The Weekend
  • Author - Jeff Stout
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  • Post Date - 9/23/2011

Author's Note: It's been a long time, so please be gentle. :-)

I could barely keep from running as I made my way from the front desk up to my dorm room. The package I had been waiting for had finally arrived. This wasn't just any package; it contained what I needed to take things to the next level. I was walking very briskly, almost at a slow run, weaving my way down the hall and up the stairs. The plain brown wrapping paper hid from the world what was inside; if they only knew. I could barely contain my excitement as I inserted my key and opened the door to my dorm room. "Hey Sam" I said trying to hide the disappointment in my voice when I saw my roommate sitting at his desk. Sam and I shared a small room that pretty much only consisted of two beds, two desks, and a small table in one corner with a TV on it. We didn't even have a bathroom, just a sink. There was a communal bathroom and shower set down the hall. So the privacy I needed to check out my new toy was nowhere to be had. I was closing the door behind me thinking about where I could find some privacy when the door swung back in at me quickly. "Hey Bill, you almost ran me over back there in the hall! What's the big rush?" It was Amy; Sam's girlfriend.

Sam and Amy had been going out for a few months now and it seemed like she was over at our room almost all the time. Dorm rooms offer so little personal space, and having a third person infringed a bit on mine. Normally I would have minded, but Amy was so damn hot I didn't care. Amy was on the gymnastic team and she fit the stereotypical profile. She was about 5 foot tall and only 90 pounds - a petite girl, a little small in the chest department, but very tone, very cute, and really perky she was just my type. In my opinion she was way out of Sam's league and I told him this every chance I had just to rib him a bit. But I wasn't complaining because she was over a lot and often had hot friends with her from the team. I would flirt with them every chance I had, but nothing every really came of it. They were nice enough, but I could tell that they all thought they were out of my league. And they were probably right.

On that particular day, however, I wished she wasn't in the room and I wished Sam wasn't there either. I had been waiting for that package for quite some time and now that it finally arrived I wanted nothing more than some privacy so I could rip it open and check it out. Instead I offered an apology for the apparent hallway incident and casually went over to my desk and put the package in the bottom drawer. "Did you see that Obama is coming to campus to speak next month?" I asked quickly to change the subject. "I think they are distributing tickets at the student center this afternoon." I added to hopefully speed them out the door. It worked because they both left to check it out almost immediately.

I didn't wait more than two minutes after they had left to get the package out of the drawer and open it up. Inside the plain brown paper wrapping was the CuffLock 6000. It was a pair of heavy duty stainless steel handcuffs that contained an electronic built in timer. It allowed the user to set the timer to any duration they wanted from one minute all the way up to 48 hours. Then when the cuffs were closed, it activated the digital timer and disabled the control buttons so nothing would open them until the time expired. Well, almost nothing; they also came with a small metal key that could be used to override the timing mechanism in case of emergency. I was huge into self bondage and this device would allow me to take my self made adventures to the next level. I had been dreaming up scenarios to use those bad boys for months and then when I finally had them, I couldn't wait to get started. Luck was on my side because I only had to wait four more days. Sam's parents lived three hours away and he was heading home for the weekend on Friday. I would have the room all to myself all weekend and I couldn't wait!

The week crawled by slowly and each day I would fantasize about the upcoming weekend. My anticipation was so intense that I would get excited and get very hard just thinking about it! It took all of my will power to keep from masturbating. I wanted to save it so I would be very horny going in and I could maximize the number and intensity of the orgasms throughout the weekend. My plan almost backfired as my repeated erections with no pay off had me on the verge of blue balls. But Friday finally arrived, and I was as horny as I had ever been in my whole life. I rushed home after my last class to find the dorm room empty. Sam was nowhere to be seen and a quick check of his closet showed me that his laundry basket and suitcase were gone. It was clear that he had taken his things and headed home. He wouldn't be back until that Sunday evening so I had almost 48 hours to have some fun.

My fascination and play with self bondage had gone on for a long time and I had a pretty good grasp on what aspects of it I really like. I would guess that I was similar to most people who are into it in that I liked the helpless aspect to it - feeling vulnerable and trapped. I would however vary the scenarios to stress different aspects and impacts of the helplessness. Sometimes I would focus on the pain side and put myself into a strenuous or painful situation to endure. And sometimes I would get clever and put myself in a predicament where I would be forced to spend the time trying to balance between two opposing painful situations. Or sometimes I would focus on the vulnerability side and put myself in a humiliating, embarrassing, vulnerable position where if I was caught I would be helpless to defend myself and horrified of being discovered. In those sessions I would have to wait very anxiously until I could get free. Before I had these cuffs, I would mostly use complex knots that took a relatively long time to untie to force the duration of my bondage. The problem with this method was that I would spend the majority of the bondage time so focused on untying the knots as quickly as I could that I didn't really have time to let my mind focus on the pain I was experiencing or take in the full impacts of the potential humiliation I would encounter if I was caught. With the new cuffs, those problems would be a thing of the past.

I was so excited, I didn't waste any time with dinner and went straight to my stash. I took my suitcase out of my closet and unlocked it. Inside was all of the self-bondage gear that I had accumulated over the years. It first and foremost consisted of a large collection of bondage and BDSM magazines and DVDs. These had served as my inspiration. It also had some tools for my sessions - mostly ropes but I also had a set of leathers ankle cuffs, multiple sets of nipple clamps, a chastity device, a small butt plug, a blindfold, a spreader bar, a small whip, and a ball gag. I also had a few 'humiliation' items as well like a pair of red mesh panties, a penis gag, and a few letters I made up. The letters all said basically the same thing. "You just caught me - I am vulnerable - take advantage of me." One instructed the person to force me to worship their asshole. Another one instructed the person to fuck my ass with a dildo. When I used that one, I would also set out a very large dildo that I owned. I had never actually used the dildo, but the purpose of the signs was to heighten my feeling of vulnerability and potential embarrassment if I was caught; thus raising the stakes and my anxiety.

I had once read an online story about someone who didn't set their new toy correctly and became stuck for 2 days in their bondage to be ultimately discovered by their roommate when they returned. I enjoyed my self bondage and the thrill of potentially getting caught, but I didn't really want that to happen, so before I started I ran several different tests with the cuffs. I set them for two minute and then locked them against the bedpost. They worked as expected and released right at two minutes. I then set them for 10 minutes and repeated the test with one wrist. They passed again and I felt comfortable that they would release as expected and that I knew what I was doing. I was ready to start!

Friday 6:00 PM Session 1

I figured for the first session, I would start with some predicament pain. With my very horny state, I would be able to endure more pain for a longer period of time so that I figured I would start by taking one of my standard predicament bondage scenarios to the next level.

My dorm building was a relatively old and fortunately for me had a very large water pipe that ran down the middle of the room just below the ceiling. This was perfect because it allowed me to throw a rope over it and I had a quick, secure ceiling mount that could easily support my weight and required no alterations to the room. I started by throwing over three ropes. I then took the end of the first one and laced it through the center chain link of the brand new handcuffs and tied off the other end so the handcuffs would be elevated fairly high above my head but not too high. I was sure to do it so the knots were way up high and unreachable when I had the cuffs on. For the second rope, I took one end and tied it to the center of the chain connecting two clover-leaf nipple clamps. These are the nipple clamps that pinch tighter when the chain is pulled. I pulled down on the other end of the rope to raise up the clamps to chest level. I then tied it off to itself with a taut-line-hitch. My years in the boy scouts definitely came in handy. The taught-line-hitch was a great knot for self bondage. With two hands it was easy to slide the knot up and down allowing for quick and easy adjustments to the length and therefore tightness of a rope. But if you can not reach the knot, no matter how hard you pull on the rope, the knot would not slide and the rope would not loosen. It was the perfect knot. With the third and thickest rope I took one end and made a loop and tied a square knot to prevent the loop from getting any bigger or smaller even under stress. I took the other end of the rope and made a similar taught-line-hitch like before.

I double checked that I had locked the door and closed the blinds. Then I put in a BDSM DVD, pressed play, and got undressed. I took off all my clothes until I was completely naked. My cock was already getting hard. I put in the ball gag, fastened it tight, and walked back over to the hanging ropes. I then proceeded to put on the nipple clamps. The initial bite on each nipple as I clamped them on took my cock the rest of the way and within 30 seconds I was as hard as a rock. I then walked over and stood next to the third rope with the loop. I then turned around so it was hanging down brushing against my back and I threaded it between my ass cheeks and pulled it forward between my legs and put the loop up over my cock and balls. I then reached up and used the taut line hitch to tighten the other end of the rope. As long as I had an erection, this rope was not coming off. I then set the cuff timer to 45 minutes and double checked it about five times to make sure I had done it right. The override key was on the floor next to the suitcase, well out of reach, so when it locked I was going to be stuck. I then stood up on my tip toes and retightened the rope to take the slack out of the line that went around my cock. I then reached over and tightened the rope on the nipple clamps to take out that slack as well. I had created the predicament. When I was up on my tip toes, my nipples and cock were uncomfortable but bearable. If I dropped down to give my calves a rest, my cock became very uncomfortable and my nipple would be set on fire. I had done this position several times, but never with the locking handcuffs. In the past I would tie my hands with complex knots and then when I couldn't take the predicament anymore it would take me five or so minutes to untie them to get free. I knew I could handle this setup for at least 30 minutes so 45 felt like a good test for tonight. I then reached up to the cuffs and did a quick check. There was definitely enough slack in the cuff rope that when I had them on I could still move from tip toe to flat foot without issue but not so much slack that the taught-line knots for both the cock rope and the nipple clamp rope would ever be in reach. Once locked, I would get no relief for 45 minutes. This was the moment of truth; I was already starting to feel it a bit in my legs so I figured the longer I waited, the longer before relief. In a bold, and somewhat stupid move, I went up on my very tip toes and quickly tightened the cock and nipple ropes even further taking up all the slack. Then before I could change my mind, I locked the cuffs around both wrists!

It didn't take long at all and my legs were starting to really hurt from being way up on my very tip toes, I wanted to test how bad it would be and I lowered myself down. The pull on my cock rope was more severe than usual and very uncomfortable, but my attention was definitely on my nipples. The pull caused the clamps to pinch really, really tight and the pain was very intense. I quickly stood back up on my very tip toes; that was not fun. I shouldn't have made that last move, the distance from my very tip toes to the floor was further than I was used to and the extra pull was rougher than I figured it would be. I wanted to start with a strong session and I had it! Only a few minutes had passed and my legs were now starting to really hurt, I knew I wasn't going to be able to stay up for very much longer. I glanced up to look at the digital display on the cuffs. I was already curious as to how much time had passed. Damn it! When I put them on, I had them twisted the wrong way so the display was on the other side. I tried to move my wrists so I could see it, but it wasn't going to work. I know it had only been a few minutes, but I had no clue exactly how much longer I had to endure.

My calves were starting to really throb now so I lowered myself down to give them a rest. This caused the pain in my nipples to become excruciating. I could only take it for about ten to fifteen seconds before I had to stand back up on my toes. Normally I would alternate between these states for quite some time before I would basically give up, quit focusing on the predicament, and work as hard as I could to untie the knots, but tonight I wanted to do that now! And with the cuffs, that wasn't even an option! The pain was starting to really get to me as I slipped into sub space trying to balance between the pain in my legs and the pain in my cock and nipples. The pain was really mounting and it was getting harder to take; each time I went back to my tip toes, the relief on my nipple was less and less because they were so tender at this point. The length of time I could stay up on my toes was getting less and less as well because the muscles in my legs were now shot! I came out of sub space and was getting really nervous. I didn't know how much time I had left on the clock and I wasn't sure I could handle this situation much longer. In addition, the extra tight rope was causing more discomfort and pain on my cock that it had ever done in the past.

I started to panic and look for a way out. I pulled on the cuffs. They were tight and not coming off. I tried to stretch or look for a way to get at the taut-line knots to loosen them up. That wasn't happening; my placement was too good. I love that 'helpless feeling' and I had it, but I didn't have time to enjoy it, the pain was getting to be off the charts. My nipples were on fire and neither position felt good anymore. I was also quickly losing the ability to even get up on my tip toes! Then I had an idea for relief. I couldn't get to the knots to slide them and loosen the nipple clamp rope, but I could get to the rope itself. If I gave it a tug I might be able to pull the clamps off altogether. It would be rough for that 20-30 seconds while the blood rushed back in, but it would end up being better than the predicament I was in now. I was debating my choice when I started to hyperventilate. I really wished I knew how much time was left. I could struggle through another few minutes without having to do this, but I had no ides if I had 20 seconds or 20 minutes left and I had to do something!

I made the decision, grabbed the nipple clamp rope, and gave it a tug. I yelled out in pain as it pinched very hard on my extremely tender nipples. I was glad I had the ball gag in my mouth to muffle the sounds so the neighbors couldn't hear me! It didn't work!!! The clamps didn't come off! And now my nipples hurt even worse! The cuff rope didn't allow my wrists to move as much as I thought they would and it cut my pulling motion short. The clamps had slipped down my nipple a little bit and were now just on the tip. This was much more painful than before and they really hurt. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek; I was actually starting to cry from the pain. I quickly gathered my focus and kept pulling up the slack and pulling on the rope until the clamps finally came off. The pain was extreme. I don't think I lost consciousness, but I was definitely lost in some other place for a while as pain slowly subsided.

After some unknown period of time, my nipples started to feel better. Or at least they weren't the focus of my attention any more. My cock was now starting to really hurt. I wasn't able to get up on my tip toes anymore due to sheer fatigue in my legs and the rope was pulling very hard on the base of my cock. The good news was that it wasn't starting to turn colors yet, so I hoped there wouldn't be any longer term damage, but this hurt so much more than before and I was really ready to be done with it. The dull pain was increasing and I tried to distract myself by watching the video. It was one of my favorite scenes where ironically, the sub was in strict bondage getting his cock and balls worked over while he was in a panic to get free. And of course the Dom was cruel and unrelenting. She continued the torture mercilessly. I could really relate and it should have brought me back to subspace, but tonight it didn't work. My cock really hurt, my legs really hurt, my nipples were still throbbing, and I was ready to be done. I actually began to whimper. I didn't whimper very long when suddenly the cuffs burst open and my hands were free! It took about 2 seconds and I had the cock rope loosened. I slipped the rope off my cock and I dropped immediately to the floor. I just laid there, panting, for about 10 minutes before I could move. Normally, I would masturbate right after I got free, but I was so drained from what happened, I couldn't do anything.

By the time my energy returned, my erection had gone, and I had a dull pain in my balls. I definitely had a case of blue balls on the way. I debated if I wanted to masturbate then and there to stop it before it really kicked in or roll that into my next session. Somehow I got a really strong burst of energy maybe my new cuffs had inspired me - so I decided to wait. I was already trying to think of ways to position my hands so I couldn't get at the nipple clamp rope for next time I tried that particular predicament... and my cock was already starting to stir!

Friday 9:00 PM Session Two

I decided that because my nipples, cock, and legs were still really sore from the last session, and because I was horny as hell, a vulnerable / 'humiliation' / tease and denial session would be perfect for the next session.

I started by cleaning the room and putting absolutely everything I could into the closets so that the middle of the floor was wide open. I then moved my bed to the middle of the floor and angled it so it faced the door and stripped it of everything including the mattress. My bed frame was the cast iron type with a head board and foot board that resembled framed in prison bars. The bottom part that held the mattresses was a metal screen with fairly big holes. It was adjustable, so I lowered the base to the bottom setting which put it near the floor. With it so low and nothing on it, it looked very open and exposed all by itself in the middle of the floor. It was the exact vibe I was going for. I then used some rope to attach ankle cuffs to the bars on the outside corners at the foot of the bed. When I was done, I went over to my suitcase and browsed through my collection of DVDs to find the right one for the session. I selected one of my favorites that had a Dom who tied up and used her sub as a sex slave for almost 2 hours. The content was a bit less on the pain side but very steamy and sexual which is what I was looking for to tease me. I popped the DVD into my portable DVD player and then used some rope to hang it from the pipe in the ceiling. When I was done I had positioned so it would be easy to view while lying down on the bed. I put it on repeat and pressed play. I then started to look for some humiliation items to add. I grabbed a collar and buckled it firmly around my neck. I also grabbed a carabineer and clipped it around the D-ring on the collar and spun it around so it was in the back. After some contemplation I chose one of the new letters that I made up right after I ordered the new handcuffs. It said:

Do NOT remove my gag or untie me until you read this letter first.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a slave owner!

Take advantage of my helpless predicament to live out your fantasies. Nothing is off limits!

Be as sadistic, kinky, disgusting, perverted, or demented as you want!

Worried about repercussions or want this to last a long time? Take pictures and blackmail me!

My name is Bill Stout and my parents live at 4312 Elm St.

My facebook account is bill.stout.1332 with a password of stoutmeister.

Here are some things I want to do for your enjoyment:

- Anything you want no limits especially if I suffer in the process

- Be humiliated - cross dressed, panty cleaning, fucked in the ass, shit on, etc.

- Be punished with pain - whips, clamps, general torture, etc.

- Be controlled with a chastity device so I only orgasm when you let me

- Be used for oral sexual pleasure: pussy, breasts, assholes, cocks, etc.

Feeling sympathetic or worried about me? Don't! I want all of this!

If given the chance, I will lie. Do NOT believe anything I say!

Denying is part of my fantasy especially gay activity and shit play. (I swallow for both!)

Since I will never say it, thanks for making me feel humiliated, miserable, used, & helpless

WARNING: My handcuffs will open when the minute timer on the front hits zero. To prevent this, use the key on this note. Turn it clockwise and the cuffs will stay locked but the buttons will become enabled allowing you to adjust / extend the time. (Counter-clockwise opens them)

I hesitated and went back and forth when I wrote the sign. In the end though I added the blackmail information and highlighted things I really didn't want to do to maximize my anxiety and feed into my fantasies while I was helpless. It would create a big fear of getting caught and give me a better adrenalin rush. I wasn't gay at all and wanted no part of a cock in my mouth or ass. I wasn't into scat or shit either and wanted no part of tasting an asshole or shit, let alone swallowing any. But having these things as suggestions on the sign kicked my fantasies and anxieties into overdrive which is what I wanted.

I attached the note and the key to the footer of the bed near by the door. I then took off all of my clothes, put the penis gag in my mouth, and fastened it tight. This was just a gag shaped like a penis. It wasn't overly big or long, but it came complete with hair and balls that sat on my chin to maximize the embarrassment if I was ever caught. I then put on the pair of red mesh panties. The pair I have are intentionally really tight. In the past I had a looser pair and I found that if I moved around enough I could get my erect penis to stick out of the waistband and then when I moved I could stimulate myself to orgasm. I gave them a pull giving myself a little wedgie, but more importantly pulling the waist band high enough that my cock had no chance of getting to it or getting any stimulation from it. I walked over to the door and stood there staring at the lock. I had done this scenario several times before; sometimes with the door locked and sometimes with the door unlocked. Unlocked was definitely a bigger rush, but 9:00 on a Friday was a busy time for the dorm and I could hear the activity on the hall picking up. Also, I had never done this with the cuffs. Instead I would use my usual complex series of knots and I was never more than five or so minutes away from freedom if I heard something that startled me. I stood there and continued to stare at the lock. I finally decided to leave the door locked. The cuffs would give me a good enough rush and this way I would have the unlocked scenario left for another day to increase the excitement then.

I grabbed my belt and walked over to the bed. I set the cuff timer to 120 minutes. Two hours was a long time and that is what I wanted. I laid down on the bed and attached my ankles to the ankle cuffs in each corner. I then shimmied up toward the top of the bed until I was stretched out a bit. I threaded my belt through the holes in the screen I was laying on down on one side and back up on the other and buckled it tight around my waist. This belted me firmly at the waist to the bed. I then laid down and took the carabineer on my collar and attached it to the screen locking my head down to the bed. Before the last step I lined up the handcuffs to make sure the readout would be visible. I then locked a handcuff around one wrist, reached up through the bars with both hands, and without hesitation locked the other side of the handcuff to my other wrist. I was now helpless and vulnerable in an embarrassing position with no way out for two hours!

I thought I might get an instant rush but I didn't, so I just relaxed and watched the DVD getting hotter and hotter as the action picked up. I was definitely hard as my cock strained against the tight mesh panties. After a while I decided to test out my bondage. It was solid. Everything from the neck down was very solidly attached with little wiggle room. There was virtually no slack in my arms; definitely not enough to do anything. The gag was out of reach, the collar was out of reach, and the bars and handcuffs kept my hands firmly up high. I struggled a bit and fantasized about someone walking in on me and seeing the note. I would be so screwed. If the person wanted to, they had everything they needed to ruin my life. A wave of "how stupid are you for doing this?" washed over me and I started to really regret doing this. Perfect! This was exactly what I was looking for. I struggled a bit, closed my eyes, and started really fantasizing about a hot girl having her way with me. I was enjoying myself. After a while I looked up at the cuffs. It was really hard to do with the collar attached to the bed, but I was able to do it enough to see "65" on the clock. It had been fantasizing for almost an hour!

I decided to shift gears and watch the DVD some more. In the scene the Dom had just removed her black leather panties and was sitting on the chest of a sub that was bound spread eagle a position very close to the one I was in at the moment. She seductively took her panties, turned them inside out and rubbed the glistening wet crotch all over the subs nose. After a while she got up, turned around, and lowered herself back down as if she was about to 69 with the sub. Her mouth was an inch away from his cock when she suddenly stopped, grabbed his balls, and gave them a twist. "I don't think so" she teased as she sat down onto his face and he began licking her pussy. She alternated between squeezing his balls and whipping his cock while he continued to lick her pussy. Her juices were really flowing and in no time his face was a wet sticky mess. It was a really long, hot scene and I was hard as a rock. My balls were aching at this point as the blue balls were really setting in. I really wanted to jack off not only due to the hot scene of the DVD, but also because of the ache setting in. The tease and denial was working just like I hoped.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I was so startled that I actually let out a little scream. Thankfully the penis gag stifled the noise. My heart rate shifted from normal to overdrive instantly! I lay perfectly still and strained to hear through the door. Thank god I decided to keep it locked! Then there was another knock. My heart jumped again and I waited as still as I could. It seemed like an eternity and then I heard the door knob wiggle! I knew it was locked and that no one could get it, but I was having a major anxiety attack anyway. Here I was completely bound and helpless wearing only a pair women's panties with a cock shaped gag in my mouth and a letter posted next to me giving instructions on how to blackmail me into slavery. My mind was racing at a million miles an hour. I had been startled by sounds before when I did this session, but never someone trying to get in! If I was discovered I was in a no win situation. Whoever it was would likely not be into BDSM at all and think I was a serious pervert. I would be humiliated and embarrassed beyond belief. If they were into this, I had set myself up to be blackmailed for life and I had suggested a lot of things like shit and assholes which I wasn't into... and if it was a guy I was in serious trouble!

My heart was pounding and I kept thinking 'please goes away, please go away.' Then came a third knock at the door. They weren't going away! My heart literally skipped a beat when I heard Amy's voice call out "Bill, are you home?" I laid there perfectly still thinking oh my god - oh my god - oh my god! What was she doing here? She knew Sam was out of town for the weekend? The door was locked and I knew it but yet I was still petrified and in a huge panic. I looked up at the handcuffs and it read "14". Not good enough, I wanted out now! As quietly as I could, I started to strain and wiggle against the bondage to see if I could get anything free. Nothing was budging at all. Meanwhile my mind was moving as fast as it could to try and recall if at any point I ever saw her with a.... I froze and every muscle in my body snapped to attention when I heard the sound of keys rattling! Oh SHIT! When I heard Amy slide a key into the lock I completely panicked. I tried to yell "Hang on, I'll be right there" or something to stop her but all that came out was "Hmmhmh" due to the fucking penis gag! I felt like bursting into tears, crawling into a cave, and dying all at once as she swung open the door and her jaw hit the ground!

Friday 10:51 PM - I Have Guests

I looked up in shame with pleading eyes making muffled noises as I tried to talk through the gag. Amy was standing in the doorway flanked by her friends Cindy on one side Beth on the other. I had met them both a few times each in the past few months. I didn't know much about them other than they were also on the gymnastic team, both had pretty much the same build as Amy, and neither gave me any credibility when I flirted with them. All three just stood there, frozen, trying to make sense of what they were looking at. Amy was the first to speak as she slowly walked forward, "Bill, are you OK?" She was walking toward me all the while she couldn't take her eyes off the bright red panties I was wearing. The tight mesh hid nothing and she could see my pubic hair sticking out the holes and the raging erection I still had from the DVD. I was so embarrassed; my face turned the same color as the panties! Amy slowly reached down to take the gag out of my mouth and her hand stopped in mid air when she realized it was a penis complete with balls and hair. "What the..." came meekly out of her mouth as she was trying to determine what was going on and what she should do. After a moment, she gathered herself and began to reach around my head to remove the gag when Cindy said "Stop!" Amy stopped and looked back at Cindy. I looked at her as well. Cindy was standing at the foot of the bed with my letter in her hand and a smile on her face! "Close the door and lock it" she instructed Beth. Beth did just that. Oh Shit! This wasn't going to be good. "MMHMPH" I yelled into the gag to get Amy to look back at me. She did and I moved my head back and forth to indicate that she should remove the gag.

Before Amy could do anything, Cindy started reading the letter out loud. "Amy, you have got to hear this! It says congrats you are my new owner. And in bold it says to NOT remove the gag or untie him until we read the letter first. I think we should do what it says." Cindy let out a chuckle and continued "He wants us to take advantage of him and live out our fantasies. He says nothing is off limits... Oh and he actually asks us to blackmail him with humiliating pictures!"

"Way ahead of you Cindy," Beth said as she snapped a picture with her camera phone.

Cindy continued, "And, oh my god, he even lists exactly what we should do.... He wants us to humiliate him, punish and control him with pain and some sort of chastity device... what the fuck is wrong with this guy?... he wants us to fuck his ass and shit on him too!" Cindy could barely get that part out as she was now laughing hysterically. On a bright spot he performs oral sex and oh my god he's gay! He does guys and he'll even lick your butthole too!"

This was too much I began to pull and thrash against the restraints to try to get free but I had done too good a job. I looked up at the handcuffs and saw a "6" and kept struggling. Beth started to laugh too. "I think he may be changing his mind, but it says here not believe him when he lies; he wants us to use him for our enjoyment. I vote we take him up on his note, this sure beats going to the bar tonight." Amy seemed hesitant and unsure of what she should do.

"MMHMMPH" I repeated as loud as I could. Amy looked at me and despite my letter removed the gag. "Thank you!" I said. I quickly gathered my thoughts and began explaining myself. "I'm sorry you had to see this, it's just a little fun I have tying myself up when I am alone. I don't really want those things in the note. I'm not gay. I'm not into shit or assholes. I just write them to build up my anxieties so I can get an adrenalin rush thinking about what would happen if I got caught."

"But you were caught!" Cindy chimed in, "and you specifically say here in the note that you will lie, especially about gay activity and shit which is what you are trying to do right now!"

"Yeah" Beth added, "we have you, I have a picture of you wearing panties and that ridiculous gag." She turned to the other two girls and said, "I vote that we blackmail him and have a slave for the rest of the year." Cindy quickly added, "me too!" Amy was hesitating, "I don't know, what about Sam." Cindy quickly offered, "This has nothing to do with Sam" and Beth quickly followed, "You're right he doesn't even need to know if you don't want to tell him." This was deteriorating quickly.

I glanced up at the cuffs and it read "3". I only had to stall for three more minutes. Beth was close enough to the bed, once the cuffs released I could quickly release the collar carabineer, sit up and probably grab her phone and all the evidence before she knew what was happening. Unfortunately Amy was starting to give ground, "Well maybe..." Beth piled on to try to convince her, "See how hard his cock was and still is, he really likes all this, he will enjoy it too! What do you believe, the BS he just said or the raging erection he had when we burst in here!" Beth grabbed the gag out of Amy's hand and stuffed it back in my mouth before I knew what was happening. My reflex was to pull it out of my mouth but the cuffs clanged against the iron rod stopping my arms cold when I tried to reach for it. As Beth was fastening the gag tight she asked to no one in particular, "So I wonder, how does he let himself out? I mean, he can't get out now, but if we didn't show up, how was he going to get free?"

Cindy answered, "It must be this key he taped to the note... hold on there is more written here." I quickly looked up at the cuffs, it said '1'. This was going to be close!!

Cindy was looking at the paper when she asked Beth "Is there a number on the handcuffs?"

Beth responded, "Yeah, there is a number one, why?"

Cindy yelled out "Shit" and quickly jumped to it. She wasted no time and pushed Beth out of the way. She quickly had the key in the lock and turned it clockwise.

'Come on, come on,' I kept thinking. 'Release now before she figures out the buttons.'

It was obvious to all three girls that I wanted to get out and was ready to pounce. Amy and Beth both took a big step back from the bed, but Cindy stayed focused to her task. She started pushing the little buttons while I tried to move my wrists back and forth to make it as tough for her as possible. She kept at it as was making ground... I kept thinking 'Come on, turn to zero... come on...' Then the number did change. It changed from a one to a two, then a three, then a four, and then it picked up speed, 200, 300, 400... When it finally stopped at 2880, Cindy pulled the key out and smiled. And just like that, a few seconds from freedom turned into 48 hours!

Then without notice, Cindy slapped me hard across the face and said, "You were ready to pounce on us, you little fucker, you asked for this and now you are going to get it!"

Friday 11:05 PM Decision Time

Cindy stood there and read and re-read the note to herself making faces as she went. Some expressions looked a bit curious, some a bit devious, and at one point she let out a chuckle. Regardless of the emotions she was feeling, it was obvious she was going over my letter with a fine tooth comb, taking careful note of every detail. I could see her mind working. While she did that, Amy and Beth discovered my suitcase which was lying open on the floor next to my closet. Beth seemed more curious than anything and went for the toys. She first grabbed the whip and the clamps and then spent some time checking out the chastity device. It was the bent plastic type that connected to your balls and had a hole for a lock. It looked like she knew what it was for but wasn't really sure how it all worked. Amy ignored the toys and instead was tentatively looking through the magazines. She seemed amazed and in awe as she skimmed through the pictorial sets. She let out a little gasp as she looked at one picture that showed a slave bound in a strenuous position, really struggling, while a Dom stood over him with an evil grin holding a crop. To me it looked like she was really uncomfortable with what she was seeing and struggling to make sense of it all.

This was all happening around me and I really wanted out of the entire situation. I felt ashamed and exposed as they were looking through my secret stash. Over the past few months, I had grown fond of Amy and now she seemed really disturbed. I wanted to try to explain it all to her, let her know that it was all harmless fun. But instead I did the only thing I could. I just lay there, unable to move or speak in any way. After a bit, I did manage to wiggle my neck inside the collar so that I had turned my head a bit to the side so I was better able to watch Beth and Amy rummaging through my suitcase. For the first time, I noticed what the girls were wearing. They must have been on their way to the club or something because they were all wearing extremely short clubbing dresses. Both Beth and Amy were facing away from me and both were bent over grabbing magazines and toys from my suitcase. They were so engrossed in what they were grabbing that they weren't paying close attention to managing their hemlines. Between the fact that my bed was almost on the floor and the fact that their dresses rode up a bit when they bent over, I had a great angle and getting a great view! Amy was wearing white cotton panties and Beth appeared to be wearing a thong as I could see the bottom half of each ass cheek but no visible underwear. Despite everything, my cock was getting excited seeing this. I was staring now, really enjoying the show. Beth did an extended reach to grab one of the mini locks I used for the chastity belt and the stretch move caused her cheeks to momentarily separate allowing me to see pink material wedged into her ass crack. She was wearing pink thong panties! I strained my neck to get a better angle and view.

"AHEM!" Beth cleared her throat loudly. I went to snap my head in her direction but collar stopped my effort cold. I then shifted my eyes back at her and I could see her starting right at me. "Get a good look up their skirts?" she asked. Amy and Beth both stood up quickly and instinctively put a hand to push down the back of their skirts while they turned around to face me. "I see that you did" she scoffed as she looked down at my semi hard cock. She then reached down and grabbed a firm hold on my balls. I was in shock; I couldn't believe she actually grabbed them. "You're a little pervert, aren't you?" she asked as she started to squeeze and twist my balls! I let out a groan as she continued to pull and twist my balls through the panties.

"Should we really be doing this?" Amy asked to Cindy kind of sheepishly. "We're kind of invading his privacy. He was fine before we got here." Ooh a ray of hope. Amy might be my best shot at getting out of this bad situation.

Cindy, as if she expected this, replied back immediately, "I know what you mean Amy, there's a lot to take in here. I'm not sure what to believe either. Bill's note and toys lead us to believe that he's gay or at least bi and into pain and shit and that he really, really wants us to control, humble, and punish him... like it's his secret fantasy for us to make him miserable. Us finding him may be his dream come true... but then if you look at the setup here, he had the note, but he also was safely behind a locked door... maybe it's like his subconscious wants it all, but he's too afraid so he took steps to prevent it. I mean if you hadn't forgot your drivers license here and had a key we would have never discovered him. And then he denied it all over and over when he had a chance to speak. Maybe he really doesn't want any of it." After laying it all out, she took a pause. Then she proposed, "I have an idea on how to find out... his mouth may be able to lie, but his cock will tell us the truth."

By this time, my cock was getting hard from all the attention, albeit painful attention, that my balls were receiving from Cindy as she continued to pull and squeeze while she spoke. 'ah hah! - I just figured out what she was doing, I had to get limp and now! Cindy took the set of nipple clamps that Beth was playing with and put them on my ball sack! She didn't bother to move the panties out of the way and, in essence, clamped the panties to my balls. Fortunately for me they were the least tight set of clamps I owned and even though it was painful, it was bearable. I grunted into the penis gag. She then tugged on the clamps for a few minutes. As hard as I tried, I couldn't control it, my cock was not getting limp, it was getting even harder! Cindy finally stopped, stood up, and looked down at my raging erection pressing hard against the mesh panties. "Well... by looking at that cock girls, I'd say Bill really digs pain."

Then Cindy walked over to my suitcase and picked something up. I couldn't see what it was as she intentionally hid it out of view as she walked back over to me. She then stepped up onto the bed with me and stood over me with one foot on each side of my chest facing down toward my feet. I could see right up her skirt! She was wearing dark blue cotton panties. She then hiked up her skirt a bit and sat down right on my face. She pressed the penis gag deep into my mouth as she sat with her asshole right on my nose! I could feel the cotton strain as my nose pressed into the crack of her ass. She sat there for a few minutes while she asked me, "You like the smell of my ass don't you?" The bondage, the clamps on my balls, and the sight of the tight panties on her tight ass kept my cock very hard. Take a deep whiff she chucked as she ground her ass into my face. It smelled like fresh laundry. My guess is that she had recently changed to go out and put on a fresh pair of panties. I was very close to her asshole which was disgusting, but I was actually touching her panties with my face, which I loved. I have a huge panty fetish. "Well the cock is still really hard, I would say Bill's into this too" Cindy said matter of fact as she gave my ball clamps another quick tug. **CLICK** I heard the familiar sound of a camera phone taking a picture. "Take another one but closer so you can see his face but nothing identifiable of me." Cindy said. **CLICK**

Then Cindy stood up, turned around and sat down on my stomach facing me. It was amazing how light and petite she was. She then reached down and removed the penis gag but before I could say a word she shoved a dildo in my mouth. I wasn't expecting it and gagged on it immediately. She reached down and pinched a nipple with her other hand. My already tender nipple exploded in pain. I immediately tried to twist and turn and buck her off, but the belt and collar kept my head locked firmly to the bed, I couldn't even thrash or give the appearance of fighting against this as she started to fuck my mouth slowly with the dildo. She quit pinching and all of her attention was now on the dildo she was seductively sliding in and out of my mouth. It was pretty disgusting and doing nothing for me. I'm really not gay. The thought of her doing this to me and my inability to stop her however was fairly exciting, but the mere thought of a dildo in my mouth caused my erection to quickly wane. It was working; I would be limp soon and able to show them that I wasn't gay.

Amy and Beth stared on as Cindy continued with my oral intruder. Cindy casually looked back and saw my erection was leaving. She faced me again and subtly reached back so Amy and Beth wouldn't notice and slipped a finger under the clamp chain. Without looking back she started to tug and pull harder and harder on the chain. While she was implementing huge pain in my balls, she continued to focus on the dildo and keeping Amy and Beth focused on that as well. Amy and Beth were standing above my head and Cindy's body blocked their view of the damage she was causing behind her back. I started to moan and grunt from the pain in my balls. "I think he's really getting into it" Cindy said. She continued to sensually slide the dildo up and down in my mouth, but I didn't even really notice that much anymore. Her covert, yet all out assault on my balls was excruciating. It was really hard to take as she pulled harder and harder. Then she used her fingernails and was stroking my cock getting it really hard now. Beth leaned in close and took a picture of my face with a dildo in my mouth. After a few minutes Cindy said, "Well, let's check the results." She stood up, leaving the dildo in my mouth and they all looked back at my hard cock. "It's official," Cindy proclaimed, "Bill's gay!"

"No I'm not!" I blurted out as I spit the dildo from my mouth. "You have this all wrong, it wasn't the dildo, it was Cindy! I am NOT gay!" I was really worked up and wanted to set the record straight. I was being set up.

Cindy responded, "But your cock..." I cut her off and blurted, "That dildo does nothing for me! I don't want to suck a cock. And I don't like the smell of shit! The reason I was hard was because of what you did, not because I am gay!"

Cindy grabbed the penis gag and started to put it back in my mouth. I clamped my mouth shut to prevent her from getting it in. "Bill, please open up." She asked politely. I just clamped harder. After waiting for about 10 seconds Cindy said calmly, "oh, I forgot, you like forced control and pain." It was all an act and I knew it. She knew exactly what she was doing. She was doing this act this for Amy and Beth benefit and I knew it. Then she yelled in my face with a sudden fierceness, "Open your fucking mouth now!" When I didn't comply she kneed me hard right in the balls. I let out a yelp and she crammed the gag in my mouth and fastened it tight.

"Now," she said, "that you can't be rude and cut me off, I can finish. It's very clear to me, well to all three of us actually, that despite everything you say and no matter how hard you fight it, you really, secretly want all this. You will really enjoy us making you miserable, causing pain, and making you our slave." Cindy held up my letter and Beth took a picture of it and then went to work on her phone. In no time at all, Beth said, "There, I just emailed you two all the pictures; now each of us has all we need to follow through on the blackmail."

Cindy took charge again, and said, "So we are all agreed. Bill wants to be our slave for the rest of the year. We will do our best to, as he requested, make him feel as humiliated, used, miserable, helpless, and vulnerable as we can. And we also agree, as he requested, to use the pictures as blackmail if Bill doesn't obey every command. And since we have proven he lies and in his letter he has asked us to punish him, I propose that the first rule be that any time Bill lies and says he doesn't want to do something or doesn't like something we demand, we punish him." All three girls were excited, nodding their heads yes at the same time. But based on my observations, I had guessed that it was for different reasons. I felt that Cindy was looking forward to this opportunity to have some sadistic fun at my expense, Amy was looking forward to doing her part to help me fulfill what she thought was my fantasy, and Beth was looking forward to an opportunity to explore something new.

Regardless of their reasons, my world was drastically changing by the second. Part of me was very excited, I did like bondage and some humiliation and pain, and I was looking forward to hopefully doing some pussy worship especially to these hot women. Mostly though, I was scared shitless. I really didn't want to be exposed, my family was very conservative. I was certain they would cut me off for sure and I depended on my parents to pay for college. I also didn't like the idea that they thought I liked shit and was gay. And I wasn't sure about the duration, its one thing to be horny as hell and a sex slave for a night; they however, planned on keeping me as their slave for the next 5 months! What had I done?!

Saturday 12:15 AM Cindy's Punishment

"Well, we might as well get started," Cindy said. "Let me text the gang and let them know we won't be joining them at the Roxy's tonight," Amy added. Amy proceeded to send off a text. Roxy's was the local club / meat market. It was where all the beautiful people went to see and be seen. "So what do we do first?" Beth asked.

"I think he needs to be punished for lying to us before." Cindy offered. "We should make him feel miserable, helpless, and vulnerable like he wants. He already did a good job of making himself vulnerable, and helpless, so let's just add the miserable." Cindy didn't even wait for a response from her friends and attached a pair of nipple clamps. OUCH those really hurt. My poor nipples hadn't recovered yet from the previous torture. Cindy then proceeded to tug and pull on them causing even more pain. In no time I was grunting into the penis gag. She continued to pull harder and harder and in a few minutes I was yelling into the gag. "Wow" said Cindy, those clamps must really hurt.

Amy stepped in with a worried look on her face and said, "This is too much, maybe we should take them off?" Without waiting for any feedback, Amy pushed Cindy aside and quickly removed both clamps at the same time. Intense pain hit me immediately as the blood rushed back into my nipples and I screamed loudly into the gag. Amy jumped back. Cindy had a big smile on her face as she softly said, "cool" under her breath. Cindy pulled Amy aside and took the clamps from her while she said quietly but still loud enough I could hear, "Remember Amy, he wants us to make him miserable. We would be letting him down if we showed mercy and let him off easy. We're supposed to really push him". Amy swallowed hard and nodded. Cindy then walked back over and put the clamps back on! Holy Shit did that hurt! She started tugging again and both nipples were on fire in no time. I had worked them over on my own with a variety of clamps many times, but this was much more intense than I had ever experienced. I would have stopped long ago, but instead Cindy kept pulling on them over and over and there was nothing I could do to stop her! The pain was very intense and I was struggling and pulling on my bounds, yelling and screaming into the gag, and staring at the girls with pleading eyes.

Cindy winked at Amy and then turned to me and yelled, "Shut up! If you are going to be MY slave you better fucking be able to take a little nipple teasing! If you keep screaming, I'm not sure you are worthy to be my slave. Maybe I should just send out those blackmail pictures now and end all this." She stopped pulling and gave me a second to gather myself and let that sink in. My nipples were throbbing intensely and I was barely able to catch my breath. "Now let's try this again," she said sternly. Cindy began to pull and tug on the chain and the pain was immediately intense. I fought with all the will power I had to keep from yelling and screaming. I struggled to hold in the noise and a few grunts spilled out. She kept pulling and pulling. And my grunts evolved into a low whimper. "No screaming," she said. But you may cry if you like." It took all my focus to keep from yelling out and I no time I was really whimpering loudly as tears tricked down my face. I was actually crying!

I didn't know what to make of all this. I had many fantasies about being tortured against my will by beautiful women, but now that it was happening, it was hard to enjoy the moment. I was so focused on survival, that I didn't have time to appreciate the scenario. I guess deep down I enjoyed it and at some sub-conscious level I didn't want it to end, but at that very moment I just wanted relief from the pain. After what seemed like an eternity, Cindy said, "Good Job. You may scream now" as she suddenly removed both clamps! INTENSE doesn't come close to describing it! It was more pain in my nipples than I had ever felt and I screamed out in pain for a very long time as the pain continued - only slowing after a few minutes. I was a mess; whimpering and panting into the gag in an attempt to catch my breath. Cindy looked at Amy and Beth and said, "That was kind of fun, this is going to be an enjoyable year."

Saturday 1:00 AM Beth's Turn

"My turn," Beth said as she sprung to life. She walked over to the bed and knelt down next to me on the floor. She then reached over and pulled my red panties down as low as she could get them. With my legs spread wide, it wasn't very far at all. The waistband was pretty much at ball level. She then took my balls and set them up on the little panty table that the stretched out tight panties made. At this point my cock was pretty limp due to the pain. Beth then took my small hand whip that she had grabbed from the suitcase and began to gently whip my cock. The strokes were extremely light and it was more playful than punishing. She did this for a few minutes and my cock started to respond to the attention. After another minute, I was pretty hard. Beth then set down the whip and began to give me a hand job. She had obviously done this many times before because it felt VERY good. I was so horny from a long week and a long night that I was about to blow my load after less than a minute!

"Bill," Beth said sternly, "You are not allowed to cum without my permission. When you get close, grunt twice as a way to ask and I will say yes or no. Is that clear?" I grunted an "uh-huh" to let her know I understood. I couldn't believe this was happening. Beth was so hot. She could have anybody she wanted and here she was giving me a hand job! And it felt soooo good! Oh, I was getting close now. This would be an amazing orgasm after all the build up. I would be in heaven any second now. "Don't forget to ask", Beth said loudly bringing me out of my fog. I quickly grunted twice. "No." Beth said quickly as she continued to stroke by cock with her hand. I quickly grunted twice again. "No." Beth responded. "And if you cum all over my hand, you will be severely punished!" I grunted twice again right away; this time with a pleading tone in my voice. If she didn't stop stroking immediately, I wasn't going to be able to stop the train. Beth showed mercy and stopped. I uttered an "umph umphoo" through the gag that was intended to be 'Thank You'. She let me rest for a few minutes. My cock remained hard, but the immanent explosion subsided. She then started back up with the whip. Playfully she whipped my cock. The attention felt good and when she switched to a hand job a few minutes later it felt sooo good. It only took another minute before I could feel the orgasm coming on. Thirty seconds later, I felt it coming quickly and let out two grunts. She said, "No" but let off the gas and allowed me to recover.

Beth proceeded to repeat the cycle over and over. She would build me up and I would beg her to cum. She would say no and stop. It was maddening. I was desperate to cum but afraid to do it. I was tempted to just do it, how bad could the punishment be? It couldn't be as bad as the case of blue balls I now had. But what if she pulled the blackmail trigger? I HAD to do what she said! After a while I had lost count. How many times had she done the cycle? It had to be at least 10, but I couldn't recall. It was now only taking seconds after her hand would touch me before I was ready to explode. Then she finally stopped and grabbed some ice from our dorm fridge and put it on my balls. After a few minutes, I was finally limp. My balls ached! Blue balls. Not 'on the verge of' or 'about to get', but full fledge 'balls in pain' blue balls and they really hurt. I started to moan into the gag. "I hope you enjoy your blue ball misery." Beth said as she slid my limp cock into the chastity device and locked it with the padlock. WHAT! There was no way! My balls really, really hurt. There was no way I could stay like this for long. I needed to cum and I needed to cum now. I began to whimper and plead through the gag. Then Beth said, "and I quote from your note: control me with the chastity device. I only orgasm when you let me, unquote. And, slave, you haven't earned it yet." Beth turned to her two friends and said, "I will make keys for you both tomorrow. The rule will be that he will be locked up at all times unless one of us lets him out and monitors his 'reward' if he earns one."

Saturday 1:30 AM Beth Spends the Night

"It's getting kind of late." Amy said. "I'm starting to get tired. Do we release him now? What do we do with him?" she asked the others.

"I think we should keep him locked up for the weekend so he really gets to know his place." Cindy said. They all agreed that was good idea. It was amazing, I was laying right there and they conversed about what to do with me like I wasn't there at all and had no say in it. I was already being treated like their slave. "Well," Beth responded, "I propose that we keep him in his current position for the night. And I'll volunteer to sleep here to keep an eye on him in case something happens." The ladies all agreed and after another few minutes of chit chat, Amy and Cindy left.

Beth waited a few minutes and then said, "I'm going to remove your gag. I don't want you to speak unless I ask you a direct question. Understood?" I nodded. Beth then proceeded to remove the gag. It felt really good to have that out of my mouth and I opened and closed my mouth several times to relieve the stiffness the gag had caused. "Now it's time to set a few rules. When we are alone, or with just Amy and Cindy, I am to be formally addressed as Mistress every time you speak. If we are in public, you will call me Beth. Anytime you forget you will be punished. As I said before, you are never to talk or provide your opinion unless directly asked. Anytime you forget this, you will be punished. Another good rule is that regardless of how polite I phrase something, especially in public, everything I ask, request, or demand should be treated as a demand. If you do not obey everything I say immediately, you will be punished. Another rule is that anything I say or do with or to you is between us. You are not to share it with anyone including Amy and Cindy. If asked directly by them you are to say, 'That information belongs to Mistress Beth and is hers to share as she sees fit." Punishments for breaking this rule or any of the others I have given will vary from pain, to orgasm denial, to menial work, to me posting pictures of you on your facebook page. And don't worry, I already logged in and changed your password so you can't stop me." After a pause, she added, "I am feeling generous at the moment; I will let you ask one and only one question."

This took my by surprise, I wasn't ready for the opportunity to ask a question. I quickly tried to figure out what best to ask. There were so many things I wanted to know about what she was thinking. And there were things I wanted to set straight regarding misconceptions about my desires. And I really wanted to know if she would really follow through with the blackmail. And then there were more tactical things like I was thirsty and that I would need to go to the bathroom soon, my balls really ached, cumming was needed, etc. Also, I didn't want to appear too weak or too cocky. I wasn't sure what to ask and my mind was all over the place. Beth interrupted my scrambled train of thought by saying, "Well, I'm not going to wait all day, you have two seconds." Apparently, I was taking too long so I quickly blurted out, "Would you ever really post the pictures?" Beth waited for a few seconds to make sure I was done with my question and replied, "Quite disappointing. First, you did not address me as Mistress. I will tell you the punishment shortly. Second, the answer to your question is yes; without a doubt I would and will completely ruin you. There are a few things I have been curious to try but have never really had the nerve to ask someone to do. Now that I have a slave and don't have to 'ask', I'll use what I need to get what I want.

Beth said, "It's time for your first task. Did you get a good look at my panties before? And that is not a rhetorical question." I responded with, "Yes Mistress." Beth said, "Good job on remembering how to address me this time. Now, you will have to use that visual image to remember because your punishment for forgetting to address me as Mistress last time is this blindfold. And you should note that this is a very light punishment, I will not be so merciful next time you fuck up." Beth then proceeded to blindfold me. The world for me was now dark and I focused on listening the best I could. I heard the zipper on her dress and I was getting excited. My cock started to stir but stopped immediately due to the chastity device. Damn!

"Slave," Mistress Beth asked, "please describe to me the panties I am wearing." I responded with what I could remember, "It's a thong and I believe that they are pink." SMACK came a hard slap across my face! It really stung.

"You're a slow learner;" she said sternly, "who are you speaking to? Now answer me again."

I replied quickly, "Forgive me Mistress, it's a thong and I believe that they are pink."

"Very good," she replied, "now do you know what kind of material they are?"

I guessed, "Mistress, I think they are cotton from what I could tell."

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"No Mistress." I replied.

"Well slave, I will let you check," she said. I then heard her get up on the bed and, before I new it, I felt her panties against my face! She had knelt down, straddled my face, and lowered her panty covered pussy, smothering me. The feeling confirmed it, they were cotton. A few seconds later she went back up on her knees.

"They are cotton, Mistress" I said. I wished that I didn't have the blindfold on! Beth was really hot and I would have given quite a bit to see her tone, petite little body in a pair of pink thong panties. I was wondering if she had a bra on or if she was wearing nothing else.

"Your first task", she ordered, "is to make me happy". Then without further explanation, I felt her lower back down over my face. I knew what she meant and stuck out my tongue in preparation to lick her through her panties. To my pleasant surprise, I didn't hit her panties. My tongue hit her warm, wet pussy. I immediately felt her soft lips and pubic hair tickling my nose. I started to gently lick and explore with my tongue and in no time I noticed the smell and taste was getting stronger and stronger. The exploring also confirmed that she had used a few fingers to pull the crotch of her panties to the side. Then after a bit more exploring, I found her clit, or what I thought was her clit and started to focus most of my attention there. From the moans she let out, I was pretty sure I had found the spot! I kept licking and messaging her pussy and clit with my tongue causing her to get wetter and wetter. My face was starting to get really wet and I could feel her juices dripping down my cheeks. I could hear her breathing picking up and suddenly her entire body jerked in sort of a spasm several times. She lifted herself off my face and let out a loud exhale. My face was completely covered in her juices and now that she was no longer on it, my wet face felt cold. Without saying a word, I felt her run her finger up my wet cheek collecting her juices. She then took her finger and rubbed it all over my nose where the nostrils open up. She did this several more times until all I could smell was pussy in my nose. "I don't want to hear a word out of you," she commanded as I heard her go over to sink we have in the corner to wash up.

Wow, that was awesome. I really wished I could have seen her amazing body while I did it, but I had fantasized going down on her many times and to be able to do it while in bondage was a fantasy come true. I must have had a huge grin on my face because Beth said, "Did you enjoy that slave?" I replied without any hesitation, "Yes Mistress, very much."

Saturday 2:15 AM One More Task Tonight

She then said, "I have one more treat before we get some sleep." I heard her working over by the TV which was behind my head. She was firing it up and I could hear the opening credits of one of my BDSM DVDs. She was putting one on, but I wasn't sure which one. She then walked over to me and took off the blindfold. It was very bright and I squinted hard waiting for my eyes to adjust. When they did I was in for a treat. Beth was a tiny little thing with a very tone athletic body and she was wearing nothing but a pair of pink thong panties and a matching pink bra. She was probably only an A cup, but it wasn't her perky little tits that I was noticing, it was her perfect little ass as she walked back to the sink. It was amazing. My cock was straining against the chastity device. I really needed to cum soon; the ache in my balls was pretty constant now. Beth came back with a wet washcloth and washed my face really well including my nose. "I need to clean off my seat," she snickered. She then took a towel and dried off my face. Next she removed the carabineer connecting my collar to the bed, rolled up the towel, and placed it under my head in a way that tilted my head forward causing my chin to press into my chest a bit. It wasn't uncomfortable at all and I was now looking down toward my feet. I got a look for the first time in over 3 hours at the red mesh panties I was wearing. They fitted snugly with small, but noticeable bulge from the chastity device. I don't think I had worn these without an erection in a long time and they looked unusual.

Beth climbed back up on the bed and sat down on my chest, straddling me and facing my feet. Her amazing ass was right in front of me. And the tiny little thong she was wearing accentuated her round, tone ass cheeks. "Task two," Beth declared, "is to make me cum again, but this time you don't get to touch my pussy." She then slid back so her ass was right in front of my face. I began kiss her ass cheeks. I started with light fluttery kisses and soon was giving deeper harder kisses. After a bit, I started licking and messaging her ass with my tongue. I was giving her cheeks a good tongue bath. They were smooth and soft, but I could still feel the muscle tone. It was amazing how small it was. I continued to lick and worship her ass for several more minutes. "You know," Beth said, "licking my ass cheeks, although pleasurable, isn't likely to get me to cum." I continued to lick her ass while what she was suggesting settled in. She wanted me to lick her asshole to make her cum! I wasn't sure I could do it. Ass cheeks are sexy and cute. The asshole is a whole other story. I licked her ass cheeks for another minute, torn with what to do. She could sense I was in an internal struggle but she didn't say anything.

I then moved my licking and kissing closer and closer to her crack and actual asshole. After building up some courage, I licked her panty covered asshole and up the length of her ass crack. It tasted like laundered clothes. I tasted panty and not asshole. Each lick built confidence as I licked her panties over her asshole over and over. I was messaging her asshole with my tongue, pressing hard through the cotton material to maximize the sensation.

After several minutes, Beth said, "That feels much better, but I think the panties are preventing me from feeling the sensations I'm going to need to cum." Crap! I started to really worship the thong now. Pressing hard on the panty and licking as sensually as I could her sensitive skin that came right near the edge of the panty. I was struggling to decide my next step and she knew it. "Would you like me to remove my panties?" she offered. I didn't immediately respond but instead kept licking and kissing her ass. After a very long, awkward minute she said, "You know, there are many different conditions I can leave you in to sleep tonight; some are much more uncomfortable than others. You may want to succeed at this task." I licked some more and then paused, cleared my throat, and sheepishly said, "Mistress, I would very much like you to remove your panties please." Beth did not hesitate; she stood up and removed her panties. What a site! I could clearly see her perfect, cute, amazing tight little pussy and her ass looking up at her! She then turned around and sat back down this time facing the TV behind my head. She pivoted her hips just so and slid forward so her asshole was about an inch in front of my mouth and her pussy was an inch in front of my nose. I was now staring right at her tuft of blonde pubic hair!

She didn't say a word; she just sat there watching a DVD of a mistress kicking a sub in the balls over and over while he whimpered into a ball gag. I twisted my head to the left a bit and licked and kissed the sensitive skin next to her asshole. I then shifted my head and liked and kissed the other side. I was avoiding her asshole and she knew it. It was right there and I couldn't bring myself to lick it. She then reached back and put a nipple clamp on each nipple. They were my tightest pinching clamps! They hurt a ton immediately! "OWWW!" I yelled. She then said without the slightest hint of sympathy, "I'm getting tired. I'm going to get up and go to sleep soon. I plan to wait to put a gag in your mouth before I go to sleep, but I can do that now if I need to. Either way, the clamps stay on until I cum. And since I'm going to bed in 10 minutes, I suggest you get serious and quickly." What!?!? There was no way I could survive with those on all night let alone actually get any sleep. I started sensually licking her ass again near, but not touching her asshole with as much passion as I could muster through the pain. After a few minutes, she said, "Eight minutes left." It wasn't the fact that she said eight minutes that made me really concerned it was the fact that the tone of her voice was more of bored and not aroused that told me this wasn't working at all!

My nipples were starting to really throb now. I gulped, straightened my head and licked her directly on her asshole. I could feel the crinkles with my tongue. It was very soft. I couldn't feel any hole in the middle, but I knew it was there. There was a faint taste, but nothing strong at all. It wasn't too bad so I licked her asshole again. I was gaining confidence now and began to really lick, rim, and worship her asshole. I could tell she was starting to enjoy the sensations. After a few more minute, I got brave and pushed in a bit with my tongue. I could feel the crinkles give way a bit and a hole open up in the middle. I backed off and kept messaging and stimulating her asshole. After another minute or so I began to wonder how much time I had left. M y nipples were really hurting and I knew I had to get her over the top before I ran out of time. I took it to the next level and began to thrust my tongue into her asshole. At first I was barely getting any depth, but in no time I was giving her asshole a good tongue fucking. I was now picking up the pace. The pain in my nipples was preventing me from doing anything sensual. I was now licking and probing and stimulating with a fever pitch. I was very focused on her asshole and getting very nervous. Then I caught a ray of hope, I now able to really smell her pussy. Her juices were flowing. I started to get excited when I could taste them. They tricked across her taint and into her asshole where I was licking them up. I couldn't believe it! I was actually getting excited to be licking us pussy juice from an asshole! I continued for all I was worth and suddenly she had the spasm again! She was cumming with my tongue deep in her asshole!

After a few minutes of afterglow, she stood up and went over to the sink to wash up. The pain in my nipples was now off the charts. I really wanted to ask her to remove the clamps now, but I wasn't sure if that would help or hurt my chances. So I kept my mouth shut and struggled through the pain. After she washed up, she put her panties back on. She walked over to my drawer and pulled out a pair of my sweatpants and a t-shirt. Both were way too big for her, but she put them on. She then removed her bra and slid it out the arm hole. I found this curious. I had just licked her most intimate parts, yet she felt the need to hide her tits. She then walked back over to me. GREAT! She was finally going to remove the clamps and I was ready.

She reached down and took the towel away. It had actually done a great job. It supported my head at an angle that allowed me to get at everything I needed to while allowing her to sit with most of her weight on the top of my chest. She then reattached the carabineer connecting my collar to the bed. Next she put the penis gag back in my mouth and loosely attached it so it would be relatively bearable for quite some time. I braced myself getting ready for her to take the clamps off. I knew this was going to be very rough. She reached down and removed both clamps quickly and at the same time! HOLY SHIT! Did that hurt! I screamed into the gag. The pain was extremely intense. It was just starting to come down when Beth put them both back on!! OUCH! What the hell! OWWW! This hurt so much more than the first time they went on. Beth said in a very stern voice, "Don't you ever fucking hesitate again when I want you to do something!" She then slapped me hard across the face. Without waiting for me to react, protest, or complain through the gag, she got up and went over and turned off the light. She then said, "While you suffer, I want you to remember that your desires no longer count. Your purpose in life now is to do whatever I want, whenever I want." She then walked over and got into Sam's bed leaving me helplessly bound, gagged, and in severe pain!

The minutes dragged on, my nipples were on fire and I could do nothing to stop the pain. This was so very different from self bondage. There was no emergency out. There was no comfort in knowing that I only had to endure for a short period of time while I untied a complex knot or had a little ice melt. My nipples really hurt, and I would get no relief until Mistress Beth felt like showing me some mercy. I started to moan into the gag. Mostly because I was in quite a bit of pain, and a little to let Beth know that I was struggling and gain a little sympathy.

"Shut up," she said from across the room, "I'm trying to sleep."

I did my best to keep quite. What was I going to do? Should I start going ballistic to let her know this was more than I could take and see if she would take them off or should I try to try to endure and make her happy so she would show some mercy. I decided that deceit was a dangerous game with the blackmail that she had on me, so I tried my best to tough it out so if I had to go that route there would be no deceit to it. I was getting really focused now... controlled breathing... concentration on enduring... focus on pain management. I was knuckling down and the pain seemed to be under control. I couldn't let my focus slip or it would overwhelm me. My breathing was audible but it was quiet enough that she didn't say anything. After an unknown period of time, probably about 20 very long minutes, Beth came over and stood there looking down at me. I opened my eyes and looked up at her, pleading with my eyes while trying to stay focused. She reached down and removed the gag and asked, "Do you have anything you would like to say?" Between short breaths with a sort of stutter I struggled to say, "I-i-i am very s-s-s-orry Mistress, your desires are all th-that matters. I will do my v-v-very best to never hesitate again. Please show m-m-mercy." I'm not sure that I believed every word I said, but I had no issue saying them to get mercy. I bit my lip to stay in front of the pain that was now starting to really get to me. Mistress Beth put the gag back in my mouth and fastened it. Then she said, "I'm not sure I fully believe you, but time will tell." She then reached down and removed the clamps. It was pure hell! The pain was extreme and I screamed hard into the gag. Beth then said, "Get some sleep, I suspect you will need lots of energy tomorrow."

Saturday 9:00 AM Morning Realization

A knocking at the door woke me from my sleep. I was a bit groggy, but quickly cleared my head when I tried to move and remembered that I was still bound tightly to my mattress-less bed. My whole body felt sore, especially my jaw as Beth got up and opened the door for Amy and Cindy. They walked in carrying a bag of McDonald's and several coffees. The coffee smelt good and the smell of the food reminded me that I didn't have any dinner last night and was starving. The three of them completely ignored me as they sat down and ate their breakfast and drank their coffee. Cindy started the conversation, "So, Beth how did last night go?" Beth responded with, "Not too good. He was very hesitant and didn't respond to a few simple commands so I had to punish him a little bit. I don't think he really grasps that he needs to do everything we demand, instantly or there will be severe consequences." Cindy took this all in and responded with, "That's disappointing; I think I know how to fix that and can't wait to get started. I suspect that you will want to go grab a shower and afterward you and Amy can head to the store to pick up a few things. She and I have been talking and we have a little plan / surprise for tonight." They finished up their breakfast, not once even acknowledging my presence, and then Amy and Beth left.

Cindy locked the door behind them and then walked over to me, acknowledging my presents for the first time. "I am going to take your gag out to give you jaw a rest. Remember that this is a privilege that you can easily lose. No complaining. No denying anything. No challenging me or talking back. The first word you say will result in either the gag going back in or the first picture being emailed out depending on my mood." Cindy then removed the gag. It felt really good to have it out. I stretched my jaw and mouth as best I could as it was very sore and likely would be for a long time. The gag was relatively small, but having it in all night was pretty severe and I didn't want it back in my mouth anytime soon, so I didn't say a word.

Cindy pulled up a chair and sat down next to me. She started with, "OK, Bill, I am going to ask you a series of questions. Think carefully before you answer. You are only to answer Yes or No. Do NOT say anything else or try to elaborate. Is that clear?" I responded with "Yes."

"Ok then. First, do you agree that we have plenty of pictures of you and your note that are very incriminating?" she asked. "Yes" I responded. "Next," she asked, "Do you think we, or at least I, am very willing and capable of emailing, posting, and otherwise distributing the pictures to make this all very public?" I really didn't doubt that for a second so I said, "Yes."

"Do you realize," she continued, "how devastated your parents would be and how big a black eye your family would get in the social circles if they and all their conservative friends received the pictures? People like Mary and Frank Smith, or all the ladies from your mother's bridge club, Sue, Sandy, and Milly? How would your mom explain to her best friend Bonnie, why she received a picture of you with a raging erection while wearing bright red panties with a penis gag in your mouth? And that picture had a handwritten note on the back from you asking her if she would like to play with you? Or how do you think the conversation would go when you grandfather called your house asking about the picture he received in the mail from you with a huge dildo in your mouth letting him know that if he wanted to be next to just give a call?"

Wow! She had done a ton of homework and knew everyone! It was at that moment that it really hit home! This was no longer hypothetical; it felt very real how ugly this would get quickly. "Well, do you realize?" she asked. "Yes" I said meekly.

"OK," she continued, "I understand that you aren't really looking forward to everything in your note and you may have bitten off a bit more than you can chew. But that's what's going to make this fun for me. Remember this: you need to do your very best at all times. The first time you flat out refuse a command, or physically resist or strike back in any way this all ends immediately in a very ugly, very public way. Do you understand what I am saying?" All I could do was say, "Yes" "Oh," she chimed back in, "Anything we do when we are alone is between us; you are not to share what we do with anyone, including Beth and Amy or that's grounds for a letter or a posting."

"Now before I test you and see if you really mean it, I need a little 'me time' first." Cindy then stood up and removed her shoes and skin tight blue jeans. She was wearing a pair of cotton white panties; nothing special at all. "Be warned," she said, "I will never ask twice. When I say a body part and present it, I expect oral worship on that part immediately and with feeling." She then removed her panties and climbed up on the bed. I couldn't believe this, these women were horny! I had a great look up at her while she straddled me and squatted down. Her petite little body with her narrow hips and tiny features looked amazing. She had a little patch of black pubic hair but otherwise her pussy lips were completely hair free. She simply said "pussy" as she slid her pussy down onto my face. I began to lick her pussy. She wasn't overly wet, but the odor of pussy was very strong. I worked my tongue deep into her hole and worked over he lips and even flicked her clit a few times. I was really enjoying this. Cindy, despite being an arrogant bitch, was smoking hot, and eating her pussy was far from a punishment. I was really focused and trying to do a good job. I wanted this to be a regular activity and giving her a mind blowing orgasm was a good way to get her thinking the same way. It didn't take long and she was starting to press down harder and harder on my face with more of her weight. She was so light, it wasn't much strain, but it was somewhat limiting to my maneuverability. The towel trick that Beth used last night to prop my head really helped, Beth was sitting on my chest more than my face and it made a noticeable difference. But I couldn't suggest that trick to Cindy for several reasons. One was because I couldn't do much talking buried deep in her pussy and all, and two, I wasn't allowed to let Cindy know what Beth and I did... and vice versa. Maybe, some day I could use some of this secretive info to my advantage.

That would be another day; at the moment, I was focused at the task at hand and working around her pussy with my tongue. I was really enjoying this and she was too. Her weight and legs pinned me in so I could barely move and it was relatively hard to breath. I was closed into my own little world buried deep in her pussy. The smell was intoxicating and I could feel my cock desperately wishing to get hard, but unable to do so due to the chastity device. The ever present ache was still there and I really wished I could get some release. She lifted herself up and looked down at my face. My enjoyment must have been obvious because she said, "Slave, this is for my pleasure, not yours. I think you are enjoying this too much." She got up walked over to my suitcase and grabbed my leather riding crop. She then walked back over and squatted back down but now she was facing the other way toward my feet. She said, "pussy" and sat back down on my face and I continued to lick her pussy but now from the other direction. I felt her lean forward and pull my panties down enough to pull out my hobbled cock and balls and rest them, exposed, on the outside of the panties. She sat back up and her legs and body pinned me be back into my own little world. She applied most if not all of her weight now which required me to make an significant effort to move my head around to be able to reach her clit with my tongue.

Without a word, she began to smack my balls with the crop. The pain was immediate and intense. The strokes weren't hard, but the location didn't require them to be. It really hurt a lot and I let out a yelp that was barely audible due to her complete smothering. She didn't react in any way and continued to smack my vulnerable, exposed balls over and over. I tried to squirm, but I was completely helpless to avoid her assault. The pain was really mounting and getting unbearable. I tied to focus all my attention on her clit and licking her the best I could. I was really working her clit hard and that must have been the magic spot because I could hear her moans despite the fact that my ears were muffled by her legs. She continued to smack my balls but the pace was more sporadic as my attention to her clit was clearly causing her a significant distraction. I licked and flicked and messaged her clit over and over with my tongue. Cindy was wet and I could feel her juices on my chin. She was pretty wet, but she wasn't the flowing river that Beth was last night. And ironically, Beth smelled of pussy and sex, but Cindy was very overpowering in that department. She smelled so strong, that the odor engulfed me. After continued, relentless attention to her clit, Cindy came hard and she immediately stopped smacking my balls and slid up on my chest. We both just stayed in that position and caught out breaths.

After a few minutes, Cindy said one word, "ass" as she slid back to the side and gently pressing her left ass cheek against my face. I started to lick and kiss her ass cheek. It was very small and very tone. Clearly she had well defined muscles and very little fat. I licked and kissed it over and over. Without a word she began to smack my balls again. It didn't take more than 2 or 3 strokes before she had my full attention. This really hurt. I wondered if she knew how bad it was as she kept on smacking them. I picked up the pace with deep passionate kisses on her ass cheek and pressed hard with my tongue on the licks. After a few minutes she stopped smacking and said, "test time". She then reached back and used the key to override and unlock the handcuffs. As she did this she said, "Grab the headboard bars with your hands and do not let go." I did as she said. She turned back toward my feet and started smacking my balls again with the crop. I laid there with a million thoughts running through my head. I was free, sort of. I could easily reach up and grab her and stop her. I could get free, but the neck carabineer, waist belt, and ankle cuffs would take me a minute or so to remove giving her time to run if she wanted to... but with the blackmail hanging over my head, I really couldn't. Could I? She smacked my balls really hard and I jumped. Wow that hurt! I had stopped licking. I quickly started to kiss and lick her ass. This continued for a few minutes. The pain in my balls was getting pretty rough to take and I was tempted to take my hands of the headboard bars but I held on and continued to worship her ass. This was really weird and harder to take than before. It took a whole different type of endurance and will power to withstand the torture when I physically had the power to stop it. In all my self bondage, when the pain would get rough, I would just let myself out. Here I physically could do it, but the repercussions would be extreme!

After another minute or so, Cindy said, "asshole" and shifted her weight to position herself with her asshole near my mouth. If it hadn't been for last night, I would have really struggled to dive it upon hearing the command. But after spending lots of time exploring Beth's little pucker palace last night, I wasn't squeamish at all and immediately took a big ice cream lick right across her tiny little asshole. The first lick surprised me. Not only did it feel different, I actually could taste something very strong and a bit bitter. I was tasting shit!!! I instinctively stopped immediately and took my hands of the bars and started to reach for her with my hands to push her off me. "Stop!" she yelled. I froze. "Bars now," she said in a stern tone. I quickly put my hand back on the bars. She said, "You get 5 for disobeying." The first smack with the crop on my balls came immediately and was at an entirely different level of force than all the previous strokes. I let out a loud yell that was thankfully muffled by her ass or I would have woken up the entire dorm. She then delivered numbers two and three with the same unbelievable force and I was already starting to cry. I squeeze the bars as tight as I could with my hands. This really, really hurt. It was too much. This whole thing was stupid. Why should I lay here and endure this? The fourth one came and I let go of the bars but stopped myself and grabbed them again. Cindy could tell I was at a cross roads but didn't stop to let me mull it over. She gave me the 5th and most violent stoke. My balls were on fire and the tears were flowing freely by this time. She cleared her throat loudly as a reminder that I was supposed to be doing something. I'm not sure what I was thinking or if it was even a conscious decision, but the next thing I knew, I was licking her asshole. After a few more licks, I couldn't taste the shit anymore. I must have cleaned it all up. She allowed me to worship her asshole without adding to the pain as it slowly subsided and I regained my composure. For the next five minutes, I licked and messaged her tiny little asshole over and over while she sat there and chuckled. She didn't have to say anything, I felt humiliated, yet I continued to eat out her asshole.

Saturday 10:00 AM Time to Clean Up and have Breakfast

After she was done relishing my humiliation, Cindy said, "Stop" and got up off me. She then put her panties back on as well as her jeans. She walked over and sat on the edge of Sam's bed and asked, "Are you hungry?" "Yes." I responded. "A little or a lot?" she probed. I answered with, "A lot, I missed dinner last night and I am starving." She paused for a few seconds and finally said, " I want you to clean yourself up now. Untie yourself, go to the bathroom, take a shower, and be back here, naked, spotless, and ready for inspection. You have 10 minutes and will be severely punished for every second you are late. The clock starts now." I didn't have time to debate her or think about it, I quickly undid my collar, waist belt and ankle cuffs. I stood up quickly and could feel every muscle in my body. I was very stiff from sleeping on a bed with no mattress. I must have looked a little lost because Cindy offered direction, "leave the panties and take just your bathrobe." I quickly took off the red panties, threw on my bathrobe, grabbed my towel, grabbed my bathroom basket that had soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc. and headed out the door. I hurried down the hall to the community bathroom. My heart was pounding. The time was very short and also I had this chastity device on. I had worn it out of my room once under my jeans for fun, but I had never gone to the bathroom with it on and never taken a shower with it. Fortunately for me the hallway and bathroom were empty. I went in the bathroom stall, closed the door, and did my business. The holes in the tube allowed the pee to flow out without making a mess while in a sitting position. I finished up and went into the other room with the individual shower stalls. Each stall had a curtain that allowed enough privacy. I went in, closed the curtain, and took a very quick shower. After drying off, I put the robe back on and went to the row of sinks. I quickly brushed my teeth, combed my hair and rushed back down the hall to my room. I had no idea if I was under ten minutes or not, but I was really fast so I thought I was probably ok.

When I opened the door to my room and walked briskly in, I saw that Cindy was standing along side the bed with her hands on her hips and a stern look on her face. "Inspection time now." she said and pointed down to the metal framed bed right in front of her. I hurried and set down my towel and basket. I remembered that she said naked before, so I took off my robe and climbed up on the bed. Cindy said sternly, "On your knees. Hands clasped behind your back." I knelt down and put my hands behind my back. Cindy started slowly walking around the bed. "Eyes straight." she said as she walked around behind me. I wondered if she was going to put the cuffs back on. I also wondered how long this would take as the metal on my knees was really uncomfortable. Cindy then started to poke and prod me as if she was giving me an exam. She probably thought this was humiliating, but after last night, this wasn't bad at all. I did, however, want it to end quickly because I was quickly deteriorating. The bed hurt my knees, my stomach was growling, and my balls really ached. I had the worst case of blue balls ever and I really wanted to cum badly.

"I am feeling very generous; you may speak freely and ask any one thing but you do so immediately," she said. I wasted no time. I was absolutely starving, but more importantly, I really wanted the blue balls to end. I responded with, "I have a serious case of blue balls and would love some relief." Cindy walked very quickly up to me and slapped me hard across the face. I immediately unclasped my hands and started to bring them around to my front to block. I stopped myself and put my hands back behind my back and re-clasped them. She said, "I will NEVER give you THAT relief. You serve me, not the other way around. The fact you even request it is very insulting!" I replied immediately, "I'm very sorry; I never meant the request that way. Please, I only want to be allowed to jack off to relieve myself." Cindy continued to stare at me and finally she said, "OK." She then proceeded to use the ankle cuffs and locked my ankles to the bed. I'll consider it, but first you must agree to follow my instructions." I responded quickly, "Anything you want!" And I meant it, my balls hurt so bad, I would do anything. Cindy simply nodded and took out a video camera that she had brought with her "OK put this on," she said as she grabbed something red out of her bag and tossed it at me. I held it up to see that it was red baby doll lingerie top. It was clearly not hers as it was way too large for her but still a bit too small for me. It consisted of a red bra with shoulder straps and an attached light red see through skirt. I was about to get the damned chastity device off and be allowed to masturbate and didn't want to hesitate and screw it up, so I immediately pulled it over my head. It was a bit tight, but I was able to wiggle it down in place. The bra part was very snug, but it fit more or less. The skirt part was too short leaving my cock and ass completely exposed.

She then said, "When I say go, you will have only five minutes to complete all of my instructions. If you hesitate at any point, I will post a picture. If you fail to complete everything in five minutes, you will not cum or eat for days and that's a promise." I was confused, why did she say eat? She then set up a little TV tray next to me and took out an English muffin from McDonalds. She unwrapped it, set the paper on the tray and set the muffin down next to it. Upon closer inspection, it was just an English muffin, no egg or cheese or bacon, just the toasted muffin with a little butter. "Ok, when I say go, you must jack off into the wrapping paper getting ALL of your nasty cum on the paper, then you must transfer as much of the cum as you can from the paper to the muffin and eat it for your breakfast. Then, you must lick the paper clean making sure you get the rest of it. You have five minutes to complete everything." Without any delay, she pressed play on the camcorder, tossed me the key to the chastity device, and said, "Go."

I wasted no time; the though of eating my own cum was pretty disgusting, but the chance to relieve my aching blue balls was too much to pass up. Within seconds, I had the chastity device off and my hand was going to town on my cock. It didn't take long to get hard and soon, I was getting pretty close. Cindy was just standing there recording everything and not saying a word. But that was such a peripheral concern as almost all of my attention was on achieving the release I had been building up for all week. I was about to orgasm when I remember what she has said about getting all of it into the paper. I figured with all the pressure, it would be an explosion so I took the paper with my off hand and draped it over the tip of my cock to catch it all. A few more strokes was all it took and I exploded into the paper. There was a strong force to it as the cum fired out of my cock with all the pressure I had built up after so many unfinished erections. I was focused on catching it all so I didn't really enjoy the orgasm as it flowed out spurt after spurt. It kept coming and coming. There seemed to be at least twice the usual amount of fluid and it was very thick with large globs. When I had finally finished it looked like there was at least three times my normal amount!

I was afraid of her sending out pictures, so I didn't hesitate and transferred the cum to the inside of the top English muffin. It was amazing how much there was. It completely covered the muffin and had some thickness to it! I replaced the top to form a sandwich and immediately took a bite. English muffins have little taste on their own so I could clearly taste the cum. It was repulsive, but I knew I had better keep eating and quickly because I didn't know how much time I had left. I could even feel a slimy texture as I continued to eat. When I was done, I looked up at her and she pointed to the paper. Fortunately I was able to get almost all of in onto the muffin, so I easily licked the paper clean. When I was done, she pushed the stop button on the camcorder and immediately burst out laughing. "Oh, that was awesome, that's gotta be the most cum I've ever seen eaten and definitely the most by a man" she laughed. "I'm not so sure anymore that you aren't really gay!"

I felt humiliated, but I didn't care too much because it helped fix both my hunger and my blue balls problems. Cindy walked over to the TV and within a minute, she had her camcorder connected and was replaying her recent recording on the big screen TV. She was laughing and pointing while we both watched me jacking off. I felt very self conscious and humiliated. I looked stupid jacking off while wearing red lingerie. Then, when it got to the part where I was putting the cum onto the muffin she paused video and pointed out how much there was and how disgusting it looked. I felt nauseous and cringed when I saw myself take the first bite.

When it was over, Cindy said, "Put the chastity device back." I did and after a quick inspection and a test of the lock, she took the key. Then she said, "Take off you ankle cuffs and put these on," while she tossed me something else that was red from her bag. I held up to see a big pair of red, satin, overly frilly panties that looked to be about my size. She turned her back to me and went over to the computer. I undid the ankle cuffs and put on the panties. Without turning around she said, "Clean up your mess, put the bed back, and put everything away." I did as I was told; feeling very submissive. I was doing exactly what she demanded without protest while wearing very feminine, frilly lingerie. I was quickly becoming her slave. When I was done she said without looking up, "Its time for us to go. Get dressed but leave those red things on." I went to my closet and picked out a pair of baggy sweat pants and a bulky sweatshirt that would cover the baby doll and panties. When I was dressed and ready to go, so was Cindy as she left the computer. "There, I uploaded the video to my internet account," she said proudly. "If I didn't have enough to blackmail you with before, I do now!" she chucked. "Time for you do to some work back at my house," she continued. "But first, empty you pockets." I did, and put my wallet, keys, and cell phone on the table. She instructed, "Leave these things and go stand facing the door." I did as she requested. I heard her grab my keys and walk up behind me. She stood right behind me and said, "Put your hands, shoulder level, on the door." I did. She then said, "Even though you have 100 pounds on me, and have physical freedom, I have complete control over you. You will do everything I say without hesitation. I own you. You will do whatever amuses me and what will amuse me right now is for you to walk the 6 blocks to my house with a nasty panty wedgie." She then quickly lifted my sweatshirt, grabbed the waistband of the panties I was wearing and gave them a huge pull. As she was yanking as hard as she could she said, "You are not allowed to fix, adjust, or make them more comfortable until we get to my house and I give you permission." She had pulled them really hard and they were very uncomfortable. She finally let go, pulled the back of my sweatshirt down to cover them, and said, "Let's go." And out the door we went with Cindy locking it behind us and putting my keys in her pocket.

Saturday 1:00 PM Domesticated

I felt very self conscious and vulnerable walking across campus with Cindy. I had nothing on me, no keys, no money, no identification, and no phone. In addition, the chastity device and the panties wedged up my ass served as a constant reminder of the situation I was in. Cindy lived in a big house with Amy, Beth and three other girls from the gymnastic team. It didn't take long and we were soon there. We walked through the door to find Amy and Beth in the living room working on a list of some sort. Beth looked up and said, "Ah, the one man cleaning crew has arrived." Cindy looked around and asked, "Where's everyone else?" Beth replied, "They just left to go to the store to pick up some supplies for the party; they won't be back for a while."

Cindy turned to me and said, "Perfect. Take off your sweat shirt and sweatpants, now." I froze. What? I was completely unprepared for this command and I found it very difficult to obey. My struggle surprised me. After licking assholes, I would think that getting undressed would be an easy command to follow, but it wasn't. Back at my place the surroundings felt familiar enough that it felt like I still had some small level of control. This place was all new, it was on their turf and it felt so much more out in the open. Cindy said very sternly, "That's one punishment, would you like another? I'm not going to tell you again!" I quickly took off my shoes, socks, shirt, and pants and stood there in the middle of their living room looking stupid in a frilly red baby doll with a pair of red panties wedged up my ass.

Amy and Beth both started snickering as my face flushed in embarrassment and I awkwardly stood there feeling very vulnerable. They had all had seen me naked, but now that I was out of my element, I was very self-conscious. I just couldn't get comfortable. I didn't know what to do with my arms and hands. I crossed them and uncrossed them. I shifted my weight back and forth from one foot to the other and looked around as if someone would walk in any second. This was very awkward. At least when I was tied up there was nothing I could do, now I could do something but chose not too, if felt twice as humiliating. The ladies continued to chuckle and finally Cindy said, "You look stupid, fix your panties and follow me." I did as I was told and pulled the panties out of my ass. Cindy then led me downstairs.

The basement was finished and very big. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a long while and there was a pile of cleaning supplies at the bottom of the stairs. Cindy then informed me, "We are hosting a party for the entire gymnastic team tonight. In preparation, you will be cleaning our house which will take you the better part of the next five or six hours to complete! We told our housemates that we had some dirt on a guy, made him our slave, and he was going to do all the cleaning for the party. They don't know it's you. I just bought a really good leather hood that will completely cover your head and hide your identity and the plan was for you to put it on while you cleaned. But your hesitation upstairs just now is going to cost you. The new plan is that you must earn that luxury. You can't wear it until this entire basement is spotless. I suggest you hurry because they will be back pretty soon." Without another word, she turned and went up the stairs.

I knew better than to doubt Cindy so I immediately went to work cleaning the basement. It was really dirty and it was going to be tough to clean it in less than a few hours. I picked up things, I dusted things, I washed floors, tables, walls, etc. It was hard work, but two hours later the place was looking pretty good. I heard some walking around upstairs from time to time and I would get nervous and clean as fast as I could, but each time nothing came of it. I was just about done when Cindy came downstairs and starting giving the place an inspection. I finished up and Cindy said, "Not bad. Kneel down." I did and she proceeded to put a leather hood over my head. It was very snug and I could feel her lacing it up in the back. There were two eye holes that I could look through and generous nose and ear holes that allowed for plenty of air to breathe and sound to be heard. And there was a big hole for my mouth. I would be able to easily talk, eat and drink with this on. When she was done lacing it up, she tightened the collar piece that was attached and bucked it snug. She then put on a small padlock, effectively locking the hood in place. It wouldn't come off without the key. At that point, I didn't really care, I was just glad it was on.

"I hope you appreciate this gift," Cindy said. "Yes, I do." I said. She then said, "Well, there a lot of other add-on pieces to this hood and I'm sure we will get to try them all out before the end of the year, but for now let's use this one, open up." I opened my mouth as she placed a small ball gag into it. It had a leather backing to it that completely covered the hole in the hood to make it relatively smooth. It also had straps that laced through openings in the hood and bucked in the back. Cindy applied another little lock and now the gag wasn't coming off without a key.

Cindy then gave me some instructions, "It's about 3:30. The party starts at 9:00. Go upstairs and clean the rest the first floor of the house. That would be the living room dining room kitchen and first floor bathroom. If the other girls come home you are to focus on your work and not get overly friendly with them. Now get to it!"

I went upstairs and started cleaning as quickly as I could in the hopes that I could finish before they got home. I looked utterly ridiculous is the red satin panties and babydoll top and wanted no part of seeing anyone else today hood or not. I vacuumed, straightened, washed, etc. as quick as I could, but it wasn't more than another ten or fifteen minutes when I heard the door open and the housemates coming home. I decided to just stay focused and ignore them. It would feel less humiliating if I just pretended that they weren't there and kept my attention on the work I was doing.

Their names were Jenna, Kristen, and Lisa. I had briefly met them all before and I couldn't keep from wondering if they would recognize me. I had no tattoos or other marks. I was of average height and relatively fit, I thought there was a good chance that they wouldn't be able to indentify me. "What the hell!" came a loud should from Lisa. She continued loudly, "Cindy, what kind of dirt do you have on this guy? That's hilarious!" Lisa was starting to chuckle and quickly was joined by the other girls. In no time, all six women were standing there watching me wash the coffee table. Cindy started to explain to the housemates, "You can just call him slave. He's going to clean the house for us today. Well actually, he is going to clean all semester. Feel free to watch him work if you want, you can take pictures, give him cleaning directions, whatever." I finished up the table and started to wash the end tables by the couch. Cindy continued, "Don't worry, he's harmless and will do anything you ask. We have him all semester, so we can have fun with him later, but we should probably let him get focused now as he has a lot of work to do before the party. But before we do, Kristen, quick; up or down?" Kristen looked at Cindy not sure what she was asking so Cindy repeated equally as vague, "Up or down." Kristen responded with, "umm... up?" Cindy then said, "OK, up it is. Slave, kneel on the floor." I walked over in front of her and knelt down. Cindy then walked around behind me and said, "OK, 'panties up' it is. And slave, you are not to touch these for one hour." With that she gave me another wedgie turning the panties into a thong. She pulled really hard. The girls started laughing and Jenna said, "You should have said down, I want to see his cock." Cindy responded, "We'll have time for all that later, now it's time for the slave to get to work." So I got up and continued to clean the house with an uncomfortable wedgie. The girls all left to get ready. Jenna, intentionally lagged behind and on her way out made a detour over to me and gave my ass a swat as she walked by. "This is going to be a fun semester," she grinned.

Saturday 7:30 PM The Cleaning is Finally Done

I had finished cleaning the entire first floor as well as the upstairs bathrooms and it was almost 7:30. I was tired and ready to go home. I had done all they asked and really wanted to get out of there before people starting arriving for the party. I found Cindy in the first floor living room. All of the other women were upstairs in their rooms still getting ready as I stood in front of her and gave her an 'I'm done' look with my eyes. Cindy said, "Good job on the house." I gave her a thank you nod. She continued, "I bet you are ready to go home and get some rest, aren't you? You had a long day." I nodded. She then said, "You have done so well, I think you deserve a quick reward, please follow me." I did and she led me back downstairs. As we approached the bottom step she said, "Close your eyes, I have a surprise for you." I was curious and getting a bit excited wondering what it could be as I closed my eyes. She led me across the room. "Keep your eyes closed and turn around," she said as she had me turn around and stand still. A few seconds later, **CLICK** came the sound of a padlock. I quickly opened my eyes. I was in the middle of the room and next to me was a table full of all of my whips, and clamps as many new items I had never seen before. There was a big circle of empty chairs all facing me. And there was a thick chain hanging from the ceiling and Cindy had just locked the end of it to collar on my hood. "Hands behind your back now," she barked in a very stern voice. Not fully grasping what was in store, I did what she said and she quickly put on a pair of hand cuffs. Then she said, "Why would I let the entertainment for the party leave now?!!!"

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