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Chapter 1: The Barbeque

I was surrounded by dozens of aliens. I could tell they were aliens by the shape of their heads and by their language. I felt very nervous, almost claustrophobic, even though we were at an outdoor barbeque. I edged closer to my protector. One of the male aliens spoke to me, but I couldn’t understand him. I had been instructed not to upset them, so I smiled and nodded as if I agreed with him.

“She can’t speak,” said my protector, “but I’m sure she would like a drink.”

I wasn’t completely dumb; I could talk to my protector, but only when I was alone with him and feeling relaxed. The presence of strangers made me nervous and unable to speak.

The alien left, and I felt relieved. He had been standing directly in front of me, so close that I had felt very threatened. It would have been easy for him to have attacked and hurt me before my protector could intervene.

My protector moved on, and I followed, keeping close behind him, glad that he had not given me the signal to stand still.

But suddenly he did, I saw him expose his palm to me behind his back. I stopped, feeling afraid and watched with despair as he continued walking. He stopped in front of two female aliens and started talking to them.

I heard a noise to my left and turned. The male alien was holding two brown bottles, and offering one to me. I wanted to run to my protector, but couldn’t since he had ordered me to stay. I felt terrified at the proximity of the alien. He was taller than me, and much stronger. Although I am a good fighter, I knew he could easily overpower me if he chose. I squeezed my thighs together and felt the comforting hardness of the steel chastity belt. ‘At least he will find it difficult to rape me,’ I thought.

The alien was still holding the brown bottle out to me. I was uncertain what to do but, remembering my protector’s instruction not to offend anyone, took it from him. He raised his bottle to his face and appeared to drink. He said something to me, and indicated with his hand that I should also drink. This was the last thing I wanted to do. My protector had told me that alien food and drink might be poisonous, and I should only consume things that he handed to me personally. So I just smiled and nodded.

The alien said something more, then shook his head and left. I felt as if I had just had a very narrow escape. I looked around for my protector but could not see him through the crowd of aliens. I became worried that he might have left or perhaps been kidnapped, and tried to reassure myself that he was so powerful that I would have heard something had he been attacked.

Another male alien, wearing a different color costume, approached and spoke to me. Trying to conceal my fear, I smiled and nodded at his words. Eventually he left.

Finally I saw my protector approaching. He was being followed by the two female aliens. He beckoned, releasing me from my immobility, and I walked towards him, trying not to hurry although I felt like running.

“Sote,” he said as I drew near, “I’d like you to meet Saffron and Michelle.”

“Pleased to meet you,” said Saffron holding out her hand.

I was not surprised she could talk English. My protector had told me that the females could speak English, unlike most of the males.

Transferring the brown bottle, from my right hand to my left, I shook her hand. It felt surprisingly warm.

“You must be cold,” said Saffron.

I shook my head. Although I was wearing a short mini skirt, I didn’t feel cold. In contrast to my bare legs, my body was well insulated by a boned corset and several layers of clothes.

“It must be the beer,” said my protector.

I looked questioningly at him, and he gave a barely perceptible nod. So the brown bottle contained beer. I felt thankful, for I was very thirsty.

Michelle appeared to have observed the subtle exchange between me and my protector, but she simply smiled and held out her hand. “I’m Michelle.”

I smiled back and took her proffered hand.

“Sote. That’s an unusual name. Where are you from?” she asked.

“It’s not her real name, it’s just her nickname,” said my protector.

“Oh. What’s her real name?” asked Michelle.

“We might get together for a hike some time in the next few weeks,” my protector said to me, ignoring Michelle’s question. I knew he would never reveal my real name; it was a closely guarded secret. “The spring flowers should be out soon,” he continued, “and it should be very beautiful in the mountains. Are you free the next couple of weekends?”

Of course I was free. My protector knew that, but as always, no matter he said in these conversations, I had to agree with him. So I just smiled and nodded.

All this smiling and nodding was making me feel like an idiot, but I had been instructed never to say no. This seemed so counter intuitive. I am sure my mother would have rather had me never say yes, but unfortunately I could not remember her.

My protector resumed talking to the two aliens, and I took the opportunity to drink the beer. It tasted delicious. I heard my protector getting the telephone numbers of the aliens. They asked if he wanted to write them down, but he assured them he would remember. He would too. My protector had a marvelous memory and never seemed to forget anything. He was also very knowledgeable. I didn’t know what I would do without him.

Eventually he said goodbye to the females, and we walked to the food table. I was glad that he allowed me to stay near him. He indicated that the food was safe to eat so I put a hamburger and some salad on a plate.

We sat on folding chairs to eat. I kept my thighs pressed closely together to avoid exposing my chastity belt. My protector had not allowed me to wear panties that day, and my skirt was too short to pull down, so I kept my plate on my thighs to cover myself. So that no one would be tempted to remove it, I didn’t finish my salad.

While we were eating, a male alien sat down next to us and engaged my protector in conversation. At least he pretended to be communicating with my protector, but I was aware that he was scrutinizing me. He kept looking at me, and I could tell he wanted to speak to me. But I kept my eyes averted, and my protector did not introduce us. My protector was speaking the alien language, as he always did when conversing with the males, but I could tell from his tone of voice he resented the alien’s presence. Eventually the alien got the message and left.

After a few minutes another alien sat in the vacant chair and started a conversation with my protector. It was obvious that he too was aware of my presence. I was amazed that the male aliens seemed to be paying me so much attention. One would have thought they would be more attracted to their own species, to Saffron and Michelle for example.

After several minutes my protector suddenly surprised me by speaking English and introducing me to the alien who he indicated could also speak English.

“Sote, I’d like to introduce Tom. Tom, this is Sote.”

Tom stood up and held out his hand saying, “Hi Sote. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

I took his hand and smiled. I wondered what he meant.

Tom sat down and my protector again surprised me by taking away my food plate. I was facing Tom and felt certain that he could see my chastity belt. I saw him glance down at my crotch and in response I turned my legs partly away from him. But it was pointless; there were aliens all around. It was a question of whether I exposed myself to Tom, or to all the other aliens. I reasoned that since Tom had seen it, I might as well conceal it from the others. So I reversed the motion and sat facing him. I am not sure why it embarrassed me to have aliens see it. I tried to think of it as medieval armor, for it had a similar protective purpose, and those ancient knights were not embarrassed to expose their armor. My belt had a solid front shield that completely covered the openings in the inner shield, so there was no way to see any part of my pussy.

My protector resumed his conversation with Tom and reverted to the alien language so I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but they appeared to be talking about me. Tom kept staring at my breasts, and this made me very uncomfortable. I wondered if there was anything wrong and couldn’t help glancing down to check. Everything appeared normal. I decided that he must have detected the faint outline of my nipple piercings and been puzzled by them. Finally my protector stood up. He told me to remain and then he and Tom left. They continued to talk as they walked away, and Tom twice looked back at me.

I didn’t want another alien to sit next to me and see my chastity belt so, after Tom and my protector had disappeared into the crowd, I stood up and smoothed down my skirt. As long as I didn’t move away from the chair I felt I was complying with my protector’s instructions.

Another male alien came and asked me something. I smiled and nodded, then watched as he went and brought me another beer. I was fairly sure this was safe to drink, but my protector had warned me that aliens can be very devious and not to trust them. It would be easy for them to drug even the most innocuous looking food and drink. So I accepted the proffered beer, but simply held it without drinking. I think the first beer had relaxed me a little, since I was not as afraid as I had been earlier, even though my protector was nowhere to be seen. After saying something to me, the alien left.

A few minutes later my protector returned alone. He noticed that I was holding a beer and told me to drink it. I did not particularly want to, I knew the alcohol would affect me and I would need to make pee soon but, trusting his judgment, I quickly drank it.

When I had finished the beer he looked around as if searching for someone, then said that it was time to leave. I followed him to the car park. He handcuffed my hands behind my back and helped me into the car. He fastened the safety belt, then leaned in and kissed me deeply in the mouth. I responded, feeling loved and secure. After the stress of the previous few hours I felt so happy that tears came into my eyes.

As we drove away, I felt wonderfully relaxed. I had survived my encounter with the aliens with no adverse effects, and now was alone with my protector. For the first time in several hours I felt very safe and completely protected.

Chapter 2: My Protector’s Plan

“You did well this afternoon,” my protector said as we drove home.

This praise made me happy. I was glad I had pleased my protector, but also anticipated sex. I had learned that my protector’s praise was often followed his making love to me. I moved my hips trying to stimulate my clit on the chastity belt, but of course that was not possible.

That evening we did indeed have sex. He removed my chastity belt and tied me into a ball. He rolled me onto my back, slid his long penis into my vagina and pounded away. I had an orgasm even though, or perhaps because, I was painfully bent. Sometimes I think he would have preferred me to be a contortionist.

After that he released me and tied my elbows together. He made me kneel and give him oral sex. He came twice more, I think he must have been excited by his conversations with the aliens.

That night he chained me to the bed, stretched out in an X. He had his big knife with him and pressed its point into my cheek.

“The problem with you, Sote,” he said, “is that you are too attractive to the alien males. Perhaps I should mutilate you so that they stay away.” He pressed the knife into my nostril. “Perhaps I should cut off your nose.” He pulled at the bar through my left nipple, and pressed the knife into my breast. “Or cut off your nipples.”

I was not worried by these actions. He was my protector so I knew he would never hurt me. But even if he did I knew it would be for my own good. I don’t think his knife was very sharp for he almost never drew blood.

He sighed. “But then you wouldn’t be so attractive to the females.”

I sometimes wondered why he made me dress in provocative clothes. They certainly attracted the males, but perhaps he thought they also attracted females.

He ran the tip of his knife gently down my front from my neck to my pussy. His touch was so delicate that it tickled. I smiled at him and he kissed me.

He put his knife crosswise on my throat. I could see that his penis was erect again; he must
have been really turned on by something. He lay on me and penetrated me. It felt wonderful.
I moved my hips to accept him as deeply as I could, I wanted to be completely filled by him.
He pressed the knife into my throat and began to move his body, thrusting his penis into me.
He maintained pressure on my throat. He must have been using the back of the knife since he was pressing it very hard into me, so hard that it hurt and restricted my breathing.

He exploded into a major orgasm and made the bed bounce. I came too, but at the end of his orgasm. I wanted him to remain in me and tried to hold on to his penis, but he pulled out. He lay beside me, his head on a pillow over my arm, and one hand holding my breast and fingering my nipple bar.

Soon he was asleep. The front of my neck hurt, so it took me longer to get to sleep. I pulled on the chains to reassure myself that I truly was helpless and completely under his control and protection. I tried to move my head to kiss him, but the chains were too tight and he was too far away. I thought about the aliens and the conversations my protector had with them. I wondered if they suspected his grand plan to rid the world of them.

Chapter 3: The Mountain

Two weeks later I was sitting in the back seat of my protector’s car dressed for hiking. My hands were free and, as was his custom in these situations, I was wearing my steel chastity belt. I was also wearing hiking boots and a tightly laced corset. The corset was not a terribly appropriate garment for hiking up mountains, but my protector said that without it the waistband of my chastity belt pinched in my waist and gave me an unnatural shape.

I was wearing leather shorts. They were extremely short and a little tight. Although they blocked a direct view of the chastity belt, one could see its outline if one knew what to look for, so I was wearing panties over the belt in an attempt to conceal it.

For some unexplained reason he wanted me to wear my nipple bands. These replaced my nipple bars and made my nipples stand out, even through a sweater. But I was wearing only a thin bra and top, so they were very prominent. Fortunately I had a heavy windbreaker that essentially concealed everything, although if I zipped it all the way up one could still see the bumps made by my projecting nipples. So I left it open at the top. The windbreaker came down to just below my shorts, so when I stood up it looked as if that was the only thing I was wearing.

He had allowed me to choose my own makeup, and I had selected a natural look which I thought appropriate for a day in the mountains.

We entered the mall parking lot and found Saffron waiting for us. She was also dressed in hiking boots and shorts, although hers were a lot longer than mine. She looked very attractive for an alien, but I knew she was evil since my protector had told me so. He had instructed me to be nice to her until he gave the signal.

My protector got out of the car and greeted her. He opened the passenger door and she got in, greeting me warmly. I smiled in return, although I have to confess my smile was a little insincere. My protector put her backpack on the seat beside me, and we headed for the mountain.

He parked the car and we started up the mountain trail. Saffron had her small backpack and my protector was carrying our much heaver one. It contained our food and his equipment. He knew that I might have difficulty climbing in a tight corset so he kindly didn’t allow me to carry anything, not even water.

At the beginning Saffron spoke a few words to me, but after she remembered I could not talk, she walked on ahead with my protector. The trail was steep and soon I was breathing hard.
My corset made it impossible to take deep breaths and I was getting dizzy trying to keep up
with them. But I found that if I moved at a slow and steady pace I could keep going. They periodically waited for me to catch up. Although meant kindly, this was very disheartening.
I would struggle to reach them expecting to be able to rest, as they had been. But as soon as I reached them they would set out again and, being refreshed from their rest, would walk at a brisk pace.

This was not the only disappointment. Although the weather was warm my protector’s prediction about the spring flowers was a little off: they were not yet out in the abundance he had been expecting.

As I walked I kept my hands behind my back. They seemed more comfortable that way and they reduced the temptation to massage my nipples. The nipple bands were little metal tubes that encircled my nipples and were secured by pins through my piercings. They were designed to stretch and elongate my nipples and they were now beginning to hurt.

We met a few other people on the trail, but no aliens. My protector had told me that would be so. He seemed to know these things. Perhaps aliens don’t normally like to hike, although Saffron seemed to be an exception.

We reached a shoulder of the mountain and sat down to eat lunch and enjoy the view. I must have looked exhausted since Saffron asked me, with concern in her voice, whether I was all right. I nodded affirmatively, all I needed was time to rest and recover my breath.

On the way up I had kept my windbreaker mostly closed since I didn’t want to expose my nipples to the people we met. But now I took it off and lay down, I didn’t really care any more, I just wanted to recover. My protector gave me a sandwich, an apple, and some lemonade. It seemed strange, him serving me instead of the other way round.

After lunch we set off again up the trail. Half an hour later my protector left the trail and entered the forest. He said he knew a special place that he wanted to show us. Saffron hesitated, but when she saw that I was following my protector she followed also. The terrain became rocky and steep but my protector showed no hesitation and kept on going.

We arrived at a clearing, and my protector suggested we stop and rest. He took care to sit above and behind Saffron then gave me the signal. I edged up behind her and he handed me the gag. Saffron turned round and stood up. Perhaps she had heard the metallic sounds of the handcuffs and chains as my protector pulled out the gag. I concealed the gag behind my back so she could not see it. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Come here, I want to show you something,” said my protector.

Saffron moved up close to him and then he pointed towards the horizon. “Look there,” he said, and when Saffron turned to look he pinioned her arms.

“What are you doing?” she exclaimed, trying to pull free.

My protector nodded at me and I stepped in front of Saffron and brought the gag up to her mouth. When she saw it she looked surprised and quickly closed her mouth. I pushed the
gag against her lips but she kept them tightly closed and shook her head. I knew what to do.

I punched her in the stomach and when she gasped forced the gag into her mouth. I quickly buckled it behind her head. She tried to say something, but her words were unintelligible.

My protector forced her to the ground still holding her arms. He handcuffed her hands behind her back and then went to the backpack to fetch the leg irons. Saffron struggled to get up, and was on the point of succeeding when I pushed her down again. My protector returned with the leg irons, and I helped him put them on since Saffron was trying to kick us. He turned her onto her front then padlocked the leg irons to her handcuffs, putting her in a loose hogtie.

He beckoned to me and I followed him to a tree. I knew what was coming next; he had done this before. I put my arms backwards around the tree and he handcuffed my wrists together, pinioning me to the tree. He put a ball gag in my mouth and a blindfold over my eyes. He told me he was going to speak the alien language to Saffron and walked away.

I tried to sit down since I knew I would be there for a long time, but unfortunately there was a branch below my arms so I had to stand the entire time. The ball gag was large, and soon became uncomfortable. I was never sure why my protector liked to gag me; he knew I would never talk or cry out.

I could hear him talking to Saffron and her grunting in reply, but I couldn’t understand them. Suddenly Saffron began to scream in pain. Although I hated these aliens, I felt sorry for her. Her cries of pain, muffled as they were by the gag, sounded genuine enough, although my protector had told me that aliens do not feel pain as we do.

Her cries lasted a long time; at least half an hour. They seemed to be screams of pain interspersed with sobbing and attempts at speech. Finally they died away and she was silent. The only sounds were those of the wind and an occasional bird. I waited patiently; I knew my tree bondage wasn’t over yet. I breathed in the cool fresh mountain air, and tried to imagine the mountainside covered with millions of beautiful flowers.

Finally after a long wait my protector came for me. He removed my blindfold and gag. He had blood on his hands and on the front of his jacket, so I knew he had disposed of the alien.

He kissed me then pressed himself into me.

“I wish you weren’t wearing your chastity belt,” he said, “I could take you right now.”

I too wished he would take me and, since I was handcuffed, it would have been entirely proper for him to have removed my chastity belt. But apparently he hadn’t thought to bring the key. He unlocked my handcuffs, repacked our backpack and we set off down the mountain. He seemed quite happy and whistled as we descended.

Since he was walking in front of me, I was tempted to massage my nipples to soothe them, but as my hand approached them I changed my mind. I decided it wouldn’t do much good and might even make the pain worse.

That night we had incredible sex. Whatever he had done to Saffron must have really turned him on.

Chapter 4: The Motel

My protector said he had some business to take care of out of town, so we would be spending one night at a motel.

He didn’t always take me with him when he went away. Usually he would lock me into a small cage, and conceal the cage in a secret closet in the basement. He said this was for my own protection; if aliens broke into the house I would be safe since they wouldn’t be able to find me. He would gag me and bind me tightly since he said he didn’t want me to accidentally make any noise and alert the aliens.

It wasn’t too bad if he left me like that for a day. But when he left me for several days, as he sometimes did, I would be in agony. My protector would have to massage my legs to help me straighten them. He never made any provision for me to drink; not that it would have been possible while gagged. He said it would be dangerous for me to eat or drink while he was gone, I might throw up and choke to death.

While he was absent I would worry that he might not return and I would starve to death. He never told me how long he planned to be away. I would pray that nothing would happen to him and that he would return safely and quickly.

I was excited that he had decided to take me with him. Going on a trip with him was always an adventure; I never knew what he was going to do to me. But whatever it was it was sure to be better than lying immobile in my protective cage with most of my muscles aching.

When the day arrived I was disappointed that he blindfolded me for the journey. I wanted to see where we were going, but did not question his decision. I was sure he had a good reason.

We arrived at the motel. At least I presumed it was the motel since I couldn’t see anything.

He left me in the car while he checked in. He returned and we drove a little way to the room. He led me into the room and removed my blindfold.

The room had a large bed, two chests of drawers, an armchair and a TV. A door led to a small bathroom. It did not look very modern, but at least it seemed clean.

“I’m going out in a little while to meet a client,” my protector said. “I’ll be gone about a couple of hours. I’ll bring us something to eat when I return. But before I go, I want to celebrate. The client is paying me in cash, and I hope this will be the first of many such transactions.”

He produced a bottle of champagne that he opened with a loud pop. He poured two glasses and we drank to his success. He held my glass since I was handcuffed. He helped me drink two full glasses and I was feeling the effects when he said. “It’s time for me to go, but you’re staying here.”

I went to the toilet, then he locked my chastity belt on and removed my handcuffs. Perhaps I should explain his system. Whenever my hands were free, or he was not with me, I had to wear my chastity belt. It had been a long time since my pussy had felt the touch of my own fingers. He said that that it was reserved for him, and no one else was allowed to touch it, not even me.

He didn’t undress me, except for my panties, so the belt was concealed under my skirt. He made me lie on the bed and chained me face up in a spread eagle position. He put my head harness on, forced the large ball gag into my mouth and tightened the straps. He pulled my leather hood down over my face, lifted my head and tightened the laces. This worried me; he normally put this hood on me only when he wanted to punish me, but I couldn’t think of anything I had done wrong. The hood had no mouth or eye openings, only a few holes around the nose for breathing. I had to breathe through my nose anyway because of the gag, so the only real effects it had on me were to blind me and make my face sweaty.

He tickled me gently under my arms, making me squirm, then he massaged my breasts though my blouse. I was relieved, it seemed as if he was not going to punish me, although I was puzzled as to why he had put the hood on me.

He kissed me on the leather stretched tightly over my forehead. “You look so sexy lying there,” he said. “I think I will make love to you when I get back.”

I felt a thrill at these words and was sure my vagina had become moist from the massage and from anticipation.

I heard the door close, and then there was silence. I listened to the cars rushing by on the road outside. My mind wandered and I couldn’t help wondering what kind of business my protector was involved in. He was very secretive and his mention of a cash transaction was most unusual. He said that he didn’t want to tell me anything in case I was captured by the aliens and tortured. He told me that they had hideous tortures and would be able to force me to reveal everything I knew. He didn’t want me asking questions or trying to find out. I respected his motives, and consequently knew very little about what he did when he wasn’t watching over me. Even wondering about it made me feel guilty, it was as if I were trying to discover his secrets, so I turned my mind to the sex he had promised me.

I began to exercise my vaginal muscles. One of my ambitions was to make them strong enough to hold him inside me, but I hadn’t come anywhere near achieving that goal. The exercises were slightly pleasurable, at least until I became tired.

I was in the middle of these exercises when I heard the door open. My protector had returned early, it couldn’t have been more than 15 minutes since he left. I wondered why he had returned. I hoped his business deal had not fallen through, but even if it had, it would have taken him longer to buy food. I sniffed the air but could not smell anything. Perhaps he was going to take me to a restaurant. That would be a real treat.

He sat on the bed and, without saying anything, began to fondle my breasts. Then he did something very surprising; he ripped my blouse open and pulled my bra down. He pinched and manipulated my nipples, making them hard. The nipple bands he had been making me wear had elongated my nipples to some extent, so I thought he might be checking them, but his behavior seemed most unusual.

He pulled on my wrists and ankles, I supposed he was making sure I was still securely bound, then he lifted my skirt.

“What the fuck?” I heard him say, except that it was not his voice. It was not my protector, it was someone else! At least he spoke English, so he was not an alien. But I couldn’t help screaming with fright into my gag.

I felt his hand on my waist examining the front of my chastity belt.

“Do you have the key for this?” he asked.

I recognized his voice, it was Tom, and he was an alien! I was so terrified that I screamed louder and began to struggle, trying as hard as I could to break the chains holding my wrists and ankles. I hoped that my protector had used only token bondage, but my hopes were dashed when the chains proved unyielding.

“I said, where’s the fucking key? This is not part of the deal.”

I panicked and screamed louder than ever. A tiny part of my mind was thankful that I was wearing my protective chastity belt, but mostly I was terrified the alien was going to murder me. I feared he was going to stab me, or bash my head in with a great big club. My panic escalated as I struggled to get air into my lungs through the tiny breathing holes in the hood.

“Oh I’m glad you’re here,” Tom said. “What’s going on? Where’s the key?”

I heard a heavy blow then the sound of someone falling.

“Oh, my dear Sote,” said a familiar voice. “Are you all right? Did he hurt you?”

It was my protector! He had saved me! He must have foreseen the danger and returned early to rescue me. Tears of relief and gratitude filled my eyes.

“Nod your head if you’re OK.”

I was struggling to breathe and was definitely not OK, but I no longer feared for my life so I nodded my head.

“In that case, I’m going to let you lie there while I take care of him. I won’t be long.”

I heard a lot of noises that I couldn’t identify. It sounded as if my protector was wrapping the alien in plastic, but I couldn’t be sure. I heard the door open and my protector leave.

He was gone a long time, at least an hour and possibly as long as three. When he finally returned, he was really turned on. He removed my chastity belt, lay on top of me and fucked me really hard. He didn’t remove my punishment hood, and this added to the intensity of the experience. It was wonderful, I came before him and he came with unusually powerful thrusts. After a short rest he fucked me again and we came together. It was fantastic, I was in heaven as we made the bed bounce in perfect unison.

He removed my hood and head harness and then wiped my face. “Do you feel better now?”

“I feel wonderful,” I replied as I slowly recovered my breath.

“You had a very narrow escape,” he said. “I forgot some papers and had to come back for them.”

“I was terrified.”

“I will always protect you.”

“I know you will.”

“Well it’s all over now. Are you hungry?”

“I’m starving.”

He took me to a very nice restaurant, an expensive one with linen tablecloths and napkins.

We had a great meal, complete with wine. It was a rare treat for me; I supposed he was still celebrating the success of his business deal. The only problem I had were the marks on my wrists. I hid my hands under the tablecloth whenever the waiter approached; I didn’t want him to see.

Chapter 5: The Hospital

The front door bell rang.

“Who the hell could it be at this hour?” said my protector.

He got up and, picking up the gag, said, “Open up.”

I dutifully opened my mouth and he inserted the gag and buckled its strap. He opened the door of my protection cage and said, “Get in.” He needn’t have given me these commands, his intentions were clear, but I supposed he wished me to hurry so he could see who was at the front door.

I crouched down and as I did so the door bell rang again, several times in quick succession. He forced me into the cage then closed and locked its door. I was uncomfortable; my bare legs were resting directly on the iron bars at the bottom. Normally he would put a blanket down before he made me get in. The cage was so small that I couldn’t move much, I had to remain in a crouching fetal position with my hands handcuffed behind my back. I hoped that whoever was ringing the bell would quickly go away so that I would be released.

As my protector left the bedroom I heard loud noises as if someone were attempting to break down the front door. ‘Oh my god!’ I thought, ‘I hope it isn’t an alien attack.’

I heard continued noises from downstairs, and the sounds of something crashing. There were loud and angry alien shouts. I became very afraid. What would happen to me if the aliens overpowered my protector? I was so helpless, I couldn’t move, and felt extremely vulnerable.
I wasn’t even wearing my chastity belt.

I heard the aliens running up the stairs and enter the bedroom. This meant they must have overpowered my protector. I so terrified that I tried to break out of the cage by pressing my back up against the top, but that, of course, was impossible. The aliens that had entered the bedroom shouted. I stopped pushing on the bars of the cage and froze in fear. I couldn’t see them properly since I was facing away from the door but there appeared to be two of them dressed in dark blue costumes. They approached my cage and started talking to me in their incomprehensible language.

Then they left me alone.

I was petrified. But rational thought returned, and I considered what I should do. If they released me from the cage I resolved I would try to escape. I would rather die fighting than submit to being taken prisoner. My protector had told me of the horrible things they do to women. I planned my escape. If they opened the cage and pulled me out, I would act very passively, then as soon as they relaxed and released me I would run down the stairs and out the front door. It sounded as if they had smashed the door, so once I was out of the bedroom the way should be free of obstruction. I was thankful that my only bonds were my handcuffs and my gag.

The aliens returned and I felt them fiddling with the door to the cage. It opened, they must have found the key. They pulled me out, talking the whole time. The fools lifted me so that I was standing. I had only been in the cage a few minutes so my knees were still in good working order. I had intended to kick or head-butt the aliens, but it did not seem necessary, they weren’t holding on to me. So I simply ran for the door and down the stairs. The aliens gave great cries of anger, but they were too slow to stop me. Unfortunately there were several more aliens on the ground floor, and they blocked my escape and grabbed me.

As I said, I wanted to die rather than be taken prisoner, so I kicked as hard as I could and head butted one of them. They cried out in rage and threw me to the floor. They sat on me but I continued to struggle and kick. I was beginning to get tired when one of them stuck a needle into my arm, and I drifted off into unconsciousness, still fighting as hard as I could.

I awoke in a white room. I was lying in a bed. I felt very strange until I realized what the problem was: my handcuffs had been removed. I sat up and looked around. There was another bed in the room, occupied by what appeared to be a sleeping alien. I wondered if that was a guard, so very quietly got out of bed and stood up. I was dressed in a gown but the stupid aliens had put it on backwards; the opening was in the back instead of the front. I decided to leave it the way it was; it seemed more important to escape than waste time fixing it.

I began to move my hand down to touch my pussy. It had been a long time since I had felt it and I was tempted to pleasure myself, but I felt guilty and told myself I must first escape from the aliens.

Tiptoeing to the door I cautiously peered out and saw a long dim corridor with a bright light at one end. It was deserted and silent except for the faint hum of machinery. I crept along the corridor away from the light, past other rooms occupied by sleeping aliens. Some had tubes sticking into them and I wondered if they were having trouble breathing our air. Every room seemed to be occupied by aliens and I worried that they were taking over the whole world.

Instead of leading to stairs the corridor came to a dead end. I realized that I had to go past the bright light to escape, so I crept back along the corridor. As I approached the light I noticed a female alien dressed in a white costume behind a counter. It didn’t seem possible to get past her unobserved, but she hadn’t noticed me yet, so I continued to creep quietly along.

She looked up and saw me. This was the signal for action so I started to run. As I sprinted past her she called out, “Stop! Where are you going?”

I couldn’t have answered that question even had I wanted to. I hadn’t the faintest idea where I was going; all I knew was that I had to escape from the aliens and from the building. I ran past some elevators and saw a sign for stairs. I opened the door and saw stairs going both up and down. I remembered there was a window in my room so I was presumably above the ground floor. I ran down the stairs and noticed numbers on the doors as I passed. The door that should have been numbered 1 by my calculation had the letter G so I knew it was the ground floor. I opened the door and turned right, past some elevators and other doors. But there didn’t seem to be any way out, so I turned round and ran the other way. Although adrenaline was keeping me going, the running was tiring me and I was out of breath.

I turned a corner and saw a large open space with a counter running along one wall. This looked like the main entrance to the building. But two white-costumed male aliens were standing in the corridor ahead of me. I slowed down to recover my breath, and advanced cautiously. Except on the ground floor of my protector’s house, where I had been surprised by the aliens, I had managed to evade them rather easily. So I was confidant that if I approached these two slowly then suddenly sprinted I would be able to run right by them.

They were saying something to me. I approached casually as if I were going to meekly surrender. When I was ten feet away I sprinted, but they were surprisingly quick to react. One managed to grab me and wrap his arms around me. I gave him a hard head butt, but he had already thrown me off balance and I fell down. The other jumped on me, and I started to scratch and kick him. I wasn’t gagged and so managed to bite him. They were crying out in anger and rage. Their cries must have attracted other aliens because several more came running to join the fight. I couldn’t prevail against all of them and was soon overpowered. But I didn’t give up. I continued to fight as hard as I could until one of them stuck a needle into me.

When I next awoke I found myself again in a bed, but this time my arms were secured to the side of the bed with leather cuffs.

The fools did not realize that one can fight leather without getting hurt, unlike steel which removes skin when you fight it. So I began to battle the cuffs, pulling and jerking at them.

I tried to sit up and began to kick.

A white-costumed female came and told me to lie still; I wouldn’t be able to free myself. But I ignored her and continued to fight. I was determined never to submit to the evil designs of these aliens.

Other aliens entered the room and one of them stuck a needle into me.

The next few days, or was it weeks, were a blur. I presume they were keeping me sedated. My memory is rather confused as to what happened, so I will jump ahead to a scene I remember with great clarity.

I awoke seated in a reclining chair. A white-costumed female alien was seated opposite me. “I see you’re finally awake,” she said. “How are you feeling?”

They had finally realized that only the females spoke English. I wondered why they had taken so long to grasp this obvious fact. I didn’t reply, but tried to get up. I couldn’t move and realized I was strapped into the chair.

“Yes, we had to restrain you. We don’t want you to hurt yourself,” the alien said. “But don’t worry, I’m not going to harm you. Are you thirsty, would you like a glass of water?”

I shook my head; I was not about to drink any of her poisoned water.

“I want you to sit back and relax,” she continued. “We have finally determined that you have been kept in a continuous hypnotic state, and now that we know the nature of your problem, we will be able to cure you of your delusions. I am a trained hypnotist, and I am going to put you into a deep hypnotic trance to undo the effects of your previous malicious hypnosis. Don’t be afraid, I am not going to hurt you or harm you in any way. The treatment will be painless. But I do need your cooperation.”

‘To hell with cooperation,’ I thought. ‘I don’t want you hypnotizing me so that I think I’m an alien like you.’ And I began to struggle against the leather straps holding me firmly into the chair.


Eventually I was cured, or perhaps changed, as you can tell from this narrative. Not all my memories were restored; I did not want them to be. Some terrible things happened that I do not wish to remember.

My protector is now serving several life sentences for murder. I too was tried, but the jury found me not guilty. It was a weird experience sitting in the courtroom listening to lawyers talk about a person who was supposedly me, but with whom I could not identify.

I feel deeply sorry for the murder victims and their families, and will carry a burden of guilt to my grave. The trial is now over and I am free, but I do not know what I will do with the rest of my life. One thing is certain, I will write no more of this chapter of it. My experiences would fill several books, but this brief narrative is as far as I am prepared to go. I thought that writing about it would be therapeutic, but instead found it distressing and painful. I will now be forever silent.

Post Epilog

Sote was a distant relative of mine. Indeed she will be silent forever since this story was found among her papers after her suicide. The five chapters of the narrative were typewritten, but the epilog was written in her own hand.

Some additional information about her experience is available from police and court records. Although she did not testify at her trial, a transcript of her interrogation by the police was entered into evidence. A number of photographs were found in the house by the police, and these too are part of the court records. Apparently her so called protector liked to photograph his victims. He never dated the photographs or identified them in a consistent way, but some had initials written on the back. During the police interrogation Sote was shown a number of these photographs and asked to identify them. I have edited a few her statements, but only to correct her grammar.

Excerpts from the Police Interrogation

Interrogator: Can you tell me who this is?
Sote: No, I don’t recognize her.
Interrogator: Was this the cage you were in when the police entered your house?
Sote: No. He had two cages. The one I was in was a small cage that he called his ‘cage of protection’. He probably called it that to make me feel secure. This is his big cage which he called his ‘cage of death’. He would keep his victims in it till he was ready to deal with them. Sometimes he would put two of them in together. He would only give them a little food and make them fight over it. He would tell them that he was only going to release one of them. They had to fight to the death and he would release the winner.
Interrogator: Did you witness any of the fights?
Sote: No. He wouldn’t let me. He only told me about them. He said that it was better for aliens to kill each other than for him to kill them.

Interrogator: Can you tell me who this is?
Sote: I think he called her Sammy or Sandra. I don’t remember exactly.
Interrogator: The back of this photograph is inscribed with the initials S. P. Does that jog your memory?
Sote: I suppose the S stands for Sammy or Sandra. But I’ve no idea what the P stands for.
Interrogator: Can you describe what’s happening?
Sote: I don’t really know. He wouldn’t let me see what he did to his victims.
Interrogator: Can you make a guess?
Sote: I think he’s suffocating her. He told me that aliens weren’t fit to breathe the same air as us. He said they polluted the air. But it looks like he’s letting her breathe through her nose.
Interrogator: Is this how he killed his victims?
Sote: I don’t know. As I keep telling you he wouldn’t let me see. Why do you keep asking me questions I can’t answer?
Interrogator: I’m sorry. I have to ask these questions. I’m just trying to get at the truth.

Interrogator: Who this is?
Sote: I don’t know. I never saw her before.
Interrogator: Where was the picture taken?
Sote: It looks like it was taken in the basement.
Interrogator: In the basement of his house?
Sote: Yes.
Interrogator: Can you describe what’s happening?
Sote: Well, it looks pretty obvious. The photo disturbs me though.
Interrogator: Why is that?
Sote: He’s using the ring gag. Whenever he used it on me it was for sex. He said it made him feel safer, I couldn’t bite him. But the girl in the picture is wearing it, and so I suspect he might have had sex with her. I thought he only had sex with me.
Interrogator: Do you know when the picture was taken?
Sote: No. But that’s a good point. Maybe it was before he met me.

Interrogator: Who is this?
Sote: It’s me, as I’m sure you know.
Interrogator: What is happening to you?
Sote: He was punishing me for something. I forget what I did. It must have been taken early on because he’s using weights. He put the weights on my nipple bars to lengthen my nipples. That’s before he bought the special bands I could wear under clothes.
Interrogator: Did he often punish you?
Sote: Early on he did. But after I learned to do what he wanted he punished me less. Do we have to show these photos to the jury? They’re very embarrassing.
Interrogator: No we don’t have to, particularly if you continue to cooperate. However your defense attorney might want to use them to show that you were also a victim.

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