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Part 1

It was quarter to 12. The door bell rang and she got up and went to the door. It was her friend Carmen.

Carmen was there to pick her up. They were going to a movie after lunch. She said." We canít go yet. I have to feed my brother."

Carmen looked at her. "Youíve got to be kidding me." She said.

"No." Stephanie said grinning. "Itís not quite what you think."

Stephanie looked at Carmen standing there. They had been friends for years. Carmen was black, tall, long black hair and a body that wouldnít quit. She was dressed in a short white pleated skirt, black pumps and a white blouse that intensified her awesome looks.

"You wanna help me?" Stephanie asked.

Carmen rolled her eyes... "Feed your brother... Isnít he a little old for that?"

Stephanie was grinning from ear to ear. Carmen looked at her. She knew something was up.

"Come on... you can help me... I know youíll have fun."

Carmen was still shaking her head, but she knew Stephanie well and was open to some fun. She trusted her.

"We have to change first."

"Change?"She said. "Into what?"

"Iíll explain. Follow me." Stephanie said smiling as she led Carmen to the basement. They went into a small room with clothes hanging in a closet.

Carmen looked at the clothes. There were white satin smocks and long black rubber aprons on hangers. Hanging on hooks were black leather biker hats and white surgical masks. "What the hell is this?"

Stephanie looked at her. "Get out of your clothes. Iíll explain."

Carmen stripped out of her top and skirt and pulled on the satin smock. Stephanie was talking as they were changing.

"Remember when daddy died a couple of years ago in that plane crash?"... She pulled off her skirt and pulled the white satin smock over her head.

"Yeah" Carman said as she pulled the draw strings tight behind her.

"Well. Mumís kinda had a really hard time with it" she said pulling her own drawstrings tight. The satin outfit tightening around her waist enhanced her figure. She reached up and took a black rubber apron off a hanger and handed it to Carmen. Carmen made a face.

"Just whatís going on?" she asked taking it and pulled it over her head. The shiny black rubber went from her neck down to her knees. Stephanie took another apron and put it on the same way.

"Mumís kinda pissed at bobby. "She said as she tied the strings at the back. "After the plane went down...she kinda lost it. She really loved daddy. Theyíd been married for three years."

Stephanie took a couple a black leather biker type hats off a shelf. "With the life insurance, double accidental death policy, that gave her about 5 million. She sold the business, got another 6 million, and 4 million from wrongful death lawsuit from the airline... sheís got a whack of money."

She put on the leather biker hat and handed Carmen the other one.

Carmen put it on and adjusted it. "Yeah. I heard that she got a pile of cash. I heard sheís back at work."

Stephanie took a couple of black Halloween masks that cover the eyes. "Yeah. She needed something to get her out of the house." She handed Carmen one. "Youíll have to put this on."

Carman made another face. She shook her head, lifted the hat and pulled the mask on down over her eyes and pulled the hat back on.

Stephanie took the white surgeonís masks and was holding it. She leaned up against the wall.

"Bobbyís always been a pain in the ass. He never got along with mum. Even called her a gold digger a few times just after she married daddy. And well, when he died, it got worse. One day, he was arguing with her about how I was getting special treatment because I was a girl and we were both bitches."

Stephanie handed Carmen a mask and started walking to the door.

"Mum lost it." She said and she led Carmen out of the room... down another set of stairs to a sub basement. She opened a door. "I came home one day and mum told me that she had had enough of bobby. She was punishing him and that I could help her.... or not."

They walked down a long hallway to a heavy steel door. "So, little bobby is ... well... I donít really know how to describe it... but... mumís turning him into a sissy."

Carmen stopped. "Youíre not serious." She said. Stephanie nodded.

"Yep. So...this may be a little freaky for you...or maybe not. I know youíre pretty kinky. If itís a little too much, I understand, but you have to promise not to tell ANYONE. OK?"

Carmen thought about it for a minute. She smiled. She thought to herself that it probably wasnít too bad. A little sissy might get her turned on a bit. She looked at Stephanie and nodded.

Stephanie smiled. "Cool. Ok. This is the deal. Thereís a whole bunch of cameras all over the room...and some microphones. Thatís why weíre going to put the medical masks on. Also... bobby is called "sissy". Not bobby, him, or anything thing masculine. Itís either "sissi" or "it". Mum was very firm on that. You donít have to do anything. Just watch. If you want to do something, thatís up you. Just tell me first. Mumís got a check list of things to do to him, and I have to follow it. The cameraís are there because this is being broadcast over the internet."

Carman looked at her in disbelief. "Really? Why?"

"Well. Even though mumís loaded, it cost about fifty grand to set up the room and everything else. She said she wasnít going to waste one nickel on him. Itís going to a pay per view site. At 35 dollars a membership, there are over 2200 members who paid for a month to watch this."

Carman was shaking her head. "Jesus. Thatís a whack of money".

Stephanie was putting on her mask. "Yep. Mum figures heíll be here for a couple of months, and then sheís shipping him off somewhere. I donít really know where." She tied it off at the back as Carman was putting her mask on.

Carman was tying her mask and did the math in her head. "Two months.... thatís...."

She could see Stephanie chuckling a bit. "Enough to pay for all this... training and equipment...extra help and more"

Carmen was grinning. "Too bad you could have him in there full time."

Stephanie laughed. "Yep. But I donít think heíd survive it."

Carman became a little nervous. "What do you mean?"

Stephanie reached for the door knob. "Youíll see in a second." She unlatched it with a loud bang."Last chance to change your mind!" She pulled it a bit. "Ready?"

Carmen nodded.

Stephanie looked at her watch. It was exactly on minute to twelve.

"Remember what I told you. You can leave anytime you want...OK?"

She nodded and Stephanie pulled the door open. It creaked very loudly...

Stephanie stepped into the room. Carmen stepped in behind her. She almost fainted as she looked around.

It was dark. The walls, floor and ceiling were all covered in a shiny black plastic. A strong scent of rubber, pvc, plastic and leather emanated from everywhere. Looking to one side, a black plastic covered examination chair was in a corner. Another corner had a black metal pole from floor to ceiling. Another corner had a low bench, again covered with black plastic and had too many straps on it to count. Along one wall, there was a sink and shelves with rows of penis shaped equipment. All organized from small to large. Some were gags, some were plugs, and some were vibrators. All designed to be inserted... into an orifice of some sort, progressively getting larger and larger. There were harnesses and other gags that Carman had no idea about.

Finally, she saw bobby and gasped. He was encased in a black latex body suit from head to toe. A wide leather posture collar held his head up high and back. Only his eyes and nose holes were visible as a wide leather head harness held a thick penis pump gag deep in his mouth. A very tightly cinched corset went around his waist and kept him ridged. He was on his knees. Long black tight ballet boots were laced on and kept his feet pointing straight down. There were bound together at the ankles and knees with leather cuffs. He arms were in a tight leather armbinder that went from his wrists to his shoulders. She noticed that his elbows were almost touching.

She walked over to him and saw there was a cable running up from the back of his collar to a hook in the ceiling holding him up on his knees. Two more cables, one attached to his ankle cuff and the other to his wrists at the bottom of the armbinder, ran to the ceiling, then down to two small winches.

Looking in front of him she saw that his penis was in a vey tight rubber cock corset that was laced on and he was fully erect. The penis was pulled down and restrained to a loop in the floor in front of him. A small clear glass plate was positioned to catch any "discharge" from his penis. She shook her head as she saw the plate was covered with splash marks all over it.

In front of him was a large screen television. On it were flashing images. Carmen took a moment to look at it. "CRAVE COCK AND BE FEMMED" and it was flashing cocks, cd sucking, bondage, Cumming, over and over. He was forced to watch it over and over.

Stephanie walked over to him and knelt down. "Hi sissi! Howís it doing?" she said behind the mask. She was snapping on black latex gloves and looked down at the plate and picked it up, showing him. She grabbed his chin. "Looks like sissi had fun."

He was moaning and grunting into the inflated gag in his mouth. Carmen was motionless watching. Her head was spinning and she looked at her friend in the erotic satin and rubber outfit, and her helpless stepbrother squirming and moaning in the rubber and bondage.

"Iíll get your lunch ready." She said standing up. She shuffled over to the sink and took a large red rubber bag off a shelf. She poured a powder into it, and then put a funnel in the mouth. She took the plate and rinsed off the cum droppings into the rubber bag, rubbing with her latex covered hand ensuring it was clean and all his goo was in the bag. She shook the bag to mix up the contents.

She glanced over at her friend Carmen who was kneeling in front of him. Carmen didnít realize it, but she was rubbing between her legs, over the black rubber apron, the white satin smock and her white satin panties. Bobbi was looking at her with pleading eyes and whimpering in the gag.

Stephanie took the rubber bag and attached a red rubber tube to it. On the bottom of the tube was a penis shaped gag. Carmen looked over at Stephanie and stood up. Stephanie nodded for her to come over. She whispered "Watch this".

Stephanie took the penis gag and slowly stroked the underside from the back of the shaft to the head. Carman saw a little trickle of white goo come from the hole at the head of the penis gag. "This is a sissy suck trainer. It has to put its tongue on the underside, pull the goo up to the head then suck it in. It then has to relax to let the tube refill, and then do it again, over and over and over until the bag is empty. This is the only way it gets any food, so it knows it has to do it."

Carmen couldnít see her face but could tell Stephanie was smiling as she was speaking. Stephanie handed Carmen the bag. "Can you hold this for me?" Carmen nodded and walked in front of bobby. Stephanie took a clip board and checked some numbers. She walked to the winches and cranked up the armbinder winch pulling his arms up behind him. She took a measuring rod and kept cranking until she was happy with the height. Then cranked up his ankle cable. It ran through a loop at the back of the posture collar, pulling his ankles up to the back of his head, pulling his body more rigid and helpless.

Carmen was shaking watching this. After getting the glass plate from the sink, Stephanie walked over and kneeled in front of him. She placed the plate back on the floor below is rigid penis. She removed the leather face plate from the head harness and deflated the bulging gag in his mouth. He was whimpering as she slowly eased it out.

"Sh ... Sh... Sh...Sh... Sh...." Stephanie said pulling it out all the way. A stream of drool came running out of his mouth, dripping on her rubber apron. She looked back at Carmen holding the feeding equipment. Carmen was mesmerized.

"This is why we wear aprons. The sissy is a little messy at times." She put the gag on the glass plate on the floor. Bobbi couldnít say anything. His mouth and tongue could hardly move because of the constant pressure of the inflated gag had made it stiff and numb.

She reached to Carmen. "Iíll feed it now." She said. "Hold the bag up while I insert the feeding cock into its mouth." Carmen robotically handed her the tube with the cock. One hand holding up the bag... her other hand again... rubbing her sex.

Stephanie steadied Bobbieís head and pushed the cock feeder gag into his mouth as he whimpered. "You know what to do" she said. Carmen was shaking as she watched the feeding cock slip into his open dripping mouth. She could see him squirming a little, but he immediately began to work the cock with his tongue and suck in the liquid. "Thatís a good little sissy cock sucker".

She strapped it to the back of his head, pulling it tight. Carmen was panting. Stephanie stood up. "Here. Iíll hang that up for you." She took the feeding bag and hung it on a hook high over head.

Carmen had to lean against a wall. Stephanie then kneeled in front of him again. She loosened the bindings pulling his penis down, and slowly removed the rubber penis corset from his cock. She took some lubricant and dabbed some on her right hand. She then slowly began to stroke his penis back and forth. She cupped his chin with her other hand.

"OK sissy. Another chance for you." She said rubbing his shaft back and forth. Carmen had slid down to her knees. She was massaging her sex more, watching. " Again... If you can finish the drink bag before you shoot... mumzie will let you go..." she said. Pumping rhythmically. Nothing too fast. Rhythmically squeezing it. Back and forth.

Carmen could see bobbi frantically milking the feeding cock with his mouth. His eyes were pleading for sympathy and release. He was crying into the gag, whimpering and squirming. Carmen was whimpering herself, watching the helpless sissy being milked.

Suddenly, Bobbi groaned, and began shaking and shot his goo. Stephanie aimed it down on to the plate. She directed the jism onto the gag lying on the plate.

"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Looks like sissi wants to stay a bit longer." She said continuing to stroke the sissyís little cock." Doesnít it? It likes being turned into a sissi cock sucker". He gave a defiant squeal and Carmen could hear him sobbing. With that, Carmen groaned and collapsed in excruciating orgasm.

Stephanie looked over at her friend, pawing at the wall, and was smiling under the mask. She stopped stroking him and put the cock corset back on, severely tightening it, then pulling it back down aiming it at the plate.

She stood up and checked the feeding bag. It would take a few more minutes to empty it.

She went over to Carmen who was panting and slowly recovering. She was embarrassed, but had never had such and intense orgasm. Her panties were soaking wet. "You OK?" she asked.

Carmen was panting, and nodded. "Oh...My...God.....what a rush" she said.

Stephanie was grinning. "I thought you might like it".

She caressed Carmenís head. The looked at bobby, helplessly milking the feeding cock with his mouth, whimpering.

They sat on the floor and watched for a few minutes. Bobby shuddered as he finished the feeding. Stephanie got up and went to him. She kneeled down and reached to the back of his head and unbuckled the head harness for the feeding cock gag. Slowly, she pulled it out and set it down on the plate. She took the other cum covered gag off the plate, showed it to him, dripping with his ooze, and then eased it back into his open mouth. He grunted as she pushed it in... he shuddered as he tasted the rubber and cum running off it. She then again, tightly buckled it, pulling it ever so firmly into his mouth.

She lowered his leg cable so they were back on the floor, and lowered his arms down back to his waist. He had slumped a bit, but the cable on his posture collar his him upright.

Carmen had regained her composure and stood up. She went over and kneeled down in front of him, and kissed his forehead. She connected the pump and slowly inflated it. Pump. Pump. Pump. He wimpered. Pump. Pump. She tapped his cheeks. Pump. "Is this enough pressure?" she asked her friend.

"If you think it's enough, give him two more."

Pump. Pump.

"Wow" she said looking at the state of restraint he was in. "That was amazing"

Stephanie had stood up and was over by the sink washing out the feeding bag, hose and feeding cock. "Itís interesting, isnít it?" She said to Carmen.

She hung the tube and the other equipment up. She then took another DVD and put it in the recorder. It was called "Sissy Suck". It started to play. All the cross dressers, shemales and transvestites in it. Some were in some state of submission, restraints and fetish wear sucking and getting helplessly ******.

"More training videos!" She said with a bit of a chuckle looking at Carmen. "At night, it listens to Transsexual Hypnosis recordings while it sleeps. "

Carmen was amazed. "Really?"

"Oh yes. Itíll be craving to suck cock before you know it." She laughed when Bobby groaned into the gag and had a bit of a tantrum. The cables held firm.

They walked to the door together.

"How can you do that to ... (she paused) ... it. Thatís got to be very uncomfortable, humiliating, frustrating and scary."

"Well." She said, slowly closing the door, locking it with a very loud clang." I never liked him anyway." She laughed pulling down her mask. "Let go catch a movie. Something with real men in it."

He could hear that both were laughing as they left.

Part 2

After his step sister and his friend left, he whimpered into the gooey penis gag that was stuffed into his aching mouth. His arms were numb up behind his back and he was dizzy with the bondage and rubber encasing his body.

He whimpered again thinking how he was restrained.

He was encased in a black latex body suit from head to toe. A wide leather posture collar held his head up high and back. Only his eyes and nose holes were visible as a wide leather head harness held a thick penis pump gag deep in his mouth. A very tightly cinched corset went around his waist and kept him ridged. He was on his knees. Long black tight ballet boots were laced on and kept his feet pointing straight down. There were bound together at the ankles and knees with leather cuffs. His arms were in a tight leather armbinder that went from his wrists to his shoulders. His elbows were almost touching.

A cable ran up from the back of his collar to a hook in the ceiling holding him up on his knees. Two more cables, one attached to his ankle cuffs and the other to his wrists at the bottom of the armbinder, ran to the ceiling, then down to two small winches. His penis was in a vey tight rubber cock corset that was laced on and he was fully erect. The penis was pulled down and restrained to a loop in the floor in front of him. A small clear glass plate was positioned to catch any "discharge" from his penis.

He was panting. Trying to get air. The corset restricted his chest movements and the gag prevented him from breathing through his mouth. His body was sweating profusely under the rubber, so when he moved or squirmed, he was gently sliding inside the restrictive outfit. Involuntarily, it was arousing him. It was a sensuous feeling that he didnít understand, being restrained in this horrific outfit, but he was continuously aroused.

He would close his eyes, only hearing the audio from the Crave Cock and be femmed video. When he did open his eyes, the only this he could see was the continuesly running cock sucking training video.

As was the case in the early afternoon, Madame Chin came in. A very tall, dark haired Japanese woman came to work on him. He heard the door open and glanced over. He whimpered into the gag. She was carrying a black medical bag. He started to cry a bit. He knew this was not going to be good. She clicked over to the work bench and set down her bag. He couldnít turn his head to see what she was doing but knew she was taking things out that were going to cause him a great deal of discomfort.

She walked in front of him and knelt down. He looked at her.

She had greying hair in a tight bun on the top of her head. As she was a professional, she was not worried about being on camera, and her face was not masked. Her dark black makeup and eyes had an evil look. She wore a shiny black PVC cat suit that snugly fit over her trim body. Long shiny PVC boots glisten in the dim light. She wore black latex gloves on her hands.

She looked at him with a totally disgusted look and shook her head. Reaching forward, she ran her hand over his head and looked down at the plate on the floor and saw the drippings on it from his corseted penis. Shaking her head, she stood up and went to her medical bag and took out a syringe. She took a small bottle of clear liquid and drew a small amount from the bottle. Walking back to him and kneeling down, she gave him another light slap on the side of his head. He squirmed a little and whimpered as she pulled the rope on his penis corset even tighter. She took the needle and slowing inserted it into the head and gave him an injection. This was to cause him to swell even larger and cause more pressure between his penis and the tight cock corset.

She stood up and went back to the bench and put the needle away.

He squirmed more as the pressure was building in his penis and grunted a bit. She quickly scooted over and tapped his head again. Holding her finger to her lips she went "Shhhhhhhhh". She gave his gag three more pumps. He whimpered more and looked at her with puppy dog eyes.

She stood up again and walked behind him. He felt his arms going up being him again and she winched his armbinder cable up. He bent forward, grunting and whimpering. He bent down farther and farther trying to relieve the pressure on his shoulders. His head was almost to the floor when she stopped winching his arms up. Sweat was dripping from behind the rubber hood and dripping on the floor.

He felt her releasing his left ankle from the cuff and slowly removed the boot from his foot. Face down and restrained, he could feel a little relief on his ankle and foot. But it was short lived. She was there to bind his feet. Unlike a Geisha, that has short feet, she was binding his feet to be long, thin and pointed. She took rubber strapping from the medical bag and slowly wrapped it over the rubber stocking he was already wearing. Starting at his toes, she brought all them together and wrapped them tighter and tight from the tips to the base of his heel. He could feel the pressure on his foot tried to pull away.

Another quick slap to the side of his head stopped the movement. She put another two layers of wrapping on the foot tightly squeezing it. Once finished, she took the ballet boot and slipped it up over his foot and laced it on. It was much looser and she took a few extra minutes to adjust the laces on it to give it the extra pressure she wanted to have on his foot. Once laced on, she took another small leather strap that went around his calve, and around the heel of the stiletto. She pulled it tight straightening his foot even more.

She then proceeded to do the same to his other foot. The boot came off; she tightly wrapped it up in the rubber binding straps. The ballet boot was tightly re-applied to his foot with the straightening strap applied to it.

It served many purposes. It was another level of restraint. It helped in keeping his toes pointed straight down. And in the unlikely event he ever got loose, there would be no way he could walk or run with his feet like that.

She strapped his ankles together and then stood up. She lowered his arm binder cable and his head came up off the floor. He was panting and whimpering. She walked in front of him and knelt down and caressed his head. Smiling, she leaned forward.

"I can hardly wait until next week... Iím going to be working on your little balls.... and then... weíll be giving you nice tittles". She slowly rubbed his chest area. He whimpered a little more.

"MMMMM" she said. Looking forward to that sissi?"

He whimpered.

She stood up and checked the cables and straps. She made sure the penis corset was tight, his gag was inflated, the movie was on and that he couldnít move. It was only 2:30.

She left him there... locking the door behind her. He was there... like that till Mumzie got home from work.

He whimpered.

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