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How I got into this situation is not all that uncommon. Everyone has needs, desires, wishes and wants. As for me, I'm just a kinky girl looking for her next thrill.

My life had its normal ups and downs, friends, family and of course work. During the week I worked as a network administrator for a small company. I enjoyed the work, but like many one day started to blur into another.

After work or on the weekends I tried to hang out with friends, but bars were never my scene. The men were usually too overbearing or the music too loud. I suppose one could argue that was simply an excuse; a means to do what I really wanted.

Simply put, I needed to be tied up and fucked to orgasm. Is that too much for a girl to ask? Given that I was single with no prospects on the horizon, apparently it was.

People tend to choose the path of least resistance and I was no exception. Lovers came and went all with a similar theme, that it was too 'hard' to have sex with me. In my experience, the men in my life got almost nothing out of tying a woman up. Being someone who simply can't orgasm without restraints it was simply a matter of time before the novelty turned into chore.

In between disappointing relationships I found ways to take care of my needs. It wasn't long before I realized that it was easier and more exciting to take care of matters myself.

For the longest time I kept things simple. Handcuffs and a ball gag one night or three limb spread-eagle another. As my experience grew, so did my thirst to push myself further. Before long I was placing myself in strict bondage with ice timers while a vibrator mildly teased my pussy into a frustrated frenzy.

I had fine tuned my craft to an art and I was completely and utterly addicted.

Unfortunately, a good thing almost never lasts forever. As the months passed, the intensity of my orgasms faded. They still felt great, but having tasted the nectar of the gods I couldn't enjoy anything else.

It wasn't until I read a story about a woman who had tied herself in a public that my juices started to flow. Mentally my mind tried to block the possibility of trying it myself.

"It was too risky!"
"I could get raped!"
"What if I was kidnapped?"

Logic and reason eventually succumbed to my building fantasy. By the end of that first week I had everything planned. To ensure an orgasm I decided to refrain from any masturbation until the following Friday. I knew it would be a 6 long days.

When Friday finally rolled around I could swear I was developing a twitch. I couldn't think of anything else and it had even become obvious to some of my closer co-workers. If they only knew.

By 1pm I had everything packed and ready to go. I had taken the day off for my excursion even though my day would still be spent in the office. With backpack in tow, I drove to work.

I had done my best to plan out every detail. As soon as I walked in the door co-workers bombarded me with comments on why I was there on my day off. "Forgot my cellphone!" I polity answered.

Offered a plausible excuse, they turned back to their work allowing me to go into the woman's room unnoticed. It was in this room, specifically the 4th stall in the back, which I would be spending my day off.

In preparation for the day I had built a small device to help pass the time. Before anyone could walk in I stuck the device into the ceiling above the entrance and quickly slipped into the stall, locking the door. Safe in my stall I closed the toilet lid and carefully emptied the contents of my pack on top of it.

This was a moment that I feared, the moment of no return. After a quick pep talk I was proud (at least at the time) that I had the courage to continue. With my bag empty, I stripped off every piece of clothing including my sneakers and underwear and stuffed them into the backpack. I could feel my willpower draining onto the cold tile floor. Closing my eyes, I picked up a pink padlock and sealed my clothes inside.

The rush was indescribable. I was quite accustomed to pain and pleasure mixing together, but this time fear took the front seat and proved to be an interesting feeling.

I hung my bag on the coat hook on the door and turned to the toys in front of me. I had to take a deep breath and calm my nerves; the sea of toys was a little daunting at first.

Before I could start the first visitor of the day interrupted me. I considered continuing while they did their business, but the thought of making a noise was not worth the risk. It wasn't long before I heard her washing her hands and walk out of the room.

While envisioning this scenario during the week it occurred to me that simply being naked was not enough, people are naked everyday in restrooms after all. It seemed so much more mischievous to dress the part of a dirty slut.

Heavy blue eyeshadow, liner, lashes and lips. I went all out.

With my makeup done, I put the containers in the front pocket of my pack. Next was a pair of jet black fishnet stockings which I carefully pulled up my legs. 6" fuck-me heels went on my feet and strapped in place. I had tested them at home and they were not coming off without full use of my fingers. The long heels ensured I wouldn't be going anywhere quickly either.

Gags were a particular favorite in my games and none more so than my harness ball gag. Nothing felt more exquisite than stuffing it in my mouth while the straps force my jaw to compress around it, further securing it in place.

A particular feature that I like on this gag was the ability to lock each strap in place with a padlock. Combined with a purchase of cat bells from the pet store, my head was now very secure.

Playfully I shook my head and my heart almost stopped. The noise was unmistakable. I sounded like Santa's sleigh, especially due to the tile floors and metal stall frames. For a moment I reconsidered the bells but soon realized two things.

Potential humiliation would never happen without risk and I didn't have the keys on me anyway!

With only a few steps left I collected myself and continued, tightly coiling a 30ft length of rope around my chest. I loved the feeling of rope, especially a good rope bra. Aside from the visual display, the compression seemed to make everything all the more sensitive.

This was not always a good thing however, especially when my next step was a pair of homemade nipple clamps. You have probably seen them a hundred times before in the hardware store, I call them miniature wood clamps.

Aside from being powerful (very powerful), they were cheap. Cheap was good since I destroyed many sets trying to find the perfect place to drill holes.

With practiced care I put each clamp onto my nipples and glad I put the ball gag in first. Taking a few moments to let the pain subside a bit I gathered my nerves I threaded two padlocks through holes near the front of each clamp.

I chanted to myself, "You can do this" at least 20 times before snapping each lock shut. Each clamp compressed slightly more on my poor nipples, something I would have to endure until the end of my adventure. For added torment, I connected two springs to the ends of each clamp which connected to two larger bells.

The juices in my nether regions were really starting to flow. Like a Pavlovian dog, my body knew all too well what nipple clamps and gags led to. Before my needs got the best of me, I hurried along.

Using a liberal amount of silicone lubricant, I coated my tight black latex panties to a perfect shine inside and out. Setting them aside, I gave the same treatment to my inflatable vibrator and anal plug.

I opted to insert the anal plug first into my virgin ass. It was deflated so it was still easy to insert. Unusual would be the best way to describe it. Not what I would consider painful and not quite pleasurable. I gave the bulb a quick pump to make sure it held in place before letting it dangle between my stocking clad legs.

The vibrator needed no assistance what-so-ever. The inflatable plug slid inside me with the vibrator nestled firmly against my clit. Ever so slowly I pumped the dildo to a comfortable size. I did the same for the anal plug as well.

Another visitor came into the bathroom forcing me to keep perfectly still. Crouched over with the bulbs still in my hands, it was not the most comfortable position. I knew if I tried to sit that my cat toy alarm would peak some interest.

Thankfully they didn't take long and I had the room to myself again. Free to jingle away, I continued to give each plug a few more pumps until I felt totally stuffed.

It had cost quite a bit extra, but having detachable pumps was worth it in my opinion. Without them, removal of the plugs was next to impossible without puncturing them.

I pulled my panties up, ensuring the plugs were not going anywhere and the vibrator pressed firmly on my clit.

Before sitting down, I poured a liberal amount of the silicone lube on top of the toilet seat. I put the bottle in the front pocket of my bag and closed the zipper on my bag, securing everything with a purple padlock. I couldn't believe that I was actually going through with my plan!

Carefully I sat on the seat and picked up another coil of rope. Folding it in half, I made short work of binding my legs together above the knee.

Wrist and elbow cuffs came next. The bells on my body jingled as I tightened each strap into place and lined up the D-rings. My latex ass was already skating all over the toilet lid with my legs tied together making things difficult.

I could feel myself losing my nerve so I hit the switch on my vibrator and started to secure my arms. Using a cut to length chain, I attached one end to my elbow cuff and threaded it through the other elbow cuff. Pulling it down was fairly easy and forced my elbows together nicely. Pulling the chain down as hard as I could, I padlocked the loose end to my wrist cuff. My elbows were now locked tightly together just shy of touching.

I wanted to make sure I was totally immobile so I looped another chain around the steel piping in the stall. With practice and a bit of luck I was able to thread a combination lock around the chains and D-links in my wrist cuffs. Nervously I held the clasp in my hand knowing this was truly the point of no return.

At that moment, while I was having doubts, someone walked in. The device I had stuck in the ceiling earlier was a motion sensor that I rigged to turn my vibrator on and off. Waves of pleasure instantly washed over me. As the minutes passed, my breath started to quicken as a mild wave of pleasure passed through me. I wanted nothing more than to thrash against my bonds to hasten my climax, but the bells made sure there was no hope of that anytime soon.

Frustrated, I rocked in my seat careful not to make a sound. My inhibitions started to wash away and focus solely on the building ecstasy in my pussy. Without a second thought, I snapped the three position combination lock shut and spun the dial. The rush was more than I expected and was now on the fast track to my first orgasm of the day.

It might have worked had another women not walked in. The vibrator quickly shut off and my climax started to fade. "Damnit Women! I'm trying to cum over here!" I mentally cursed at her.

A few minutes passed and I assume the first women washed her hands and left, tripping the sensor. I pulled tightly against the chains to prevent them from making any noise. I needed to fight against my bonds if any climax was going to be possible. The fire within started to burn again and I found myself involuntarily squirming on the toilet seat. The sensation was deliciously evil. The latex and lubricant also made a nice ice rink for my ass. If I wasn't careful I would end up on the floor.

Trying to orgasm while staying perfectly still was the first part of my plan that I had not accounted for. I closed my eyes and tried to focus but it was no use, the familiar sound of hands being washed filled the room and soon my vibe was motionless again.

My frustration was a double edged sword. While the sexual buildup and disappointment was maddening, it did serve to dull the building pain in my jaw and nipples. This was not my first time using the two long term, but I usually had a vibe buzzing away non-stop.

The cycle continued until almost an hour passed that I realized I had not even tried to escape yet! I was so focused on sexual satisfaction that I forgot about the combination lock.

Experience told me it could take up to 90 minutes (without errors) to release myself from the lock. I've spend hours locked to my couch practicing but never to this extreme. The position of my arms and strictness of my restraints were slowing my efforts. "MMmmmmph!" I grunted in frustration for missing this detail.

My frustration level only got worse as the day wore on. Co-worker after co-worker entered the bathroom keeping my pussy on the edge. On several occasions I almost lost my place and had to start over.

After I reached the 25% mark on the lock I decided to give my fingers a break. To my pleasant surprise, more co-workers entered the bathroom to help with my relaxation.

"So what are you doing this weekend?" Jane asked her co-worker.

"It's my husband's birthday so probably a night out on the town, you?" Mellissa responded.

I tried not to listen to the mindless small talk between the two but it was no use. My building climax was fading faster than a candle under a glass.

Mellissa was the first to finish and wash up, "Take care Jane, its quitting time for me! See you on Monday."

Jane responded in kind as Mellissa walked out the door, shutting off my vibe.

"Ugh! Hurry up Jane so I can get back to work!" I thought, trying to will her to leave.

It didn't take long and she was out the door. To my surprise the vibrator kicked back on! "What the hell? There's nobody in here!" I grunted.

The realization soon hit me. When the two walked in together the sensor only tripped once. Now it would only shut off when someone was in the room!

With newfound motivation I started to work on the combination lock again. It wasn't long before I found my pace slowing and my hips gyrating as my climax grew again. Slow was an understatement for the speed of my building orgasm, but it was better than nothing. I started to pull at my restraints in a vain attempt to get free. A quick shake of my head set off the bell adding a liberal dose of humiliation to the stew pot. My jaw crushed the ball further while my eyes screwed closed in anticipation.

Lost in my impending oblivion I didn't even hear someone come in.

"Nooooooooo! God damnit, it's not fair!" I screamed in my head, the fire faded one more.

As my wits started to return I realized I had to get the lock open. Careful not to rattle any chains I resumed my efforts. As soon as she left it was an uphill battle, but one I had to win. Never in my life had I been so determined to prevent an orgasm. Distracting as it was, I eventually found a rhythm and was making steady progress.

After almost an hour passed I was starting to panic. By my count, I only had 50 numbers to try and I was worried that I missed my mark and would have to start over. It had been 20 minutes since the last co-worker left the bathroom. Before now I knew that if I was truly stuck I could get help at the expense of my dignity and probably my job. Now that everyone was gone for the weekend, it would be days before anyone found me.

I gave myself a quick pep talk and set out to finish the last few numbers. My sweat covered body was trembling from sexual stimulus. I wanted to orgasm so badly but knew I had to finish. As the remaining combinations dwindled I felt my willpower slipping.


I had tried to squash the volcano within me for nearly an hour. Even if someone walked in the door, I was well past the point of no return. My eyes screwed into my skull and I crushed the ball in my mouth even further. My body began to shake and convulse while still sitting on the toilet seat. The bells on my nipples jingled as they bounced on their springs. I didn't care. The humiliation only added more fuel. It was simply too much for my abused body to take and at some point during my earth shattering orgasm I passed out.

It could have been 10 minutes or 10 hours, all I knew for sure was my body was wracked in pain and on the disgusting bathroom floor. The vibrator was still buzzing slightly so I assumed it had only been a couple hours at most. My first task was to get up off the floor, but with my arms still welded together behind me and my legs tied it would take some effort.

Unfortunately, after several failed attempts later I was beginning to get frustrated and a bit worried. My ass was starting to bruise from falling and the inflated plug in my ass was not helping either. Part of my wanted to crawl under the stall but getting caught is one thing. Getting caught dressed like a slut, self bound and trapped under a bathroom stall was my limit.

My options and ability to keep my wits dwindled by the second. Scanning the room again I came up with one last idea. With some liberal grunting and effort, I worked myself to my knees and shuffled to the front of the toilet. "Ugh, this is going to hurt" I scowled.

Rising up I bent over and pressed my very sore and clamped breasts on the slick toilet seat. Scooting myself forward I positioned the top of my head against the water pipe in the back of the toilet. Even with the full use of my arms and legs this feat would have been tricky. With the restraints, the shear thought of it terrified me. One slip and I could have the wind knocked out of me or worse.

"Mmmmmmmmmpppphhhhhhh!" I screamed into the gag as I straightened my legs out. What the fuck was I thinking?!??!

The top of my head and breasts started to throb within seconds and I knew I had to act fast. Fast wouldn't be the adjective I would use for my progress. Centimeter by centimeter I carefully worked my slippery heels across the tile floor. I thanked the Gods that I didn't tie my ankles together as well or this would have been impossible. After what seemed like ages, they were finally flat and I was bent over at the waist. I slowly lifted my head straight, the last thing I needed was to pass out again.

During the whole ordeal nobody came into the bathroom so I assumed it was safe to get my keys. I had wanted to make sure that even if I did release myself early I would have to wait until the end of the day for my release. To do this, I taped the keys to my release behind the third stall in the Men's bathroom. In retrospect I could have put them anywhere, even on my desk, but at the time it seemed particularity naughty to fish for my keys in there.

Unlocking my stall was harder to do than expected. The latch was easy to undo; mentally however it meant leaving my area of protection and risk getting caught. Despite knowing that everyone is gone by 5pm on Fridays and it likely around 7 or 8pm the anxiety level within me was going crazy.

With a mental push, I was out the door and shuffling my way to the exit. The six inch heels and tile floor combined with my knees bound together made for an interesting trip. In my fantasies I thought about how exciting this part of the adventure would be, making my way around the office bound and half nude. Each step caused the bells on my nipple clamps to bound and brought me to a single conclusion. Reality is a bitch.

Upon reaching the door, extremely winded I may add, I took a short break before continuing. Whatever possessed me to tie my legs together I'll never know. After a few minutes passed I opened the heavy wooden door and immediately panicked. Voices!

Fear struck, I shuffled back towards my stall and immediately stopped. "Fucking bells!" I cursed. I didn't want to risk any undue attention and the thought of spending another minute bound wasn't very appealing either. With extreme trepidation, I made my way back to the door to at least see where the voices were coming from.

Opening the door again I slowly worked my head out of the door. Across the vast cubicle farm I could see our nightly cleaning company emptying the trash and vacuuming. It was a huge risk, but a meter and a half away was the Men's room door. I had no choice; I had to escape before they made their way to the bathrooms to clean and definitely be discovered.

I gave myself another pep talk, ducked down and shuffled my feet across the carpet hallway. I knew at any moment either one of them could look over and see a pretty girl bound and helpless before them. I wasn't worried they would take advantage of me, but was certain they would call the police.

Adrenaline is usually a helpful hormone but one I could do without at the moment. My heart was racing and muscles itching to flee. Despite my primal instincts, I needed to take it easy. A fall or trip here would certainly lead to discovery.

In spite of my worst fears the trek was uneventful. I was able to push my way into the Men's room without a glance from the cleaners. I paused for a moment to let my nerves calm but only served to remind me of the escalating pain in my nipples, jaw and shoulders.

My heels clicked across the tile floor once again to the last stall in the Men's room. I moved to the corner of the stall and wormed by way down the wall. Reaching the floor I could see the keys! "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" I chanted to myself.

It took a bit of effort due to the numbness in my arms and angle of attack needed. After a minute or two passed I eventually retrieved the keys and unlocked my arms. God did that feel good.

The nipple clamps were next and knew I would need the gag for the part. Filing this under 'it seemed like a good idea at the time', I unlocked both clamps and pulled them off simultaneously.

"MMmmmmmmmppppppuuuuukkkkkk uuukkk ukkkk" my screamed, muffled by the gag. Using the last of my willpower, I pushed through the searing pain while I gritted my gag and rubbed my tortured nipples back to life.

I knew I didn't have long before the cleaners reached the bathrooms so I hastily undid the ropes on my legs and removed the harness gag from my head. The inflated intruders would have to stay in place for now; the pumps were still locked in my backpack in the Women's room. I left breast harness in place as well since it wasn't interfering with my movement.

I stood back up and collected my toys from the floor and started towards the exit. Glancing at the mirror I paused to take the image in before me. "What I fucking mess" I grinned to myself. Heavy crease marks lined my face and nipples. My makeup was a disaster. My whole body was flush and looked like I just finished a marathon or a really good orgy.

Wasting no more time I slowly cracked the exit door open and listened for the cleaners. Strangely, I couldn't hear anything. Certainly they wouldn't have left without cleaning the bathrooms. No sooner did the thought pop in my head when one of the cleaners opened the women's bathroom with my backpack in his hands!

"Shit!" I cursed under my breath.

Quite fixated on the locks sealing it shut he didn't notice the Men's room door cracked open. Like a deer caught in headlights I couldn't bring myself to close the door. In a strange mans hands had my only method of escape. Even thought I was unfettered and had the keys in my hands I was still trapped. I was 20 miles from home, topless with only latex panties on. Even if I did make the trip home and somehow make it, my house keys were locked in that backpack.

The other man came from the cubicle area to look at the backpack his co-worker had found.

"What did you find?" he asked.

"This backpack was hung inside one of the stalls but is locked tight" the man with my pack answered.

"I guess we can leave it at the front desk. Let them deal with it" he said.

"I guess you're right" he agreed, shrugging his shoulders. He set it down on the ground next to his cart and went back inside the Women's bathroom.

I didn't waste any time. I dashed to the cart and grabbed the bag. Looking to my right I could see one of the cleaners emptying the trash from the last few cubicles. Panicked, I looked in all directions for an escape route. I decided to take my chances and head left down the hallway to a group of executive offices. My heart pounded waiting for the man to turn around and discover me.

A breath of relief washed over me as I closed the door behind me. My hands were shaking. Undeterred, it took several tries but was able to get the locks on the backpack open and change into my street clothes. I decided the plugs and rope bra can wait until I get home.

Putting everything inside my backpack I was able to make my exit from the building without anyone noticing. I started my car and started to head home. My thoughts filled with what my next adventure would bring.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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