Jenny's Slave Chain
  • Author - MrBondSkin
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  • Post Date - 7/7/2005

Julia fell to her knees as the guard roughly threw her into the cold conrete room. She heard the steel door slam shut and lock behind her. The rags that were her Prom dress barely covered her body now, and Julia still tried in vain to keep her breasts covered. The effects of the drug were wearing off and she could almost see clearly again. Julia blinked several times and she could make out cell bars and another girl in the cell next to her.

"Hello," Julia cried out softly, "Is someone there?"

Julia crawled on the harsh concrete nearer the bars and blinked repeatedly, trying to wash the haze out of her pretty blue eyes. What she saw in her newly acquired focus made her wish she had remained sightless.

Chained to the stone wall was a beautiful brunette in her early 20s. Her hair was shoulder length and her features could easily have made the cover of any fashion magazine. Julia had experienced lesbian love twice in high school, and she found herself attracted to this gorgeous brunette, but the more she stared at her, the greater her pity for the girl.

The brunette wore a silver collar around her neck, and that was attached to a leash whose handle was bolted to the floor. The collar looked very tight and uncomfortable. Her breasts were firm and had numerous angry red marks across them, showing signs of a recent whipping.

Inserted through her nipples, she bore two thick metal rings of silver. The two rings appeared to be seamless and quite permanent. Julia could only imagine the pain they caused her sensitive nipples. Further down, past the well-tonned stomach, the brunette's pussy was shaved completely, giving Julia an unobstructed view of the folds. Julia thought she saw something silver between her pussy lips, but she couldn't be sure.

"What's your name? Where are we? Can you hear me?" Julia was full of questions, but the brunette only moved her head slightly, raised eyelids even less, then returned to her somnambulistic state. Suddenly, the sound of a steel door opening shook the brunette.

"No, No, please, sir, please, I've done everything you asked, please stop hurting me. Please, have mercy, sir. Look, look, they brought a new plaything in the next cell. Please, spare me, please I b----"

The massive man entered her cell and slapped her violently across the face.

"Slave girl, you will serve me as long as I see fit, or until we feel like selling you. Understand? You don't have a choice, and begging is useless."

He propped her up and introduced the doctor.

"I brought a friend along this time, Jenny. Let me introduce Dr. Wail. He's come to add to your personal jewelry collection. And while he's doing that, I'm going to have my cock sucked. I know you've missed my cock; god, how long's it been, 45 minutes?"

The doctor examined his new patient and poked at Jenny's shaven pussy lips. Dr. Wail reached inside and withdrew a six-inch silver dildo/vibrator which was covered in pussy juice.

"Why use metal when you can have the real thing, right, doc?" "Yes, of course, Mr. Steed. You may keep her mouth busy while I distribute the new jewelry."

Steed threw down his pants and let his massive cock sling into the air. Even at only half-hard, it measured about 8 inches. Jenny's eyes grew wide with fearful anticipation. He rammed his cock head into her mouth and hit the back of her throat. Jenny gagged and chocked, but such sounds only excited Mr. Steed more. Her tongue moved frantically around his meat, partially in an effort not to swallow her own tongue. As this invasion proceeded, the doctor spread out his shiny tools, and Julia gasped as she took note of all the hideous and sharp-looking instruments. Fortunately, the brunette was too occupied to notice the horrific devices laid out in front of her.

Dr. Wail spread Jenny's thighs further apart and pulled on one of her pussy lips with a harsh metal clamp. He held the flesh out and punched a hole in it; Jenny tried to scream, but the growing cock in her mouth drowned out the sound. The doc repeated the punching procedure in the other pussy lip. He expertly installed a metal eyehole in the flesh and brought a concentrated flame to the puncture, burning the eyehole permanently into her pussy. He fixed the opposing lip in the same manner.

"You may now place her on her knees, Mr. Steed,"the doctor calmly instructed.

Steed reconfigured her body and then rejoined his hard, 9-inch cock with her tired and sore mouth. Jenny was in so much pain from the holes and burning that she was pretty much oblivious to his cock gagging her throat. As she was forced to her knees, Jenny tried to glimpse at the doctor's handiwork, and she noticed two metal chains were being attached to her pussy.

Dr. Wail bent open a small chain through the eyehole and then burned the link's ends, fitting the chain permanently. Soon Jenny's other pussy lip was similarly chained. The length of the chains ran just down to her ankles. The doctor then held firmly onto her feet, spreading the webbing between her first and second toe. Again, he expertly punched the flesh and inserted a metal eyehole. When the searing flame hit her delicate skin, Jenny screamed even through her cock-gag.

The Doctor was punching the other foot just as Steed could hold back no more. He kept his cock at the wall of her throat and thrust his cum directly, forcing Jenny to swallow everything. Jenny started to choke on the hot load, but she knew the punishment would be severe if she threw it back up.

Dr. Wail completed his eyehole placements. Jenny was exhausted physically and her body just collapsed to the cold concrete. "Hold her body up just a little bit longer for me, Mr. Steed, thank you."

The muscle-bound Steed grabbed a handful of her brown hair and painfully raised her limp body off the floor. Jenny felt her hair loosening from her scalp, and for a second, the new pain was worse than the pain in her pussy and between her toes.

Finally, the doctor stretched the two individual chains from the pussy connections to their toe connections. Each chain was measured to be purposely shorter than necessary, so as Jenny stood straight up, her pussy lips were stretched out about two inches from their normal resting place.

Jenny was instructed to walk around in her cell, and she did this in pure agony, stretching and pulling on her thin sensitive skin. "After a few days, Mr. Steed, I recommend fitting the bottom part of the chain to a platform heel. Then you will see some serious stretching."

"As always, I shall defer to the good doctor," Steed said smugly, turning his gaze into the adjoining cell.

"You're next, Julia."

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