Boot Camp: Slave 100
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I have been running this camp for almost 3 years now. It is a 13 room farmhouse sitting on 20 acres of land in upstate New York. I bought the place to get away and relax with my wife, Marie and slave of 7 years. To better suit the place to our needs, I gutted a few rooms of the house and set them up as playrooms. For almost two years we enjoyed the house to ourselves until one day I received a request from a friend of mine. Paul was well aware of our activities at the farmhouse and knew my wife was a trained slave. It was this knowledge the prompted him to ask me to train his own slave, or more to the point, train his girlfriend, Diane, to be a better slave.

After a month at the farmhouse Diane was a completely new slave in a manner of speaking. It was then that I fully realized the potential of my abilities and the opportunities that the farmhouse could bring. Paul was equally pleased with the results and couldn’t wait to show off his new slave at his usual clubs in the city. It wasn’t long before I had potential clients calling offering substantial amounts of money to train and improve their current slaves.

Utilizing some spare cash I revamped the entire house and it now is a training facility for slaves. The basement was equipped with concrete and steal cells as well as furniture not exactly designed for comfort. The remaining bedrooms were setup with different themes such as rubber, latex, leather, steal, rope, sexual training and even an exercise room. With everything complete, my “Boot Camp” was open for business.

Slave Profile #0100
Name: Gwen Rhodes
Focus: Weight Loss, Latex & Obedience

They say you never forget your first customer. Gwen was an attractive girl at twenty-five with blond hair, ample chest, nice legs and full luscious lips. She had about 20 pounds to lose, and if not for her height of 5’ 9” it would have looked quite pudgy. Her master insisted that he had tried to make her lose weight with diets and exercise, but nothing seemed to help. He suspected that she cheated while he is at work, which is why she needs obedience training. He requested that while she was training, she learn to properly wear a selection of latex garments and restraints which he had provided.

The three of us sat down and reviewed the contract. It was for a three month stay and both master and slave had to sign it. I had a video camera running as I proceeded to detail the events of her training and her stay. Goals and expectations were outlined as well as some basic questions were answered such as her normal diet, average day and exercise regiment. I asked some “what if” questions to see how each answered and was very surprised with the answers. Training had not even begun and I already knew the problems that faced this pair. He wanted the fantasy, but none of the work a slave required and she viewed the position of a slave as a housewife with free will to serve her master when she felt like it.

I took him aside and explained my concerns. I informed him that he will need to make some serious commitments and recommended that he attend some training of his own once a week during this process. He agreed and we sat back down the finish with the contract. The meeting concluded with both of them signing the contract with no hesitation and my own slave escorting Mr. Rhodes to the door.

I instructed Gwen to follow me out of the room. We walked through the house until we reached the latex room. I selected a latex catsuit and told her to change. She hesitated for a moment, however I assured her that this would be the first of many times I would see her naked. She lowered her sundress to the ground and started to reach for the catsuit.

“Stop right there” I scolded. “Take your bra and panties off and use some talcum power before putting that on.”

She started to remove her bra when I yelled again “I expect you to acknowledge me slave, show some respect or I will beat it out of you!”

“Sorry sir. It won’t happen again master” she replied.

She continued to remove her bra and panties and apply the powder all over her body. It took her a while, but she was able to get the suit on except for the zipper. I pulled the material together in the back and worked the zipper to the top. It was extremely tight on her, but then again, it was meant for a girl with a few less pounds.

I moved around front and adjusted her breasts so they sat properly in the catsuit cutouts. “Looks good, now put on those boots” I told her. “Yes master” she said picking up the boots and moving over to a chair. After a few minutes of lacing, she had the shoes on.

“Unacceptable! Obviously you have no idea what you are doing!” I roared. I walked over and pulled all the laces tighter. When I was done, there was at least another six inches of lacing on each boot. “That is how it’s done, see how the folds touch together?” I asked. “Yes master”

I had her stand and it was very obvious she was not used to 5” heels. I was happy I didn’t use any of the boots my own slave normally wears, at least not yet. While she was getting used to the boots, I grabbed a latex armbinder, pulled her arms back and slide the sheath up her arms. The unique feature of this latex binder over traditional leather is in the straps. While the latex sheath itself was thin, stretchy and strong, the straps allowed you to dictate how strong the hold should be. The elastic 1” straps ran through belt loops around the forearms, above the elbow as well as below and a final band around the wrists. Since she has probably never worn a device like this before, the flexibility she has is next to nothing. By tightening the straps to the midway point, it drew her elbows together with constant pressure while putting little strain on the shoulders and perfect for extended wear.

I applied a pair of ankle cuffs and a short 18” chain between her legs effectively reducing her stride. I could see an obvious discomfort and unease in her face as I held the final item in my hand. It is a 2” ball gag trainer with a ¼” tube in the middle. Gwen tried to resist, albeit not very much, but I eventually pushed the ball into her mouth and tightened down the straps. Reaching in my pocket, I snapped on a few small padlocks to secure the harness on her.

One devious feature that Gwen possessed was pierced nipples with small rings installed. Upon closer inspection I could see that they were a decorative ring and not able to support any stress. I grabbed a stainless steel set and replaced Gwen’s. I added a one foot chain between the two rings and attached a leash to it. With a small tug, she was right behind me as I led her to the exercise room.

“As I explained before slave, you are here to lose weight, learn to obey your masters and dress yourself in latex. The gag in your mouth will be there for a while, so start getting used to it. When asked a question, you will nod twice for yes and shake your head once for no. Understood?” I asked. Two nods later, I continued “The straw in your gag will be how you will eat and drink. Only protein drinks and water for a while I am afraid. To expedite your weight loss and ensure you keep it off, you will be trained in some exercises that should also amuse your master when your training is over. These sessions will last two hours twice a day, every day, starting now.”

We walked into the room with assorted equipment and weights; the focus of today however would be the treadmill. These units have been modified with aluminum plating to prevent the user from stepping too far forward or to either side. A strong spring is installed in the front which I attached to Gwen’s nipple chain after leading her onto the platform. The unit is one of the more elaborate treadmills that allow you to setup pre-programmed routines. I had already setup one for Gwen and simply typed in the code #0100 and pressed start.

The machine came to life and after a strong pull on the chain and a loud grunt from Gwen, she was quickly moving along. The hobble chain caused her to make small steps, so the speed was kept low. I saw down on a weight bench and watched her for about ten minutes. She was already becoming somewhat labored in her breathing, but it was something she would get used to. I left the room and closed the door behind me. I could hear her muffled cries behind me, begging for release I can only presume.

For the first few weeks, Gwen spent her days drinking her meals through her gag, burning calories on the cardio equipment, Yoga lessons given by Marie and introductory obedience lessons. She spent her nights resting peacefully in her cell, mostly from exhaustion.

Gwen was very submissive in her nature, thus not much focus was needed to break her will to resist. Most commands that were given to her were accepted immediately and without question. It wasn't until her sixth week of training that she disobeyed me for the first time. I had just finished securing her in her latex outfit for the day complete with an open faced hood, corset around her waist, stockings, thick armbinder and 7" stiletto heels locked in place.

My wife, who had done an outstanding job is helping me train Gwen kneeled naked in the corner waiting for my instructions. Feeling that it was time to step up Gwen's training a notch, I called my slave over to where I was standing and instructed her to follow me. With Gwen in tow, the two followed me to the master bedroom, a room Gwen had never seen before.

Apart from a few exotic paintings on the wall, it was a typical bedroom with a four post, reinforced canopy bed. Moving towards the dresser near the bed, I removed four suspension cuffs and motioned for Marie to come closer. I handed her the cuffs and instructed her to put them on. While she was busy putting on the cuffs, I pulled Gwen over to the bed and had her climb onto it. Grabbing two thick leather straps from the dresser, I secured her ankles to her thighs preventing her from standing.

Marie had tightly secured her cuffs and waited my next instruction. I motioned for her to get on the bed and lay in a spread-eagle position. Given the lifestyle we lead, there are preinstalled chains in each corner of the bed hanging from the top posts. I secured her arms first and then each leg one by one, supporting her weight with one arm and using a snap hook to secure the chain.

Gwen had now noticed that Marie's clean shaven pussy was only a couple feet away from her face. An aura of uneasiness washed over her face and she realized what was in store for her. To make sure Gwen wouldn't try to squirm away, I threaded some rope between her ankle and thigh on her right leg, pulling it as close as possible to her knee before tying it off and securing the other end to the right bedpost. I repeated this on her left leg as well. I snatched a thick posture collar from the dresser and placed in on Gwen's neck. With a small length of chain and a couple padlocks, I secured the collar to the canopy frame above her.

"Ok slut" directing my attention towards Gwen. You have 10 minutes to bring slave Marie to orgasm. If you don't, she will get a very severe whipping." I instructed. "I should also mention that slave Marie will have an increased role in your training moving forward; I would hate to see you end up on her bad side" I smirked.

"I understand Master" she meekly replied.

"The clock has already started, I suggest you get busy!" I barked.

Gwen drew her face close to Marie's juicy pussy. It was not often that she was orally pleased, add in the restraints and anticipation and she was horny as hell. Gwen was obviously caught in a conundrum judging by her hesitation. She still had six weeks left of training and it was already pushing her to her limits, there was no way she could afford a new enemy. On the other hand, she had never pleased a woman in this fashion before, or any fashion for that matter. The mere thought of it repulsed her.
"I'm sorry Master, but I can't do it, please don't make me do this!" she pleaded.

"Slut, you have done well until this point. That is why I will look past this incident and offer you one more chance to get going. You only have 9 minutes left" I scolded.

"Please Master, I can't do it. My Master never asked for this training!" she pleaded again.

I didn't say a word. I paused for a few moments glaring at her pitiful expressions of desperation. It was obvious that she was not as far along as I had hoped. Looking over at Marie, she was starting to become a little uneasy. She had only received two severe whippings in our time together and they were during her initial training 7 years ago. She has never dared warrant an action of that severity again.

Breaking my stare, I rummaged though the dresser again and removed a metal egg that has a wire leading to an electrical control box. Standing behind Gwen, I jammed it in her mouth and told her to get it as wet as possible. Once it was dripping with saliva, I pressed the egg against her anus and pushed it inside. I turned on the unit and adjusted the dials.

The unit is partially my design using some exiting commercial products. There are two remotes, one being a master that can control duration, intensity, and pattern. The second simply initiates the next shock. I set the duration for two seconds while setting the intensity low. This is programmed into memory position #1. To create the pattern, I set the maximum duration, 4 seconds, and intensity, maximum, and save it into position #10. The pattern program will then fill in the missing memory locations evenly incrementing the duration and intensity until it reaches the maximum setting of #10.

Once the unit was programmed, I handed Marie the basic remote. "Ok sluts, you have 10 minutes. Marie has the power to shock you as many times as she feels necessary to get you licking Gwen. I suggest you g..." I said, interrupted. Gwen let out a loud scream, her body becoming rigid. After the two seconds passed, she started to pant rapidly.

Marie glared at Gwen, "If I get whipped because of your bitch ass, I will give you something to scream over. I will use the plug in your ass to shock you for hours, and it won't be on the lowest setting like it is now!" she bellowed.

Torn, Gwen realized that licking another woman's pussy is only a mild discomfort to the pulsing pain in her ass right now. She leaned forward, only to run into the next obstacle, not enough chain.

I laughed out loud, "I'm afraid you little bitches are going to have to work together to complete this challenge."

It took a few moments, and Marie being as smart as she is knew this was going to be hard. To allow Gwen access to her pussy, she would have to pull her legs forward leaving her in a strained position. Marie gave me a look, with a hint of a smile, letting me know she approved of my devious scheme.

Pulling her legs forward, I could see my plan worked out perfectly. Gwen immediately started to lick and suck on Marie's pussy, which was dripping with lust now. After about 45 second, Marie's legs started to shutter. Gwen was doing a great job considering the circumstances. Marie cheered Gwen on by loudly moaning and thrashing her head. She was obviously close to cumming, however as her body succumbed to the pleasures of her loins, he legs gave out leaving her swaying inches away from Gwen's tongue.

"Nooooo! Keep licking! Lick Faster!" screamed Marie. In her frustration she pressed the button again leaving Gwen as a statue and screaming bloody murder. They both rested for a few seconds before Marie pulled her pussy close again.

Gwen proceeded to lick and suck like she had not had a drop to drink in days of walking in the desert. Instantly Marie froze in the heat of passion, but mindful of her legs. The sounds of slurping and moaning filled the air as Marie built towards her climax. Moments later she peaked somehow pulling her pussy closer as her body tensed. Marie started to scream, "More, Faster, Suck Faster DAMMIT!" The button was pressed again and Gwen tensed, but stayed on course. Marie came again and again until she finally slumped back into the middle of the bed.

Gasping for breath, Gwen leaned back, relaxing the chain around her neck. They had done it with three minutes to spare.

"Well, well girls. You actually did it, and for good work come good rewards. Reaching into the drawers, I pulled out a gag, vibrator and belt. I placed the gag over Gwen's head inserting the bulb into her mouth. I strapped the harness down tight and gave her gag a few pumps. Her mouth was completely full showing a slight bulge in her cheeks. On the front of the gag is an 8" dildo. It was obvious that Gwen needed more practice satisfying women, so this would be a perfect opportunity.

Gwen's pussy was soaked for all the excitement, so the vibrator slipped right in. To keep it in place, I placed a belt around her waist which has a strap that fits between her legs. The vibrator was remote controlled, and I placed the remote is Marie's free hand.

"Ok slaves, here is your reward. Marie controls your vibrator and can pleasure you as she fits. You can pleasure her with the dildo attached to your gag. You can decide of course to do nothing and wait for me to return, just don't forget Marie can still shock you! I will be back in a few hours, have fun." I said walking out of the room.

The last thing I heard before closing the door was Marie's voice, "Get to work bitch, or I will shock you for the next few hours!" I smiled to myself wondering what condition Gwen will be in when I return.

During the course of her training, Mr. Rhodes has shown many signs of improvement. During his weekly sessions I would assign him tasks to carry out, usually matters that I had to overcome myself with Marie. This weeks training session was more of a show and tell, via a CCTV monitor, and it was time to check up on how he was doing.

"So what do you think?" I queried.

"I am truly inspired! I never thought I would ever see Gwen touch another woman, let alone bring her to orgasm!" he burst out.

"So what would you think you have learned?" I questioned.

"I think I finally understand what I have done wrong until now. I would simply punish her for disobeying, but I never broke her will. When I watched her scream from the anal shocks, it was more then a punishment, she will never resist, at least as much, to the idea of pleasuring another woman. As time goes on, she might even like it!" he responded.

"Good, you are making progress. Don't forget that punishment is only part of the training process. You have to give your slave something to work towards. Ultimately, pleasing you and making you happy is her goal, but as with any person, she has her own selfish wants and desires. Take Gwen's current situation. If punishment is her only motivation, she will only work hard enough to keep from getting shocked. Given how hard she is working however, pleasure is the only thing on her mind." I lectured.

"That makes a lot of sense. It seems so obvious, yet I went about it so wrong all this time." he said.

"I think you understand what it will take now. I don't see a need for anymore sessions. Gwen will be done her training in another few weeks, I look forward to seeing you again when you pick her up." I said.

"Thank you so much for your help. We both are very grateful." he gushed.

"Glad to help." I said showing him to the door.

Checking up on the girls again I could see they were visibly exhausted. Marie's body slumped as much as it could from the corner straps. Gwen appeared to be in a daze just staring at the bed. Both were still panting from exhaustion, but I could see in Gwen's eyes that she had enjoyed herself.

I unhooked Gwen from the bed and tossed her over my shoulder. I carried her down to her cell and placed her inside. In the past, she would have severely protested being left bound for an undetermined amount of time, but now she simply lay on her side in an attempt to get some sleep. I closed her cell door and returned to the bedroom, I was far from done with Marie!

In the weeks to come, Gwen polished her training quite nicely. She could please and tease Marie so well that Marie made it known that she wouldn't mind if she had to stay a little longer. Unfortunately for her, Gwen was ready and for her final test. I went to the exercise room to retrieve Gwen who was shackled to the treadmill.

"Gwen, how are we doing?" I asked.

"Pretty good Master, a little over ten miles so far." she replied.

Intrigued, I questioned further "Did Marie cuff you like this?"

"No sir, I did it myself. I enjoy the confinement of the leather cuffs and they force me continue for long periods of time" she answered.

"How did you plan on getting free? I don't see any keys." I questioned again.

"I have the program set for twenty miles. If nobody releases me before then, I must continue at 2.5mph for eight hours.

I stared at Gwen for a moment and could hardly believe it was the same woman that walked in months ago. Her body was rock solid, flexible and really helped to extenuate her large breasts and firm ass. I stopped the program on the treadmill and released her from her bonds. "Very well slut. We have to get you ready to go home with your master."

"Yes sir" she replied.

When we arrived at the latex room, I directed her towards the closet to retrieve her belongings. "I will return in a few minutes. Use Marie's makeup in our bedroom and dress yourself in a pleasing manner to show him how much you want to make him happy" I told her.

"Yes master" she excitedly replied.

I left the room to greet her master at the door. We went over some final details including payment for my services. He was more then happy the pay and excited to see his reformed slave. I wanted to give Gwen enough time to prepare for him, so we shared a drink together before heading to the latex room.

If there was any doubt that Gwen was ready, it went away as I opened the door. She passed her final test with flying colors. Before us Gwen kneeled on the floor with her head bowed down. We circled around her admiring the sight before us. She was still naked except for a blue pair of latex panties. Starting from the bottom, she strapped her ankles together with blue latex straps and her ankles to her thighs locking them in place with padlocks. What really caught our attention was the matching blue latex armbinder. It was obvious that she went though a great deal of effort to get that on by herself, and once her arms went into place she lost her leverage and couldn't remove her arms if she wanted to. In front she displayed a tight pair of nipple clamps with the bottom of the chain threaded though the top strap on her legs causing her to lean forward. To complete the package she wore a blue trainer gag with locks attached to each buckle.

Her master looked at me and smiled. He didn't have to say a word; I knew I had a satisfied customer. I smiled back, "Looks like you have your hands full!" I looked down at Gwen and asked, "Do you have the keys for those locks?" She quickly nodded. "She's all yours, enjoy!" I smirked.

He leaned down and removed one of the nipple clamps and released them from under the belt before reattaching the clamp. I could hear her groan and bite into the gag, but only slightly. He then picked her up, tossing her over his shoulder and walked outside to his BMW. We exchanged our goodbyes before he placed Gwen in the truck of his car. Having her kneel again he then removed the other clamp and wound it several times around her leg strap before reattaching it. He hopped in her car and drove off.

I smiled when I realized what she was in store for. With the clamps on such a short leash, the slightest bump could be painful.

It's a shame they only live 3 hours away...

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