Lessons Learned
  • Author - The Sinister Dragon
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  • Post Date - 3/26/2006

I know I'm in for it now, but it's the master's fault, he has been neglecting me. I had to get his attention SOME how didn't I?? It's been a week since we last played together, I SO need a good spanking. I can't wait for master to get home from work, when he finds his favorite mug broken, he will be VERY cross. I admit it, I did it deliberately, I was washing the dishes from breakfast, and I couldn't help myself. I deliberately droped the mug and watched as it smashed into four large peices. OPPS... To late to go back now. The deed is done, the mug is broken. I have ben a bad little girl and need to be seriously spanked.....

Finally I can hear the master's car driving up the drive way. I hear him come in the front door. He will expect his slippers by his chair, coffee ready for him, the evening paper on the coffee table in front of the T.V. I can picture him entering the lounge now, sitting down, staring in amazement at the white cup before him.

"Bella, come into the lounge" He sounds irritated.

"Yes master?" I respond.

"Tell me what color this mug is."

I enter the room, he is sitting in his chair, looking at the coffee table. I look down at the cup as if noticing for the first time, then look up at him.

"I'm sorry master, but I droped your mug when I was washing it this morning. Unfautunately it broke. I knew you would want you usual coffee when you got home, so I selected this mug to use."

"You dropped my mug and broke it??"

"Yes master"

"Was this an accident??"

No matter how hard I try I have never been able to lie to the master. He sees straight through me like glass.

"No Master, I droped it deliberately. I need to be punished, I have been very naughty, and need a spanking."

"I will decide the manner of your punishment. You HAVE been very naughty, and you WILL be punished. But a spanking?? NO. I have wanted to try something new with you for some time. You have been enjoying the spanking and the cane WAY to much over the last month. They no longer serve as a punishment. It's time for you to learn something new."

I swollowed, guesing what is comming next. I KNOW what the master wants to do, he has discussed it several times with me over the last few days. The thought of what was to come both excited me and filled me with terror. It had made me horny enough over the last few days to want some "play time". The thought of it had got me particularly wet this morning while doing the dishs, thats when I came up with the idea of being deliberately naughty to get a spanking. Relieve that itch so to speak. Now a new light begun to dawn in my mind, the master had DELIBERATELY taunted me with this terror/pleasure to make sure I did something that deserved punishment. GIVE him an excuse to try out his new punishment. I had fallen for his "little trap" as he knew I would. He had deliberately played me, knowing if he left me "untouched", frustration would build until I did something I might regret...

"You will go down to the play room, you will strip naked and kneel in the middle of the room, in submision. I will be down shortly and we will begin your punishment."

Our play room was the rather large basement in master's house. Each of the four corners was setup up with different tables and benchs. I was fairly new to the B&D scene. Though I was very curious about some of the toys, the thought of most of them being used on me filled me with dread. I knew the master would introduce them to me when he felt I could handle the unique challenges that each of them would bring to my body. So far we had only used the tables and benchs on the "North" and "East" corners of the room. However for the moment, I walked down the stairs, and turned on the single spot light under which I would await my master. The light turned on in the exact cetre of the room. At this stage, the only illumination. I removed my cotton floral summer dress and sliped off my low heels. The house was allways at precicly 21.5 degrees celsius, so there was no need to wear anything else for warmth, especially in summer. I unclasped my lacy bra and removed my tiny "G" string, the only underthings the master permited me to wear. I folded and placed them in the top draw of the dresser provided for this reason. The master hated untidyness, everything had it's place.

I walked over to the cicle of light in the midle of the room and knelt where I knew the centre to be. I sat back on my feet, and crossed my arms behind me in the small of my back as master had taught me, then let my head fall forward closing my eyes. This was a fairly comfortable, yet nicely submisive position. I had no idea how long the master would make me wait like this, however to be found unprepared when the master came silently down those stairs as he was want to was to invite further discipline.

I was shocked to hear the master as he came down the stairs only a short while later. I was surprised that I had not had to wait that long, and wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing. He walked over to the storage cabnet, and I could hear him opening the draw and taking something out.

"Open your mouth"

I imediately tilted my head back mouth open, and saw he had chosen the "Bit Gag", he KNEW I hated that. It pulls at the corners of my mouth uncomfortably, leaving it raw and uncomfortable for a few days. An unpleseant reminder of the sesion. He pushed the Gag hard against my checks, quickly doing up the harness and straps that kept it in place. When he tightened it I thought my mouth would split at the jaw. I felt the bar forcing it's way back against my jaw and into my mouth. I wanted to protest the tightness, but it's kind of hard to do that with an iron bar in you mouth, so all that came out where a few mumbled sounds.

"Silence slave, who gave you permision to talk? You wanted punishment, now you going to get it. I have always held back with you a little in our sesions. However now I see you are obviously ready for some more intense play. When a slave is deliberately naughty to recieve punishment, they have to put up with however the master decides to take them to task."

He tightened the straps further, my jaw began aching almost imediately. Allready I could feel my syliva pooling behind the gag. It would not be long before I started drooling down my front. I hated that, it was so humiliating to loose control of such a simple thing.

"Stand Slave."

I quickly stood up and watched as the master walked over to the wall and chose the first restraint. He took down a short length of chain and returned.

"Place your wrists together"

I quickly moved my arms so that my wrists where touching. I heard the master unsnap the lock and move closer to me. the cold metal of the chain touched my skin and sent a little shiver through me. I glanced down and smiled to myself. My nipples had imediately become errect. I have rather nicely sized nipples. In perfect balance with the rest of my rather petite body. They sit at just the right spot on my nicely shaped size "C" breasts, though I might have wished for a little more size. I was average sized for a women, around 5'4". Weighing in at 45 kilos, thin but a little curvy around the hips.

I felt the master snap the lock around the chain on my wrists. The short length of chain was long enough to circle my wrists sevral times tightly, but not to uncomfortably. Once it was on there was no getting it off however, no matter how much I struggled. Master walked back over to the rack and selected another chain.

"Place your feet and knees together slave"

This was something new. Chained standing?? I began to worry just what the master had in store for me. He knelt on the floor in front of me and wraped the chain around my ankles several times. That feeling of helpless ecstasy began to build in my stomach. Balancing was dificult but possible of course. I began to worry that I might topple over when the master stood up and walked over to select another chain. He came back soon enough. He quickly wraped the chain around my neck collar and leash style. Once again nice and tight, uncomfortable, but not so tight as to prevent breathing. I felt the chains diging into my skin at wrist, ankle and neck. Cold hard inescapable steel.

Master walked over to the side of the room where the winch controls where. I heard the winch activate, and saw it's steel cable drop down in front of me to eye height. The master walked back in front of me, attatching the free end of the chain to the cable. I watched in aprehension as the cable again rose into the ceiling. The tension came onto the chain, biting into my neck. A certain amount of fear rose in me and I started to panic. Was he going to strangle me?? Hang me with the chain for breaking a mug?? The cable stoped, I was on my toes but still breathing. There was a short moment when the master walked back to the side of the room and I heard the storage cuboard open. I could not see what he removed, but was sure I would soon find out.

"You have been a very naughty girl. This is the first part of you punishment for deliberately breaking my mug"

I swallowed and nodded. Not really knowing what to expect. Master began playing with my right nipple, the sensation felt great until the nipple clamp he had chosen from the storage cupboard clamped down HARD on the base of it. I felt mey left nipple being played with, then once again pain as it was clamped. It wasn't to painful yet, but I knew it would quickly become an anoying dull throb. I was a little surpised when the master steped away. Usually he will torment me more, adding pain and excitment by further stimulating my nipples or twisting and pulling the clamps. Instead I heard the centre pulley activate, the chain around my neck lift further. I was forced fully up onto my tippy toes, and my head uncomfortably tilted. My breathing was restricted, but not blocked off. How long could I stay like this?? Already my calves where tiring and my body sinking, further cutting off my breathing. The chain was cutting into my throat and neck, forcing my head to tilt at an angle. I paniced and forced myself up fully on my toes again. The chain eased off, though the tension remained an ever present reminder of my predicament.

"I will leave you here like this for a while. You will find that by leaning backwards against the chain, you will maintain your balance more readily, and will not be choaked by the chain as much. Though you will find this position fairly uncomfortable. How long you survive this test will show me how ready you are to move onto the next."

I heard the master leave, and close the play room door behind him. Panic set in. How long I survive?? HOW LONG I SURVIVE??? Was this a test that would end only in my death?? Blind panic set in. I strugled against the chains binding my wrists. I felt the cold unyelding metal cutting into my skin. I knew there was no way I would be able to slip them off my wrists, they where just too tight. I grew more frantic, I just didn't want to die like this. The struggles caused me too loose balance, and I fell forward onto the chain. My breathing stopped. I needed more air. My lungs began to ache from lack of it. I struggled to gain my balance again, push my body backwards once again as master had suggested. Slowly, my arched body moved backwards. It seemed to work in slow motion, but I fell backwards opening up my throst for more air. OXYGEN..

The gag was resticting my breathing a little, but I could suck enough air past it and down my nose to fill my lungs at last. How I hated the feeling of that gag though. Plus, syliva had begun driping out of my mouth and running down my throat and body. HUMILIATING. I hated that part of it. The loss of control of such a simple thing as drool. I felt it start to drip out of my mouth and run over my chin down my neck. The chain stopped it's progress for a little while, but once enough built up It over came that small barrier. I felt the first small drop run quickly down my neck and onto my body. Past my breasts and onto my stomach. YUCK. Drop after humiliating drop ran down my body as I struggled to remain upright enough to breath. Slowly it trickled down past my stomach into my groin. Then onto my legs and past that driping onto the ground. I knew a small pool of my drool was slowly forming, I could feel the moisture around my toes. Though with the no slip surface of the floor I was in no danger of sliping. I just felt humiliated by the whole sordid process.

I had broken into a sweat from my excersions. I could feel it trickling down my back. I was detirmined to survive this test as long as I could. Make sure the master was pleased with me. But obviously I would have to be much more careful. One more mistake like that could be fatal. I tested the chains around my ankles. NO WAY. Just too tight. My calves craved rest. I have been on my tippy toes for to long. I needed to rest them some how. I carefully put my weight on my right foot, then lifted my left. The balance was hard but I managed. I would not be able to stay this way for long though. However it was good to be able to rest my left calf for a moment. I carefully switched sides. Rested my right calf while suporting myself with my left. The proceedure placed some extra stress on my neck, but by leaning back as I had, most of the load was to the back of my head and neck, not the front where it would cut of my air supply again.

By switching back and forth several times I managed to relax the muscles in my calves somewhat. However i knew that it would only be a matter of time until they where fully exsausted. How long had it been now?? It seemed like forever, though I knew it was only five or ten minutes. The gag the master had so cruely placed in my mouth was tearing at the corners. Forcing my lips back against the middle of my jaw. Painfull. My nipples where throbing fom the torure inflected by the tightly placed clamps. A slow anoying dull throb. I felt the chains agianst my wrists again. Cutting into my skin. Being careful not to loose my balance, I gave another light struggle just to be sure I could not slip out of them. Stong unyeilding metal cut into my skin. I moved my head and neck to find a more comfortable place for the chain and padlock. Both where cutting into the skin painfully. No hope of escape, only slow sufication....

How long had I been here for now?? It felt like an age, but I knew it was not too long. My calves where starting to cramp. I knew it would not hold myself up much longer now. In frustration I struggled against the ankle restraints. Something, anything I could do to releive the painfull tiredness in my calves would help. I felt my heels droping agian, the chain cutting deeply into my throat. I tightened my neck muscles to stop it shutting of my air flow once again. I could not last much longer now. I had no idea how long I had been down here like this, I just hope that master would be pleased that I hadn't given up. That I had done my best to struggle and last as long as I could. My air was once agian cut off by the chain. I felt my heels hit the ground. I struggled to get back up onto the balls of my feet, but my calves would just not work. Without the megre supply of air I had been sucking past the chain around my neck my lungs where bursting for more air.

Finally I managed to get up far enough to suck in a lungfull. Then I collapsed down onto my heels again. I couldn't breath back out. My neck was closed too tightly. I couldn't get back up off my heels far enough to get another breath. It didn't take long for that feeling to once again come. The sensation of no oxygen in my lungs. That ache begging to be eased. But I knew it would never happen. I felt my body weakening. The muscles in other areas no longer able to hold me up through lack of air. Even if I could some how force myself up again it was too late. The need for oxygen too great. My knees colapsed and I slumped forward in resignation and defeat. I was surprised to find myself turned on slightly though. As my abillty to control my body decreased, the warmth in my loins increased. Finally, though I could not believe it, I climaxed like I had never climaxed before. Now I was spent. That final feeling of joy spoilt by the ache in my limbs and lungs caused by suffocation. All I could see was red I felt my body once agian give a last convulsion in an attempt to save itself, then nothing...

I awoke on the floor of the play room. gasping for air, glorious air. How had i gotten there?? I opened my eyes, and saw something had broken. The end of the chain was a foot infront of my face, the attatchment broken. How unlike the master to use something so flimsy. The ache in my lungs was slowly receeding. However the pain in my nipples was still there, and the chains still tight around my wrists, ankles and neck. Had I passed the masters test?? Was I suposed to die? Would he be pleased or disapointed that I had not. Maybe he would just put me up to hang all over again once he found me here. I would soon know the answer, I could hear him walking slowly down the stairs....

"Well done slave, you passed the first test. Congratulations, you lasted much longer than I expected. Way past the required thirty minutes. Your replacement is a little disapointed however, she must now wait much longer than she hoped to serve me. We where watching your struggle from upstairs via remote camera, VERY entertaining."

My replacement?? Master has selected some one to replace me?? I must have had a look of shock on my face as he continued...

"You seem surprised. Yes, your replacement. She has already been chosen by me to fill your place should you fail one of my tests, or choose to leave. She is VERY disapointed you passed."

He reached down and picked up the end of the chain.

"There is a magnetic coupling at the end of the chain. I have the remote switch for it upstairs. If you last long enough I can release the coupling as you loose conscietousness, saveing your life. However there is a timer attatched to the mechanism as well. If you do not last a set time I cannot release you and you strangle to death. Also the timer activates a lock on the metal door to the play room, preventing access. So unless you last at least as long as the alloted time on the timer, I cannont save you."

"This being your "first time" the timer was set to thirty minutes. Not a great challenge for most slaves. A test of their resolve. I admit you surprised me, lasting seventy five minutes. No other slave has lasted so long on this machine, quite an achievment. I am VERY pleased with you."

My mind sang, Master was pleased. Now I just wanted him to untie me and let me relax.

"Each time you are tested like this however you will be required to last longer. The timer will be set for your maximum endurance plus ten minutes. It shows me you are learning and adapting to the tests I give you."

Next time?? There would be another sesion like this only longer?? I trembled at the thought, both in terror and excitment. The Master stood, and moved around behind me. I felt him touching the gag, pull it tighter!! I tried to complain, but not much sound would come out of course.

"Silence. What, you thought the sesion was over?? NO!! That was a test to show me you are worthy of the next step forward of your training. You passed, and now your punishment begins."

He reached down further and undid my wrist chain, then my ankles. He reached back up and undid the chain at my neck, it was nice to have unrestricted breathing once again. I was despirate for him to remove the nipple clamps. The dull throb of their pinch had turned into a firey sharp stabing pain. But he got up and moved towards the west wall. I was helpless still. My limbs still drained of power from the strangulation. I could not remove the clamps even if I decided to disobey and relieve their presure. The master returned with a large padded hump. I had seen it in the darkness over in the west side of the room and often wondered what it was for. I was about to find out. He walk past me and moved over to the "table" in the north section of the room. Placing it on top, he secured it with some slide in bolts. The master turned on the spot light directly abover the table. Another circle of light in the dark room.

The master moved back over to me and effortlessly pick me up. He placed me on top of the hump face up. We had often used this table in our play. It was the first toy we used in the play room. While the master was off getting some more toys, I thought back on the spanking I had first received wilst spread eagle. So mild by the standard of pain I had endured since then. I smiled, thinking how much I had thought it hurt. I wondered what the master was up to, how much diferance this hump I was arched over was going to make to the play. The arch was a gentle curve, perhaps 50cm in height in the middle. My hips where sitting at the highest point.

The master returned, without any discusion he grabed my right wrist. Before I knew it he had more chain wraped around my wrist and padlocked tightly. Next my left wrist was chained. The master pulled my arms up over my head and attatched the chain to the table. He moved down to my ankles, left then right. Before I knew it I was spread eagle chained to the table arched over the hump. I imagined how I must looked. My legs out straight, and spread, my pubis mons forming a nice bump into the hollow of my hips and flat stomach, a sudden ramp up into the bottem of my rib cage, my breasts pulled taunt and flat by the position of arched body.

The master pulled the chains tighter. I was surprised to find my legs spreading further apart. It was obvious that they where attatched much further apart than I was used to. The master continued to tighten the chains onto the table. I found myself painfully stretched from wrist to foot, my legs spead widely. Once agian I was imobalised by cold hard steel. the links of the chain cutting into my wirsts and ankles painfully.

"Let me ease the pain in those nipples"

Before I could react the master reached down to my right breast and pulled the nipple clamp off. It had been painfull before, now I jumped about in agony. Those bloody things allways hurt more coming off than staying on. I know I screamed, though once again not much got past that damn bit gag. The master waited until I settled down somewhat before he mercilessly pulled the second nipple clamp of. I strained against the chains, knowing it was fairly futile I gave a bit of a struggle. I felt the chains bite at the wrists and ankles.

"Those chains are still a bit loose slave. I want you nice and tight today. Immobile. Unable to escape what I am going to do to you."

I felt more tension come onto the chains as my master once more pulled them tighter. I felt the chains bite further into my ankles, the tension increase in my shoulders. The chain tighten on my wirsts. Cruely the master pushed agianst the bit gag again, press my head into the baench and the gag deeper into my mouth. Tightneing it even more at the sides.

"There slave, now we will begin your punishment in full. We have talked about this over the last week. How I would like to use some nice hot wax on your delicate body parts. Now that you have past your first serious test. It is time for you to find out how it feels."

The master lifted a candle in front of my face. The candle was long and thick, around four or five CM in diamiter.

"This candle is made from a wax I order specially. I melts at just the right temperature, about seventy five degrees celcius. Not so hot as to burn the skin when it hits, but just hot enough to cause the maximum amount of pain."

I watched as the master lit the candle and placed it down on the table.

"Now one more thing to do before we start."

The master walked over to the storage cabnet and selected a shaped leather blindfold. Quickly returning he placed it over my eyes and straped it on.

"Every drop of wax on your skin will be a nice surprise. See if you can gues where the next drop will hit. Oh, feel free to moan, or scream, as you see fit. This WILL hurt, especially when I hit the more , "sensitive" areas of your body....."

I started to think about where that might mean. Surley the master didn't mean "down there"?? I didn't think I could take that, not between my legs. The master never gave me pain down there, but then, I had never been tested like he tested me with the "strangulation" machine either.

I lay on the bench bent over backwards. The chains diging into my ankles and wrists. The gag felt like it was spliting my face in half. I knew the wax would hurt. I tried to relax myself, ready for the first drop. Minutes past I was just starting to convince myself that it wouldn't really hurt THAT much, when searing hot pain droped onto my wrist. Another drop hit, then another. Pain ran drop by drop down my arm from my wrist to my elbow. I pulled on the chains. The position of my body and the tightness of the chains would not permit me to move an inch. More time passed. I jumped as a few drops hit the top of my foot, then tested the strength of the chains again as my other wrist was bathed in pain. Another LONG wait. I wondered how the master had such patience, how could he refrain from just pouring the wax over me in one long painfull shot. Another drop of wax hit my elbow, the line of drops running down my arm into my armpit. I tensed, biting the gag hard. I'm sure a wimper of pain escaped from my mouth.

This time there was practically no break in the pain. Hot wax started hitting the the bottem of my rib cage. I felt a line of wax driping onto me right to left, so close together that the pain became one long tear of heat. I gave a low scream, pulling breath in past the gag. A nice long pause between the torture let me relax, but was quickly spoiled by another agonising line of fire starting at one hip, crossing my lower abdomine to my other hip. I struggled against the chains, felt them dig in hard. Another moan of pain came out of my mouth smothered by ther gag. My hopes for a long break where soon destroyed when searing pain splashed against my stomach just below the middle of my rib cage. The scream of pain emptied my lungs and kept pushing. I sucked in air and wimpered, panting.

There was a nice pause, time to relax a little and calm myself. Time to think about the warmth forming in my goin. This is what I always hated/loved. I hated the pain, HATED it with a passion. I just wished it didn't turn me on so much. The torn bruised skin, the sprains. The sorness after the spanking. The special kind of sting the cain gave. All memories of the disgusting process that turned me on like nothing I have ever experianced. When the Master first spanked me I cried like I had never cried before. But that fine line between pleasure and pain had given me a deep orgasm of a type I had never before felt. I craved it more than ever. Fuck the sex was good afterwards....

Just as I was relaxing against the chains again, a drop hit the top of my breast, then another, they fell in a line circling around the top, down the side, then along the bottom. There was no moving away from it, struggle as I might. The pain was once again just retreating another major shot of pain hit me right between my breasts. I felt the scolding wax run around my rib cage and dribble down onto my neck. It was firey agony. Once again I screamed in agony, the noise died off as I pushed hard against my empty lungs. This time I sucked in air and screamed again in frustration. The futility of the struggle against the chains was frustrating. The warmth "down there" growing.

The wait this time was vast. I wondered where the next drop would hit, where the next agony would be born by my tiring body. Suddenly the answer arrived. Scolding pain touched my left nipple. I jumped, not expecting it. An exclaimation of pain/surprise squeeling out from between the gag. Drops started falling on the top of my oposite breast. Slowly circling around to the side, and along the bottem. I tried to bend my body away from the pain. Felt those chains agonizingly dig in at the wrists and ankle. Finally once agian the pain receeded. I felt my chest heaving, panting. A drop hit my nipple then another, and another. I heard a growl of pain escape past the gag, once again felt those chains dig into my flesh as I pulled aginst the cold hard metal. That hated pain causing the heat in my groin to increase.

A splash of heat seared my armpit, unexpected, sudden. I barely had time to relax, when I felt drops fall onto the outside of my nipples, slowly cirlcing first the right, then the left. I tried to move away from the piercing agony, but once again the unyielding frustration of the chains held me in place. Once again I had time to relax, to cool off a little. I twisted my wrists against the discomfort of the chains, tried to ease some of the stretch. To no avail however. Searing heat intruded itself on my comfort, My nipple burned in agony. before I even had time to scream my other nipple was on fire. I felt my back arch of the table in part because of the pain, in part because of the intesity of the orgasm. The pain faded away, but the after shock of the orgasm made my body tremble with ecstasy.

I hoped that this would be enough, that my ordeal would soon be over. I wanted the master inside me like never before. I yearned to feel him fill my womenhood. For the first time I became unsure about how far the master would go. I heard the master playing with the chains on my wrists. Hoping he was about to undo them I breathed a sigh of relief. WRONG. The chains tightened. Stretching me further, was there going to be more agony?? I was quickly answered with a line of fire along the top of my Pubis Mons. I was not sure I wanted to go this far, how much would it hurt to have the wax penetrait my womenhood, how much more must I endure?? In answer to that, I felt an agonising river of wax run down my innner thigh... I started shaking my head, wimpering to get the master's attention. Had I not had enough???

"This is your punishment slave. You have shown yourself worthy of this new pain by passing the test earlier today. I will punish your body fully from now on, I have allways been light on you. Not punishing you as fully as I could. You where not ready. Now you are. You can refuse. I will release you. You will walk out of this house and never return. As I have told you, your replacement is upstairs, watching your torture by remote camera. Waiting your decision. I expect an answer, yes or no"

A pityfull wimper escaped my throat and was stiffeld by that hated gag. The thought of leaving the master rocked me to the core. I could NEVER do that. I would die an hundred torterous deaths before I could EVER do that.

"Make your decision, do you want me to proceed with your punishment in full???"

Resigned to my horrid fate I nodded yes, though fear of the pain I was going to endure filled me with dread.

The Master continued almost imediately. burning hot drops began to fall onto my lower abdomen, and into my belly button. No pattern, just drop after drop, continuing until I was sure there was just no more room for anymore wax. Suddenly a river of wax ran down the crease between my pussy and my inner thigh, I screamed and jumped around. NOT fun. I felt a drop hit the top of my right lip and drible downwards. Then another. Master droped a line of wax from my left outer lip around the top onto my pubis mons, then down onto my right lip. The pain was intense. I pulled against the chains and arched my back off the padding again. Then there was a nice restfull break. I felt the master removing the droplets of hardened wax. Time for my breathing to catch up. Then it dawned on me,if he was removing wax, it gave him another chance to put it back there again.

The oportunity to relax and catch up gave me time to feel other things. The stretch of the tie, pulling my body in two directions. The chains on wrist and ankle cutting into my flesh. The agony in my mouth caused by the bit gag. The possiblity that the master was removing the wax because he had finished was a dream that occured to me, but it was soon dashed of course. More drops of heat hit my outer pussy lips. One side then the other. Alternating sides from top to bottem. A large splash of wax run down my inner thigh, rolling onto the edge of my left outer lip. I emptied my lungs screaming in pain. I was allowed to calm down again.

My protuding innner lip was struck with an agonising burning drop. Then another. Just as I was wondering how cruel the master would be to me I felt him pullaside my left outer lip, exposing my meaty inner womanhood. I hoped he wouldn't, but knew he would. Before I had time to prepare myself for what i knew was coming, The boiling wax hit the folds of my delicate inner pussy. My lungs emptied with the agony, as I felt drop after drop intrude upon my person. I pulled myself off the table, arching my back in agony again. Then without break I felt my other lip roughly pulled aside, again the wax droped into places that should never feel such pain. Never had the master given me pain of any sort down there. Now this. I knew it would not stop until all the parts of my woman hood had felt the scolding agony.

I felt both the outer lips of my pussy pulled aside. Exposing me fully. A drop hit my hood, then again. I tried to struggle away from the pain once again, but I was totally spent. What little strength I did have was ebing out of my muscles. I didn't even have the strength to scream, only wimper like a hurt animal. I felt the tension in my pussy change again as the master exposed my clit. It was obvious what was coming next. I started to sob, waiting for the next indignant piece of agony. I didn't wait long. Scolding agony surged through my body from my loins as drop after drop hit my delicate clit. The pain subsided, the master removing dried wax from the area. Stabing burning pain hit my hood and clit. This was no drop of wax, but a giant splash of agony, covering the whole top of my pussy driping down onto the parts below. I heard myself wimpering over and over again, felt my body arch once more. How much more pain would he give me?? how much more could I bare?? The answer came quickly. I felt the edge of the candle touch me. I felt the warmth of the flame near my skin. Then the melted wax started running onto my skin once more. Scolding wax running directly onto my clit, then flowing down past the candle to my hole. I felt like i was trying to turn myself inside out to escape the pain. My lungs emptied once again in a scream. The agony seemd to last for ever.

At last the pain slowly drained away from my pussy. For the first time in what seemed like minutes I could breath again. The master removed the large peices of wax from all over my body. I felt the master undo the chain on my right arm, then my left. There was no way I was going to move anywhere though, every muscle in my body ached. My arms and legs where so weak I could hardly lift them. Off came the blindfold. Finally the master removed the bit gag. I was glad to be able to move my jaw for the first time in hours, though my lips and checks where stiff and sore. I lay there just relaxing after the torment. It was great to feel my body again rather than pain. I watched as the master walked over to the west side of the play room again. I saw him pick up and half drag a large triangular piece of equipment into the light at the centre of the room. He went to the controls of the winch again, and lowered the cable. I knew I could take no more, I preyed the master did not expect that of me.

The master came back to the bench and picked me up. Carrying me over to the strange contraption. As we aproached this new toy I looked at it properly. It resembled a small athletics pomel horse. However instead of having a broad padded top, this "horse" nearly came to a point. A narrow strip of wood about five millimetres thick sat on the top. Master placed me down on the "point" one leg either side, my poor pussy resting on the narrow ledge that was at the top. The master struggled a little placing cuffs on my wrists. I could not hold myself upright, I was too weak from my ordeal. He hooked the cuffs to the winch cable, grabing the control box and lifting me up with my arms. He reached down and grabed my left ankle. He lifted it off the ground and looped it through a small piece of rope about six inchs off the floor. Next he did my right ankle. This left my body weight resting on my groin on top of the "horse". I could feel it cutting into my flesh painfully. All I could do was adjust my weight so that it was less uncomfortable. I could barely hold myself upright with my arms, and balance on the "horse" with my feet and legs.

"You will be left here over night. This "horse" is designed to bruise the flesh in your pussy. You cannot suport yourself with your hands OR feet, and so will have to rest on your groin. You will find in a short time there is no comfortable way to place your weight. You have a "fun" night ahead of you. I want you to think on what has happened tonight. I want you to know that this will be typical of the intensity of play that we have together from now on. You have proven yourself tonight, and I am pleased with your performance. However, I wish to remind you that you can leave my service anytime you wish."

"Should you wish to remain with me, know that you will face another serious test of your abillities VERY soon. You will pass this test, or die. Know that I will not be the one holding the safety release next time. You know I have your replacement up stairs. This time SHE will be holding the magnetic release. SHE will release you, or allow you to die as she sees fit. She has her own tests to pass, whether she lets you live or die is one of them."

"I am going to leave you now. Juliette is upstairs waiting for me. She has been watching your torture by remote camera, hoping you will fail. I know she will be very disapointed that you didn't. I was to begin her training tonight. She does not know this, but i still have interesting plans for her that will test her in ways she may not want to be tested tonight. That is for her to worry about however. I know you will not enjoy tonight very much. Think of me with Juliette as you suffer."

I saw the master walk away to the storage cabnet and return with another gag. A nice small simple ball gag which he placed in my mouth and barely tightened.

"Have a "nice" night, I know I will"

I watched as he walked out of the play room and closed the door. My arms and legs where comfortable enough in the chains the master had bound them in. I had a LONG uncomfortable night ahead of me I was sure. Already the narrow top of the "horse" was cuting into my pussy, I had to adjust my position once more. My skin felt "sunburnt", scolded from the hot wax. My mouth was comfortable with the gag well inside it, resting on my tongue, but once again I would be drooling down myself in no time. YUK.

I thought on the master's words. Another test?? Longer, harder than the first?? I could never leave him. If it cost me my life so be it. The finality of it worried me though. I hoped either way I would please him. I can expect more play involving this much pain?? How had the master put it?? "This much intensity??" I wondered what else the master would do to me, what other tortures he would commit on my body. How he would hurt and use me in the future.

He has my replacement?? I was of two minds over that. I felt jealous that she was upstairs getting attention now. I had SO wanted the master to use me for his own pleasure tonight. Now SHE would please him. I'm glad the master would get the pleasure he needed, but SO wanted him to have it with me. Her name was Juliette?? I wonder if I will meet her before the next "test". I had never seen or known the slave I replaced, though I had often wondered what happened to her. Still it was I question i had never asked.

I had to move myself again. Lift myself up with my arms and legs and place myself down in a diferent position. I was drooling down my front already. I sighed, resigned to a long, humiliating, painful night.......

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