Oh Come On It Will Be Fun!
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  • Post Date - 6/23/2008

"Oh come on Rebecca, it will be fun!" stated Katie to her good friend as they stood outside an adult fetish shop.

Rebecca just gave her friend a questioning look.

"Oh come on, don't tell me you won't find it fun looking and laughing at all the kinky things in there!" Katie said as she grabbed her friend's hand and dragged her through the door.

As they entered the store the strong aroma of leather in the air assailed their noses and they quickly noticed the different clothes, shoes, and toys that were available.

As they ventured further in they noticed there were very few other customers and just one storekeeper who was busy behind the counter. She was in her mid to late twenties and was tall with brunette hair. A name tag above an ample breast told the two that her name was Lisa. She gave Rebecca and Katie a warm smile and a hello as they passed by.

The two girls started to look around at all the various toys. It wasn't long before they got caught up in all the products considered taboo to the public and started to joke and wonder about some of the uses of them resulting in some rather loud giggling.

It was about that time that the beautiful storekeeper approached them and with a smile and asked "Can I help you two find anything specific?"

"No thanks were new to all of this and are just looking around." Katie replied hoping Lisa would let them be.

"Oh good, some fresh blood!" Lisa stated. "Now which one of you is the dominant, and which one the submissive?"

"Oh its not-"

"I'm the dominant." Rebecca said cutting in before Katie could explain that they weren't in a relationship like that.

Katie looked over at Rebecca wondering what she was doing, but all she got was a mischievous smile and a wink.

"Isn't that right Katie?" Rebecca stated.

"Yes Mistress!" Katie said deciding to play along with Rebecca's game.

"Oh good, you two make such a wonderful couple. Now lets see what I can do to help you remind your slave girl of her status." Smiled Lisa. "The first thing I always recommend to a new Mistress is that she get her slave a proper collar." She said as she led the two girls over to a display. "As you can see we have a wide range of collars from leather, to steel, and even a more severe posture collar should you think your slave here needs a little more discipline." Lisa said while grinning at Katie.

Rebecca stood looking at the display before picking up a simple thin leather collar before handing it to Lisa. "I like the look of this one."

"A good choice. A simple collar like this can easily be work out in public without drawing to much attention but still lets your slave here know who owns who." Explained Lisa.

Lisa then walked behind Katie and moved her hair away from her neck and proceeded to wrap the collar around Katie's neck and with a distinct snick Katie knew that it had just been locked on. Despite that Katie still found herself getting wet with the realization that she had just willingly allowed the item of her submission to be locked onto her.

Lisa moved back around and clipped a leash to Katie's collar and with a sharp tug led her off towards the clothing section.

It wasn't without much surprise that it seemed that Lisa took much delight in dragging Katie throughout the shop occasionally stopping at several different racks picking out different outfits and holding them up to her.

Katie couldn't help but blush and feel slightly embarrassed as a few of the other customers glanced over as she was being led around on a leash.

Lisa finally stopped and pulled out a long black latex dress. "This should be perfect!" she exclaimed. "Now I want you to disrobe completely."

"What!" Katie cried out. "You can't seriously want me to get naked right here in the middle of the store."

"I don't see the problem. As a slave you must learn that you are to submit to your Mistress no matter how revealing or humiliating it may be all the while trusting in your Mistress to look out for your well-being. Now after that outburst I think a little additional discipline is need." And with that she went off and grabbed a few items off a nearby shelf while Katie started to undress knowing that Lisa was not going to take no for an answer.

When Lisa returned Katie had fully undress and was standing completely exposed and feeling helpless as she tried to cover herself up.

Lisa gave Katie a wicked smile before turning to Rebecca and saying "you are a very lucky Mistress having such a young and beautiful slave." Then turning back to Katie she held out the first item. It was a rather large red ball with straps on either end. "This" she said, "is a ball gag. It should do a wonderful job of keeping your thoughts and complaints in check and you perfectly quite." Lisa then walked behind Katie and fit the ball into her mouth so it rested behind Katie's teeth and then adjusted the strap tightly around her head before buckling it closed.

Lisa came back around and produced the last item she had picked out, holding what appeared to be a small rubber cone with a flared base measuring no more then a few inches long and wide. "I like to use this to discipline some girls. I am told it can be both uncomfortable and rather stimulating...if not a little humbling and embarrassing. You see it's a buttplug dear... and I am sure from the name you can figure out were it will be going."

Katie started to shake her head and tried to tell the young storekeeper no through her gag but all that came through was mumbled mmphs. Katie desperately looked over at Rebecca only to see the shock in her face as Lisa bent Katie over and started to press the tip of the plug against the opening of her rear passage. Katie urgently tried to plead Rebecca to put a stop to this with her eyes but Rebecca just mouthed back "you were the one that wanted to come in here."

Defeated, Katie groaned deeply into her gag as she felt the plug mercilessly push further and further into her virgin backside before her back passage finally closed around the flared base of the plug.

"There. That should do you some good." Lisa said as she gave Katie's rear a little pat.

Katie stood up and wiped a few of the tears from her eyes as the embarrassment of having something so large unwillingly stretch and fill her settled in.

"Now where were we? Oh yes the dress." Said Lisa as she picked up the latex dress once more. " This dress is a hobble dress." She explained. "As you can see it runs about ankle length and depending on how far you close the zipper along the leg slit will determine how tightly the legs are held and the level of restriction of the slave's movements."

She unzipped the dress and helped Katie into it. Despite the situation Katie was glad to get into it and recover some of her modesty. It didn't take Lisa long to zip the young woman into the tight fitting latex dress and draw the bottom slits zipper fully closed forcing Katie's legs tightly together. Regardless of all of this, the tight confines of the dress proved to be a very stimulating feeling that once again started to get Katie excited.

Grabbing the leash again Lisa lead the budding slave over to the far wall were the shoe display was.

It didn't take long for Katie to learn just how restrictive the dress was as she was forced to take very small mincing steps that left her struggling to keep up with Lisa who was pulling on her leash.

Once at the shoe section Lisa pushed Katie down onto a bench, which seemed to force the plug even further into her already stretched and filled backside.

This caused Katie to groan loudly into her gag causing Lisa to giggle and say "ooops I forgot about your little friend back there."

Even though she knew Lisa had not forgotten about the fact she had a buttplug in, Katie knew she really wasn't in any position to say or do anything about it.

Rebecca was all too willing to give Lisa Katie's shoe size when asked. Without much delay Lisa disappeared off into the backroom after claiming she had just the pair for Katie.

Rebecca sat down beside her friend and asked, "Are you having fun yet?"

Katie tried to tell her no and to help her out of everything but all that came out was a quite mmph.

"I guess not huh?" replied Rebecca seeming to know this wasn't what Katie had in mind when they entered the store. "Well this may not be what you had planned when we came in but I have to tell you that you look absolutely amazing and this has gotten me so turned on!" Rebecca continued. "I mean don't you find this the least bit pleasurable?"

Katie took a minute to think about it. While she had put up a fight and been stubborn for much of the evening so far she couldn't deny that she had been wet and very excited since everything started. Katie nodded her head letting Rebecca know that maybe she did a little.

"Good then its settled. I well let Lisa continue with her plans until she has you attired perfectly as my little slave and then we will be on our way out of here." Said Rebecca with a wink and a quick kiss to Katie's check.

Katie sat there defeated knowing she had sentenced herself to letting this thing play out and there was nothing she could do about it otherwise.

It wasn't much longer before Lisa returned from the back holding a pair of black heels. "Aren't they just perfect?" she asked holding them up.

Katie was in shock. They had such a high heel that the wearer would be forced to stand on the tips of their toes just to wear them. Katie had no idea how she would be expected to stand in those let alone walk.

"They are ballet heels." Smiled Lisa as she dropped down and started to put them on Katie's feet. After she finished putting them on Katie once again heard two faint snicks and looked down to see that Lisa had placed a lock on the ankle straps locking them closed.

Lisa looked up at Katie and said, "just to make sure you don't try to slip them off and give your aching feet a rest."

Katie looked over to Rebecca only to see a distant gaze across her face and her hand between her legs rubbing underneath her skirt.

Lisa took Katie's hands and helped her to her feet. Katie immediately knew that she would quickly become uncomfortable on her feet while wearing these.

Once again Lisa took Katie by the leash and slowly led her over to a bondage display. After what seemed like some careful thinking Lisa pulled out what looked like a long leather pouch with a few straps.

"This is my favorite piece of bondage equipment." She told the two girls as she held it out for Katie and Rebecca to see. "It's an arm binder. This sleeve goes around the slave's arms and then it is laced tightly behind their back and these straps run around their shoulders keeping it firmly in place and the slave absolutely helpless."

Knowing there was no point in arguing or being difficult Katie allowed Lisa to move her arms behind her and into the arm binder. Lisa then gently started to lace the arm binder tighter until Katie's elbows were nearly touching.

Once finished Lisa led Katie over to a full-length mirror. Katie couldn't believe her eyes. She was the picture of a slave out of some fetish magazine. The sight of this individual done up in such a restrictive manner quickly made her excited. The fact that she knew that that person was in fact herself nearly brought Katie over the edge.

"Well what do you think?" Lisa asked Rebecca. "Not to bad if I say so or myself."

"Wow it's amazing, I can't believe the transformation! you did an amazing job!" exclaimed Rebecca.

"Yup from ordinary girl to a sexy helpless slave in just a short manner of time." Smiled Lisa. "I would say you now have one very excited and helpless slave on your hands."

"Wow she just looks wonderful I cant believe it and look at her face you can see she is enjoying everything as well. I am sure all those sensations and restrictions are just driving her wild right? Asked Rebecca.

"Yes... usually a slave will be driven to such a sexual high that the pain and humiliation they endure is unable to overcome their intense sexual arousal." Laughed Lisa.

"Well doesn't the slave just pleasure themselves?" Replied Rebecca. "I mean bound like this they obviously cant but it's not practical to have your eye on them all the time or bound in such a manner all the time. And isn't a slave supposed to be more concerned with their Mistress's pleasure and not trying to achieve their own sexual satisfaction?"

"That is correct. A proper slave will put their Mistress's pleasure before all else. But there are other options to ensure that."

"Like what?" Rebecca asked intrigued.

"Well slaves that are poorly trained in this area, or for that matter a Mistress who wishes to remove the temptation from their slave, will often have their slave fitted and locked into a chastity belt." Smiled Lisa. "While not the most common remedy, I do sell quite a few... If you would like I could fit one on your slave and give you a demonstration."

Katie mphed into her gag at the last statement after seeing the predatory look in Lisa's eyes.

Rebecca turned to Katie and gave her an unsure look. Katie tried frantically to convey to Rebecca her displeasure of the idea by shaking her head and letting out several gagged mmmhps.

Rebecca turned back towards Lisa and said " I'm not to sure... although a demonstration wouldn't hurt I guess."

Katie couldn't believe her ears and let out a gagged groan and tried to stamp her foot to show her displeasure. But the restriction of her dress and heels made for feeble and unsteady attempt.

"Well why don't you continue to browse and I will take our cute little slave girl in the back and get her into something a little more secure." Said the storekeeper as she turned to face Katie. She ran her manicured hand along Katie's cheek before taking hold of the leash attached the collar and led the hobbled, restrained, and gagged slave girl into the back room.

Once in the back Lisa attached the leash to a hook on the wall and proceeded to remove Katie's restraints and unzipped and removed the hobble dress. With a cheerful smile she grabbed her measuring tape and took Katie's measurements. Looking down at the measurements she told Katie "Well aren't you the lucky little slave... It looks like you are the perfect size to fit into one of the generic ones I carry in stock. It might be a tight fit in some areas but that's perfect. I would hate for you to be able to squeeze a naughty little finger through and receive any relief." And with a little giggle she stood up and told Katie not to go anywhere.

Katie groaned into her gag and told herself that this could not be happening.

It wasn't long before Lisa returned carrying a strange bundle of metal.

"Ok sweetie just spread your legs a little bit and we will have you all locked and secure in no time!" Lisa said as she wrapped the steel waistband around Katie's waist before snapping it together at the front leaving the crotch piece hanging from two chains located at the back of the waistband. "This particular model has some benefits. The two rear chains make using the bathroom a little easier and allows you to enjoy that nice buttplug without having to remove the belt to put it in or take it out."

Lisa knelt between Katie's legs and took hold of the crotch piece hanging between her legs. "For all that groaning and moaning you have been doing about being put into a chastity belt you seem to be getting very excited with the prospect. If I didn't know better I would have believed you had begged me to lock you in a chastity belt." She said with a smirk.

Katie blushed from Lisa's words and knew that her wetness had shown just how excited the evening's events had made her.

With a soft kiss on Katie's smooth crotch Lisa pulled the crotch strap up between Katie's legs and connected it to the waist belt and locked it shut.

The feeling of the cold steel holding Katie's sex firm and the knowledge that any hope of sexual relief would have to wait until Lisa was through with the demonstration and decided to unlock her made Katie's knees buckle.

Standing up, Lisa ran her hand over Katie's steel covered crotch and gave her a sexy little pout. " All locked away unable to feel a thing... such a shame for a beautiful slave girl like you. But don't worry things could be worse. Just think, if you were my slave girl I would keep you locked in chastity all the time." And with that she used her hand to tilt Katie's chin up and gave her a deep kiss on Katie's gagged mouth Picking up the hobble dress and restraints she took hold of the leash off the wall and led Katie back out into the store.

As Lisa led Katie out onto the sales floor Katie could hear Rebecca gasp in shock at seeing her friend led out in nothing but the chastity belt and gag.

"So what do you think?" asked Lisa. "Nice and locked and totally at your mercy, just like a slave girl should be!"

"Wow I cant believe it... she looks sooooo sexy and erotic wearing that!" Rebecca stated with a hint of excitement. "And she can't feel a thing... you know sexually?"

"Well she can still get excited but any chance of penetration or any physical feelings in that area are impossible. Let me show you." Lisa said as she moved to pick up a vibrator.

"Now I am going to remove your gag and I want you to tell your Mistress your feelings as I demonstrate a few things." Lisa then removed Katie's gag and switched on the vibrator. Turning it on high she started to work it up Katie's inner thigh towards her chastity covered sex while also gently running a hands over Katie's rapidly hardening nipples.

Katie let out a low moan as all the sensation combined together to form a very erotic and exciting feeling.

"As you can see it is very easy to push your slave's sexual buttons and drive them to the point of sexual frustration." Smiled Lisa as she continued her ministrations.

It didn't take long before Lisa had Katie moaning quite loudly and leaning into and moving along with her touches much to Rebecca's giggling delight.

Katie couldn't believe her friend. She knew Rebecca would hardly find this a laughing manner if she were in the same situation.

Then without warning Lisa shut off the vibrator and removed her hand from Katie's breast.

Katie groaned and moved her hands to her steel covered crotch and practically begged Lisa "please I was so close I just need a little stimulation to bring me over the edge please."

Lisa gave Katie a devious smile and said "well you're a grown woman I am sure you can fulfill your own urges so I see no need for me to get involved."

Katie sighed and tried in vain to transmit any sensation through the belt and bring herself over the edge. Katie tried to wedge a finger between the crotch plate and her skin but she was barely able to get a fingernail in. With one last effort Katie tried to put pressure on the crotch plate and rub herself but it held firm and she was just left with no feeling but the deep frustration that comes with knowing you should be feeling waves of pleasure yet only receiving the feel of cold hard steel. Sighing in defeat Katie turned back to the Lisa and said, " you have made your point. There is no way I am going to be able to give myself any sexual relief now will you please unlock this god awful thing already?"

"Alright, one last little demonstration and then we will see about getting you unlocked." Lisa said as she switched the vibrator back on and once again started to run it up Katie's inner thigh quickly bringing Katie back to the edge. As Katie reached a sexual high, Lisa took the opportunity to bring the vibrator between Katie's legs and run it along the front crotch plate of the chastity belt.

Katie nearly sobbed in frustration and defeat when her hopes were quickly dashed and she realized she could not even feel the vibrations from the vibrator through this horrible belt.

"Was that any help sweetie?" asked Lisa in a mocking tone.

Nearly in tears Katie replied "NO... I still couldn't feel anything and you knew that but you still had to be mean and get me all excited only to deny me once again."

"As you can see the front crotch plate has a slightly raised shield on it. While the crotch strap runs snug between her legs the raised plate makes sure that no vibrations reach the lower crotch strap keeping our helpless submissive truly frustrated." Explained Lisa rather smugly. "These features, and the design of the belt, make daily life and bodily functions easy to deal with. This of course means it conceivable that a Mistress could keep her helpless slave locked up in one of these for weeks, months, or dare I say even years."

"Wow that is incredible! Not only does it look very sexy but it really keeps her frustrated and denied... that is just so intense. It's to bad... something like this must cost a small fortune." Sighed Rebecca.

"It is expensive, but I have a feeling the two of you would really enjoy what it would bring to your relationship. That's why I'm going to insist that you test it out for the next month. I of course will keep the key, while you two enjoy the belt. Then at the end of the month if you like it you can come back and purchase it and the key, and if you don't I will unlock the belt and take it back." Smiled Lisa.

"I don't think that's such a good idea." Katie quickly stated not liking where this was going.

"So you are saying we can keep this belt for a month to try out, no charge? You just said one of these are extremely expensive and you're just willing to let us walk out with it?" replied Rebecca seemingly ignoring my protest.

"Well like I said, I will be keeping the key. I suppose you could walk out the door with it and never return, but I don't think our cute little slave here is ready to commit to a life of complete chastity and never return, are you sweetie?" she said as she caressed Katie's cheek with her hand.

"Alright then, I don't see why not. We will take everything else as well." Rebecca said.

"Oh good! And would you like your little slave here to wear her new collar, buttplug, dress, and heels out?" Smiled Lisa.

"Oh yes, what a great idea!" Rebecca said excitedly.

"Wait, you can't be serious, no Rebecca I can't go out like this!" Katie pleaded.

"Well if you aren't quiet I will have you wear your gag as well, is that what you want?"

Katie just shook my head no.

"Good, then it's settled." Rebecca stated forcefully.

"Excellent, I will let you get your slave attired while I ring you up and bag the restraints, and gag for you and you can be on your way. I am sure the two of you will have a lot of fun together. And sweetie" she said turning to me "a month will be over before you know it." With that she went over to the counter and proceeded to check Rebecca and Katie out.

Once outside the shop Rebecca turned to Katie and asked, "Well was that the kind of fun you were looking for?"

Katie stopped and turned to Rebecca and said, "You can't be serious about this! I don't want to be your slave, and I sure as hell don't want to be stuck in this charity belt for a month!"

"Well, at this point it really doesn't matter what you want, its what I want. And right now I want to see what it would be like having you as my cute little slave. And to be honest, as long as you are locked in that belt I don't think you have much say in the matter. So keep up that attitude and I will go back and purchase the belt and keep you locked up even longer. Now come on Katie I promise it will be fun." With that Rebecca turned and with a tug on Katie's leash Katie was forced to hobble off to her new life.

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