Kidnapping & Enslaving A Waitress
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  • Story Codes - M-f, non-consensual, bondage, breathplay, extreme, humiliation, kidnapping, latex, slavery, suspension, torture, toys, violent
  • Post Date - 1/19/2006


It took me a good two years to turn my really big basement into a ready-to-operate dungeon. I designed the dungeon so that it would contain the ultimate amount of bdsm-related accessories and devices. I carefully picked every piece of equipment that was needed... to enslave a woman.

For hours, I would keep making sketches of how I wanted the dungeon to look. Then for another couple of hours I would draw the bondage equipment I wanted to have in it.

I wanted the woman staying here to be helpless and vulnerable in every way. So the design of the dungeon was done around that idea.

The opportunities that the internet gives us are endless. Especially if you're interested in bondage, BDSM, abduction fantasies etc.

Most of the equipment in my dungeon was ordered from BDSM web- sites I discovered on the net. I'm amazed at the fact that you have access to really bizarre things, very easily. Hehehehe...

The designer, who created a wonder out of my basement, is a well-respected man in the business. He's really talented. His crew works very well. I found out about them in a web site called the SSK. I'd highly recommend them, they're very professional: no questions are asked.

After the hard work that went into my dungeon, it was time to find the right lady to kidnap and bring here, so that I could turn her into my slave.

I've spent months doing lists, stalking, taking photos of women who I thought would make a good slave.

The list ranged from 18-year old shy girls to 48-year old housewives - flight attendants to secretaries.

After a long time searching and stalking, I thought I'd never be able to find the right woman to be my slave.


I kept my eye open all the times. If I went to a movie, a concert or to the doctor's office I would look around for the right slave candidate. The parking lot, the museum... you name it.

Every now and then I would spot an attractive woman, dressed in sexy clothes. I would follow her around. Take photos and stalk her. I'd follow her home.

Then I'd figure out her routine. When does she leave the house? When does she come back? When does she go to sleep? Is she living alone?

Only two of them were worthy enough for me to break into their homes to search for personal information.

But no luck. It turned out that one of them, Nancy, shared her house with a friend. So kidnapping her was out of the question. The moment she goes missing, the friend would be alerted.

The other woman, Tina, a housewife, decided to go on holiday, on the day I'm about to kidnap her. Here I am, with my bag containing chloroform, ropes, gags and a tight leather hood, about to abduct her and the next thing I see, she's leaving home with a suitcase in her hand. She gets on a cab and disappears into the night.

It was actually the night I came back empty handed from Tina's house, that I came across Stacey Lee.

I was sitting in a diner, eating my steak when I saw her.

Stacey worked as a waitress in that diner.

She looked so sexy in her waitress uniform that I wanted to grab her right there and then.

She's a busty blonde with blue eyes. She has an innocent yet seductive face. A woman with nice hands and sexy feet and lips. Being a foot and ankle fetishist, I have to say that she has shapely ankles as well.

I'd never been in this diner before but I became a loyal customer after I first saw Stacey.

One of the things I love about her is that every day she comes to work wearing shiny, black, high heeled pumps. I mean, working all day on those heels must be painful for a woman. The rest of her appearance is completed with tan coloured pantyhose, a black, tight mini skirt, a white shirt and her nametag.

She is older than me. I'm twenty one, she's twenty nine.

She'd make the perfect slave. I loved the way she walked, the way she moved, the way she took your order and smiled.

The parking lot opposite the diner where Stacey worked became my headquarters.

Every night I waited for her, as she closed up the diner and walked for five minutes to the bus stop, alone.

Then I followed her home. I waited as she took a bath, watched TV and went to bed.

Every now and then she'd go to the movies or a nightclub with another waitress friend of hers, Amy.

Stacey is pretty much the clean-cut innocent type. But she looked like she kept a lot to herself.

I've never been inside her home. I didn't feel the need to break into her private space. I felt like I knew her very well already. She was perfect as she was. So I kept waiting for the right time to kidnap Stacey and make her mine...


I'm waiting in my car for Stacey to get off her shift. My palms are sweaty...

I'm feeling dizzy, this is a natural high. I'm about to abduct this beautiful waitress within an hour or two. Then she's going to belong to me.

It's raining really badly. I hope I can use it to my advantage.

Every now and then I catch a glimpse of Stacey, working like a busy bee behind the glass window.

After half an hour, Stacey finally comes out. She has a pink umbrella that fails to keep the raindrops from falling on her.

She's wearing her shiny high-heeled pumps, tan-coloured pantyhose, black mini skirt, and her white shirt with the nametag.

She walks by herself, in this dark rainy night, her eyes staring at her feet. She takes quick steps, sometimes going over a puddle or walking over a pile of mud.

I follow her, slowly, in my car.

By the time she gets to the bus stop, her pantyhose and high heels are smeared with rainy dirt.

I stop the car and wait.

Fifteen minutes later, she's still waiting for the bus to come.

She looks deep in thought.

After a minute or two, she walks over and sticks up her thumb. She looks like she's not sure of what she's doing.

An unmarked van pass by and then it stops. Uh no! Don't get in the van... please.

I look at the van that is waiting for the hitchhiking Stacey.

But she changes her mind and turns her back to the van. Luckily, the van leaves.

With a strong wind, her umbrella is turned inside out. She struggles to straighten it out, but no luck.

This is my chance. I start the car and pull beside her. I lower my window.


She looks at me as she keeps struggling with her umbrella.

"Would you like me to give you a ride?"

No answer.

"You'll catch a cold"

"Uh... I don't know..." She seemed to tense.

"I'll drop you off at the first gas station. You'll call yourself a cab from there"

Of course I didn't offer her the services of my cell phone, how ungentlemanly of me.

She looked at the other end of the road. Empty, wet and dark.

"The next gas station" she repeated and with a groan she let her pink umbrella fall in a puddle of mud.

Of course I know her route very well from stalking her for the last two weeks.

As soon as she gets in the car, I lock the doors automatically.

She is startled.

"Muggers" I lie.

The smell of her perfume fills the car. Poison.

It keeps raining. We don't talk much. But I get her to tell me where she's going. And I tell her that I'm going to pass through that route anyway so finally we agree that I'll drop her off on my way.

"Would you like a cracker?" I ask her with one in my hand.

"No, thanks"

I eat it myself.

Half an hour later we're getting close to her home. I have to think fast.

She looks lost in thought. Good.

I pass the junction where I am supposed to drop her off.

A few moments later she realizes that we have passed her stop.



I look around. It's pitch black and empty. Few cars pass by. And they're driving over the speeding limit anyway, even though I don't believe driving fast in weather like this is the smartest thing to do.

"We missed my stop"


I try to buy some time to make my move. The bottle of chloroform and the piece of cloth happen to be in my pocket.

"Yes!" She's tense.

"I can't take a U- turn, here".

I have to act real fast, or I'll blow it.

"Stop the car... I'll walk". She's alarmed.

"Are you kidding - you'll get soaked to death"

"Stop the car". Her voice shakes.


I stop the car.

She tries to open her door, but of course it's locked.

I take the bottle of chloroform. Then, quickly, I douse the cloth with a good amount of chloroform.

"The door isn'....."

She sees what I'm doing.

"What are you.....??"

She doesn't finish her sentence and begins pounding on the door.


I cover her nose and mouth with the chloroformed cloth.

"MMMMMMMFFFF!!!!!NNNMMMMMFFF!!!!" She shrieks under my palm.

"Shhh.... You have to sleep now"

She tries to shake her head from side to side to avoid the chloroformed cloth, but I hold her tightly in my strong grip.

"MMMMMFFFRRRRRRRR!!!!!!" She thrashes wildly inside the car.

Her muffled moans arouse me.

She kicks and screams, but only erotic "mmphh"ing escapes her.

One of her kicks lands on the passenger side window which cracks with the impact of her heel.

Luckily it's not a visible crack.

"NNUUUU!!!!!!NUUUUUU!!!!!MMMMMMM!!!!!!" She starts sobbing.

No matter what she does, I keep the chloroformed cloth pressed over her nose and mouth.

I grab her by the waist and then grab her in such a position that I have her head on my lap.

Her legs swing in the air.

She tries her best to remove the chloroformed cloth from her face, but I'm too strong for her.


No matter how hard she struggles, I keep her head on my lap, with the chloroformed cloth pressed over her face.


Her struggles get weaker.

"Mmm...nmmnnnmmm.m........" then she's off to dreamland.

For a few seconds I keep her head on my lap, the cloth over her face.

I look around to see... nobody. Nobody saw me chloroforming a blonde waitress inside the car. Hehehehe...

I remove the cloth from her nose and mouth and I place Stacey on the passenger seat floorboard for now. It's cramped down there but no one will see her. I take a blanket from the backseat and pull it over her.

I drive for an hour.

The rain stopped fifteen minutes ago.

I come to a secluded area and then I pull over. I take Stacy out of the car and place her on the backseat.

I take some nylon cord and duct tape from my bag.

I tie Stacey's hands behind her back with nylon cord. Then I add more ropes over and under her busty breasts. Her boobs bulge out.

I tie her arms in such a way that her elbows are almost touching.

Then I cross her ankles and tie them tightly together. I add more nylon cord over her knees.

Then I stuff her mouth with a sponge ball and flatten a piece of duct tape over her delicious lips.

Then I wind the duct tape around her head really tight. Her hair is also caught in the tape.

Then I put a strip of duct tape over her eyes to blindfold her.

I'm left all in sweat. This is exciting.

I look at her helpless sleeping form.

"You're mine now, piggy" I smile.

I place Stacey on the backseat floorboard. Then I cover her with blankets so that no one will see a blonde woman being kidnapped in the back of some car.

Satisfied she won't be visible to others, I close the door and get in the driver's seat. I start the engine, thinking, I finally have her.


We were almost there.

My mind was busy thinking of the things I'd do to my abductee once we got home. Her training was going to be an educational one for both her and me. A good experience for me to be a master and for her to be my slave.

The moment Stacey woke up, I turned off the radio. I wanted to listen to her helpless moaning.

"MmmMM????" she purred, trying to get everything together in her head.

The chloroform left her weak. But after she restored her strength and understood what was happening, she began making muffled noises under her gag.


The only sound that filled the car was her gag talk and muffled whimpers.


She tried her best to communicate with me. Probably begging me to let her go.


I didn't give any reaction at all, which frustrated her and made her whimper even more.


I turned around and looked at Stacey as she struggled under the blankets.

She looked uncomfortable on the backseat floorboard as she tried to adjust her body to the narrow space.

Her helpless sight aroused me.


For a moment she tried to rise to a standing position.

Immediately, with my hand over her chest, I forced her to stay lying on the floorboard.


I kept my hand over her chest, pinning her to the floorboard.

"You stay down there, hear me?"


She tried to rise from the cramped space between the backseat and the driver's seat,but I kept my hand over her, applying pressure, so that she would stay there.

Defeated, she began sobbing under the blanket that covered her from head to toe.

"If you give me a hard time, you'll regret it when we get home" I told her.

"HHMMMM???" she moaned under the gag.

"Hmm....?" I repeated mockingly after her.


"Oh, "home"! Yeah, I'm taking you to your new home"


She began whimpering and squirming frantically.

I laughed as she sobbed helplessly on the backseat floorboards.

After a really long ride, we got home.

I opened the door and she began struggling furiously.

"MMMMMMMM!!!!!!MMMMMMMMFRRRR!!!!!" she squealed.

She tried to kick me with all her might.

Just as I was laughing at her, one of her kicks landed on my chest. And let me tell you, high heel blows hurt.

I grabbed her feet and wrapped her whole body with the blankets.

I carried Stacey in my arms. To further her whimpering, I handgagged her tightly over the blankets and duct tape.

It was dark. The only noise was that of the crickets' mating sound... and her muffled moans...


She did her best to squirm and scream but I held her tightly.

I closed the door as we finally got inside the house.

I awarded her with a slap on her butt.

"MMMPFFFFF!!!" she protested.

"Welcome to your new home, Stacey Frost"

She screamed at the top of her lungs.

I carried her down to the dungeon.

Then I dropped her on the bed like a sack of potatoes, knowing that the bed was soft enough to prevent her from getting hurt.

"iiiHHMM!!" she groaned.

The bed had four leather straps with chains attached to the four posts of the bed.

I unwrapped my slave.

She lay on the bed, tightly bound with nylon cord, and with duct tape sealing her lips. Another strip of duct tape blindfolded her eyes.

Her white flesh turned pink because of her furious struggling.

I looked at her as she squirmed and squealed on the bed.

She looked breathtakingly attractive in her waitress uniform.

I sat next to her and wiped the sweat off her cleavage area.


She tried to jerk her body away from me.

I untied her feet. Of course, she began kicking with all her might.

I grabbed her ankles and tied them to separate ends of the bed with the leather straps.

She pulled at her bonds but the chains prevented her from moving her legs freely.


Then I untied her hands. She was a real fighter.

She clawed at me. I held her hands and tied them to separate ends of the bed the way I tied her feet.

She pulled at her bonds. She looked so helpless.


Slowly, I peeled the duct tape covering her eyes.

"MMMFFFFFF!" she moaned as I removed it.

Her big blue eyes looked at me in anger and fear.

Her make up was... um... every woman's nightmare. It was ruined because of the tears and sweat.

"MMMMMMM!!!!!MMMMMMMMMFFFF!" she screamed at me.

I smiled down at her. She didn't like it.

She pulled at her bonds frantically and kept squealing.

I went over to the closet and came back with a red ballgag in my hand.

Then I peeled the duct tape covering her lips.


I took out the sponge ball stuffed in her mouth.

"What do you want from me?"


"This is kidnapping!"

I chuckled at her naive comment.

She understood that she wasn't doing any good to help herself this way. So she gave me the Bambi eyes.

"Please let me go! I won't tell anyone"

"Open wide"

"No! Please don't gag me! I won't scream! PLEASE!! PLESNNnMPffMMMMMMMMM!!!!!"

I stuffed her mouth with the red ball-gag. Then I tightened the straps around her head real tight to keep it in place.

"NUUUUUUHHHHUU!!!!NNUUUUUU!!!!!" she sobbed.


I kissed Stacey on her forehead.

"MMMMMMMFFRRRRRRRRR!" she screamed, irritated.

Stacey looked so sexy in her waitress uniform, tied to the bed, gagged and all helpless.

I went towards the door.

"Try to sleep. It's going be a long day tomorrow" I told her.

"MMMMMMMmmm!!!!MMMMFFFFFrrrr...." she kept crying under the ballgag.

I turned off the lights and closed the dungeon door behind me, as Stacey sobbed helplessly in the dark room.


Sunlight filled my bedroom. I looked out of the window. It was a beautiful day out there.

For the first time in my whole life I fell asleep the moment I put my head on the pillow. I didn't have any dreams or nightmares as well, which is rare for me.

For the last couple of days I had really weird dreams. Like the one in which I kidnapped Stacey and brought her home, only to find all of my ex-girl friends waiting for me. They lectured me on abducting a woman.

Then I tried to bind and gag all of them. But it got out of control. Bettie Page and Irving Klaw came out of nowhere and told me that the way I tied the girls was not tight enough to keep a woman in bondage.

Regarding Stacey's kidnapping, I didn't want anything to go wrong. I didn't want her bindings to be loose. I didn't want her gags to be weak. I didn't want any nosey lady to witness her abduction.

Well, now that I had Stacey down in my dungeon, none of this mattered. What was important was that she was mine now. And nobody knew that she was here. The perfect abduction!

I wondered when Stacey's family and friends would notice that she was missing? Probably right away since she wouldn't be showing up to work this morning.

Well nobody could trace her disappearance back to me. I hadn’t left any clues back at the scene of the kidnapping... I hoped.

I wondered if they could trace the marks of the tyres....? Mustn't get paranoid.

No, I made it!

WOW!! I MADE IT!! I had kidnapped a waitress and got away with it! Hehehehe...

I got out of bed and took a quick shower. Then I read the papers.

I checked my e- mail. The inbox was full. I would check it later.

I took my cup of coffee and went down to the dungeon.

The only noise that filled the basement was Stacey's heavy breathing.

I placed my hot coffee on the table and stood over my helpless victim.

"MmmmMFFFF!" she protested behind the red ballgag.

She was startled to see me.

"Slept well?"

"MMMFFFFF!!!" she yelled.

She looked tired.

She had probably kept screaming and struggling all night long.

"I forgot to tell you, the dungeon walls are soundproof" I smiled mischievously.

She looked at me with hatred.


Her muffled moans aroused me.

Her eyes went down to the bulge formed between my legs.

She drooled uncontrollably. I wiped the saliva on her chin. But she kept drooling.

I ran a hand over her pantyhose covered legs.


Her breasts rose as she kept breathing.

I went over to the closet and took out a pair of white surgeon gloves and put them on.

Stacey looked at me with fear as I poured a lubricant on the tip of my fingers.

"I'm afraid you're not going to enjoy it as much as I'm going to enjoy it", I told her.

She looked terrified. The expression on her face was priceless. Her eyes were open wide with fear, her cheeks, a shade of pink.

"IIHMHMMMM!!!!IIHHHHMMM!!", she sobs as I sit next to her on the bed.

I hold her waist as she kept struggling.

"NUUUUUU!!!!PPLLLSSSNMMM!!!!" she whimpered helplessly.


I pulled Stacey's skirt down to her ankles as she kept struggling under my grip.


"Yes. Please?" I mocked.

Then I ripped the crotch area of her pantyhose.

I cut off her white panties.

"IIIHHMMMMMM!!!!" she sobbed helplessly.

She was completely vulnerable.

"We have to take care of that bush of yours as well,” I told her.

She seemed embarrassed by my comment.

I brought my lubricated fingers closer to her asshole.


Stacey tried to jerk her body away the instant my fingers touched her asshole.

I held her tightly. And as she kept squealing I massaged her asshole with the lubricant.


She was tense. Then I applied the lubricant on her clit and spread it around.

Then without a warning I slipped an inflatable, vibrating buttplug inside her asshole.

"MMMMFFFRRRRRRRRRR!!!!" she shrieked into the gag, drooling at the same time.

Then to her surprise I inflated the buttplug.

"MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!MMMMMPFFFFF!!!!" she screamed as I keep pumping.

She lay still on the bed, uncomfortable because of the buttplug.

Her pantyhose shone in the soft light.

I took off her shoes. She has sexy feet. Her red painted toenails were visible under the shiny pantyhose. I rubbed the soles of her feet.

Irritated, she tried to pull her feet away from my grasp.

She squirmed and squealed.

Then I removed her skirt with the pair of scissors.

Then her shirt.

She was left with her bra and pantyhose.

Gently, I cupped her breasts over the bra. She screamed into the gag.

Slowly, I pulled down the straps of her bra over her shoulders to the sides of her arms.

Then, instead of cutting it, I reached behind and undid her bra.

She was now naked except for her pantyhose.

"You look tired, Stacey" I told her.

Then she followed me with a puzzled look, trying to figure out the device I was holding in my hand.

I sat next to her with the violet wand in my hand.

"Do you remember that song 'It's Electric'"? I laughed.

"MMMMmmm??????" she purred innocently, not knowing what I was going to do to her.


I put the violet wand on the bed. Then I took off the gloves.

Stacey inspected the device with discomfort.

"First let's get you out of your nylons"

I cut off the toes of Stacey's pantyhose.

"Would've been fun if you were standing on your toes" I smiled at her.

I removed her pantyhose.

"iiiihhHMMm...." she moaned.

"But first let's oil you up"

I took a bottle of baby oil and began oiling up Stacey's entire body. I rubbed her breasts, tummy, crotch, legs and feet.

"MMmmmMM????" she moaned under her gag.

I wiped off the saliva on her lips and chin.

She looked all shiny and sexy covered with oil.

I cupped her delicious breasts and squeezed them.

"MMMmmmmMMM!!!!!!" she protested.

"You know the Tesla coil, right? Well, same principle"

She looked puzzled.

Then I turned on the violet wand. An annoying, electrical buzzing noise filled the dungeon.

"Mmmmmm????" she purred in panic.

Stacey was lying on the bed, motionless, still like a mummy. She closed her eyes real tight, not knowing what was going to happen.

I began rubbing the violet wand around her tummy and slid it between her legs. I kept rubbing and then:

"MMMMMMFFFFF???!!!" she jerked her legs with a spasmodic movement.

Her eyes were wide open with shock.

I kept rubbing the violet wand and again:

"MMMMMMFFFFRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" she shrieked into the gag.

She pulled at her bonds with reflex and spasmodic movements every time the violet wand touched her nerves.

Then I turned the dial.


Now she kept screaming into the gag, constantly.


She became animated all of a sudden, now that I increased the power of the violet wand.

She squealed and squirmed and pulled at her bonds. But the straps held her in place, not giving her enough freedom to move freely.

After each contact of the wand on her skin, I rubbed that spot to avoid skin burn.


I kept rubbing the wand on her tummy and nipples.


She kept moaning and screaming.

Then after a while she had her first forced orgasm. Then another one and another one. She soaked the bed with her juices.

I rubbed and squeezed her nipples.


I licked and sucked them and then without warning I placed vacuum/suction tubes on her nipples.

"MMMMMMFFRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" she screamed under the gag.

Then I placed another suction tube on her vagina.

"iiiiiHHHHMMMMMM!!!!" she whimpered in pain.

I kissed her neck and pulled at the suction tubes on her nipples. She moaned and sobbed, helplessly.

I played with Stacey like this for a full three hours.

"Would you like some chocolate?"

She was in the middle of having another forced orgasm.

"Mmmm...???"She purred with ecstasy and agony.

I removed the wand away from her crotch denying her an orgasm.

"MMMMMmMM!!!!" Stacey screamed.

She was covered with oil, sweat and her own juices. It was hard to tell which was which after a while.

I pinched and twisted one of her nipples.

"Pay attention!"

"MMMMMMMmMmM!!!!" She shrieked in pain.

"Would you like something to eat and drink?"

"Mmmmm..." she nodded.

"Fine. But you have to earn it!"

"Mmmm......???" she purred erotically.

"I'll be back", I told her.

After ten minutes I came back with a large pot full of hot wax which I placed on the floor.

Then I removed the buttplug from her asshole and removed the suction tubes from her nipples and vagina.

"MMMMm!!!" She kept moaning.

Then I untied her.

"MMMMmmMM!!!!" She tried to resist me as I lifted her from the bed.

Her entire body was shaking

I tied one of Stacey's ankles to an anchor on the floor with rope.

Then I tied another piece of rope around the other ankle. I raised that leg as high as possible.

"MMMMMMMMFFFRRR????????!!!!!" She screamed in pain.

The sole of her foot almost touched her shoulder blade.

She had a hard time, trying to stand on one foot.

"MMMMMMMMM????" She yelled into the gag.

With a piece of rope, I tied the pot of hot wax to an anchor on the ceiling. The pot was now placed just above Stacey.

Then I tied Stacey's hands with rope. Then I raised her arms behind her as high as possible and securely attached the end of that rope to the rope that held the pot of hot wax.

Now she was helpless.

The slightest movement of her body would cause the hot wax to spill on her back.

"MMMMMMFFRRRRRRRRRR!!!" She screamed in terror, figuring the cruel set up.

"You try your best. I'll come back after forty minutes to check on you"

"NUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!MMMMMMMPFFFFFF!!!!" She screamed frantically.

"I'll bring some chocolate"

"NUuuu...IiiiHHHMMMm...MMMMM!!!" She sobbed.

Then I pinched her nipple and twisted it.


She tried to keep her balance in pain, trying hard not to move. But she wasn't successful.

A good amount of hot wax spilled on her bare back and ass as she squirmed in pain.

"MMMMMMFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRR!!!" She screamed in pain as the hot wax covered her skin.

"MMMMmmMMM!!!MMFFFFFF!!!" She screamed into the gag.

I let go of her nipple.

"See you in forty minutes"

I looked at my watch.

"Make that fifty. I have to take care of my own needs as well. You had yours a thousand times" It was true. Stacey probably had experienced the most powerful orgasms she had ever had in her entire life.

She sobbed helplessly as she tried to keep her balance.

I looked at Stacey. Her body was shaking, and she was tired.

As I was closing the door she lost her balance, I think she had a cramp in her leg.

Well she'd been lying on that bed since last night, so changing her position from one extreme to another; it's normal that she has a cramp.

She lost her balance and again the hot wax spilled on her back.

"MMMMMMFFFFFRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!" She screamed in pain and kept crying.

I closed the door behind me, leaving Stacy, alone hanging like that.


It took me an hour and ten minutes to eat and do what I told Stacey I'd do.

Actually I was so immersed with myself that I forgot all about Stacey's situation.

I wondered if she had managed to keep her balance for the whole sixty minutes, poor girl.

I went down to the kitchen and grabbed a box of chocolates and a small glass of water. Then I headed for the dungeon.

I opened the dungeon door and saw Stacey moaning in pain.


She was crying frantically.

I looked up at the pot of hot wax. The pot was empty...

Then I took a closer look at Stacey.

Of course... She wasn't able to keep her balance at all.

Her back, her ass and almost her whole body were covered with hot wax.

She was in hysterics. If it had not been for the ropes holding her body, she'd have collapsed on the floor,

"MmmMM....PLLSSSS....NNUUUUHHUUUU.....MMMMmm.PLSsssnnMMM!!!" she begged me as she kept drooling.

There was a puddle of drool at her feet.

With my finger I checked the wax on her body. It was dry and covered her body like a second skin. Her asshole was covered shut with it. I pressed my finger against it.

"MMMMFRRRRRRRR!!!" She screamed in agony.

Her busty breasts bounced and danced around, as she pulled at the ropes furiously.

"Sorry, guess I'm a bit late"

"MMMPPPFFFF!!!!" She cursed me under her gag.

"I brought you some food and water"

I untied the straps of the ballgag.

I wiped the drool around her lips and chin.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she asked, her voice shaking.

"You belong to me, waitress!"

"Please let me go.., Please... I won't go to the police... Pleasnnmm...mMpfFF..."

I handgagged her.

"Listen, Stacey, you're going to be my slave. Even if it sounds silly or bizarre to you right now, you're going to be my slave"

"MmmMPPFFFFFf!!!" She moaned.

"In time you're going to learn to address me as Master or Sir. From now on your only purpose will be to serve me"

"NUUUUU....huuuhuuummmm!!!!!" She screamed. I felt her lips trying to move under my palm.

Her helplessness aroused me.

"You think people will be looking for you? Nobody knows you're here! They'll quit looking for you after a week. So you better understand this; just for three days, you're a face on a paper on a tree. But do you think they'll keep looking for you forever? Hah! They'll forget all about the waitress who used to work at the diner. You're nothing but a newspaper clipping. Accept your new life. You belong to me, piggy"

She began crying helplessly. I felt sorry for her. I felt like a monster... But then again, as she moaned and kept producing those erotic, muffled noises, a bulge formed between my legs.

Anyway, I removed my hand from her mouth.

She looked so vulnerable. As she kept crying, I felt that if I were her boyfriend (and not her kidnapper ) I would hold her real tight in my arms and kiss her out of her misery. But I'm not her boyfriend. So...

I fed her a piece of chocolate.

She swallowed it whole.

"Want another one?

She nodded as she kept sniffing.

I cleaned her runny nose with a hanky.

I fed her the whole box of chocolate.


"Yes, please"

She drank the water real fast. She looked so cute as she gulped the water.

"Listen, it's not possible to remove the wax from your body without softening it first. So you're going to take a bath"

She listened to me with tear-filled eyes.

I untied her and she collapsed in my arms. I carried her in my arms.

"What's that? A fountain?" she asked me as I placed her inside an empty, aquarium like tub.

After I placed her inside, I handcuffed her hands and feet.

"Oww!!!" she protested.

"Now, just lie down"

"WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO ME???" she asked in terror.



Without a warning I gagged her with a breathing tube.

"Nuuuu...plllsss..nuuummmm...." she moaned and squirmed inside the tub.

She breathed heavily. Her breasts rose with each breath.

I closed the top of the tub with a crate. The crate went over the breathing tube.

Then I started filling the tub with water.

"Nuuu...ohhumm...mhuh...." her muffled moans could be heard from the other end of the breathing tube.

I watched her from the glass walls of the tub.

She squirmed, frantically, inside the tub, as water filled it.

"An hour would be enough for her,” I told myself, as she kept struggling in terror.


I watched Stacey for an hour. For the first half an hour, she kept thrashing with all her might. She was obviously freezing, as the water was very cold.

Then to keep her breathing going easily, she lay in there like a statue.

I came over the tub. I listened to hear breathing.

My hand went over the breathing tube.

Then without a warning, I covered the end of the tube with my palm.

Within a second she began thrashing again. I waited for some time, with my hand blocking her air supply. Then I released it.

"Ohhumm...mmhh..mmm...." Stacey breathed heavily.

She stopped struggling.

Then again I covered the breathing tube with my hand. Stacey pulled at the handcuffs biting into her ankles and wrists.

This time I kept my hand longer over the tube. She looked so desperate. She looked like a fish trying to fight for its life inside a small aquarium.

Then again I released the end of the tube.

"Mmmmm...Ohhh...ohummm......" she tried to breathe.

She became frantic so I removed the crate and released her from her bonds.

She was shaking. Her whole body was cold like a piece of ice.

She looked at me with hatred and fear.

"I'm not trying to harm your health in anyway. I'm only training you, slave," I told her.

She began crying like a baby.

"Why... why are you doing this to me? I don't even know you..."

I placed her on the bed and sat next to her. She kept shaking.

With one hand I fondled her busty breasts; they were so soft. I squeezed them and played with them. My other hand went between her legs.

"No! Please donmmpfff...."

I covered her mouth with my hand.

"MMMMPPFFF...." she kept crying as I played with her vagina. I inserted three of my fingers in search for her G- Spot.

"MMMMMFFFFRRRRR!!!!" she shrieked as I pinched her nipples and twisted them.

Then I removed my hand from her mouth and kissed her on the lips.

As I kissed her, she kicked and tried to punch me.

I laughed at her desperate situation.

"What do you want?"

"I told you. I want you to be my slave"

"You... you can't keep me here! This is insane..."

"Listen, Stacey, like it or not you're going to stay here from now on. You're not going back home. Get used to it"

"You're a monster!"

I slapped her across the cheek.

Her cheek turned cherry red.

She began crying again. To grab her attention I slapped her again.

"You maniac!!!! Let me go!!!"

She began thrashing helplessly. She looked so pathetic.

"HELP ME SOMEBODY! HELP ME!!!! I"M KIDNAPPED!!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Within a second I was on top of her. As she kept struggling, I managed to pin her arms with my knees.

I produced the bottle of chloroform from my pocket and poured some of it on a dirty piece of cloth.

Stacey began shaking her head violently from side to side, figuring my intention to put her to sleep.

"No! Please... Please... sir... Please... not that sickly-smelling drug... Pleeeheeheezzz.."" she kept crying her heart out.


I covered her nose and mouth with the chloroformed cloth.

"NUUUUUHHUUUUHUU!!!PPLLSSS....NUUUUUUUU!!!!" she kept sobbing.

No matter how hard she squealed and squirmed, I kept the chloroformed cloth in place.


Her struggling and moaning aroused me and a hard bulge was formed between my legs as I lay on top of her.

She tried her best to remove my hand from her face. She clawed, kicked and thrashed.


I held both of her hands with my hand.


Her kicking got weaker.

And then she was off to dreamland.

I removed the chloroformed cloth from her face.

I kissed her on the neck then I rested my head on her breasts.

"How sweet, fresh meat..." I laughed.

I caught my breath. Wow... That was fun!

I looked at Stacey's helpless body. She looked so sexy with her busty boobs, nice butt, big toenails, and bony knees.

The pink soles of her feet looked so cute. Her areolas reminded me of pepperoni, weird.

I took Stacey in my arms. Then I placed her inside a small, uncomfortable cage, hanging from the ceiling. I locked her inside the cage.

It will take a long time for the chloroform to wear off. So I went upstairs to watch "A Clockwork Orange" on DVD.


In the end I only watched Adrienne Corri's scene and skipped the rest of "A Clockwork Orange" and watched "Stealing Candy" instead. That film also has a nice bondage scene in it.

I fell asleep in the middle of the film and woke up with the irritating ringing of the doorbell.

I made sure the dungeon door was locked. Then I answered the door.

It was Mrs. Chambers. She informed me about the new neighbourhood watch that was being formed. Actually I was going to tell her how lousy our neighbourhood watch was since I was able to bring Stacey in without any interference but then again it's not my business.

Anyway she's such a nice person that I listened to her with my "I'm all ears look" and thanked her.

After she left I checked my watch and realized that I had slept for a long time.

I went down to the dungeon. I had other things on my mind rather than the neighbourhood watch. I grabbed a tight, black leather hood from the closet and came over the uncomfortable cage that held Stacey.

I shook the cage.

"Wake up!"

No response.

I shook it violently.


No peep. I didn't think I used that much of chloroform. I unlock the cage and grabbed Stacey.

Just as I took her out of the cage A kick landed on my chest.

"You f*cker!" she yelled.

That little cheater...

I fell to the ground and she landed on my stomach and punched me right in the shoulder. That hurt.

"AARGGGHHHH!!!! You're going to pay for this!"

"Can you say, Rated- R for ruthless revenge”?

I smacked her across the face. Have to give it to her though she could still keep her sense of humour.

Darn it, I forgot to lock the dungeon door. She saw it and made a run for the door.

I grabbed her by the ankles and she fell flat on her tummy.


"You belong to me waitress!"

She kicked me in the face.

"I'd rather be with an animal, you sick f*ck"


She got up to her feet and ran towards the stairs with hope in her eyes. But then again:


She lost her balance and fell on her knees, holding her calf.

"Awww, poor princess got a cramp in her leg?"

I made fun of her.

I caught up with Stacey and grabbed her by the waist and we struggled. She clawed at me with all her might.


I grabbed her by the hair


She kicked me in the crotch.

"You're just making it worse for yourself!"

It was too late as she was by the door within seconds.

I looked up to her in pain.

She managed to smile with triumph and gave me the finger.

I could hear her banging on the door and screaming.


I caught up with her just as she was pulling at the doorknob helplessly.

When she saw me she ran towards the living room. Her busty breasts bounced around as she tried her best to escape from this prison.

We played cat and mouse around the table. Then I jumped over the table and landed on her. We fell on the ground.

"HELP MEE!!!! YOU SICK FUnnMPPFFF!!!" I covered her mouth with my hand.

She thrashed wildly.


I pinched shut her nose with my other hand.

She was now frantic.


Her breasts rose and danced around as she tried to breathe.

I released her nose. Just as she took a deep breath I slipped the tight leather hood over her head and hand gagged her over the hood.


I was sweating profusely.

"I win... You lose, piggy" I hissed into her ear and then I unzipped my pants.

"NUUUUUU!!!!NUUUU!!!!" she squirmed helplessly.

I pushed my erect penis inside her.

"NUUUHUUUHHUUU!!!IIIHHMMMMMM!!!" she screamed in terror.

It was moist, wet and warm. I felt at home... I felt like an animal... But just as I was about to thrust my penis deep inside of her, I stopped...

"No, it's too easy this way!" I zipped up my pants.

Stacey was crying under the hood.

"Get up!"

"MMMMMM!!!!" I pulled her hair and brought her up to her feet.

I pinched her nipple and twisted it.

"MMMMFFRRRRRR!!!!" she screamed in agony.

"See what happens if you try to run away?"

I kept twisting her nipple.

"PLLLSSS!!!!NUUUUUUU!!!!" she sobbed under the hood.

She looked so pathetic like this; naked with a tight hood over her head, breathing heavily and crying constantly.

"No more trouble or I'll be keeping you inside a small box for the next two days with no food, no water, no nothing. You'll be sleeping in your own filth. HEAR ME?"

I held her by the hair that stuck out of the hood and led her back to the dungeon.

She hesitated to follow me, so I yanked her hair hard.

"OWWWWW!!!" she sobbed under the hood.

"You're going to be sorry for what you did, slave!"

I closed the dungeon door behind us as she kept begging me to let her go. My only response was to pull her hair as we went down the stairs.

Since she could not see her next step, she acted clumsy going down the stairs. I pulled her hair harder, almost causing her to fall all the way down to the bottom. But I held her by the hair. She screamed in pain.

Again I was aroused by her helplessness.


I pushed Stacey's shaking body on the bed. She buried her hooded head into the soft pillow.

She kept sobbing helplessly.

I turned her over on her back and pinched a nipple.

"MMPPPFFFF!!!! PPLSSSs..." she whimpered.

I took the hood off. She breathed heavily.

I ran a finger across her cheek and then without a warning, slapped her with the palm of my hand.

Tears ran down her red and wet cheeks

"That's for the pathetic escape attempt. You're going to get punished for this, slave!"

"Please... I want to go home..."

She looked so vulnerable with her big blue eyes as she begged to be released.

"You're home"

"No...." she looked at the dungeon door.

I slapped her again.

"Don't even think about trying it"

I held her arm and she got off the bed.

I led her to the center of the dungeon.

She fell on the floor. I went over to the closet and came back with some gear that made Stacey's eyes widen with fear.

I threw the accessories at her feet.

"Now, one by one you're going to put them on"


"You heard me, slut!"


Then she saw the riding crop in my hand and gulped.

"My way or de Sade's. Now put that on"

She looked at the five-ring collar lying in front of her.

And she picked it up rather slowly. She examined it.


The crop brushed her breasts.


"Put it on, SLUT!"

She looked at me with fear.

Then she put the collar on.

"Make it real tight"

She did what I told her to do.

She gulped hardly with the pressure on her throat.

"The nipple clamps"


The crop brushed her belly.

"Owww... Stop! I'll do whatever you want"

Carefully she placed the nipple clamps on each breast. She kept moaning in pain.

"That's better. In time, you're going to learn to obey your master without making me repeat myself"

I pulled at the nipple clamps.

"You're hurting me!" she whimpered.

I smiled down at her.

"Now tie your right ankle to the anchor on the floor with that piece of rope"

She tied the rope tightly around her ankle and tied the other end to one of the anchors on the floor.

"The gag! You really have a big mouth! Using the "F" word in my household? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk"

She took the inflatable gag and gagged herself.

"Now, inflate it! I don't want to hear your pathetic voice! I want to listen to your helpless muffled noises"

She began to inflate the gag. With each pump her cheeks began to bulge out.

To test the effectiveness of the gag I smacked her nipples with the riding crop.


Excellent. Just the way I wanted her to be.

"Now your hands. Put on those handcuffs"

She looked at the handcuffs suspiciously.

The crop landed on her crotch.

"MMMMMMMFRRRRRRR!!!!" she whimpered in pain.

Her muffled noises aroused me.

She put on the handcuffs after several unsuccessful attempts.

"That's better!"

I smacked her crotch one more time.


She tried to communicate but only the exciting muffled noises escaped her lips.

"Hope you're ready, slut", I hissed in her ear.

Then I slipped a piece of rope through one of the rings on her collar and tied it to an anchor on the floor.

Then another rope was slipped to the second ring and I tied that one to an anchor on the ceiling.


Now she was standing in such a position that she could neither stand up straight nor kneel on the ground.

I grabbed her left leg.


I tied her leg to her neck with more rope. Now she was all-helpless.

"MMMMMMMFFFRRRRRRR!!!!" she screamed with all her might.

The pathetic noises she produced under the gag kept me real hard.

Then I slipped a piece of wire through the third ring on her collar and tied one end to the nipple clamps. Then I looped the other end through another anchor on the ceiling.

Now she had to keep her movements in minimum or she'd be left breathless and at the same time pressure would be put on her tender nipples.

"MMMmmm....??" she purred erotically.

"Now let's teach you what we do to girls who try to runaway!"

She looked at me with fear.

My belle captive, I thought to myself as she tried to test her bonds.


Nothing seemed to be working with Stacey.

Hot wax training, caning, self- bondage, tight and cruel bindings... Nothing...

Every single time I thought that I had broken her will at last, she scored another point.

In spite of all the "training exercises" I put her through, she still managed to keep that rebel spirit of hers. These exercises were supposed to break her will for crying out loud!

It was like she was challenging me. I mean if it weren’t for the pain, I'd say that she enjoyed all of this. And this is the way she wanted to keep the game going on.

Well, what I needed was certainly not a selfish slut. What I needed was a submissive slave!

Note to self: The next time I plan to abduct a woman, make sure that she's a subfem.

Still, two can play this game. So I changed my strategy. If the attention and the horsing around was what she wanted, then she would not be getting any of it.

For the next two weeks, I had minimum contact with Stacey. I only went down there to feed her and help her with the toilet needs and her periods.

She ate out of a bowl like a cat and had to drink her water the same way. I kept her gagged at all times. Except for her three meals.

And of course she was always cruelly bound and gagged. All alone in the scary dungeon...

On purpose, I didn't bathe her for the final seven days, so that I could taunt and humiliate her even more.

We would see who won at the end.

Me? I had all the time in the world, since I had Stacey in my clutches anyway. But what about my poor little Stacey? For how long could she endure these "exercises"?

And she was not going anywhere, so I could keep it coming... I could wait... But the question was; could Stacey handle it?

ENTER: Talia Page

I was getting impatient with Stacey... Days passed by... But nope, still no sign of obedience from my captive...

Of course I wasn't being lazy all this time. With the help of items in her purse, I went through an extensive research on my captive.

I'm glad that women keep so much personal stuff in their purse. I found a small address book in Stacey's purse that contained passwords to her e-mail, ICQ, and MSN accounts.

A mystery was revealed before my eyes. I went through an exhausting amount of work. I read every single e-mail, and ICQ history in her accounts.

And finally I found the key to breaking Ms. Stacey Lee. FINALLY!!! All that research had paid off.

The key to breaking Stacey was Talia... Talia Page...

From what I read in her e-mails and chat logs, Talia was a friend of Stacey's. Well.. um.. Actually more than that... I found out that my captive waitress was actually a lesbian. And Talia was her one true love.

Talia was nineteen years old and attending school. But even though they were this close, I understood that they never met in real life. Their relationship was an online one. At least for the time being.

Stacey had nice pictures of her. Talia was a brunette with short wavy hair. She had a nice figure, a pretty face.

Their e-mails and chat logs showed how much they cared and loved each other... I had to pay Talia a visit after school. Who knew I might help her with her homework after all. Hehehe...

I know what you're thinking, "oh! how low can you get!" etc., kidnapping Stacey's friend and all. But hey! I didn't want this. Stacey could've chosen the easy way and be my footstool.

But no! She had to act like a rebel... I'm just teaching her a lesson, that's all.

I take a look at Talia's picture. A cute girl indeed. It's going to be fun grabbing her.

I waited for two hours across from Talia's school, drinking ice tea.

And there she was. She was much prettier than the pictures she had sent to Stacey.

Talia was wearing pink ballet flat slippers; white ankle socks and a nice dress.

She was carrying her books, pressed against her chest. So girly, so cute..

I crossed the road and followed her.

She kept walking with a friend and then they went in different directions. Perfect! Now she was alone.

I approached my unsuspecting victim from behind.

"Excuse me? Talia right?"


"I've got news regarding your friend Stacey, Stacey Lee"

"Stacey? Are you a friend of hers? Is she ok? I was really worried. She hasn't been online for like... so long?"

"Unfortunately, Stacey's not ok. She asked me to come down here and ask you to come with me"

"What is it? Is it something serious? What's going on?"

"I'll tell you all about it in the car"

"Ok. Let's go" she said, all excited.

Piece of cake. What a gullible sweet girl.

On purpose I parked my car behind an abandoned building not so close to Talia's school.

She seemed so excited about seeing her "love" that the poor girl didn't see me soaking a piece of cloth with chloroform.

"Here we are"

She opened the passenger's door and as she was getting inside I grabbed her from behind and clamped the chloroformed cloth over her nose and mouth.

"MMMMMPFFFF???" she began thrashing and moaning.

She looked so pathetic and cute, trying to avoid the sweet smelling cloth.

She kicked and screamed. Her muffled noises echoed.

And after a few seconds she was fast asleep.

I gagged her with a sponge ball and sealed her lips shut with electrician’s tape.

Then I slipped a pillowcase over her head and tied it tightly with nylon cord around her throat to keep it in place.

Then I tied her hands behind her back and crossed her ankles and tied her feet tightly with more nylon cord. Then I put her in a struggle and choke hogtie and stuffed poor Talia in my trunk.

I started the engine. I looked at the mirror and wiped the sweat off my forehead.

"Ms. Lee, now we'll see who's got the upper hand." I smiled to myself as I drove back home with my wildcard stuffed in the trunk.


It was a long way back home and I decided to take Talia out of the trunk and have her keep me company.

I pulled over at a secluded area. When I opened the trunk I found her sobbing helplessly.

With the pillowcase slipped over her head, she couldn't see what was happening so she mistook me for help and began whimpering.

She was so excited that her muffled noises aroused me.

When I reached in and cupped her busty breasts, she squirmed helplessly and kept sobbing under her gag and hood.

I took her out of the trunk. The struggle and choke hogtie restricted her struggles.

I placed Talia on the backseat floorboard and covered her with blankets to keep her out of sight.

I turned off my radio. For the rest of the journey I listened to her sweet muffled moans.

Don't you just love gag talk? The damsel doing her best to communicate but only the erotic "mmpph" noises escaping her lips.

In my opinion, the faint moans of a gagged woman, beat any motion picture soundtrack.

After a wonderful drive back home with my bound and gagged kitten mewing on the uncomfortable floorboard, we finally reached our destination.

I stuffed Talia in a duffel bag and carried her inside the house.

Once we were inside, I took her out of the duffel bag and released her from the hogtie. Then I untied her ankles.

I placed a collar around her fragile neck. I held the leash.

With the pillowcase still in place, I led her down to the basement.

She looked so cute and helpless, not knowing what to do. So I had to pull at her leash to make her follow me.

She mewed and moaned helplessly.

Stacey was hogtied and suspended from the ceiling.

As we were coming down the stairs, Talia's muffled whimpers attracted Stacey's attention.

"MMmmphhh?" Stacey mewed curiously.

"I got a surprise for you, Stacey" I laughed.

"MMMMPPFRRRRR!!!" she responded with anger.

She knew something was rotten around Denmark.

Women have strong instincts.

"MMMPPPFFFRRRRR!!!!" Talia moaned under the hood.

I stood in front of Stacey with Talia's leash in my hand.

Stacey's eyes were wide open with fear.

I removed the pillowcase to reveal Talia's beautiful visage.

Her forehead was sweaty, her cheeks pink, her make up ruined because of the tears. The electrician tape sealing her lips caused her cheeks to bulge out.

"TTHRRMMMMPFFFF????!!" Stacey moaned with excitement.

"STTMMMMFFFPFF???!!!!" Talia screamed into the gag.

Both of them were shocked to see each other.

They were very excited.

And suddenly both ladies began communicating with gag talk. All of a sudden it was like a party.

Two women catching up:



The dungeon was filled with their muffled noises.

I put my arm around Talia's shoulder.

"So what do you say now, waitress?" I asked Stacey with a grin.

"MMMPHHH..." she mewed with a sad look.

Actually I didn't understand what she said under the gag. But she didn't have to say anything at all. Her looks gave it all away. Her sad eyes read: "You've defeated me".

I laughed hard and slapped Talia on the butt.

Stacey responded with a muffled whimper.

As the helpless women kept moaning under their gags, I was wondering what to do with my new slaves...


For the last three days, I had kept my women in two separate cages. I had them blindfolded and hooded all the time so that they could only hear each other's pathetic muffled moans.

I knew I was almost there... Breaking Stacey at last...

Today is the day... The day I'm going to test Stacey's trust in me... And it's her last chance to show me that I can trust her. Because I've had enough of her arrogance. I can always sell her to a sadistic couple on the Internet... You won't believe the number of couples seeking slaves out there. And it won't mean a thing to them if the slave is a willing submissive or a woman kidnapped off the street, as long as they get to keep her.

That Talia looks like she's more of a subfem than Stacey. So I might train her sweet ass instead... We'll see how things go today.

I have Stacey sitting on a chair. She's naked. A strip of duct tape covers her eyes. Another strip seals her lips.

She's breathing heavily. Her helplessness arouses me...

Her hands are bound behind her back. I tie three dumbbells to each of her ankles. As she keeps squirming I tie one piece of rope around her throat. I tie the other end to three dumbbells resting on the floor.

She tugs at her bonds. But the weights do a good job of holding her in place.

"MMMMPPFFRRRR!!!" she whimpers with frustration.

I laugh and slap her across the cheek.

She produces a high pitch yet muffled scream.

I slap her again.

Then without a warning I pull the strip of tape covering her eyes.

"MMMPH!!!!" blinking a couple of times, she adjusts her eyes to the light.

Her eyes widen with shock as she sees Talia.

"Nice work, huh?" I laugh.

She tries to say something under the tape.

"You know Stacey, I've had enough of your unwillingness to submit to me. So maybe I'll have to play with your Talia instead. What do you say? I'm going to make her suffer though"

"MMMPFRRRR!!!" she screams in fear.

"Sorry, she can't hear you. Her ears are plugged"

Stacey begins crying.

Talia looks at Stacey, confused. She doesn't have a clue about the things she'll be subjected to.

I have Talia on a dentist's chair. She's naked except for her pink bra and panties. Oh... yes... I also keep her pink ballet flats and her white ankle socks on. There's something about ballet flats that turns me on...

Talia's gagged with a pump gag. Her cheeks bulge out.

I have her spread legs stretched, almost touching her head. Her ass and private parts are right in front of me, vulnerable.

I have tied her ankles to her throat. Then tied her hands to her thighs. Nipple clamps are linked to clamps holding her pussy lips open. Another piece of rope tied around her throat is tied around a dumbbell. You see a not so complicated bondage that leaves room for much cruelty.

Talia is breathing heavily... I go behind her and take out pieces of cotton and duct tape from my pocket.

Stacey knows what I'm playing at. She shakes her head violently. Tears run down her cheeks. I smile at her.

Poor Talia can't make a thing out of Stacey's behaviour and mews under the gag.

Then I hold Talia's head in my arms and stuff her nostrils with cotton and as she thrashes I seal them in place with duct tape.

She's helpless. She tries jerking her head, which leaves her breathless...

"I just left enough space for you to breathe slowly. Sorry I forgot... You can't hear me" I smile.

Stacey and I watch her thrashing,

But a few seconds later she gets the gist. Her breathing slows down.

I laugh hard.

Then I begin planting kisses on Talia's neck as her breasts heave.

My hand slides between her legs and I invade her body...

"You like what you see, waitress?" I ask Stacey.

"Nuuu.... Nu...huuuhuuuuu" she begins crying.

Her muffled moans arouse me even further.

I get in front of Talia and pull down my pants.

She looks at my erect penis, just inches away from her most private part. She shrieks into the gag.

"Do you want me to carry on, slut?" I ask Stacey.


Both of them are crying their hearts out.

I pull up my pants and get behind Stacey and whisper in her ear;

"Fine. But are you ready to do what I tell you to do?"

She nods as she keeps crying.

"Okay then..."

Within fifteen minutes I have Talia bound, gagged and stuffed in a coffin-like iron box.

She's crying as I close the lid and lock it.

Stacey's dressed and she's standing next to me.

"You see the air supply in that box will hold for one and a half hours. So you see, we better get back in time or..."

"I understand!" she tells me, holding back the tears.

"A wrong move and she won't see daylight again. And I don't want that. And you don't want that. And I'm sure poor little Talia won't want that. I mean you don't know the location you're kept so anything you do will be useless. You won't be able to find her in time. So stick with my plan; we go to the fetish store, get you and Talia new goodies and come back here. I want to know that I can trust you..."

She looks at me with fear and nods.... What do you know... I guess I've just done it... I have broken Stacey... Former waitress... My new slave...

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