Evil Step Sister
  • Author - Hershel Schaeffer
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  • Post Date - 8/24/2005

My name is Sean. When I was 18 we lived in a middle class home in a small town in Indiana. There are five of us my mother, my step-father, my 20 year old sister Sara, my 19 year old step sister Darcy and of course myself. Yes, my stepfather was an asshole. My Mom was nice enough. Sara attends the community college. She was very sweet, absolutely gorgeous, and was one of the most popular girls in high school. Her senior year she was even selected the homecoming queen. Darcy on the other hand was a freaky nasty bitch on her best day. It gave her great pleasure to make me as miserable as possible. She was tall, even a little taller than me at 5’9”. She wasn’t unattractive. It was just really hard to tell, because her style was so freakish. She would always dress in black accessorize with studded leather collars and bracelets, dark make-up and nail polish, an array of piercings and an assortment black wigs of varying lengths. A whole morbid-punk-goth sort of thing that fits right in with the group of freaks she hung out with. At home or at school we generally just tried to avoid each other.

One afternoon I was in the utility room feeding the dog when I noticed something shiny, black and lacey lying in a pile of Sara’s dirty clothes. Curiously I picked up the items. It was a Victoria’s Secret garter belt and a pair of thong panties. Almost instantly I had a physical reaction. Then for just a brief moment I pictured Sara wearing them. Quickly I dropped them back where I found them.

The next few days or maybe it was even a week or more I was obsessed with thoughts of Victoria’s Secret intimates. I visited their website repeatedly to gaze on the models wearing lacey thongs, garters and bras. By chance I came across some picture on the web of women bound tightly in their intimates. And this was even more compelling for me. I became increasingly frustrated with having no suitable way to act on these desires. One afternoon I slipped into Sara’s room just to see and touch her underwear again. Without much thought I slipped on the bra, thong, and garter belt. It was quite thrilling. But, it wasn’t quite enough. Lying in bed that night it hit me, if I were to tie myself-up that might just be the thing to satisfy my desire.

At lunch hour the next day at school I skipped out so I could have the house to myself for several hours. When I got home I undressed in my room and walked quickly down the hall to Darcy’s room. After a quick search on her dresser I found her handcuffs and key. Then I went to Sara’s room. As I closed the door behind me I felt the feeling excitement rush through my body. Quickly, I found the Victoria’s Secret lace bra, thong and garter belt. I grabbed a pair of black stockings too. Carefully I laid the items on her bed. I opened her closet and picked-up a pair of 4” black pumps. However, something still seemed to be lacking. I scanned through the closet again finding a knee length black skirt and a pink silk blouse.

I was almost shaking from the excitement as I began to dress. First I slid on the thong. I could feel my erection throbbing in the restraint. The silk and lace garter belt was next. Then I slid my arms through the straps of the bra. After several clumsy tries I finally hooked the bra in back. I noticed immediately how it gripped my body as I moved. Sitting on the edge of the bed I slid the stockings onto each leg. I stood and snapped the garters onto the stockings. The stockings felt very delicate and smooth against my skin. The pumps were a little bit small. After struggling for a few minutes I finally squeezed my feet into them. I quickly realized it would be very difficult to walk in high heels. For a moment I stared at myself in the mirror. On my slender body the clothing made me look very feminine. These must be Sara’s ‘screw me’ underwear, because that’s what they seemed say. Finally, I slid on the smooth shiny pink blouse and the black knee length skirt. As I zipped and buttoned the skirt in the back the silky lining brushed against my stocking covered thighs making me feel soft and delicate.

Not having done any bondage before I thought for a few seconds about what to do next. Awkwardly, I walked over to the dresser where I grabbed a knee sock from the drawer. Then I placed the key to cuffs on the dresser. I walked back over to the bed where I tied the sock around my ankles. Pulling my legs onto the bed I rolled onto my stomach. I didn’t want to get Sara’s clothes dirty so the bed would be the best place. Quickly I snapped one cuff onto my left wrist. With the rush of excitement building rapidly I snapped the other cuff into place. Suddenly, I was trapped. The feeling of excitement was unbelievable. All the different textures and sensations flooded my senses: the lacey intimates gripping my body, the smooth delicate stockings against my legs, the cold steel cuffs holding my wrist firmly, the silky blouse against my skin, my face smashed into the pillow, and my ankles securely bond. Each movement, each test, each struggle brought a new sensation. I could feel my erection throbbing, pounding, and struggling to escape its lace, silk and spandex prison. For a moment my mind slipped into fantasy, I was a damsel in distress struggling to free her self. My mind drifted back and forth between fantasy and sensation as I struggled against my bonds.

I was shocked back into the real world when I heard a key turn in the front door. I froze for a second then quickly sat up on the edge of the bed. I got my bearings and visually located the key then I listened intently to discover who was home. It was Darcy and two of her friends, Lonnie and Kim. Kim was very cute inspite of her freaky wardrobe. And Lonnie was very strange. They must have skipped out early from school as well. After knocking around in the kitchen for a while they settled into Darcy’s room. I could hear their voices, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. I just sat quietly on the edge of the bed. Shortly the strong smell of pot crept into Sara’s room. They were definitely getting stoned. After a few more minutes they turned on Darcy’s stereo, so I decided to retrieve the handcuff keys. However, this being my first time in self-bondage I had no experience to guide me. Slowly and cautiously I stood. I don’t know why. Maybe I thought I could access the situation better from a standing position. Standing in 4” pumps with ankles bound and wrists handcuffed I thought about what would be the best way to reach the keys. As I thought I lost my balance ever so slightly, but what I didn’t realize is how important your arms are in balancing. Sadly, I did not even recognize that I was in a critical situation. One moment I calmly sensed the slightest loss of balance. In the next moment I was falling out of control hitting the side of the bed before crashing bodily to the floor. As I hit the floor it was as if someone flipped the light switch quickly off then back on. I was stunned and completely disoriented.

The next thing I remember was Darcy and her friends standing over me. I looked up at Darcy; she had a great big smile on her face. It struck me as odd because I had never seen her smile like that before. She turned and left the room as Lonnie and Kim just stared at me with blank faces. Darcy returned with the video recorder and handed it Lonnie. “Time to make a home movie”, she said. Lonnie started filming.

Darcy knelt down next to me and put her face just a few inches from mine. “So little brother wants to be a Prom Queen. Isn’t that special”, she said in a disapproving tone.

“He’s so pretty,” Kim interjected. Lonnie just chattered continuously narrating every detail to the recorder.

“Well, I always wanted another sister, but not another Prom Queen slut. If you wanted to know how to be a woman all you had to was ask. What are sisters for anyway? Kim and I will be glad show you how. Right Kim?”

“Oh yeah, he’s so pretty.”

“ I see you like the bondage. Lonnie here is something of a bondage expert. I am sure he would be glad to show you the ropes. What do you think Lonnie, do have some free time for a bondage game today.

“I think I could squeeze a game into my busy schedule”, he replied.

“So the question is do you want to come play with your Big Sis? Well? Don’t be shy, speak up.”

“No, that’s O.K.”, I said meekly.

“See Sis, we have a little dilemma. I’m just not feeling the love here. Now I was hoping you would jump at the chance to spend some quality time with your Big Sis. I must say I would be deeply hurt if you choose not to join us for some fun. And you know how vindictive I can be when my feelings have been hurt. In a moment of anger I just might show our little video to your friends and neighbors. Now, that might be embarrassing. Well, what do you say? Will you be our toy for the day?”

Reluctantly I agreed to do whatever to keep the video secret.

Darcy untied my ankles and grabbed the handcuff keys. “Alright, let’s go to Lonnie’s.” On the way out of the house Darcy stopped in her room and grabbed a duffel bag. I was stilled a little dazed and didn’t yet know what to think or feel. We left the house with me still dressed as I was and handcuffed. Darcy helped me walk to the car as Kim teasingly lifted my skirt each chance she got. Kim and I sat in the backseat. Darcy drove, while Lonnie filmed from the front seat. On the drive over to Lonnie’s house Kim was constantly sticking her hand up my skirt and rubbing the inside of my thighs and rubbing my erection through the lacey thong. I was getting very stimulated. I nearly came a couple of times, but Kim stopped each time I moaned. Lonnie had a strange situation. His house was a little ways out in the country. His parents had moved to an apartment and left him to live alone in the house separated from the general population. His unofficial nickname since grade school was ‘Psycho’.

Kim led me over to the couch where I sat down. She pushed be back and knelt straddling my hips and legs. Putting her hands to the sides of my faced she began to kiss me. Naturally, I kissed her back. Shortly we were engrossed in long deep French kissing. Abruptly we were interrupted as Darcy pulled Kim’s head back by her hair and said, “alright that’s enough lover girl.” Darcy handed Kim a shiny black wig from her duffel bag. “Make yourself useful,” she said to Kim. She fitted the wig onto my head and gently straightened the shoulder length wig with her fingers. Lonnie then handed her a trainer gag with a bright red ball. “Open up sweetie,” Kim asked me kindly. As she fitted the ball into my mouth and adjusted all the straps it felt quite exciting having a hot girl giving me so much attention. When I looked into her big brown eyes I felt completely at ease with my predicament. She gave me a quick kiss on the forehead then got up. Darcy and Kim were whispering to each other near the front door. Darcy handed Kim the car keys. She giggled then left without another word.

It took a few moments for the realization to set in that I was now alone with Darcy and Psycho. My spirits sank immediately. My attitude became suddenly very apprehensive and fearful. “Did you call AD,” Darcy asked. “He is on his way,” Lonnie replied. Now I wasn’t just apprehensive I was terrified. AD was the craziest person in our school. He was short and extremely muscular and powerful. He was crazy, very aggressive and there was nothing anyone could do about it. He inspired fear in most everyone, because he truly was crazy. Everyone that is except for Darcy, inexplicably she could control him somewhat.

Darcy grabbed me under the arm saying, “come on Prom Queen school is now in session.” She lead me into what was once a dining room, but was now a bondage playroom. I was still struggling to walk in the pumps. The video recorder was set up on a tripod in the corner. Darcy led me to a spot near the middle of the room in direct line with the camera. Scattered about the room were all sorts of bondage and discipline equipment. The wall I was facing was completely covered in mirrors and I saw myself for the first time in the wig. It was straight shiny and black. Contrasted with the bright red ball in my mouth it was oddly quite sexy. “Kim was right, your brother does look ‘pretty’,” Lonnie stated. Again I looked in the mirror and at first glance didn’t even recognize myself, but saw a strange girl looking back. Darcy removed the handcuff from my wrist and demanded I remove the blouse. “Lon, he ain’t my brother, she is my new sister in training,” she said in an irritated tone. “Get over her and tie her up.”

Lonnie waited for me to remove the pink blouse then started to bind my wrists. He bound them in white nylon rope snug but not too tight. After my wrists were secured palms facing each other he bound my arms just above the elbows, when he was finished my elbows were nearly touching. Bound as I was my chest stuck out proudly, displaying the lacey push up bra I was wearing. He then unbuttoned and unzipped the skirt and slid it down my legs. Even in my situation the silk lining rubbing against the stockings sent chills through my body. Tapping each leg I stepped out of the skirt for him. I saw myself standing partially bound in Sara’s sexy underwear. I thought, had it not been for these cursed intimates I would not be in this situation. In the corner of the room I noticed that Darcy had removed all her clothing except for a pair of black cotton panties and a black cotton bra. To my amazement Darcy had a hot body. Who knew hidden underneath all that freaky clothing was such a sexy slender body. She noticed me staring and casually walked over to where I was standing. She put here hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eyes, “what in the hell are you staring at?” Without any warning she slammed her knee into my groin. I collapsed in agony to the floor. I felt sick to my stomach. She stood over me as I writhed on the floor. “Don’t stare at me you little bitch. We’re going to have to teach the little Prom Queen some humility.”

In a manner that seemed completely natural, Lonnie stood me up, spread my legs, strapped on ankle cuffs and attached a spreader bar. Then he strapped a collar around my neck and with a rope through the D-ring tied my neck to the spreader bar. As I my head cleared I heard a ratchet clicking as my arms were slowly being raised. My arms were pulled tight over my shoulders. Then from the D-ring on top of the harness gag he tied my head back so all I could do was look directly forward. My God, I was totally immobile! I couldn’t move any part of my body! I saw myself in the mirror feet spread wide, bent at the waist, arms unmercifully pulled towards the ceiling, my neck strapped tightly to the spreader bar, and my head tied back so my face looked directly into the mirror. Suddenly, I felt very nervous my body tried to flee, but couldn’t. As my body coursed with fear and adrenaline Darcy and Lonnie sat casually dressed only in their underwear on the floor directly in front of me. Darcy fired up a joint. They completely ignored me as they slowly smoked the joint.

As they continued to smoke the joint in silence, my body began to calm as I recognized the futility of my struggles. With the adrenaline fading I noticed all the little annoying pains I was feeling: my feet and ankles hurt from the angle I had to stand in the pumps, my jaw ached, my wrists hurt from the strain of supporting my body, and my shoulders and neck ached from the strain of the tight bondage pulling in different directions. All I could do was stare directly ahead, completely immobile, no control over my own fate. I felt helpless. Again I looked in the mirror, bound tightly in lacey intimates, stockings, glistening black pumps, and a face framed in long shiny black hair, she sure looked sexy and helpless, but she was me.

When they had finished smoking the joint Darcy and Lonnie looked at each other and laughed and laughed. They continued to laugh for sometime slowly calming themselves. They both stood. Darcy grabbed Lonnie and gave him a passionate kiss, then just as suddenly pushed him away. They both found some leather straps and stood in front of me. “Its time for a lesson in humility and submission Sis. A girl has to know her place. We need to get that prom queen attitude out of your system before its too late. It would be just awful if you turned out like that little slut Sara. Lucky for you I know just what to do.”

Standing on opposite side of me they brought their leather straps across my bare ass. They were totally absorbed in who could create the loudest crack as the strap struck my ass. With each painful crack I let out a quiet mmpph, trying to hide the pain, because as tightly bound as I was I had no recourse to avoid their assault. Then their interest changed, they were now competing to see who could cause me to cry out the loudest. They began to target the more soft and sensitive areas near my posterior. As they began to strike the flesh just under my cheeks and the inside of my thighs I began to cry out louder as each swing was executed with more effort and focus. “Is she crying yet,” Lonnie queried? Darcy walked over and looked into my face. I know she saw my pain because she gave me a sly little grin, “No tears yet.” They must have been too exhausted to continue I could hear them breathing heavily as they left the room. I was alone with my pain and my own mental exhaustion. The back of my legs, inner thighs and bottom felt as if they were on fire. They were throbbing and burning. After the trauma my body and mind relaxed for a moment in helpless resignation.

Suddenly the door was thrown open and I heard I loud howl. Forgetting for a second my predicament I tried to turn to look, but I could only experience the rush of blood through my bound body as my heart beat faster from the surprise. The door slammed shut. I didn’t need to see who it was. Only one person howls like that, AD. All three came into the bondage room.

“AD we have a surprise for you. Guess who has agreed to be our bondage playmate today?” Darcy asked.

AD looked me over from back to front as Darcy sat on the floor just to my left. “You think she’s sexy in her ‘fuck me’ wear?”

“Sure, she’s sexy enough to fuck. I’ll fuck that shit, but I don’t know that bitch.”

“You don’t know her ‘cause she a he. It's her fuckin’ brother, Sean.” Lonnie stated proudly.

“I told you, you fuckin’ asshole, she ain’t my brother, she’s my sister in training.”

AD let another loud howl.

Darcy whispered in my ear, “Now well find out who the bitch is Prom Queen.” It was obvious now. All her anger at and jealousy of Sara was being directed at me. Sure we had a certain animosity between the two of use, but not this deep dark hatred. I was becoming quite scared again.

“Come show her why we call you AD,” Darcy demanded. Already stripped to his boxers AD held his two fists directly in front of my face. There was a letter tattooed on each of his four knuckles. “Get it!” Darcy exclaimed as she stared at me with an evil grin. As terror spread across my face Darcy noticed and began to laugh saying, “She gets it!” I got it. The letters spelled out ANAL DOGG.

“Come on AD take off those boxers so she can see that monster.” Darcy demanded. With a quick howl he stripped down. The shock was obvious in my face. It was a monster, not in length, but its girth was tremendous at least twice the girth of any I had seen even on the net. In abject fear my mind demanded my body run. My breathing became rapid as I exerted every once of energy I had. Darcy, again, laughed as she saw the expression on my face.

“Lon toss me that lube,” AD demanded as he walked around behind me. He pulled the thong strap to the side and playfully tapped my bright red checks like a drum. One long loud howl followed, and then he spread my cheeks with his hands and cautiously tested the entrance with his massive erection. He pulled back and with his fingers spread lube generously inside my hole. Again, he spread my cheeks and with more authority tried to gain entry to my hole. The pressure was tremendous, but he didn’t make any progress and pulled back. “This is one tight little bitch,” he announced. Again with his fingers he spread lube generously and thoroughly in and outside of my hole. I could feel his focus was much more intense as again he tried to gain entry. My hole gave just a little under the pressure, but he pulled back again and applied even more lube. Using his hand to support to his erection this time he tried brute force.

Slowly, very slowly I could feel my hole opening wider. He kept up the relentless pressure. My expression must have begun to change, as Darcy’s smile seemed to grow as my hole began to spread open due to the force. In a moment it was over, my hole quickly opened. It felt like I was being ripped apart. My eyes pooped wide open as he slowly pushed his way completely inside me. When she saw my eyes widen Darcy began to whisper again in my ear. “How does that feel you little virgin bitch? You’re ‘my’ bitch now.”

At first he pushed slowly all the way in and back out slowly. With each push forward I gave a quiet mmpph. Lonnie fired-up another joint and sat to the right of Darcy just out of my view. The joint was passed among the three of them as AD slowly and methodically pumped away resting one hand on the small of my back. I could only look straight ahead, mmpphing softly with each push. Most of the pain slowly faded as I began to adjust to the rhythm. I tried not to notice myself in the mirror by keeping my eyes closed. I tried not thinking about my situation. AD kept slowly pumping away for 15 minutes or more as they finished the first joint and then another.

After the second joint was finished the mood became serious again. AD’s hands slipped down to my thighs pumping harder and pulling him self in as deep as possible with each stroke. As he pumped harder my mmpph became louder and more noticeable. It did not escape Darcy’s attention. “Why you little slut you have just been enjoying the hell out of your fuck. You didn’t think Big Sis would notice? I guess we can’t call you little brother anymore, now that you are just a horny little slut.”

AD was pounding progressively harder with each stroke. His grip tightened on my thighs pulling back hard enough to match the strength of each thrust. I could feel his thighs and sack slapping against my ass as he slammed into me each time. His force was so powerful that I began moan softly with each thrust.

No longer whispering Darcy continued to speak into my ear. “Listen to the little slut moan with pleasure. She loves to fuck. You are my little bitch, my little bitch that loves to be fucked in the ass. You can’t deny it. We have it all on video, you moaning with pleasure. Yes, you will always be my personal little bitch. Don’t ever even consider thinking like a man again. I won’t allow it. You are my little Sis and personal bitch. Then in a loud hateful tone she demanded, “ Tell me, who’s the fuckin’ bitch! Who’s the fuckin’ bitch, you little whore!” Almost screaming she demanded, “WHO’S THE FUCKIN’ BITCH NOW!!!” Tears started to flow from my eyes. Darcy noticed immediately and announced in a most hateful tone, “Look, the little whore is crying.” My tears only seemed to excite AD. He continued to screw me with power and depth on each thrust, but now he started to pump faster and faster. My moans became more frequent and audible as the tears continued to flow.

Darcy continued with her verbal assault. All her statements were now loud, demanding, and hateful. “Look in the mirror. Look at you just fuckin’ away. Look at you, all dressed up in your little Prom Queen ‘fuck me’ underwear. You did that. You wanted to be a woman. You wanted to be fucked. You wanted to be a fuckin’ damsel in distress. You started all this. You agreed to everything. Never did you ask to be released. Stop feeling sorry for yourself you horny little bitch.” She slapped me hard across my face.

My eyes flew open. I did, as she demanded. I looked in the mirror. Dressed in sexy intimates, I chose to do that. Did I really want to be a woman? Did I want to be fucked? Did I want to be a damsel in distress? Never did I demand to be released. Looking in the mirror, there I was, standing in shiny leather pumps wearing silky stockings, a sexy garter belt, a lacey thong, and a push-up bra all of my own doing. Completely confused and disoriented by the physical and emotional stress of the past few hours and Darcy’s psychological attacks, I didn’t know what to think. I wasn’t even sure who I was anymore.

In that moment I didn’t matter, I was only aware that I was being fucked. AD’s thrusting became increasingly faster and more violent; my moaning was loud and relaxed in perfect unison with his every thrust. His strong hands and muscular arms only increased the power of his thrust as he repeatedly pulled and slammed his body into mine. Faster and faster he pounded away. I stared blankly ahead moaning to each thrust. My entire body and mind were being fucked. Faster and harder he continued to pound away. I moaned completely unrestrained with each powerful thrust. The tension between almost unbearable. Suddenly I felt him explode inside me. His thrusting became slower, powerful and deep. I began to moan deep and soft. He paused with one final thrust and I felt him spasm several times inside me. Then he pulled out slowly. With a loud howl and a slap on the ass, it was over.

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