Helpless Struggles & Muffled Moans
  • Author - The Traveller
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  • Story Codes - MF-f, non-consensual, bondage, breathplay, extreme, humiliation, kidnapping, latex, machine, packaging, slavery, torture, toys, violent
  • Post Date - 3/30/2006


A constant buzzing noise and soft, muffled moans fill the otherwise silent room.

Alfred took a sip from the coffee as he went through Vanessa's laptop. He was looking at her pictures taken at a coctail. A busty brunette with a nice figure, "chubby just a tiny bit but otherwise with the nice make up, the cute dress and the shiny heels, a striking 28 year old" Alfred thought as he took another sip from the coffee.


Alfred looked at his watch.

Another picture of Vanessa filled the screen. In this picture taken in someone's livingroom she is wearing low heeled slides with a nice mini skirt. She is standing next to a sexy blonde in her early forties.


"Who's the hot honey?" he said turning his head away from the screen to face her.

On the bed, with her hands and feet tied with nylon cords to seperate ends of the bed is Vanessa Monet, with her breasts heaving. She is wearing thigh high white stockings and black ballet flats. She is hooded with a tan colored stocking. Under the stocking hood she is gagged with duct tape which holds a few of her panties in her mouth. Between her legs is the source of the buzzing noise in the room, a vibrator Vanessa isn't comfortable with. She moans and struggles but no luck, the nylon cords just keep biting at her ankles and wrists. The stocking hood also made her really uncomfortable.


As she whimpered through the tight tape gag she wondered if he did it on purpose to use the used panties in the bin, rather than to use the clean ones in her drawer to stuff her mouth. With this thought she thought she was going to gag for a second. She pulled at her bonds.

"MMMmmm.... " she purred innocently.

Alfred sat near her on the bed.

"Sorry time flies. I got absorbed with the pictures. You are really hot you know that. I also think that you got good taste with the shoes you choose"

He groped her breasts.

"NUUMMMMMMMMM" she thrashed violently as the response. He pinched her nipples.

Vanessa frantically shook her head from side to side.

"The buzzer is doing a good job isn't it?" he said as he slid his hand between her legs. She tried to close her legs together but the nylon cords wouldn't let her.



"Now now it's time to..." Alfred stopped in midsentence as he thought he heard something.

He looked at Vanessa. She also looked around as if she heard something...

Then a second time the door bell rang.

Vanessa's stillness was immediately taken by excited, loud mmphhing and more violent thrashing.


Alfred panicked.

"Who can it be?"

The doorbell kept ringing.


Alfred put his hand over Vanessa's already gagged and hooded mouth.


"Shhhhh... Be quiet"

But Vanessa didn't look like she was going to stop mmmff'ing.

Alfred went to his bag and took out a brown bottle. He took one of Vanessa's white knee socks that was lying around and poured chloroform over the sock.

He went over to Vanessa and pulled the stocking hood. Vanessa's face was sweaty, her make up ruined with the sweat and tears.

Seeing the chloroformed sock coming closer she mmff'ed frantically and tried to pull her head away but Alfred pressed the chloroformed socke over her mouth and nose.

Vanessa looked into his eyes with anger.


He kept her head still with his other hand and with his legs took her struggling body in a lockhold position.

Her struggling became weaker and her whimpering was getting quieter.



He kept the sock over her her mouth and nose.


Her struggling stopped and Vanessa was off to dreamland.

He kept the sock for a few seconds more and then removed it.

The door kept ringing and Alfred looked around the room trying to think what to do... Trying hard not to panic...


Vanessa Monet took a pair of white thigh high stockings from her drawer and put them on, admiring her own legs. She run a hand over her nylon clad leg. Then she put on her black mini skirt, a white turtleneck that complimented her busty breasts and the finishing touch, her pearl necklace. She sat in front of the mirror and it took her half and hour to fully apply her make up, she winked at her image in the mirror. Finally she slipped into her favorite black ballet flats.

The telephone started ringing while she was looking at herself admiringly in the mirror.

Vanessa's small house had a hallway acting as the main axis that lead to Vanessa's bedroom, her study, the bathroom and the kitchen and ending with the living room with flowers in almost every room. The one thing Vanessa didn't like about the house was her bedroom being next to the door. Every time she had private company in her bedroom or when she was playing with herself, all that noise from the bedroom could be heard very well from the doorstep. And the isolation of the walls being thin didn't help either. Vanessa picked up the phone placed on the wall of the hallway.

"Vanessa speaking"

"You ready sweetness?" said the voice on the other end.

"Hi Nora... Well almost... There is a problem with my plane ticket it says that it's the night flight, well it has to be the evening flight. The woman on the phone was so rude and wasn't helpful so I have to go down there and either give them bambi eyes and ask them nicely to correct the mistake or act as the kitten with a whip"

"I would go with the whip. That would serve the rude bitch right"

"Yeah with a pair of handcuffs and one of those weird colored balls that they put inside the mouth"

"I can picture the woman and you. But with you being all nice and sweet I bet it would be you that ended with the colored ball in your mouth and handcuffed to the bitch's desk"

"Come on... I'm not that nice, at least when it comes to someone being unfair. Anyway Nora, I'm sure that I'll catch the evening plane but please don't forget to come and water my flowers tonight. I'm leaving the spare key under the doormat as always"

"Come on Vanessa. The flowers can live without being watered on a Friday night. Me on the other can't. I'm going to be over at Heather's. She is having a big party. Big one"

"Look there is a clockwork system to watering them. Just water them when you come back from Heather's. I can't water them now. Nora please, please, please, pretty please with cream on top, please. I'll do anything you want if you’ll do it for me"

"Hmpff... Fine but it may involve that strange colored ball and the handcuffs... on you"

"Ha ha"

"Anyway have a good flight and don't forget to put your keys under the doormat"

"I'm going to put them right now"

"Bye hon"

"Bye Nora pie"

Vanessa hung up the phone. She took her bag and got outside.

She put the spare keys under the door mat.

Then she got in her car, looked at herself in the mirror and said "Kitten with a whip... Meoww..." to herself with a grin. Then she started the engine...


"This is too easy" Alfred thought as he watched Vanessa put her keys under her doormat. He had been waiting for quite some time under the streetlamp just across Vanessa's house.

Alfred had lived here with his parents from his birth till he was eighteen. He literally grew up here. He kissed his first girlfriend, drove his dad's car for the first time, played with his friends, spied on the girls windows in this very neighborhood. But then his parents went to another city because of his father's job and he went to college. He finished college this year and finally got his own house. Big enough for the things he had in mind.

Alfred was always obsessed with Vanessa from the very first day he met her. He made advances now and then but no good came out of it. It wasn't because he was ugly or anything. Vanessa always told Alfred that he was too young for her. She was seven years older than him so what. "Didn't she ever watch The Graduate or In Praise of Older Women?" he used to think. But the only thing he thought about was her. He thought of how great it would be to have Vanessa tightly tied and gagged, completely helpless in his basement. How could he make that happen though? He thought a thousand different ways to kidnap her. Most of the times these were his fantasies while he was pleasing himself. One time he was grabbing her from a parking lot. Grabbing her from behind, surprising her. Her body against his... Struggling... His hand covering her delicious lips. Another time it was just ringing her doorbell and when she would answer the door, throwing a blanket over her head and carrying her to his car. He spent his days on the internet surfing different bondage sites that featured abduction/ kidnapping/ handgags/ chloroforming/ s&m/ etc. He would fantasize that the women on these web sites who were hogtied, gagged, etc. were Vanessa. Now he was 21 and she was 28. So he told himself that he was no child anymore and made the right plan to make Vanesa his private plaything and got the right tools to put this plan in action.

While watching Vanessa's house he ran into some old neighbors of his. Or they bumped into him. Mr. & Mrs. Walsh doing their never changing routine jogging, Ms. Richards going to work ( actually he thought Ms. Richards was looking gorgeous as always in her sharp business suit, tan colored pantyhose and shiny high heels. He thought of Ms. Richards bound and gagged struggling and moaning before his eyes, wearing nothing but her shiny pantyhose, for a moment. The thought that passed through his mind for just a moment made him hard instantly ).

They all asked how he was doing and they seemed interested in what he was doing here. Since Alfred and his family moved out a few years ago. Alfred gave them the same answer :

"Everything's fine. I'm living alone now. Just got out of college. I felt nostalgic this morning. Came to breathe in some fresh air, remember the good old times, getaway from the other stuff"

"It has changed really. Most of the old friends have left" Ms. Richards said.

"Hope they won't get suspicious" Alfred thought as he watched Vanessa leave with her car.

He waited for another ten minutes in case Vanessa would come back for something. Then he made sure that no one was around. He took his large bag and started to head for Vanessa's house. His heart was beating like a train. He reached the door. Looked around, then looked under the doormat. There they were: the set of keys. He was very excited that he thought he was going to have a heart attack. He was thinking about this day all along. He tried one key and it immediately opened the door. His blood was rushing. He put the keys back under the mat entered the house and closed the door behind him... Boy he was in the candy store...


Alfred couldn't believe he was inside Vanessa Appleby's house. He took a deep breath, the house smelled of her perfume. He finally was in her private space, invaded by this man she dismissed because of being younger than her. Suddenly it hit Alfred that most of the stupid horror films that dealt with the obsession theme weren’t stupid at all. The Creature From The Black Lagoon, Private Obsession (the film which had Shannon Whiry's actress character kidnapped by a fan). He didn't like The Collector because he found it depressing. But of course the chloroform/ kidnapping scene and the scene where Samantha Eggar's character was bound and gagged in the bathroom really excited him. He remembered watching it with an ex- girlfriend who wanted to explore some tie up games that night after watching the film. Of course the whole time Alfred was tying her up it was not the ex-girlfriend he was thinking about but Vanessa that he was tying to the bed and gagging with a cloth.

He was back in his senses again. There was no turning back now. He quickly looked around the house. He would never been inside Vanessa's house before. She was always living alone, with her parents living next door ( they also moved out as well ). But he found the house a little too small. He went to Vanessa bedroom. He smelled the air

"It smells of Vanessa" he thought and felt weird.

There was a bin in the corner of the room which had used panties, socks, bras in it. He looked at her cupboard, the drawers, and the closet.

"She sure has a good taste in shoes" he said to himself as he looked at her sandals, slide ins, high heels, ballet flats and boots.

By the time he was over looking around he realized that he messed the whole room. Pantyhose, furry slippers, nightgowns, bathing suits scattered around the place.

He went through her library books about history, business administration were lined up next to The Hellfire Club and funny enough a Batgirl issue that Alfred had given to Vanessa when he was younger. He was surprised that she kept it. He looked through the dusty comic book. It had Batgirl trying to find some kidnapped woman and save her from the clutches of the Joker.

He found a photo album. He went through it. Vanessa on the beach, in family dinners, with friends, lovers... He put it back. He lied on her bed for a while closed his eyes...

Alfred woke up with the sound of a car that drove up in front. He went to the window like a lightning. It was Vanessa all right. He panicked. He looked around and got a tan colored stocking from the floor. Suddenly the telephone began to ring. He hid his bag in the corner of the room and went to the hallway and hide inside one of the closets. The telephone kept ringing and ringing.

Alfred heard the noise of a set of keys on the door. Rushing through the door came Vanessa, short of breath; a plane ticket in hand. She closed the door and answered the phone, tripping on something on the hallway by the way.


She couldn't make it. The line was dead. With the phone in hand she looked inside her room and saw that it was a mess.

"What happ..??!!!!"

When she was in mid- sentence Alfred sneaked behind her and pulled the tan colored stocking over her head and put her hand over her mouth.


"Shhh.. Be quiet"


Vanessa thrashed wildly, He wrapped his other arm around her waist. She was kicking and screaming her legs high in the air.


"I said quiet"

With her free hand she tried to pull his hand away from her mouth but he was strong.

Her feet slipped and thrashed on the marble floor.


"It's me Alfred. Now be a nice girl and stop your struggling"

He took her inside the room.

The stocking over her head sure did stopped her from focusing clearly. And how hard she tried his handgag was strong, she couldn't move her lips. Only unintelligible moans escaped from her mouth.

He wrestled her to the ground.


With one hand held her mouth while with his legs he tried to lock hold her kicking legs.

With his free hand he took a bottle of chloroform. He poured the chloroform on the first thing he could get his hand on: a pair of shiny pantyhose.

"Now take a deep breath"


He placed the chloroform doused panthose over her nose and mouth.

She resisted and kept shaking her head from side to side.

He slid his hand under her turtleneck and squeezed and then hardly pinched her nipple. She gasped in pain thus sucking in the chloroform.


In a few seconds she was unconscious in his arms.

He pulled the stocking hood from her head.

He looked at the sleeping beauty.

"Still the same sexy Vanessa" he thought.

He took some nylon cord from his bag and tied Vanessa's hands behind her back. A set of cords went over and under her breasts causing them to bulge out. Then he tied her ankles. Then he tied her in a tight hogtie. She looked so sexy and helpless that he was hard all over. He carried her over to the bed. There she was asleep, vulnerable. He run an appreciating hand over her breasts.

He felt excited. He finally had Vanessa...


As the hogtied Vanessa was still unconscious because of the chloroform, Alfred took his time and made himself some coffee.

Sipping from his second cup of coffee he had been going through her laptop. To his surprise in one of Vanessa's secret picture files he found three pictures of a redhead. The first picture had another woman handgagging her and holding her by the waist. The redhead's eyes were wide open with fear in the picture. The second picture had the redhead tied with rope, two wood clothespins on her breasts were the cause of pain in her face. She was gagged with a red ballgag and was drooling all over her breasts. The third picture had the other woman sucking the redhead's breast while she pinched the other nipple with her hand. There also seemed to be some sort of gadget inside the redhead's vagina that was attached to some kind of machinery that resembled the machine Alfred had bought to test on Vanessa.

Alfred looked at Vanessa's sleeping form with a grin.

"no... please let me... go?... nora... help" murmured Vanessa in her sleep.

Vanessa was waking up from her chloroform slumber. In her dream she saw a latex clad Nora caressing Vanessa's breasts. She was kissing her passionately. Vanessa knelt in front of Nora and Nora shoved her face to her bush. Vanessa was really enjoying it when suddenly, the bitchy rude woman she went to see to get her flight corrected, appeared with a whip and a pair of handcuffs. With fear she held on to Nora's leg and looked at her in need of protection. But Nora was smiling down at her mischievously. The rude woman came closer and Nora pulled Vanessa up to her feet and held her hands behind her back. The rude woman put the handcuffs on Vanessa and with the first hit of the whip Vanessa was awake...


She tried to move but saw that she was tied in a weird position that prevented her from any kind of movement.

She was still dizzy because of the chloroform.

She was purely terrified.

"What's going on?" she thought.

She went through the steps that lead her to this situation.

"I came home to find the phone ringing then someone came up from behind and pulled a stocking over my head and knocked me out with a pair of my own pantyhose that had a sickly smell".

She remembered.

Vanessa looked at the person sitting in front of her laptop, a tall guy with broad shoulders but she couldn't clearly see the guy's face.

"What does he want? Why is he doing this? This is kidnapping!" she thought with fear

But just before he had chloroformed her, the guy that assaulted her said his name was Alfred. She looked harder at the guy until she realized that the person who was keeping her against her will was no one else but Alfred Conners, the young kid who used to live in the neighborhood.

He could have been the ladies man... almost, the cool man... almost. But "almost" didn't mean he was those things or he was anywhere near... " he was so young and had a different aura to him" she remembered.

She looked at him and thought that he really looked like a grown up man but his features were still kind of the same.

"But what is Alfred doing, invading my privacy, knocking me out and tying me up like this" she thought.

She tried to see what he was doing. He was really absorbed with the laptop.

Vanessa saw that he was looking at Vanessa's pictures taken at a slumber party at her friend Monique's. Vanessa also saw that Alfred was pleasing himself at the same time.

She pulled at the ropes that prevented her from making any kind of movement, she tried in some unfruitful attempt to loosen the ropes by trying to rub her wrists and ankles together but it was useless.

She looked at Alfred. She didn't want his attention turned over to her while she was trying to escape. No, he was busy pleasing himself with a picture of Vanessa in a pajama top, white panties and white ankle socks sitting next to a sexy brunette in a nightgown.

She rolled over and over and with a "thud" she fell on the ground. She immediately closed her eyes shut.

Alfred turned around to see Vanessa unconscious on the floor. But he was too busy with himself to put her back on the bed.

"I'll attend to her when she wakes up" he thought while appreciating the photos.

Vanessa waited on the floor for three minutes and opened her eyes to find Alfred still jerking off to her photos.

Quietly she tried to move.

"It's impossible to move in this tie. Where did he learn to tie a girl this way?" she wondered.

She rolled over on her tummy and then kept rolling. He was looking at a picture of her taken in a tango lesson.

She couldn't believe it... She managed to reach the bedroom door.

"Only if I can reach the phone" she thought.

She kept rolling around until she reached the phone. The receiver was still on the ground from the struggle she had with her attacker.

She tried to grab it but there was no way she was going to be able to dial Nora's number.

With her ballet flat clad feet she tried numerous ways to dial Nora's number.

"come on...." she said to herself as the tips of her ballet flats tried to dial any number at all.

"Do you think you can escape?!!!!!"

Alfred's voice echoed in her head.

She looked at him as he zipped his trousers. There was a huge bulge between his legs.

"Please let me go!"

"Were you trying to call someone?"

"HELP! " she screamed in desperation.

"HEeeellp. I'm being abductNMPHMM!"

Alfred placed his hand over her mouth in no time.


Her blood was rushing.


He picked her from the ground and carried her back to the bedroom while she was struggling as hard as she could and making sexy muffled noises under his strong handgag that made him hard.

He went over to the bin in the corner of the room and picked a few dirty panties of Vanessa and released his grip from her mouth for just a moment.

"I'm kidnappNMNFFRRRRM!"

He quickly stuffed the panties inside her mouth and holding them in place with his hand.

"MMMMmmm... MMMFRRRRMMHh...!!"

He did a really efficient job. While controlling his captive he took out a huge roll of duct tape from his bag and sealed her mouth with the shiny tape.

He smoothed the tape over her lips.

Vanessa was looking at him in terror. He just managed to overpower her again.

She twisted in her bonds.


she started sobbing.

"Shhhh.... We are going to have a great time as soon as we get you out of your clothes.

She began screaming into the gag with this comment.


"Ok. Your a tough cookie. So it's going to be the hard way"

Alfred went through his bag as she struggled in the tight hogtie.

"You don't give me any other choice" he said as he came towards her with a blindfold in hand.


She began to shake her head in a refusing way.

He held her under his grip.

"Ok. Enjoy it while you can" he said as he put the blindfold over Vanessa's pleading eyes.

Then everything went black.


"Now I'm going to cut open your turtleneck with a pair of scissors. So stop your struggling" he said.


As she felt the scissors tear the fabric that covered her body, her muffled noises became more frantic...

She wished Nora was here to save her from the clutches of her abductor...


Vanessa was helpless (hogtied, gagged with her own panties and blindfolded) and naked in the clutches of her kidnapper. Naked.. Well almost. She was left with her white thigh high stockings, her black ballet flats, her bra that barely held her juicy breasts and her white silk panties.

No matter how hard Vanessa struggled or how hard she whimpered and moaned into her gag, she realized that she was totally helpless. But something within her told Vanessa not to give up. The isolation of her walls were thin. Surely some by passers would hear her muffled screams of distress. Or would they? As the tape gag that was flatten over her delicious lips and the panties that were sealed inside her mouth really were effective?

"One way to find out" she said to herself as she kept the thrashing and the MMMPH'ing.

Alfred was really enjoying this. The erotic muffled noises Vanessa kept making under her tape gag really excited him.

And the way she struggled against the ropes that tightly bind her, made Alfred really hard.

He ran a hand over her nylon clad legs then his hand went under her silk panties. A violent struggle in her bonds and a muffled scream was the response. He began massaging her clit. Vanessa tried to struggle with all her might but the tight hogtie didn't help her.

"Warm... Need some juice though" he said as he inserted his fingers...


Back and forth he repeated invading her vagina.

His brutality terrorized her.

This man was invading her body and there was nothing she could do about it.

"Now let's get this obstacle out of my way. It's the scissors again so be still. I don't want to hurt you"


With the scissors he cut her silk panties and pulled it down. Her bush was staring back at his gaze.

Then he cupped her large breasts and rubbed them gently then squeezed them which made Vanessa shriek into the gag. Again the muffled noises that came through the tape gag made him hard.

" One more thing to go. Oh and don't think I don't appreciate your clothing. You really have good taste. It's just that they are... distracting"

Alfred cut Vanessa's bra with the cold piece of metal.

He looked at her.

"You really have a nice figure" he said as he ran his hand over her belly.

"Wee bit chubby. Not doing sit ups I guess"

Vanessa felt embarrassed with this comment. She always thought that men found a bit of a belly cute and prided herself on her belly.

"You can keep the stockings and the ballet flats... For now. They make you look kinda cute... or sexy?"

Alfred positioned her on his lap on the bed. He kissed her right nipple.

"MMMMFFF..." she moaned with frustration.

He began licking and sucking her breast while his other hand was between her legs.

"OMFFM... OMHMMMM.... Nuummmmm..mmm..."

She breathed heavily. Her breasts were heaving. Her nipples stood erect and hard.

"See we are having quality time together". He hissed into her ear.

"OHMFF... IIHhmmm...." her moans getting lighter.

He pinched her nipple.


He kissed her neck.


She felt disgusted and shook her head from side to side.

"Now now... It's time to take you out of this hogtie" he said.

Vanessa felt hope rising. Finally this pervert was going to release her now that he fondled and played with her tied helpless body.

"We have the whole time in the world. And I'm not one for rushing things" he added.

Vanessa was confused.

"MMmmm?" she purred erotically.

"We can begin to have some fun" he said as he went over to his bag.

Vanessa struggled furiously. He saw her as his plaything she thought angrily.

He went through his bag

Vanessa wondered with fear what he was going to do next...


"Don't worry I'll take my time"

Exactly the thing she feared him to say.

"MMMMFRRRRMMMM!!!!" she begged into the tight gag that made her cheeks red and bulge out.

"I mean ours" he added with pleasure.

"MMMMM.... MMMMMM!!!!"

Vanessa kept screaming though her gag that muffled her cries to some degree.

"Someone will hear me out. HEEELLPP!!!" she thought as she squirmed in the nylon cords that bit into her skin...


Her breathing was still heavy from all that groping, caressing and intruding.

She cursed this so called hogtie that he bundled her into. The hogtie was real strict and she couldn't move.

The used panties in her mouth were damp and tasted really bad. Remembering the fact that they were used panties made her nauseous. At least if she weren't blindfolded she would have a greater chance to make an escape attempt.

But he said that he was going to release her from the hogtie so this might mean that the second he unties her may be her first and last chance for freedom. She had to think fast. He was searching for new things to use on her from his bag.

"The moment he'll take off the gag I'll scream my lungs out" she thought.

"But no... that didn't help last time. Alfred's handgag is so strong. Besides, he'll chloroform me again the moment I'll scream which will make me dizzy and weak again" she thought.

This left her with one option. It wouldn't matter if he untied her hands first. Because she still wouldn't be able to run away. So she thought that the second he untied her feet, she would kick him and run for the door as fast as a rabbit. There was a problem...

"But how am I going to reach the door when I can't see where I'm going?"

She said to herself that she'd been living in this house for a long time. And if she can find her way around when the lights are out she sure can do it while her hands are tied behind her back and there's a blindfold covering her eyes.

"Glad I'm not wearing high heels right now" she thought to herself.

"Ok. Let's release you from this mean hogtie. And tie you in a meaner way" Alfred said with a laughter.

First he untied the nylon cords over and under her breast then he cut the cord that tied Vanessa's feet to her hands.

Alfred placed Vanessa in a sitting position on the bed. He knelt in front of her. Her breathing got faster.

"You really have lovely feet" he said as he began to untie Vanessa's feet.

"It's now or never" Vanessa told herself.

And the moment he untied her ankles, Vanessa got up to her feet, surprising Alfred. She began kicking around randomly. One kick hit Alfred on the knee and he fell down.


Vanessa still kicking around lost her balance and fell on the floor. She tried to get up but Alfred grabbed her by the ankles.


"Come back here!!!"

She trashed falling down on the floor again.


No matter how hard she tried to kick Alfred didn't loosen his grip on Vanessa's ankles.


One last kick landed on his forehead and he lost his grip on her ankles.

Vanessa managed to get up to her feet a second time.

She moved quickly and tried to find the door, But her feet got tangled up with the cable of her bedside lamp causing her to lose her balance and knocking down the nice lamp.


She went out to the hallway and got by the door.


With her hands tied behind her back she tried to get a hold on the door knob.


She finally got hold of the door knob.

She kept screaming into the tapegag, hoping someone will hear her cries for help.


When she finally turned the knob around and opened the door just an inch Alfred appeared and closed the door immediately.

"You are not going anywhere".

How close she was to be free. Yet how far...


Vanessa was now hysterical


If only someone had heard her or saw her naked bound and gagged body in front of the door. But she doubted it.

Alfred grabbed Vanessa from behind and clamped his hand over her already tape gagged mouth.


She began kicking around. Trying to kick her attacker.

He lifted her high in the air


"You are really making me angry Vanessa!"

She began sobbing under the blindfold and the gag.


He carried the still thrashing Vanessa back to the room.

He threw her on the bed.


He took more nylon cord from the infamous bag.

Vanessa was trying to get up from the bed. He pinned her down. First he grabbed one ankle and with force tied her foot to one end of the footpost. She kept kicking around and with difficulty he grabbed her other ankle and tied it to the other end.

He then untied her hands and she tried to punch and claw him. But her attempts seemed to miss him and this made Alfred enjoy this whole tying the helpless girl routine. Then he tied her wrists to different posts of the bed.

She was helpless...

"MewwmwmmmM..." she purred in frustration as she pulled at the cords that bind her.

Then he finally removed the blindfold

She looked into his eyes with fear.

He lunged to kiss her on the neck.

She pulled at her ropes with all her might.


He took something from the floor. A tan colored stocking (the one he hooded her with)

Understanding his intention Vanessa began to shake her head in refusal.


But it was useless. He managed to slip the stocking over her head. He flattend his hand over her whimpering mouth.


He took out two clothespins.

He sat next to Vanessa and began rubbing her nipples. And then without warning he put one of the clothespins on her erect nipple.

"IHHMMMMM!!!!!!" whimpered Vanessa in agony.

Then the other clothespin pinched the other one.

Then he slid his hand between her legs.

Vanessa's face turned cherry red with pain.

Alfred began pulling and twisting the clothespins making Vanessa MMMPH constantly.

Then he stopped twisting them. She breathed heavily because of the gag and the stocking hood.

She lay there trying to catch her breath.

"I have something that will keep you occupied for quite a while" he said and went over to the bag.

When he came back towards her, Vanessa saw that Alfred was holding a vibrator in his hand.

Vanessa's eyes opened wide with terror.


She struggled and squirmed but it was no use.

Alfred massaged her clit, then inserted the vibrator and turned it on.

The room was immediately filled with the buzzing noise of the vibrator.

Vanessa tried hard to get rid of this intruder. But Alfred was pushing it deeper.


"Fun isn't it"


She struggled and whimpered. But at the same time she sensed some sort of sensation taking over her body.


She began sweating profusely.


As the buzzing of the vibrator continued she understood that she couldn't resist it.

"mmmm... mmm... nummmm.."

Alfred was also twisting the clothespins on her nipples


and kissing her neck.


All this time she kept moaning making those erotic mmphh noises.

And what it seemed like a really long time she had her first of her what would be many forced orgasms.


She wet all over the bed. Her juices flowing...


"Well well look who just got all slippery" he said as he lowered his mouth to her bush.


Vanessa was having an explosion.


She was having spasms as she climaxed.

After a few hours she was still moaning and the buzzing noise continued.

Alfred had just sat next to her and began fondling her breasts when Vanessa heard the doorbell ring.

First she couldn't believe her ears. Then her eyes met Alfred's gaze.

And then for the second time the doorbell rang.

Excited she began to scream into the gag in spite of the still buzzing vibrator.

Alfred panicked and in a split of a second Alfred was all over her again, taking off the stocking hood from her head then pressing a chloroform soaked knee sock over her mouth and nose.

Vanessa screamed with all her might. "Help me! I'm here... Held aganist my will by this pervert!!!"

But only the muffled

"MMMMMFRRMMMM!!!!!" noises came out of her gagged mouth.

And within a moment she was knocked out...

Alfred's blood was rushing to his brain. Surely whoever it was at the door had probably heard Vanessa's muffled noises.

The door kept ringing and there was also some knocking on the door.

Alfred quietly went to the bedroom window and behind the curtains tried to see who was at the door...

He couldn't exactly see who it was, but the person at the door was a tall woman in black thigh high boots, a leather mini skirt but that was all that he could see.

He turned the lights off.

He looked at Vanessa. She was asleep...

Alfred slowly made it to the hallway and went behind the door.

It was pitch black in the hallway.

The woman at the door was saying or whispering something but he couldn't understand clearly.

"...ok. Me."

His heart was beating fast .His right hand went to the doorknob...

He waited as the woman kept on knocking on the door.

And like a lightning, he opened the door. Grabbed the unsuspecting woman by the waist and he clamped his hand over her mouth and quickly dragged the thrashing woman inside. Then he closed the door.

It was all quiet and dark outside. There was nobody and the only noise in the night were that of the owls.

Alfred didn't notice it but it was past midnight. But his hours with Vanessa seemed like seconds to him.

He couldn't see who she was but the woman was a fighter. She struggled with all her might.


While struggling Alfred fell on the floor with the woman, His hand still covering the woman's mouth...

She kept thrashing and Alfred was having a hard time to keep her under his hold...

The muffled whimpers of the woman filled the dark hallway...


The woman was a strong struggler.

She managed to elbow Alfred in the chest he lost his balance.

She was released from his handgag.

"It's me...." she said trying to catch her breath.


The woman clad in black thigh boots trying to catch her breath is Julia Schonberg, a tall 33 year old busty German blonde Alfred met on a bondage related website. Their history in chronological order was like this: they met on the net, chatted, swapped fantasies back and forth. Met at a bondage themed bar, became fast friends, practiced all kinds of bondage and role-play scenarios together. And now here they were kidnapping some woman to make her their slave.

Even though Alfred didn't say particularly why he chose Vanessa as their would be slave, Julia knew that he had some kind of affection for Vanessa. This made Julia jealous a little bit but she didn't care that much anyway.

Julia wiped the sweat off her forehead.

"I know I'm late... But they didn't have the toys you wanted for our new plaything so I had to go to another fetish shop which was an hour drive and then I had trouble finding the house, so... Anyway where is she? At last I get to meet this Vanessa woman you've been babbling about."

"In the bedroom. I thought you were someone else so I had to chloroform her"

Alfred looked at his watch.

"I'm really losing track of time. I didn't know it was this late"

"Well it is honey. So what have you been up to?"

They moved to the bedroom.

Upon seeing the room a mess:

"So you took your time to look through the whole bedroom huh?"

"Ah... Vanessa Monet in person..."

Julia looked at Vanessa sleeping body with admiration.

(in mock innocent girl voice) "Aww... Poor Vanessa is tied up at the moment... It's gonna get worse honey bunny" she said as she ran her hand through the sleeping Vanessa's hair.

"A bit chubby though, don't you think?"

"Let's keep going. Where is the duffel bag?"

"It's in my SUV. Be a gentleman and bring it will you? While Vanessa and I have some fun woman to woman"

"Ok but first let's untie her"

Julia untied Vanessa's hand and feet.

"Looks like she needs a new gag"

"As you say lady"

She peeled the duct tape slowly and took out the damp panties.

Julia smelled the panties and threw them in the bin.

She went over to Alfred's bag.

She came back with a red ballgag.

She tightly gagged Vanessa with the ballgag. Took some nylon cord and tied her hands behind her. Then she tied her arms with the ropes going over and under her breasts.

A crotch rope.

The she tied her ankles together and then she tied her legs above the knees.

Julia tightened the ropes making sure that her captive was helpless.

Alfred was impressed with Julia's ropework.

Just then the door rang.

Julia and Alfred looked at each other with surprise.


"Who can it be?" Julia whispered.

The doorbell rang again.

"You home Vanessa?" the voice coming from outside asked.

Getting no answer Nora knelt down, almost losing her balance, and took the spare keys under the doormat.

She had quite a few drinks in Heather's party. She ended up with someone's phone number. She would sure call in the morning. Then she thought of the nice shower and sleep she was going to get after watering Vanessa's flowers. But being drunk, she wondered if she'd be able to water them at all.

Nora was a busty blonde in her early forties. She was wearing cream colored high heeled slides. shiny tan colored pantyhose, a brown- cream colored skin tight mini skirt and a nice silk blouse.

Nora tried to focus it was dark so she couldn't see clearly. She opened the door and got in, closing the door behind her.

Inside she saw a woman standing just a couple of steps away from her.

She tried to focus to see who it was.

"Vanessa?" Nora asked.

"Vanessa is a little tied up at the moment."

Nora was suspicious.

"What do you mean? Who are....??!!!"

Nora was interrupted in mid sentence as Alfred grabbed her from behind and clamped his hand over her mouth.


"Calm down honey" Julia said.

"MMFRRRMMMRRRM!!!!" Nora screamed in terror.

Nora struggled and kicked around, her legs high in the air.

As she kicked and moaned one of her high heels came off flying across the hallway, hitting a vase.

"Wow. You are struggler eh? I like that in a woman" Julia said as she grabbed Nora's kicking feet.


"Slow down baby" said Julia.

She was obviously enjoying this.

Alfred and Julia carried the furiously struggling Nora into Vanessa's bedroom.

Nora saw the tightly bound and gagged Vanessa.


"Don't worry soon you are going to join her" Julia laughed.


"Lockhold please" Julia told Alfred.

Alfred wrapped his legs around Nora's legs and lower body.

Julia went over to the bag and came back with a pump- gag.

Nora thrashed violently.



Alfred nodded 'yes'.

For the split of a second Alfred relased his hand covering Nora's mouth.


Then Julia gagged Nora with the pump gag.


Julia began inflating the gag.


Nora's screaming was muffled and reduced to a noise as Julia kept pumping.

Nora's cheeks bulged out.


Julia took some rope and tied Nora's ankles then, her hands behind her back. She bound her almost the same way as Vanessa.

"Now the final touch.

She put a blindfold over Nora's wide eyes. Nora shaked her head from side to side.


She was totally helpless and didn't know what was going on.

Nora thrashed wildly and moaned in her bonds.

Alfred went to Julia's SUV.

In the meantime Vanessa woke up to find Juila standing next her.

Surprised, she began to make excited muffled noises, mistaking Julia for help.

Then Vanessa saw the struggling Nora.


"Yes your friend wanted to join you"

"MNnnMMM???" Nora responded to Vanessa's moan.



The two helpless women were trying to communicate.

Julia laughed with enjoyment.

Alfred came back with a suitcase and a duffel bag. He put some shoes, clothing, underwear of Vanessa's into the suitcase.

"What for? Julia asked.

"We'll she's going to need new clothes"

Then he handed the dufflebag to Julia.

"Come her honey" Julia told Vanessa as she came towards her with the duffelbag.

Vanessa struggled and moaned. But Julia put Vanessa in the duffelbag. But the duffelbag was a bit short as Vanessa's ballet flats clad feet were left outside.

Julia tied the end of the duffelbag.

Vanessa squirmed inside the duffelbag.


"What about her?" Alfred asked.

"We are going to take her as well"

"Nuuu....nuummFRrmfMM!!!!!!!" whimpered Nora with fear.

"How are we going to transport her?" asked Alfred.

"I'll back up the SUV and you'll quickly put one of them in the trunk and put the other one in the back seat. Put the older babe in the back seat. The sexy muffled noise of hers filled with passion excite me"

Both Vanessa and Nora whimpered and struggled helplessly.

Julia pulled her black Ford Explorer in front of Vanessa's house.

Alfred carried Vanessa over his shoulder to the trunk of the SUV. She was struggling inside the duffelbag.


He closed the trunk went back to the house and came back with Nora on his shoulder. He placed the struggling woman in the backseat.

Alfred got on to the passenger seat.

"Wow two mints in one" Julia said laughing.


Nora was struggling and screaming into her gag in the back seat.

Julia and Alfred looked at their victim admiringly.

"Yummy" Julia said with a grin.

"Well what are we going to do with her?" asked Alfred.

"Keep her of course, silly"

Nora couldn't believe what she was hearing. They were talking about keeping her.


"We have a three hour ride honey, so enjoy the ride" Julia told Nora and turned on the radio and then she started the SUV's engine.

The black Explorer began its three hour journey with two captives struggling and screaming inside... It was going to be a long journey...


Julia's black SUV was going way over the speed limit with two lovely women bound gagged and totally helpless, as it's cargo.

It had been nearly two hours since Vanessa and Nora had been kidnapped from Vanessa's house and bundled into the black Ford Explorer.

Vanessa had been struggling and moaning inside the duffelbag (bound and gagged of course) the whole journey. Being in the trunk made her more uncomfortable in addition to being inside a duffelbag, she was sweating profusely. She thought that one red light or one gas station was what it would take to make her free again.

"Surely someone will notice the muffled screams coming from the trunk of a car" she told herself.

Nora on the other hand was bound and gagged tightly on the backseat with a blindfold preventing her from seeing where they were going. Only if she could see the places they were passing, so that she would have a reference regarding the place these kidnappers were taking her and poor Vanessa.

The alcohol alone made her dizzy enough. With the addition of her non- stop struggling and MMPHH'ing, Nora had fallen asleep.

'This Could Be Your Lucky Day in Hell' by the Eels was blaring out from the radio. The song being on loop made Vanessa sure that she would never listen to an Eels album again.

"We have to stop at the first gas station" Julia warned Alfred.

"Thought you were going to fill it up before you came"

"I told you that I had to drive an extra hour before I came over to the bitch's house, didn't I! I couldn't go to a gas station because I thought you being in the kidnapee's house was risky! So excuse me for being cautious"

"Sorry. Didn't mean to offend you" Alfred said while trying to listen to the lyrics of the song.

"Ah men! You don't appreciate our efforts" she said in a bitter voice.

"I adore your cooking.. and your ropework. Loved the way you tied those two. Struggling helplessly they looked like some fine art made by the greatest artist to tie a woman" Alfred said with a grin.

This comment made Julia go all smiles.

"Talent is what it takes to tie a lady that way. I had to practice on Helga for weeks to accomplish that strictness of the tie" (Helga being Julia's first slave that she met on the internet. They had a good mistress/slave relationship going for about a year until Helga ran to another mistress friend of Julia's, claiming that Julia was starting to lose control and getting meaner everyday. The poor woman was probably right in her statement).

The black SUV stopped at the first gas station. Julia went to the farthest end.

"I'll get her filled. What about them?" he pointed to Nora's sleeping form in the backseat.

Julia turned over to Nora.

"Don't think this one will cause any trouble. With that constant struggling she'll probably wake up by the time she's tied gagged in our basement. Didn't you notice how dizzy she was when we jumped her?"

Both Julia and Alfred sat in silence for a moment.

"mmmffrrrrr..... mmmmmm....."

Vanessa's faint muffled moans could be heard for sure.

"What about her?"

"Just hurry up. Ok?"

"I'll be right back. Want anything to eat?"

"The only thing that can sate my hunger at the moment is the lady making those hot noises in the back of the trunk. And this older babe is my dessert". she said, looking at Nora's body admiringly.

The abductors shared a mischievous laugh.

There was a Citroen parked close to Julia's Explorer. There was a young girl with short, jet black hair (no more than 21) sitting at the passenger seat. The moment the SUV parked she had been looking Julia's way.

Alfred got out the car. After the gas was filled, he went inside to pay with his credit card.

Then the girl got out of the car. This immediately alarmed Julia.

The girl walked towards Julia's SUV. Julia stared back at the girl from the mirror.

Vanessa's faint whimpers filled the SUV.

Vanessa kicked the side of the trunk with her ballet flat clad feet that was left out of the duffelbag. But thanks to Julia being cautious, Vanessa's kicking was muffled by the blankets Julia surrounded the trunk and Vanessa with.

The girl was swinging her round tight ass as she walked towards Julia. She was wearing white capri pants ("a bit out of date" Julia thought) a black tank top and black open toed high heels.

The girl's heels clicked and clacked as she came closer.

Julia turned on the volume of the music. 'Save Me' by Aimee Mann was playing. She turned on the volume so that it was impossible to hear Vanessa's muffled cries for help. This made Vanessa to struggle and mmphh more furiously.

Before the girl got any closer Julia got out of the car.

"Hi" said the girl in a friendly voice.

Julia noded.

"Like your SUV." the girl was all smiles.


"My friend Nancy's Citroen is one cramped hole. I'm thinking of getting myself a car and I want something large enough for me so when you drove in I couldn't help but come and ask you if you are happy with yours"

"It's ok"

"Do you mind if a have look inside and the trunk. I want to see the space of the car myself"


The music was so loud that the girl couldn't hear what Julia said let alone hearing the abducted woman's cries for help coming from the trunk.

"Sorry it's a mess inside"

"I won't mind"

"Go away Bambi before you end up bound and gagged in my trunk leaving your friend Nancy to wonder what happened to you" Nora thought.

Alfred had paid for the gas and as he got closer he saw a girl in tight capri pants talking to Julia.

Julia didn't seemed to be scared of her situation with two kidnapped women in her car and a girl trying to see the inside of her car. Julia seemed dangerous as if she were about to grab the girl by the mouth and drag her inside the SUV, bind and gag her and invade the girl's body there on the spot.

"The girl's buttcheeks looked like jello bulging out " Alfred thought as he felt aroused by her sight.

He came closer behind the girl. He was ready to do it, handgag her and add this girl to the kidnapped list among Vanessa and Nora.

Julia saw Alfred coming and they communicated with their eyes "grab this nosy girl"

He was just behind the girl, ready to raise his hand to cover her mouth. But then...

"Jenny! Hey let's go" said a chubby girl in jeans and wearing white flats.

The girl with the capri pants turned around startled to see Alfred behind her.

"Oh! Sorry" she said and she quickly went beside her friend.

Vanessa was still screaming into her gag.


Alfred looked at the girls as they got into their car.

Then he looked at Julia who shrugged and they got on the car.

Inside Nora had come to and was struggling and whimpering furiously.


She pulled at her bonds.


She tried to kick the door but lost her balance and fell on the floor. She kept thrashing.


"Save your energy honey. I want to hear more of that sexy muffled noise of yours when we get you and Ms. Appleby to your new home"


"Doesn't she make you hot and wet as well" she asked Alfred with a grin.

"Don't worry we are almost there. I've always wanted a pet of my own. I can't wait to eat you up Mrs. Robinson" she said to Nora, laughing .

Nora was terrified.

"All of this has to be some kind of a bad dream" she said to herself as she squirmed helplessly.


The Eels was playing on the radio as the black SUV kept speeding down the road with the two kidnapped ladies mmphing and struggling with no hope for them to escape...


The black Explorer finally arrived at it's destination, a big house with a large basement, a not so large attic and two floors. The well cared garden was full of red roses.

Julia opened the garage door with the remote control.

"Finally I get to have my own kidnapped slaves. I can do whatever I want with them. They will do only what I tell them to do" she thought with excitement.

The whole journey she had fantasies about the acts she'd perform on her new slaves Nora and Vanessa. The fantasies and the erotic muffled noises that came from the gagged Nora made her wet.

The SUV went inside the dark garage then the door closed.

Inside the garage Alfred got out of the car turned the lights on then headed for the trunk.

He opened the trunk and saw that Vanessa lay still inside the duffelbag. Her cute ballet flat clad feet left outside of the duffelbag.

Her features were more or less visible under the fabric, her breasts and her ass was sure noticed easily.

Alfred reached inside the trunk and felt so aroused by this sight of Vanessa inside a duffelbag, totally helpless exposing her sexy feet and breasts. He couldn't help himself and fondled then squeezed Vanessa's busty breasts over the duffelbag. Vanessa immediately started thrashing inside the duffelbag. Also she tried to rub her ankles together, trying to loosen the rope that not only tied the end of the duffelbag but also added another tie to her already tied feet.

"MMMMMMFFFRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!" she squirmed helplessly inside the duffelbag.

Alfred kept squeezing her breasts. Then over the duffelbag his hand went between her legs and he rubbed her thighs. There was nothing Vanessa could do to stop Alfred.


Julia opened the backseat door to find Nora still struggling on the floor of the car.

Her skin tight mini skirt hiked up, exposing her shiny pantyhose covered ass, as she struggled.

Nora only had one of her high heel slides on, the other had flown off of her foot as she was grabbed from behind. Her beautiful, black painted toenails were visible under the pantyhose.

Nora's pantyhose shone in the dim garage light.

Julia looked at this older woman with hunger.

"I have to admit that you are one woman after my own heart. I mean who else could struggle and whimper for an hour and a half without taking a break. Well have to give it to you that you had every right to sleep the other hour and a half "

Nora turned her gagged and blindfolded head in Julia's direction.

"mmmmm....???" she purred through her pumpgag.

This muffled noise of Nora's instantly aroused Julia.

Julia reached inside and ran her hand over Nora's hair.

"You make me so hot..." she whispered into her ear.


Nora purred as Julia's hand slid over her cheek.

She was all sweaty from the thrashing.

She wiped the sweat on Nora's forehead, then the sweat on her breast area.

"You are sweating like a pig, Mrs. Robinson" she said laughing.

Nora was embarrassed and offended by this comment. She also didn't like name this woman kept addressing her sarcastically.

"We are going to find out if you can squeal like a pig as well" she said as she slapped Nora's pantyhose covered butt cheeks.


No matter how hard Nora squirmed under Julia's grip she kept slapping her ass.

"You are going to be my slave. Get this through your head" she said as her hand went beneath Nora's skirt and she started rubbing Nora's shiny pantyhose covered butt cheeks.


She took Nora in her arms and took her out of the car. Nora struggled and squealed as she was carried like a baby.

By this time Alfred had Vanessa over her shoulder still struggling inside the duffelbag.

"I have always wanted this" Julia told Alfred as they turned off the lights and went inside the house.

Inside the living room curtains were closed, the shades pulled down.

Alfred turned on the lights.

"I mean to have my own abducted slave. My private plaything. Now it's one better I got two slaves" Julia continued with excitement.

"You mean ours" Alfred added.

"I apologize. I'm greedy. It was different with Helga. She was a willing slave. But these bitches, to train them, take care of them and to keep them is going to make me feel... Even the thought of it makes me wet... And nobody knows these women are here. It will take them who knows how long to understand that they are kidnapped, stashed in who knows where. I feel so excited"

"Me too" Alfred said as he slapped Vanessa’s ass over the duffelbag.

"MMmmmMMm!!!" she protested through the ballgag that filled her mouth.

Vanessa and Nora couldn't believe their ears. These people intended to keep them against their will in this place. And with the woman's speech it was clear that they were never going to let them go.

"MUUUMMFFRRMRMM!!!!" Nora moaned through her gag.

"What is it sweetheart? You better get used to the idea that you are kidnapped and you and the other bitch are going to be living in our basement from now on"

"PPLLSSMMMMFRMR!!!!!!!" she whimpered disappointedly.

"There is nothing you can do about it doll" Alfred added.

The house is very nicely furnished. A nice collection of DVDs that include movies like Atame, Ruthless People, Stealing Candy, Birthday Girl, Cecil B. DeMented and bootleged bondage films that has titles like Hogtied and Nowhere to Go!, Chloroformed in Pantyhose, Abducting and Training An Older Woman, fill the shelf,

A large library includes books on psychology, bondage, Justine by Marquis de Sade, The Blonde by Saudelli, Gwendoline by J. Willie.

Julia and Alfred carry their victims to the basement. They go through a door that looks well secured with locks and everything.

Alfred turns on the lights of the basement. There is a strange smell...

The basement has very thick grey walls a cold concrete floor. A white carpet like fur is spread infront of the double bed. There is a weird machine with gadgets attached to it with an uncomfortable dentist's chair.

There is a huge cupboard that looks like a library that has sliding doors. The doors are open and it contains strange artifacts especially designed for bondage, s&m, different toys, gags, restraints, hoods, leash... collar... hooks on the ceiling... a bondage lover's dream... or nightmare.

There is a dark green sofa and a table in the middle of the basement.

Alfred laid Vanessa on the bed.

Julia placed Nora next to her.

Alfred untied the end of the duffelbag and took Vanessa out of it.

Julia took off the blindfold that covered Nora's eyes. Her eye shadow was ruined from sweating.

Both women looked around the cold basement in terror.



They began squirming and squealing helplessly.

"From now on both of you are going to live in this basement" Julia told the kidnapped ladies.


"Understand that slave?!" she said as she pinched Nora's nipples over her blouse.



"We'll be right back" said the mean, cruel blonde as Alfred and herself left the basement and closed the heavy door behind them.

Vanessa was sobbing under her gag.

Nora was paralyzed with terror as she made muffled noises filled with fear...

They couldn't believe it. Here they were, kidnapped from the safety of their house. Stashed in someone's basement.... Bound... Gagged... And nowhere to escape...

And nobody knew they were here... In the clutches of these cruel abductors...


It was unbelievable... Vanessa was supposed to catch her flight. She had a very important business meeting that her career depended on.

She sure didn't know how she ended up in this basement. She went over the things that lead to her kidnapping... She just got her plane ticket, came home and then... the chloroformed pantyhose held over her mouth and nose. Nora being grabbed by her kidnappers, being thrown inside a duffelbag, the uncomfortable journey.... Here she was in cold, probably soundproof basement, bound gagged, helpless, vulnerable, abducted and beside an older neighbor, Nora.

The fact that she was naked, tied in this weird way with Nora next to her made Vanessa feel embarrassed.

Nora didn't know if it was day or night, where she was, who the couple that abducted her and Vanessa were... She didn't want to think their intention was what she was afraid of... To make Vanessa and Nora their slaves... The idea of being held against her will in this smelly basement scared her enough... She sure couldn't handle to stay here for long.

Nora's eyes caught the naked and helpless body of Vanessa lying next to her.

"She sure had a nice figure as I suspected" Nora thought.

Actually she always looked for an opportunity to see Vanessa naked.

"But a bit chubby" Nora thought as she looked at Vanessa admiringly.

Vanessa caught Nora's looks and felt more embarrassed. She squirmed in her bonds helplessly.

Vanessa's eyes looked around. Weird artifacts and scary props filled this eerie room. She wanted to go home immediately.

She began squirming in her bonds. She rubbed her wrists and ankles together to loosen the ropes that bit into her skin.

"IIIHHHMMMM...IIIHHMMMMMM!!!!!!...HHHMMM!" she moaned with frustration.

Nora began struggling as well.


Nora wondered if anybody would be able to hear their screams as she screamed at the top of her lungs.

"MMMMMRRRRR!!!!!IIIHHIIHHHMMMM!!!!!!!" she thrashed wildly in her bonds.

As Vanessa struggled furiously she fell on the floor.


Nora looked at her fellow kidnapped friend.

"mmmm??" purred Nora as to ask if she was all right.

"MMMM!!!!!!" came back the response. It could mean anything.

"It sure is not easy to communicate with a large gag filling your mouth" thought Nora.

She came to the side of the bed and got herself in a sitting position then stood up after taking a deep breath.

With only one high heel slide on, she hopped hopped next to Vanessa but fell on the second hop.


Both women moaned and struggled and sweated profusely.

Nora tried to untie the ropes that bound Vanessa's ankles and wrists but it was useless.

They tried to untie each other but it was no use. These abductor knew what they were doing. It was impossible to get free from the binds.

Vanessa tried to move towards the door like a snake.


The concrete floor made Vanessa's body cold.

Her breasts hurt as they brushed against the concrete.

"IiiiHHMM...IHHMMM..IIMMM!!!!!" she breathed heavily.

She finally got to the stairs.

"OHUHMMHMMM!!!!!" with much moaning and struggling she climbed the stairs slowly.

"I'm glad that I'm wearing my ballet flats" she thought.

She sure couldn't handle all this with high heels.

She got to the door. She put her ear on the door then she started screaming at the top of her lungs. Which produced erotic muffled noises.


Nora watched Vanessa with excitement.


Nora made excited noises behind the large pump gag that filled her mouth.

"This could be our chance to be free" she thought.


Vanessa lay on her back and with her ballet flats clad feet tried to figure out a way to open the door as her feet struggled with the doorknob. Her milk white thigh high stockings that made her legs look pink beneath, looked dirty.


Vanessa looked exhausted.

Then without a warning the door swung open.

"mmmm....!!!???" Vanessa was taken aback.

Vanessa's eyes got wide with fear as Julia and Alfred stood at the door.

"IIIIIHHMMMM!!!!!" Vanessa whimpered and tried to back away from the door.

Julia laughed at Vanessa.

"Trying to escape huh? Well you are going to regret this stupid attempt for sure, bitch" she said as she grabbed Vanessa and carried her back downstairs over her shoulder.

"Your ass belongs to me" hissed Julia as she slapped Vanessa's ass.


Vanessa began squirming but Julia's grip over her body was strong.

Alfred closed the door behind him and put the two bags he held on the table.

Julia laid Vanessa on the white fur carpet.

Alfred put on white/clear surgeon gloves as Julia grabbed Nora and carried her to the dentist chair like apparatus.

"NUNNMMFMMFFRFF!!!!!" Nora whimpered, producing muffled noises.


"Scream all you want. No one can hear you and it just makes me more wet. The screams are not going to save you from the chair" Julia said as she laid Nora on the chair.

Nora thrashed wildly and kept screaming under her gag.


"Don't make me put the blindfold on again" said Julia as she pinched Nora's nipples.

Vanessa watched what these perverts were doing to poor Nora.

She began moaning as well.

Julia turned around to face Vanessa's struggling body.

"Don't worry I'm going to attend to you in no time" she said as she kept squeezing Nora's juicy breasts.


Alfred produced some strange battery kind of box with wires on it. Then he took out a butt plug, then some bizarre items that Nora couldn't figure their purpose.

The kidnapped women thrashed and whimpered helplessly in their bonds which amused their captors.

Their muffled noises filled the cold basement...


The frustrated moans of Vanessa and Nora filled the room.

"Who needs music when you got two gagged ladies... I mean slaves" said Julia with a grin.

She was standing over the table, thinking which toy to use first on her slave, after a moment of silence she made the hard decision.

"MMmmMMM???" purred Nora behind her gag as if to ask Julia what she was going to do to her.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Robinson, but I think you are not going to enjoy all this as much as I'm going to enjoy it" Julia said in a serious voice.

Julia walked towards Nora with a butt plug in hand.

"IIHMHMMMNUUUNUUUUUMMFFFRRRR!!!!!" Nora whimpered frantically.

Nora struggled as hard as she could but it was no use she was securely bound and effectively gagged.

Nora was now tied to the uncomfortable chair. Her legs spread open and her ankles and legs tied tightly to the sides of the chair. This position sure made Nora vulnerable to her abductors.

Her wrists and arms were tied in the same manner.

Nora still had one high heeled slide on. Her pantyhose shone in the dim light. As she struggled her skirt hiked up, revealing her pantyhose clad clit, she wasn't wearing any panties. Her breasts heaved heavily over her blouse.

Julia looked at Nora with hunger.

She went around the chair and pulled Nora's hair behind her ear and kissed Nora on the neck.

"NUUPLSNMMPLSNUMMFFF!!!!" Nora whimpered.

Julia grabbed Nora's breasts from behind and began squeezing them over her blouse.


Nora tried to pull away, kick and claw at this perverted woman, but it was no use. The way Julia tied Nora she was exposed to her kidnapper and she couldn't do anything about it.

"You are mine" Julia hissed into Nora's ear.

Nora walked around and stood in front of Nora with the butt plug in hand.

Vanessa was watching helplessly.

"MMM...mmmmM!M!!!!!" she purred.

The erotic mmffff noises grabbed Alfred's attention. He came over Vanessa with a collar and leash in hand.

"MMMMMMMFFFF!!!!!!MMMFFFRRRR!!!!" Vanessa whimpered loudly as she shook her head from side to side.

It was no use, how hard she seemed to struggle, he managed to put the collar around her throat and tightened it.


"Sorry it has to be tight" he said as he caressed Vanessa's busty breasts.

Vanessa squirmed on the fur carpet.

Alfred pulled the leash, Vanessa jerked and was left breathless for a second.


Without a warning Alfred slipped a tight leather hood over Vanessa's head.

She thrashed in terror.


He began licking her nipples.

"IIhhhmmMMMFRrrRMmmMM!!!!!!" she squealed into the gag.

He pulled the leash again making Vanessa breathe heavily. The tight hood inflated around the nose and gagged mouth area as Vanessa breathed hardly.

His hand covered her hooded mouth as his other hand went between Vanessa's legs.

"NNMMMMFFFFIHHHMMM!!!!!!" she sobbed under the hood.

Alfred sucked Vanessa's breasts, kissed her belly and then began kissing her clit,


He inserted his tongue inside her.


He began pinching her erect nipples.

"UMMPHHHMMM!!!!!" Vanessa whimpered.

He pulled the leash around her throat.

"uuhHIHHMmmMM!!!!!" she breathed heavily and moaned.

Julia took off Nora's high heel slide.

Nora's black painted nails were visible under the shiny pantyhose.

Julia massaged Nora's foot.

"IhhmMm??" came the response under the pump gag.

Then Julia began licking the soles of Nora's pantyhose clad foot.

"iihhHmmMMM!!!NMM!!!" moaned Nora as Julia kept licking her feet. Nora felt disgusted for the fact that some other woman was licking her feet...

Julia sucked Nora's black painted toes.

"You have shapely feet" she said as she kept sucking and licking Nora's panthosed toes.


She then kissed Nora on the neck again which made her struggle furiously.

Then she took a pair of scissors and cut Nora's brown/ cream colored tight mini- skirt.

"MMMmmmMMmMMM!!!!!" Nora protested.

Julia slapped Nora on the cheek.

"Quiet slave! If you keep struggling, I might hurt you!"

Then she cut open Nora's silk blouse.

"ihhMMmmMMM!!!!" Nora felt humiliated.

Julia cupped Nora's juicy breasts. Then she ripped her bra with her bare hands.

"mmmmMmmm...." she moaned under the gag.

Julia began sucking and pinching Nora's breasts.

"MMMMFFRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" she whimpered in pain.

Nora was left only with her shiny pantyhose, struggling and moaning helplessly.

"You look so arousing like this, all helpless, left with your pantyhose..." Julia whispered into Nora's ear.

Julia run a hand over Nora's pantyhose clad leg then she began massaging her clit over the pantyhose.

"MMMFFRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" she screamed into the gag which produced erotic noises that aroused Julia.

Julia began kissing and licking Nora's clit over the pantyhose.

"uUHMNNMm.,,OHMMPHMM...iiHHmHMm..." she began moaning and breathing deeply.

Then Julia ripped Nora's pantyhose in the crotch area.


She then slid her tongue inside Nora.


She began kissing and licking her clit.


Then without a warning she inserted the butt plug into Nora's asshole.

"NNNMMMMMMMFFRRRRRRR!!!!!!" she screamed through the gag.

Julia was all over Nora, licking her body, fondling her breasts, slapping her helpless slave as she squirmed and moaned under her.


"You taste like honey, Mrs. Robinson" Julia told Nora while she tried to struggle in disgust.

Alfred produced a set of chains with clamp on one end and some weights on the other.

He licked Vanessa's nipple and then clamped it.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!" Vanessa screamed with pain.

He rubbed her other nipple and attached the other weight.

"NUUUUUUUUUMMMM!!!!!!!" she shrieked.

Then he pulled at the weights which made Vanessa scream into her gag.


Then he pulled the leash again making her breath hardly.

Then he pulled the leash, Vanessa stood up in pain. The weights in on her nipples hurt very much and the leash made her breathing get harder.

He pulled the leash making Vanessa follow him by hopping in her ballet flats. Then he untied her ankles.

Immediately she began kicking around once her feet were free.


He pulled on the leash hard.

"iIIHHHMMM.....IHHMMM!!!!!" she breathed heavily.

There was a hook on the floorboard. He tied Vanessa's feet with leather straps which had a short chain between them then he added another chain which tied her to the hook on the floor.

Vanessa tried to keep her balance. But it was impossible with the weights on her boobs and the leash around her throat.

"MMMFFRRRMMM!!!!!!" she moaned as her breasts heaved heavily.

Alfred untied Vanessa's hands. She made attempts to claw him.


He pulled one of the weights on her boob causing her to scream in pain.

He them tied her hands together with the same kind of straps he tied Vanessa's feet with. Then he tied her hands to a hook on the ceiling.

Vanessa was in pain and couldn't believe what this pervert was doing to her.

Then Alfred produced a riding crop and began brushing her breasts with it, making Vanessa scream and whimper in pain.

Nora and Vanessa were at the hands of the cruel abductors. They thought if this would ever end. Would someone rescue them... Would this sick couple ever let them go...


these muffled screams were the only noises that filled the room with the addition of intense breathing of the sweating, helpless slaves as they were fondled, kissed and humiliated...


Vanessa could barely stand still with the weights attached to her breasts. Also the way she was tied made her uncomfortable. Not to add the leash around her throat that Alfred kept pulling whenever she protested or tested her bonds.

Alfred pulled the weight on her right nipple with a grin.

"MMMMFRRRRRRR!!!!!!" came the muffled reply as usual.

Alfred really enjoyed this. Vanessa was totally helpless in front of his very eyes. She was his slave.

But he really got annoyed the way Julia acted as if both Nora and Vanessa only belonged to her.

Actually, he really didn't care that much about Nora, Julia could keep her as she wanted. But the way she expressed her thoughts as if she owned Vanessa, alone, made him uneasy.

"She's jealous, probably" he thought, since now there were two other women, also sharing the same house with them.

"But Julia herself was very eager and excited about kidnapping Vanessa. So why is she acting like this?" he thought.

"Or maybe it's just greed. She is bossy and greedy that's the truth. She told me herself how once her lover Helga wanted another "slave", Lily, to join them in their bondage play which she accepted but wouldn't allow the other woman, to take control in any way during their "games" and the way she kept the poor Lily in the cage most of the time and the way she kept practicing bondage on them much more cruelly every time Lily seemed more interested in playing with Helga rather than Julia, proves that she is indeed greedy... Or is it jealousy?"

Alfred was distracted from his thoughts with Vanessa's attempt to pull at her bindings.

He quickly pulled at the leash.

"....IhiihHHmmMmm......!!!" she moaned in a breathless manner as her breasts heaved heavily with the weights attached to them which caused Vanessa much pain.

"Well anyway she can play with Nora pie as she pleases. Keep her bound and gagged, chained to the bedpost for all I care. But Vanessa! She belongs to me!" he thought as he looked at Vanessa's struggling and helpless body.

"MMmmMMMmMMM!!!!!" squealed Vanessa helplessly.

Alfred covered Vanessa's gagged mouth over the tight hood with his hand as he slid his other hand between her legs.

"mmmMMmmm...mmmrrRRR!!!!!!" she squirmed helplessly under Alfred's grip as he invaded her body.

Nora never felt so helpless before. Sweat poured from every single pore of her body as she struggled to free herself from the chair she was tied to. And the way this perverted woman treated her scared her, she acted unstable.

"Now now Mrs. Robinson hold still or you'll hurt yourself" she told Nora as she bit her nipple and then attached nipple clamps on her fragile breasts.


Julia pulled the clamps with the chain in her hand.

"MMMFFFRRRRR!!!!" Nora was doing her best to loosen the ropes that held her.


Julia slapped Nora on the cheek. Then held her by the chin and told Nora to look her in the eye.

Nora obeyed. She looked at this perverted woman's eyes with fear.

"The more you thrash the more I'll make you scream" Julia said as she pulled at the nipple clamps.

"IIIHHHMMMM!!!!!!!!!!" Nora screamed with agony.

"See my point..." said Julia as she placed clips on Nora's clit.

"MMMMMRRRRRRMMM!!!!!!!" she kept whimpering as she placed the next clip on her pussy which exposed her to any threat.

Julia slapped Nora again.

"UHMPH!!!" came the reply, as her cheek turned a shade of cherry red.

Then Julia took a machine which looked like a small vacuum cleaner. She turned on the bizarre looking machine which began making noises that reminded Nora a device she saw in a movie in which scientists were measuring the radioactivity level of some object. This sure was disturbing.

"NUUMMFF!!!!PLLSSs!!!!NUUUNUUU!!!!!! she screamed into the gag as she shook her head from side to side which rewarded her with another slap on the cheek.

"Quiet slave!!!" said Julia as she placed the weird buzzing machine on her belly and glided her towards her clit.

"NMUM!!!!!NUUUUUU!!!!!!NUUUUU!!!!!MMMMFFFRRRMMMMFRR!!!!!!!" she whimpered on the top of her lungs as she watched in terror what Julia was doing.

The machine made contact with her vagina and she felt spasms take over her body within seconds.

"NUUHUHGHMPHH!!!" Nora sobbed under her pump gag. Her cheeks red and bulged out.

Julia pulled at her nipple clamps.

"NNN...MMMFFFRRRRRRRR!!!!!" Nora screamed.

She tried her best to beg Julia stop what she was doing to her but only muffled noises came out.


Julia rubbed the machine against the sensitive parts of Nora's body,


Nora's eyes were closed as she went into spasms.

Julia pulled at her nipples without any warning.

"UUUUGHMMPGHHMMMMM!!!!!!!" her eyes opened with pain, a tear drop sliding on her cheek.

"You are not allowed to enjoy it slave" she said as she pulled harder at the nipple clamps.

"MMMMMMMFRRRRRRRRRR!!!!MMMMM!!!!!!!" Nora whimpered frantically.

Alfred fondled Vanessa's butt cheeks and set them apart and slapped them.

Vanessa with the airtight hood on couldn't see anything...

He was putting on some kind of lubricant on her vagina... She felt slippery and sticky at the same time which made her uncomfortable

"II..IIIhMPGGGMM!!!" she tried to jerk herself away from him, which made the leash around her throat get tighter.

"uuhgggmMMmm!!!!" she tried to breath under the hood.

He kept putting on the lubricant.

"NUUUMMNNUUUHMmmMM!!!!!"she begged under the gag and the hood.

Alfred went over the table.

"Having a good time?" asked Julia as she kept the buzzing machine tingling over Nora's clit.

"Living the dream" replied Alfred as he looked at the helpless struggling Nora.

"Me too. We're lucky to have this golden oldie. She really keeps me wet. What a struggler... Who would have thought. Kidnapping two women when we were going to settle for only one" she said.

"MMMMPPHHHH!!!" moaned Nora which made Julia to pull the nipple clamps .


"We should find us some more ladies to keep in the basement. I'm telling you. Who needs books and television when you have your own kidnapped slave" she said with a grin then, slapping Nora on the cheek.


"You know you are right" he said as he went towards Vanessa who was busy trying to look around under her tight hood, breathing heavily.

He inserted a weird vibrator like artifact inside Vanessa which had an end that he placed inside her asshole.


He pushed a button on the intruder.

"MMMMMMFFFMMM!!!!!!" came the muffled protests.

Alfred cupped and squuezed Vanessa's breasts.

"NUUIHHHIIHMMMM!!!!!" she sobbed under the hood.

His hands caressed and fondled her body.

The abductors were having a great time as the kidnapees were going through a surreal nightmare.

There was a distant buzzing.

Vanessa and Nora stopped their squealing and squirming to listen to the buzzing noise.

It was the phone.

"Great, when you think you have some time for yourself. Something interferes"

"You go answer the phone and we'll have something to eat"

"What about them?"

"Chloroform will keep them in dreamland as we eat"

"MMMMMFRRMMNUNUU!!!!!" came the muffled protests from the helpless ladies.

"No, I mean what about them. Feeding time?"

"Oh, we'll take care of that as well"

The two women in distress struggled and moaned as Alfred went upstairs to answer the phone.

"Time to eat. We'll continue when you wake up" said Julia as she went over the bag and took out a brown bottle and piece of dirty cloth.

She poured chloroform over the cloth as she whistled a tune she whistled only when she was lost in thought.

Julia came over to Nora as she thrashed.


Julia covered Nora's nose and mouth with the chloroformed cloth.


How hard Nora tried to pull her face from the sickly smelled cloth, Julia held it in place.

"NuummmmMmmm........" Nora's struggling ankles and wrists lay motionless, and her head rested on Julia's arms. She was knocked out

Then she poured some more chloroform on the cloth just in case and went over to the struggling Vanessa.

She pulled off the leather hood.

Vanessa inhaled the fresh air. The smell of the leather made her sick.

She drooled all over inside the leather hood and now she kept drooling uncontrollably.

Just as she inhaled the air, Julia clamped the chloroformed cloth over Vanessa's mouth and nose.

Vanessa thrashed violently. Her breasts bounced around as she tried to avoid the chloroformed cloth.


Julia pulled at the weight that was attached to Vanessa's nipple.


Vanessa couldn't help but feel dizzy as the chloroform did its job.

Then Julia tightened the leash around Vanessa's throat, which made Vanessa breathe deeply.


And soon Vanessa's body stood motionless. Julia kept the chloroformed cloth a few seconds more over Vanessa's mouth and nose.

Then she untied the ladies from their current ties.

Julia pulled Nora into a tight hogtie with nylon cords and placed a blindfold over her sleeping eyes. She couldn't help but pump up the gag a bit more causing Nora's cheeks to bulge out more.

"A nice surprise for her when she wakes up" she thought.

Then she tied Vanessa's hands behind her back. Then she crossed her ankles and tied them tightly together. She also placed a blindfold on her Vanessa's eyes as well. Her saliva that drooled from the gag was all over her chin and breasts.

Then Julia tied two tan colored stockings together. Then she tied one end of the stocking around Nora's throat and tied the other end around Vanessa's throat.

"To keep you warm" she said as she looked admiringly at the two sleeping helpless women.

She climbed the stairs. looked at her slaves on the bed.

"Both of you are mine!" she said with joy, then turned off the lights and closed the heavy door behind her.

Vanessa and Nora lay on the bed bound and gagged together... Having nightmares in their sleep...


It had been eight days since Vanessa and Nora had been kidnapped and brought into this cold basement.

They were kept bound and gagged tightly at all times. Even when they were sleeping, they were bound, gagged and pieces of nylon cord were tied around their necks, to complicate matters.

Vanessa and Nora's screams and moans filled the basement. There never was silence. Even in their sleep, the kidnapees kept moaning and whining.

They weren't allowed to take a bath, yet. Julia thought it would break their will.

Feeding time was the only time frame the abductors ungagged their captives.

Their pleas for being released, their promises to not to tell anybody were ignored, rewarded with a slap across the cheek or cruel laughter. Then if their re-gagging would be a problem, Julia would chloroform them, and play with them as they were in dreamland.

Vanessa and Nora were completely naked. Even Vanessa lost her ever present ballet flats over the eight days.

They were tied tightly with both of their hands behind their back. Additional ropes going over and under their breasts. Their ankles crossed and tied with rope. Vanessa was gagged with a red ballgag which was tight tightly around her head. Nora was gagged with a pump gag, inflated to a degree that reduced her screams into pathetic noises.

"MMMMmmmmmmmMMMMM" Vanessa purred as her hood was pulled off.

She found Julia standing over her with an evil grin.

"Congratulations! You made it in to the papers after a week and one day"

Julia held the newspaper which had Vanessa and Nora's photos on the third page. Missing read the article below the photos.

Vanessa was relieved. At least someone noticed her and Nora having disappeared.

"I'm sorry you didn't make it into the headlines, but it's ok because in honor of you bitches having your mug shots in the paper, we're going to play a little game"

"No, not another game?" thought Vanessa, her relief lasting for a second.

Alfred pulled off Nora's tight hood off.

"NUUHMMMMM!!!!!" moaned Nora, not wanting to do anything with another "game" of Julia's.

"Since you're so eager Ms. Piggy, you're going to be the one to pedal"

"Pedal?" thought Vanessa. Which sick "game" they had this time she wondered.

Alfred took Vanessa in his arms.

Julia carried Nora over her shoulder.

Then the slaves were tossed on the floor.

Both Vanessa and Nora's eyes opened wide with terror as they stood in front of the new toy they were to be subjected.

"NUUUUUU!!!!!!!NUUUUUUUU!!!!!" Nora screamed into her gag.

"MMMMMFRRRRRRRRR!!!!!MMMMMMM!!!!!" Vanessa joined her friend.

Vanessa tried to squirm and get away, Julia placed her foot on Julia's back to prevent her from going anywhere.

"You're not going to enjoy it as much as we are, bitch" she hissed in Vanessa's ear.

Vanessa began sobbing hysterically.

The set up Nora and Vanessa were about to be subjected to seemed a weird type of system which looked like it was designed to give pain to however was subjected to it, to say the least.

There was a stool and a chair connected with a weird rail of some sort. The chair had bicycle pedals which, as they were kept pedaled, kept the rail moving. In addition to that, a cord is tied to the pedal chains with two other separate ends. One end formed in a noose, the other attached to a weight.

Now on the other end of the rail is the stool with an empty space in the middle, (think of a toilet seat). As the pedals on the chair are in motion, the rail activates a dildo with a piece attached to it, used to impale the asshole.

Vanessa was placed on the stool. Julia put a collar around her throat with a short leash. She attached the end of leash to an anchor on the wall.

"NUUUUU!!!!!!!NUUMMMMM!!!!" Vanessa whimpered.

Julia slapped her across the cheek.

Vanessa was helpless. Any movement caused her to be left breathless.

Nora thrashed wildly, so both Alfred and Julia had to subdue her.

"MMMMFRRRRRR!!!!!UHMGMMMMM!!!!" Nora moaned.

Nora was placed on the chair as she whimpered and struggled wildly. Her hands were tied to the sides of the chair. The noose was placed around her throat and tied tightly.

"UGHMPHHHH!!!" she breathed.

Then her ankles were untied and immediately her feet were placed inside the metal casings of the pedals and locked in place. Nora was beyond helpless.

"MMFFRRRRR!!!!!!NUUUUUUUMM!!!MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!" the kidnapees moaned whimpered, breathed.

"Now both of you listen carefully because I'm not going to repeat myself" Julia told her victims.

"Now this is something new and you better figure out how to survive this as fast as you can, no goofing around"

Vanessa and Nora's eyes were filled with tears.

"Now you see this is an interactive torture system. Nora you're going to be doing all the work. Vanessa you're going to get all of the invasion. In other words you're going to be raping Vanessa"

"mmmm?????" Vanessa purred behind her gag.

"MMMMMM!!!!!" Nora purred begging to differ.

"Oh yes you are. You'll keep pedaling without giving a break. The pedaling activates an asshole impaler and a dildo. As you keep pedaling the vibrator and the asshole impaler will invade Vanessa's body"

"NUUUUUUU!!!!" the captives protested.

"Vanessa you can't avoid this, any movement of yours is restricted with the short leash which will leave you breathless if you try to jerk your head in anyway. And for you Ms. Piggy, yours have surprise twist. The cord around your throat is attached to the pedals and to the weight behind you. So in order to keep breathing you have to keep pedaling. So as long as you keep pedaling you'll be able to breathe because the weight will be lifted. But at the same time as you keep pedaling, you'll be raping your best friend. But stop pedaling and the weight will hit the ground and you'll be left breathless. Pedaling... the weight is lifted. That simple ladies" Julia explained this bizarre machine.

"NUUU!!!!PLSSSMHMM!!!!" Vanessa screamed.

Nora began crying in terror.

Julia went over the closet and came back with a cat o' nine tails in hand.

She whipped Nora over the breasts.

"OWwNNMMMMMM!!!" she cried.

"Release the weight" she told Alfred.

As soon as Alfred released the weight, Nora's head jerked back and she was left all breathless. Pain was going through her neck.

"uuughhmmm......ohumm..huhmmm....." she tried to breathe and began pedaling, like she was riding a bicycle. And the weight was lifted off the ground.

"OgughhmMMM....hmmm....." Nora breathed as she kept pedaling.

The moment Nora began pedaling, Vanessa's body jerked as the dildo went inside her and the impaler was inserted inside her asshole.

"HUMMMM????!!" she jerked and immediately the leash around her throat tightened and left her breathless. Somehow she had to stay motionless as her body was invaded in a way she could never imagine.

Nora kept pedaling, as her breathing depended on it. Vanessa was kept invaded.

Julia kept whipping Nora all the time making her scream in agony.

"MMMMFRRRRRRRR!!!!!!OHHUMMMMM!!!!NUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!HohuiiihHOHUMMM!!!" these moans, sobs and the noise of the whipping filled the basement.

Alfred was behind Vanessa. Fondling her breasts, kissing her neck.

Vanessa had countless forced orgasms.

Every now and then Nora would feel dead tired and stop pedaling for a second only to be left breathless, so she kept pedaling and in order to breathe well, she had to keep pedaling in such a speed that would make Speedy Gonzalez proud.

This torture seemed to go on forever as Nora and Vanessa felt like they were going to pass out. On the other hand the abductors were having the time of their life.

The slaves kept sobbing and begging but these cries were ignored as the abductors kept torturing them...

Vanessa and Nora understood that there was no end to all this madness. They couldn't fight back the tears in their eyes...

"HELP US SOMEBODY!!!!" they thought as they screamed in agony. But they knew that there was no way out from this nightmare...


It had been exactly a month since the kidnapping of Vanessa and Nora. The papers mentioned their names but of course no one knew what happened to them.

Neither Vanessa nor Nora, still didn't accept the abducted slave way of life.

But this didn't change the fact that they were mere playthings for their kidnappers. And there was no way out of this madness.

Julia's never ending hunger for sadist tortures and the constant state of being in restraints broke both Vanessa and Nora's will.

Each day was filled with pain and humiliation.

They had been living inside this basement for the last thirty days and there seemed to be no chance for escape.

And it wasn't like Alfred and Julia didn't have guests or people coming and going.

But the kidnappers found a good solution to keep their slaves hidden very well.

When there was an occasion and friends dropped by, Vanessa and Nora were chloroformed and stuffed inside two soundproof boxes that resembled tombs of pharaohs. And they kept screaming helplessly inside them until the guests would leave.

Vanessa was tied on the table spread eagle with a strap holding her by the throat.

She looks like she's in agony.

Suction tubes are placed on her nipples and on her pussy.


She shakes her head as Alfred holds another suction tube in hand, lost in thought.

Alfred puts the suction tube on Vanessa's asshole.

"MMMMFRRRRRRRRR!!!!!OHUGMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!... iiiiHMMmmmm...." she screams and breathes.

Julia approaches with chloroform bottle and cloth in hand.

"The other one was something else today. She just wouldn't stop thrashing and screaming. I had to chloroform her early than usual. And I thought these bitches would be used to this by now" Julia smiled, blew out a candle in her hand.

Julia placed the chloroform and the cloth between Vanessa's legs.

Nora's sleeping body lies on the bed. Her hands and feet tied to the bedposts. She's gagged with red ballgag, there's drool all over her. There are candles on the floor and candle wax covers Nora's body.

"She can't stay here, Julia"


"You heard me. We only agreed of kidnapping Vanessa and keeping her here"

"But she's our bonus. We're having a good time"

"No. You're having a good time. You are in control of everything and..."

"Oh come on..."

"And I want you to leave as well"


"From now on, I want to be left alone with Vanessa"

"Men... Just can't take it when you're not running a show..."

"Don't be so selfish, Julia. This isn't what we planned. I thought it would be fun for the three of us but... guess I was wrong"

"You poor mama's boy..."

"You can leave tomorrow!"

"What about Ms. Piggy?"

"I've been going online. I found a site called SSK. A website where white slavers, slaves and people into bondage keep visiting. Really nice people. I auctioned her there. A couple is interested in her"

"You're selling our slave?"

"She doesn't belong here"

"So that's why you have the crates then"


"Then how come two crates?"

"I thought of giving Vanessa away as well. A white slaver was interested with her but I couldn't decide."

"Are you insane? We kidnapped these women. We went to all the trouble! And now you're going to give them away like Halloween candy? I'm not going to let you do this"


"She's mine as much as yours. So you deciding to give her away doesn't mean much to me. We're keeping her"


"Who put you in charge?"

"You aren't in charge either. But you sure act like you are"

"You are stupid. Many men would die to have two women for themselves and you keep talking about how Vanessa's the only one for you! I'm not going to let you do this. I'm going to go online right now and tell the couple we changed our mind"

"No, you're not!"

"Idiot! Watch me do it" were Julia's last words as she went towards the stairs"

Alfred was angry, to say the least. Acting real fast he poured chloroform on the piece of cloth and as Julia reached the stairs, he grabbed her from behind and covered her nose and mouth with the cloth.

"MMMMMMMFFRRRRRRRRR???????" Julia whimpered.

"Can't let you spoil it Julia"

"MMMMMFFFF!!!!!!MMMMMMMMMmmM!!!!" she kicked and screamed wildly.

"If you're not going to let me ship them away, then maybe you can take Vanessa's place"

With this last comment, Julia was filled with fear for the first time.

"NUUUUU!!!!!!NUUUUUUUUUU!MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!" she moaned frantically.

Even Vanessa managed to smile regarding Julia's situation, even though she was experiencing unexplainable pain with the suctions.

"You finally got what you deserved bitch" she thought.

"mmm..MMMmm...nmmMMm......" Julia moaned and then her body went limp.

Alfred tied Julia's hands behind her back and then tied her elbows together nylon cord. Then he tied her feet with rope. He gagged her with a pump gag and inflated it. Then he slipped a tight leather hood over her head.

Alfred went online and told the white slaver that he was going to get a delivery, indeed.

The couple were also very excited to have their first kidnapped slave.

Alfred told them that he'd ship them tomorrow...

The next morning Alfred tied Nora in the same manner he tied Julia yesterday.

"MMMMMMMM!!!!!!!MMFRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!" Julia screamed frantically.

"NUUUU!!!!NUUUUUU!!!!!MMmmm!!!!" Nora cried constantly, understanding her fate, to be delivered somewhere else to be some other pervert's plaything.

Vanessa was silent. She observed what was happening.

Vanessa and Nora's eyes met and Nora kept sobbing. She tried to communicate with her friend. But of course only the erotic "mmphhh"ing escaped her gagged lips.

In half an hour Alfred had Nora and Julia inside the crates. They screamed and sobbed as he closed the crates.

Within an hour, four SSK operatives came to deliver the slaves to their new owners.

After they were gone. Alfred looked at Vanessa. Their gaze met. And with a smile he told her:

"Finally we're alone. I've been waiting for this for so long"

The only noise in the basement was Vanessa's breathing.

He kissed Vanessa on the neck.

"mmmm....." she purred.

Then Alfred placed a suction tube on her clit.


The basement was filled with screams of pain and helpless moans, once again...


Julia was sold to a white slaver who trained her to be one of the most submissive of slaves. Her training is said to be completed in nine months.

Nora was sold to a couple who kept her in their dungeon. She never accepted being a slave so she was kept bound and gagged at all times, Most of the time she was used as a furniture around the house. She was also shared with guests of the house.

Vanessa's training isn't finished yet. She still needs to be kept bound and gagged at all times.

But Alfred believes that her abductee will be the perfect slave one day. Until then he's going to keep training her.

Nobody ever heard of Vanessa and Nora again. Their pictures keep appearing in newspapers even to this day...

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