a good idea and I still did not know how I would react and if I would allow it.

Erika's. If I was into earrings, this would be the place for me. Earrings and bracelets, from the conservative to the extravagant. I typically wore the same 1" silver hoops all the time. Occasionally a pearl stud, even less often a dangle. I think hoops can be sexy, but if they get too big, then trashy and gaudy. They look best on Hispanics, for some reason, and were not that common among my Asian friends.

The racks were stocked with every sized hoop imaginable, in gold and silver. I always liked the way the silver contrasted with my black hair, and now that I was a collared slave (I smiled to myself), silver was the metal of choice. The hoops went from half inch all the way to 5 inch, which would have brushed my shoulder. Master did not specify, so I bought 2" hoops, paying for them in cash, and immediately replacing my smaller hoops. Still sexy, a little more sluttish, but they still looked good on me. I smiled into the mirror.

10:45! The address on the card was about 8 blocks further along Sunset. I could have walked, but I took the bus instead, arriving at 10:55. Perfect.

From the outside, Prix Chic was certainly not a trashy tat parlor. The windows were nicely displayed, with pictures of attractive models and their rings or tats. My heart was beating a little faster. I could not tell if it was fear or excitement. That is a lie. It was fear.

Master had ordered me to arrive in collar and cuffs. I should have put them on at Erika's or on the bus, but that would have been too embarrassing. I walked past the shop a short distance and found a bench. I sat down and cuffed my ankles, then my wrists. The collar snapped shut around my neck, and I felt my pussy lips swell in anticipation.

I entered the shop. To one side, a guy in a chair was being further decorated on the side of his neck by an attractive brunette. She looked up and smiled, asking if she could help me.

"I have an 11:00 appointment. My name is Jennifer."

"Right, take a seat. Joel mentioned you. He is in the back making preparations." She smiled and I took a seat.

Moments later, a guy I assumed to be Joel, came into the front through a swinging door. "Hi, are you Jennifer?"

"Hi, yes," I said, rising, and reaching out to shake his hand. His eyes had done a quick scan of my body, surely noting the collar and ankle cuffs. When we shook hands, the sleeve of my hoodie rose up my arm, and he clearly saw my cuffed wrist.

He held my hand a little longer than a normal handshake, turning and saying, "Follow me, everything is ready."

Behind the swinging door was a brightly lit hallway. I was feeling better about things, fearing this would be a dark and dingy shop. Far from it. Framed posters and pictures hung on the walls. We went near the end of the hall, #5. Entering I was again pleased. The floor was nicely tiled, a salon chair, bright lights, mirrors making the room look larger than it was. A private room for an important client, I smiled to myself.

"You want to put your bag on the chair?" he suggested, pointing to one of three chairs against the side wall. "Then just take a seat."

I did as directed.

"Are you a little nervous?"

"Yes," I replied. No sense in hiding the truth.

"Hey, don't be." He sat on a rolling stool and glided over to me. "You've had some piercings before, unless you did them yourself?"

"No, I went to a shop at the mall."

"Right. Ears and navel. Very nice. Any other piercings I cannot see?"

"No, Sir."

"I love your look. The steel collar and cuffs are beautiful against your tan and skin tone." He smiled and I returned his smile, without comment.

He sat back on his stool, very relaxed. "You in school?"

"Yes, UCLA."

"Oh, nice. A college girl can always use a little extra cash. Over the Edge pays well, I am told."

"Yes, so far, though I only had one shoot last night."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, it was a lot of fun." I guess he was trying to get me to relax, but I had to know. "What are you going to do to me?" There were probably better ways to phrase it, but that is what I said.

He laughed, pleasantly. He rose from his stool, moving to the side. I watched him as he approached a folder, as though confirming what he surely knew. "Your Master called me yesterday before your first shoot and made the appointment. He must have had a good feeling about you and your talents." He turned and smiled again. He had spikes in each ear, a few discrete tats on his left wrist and right forearm.

I did not respond, just lowered my eyes humbly.

"You trust him, right?"

He could only be talking about Master. "Yes, I guess so."

He had moved behind me and slightly tilted back the chair. "You guess so? I have always found him to be trustworthy and a real professional, though I must say, this is the first time I worked on one of his models when she didn't already know our plan."

He still had not told me 'the plan.' Neither had he asked me to remove my blouse or skirt. Had he done that, I might have said, 'No, thanks,' and walked right out.

"I am not totally familiar with Gorean culture, but he explained a little to me yesterday. I assume you are?" He placed my arms along the chair arm rests, still standing behind me, out of my view."

"Yes, I..." The moment I started to respond, metal flaps appeared along the arm rests, trapping my arms to the chair. When I said "I," suddenly a red rubber-like ball was forced into my mouth, straps hanging from the side. My reaction was so slow and I was totally caught by surprise. I tried to scream and wriggle free, but in just seconds, he had strapped the ball gag around the back of my neck and had quickly used the cuffs already on my ankles to clip to rings at the foot of the chair.

"Hey, hey, relax, I know this seems extreme, but your Master suggested this, just in case your trust was not as deep as he hoped."

I continued to pant and struggle, but I was totally immobilized. "Just breathe through your nose, that's right, relax, think of this as your Gorean moment," he smiled. My eyes were wide with fear.

"So, if I understand it correctly, pierced ears are terrifying to Gorean girls. Is that right?" Back to his calm conversational tone, sitting on his rolling chair, not a worry in the world. And I was bound and gagged, and hardly calm. I just stared at him.

"Yes, well, that is what I am told, that earrings are the most degrading of piercings, because they mark the girl as a slave. On the other hand, a septum ring is considered culturally acceptable, and Gorean girls have no problem with such a piercing." He stared at me. I could not deny what he was saying, but this was not Gor. I admit that the thought of a nose ring had occurred to me, but I had rejected it immediately. I could never face my friends and family looking like a freak, or a farm animal.

"Anyway, your Master says that he thinks your niche in modeling could be as a Gorean slave, so he wants a nose ring and a brand for you. And he thought you might not agree willingly, hence the need to restrict your movement. I do quality work, and I wouldn't want it spoiled by a sudden jerk that you might make." A nose ring and a brand! Noooooooooooooo! I started to panic again.

"Hey, now, wait, I haven't finished. Your Master understands your concern, so let me explain. First, while I will be piercing your septum, you will not be getting a bull ring. It will be horseshoe-shaped and I promise you 100% that you can flip it back into your nostrils and no one will notice. I'm not kidding!" And with that, he reached into his nostrils and out popped a dark blue ring, exactly as he described. I had no idea it was there, before he exposed it. I calmed slightly.

"See what I mean, totally hidden. And as for the brand, well, we discussed that, also. The Gorean brand, as I understand, is actually a cursive K that is heated red hot in a fire and pushed against your upper thigh. Sounds nasty, but then a slave is not much more than an animal in the eyes of her owner, right?" He kept asking questions, but I was just staring back, in rapt attention.

"So, yeah, there is no way to have a fire in this shop, without setting off the alarms. I told him he could take you to the fire pits down at Malibu and have a marking ceremony," he smiled, as though I would find this funny.

"He told me that was a good idea, maybe for the future, but for now we agreed to something more discrete. We discussed various options, including a smaller K on the inside of your thigh, or above your pussy, or even high on the back of your neck. None of these would be seen unless you allowed it." I could not believe these options. Never would I have allowed this!

"We decided on a 'brand' that would slowly disappear. Henna. I will add a slightly more reddish coloring, and it will look exactly like it was burned into your thigh. And the best thing, of course, is that it is not permanent. Two weeks and it will be gone, unless of course you have gotten used to it and want to make it permanent." His calming smile.

"I think you approve. You know why?" Again, the pleasant smile. "Because I can smell your musk."

I am sure my eyes widened and for a moment I stopped breathing. I was sure he was right. My pussy was tingling, my clit was at attention. I hadn't realized this until he brought it up. How humiliating, to be juicing like a grapefruit as a result of being bondaged and having something done to me without my total agreement.

"Yes, well, who knows, you might even cum before we finish. Let's get started. I am going to place a strap across your forehead. Any movement could spoil things. Tilt your head up slightly. There. Perfect." I was bound to the head rest. He would do what he planned.

He dabbed both sides of my septum with alcohol, then used a marking pen to place a dot inside each nostril. "I am going to place this slightly further back. You have a small nose and as I said, I want to be sure you can hide it."

I don't know what I expected, I guess some sort of hole punch, but he very quickly placed a metal piece up one nostril, advised me to breathe in, exhale, breathe in, hold my breath, and with a long, sharp needle simply forced it quickly and fairly painlessly through the cartilage of my septum. I had planned on screaming, maybe even fainting, but on a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was no more than a 4 or 5.

I could see the needle poking out both sides of my nose. He then took a silver U-shaped ring, somehow attached it to the left side of the needle, and pulled it through. I grunted in discomfort and my eyes watered, but it was done. He screwed a little ball on the one side of the ring, tightening it, to match the ball on the other side. He dabbed both sides with alcohol, and I could see a small amount of blood on the cotton ball.

"Perfect. You are a brave slave," and he released my bound forehead from the rest. "Do you promise to not scream or yell if I remove the gag?" I nodded my head. There was no point in protesting what had already been done. I flexed my mouth as he released my arms. He brought me a cup of orange juice from his tiny fridge. Only my ankles were still in bondage to the chair.

"Thank you," I rasped.

He brought over a small mirror and showed me the piercing. "Can I touch it?" I asked.

"Sure, but let's wait a little while before I show you how easy it is to hide.

I looked into the mirror. I saw a Gorean kajira look back. Large hoop earrings, collared in steel, and a ring through her nose. Barbaric. Be still my clitty; you have already embarrassed me enough for one morning.

"Ok, now for the henna brand." Joel released my ankles and held my hand as we walked back up the hallway to #2. I was not steady on my feet. I guess it was the backlash from the adrenalin rush.

He had me lie down on a soft bed, much like any doctor's office. "I need you to raise your skirt up as high as possible. You don't want any of the henna on your clothes." I obeyed, modesty furthest from my mind at this point. I wanted to surprise Master, so I was not wearing any panties. I tucked the skirt into my crotch, but one tug was all it would take. I looked into his face and only a smile was reflected. A gentleman from the moment I met him. Relief to be sure, but also did I sense some disappointment within my mind? Good girl quickly accepting bad girl ideas, I mused.

"I'll be back in a few. Just relax."

I just lay back and shut my eyes. Things were moving very fast, and I just needed some time to reflect. I crinkled my nose, and could feel the ring. My pussy tingled.

Returning with a brush and bowl of reddish henna, Joel said, "My understanding from your master is that the kef is high on the left thigh, just below the hip. On Gor, a slave tunic can just hide it. It is at most 2 inches high and 1 inch wide. Correct?"

"That sounds correct, Sir."

"Turn on your ride side and let's do it," and ten minutes later he was done.

"We need to let it set for 20 minutes. I'll be back." When he returned, he removed the top layer of henna. "The color will enhance over the coming days. Enjoy.

"Thank you. Are we done? Can I go now?"

"Oh, I need to show you about the septum ring." I had totally forgotten. My mind was only half-working. He showed me how to tuck it out of sight. I practiced several times. There was minor discomfort as I twisted the ring up and down, but he assured me it would heal in a few days.

I walked to the full length mirror. I remembered that paperback book along Colorado Blvd years before. If Joel had not been there, I would have stripped and knelt in nadu. I was thrilled with the transformation.

"Yes, kajira, you are a beautiful Gorean slave girl. I hope we meet again."

"Thank you." Like Master, he had earned my trust. It would not be unpleasant to see Joel again.

"Is that all, Sir?" May I go?" I reached for my hoodie and bag, which he had brought from the other room.

"Yes, I will call your Master and tell him what we did and that you are on your way."

"Bye," and I turned, pulled on my hoodie, walked out the door and headed for the front, totally aware of my transformation. I would walk to the photo shoot. I needed the fresh air and to show the "new me" to the world. The ankle cuffs were in plain sight; the collar and wrist cuffs partially hidden by the hoodie. I stopped before exiting the shop and pulled off the hoodie. I would not hide behind it.

I kept my gaze straight ahead, though I knew I was getting glances from those passing me on the sidewalk. It was far busier than when I arrived. Tourists and beggars, Saturday strollers, girls on the prowl, guys on the hunt, they flew by, not knowing I was not from earth, but from counter-Earth, a place called Gor. I loved it.

Four blocks later, having earned one whistle and one "Hi, babe," which I ignored, I arrived at Master's shop. My heart was fluttering, not with nerves, but with excitement. His slave girl had arrived.

I rang the bell and heard his familiar voice, "Enter." I opened the door and saw him across the room at his desk. He was not looking up, which disappointed me. I wanted to see his face when he looked at me. I turned and was shutting the door, when suddenly one arm wrapped around my waist and another around my throat. It took a second to react and to scream, but by then he had shoved something soft into my mouth.

I struggled, but he was too strong. I looked at Master across the room. Only then did he look up.

"Bring her."

She started to struggle with Leon, but he was a bear of a man. She had no chance. This gave me a opportunity to place a dental gag in her mouth and secure it, not too wide at first. She could make noise, was not in significant pain, but it made her speech unintelligible. Leon threw her over one shoulder and we headed to the studio. He was another actor I used from time to time when needing a scary figure. He was stocky and bald with a prominent scar on his face.

I had brought in a new piece of furniture. I could see in her eyes that she recognized it as soon as she saw it. I had made it from the description in the Gor books. Maybe not a perfect replica, but definitely functional. It was a rape rack. More or less a modified bench with stocks at one end to hold the hands and head when closed. The head would hang down so the slave's mouth could be used. The other end was made into a V shape so the legs were spread wide and secured. My positioning of the ankle restraints may be a little higher as I intended for access of all holes. I do not remember seeing any reference to anal sex in the novels. There is no doubt to me it would be common. Perhaps this act was just not a favorite of the author. I am not so inhibited.

Leon plopped her down on the rack none too gently and he held her hands for me to drop the stock in place over them and her head. Then after removing her skirt, we each took an ankle and secured it into place. I untied the knot in her blouse to uncover her tits. It needed to be out of the way for everything that would be done to them and of course for the cameras. I also took this opportunity to adjust the gag wider and unwanted noises from her became more difficult. She knew she was helpless anyway and at our mercy. There would be none for a while. Yes I knew I was taking a risk in ramping things up so soon. But with the contract to back me up I was on safe legal ground. More important to me was going too far, too quickly and her not coming back. But something told me it would be very difficult to exceed her limits with anything that wouldn't be way past my own as well. Just a hunch based on my experience with such women.

As we stood over her, her eyes darted back and forth between us. Her fear had returned in spades. It was Leon that began to remove his shirt and then everything else as she could only stare. When his manhood came into view, I saw more terror in her eyes. She squirmed but to no avail.

I merely adjusted the positioning of the lights and cameras. Taking my time in the process then standing over her again to speak.

"I like your new kef, though it is definitely not a sign of commitment.

But it will do for these pictures. The nose ring is also a small step in the right direction. Your virginity is definitely in the way, more psychologically than physically. You told me last night you are in need but you don't want to disappoint your mother. Only partly true I believe, you have been fooling only yourself, since your mother would never know if you lost it unless you told her. In reality, you have just not met a man that is knowledgeable enough to see through your brashness. You are a strong young woman and no doubt even intimidate some men, when what you are doing is just putting up barriers in hopes someone will see through you and take what he, or she, wants and give you what you need. A true Gorean would not put up with those games. And no doubt I have waited far too long. But, that being said, timing is everything."

I continued to talk while picking up a couple more props. I first took two nipple clamps with bells and attached them to her nipples. They had teeth and I am sure they hurt. But her nipples were already hard and extended and all I heard were moans through the gag. Some day those nipples needed to be pierced.

"It shouldn't amaze me, but always does, how a little pain in the right places can elicit such sweet sounds from a woman such as you." Then I took four more smaller clamps, also with bells and placed two on each labia. I noticed her juices already glistening on her smooth and delicious looking treasure. Perfect.

"It looks like she is ready to play Leon. Why don't you have a little fun with her and I will be back shortly."

Panic showed in her eyes then. I would not be there to protect her. She struggled.

"Slave. Remember what you are. As your Master, I own you. And you will do what I want and with whom I want, at my whim. But need I remind you that all men are your masters as well. Leon has his instructions. You will please him."

With that note I started up the programmed cameras and left the room. This time there were also a couple video cameras where she could see them. They would catch all the action. But of course I watched the show.

Leon took his time flicking her new bells and pulling on the clamps. Delicate little pains that I am sure found their way to her clit. There probably wasn't an inch of her exposed skin that he didn't poke and prod with his meaty hands. All those years of masturbating to the thoughts of being helpless for a man were now a definitely reality, though Leon might not have been in her fantasies. The fun was only beginning.

I made all my directions and limits clear to Leon, but of course Jenn didn't know that and could only fear she was at the mercy of this brut. First he took a small flogger from the wall and let her feel it on all her most sensitive spots. Not just her ass and legs but the insides of her thighs, her pussy lips, all the way up including her already pained nipples and all of her breasts. She would have lash marks all over her for a while. But I had told him to make sure they would go away in a few hours. When he was tired of this and she was striped, I could tell in the camera that she was overwhelmed with both fear and lust.

Leon walked around to her head which was dangling upside down from the stocks. Her jaws held wide by the gag. She knew what was coming as she stared at the huge cock in front of her eyes. She didn't have much chance to prepare as he slid into her mouth and down her throat. He wasn't gentle, though he did give her a chance to breathe on occasion till she got the rhythm. Her tiny Asian mouth was being brutalized. Hard core yet immensely erotic to see her take it.

"Gak, gak," animal-like sounds emanated from her gaping mouth.

The cameras, both still and video would capture it all. I could look at another camera and see her juices now nearly streaming out of her and down over her ass to the floor below.

Leon was enjoying fucking her mouth and who could blame him. He lasted a long time till I could see him let go and blast down her throat. Then he slowly withdrew wiping himself on her tongue. I swear he let out a victory cry at his pleasure, but he definitely wasn't finished with her.

He slowly walked around to the other end of the rack. Looking down and seeing all the wetness there. He couldn't resist leaning down and running his rough tongue up her slit. I could see her shiver. Lust was overtaking her in spite of her fear. She was losing control of her body. And her mind was probably in shock or numb. He continued to lick. From the clamps on her lips to her clit, over and over causing pain and pleasure with each pass. Her first orgasm of the day hit her hard. But he was not there to give her pleasure and stopped. His cock had re-hardened and again her eyes were a mixture of confused thoughts. She waited for her cherry to be ripped. She was making guttural sounds that sounded a lot more like begging than resistance.

But that was not the plan... yet. Leon pulled apart her ass cheeks and easily slid one of his stubby fingers into her back door. Her juices had lubricated it till she was more than ready. He didn't wait and positioned his cock. When she felt it she stiffened at the impending intrusion. But there was little resistance as he entered her deep and hard. He pounded her as her head went back and forth only moaning with her open mouth. Without missing a stroke he would occasionally lean over to pull and punish her belled nipples. Enjoying the fact he was giving her pain. He lasted even longer the second time until he unloaded his cum deep into her bowels. As he pulled out, the camera caught her freshly fucked and gaping hole.

Leon was spent for the moment and just walked around her making crude comments and touching her while he seemed to be waiting till he could take her precious jewel she had protected for so long.

Timing was perfect, for as I watched, Vanessa breezed through the door of my office. She gave me a hug and said, "Ok Dominic, have I missed anything?" I laughed and said she had, but she was right on time for her part. She was dressed in an unusual outfit for her. Of Gorean flair, but more like a free woman that wanted to be a slave. A Gorean warrior would make her such if she were there. But she was beautiful none the less and ready for Jenn's next 'ordeal.' I complimented her on being in costume and character for the scene to come.

As we walked in, Leon looked at us and knew this was his cue to

depart. While I checked the lights and cameras again, Vanessa bent down to look into Jenn's eyes.

"Well, well, well. It seems you are in a bit of a predicament. Maybe I can help you. Or not."

Jenn responded as best she could, "agh, gah, eeze!" Could have meant anything.

She unfastened the stocks that were holding the slave's hands and head, then removed the gag. But she gave her only a moment to stretch her jaws, utter a few moans and take a breath before straddling her face. Vanessa's skirt parted and she was naked underneath. She grabbed Jenn by the hair and said, "Lick it slut, until I tell you to stop." Since she could control her victim's breathing effectively with her already wet cunt, Jenn had no choice. She licked, choked, sucked, gagged, and coughed, and made sounds which might have been human.

I watched until Vanessa had two orgasms then turned around facing the rest of Jenn's body. She again straddled her face, but now could reach and torture her clamped and abused nipples. Another orgasm later and she laid her upper body down on the helpless Asian and proceeded to lick and suck her clit and lips. I unfastened Jenn's ankles from the rack and pushed them back until Vanessa could wrap her arms around them for leverage and continue to feast. They both seemed to cum at the same time. I left them alone to play. The plan was to give Jenn as many orgasms as she could handle before the next round. I am sure that would be many for her and for Vanessa as well. I left them to their fun, for now.

I returned to the office and made a phone call to Joel to set up Jenn's next appointment, but I kept an eye on the action as well. At one point I saw that Vanessa retrieve a soda from a fridge at a far corner of the studio and make Jenn drink half of it. I was a little puzzled at the break in the action. But when she turned her over and re-bound her to the rack, I suspected what was coming. Vanessa shook up the remaining soda with her thumb over the top of the bottle. She shook it then quickly shoved the end of it up Jenn's already abused bottom. I laughed out loud at what it must have felt like inside her. But I understood the method to Vanessa's madness. She was removing all traces of Leon from the girl's two violated holes with the impromptu mouthwash and enema. Good thinking.

Now back to business. Vanessa re-gagged our little slut with a bridle gag; then she pushed home a shiny steel ass hook impaling the Asian and tied the other end to her long hair. Music to my ears, as Jenn wailed in despair. Her head was tilted back to apply pressure to the hook. I saw Vanessa take the flogger and use it deftly on the kajira's ass and backs of her thighs. There were light streaks and a cherry red glow, but like Leon's markings, these would be gone by the time she left. Well mostly. Then she took her hands and rubbed every inch of the helpless naked body. Jenn was no doubt a simmering mess, ready to explode or melt from her own heat. At least her moaning indicated this.

A thought flashed though my mind and I wondered if Jenn were relieved or frustrated that her cherry had not been torn away by the barbaric man on the rape rack. Maybe I would ask her later.

I don't know how much time had passed and it didn't matter. I again looked in on the show. I saw Vanessa release the little co-ed and remove the ass hook and the bridle gag. Then she picked her up with ease and carried her to the fur covered bed. But there was not to be much reprieve. I saw Van start to crawl over her from top to bottom, thinking that the good old fashion 69 position was again her goal, but different this time in the soft bed, rather than in the harshness of the rape rack. Being a woman she knew what she was doing and took her sweet time getting there.

First she kissed Jenn upside down, chewing and sucking on her bottom lip. She was in no hurry. She slowly went further until she got to the clamped nipples and released one. The rush of blood back into her nipple was painful, but mixed with the sucking of Vans mouth the pain would soon vanish. She bit at the extended nipple, eliciting more moans, whimpers and sighs of ecstasy. Then a repeat performance with the other. Same response. I heard Jenn moan again, then open her eyes to see Vanessa's breasts nearly brushing her face. She saw the silver rings through the nipples of her Mistress and took them in her teeth. I saw shear bliss on her face as she pulled and played with them with her lips and mouth while her own nipples felt the pain of Vanessa's teeth.

Ever so slowly Van progressed further, kissing and nipping her way over Jenn's sensitive stomach. Her favors were returned in her exquisite journey over smooth flesh. She was in no hurry to reach her target, but once she did, her lips and tongue brushed over the Asian's swollen clit. One by one she removed each clamp on her labia, extinguishing the pain with her talented mouth. Then each of them drank from each other. Over and over. Orgasm after orgasm. As only two women can experience.

I gave them more time. When I finally did walk in they seemed exhausted, but the fun was not over yet. I forced the bridle/bit gag back into Jenn's mouth, then carried her to her next venue of torment. Vanessa was right behind me to help fasten Jenn's arms to the wall where short chains were waiting, high and wide. Then the same with her ankles. I grabbed the camera and took several pictures. A few of her red and dripping cunt, so close up that it would fill a poster size frame with her glistening beauty.

Then I handed the camera to Vanessa. She knew the drill.

"It amazes me, slave, that even though you were forcibly used by a veritable ogre that you still seem to be enjoying yourself. I am impressed. And though not everything you are experiencing is Gorean by the book, you still have kept in character all the while. I think we need to keep pushing your limits, but given your new experiences and perhaps many more in the future, it may be a challenge to find them."

As I spoke I took a length of string and wound it around one nipple tightly, then attached the other end to the side of her bit. I made it short enough that raising her head to look at me would pull the string tighter as well as stretch her nipple. I did the same with the other. More moans and whimpers. I was learning that I had a pain slut on my hands, though she was only realizing such things herself.

I put my finger under her chin and raised it so I could look her into the eyes. She felt the pain, but all I could see was lust. Vanessa took pictures to capture everything.

I had learned over the years that there was something about being pinned against a wall that got to certain women. The true submissive. It added to the feeling of helplessness. Nowhere to run. Captive. She was the epitome of such women. Her thighs were shiny from her juices all the way to her knees. I raked my nails over her skin as I spoke.

"You seem to like pain as much as you like orgasms. I think I can guarantee you many of both."

I took a tool of my trade from a drawer. A Wartenberg pinwheel. Essentially a wheel of pins with a handle. Pain could be administered light to heavy depending on the pressure. I started running the wheel lightly over her breasts then to her nipples. Watching her eyes then increasing the pressure accordingly. I did not draw blood but the pin pricks were evident. Her nipples were ultra sensitive, bound as they were by the cord. I then ran it down over her stomach and saw both fear and lust as I neared her clit, then went around it to the outsides of her lower lips. She was squirming.

I took the camera from Vanessa and said, "I think our slave is quite a slut. There seems to be no end to her desire to be toyed, used and abused."

Vanessa laughed as she found a large vibrator and proceeded to use it expertly on all the places I had just used the pinwheel. But this time Vanessa would not let our slave cum.

Teased and tortured she looked at me for help.

I removed her gag then moved within inches of her, invading her space to make her feel overpowered before I said to her, "Speak."

"Rape rack," she gasped, trying to find her voice.

I gave her a moment then said again. "Now speak. What do you want?"

"Master, please put me back on the rape rack. Take me. I have waited so long for a Master. I am in need and hot in my steel. Rape me. Submit me to slave rape. Pleassseeee."

"Rape for a slave is not a punishment. It is a reward. Do you deserve it?"

"May a slave show her Master?"

"Yes... how?"

She leaned her head forward and kissed me passionately. I grabbed her by the hair and roughly crushed her lips to mine for several seconds. Then I stepped back.

I laughed and said, "Though it is tempting, you are not ready for that. You have though proved that you are a true slut and cannot control yourself when you find someone that understands your slave desires and ignores your childish games. I think that if I took that little cherry of yours now that you would so regret it tomorrow that all our progress would have been wasted."

"Pleasssseee Master. Rape me. Throw me on your rack and take what is yours. What I have saved for you."


I nodded to Vanessa, who then held the vibe between them while pushing her hips tightly against the Asian's dripping cunt. She bruised Jenn's lips with her own in a kiss that lasted long enough for both of them to orgasm one last time. I noticed Van had gotten one probing finger up her victim's tight little bottom. Just the added touch to make them both cum hard, no, more like volcanic. Their sounds were the music of orgasmic heaven. I enjoyed being there to watch, listen and photograph.

Finally we released her and I sent Vanessa with her to help her dress. I did not think she had much energy left.

The two were in the dressing room a long time but I didn't observe. She needed time to recover and a maybe a little girl talk with Van. When the two walked back into my office I motioned Jenn to sit across from me. As she sat I noticed a very real mix of emotion in her eyes. I wasn't quite sure how to read them all.

"First, business." Me, acting all cool, calm and collected which I did not feel.

"You were here for five hours. But as I promised, I will give you a bonus for getting the piercing. You did well today."

I peeled off six, one hundred dollar bills and handed them to her.

"I think you handled everything well. There was true fear in your eyes. Now, only you can now determine if this is the life you want. Today was just a taste of the future."

I handed her a card. "This is your next appointment at Prix Chic. I am giving you some time to think. Your next shoot will be after your appointment just like today. You can go now. You have much to reflect on. Later, I will send you some pictures from today to inspire your thoughts and orgasms."

I had noticed when she walked in that her red stripes were already nearly faded. I also noticed that Vanessa had given her a passion mark on her neck that wouldn't go away so soon. I wondered how she would explain that one to her roomie. Just a guess, but I doubt it was a common occurrence for her. I could be wrong of course.

"Oh yes, one more thing. I think now that you have realized what a slut you really are. I hope you understand that I, Van, and any true Master and Mistress consider that a compliment. I want you to revel in it. Enjoy the naughtiness. No more panties or bra for you. I want you to enjoy the freedom of your desires and always have them on your mind. Something as simple as a breeze up your skirt will be a reminder of what you are. For too long you have been told such things are bad. It is way past time for you to understand that they are not."

I told her to stand and pushed up her top. Then I took a thin strip of leather and wound it around her nipple which now seemed to be at constant attention. I tied it in a bow and did the same with the other.

"Just a couple more little reminders. They will loosen slightly when you shower, then tighten when they dry. You are a very special young woman. Enjoy that fact. Explore it."

I straightened her top again and nodded toward the door, giving her permission to leave.

As Vanessa and I watched her open the door, she turned and said.

"May a slave ask a question?"

"Yes, speak."

"You could have had my cherry today and I was ready. The rape rack was so exciting beyond my wildest dreams and fantasies, yet you tortured me instead, by denying me, and I even begged for it. Why Master?"

"As I have already said. It was just your lust speaking. But be careful what you wish for. The next time you beg, and you will, if I feel the time is right then there will be no turning back because a thousand times 'NO' will not help you. Perhaps I should put you in a chastity belt before you leave. You seem to be embracing your inner slut and who knows what you will do if you can't control yourself."

"I understand Master. But the belt will not be necessary. I have looked for years for a Master. Finally, I have found one. I do not think another will come along any time soon."

I smiled. "Go then. Make that next appointment and I will see you after."

As she left I wondered if she even knew she was still wearing the wide steel cuffs and collar. She still had the keys. What would her roommate think if she walked into the place still wearing them? Then again, that might open even more new doors for her.

I saw Vanessa staring at her round little ass as well, as the door closed.

"Dominic. She is incredible. Thank you for including me in your fun."

"And thank you. We can teach her a lot and enjoy her as well. What we do will, no doubt, be the start of a whole new life for her. If she finds someone who can handle our creation."

We both laughed and I uncorked a bottle of champagne as we watched the video recordings from this very fun session. Later I would send Jennifer some of the very best and most shocking of today's photos. Very fun and more fun to be had. She was hooked, I believed, or nearly so.

Chapter 5 (added: 2015/04/20)

Saturday night on Sunset Blvd is insane. Last night, when I left the studio I was energized and floating on a cloud, aware of all the activity around me. Tonight, all was silent. I walked past the same tourists and locals, revelers and lovers, pimps and pushers, but I did not fit in. I was in a cloud, not floating atop one.

At first, I did think the sexual attack had been planned by Master, to ratchet up the action with his new model. I did trust him, and did my best to act the brutalized victim. I loved the feeling of being immobilized and vanquished.

When Mistress Vanessa arrived, I was not totally surprised. I envy her sexy body, perfect to be a mistress or a slave. While we orgasmed together, I thought of Teryn, how I wish we had a similar relationship. I took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. I was now another $600 richer, but at what cost? At no cost, I decided. My dreams come true, and being paid for living the life I imagined.

I cannot believe I begged Master, as a bitch in heat, to rape me. Thank god, he just laughed at the foolish desires of a slut.

I walked towards the bus stop and innocently turned my head to check out the window display of a froyo shop. 'OMG,' I nearly exclaimed.

She was collared, and cuffed. Her hair was tied back with a scrunchy, revealing large hoop earrings. Her septum was pierced and her mouth was seductively open. I stared at myself, a bold temptation forming in my mind. Shockingly bold. Dare I? The decision not yet made, I pulled on my hoodie to hide at least some of my new look.

My mind played chess. I could use the key that was still in my bag. Or I could return to my shared apartment, boldly, and confront Teryn with the new me. What would she do, or rather, what could she do?

This was not exactly a brain storm, more of a pussy storm. Vanessa had aroused me so, turned me into a wet noodle. My throbbing nipples were the deciding factor.

It was still early, not even 6. I knew Teryn was likely to be home. I wasn't sure if she had made plans for tonight

Unashamed, I took the bus home. I know I got stares, because even so close to Hollywood, it was unusual to see a slave girl out in the open. But how much could they see? Certainly the steel cuffs on my ankles. Maybe they would think I was an escaped convict. I smiled and leaned my head against the bus window, plugged in my music and tried to relax. I was so tempted to reach under my top and thumb a drumming nipple.

I had a short walk from where the bus let me off, to make any final decisions. I chose to flip my septum piercing up, hiding it from view. I let my hair down to minimize the hoops and frame the collar. One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four to go...up the steps to our apartment.

"Hey, babe, you home?" I called cheerfully as I opened the door.

"Yeah, hi hon, you're home early," Teryn called from her bedroom.

"Yes, want to go out tonight and spend some of my hard earned money?" I responded, moving towards her room, my heart hammering on my rib cage. No turning back. Tempted to flip down my nose ring. Lifting the hoodie to reveal the steel. Nearing her bedroom door, hearing her feet pad towards me.

"Haha, I wanna hear all ...," Teryn stepped out from her room and stopped dead in her tracks, mouth agape. I smiled widely, confidently, comfortable in my new appearance. But I was still quaking inside. I needed Teryn's approval.

"What, I mean,..." she hadn't moved, only stared, slowly scanning her roommate. I said nothing, just snaked my arms outward, like an Egyptian slave girl might, turning my body, the smile never wavering. I wanted her to reach out to me.

"Whatya, think?" I asked, trying to take the initiative, to make something happen.

"What is that around your neck?" she finally blurted out.

"A steel collar," I replied, stating the obvious, but moving closer. "Touch it, it won't bite back," now only inches from my roomie.

She reached out and cautiously fingered the steel, parting my hair to look behind my neck, grazing the bite mark that Mistress had inflicted. "Why is it around your neck and ..."

Now or never, not wanting to respond to the obvious question about the hickey. "It was what I wore for today's shoot. You like?"

Teryn stepped back and suddenly the cat released her tongue. "What do you mean for today's shoot? What kind of shoot was it? I mean, I mean, what role were you playing?"

"A slave girl." Simple response, no way to misunderstand that.

"A slave girl! What kind of slave girl? Were you naked, I mean, was this like a pornographic shoot." I just stared back with a grin. "You mean you were photoed or videoed or whatever in a pornographic movie? That is what you are doing? I thought you were modeling, like clothes or cosmetics or something."

"Can we go into the living room so I can explain?" I asked, stepping around her and moving to the couch in the shared living room. Teryn followed, plopping into the lounge chair.

"OK, Teryn, think about it. How many Asians on the short side, with no connections, with no experience, do you know that can make $1500 in only a short number of hours of work?" I picked up my bag, which was at my feet, and pulled out a handful of hundred dollar bills.

"You're doing this for money? I mean, you are throwing away your reputation for money? I don't get it? And why is the collar and those metal things locked on your wrists and ankles? What were you thinking? Do you have any idea what your parents ..." The dam had burst.

"Ok, look, I am going to tell you something that no one else in the world knows about me. I need you, I need your support and friendship and love, and yes, even your respect. Just give me a chance to explain."

She nodded and for the next 30 minutes I took her on a ride from Colorado Blvd up to the present, leaving out some, but telling her so much of what had happened. "...and no, he did not fuck me and yes, I am still a virgin." Technically, at least. I did not tell her that I begged Master to rape me.

When I told her briefly about Prix Chic, and pointed out my henna kef, I decided enough was enough and did not mention the hidden septum ring. I did pull my hair back with the scrunchy, revealing the large hoops. Teryn did not interrupt, just stared and squirmed in the chair.

"And so I am begging you, can you still love me, can we still be best friends, can you understand me and what I am doing? And can we go get something to eat, will you go with me, cause I am starving," I ended it with a laugh.

Teryn nodded, uncoiled herself like a cat from the chair, and walked over to me. Taking both hands, she assisted me to rise from the couch, and within seconds, we were probing each other's mouth, passionately sealing our love for each other. No words were necessary. Relief washed over me.

Her hands traced a path down the front of my top, stopping at my rock-hard nipples. My hands were roaming without purpose, but I made no attempt to stop her. I felt her feel my nipples, standing at attention, wrapped in thin leather. I moaned, and she echoed in reply.

We broke our kiss. Her eyes stared into mine, questioning, wondering, and I nodded. She reached under my top, her delicate fingertips walking up my chest, touching my nipples, feeling the leather tie. I was panting in lust, aroused by her tenderness. She lifted my top as I raised my arms to assist her. She saw. I whispered, "Yes, he tied the bows when I left." She bent her head, her tongue touching my engorged nipples. My head was bent, looking up to the ceiling, wanting the moment to last forever.

After a minute or so, Teryn helped to pull my top down and whispered. "Yes. I can. I love you and you can trust me to keep your secret. And you are paying for dinner, right?" We both laughed and hugged.

"Do you need to shower before we go? Or do you need to change?" she asked me.

"No, not really. The studio has a dressing room and I showered there. If it is ok with you, I will just go like this."

"I can smell us, do you care?" she asked, very serious.

"No, not at all," I smiled.

"K, just gimme a sec to grab my bag," and she walked from the room, as I tried to regain some composure. I felt heavenly. Not submissive, not dominant, just equal, just us.

She was back in seconds, a smile on her face. "If we run into anyone, you explain. Right?"

"Sure," I said. "Of course."

We held hands and headed into Westwood.

I had set up the videos and the still photos on two different computer screens so I could easily grab the stills when we saw something special in the videos. I wanted to send Jenn a few pictures tonight to keep her juices flowing.

Van and I enjoyed the champagne while making commentary on the videos. Sometimes lewd and crude, sometimes making important observations on how Jenn had reacted to the various stimuli she had experienced. Van was the closest thing I had to a 'buddy.' I had no male friends, just a few male acquaintances or paid models/actors. Men bore me. Never been into the whole male bonding thing.

Van and I had a lot in common. We had similar tastes in women, especially the submissive ones, whether they had yet realized what they were and what they wanted, or not. She especially enjoyed the ones that didn't know and needed to be shown, even if it was somewhat against their will. I think she liked the challenge of bending them until they were fully aware what they had always wanted and had denied themselves.

Myself, I had always been drawn to the ones that knew or suspected that they needed to be dominated even though they were strong individuals. They were searching for someone that could give them what they needed so badly. Both types were fun, just different. The training techniques for each were also different.

Jenn fell into the latter category. She most definitely knew, unequivocally, what she wanted and needed, a Master and the more Gorean the better. None of the wimps she had met in the past would do. That did make it easier for her to keep her promise to her mom, but conversely her Mom provided a rationalization in her mind as to why she kept her virginity. Both were true, but neither completely. It depended on the situation, what she chose to believe at that moment.

The time flew. I had a few photos to send to Jennifer and asked Vanessa if she wanted to talk to Jenn or leave her a message. Rhetorical question, I realized, when I saw Van's wicked grin. I had to laugh at her.

I loaded the selected pictures into my phone then sent the first one of Van leading Jenn around the studio on all fours on the leash. Her pretty little round ass mostly showing from under the short leather skirt. This one was from their first meeting, of course. I had my reasons for starting slow.

I waited a few minutes then dialed her number. My timing was more perfect than I could have imagined or hoped for.

"Hello," spoke her slightly nervous voice.

"Hello, kajira. I hope you liked the picture I just sent, though I will send you more later. What are you doing right now? Is my slave home alone and masturbating?"

"No, Sir. I am out to dinner with Teryn, my roommate."

"Oh. Tell me about Teryn, and does she know yet about your new adventures?"

There was a little hesitation, but I had no doubt that even things like this would turn her on.

"Master. I have begun telling Teryn about what I have been doing at the studio. She was shocked at first. Maybe still is, but accepts it as I had hoped."

"Good. Let me talk to her." Might as well push the envelope.

"But, um..." Clearly a quandary.

"Slut, give her the phone, now." Harsh, but necessary.

"Hello?" Ah, the sweet sound of a young female. I had no idea what she looked like, but I was quite confident she was worth more than a second look. I forgot to ask if she was Asian, but I assumed she might be. The voice that came on the phone was confident, yet cautious.

"This is Teryn."

"Good. Hello, Teryn, I know you don't know me yet, but I am very impressed with your roomie. She is a novice, but has the makings for a very special model."

"Uh, huh." I could hardly expect her to initiate the conversation.

"So, what do you think of your roomie's new look?"

"It's different, I mean, yeah, very sexy." A pleasant giggle.

"Yes, she is, and my bet is so is her roomie," I countered.


"Really, and with the right training, well, who knows." I had planted several seeds, time to water them. "I know things about your Jennifer that you are just beginning to learn. I do not know what your relationship is with her. Just roomies, best friends, sexual, romantic, or any combination of those. But what I do know is that you have much to learn about her no matter what revelations she has just shared with you. I also know that you care enough about her that you are concerned about who I am and what she is getting into. Am I right?"

"Yes, of course," she responded without hesitation.

"I respect that and want to put your mind at ease. Do you want to know more? Have I piqued your curiosity?"

"Yes, sure, I want to know more. What do I call you? Jenn may call you Master, but what is your name?"

"Sir will do for now, if only in deference to my age. What you call me in the future will be determined by who and what you are inside. I already have a feeling about that. Jenn is only permitted to call me Master or Sir. We will discuss that in more detail later."


"First a question. Are her new fuck-me hoops evident?"

"Yes, Sir."

"What do you think about them?"

"They suit her well," I think. "The silver compliments her throat collar and the wide bangles, or whatever you call them, on her wrists and ankles."

"They are called 'cuffs.' Common slave and bondage wear. Is she showing her new piercing? A septum ring."

"Wha! No, she isn't. I could not even imagine her with one."

"Tell her to pull it into view and leave it there for the evening. A slave should not hide her adornments." I heard her relay my message, noting her almost verbatim edict, "Your Master says that a slave should not hide her adornments."

"Oh my. I would never have guessed."

"Good. Though you may have seen the goth students wearing them, this has a different meaning for a slave as you can probably imagine. You can ponder that later. Describe exactly what you see, her body language, posture, the position of her hands, etc."

"She has been looking down at the table, but now she just looked up. She is kinda slumped in the chair, haha, but is sitting up straighter now. Her hands are under the table, so yeah."

"I am fairly certain this conversation has aroused her more than you know. I am betting she is dripping. To prove my point, I want you to find out. Not because I said so, but because you are curious to know. Am I right?"

"Not really, well, I guess."

"Just let me prove my point about how much I already know about your roomie, after only a few days. If you can do this discretely enough, slide your hand up between her legs and see if she is wet. She is wearing no panties, as I have instructed her. You can ask her about that if you like."

I could hear Teryn's question. "Jenn. He says you are wearing no panties, because he told you not to. Is that true? Tell me."

"He is right. He has told me never to wear panties or bra."

There was a silence then for several seconds and I waited.

"You were right. She not only is wearing no panties, she is so slippery and wet that she is turning me on as well. This is really new to me. I have never seen this side of her, ever."

"I have no doubt of that. You are only beginning to learn what she needs. Would you like to accompany her on her next photo shoot? I think this would be a very good thing. Not only would you feel better about her safety, you would further understand who and what she is down deep. Things you need to know."

She agreed in a heartbeat. Then I told her, "Teryn, Jennifer is a very special young woman. I cannot begin to explain now, but you will learn, if you want to take this journey with her. It may be the adventure of your life as well. Now, there are a few things I want you to do. Trust me. You won't regret it. Will you trust me, or at least give me a chance to earn your trust?"

"Yes, I guess so."

"Thank you. She has a key for her collar and cuffs. I think you should be in charge of that. Tell her to give it to you and start putting a little authority in your voice. Let her know this is a command coming from you now. Not directly from me." I could hear her. She was doing well. I had a feeling she would make a great protégé, though more for Vanessa than myself. But I would get the ball rolling.

"I have it. Now what?"

"One last thing, when you leave the restaurant, take her wrist cuffs and clip them together behind her back. You only have to turn the holes meant for other types of locks and there will be an opening. Do both of them and they will easily clip together. Even that slight bit of control and feeling of helplessness will start her juices flowing more than you can imagine. Use your own creativity after that and have a fun night with her. We will have a lot to talk about tomorrow. Now, give the phone back to her."

I waited a few seconds then my slave was back.

"Yes, Master?"

"I am impressed. She must be very open-minded and I think she has potential. Tell me more about her. Do you think she is submissive like you, or do you think she is more of a Domme? And, what do you hope she is? Speak so she will understand my question."

"I don't know Master, if she is Domme, sub or even switch. But I guess I am hoping she is Domme. Master. I am blushing. She can hear and maybe other people nearby can, also."

I didn't know Teryn at all yet, but I did know that if there was or would be anything romantic or sexual between them long term, she would have to be dominant if she wanted to keep Jenn happy.

"Slave, Teryn has already told me how wet you are and that is all that matters. Who cares if a couple people hear you. Perhaps that is one of your limits we need to explore in the future."

"Yes Master, I am very wet." It was not much more than a whisper.

"Louder slave. Teryn needs to hear and if a couple others do as well then so be it."

"Master. I do not know if Teryn is Domme or sub, but yes, this talk is making me very wet."

This was more than a minor victory. Overcoming what others might think. Perfect. We would push her limits on this soon. Public humiliation may be one thing she was not prepared for. Mental note made for the future.

"Excellent. You continue to impress me, my kajira. Now that you know your roommate is understanding, I do not want you to keep secrets from her. As I have no doubt told you already, I believe in honesty. There can be no trust without it. Tell me now. Are you still wearing the leather binding on your nipples that I tied there when you left and how do they feel? Remember, be explicit with your responses."

"Yes, Master, I am still wearing them and my nipples are throbbing. You are torturing me and not even here. You know me so well already."

"Of course. That is the difference in a true Master and all the others. The wannabes, the abusers. Too many submissives find them first. The wannabes are stupid. The abusers are dangerous."

I gave the phone to Vanessa knowing it would catch Jenn off guard and not knowing nor caring what she had told Teryn about her trysts with Van. We were on speaker from the beginning so we each could hear both sides of the conversation.

"Hi slut, remember me?"

There was definitely hesitation on the other end of the line.

"Oh, come now, slut. You know you enjoyed everything I have done to you. And the picture that your Master sent only proves that. Speak or be punished the next time we meet."

Her mind was no doubt in turmoil. I did not know how much she told Teryn about what happened with Vanessa, but she would, no doubt, have to tell her now. She may have even forgotten about the people nearby listening to the bold conversation.

"Yes Mistress, of course I remember you."

"Tell me then, now much you enjoyed being led on a leash like a puppy. And everything else we did."

Hesitation again and I could almost hear a deep breath. "Mistress, I loved it all. You made me feel like a slut and a slave and I LOVED IT."

"Good, I knew you did, but be more specific. I want your roommate to hear at least one thing that I did to you that turned you on."

"It is hard to choose Mistress. Being led on a leash on all fours and knowing you and Master could see how much I was juicing from it all, and so much else.

Her arousal was making her bolder. I could almost picture her and her roomie at the restaurant and a few shocked people listening intently or ready to complain to management.

Knowing that Teryn had heard everything to this point, I took over.

"I believe Teryn will be a fun friend for you or more, perhaps even your future Mistress, though that remains to be seen. I hope you both have an interesting night. I gave her only one more instruction that I hope she follows and I have invited her to join us at our next shoot. She may have potential, though in a far different way than you. We will see. Good night and I will see you soon. I will send you a few more pictures later. Use them for your masturbation fun. Enjoy your evening with Teryn. I think you agree that things are working out just right, and more quickly than you would ever have expected."

"But Master, things are happening so fast. What will Teryn think of me? I wanted to ease her into what I am doing."

"Since we have a contract, be here as instructed after your appointment with Prix Chic. You will be here, not because we have that contract, but because you want to explore even things you don't yet realize. Bring Teryn. She has much to learn and I may be the one to teach her as well how to explore her potential. I doubt you will be disappointed either. Just be here."

I had purposely hardened my tone for emphasis and to make her feel she was getting in deep. A little fear is always good in slave training. Reminders when needed.

I hung up the phone and turned to Vanessa. "Well, what do you think?"

"Dom, you always impress me like no man ever has. You understand the special needs of the women that are sub, and the opposite ones for those women that are Domme."

She raised her glass in a toast. "Thank you Vanessa, that means a lot to me."

It was time for her to leave and we shared a hug. There was no doubt that we would also share my new find more than once in the future.

As I relaxed with the videos and photos recycling on the computer screens, it gave me time to think now that I was alone. Yes, Jennifer was my ultimate fantasy, if only I had met someone like her many years ago. But that didn't make me feel bad at all. Maybe better late than never. Reality now was that she was someone I could enjoy teaching and hopefully that would help her find someone, male or female, that would be exactly what she needed for that forever relationship, if such a thing existed. Actually being a hopeless romantic, I still believed it did exist. Perhaps opening her eyes to her inner self would help her find "the one." More importantly though I would help her find her limits in a safe environment. Of course my motives were not entirely magnanimous. I would be having a LOT of fun in the process.

I selected and sent a few more "juicy" pictures to her for later. I could imagine her whimpering as she opened them and saw herself.

Teryn was as yet an unknown, but the few seconds of conversation with her already told me that she was definitely a potential Domme. But, she would also need training. Vanessa would be a big help there. So many random thoughts and ideas were flashing through my mind. All interlaced with visions of one young, beautiful Asian co-ed in chains.

Chapter 6 (added: 2015/05/01)

"That was interesting," Teryn understated.


"So you told me a lot, but hardly everything. Look at me, I want to see that nose piercing."

I could not disobey my roomie and looked at her, into her eyes just briefly, but unable to hold her gaze, I dropped my gaze to her mouth.

"What the fuck is your mom going to say when she sees the new you?

"That's not going to happen. She freaked with my ears and belly button piercing. And since you did not notice, she won't see the septum ring when I tuck it under, either."

"And what about that collar and cuffs?"

"Well, they're not permanent, so when I know she is coming, I will just take them off."

"Really, and how will you do that. I have the key." I looked her straight in the eyes, and though her lips smiled, I was not sure her eyes were having fun with me, or not.

"Remember, I trusted you, Teryn. Please don't tease me like that."

"You're right, hon, just kidding. Anyway, I kinda lost my appetite. Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah, me too. Sure."

I signaled to the waitress, and noticed her take a second look when she saw my nose ring. I handed her $100 for the meals, and left a $10 tip before we departed, not because I was feeling generous, but because it was the smallest bill I had.

As we left the restaurant for our walk back, Teryn stopped and said, "Forgetting something, aren't we, slave?"

I just looked quizzically at her.

"Turn around so I can figure out how to lock your wrists, as per your Master's orders." I obeyed, and within a few seconds, Teryn had figured it out. Her arm linked in mine, we sauntered back towards our apartment.

For more than a block, neither of us spoke. It was beginning to feel awkward. I had no idea what she was thinking, but I was sure she knew what was on my mind.

"What are you thinking?" I had to break the ice.

For several steps Teryn said nothing. Then she held her hand up to her nose, the same hand she had used to feel me under the table. With an exaggerated sniff, she inhaled, and sighed deeply. She turned her head to mine, a big smile on her face, but no words. I smiled back.

Two blocks later, my phone rang. I looked at Teryn, she looked at me. I said, "It's in my bag."

Teryn reached in and immediately pulled out my phone. I craned my neck to see who it was. Master! And she was opening the attachments!

"Wait, please. Just some pictures. Just put it back in my bag."

She turned her back to me and with my arms locked behind my back, there was nothing I could do but beg, and scramble around her side.

"Oh my god," she whispered. "This my god." She turned to me with a look of shock on her face. "This is you! I can't believe's you. Fuck!" Shock turned to a huge smile, the message clear.

"I'm sorry." I couldn't think of anything else to say. I know it was a lame response.

"Sorry! It looks like you are having the time of your life, and being paid nicely for it." She tossed the phone back in my bag, and we continued, silently, arm in arm.

As we neared our apartment, the butterflies in my stomach were active. Teryn opened the door and I entered first. The moment the door shut, she turned me around and her lips attacked mine. Her hands roamed freely and I was at her mercy. Moments later, our lips parted just long enough for her to ask, "Am I wrong?" and then our tongues returned to their wrestling match.

"No," I gasped.

"No?" she moaned. ""

"Nooooo," I never wanted this meal to end.

We staggered towards her bedroom, our lips never far apart. We flopped on her bed and immediately Teryn began to remove my skirt. "Please, release my hands," I begged, rolling over on my stomach to make it easier for her.

"Ok, ok, lemme see how this works," Teryn exclaimed, trying to find the unlocking latch. She would not need the key for this, I assumed, and indeed, my wrists were unlatched seconds later. And shortly thereafter, we were both naked, fighting over each other's lips, then ear lobes, then neck, then nipples.

"What's this?" Teryn asked in an husky voice, as she noticed the leather ties around my nipples.

"Master gift wrapped me last night." I was proud of myself for being so creative, considering my arousal.

"Should I take them off, or ...?" Her tongue began to flick at my tied nipples, and they began to thump and ache anew. When she bit down lightly, I gasped. They were so sore.

"That hurts, doesn't it?" Teryn asked me, compassion in her voice.

"Yes, it really does." I was in a quandary. I did not want to remove the tie, but I wanted Teryn to suck on my nipples, as I needed hers this very moment.

"I'll be careful, Jenn, but I want to taste your little nippies, k?" She untied my right nipple and the pain was excruciating! Teryn immediately place her mouth over mine, afraid of what the neighbors might think. As the pain lessened, I merely moaned, which could easily have meant the pain was less, or our locked lips were sizzling.

"Hon, I think I should take the other one off, also. It might be, like, damaging something. Here, this will help." She picked up her panties from the floor and while I mildly resisted, she pushed them completely into my mouth. And then she untied my left nipple and once again I screamed in pain. It felt like my nipple would explode, but after only a few seconds there was relief.

"Better?" and Teryn removed the panties from my mouth. She ministered to my slightly throbbing nipples

"Yes," and in moments the fire was restarted, the exploration of each other's bodies a burning need. Our hands sought each other's hot furnaces. At some point, Teryn turned out the lights, and the night of wonder continued uninterrupted.

I was awakened by Teryn's stretching and unwinding from our entwined limbs. "Hi," she said.

"Hi," I responded. The moment did not demand depth of conversation. I just rolled over on my back, watching Teryn walk to her bathroom, her luscious ass saying, "Follow me." And so I did.

We showered together, washing each other, our lips occasionally pecking for reassurance. We nibbled each other's nipples, until they were hard as bullets.

She drew the line, when I suggested I help her shave her pussy, to match mine. "Hey, remember, you are the porn model, not me." She seemed to say it innocently enough, but for some reason, her comment stung.

Reading my expression, she said, "Hey, just kidding, really. I love your new look. Your septum ring is so, so barbaric, I don't know how else to say it. The steel around your neck and wrists and ankles is as erotic as hell. And your earrings are so fuckin' sexy."

"Thanks," I lamely responded.

"And what is this slightly reddish K on your thigh. I didn't notice it last night," and then giggling, "too many other things on my mind. Is it a tat?"

"It's a letter than stands for the word kajira, which means slave girl in a sci fi series both Master and I have read. It's not a tat, just henna. I really think he is trying to base my photos and videos on that." I paused, but no comment. "Would you like to read one of those books?"

"Sure." By now we had climbed out of the shower and were toweling each other dry. "Any other changes or things that you have done to your body that I am not noticing?"

"Uh, no, I think you have seen just about all there is of me," I said with a smile, which was returned.

"Whatya say, some breakfast? Just as we are?" Teryn asked.

"Sure." And so we ate toast, yogurt, and oj in the nude, totally comfortable with each other.

"What time are we leaving for the studio?" Teryn asked after a time.

"I need to stop along the way at a shop, so I think I will get to the studio about 12 or 12:30. You want to just meet me there?"

"Why can't I go along to this other shop? Stick together, you know."

"Yeah, um," this was problematic. I knew that I would not leave the Prix Chic the same way as I entered. And I feared having Teryn see me submit to something that would shock her. On the other hand, having her there was guarantee that nothing would be done without my permission. "Sure, ok, then we need to leave soon." Done.

Teryn dressed like a sexy coed should, as did I. The difference was that she surely had a bra and thong or panties, and I was allowed no underwear. In fact, when I joined her in the living room after we dressed in our own bedrooms, she asked, "No underwear, right, slave?"

And after moment's hesitation, realizing this was the second time she had called me slave, I responded, "Right, Mistress." Play the game. "Mistress, will you please unlock the collar and cuffs until we arrive at the shop? I promise I will put them back on, but riding the bus like this would be totally embarrassing."

"Hm, maybe I should call your Master and ask." Her look was serious.

"Master gave you the key, Mistress, so I think that means it is up to you, so please take them off." I pouted my lip, as a small child might.

"I'll make you a deal, slave. The septum ring stays exposed, the collar around your neck stays on, and make sure your hair is tied back so your hoops swing, but I will take off the wrist and ankle cuffs. And in exchange, what will you do for me?" Her grin had returned.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Like, you are a slave girl that has just popped out of a bottle and I want three wishes that you must obey. Deal?"

Sounded very open-ended, but "Sure, ok." And she used her key to unlock the cuffs, dropping them in my bag.

Two coeds showing lots of skin would typically get plenty of stares and the bus ride into Hollywood was no exception. But I felt safe with Teryn, so several times we encouraged even more attention by light kisses and silly giggles.

As we neared Prix Chic, my stomach began to churn. I trusted both Master and Joel, but I still had my doubts. When we arrived, I started to put on my cuffs, as I had before. "This is a piercing and tattoo shop. We're going in here?" Teryn questioned.

"Yes." What else could I say?

"What are you going to do?"

"I really don't know, but Master made the appointment and the arrangements, and I trust him." We entered the shop and stayed standing, since no one else seemed to be there. Moments later, Joel entered. I introduced Teryn, and he asked her if she had any plans while he worked on me.

"No, I just came to support Jenn. Can I watch?"

Joel looked questioningly at me. "Sure, I guess it is ok with me if it is ok with you."

He turned back to Teryn and with a serious look said, "I would rather not, to be honest, because you might be a distraction. If you join us, you must promise not to interfere."

"Sure, ok," Teryn agreed.

Joel shrugged and stepping aside, waved an invisible red flag like a bull fighter, and I led the way. "Room #5, Jenn," Joel said.

There was no point in delaying the inevitable, so I sat in the chair like last time. Teryn took a seat against the wall. We looked at each other, but did not speak. Of course, I was be honest, scared!

Joel tilted the chair back. "I want to examine your septum." He moved the horseshoe back and forth. It stung slightly. "I don't see any salve. I thought I told you to be careful, that an infection was always a possibility."

"I'm sorry, Sir"

"Sorry won't help if you are not careful." Looking over at Teryn, he said, "Make sure she dabs some salve morning and night."

"I will, Sir," Teryn responded, very seriously.

"Fine. Ok, Jenn, lift up your top and let's get to it." I looked over at Teryn, who arched her eyebrows, but I obeyed. "Ringed and belled per your Master's command. I believe he told you this, right?"

I recalled his words from a previous shoot, but I thought he might be kidding. This was not Gorean, at least as I knew it. "Yes, but..." Before I could finish, Joel was kneading my nipples, and I grimaced, not with pleasure, but pain.

"That hurts?"

"Yes, Sir. Master tied them yesterday with a leather strip and they nearly exploded when I released the tie."

"You released a strip of leather your Master purposefully tied on your nipples?" His voice sounded concerned, with a sprinkle of anger.

"Well, actually, Sir, Teryn released it. We spoke with Master last night on the phone and he seemed to give her permission to treat me as she wished." He had not stopped manipulating my nipples, which were now engorged and at attention.

"Hmm," he hummed aloud as he continued to knead my nipples. "I don't think these little soldiers can handle what your master desires." He looked up at me and our eyes met. All serious like. He looked back at my nipples, which were throbbing. I looked over at Teryn, who just shrugged in response.

"No, we have to stretch these, that's all there is to it," and releasing my nipples, he walked from the room.

"He's going to stretch your nipples, Jenn!" Teryn seemed fascinated. "How is he going to do that?"

Before I could mumble some nonsense, Joel returned and sat down next to me as before. "So these are nipple sleeves." He showed me small metal cylinders. Teryn peeked over his shoulder. "I think we can add another quarter inch to your nipples over the next few days. At that point, your master's request will be both easier and safer to fulfill."

Turning to look at Teryn, he continued. "Watch how I do this, because I want you to apply longer ones every 12 hours. Each will extend the nipples an additional 16th of an inch."

He pushed the sleeve over my right nipple and then locked his mouth over it. As his tongue pushed down on the sleeve, he suctioned my nipple like a vacuum, drawing it further and further away from the base of the sleeve. I moaned in both pain and pleasure. "There," he announced. You want to try the left one?" he asked Teryn.

I was panting, my eyes as big as saucers.

"Sure," she happily agreed. Teryn slid the sleeve over my left nipple, pushing and pulling at my extended bud.

"Please..." I groaned.

She looked up at me with a wry smile and then placed her mouth over my nipple. Her tongue swirled around my snared nipple, tenderly, lovingly, and I arched my back, awash in sexual bliss. And then suddenly she bit down hard on my nub. It took a moment for me to register what she had done, and I let out a shocked and frightened scream. It may not have awakened the dead, but Joel reacted instantly, clamping his hand over my mouth.

Even Teryn was surprised and released her grip on my nipple, assuming it was still there. I would not have been surprised if she had flared her teeth and my little baby had been sticking from her teeth!

"What the fuck just happened?" Joel asked Teryn.

"Nothing, I mean I just tried to pull her nipple through the metal thing, and I guess I bit a little too hard."

"Maybe a little," he laughed and looked back at me. "If she is sufficiently aroused, just sucking hard will pull them through, but your technique seemed to work in any case. Can I remove my hand?" I nodded, the throbbing now a steady ache.

Panting, I said, "I don't like these at all. Take them off, please. I didn't agree to this." I felt the tears flow from my eyes. I shut my eyes tightly to block out this nightmare.

Suddenly I jumped, my eyes flying open. Teryn had reached between my legs and swiped her fingers between my pussy lips. Just as quickly, she held her fingers before me, a huge smile on her face. "Your cunt tells a different story, slut," she laughed

"Hey, hey, relax," Joel added. "They will be taken off every 12 hours, and then replaced until your nipples are sufficiently long. Or do you want me to call your master and tell him you do not want to continue with his plans for you?"

I had calmed down, and though the metal seemed tight, the pain was bearable. I blinked several times to stop the tear flow. "Ok, just let me rest a few minutes." As I calmed down, I took another look at the nipple stretchers and started to tear up. I would look like a freak if my nippies were permanently stretched so far. I would have to talk Teryn out of this, as soon as we were home.

Joel and Teryn had left the room, giving me a chance to regain some composure, but about 5 minutes later they returned, along with the girl I had seen in front on my first visit. She was pushing a cart with numerous grooming items, it looked like. "Are you ready?" Joel asked.

I looked at him inquisitively. Ready? What now? "For what?"

"This is Karen. Your roomie had a suggestion, I called your master and he approves, so the majority wins," he smiled his winning smile. Both Joel and Teryn were approaching me, one on each side of the chair. They looked like two cats that had just swallowed the canaries. I looked from one to the other and suddenly they acted in tandem, grabbing each arm and strapping it to the chair.

I struggled and prepared to scream, when Joel held up some sort of balloon-like item, attached to a tube with another ball at the end. "Will this gag be necessary?" he asked

"No," I squealed, "but why are you doing this? What are you going to do to me?" I looked frantically to Teryn, pleading with my eyes.

"Karen is also a hair stylist and we all agree your hair is just far too long. It is too easy to hide your fuck-me hoops and your collar. I told Joel you might not accept our reasoning, so he suggested these straps on the chair. It's up to you about the gag. I would like to see how it looks in your mouth. Joel says it inflates and does not require a strap around your head, which of course would mess with what Karen has planned."

I just whimpered, unable to form a response.

"She's all yours, Karen. Slut cut," and Teryn stepped away, picking up her phone. 'Noooo,' I wanted to shout and plead.

Through the next half hour, I just moaned and cried, as many inches of my beautiful mane dropped to the floor. Karen kept a running commentary for Teryn to record. Joel had left the room when Karen started.

I felt her fingers no more than 3 or 4 inches above my head, as she scissored her way around my scalp. Actually, Karen continually used the word "chop" when she referred to what she was doing. It made me sick to my stomach.

"Please," I whispered, not wanting to be gagged.

"Don't move, slut," was her response. "I am going to use a straight razor along the back," and I felt a sharp blade against my neck. "Next, a 90 degree cut using the top of her ear as a guide." Oh no, oh no, I would look like a total freak or worse!

"That is awesome, Karen," glowed Teryn from behind her phone. "Maybe one day a Mohawk, ha ha."

There was nothing funny about her comments. When I got her alone, oh, I could hardly wait to take out my wrath.

"Now, I'm going to bring it up about an inch and take these thinning shears and..." My mind was shutting down. I could not bear this humiliation.

"We are going to leave her bangs a little longer in front." She rubbed in every form of mousse and spray, lifting what was left of my hair up from my scalp. Using a blow dryer and then a flat iron, my agony was nearing its end. At least I hoped that was the case. At this point I had no idea what else had been planned behind my back.

Joel walked in to check on the progress of my humiliation. He looked at Teryn, who had the biggest smile on her face. Damn, why did I invite her along! "I wouldn't have missed this for the world! Oh, Sir, while Karen is finishing up, can I look around the shop?"

"Of course, the official tour was just about to begin," his smile wider than ever, and Teryn walked out the door to follow Joel. Did I feel a pang of jealousy?

I exhaled deeply, the stress of the morning having taken its toll. It was made many times worse by having Teryn take pictures of the entire ordeal. When we got alone, I would tell her how displeased I was and get her to delete those pictures.

I replayed my days with Master, the pleasure and now pain, the excitement and humiliation, and tried to justify everything that had happened so far. As I was running through the events for the umpteenth time, the door opened and in came Teryn and Joel.

"As I said, I suggest you talk to her Master about that. Of course I can do it, but at this point, she is the canvas and he is the artist and, well, I cannot do something that might displease him. He sends me a lot of business, you know."

"Fine," Teryn responded, almost in a huff. What the f had they been talking about?

"Ok, what do you say?" Karen asked the returning pair, releasing my arms and standing behind me to reveal her spiky-haired freak.

"Oh, this is so great," Teryn effused with glee. "Just perfect, sure to draw just the right amount of attention." Then to me, "Slave Jennifer, I can hardly wait to show you off to our friends!"

I would hold my tongue until we were outside. "I will call your Master and let him know you are on the way. See you again, I hope." He was talking to Teryn. "And I know I will see you again," to me.

I wanted to scream and release all my pent up emotions. Teryn and Joel shook hands, like partners, while I rose from the chair like a petulant child, walked out of the room and out of the shop. Teryn followed a few minutes later.

"What the fuck was that all about? I thought we were friends and you were here to support me," I barked.

"Hey, hey, we are and I did. I think what you are doing is awesome, totally awesome. In just a few days, you have broken years of suppression. You are living out your fantasies and getting paid for it. I totally support you," and she moved quickly into my space. She embraced me with enthusiasm, and I wrapped my arms around her with somewhat less enthusiasm. Somehow she always turned my anger and dissent into something positive. Somehow I always submitted to her explanation of the situation.

"Oww," when she pressed so tightly against my breasts.

"Oh, I am so sorry, Jenn, I totally forgot. Will you forgive me?" and in seconds our lips were pressed tightly and our tongues were roaming free. Right on the sidewalk of Sunset Blvd.

Teryn broke it off by saying, "Hey, let's get going. I am having such a blast and can hardly wait to meet your Master!"

I listened intently while Joel described the latest session with Jennifer. His phone call included the details about Teryn removing the nipple binding and her request which he had denied. He was right to do so. I would decide for now the timing of such things. I was more impressed with Teryn. It seems she was slipping into this new role quite easily as she would one day be slipping her fingers into Jenn's juicing little hole, that is if she hadn't already. She had Domme tendencies for sure. However, I would no doubt learn all I need to know about that today.

I admit I was pretty surprised at the whole haircut thing and at first thinking that Teryn was taking things too far, too fast. Then I quickly realized a few things. For one, she knew Jenn far better than I did in some ways. Her life and the people in it and also it was she that would bear the backlash if she went too far. A more important point though was dawning on me. I was being far too nice. The pain had been mild, the humiliation slight. She would soon get bored with that. The nice guy was seeping into my work because she was who and what she was. The perfect slave, and for all the other reasons guys get smitten. I was being stupid. This was not a long term love affair. Teryn had the right idea. Time for me to get serious.

It wasn't long until the pair knocked at the door and I gave my usual order to enter. I was torn between looking at Jenn and her new spiky hair and my interest in devouring Teryn for the first time. I wanted to see the look in Teryn's eyes and expression on her face the moment that she saw and appraised me. Little things like that gave me insight. I looked her over as well. Slow enough to be sure she noticed. Then I waved them to sit.

I saw a look of surprise when she first saw me. That was no surprise though to me really. I may not look like the "Master" type, but looks can be deceiving. Her expression did not dissolve into humor or condescension, as it might with some people. What I did see was respect and curiosity. She had already passed a very important test within our first five seconds of meeting.

I was right in my assumption. She was Asian. Also beautiful, but different from Jenn. Probably a couple inches taller, same flawless skin. Not quite as striking as Jenn. Not to me, for sure. Whereas my sweet slave's submissiveness exuded from her, Teryn had none of that aura. Definitely more like Vanessa, though faint. Something that could be nurtured and mature nicely. Perhaps into just what Jenn needed to keep her on fire, yet satisfied. A paradox in terms, perhaps, but completely understandable to me.

A whirlwind of thoughts had blown through my mind in that few seconds between the knock and them being seated. Then I turned my complete attention to Jenn.

I looked her over. There were still tears in her eyes. "Definitely a slut cut. Your outside is starting to mimic what you are inside. Show me your nipples."

She was a bit slow to show them. She was no more happy with them than the haircut. I thumbed each of the sleeves up and down and she winced. I am not surprised that they hurt.

"Slave, I will again ask you the same question I did on the phone yesterday about your room mate. Do you think she is Domme or sub?" I could tell she was embarrassed to hear me say that aloud in front of Teryn.

"Master, from some of the things that she has said and done since you gave her the key to my cuffs, I would say she is a Mistress in need of a slave, just as I was a slave searching for a Master to free me." Her head was bowed. It was difficult for her to say this aloud. "Perhaps different though in that I have long known what I am, and she is just beginning to learn."

There was a brief pause then she added. "Maybe she is learning too fast."

"By that I assume you two had a fun time last night." They both blushed at that. Though I wanted to laugh, I maintained my cool. Time to turn up the heat for Jenn though.

"I understand that Teryn removed your nipple ties. Why was that?"

"Master, she wanted to suck on my nipples and I wanted her to so badly. Was that ok?"

"Yes, it was. Outside of disobeying an explicit command from me or further body modification, she can do with you with you as she pleases. She will be with you far more than I. I understand your confusion. Your situation is new. There will be questions of course."

I had used the term body modification intentionally. Though it would sound scary, it was just a generic term usually for some form of piercing or tattoo. Of course there were more extreme as well.

"To continue then, after she sucked, and no doubt bit your hard nipples, did her fingers find your steamy little hole?"

I looked at Teryn as I said that. Her expression had quickly gone from embarrassed to a wicked grin. I nodded to her and knew she understood my meaning. She stood up, yanked Jenn's chair back to give her room, and slid her hand under Jenn's short skirt.

"Yessss, Master. Just like they are right now."

Jenn was whimpering now and breathing rapidly.

"And tell me, did her lips and tongue follow her fingers?"

That was Teryn's cue as she quickly knelt and roughly shoved Jenn's knees wide apart, the short little mini offering no hindrance. Teryn's tongue found its target.

"Yessss, Master. Yesssss. She made me cum so hard. Aiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee."

"Ahhhh, and yet again I see."

In spite of today's ordeal so far, she was hot as a firecracker as usual.

Teryn stood up and looked down at her friend slumped in the chair, then she spoke. "You owe me one slave."

I gave her a few minutes to recover as I grinned at a flashing thought. The idea of this scenario happening with two so young and beautiful women that barely knew me, would seem unbelievable to most. People would be shocked at my fond memories of a number of trysts similar to this. Maybe I bring out the naughty nature in women. No complaints here.

"As for your other request of Joel, he was right to deny you. It was against his ongoing instructions from me. But this presents a good opportunity for us to come to an understanding with Jenn." I looked at my slave, to be sure she was paying attention.

"As you may or may not already know, she found me because she knew she needed a Master to fulfill her fantasies. Fate led her to me. She is now my slave and we have begun a journey together, because I understand what she is and needs. That being said, I have no problem giving you control over her when she is with you, or here under my direction. Things you want Joel to do, like the haircut, however, will require my permission. Agreed?"

She laughed, saluted, and said, "Yes, Sir." Agreeable, yet not submissive. Perfect. I expected Jenn to rebel at this point but her head was down in subjugation at her most recent embarrassing experience, so I spoke for her.

"Slave, I can almost read your mind. How could we possibly discuss your use and fate right in front of you?"

"First, let me be clear. Unless you are already thinking of tearing up our contract, you will obey me and whoever I give dominion over you. That could be either another man or a woman. Slave. Look at me. Your friend has potential and needs training. Yes, Vanessa and I can give her that. More importantly, stop and think. You have passed up many relationships, no doubt. Men for sure. Probably women too. Why? Because you know that in your heart that they were all much too vanilla. Right in front of you is a beautiful woman that you already have feelings for. What more could you ask for?" I saw her eyes widen. She knew I was right. She made only one more comment.

"Yes, Master."

"Now go get into your costume for today's shoot. Then wait for us in the studio. I am sure you will find something there to keep you busy while I speak to Teryn alone."

I saw another flash of insecurity in her eyes as she obeyed my command. She was being hooked even deeper by what she was experiencing each day and, no doubt, could not imagine going back to vanilla ever again.

Teryn and I both watched her hot little ass as she disappeared then gave each other a knowing grin.

"Well Teryn, you have been here just over twenty minutes. Are you shocked at how I conduct business?"

She hesitated only slightly, then spoke.

"Yes and no. Meaning, I would be totally shocked except for a few things. Everything that happened yesterday and Jenn's newfound spark and excitement. I have been trying for months to get her to open up to new things, but her devotion to her parents and their wishes kept her nose in her studies. She has known you for less than a week and she is a whole different person. But I am beginning to understand. She trusts you, and now trusts me more than she ever did because of you."

"Thank you, but she made the first move and found me, and I think we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. I am just a mentor to guide her to her full potential and do it safely. I will help her fulfill some of her fantasies. Some should never be attempted to be made real. Submissive women like her are vulnerable to many dangers."

"I am sure and am beginning to understand why she trusts you."

"Good and I hope I gain your trust as well though that may be tested as you watch me explore the limits of your new pet. That is assuming you want to enjoy this ride with her."

"So far, yes. What comes next?"

"I have a friend that is a professional Dominatrix. She will give you a few lessons as needed. She charges for those but if you sign a contract with me, I will pick up the tab for that as a business expense."

She was about to interrupt but I held up my hand for silence and continued.

"I will explain my contract. It will be much the same as the one Jenn has already signed. Pictures, video, nudity, sex toys, etc. Before you freak out, part of the contract states that any videos or still photos will be altered with advanced photoshop techniques before any sale or distribution. In other words, even her mom wouldn't recognize her. But no pictures of you today. You can wear a mask if you want but I will avoid taking pictures that show your face. Consider today an introduction to a new world with a little free training as well. After today you will need to be under contract. However as long as you and Jenn are together, you may call with questions. But I am hoping you continue to be involved with her training and seeking your own. There is much more to being in control of someone that you can possibly imagine right now. There is a lot of responsibility. We will continue this discussion soon and several times no doubt. There is much to learn for both of you. Right now though, let's see what our slave is up to."

I had hit Teryn with a lot of info and a big decision to make, but I wanted her to sleep on it at least. She needed time to process it all. To fuel her imagination though, I was about to give her a glimpse of Jenn's new life. Shock and awe was what I was going for actually. Teryn's life quite possibly was about to change as much as that of her roommate.

"Oh and by the way, I will give Joel the Ok for your request, but she will know it is your idea and not mine, so it will be up to you to convince her. I must say that I am a little shocked, but impressed at your initiative so far, especially with her new do."

I kept her attention for a purpose. I wanted to get her first view of Jenn when she was close enough to get the full effect. Judging from the wide eyed, 'deer-in-the-headlights' look, it worked perfectly. There was her friend standing in her costume of the day. This was a pair of black spike heels about five inches high and nothing else. Well, actually at the moment she was also wearing a ball gag, also in black, to match her heels. She was standing with feet apart and her ankle cuffs attached to a spreader bar. There was a second bar for her wrists and connected to her cuffs as well as to her collar. She had to maintain her balance which I could see was not easy in the stilettos and bars, especially with Vanessa flogging her in strategic places. I could tell from the red marks inflicted, the intensity of the lashing had at least doubled from her last experience with the whip.

"Teryn, this is Vanessa, Jenn's Mistress in a couple meetings thus far. Vanessa, this is slave's roommate, Teryn, that I talked to you about."

"Nice to meet you, Teryn. A little busy at the moment but observe and learn. We will talk later."

I picked up my camera and began snapping pictures while still keeping an eye on Teryn for reactions. She finally found her voice.

"Wow. Heavy. Are you absolutely sure she wants this? How can she say no when she is gagged?"

I continued to take pictures as I explained. "That's the whole point. She can't but again it boils down to trust. If I were anywhere near her limits I would have given her a "safe word." That is just a term, since it is not always something spoken, as in when the submissive is gagged. It can be a gesture or anything agreed upon previously to stop everything. That also allows any other words like 'no', or 'stop' to be used in role play and disregarded. Since what is happening right now is just play and training, a safe word is not necessary, but just as important as not being able to say no is the way she is saying yes." I took her hand and pulled her closer then wiped it over Jenn's smoothly shaven crotch. It came away slick and shiny. I held it up to Teryn's face and saw her take a deep breath and run her tongue over her fingers.

"Does that answer your question?"

Suddenly she realized what she was doing and sheepishly said, "Yes Sir, completely."

She watched Vanessa alternate assaults from the whip, with holding a small vibrator against her victim's clit but not long enough to let her cum. After a few cycles Teryn spoke up.

"Mistress Vanessa. Let me try. That looks like fun."

"Of course."

She was tentative at first with her strikes. That was to be expected. Van said, "No, too light," as she came up behind Teryn and put her hand around her on her stomach. Then she put her other hand over Teryn's whip hand. She guided her on the next stroke and the next till Teryn got the hang of it.

"It is a learned skill. A whip is a dangerous toy like many you will find around here. None are for the novice without sufficient training. You will learn that." Vanessa voice was very serious.

I didn't fail to notice the full body contact between Teryn and Van, who caught my eye and winked at me. I let Teryn practice a few more rounds of pain and pleasure before I spoke and said, "Enough of that for now. We have other things to do."

I removed Jenn's gag, letting it hang wrapped around her neck, and she took a deep breath and whispered to me.

"Please Master. This is torture. Please make me cum. Have pity on your slave."

"You are such a brazen little slut. Speak louder. I want our friends to hear you beg."

Vanessa was behind her about to remove her spreaders as I was using my fingers to play between Jenn's pussy lips and over her clit. I shook my head to Van so she would wait.

"Please help me. I need it so bad, Master. Make me cum. Teryn, Mistress, someone do it. Pleasssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"

My fingers kept moving as I whispered in her ear. "You are getting good at begging. Your Master is pleased."

Teryn stepped up beside me and pulled at Jenn's nipple sleeves. Then she grabbed a handful of hair and locked their lips together in a passionate kiss. I felt Teryn's fingers with mine as we played her juicy pussy like a magical musical instrument. And the music was so sweet. I had forgotten about Van but she was still behind the girl. No doubt her fingers were probing the tight little Asian back door. We were a strange little foursome right then, but of one mind. Our reward was the shriek that Jenn let out as she erupted, coating our hands with her sweet nectar. The room was already beginning to smell like sweat and sex.

I felt her legs buckle but caught her and nodded for Van to remove the bars. I knew a mini orgy would be fun, but that was not for today. I carried her to the fur rug and laid her down.

"Rest for a bit. We still have things to accomplish."

Teryn looked down on her and said solemnly, "That's two you owe me."

While we waited, Van said to me. "She is only so so with those heels. She needs practice, but that takes time. Maybe you have suggestions."

Teryn was listening but also noting all the wondrously kinky things all around her.

"Teryn, high heels are about as far from Gorean as it gets, but they have a purpose here. As you know, women wear them to attract attention because of the way they make their legs look, especially in a very short skirt or dress. This also translates to modeling, since men and women viewing, love to see toned calves, thighs and tight bottom. The higher the heel the more all these muscles are worked."

Jenn had recovered enough and was sitting and listening.

"Slave. Walk to me slowly. One foot in front of the other. Show me how you walk."

She had a little trouble standing but managed. I enjoyed watching her naked body move and I could tell she wanted my approval.

"Now walk back to where you were, then return to me."

As much as I was trying to be businesslike and objective, her little round ass totally distracted me. Ok, so I am an "ass man." Well legs too, and, and, well, in her case, everything.

"Not bad, but you need practice with those heels which will tone those legs even more. Then more practice with other heels one and two inches taller. But you have to progress slowly or risk injury.

"Now, I want you to walk from here to the bed and back five times. Try to walk like you are on the catwalk in a fancy outfit and nothing else matters." We watched her intently and with each pass she got better until her walk was nearly perfect. We all clapped and cheered. She blushed at first, but then smiled, enjoying the attention. Happier at the moment, but not for long. This was a real roller coaster ride for her today.

I spoke up then and said to everyone. "I think it's time for a different type of lesson that will be important to our slave. Here, let me attach this leash to your collar. I think it will add to the pictures I take to document this."

Before I could attach the leash she dropped to all fours. A very fast learner. I clipped on the leash and led her again to the fur rug. I barely nodded to her and she immediately went to the pleasure slave position without the verbal command. I placed the video cameras around her and picked up my digital still. I turned to Vanessa and said. "Ok, your show for this one." She grinned.

While Van was getting the props, I took away the ball gag still hanging from her neck and replaced it with a dental gag. She didn't like that much and tried to protest, especially when I tightened the screws to widen her jaws even more. Too late to protest now.

I have forgotten to mention how Vanessa was dressed. She had on her signature thigh high shiny black boots. And to match a corset tightly strung to accentuate her sexy figure. Nothing above, nothing below it. Just shiny leather that stopped under her breasts and went down to her waist. Blatently showing off all her goodies as well as her ringed nipples and ringed clit hood.

She walked over to the toy drawers and took out a harness for a dildo. Some people call the combination a strap-on. It does look a little strange when a fake cock is protruding from a woman. I let her take over as I got all the cameras ready.

"Now listen carefully, little slut. There is a skill you need to perfect as a slave for men but this little toy will help me teach you. The reason a slave needs to be able to handle being deeply throat fucked is twofold. First to please her Master of course. The second is to help you survive a man with a huge cock and who really doesn't care if you choke to death or not. So it is a necessary skill and in this case makes for great camera stills and video of you getting your throat fucked."

It never ceased to amaze me how much more crudely women talked than men. Well at least more than I did. Sometimes it was necessary. Sometimes not. But Van was always brazen.

"Deep throating, as it was named for the movie of old, is an art, and a survival skill. Most important is the angle, if you are lucky enough to be in the right position or can get there. Tilting the head back so the entry is a straight line into the throat is best. You can time your breathing with his thrusts. If your mouth is at a right angle with your throat he will be pounding the back of your throat trying to get further. Not good. Here again you find the difference between the wannabe and the Master. A Master will know the mechanics. The other problem is a man that is huge. There is very little room for air. You have to practice or you could pass out from lack of oxygen. Hopefully the man will stop if you do."

She was pretty knowledgeable for a woman that was totally into women. But I never asked her about her past. Then she spoke directly to Teryn.

"Watch closely." Then she took Jenn by the hair and started pushing the dildo into her mouth. When it hit the back of her throat, Van said, "Now lean forward more and tilt your head back. That will force his cock downward and align it with your throat."

She gagged some until she got the rhythm but did pretty well.

"If your head is hanging down like on the rape rack the positioning is easier. If you are suspended upside down, again tilting your head back helps a lot. But what you can't control is the size of the cock you are being face fucked with. So, you need to experience bigger than this."

She withdrew to allow Jenn to breathe as she addressed Teryn. "Come here and pick out a harnass that fits you and a bigger dildo for your new slave to practice on. Trust me, this is a skill she will need. Wait. Take off those Daisy Dukes. They will just get in the way. Get used to being naked around Jenn's Master. He has seen so many naked women in this studio that he will not be distracted."

Not entirely true, I thought. I am human and a guy.

Teryn was having the time of her life. After strapping on the harnass and adjusting it she took great care to select a large dildo. Probably eight inches long and thick. Jenn just stared with a wild look in her eyes as Teryn approached her.

"Open wide slave." And she did. It was an erotic sight and my camera's captured it all. She did well. And when Teryn finally withdrew, I wondered how wet Jenn was right now. Then I saw Teryn walk over to Van and whisper in her ear. I knew they were up to something from the grin on Vanessa's face.

"Dom, Teryn has an excellent idea. She thinks her slave has done well but she wants to see how she does with the real thing. I think that is a reasonable request. Don't you?"

Wicked wenches. Not that I wouldn't love to feel Jenn's mouth on me, but when it comes to oral sex with a woman I am more of a giver than a receiver. Various reasons I guess. While giving, I am in control. Actually that is pretty much my favorite fetish, if you will. Controlling a woman's orgasms. Making her beg for them, and with some women, them having so many they beg me to stop so they can recover. My favorite form of 'torture' and it just gave me an idea. But I could not say no, again for a few reasons. Vanessa would never let me forget it for sure. And, well, I was more than ready to sample this Asian treat.

As I approached Jen there on her knees, she looked at Teryn. I could see she was embarrassed at doing this in front of Teryn. Her eyes begged but she could not speak at all.

Teryn read her eyes though and said, "It was my idea. I always wanted to see you suck cock. Be glad it is not a stranger on the street that I chose. Besides, don't you think you owe your Master a little pleasure after all he is doing for you?"

I commanded her to unbuckle my belt and proceed.

Long story short, she took it pretty well. I deep throated her slowly for a few seconds enjoying the softness of her mouth but then I fucked her throat viciously until she gagged and still I continued. But the whole situation was way too hot. I splattered down her throat then wiped myself on her tongue. The other two girls gave her another applause. Well done for sure. Teryn had no trouble giving her a deep kiss. No doubt tasting me as well. Very, very erotic.

As I adjusted my belt and zipper, I turned to the other girls.

"Teryn, I have arranged and paid for an hour of Van's time for you and her to talk, share ideas, and for you to ask questions. You can use the front foyer, or take a walk to Starbucks down the street. I will keep our slave busy for at least another hour."

"Thank you, Sir. Mistress Vanessa?" Teryn responded.

"Mistress Teryn, let's get a frap. See you two later," Van said and taking Teryn's hand, they left. Teryn turned to Jenn as she walked from the room, a big smile on her face, and winked.

They both grabbed just enough clothes to prevent getting arrested as they left the studio.

"Now, my little slave, we have been having a lot of fun and I enjoy teaching you and seeing Van and Teryn with you. The videos and pictures have been great but now that we have time alone we need to do a serious photo shoot. I need something specific. Let's work.

She could not speak to agree or disagree and she had no idea what I had in mind.

I chained her wrists and ankles first to a frame made of wood, an ankle and wrist at each corner.

I set the scenario. "I want to see fear. Remember our talks about that. You are captive and totally helpless. You have no idea of what will be done to you. Gang rape would be the best you could hope for. All this must show in your eyes."

She did well as I clicked away but I added a little incentive. I picked up the heavy whip and hit the frame hard enough to scare her. "Fear, slave. Remember what could happen to you when you are helpless. What this whip could do to your tender flesh. I lashed her ass a couple times, hard enough to drive my point home."

That made a difference in the look in her eyes. Just enough. I continued to chain her to different apparatus, in different positions and take pictures from all angles. Lots of them.

"Ok. Not bad. I will have a lot of editing to do this week while you are in school. But I have one more set to do before your Mistresses return. I led her to the bed and I am sure she wondered just what I had in mind. I laid her back across the bed with her feet on the floor. Then I chained her wrists to the side post of the bed. I did the same with her ankles after spreading them pretty wide to the same posts. A great position for a good hard fuck but that wasn't my plan. I removed the gag. I wanted to see every expression on her face this time.

She spoke up immediately when I removed the gag. "Master, you are abusing me and Teryn is worse."

I wiped my hand over her sloppy cunt then over her mouth and nose. "Yes, we are and you are loving it." What more could she say?

"Since you have a roommate and in the past no doubt lived with your parents, I am betting that every time you wanted to masturbate, even in the shower, you had to control yourself so you wouldn't make too much noise. Am I right? And did that frustrate you? Though I am sure it is now a habit."

"Yes Master, you are exactly right. I had to control myself so not to scream."

"Yes, as I thought. Now, I want for you to let go everything. I am going to make you cum and I want you to not even think about anything else. I want to capture your most primal sounds and looks. Let it all happen. No restraint. No control. Cum as hard and as loud as you want. It will be amazing for you and the camera."

I took some video and stills of her whole body, bound as it was to the bed. Then I set up the cameras to capture close ups of her face and upper body. It was time to use my experience and technique to give her all the orgasms she could handle. But first to make her beg for them. I was capturing sound as well.

"Pleasure and pain are already becoming one to you so I am going to introduce you to one of my favorite toys. It is called a Violet Wand."

I turned it on so she could watch it at first, then brought my fingertips close to it so she could see the static electric sparks shoot between the wand and my fingers. I saw terror in her eyes. It stung about the same as the discharge of static when walking across a rug then touching something or someone. But when sensitive body parts were involved it was a little intimidating. Then I zapped her. First the inside of each thigh and each sleeved nipple.

"There is a much more fun way to use this though." I wrapped my left hand around the glass part of the wand then with a finger on my right hand I touched a nipple. She flinched and howled at the spark that flew between my finger and her extended nipple. Holding the nipple gave no spark until I released it, then there was another. Only the proximity when moving close or away sent the shock. Now I was ready. Since I had her legs chained wide I could lean in and with just the tip of my tongue, place little sparks up her pussy lips, across and over her clit. Down the other side and below her pussy hole all the way to her other tight little hole. She was squirming and whimpering and many other sounds of pain and delight. Then I rubbed my tongue rapidly back and forth across her clit. No spark doing this until I pulled away. I could control her pain and pleasure with just my tongue. Then I used my finger on her g-spot, but only igniting her with a spark as my finger was about to enter her and then was removed. But I did not let her cum. Not yet.

Then I laid aside the wand and went slow. I never tasted a woman so incredibly delicious but I had a goal. This was my fetish and I enjoyed it. Experience had made me good at making woman beg for an orgasm. I varied everything. Slow, fast, hard, soft. She writhed on the bed as much as her chains would allow.

"Please Master. Again you are torturing me. Make me cum. I am your slave. I will do anything you want but please make me cum."

I didn't say anything but just increased my ministrations. I licked her, every part of her. Her clit and lips, and down farther. The, oh so sensitive area between her pussy and ass opening. I had to hold her by the hips just to keep her still enough to continue. Then I darted the tip of my tongue in and out of her ass and making all the thousands of little nerves there send their messages to her clit and her brain. Whether she had ever experienced that I didn't know but from her explosive reaction, her flooding juices and her scream of ecstasy, I am guessing she hadn't felt that before. I backed off only slightly but continued to play with her. This time concentrating on her clit and it wasn't long till she was cumming again. Then I increased my tongue lashing and used my hands on her hips and thighs before rubbing her g-spot light then rough. Her next big 'O' came more quickly. I knew all her buttons now and could make her cum at my will. All of the sounds she made were beautiful. All the whimpers. All the moans. All the screams each time she reached orgasm. I wasn't keeping track of how many. Soon, hardly able to breathe she said, "Stop. No more. I can't take any more."

Music to my ears and incredible for the camera. I flicked her clit with my tongue a few more times then I sucked her clit hard. She spasmed once more and screamed one last time. I pulled back then and grabbed one of the video cameras to catch those last contractions ultra close up. She lay there exhausted.

"I am betting if I gave you ten minutes to recover, you would be ready to do it all over again. But enough for today." She couldn't speak at the moment anyway.

I unchained her from the bed and helped her up. Removing her leash I guided her to the dressing room I said. "Go shower and come back to the office. I am sure the others will be here by then. Oh and bring the shoes with you. Teryn can help you practice at home."

As I went through the door I saw that Van and Teryn were already there. It was Vanessa that said. "Well it's about time. What have you been up too?" She came over to me and sniffed the juices on my face. Then she licked my cheek. "I thought so, you dirty old man." I grinned and they both laughed.

"I suggested Teryn borrow a few items from your supply room to help in her training at home."

"Please, may I, Sir? I promise to bring them back the moment you ask. Vanessa gave me some great ideas, and some I can use stuff at our apartment, but some need special equipment."

"Of course. Van, take Teryn to the supply cabinets and there is probably a sports bag you can use. Our little slave will be back in a few. She is just showering up."

The two girls left the room, Teryn giggling like she had just won the lottery. I had only a few moments to contemplate all that had happened today when Jenn walked in. I really liked her new hair style. And with the nose ring she looked the totally rebellious Asian slut.

"Your roomie will be back in a sec. She and Mistress Van seem to have had a good time."

"Master, what are you doing to me?" I turned to face my new bondage model. "I don't think I want to be a Gorean slave anymore. I am becoming nothing more than a slut. I don't know about this, Master." She held out her wrists, wrapped in steel, and with one hand flicked her new hair style.

"Ahhh, but you do know. I am not turning you into anything. I am just bringing out what you are and want to be."

Just then, Teryn and Van returned, all smiles, Teryn carrying a gym bag over her shoulder. It looked a little heavy.

"Hey, slave?" Teryn said to Jenn. "Have fun while we were gone?"

Jenn lowered her head, unable to meet the dominant gaze of her roommate. "It was ok, yeah."

"Teryn and I talked about a few changes, with your permission," Vanessa addressed me.

"For example?" I countered.

"We agree that even though Jenn loves her steel, she might equally like leather. Right, slave?" Vanessa looked directly at Jenn. It appeared she had a choice, even though I was sure the steel for leather trade was already predetermined.

Jenn looked at me, but I was noncommittal. "I guess so."

"Then let's do it." Teryn walked behind Jenn and using her key, released the collar. She set the steel on the table, with an audible clank. While Teryn moved around to the front to remove the cuffs, Van came around from the back and wrapped a black dog collar around Jenn's neck. But this was no common collar. In rhinestones across the front of the collar it said SLUT. Jenn had no idea it was there.

Jenn had a blank look on her face. She was making no attempt to resist what was happening. But when Van shut a small padlock on the back of her collar with an audible CLICK, her eyes flew open. In just a few moments, both wrists and ankles were enslaved with leather and small locks.

"Whatya think?" Van asked to no one in particular. Teryn clapped in glee and I nodded with a smile.

Jenn looked to me and then back to Teryn, then back to me. I noted these leather cuff had clips like carabiners. They were easy to clip together, needed no lock, but were impossible to unclip without help. I sensed Teryn had several plans for tonight.

I pulled out my money clip and was about to hand Jennifer $400, but then quickly calculated my options and instead handed them to Teryn. "Now that you have a mistress, slave, I think she should handle your earnings. We wouldn't want you losing or wasting them," I said with a smile.

"But Master, ..." Jennifer started, but immediately Teryn interjected.

"Thank your Master. Don't be ungrateful, slave." Jennifer was stunned by this turn of events, her mouth wide open. I know she wanted to rebel, but like a chastened child she turned to me.

"Thank you, Master," with no enthusiasm.

Wielding a leather leash, Teryn swiped the back of Jenn's thighs, causing her to jump and yelp in pain. "Why did you do that?" Jenn angrily responded.

"Thank your Master correctly, explaining why you are thankful, slave. I have known you to be ungrateful ever since we started rooming. You seem to think appreciation is beneath you. Now thank him correctly or else!"

I think both Van and I were both stunned, yet overjoyed by this exchange. Jenn did not retort, she just turned to me and said, "Thank you, Master, for your training and this opportunity to model for you, and for paying me for it."

"You're welcome, kajira," I responded with a smile.

"And what about Mistress Vanessa?" Teryn chimed.

"Thank you, Mistress Vanessa, for training me and ..." she started, but then had to bite her lower lip. She was close to tears.

I was about to react, when Teryn stepped forward, clipped the leash on Jenn's SLUT collar, and said, "And thank you Sir and Vanessa. We should get going. School tomorrow, and we have much to do before hitting the books, right slave?"

"Yes," Jenn whispered.

"Teryn, I look forward to seeing you again. I will make that appointment with Joel for after school hours tomorrow, come here after. I have plenty to do here with the photos and vids in the morning. When can you make it to see Joel?"

"We have an early day tomorrow. How about 1 PM?"

"Perfect. You should be here about two or so then."

Van, left just a few minutes after them, but turned and said. "Uhhh, Teryn likes power over a slave a lot, like she was born for it. Whether her dominance will match Jenn's submissiveness will be interesting to see. I hope they are at the same level when they both discover what that is."

I understood exactly what she meant. I thought I had talked to Teryn about pushing a slave beyond her limits. Perhaps I had not. Not that it would have mattered probably anyway.

I was left in a daze. What a day. I could still taste the little Asian. I was a contented man for now and more adventures to come. I was also pleased that we had begun to push Jenn's limits. I could only imagine what would take place tonight between the two girls. Some kind of sparks were going to fly there too.

I called Joel to tell him I ok'd Teryn's request and they would be there about 1 PM. I also told him to get here before they did as I had some plans for Jenn when she got here after her appointment. He would come in the back way so not to cross paths with them.

I had one or two more calls to make. One especially, to confirm one more participant in tomorrow's festivities. Another actor that was perfect for his role.

Chapter 7 (added: 2015/07/05)


"Mistress Teryn, right?"

Teryn and I were standing in front of the studio, having just left Master's studio.

"Please, let's stop this charade. This is not what I want." I stood my ground, standing face to face. The leash hung from my neck to Teryn's hand. My hands were on my hip; enough of this!

"Charade? What charade, hon? Who is collared and cuffed, leashed, a nose ring and her nipples stretched by metal sleeves. This is you, hon, all you, and I am here to support you."

"Support me! Nothing that happened today had my approval. Nothing! And instead of helping me, you have made it worse."

"I don't see it that way, babe. I don't see it that way at all." While she spoke, she pulled my phone from her back pocket! I watched, wondering what she was up to. I could see her hitting speed dial. I hoped she wasn't calling Master. I wanted to go home and not suffer more humiliation.

"Hi, yes Mrs. Hu, just me calling to say hi. She's fine, acting her usual wild and forgettable self..." I tried to grab the phone, but she easily fended me off. Suddenly she turned on me, with an evil expression. Covering the phone, she whispered, "Unless you want your mom to see a number of very revealing pictures, you will instantly say 'I am your slave, Mistress.' Now," she hissed.

What choice did I have? I would have to resolve this later. "I am your slave, Mistress," I whispered.

"Yes, sorry, Jenn just walked in. Jenn, you haven't called your mom for days, so I did it for you," and she handed my phone to me.

"Hi Mom. Yes, sorry, Teryn is right. I have been so busy the past week, you know, with school and ... yes, she is thoughtful ... next weekend? Really, mom, this is the hardest time of the quarter."

For the next five minutes, I made excuses, alternated lifting one foot, then the other in frustration. The entire time Teryn stood there, holding my leash, with a smug look on her face. When I finally hung up, I was crestfallen. I couldn't let my mom hear what I was doing."

"I'll take that, until you demonstrate you meant what you said. And yes, you know I have your mom's number on mine and next time you will pay for your disobedience." I handed her my phone.

"Please, please don't do this to me?"

"You silly slut. I would bet anything that if I reached under your skirt, you would be wet as a noodle. Am I wrong?"

I did not respond.

Jerking on the leash, she said, "I asked you if I am wrong. Respond correctly, now!"

"No, you are not wrong, Mistress, but that is not really me. I can't control what my body does under stress."

"Right, sure. You are what you are, and I am going to enjoy every moment. Let's go, I'm hungry."

"Please, Mistress, at least remove the leash for now. Please, and let me flip up the nose ring."

"Let it not be said I don't have compassion for your condition. So pick one or the other. Leash or ring."

"Leash, please." The lesser of two evils.

Teryn jerked on the leash, and I staggered forward. "Respond correctly, slave."

"Please, Mistress, remove the leash."

She reached up and unhooked the leash. I actually felt free, yet I knew that anyone looking at me would think Goth or worse.

And just as suddenly, Teryn changed. From being cruel and heartless, she linked her arm in mine and we waltzed down the street together. "Let's find a nice restaurant and celebrate, ok?

It was my money I knew she would be spending, but I decided not to say anything. Maybe Teryn had had her fun and now we could get back to normal, though I certainly did not look normal. "Sure, Mistress."

"Oh, that's ok for now, Jenn. Let's set that aside until another time, ok?" A huge smile and I could not help echoing that smile.

"Yes, thanks! I am so relieved. Teryn, really, this is not..."

"Hey, hey, no more about it, let's just find a nice place to eat and enjoy ourselves."

"Ok, fine, thanks."

"You know, I have always wanted to try Mizumo's. I heard their sushi bar is out of this world. Ok?"

"Yes, but I am not sure exactly where it is, do you?"

"Only take a second," and she found on her phone that it was about 8 blocks away, going in the opposite direction from where we were headed. That meant passing Master's studio, and I wanted to avoid that completely.

"I'm too tired to walk that far," I complained.

"Ok, fine, and with the money you are making there is no need to bus it anymore, right? Taxi?"

"Yeah, sure, ok."

"I am not sure what the fare might be. You have some smaller bills. I would hate to give him $100 and hope for change," Teryn said.

"Yeah, I think so. You hail the cab and I will check my wallet." I had plenty of money and in moments we were sitting in the back seat of a cab headed east on Sunset. $15 later, including tip, we arrived.

Mizumo's is a hot spot on Friday and Saturday, I was sure, but not that busy early Sunday evening. Dinner went well. I got plenty of stares, but with the spiky hair, nose ring, and leather straps on my wrists and ankles, that was to be expected. I tried to make myself inconspicuous, but I still stood out in the somewhat crowded restaurant.

While waiting for our mochi to finish off the meal, I said I needed to use the restroom. I had gone when taking my shower, and I didn't exactly have to go, but the conversation had lagged and I wanted to check myself out.


Teryn's terse response surprised me. "No? Really, I need to go," and I started to get up.

"I said 'no,' slave. Hold it until we get home." What had happened? We had been enjoying our meal, just like old times, and suddenly Teryn turned, Jekyll became Hyde. I just stared at her, thinking for a moment she might be joking, but no smile crossed her face.

The mochi arrived, we ate in silence, and Teryn slid $100 into the folder holding the bill. She immediately rose and said, not in a whisper, "Let's go, slut." I am not sure if anyone heard it or not, but I did not want to risk further humiliation, so I immediately followed her from the restaurant, like an obedient puppy.

A cab was right there and we got in. Teryn directed him to our apartment. I didn't know what to say, so I stayed silent. When we arrived she got out on her side and turning back, said, "Tip him generously, slave." I quickly did so and caught up to her at the door to our apartment.

She had already opened the door and was standing in the entrance way. "Turn around, slave."

"Teryn, why..." From behind her back the leather leash appeared and she whipped it across my thigh.

"I said turn around, facing out the door." I obeyed. "Back in. Put your hands behind your back, slave, and stand there." I obeyed, terrified of feeling her wrath again. I heard some movement as she seemed to be fishing around in the gym bag. She grabbed my wrists and after some twisting and turning, I heard a click. My wrists were locked together.

"Back up further, slave." I did, and she closed the door. "Shut your eyes and open your mouth, slave." Please be a joke, please tell me this is all for fun. I obeyed, and immediately felt something pulled into my mouth, hard rubber. I tried to scream, but she pulled me back into the room with considerable force. I stumbled back, my arms useless, my back bowed, and felt her strap the gag tightly into my mouth. I tried to scream again, but it was just a muffled yelp. Only when it was tight, did she let up the pressure. I straightened and she turned me forcefully. She pulled me by an elbow until we reached the hallway mirror and then turned me to face it.

"ngoooooooooo," I wailed. The gag was like a horse's bridle, but worse was the collar around my neck. SLUT. I had worn it all evening, showing it to the world. No wonder I had so many stares.

I was panting in fear and shock. She was all smiles. "Yes, slut, this is the real you, the new you, the you from now on. And you owe me two."

Teryn flipped my top over my head, but with my hands bound, she could not get it off. She flicked my exposed and stretched nipples, causing me to screech and try to beg for mercy. "Maybe we can accelerate the process, if I change to the next longest metal sleeve now, rather than tomorrow morning," she said, looking straight into my eyes. I shook my head no, and tried to exclaim through the rubber bit, "ngooooo, eeeeeze!"

"Hmmm. Anyway, you said you needed to pee at the restaurant, so let's do that." She hooked the leash and pulled me not gently to my bathroom. Once inside, she pulled my skirt down and I stepped out of it. "So many things in the way. Your skirt, this top, your virginity, haha. Nice K, by the way." As she spoke, she traced the kef on my thigh, then lifted the seat to the toilet, as though a guy were about to pee.

"Step straight ahead and straddle the toilet facing the wall." She pulled me forward, so I had my legs on both sides of the bowl. Or course, I complained, but to no avail. When I was over the bowl, she said, "Now pee. Squat further down, slave, but don't sit. Now do it!"

Never have I been so embarrassed. Once again, I was panting; fearful, distressed, and humiliated. The first dribbles went down my thighs, but then the steady stream began to flow. "I wish we had a back yard," Teryn said. "Then you could pee outside like a dog." Every sentence she spoke was hurtful.

As I peed, I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was stripping off her clothes. In the past, when she sauntered through the apartment naked, her unmarked body had always been a delicious feast for my eyes. But now the contrast between my marked and enslaved body and her unfettered one was dramatic. I knew I was inferior to her, and this difference in naked appearance made it clear.

When I finished, she took my skirt to wipe away the pee on my thighs, a little dribble around the lip of the bowl, and flushed the toilet. Tossing my soiled skirt in the shower, she backed me away from the toilet and ordered me to my knees. "My turn," and she put down the seat and sat. Still holding the leash, she pulled me forward, ordering me to inch closer on my knees.

Her pussy was neatly shaven, just like mine used to be. A little triangle of hair pointing north from her pussy. "Rest your chin on the front, slave, while I pee." She pulled me closer until I was inches away from her pussy, and she began to pee. I could see and smell her urine as it shot into the toilet. "Would you like to lick away the last drops?"

How revolting! "ngooooo," I shook my head. She just laughed and finished peeing.

"Up, slave!" She jerked on my leash, but with my arms locked, I was unable to rise. She used the leash to pull my neck upwards, and assisted me by lifting me at my armpit. "This is just not right," she said, "not right at all," and led me to the living room couch, where she pushed me forward over the arm. My face was in the cushion, my ass exposed to her whims.

"Legs a little wider, slave," and I felt her kick me lightly until I managed to satisfy her. Teryn walked away for a short time and returned, dropping something fairly heavy to the floor behind me. I heard her rummaging through the bag and then the distinct sounds of chains being lifted.

"How the fuck does this thing work. Mistress Vanessa told me...oh, I see." I felt her at my ankles and heard the distinct click. "I am going to release your arms, but don't try anything. Remember, your mom is just a quick dial away."

I felt her fumbling at my wrists until finally they were free. "Now, we can get this top off," and she pulled it over my shoulders and then my head. She immediately began to latch the chains to my wrists, then pulling me up from the back of my collar, she quickly locked the final portion of the chain to my SLUT collar. I knew immediately that I had been bound in a sirik, the most elegant and sexually arousing of Gorean chainings. I moaned aloud.

"Now, that's more like it. Down, slut, all fours. Phew, that wore me out, but I think it was worth the effort." She straddled my body. "I don't want to hear any sass, slave. Answer only when I ask you something." Suddenly, my ass was on fire. She had whipped me with something and I was in agony. "Do you understand, slave?" I nodded my head up and down, and she pulled that dreadful bit gag from my mouth.

I licked my dry lips. "Please, don't..." Teryn turned immediately, and grabbing me by my hair, jerked me forward, and used the whip five times on my already blazing ass. I tried to twist away, to avoid the onslaught, to no avail.

"I told you no talking, slave, and what do you do? Get up now, slave, and follow me." She jerked my leash, I scrambled back to all fours and followed along like her pet, her lovely ass leading the way to her bedroom. The leash was never slack; I had to hurry to keep up.

When we entered her room, she flopped backwards on the bed, her legs spread widely. "Twice today slave, you were allowed to cum. Now it's my turn. I expect you to enthusiastically bring me up to and over the edge. Get to it, slave."

Over the next hour, with the encouragement of the whip, I fulfilled my quota. I learned what Teryn liked, what brought her to the edge, and what caused her to cascade over it. When I tired, she would set my ass ablaze. Soon she had an enthusiastic slut, sucking and licking, nibbling and probing; I was her bitch, panting and hungry. I got to know her clit personally. My face was covered in her love juices.

"Slave, I have to admit, once you put your mouth to it, well, you're very good. If I didn't know better, I would think you did this every day." An offhand compliment, but better than rejection or criticism.

She moved slowly, recovering from her state of bliss. I was tired; my jaw ached. I glanced at the clock by her bed. 10:09 pm. And tomorrow was school. I moaned as I stretched my tired muscles.

"Tomorrow." One word, that is all that Teryn said, as she lay on her bed. I was still between her legs.

A minute passed. "Yes," I said.

Another minute, or more. "What will we be tomorrow?" she said.

It was not for me to decide; Teryn held all the cards.

"I don't want to study tonight. Do you?" she asked me.


She lifted her head from the bed and looked at me, sexual endorphins passing between us. She held out her hand, taking mine and though limited by the sirik, joined her in turning back the covers, and snuggling under the sheets and blankets. Arms wrapped in arms, lips to lips. She kissed her own juices from my face, and the night became very still.

I awoke first, mellowed by the night together. I moved only slightly, but enough to rouse Teryn to life. She propped her head in her left hand, elbow bent, and smiled. I returned the smile. "Hi, Jenn. What are we going to do about school?"

"It is your decision, Mistress. I do not have the key to release the chains, nor the power to break your hold over me."

She just looked at me, her smile sweet, no evidence of malice. "Right. Let's get to it. How about a shower?"

"Sure," I smiled, not sure what her decision was or would be.

"Then let's do it. I am not sure if the leather will shrink if it gets wet. I mean, dogs get wet all the time, but at the groomer I know they remove the collar. I'll be right back. Just stay here." She left the room for a moment, and returned with a set of small keys. She removed the collar, then the cuffs, setting the light chains of the sirik on the bed.

She tossed the keys onto her dresser, and took my hand. We walked to the shower together, and as the warm water cascaded over our bodies, we continued to explore each other's very familiar territory. At one point, she pushed me to my knees and spread her legs. The message was clear, and soon she gripped my hair, forcing me into her love nest. Knowing her body and just how to stimulate it, Teryn came quite quickly, loudly and freely.

"Thank you, Jenn," as she helped me to my feet. "My turn next time. Now for these," and she nodded to the metal stretchers on my nipples. "It will be easier when they are wet, like now. Ready?"

I nodded, knowing this was going to hurt. She opened her mouth and using her teeth, pried off the right sleeve, all the while pushing against my nipple with her tongue. At no point did she try to bite, and after a few twists and tugs, it popped off. She had it in her mouth and smiled at me, the metal shining between her teeth.

Spitting the sleeve into her hand, she removed the second in the same way. "I need to get next longer size, but we can do that after showering, right?"

"Yes. Thank you for being careful." I reached up to feel and comfort my throbbing and elongated nipples. I took a glance to compare mine to Teryn's, and I had to admit, hers were still more prominent. I guess this was a good thing.

Once dry, she told me to wait, and got the longer stretchers. She was far more careful this time than yesterday. Following Joel's directions, she pushed with her tongue and suctioned with her mouth until both were situated correctly. I was breathing heavily by the time she finished, aroused to a high level. She just looked up knowingly and smiled. "We better get moving. My class starts in less than an hour," Teryn said. "Let's eat naked, but you should put on the high heels that Master sent home. The more practice the better, right? And don't forget the salve for your septum."

"Ok," I nodded.

She fixed breakfast for us, as I worked on my hair. Finally satisfied, I joined her in the kitchen for a light breakfast. Her unmarked body was so beautiful in the morning light. I couldn't shake the feeling of submissiveness, with the nipple stretchers and prancing around the kitchen in high heels.

"I'll meet you at the commons cafeteria at 11:45 or so?" Teryn asked.

"Sure. Ok." I purposefully left off 'Mistress.'

She looked at me for a moment, a stare that seemed to burrow straight into my soul, and then smiled brightly. "Cool, well, gotta get going, enjoy your morning...," a pause, a very pregnant pause, and then, "... Jenn."

No collar, no cuffs, no demands real or imagined, except the expectation to meet her just before noon. Teryn was out of the door first, and the moment she left I tucked the barbaric nose ring into its hidden recess, flipped off the heels, and prepared to dress. My first class was an hour after Teryn's.

The skirt was not a problem, but any knit or tight top would immediately reveal my nipples, so I opted on a loose-fitting blouse. I checked myself in the mirror. Except for the haircut, nothing else seemed out of the ordinary. People were used to seeing me in fuck-me hoops, the nose piercing was not evident, nor was the henna kef. I felt half-dressed without a collar around my neck and cuffs. I put on a necklace, a heart on a chain, a gift from my mom. I fondled the heart and my eyes began to tear.

It was time to leave.

I tossed the heels into my bag. I was relieved to see my phone and wallet. I checked inside, and it was stuffed with the money remaining from yesterday's shoot. I pulled out all but the smaller bills and put them in the top drawer, under my now worthless bras. The stack was growing and I hoped to find time to deposit the cash in an ATM or bank.

But not today. It looked like another full schedule of activities.

My two morning classes went as well as could be expected. I had not completed the readings for the weekend, so that was problematic. Several people came up to me and praised my new do. It actually felt good to be the center of attention. But the shadow of what the day held kept blocking out the sunshine of the morning. And I didn't know which Teryn would meet me for lunch.

The last class ended, and I turned down two invites to lunch, one from two girls I had met at the beginning of the quarter, one from a guy that had always been friendly and obvious about his attraction to me.

I was right on time, and saw Teryn wave to me from one of the outdoor tables. My heart was racing, unsure what to expect. With the gym bag at her feet, anything was possible, and the options were all bad.

"How were your classes, slave?" she asked, and not quietly.

My heart sunk. Mr. Hyde! "Fine, and yours, Mistress?" I responded with a smile. Teryn smiled back. I hated this, not knowing.

"May I ask a question? About us," I decided to venture into the unknown. Nothing ventured, blah blah blah.

"Sure, but should we get some lunch first? Your treat, right?"

"Yea, sure. What do you want?"

"How about a chicken salad, bottle of water, and an apple?"

"Sure, ok, back in a few," and I left, my stomach dancing with butterflies.

I just didn't feel much like eating. I got Teryn her requests, and got a banana and nachos for me. Potassium and junk food, what a mix.

When I sat down, Teryn said, "Thanks, now you were saying?"

I slumped into the chair. "Are you Teryn or Mistress?"

"What do you want me to be?"

I didn't expect that. I hadn't been making decisions for several days now. Others had been deciding and dictating everything. I was richer, and yet poorer in confidence and self-worth. "I'm not sure. Can Teryn respond for Mistress?" I smiled, playing word games.

"Haha, yes, I believe she can."

"Then, Teryn," I paused. "Then, please help me. I don't know what's happening. I used to be in control, but now it is like being on a fast moving river. Not only have I no control, I don't even know what is around the next bend."

"Is that bad?"

"Well, no, I guess not." Already the conversation was getting away from me. I was the one responding, admitting my uncertainty.

"Then why worry. It is obvious you love all that is happening, and think of all the money you are making. You trust Master and Joel, do you trust me?"

"That's the thing. I never know from one minute to the next who you will be, roomie or Mistress."

"Why does that upset you? Can't I be both and give you and us what we both seem to enjoy?"

"Yeah, I guess so, ..."

"Then stop worrying, slave, just enjoy the ride." She reached across to take one of the chips from my box and returning to her salad, indicated the conversation was over. And for now my role was 'slave,' until further notice. I had learned nothing.

Teryn had only eaten part of her salad when she said we need to get going. She grabbed her apple and water, I tossed the rest of her salad and my chips, and we headed off campus. "No more buses, right slave?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Just before arriving at a taxi stand, right along Westwood Blvd, she stopped in the shadow of a flower shop. "This is as good a time as any, right slave?" She was reaching into her bag and I knew my hours of 'freedom' were over. "You have the heels, right? Put them on, so we can practice. And then turn around, so I can finish your transformation."

"Can't we do it in a little less ... "

"See, exactly what your problem is. You argue. Your tongue is good for licking and sucking pussy, but nothing else. Your tongue gets you in nothing but trouble, now do as I say and let's get moving."

I obeyed and soon the leather SLUT collar was locked to my neck, and my wrists and ankles were cuffed, a small padlock on each. People had passed us on the street and I could hear them whisper and read their minds. "Flick out your nose ring." Reluctantly I did. A car, waiting for the traffic to advance, honked. I looked over and he was all smiles. He gave me a thumbs up. I just turned away.

"That is totally rude, slave!" Teryn responded. "He likes what he sees. Turn your back to him and bend at the waist, quickly, before the traffic moves."

I was shocked. "But..."

"Now, slave, or I will whip your thighs and give him an even better show!" I turned to the flower shop and bent over, flashing him my ass. I was horrified, as several cars started honking.

I was about to beg Teryn to let me stand, when suddenly the door to the flower shop opened, and an Asian woman, maybe 40, started screaming at us. How much worse could this get? I stood upright, as the shop owner screamed, "Get out of here, you fucking whores, or I'll call the police!"

Teryn immediately replied, "I'm very sorry, ma'am, I just cannot control this slut. Please forgive her." While she spoke, she attached the leash to my collar, and quickly pulled me away from the scene. By now there was a cacophony of horns honking at us. I wanted to curl up in a fetal position and die.

We were near the end of the block, so Teryn led me around the corner and out of the spotlight. She was walking quickly, and I could barely keep up in my heels. I wanted to cry out for mercy, but held my tongue.

I stood defeated and panting next to her, as she tried to spy a taxi. "Straighten up and stand proudly, slave. You are embarrassing me again. Back straight, thrust out your tits," all the while scanning the street. Finally she saw a taxi and he stopped. We got in the back seat, Teryn first, and I followed with the tug of the leash. "Sit on your skirt, slut. We don't want to get the seat wet, do we?" I couldn't believe she said that in front of the driver. I'm not even sure he understood what she was saying, but that didn't matter.

Ten minutes later we arrived at Prix Chic. I was in dread, knowing that Joel and Teryn had concocted something yesterday and Master approved.

We entered the shop, Mistress leading her slave. Teryn took a seat and flicking the leash over my shoulder, ordered me to walk around the shop, emphasizing my steps and posture. A minute later, Joel stood in the doorway. I stopped, but he said, "Keep going, I'm enjoying the moment. Hi Teryn."

"Hey, Joel. I'm so looking forward to today. Slave, straighten your back, one foot in front of the other. Swing your ass, wiggle it like you are enticing a barracuda." So cruel. So embarrassing.

"Good, me too. Well, let's get going," and he stood aside for Teryn. I followed. "Room 5." I shuddered. Nothing good happens in #5.

When we entered the room, Joel spoke. "Strip slave, let's see how things are looking." I was acutely aware this was the first time he had called me 'slave.' "Take a seat, you know the routine."

Something had changed. He was no longer the polite and caring gentleman, except to Teryn. He treated my like a disobedient child, or a pet. It hurt.

I tilted my head back and he gave his approval to the septum piercing. He congratulated Teryn for replacing my nipple stretchers with the next larger size. He noted that the henna kef was somewhat darker today. And after all of that, he sniffed and declared, "Your slave is in heat," and joined Teryn in degrading laughter. I was mortified.

Looking at me, Joel said, "Stick out your tongue." I hesitated, but then obeyed, having fallen into my submissive role. He had snapped on a pair of latex gloves while speaking. He grabbed my tongue, twisted it left and right and up and down. "As we talked about yesterday, Teryn?" he asked. Teryn was standing right next to the chair.

He looked at me. "By now you know the plan. I am going to pierce your tongue and insert a barbell."

"No way, that is not the plan. You've already done enough. I'm getting out of here...noooooooooo!" While I twisted and protested, Teryn and Joel strapped my arms to the chair. I could not overpower them.

"Joel, let me talk to her. Can you give us a minute of privacy?"

"Ok, sure," and he pulled off the glove and walked out of the room.

"Teryn or Mistress, or whoever you are," I began, the moment he was gone. "You can't ... "

"Listen, Jenn, just listen. It's going to happen, whether you like it or not, but this is my plan. It's not just you. When he finishes with you, he will do my tongue. We will be a matching pair, whether mistress and slave, or Jenn and Teryn, or you and me. We will be the hottest pair on campus and our love making will be just that much better."

I was listening; what choice did I have?

"But Teryn, this is so wrong. I am already unrecognizable to my mom. What will she say if she sees my tongue pierced? It will kill her!"

"Come on, Jenn, you know better than that. Once healed, these studs can be taken out at any time and put back in later. This is for us, hon. It's not Gorean, it's not your Master's idea, it's my idea. Us. You and me! Please don't fight it. I want it to happen, so it will happen. The only question is, do we have to strap your head and block open your mouth, or will you be brave?"

My eyes were watering. This was too much at once. Too much. I nodded my acceptance.

"Good girl," Teryn beamed. She called for Joel.

When he arrived, he asked, "Is she going to cooperate?" Again, ignoring me, going through Teryn.

"Yes, she is going to be a brave slave," she responded with a smile.

And so I did and 45 minutes later, we walked from the shop, both with a stud through our tongues. Mine was pink with white stripes, hers white with pink stripes. Teryn had removed my leash, but otherwise I was the same SLUT that walked in earlier.

We stood in front of the Prix Chic storefront sign and took a selfie, or I should say an usie, with our tongues sticking out, looking at each other, tongues nearly touching. We spent several minutes laughing at our speech, and complaining about the swelling. Teryn suggested some froyo to keep down the swelling, so we walked a block and did just that. After giving her the money for the purchase, I waited outside, facing away from the street, trying to avoid as much attention as possible.

When we finished, I offered to get us a taxi, if for no other reason than to avoid the street with my SLUT collar. Teryn said she wanted to walk, and let me take off the heels and put on my sandals. And so we walked to Master, and my next pay day.

Joel called me when they left his shop and still got here way before they did. Nearly all the cast was present for my little surprise for Jenn. Well, it would be a surprise for Teryn as well, but first we had the business of the contract to discuss. There were several reasons I wanted her signature before taking her further or allowing her to watch and participate in everything that was happening with her roomie. I still didn't know enough about her to know if she could be completely trusted. Potential Dommes could be problematic as they had a very different mindset than the submissives that I usually worked with. Confrontations can arise which I didn't worry much about, but it was always nice to have some leverage of one form or another. Just in case.

Knock, knock


I let them both sit, then asked, "Ok, so what is new with you both. Slave, you first."

She didn't say anything at first, but then put out her tongue to show me her newest piercing. I wondered if she was hesitating to tell me what else had been going on, especially in Teryn's presence.

"Interesting. Be careful when you are sucking cock with that. Some men like the feel of the stud against them, but some may try to fuck your throat with it in, so make sure it is always secure so you don't accidentally swallow it. What else is new? And by the way. I am liking your haircut more and more. I can't wait to hear how your mom likes it."

Always good to put a little fear in her eyes.

She said, "Nothing else is new, Master."

"Oh come now. What about your nipples. I am sure Teryn added a new sleeve by now." She downcast her eyes, but opened her blouse so I could see."

"Very good. They will soon be ready for piercing." That made her look up at me in a hurry. Perhaps she had forgotten about that. Her eyes were a bit glassy, like she was trying not to cry.

"Teryn, how are things going from your perspective?"

First she stuck out her tongue for me to see her almost matching stud. I had to laugh at her excitement, which was so opposite from Jenn's right now. "Very nice. How is everything else working out between you? Is your new slave obeying?"

"She has no choice unless she wants Mom to know what she has been up to."

Blackmail wasn't too surprising. I have had to resort to it in the past, hence the fine print in my contracts. However, a long term relationship can't be based on that. I wondered if Teryn would actually go through with anything if her bluff was called. Not really my problem, but I had taken an interest in these two and hoped Jenn found everything she wanted in the end. Right now, even I wasn't sure exactly what that was, but it would be an interesting journey to observe.

"I see." Neither would glean my opinion of it from my few words.

"Teryn, we have business to discuss today. Slave. Go to the dressing room and wear the outfit you will find there. Then go to the studio. We have a big day ahead." This was an outfit she had worn before but today it was fitting garb for things about to happen.

"Yes, Master."

I could tell her heart was less into this and could only surmise it was because of Teryn, and me as well, after I blew off her plea the last time when she said I was just making her a slut. But this was a transition period for her. The newness and fun and games had quickly worn off. But she could not deny how everything was affecting her body. It constantly betrayed her. So the struggle between it and her mind had begun.

As she left the office, I turned to Teryn.

"Now tell me how things are going with you two."

"Well, sir. I am not sure. I think this is what she wants and I want to give her that. But the way I am treating her is so foreign to me. Sometimes I really enjoy it. Maybe too much. Sometimes I don't know if I am going too far. But since she is almost constantly wet, I am thinking I am doing the right things."

"Only natural for someone so inexperienced to be unsure. It is probably the most important thing for a dominant to be aware of the limits of their submissive. These can be pushed but never really exceeded. If you are really on that much of a different level then you both need to seek another partner. But there is so much you must learn yet and Jenn as well. So, are you ready to sign a contract like Jenn's so we can continue our search for what you both want?"

"You will be taking pictures of me too? To sell?"

"Yes, I will. As I mentioned before, your face will be altered if you wish, just like I wrote into Jenn's contract."

"Will you expect me to be nude and fucking and being fucked like Jenn."

"Nudity, definitely. Since you are dominant, then fucking a woman, Jenn is this case, will definitely happen and maybe others, too. Since I do not do femme domme over men then I see there will be less reason for you to fuck men, unless you want to or it's necessary for a particular movie. So I would say infrequently with men, but I won't say never. Why, do you have a problem with that? Don't tell me that you're a virgin, too? Things that go completely outside of what is contracted will usually be renegotiated. What you do with Jenn or anyone else will be photographed and filmed in detail of course."

"No, no problem with men and definitely not a virgin. It's just the whole porn star thing. Why can't I just watch and participate like last time?"

"Sorry, not possible. I really shouldn't have allowed you to be involved last time. Legalities, insurance, etc, etc. I have to be careful to follow the letter of the law in this business and I do. So being with her last time is as far as I will stretch that. It's contract or nothing. Sorry, but it has to be that way. Since Jenn has signed on before you got involved, she will continue under contract. It is up to you if you want to take this ride with her or not. This is going to be a big day for her. It would be great if you were there for her. Your choice. Besides. I see you as the more wild and crazy of the two of you. And Jenn had no problem with the contract."

I couldn't even imagine her not signing at that point as I pushed the contract in front of her and held up the pen. But I really didn't care either way. Better probably if she was not involved, but apparently Jenn wanted her to be or she wouldn't have told her about it.

She took the pen and signed after only reading about a paragraph. Very typical. So few people actually read a contract through.

"Excellent. I don't think you will be disappointed. Besides, if you want the necessary training this is the best and cheapest way for you. And I think that would be very beneficial for you and her long term. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir, I think so. To be the mistress that Jenn needs, I need to learn a lot."

"Exactly. But since she hasn't out and out rebelled yet, you must be doing ok so far. But remember, your control ends at my door. And now that you have signed up, you will follow my directions without question."

She hesitated just a fraction of a second longer, no doubt a fleeting last concern over what she had just gotten herself into.

"Yes sir, understood."

"Go to the dressing room and put on the outfit there marked for you, then come back here. Wear only what is in the box and nothing else. No bra and panties here ever. I can't really understand why a woman with your body would wear them anyway. Understood?"

"Yes, Master," she said as she got up and headed for the door.

I was acutely aware that she had just called me 'Master' for the first time though it was not a requirement. This may or may not be significant. Perhaps just a slip of the tongue, or could she be a switch? I had known three different types of women that term applied to. One that could be domme or sub to men or women, depending on the dominance or lack thereof of their partner. Another type was domme to women, but sub to men. And a more rare type was sub to women and dominant to men. There were many different facets of this lifestyle. Something for everyone. No matter. All things would be revealed, but I had to admit my curiosity was piqued.

As I was thinking, I was watching her change through the one way mirror. Beautiful. Oh, oh. I would have to let her know she needed to be smooth shaven before her next visit. I had noticed her trim yesterday, but had forgotten.

She returned shortly looking very native. I told her to turn slowly so I could absorb her look. Basically she was wearing a skirt of leather which was really just two triangles attached to a belt. Her crotch and ass were covered, but the side of her legs were bare to the belt. She wore gladiator sandals. Other than that, only a necklace. She was topless, and a little shy about it I could tell. Hmmmm. The necklace could have been worn long down between her breasts, but she had wrapped it around her neck enough times to make it a choker. Panther Women did both. I wondered. Was she subconsciously envious of Jenn's collar and even possibly her treatment? More food for thought. Collar envy? Nice term. I could be wrong.

"Very good. We have begun to stray from Jenn's Gorean fantasies and I knew that would be inevitable, but today is a special day for her as you will see. After today we will be able to explore many new things, but I want to really excite her little Gorean heart today."

"The costume you are wearing is that of a Panther Woman, from a tribe of outcast warrior women so fierce that even the men of Gor avoided them. They are made up of women that were either slaves or free women in the past, though any Panther Woman caught alone would be immediately put in bondage. You really should read those books. They will give you insight into what makes Jenn tick and what brought her to me."

I looked her over then squeezed one of her nipples. She gasped, which could have been just surprise, or more.

"Your nipples are nicely long. Jenn's are being stretched so they can be ringed and belled. You might want to think about that yourself. You would not need them stretched first. They seem already to beg for attention. I have seen that you appreciate Mistress Vanessa's piercings and tats. Yes. She is quite beautiful."

That made her blush, that I had caught her stealing envious looks of Vanessa.

"Oh, and by the way, another thing I noticed yesterday. You are not shaven completely smooth. That is a requirement. If you haven't done so already, then definitely by next session."

I didn't give her time to respond, but took her hand and pulled her toward the door. I was beginning to think I should get into her head a little too. All in good time.

"I don't know if Jenn will recognize your costume at first, but as the other players come on set and get into wardrobe, she will know something is up and respond in character. She is quite good at it."

As we entered the studio, Teryn's eyes went wide as I had come to expect, but I could only grin. There was Jenn, suspended upside down. Her ankle cuffs were attached to a spreader bar long enough to almost make her look like a cheerleader doing a split, but inverted. She was held aloft by a chain attached to the center of the bar. Her wrist cuffs were clipped together behind her back. A ring gag completed the bondage look. She was again wearing the camisk but in her current position, it was flowing over her leather binding belt, exposing both her ass and pussy for view and use. I took note of how wet she was, by running a finger over her wetness and holding it to Teryn's mouth.

"Suck her juices from my finger." She didn't hesitate at all.

Van had been watching, but didn't comment on what I had done. Then she spoke.

"Joel and I got bored waiting so we decided to play with your new toy, er, ah, I mean slave"

What they were actually doing was attaching clear rubbery suction cups to her nipples. They were big enough to go completely over the sleeves and against the breast, sucking the whole nipple, sleeve and all, deep into the cup, stretching her already abused nipples even more. Since she was wearing the ring gag, which was specifically designed for silence but penetration, I wondered if Joel had been sampling her mouth.

"Mistress Vanessa, I will take over now. You and Joel can change and relax in my office until we are ready. Probably a half hour or so and then the show will begin."

I picked up my camera and started taking pictures of the helpless girl while Teryn watched. After a few minutes, I removed the suction cups and Jenn's gag. I could see she was about to protest, but I gave her a stern look and shook my head. I beckoned Teryn closer, then positioned her in front of Jenn so I could check and adjust the height of her suspension. And last I came up behind Teryn and reached around her and pulled her skirt up and pushed her forward so her bare pussy would be in Jenn's face.

"There. Tuck your skirt inside your belt so you can have your hands free. Good, now you can push her head where ever you want it."

Of course, this also put Teryn in perfect position at the 'Y' of Jenn's wide spread legs. Teryn looked up at me as if asking permission. I just smiled. This modified '69' was worth taking several pics, but I whispered in Teryn's ear, "No orgasm for Jenn." I wanted her need to build big time. But then I just had to add some embarrassment.

"Teryn. Spread her pussy lips as wide as possible so I can get some extreme close ups of her slippery pussy."

"You mean like this?"

She placed her thumbs just inside Jenn's lower lips and spread them open wide. Click, click, click. Then I told her to lean forward and push her tongue into that wide open fuckhole. She was more than happy to oblige as I took a few pics of her face and hands framed by Jenn's thighs. A beautiful shot I thought.

What the hell. I might as well push the envelope a little more. I pulled Teryn around to Jenn's backside.

"Same deal. Spread her."

I heard the helpless and humiliated girl wail. "Noooooooooooo, please nooooooo."

"Sorry, 'No' is an unacceptable word today," as I slapped her bare ass hard enough to leave a handprint. She seemed to get the message.

I continued to snap, then aimed the camera at Teryn's face, again between the whimpering girl's silky and very wet thighs, Teryn looked at me then questioningly."

"Do it. You know what."

She put the tip of her tongue right at Jenn's tight back door. I was only a little surprised that she pushed her tongue in about half an inch then looked at me again. Perfect. I snapped several really good pics. Definitely blackmail material if I ever needed it. If only I had taken time to set up the video cameras to capture the action and especially the protests that had gotten much louder and more plaintive.

Teryn held her while I lowered the chain. We both unhooked her from the bar and unclasped her wrists.

I looked then deep into her eyes and said, "No words are permitted today except, 'Yes, Master' or 'Yes, Mistress', unless otherwise instructed. As I said, 'No' will do you no good today. Your Master will see that everything that happens is as you want it, whether you know it or not."

I put my finger in the ring of her collar and led her to the fur rug. On command she assumed the perfect position. I had her facing away from the door. I saw her glance at the rape rack nearby before tilting her head down and eyes up to me.

"Teryn, stand beside me." As she positioned herself next to me, I texted Van that we were ready. Facing away Jenn could only hear the door open, but not see who entered.

"Slave. As we discussed before, we have already begun many new things that are beyond Gorean. But today, for a special purpose, I think we will digress somewhat."

I motioned Van to come beside me into the girl's line of site. She was now dressed similarly to Teryn, but her body more adorned and her leathers showing off more.

"What do you see slave?"

A first she was confused but then knew. "Panther Women? Master."

"Very good." Then I motioned Joel around front of her. He was also in leather of course. Not much more than a loin cloth. Leather boots. Shirtless."

"And now what do you see?"

"A Gorean warrior, Master."

Her voice was getting shaky, she didn't know what was going to happen, but was now anticipating something wonderfully Gorean.

I knelt down to one knee then in front of her just to play with her clit and pussy with my fingers while I spoke. She was almost a fountain right now.

"Yes, a Gorean warrior. And with you in your camisk it almost completes the setting. I can feel that my slave is flooding right now. Why is that slave? You have permission to speak now."

"Master. I am being tortured beyond my limits. First all the things that Mistress Vanessa and Master Joel did to me and they didn't let me cum. Then you and Mistress Teryn made me even more in need. And now your fingers feel so good, but they are not enough. Please Master. I beg of you. Fuck me now. Throw me on your rack. Rape me. I have waited so long for a Master, for a real man to make me a woman completely."

"Louder slave, I want no doubt in the mind of your roommate what you want. Beg slave."

"Master!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, I can't wait. Submit me to slave rape. You must or I will explode."

"Earn it," I said as I stood in front of her.

She immediately found my cock and did her best to please and show all her new talents. Not bad, then I pulled away as if in thought.

"Do it. Master. Please. I beg of you. Fuck me. Rape me. I will do

anything you want of me. I need you now."

I looked deep into her eyes right then and said. "Be careful both in what you wish for and what you promise."

I put the ring gag back on her so that would be the last words she could utter even if she wished otherwise.

Right then there was a booming knock at the studio door. Heavy thuds like a giant wanted entrance.

"Enter," I said loudly.

The door opened and closed loudly after the huge man entered.

"Tal, Warrior," I spoke in the appropriate Gorean greeting.

"Tal, Slaver," he replied.

"I heard your ship had docked. I also know your tastes for yellow skin and almond eyes."

He bellowed his laughter. He shrugged off a long leather coat to reveal he was dressed much like Joel. But he was at least 6'4" and muscularly built with a shock of red hair that earned him the nickname, Eric the Red. He was another actor and model that was the spitting image of the hero in most of the Gorean books.

"You know me well, slaver. Why have you requested my presence?"

"Come stand by me and see what I have to show you."

As he came into Jenn's view, I could see her eyes take him all in. So many things were flashing, as her eyes windowed her soul. In her mind, of course, she would know realistically that she wasn't about to be sold, but her conditioning from reading the books of it happening so many times had taken root in her subconscious and now she may have thought it or wanted it to be real. Her ultimate fantasy was standing right in front of her, in the flesh.

"Ahhhh, perfection. You chose well. And I see another yellow slut that would look good in Gorean steel." He had turned to Teryn and looked her over like an animal to be purchased. I saw fear creeping onto her face for the first time.

"But alas, my slave pens are full for this trip. Perhaps next time, though?"

"Perhaps, but since you have gone out of your way to come here, then I think I can give you something you will like and you will be doing me a favor as well."

"I am listening, slaver. What are you up to now?" He was smiling as he said it, of course.

"This slut is white silk. This is of no use to me. It gets in the way. Twice now, she has even begged me to change her to red silk, but then I knew she would bring a higher price if I left her white. But now that it does not matter, would a warrior such as your self do the honors. I think that is fair for both of us."

He looked down at her. Now she knew that saying no truly would do no good even if she could. But did she even want to say no. I doubted it very much.

He removed the front leather piece of his garment and let his cock loose in front of her face. She stared. He was hung like the proverbial horse.

"Pleasure me, slave."

She seemed mesmerized for a second, then wrapped both hands around it. The large ring gag allowed her to put her mouth down over the head of his cock and take a few inches of him in her mouth. He did not try to fuck her throat. However, she accomplished what was necessary. She saw the weapon of pussy destruction that she had just created and her eyes glazed over in both lust and fear. He picked her up over his arm like a rag doll. A few steps and he laid her down on the rape rack and none too gently. We were already there waiting to watch and with cameras rolling.

He didn't take the time to chain her, but held both her wrists above her head in one of his huge hands. With his left hand he took one slender ankle and held it high in the air. His cock easily found its target. Her soaked pussy lips stretched to accommodate the girth of the intruder as he found her tiny hole. She felt the pressure and perhaps it was with one last pang of guilt and remorse, she tried to cry out. But maybe it was in relief that her time had finally come for the rape she had wanted for so long.

But it didn't really matter now because it was much too late. She was obviously very tight, but by the time he was half way inside her, she had put her free ankle on his shoulder. He knew then she was more than ready. He released her other ankle and placed it on his left shoulder. He also released her wrists. Then he leaned forward and gripped her shoulders. With one final push he buried himself to the hilt of his sword of flesh. Her scream was primal. His thrusts then were almost violent, but she tried her best to meet and return them. Her screams had turned to moans and I saw her orgasm at least twice. The sounds and smell of their fucking were obscene, yet so very erotic. She erupted one last time simultaneously with her warrior rapist as he bellowed out and filled her. She went limp and he stepped away.

She was to get very little respite. I whispered to each guest briefly. Eric sat down to watch for the moment as the four of us chained the slave's four cuffs to the rack.

"Everyone. This warrior has been gracious and has turned my slave from white silk to red. Now that she is opened for use, you can enjoy her as you wish."

Joel wasted no time getting a piece. 'Sloppy seconds,' I thought, which really didn't appeal to me. I would have my fun with her another time. One on one. Or better yet, maybe with the girls it might be two or three on one. A nice visual came to mind. For now I was content to be the photographer. I saw Vanessa and Teryn had ditched their leather skirts and were harnessing up. It looked like the dildos they selected were definitely larger than the ones they used yesterday for the deep throat class.

Joel was still humping when the girls rejoined the action. Vanessa removed the gag and threw it aside as she straddled Jenn and began riding her face and tongue. Her harness was designed to not get in the way of the wearer getting her own pussy licked or penetrated. My little slave was being used at both ends. I continued to take pictures and wondered what would happen next.

I was surprised though at Joel. Basically he 'came and went.' After he unloaded, he waved and headed for the door which I thought was odd. Perhaps he was intimidated at trying to compete with Eric's huge tool and the size of the girl's fake ones. Or perhaps another reason altogether. Who knows?

I saw Van cum hard and wash Jenn's face in her juices. But Jenn wasn't left wanting. I think Van took a break just then to watch what was about to happen. Waiting perhaps.

Now it was Teryn's turn. She wasted no time sliding her own strapped on dildo all the way inside her waiting room mate. There was no resistance now in her cum filled pussy. Teryn leaned over Jenn, looking into her eyes, close enough that their nipples were touching. Then she started fucking her with slow steady strokes.

What happened next was something I was hoping for, but had no idea if the opportunity would present itself. The two girls on the rack were completely into each other, in their own world, and did not see Vanessa's stealthy approach. With one hand on Teryn's back, she pinned her down against Jenn. In her position, Teryn's pussy was completely exposed and vulnerable. Vanessa's strapon was buried halfway before she could even react. She snapped her head back to see her attacker. But she just gritted her teeth as Vanessa drove all the way home. She returned her attention to Jenn.

Lips locked, full body contact now, with Van doing all the work. Her every thrust into Teryn pushed her just as deep into Jenn. The perfect threesome. No one would leave unsatisfied.

Eric and I were just enjoying the show. I nodded to him and he dressed and I walked him out to the office. I started to pay him his usual fee, but he refused.

"I had too much fun this time. I would just feel way too guilty taking your money."

We laughed and shook hands and he left.

I walked back into the studio and saw Jenn still bound to the rack, but it was Van now fucking her with Teryn assaulting Van's, no doubt, dripping cunt from behind.

All was as it should be, so I decided to give them some alone time.

It was well over an hour before they returned to the office, wet from the shower. I had explained to Teryn earlier in the session that I had some jewelry ideas she might like to explore. I saw she had remembered what I had said.

Jenn's SLUT collar was gone, and in its place was a slim ring of steel, a stealth collar I called it, locked around her neck. For her petite body, it made a bold statement.

The wrist and ankle cuffs were also gone, replaced by one anklet on her left foot, a fine chain with handcuff charms. There was no reason Jenn needed to remove these at any time. They could pass for radical jewelry, 24/7.

"This was a fun day. Many great pictures and the beginning of new adventures. Teryn, here is your pay and your slave's. Five hundred for each of you plus another five which is the bonus I promised Jenn for losing her cherry on camera. A shame you weren't a virgin as well, Teryn. But it is very rare these days."

"Slave, do you have anything you want to say to me?"

She looked at me with hundreds of questions and emotions flashing through her mind, but did not speak. She just shook her head. I noticed how her fingers played with the ring on her new collar.

"Your next appointment with Joel is Wednesday. You both need a day to rest and heal, and I need a day to work with today's photos and videos."

As the two left, I wondered where all this would lead.

Chapter 8 (added: 2015/09/23)

Teryn and I walked out of the studio. I turned to face her. No words passed between us, but spontaneously we threw our arms around each other and we both broke into tears.

I sobbed for something valuable that had been lost. Yes, I had begged to be taken, but that was in a moment of passion. Had I thrown it away for $500? I really had not thought of money when the Gorean warrior was making me red silk. Did the money now make me a whore?

I wept over something lost, though I began to rationalize that I had already torn my hymen with a cucumber long ago, so this was just completing what had already been started.

In a few minutes, my sobs turned to whimpers, then to a sniffle. We separated, arms still holding each other. Teryn smiled first saying, "Hey, my treat this time, k? Let's go get something to eat, and then we better do some studying."

"Ok," and then we hugged again, this time my sobs mixed with idiotic laughter.

There are fast food stops all along Sunset, so we both got a fruit smoothie and an energy bar. The cold smoothie relieved our swollen and still painful tongues. I hailed down a taxi and we were back at our apartment by 7.

As we entered from the street, Teryn said, "Check for any mail, slave," and left me by the bank of mailboxes at the entrance. I knew right away we were back to our mistress/slave relationship. It felt right, to be honest.

When I entered our front door, Teryn was not in view, so I purposely shut it with a slight bang. "Strip, slave," came the command from her bedroom. "Cuff yourself, the steel is on the table. And don't forget the heels."

I set down the junk mail, stripped, and placed my folded clothes on the chair in the hallway. The steel was evident, and one click followed another, first my wrists and then my ankle cuffs, careful not to hide the handcuff anklet. Soon I was bondaged in five circles of unbreakable metal. I looked in the hallway mirror, still shocked by the reflection, especially the haircut and the nose ring. I put on the heels and stood again before the mirror. I turned to the side to check the kef. On Gor it would have been an actual brand. I lightly gasped at the thought.

I opened my mouth to check the piercing. Curling and twisting my poor tongue, I actually admired the pink and white stud. It felt good to click it against my teeth. I could tell my pussy also liked it, since I felt my swollen labia lips begin to tingle.

I turned when Teryn came from her bedroom, light chains over her arm. Naked, not surprisingly. "Feels good, doesn't it?" she asked.

"Yes, Mistress, I like it."

Without words, she adeptly locked me in a sirik. The feel of light, but unbreakable steel increased my desire. A pussy storm seemed imminent.

Teryn stepped back to admire her pet. No words needed, she moved closer, our lips locking, our tongues snaking in and out of each other's mouths. When we broke the kiss 30 seconds later, a rope of drool snapped and fell against each of our chins.

"Now is probably a good time to change the nipple extenders," Teryn said, as she hooked a leash onto my collar and led me to her bedroom. I thought about the studying we both needed to do, but it was not the right moment to bring that up. Fifteen minutes later, a larger metal sleeve had been sucked, tongued, and forced onto both of my clearly elongating nipples. They were almost as long as Teryn's.

I moaned throughout the process, my need evident. Teryn merely smiled at my predicament. "Do you think you can behave yourself, pet, or should I take up some of the slack in the sirik."

"I will behave, Mistress. I have so much studying to do. Thankfully tomorrow is light, but I need to prepare for Wednesday, also."

With a raised eyebrow, as though she doubted I could control myself, she agreed and we went to our separate rooms. It took some time to refocus on my classes, but I had no choice.

I really had no idea where to begin. I was carrying 16 units, and up to last week, that was fine. But not anymore. I could still drop one class without penalty, but that would anger and more importantly, disappoint my parents.

My parents. My eyes began to water. If they could see their daughter now, her limbs bondaged in steel, her haircut and nose ring. I traced the kef along my thigh. I had to make sure they never saw me like this. Never.

My nipples were throbbing. One more extension and Master would surely ring his slut. That was a foregone conclusion.

I sat on the chair at my study desk and opened my international business notes. My ass and pussy ached, not unpleasantly, but persistently. It seemed like a hundred years since I had been in the lecture hall and copiously written notes and comments as the professor spoke. I lifted the light chain of the sirik that ran from the collar to my left wrist, feeling its strength on my small body.

I flipped to the notes on calculus for business majors. I was usually good with such abstract concepts, but as I reviewed the previous lesson's notes on integration, the Greek letters danced on the page and before I knew it, I had drawn a human neck, encompassed by a collar, a chain hanging from the ring attached to the collar.

I turned to the English comp class. I had two days to submit a 5-page paper on ethics and technology. I had not started.

I could not even face the micro econ class. I lay back on my bed, my stomach in knots.

I decided to start on the paper. I knew I had ideas a week ago, but to pull them from my emotionally charged memory was another matter.

I started with Wikipedia, and got an idea. I proceeded to the Santa Clara Univ Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, but after reading only a short time, my eyes began to water. I was having a hard time focusing. Like a storm cloud hanging over my head, I could not shake the memories of the day.

I opened a new doc and started to type, "Advancements in technology are typical hailed as beneficial to society as a whole. The reality is quite different. Advancements come with price tags and that means that those with wealth benefit first and foremost. Rich advance first and the gap widens between masters and their slaves." I smiled at my creativity.

Soon after midnight I finished at least the rough draft. Having not heard from Teryn, I went to the bathroom, deciding to straddle the bowl just in case she walked in. I tried several times, but the sirik would not allow it. I finally sat on the toilet, like a free woman, I mused. When I finished, I put some salve on my septum, and went to bed, thoroughly exhausted.

"Jenn, I'm leaving! Get your slave ass out of bed. See you later, I have to run." Teryn stood at my doorway, fully dressed, her pack over her shoulder. It was light outside.

"What time is it?" I moaned

"Oh, fuck, I better get you out of the sirik." She hurried to my bed, threw back the covers and then stopped, admiring my chained body. "Sigh," she said with a smile, and proceeded to release the chains. "The key to the cuffs are by the front door. The collar and anklet stay, got it?"

"Yes, Mistress," I replied.

"Hurry up, slave, or you'll miss your classes. See you back here for dinner, if not sooner, k?" She turned and walked quickly from the room.

"Sure, yes, ok," my words following in her wake.

Teryn slammed the door, leaving me alone with my thoughts. It would have been so easy to just stay in bed, masturbate, and forget all my responsibilities. But I couldn't do that.

I showered quickly, enjoying the feeling of the steel on my wrists and ankles. When I finished drying, I walked to the front door, relieved to see the key on the table. I set the opened cuffs aside for later. I dressed conservatively, enjoyed a yogurt and cup of juice, and prepared to leave for the morning.

I knew better than to wear any underwear, so I had to be sure all signs of my slavery were covered. I ticked off the items one by one. Kef covered by skirt, but not by much. Nose ring tucked away. Nothing to be done about the tongue stud, hair and earrings. I made sure the blouse was loose fitting, not enough to hide, but at least make the nipple extenders less prominent. The ring of steel around my neck and the anklet? Nothing I could do about them.

Knowing no session was planned at Prix Chic or at Master's studio made it easier to concentrate. One thing about going to UCLA is that the classes are huge, so except for a few students I knew by name, I was just a number among a throng of numbers.

I had an hour calc lecture. I was able to focus and decided to clarify a few things with the prof after class. I walked up to his lecture stand and began. "Excuse me, Sir." He looked up and I noticed he took a second glance, taking in this Asian coed with spiked hair and less-than-subtle jewelry.

He was helpful in explaining a few concepts and during the hour break that followed, I was able to complete the problem set. I had taken Calc A/B in high school, so this really was not that hard. I felt relieved. One class under control.

Another hour of international business followed the break and once again, I was happy to understand the majority of the material that was presented by the T. A.

My stomach growled and I headed over to the closed snack stand. While I waited in line, Teryn called.

"Hey, how has the morning gone, hon?"

"Good, thanks, nothing out of the ordinary, thank goodness."

"Haha, I figured as much. Too many weird people on campus for you to stand out." If that was supposed to make me feel better, she failed miserably. "Where are you?"

I explained and we agreed to meet outside Sproul Hall. I left the snack line and when I arrived, Teryn was already waiting. I could see her smile from a distance and waved in reply. We hugged longer than usual, and then she held me at arm's length. "Let's look at you." She began to scan me up and down.

"You mean no one commented about your new looks?"

"No, but then I avoided eye-contact," I answered.

"Uhhuh, I see, well, let's get some lunch. I'm starved. Let's take a taxi to the village, and order something devine."

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. No hint of our slave/mistress relationship. Teryn had errands to run, as did I. Dinner was never a priority for us; if it happened, it happened.

I got back to our place about 7:30, having stopped for an In-And-Out burger, picked up some grocery items, and simply enjoyed the freedom of movement and mundane chores.

"Hi, I'm back," I called out. No reply.

Nevertheless, the obedient pet knew what was expected. In seconds I was naked. I recuffed my ankles and wrists, and slipping into my heels, sauntered to the bathroom.

I stopped dead in my tracks. Sticking out from the bathroom mirror was a huge cock, a flesh-colored dildo. Thick, long, and very realistic, it had been suctioned to the mirror. A sticky note was posted to the side. 'Hi, slave,' I whispered aloud. 'Practice makes perfect. When I get back, I'll check on your progress. T.'

I just stared at the cock. It was huge, far bigger than anything I had taken yesterday at Master's. I leaned forward, to get a sense of its size. I opened my mouth to check if it would fit. I opened wider and managed to get an inch or two in my mouth. It would never fit.

I stepped back from the sink. Looking in the mirror, I remembered and flicked down the nose ring. I licked the steel cuff on my left wrist, loving the smooth texture and cold surface. A charge of energy passed from the cuff through the stud in my tongue. My fires were being stoked, moment by moment. I leaned forward, and managed to get another inch or two into my mouth. The angle was bad if I hoped to get it deeper.

I raised my left foot, placing it on the counter, and tenderly admired the handcuffs on the anklet. My mind was racing, but my pussy was in the lead. In seconds, I had kicked off the heels and pried loose the dildo from the mirror. Sticking the cock in my mouth like a pacifier, and with the shower head and spray pressed against my cunt, I exploded in unfettered release.

I stayed in the shower much longer than usual, every moment counted as joy. Feeling somewhat silly, I tossed the dildo from the shower onto the counter. After toweling off and blow drying my hair, I decided to practice a little more with the dildo. Naked, cuffed, and in high heels, I walked from the bathroom to my bedroom, thinking that I might be able to force the cock deeper if I was flat on my back.

With my right hand, I slowly pistoned the dildo up and down into my mouth and throat, while with my left hand I began to play with my nipples. They were so sensitive, but I could not resist. When I scraped across the little nubs with my fingernails, I felt sparks. My pussy reacted. I raised my eyes to the ceiling, to lessen the stress on my mouth and throat.

I took my left hand to attend to my needy pussy. My clitty was begging for quality time, and soon I was rolling down hill towards another heavenly orgasm. The dildo in my mouth was a distraction for only a moment, as I pressed my tongue into action, trying to please the rubber invader.


My eyes popped open to see Teryn at the end of my bed, a huge smile on her face, her camera in her hand. "So, what class are you studying for?" she laughed.

I grunted into my gag, scrambling to a sitting position and abandoning my nipples and pussy. I pulled the cock from my mouth. She had caught me completely out of control.

"You are so predictable, slave. Your Master told me to keep an eye on you, that he expected your sexy little body would need continual attention. He was so right." Another moment of profound humiliation and embarrassment. I had no retort. My emotions were raw and I began to whimper.

"Jenn, what's wrong?" Teryn asked, genuinely concerned.

I blinked, tears rolling down my cheeks. She had called me 'Jenn,' and for some reason I found that incredibly emotional.

"Hey, hey, I promise. You can cum later," Teryn laughed, trying to break my sadness.

"That's, that's not it," I sniffled.

"Then what's the problem, hon?" her tone one of a compassionate friend.

"Just look at me," and by now the tears were flowing and I had covered my face in my manacled hands.

"But I love your new look. You absolutely sizzle. I am so proud of you!"

"Proud," I echoed. "How," sniffle, "can you be proud of me?"

"Because you are living your dreams and getting paid for it and besides, nothing has been done that cannot be undone."

"That's so not true!" I reacted, nearly shouting through my sobs. "I gave up my virginity for $500!"

"Well, ok, fine, I was thinking of your piercings and hairstyle. But even so, give it a few days or weeks. I never even think about the day I gave up my virginity. It's over and done, big deal."

"It is a big deal and you know what is going to happen tomorrow, don't you? Are you telling me that can also be undone?" My voice was shrill.

"Yes, it can be and it will only enhance your hotness, and besides, you owe me three wishes and this is the first. Actually, you are not really sure of anything tomorrow." I knew they were going to pierce my nipples and now that I was 'red silk,' the studio photo shoot could only be more intense. I was not opposed to that; she was right about my dreams. My head was whirling. I didn't know what to think.

Teryn held out both hands, inviting me to take hers and rise from the bed. I did. In my heels, I was slightly taller than her. Her eyes locked mine in a magnetic hold, but her hand strayed to my nipples. Her sensual lips opened and she whispered, "One last stretch, pet." I looked from her lips to her eyes, knowing I would let this happen.

Several minutes later, she had mouthed the third of the four nipple stretchers free and the final cones had been settled into place. My nubs were so sensitive, I moaned most of the time she made the exchange. At the same time she locked me in the chains of the sirik.

"Tomorrow's a busy day, and I need more time for my classes, and so do you," Teryn said, with a serious look on her face. "Agreed?"

"Yes," I responded.

"Same question as yesterday. Can you control yourself or should I shorten the sirik chains to make sure you cannot play with yourself?"

"I'm fine, it's ok," I mumbled. The bluntness of her question made me feel so weak, so inferior.

She cocked her eyebrow and gave me a sly smile, and after a brief peck on my cheek, she left, removing her knit top as she sauntered out of my bedroom.

I managed to finalize the ethics essay and even managed to get caught up in the econ class. Hardly A work, but at this point I was just hanging on. I lay down on my bed to rest my eyes for just a moment.

Soon after midnight, Teryn woke me up. "I'm tired, slave," she said. "Go to the bathroom, and let's go to bed, my bed, of course." Jarred from my sleep, I did not reply, only nodded.

Half asleep and still wearing the 5-inch heels and chained in the sirik, I walked to the bathroom, a complete mess. I did not recognize the girl that looked back at me from the bathroom mirror, but I did remember the dildo, now suctioned to the mirror. I turned my eyes to ignore it.

More alert and awake, I walked back to Teryn's room, expecting, no, hoping for more love-making. She was covered and laying on her side, her back to me. On the floor, at the foot of her bed, was a crumbled blanket and pillow; the loop of a leash was under one foot of the bed.

"On the floor, pet. Clip the leash to your collar. If you wake me up playing with yourself, you will be punished. Go to sleep." Her comments were spoken without emotion, like reciting a recipe. I attached the leash to my collar, curled up with the blanket, and lay on the hard floor. My eyes watered in disappointment and hurt.

It seemed like only moments later when I felt a foot poking me in the side. Sunshine streamed into the bedroom, as Teryn threw open the curtains. I looked up from the floor, her naked body glowing in the morning light.

"Wake up, Jenn, I mean, slave. A busy day ahead." She stretched like a cat, her sexy body weaving as she reached for the heavens, back arched, her breasts like mountains rising above her tight belly.

I moved to get up, but my neck snapped tight when the leash went taut. Teryn laughed and moved from the room. "Unhook the leash, silly pet, let's go! No talking. Slave mode. Just leave the heels here for later." Her voice inflection told me this was not negotiable.

When I arrived in the bathroom, Teryn was sitting on the toilet. "You know what to do, slave. Kneel, chin on the edge." When I knelt, she hooked her finger and pulled me close. I wrinkled my nose is disgust.

"Haha, I want you to admire my nicely trimmed pussy, since in a few minutes it will be as bald as yours. Your Master ordered me to do this and I will follow his directions. Look up at me, pet."

With my chin on the bowl, I tilted my head upwards. She reached down and fiddled with my nose ring, twisting it slightly left and right. "Mmmm, too bad it is not one solid ring," she said, hopefully sarcastically. She had a wry grin on her face. "Stick out your tongue," and I obeyed. "You are the cutest pet I ever owned. Move back, pet." On my knees, I took a couple of steps back as she stood, legs parted.

I felt Teryn looking down at me, and for a moment I thought she would order me to lick her pussy dry, but after a second, she took a few sheets of toilet paper and dried herself. "Your turn, slave, while I get the shower warmed up. Here, let me release the sirik chains, so you can pee properly."

Humiliations stacked upon humiliations, so to say one is worse than another is probably not always true, but to pee with my legs straddling the bowl while Teryn watched from the shower was degrading.

We showered together, a slave and her mistress. First I shaved her pussy, then my own while she shampooed her hair. We washed each other's bodies simultaneously, our lips often locking, our tongue studs clicking to the beat of our pounding hearts.

At one point Teryn's husky voice ordered me to kneel. Her hands were working on her freshly shaven pussy lips, her need evident. "Tongue me, slave," she hissed, and with the water coursing around us, I was able to bring her to the orgasmic cliff in a short time. My head was locked between her strong legs, her hands pushing my face deeper into her folds, and then she cascaded over the falls, screaming "oh my god."

She helped me to my feet, her face aglow with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Her lips parted, and I felt a tingle between my legs. She bent down and took my left nipple into her mouth. Whatever she asked, I would do. Whatever.

I stood still, but my body was shivering despite the warm water. I needed to cum, and as she released her lips at last from my throbbing nipple, her eyes rising to meet mine, I begged, "Please."

"Maybe later, Jenn, maybe. But we have to get going. You don't have anything appropriate to wear today, so you can borrow one of my outfits. In fact, I set it out for you."

To be honest, I was surprised by what Teryn set out for me to wear. I was expecting far worse. Short shorts, of course, but the spaghetti strap white top was totally acceptable. The only problem was it was slightly tight and without a bra, my nipple extenders would be prominent.

I paused in front of her mirror. The larger hoop earrings brushed against my neck, just above the steel ring collar. My wrists were ringed in steel, also. The nose ring continued to give me a pussy rush, for some reason. And the kef, now a deeper red, the sure sign of a kajira. With a sigh, I put on the heels, straightened the anklet, and paraded to the kitchen.

"Let's get some of this steel off, unless you prefer to leave it on for class," she said with a smile.

"No, please remove it." I stood there as she tossed the wrist cuffs on the table, and then as I put one foot after another on the chair, she removed the steel cuffs around my ankles, leaving only the handcuff anklet. She handed me the cuffs and told me to put them in the gym bag by the door.

"And gather the sirik chains, also. Hurry up, slave," Teryn commanded.

When I returned to the kitchen, I stopped at the doorway. A bowl of yogurt with granola was on the ground at Teryn's feet. I looked from the ground to her smiling face, knowing what this meant.

She broke into laughter, bending over and picking up the bowl. "Just kidding, Jenn. Don't take things so seriously. Come on, hurry up, let's go."

We sat at the table, but not as equals. I was the collared slave. She was the Mistress with not a care in the world.

We took a taxi to campus and went our separate ways. The plan was to meet at Prix Chic at 2:00.

I arrived a few minutes early, but Teryn was already inside the shop talking with Joel.

"Hey, Jenn," she called out cheerfully when I entered the shop.

"Hi," I responded, not sure if I was in slave mode or not. Joel also greeted me with a smile.

"We were just talking about Monday and that it was good to have a day off yesterday," Joel said, looking at me and expecting some reponse.

"It was, yes," I answered lamely, my mind half numb.

"So, Teryn said she wants to go first today, ok?" He looked at me when he spoke, but I had no idea what he was talking about.

"Oh, she doesn't know, yet," Teryn started to explain. "I want a nipple piercing, also, so I asked to go first, k?"

"Uh, sure, yeah," I replied, totally surprised by her announcement.

"Ok, back to ... " he began and I finished with a smile on my face, "...Room 5, right?" We all laughed and headed down the hallway.

Several minutes later, Teryn had a stainless steel bar through her left nipple. One blue and one gold ball were screwed onto the ends of the bar, Go UCLA. She got up from the chair and we hugged. I was going to say something about just having one nipple pierced, but Joel had already announced it was my turn.

When I pulled off my top, Teryn said like a giddy school girl, "Oh, let me take off the extenders. So much fun!" I stood there while she used her mouth, lips, and teeth to remove the cones. By the time she finished, I was breathing more rapidly and my nipples were thumping.

Ten minutes later, Joel had pierced both my nipples. Teryn had recorded both piercings on her phone. When Joel asked about the balls at the end of the bars, Teryn had answered for me. "Do you have pink and white, like her tongue stud?" And so my tongue piercing now matched in color both nipple piercings.

I had been quiet throughout the procedure, only yelping briefly when the needle was driven through each nipple. Both nipples were doubly sore, from the extension and now the steel bars.

Teyrn, in contrast, had been talking more than usual. She asked him questions about his job and if he had any famous customers. She asked how long before the bars in my nipples could be replaced with rings. I just listened, my mind wandering to Master and what he had planned.

I suggested we walk to the studio. I needed to clear my head. So much, so fast.

"A penny for your thoughts," Teryn said, a few blocks from the Prix Chic.


"My uncle says that to me, when I seem to be daydreaming."

"Oh, nothing, really."

"Come on. You know I care and we are best friends, right?"

I did not immediately respond. I guess that was true, though the line that separated Teryn from Mistress was often blurred and hard to distinguish. On the other hand, I did allow it, because I wanted it. Or did I? "Why did you only have one nipple pierced?"

"Ohhhh, I wondered why it took you so long to ask. I guess it is just because you asked. I mean, if I got both, then there is no more to be said. But one sends a message, I hope, that I can be wild and sexy, um, unsymmetrical, and unpredictable. Does that make sense?"

"Yeah, I guess, now that you mention it. Why didn't you say something before I had both done?"

"You seemed to have your heart set on it, so I didn't want to mess with your dream."

I did not reply. Is this really what she thought? I actually thought she was going to say something like, slaves get two, mistresses get one.

I looked up ahead. A tourist bus was unloading. This was not an uncommon sight along Sunset. It was always a bit of fun to watch the starry-eyed arrivals get off the bus and look around, expecting Julia Roberts to be standing there. They fanned out from the bus, basically making a roadblock. Teryn and I stopped to watch.

I suppose it was one of those things that I would eventually describe as being in the right place at the right time, or the reverse, wrong place, wrong time.

A younger black man, maybe even a teen, had one foot propped up against the wall of a shop. He was wearing a hoodie, his hands tucked into his pouch. Nothing odd about this. I'm sure we both had seen him, but just ignored the visual image.

It happened quickly. A woman pushing a stroller passed Teryn and me on the left. I thought for a second, why can't she wait for the tourists to unblock the sidewalk. A bag, like her purse, was hanging on one handle. Not like I was watching this, but out of my peripheral vision, I saw it happen. She seemed to take her hand off that side of the stroller for just a second, maybe to adjust the shade over the baby, and in that split second, the man, or teen, reached out and grabbed the bag from the stroller. This all happened right in front of us, maybe 25 feet away.

I guess it was the sudden movement, because everything else was moving so slowly, that caught my attention. We both stopped as the guy raced towards us. Teryn was closest the building and moved slightly to the right, towards its safety. I have no idea why, but not only did I not move closer to the wall, as he prepared to run by me, I actually moved to my left and stuck my arm out.

I am not a heroine, that is for sure, but I am not afraid, either. Well, I was after-the-fact, but at that moment I just reacted. His speed and momentum spun me around and I fell to the ground, but it also broke his direction. He tried to sidestep me, I am sure, but when we collided, he was pushed slightly to his right and somehow tripped over the edge of a trash container. He went sprawling and the bag flew from his hand.

Thinking back, I do not recall hearing any sound. It was an old fashioned silent movie. I remember a guy reaching down, along with Teryn, helping me up, asking if I was ok. I remember the woman, the mother with the stroller, reaching out with concern, and thanking me profusely for what I had done.

And I remember, looking at my arm, scraped and bleeding, and thinking, what is Master going to think?

Joel had arrived at the studio and briefed me about today's appointment with Jenn and Teryn. It seemed a bit odd about Teryn's single piercing. Since she wasn't my focus, it really didn't matter. I kept Joel sitting in the office with his traveling tool case where Jenn could see him when she walked in. I was sure that would give her a look of surprise and mild to medium trepidation. However, it did not turn out that way. More time had passed than usual, so I figured they just made a stop along the way. No matter.

I heard their laughter before the knock on the door. As they entered there were giggles and grins between them. Jenn barely noticed Joel and did not react to him. Something was up.

I noticed Jenn's scraped and bloody arm and got a first aid kit from a cabinet as I said, "Ok. What have you two been up to?" They were both obviously in a happy mood.

"Let me tell it, Jenn." Teryn didn't hesitate for agreement, though, and began to babble out the story. I listened while I tended to Jenn's wound.

"Your slave is a hero, or heroine I guess. I am so proud of her. She stopped a mugging."

As she gave me the details in play by play mode, I watched Jenn as I worked on her. Her face was flushed. Hearing the story, I decided it was a combination for embarrassment at Teryn's praise and the still present affects of the adrenaline rush from what had happened. Perhaps more of the latter as I was about to learn.

I was proud of her and told her so, but I didn't gush as Teryn had. Jenn was not saying much and just smiled at the praise, but her aura seemed different than usual.

As Teryn finally wound down, almost out of breath, I said, "Time for business. I am sure you are wondering why Joel is here." I paused, but there was no response from either girl. Their eyes were alert, however, so I certainly had their attention. "I think it's time for a real tat and the process should be captured both by video and photo. When the henna kef fades we will make that permanent, but in the meantime a small but elegant tat will enhance your photos. Teryn, what do you think?"

Of course Teryn was in immediate agreement.

"And what say you, slave?" I had intentionally opened the door with that one question, but the timing was perfect. She looked from Teryn to me and then back to Teryn. Her facial expressions changed subtly, but perceptively.


One two-letter word had brought silence to the room.

I met her gaze and saw both mild defiance and nervousness in her eyes. Knowing with that single word she had already gone too far to turn back now, she squared her shoulders and repeated.

"NO," then added, "May a slave speak freely, Sir?"

"Speak." I was intrigued, but not surprised so far.

"Master, you, Teryn, Mistress Vanessa and even Joel have done anything and everything you wanted with me and I have allowed it, yet you continue to push me. Do you think I am just a weak willed submissive fuck toy because I have not protested your abuse?"

I knew it was partly the lingering effects of her adrenaline high that had emboldened her, but this was a good thing. I knew this time would come. I was impressed, but I showed no emotion.

"Submissive fuck toy, yes you are. Weak willed, never. The two are very different things. A woman can be one or the other, both or neither. But I guarantee you that if I thought you were weak willed, I would never have hired you. What fun would a Master find in such a woman? It is what a true Master does, push, explore, but never exceed the limits of his slave. How else would they both learn just what those limits are? You may continue to speak."

A little confusion clouded her face, but she was on a roll now.

"Some of the things Master has done or caused to happen to his slave have been painful. What Teryn has done has been more humiliating. Yet, I have allowed it all because I admit that my body knows it has found what I have long desired. Am I right that my contract is breakable at any time?"

"Yes. It binds you to do as stated while you are under contract, but it says that either of us can terminate it. You know you keep coming back because you want to and not due to any intimidation from me or the contract."

Though there were those afore mentioned loop holes, they were of no further interest to me. I did not know about Teryn's blackmail threats though. Teryn and Joel seemed to be spell bound by the conversation, especially Teryn, who was now seeing a second kind of strength from her friend. Both in the same day and both giving her a whole new respect for Jenn. Different, but related. One sparking the other.

On the other hand, perhaps a paradox, but maybe finally exploring her submissive side was also making her emotionally stronger or at least allowing her true inner strength to come out. She began to return to character after a few small slips, and I was still amazed at that. She was also showing confidence, even as a slave.

"Master, does your slave need to be punished?"

That seemed to come out of the blue. "Since I granted you permission to speak freely, I will ignore your insolence. Though it is a Master's right to punish for discipline or as a reminder as he sees fit, none is imminent."

"Master has told me there are punishments and rewards. Does your slave deserve a reward?"

"Oh. I see where this is going. I do reward honesty and you are being more honest now than ever. What kind of reward do you think you deserve?"

"Slave also asks if Master will grant her two small rewards. The first is that my new tat will, as you have said, indeed be elegant and somewhere that it can be hidden."

"Granted. And your second reward, greedy wench?"

"I believe that a slave to be raped by her Master is considered a reward. Is it not?"

I could not help but laugh out loud right then. Those had been my exact words.

"Brazen slut. Be careful what you ask for. And you no longer have permission to speak freely. "

"Yes, Master."

And with that I picked her up and put her over my shoulder and carried her to the studio. The other two followed, still in stunned silence.

I took her directly to the rape rack, mostly for the emotional affect it would induce, but it was also perfect to position her for Joel to give her the new tat. I had something in mind already and it fit with her wishes, so I could fulfill that "reward."

The stocks that formed the upper part of the rack would not allow her to see what was happening below. Teryn and I took great care in securing her head, wrists and ankles along with the proper positioning of her legs and knees. We discarded what little she was wearing in the process. She was totally spread and open for use of all holes when they were needed.

Both Teryn and I did a lot of touching of her various erogenous zones as we bound her. However it seemed that her whole body, every inch, was alive. Her tactile sensitivity was off the proverbial charts. If only all women were like this. Ahhh, but as John Norman preached, few men of earth could handle and appreciate such a woman. A true submissive. The perfect slave. She did indeed need a Master, or a Mistress. Perhaps both.

Gag or not to gag. I love the sounds made by a gagged woman. Protests, pleadings and pleasure all sounded alike. For the purpose of the video, I decided the audio needed her gagged. I pushed a double headed penis gag into her protesting mouth. "Ngooooooooo, eeeeezeeee," was music to my ears. I knew Teryn would find this gag very useful.

Teryn's clothes seemed to evaporate while I was gagging Jenn. She was not completely silenced, but her attempts to communicate or scream would be muted and perfect. I am sure Teryn would keep her distracted during the pain of the tattoo and Teryn was in a good position to watch it happen. I was in a better position, watching over Joel's shoulder as he worked his magic. I had to admit he was quite an artist.

I almost missed it. So entranced was I with the unfolding drama, I just happened to look up to see Teryn and Joel making eye contact. Oh, that does not do justice to what happened at all.

Teryn was riding Jenn's face while fucking herself with Jenn's gag, and at the same time tweaking her slave's pierced nipples. The primal sounds coming from Jenn were pure animalistic lust. Suddenly Teryn began to pant and grunt, nearing her own orgasm. Joel looked up from his work and I am certain their eyes locked and sexual sparks darted across the short distance between them. Teryn's mouth was open and her pierced tongue flicked towards Joel.

My mind was in overdrive, my eyes darting back and forth, hoping not to miss any subtle messages passing between them. I could not see Joel's face clearly, but I did see when Teryn curled back her lips and instead of looking upward, stared directly into Joel's face when she came.

While Teryn continued to pant and ride Jenn's face, Joel seemed to break their intimate connection and returned to his work. I watched as the beautiful image appeared around Jenn's already smooth and beautiful treasure. Joel had no problem resting his fingers as needed between her glistening pussy lips. This I am sure he was enjoying. I know I was and I was not even touching her, yet. I could only imagine what the pain must be like on such a super sensitive area. I believe the sexual excitement was mitigating it only somewhat. I could see she was still dripping in spite of the pain, or because of it. Teryn's own dripping cunt was muffling anything other than Jenn's grunts and moans.

Joel's artwork unfolded beautifully into a delicate butterfly of so many amazing colors. But as he stood up to stretch on completion, I stepped closer to admire and appraise.

Asshole that I can be on occasion, I said, "It's missing something. Teryn, come here. I used my fingers to embellish my words, but kept them to a whisper as I discussed something with her and Joel. No discussion really. I was just telling them what would happen next while Jenn lay there helpless.

I slid a finger all the way inside her slippery love hole and in a half a heartbeat it was done. Joel had used a needle to pierce the hood of her clit precisely and not touching her engorged clit underneath. She tried to scream in protest, but then realized the futility. All within the limits of her contract and I had honored her request in making the tat easily hidden. Joel slid a barbell stud to match the ones in her nipples, vertically through her new piercing. It was the perfect addition and it would gently rub over her clit and be a constant turn on. Indeed, the piercing blended beautifully with the head of the butterfly, as though it had a silver antenna.

I motioned Teryn to release the stocks of the rape rack from her head, so she could raise it a little. I got a mirror to position between her legs to give her a view of her new ink and adornment. She just stared, unblinking. I knew there was no way for her to deny its beauty. Teryn immediately stepped in and licked up Jenn's flowing juices as she shuddered, her body so much alive, more than it had ever been in her years of searching. I took many pictures. Super close ups of the artwork. Everyone should have a hobby this much fun.

But this session was far from over.

Teryn walked around the helpless girl, trailing her nails over Jenn's stomach and other sensitive parts. She played with her nipples, which were still sore from the recent piercing. I heard gasps and whimpers; the gag was doing its part and Jenn was making no effort to speak. Her sounds were from deep within, filled with emotion and need. The whole scenario was above and beyond eroticism. The studio reeked of sex. I inhaled it. There was no better drug.

"Teryn, remove the gag." It was time.

Teryn resumed her position above Jenn's now empty mouth and usable tongue. Just before I positioned myself between Jenn's legs, I gave a camera to Joel and said, "DON'T miss anything." I had already ditched my own clothes. Of course, I knew that aggressive sex would hurt her because of the tat and piercing, but I knew that is what she wanted. I started slow, penetrating that beautiful cunt only an inch. Both to tease and torture. Then I talked to her in my best Gorean voice.

"Wench, is this what you really want? To give yourself to your Master and as well to your Mistress? "

Her voice was not her own. Her body spoke for her, yet from her mouth she cried the words, "Master, rape me. Rape your slut. Take your kajira, now!" The last word was at a pitch many octaves higher.

I put my hands on her shoulders for leverage and leaned in closer. "Then so be it." I rammed myself deep into her. Her scream was all woman, all Gorean, "Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii."

There was no doubt this was what she needed, and what I needed. Teryn was forgotten, but still playing her part. She added pain to Jenn's nipples to match what she was feeling at her new tat and piercing with each thrust I made.

I was in no hurry. I did my best to use all my experience to make her cum and cum and cum again, quickly bringing small orgasms, different pacing to elicit much larger ones till they probably felt all like one. Never ending, one flowing into the next. There is nothing in the world that is anything close to the sounds of a new slave at the various stages of her arousal. Her sounds, whimpers, screams were my reward. I didn't want to stop.

Teryn had stepped away for moment. I assumed she had sensed that Jenn was getting overwhelmed and needed to speak. She was begging us to stop, that it was too much. How much time had passed and how many orgasms had she experienced? I had completely lost track.

"Please Master. Let me catch my breath. I must."

I stopped but did not withdraw. Not yet. Her breathing was heavy. I gave her time to recover.

I looked to the side, to find Teryn approaching Joel, who was still taking video and stills. The drama was intensifying. I had too much to orchestrate; things were happening beyond my control.

Jenn had my attention, but not my full attention. I watched as Teryn reached out and took the camera from Joel, and set it on the table. Their eyes were locked. Fuck, I had lost control of this situation. Some good photo opportunities were going to be lost. Back to Jenn.

"Slave. Have you been fully rewarded? Has the slut in you been sated? Have you had enough pleasure for tonight?"

"Yes, Master. You have so pleased your slave. Thank you. I am yours and will do anything you ask."

As I began to speak, I began a slow in and out rhythm. I knew she would again become aroused. I was right. The results were immediate. I heard her moan. "It seems like the body of my little Asian slut has not yet reached her orgasmic limits. Why am I not surprised? For all your orgasms in the past, now you know what has been missing. Submission, pain, even the humiliation you have experienced by Teryn. All these things are what you have needed."

"Yes, Master. I know that now. I know," she moaned.

I looked over to see that Teryn had dropped Joel's pants and was deep throating him. I had to interrupt her to go get the necessary prop for the next round. Teryn grabbed Joel by his erection and tugged him along, but I paid no further attention to them until I realized they were taking a lot of time. I had no idea what they had been doing, but they were coming back. I did a double take when I saw her. Not only was she wearing the huge strap on dildo that I had sent her to get, but she was also sporting a wide leather collar and matching cuffs. The cuffs were also attached to the collar with a chain. I noted this was the same set I had used on Jenn the day we met.

She stood by Jenn's side where she could see her, then leaned over and kissed her deeply, passionately. When she broke the kiss she spoke to her loud enough for Joel and me to hear.

"I can see you are having the best time of your life, my love. Joel told me I should experience my submissive side as well, so I could better understand you. I have to admit feeling and seeing the leather and chain is making me juice and want to get fucked long and hard."

Teryn looked down into the eyes of her best friend. Her sheepish grin was rewarded by Jenn's knowing smile. Their bond was deepening. I had thought I noticed a bit of collar envy once before. I had been right.

I could tell by her breathing and heartbeat Jenn was stoked for more. Since Teryn was definitely ready, I pulled out. She gasped and begged.

"No master. You know what you have done to me and now you again torture me? Please make me cum again. Please."

I distracted her as I walked around to her head and I whispered in her ear. "Look. It is time for your mistress to use that hot little cunt of yours." Teryn was standing between her spread legs and waving the dildo so Jenn could see it. I had reminded her to be careful of Jenn's tat and piercing, but she knew just what to do. I watched her take her time and ease the monster phallus into Jenn's drenched hole. New sounds, beautiful sounds from my slave reached my ears and she was again fully penetrated. I watched as Teryn settled into slow rhythm till Jenn was used to the size of her new intruder, then picked up the pace. She said, "What a little fuck toy you are. You have been hiding this all this time? No more."

Though I was trying to keep to the script in my head, the other actors were now following their own. Not entirely a bad thing, of course, but I had to re-adjust on the fly. It was time for me to play my part. For a split second I thought about picking up the camera then just as quickly admonished myself for even having the thought. Why would I want to bother with taking pictures when this luscious little co-ed was right here in front of me, bound and begging to be used. Duhh, no contest. Let the hidden cameras catch some of the action. I had more fun things to do. Since the stocks had been removed, her hands were now free. I wanted to see what she would do with them. Then I positioned myself at Jenn's mouth.

I pushed Jenn's head down so the angle was perfect, then slowly fed myself to her. All the way in. I gave her time to adjust her breathing and began my own rhythm. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt her hands clutch my ass and pull me as deep as possible. She was getting better, but still needed work. I knew Teryn was making her practice. It was only moments until I felt her shudder and cum. Joel was the wild card here. Well, not really. Though he was playing a new role it was Teryn I thought was the WILD card.

As she fucked our little prize. Joel was ramming Teryn from behind. From my angle I couldn't tell which of Teryn's hot holes he was fucking. It didn't really matter. Maybe they got the idea from the previous session with Van. Now I understood why he hadn't shown so much interest in Jenn. She just wasn't his type. To each his own. All these thoughts flashed through my mind as he got his own piece of Asian ass. Good, I was beginning to wonder if he was gay. Apparently not, I chuckled to myself.

The whole scene from my point of view was erotic. At times Teryn would lean over to take Jenn's nipples in her mouth. This shut out some of the action from my view, but then she would stand upright and I could see her dildo glistening with the copious juices of that delicious little cunt, then the entire length of the fake cock disappeared again and again. Joel continued to aid all of Teryn's thrusts with his own force. They had a good rhythm going.

I wondered how many times Jenn had cum so far in our little session. Teryn might not be far behind. We continued to fuck her at both ends till she had cum a few more times and again needed another rest. We all backed away, though I could see Teryn and Joel were reluctant to separate.

I picked up the still camera and took some macro close ups of Jenn's red and freshly fucked cunt, which was still oozing her nectar. I couldn't resist a taste and felt her shudder again.

I told Teryn to remove her strap on and go get another prop from the drawer. I saw Joel watching Teryn's sweet curvy ass as she moved away and the rest of her as she returned. I took the toy that Teryn had retrieved for me and some lubricant.

"Slave, I believe I have been lax in not making use of another one of your needy holes." She saw me coating the anal plug as I spoke. "A slave must be ready for any whim of her Master."

"No, Master please. Not now. I am spent."

"Your use of the word no is over for today." I nodded to Teryn and she held Jenn's wrists. Mosly for affect since her legs were still immobile and she was open for any intrusion. After the initial resistance the plug slid in over the bulb and was there to stay until removed. I flipped the switch and let it vibrate. In moments, she was moaning and whimpering.

I set up the video camera on a tripod and grabbed the still. I then gave instructions to Teryn. I had planned nothing complicated. Just a beautiful 69 session with two beautiful, yellow skinned and almond eyed Asians. Teryn was more than willing. Now I wasn't quite sure what else would happen with Joel's new role.

"Teryn, would you like an anal intruder as well?"

That stopped her in her tracks. She hesitated a few seconds before she spoke.

"Ya know, I am ready for most anything, but I will pass on a plug. I have something else to fill my virgin ass."

I laughed and said. "Well. I guess I will have to give you a bonus for losing that virginity today. Let's see what happens."

I was ready with my cameras and watched the beauty unfold. The sight, the sounds, even the smells were oh so erotic. Close to obscene, but yet incredibly hot. After a few minutes Teryn called out to Joel.

"Get over here and fuck my ass. I need it. Do it."

Since she was on top, it was easy for Joel to fuck her and still not get in the way of Jenn's licking. Very erotic. My cameras would catch as much as possible. Another hour and who knows how many orgasms went by until both girls were now completely spent.

We released Jenn and removed the plug. She could barely walk. She grabbed me for support, then stood on her tiptoes and kissed me. I saw in her eyes it was a thank you and to me it was worth all the gold in China.

Teryn was also wobbly, but helped Jenn to the dressing room and shower. I gave Joel first shot at the men's shower, as I checked the cameras and looked at the sweat and cum juices that made a mess of the equipment. But sometimes I think the woman I hired to clean the studio got off on it. I showered and was still back in the office before the girls.

When they entered, I motioned for Jenn to sit, but pulled Teryn over to the side. I suggested some new toys for her to take home. She picked up her bag and disappeared for a few minutes. Jenn knew what that meant, but didn't hear what I had suggested. Joel sat silently and waited with a huge grin on his face. When she returned she was carrying the leather and chain she had been wearing before.

"Master. May your newest slave wear these home? I want to feel what it is like to wear them in public."

"Of course. I think you will understand Jenn even better. Though you seem to be much more willing then Jenn was at first. But there are all levels of slave desires."

I turned my attention to Jenn. "Kajira Jenn. Do you feel that your Master has fulfilled his side of the bargain?"

"Oh yes, yes. Master has been generous with his insolent slave."

Back in character, she was amazing. I wondered if I could get a movie role for her.

"Good. You have had a big day. Stopping a mugging I think made you bold. And you see even your boldness was rewarded. I made mention before that if I had felt you were a weak willed woman, I would not have hired you. You are obviously very strong willed in your normal life and of course very intelligent. Your submissiveness does not take away from that in any way. This, I know, is not something most people would understand. There are a lot of dangerous men out there that seek the weak because they can use and abuse them. That is the way they hold on to them. I am not one of those men. I know you even more than you know yourself. But I think you are learning more and more about yourself than you ever knew before we met. Am I right?"

"Yes Master. You are so right. You do know me and thank you for your guidance."

My heart melted. I was glad that there was an audience so I didn't say something un-master like.

"Teryn, did you find everything I suggested?"

"Yes, Master. Everything. We are going to have so much fun."

"Good. I hope you do. I will call you for our next session. I have much to do. I may even re-decorate my office with some new pictures."

Jenn gave me a coy grin and I knew that she knew what I meant. Teryn had no idea.

"Oh. I almost forgot." I reached into a drawer for my cash box and peeled of five, one hundred dollar bills for each of them, but handed them to Teryn." Her eyes lit up. Her first cash for being a model and then I added her bonus.

Joel was under a monthly fee for his work, but I gave him a bonus for today, though he had way too much fun. He should have paid me. But he did well. I wondered what would happen with him and Teryn. This was something I hadn't expected, but I guess I should have. Time would tell.

I walked them to the door this time and Joel left with them. I was rewarded by a hug from both girls as they said goodbye.

Epilogue (added: 2015/12/19)

I cocked my head to the side, to insert the pearl stud earring. So many things had changed over the years.

I could hear Derek breathing deeply, still sound asleep in our bedroom.

One thing had not changed. I still walked around the apartment naked. I knew Derek loved me that way, though the first time was quite a surprise. I smiled at the memory. He didn't know that Teryn and I rarely wore any clothes at home for years. It was totally natural for me at this point.

Not always in 5-inch heels, however. Those days with Teryn were special, but high heels also do damage to your Achilles. I loved biking, even some wall climbing, and shortened tendons as a result of wearing heels all the time were problematic. But if I wanted to impress, I could walk-the-slut in 5-inch heels whenever I wanted.

Sigh, those were good years, to say nothing of good money. Not much remained of my physical transformation, except for the butterfly, of course. Gone were all the piercings, removed one by one during my senior year and after graduation.

Master. Teryn. Joel. Such good times.

I still talked to Teryn once in a while. She had moved back to the Bay area. She was living with a guy she knew from high school.

I had not spoken with Master since the day we parted, now nearly 9 months, but still thought of him often. All good thoughts. I wondered if my photo was still on his wall and if new models looked up and wondered about that Asian girl in the "breeding leather harness."

Joel. When he and Teryn broke up following the summer of our junior year, I never saw him again. By then, both Teryn and I had been given more piercings, Teryn got her hip tat, and we had shared an uncountable number of photo sessions. Teryn said that she heard that Joel opened his own shop in Orange County.

I thought of those days often. But things change and my life as a bondage model had to end at some point. I had the support of both Master and Teryn to let my hair grow out during my senior year. Girls with spiked hair and facial piercings had two strikes against them in job interviews, at least in the conservative world of international business.

I already had one strike as a result of my less than stellar grade point average. Bondage photo shoots and A grades did not go well together. But the confidence I gained over the years made up for it and I interviewed very well.

I now worked for an international shipping company, and often sat in on financial negotiations. The southern California manager seemed to be training me for bigger and better things. I never sensed he expected sexual favors in return.

Derek and I met my senior year in a business seminar. We dated a few times, and he knew nothing of my experiences with Master and Teryn. By the time we met, I had already begun to grow out my hair, had removed the tongue stud, and did only about one photo session a month with Master. He had a new girl and I helped train her, as Vanessa had helped in my career.

When Teryn moved north, I knew I could not swing the monthly rental payments alone, and so Derek moved in the week after she left.

He was pure vanilla. I taught him everything about sex and its joys. I laughed when he questioned how I knew so much. When I was with Master and Teryn I often wondered how I could ever be satisfied in a puritan-like relationship. The answer was simple. I could not. But I found it entertaining at this point to share all my knowledge and creativity with Derek. Last weekend, I taught him how to bind me with rope; the week before I shocked him by handcuffing my wrists behind my back when he arrived home. I still had a box of toys hidden away. I figured they would extend our relationship several months, if introduced one at a time.

My parents, well, I suppose they were still disappointed in me, but masked it well when we were together. They never saw me with the septum ring, nor the nipple rings. The spiked hair and tongue stud were shocking enough. Nevertheless, they were pleased with my current job and especially happy about the $53,000 starting salary, plus potential bonuses. They didn't know that I had well over $75,000 in an online bank account, all tax free payments from Master and royalties of selling the videos to certain adult sites.

I kissed Derek on the lips, and said goodbye. I had to be at the Port Authorities by 8 am, while he only worked part time, trying to finish his Masters program. So many word plays made me smile. Master vs Masters. Training with Vanessa vs training with the current job manager.

I loved my mini-Cooper and just got on the 405 freeway when I heard the arrival of a text. Looking all around for a highway patrolman, I picked up my phone, expecting a message from the office, perhaps a change of venue for the meeting.

Instead, my heart skipped a beat. I stared at the message, set down the phone, and a mile later picked it up and stared again. The message was short, and from Master. "One more time?"

I had just passed the LAX bottleneck, and continued to drive along in the fast lane. But mile by mile I moved to the right, slowing speed and time. I thought of many possible responses, as various emotions spiked within me. That part of my life was gone; he knew that! I couldn't believe he would send such a message.

I reached down and picked up the phone, and thumbed my reply. In the end, it was not a difficult decision. Not difficult at all.

I hadn't really been certain what her response would be till I read her incoming text. Just a simple, "Y E S". I sent one more text trying to make it sound like a command. "Be here. 8PM tonight. I have a surprise for you."

I knew she could not help but enjoy being commanded and I knew she liked surprises. I hope her work did not suffer too badly today since I was bringing her here under false pretenses anyway. I knew her life had gone on and though I hadn't heard from her in nearly a year I felt that was a good sign. If she had been unhappy I think she would have turned to me. Maybe I hoped she would anyway.

I spent the day making a DVD of the best of the best highlights of her time with me and the others involved. Not doctored photos, the originals. The day flew by as I was lost in the amazing memories.

Soon it seemed. "Knock knock."


I did not look up as she crossed the room but only nodded for her to sit. When I did look at her I tried not to grin at the new woman that sat across the desk from me. Far different than the juicing Asian slut I had just been viewing minutes ago. She looked all business but just as hot and sexy as ever.

She crossed her legs high to show a lot of leg even in her office proper skirt. Her breasts were thrust forward and her eyes held mine.

"Ahhhh. I can see the business world has only caused you to veil your inner slut. But again you are safe with me. You are a tease and you know I love that. Perfect."

We shared a laugh that relieved her tension. Maybe mine too.

"Come with me for a bit and I reached out my hand." She seemed a bit surprised at my change in demeanor. I led her into the studio then and I heard her take a deep breath no doubt expecting anything or everything to happen. When in fact I guess I had brought her here with false hopes.

"I want you to look around a last time at the equipment and props. Remember how you were used on and with them. A short trip down memory lane you might say."

She ran her hand lovingly over the rape rack.

"Last time Master?"

"Yes. We both know that you have a new life now and I wasn't sure you would even come today. I would have understood if you hadn't. We both have great memories of this place."

"Tell me Jenn. Are you happy now with your life and do you have any regrets of anything that happened?"

There was no hesitation. "Master, I am completely happy with my life. I have no regrets at all. I have wonderful memories and I think of them and you often."

My smile widened. "You have said all the right things. I am so happy for you. I have all good memories as well. I wanted to be sure you were happy. I confess, I didn't bring you here for a photo shoot today but to tell you that I have given the studio to Vanessa for her business. I will be retiring again. I wanted to give you something."

I pulled out a medium size suitcase on wheels and we continued walking back to the office.

"In here are several of the outfits you wore for your early photo shoots. Also your first collars, cuffs and chains. They are yours for memories or any other use you want."

We were back in the office now and I handed her the DVD I had made that day.

"This is a compilation of your photos and videos not retouched. More memories and I also have a copy to look back on your journey into Gorean slavery.

She threw her arms around me and I held her tight for maybe a little too long, then kissed her forehead.

"Go slave. Live, love, laugh and enjoy your new life. Perhaps we will meet again one day. I will always be a just a call away of you need me."

I opened the door for her and she kissed me perhaps for the last time.

As I closed the door and returned to my desk a whirlwind of emotion overtook me. I smiled at how happy she was. Yes, a tear that it was probably over but I knew I would never ever regret what had happened and I would never forget, that for a time all my wishes had been granted. All my Asian fantasies had come to life and a beautiful, willing, Gorean slave girl had been mine.

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