Penalty Clause
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When Chloe announced that she had invited a real lifestyle Dominatrix to help sort Becky out, her slave knew that she had all but won. It had taken six months but it really looked as though Chloe was finally throwing in the towel and admitting defeat in their mutual contest of wills.

The 'game' had started almost from the day the two had first met at that fetish event in Soho. They had started dating and had found in themselves a mutual love of BDSM; but while both wanted to be the dominant member of the partnership, neither was particularly willing to be the submissive. Equally, neither was willing to end the relationship and seek submissive partners elsewhere. And so Chloe - or was it Rebecca herself? - had thrown down the gauntlet and issued the challenge.

At the toss of a coin, one would be the slave of the other for a year. During that year the Mistress would have to keep the slave restrained with rope, leather straps, bandages - but no handcuffs, cages or chain restraints whatsoever - and 'persuade' said slave to agree to be her property for life - and so she would remain.

Equally, the slave was to try to escape her bonds as often as possible, turn the tables on her mistress and continually refuse to be cowed into submitting to the other's will.

If the mistress had failed in her objective by the end of that year then she would become the property of the other ( and to add spice to the game, the victor got to shave the loser's head and make her wear a ring through her nose.).

There was one added clause to the game. For one time and one time only, the dominant competitor could bring in a ProDomme or lifestyle mistress to help her 'break in' the submissive. If the ProDomme succeeded where the competitor had failed, the slave became the property of her mistress for life but would first have to complete a period of servitude as the ProDomme's personal creature. If the ProDomme failed to break in the submissive, then the competition was over and the Dominant must concede victory and herself into the hands of the slave ( and then wait for whatever bargain the new mistress would make with the ProDomme regarding the payment of services rendered).

It was Chloe who had won the toss, declaring that she had better win as she was a bad loser; but she had not reckoned on the determination of Rebecca to come out on top (excuse the pun). So the battle of wills had begun and now it looked like Mistress Chloe was about to gamble everything on one last desperate throw...

"I tell you, this little bitch is double jointed. No matter how tight I tie those ropes, she always finds a way to slip out of her bonds."

Rebecca, who was normally kept naked in the house, had been furnished for the occasion with high heels, stockings and suspender belt and had been commanded to kneel at the visitor's feet and be obsequious. She tried not to smile in triumph at her Mistress' complaints and continued to kiss the visiting ProDomme's boots as she'd been ordered. Seated on the long leather sofa, their oriental visitor glanced down the length of her black leather thigh boot and announced:

"Don't you worry yourself, my dear. Once I've finished with her, your pet will find the security of being restrained to be something to die for."

Madame Sadako smiled genially at her host and offered her other boot to the slave to kiss. Despite the Japanese name, she was actually English by birth and a product of London's Chinatown district. In truth she was Eurasian, but her adoption of a Japanese pseudonym and preference towards all things Japanese misled people away from that fact. Besides the long shiny wet-look thighboots, Mistress Sadako was adorned in a bra-less black leather playsuit and fishnet tights, her bare breasts garnished with star-shaped nipple ornaments. All this had been hidden beneath an ankle length sheepskin coat when she had wafted into their apartment. She had also brought a riding crop secreted in a special pocket of the coat - her symbol of office - which she used to poke and prod the rebellious slavegirl from time to time.

"Oh, I do hope so;" replied Chloe; "I'd hate to think that a mistress of your experience couldn't tame this wild child. It would be very embarrassing for all concerned."

Sadako frowned. "That sounds like a challenge."

"Yes, it does, doesn't it." Chloe smiled, playing with a lock of her hair; "May I suggest that we tie this little slave to a chair and then go and discuss terms in private?' She winked at Madame Sadako and Madame Sadako winked back and as the two dragged Rebecca over to a wooden chair in the corner of the dining room, she had no idea that a conspiracy long hatched was being set in motion.

The semi naked slavegirl was dumped on the leather seat and her arms were pulled behind her. ropes soon bound her wrists together minutes later her legs were pulled back and her ankles trussed to the rear legs of the wooden chair. The Chinese mistress extracted a ballgag from her handbag and Rebecca's mouth was soon stoppered. a few minutes later, as she quietly tested the strength and tightness of her bindings, Rebecca heard the familiar creak of the bedroom floorboards being followed by the faint squeak of bedsprings being compressed.

'Discuss terms, my arse!' she thought. Twisting this way and that in the chair, she finally got a peak at the positioning of the ropes holding her to the chair and the whereabouts of the knots. She soon realized that her legs were secured by a single piece of rope and that the knot was just within reach of her bound hands. It took a lot of effort and some mental swearing but eventually she had it in her grasp and was carefully picking the knot apart. As the bedsprings above began to creak more energetically, the knot finally gave way and she planted both feet on the carpet with a thud. A minute later she was standing up and tipping up the chair to free herself from it. Then she lay on her back, worked her buttocks through her bound arms and stepped through them to bring her hands up in front of her. After that, untying her wrists was easy. Picking up a discarded magazine, she sat down on the sofa to wait for the return of her mistress and their guest...

"I see what you mean." said Mistress Sadako, as the two dominants returned from their 'discussions' to find Rebecca lounging nonchalantly on the sofa, reading Cosmopolitan. "Very well, if she consents to be trained by me, I shall construct a training program for this rebellious slaveslut. It should be ready to implement one week from today. I will arrange transportation for her, but I would like you to remove her body hair beforehand. My dungeon is located in the basement of my house and I like my prisoners to enjoy the full benefits of it's cold, dry atmosphere."

It took but a moment for Rebecca to give her consent - after all, once she had gone through this queen bitch's 'training program' she would be able to declare her victory over Chloe - and the three celebrated by giving her backside a sound cropping. Each mistress took the opportunity of making Rebecca service them with her tongue and then, almost as suddenly as she had appeared, Mistress Sadako was gone.

The daily routine returned to normal for the rest of the week, disturbed only by Chloe's pining for the telephone. At last, she received the call she had been waiting for that evening, Chloe dragged Rebecca into the bathroom and brought out the leg wax, the ladyshave and the depilatory cream. The two worked enthusiastically, applying first the razor, then the wax and finally the cream to Rebecca's legs, arms and arm pits. They balked at shave her pussy hairs, sticking to the bikini line shave that she already wore and by the time they had finished, Rebecca's skin felt strangely alive and incredibly sensitive to the air moving around her body.

Chloe bound her wrists and ankles and put her in her bed for one last night of passion and Rebecca allowed her mistress to use her without giving in to the urge to slip out of her bonds and hug her in return.

That morning they breakfasted, cleaned up and waited in silence for Mistress Sadako's arranged transport to arrive. At about eleven A.M. there was a knock on the door and a tall, well built man in his forties was found standing outside their apartment door dressed in a brown dustcoat and wheeling a tea-chest on a sacktruck before him.

"Miss Chloe Standfast?' he asked in a voice reminiscent of Stephen Fry's 'Jeeves' character. She nodded. "Ah, very good. I am here to make a collection on behalf of a Miss Sadako Tenaka. I believe she phoned you yesterday."

Chloe ushered the man in and he carefully deposited the tea-chest in the middle of the living room floor. He stared at the sight of Rebecca standing naked before him without the least sign of surprise. "I take it that this lady is the package I've been required to collect?'

"She is."

"Very good." he looked Rebecca up and down and said; "Now, young lady, if you'd care to get down on your knees and do as I tell you, I think we can have you prepared for shipment in no time at all." He lifted the lid off the top of the tea chest. Chloe could see that the sides were heavily padded and that it was full of bondage gear...

In no time at all, Rebecca had been trussed into a canvass straitjacket, ballgagged, blindfolded, hooded, bound with leather straps at the knees and ankles and carefully folded up and fitted into the padded confines of the tea-chest. The lid had then been tacked down and without another word the man wheeled the boxed slavegirl out of the apartment , down the hall and into the freight elevator. Chloe followed him down to the basement carpark and watched him carefully manhandle the chest into the back of a nondescript white van. Catching his breath, he turned to Chloe and said: "If you have any concerns regarding your lady friend's well being during the trip, I am perfectly willing to let you ride with me. You could of course, follow me in your own vehicle, but as this van is designed to be anonymous and as there are so many like it on the roads these days, it's highly likely that you'd loose me enroute."

Chloe accepted his invitation and sat up front with him, carefully listening out for any sounds issuing forth from the tea-chest in the back. The trip proved uneventful and even the traffic seemed to be in their favour, even when they crossed over the notorious M25 with it's usual tail-backs and blocked approach lanes.

Eventually they left the A-roads and sidled onto the country lanes and finally drew up in the drive to an isolated house surrounded by birch trees. Chloe followed the man and his cargo round the back and into the house to find Mistress Sadako waiting for them in jeans and a pullover.

The two women exchanged kisses and pleasantries and the oriental dominatrix turned to the man and said: "Thank you, Kronk. If you could just dump that down in the dungeon and unpack it, we'll be down shortly."

"As you wish, Madame Sadako."

As Sadako led Chloe upstairs to find something 'appropriate' to wear, there came the distant bump, bump, bump of the sacktruck being wheeled down a flight of stairs. Evidently, there were no elevators in Madame Sadako's home from home.

For Rebecca, the trip had also proved uneventful - disappointingly so. She had been exited by the thought of being bound up and stuffed into the tea chest, but once that had happened she had found herself unable to derive any pleasure from the situation. she had just had to crouch there in her box as the van drove along unknown roads for an indeterminate period of time without the driver stopping even once to have his wicked way with her. She couldn't even complain about a lack of air in the chest, for the box had been carefully ventilated. All she could do was wait to be let out. Then of course, the van had stopped and she had found herself being bounce down a flight of steps and dumped somewhere with a cold atmosphere that issued into the tea chest, making her shiver. Minutes later she was hauled out of the chest and shrugged out of her restraints by the man who had put her into them. Her arms were secured behind her with leather cuffs and her legs parted with a spreader bar. The ball gag remained securely in place and a collar was fastened round her neck and clipped to a chain dangling from the vaulted ceiling. She was permitted to keep the high heels that she had been wearing all morning, but only because it affected her balance on the uneven flagstones of the cellar.

The man gave Rebecca a playful slap on the rump, and departed up a flight of steps behind her, leaving the slavegirl to survey her surroundings. The cellar was large, with a vaulted red brick ceiling and walls that sported the last remnants of lime-wash. To her right was a set of trap doors set into the floor, the wall of the cellar behind them decorated with iron rings sporting shackles and chains. To her left was an old - fashioned torture rack that would not have been out of place in a Roger Corman movie. In a corner stood a tailor's mirror, its glass turned towards the wall. Before her were the cells. There were three of them - or at least three cell doors. Two were wooden, once of which was a blank heavy door with bolts and a lock, the other sporting a barred inspection hatch. The third door was simply made of iron bars. It seemed wider than the other two and she could inside. It's floor was bare flagstone and there were iron rings set into each wall at the floor and near the ceiling, from which dangled a heavy iron hook.

Rebecca was impressed, this was a genuine dungeon.

She was still trying to decide her strategy on how to deal with Madame Sadako's 'training program when a clatter of footsteps on the stairs behind her announced the arrival of her two competitors. Madame Sadako was dressed in a black rubber bikini and skin hugging, wet-look black rubber high-heeled thigh-boots. Mistress Chloe wore a bright red leather corset, stockings and red knee-length boots. Her firm, full breast and curly haired pubis left bare for all to see. Behind them, dressed in the pinstripes of a valet and carrying a silver salver loaded with a pair of cocktail glasses, a riding crop and a cat'o'nine tails; was the man who had brought her here. Having offered the salver for the women to take their glasses and symbols of office, the valet turned to leave.

"Don't go, Kronk. I may have some work for you."

"Very well, Madame."

The two dominants inspected the naked, bound woman before them; Madame Sadako tut - tutting at the wrist binders she was wearing. "I think the pony girl restraint would be more appropriate, Kronk - so she can't cover her arse with her hands when we whip her."

"As you wish, Madame."

And with that the valet began replacing the simple leather cuffs with a leather contraption which made Rebecca cross her arms behind her, clasping her elbows in her hands. The oriental mistress watched approvingly as he tightened the thin straps above each elbow and checked the security of the wide strip of leather enclosing her forearms.

"That's better."

She turned the helpless slave girl this way and that to admire his handiwork and then ran her riding crop down the length of Rebecca's thigh. She stopped, frowning.

"I thought you said you'd removed all her body hairs." she said, looking up at Chloe.

"I did. I was up all night using a razor, wax strips and lotions. The only hairs I didn't touch were on her head and pussy."

"Didn't you use Dep-Wrap?'

"What's Dep-Wrap?'

Madame Sadako gave an exasperated, theatrical sigh. "Really! O.K. right. Kronk! Get the Dep-Wrap kit!'

"As you wish, Madame."

She turned back to Chloe; "Dep -Wrap is the only sure-fire way of completely removing all the hair from someone's body. you wrap the limbs, torso - whatever in a layer of treated bandage, then a layer of saran wrap and then a fine gauze bandage which you then coat with a special gel. the gel warms up the chemicals in the first layer of bandage and this dissolves the hair right down to the follicles. O.K.?'

Kronk returned bearing a large plastic box from which hung the tails several strips of cloth and the two women set to work.

"Right. you apply the treated bandage - I can't be bothered to get her out of those bindings, she can keep her shoes too - Try to get the cloth to overlap by at least a third of it's width." she instructed.

And so the two women began to work their way up Rebecca's legs. starting with each foot, they left her high heels in place and began wrapping. When they got to the ankle straps holding the spreader bar, Rebecca was ordered remain standing perfectly still in her straddling posture before the bar was removed. forced to stand like an inverted 'Y', Rebecca felt them slowly covering her in a triple layer of bandage, plastic and gauze. For some reason, they left her buttocks and crotch exposed, passing the bandages from the tops of her thighs to her waist and packing something solid against the outsides of her legs and hips ( she couldn't see what, when she tried to look down she was commanded to stand still again.) and then wrapping her waist upwards until they reached her crossed arms. Each to these they individually covered and then after covering her chest, applied a sweet, resinous smelling gel to it with a paintbrush before binding the whole lot under another triple layer of cloth and plastic, this time leaving her naked breasts bare and exposed. the bandaging stopped at the base of her neck and the two engaged in a quiet giggling discussion. Presently, the removed her ballgag and collar, stuck a wide strip of duct tape over her lips and fitted her with a rubber hood sporting eye, mouth and nostril holes. Madame Sadako produced a scalpel and cut a tiny hole in the tape. Into this she inserted a drinking straw from one of the cocktails they had consumed. The bandaging continued again until Rebecca was completely covered in bandages and gauze. she felt something rigid being applied to the top of her head, the sides of her neck and shoulders, but dared not turn her head to look. whatever it was, it was soon hidden under more layers of cloth and gauze.

At last the terrible twosome stepped back and admired their work.

"Tell me," asked Madame Sadako to Chloe; "What's your favorite colour?'

Chloe shrugged, "Red, Pink - either of the two."

The Chinese woman turned to Kronk "Any pink available?'

"Alas no, Madame. We do have red and white, but no pink and I'm unsure if the colours can be mixed."

"Ah, well. Red it is then, Kronk."

The valet poured a large quantity of the gel they'd used on Rebecca's bandages into a large pot and mixed in a rich red, viscous fluid. After several minutes stirring, he presented the pot and a large paintbrush to Madame Sadako and she began to paint the still form of their slave girl with it. Rebecca moaned through her tape gag as she felt her skin growing warmer wherever the brush was applied.

"If you so much as twitch, I'll take the skin off you arse." The oriental hissed at her.

Ten minutes later, they were done. Leaving Kronk to clean up the mess, they instructed him: "Make sure she remains standing perfectly still and doesn't try to get out of her restraints. Mistress Chloe and I will be down in half an hour."

"As you command, Madame."

They took once last glance at Rebecca as she stood, legs wide apart, arms behind her back, hands grasping her elbows; her eyes staring straight ahead.

"Stay perfectly still. Don't move an inch." she was instructed.

The two departed and after a quick gathering of discarded bandage and other materials into the box, Kronk stepped up to the lone slave girl and announced.

"You have heard the instructions given to me by my mistress. I can assure you, that you will stand perfectly still in the pose that you currently hold for the next half an hour. If you so much as twitch, my mistress will have absolutely no objection to my inflicting considerable pain upon your being. She has done this many times before and I am confident that she will do so for many more times in the future."

Rebecca looked into the calm face of the valet and suddenly felt afraid.

By the time Madame Sadako and Mistress Chloe returned to the cellar, cramp was setting in to Rebecca's muscles ( at least her body was no longer being subjected to this artificial 'deep heat' treatment by that sweet smelling gel they'd applied to be coverings).. Still she had brazened it out - not so much out of fear but as part of her strategy do defeat the efforts of Madame Sadako to 'break her in'. She would be a good little slave - right up to the moment when this oriental bitch really thought she was towing the line and was ready to accept her proper place in life. Then she would bounce right back with all the rebelliousness that she had shown Chloe. One of them would break and it wasn't going to be her. And when this Sadako threw in the towel, so would Chloe and then they'd really see who of the two of them was the real Dominant!

The two dominatrixes sauntered up to her with attitudes that clearly indicated that they'd downed more cocktails upstairs and were decidedly tipsy as a result. Chloe grabbed a handful of bare breast and massaged it with her hands.

"Well that's still soft." she hiccupped. Then she made a fist and wrapped on the bandages that criss-crossed the centre of her chest. To Rebecca's surprise it made a solid knocking sound.

"Yep. Hard as a rock." she turned blearily to Kronk; "Hey Jeeves!'

"It's 'Kronk', Madame - When my mistress and I first met, I sported a beard and she thought I resembled a character from an American cartoon strip about cavemen."

"Oh, really."

"Yes Madame. I believe it was entitled: 'B.C.'"

"Remarkable." Chloe replied in the same tones as that universal American catchphrase; 'Whatever'. "Could you drag that tall mirror away from the wall and show this stupid bitch what she really looks like?'

The valet complied, rotating the mirror in it's upright frame and angling it so that Rebecca could see herself full length in the glass.

The hard wrapping on her bandages had already disconcerted her and when she had tried to let go of her elbows she had her fingers being held in place by some form of rigid shell surrounding them. Then Chloe had called her 'stupid bitch', something she had never done, ever. Now she saw herself in the glass. From head to foot she was coated in a deep, luscious red, looking for all the world like a sexy, feminine invert 'Y'. Only her eyes, breasts and pussy were visible, each surrounded by a thin boarder of bare, naked flesh. A faint bulge ran along the contours of her head and shoulders and there was another running down each side of her body from her waist to her knees and protruding from the top of her head was a small. shiny metal ring. She tried to twist and turn, but found herself stuck rigidly in the stance that she had held from the moment they had first started to mummify her in 'Dep-Wrap'.

Madame Sadako stepped in front of the encased prisoner and spat in her eye. "Stupid sow! Do you really think you can play the same games with me as you can with her. I break people for a living! and that's what I'm going to do with you. Do you want to know how to defeat me? It's simple, really. All you have to do is escape from those bandages. It's really that simple. In fact it's so simple that Chloe and I have come to an agreement - For every day you stay stuck as you are, you must spend four more as my personal fuck-slave! What's more, if you still haven't gotten out of that skin-tight prison by the time your little one year period of slavery is over, I get to keep you for a further five years on top of that!' then she smiled; " And just to give you a little incentive, Kronk here, is going to rape that pretty little cunt and arsehole of yours at least once a day and flog your butt morning, noon and night until you do!'

The two leather and rubber clad women laughed at her.

"Don't worry about Mistress Chloe." cooed this oriental bitch as Rebecca whined in distressed realization at her plight; " I've arranged for her to have a companion , a recently broken slave girl of mine to look after, use and abuse, while she's patiently awaiting your return - and believe me, when I do return you, you'll be an obedient little slave girl for the rest of your life and I don't care if it takes one year or ten to make you that way. I'll break you and I won't give up until I have!'

Then as one, the two women turned to leave.

"Put her in cell number One, please Kronk."

"Yes, Madame."

Kronk stepped in front of the living statue as he listened to the receding steps as they disappeared upwards. There was a slam of a door and the valet seemed to relax. He stepped round behind Rebecca and although she never felt his hands seize her through the rigid shell surrounding her body, she suddenly found herself falling slowly backwards towards the floor. All she could do was whistle through the drinking straw stuck between her lips.

Kronk stared down at the rigid form at his feet and smiled.

"I believe, Miss, that I have the advantage of you."

Rebecca tried to struggle against her body hugging prison, but the rigid material and the reinforcing packaging at her hips, shoulders and neck held her as still as a tailor's dummy. She whimpered through her gag as she watched the big man carefully remove and place his folded garments onto the rack.

"Please do not worry yourself unduly, Miss. I will and always shall wear the necessary protection." he announced as he stood naked before her, carefully removing a condom from its packet.

Rebecca closed her eyes as he nestled down on top of her static form and after a few moments of fondling her breasts and fanny, he slid into her and began to work himself in and out like a slow, steady piston. she screamed and protested as he began to pick up the rhythm, working himself up into a frenzy of exertion until at last he came inside her. Gradually, he relaxed and finally withdrew from her, rising up to wander over to a faucet in the corner to wash the dirty floor and her juices off of himself.

"Thank you, Miss. I found that most enjoyable." he called, pealing off and discarding the rubber sheath. "I apologize for any distress I may have caused you just now, but my mistress requires this of me and who am I to say no to a lady?'

Without further ado, the man dressed himself and after checking himself in the mirror to see that nothing was out of place, lifted Rebecca up onto her feet and carried her over to the cell with the barred gateway. he unlocked the entrance and dragged her inside, standing her in the middle of the cell.

"You will have deduced by now that there is no such thing as 'Dep-Wrap'. It is merely a fiction that your mistresses employed in order to mummify you in your glass fibre casing." He suddenly placed both hands under her spread thighs and lifted her off the ground - something banged against her head. After a few moments grunting and maneuvering he suddenly let go of her and she found herself dangling in mid air.

"There, that's better." he puffed, getting his breath back. He put a hand on one of her thighs and gave a violent shove. She swung, slightly, but mostly she just rotated round, getting a view of each of the cell walls in turn. She came back round to face him and he halted her progress.

"This is where and how you will be spending your entire stay with Madame Sadako and myself." he announced; " Each day I will deliver a dozen strokes of the cane to your backside, the canings to be meted out with your morning, noon and evening meals; which will consist entirely of soup administered through a straw. Also, once a day I will have sex with you, aided by the provision of stepladder. Other than that, you will be left alone to spend your time in meditation regarding your plight, such as it is. A bucket will be provided in due course for you to urinate and defecate into. Since you are incapable of asking any questions, I shall not bother to ask if you have any."

He stepped outside the cell and locked the gate behind him.

"I shall return in a few hours for your first meal and caning. oh, and in case I did not say so - Welcome to the house of Madam Sadako."

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