Home Sweet Home
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  • Post Date - 5/24/2005

One of the fun little games I like to play with my boyfriend is what we call “Hostage Escape”. The rules are very simple. If I free myself in the time (meaning my hands and legs are free) I then can capture him, and make him my slave. He has a tendency to lock a gag on, or chastity belt and keep the key with him forcing me to drive out in public to capture him and get the key. Just in case however, I keep a note explaining my situation with me to show a police officer if I get pulled over. I have never escaped though, so I was not worried about it.

If I failed to escape before he returns, I remain his prisoner for however long he decides on (usually the rest of the weekend). What I love about him is that my capture is always interesting and fun. What makes the entire game so much more fun is I get the thrill of self-bondage, but also a reason to fight and get free (before my captor gets back) ! All week he was hinting that I might be captured this weekend, and just thinking about it got me turned on.

Nick’s parents had a cabin up in northern Maine that we often would spend the weekends at. They had a house they lived in most of the year in Florida, but would spend July and August in the cabin. Nick was able to use the cabin the rest of the year for our fun. It was only June, so we decided to make a trip up there before his parents came back for the summer. When Friday came around, we packed up the car with all of our toys and headed up.

After a few hours of driving, we arrived at the cabin. We spent a nice evening in-doors, enjoying the country life. I almost couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come and get to wander around the cabin, trying to escape.

“So what do you have planned for me?” I asked, trying to seduce him with my smile.

“Not until tomorrow Monica, it will be worth the wait, I promise” Nick smirked.

We continued our fun into the bedroom that night and eventually went to sleep. I awoke the next day alone in the bed and I couldn’t hear Nick anywhere. I got up and went out into the living room to see him hanging up the phone.

“Who was that?” I asked.

“It was work, they are doing a new installation a few hours from here but running into problems. They need my help, and I just told them I would be there soon.” Nick answered. “None of that should concern you slave, since you are about to be kidnapped!” he said, with an evil smile.

“You just said you had to work?” I said, confused.

“I will be back later tonight, but for now you need to be tied up, I can’t have my slave running away can I?” he asked, not really looking for an answer.

“Please don’t hurt me, I will do whatever you say, just don’t hurt me!” I whimpered, starting to like the idea of his plan more and more.

Nick went off into the bedroom and pulled out the suitcase with all of our toys. What I didn’t expect however was when he went to the kitchen and grabbed the saran wrap. Looking through his jacket pocket he produced a couple rolls of electrical tape. I couldn’t help but think, what he going to mummify me?

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked, pretending to look scared.

“I suggest you keep quiet, unless you want me to gag you now?” Nick sternly responded.

“No sir” I meekly replied.

“Undress now” said Nick.

I did as he told me to do. Within a few seconds I was standing naked before him. I knew why he wanted me naked too. I had a nice body, and kept it nice by working out, eating well, and Nick’s favorite, keeping it completely shaved. I enjoy how he looks at me (not to mention the people on the street when I go outside) so it makes it worth it. It didn’t matter much now though, Nick had some new plan up his sleeve and the excitement was starting to get to me.

“Now hold out your right hand and keep it flat” he said.

I held out my hand and made sure it was flat. Nick picked up the saran wrap and started wrapping it around my hand and slowly moving up to my elbow. Once he reached my elbow he stopped and moved back down my arm. At my fingers he ripped the plastic and picked up the tape.

“Make a fist” he said.

Closing my fist I could feel the tightness of the saran wrap around my fingers and hand. It was not long before he started to encase my hand in the electrical tape. Before long my hand was locked into a fist position, but he didn’t stop there. Nick continued wrapping the tape all the way up my arm stopping just below my elbow again. He used some scissors to clean up the loose plastic wrap and make it look nice, almost like a glove. He had not wrapped my hand too tightly and was actually fairly comfortable.

When Nick started to do the same for the other hand, I started to realize how little my chances of getting free were. By keeping my fingers secure, there was no way for me to get free. I had to figure out a way to get these gloves off my hand, maybe I could cut them off?

“Close your eyes slave” Nick told me after he finished.

I did as I was told. After a few seconds had passed I felt a vibrator being pushed into my pussy. I was so wet for just the wrappings on my hand that it slid in with ease.

“Open your legs a bit, and don’t let the vibrator drop!” command Nick.

Again I did what I was told and tightened my grip on the vibrator so to speak. It was a good thing I guess what was next because I would have dropped the vibrator for sure. Nick was now pressing a very large plug against my ass. It was lubed already and he took it slow. I was by far not a virgin to these things, but I was by no means loose back there either. After what seemed like eternity it slipped in allowing my sphincter to close around the small base of the plug. Once it was in I could hear him ripping off strips of duct tape. After about 5 long strips were made, I found out what his plan was.

Nick started at my stomach and tightly pressed the tape against my body as it went under me, sealing the vibrator and butt plug in. Once the last strip was applied I could tell that these intruders were not going anywhere. It actually felt more restrictive yet more flexible then my normal leather chastity belt. Nick wasn’t done yet however, he then took the tape and wrapped it tightly around my waist sealing the ends of the tape that ran under me away. I was so turned on at this point I was not even thinking about escaping, I just wanted him to play with me now and not go into work.

“Open your mouth up slut” whispered Nick into my ear.

Shit. I was hoping that he wouldn’t gag me. I was going to use my mouth to rip off the tape on my hands and free myself. Oh well. I complied and opened my mouth wide for the gag still keeping my eyes closed. Seconds later I felt the rubber ball pushing my teeth apart until they fit over the gag, nice and secure. I never could figure out why he always used this trainer gag on me, it must be the way it looks. Once the ball is behind my teeth I can’t get it out without the use of my hands or other help, so the extra straps are really for nothing. It just means things will be a little more uncomfortable.

Next I felt some leather cuffs being put around my ankles. This part was pretty standard and he usually gave me about 50cm of chain. It was enough to move around, but not nearly enough to run or jog if I needed to. After locking the chain to the cuffs I tested them out quickly. It actually seemed Nick might have given me a little more slack, which means he will make up for it somewhere else. This had me worried.

Japanese clover clamps are a nasty little invention. When applied to the nipple, they do not bite down a great deal, but have quite the opposite effect when you pull on the chain. Nick was very practiced with these clamps and applied a set to my nipples making sure they bit down behind the nipple. By doing it behind it takes a great deal of effort to pull them off, let alone pain.

The final step to his scheme was taking a leather belt and closing my wrists together in front of me. I sighed with disapproval and Nick just laughed at me. After he secured the belt he took a few steps back and picked up our digital camera. He snapped away a few dozen pictures as I posed for him. We keep our own little photo album at home of our little adventures and often enjoyed looking at them on rainy nights.

“Well, they will be expecting me soon so I have to run my dear. I hope you enjoy yourself today… oh yeah, I almost forgot. You may want this.” smiled Nick. He set on the table the remote to my vibrator. “I used the Lithium Ion batteries today, so you shouldn’t run out before I get home.” Lithium Ion batteries are something we started using a month ago instead of the normal batteries you buy in a store. The they designed for digital cameras and cell-phones to get longer life, but they do not put out quite as much power. What this translates into on my vibrator is that it won’t be as strong as it could be, but instead of dying after 3 hours, it will last for about 8. Needless to say, it should be a fun day if I can turn it on.

As Nick started to walk out he grabbed my nipple chain and started to pull me across the room. Once we were at the stairs he removed the clamp from my right nipple, looped it around one of the posts holding the railing up and reattached it. Now I was really not happy and started to stomp my feet. With my hands the way they were it was going to be difficult, if not impossible to just unclip them off my tits.


He slapped me on my ass and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “See you later today slave, I will try and finish early if I can, don’t go anywhere” he smirked.

I tried fighting in my bonds, pulling on my tits, trying to spit out my gag and just having fun with the situation. I wanted to get over to that remote so bad though, I could feel the vibrator and plug inside me and I was already very turned on. If only Nick had turned it on before he left I would have been in pure bliss.

I figured I could use my feet to get the belt off my hands, but I needed to be sitting down first. In order to do that, the clamps had to come off my tits. It only took me about 2 minutes and several painful tugs on the chain to figure out that I was not going to be able to reach the clamps and release them the easy way. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

3…2…1…PULL !

I took a step straight back and put my weight into it. The pain was almost unbearable and I was feeling light on my feet. To my dismay the clamps were still in place, however they had moved. I was panting through my gag trying to recover from the excruciating pain. After 5 or 10 minutes it subsided to a dull ache and I was ready to try again.

3…2…1…PULL !

The good news is that they came off (well one of them did) thus releasing me from the staircase. The bad news is I took quite a fall on a count of the hobble chain. I couldn’t catch up with the fall and with my hands strapped in front I made a controlled fall to the ground. Thankfully I was not hurt. Since I was down here anyway, I might as well take off this belt.

Pushing the slack end with my foot, I was able to get the belt partially undone. This is itself was not an easy feat as I had almost no dexterity with my toes. Now all I had to do was release the belt front the steel pin holding it together. I did this by using my chin and shoulder. The gag and straps didn’t make it any easier in case you were wondering.

Free at last ! At least that is what I felt like. Once I was free of the belt I ran as fast as my hobbled legs could take me over to the remote control. I used one of my stubs to press down on it, hoping to elicit some sort of response from my tormenting vibrator. Sadly, no such gratification came. Then I saw the note.

“Hi Monica, I didn’t have enough time before running to work today to find the batteries for this remote, I think it’s in the suitcase. Please make sure that you find the batteries and press the button labeled ‘2’ or else my laptop computer will be ruined. Love, Nick”

What in the hell was he talking about? The remote was for my vibrator and nothing else. I knew this because I have used it many times before. Something is not right and I have a feeling I am going to find out whether I like it or not. Until I do, I better find those batteries.

Walking over to the bedroom was pretty uneventful, which was frustrating in itself. Most of the time when we play this game my hands are behind me or I am even bound in a way I can’t even walk. No only could I walk this time, but I had complete movement of my hands, I couldn’t place my finger on what was wrong with this whole picture, but more and more I knew something was up.

Arriving at the bedroom I flipped open our “normal” suitcase with clothes and such to find the batteries. Laying right on top of the clothes were a full pack.

“That son of a bitch” I thought.

With my hands bound the way they were it was going to take a lot of work to get them out. I used my hands like flippers and hobbled back to the living room area where the remote was. Placing the batteries on the table I went to look around the area, hoping to find something my bound hands could free the batteries with.

After looking around in the kitchen I found a butter knife and came up with a game plan. I again played my role as a seal and waddled my way back to the living room and knocked the batteries on the floor. I sat down and braced the pack of batteries with my feet. Using the knife, I drove it through the paper backing until it was past one of the batteries. The next step was to bend the knife and pry the batteries out. It took some effort but it worked, one by one they popped out of the casing.

The remote needed 4 of them and I was careful to put them in the right way or else it would be a bitch trying to get them back out. I could almost see Nick sitting back in a chair somewhere just imagining my torment. If I didn’t love it so much I probably would be pissed for this little trick he pulled on me.

With two batteries down I screamed into the gag from fright when the phone rang. Almost nobody knows the number and his parents never get any calls anyway so it must be Nick checking up on me and to taunt me. After the 5th ring, the answering machine picked up.

“Hi…, um.. Nick are you there? This is your father Nick, pickup the phone if you are there…………….. Well, if you are there or get this before we get there I just wanted to tell you that we decided to come up a month early on a spur of the moment thing and will be at the cabin in about 30 minutes. Maybe we will see you soon. Bye.”

“Shit. Shit. Shit. What the hell am I going to do now? I can’t let his parents find me like this!?!” I thought, wanting desperately out of our little game. I looked over at the clock, but it looked like it would be hours before Nick would be home. What in the world was I going to do?

“Ok… time to think.” I wasn’t getting far however, my mind was focused on his parents seeing me like this. Then it hit me, the basement! Getting down there might be a problem, but I could deal with that later. I needed to get this damned vibrator going first, or it would be very boring down there.

Going back to work on the batteries I worked out a little system and got the remaining two installed. Even with me quickened pace, it still took me 15 minutes to finish. I didn’t dare turn it on just yet; the last thing I needed was to get caught up in an orgasm and be discovered.

I did my best to stuff the remote under my arm pit as it was the only place I really had any grip. Standing up was a chore in itself, but managed to do it and started my journey to the basement. It was only around the corner, and once I was there I started pawing at the doorknob trying to get it open. It was at this moment that I really started to appreciate opposable thumbs. I felt like a dog, pawing at the door, begging to go outside.

Getting nowhere fast and the clock ticking down I tried using my forearms. Due to the slippery tape, I still couldn’t open the door. Frustrated I stood up straight and noticed there was a lock on the top of the door. “What the hell is that for?” I thought. It wasn’t a deadbolt or anything, just a simple sliding lock that you see in a lot of old houses. From the looks of it, if I closed the door it would lock behind me.

During my quest to figure out the purpose of a basement lock I heard a car rolling up the dirt road. “Mmmmmmph!” was the only sound I could muster, however a much more expletive word was intended.

In a frantic balancing act I bent down and used my forearm on the doorknob while pushing up on the lock. In my panicked state, I mustered all my strength and the door finally opened up. Unfortunately at the same time the remote fell off my arm, bounced off knee and slid across the carpet to the middle of the room. I was just about to make my way to it and bump it under the couch, but I heard keys outside the front door.

As fast as the hobble chain would allow, I moved behind the basement door and shut it closed. Not wanting to risk them finding me on the stairwell, I moved very slowly down the stairs, trying not to rattle the chain. Once at the bottom, I took a quick survey of the area. It seemed to be a normal basement, with a washer and dryer in one corner, some tools in another, and all very open. Walking around on the cold cement floor I discovered a dark corner, so I moved myself closer to it for inspection.

It was a tad bit unnerving to hear footsteps above, knowing it was his parents. If they only knew their sons girlfriend was bound, and mostly naked in their basement. The thought of being discovered was a slight turn on, somewhat like a good fantasy, which is what I wanted to keep it as.

To my dismay however, the fantasy was quickly becoming reality as I heard the basement door open and footsteps. I was close enough to see that the dark corner was actually a small hole in the wall. I quickly got down on all fours and backed my way into the hole. From the size and shape of it, it almost seemed like a concrete coffin. Whatever it was, it was keeping me hidden from whoever was walking around now. As I peered through the opening, I could only see a pair of legs, seeming like a mans due to the style of jeans.

My heart stopped as they started to walk over to me. With his feet inches from the opening, I thought for sure he would duck down and look inside. My breathing was almost non-existent from my terror.

SLAM. A large metal grate slid down, trapping me inside this small, cramped space. “Mmmmmmph!” echoed though the basement, revealing for sure that somebody was in this small hole. My torment wasn’t over however as the vibrator started to hum in the depths of my pussy. It was on it’s lowest setting, and usually just keeps me highly aroused and frustrated. A hand set the remote on the floor, outside the cage. “What a bastard” I thought.

The man walked back up the stairs, closing the door and shutting off the light. I was already starting to get uncomfortable in the small cell so I could lie on my side. It wasn’t much better, but at least my knees would feel better. While I was at it I started to explore my limited space. As expected, the grate wouldn’t budge… not even wiggle, almost like it was welded in place.

It didn’t take long for reality to set in and push aside my lust growing in my pussy. First and foremost, who was that man… was it Nick’s father? Whoever it was, I was pretty worried and wanted Nick here to rescue me now! Maybe I can undo these tape mittens…

Meanwhile in Nick’s World

“Monica must be getting pretty worried by now” I smirked to myself closing the basement door. This changes my plans a little bit however, I never expected her to actually make it to the basement. Oh well, I am sure I can make due… I just need a new story.

Until now, everything has been fabricated by me. The voice she heard on the machine was just a recording I found on the cabins answering machine when I played back the tape a few weeks ago. In reality, my parents won’t be up until planned. What I never told Monica was that I got into bondage because of catching my parents in the act, in a manner of speaking. In the basement there is a secret wall that my father turned an old bomb shelter into a dungeon, and the little cell that Monica is in now was built as a little prison for my mother.

Given the subject, I never let them know I knew about their secret lives. I figured it best that way anyway. I always just make sure I leave everything as it was before I use it as not to arouse suspicion, not that it would matter. In any case, the matter at hand is what to do with Monica. I planned to just scare her a little bit and then keep her my slave for the weekend. Given that she doesn’t know for sure who I am and that she is still bound and in the cage, I have to think of something more interesting. Why not a robber…

With my mind made up, it was time to make some preparations. I’m pretty sure she would suspect that I was the robber, so I decided that I would play a pseudo captive. To do this, I went into the bedroom and found a pair of handcuffs. I put the key in my back pocket and walked over to the front door. I opened it and then shut it, make sure I made lots of noise. After a few minutes of stomping around, I opened the basement door a crack, put on the handcuffs behind my back and slammed the door behind me.

Playing the part, I smashed against the door a few times screaming “Let me the fuck out of here!” Giving it a few more hearted attempts, I gave up on the imaginary robber and walked down the stairs to look around. I managed to reach the light switch and walked around the basement pretending to look for another way out.

“Mmmmmmph! Mppphphh!” echoed through the basement about the time I came into view of her cell.

“Hello? Who’s there? Is that you Mon?” I queried.

More muffled cried escaped her small and cold cell before I ‘found’ it.

“What the hell is going on? Who the hell is up there? Are you ok?” I blurted out.

More muffled cries came from her gagged mouth.

“Let me see if I can get out you of there” attempting to sound concerned. I already knew that I couldn’t get her out of there, even if I wanted to. When I had closed the grate down, I put a lock on it and left the key upstairs.

“It’s locked shut, whoever put you in there must have the key. They also locked the door to the basement.” I started to ask her a bunch of yes or no questions so that I could determine what our captor was like. I explained that I called my father back and told him that we were here and that they are staying at a hotel for the night so they wouldn’t bother us. I moved on to tell her that I started to look for her and found a man with a gun robbing the place. I mentioned that I didn’t resist so I wouldn’t be hurt, but was very scared.

Sitting back against the wall I got comfortable, trying to hide the raging hard-on in my pants. I glanced over at Monica. She looked so worried. This was going better then I could have ever imagined.

Back to Monica’s caged world

I can’t believe this! Maybe if I didn’t hide in this cage… maybe if I tried to call for help? With Nick cuffed, he can’t even fight back. I wonder why he took the trouble to cage me, he must have known I was bound and helpless? So many questions, and all I wanted was for it to be over.

I couldn’t help feeling a sense of irony. Thinking back, this situation is not far from my fantasies of being captured. It seems different now. Maybe it’s the uncertainty, the fear, the cold cement floor, or just the fact that it’s real. At least Nick is ok, without him I don’t think I could survive this ordeal, in fact, I know I couldn’t.

On top of everything else, I still was hoping for a release. This vibrator was buzzing away keeping my pussy drenched. I tried rubbing my stumps for hands against my nether regions, hoping to push me over the edge or at the very least, get Nicks attention so he can turn up my vibrator.

Time for Nick to have fun

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to keep her locked in the cage. Then again, maybe that’s why I wanted her more then ever before. I was pretending to take a nap, but I could see her though the grate trying to masturbate. Unsuccessfully I might add.

Slowly I reached over and grabbed the remote in my hand. Waiting for the perfect moment I stood ready to click it into high. Then it came, she laid back in frustration and I it the switch.

“MMMMMMMMMMPH!” Monica screamed.

If there was ever a time when I thought she could bust through the cage, it was now. I tried to reach the switch click it back down a notch but her scream shocked me and caused me to drop it. When I did, the batteries scattered. I decided I might as well watch the show.

Frustrated myself, I saw in awe of what was before me. Monica thrashed around, pawing at her groin in a vain attempt to dislodge the maddening device. She seemed torn between ecstasy and consciousness. A few times she glanced at me with a glazed look, breathing like she is running a marathon. My only wish was I could be in there with her so share the fun.

After about 30 minutes she started to come down from her climax and promptly went to sleep. I had put the batteries back into the remote and shut it off for her, which is probably why she stopped at 30 minutes. I decided it was the perfect time to get my cuffs off and head upstairs so I could free my little sex slave.

I moved to the other side of the basement and tried to remove the key. In hindsight, I should have paid closer attention to where I was standing. As the key slipped out of my pocket it fell to the floor, bouncing right into the drain. “Damn it!” I thought to myself, but not overly upset. There was plenty of keys upstairs, I just needed to get up there.

I climbed the stairs and turned the knob, or at least tried to. I tried the door again, and again, and again… My world was collapsing. I forgot to check the door to see if it was locked before shutting it. It’s a solid oak door and won’t budge. My parents are always worried that somebody will break the lock on the storm doors and get in through the basement. In a panic, I tried charging the door, kicking it and even somehow thinking I can break the lock by ‘turning really hard’.

We were stuck, at least for a day or two. My biggest worry was Monica however, with her mouth gagged there was so way to get water to her… then again, I was not sure there was any to be had down here. I better play along with this… she is going to be pissed if she finds out.

I resigned to the corner with Monica to take a nap. My worst fears and anger for being so careless were overwhelming, however I welcomed the idea of my father poking fun at me just so I could know this would be over.


It was hard on Monica and Nick for the first week. After finding some scissors in a toolbox, Nick carefully sliced away the tape until she had one hand free. It was a slow an tedious process due to the grate holding Monica captive. Once one hand was free, she was easily able to undo the other arm as well as pull the gag out of her mouth. It still hung around her neck, but at least she had the use of her mouth again.

The two talked about escape scenario’s and how his parents should be visiting any day now, but as each day passed, they didn’t. Nick decided that they should plan for the worst, and start working out some details. In an effort to keep spirits high, they pretended to be slaves and to keep their mistress happy she had to satisfy Nick through the grate. It didn’t last however, the inability to bathe started to take it’s toll.

Food and water was next on the agenda. Nick was able to find and stockpile of canned veggies and some soda. Without a can opener, he was only able to get the food out by using some crude tools from the toolbox. Several times he seriously cut himself, but not fatal.

Water was supplied from a hole in the basement water pipe. There was no way to shut it off, and day and night it dripped water onto the cement floor, driving the two of them stir crazy night after night. Nick had tried to cover it with some of cloths, but it was no use, it only gave them peace for a few minutes.

Nick took care of his beloved woman, feeding her through the grates, cupping water with his hands so she could drink from them with a makeshift straw. He wanted to tell her it was his fault, but didn’t want to get her spirits down any more then they were. How could he have been so foolish… that was all he could think of as he cried himself to sleep night after night.

Monica could tell something was wrong with Nick. She would ask him about it, but dared not to push the issue given how much she depended on him. After a while, she began to get used to the small walls of her cell and find comfort in them. Nick tried his best to keep her entertained, and they really became closer then ever before. Even so, the endless hours with nothing to talk about was wearing on the two of them.

Monica wondered what her friends and family were thinking, and if she was pronounced dead. As her mind played came up the worst possible dreams, she would panic and start thrashing in her cell. Nick would eventually calm her down and tell her everything would be ok when his parents made it to the house.

After a month had passed, even Nick couldn’t keep up the hope. The daily routine of opening up a can of food, feeding Monica, helping her remove the waste from her cell was just getting old. He knew in his head that he road had a long way to go, but wanted to give up and just let the inevitable happen. Monica would have given up long ago if not for Nick keeping her will to live going. With his new state of mind however, she was quickly starting to decline as well.

It was not until a week later they heard a noise upstairs, specifically footsteps. Nick’s energy was low, but he managed to stand up and grab a broom. Banging on the ceiling, they both prayed that they person above would hear them. It was their only hope. Moments later, a knock was heard on the basement door. Nick went over to the stairs to yell or help, but it came out as course whimpers.

As the door slowly opened, a strange woman’s voice called out “Hello?”

“Help us!” Nick yelped, trying to make his way up the stairs.

Within the hour, police and ambulances were on the scene. Monica was slowly dragged out of her cage and rushed to the hospital long with Nick. They didn’t think twice why the woman was there, just grateful, at least for a while.

Due to the untimely death of Nick parents in a car accident the day after they stayed in a hotel and the inability to find Nick as the only heir to the estate, it was turned over to the state. Mrs. Wright was simply an appraiser for the state looking to evaluate the property.

Monica and Nick stayed together after the entire ordeal was over. Nick setup a proper funeral for his parents and won the rights to his parents estate back from the state. After selling their home in Florida, Monica and Nick made the mutual choice to live off the money in the cabin that brought them so close together. Unknown to them however, this won’t be their last ordeal in the cabin…

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