April and Jenny's Bet
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  • Post Date - 6/14/2005

My roommate, Jenny, and I were without plans one Friday night so we spent the evening drinking margaritas and playing around the Internet. We stumbled across a chastity belt site and were both pretty surprised that such things still existed. For the next several hours we looked at photos and read stories and talked about these things. Finally, after enough margaritas, we decided we would order one. Since we are both about the same size we could order one belt that would fit either of us.

Several weeks later we got a notice in our mailbox to pick up a package at the Post Office. Jenny got out of class before me so she went to the post office and picked up the package. I hurried back to the apartment as soon as my class was over. I found Jenny in her room with what looked like a gleaming steel pair of thong panties. The front was a big shinny metal shield that ran from belt height down through her legs. It narrowed to a rubber coated metal cable up your crack. There was a post for a pad lock in the front, if this thing were locked on the wearer would have no room to escape.

We took turns putting the belt around ourselves, without the padlock. I had imagined that you would still be able to stimulate yourself with this thing on, but there was no way. The front was composed of two layers of metal. The first layer went outside of your lips and pushed them out through a slit. Imaging pouting lips poking between two metal strips. The second layer of metal was full width and locked on over the first layer. It had a raised edge to hold it up off the first layer and it sealed against the sides of the first layer. Your lips poked through the first shield and were trapped inside the metal box created by the second shield. There were holes in the bottom of this second shield so that if you needed to pee it would drain out, but it would be messy.

During the prior couple of weeks we had written out the rules for the game we were going to play. It was easy to make up the game when the reality of a chastity belt wasn't staring you in the face, but now I really wanted to back out. Unfortunately the very first rule was that if anyone mentioned or even alluded to backing out they would immediately have their hands tied behind their back and the other girl would get to decide their fate. From the gleam on Jenny's face I knew that if I said a word she would have me locked in this thing. If I didn't back out I would at least have even chances that Jenny would end up wearing it.

That Friday night we started the game we had been talking about for the last several weeks. The first thing we did was to take the keys and drop them in an envelope and mail them to ourselves. Monday was a holiday, so who ever ended up with the belt was going to be in it for at least three days. We got out a deck of cards and started a game of strip poker. Jenny lost first and started by taking off a shoe. The game went back and forth with a shirt here and a bra there. Pretty soon we both ended up naked, the next hand would decide who got tied up. We had decided that the loser should submit to having their arms strapped behind their back before having to risk the Chastity belt. That way they wouldn't be able to back out if they lost the next hand. The arm straps were made up of a tall leather collar attached to a strap that runs down your back. The strap has wrist cuffs on the end to pull your arms tight up behind your back. Who ever lost would get strapped in tight and then we would play a round of sudden death. If you lose that round you are already tied up and at the mercy of the other girl, if you win you take the harness back off and the game keeps going.

Jenny dealt the next hand and I ended up with a terrible hand, I could tell by Jenny's grin that she was happy with her's. Now I was definitely scared. I had a couple of minutes to think while Jenny fastened the collar first around my neck and then strapped up my wrists. I tried not to panic by concentrating on the next hand while she strapped me in. The collar was very tall and stiff so I had to hold my chin up and straight ahead. As she worked on the collar she was saying that we would just strap my wrists kind of loose so that I could pull my hands out anytime I wanted. I relaxed a little with relief at this idea, only to find that Jenny jerked the wrist straps tight and called me a sucker at the same time. She then proceeded to tighten up the collar until I began to panic.

Jenny then dealt me the worst poker hand I have ever seen. I started pulling hard against my straps and trying to talk her into letting me loose and calling this off, but it was too late. All I could think of was what was going to happen next. Jenny left the room for a few minutes and then came back in, swinging a ball gag in her hand. She pushed me down on the floor on my back and then sat on my stomach. I struggled as hard as I could but without my hands there was nothing I could do. When I clamped my lips tight she grabbed my right nipple and gave it a sharp twist, I opened my mouth involuntarily and the ball slipped right in. The gag had straps that went behind my head, over the top and under my chin. After getting me strapped in she made another pass around it tightening up the straps until my mouth was immobile. I was reduced to only being able to grunt and drool. She sat there on my stomach for a couple of minutes pinching and tugging on my nipples and grinning like the devil. My straining and grunting into the ball gag only seemed to encourage her. I knew I was in real trouble when Jenny smiled and said "I have few extra things in mind before we lock you up for a few days".

Next she stood me up and used a rope to tie my collar off to an overhead beam. The gag made it really tough to swallow so I quickly had drool running all down my chest and tits. Leather cuffs were strapped around each ankle and my legs were pulled wide apart. I was totally exposed and helpless with my arms hoisted behind my back, my legs strapped wide open, gagged, completely naked and tied so that all I could do was stand here.

Jenny went into her bedroom where I could hear her rummaging around looking for something. A few minutes later she returned wearing a pair of rubber gloves and carrying an enema bag with a strange looking device attached to the end of the tube. With out saying a word she went to the kitchen sink, adjusted the water temperature and began filling the bag. As she filled it she held a bar of soap so that the water washed over the soap as it flowed into the bag.

Returning to me she explained that since I was going to be locked in the belt for a few days she needed to clean me out real good first. The soap would help make for a good cleaning, but would cause a slight cramping sensation. Then she showed me what she called a double enema nozzle. It was a rubber tube with two inflatable balloons on then end. The tip of the thing and the first balloon get shoved up your ass and the other stays just outside. Then the balloons get inflated so that there would be no way to push the thing out or for any water to leak. That way I would have to take the entire enema and hold it until the soap did its work. While she was talking Jenny made a loop out of her index finger and thumb and demonstrated inserting and inflating it. I was grunting in my gag and trying to jerk free for all I was worth. There was no way that I wanted this done to me.

Jenny slowly started rubbing KY jelly up and down my crack. At first she would just pass over my asshole, after a few strokes she started to linger there, then she started applying occasional pressure. At first I was fighting it, but then it started feeling good and I could feel myself getting wet. Jenny's other hand was rubbing up and down my clit. Then she slipped one finger in my ass and the forefinger of the other hand slipped in to my G spot while her thumb rested on my clit. I jumped against my restraints but couldn't do anything to stop her. She worked the fingers in and out for a few minutes, then pushed two in. I could feel myself stretching, but I was getting so horny that I didn't mind and even started to push against her hands. After a few more minutes she eased her fingers out of my ass and started to slide the enema thing in. I was so horny by now that I was involuntarily pushing my butt back onto it. Once it slipped in I heard her pump the inflator bulb. I didn't feel anything with the first two pumps but on the third I felt the outside bulb draw up against my asshole.

Jenny then pumped the outside a couple of times and I could feel it start to squeeze my asshole and spread against my butt cheeks. When she pumped the inside balloon a fourth time and I felt a sharp pressure and grunted. Jenny gave it one more pump, which actually hurt a little. She left me standing there with this thing hanging out of my ass for a few minutes. She kept teasing my clit and G spot while telling me how good it was going to feel to come when and if she ever unlocked me. I was so horny by now I barely even registered her words. I was mainly interested in grinding away on her hand. I twisted as she teased my clit and G spot and could feel the enema thing swinging from my asshole. It was strangely erotic to have this thing pressing and pulling on my ass.

Jenny hung the water bottle on the D ring on my collar so that it dangled against my boobs. It was very warm but not so warm that I was afraid of it scalding me. Jenny produced a big studded vibrator and teased me for the next few minutes until I was getting very close to coming. She kept sliding over me without entering, if she would just push it deep I think I would explode. Suddenly I could feel my ass heating up inside, which felt really good until I realized that Jenny must have popped the valve on the water bottle and hot soapy water was flowing into me. I was on the verge of coming but could feel myself starting to slip away as the pressure caused me to cramp. I looked down to see the bag had hardly lost any water at all. As my orgasm started to slip away Jenny finally thrust the vibrator in me and started pumping away. I was so close, but the water was distracting me and I just couldn't push myself over the edge. A few minutes more and the water finally stopped flowing. By now any horniness was long gone due to the massive amount of water that had been shoved up my ass.

Jenny lowered me down until I was on my knees with my face pressed against the floor. My ankles were still spread wide by the ropes that held them. The cramping was a little better like this and some of horniness started to come back. Jenny went to work on me again with the vibrator. Within minutes I was once again grinding away on the thing but the cramping kept distracting me.

Jenny announced that I obviously had room for more water if I was so horny. She pushed the vibrator back inside me and used a roll of saran wrap to wrap up my ass and keep the vibrator in me. While I was grinding away on the vibrator Jenny refilled the water bottle with soapy water and reattached it to the hose. I could feel the water flowing in again as she opened the valve. The cramping was instant this time as I was already quite full. When about half the bag was in me she stopped the flow and told me she would let the water do its work for 30 minutes or an hour. The cramping was terrible as the soap and pressure continued to work over my insides. The constant buzz in my crotch from the vibrator alternated between feeling good and annoying. The cramping was keeping me from coming but the vibrator was keeping me frustrated. When the cramping would subside the horniness would build up, then I would start grinding away and the water would slosh around my belly. Every time I got close to coming I would tense up my abdomen and the cramping would come rushing back to stop me from coming. It drove me crazy. I couldn't see a clock, but it seemed like time stood still while I waited for her to come back.

When Jenny finally came back she untied my ankles and took me into the bathroom. As she cut the saran wrap off me the vibrator fell out of me and to the floor. She sat me down on the toilet deflated the enema nozzle. Soapy water and shit exploded out of my ass. It felt sooooo good to finally relieve some of the cramping. It took probably 20 minutes for me to empty completely. Jenny cleaned me up good with toilet paper and a washrag. Jenny took me back to the other room and once again tied my collar to the ceiling and tied my ankles apart. Once again I was standing in the room with my legs pulled apart exposing my sex and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Jenny started in with the vibrator again, first sliding it up and down over my clit, then pushing it in and out. Within a few minutes I was on the verge of exploding again. Jenny was purposely taking me right to the edge but not letting me go over. It was extremely frustrating. By now my tits were covered with drool from the gag, my nipples were aching from being so horny and the occasional pinch from Jenny, and my crotch was soaked and juices were running down my legs halfway to my knees. Then she smiled real big and announced that it was time to lock me away for a few days. I was way too horny to be locked away. I had to come before that happened, but there was no way for me to finish it.

As Jenny approached with the chastity belt I was horrified to see a big rubber looking butt plug attached to it. Jenny quickly pulled the belt around my waste and then started working the big greasy invader into my ass. It was shaped generally like a normal butt plug except it had ridges and studs on the surface of it. I felt each ridge and stud as she repeatedly slid it in and out of me until finally it crested and sucked in hard. I could feel my asshole pulsing in involuntary convulsions after the massive stretching. The base of the thing was heavily studded also and as I twisted against this invasion I could feel the studs tickling my asshole. This was annoying after just a couple of minutes; I couldn't imagine what a few days might feel like.

Next Jenny produced a vibrating egg that was big enough to make any hen proud. She inserted a new "C" cell battery and screwed it together. It vibrated visibly in her hand for a few seconds then stopped. My crotch was still soaking wet from the vibrator, so she didn't have much trouble sliding this inside me. It was still a quite a stretch, but not painful. Just after it was in the vibrations hit and I could tell this was going to be a long weekend. The thing was sitting right on my G spot. It buzzed hard for about 10 seconds and then slowly ramped down to a stop over another 10.

As a last step Jenny pulled the main plate of the chastity belt up and shoved it over the hasp. The lips of my pussy made the pouting look between the sides of the metal plate. She looked me right in the eyes and grinned evilly as she snapped the lock shut. Next she took out a tube of IcyHot, which is a cream you rub on sore muscles. I had rubbed it on my shoulders once before after I was sore from aerobics. It feels cold at first and then heats up, but not too hot. Jenny took a finger full of the cream and rubbed it up and down my lips and in between on my clit. Then she pulled up the outer shield and padlocked it in place. Now there was no access to my pussy.

Everything was locked away behind the plate. Jenny then jerked the strap loose holding my left hand and walked quickly out of the room. As she left I felt the IcyHot start to tingle in my crotch. I started struggling to get out of the other wrist cuff. As I struggled the tingling turned to burning, the tender flesh of my crotch was much much more sensitive than my shoulders. What had felt hot on my shoulders now felt like a torch in my crotch. If you don't believe me pick up some at your local drug store and rub a small amount in your crotch or ass hole, you will find yourself in the tub splashing ice cold water on yourself!

I desperately pulled my right hand free and grabbed my crotch, but there was nothing I could do to stop the burning. Then I tried to bend over to get to my feet but the belt wouldn't let me bend. After a few tries I managed to get down on my knees and twist around to untie my ankles. I ran to the bathroom with the ball gag and the collar still in place and sat in the tub and tried to cool my pussy down. It helped a little bit but I couldn't really get the water past the shield, finally after about 15 minutes it started to ease up. I was drenched in sweat, horny and strapped into this damn belt.

When I went into my room I found that Jenny had left a note and a water bottle on my bed. The note told me to feel around the back of the ass strap and I would find a tube coming out of the butt plug. The tube had a plug in the end of it to keep it from leaking. The butt plug had a hole that ran up inside of me just for giving enemas. Jenny's note explained that my body couldn't go three days without pooping, so I would have to fill the water bottle all the way up three times a day and give myself the full two quarts. I had to rinse out my ass before it solidified. I had to put the soapy water in the bottle and hang it up high until it all drained into my ass, then put it on the floor and let it drain back out. I was to repeat this fill and rinse cycle three times even morning, noon and night until I go the belt off. Lastly the note told me that Jenny was going out of town for the weekend and I should "enjoy myself".

The weekend seemed to last for ever. Every 10 or 15 minutes that damn egg would go off. I figured out that it had about 5 different routines that it randomly followed. Sometimes it would ramp up slowly to cut off suddenly, other times it would pulse off and on, sometimes it would just vibrate slowly for twice as long as normal. In any event it drove me crazy. If I tried to wiggle around the studs in the butt plug would tease my ass and the constant enemas were driving me crazy. When I tried to sleep it would go off just as I was about to doze off. If I tried to walk the studded butt plug would tickle and aggravate my ass. I was spending most of my day filling myself up with water and cramping like mad repeatedly. When I filled myself up it would push the egg harder into my G spot and I could grind around and get really horny but I couldn't quite get over the top. I actually started to enjoy the enemas due to the level of stimulation I got out of them.

Finally Tuesday came, I had to cut class because I could just see myself suddenly screaming and hammering on my crotch uncontrollably in the middle of class. I called the post office and was told the mail would be up by 10 o'clock so I got dressed. It was a good quarter of a mile walk to the post office. The egg must have gone off 10 times on the way over. I got there just at 10 am to find that the mail was not up, but finally they filled my box and the letter was in there. I wanted to drop my skirt and pull the thing off right there, but I knew I would now have a long and hurried walk home. The second I got in to my apartment I started ripping off clothes. I just made it to the bathroom by the time I was naked. I snapped the lock open and pushed hard to get the plug out of my ass, the whole belt fell to the floor as it finally came out. I fell straight to the floor with it and instantly went to work with my fingers, it was such a huge orgasm that it actually hurt. Just as I came the egg vibrator went into full buzz, I couldn't have timed it better.

Now, to return the favor for Jenny!

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