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Snow Day

For years now, my wife and I have enjoyed immersing ourselves in bondage adventures. We both like to be tied and we both enjoy tormenting the other, thus our games vary drastically from adventure to adventure. Depending on our moods that day, we devise interesting scenarios and restraint to put each other into.

A few months ago, during a particularly brutal snow storm, we were snowed in with nothing to do. All the surrounding stores, malls and restaurants had closed early, at least that is what they said on the news before the cable went out. After debating for an hour over what movie we should watch on DVD, we agreed on a title just in time for the power to go out.

"Serves you right, you are being punished for choosing your movie over mine!" she smirked.

"I think we are both being punished, and by the looks of things outside, our punishment won't be over any time soon." I told her. "Besides Marie, I'm sure we can find sooommmmething to do." trying to look as innocent as possible.

"Hmmm, yes. Whatever could we do? I suppoooose you could tie me up and be your plaything, I mean, Master" she said seductively.

"Who says you get to be tied up?" I questioned.

"Well, I am not up for playing domme today, and you have never objected to tying me up before." she said with a quizzical look.

"Don't get me wrong, I would love to see you tied up and helpless, I am just in the mood for a little restraint myself. I do have an idea however." I said with a wink.

"Oh really? What do you suggest?" she asked. "Go upstairs, light a couple candles and get out our toys. I will be right up." I answered.

I went over to the closet and carefully selected two fresh light bulbs. I then went over to the kitchen, opened the bottom drawer and pulled out a keying with several keys. With the keys in hand, I opened the front door and put them in our mailbox. Shutting the door quickly I already had shivers from the frigid temperatures outside. With light bulbs in hand, I went upstairs to my wife whom I am sure is wet with anticipation.

Marie had opened our suitcase of goodies onto the bed and had a few large candles burning on the nightstand. Staring at me with two lights in my hand, to say she had a look of confusion would be a understatement. "I will explain as we get setup." I said. "Do me a favor and get out an 8 foot chain, three 2 foot chains, two sets of clover clamps, two sets of wrist and ankle cuffs. We will also need two thick collars and a bunch of the small brass locks."

"Is that all? No gags? I'm shocked!" she quipped sarcastically.

"Trust me, as much as I would love to, I think we will do without them this time around" I said. Reaching into the toybox, I grabbed some spare keys to the locks we would be using. I placed two of the four keys on top of one of the lightbulbs. "What I am doing here is dripping some of the hot wax from the candles onto the keys in layers. As the wax cools it adheres the keys to the lightbulb itself. Once enough layers are on there, I will screw one light in the spare bedroom and another downstairs in the kitchen. When the power comes back on, the wax will melt and we can get to the keys." I explained.

"What happens if the lights blow out? I know you have two setup, but you have not tested either one, so for all we know they could already be bad!" she asked.

"Well, in the unlikely event that the lights don't work or the power doesn't come back on, I put a spare set of keys in the mailbox. It would only take a few moments to get the keys, but we would risk being seen by the neighbors and I might add, it bloody freezing out there!" I exclaimed.

She agreed that my backup plan would work if needed. I finished with attaching the keys to the bulbs and affixed them into their appropriate areas. I turned the light switch on in both rooms so the melting process would begin right away when the power returned. Not knowing how long it would be before the power came back on; I rushed back to Marie to get started.

"It's time for you to strip slave!" I demanded. "Ditto!" was her only retort.

We both removed our clothing and hopped onto the bed. "First we need to attach the collars and cuffs to ourselves" I instructed. In a few minutes the task was completed and I continued "Take the 8 foot chain and wrap the end around your waist meeting in the small of your back. Loop a lock so the chain says in place, but don't lock it. Now face me and feed the remaining length of chain between your legs." I helped her feed the chain between her legs and the fed it between my legs and wrapping the chain around my waist, hooking it together with a lock.

"Well, this is interesting so far" Marie said.

"It will only get better, now put your collar on, locking clasp in the front, but don't lock it just yet. Good, now lock your ankle cuffs on while attaching one of the two foot chains between them." I said. With a few grunts and tugs on the chain between our legs, our legs were hobbled.

Picking up the clover clamps, I continued "Attached one end from each clamp to your nipples, I will do the same. Once they are on, attach the last chain to your collar and lock it shut." Gasps of pain echoed through the house without the white noise of electronics to deaden the sound. After a few minutes, we each adjusted to the clamps on our nipples and proceeded to lock our collars together.

"Ok, this is the last step" I cautioned, "Once we lock our wrists behind our backs we will be at the mercy of the power company, unless of course we want to brave the outdoors." Marie just smiled and without saying a word, she reached back and locked her wrists behind her, attaching them to the crotch chain that connected us togeather. I smiled, for a moment I almost changed my mind and tormented her for the next few hours but I was too intrigued on how this would work out. A faint click of my cuffs echoed in the room, our fates were sealed.


For the first few minutes we tested our bonds, relishing in the restraint. We quickly discovered that the chain connecting our collars was slightly longer then the chains between our nipples. We would have to be careful when we moved around or this could get painful real fast.

We carefully laid down on our sides and slowly tried to maneuver into a position comfortable for sex. It took a little while, but I was eventually able to work my member into her soaked pussy. Using muscles that we never thought existed before, we humped like rabbits. Several times we lost ourselves in the moment and ended up tugging on our nipple clamps. With the chains rhythmic sounds in the background we both built up to a powerful orgasm. It wasn't until the orgasms started to subside that we realized we were both pulling on our clamps in our efforts to push my cock in deeper.

"So was it good for you too?" I smirked.

"Fantastic, but these nipple clamps have got to go!" she protested.

"There is not much we can do unless you want to try and pull them off with your teeth!" I quipped.

"Let's give it a try" she said.

With some effort, we found that tilting our bodies to the side allowed me to bite the chain near Marie's left nipple. With the chain in my mouth, I mumbled "Ready?" "Mmmhmm" she replied nodding her head.

Pulling, tugging and twisting I tried my best to get the clamp off. My reduced leverage made it extremely difficult but I was finally able to do it. I grinned as I started to think that maybe it would have been a good idea to gag her as she let out a yelp that probably scared all our neighbors.

With the chain still in my mouth, I moved it towards her lips. She used her teeth to take it from my mouth. I told her to do it when she was ready. A few seconds later I was biting my lip trying not to let out a yelp myself!

"Are you ready for the next one?" I asked. "I guess..." she whimpered.

With a few more tugs and gasps of pain we were free from the dreaded clamps. We rubbed against each other to massage our sore nipples. It didn't take long before we started to get turned on again. Within minutes we were at it again.

An hour later, tired and sore from the awkward positions, we fell asleep on the bed. It wasn't until a few hours had passed when the roar of the plow truck going by woke us up. Yawning and trying to stretch the best we could, we slowly stirred to life. Looking around I could see that there was still some light in the sky, but knew it wouldn't last for long. The power was still off and I was starting to get a little nervous. I never expected that we would have to use our safety key.

To further complicate matters, I realized that I had made errors in our bondage that will at the very least hinder our attempts to get free. Normally I am ok with this, but as the key is outside is zero degree weather and with our lack of clothing we won't be able to spend more then a minute outside per attempt. The first error is limiting the range our hands can move. The mailbox is high on the wall (chest height for me) and has a deep bucket. Without standing on something, I don't think I can reach the key at the bottom.

The second blunder is securing our legs so close together. The only item I can drag outside to stand on to reach the key is a chair, and with our legs shackled together so close, we can't step onto the chair at all! I didn't want to worry Marie, so I just laid next to her beautiful naked body smiling at her.

"So how much longer should we wait?" she asked.

"I don't know, I never expected it to take this long. The longest the power has ever been out before was a couple hours. Let's go see how bad it is out there." I said.

Slowly traveling down the stairs we made it to our living room and looked out the window. We couldn't believe our eyes! The snow drifts were over 6 foot in height and aside from the houses, everything was pure white. From the angle I looked out the window I could see that our front porch area was covered in snow and the drifts were starting to get pretty big. I doubt the door would even open anymore.

"You put the other key in the kitchen right?" Marie asked.

"Yes, but it is in the ceiling attached to the light." I told her.

"I have an idea, follow me." she said.

"Like I have a choice!" I smirked.

We made our way to the kitchen and over to where the key was suspended by the wax.

"Ok, here is my plan. Grab the broom and see if you can knock the key off the light. You should be tall enough to reach." she explained.

"That might work!" I exclaimed, reaching for the broom.

We got into position and I started to make my attempts. The light was inset into the ceiling so I was not able to swipe at it, only poke making it more difficult. After a minute I took a break, realizing that I needed a few more inches. I asked Marie to come closer to me giving me more slack in the chain holding my hands down. Within a few tries I was able to get the key down by smashing the light in the socket. Carefully we moved the key away from the broken glass and released ourselves.

Worming our way slowly back upstairs to the bedroom, we laid down in our bed. Our bodies exhausted and our muscles sore, we got comfortable under the blankets and slept like babies for the rest of the night.


By morning we still did not have any power so Marie and I dug up an old portable radio. Using the remaining power in my computer's UPS battery, we were able to power it for a short while.

Listening to the radio we found out that the storm was starting to taper off and that everyone in the surrounding area was without power. We decided to do what we could to keep busy, like shoveling the snow from the walkways and driveway and moving all of our perishables from the refrigerator outside so they wouldn't spoil. For entertainment we read books and played cards by candle light.

On the third day, the power finally returned. Marie and I just smiled, both of us wishing that maybe we shouldn’t have been so hasty getting free after all. If only I would have put the lights in the hallway, we might not have had a choice. Good to know for the next outage!

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