Amber's Misfortune
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  • Post Date - 4/17/2005

Chapter 1 - Introduction of Amber

Amber was a student attending the state university. Currently however, she was keeping herself busy with her summer job working as a waitress at a local pub. She seemed to enjoy her job, or at least tolerated it with a smile. I always enjoyed looking at her beautiful body; it was very athletic and toned. She had nice, large, well-rounded breasts. I almost couldn't control myself as I would dream of ways to torture them. In fact, many times that was my reason for leaving the small pub.

She was always very pleasant and would talk about her studies at the university. I learned that she wanted to become an accountant and possibly later on own her own business. However, all I could ever think about was how she would be of so much more use under my control. I must admit, it was not her intellect that I was interested in. Since she was a young girl, she was very naive of the world and as most young people are. They will trust just about anybody with anything, including the fact that she was heading out of town to surprise her boyfriend who worked in a nearby state.

"Gee, wouldn't it be a shame if she never made it there," I thought to myself after hearing of this. I couldn't imagine why such a beautiful girl wouldn't have left her boyfriend and found somebody new here. I watched her from the corner booth that I often sat at, and I would often see a dozen men try and pick her up a night. I always sat away from the crowds that came in, but so I wouldn't arouse suspicion, I always had a lot of paperwork from "work" that I was always reading.

Preparing for her Capture

Since the seat that I chose was near the back where I can often hear the other girls gossip about all the guys in the pub, I was able to pickup that she would be leaving for her vacation for two weeks starting that Friday. That gave me one day to get everything in order to make this perfect. I really didn't have to do very much preparation since I have been planning this for a couple months. I already owned the toys that I was going to use on her, I already outfitted the basement to remove all outside light as well as soundproofed it. Soundproofing was not really needed, since my closest neighbor was about a half mile away, however, for this to be perfect, nothing could go wrong. A paranoid jogger hearing a scream, or the mailman hearing the crack of a whip would ruin everything.

About a month ago I had broken into Amber's dorm apartment. It was not very difficult since he left the windows open (first floor dorm) and I only had to put down the screen. Once I was inside, I searched around for a spare set of keys. Right on the key rack, just like a good girl. I then took the keys to a nearby hardware store and hand copies made. When I returned, I replaced the keys and stashed a tazer and duct tape on the top shelf of one of the cupboards. It didn't look like anything had been up there for ages judging by the dust, and should keep my items safe.

I had planned to wait about two months before making my attack on her, but a vacation that nobody was suppose to know about was too perfect. The pub and friends will think she is away on vacation and nobody will be expecting her in her home town since it a surprise. I thought about it long and hard and decided to go along with the plan ahead of schedule. Maybe it was because I couldn't wait any longer, or maybe because I wanted to fuck her in the worst way, but I strayed from my plan nab her early, against my better judgment. The purpose of the two to three month wait was to reduce suspicion that something bad happened to her. If by the off chance somebody saw me enter her dorm, they probably won't remember anything about it two or three months later, even if they did, they won't remember any details.

Amber's Capture

It was Friday night and I watched from my rental car Amber leaving the local pub. She was dressed to kill as usual with her black leather mini-skirt, halter top and black high heels. I saw her get into her car and started to drive back to her dorm room. I kept my distance and eventually lost sight of her due to her going over the speed limit, apparently in a rush to get home to get packing. I knew where she lived, so I wouldn't have to chase her down and risk getting pulled over. I played it safe and arrived at her dorm and saw her passing back and forth closing the curtains. I didn't really think anything of it, but knew that I would have to wait until she was in bed.

After about a half hour, I saw all the lights go off and knew that it was time to make my entrance. I inserted the key and slowly opened the door. One thing I had not thought about was trying the key myself and seeing if the door made any noise. Thankfully, it didn't. I stepped inside and walked over to the kitchen and got my supplies from the top cupboard. I then traveled to her bedroom and noticed that the door was closed. I found this kind of odd since she lived alone, why would she close the door ?

It was unlocked as I opened the door. I pushed it open as slow as I could and poked my head in to take a look. What I saw was something that none of my conversations with her ever was able to pick-up. In front of my was a tightly bound Amber fighting with her bonds on the bed. My first thought was that somebody already beat me to the punch or that somebody was robbing her. That thought was quickly dispersed as I noticed the dripping ice hanging from the ceiling. "My god, what luck do I have." I thought to myself as I opened the door more to get a better view.

I didn't really have to worry about noise as she appeared to be quite occupied with humping her imaginary partner. I stepped a bit closer and could see that she was wearing mostly black leather and latex. I could also hear the buzzing of the vibrator that was most likely stuck under her black leather panties. She was wearing a heavy boned latex corset that didn't seem to be pulled too tight, but still give a very erotic hourglass effect. Around her waist was a thick leather belt, which her leather wrist cuffs were attached. Looking down I could see her legs were bound together with some more leather belts, as well as some smaller belts that held her black high heels that she was wearing before.

Looking further up her body she had some more leather belts above and below her breasts that she must have slipped her arms into just before locking them into the wrist cuffs. She had a set of clover clamps on her breasts that had the metal chain threaded though a very strict leather posture collar. "Good lord" I thought to myself, "those tits are better then I imagined, and to top it off, getting used to her new lifestyle won't be as much trouble as I thought". To top off her wonderful outfit, she was wearing a latex hood that appeared to be on there very, very tight. Underneath, I could see the outline of straps that all met in the area of her mouth. There is where I could see the bright red rubber ball sticking out of the mouth opening of the hood. There were also nose holes, and I imagine eyeholes as well, but she had a rubber blindfold over her eyes.

I became overwhelmed by what I saw in front of me. I had never dreamed the girl of my dreams would not only be under my control, but packaged herself up as a nice treat. I saw my hand reaching to grab her breast, but then I stopped myself at the last second. Even though she was already under my control, she didn't know it yet. The later that I get her out of her dorm, the better, less people around to get suspicious at 3am then the current time. So I decided to have some fun. I first went over and removed the key by melting the little bit of the ice cube left in my hand. It didn't seem like she was planning on being bound up for very long... seems plans have changed a bit.

I sat down on the small wooden chair in the corner of the bedroom and watched her fight against her bonds, quite fiercely I might add, she must be stronger that I had guessed. Not that it really mattered now, since she had done such a terrific job in binding herself up, they were not giving up to her thrashing even in the least bit. After about a half hour of this (the key would have dropped by now for sure) she went still and I could hear her trying to regain her breath. It didn't take her long and she slid off the side of the bed and started to inch herself on her side to where the key should have landed. On the floor where the ice was dripping was a bowl that was about half full of ice water. Amber then moved her hands inside the bowl and started the search around. After letting out a grunt she repositioned herself and started to search with her other hand. After a few minutes of having no luck I could see that she was starting to get nervous and frustrated. She tipped the bowl over spilling the water and started to pat around for the keys more and more franticly.

As she came to grips that the key was nowhere to be found she started to panic. She was trying everything to move her hands out of the cuffs, but she had locked them on too tight. There was no way that they were coming off unless they were cut or she could find the key. I watched her thrash on the carpet floor for a good 5 or 10 minutes, I had never seen anybody with that much energy. She finally ran out of breath and was panting quite severely though her nose holes. She regained her breath after a few minutes and all you would hear was the sound of her vibrator buzzing away. She laid there perfectly still, just like she had fallen asleep, that is, until I started to hear her cry. I almost felt bad for her, until the evil side of me took over.

Time to make Contact

It was now time to let her know why her key is not there and really put some fear into her. Even thought I went to the pub often, I purposely used a southern accent for the few times that I spoke with her. I laid it on pretty thick, so there is almost no chance of her recognizing my voice now. I walked over to where she was laying and in one quick movement I turned her onto her back and straddled her hips and then pinned her shoulders down with my hands. As predicted, she started to thrash just as hard as she did before, only this time she was quite pinned. Even if it were not for the restraints, she would have had a hard time getting loose from my grip. I told her to calm down before she got hurt, but that didn't deter her in the least. I had to move on to more drastic measures in order to get her attention. I reached over and grabbed her nose, held my hand over her mouth and cut of any air supply that there was. "If you don't calm down you are going to run out of air very soon and being stuck in this position will the be least of your troubles" I whispered into her ear. "Nod your head yes if you are going to calm and and listen to what I have to say. In doing this, I may let you breathe, if you don't, you will die right here and now."

Given her limited options to stay alive, she wisely chose yes and I let go and she could breathe again. After a few quick breaths, she laid still underneath me. "If you have not already guessed, I am in possession of your key. It was actually my intention to rob your dorm and be on my way when I discovered you lying on your bed. I must say, it was quite a sight. Given that you have an incredible body, and these opportunities do not arise very often in life, you are now my slave. Indefinitely." I explained to her.

"Ironically, I am bondage lover myself. Unfortunately I do not have anybody to share my hobbies with. My guess would be that your in the same position that I am. It is almost a match made in heaven, you love to be tied up, and I love to tie up women. Before we get started with that though, we need to get you to your new home." With that I stood up and went over to her closet to and found quite a selection of latex and rubber cloths. I selected a number of pieces to my liking and put them on the bed. On the floor of the closet were storage bins filled with her toys that got her into this mess... well... sort of. I grabbed some of the leather straps and flipped her over onto her stomach and cinched her elbows together and also tightened the straps going around her chest, thus pinning her arms very securely to her back. I took another strap and tied her ankles to her waist belt essentially putting her into a hogtie.

I walked back over to the bins and selected several items that I didn't have back at my dungeon and set them on the bed as well. I went into her dresser and selected some various panties and bras to take with us on our trip. I walked over to the kitchen and grabbed several black trash bags. I stuffed the cloths and toys into one bag and tied it up and put it next to the door. Now was the task of getting her out to my car in a way that if somebody did happen to see, they wouldn't get suspicious. I double bagged the remaining trash bags and slid one past her knees and up to her waist. I then used my duct tape to secure it in place very tightly. "I am going to put this bag over your head and secure it with tape just as I did your legs. If you do not move in any way and do not make a sound, I will open the bag up so that you may breathe again, if you make any sound what-so-ever, I will throw you in the dumpster and you will look like normal trash. You will surly run out of air long before anybody knows you are there... that is if they found you at all." I said to Amber. I asked her to nod her head if she understood and she did as I asked. I then pulled the bag over her head and then I sealed it shut making sure to apply some tape around her fingers so that she cannot poke any holes in the bag.

Since she was now on a limited air supply, it was now time to take her out to my car. It was just past 2am and most people in this part of the dorm area should be in bed. I picked her up and walked though the front door, making sure I had the keys to get back in. I walked down the steps and out to my car parked on the side. One thing that I had not thought of before now was how I would explain what was in the bag. It certainly didn't look like a person due to her contorted form. I decided that I would just say there were camping supplies that I didn't want to get wet. It didn't really matter anyway, since I had made it to my rental car without any trouble and nobody was in sight in any direction. I opened the trunk of the car and placed her inside and pushed her towards the back. "I have to get one more bag out of your dorm, and I will be right back, if you be good, I will open up the bag so you can breathe again" I whispered. I ran back inside and grabbed the bag, locked the door behind me and tossed the bag in the trunk as well. I could see that her air supply was getting pretty low and she is probably getting dizzy from breathing her own air by now. I stood there for a minute admiring my prize; I almost couldn't wait to get her to her new home.

After the moment passed, I ripped the top of the bag off and exposed her head to the fresh air. I closed the trunk and drove out of the parking lot. I only had one more stop to make before I could go home. Before I arrived at Amber's dorm, I found a similar car to the one that I rented and swapped the plates the night before. The reason for this was that if I had to make a speedy getaway, I didn't want them to risk them contacting the rental car place and getting my information. By swapping plates, assuming that I was able to get away from whatever I was running from, I would swap the plates back, turn in the car and nobody would be the wiser.

I finished swapping the plates back and drove to my house. I pulled the car into the garage (I didn't let the neighbors ever see the car, just in case it was on the news any decided to call it in). Part of me feels that I am just being paranoid about a lot of this, but when your committing a federal crime that could put you away for a lifetime, it's better to be safe then sorry. I walked around to the back of the car and grabbed the bag of toys and clothes and brought it inside and put them in the basement. I then grabbed Amber and brought her down to the basement. I undid the plastic bags and the hogtie. I also removed the straps around her chest, elbows, knees, nipple clamps and her posture collar. "That must feel much better" I asked. She nodded her head.

It was late and even though I wanted to fuck that hot little pussy, I had to get her ready for bed... I had a whole two weeks ahead of me. I picked her up off the floor and put her on a small bed with a metal frame. I took off her heels and slid down her panties. She was soaking wet, and not only that she was completely shaven. I figured that it was the vibrator working it's magic the entire time that was what was making her wet. So I pulled it out and shut it off and tossed it into the pile of other toys. Next I un-cuffed one of her hands, quickly brought it up to the top of the bed and cuffed it with a set of handcuffs that I already had chained there. I did the same with her other hand so that they were both above her head instead of behind her. After that I undid the belt around her waist. I was trying to decide if I wanted to take her mask off too, and finally decided that I should give her jaw a rest. I don't want it to be too stiff; I have other plans for it. I went over and put a mask over my face, turned the lamps so they would point in her face and took off her blindfold and hood. She kept her eyes shut since she has not seen any light for about 6 hours now, her eyes would take a while to adjust back so she could see. I undid the straps to her ball gag, but before I took it out I said "If you make a sound, I will put this back in and it will never leave your mouth again. You will speak when I ask you a question and answer everything with Master. If you understand this, nod your head." She just laid there for a moment not doing anything. She is probably still thinking that she might have a chance if she screams, but she must of decided against it because she eventually nodded her head yes.

She laid there for a minute stretching her jaw. While she was doing that I reapplied the blindfold to her head. "I realize that you can still reach the blindfold, but have hidden cameras located in here and if I see you take it off, for any reason other then I commanded you to do it. Do you understand this ?" I asked. "Yes" said Amber. With that I picked up one of the leather straps, folded it in half and took a swing against her breasts. "aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh !!!" she yelped. "I think you forgot something, and by the way, if you make a noise again, I will give you something to make noise about !" I yelled. "Yes Master !" she replied. "That is more like it. What you just felt was a sample, or warning if you will. I do not have my real toys of torture out yet, but I will warn you now, that sting you felt is about 1/10th of the pain you will feel if you disobey again" I said. I turned off the lights in the basement, walked upstairs and hit record on the VCR and went to bed on the couch.

Amber Gets Whipped into Shape

Throughout the night I could hear her pull on the chains in an effort to escape. A few times I even turned on the TV monitor to see if she had taken off the blindfold. It was now getting pretty late and I needed sleep myself so I drugged up a glass of water and went down to the basement. She became instantly quiet after hearing my footsteps. I walked over and asked "Would you like a drink of water ?" "Yes...Master" she replied. I tilted her head up and poured the water into her mouth. "I do not want to hear any more noise from down here, or I will give you a reason". I knew she would be out like a light regardless in about 10 minutes, but faster she learned to behave, the better. I went back upstairs and fell asleep myself.

I woke up a few hours later, must more rested and ready for the day ahead. I went over to the bathroom and grabbed a small bag in the cabinet and proceeded to go downstairs. Amber was still fast asleep, and probably would be for another 3 or 4 hours. Plenty of time for me to get ready. I took off her blindfold and laid her flat on her back. She was completely naked except for the restraints. I then opened my bag, applied the solution to the contact and put it into her left eye. I then did the same for her right eye. The purpose of the contacts was that I didn't want to risk her ever seeing who I was, and I also wanted to see her pretty face and not always have to worry if the blindfold is on tight enough.

I could see her eye's twitching as they were trying to adjust to the foreign objects in her eyes. I waited a few minutes then started to prepare for the days activities. I untied her legs and uncuffed her arms from the bed and carried her over to a table in the shape of an X. I laid her down and proceeded to apply the straps to her arms and legs. One of the nice things about this table is that it is padded in leather, is waist high, and has leather straps every few inches that can cover every part of a persons body. Once she was strapped in I figured I would give her a little more time to sleep off the drugs and get something to eat.

About two hours later, I went back downstairs and could see her starting to move around. "I see you are awake my dear Amber" I said. "Who are you ? Why can't I see ? Why the fuck are you doing this to me ! They will catch you, you will never get away with this !" she screamed. I put down her breakfast that I brought for her and then walked over and selected a nice whip from the wall. With a loud CRACK across her thigh, she screamed out loud "Aaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh !! Fuck ! Let me go, let me go now !"... Crack ! This time across her breasts, but not hard enough to leave any marks. "Oooooouuuuchhhh !!! Please stop !" she pleaded, now with tears in her eyes. "It seems you don't have a very good memory of the conversation we had last night, I am only trying to help you remember" I stated in a stern voice. CRACK ! This one landed right on her stomach causing her to gasp. "Please stop ! I can't take this any more, it's too painful... Please stop !!!" she pleaded again. I brought my hand up for another swing... "... Master" she whispered at the last second. "What was that ?" I asked. "Please stop Master" she said. "That's a bit more like it. You see, you are about to endure quite a bit in the weeks to come, I suggest you learn your lessons fast and you won't have to endure more pain then needed."

"Let me apprise you of your current situation. I know just about everything about you. I know you are not expected back at work or school for at least the next two weeks. I know that nobody knew you were going to visit your family and friends since it was a surprise. You are under my control and are being kept in my dungeon. It has been soundproofed, and the closest person is miles away. We are not near your work or dorm, and nobody would ever find you here. By the off chance that you were able to get free, the door to your freedom is very solid and has a combination lock on it. Without knowing the combination, you are stuck here regardless. When this is over, I am going to intoxicate you and crash you and your car over a cliff. Any tests on your body will be classified as a drunk driving accident and no suspicion of foul play. There is one caviat to this. You can submit to be my slave for the rest of your life, and if I believe you, I may keep you around. Do you understand ?"

"Yes............Master..." she replied.

"Good, do you have any questions ?" I asked.

"Why can't I see Master ?"

"I have put blackened contacts in your eyes. You will not be able to see with them in."

"Why have you done this to me, Master ?"

"I have known about your self-bondage for quite some time. I decided to give you what I felt you wanted and needed"

"I am hungry and need to use the bathroom" she said.

CRACK ! Right down the middle and right into her cunt.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" she cried. "Sorry, Master, it was a mistake".

"I have some food here for you, as for the bathroom. I suggest that you hold it for a while. If you shit or piss anywhere, not only will you eat it, but you will lap the toilet clean to make you appreciate what it's for."

I fed her one of the sandwiches that I made and helped her drink some water. She ate it quite fast. "I will give that food some time to settle. In the mean time, Try and get comfortable."

With that, I grabbed a vibrator and slid it inside her cunt. She was already quite moist (naughty girls can't resist a good whipping). I turned it on and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "I will be back soon my love."

Chapter 2 - Training Continues

I walked down the stairs to the basement and could hear Amber squirming around, letting out a soft moan every once in a while. She seemed to be enjoying her little friend very much. The vibrator that I used was very lifelike in texture and feel, very close to my manhood that is. It was time for me to have some fun, so I walked up to her, pulled it out, and replaced it with my own cock. "I figured you would want the real thing for a change." I said. She tried to thrash around, which was only making it better for me as I pumped away. After a few minutes, her resistance to me seemed to diminish a bit and was having a harder and harder time resisting the pleasure she was feeling.

Being very close to climaxing ( and from the sound of Amber, she was too ) I pulled out and walked over to her. "Your going to suck my cock now, if you try anything, I will leave you here to die and torture you everyday until you do." I said. I took the vibrator and stuck it in her mouth. Amber didn't even try to suck it, she just bit down as hard as she could. She didn't get far and realized that she was biting into a silicone vibrator.

"It seems that your not one for following my orders!"

"Fuck you, I'm not going to suck your cock. I'm sick of all of this ! Let me the fuck out of this ! What the hell gives you the right to do this ! Goddamn you ! You can whip me if you want, but I will NEVER obey you !"

"Well, I don't have to answer to your idle threats or questions. However, for my own entertainment I will. You will suck my cock, and you will love it. I won't let you go, at least while your still alive. You will obey me, and if you think whipping you is the worse I can do to you, you're in for a treat. In fact, I think it's time that you learn your lesson"

I started to un-strap her arms and upper body. I handcuffed one hand and sat her up and forced her other arm behind her and securing it with the other cuff. I then undid the rest of her body and put a set of let cuffs on her as well. Next it was time for a nice ball gag, so I didn't have to hear her whining. I shoved it in her mouth and strapped it tight. It was one of the full head harness gags, so she was not getting it out anytime soon. I grabbed her by the hair and started to drag her to the middle of the basement where I put a noose around her neck and tightened it.

I grabbed some lube and put it all over a inflatable dildo and buttplug. I shoved the buttplug up her ass without too much trouble and pumped it up a little bit. Next I did the same with the dildo. Finally I inserted a catheter with some considerable effort. I took some rope and make a crotch rope for her and secured them inside very tightly.

The next step was to go to the freezer and take out a large block of ice that I had frozen in there. This block was quite heavy and not easy to move around since it was almost a half-meter cubed. I slid it over to where she was standing, picked her up by her legs and had her stand on it. Before she realized what was going on, I pulled the slack out from her rope and tied it down. I then reached over and pumped up the dildo and buttplug as much as I could. She was noticeably wincing from the pressure they must have inside of her right now.

"As I am sure you can assess by now, your are quite stuck, gagged and cannot shit due to the plug. If you would have just done your job and sucked my cock, you would have been able to use the bathroom. Now you can suffer down here. After a while the ice will become very cold to stand on, but you better get used to it because the longer you can make the ice last, the longer you can live. I have to run some errands, I shouldn't be long." I said.

"MMMMMphhphhhph!" she muffled.

Before I walked back upstairs, I setup a small whipping device that I had made a while back. It is just a horizontal fan that I attached leather straps to the blades. They are not really meant to cause a lot of pain, but over time they tend to get worse and worse until it is almost unbearable. I had tested it on myself first to make sure it was effective and on the high setting, it was more then I wanted to take in almost no time at all. I turned it on low and went upstairs and made sure the VCR was recording all of this.

I could see her trying to get off the block of ice, but quickly discovering the tight rope around her neck barley let her reach the edge of the block. Hopefully this will cure her desire to fight me so much and realize that she is under my control and power. I continued to watch her for a while and I was just about to look away and get ready for the rest of the day when she slipped! My first reaction was to run down there and save her (since I didn't want her to die just yet) but knew she could be ok for a little bit unless she didn't regain her ground. I watched her jump around, desperately trying to get her feet back on the ice, but it was too slippery now. For all intents and purposes she probably thinks that she is going to die right now and that I am not even here.

It was getting close to the one-minute mark and I knew that she would be going out any minute now if she didn't get back on the ice. Just as I started to walk out of the room, she made it back on to the ice and was steady. Her naked, heaving chest desperately trying to get more air, but now the rope was much tighter and breathing was very difficult. It seems that she is learning her lesson much faster then I had hoped.

I continued with my preparations for the next couple weeks, but didn't take my eye off the screen that often, just in case she did it again and couldn't get up. She seemed to be fairly still now, probably scared to move from her last ordeal.

After an hour, I returned to the basement and found that the ice was melted quite a bit and the rope holding her up was pulled quite taught. Her breathing was very scratchy and I knew she didn't have much farther to go before it would start to fully cut off her air supply. I pulled up a chair and decided to watch up close.

"Looks like I am just in time for the big event! I have been thinking about what you said before about you never sucking my cock and never doing what I ask of you. It kind of ruins the point of having your own personal slave, wouldn't you think? So I decided that this would be it. I might as well let you die right here and now instead of wasting my time over the next couple weeks."

Frantically shaking her head no, she started screaming into her gag. "MMMMppphhhphph!"

"I take by your reaction that this is not the fate that your looking for?"

Amber shakes her head.

"Am I to also understand that you want to suck my cock now ?"

After thinking about it for a couple seconds, she shook her head yes again.

"It's a shame that you don't have my trust anymore. The thought of you actually obeying me does please me very much, but you have already lied to me and I have no reason to trust you. I think I will just enjoy watching you die. At least I know you can't avoid doing that."

During our conversation the rope was being pulled tighter and tighter and I could tell it was pretty hard to breathe. She tried fighting with her bonds again, but didn't get very far. Eventually she stopped since she couldn't get enough air to support her efforts.

"I tell you what Amber. You look like you really would love to suck a cock right now. Since I'm a nice guy at heart, let's see if your willing to keep your promise this time."

I loosened the rope and helped her off the cube of ice. I grabbed a ring gag, pulled out her ball gag and inserted the ring gag before she started to say anything. I pulled her to her knees and sat down on the chair and positioned my already hard cock in front of her. I put her mouth over my cock and stuck it inside. I then took the rope that was still around her neck, threaded it under the chair and tied it to the bar in the back of the chair. Amber couldn't lift her head more then a few inches off my cock and only could breathe when she pulled up all the way.

"I don't want you to take all day to get me off. You have 5 minutes. I'm watching the clock now. If you're as eager to suck my cock now as you say you are, you shouldn't have much trouble now should you? If you fail to get me off, I will just tighten the rope and you can die choking on my cock. I suggest you get started."

After hesitating for a few seconds, she started working on my cock. I could feel her trying to get her mouth off my penis, but found that it only made the rope tighter around her neck. "Only 4 minutes left, better get going." I said. It was then she realized that she was stuck and the only way to get me off was to take it all the way in and use her throat to do it. Due to the ring gag, she had no use of her jaw, so actually trying to suck on it was not much of an option. Minute after minute passed by and I could tell that I was getting very close. She was bobbing up and down as fast as she could, only taking a few seconds to breathe every once in a while. Amber had about 30 seconds left, and it looks like she was going make it.

Just then, I felt myself starting to get off. What was even more important was that I knew I picked the right girl to capture. She is going to be a tough one go get rid of, so I might as well get the most out of it now. I could feel myself starting to cum inside her mouth, so I reached behind the chair and pulled the rope tight and forced Amber's head down on my cock. She muffled cries only stimulated me more and I continued to cum down her throat. When I was done, I looked down at her and said "I think I will let you die on my cock anyway. I shouldn't have to go though this much trouble just to get my slave to suck my penis or do what I say."

Amber's muffled cries could barley be heard as she slipped unconscious. I bet she never thought she would die like this. What a way to go... oh well...

Chapter 3 - Two for One Special

A few hours have passed and Amber starts to come to. It doesn't take long before she realizes that she is hanging by her arms from the ceiling and her legs are chained to the floor. A state of confusion rushes over her, as she is sure that she is dead, but why would she still be chained? She comes to the realization that she is still very much alive and that she is still my prisoner.

"Hello my dear, have a good nap?" I asked.

"...". She just stood there and slightly grunted.

"I would expect an answer from my slaves when I ask a question, apparently I am doing a very poor job in teach you how to behave."

Almost immediately, you speak up "No Master, I have learned my lesson, please don't hurt me."

"I only do what you force me to do."

"May I please use the bathroom now Master?"

"Your not getting off that easy, had you obeyed me from the very start, then things would have been different. I think your just telling me what I want to hear."

"No Master, I am sorry for no obeying you before. I was just scared and foolish. Please let me use the bathroom, the pain is unbearable Master!"

"Well, let's take your mind off the pain. Don't speak another word unless I ask you a question, understand?"

"Yes Master."

What I had planned for my dear Amber should break her once and for all. I grabbed a set of very strong and special nipple clamps. What was special is there were 3 clamps on each side connected to a bar, keeping them in a line. A long chain attached the bars. The purpose of the bar was simple, when the chain was pulled, all of the clamps would be pulled with equal pressure. Since the load on the clamps would be displaced evenly, pulling them off, even with a fast and strong pull would be almost impossible.

"Remember slave, don't make a sound or you will never get those plugs out."

I took the middle clamp on one of the bars and attached it to her right nipple. I could see her biting her lip and wanted to scream out in the worst way. The clamps had no rubber or plastic protection; only bare metal teeth bit into her skin. I then placed the middle clip from the other end to her left nipple. I continued on, applying the rest of the clamps to her breasts. I could see that tears were starting to come out of here eyes and the pain was intense.

"Don't worry dear, the pain in the clamps will dull in a minute. Your doing very good, I expected you to cry out."

"Thank you Master."

I gave the chain a quick tug and she bit her lip again, almost crying out. "I didn't ask you a question, so don't speak."

Grabbing a couple of handy handcuffs I released one of her arms and cuffed it, and then released the other one and cuffed it as well. I lead her over to a plastic cube on the other side of the basement. Only a few more preparations for her little adventure left. I started to slide a latex hood over her head; it took quite a bit of work, but was able to do it. There were no eye or nose holes, just a mouth hole. I then picked her up, placed her inside the cube and forced her down to her knees. I used a lock to secure her handcuffs to her leg cuffs. Using another lock, I locked the chain to her nipple clamps to the bottom of the cube. I closed the lid, and locked it shut.

Picking up the microphone, I said "If you can hear me ok, nod your head."

Amber heard her Master and nodded her head.

"I have earphones installed in your hood. I suppose I can let you know what's going on. I assume that you still can't see?"

She nodded her head again.

"Good to hear. In a few minutes, the tank that your in will slowly fill with water. There is a tube at the top of the cube your in that you can breathe with, since your going to be under water for quite a while, I suggest you use it. I have put a number of combination locks on the case that I don't have the combination to. Well, I have the numbers, just have them mixed up so when I go to unlock them it might take a while until I figure out which number goes to which lock. The point is that if you don't find the tube in time to breathe, not even I can save you. I wouldn't want to lose another slave to this cube."

Amber started to struggle against her bonds and move her head around apparently looking for the tube. What I had told her was true, and the reasoning was simple. I needed to determine her will to live. If she really wanted to survive, she would find that tube that was right above her.

I reached over and opened the valve to let the water in. It was somewhat cold, enough to cause a chill, but not hypothermia. As the water started to rise, panic started to set in as she still had not found the tube yet. Without the use of her hands or eyes, she was having a lot of trouble. The water is now passing her breasts and Amber still is not even close to finding the tube.

"Your not reaching up enough dear." I said into the mic.

I think I must have startled her, but I saw her jump when I spoke. After a few seconds, Amber pulled hard on the chain and reached up and nicked the tube with her nose. She was no close enough to it however. Amber must have known that it was the tube because I could see her readjusting herself and trying to reach up higher. This time it hit her upper lip. By now the water had reached her neck. In only a few more moments she be drowning in the water. Hopefully, she will make it.

Right now Amber has come to the painful realization that she is going to have to pull on those clamps as hard as she can to get to the tube. I can already see a little blood trickle from her breasts. With one final heave she lifts herself up and keeps pulling and pulling against the clamps. I can see her nipple getting pulled farther and farther away. All her work was a success however, as she was able to get her mouth on the tube and breathe though it. I shut off the water as it reached the top and she was totally submerged.

"MMMMMMMMMMmhhhhh" was all that could be heard throughout the basement as Amber moaned into the tube. The pain must be intense. For well over a day now she has not been allowed to piss or shit due to the over-inflated plugs and catheter in her pussy and ass. Here tits are being pulled almost to the point of being ripped off. To top it all off, she is stuck on her knees, blinded by the contacts and breathing gasps of air though a tube under water.

"Are you comfortable slut? Oh wait; you can't talk right now can you. Let's develop a little system so you can. Moan twice for yes and once for no. Don't make sound otherwise. So I ask again, comfortable slut?"


"That's a shame, let's see if I can help"

I reached over to a small control box and turned it on. Slowly, I turned the dial one quarter of the way. Instantly, I could see her body become solid as every muscle tensed. By reaction, she threw her head back, releasing the grip on the tube and took in a gulp water. I turned the switch off and lowered the dial and Amber returned to normal, however she had to get to the tube again. This time the tube was filled with a bit of water and she would have to drink it fast in order to get air in there again. With another lunge, she made it to the tube again and I could hear the water being sucked out. I gave her a few minutes to recover.

"Are you comfortable now slut?"


"I'm glad that I could help. You will find that I will always make my best effort to make you comfortable. That shock that you felt was on one of the lowest settings. The highest would kill you instantly, while somewhere in the middle will leave you paralyzed until I shut it off. Would you like to feel it again?"


"Ok slut, let's have a little chat. I want you to be honest, if you are, then I won't punish you further. If I think your lying, well... I think you can guess. Understand?"


"Do you tie yourself up often, like the way I found you the other night?"


"Have you ever fantasized about being a slave?"

A reluctant... "MMMMMph MMMMMph"

"I figured as much. Your boyfriend is probably a prude, and has no interest in your desire to be a slave does he?"


"It's a good thing I found you then. We wouldn't want a little slut slave like you not to have her wish. I bet giving me a blowjob right now would sound pretty good huh?"


"Maybe if you're good, I will let you a bit later. Right now I have to do some things. Sit tight and don't drown. I wouldn't want you to die before I got my blowjob."

I actually did have things I had to do. It was nighttime again and I needed to get her car out of the parking lot before somebody realizes that it's there and not with her. I called a cab and had them take me to the airport. From the airport, they had shuttles to the campus where I could walk to her car. I didn't want to take a cab to the campus directly because it might draw suspicion, or at the very least might stick in the drivers' head if the cops ever were to ask questions.

Amber owned a little Honda Civic. I had to get the keys for it inside I slowly opened the door. What was strange is the door was unlocked. I know that I locked it before I left last time. They keys were next to the door on the counter, so I grabbed them and started to walk out when I heard a noise. Intrigued, I investigated further and slowly started looking inside the apartment. The noise was coming from the bedroom, so I peeked inside. I was shocked yet again.

Just like before, there was a bound woman on Amber's bed. "What the hell is going on!" I thought to myself. Not knowing what to do, I started to walk forward, but tripped on the woman's shoes on the floor.

"Hi Rob, I am glad that you came over. Do you like?" said the mystery woman.

Not knowing what to do, I just moaned a bit... I had no idea who Rob was, or what he sounded like.

"Well, I'm all yours tonight. Amber is away and said I could use her dorm if I wanted. She also is really big into bondage, so I figured we could give it a try. She had shown me a number of magazines and I looked at them all to surprise you tonight!"

Before me appeared to be a beautiful blonde woman, dressed in a lacy teddy. She was blindfolded and the ankle of each leg was tied to the thigh. On top of that she had a thick belt on with handcuffs attached to the back of them.

I didn't want to say anything, so I just reached down and started to rub her breasts. Gently I rubbed her body up and down and she purred.

"I want you to use me, I want to feel like a real slave, ok Master?" she giggled.

Always being one to give a girl what she wants, I grabbed her, flipped her over so her ass was sticking in the air. I could see Amber's toys on the ground, so I picked up a ball gag and forced it in her mouth. She started to protest, but I had it in her mouth before she could say anything. Having the gag in her mouth really seems to have upset her, but it was too late now. I picked up some lube that was on the floor, greased up her asshole, and slowly pushed my dick in her ass.

Right about now she was furious. Chances are she never let anybody take her in the ass, and on top of that, having the gag in her mouth didn't help matters. She started to put up a pretty good fight, but bound as she was, there was no getting away from my grip. It didn't take long before I felt that I was about to cum. I think that she was actually starting to like it a little, because she started pumping with me instead of fighting it.

After it was over, I rolled her over on her side and I lay back on the bed as well. She started mumbling in her gag, trying to get me to take it out, but I just laid there. Out of nowhere, the phone rang and scared both of us. After a few rings the answering machine picked up.

"Hi, it's me. Leave a message and I will get back to ya!" ... Beeeeeep ...

"Umm, this is a message for Tiff, if your there, I just wanted to say sorry I couldn't make it, but I had to work late because somebody didn't show up here. I hope I didn't ruin your surprise. See ya."

Tiffany must have been in a state of shock. She was bound, gagged and helpless and the man she just had sex with was not her boyfriend Rob. After a few seconds went by, she started to try and get off the bed, I guess to get away. I grabbed her and pulled her to the center. Then I used some rope and tied the back of her gag to the middle of the bedpost. Tiff wouldn't be going anywhere. I didn't have time to deal with her right now and had to get back to Amber.

I left the apartment with her helplessly tied to the bed without any hope of getting free without help. I made sure I locked the door, as well as the deadbolt. Nobody would be getting in without a key. Then I hopped into Amber's car and drove home. When I started to get close, I pulled into an apartment complex that I lived near. Since there were so many cars there, nobody would notice if hers was parked there for a couple weeks. Locking the car, I started to walk to my house.

I walked down to the basement and turned on the light. It had been two hours since I left her, I only planned to have her there an hour. Sure enough, she was a fighter. Her breath was raspy, but she still was breathing though the tube. I put my hand over the tube for a few seconds, just to let her know that I was here. I picked up the microphone.

"You still comfy slut?"

"Mph Mph"

Her voice was pretty weak and I knew she was only hanging on by a thread.

"I ran into a friend of yours, Tiffany I think is the name. It seems she likes bondage just like you do. I tied her to the bed before I left so I assume that she will die before anybody rescues her. I will tell you what, if you're good, I might go back and save her. Sound good?"

"MMMph MMMph"

Reaching down, I turned the valve that held the water in the tank. It only took a minute for it to drain. As soon as the water left dropped to where she didn't need the tube anymore, she collapsed.

It took a while, but I was able to unlock the padlocks to her plastic cell and open the lid. Amber had wrinkles all over and looked like hell. I pulled over her hood and unlocked the handcuffs. I didn't really have to worry about her fighting back as I was sure that she was not going to put up a fight. I led her over to the bed and laid her down.

"I'm ready for that blowjob now."

"As you wish Master." she responded without a second thought.

I helped her find my penis and she started to rub it to get my hard. It didn't take long before she could smell Tiffany's ass. She twitched her nose, but once I was hard, she started to suck on my cock. It didn't take very long before I was starting to cum. Amber sucked down every drop until I was dry.

"Very good slave. You're learning well. I am sure your tired and would like to use the bathroom. Follow me."

I led her to the corner of the basement. The floor was carpeted here, but on top of it was a thick plastic sheet. On top of the sheet of plastic, was a small cage. I opened the lid and helped her into it. I had her get onto her knees, and then I slid a bar over the top of her legs and locked it in place. I then had her sit down on her ankles while I slid another bar in front of her stomach. With both bars locked in, she can't stand up, and can't wiggle herself free. Forcing her head down, I slid another bar behind her back and underneath her elbows. I then locked her hands to the side of the cage with handcuffs. One last bar was added for comfort. Lifting her head up, I slid a bar under her neck.

"As promised, I am going to let you eat, sleep and even shit if you like. I am going to go upstairs and get some sleep myself. I suggest that you do the same. We have a long day tomorrow. We can discuss what to do with your friend Tiffany then as well. Oh, that smell in front of you probably smells like dog food. That's because it is. If you're good, maybe in a few days you can have some real food. Until then, bitches in this house eat dog food."

"Thank you Master"

I reached inside the cage and untied the crotch rope that was holding the plugs in. I quickly deflated the plugs and yanked them out. The catheter was next and the urine started to come out, but I could tell that she was trying her best to hold it in. I closed the lid of the cage and locked it shut. With the bar in front of her neck, it would take some effort to reach the food and water, but she should be able to do it.

"By the way. It is ok for you to piss and shit in your cage, that's what the plastic is for."

"Thank you Master"

I walked up the stairs to my bedroom. I was tired. It's hard work training a slave.

Chapter 4 - Amber's Epiphany

Amber wakes to some extreme cramping in her legs, neck and shoulders. Feeling around, she realizes that she is still in the cage and can't move. Surprisingly she was able to get some sleep, but was only due to the pure exhaustion from the day before. "What am I going to do now? I can't move, I can't do anything but do what this wacko says. At least I can keep him at bay a little bit by doing what he says." she thought to herself. Every once in a while the smell from her shit and piss where she lost control during the night would reach her nose causing her to wince. Just the thought of being locked in a cage, inches from her own waste and her face covered in dog food was too much to bear. Amber started to cry profusely and uncontrollably.

It was early in the morning when I woke up and walked into the living room to see Amber wide-awake in her cage. It appears that she was able to get to the food and didn't mind that it was dog food. I get ready for the day by taking a shower and getting dressed. I had to go out for some business, so I was forced to dress for appropriately. After I am finished, I head downstairs to greet my slave.

"Good Morning Slave, how are you?" I asked.

"The cramps from the cage hurt, but I am ok Master" she replied.

I noticed that her face was covered in dog food from trying to eat with her mouth and there was shit and piss in the cage. Hopefully the process of degrading her like this will break her will faster. "Good to hear... it looks like you made a mess of yourself. We will have to clean you up. How was your meal?"

"It was good Master"

"I have plenty of it for you, I'm glad you like it. Time to get you cleaned up."

I picked up the cage she was in and moved it over to another plastic sheet that was on the ground. I rolled up the other sheet and threw it away. I picked up a garden hose that I setup in the basement and turned it on. As usual, it was extremely cold, but that was fine. I sprayed her down and she started to gasp from the cold water and fight to try and avoid it. Obviously it was pointless, but she tried never the less. I poured some soap on her and continued to wash her clean. After about 10 minutes, she was clean and I took out a dryer and expedite the process.

"Today I need to go out for some business, but I don't want to leave you bored. I also have to figure out what to do with your friend Tiffany. Since you have been good, I have decided that I would let her live for now. I don't have time to deal with her right now however, so I am just going to do enough to keep her alive. Speaking of being good, I think I could use another blow job. What do you think?"

"If you wish Master"

I grabbed some rope and tied it to the cage and attached it to some pulleys that were in the ceiling of the basement. I lifted the cage up so the she would be at the correct height and tied the ropes down. Seeing her in this position already had me hard, so she knew what to do when she felt my cock against her lips. I was in heaven looking down at her sucking on my cock. Amber must have sucked a lot of dick for her boyfriends or is just a natural, because given her position and lack of hands; she was doing a great job. After a few minutes I felt myself starting to peek and just like a good slave, she took it all.

"That was good slave. You have seen what happens when you do not obey me, so now I will show you what happens when you do. I hope that you are learning quickly that escape is not possible and that your total servitude to me is the only thing you can do to make your stay enjoyable. Understand?"

"Yes Master. I enjoy pleasing you Master." Amber said with a smile.

Incredible! Amber actually seemed very sincere in her response and didn't sound like a robot. Hopefully this is not a foolish attempt on her part of gain trust from me. I know better then that.

Before taking her out of the cage, I grabbed a digital camera and took several pictures of her while in the cage. Unfortunately, the lighting is not that good down here, but there is not much I can do. After I take the pictures, I lower her down to the floor and open the cage up and help her out. I allow her to stretch out before locking her wrists behind and legs together with some cuffs. I walk over to one of the shelves and pick up a special chastity belt. Before putting it on her however, I take some more pictures.

I put the thick leather belt around her waist and strap it on tight. Next some the metal plugs, one for her cunt and other for her ass. Her pussy seemed to be wet, and I knew it was not from the shower I gave her.

"Hmmm, it seems your liking this more then I thought."

"Yes Master, I enjoy making your happy."

I had to use a little lubricant to get the other plug I her ass, but was able to do it with ease. Once everything was in place, I pulled the straps a notch tighter and locked them on with some small locks. Amber started to feel with her fingers and found two boxes mounted on both sides of the belt.

"I suppose you are wondering what the boxes are on your belt. Let me show you."

I pick up a small remote and press the red button on it. Amber drops to the floor as a powerful electric shock enters her ass and pussy. I release the button and help her stand back up. Once she is stable, I press the yellow button. She didn't collapse to the floor, but was starting to as her legs became weak from the pleasure she was feeling. The plugs were vibrating within her and also emitting very small electric shocks that were further increasing her pleasure. After a minute, I let go of the button and she started breathing heavy and stayed slumped.

"I see that you like the pleasure that my little belt provides. There is a catch to the pleasure however. When I set the belt up in automatic mode it will monitor your heart rate. If it detects that your getting to excited, the pleasure turns into the shocking pain until you calm back down. The pleasure will only be felt in one minute intervals, so any orgasm that you may have will take a while to build up... just make sure you keep that heart of yours under control."

The next step is getting her prepared for the day ahead. I grab some rope and start by unlocking her cuffs and binding her wrists and elbows together. Next are the knees and ankles. I then pick up the hood with the earplugs in them and put it on her head, but before pulling it over all the way, I stuff a large penis gag in her mouth and strap it in place.

"If you do everything I tell you, you will be fine. If you struggle and panic I might not be able, or willing to save you. Understand?"

Amber nods her head in agreement.

I grab some heavy-duty plastic wrap, the same stuff used for shipping crates and start wrapping her head. Once I am done, she realizes that breathing is impossible, but doing what she is told she doesn't move... very much. Using a small screwdriver, I poke some nose holes though the plastic and insert some tubes. Duct tape is the used to secure them in place.

"Are you able to breathe ok slave?"

Again, she nods her head in agreement.

I strap on a thick leather posture collar before I continue wrapping the rest of her body. After the second layer was done, I laid her down and finished wrapping her feet. Now was a good time to take some more pictures of my bound little slave. Once I finished with the pictures, I picked her up and dropped her into a wooden box with a few small holes cut into it. It had some padding in it, but nothing too comfortable. Just to drive home to Amber how trapped she was, I used a few nails and secured her little coffin shut.

"Have fun for the next 8 hours. I have only one thing that I ask of you while I am gone. I want you to think of 3 things a master should expect from his slave." I said into the mic.

Before walking upstairs, I turned the mic on and set it next to a radio playing static. I doubt that she could hear anything though all the layers of plastic and latex, but this would at least keep her disoriented. I heard her take a deep breath as I pressed the auto setting on the remote and activated the belt. This should be interesting to see if she can actually control her body.

After I leave...

Amber lay in the box, trying to survey her new surroundings and figure out how she will survive. The vibrating in her pussy was turning her on in a big way and she was noticeably taking labored breaths though her nose tubes. Desperately trying to control her breath the vibrator turned off, giving her a sigh of relief. About a minute went by and her breathing started to slow down to normal, however that was when the vibrator started up again. If she didn't know better, it was much more powerful this time and could feel an orgasm building fast.

Right now it didn't matter that she was a slave of somebody she didn't even know. All Amber knows was this was one of her biggest fantasies and it has come true. Never had she been completely mummified, bound and helpless like this. The only drawback was the shock if she got too excited. After everything she had been though the past few days, the vibrating in her pussy was a very welcome change.

Not paying attention to her body, her mind was making her juices flow and before she realized it, her breathing was very fast. Orgasm was just moments away and Amber knew that she would be punished by the blasted belt, but didn't care, she needed some pleasure from all of this. Rasping though the tubes she tensed herself for the pending climax when the belt decided she had enough. The vibrator shut off, and like a car racing down a street went her much needed orgasm.

Amber started to get pissed and fight against her binds from frustration. That was all the belt needed when the shocks started pouring in. The first one seemed twice as strong as her demonstration before and lasted for almost 15 seconds. Her breathing was stopped, back arched up, cramps building up everywhere and unable to move an inch to stop it. After what seemed like forever, the electricity stopped and she slumped back down into the coffin. She was able to restart her breathing again and was sucking as much air though those tubes as possible.

Once again, her breathing started to wind down when the vibrator kicked on again, this time scaring her. For a second she thought it was belt giving her a shock, but was thankful it was only the vibrator. Still in pain from the last ordeal, the vibrating was not having much effect on her. It continued relentless on its course, but Amber continued to slow her breathing down and tried to relax. After a minute, just like clockwork, it shut off again.

"I wonder if I can keep myself relaxed long enough to orgasm and still not get shocked. It wasn't until I started to fight against my bonds that it actually shocked me, so maybe it's really only sensitive to movement" she thought. With this plan in mind, she kept her concentration at a peek when the vibrator turned on again. She found that deep breaths seemed to keep her relaxed and continued to take them until it clicked off again. Amber was starting to get turned on again, and didn't want to lose what she had gained so she dreamed of that this was a fantasy and that an imaginary person had captured her and done this to her. For some strange reason it was working and getting more turned on by the second. Again the vibrator kicked on and started her racing toward an orgasm. It had only been a few seconds and the peek was only a few more seconds away. Uncontrollably she bucked her hips against her imaginary partner that kicked off the shocking portion of the belt. It was too late however, her orgasm was well underway and this was only adding fuel to the fire.

The plastic seemed to be tightening against her skin as she thrashed around the small box, lost in her climax. Never before had she felt anything so intense. For some strange reason she could feel the shocking in her ass and all over her body, however it didn't feel nearly as bad as before. If she didn't know better, it almost felt good. Unfortunately, before she could put any thought into it, the shocking had stopped and Amber was starting to come down from her high. Panting though the tubes like there was no tomorrow, she was able to eventually regain her breath.

"That was incredible! I have got to time it like that again; I have never felt anything so good. I wonder if it's because of the tight plastic wrap? Maybe the intense shock did it? What if it's because my master did this to me?" she asked herself, but quickly paused for a few seconds. "Master? Why did I call him master in my head? I only call him master so he won't hurt me. It's not because I believe it. I know I can still get free once he let's his guard down. On the other hand, this does feel really good, and is one of my biggest fantasies. He only hurts me when I do something wrong, so maybe he is a nice guy. Is this what I fantasized about all those times when I tied myself up? What are my actual grievances with him? If he is only playing out my fantasy, then taking me against my will would be part of that. Punishment comes with disobedience... I think he is too harsh and comes too close to killing me, but never the less, a punishment should be expected from a bad slave." she continued to think to herself. The vibrator in her pussy had started up again, but was she was still in a state of bliss. "What am I thinking? I never really wanted this, I never asked for it, at least not from this person. It doesn't matter that I could enjoy this, or that I might be already, this is kidnapping. But..." as her barrage of questions in her head continued to fly around. Amber laid there very confused on how to continue, but was quickly convincing herself that she should continue to play along, 100% and devote everything to her new master. Her excuse to her logical side was that it would provide her with better means to escape with in the end.

5 Hours Pass...

My meeting with my business partners went very well. I showed them the pictures of my new merchandise and they were very impressed with how pretty she was. They were a bit disappointed that they couldn't see the eyes at all, but I explained that being totally anonymous to the slaves is the only way to keep them from latching on to me and helps them adjust to the new masters much easier. It was a load of crap, but they bought it anyway.

I knew that Tiffany would need some food and water so I stopped by and took care of her. I still had not decided what to do with her, but I knew that I didn't want to take her back to where Amber was. If she had company, then being able to break her would be that much harder. I couldn't just let Tiffany go, because she would go to the cops, start and investigation and too much trouble. I doubt that anything would lead to me since I have no real connection, however I don't want to chance it. The other problem is that Tiffany will turn up missing in a short while for sure and if they ask her boyfriend, he will probably mention Amber's apartment as the last location he knew she was at.

The only recourse was to let her go, but for some reason I couldn't. She was very beautiful, a very nice body, everything a master would want in a slave. I suppose if I kept her locked in one of my spare bedrooms, Amber would never know she was even there. I would just have to be careful, as if she started to scream and somebody was out front, they might hear her. Before I made a decision, let's try and talk to the girl. I had taken out her gag when I fed her and left it out for the time being if she stayed quiet. So far she had, the pain in her jaw for having the ball in her mouth that long must be intense.

"I am trying to figure out what to do with you. If I let you go, then I would have to trust you won't go to the cops..." I said and was promptly cut off.

"Of course I will go to the cops you idiot! This is kidnapping and you're never going to get away with it! I will.. mmmpphh..." she said and I covered her mouth with my hand.

"Shhhhhh. I suggest that we take turns, because interrupting me is very irritating and given your position, you don't want me mad. Now as I was saying, since I have your purse, I know where you live and where all your friends live so I doubt that you would risk their lives by contacting the cops. Even with that knowledge, I still do not want to risk it. While I am trying to decide what to do, tell me about yourself... let's have a little chat" I said taking my hand off her mouth.

"Are you going to kill me?"

"Depends, do as I say and I probably won't"

"What do you want to know?"

"How about where you work? Are you in school? Most importantly, why is your address different than this one?"

"Well, I work as a cashier part time at a small crafts store downtown to help pay for school. I only have to pay for books and supplies, that's why I only work part time. As I am sure you can guess, I am here as a surprise for my boyfriend and just borrowing this dorm from a friend. I live with roommates and while I have a separate room, if I did this to myself I didn't want them toying with me."

"So where is your friend?"

"She is away visiting her boyfriend for a couple weeks, so she said I could use the dorm while she was gone."

"Well I suppose that I can let you go, but understand this. I do have your belongings. I know where you, your family and your friends live. Do you understand that if I get the hint, just a hint that you did contact the cops somebody will die. You will have to live with the fact that you killed them. If you remember, you did say I could do what I wanted with you... so you asked for it. Do you understand what will happen if you say a word to anybody?"

"Yes, just please let me go"

"I will set the key on the kitchen floor in a cup. You can make your way there and free yourself. I will be watching you, after you're free that is." I picked up the gag and put it in her mouth and tightened the blindfold a bit. Giving her one last look, walked out to my car to head back home to Amber.

A couple hours later...

The air in the box had become very stale for Amber, not to mention she was becoming very dehydrated from her profuse sweating. Orgasm after Orgasm overcame her as she learned to use the shocking as a means of amplifying her enjoyment rather then punishment. If it wasn't for the cramps, stale air and being very hungry she could stay in here forever. On top of all her bliss, escape was taking a far backseat in her new reality. Over the hours that had passed Amber had convinced herself that escape is impossible anyway so she might as well give in to whatever her master says and enjoy it. She had also did as her master requested and thought of three things a slave should be expected to do.

The static was still buzzing away when I started walking down the stairs. I was curious to see how Amber was doing, and hopefully, she was still alive. Passing by the radio, I clicked it off and picked up the mic. If I didn't know better, I saw the wooden box move when I did that. Unbeknown to me, she had become so used to the sound that when it was cut off, it sent a shock though her system. I picked up my hammer and started to pull the nails out of the coffin to get her out. There were only a few nails, and then I popped the lid open without any trouble. Amber was still alive and kicking, but was lying in a pool of her own sweat. I guess there was so much of it that it started to leak out somewhere.

I slowly ran my hand down her body, feeling how sticky and hot she is. She started to squirm a little bit, and if I didn't know better, she let out a little moan. "Did my little slut enjoy herself while I was gone?" I asked into the mike. She moved her head in agreement and continued to squirm around. I shut the belt off so she couldn't be shocked anymore and turned the vibrator on full. Up until now, she only was able to feel what the vibrator could do at half power. She tensed up and started breathing heavy though her nose. "It's ok to enjoy it slut, I shut off the belt." It seems that she didn't need to be told twice because she instantly started to squirm and thrash around in the box. I left her to enjoy herself and get some water and food for her.

After about 20 minutes, I came back down to the basement with some food and water and set it on the steps. I walked over to her and it seems she was still enjoying the pleasure from the vibrator. I clicked it off and she slowly started to catch her breath and calm down. Next I picked her up and brought her over to the X shaped table and laid her down. Carefully I cut away the plastic around her feet and legs. I removed everything up to her waist, including the belt that I had locked on. The odor was quite intoxicating as there was an extreme amount of sweat and juices from her pussy. It's a good thing that the electronics were protected, so she could have been shocked to death.

"Did you do as I asked slut?"

She nodded her head in reply.

"Good. Would you like me to fuck you?"

Again, with an even faster response, she nodded quickly.

Enjoying the turn of events and seeing that she was now starting to submit to me, I started to undress. I fitted her legs on the bottom half of the X frame and strapped them down. The only movement Amber could make was to bend at the waist or make slight upper body movements, but was not going anywhere. Seeing her like this, she looked so wonderful, and was going to be hard to give her up. I might as well enjoy her for now. I teased her a bit with my cock, and could hear small gasps though her nose tubes when I did. Not able to take the excitement myself, I plunged myself into her and started pumping away. Before long, I could hear her moaning into the gag as if to beg me not to stop.

Very close to my climax, I stopped and grabbed the sissors again. I cut out her breasts so that I can enjoy them for a bit. As I cut the plastic, they sprang out of their confides. I sucked and teased them for a bit before returning to fucking her again. Since this was going to be her final climax of the night, I wanted to make it special. I had some clothspins on the table next to her so I grabbed a handful and started to apply them all over her breasts. When I was done I started to pump away and enjoy her sweat cunt. Both of us were panting away as orgasm got closer and closer for both of us. I paused for a moment so I could apply more clothespins, only this time they were over the nose tubes to stop her breathing.

"Just enjoy yourself slut, you will be ok." My words didn't seem to help much as I started pumping away at her pussy once again. I could feel her trying to fight, but was no use. Her cunt was tighter then ever as I started to climax. Her thrashing only excited me more. Not able to hold back any longer, and we both climaxed. I had all I could do to hold myself up while Amber slumped back onto the table motionless. I quickly grabbed the clothespins and started to cut away the plastic around her head. She started breathing again ok and was much better once the plastic was off her head.

Over the next few minutes, I un-strapped her from the table, stood her up and took the rest of the plastic off. I also undid the ropes on her arms and the gag in her mouth. Once everything was off, I lead her over to a carpeted area of the basement and had her kneel down.

"So how did you enjoy your day?"

"I liked it very much Master. I have always wanted to be mummified like that. I even enjoyed the shocks once I got used to them. Master."

"Good. If you continue to obey, you will get to enjoy more pleasure instead of punishments. Now tell me what I asked you to think about today."

"First, a slave should always obey what her Master tells her to do. Master"
"Second, a slave should always try to please her Master. Master"

"Ok, and the last one?"

"Third, a slave should understand that she is the property of her Master and understands that she has no free will or freedom. Master."

"That is good enough for now. I will teach you some other time exactly what they are, but for now, keep those and mind and never forget them. Are you hungry?"

"Very much so Master"

I brought her over her food and drink and put it in front of her so she could eat. Amber felt around for the food and took a few bites. She then put the food and looked at me for a few minutes.

"Is there something wrong with the food slave?"

"No Master, it is very good."

"Then what is wrong?"

"I was just thinking...errr...hoping that someday I could actually see you Master."

"I wouldn't count on it, you are doing well however, and I am impressed that you have learned that live is much easier when you learn obey. There are not many that realize this like you."

Amber gave me a slight look of shock, but continued to finish her food and drink. I helped her up and led her over to the bathroom so she could use it. After about 20 minutes, she was done.

"I'm going to head off to bed, so it's time to put you away for the night. Can I trust that you will be good?"

"I am your slave, I will do what you tell me to do. It is not up to me to do anything different Master."

With that, I locked a steel reinforced collar around her neck and locked it in place. After grabbing a short chain, I helped her up the stairs and into the house. Once upstairs I helped her to my bedroom and had her lie down. I had a big bed and there were many eyehole bolts around the frame. I could tell that Amber's attitude had changed quite a bit, so I decided to give her little freedoms as does good. Tonight I decided to let her sleep in my bed.

I laid down next her and just looked at her wonderful and very nice body. Amber seemed very relaxed and didn't even attempt to cover herself up. After a minute or so went by, she reached over and started massaging my cock. It took me by surprise at first, but I just laid back on my pillow and enjoyed it. Once I was hard, she positioned herself so she could suck on my cock. If there was a school for giving blow jobs, she could teach everybody a trick or two. I was close to climax in almost no time, and she continued to suck away, with her collar making a slight jingle from the metal. I started to cum, but Amber didn't even break her stride and sucked down every last drop until I was dry and clean. She laid back in the bed next to me.

Once I recovered, we got under the covers and I grabbed some combination locks and attached the chain to her collar and the other end to the top of the bed. She only had a couple feet, but plenty of slack to sleep with. I leaned over and give her a kiss, and she returned the kiss very passionately. We both fell asleep right away.

Chapter 5 - All good things...

Two weeks have now passed since Amber was first captured from her own self-bondage in her dorm. Having trained many slaves in the past, I can easily tell the signs when a slave has adjusted to their position and accept it. Once in a while, a slave will develop an attachment to their new masters and become instantly disobedient to the new master. It is unfortunate that the slaves have to learn they are in no way in control again, their only saving grace is most masters are not as cleaver and sadistic as I. Amber seems to be turning out into one of those slaves. She has grown very attached to me as a master and already does not see herself as a kidnap victim. Something is different with Amber however, normally I sell them off to my normal contacts or dispose of them if they get too damaged during training. Amber might be a little hard to get rid of, but I don't have a choice... unfortunately.

Ambers Last Day

I looked at Amber lying on my bed, not believing that my time with her is almost over. Maybe it was because she was so nice in the bar where she worked and I got to know her? Who knows why, and it doesn't really matter. She will be gone soon, and I had better prepare her. I gave her a swift slap on her ass (she was not allowed to used the covers, so she was very exposed).

"Good Morning Slut, sleep well ?" I asked.

"Yes Master" she responded sheepishly.

"Have you been counting the days since your first day as a slave?"

"I did for a few days, but I stopped. I don't know why. I guess it didn't matter to me Master"

All the tell tale signs were there. She was broken. If she still had a want or will to escape, keeping track of the time would have been top priority. She knew two weeks would be the deadline and would be expected back to work; yet she didn't seem to care. Her new master is going to love her.

"Well, it has been two weeks now. This is the day you should be making the trip back to your dorm. People are going to start looking for you and the time has come to make preparations for your departure from here."

"NOOOOO!" she yelled. Realizing that they just made a big mistake, she tried to recover. "I'm sorry Master, I really am. I just don't want you to kill me. I want to say here with you... I... well..."

"Spit it out slave"

"I love you Master. Once I learned to behave, you have taken such good care of me. I just wanted to let you know that. Sorry for speaking out, Master"

"Well, if it is any relief to you I am not going to kill you. Your new master however will have a big problem with slaves that misbehave. I will let him know of your transgression today so he can punish you for it."

At this point I expected a sigh of relief that she was not going to die. I was surprised to see her lower her head and start crying. She made no attempt to hide it either. It probably just has finally hit home that she will be a slave for life.

"I suggest you stop crying slut, you're getting my bed soaked. Why are you crying anyway?"

"... ... I ... do..on't ... wa... wa... wa...nt ... to ... ..... y...y..y......ou" she struggled to spit out.

"We both have no choice. You have already been sold. If you remember last week when I had to go out on a trip for the day, that's what I was doing. They are expecting deliver of you later today. I am sure you have had the fantasy of being the slave of an Arab sheik, tightly bound all day, your only purpose is to please him. Well it is going to come true now. The people I deal with actually are the ones that will sell you and actually ship you over there. It is quite impressive how they do it. You will first be place in a rubber, inflatable suit. An inflatable hood will also be placed on your head and secured to the suit. Once everything is air tight, tubes will be inserted into your nose and an inflatable gag in your mouth that has a tube as well. The tubes themselves are very long and very, very hard. Your suit will then be inflated and checked to make sure it is secure and has no leaks. The next step is to be lifted and placed into a large mold, basically a standing tube about 5 feet in diameter. The tubes for breathing and drinking will be lifted up to the top of the tube and tied off so they won't fall in. The final step is to fill the mold with cement and seal you inside. It takes about 2 days to dry, and while it does, it will compress a bit. That is what the suit is for. That, and to leave room for your waste to escape your body. Once you're dry and they confirm your ok, the tubes will be cut off so they are flush with the top of the pillar. In the end, you will be a cement pillar that will be sold overseas. The only noticeable marking on the entire thing will be three very small little holes at the top. Once you're at your destination, they will break open the cement to free you. It will be hell for a few weeks, fed though a tube, nothing to do, no movement possible, standing and sifting in your own waste. I normally do not tell my slaves what awaits them, but I felt like being nice today. Any questions?"

"Is there any way I can stay with you Master?"

"They are expecting a pretty girl who has been trained how to act and endure the strain of tight bondage and extreme torture. It was easy with you due to your natural submissiveness, limber body, and was no stranger to tight restraint... even if it was by your own hand. I figured that it would take at least a month to get you ready, but I was not even close. So you see slave, it seems that in this situation it's my hands that are tied."

I left the room and started to get ready to deliver Amber. It will be daytime so transporting her will be a bit difficult. An army style duffel bag usually does the trick in any case, and a little rope. I could hear her crying again. I have never had a slave desire to stay with me as much as Amber. Usually they ask to say only because they understand that once they are out of the country there will never be any hope for escape.

After 15-20 minutes went by, I returned to the bedroom with the items I would need to get her ready to transport. I was surprised to see she stopped crying and was kneeling on the bed with her head down. She perked up at the sight of me and started to smile.

"What are you so happy about all of a sudden slut?"

"I know how I can stay with you Master."

"I already explained this once, if you continue, I will have to punish you."

"Then punish me Master, but please listen to me Master"

"Fine, punishment it is." I left the room for a minute to grab some cuffs and gag. I didn't have time to deal with this, we had to leave in an hour.

As I was walking back in with the gag ready, Amber started talking franticly "Master, just listen please ! I know how where you can get another sla mmmmphph !" The gag was in, but what was she talking about? Another slave? Curiosity overwhelmed me as I took her gag off.

"Thank you master."

"Go on, we don't have much time. I still have to punish you yet before we go for talking back to me."

"Sorry Master. Here is what I was thinking. You said it was going to take a month to train me, what if you told them you need the entire month?"

"And why would I do that? You're ready now, and the sooner I deliver you, the sooner I get paid."

"You could use the extra time to train a new slave, Master."

"Not possible. There is too much planning, research and cover up work to make sure nobody knows. It took me months to figure out your patterns, when you would be vulnerable to capture, etc..."

"I can help you. I can help you get Tiffany. You have already seen her, would see be a good enough slave for you Master?"

"She would do just fine, but what is your plan for getting her here. I already let her go."

"I could tell her I have been kidnapped and have escaped. I could tell her where to find me, and to come get me. It can be a private area, and you can capture her. I could even help you train her Master. I will do anything, I just want to stay with you Master."

I had to admit, she did have a good idea on her hands, and I could easily get more time to train a new slave. I could tell my contacts that Amber tried to escape and while trying to catch her she was hurt. They wouldn't mind much as long as I could provide another girl in time. Amber might be on to something, but time was limited.

"Ok slut, we can give it a try. I will warn you however, if you even think about trying to escape the tortures you have felt up until now will be mild in comparison."

"I want to stay with you, so it would be foolish of me to leave you master"

"Let's get you ready"

I told her an address to have Tiffany meet her, and gave her a call. She played the part to perfection and as planned, Tiffany was on her way... alone. The next step was to get her ready to look the part. I gave her some contact solution to help her get the contacts out. Once they were out, she tried to look around, but the light was too bright. Not having time to wait, I stuffed the ball gag in her mouth and lead her downstairs to the basement. Amber tried franticly to ask me questions, probably about what I was doing, but muffled cries were all that came out.

Once in the basement, I locked her hands above her head and her legs to a spreader bar, which locked to the floor. I walked over to one of the cabinets and grabbed some aspirin. After I had a few pills, I walked back over to Amber and undid her gag.

"Since Tiffany is going to be expecting you to be tortured, you need to look the part. Take these aspirin; they should dull the pain a bit. I am going to whip you and make you look like you have been beaten for weeks, you played such a good part on the phone, I am sure Tiffany would expect nothing less when she sees you. Questions?"

"No master"


I gave her three aspirin and after she swallowed them, I reinserted the gag and strapped it down nice and tight. I also put on a pair of nipple clamps. They didn't really need to be there, but this will serve as part of her torture for talking back to me before. After attaching some weights to the clamps and clothespins on her cunt, I sat down for a while to enjoy the view and let the aspirin do its job. Amber is under the impression that the pills will actually dull the pain, and they might, but that it not their purpose. Aspirin thins the blood, and also make the skin MUCH easier to bruise. After a good whipping, she will look so black and blue that she will almost look like a smurf.

After a few minutes went by, I picked up a flogger and blindfold. I put the blindfold on her as to remove any ability to brace herself for swings. Once that was secure, I positioned myself behind her and took my first swing.

With a loud smack, the flogger worked its magic as the leather straps forcefully wrapped themselves under her armpit arriving at their destination on Amber's breasts. I drew back the flogger again and took aim a little lower on her sweating body. Smack! The straps gushed forward like a raging river around her thigh and crashing down on the inside of her leg, just below her cunt. "MmmmMMpphph!". Apparently that one got her attention.

I continued with the flogger for another 20 minutes; its effects starting to show very nicely. Next was the paddle, but not just any paddle, this one had metal studs on it. They were not sharp enough to pierce the skin, but will leave a bevy of bruises all over. I stood in front of Amber and drew my hand back, watching her tense up, trying to prepare for the worst. With a smack that I swore echoed throughout the house, the paddle came down on her right thigh. Not giving her any time to recover, I started to swing rapidly, viciously attacking her breasts, legs, arms and ass.

Looking over my handy work, I must say that Amber was looking the part. Her whole body had bruises all over it. I took her restraints off, all but the blindfold and gag. I grabbed some ratty cloths and had her put them on. They consisted of a ripped and soiled white t-shirt, and greenish gym shorts. Next I locked a set of ankle cuffs on her with a two-foot chain. To complete the ensemble, a set of handcuffs in the front seemed to do nicely.

I led her out to the garage and pushed her in to the truck of the car. After closing her inside, I got into the car and headed to where we would meet Tiffany. It was about an hour away, so I hope Amber is comfortable... I think I remembered to take the tools off the floor.

An hour later...

I pulled off to the side of the rest stop. It has been abandoned for a while, ever since the state stopped keeping up with the maintenance. I opened up the trunk and helped Amber out. Before closing it I noticed that the tools were still laying all over the back and Amber had a new set of bruises on her side, good thing I had her gagged. To make sure that she was ready and Tiffany didn't see me, I removed her gag and blindfold. She squinted for a bit, but I could tell that her sight was coming back.

"You know what you are suppose to do right ?"

"Yes Master.... I..."


"Sorry, I am just surprised that it is you, Master"

"What do you mean?"

"I recognize you from my work. Your voice is different though. I..."

"Later slut, you have to get ready."

I lead her over to a bench near the phone that she "called" Tiffany from. I went into the woods a bit

After 15 minutes passed, Tiffany rolled up in her car. The look on her face was priceless, the shear horror on her face as she saw the condition that her friend Amber was in. She screeched to a halt and jumped out of the car.

"Are you alright? You look like hell! How long have you been a prisoner?" Tiffany asked in haste, tripping over her own words.

"I'm alright, just very tired, and these cuffs are biting into me and I have to go to the bathroom. I didn't want to go into the woods and not find me here, so I have been holding it."

"Well I'm here now, I will wait here while you go."

"I can't go alone, I'm scared to be by myself. He might be out there."

"Ok, let's go"

I couldn't help but smile with the sheer talent that Amber was displaying with her acting skills. Hell, even I believed her. The two of them slowly came towards me, slowed by the chains on Ambers legs. When they were right next to me, on the other side of the tree I made my move.

With a quick lunge I tacked Tiffany to the ground, however she was quite alert, almost expecting it and twisted away from me and started to get up. Just as she started to sprint away Amber grabbed her ankle and brought her to her knees fast. From there she fell flat knocking the wind partly out of her. Tiffany laid there gasping for air as I climbed on top of her, cuffed her hands and elbows behind her back. I then took some leather straps from my pocket and strapped her legs together above the knees and ankles. She wasn't going anywhere.

"What the fuck are you doing!?!? Amber, help me !" she screamed.

I grabbed a ball gag out of my other pocket and put it in her mouth as she started to shout again, muffling her cries instantly.

"Tiffany, meet my Master, and your new master for the next few weeks. I suggest you do what he says, and accept your new role as a slave, you don't want to learn the same way I did." Amber said with a smirk on her face.

I didn't feel like introducing myself, I just wanted to get the girls out of there just in case anybody did stop by, like a lost traveler. I picked Tiffany up and threw her over my shoulder and told Amber to follow me. Once we were back at my car, Amber opened up the trunk of the car and helped me get Tiffany inside. Amber crawled in on top of her, but before closing the trunk, I cuffed her hands behind her back and re-gagged her. Even though I was sure Amber wouldn't try anything, I didn't want them talking at all... at least not yet.
After the drive home...

I pulled into the garage and opening the trunk. Amber looked very clam, almost like she was trying to go to sleep, however Tiffany was extremely active and wanted out right away. I picked up Amber and stood her next to the car. The hard part was getting Tiffany out while she was thrashing around. I grabbed both of her nipples through her shirt and squeezed hard.

"MMMMMMphphph !" she screamed.

"I suggest you calm down, there is much more to come, so I suggest you cooperate when you can to make your stay here much shorter."

Not wanting a replay of what just happened, she stopped fighting and squirming around and let me get her out of the trunk. Once out, I stood her on a two-wheeler and strapped her to it with some long leather straps that I had set out before we left. I closed the trunk and wheeled her out of the back, signaling Amber to follow us out to the backyard.

I had tall fences and nobody could see unless they climbed the fence, which is electrified near the top. The tree's overhead covered the top pretty well from helicopters and other flying eyes in the sky. In the middle I have a nice in ground pool that is enclosed in it's own tinted plastic shell to keep out the leaves, but works nice to dull any sound as well. Once inside I attached a collar to Amber's neck and attached a leash. The leash was then attached to the fence, out of her reach.

"To start your training slave, I figured we would play in the pool for a bit." I undid the straps from the two-wheeler and laid her own on the cement. I walked over to the pool house and grabbed a few coils of rope and walked back over to Tiffany. I unlocked the handcuffs to her elbows and coiled a length of rope around her elbows securing them tight enough that they were almost touching. I did the same for her hands as well.

"I suggest you keep in mind what I said before about doing what I want. Keep still while I retie your legs. If you kick or try to run away, I will throw you in the pool and watch you drown." With that, I undid the straps around her knees and ankles. I then bent her left leg and started to tie her ankle to her thigh. After making it very tight, I did the same with the next leg.

"I don't really think you should be swimming with cloths on, so let's get rid of them." I pulled out a pocketknife and started to cut all of her cloths off, all except her nice, thong underwear. With a little effort I was able to apply a good crotch rope to her. The final step was to take her long hair and tie a length of rope to it. The most effective way that I have found is to braid the rope right into it. After a few minutes, the rope was quite secure as I gave it a few tugs and her head snapped back. Once I was sure it wouldn't budge, I pulled her head back and tied it around her ankles.

"What do you think slut, does this little slave look pretty good tied up or what?" I said looking at Amber.

"MMMpphhph" she muffled shaking her head yes.

"Well now it is time for some real fun. You get to try out a little pool toy that I made, I just hope it works well, because if not then you will probably drown." I picked it up from the other side of the pool and set it in front of her. "How it works is simple. I drop you into the pool and you bite into this metal rod. The foam on the side will keep the rod about six inches above the water when there is weight applied to it, which will be plenty for you to breathe. The downside is if you let go, you drown... unless you think you can swim like that."

I walked over to Amber and whispered "If anything goes wrong, hit the button of the control in your hand and I will come out to save her. We can't have her dying yet can we ?"

Amber just shook her head yes and I handed her a small control box.

"It's show time, I wish I could stay to watch, but I have things to do." I said to Tiffany.

With that I grabbed onto the braid in her hair and lowered her into the water. Then I put the floating rod into the water. With my free hand I undid the gag she had in her mouth and tossed it to the side. I started to lead her to the steel rod when she started up...

"Let me fucking go, don't think that..*gurgle*..." I lowered her into the water and held her there for about 30 seconds. I pulled her back up quickly and shoved the bit into her mouth.

"BITE DOWN NOW OR DROWN!" I yelled at her. She did as she was told and I let go of her hair. With a small push, she floated off into the middle of the pool. The foam didn't keep the rod up as much as I thought, but still plenty of room as long as the water stayed calm.

"Have fun!"

I could hear her muffled cries as I closed the door to the pool and walked into the house. Hopefully she will turn out alright.

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