Girl on a Leash
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  • Post Date - 4/30/2005

Have you ever tried to walk with a dildo inside you? It's weird, let me tell you. I had a dildo, a big one, up my pussy and a big butt-plug in my ass. There was no fear of them falling out because I was also wearing skin-tight jeans. The jeans squeezed into my pussy very tightly, and I ached there because my skin was feeling sore and raw. I wore a black turtleneck sweater that was just as skin tight as the jeans. The high collar helped to hide the thin leather collar around my throat, and the two narrow chains which descended to my nipples and were attached to my nipple rings.

It had only been a few days since I'd gotten them pierced. Tommy had tied me up spread-eagled on the bed, fondled me, gotten me incredibly hot, then gagged me. He then opened the bedroom door and the Chinese girl who had been in our earlier session had come in. I moaned into the gag, but knew there was nothing I could do about what was going to happen.

The girl, entirely naked, had spent a lot of time licking a trail up and down my body, sucking and chewing and biting on my breasts and nipples, then licking my clit until I thought my head would explode.

Then she'd abruptly stopped. Tommy had brought over bowl, towels, a bottle, a razor, and other items and set them between my legs, and the Chinese girl had carefully shaved what little hair I had between my legs until I was completely bald. That had embarrassed me to no end, despite my state of arousal, because I could see by raising my head that I was completely bare, completely visible.

Then, however, she had rubbed something over my right nipple, and as Tommy looked over her shoulder had squeezed at the base of my areola and pressed a needle against my pink skin. My eyes had bulged and I'd yelled into the gag, but of course, they had ignored me. I wasn't, to be honest, all that opposed to the idea, but when the pain hit I yelled and strained against my bonds.

They used a fairly large needle to pierce both my nipples. Tommy said he wanted to be able to put thicker rings into them and did. They were quarter sized, and thick enough that when I was naked their weight, though not enough to pull my nipples down, was noticeable at all times, a constant sense of tugging. Then, my legs straining wide, the girl had rubbed more alcohol on my pussy and pierced my clit. She used a thinner needle, but it hurt! I was straining and screaming into the gag for several seconds as she finished and put the third ring in place.

That ring was now jammed up against me by the tight jeans, and it hurt. But I was becoming used to sexual pain, and it was only a small distraction, even compared to the dildo.

I was pushing a shopping cart slowly along, grabbing items off the shelves, checking my list, just like everyone else here. But I felt apart from them because of what I was doing, because of the dildo and the butt-plug and the collar and chains pulling on my nipples.

I was living a life that seemed to have less and less time for anything but sex. Sex was coming to take over everything, even my mind. I was spending more time tied up, and in more and more uncomfortable positions. Lately Tommy had been hog tying me, bending my body back so that my ankles and wrists could be bound together, then leaving me like that for hours. That left my back throbbing even now. Spaghetti. I needed spaghetti.

I pushed the cart along and inspected the cans. They were low, and I had to bend, and feel the dildo twisting inside me, my insides moving around it as I bent further. I squatted, then, grunting at my sore back, at the sore muscles in my legs, then plucked the ones I wanted and moved along.

The odd thing was I was becoming less attached to Tommy. He was acting like an arrogant, overbearing prick all the time now, and I can't say it was making me feel very affectionate towards him. I put up with it because the sex was incredible, a total fucking rush.

And like I said, our relationship was becoming more and more about sex, and less and less about anything else.

I finished paying for the groceries and took them out to the car, then drove back to Tommy's place. I was more or less staying there now, though I hadn't really moved my stuff in. Why should I, I thought cynically, when I never wore any clothes there anyway. It was becoming quite natural and normal to be naked around the house, and as long as the place was kept warm I didn't mind.

As soon as I got in I set down the groceries, then stripped. I was glad to get out of the jeans, to be honest, and rubbed my bare pussy gingerly as I set them aside. The jeans would have kept the dildo from slipping out but they weren't needed for that purpose. I had a thin belt around my hips, and a narrow chain dangled from it.

The chain went through the ring piecing my clit, and was attached to the base of the dildo. The chain, in turn, had a spiky little ball just where it passed through the ring, and the ball had been jammed against my clit the whole time I was wearing the jeans. It had hurt, but it had also been incredibly irritating. Now I gently stroked my clit, feeling the relief as the pain and irritation began to fade.

This, of course, made me hot. Hell, almost everything made me hot, these days, and so I just propped my bottom against the narrow table just inside the door, spread my legs, and rubbed myself until I came.

It didn't take long.

Then I picked up the groceries, brought them into the kitchen, and put them away. With that done I had time to start thinking about my homework. I really did need to find time for it, even if it was hard to keep my mind on my work with the kinds of distractions I regularly had to deal with.

But Tommy wasn't home, so now was my chance. I put my things on the coffee table and knelt next to it. This kept my sore pussy off the floor, or a chair if I'd been sitting, and I could sort of rest my breasts on the table so the chains didn't pull on my still-sore nipples.

I did manage to get some work done, but I was still distracted from time to time by my body. The fact Tommy wasn't in was helpful, but I felt a certain tension about what he'd do when he returned, and whether he'd bring anyone with him. The cordless phone rang, and I plucked it off the table and punched the button.


"It's me, slut," Tommy said. "I want you to go upstairs and get handcuffs shackles, and a ring gag with a penis filler. Bring them downstairs, and then put the gag into your slut mouth, shackle your ankles together, kneel in front of the door, and handcuff your wrists behind your back. Do you have all that, slut?"

"Who are you bringing home?" I asked, feeling an electrical tingling in my groin, a hot ache and anxious thrill.

Do as I tell you, slut. You have ten minutes.

I hung up, my heart starting to pound, then got up and went upstairs. I was wary and worried about who he'd bring home this time, knowing I'd be embarrassed. But I also felt a hot thrum of hunger as I did as he directed and positioned myself before the front door. I stuffed the ring gag into my wide open mouth, then buckled it behind my head. I stuffed the latex penis filler inside and snapped it there, then cuffed my ankles together.

I sat back on my heels, knees spread wide, then cuffed my right hand and brought my hands back behind me. After a little fumbling, I got my left snapped tight, and waited.

It seemed a lot longer then a few minutes before I heard a key in the door. My heart began to pound really hard and I felt my nipples throbbing as I jerked myback very straight and the chains pulled at them.

The door opened, and two Asian men came through, both strangers. I felt the blood rush to my face, but did not move, waiting for Tommy to appear. Neither of the men seemed surprised to see me. Their eyes were appreciative as they looked at my obscenely displayed body, and they said something, one to the other, probably about me.

I looked past them at the open door but there was no sign of Tommy. I felt a bit of a panicky flutter, thinking he had simply gifted me to these men, who would use me without him even being present. But such was the state of my mind that even that sent a jolt of excitement through me, a jolt which made my pussy spasm and moisten.

The two men reached down for me and gripped my arms, one on either side, pulling me to my feet. I still looked at the door, but there was no Tommy. The men pulled me towards the door, and I started forward, then hesitated at the doorway, trying to pull back. But my ankles were shackled only a foot apart, and so I couldn't exactly brace myself.

They pulled me, naked, out the door.

Tommy's place had a broad front lawn and a high hedge, so there was no one to see as the two men dragged me down the path to the driveway, where a dark sedan waited. The trunk was open, and they picked me up bodily and placed me inside, then closed it.

I felt them get in, felt the doors close, then the car started forward. My heart was pounding as my mind tried to figure out what Tommy planned this time. I was frightened, but not of anything more than experiencing some new humiliation. How many people this time, I wondered, and what would they do to me?

The drive was long, long enough for me to calm down, for the arousal to deepen and spread and overcome much of my anxiety. Tommy was a prick, but when would I ever experience this kind of wild, kinky thrill again? I had better damned well enjoy it while I could! Every other boyfriend who followed would seem dull and boring in comparison.

After what seemed ages the car finally stopped. The doors opened, and the two men came around to open the trunk and lift me out. Where the hell were we?

We were in a forested area, somewhere outside the city. The parking lot was unpaved, and there were several cars parked there. All around us were trees. The men held my arms and led me down an unpaved path through the trees, my bare feet shuffling through pine cones and needles, through twigs and pebbles and dirt as we went deeper into the woods.

I felt very wild, excited, amazed. The cool wind blew against my bare skin, and the two men, the two strangers, continued to lead me along, cuffed, shackled, the dildo tugging lightly at my clit, my nipples jerking against the chains. Finally, there was a building, long and low, and they led me inside through a wide door. It was more of a barn than a home, with rough wooden walls, a wooden roof, and stone floor. Two more Asian men stood inside waiting, and my face burned with embarrassment again as the two leading me set me on my knees before them.

The two men spoke to each other, then to one of the men who had brought me. No one spoke to me, and no one spoke English. All of the men, I noticed now, wore black shirts and gray trousers. The two in front of me were older, in their forties, but well-built. One was balding and had a narrow face. The other had a square head with short black hair and thin glasses.

The nearly bald one said something and I gasped as one of the men bracketing me jerked on my hair, forcing my head back and my chest out. I didn't know why. He released me after a moment and I stared around me, wild-eyed. Where the fuck was Tommy!?

I was kneeling naked in a cold wooden shack in the forest with four strange men, none of whom seemed to speak English! One of the men finally looked at me and said something. If I was supposed to understand him he was in for a surprise. I didn't move and didn't react. He said it again, a word, and again I didn't react. Then I gasped in pain as my hair was seized and jerked cruelly back. At the same time I was roughly pushed forward, shoved down on my belly, though my hips were immediately yanked up my knees spread wide.

A hand cracked painfully against my bottom, and the word was said again. The hands eased back and I moaned into the gag. The side of my face was pressed against the stone floor, as were my shoulders and breasts. My bottom was raised up, knees apart. The four men stood all around me, looking at me, and I felt a strange dark thrill pass through my body, rippling along my spine like a wave.

I'd assumed this position with Tommy before, even with Tommy and others, but it seemed so much more powerful a mental kick to be doing it out here in the middle of the forest, alone, with strangers. It was scary, too, and embarrassing, but my main feeling just then was arousal.

Then the balding man produced a long, thin crop. He moved closer to me, and ran the tip up my spine, then slapped lightly at my buttocks. I moaned as I felt the tip rub against my clit. Then he spoke a word.

A moment later the crop snapped down across my bottom. I cried out in pain, but didn't move. Another blow, and another stinging explosion of pain as I jerked and whimpered. Another blow, and I closed my eyes, shuddering as I waited for the next to fall.

Instead a foot pressed against my side and shoved me so I fell over onto my other side. I lay there, panting for breath as the four men looked down at me. Then the one with glasses moved to the far side of the room. The balding one pointed at him and said a word.

I didn't move, of course.

The balding man said another word, and still I lay on my side, panting, moaning. One of the other men handed him something, a long metal tube with a handle at one end. He moved to me and pointed at the other man, and at last I understood I was to move there. I tried to rise but was pushed back, and again he pointed at the far side of the room.

Then he held that tube in front of my face. I saw that the end had a small sharp tip, and suddenly a spark of electricity snapped on that tip. I drew back with a gasp, and he pointed across the room.

I writhed that way, and no one said anything. It was hard to get there. I couldn't stay on my side, and had to roll on my belly. My breasts were crushed against the stone, and I had to wriggle my hips from side to side to push myself along, gasping and grunting into the gag.

The balding man thrust the tube suddenly in between my thighs, right against my pussy, and I let out a cry of shock and pain as a low crackle of electricity ripped into my bare sex. It was not at high power, just enough to make my pussy crackle and sting, but it sent my jerking forward.

My bottom rolled from side to side, my hips grinding against the floor, my legs turning and twisting as I tried to push myself forward. My breasts ached, especially my recently pierced nipples. I felt the snap of electricity against one of my feet, and yelped again, wriggling faster.

Another jolt hit my bottom, right next to my wrinkled anal opening, and I gasped and crawled faster. When I got there the man with glasses pushed out his foot, pressing the bottom of his shoe against my face. I was gasping for breath, moaning. The man said a word, and I recognized it as the one they had used before. I awkwardly got my knees under me and raised my bottom high, shifting my knees apart.

I moaned as I felt the tube sliding up and down along my slit, then cried out, jerking violently as another crackle of electricity burned my sex. One of the men knelt behind me and I felt his fingers at the butt-plug. He tugged it slowly free, then slapped my bottom. The men were talking, but I could not understand. Then a cock penetrated me, sliding halfway into my ass before there was any resistance. My neck ached, and my face was cold against the stone as the cock thrust deeper. My knees ached too, and I was starting to feel really badly used.

But that sense of sexual masochism and excitement was strong within me, and as the man began to pump in and out, roughly sodomising me, and the other three looked on, I felt very much like their their prisoner, their slave, their bitch slave, as Tommy would say. I wondered if he were nearby watching, getting off on this.

It was so impersonal! The man thrust into me harder and harder, driving his prick deep into my anus, his hips slapping against my bottom. The three others looked on, chatting in low voices, in Chinese, of course. I knew the man had finished when he finished, when the sensation of his hips and belly slapping against me ended and his softening cock came free of my anus.

Were they all going to take me like this? I wished they would get a blanket. My knees were scraped and sore.

One of the men casually dropped a pile of rope and wooden poles next to me. Then two of them knelt, one on either side. The handcuffs, shackles belt were removed, but my arms were held tightly together behind me. I was lifted up into an upright kneeling position, and they spoke softly to each other as they tied a rope around my waits and cinched it tight. I felt them fingering my clit ring, tugging and twisting it, then they seemed to ignore it.

They fed the rope down between my legs, and jammed it up painfully hard against my sex, and against the base of the dildo which was almost flush with my opening.

They ignored my moans of pain, my attempts to pull free, pulling the rope up to feed into the loop around my belly, then back again, down between my legs and up between my buttocks. Tommy had done something like this before, though, so I was not unduly frightened or surprised.

They lifted me to my feet. There was a wooden post against one wall, a support post of some kind, a foot or so thick. They bent me over, lifting my arms up high behind me, then kind of ran me into the post, forcing my head down, pulling my arms up higher. I grunted in pain as my arms were then tied tightly to the post, straight up on either side.

They spread my legs and tied one of the wooden poles in place between my ankles, holding them well apart. I found out now that they had bound a cord to my clit ring, and now they pulled it down and tied it to the centre of the pole, using just enough pressure to stretch my aching clit.

Two more cords were tied to my nipple rings, and they were pulled down, as well, and also tied to the pole between my ankles. Then the four men gathered around behind me, still talking softly, in Chinese, and I felt the first blow of the crop against my bottom.

I yelped, of course, and jerked in my bonds, but they seemed not to care. The crop cracked down across my bottom again and again and again, and as the pain mounted I began to feel a real sense of desperation, twisting hopelessly against the bonds, moaning, then yelling into the gag as the crop continued to slice into the soft flesh of my bottom.

Soon my ass was on fire, and the pain and frustration were beginning to rise to the point tears filled my eyes, tears of pain, frustration and anger. But all the while I knew I was utterly helpless to do anything but take it as the crop continued to cut into my raised bottom.

I felt a vast sense of relief when it stopped, when the men began to turn and move away. I was gasping for breath, moaning into the gag, my bottom on fire. They walked out of the low room, the low building, and left me there as I was, bound and helpless.

Fucking Tommy, I thought furiously. Did he think he could just give me to anyone he wanted to do anything they wanted with me!? I was going to kick his ass! I was going to tell him we were through!

My shoulders ached, almost as much as my bottom, in fact, but I could do nothing to ease them. Slowly, my bottom burned less hot, but I remained in position, alone in the stone building. I was sore, and aching, and felt dirty and miserable. The sexual hunger within me was still there, but it was at a low ebb.

And it got lower and lower as time passed. Had they fucking forgotten about me or what!? My neck ached, my head jammed forward and down by the post. My shoulders ached, and my arms were numb. My back was really starting to hurt from my bent over position. I mean, what the fuck!

And yet still more time passed, until, finally, when I was almost ready to burst into tears, I heard their low voices and two of the Chinese guys returned. They moved directly towards me and began to untie my arms. I felt a desperate relief and groaned into the gag as they lifted me upright. My shoulders were finally relaxed somewhat, and my back straightened, and a flood of relief washed through my body.

My arms were untied, but held tightly, and I moaned when they shoved my face against the post and looped the ropes around them again. They had been tied upright on either side of the post. Now the men tied them tightly together, the ropes going around them above my elbows and at my wrists, pinning them tight, and making my shoulders ache again.

I tried to communicate with them, looking up at them desperately, shaking my head to indicate I didn't want to play any longer. But they hardly looked at me. They bent me over, and looped the rope around my breasts, squeezing them tight. They removed the spreader bar from my ankles, but tied my ankles tightly together now.

I twisted and wriggled, but that only drew me a sharp slap on the bottom, then across the face. Tommy had slapped my face before, but only softly, as a part of our game. This slap was harder and made me blink as my ear rang with pain.

I was placed between a pair of the rough wooden posts now. Both men were working on the ropes on me, working efficiently, and quietly. A rope was tied those around my ankles and fed to the post in front of me. Another was tied to my wrists and pulled back and down. Then they pulled the loose ends of the ropes circling my breasts up and forward hard. I screamed in pain as my breasts stretched up and forward, pulling me to the balls of my feet, then my toes.

The men said some something, and another rope went around my waist, and then was fed up and forward to the post in front. I was eased back a bit, then the rope went tight, pulling against my back. The rope bound to my wrists then pulled back harder and I cried out as my shoulders and back were forced back and down.

Way back, way down. The rope was tied against the post behind me, down near the floor. The way the rope pulled me made my breasts stretch again, and I moaned and nearly wept. The cords bound to my nipple rings were pulled forward, so that my nipples stretched out too, and then tied to the post before me. The cord tied to my clit ring was pulled back and down, tied off somewhere else.

And then the penis gag was unsnapped, pulled free of the ring gag holding my mouth open. I gasped and choked and tried to talk, but one of the men simply reached in with something like pliers, and seized my tongue. I screamed in pain as the pincers crushed down against it, but he simply pulled my tongue up and out of my mouth. The other man was waiting with some kind of clamp which bit into my tongue even harder, but over a wider area. Then a cord attached to that clamp was pulled up and back, tied to the post behind me but high up.

And then the men left me like that, standing on the balls of my feet, breasts throbbing hotly, head and body pulled back and down so my back was very awkwardly arched, bowed back.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! It was a terrible, awkward position! And it was so frustrating thinking that if only I could speak for a few seconds, could only talk to them, they would have to let me go! Instead I was alone in the room, every part of my body aching, and growing worse with every passing minute.

The worst was my back. It felt like a knife had been stuck into me there, and with every passing minute it seemed to grind and twist more painfully.

My shoulders hurt terribly, of course, and my ankles and feet were starting to tremble and shake as cramps made them spasm. My tongue burned like fire, at first, but was starting to get numb. My nipples remained hot and throbbing, my clit stinging terribly.

I was alone, hearing nothing but the wind going between the trees.

I remember thinking that they couldn't possibly leave me like this much longer. And then an hour passed.

Then I thought they must come for me any second, because I couldn't stand it any longer, the pain was too terrible, because my body would collapse, and I'd tear my arms from their sockets. And then another hour passed.

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