Trapped - Lucy's Tale
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As Lucy came to, her mind struggled to make sense of the room she was in. She could see an ornate ceiling; complete with bas reliefs, which seemed to be engaging in some pretty unusual acts. There should be gleaming white tiles and recessed lighting she thought, not this.

A polite cough drew her attention from the ceiling to the couple standing by her side. He was dressed in a sharp business suit, and she was dressed in a tight t-shirt and figure hugging jeans. Definitely not the doctor and nurse she had been expecting.

She tried to sit up, and found that she was unable to move, somehow being securely restrained. She tilted her head down and just about managed to see a couple of broad leather straps crossing her chest, holding her firmly in place. She quickly looked round, trying to make sense of her situation. Apart from the fact that she was as naked as the day she was born, both her hips and shoulders ached. Her thighs were held wide apart by a pair of gynaecological stirrups, and she thought her arms were tied somehow behind her back, to keep them out of the way. It wasn’t until later that she realised just how wrong she’d been.

As Lucy opened her mouth, taking a deep breath in preparation to screaming the place down, she was stopped by the woman placing a finger over her lips, hushing her, as the man started to speak, in a quiet, calm voice, which was both captivating and scary.

As she listened, she realised that her fears were about to come true, just as her mother had told her. She could remember back when she was young, very young, and had started to develop. None of the other girls in her class had been so quick off the mark, and over the years none had matched her development. Not only had she had to put up with all the snide comments from her classmates, but her mother hadn’t been very supportive either. She thought herself a good Christian woman, and that her daughters growing breasts were a sure sign that she would get into trouble, sooner or later.

As she grew, her frame never filled out enough to support her well developed bosom. By the time she left for college, she’d taken to wearing the baggiest clothing she could find, in an attempt to hide her ample breasts. When she could bear to examine herself in the mirror, she took in her pretty face, framed by a wonderful head of long, thick red hair. She stood just under six foot in stocking feet, but her build was almost super model thin. Her shoulders and hips had never broadened enough to make her bosom seem natural. Her worst memory was of one day in a stores changing room, when she was taking off a top. She caught herself in the mirrors and realised that even from behind you could see the swell of her breasts, no wonder then that she seemed to attract men’s attention wherever she went.

Her attention was quickly brought back the man in front of her when he started telling her how she came to be here. It seems that those tests she thought were an easy way of earning a little bit of extra cash had brought her to his attention. After that it was just a matter of seizing the right moment, which ironically had been she she’d finally raised enough cash to undergo breast reduction surgery. All that was needed was a faked death certificate, a willing surgeon, and now she was going to be his for as long he wanted.

She caught the woman’s name, Anna, when he told her to continue preparing her. Her eyes tracked Anna as she wheeled a cloth covered tray over, ending up between her wide spread thighs. She was aware of him changing position and standing just behind her head. “Ready” she heard him ask, and as Anna nodded, she felt his hands firmly grip the sides of her head before turning it slightly to the side, so that her attention was focused on the large plasma screen upon the wall.

She started to whimper when, with a flourish, Anna whipped off the cover to the tray, revealing a very scary array of gleaming instruments. Anna initially slipped on an elasticised headband holding what looked like a small light, but as she flicked a switch, she realised that it must be a small camera, as she could now see her groin from Anna’s point of view. It felt very strange to see her groin in close up from such an unusual angle.

Pausing briefly to show her the pair of forceps, Anna deftly spread her labia, and clamped the forceps around her clit. She let out a muffled cry of pain, being unable to scream properly due to the fact that her chin was pressed firmly against her chest.

Anna then took a way too large looking needle and threaded it between the openings in the forceps, then through her clit. Surprisingly this wasn’t quite as bad as the crushing pain of being clamped. She then threaded a piece of surgical gut through the needle before withdrawing it, leaving the thread though her clit. She then slid the ends on the thread though a small ring before using the thread to pull her clit through the too tight ring. She could feel her clit swelling, becoming engorged and from what she could see, very prominent. Finally Anna finished, holding the ring in place by the simple expedient of sliding an unusual looking barbell through both her clit and the ring. To either end of the bar through her clit Anna fitted an extension which dug into the inner sides of her labia, stretching them apart.

Anna stood back, admiring her work, and Lucy realised that the arrangement held her labia apart around her clit, showing it off to anyone who cared to look. She could see the tip of it throbbing through the ring which held it tightly, shown in great detail upon the screen.

After pausing briefly to check that the clit piercing had seated properly, Anna then returned to the tray and picked up four more of the clamps. Returning to her position between Lucy’s thighs, Anna quickly and deftly clamped her already stretched labia. Moving back to the tray, Anna took up the same large needle, and with a practiced ease, she drove the needle though her flesh, leaving four drops of blood marking her freshest set of piercings.

Her mind was struggling to accept the cold and clinical way the pair of them operated. He held her head tightly, making her watch as Anna worked hard on modifying her most intimate areas. Feeling Anna slide her fingers deep into her was more disturbing than anything she’d undergone so far. This intimate touch was a far cry from the cold and clinical way she’d been working so far. She could feel two fingers probing her, exploring deep in her, it sort of felt like a kinky doctors exam. This was almost too much for her to cope with, taking something relatively normal and perverting it.

She felt her hips buck when Anna pressed her fingers against her against her G spot. Anna smiled and repeated the movement, again causing her to buck against the straps. Anna grinned as she slowly withdrew her fingers, now coated in a thin sheen of her juices. Lucy tried to block out the fact that she could feel herself getting damp, putting it down to her body protecting herself from the invading fingers.

Anna then turned to the tray and measured her hand against what looked suspiciously like an array of slightly curved steel dildos. Finally settling on one, she returned to Lucy’s exposed groin, and with a deft flick, slid the tip of it into her. The shock of the cold steel made stiffen is surprise, and when she relaxed, Anna completed the movement, sliding it deep into her pussy. She could feel the tip of the dildo pressing against her G spot. As she tried to move her hips, trying to make it more comfortable, the tip continued pressing, reminding her of its presence.

Anna then took a pair of very solid looking bars, and deftly threaded them through the opening in her labia, and matched them up with similar sized holes in the base of the dildo. It wasn’t until Anna squeezed a couple of drops on the end of the bars before fitting the caps that Lucy realised that this was going to be a permanent arrangement. Somehow hearing Anna mention that everything was made out of surgical steel, so there’d be no problems, didn’t reassure her.

By this time she’d realised that there was no way out for her, so when they undid the straps around her breasts and lifted her up so that she was sitting upright she offered no resistance. Anna then took from the table a strange looking pair of scissors. Somehow they looked wrong, very wrong.

Over the end of them Anna slipped on what she was sure was a normal rubber band. When Anna gripped the handles, instead of cutting, they open in a four way movement, stretching the rubber band into a square shape. Moving quickly Anna slid the stretched band over her breast, pressing it firmly against her chest wall. When she slid the band off the device, she couldn’t help herself scream out in pain as the band savagely gripped her breast. She could see it balloon up, held stiffly in place by the binding. Now, that she knew what to expect, when this was repeated on her right breast it didn’t seem quite as bad.

She stared in horror as her breasts started to change from a health pale colour to a pink that rapidly darkened. She turned her head away; these bands made her already too large breast look even bigger. She kept her head turned as she felt Anna expertly probed and manipulated her breasts, taking time to feel and fondle them completely. Ever so often Anna would make a note on what looked like a medical chart.

Finally she was finished, and with a practised movement, the bands were cut away, letting her breasts take their natural shape. The feel of the blood rushing out of her breasts made her cry out again. Ignoring her, Anna again checked out her breasts, making a couple of additional notes on the chart.

After that initial session her memories blurred, with only the odd incident which stood out. This was hardly surprising as they kept her in isolated bondage with next to no human contact.

Every day was the same as the one previous, one without hope of escape or release. They’d been sadistic enough to bind her in front of a mirror, so that she would be confronted by herself every waking moment. She can’t remember how long she’s stared at herself, taking in her image, it’s not as though she’s much choice. The rest of the room, from what she can see, is the most sterile room she’s ever seen. Absolutely no decorations or even imperfections ruined its sterile whiteness.

She takes in her image for the thousandth time, starting at her feet, so that she can put off the awful moment for just a bit longer. Her feet are in black patent leather pumps, which she’s convinced have at least six inch heels. She can vaguely remember the ache in her calves as they had to adjust to the strain her standing in shoes that were way too high for her. When she still had a choice she stayed with flats, as her six foot height was more than enough to turn heads, she didn’t need to draw any further attention to herself by wearing heels.

Travelling up her body, she notices the electrical pads that work her muscles even as she is restrained in the frame. She can tell she’s lost a bit of tone, but not as much as she would have if they’d been absent. By now she’s looking at her bald groin. She doesn’t know what they did down there, one day she had a fine red bush, the next time she awoke, it was gone, and had shown no sign of ever growing back. Her clit looked back at her, the bar through it made sure of that. She didn’t need to look at it to know it was eager to be touched, the absolute need to cum was the only distraction from the workout that the pads put her muscles through. She could see the wire leading to that damned dildo. When she wasn’t working out, it was busy humming away, pressing on her sensitive g spot, driving her almost mad with desire.

In all the time she’d been held like this, it had never let her make it. It was like it knew her like an intimate lover. It would continuously bring her to the point of an incredible orgasm, then stop, leaving her frustrated and desperate.

Just below her all too obvious clit was an opaque catheter tube. They’d fitted this as they fitted her to the frame, ensuring that her bodily functions were being taken care of. After the first couple of days, they hadn’t needed to give her an enema, which incidentally had been the last contact with another human being she’d had. She could just make out the intravenous drip that had kept her fed and nourished snaking its way along the frame. By every night it was empty, and no matter how she tried to stay awake, she never caught anyone changing it.

Mentally steeling herself, she let her gaze travel further upwards, towards her breasts and upper torso. They’d been almost over eager in attaching the stimulating pads around her chest. They wanted her to really work out her pectoral muscles, making them as toned and strong as they could be. The effect of all this special attention was the fact that her magnificent breasts showed no signs of sagging. They stood large and proud on her slight fame, all nice and firm. Her nipples seemed to be continuously hard, standing erect, drawing attention to them.

Finally she let herself look at what they’d gotten that surgeon to do. As if faking her death and taking her future from her wasn’t bad enough, they’d taken her arms as well. Her shoulders just ended. No arms, no stumps, no nothing. Her shoulders just graciously curved and then stopped. She couldn’t get over how the lack of her arms instead of turning the eye away, instead drew them to her breasts. She wasn’t sure, but over the time she’d been held like this, she thought that they’d grown a little in size. She’d tried to memorise exactly how much of the frame she could see each day, and she was sure that it had been growing less. She thought that they might have grown a bra size or maybe two. It was as if they were making up for the lack of her arms.

She was jolted out of her sexual revere when she spotted Anna in her mirror. The woman was pushing a cart containing some sort of new apparatus with which they were going to torment her with.

Anna turned to her and held up a hand, telling her not to speak, not that it would be easy to do anyway, she wondered if she even remembered how. Anna stood in front of her, obviously enraptured with the look of her breasts. “My, My, Lucy you’ve definitely been growing” she said. “Now it’s time for the next stage in your treatment, seeing that the drugs obviously had had their effect”

As she turned to the cart, she continued to remind her about the drug regime she was on, some sort of combination of an active contraceptive pill and domperidone which had the effect of mimicking the early stages of pregnancy. Now it was time to stop the pill and start on the pumping.

Hearing Anna remind her of his plans brought it all rushing back. He had told her on that first day, but she’d forgotten that, and so much else. The isolation and stimulation had seen to that.

She watched as Anna strapped two smallish suction cups over her nipples, and connected them via some tubing to the pump. After adjusting the settings, she turned it on and watched, as Lucy’s nipples were worked on. The machine gently sucked on her nipples in a double action, mimicking a baby’s natural feeding mechanism. This lasted for around ten minutes, and then stopped, to be replaced with her pecs being worked on, before going back to being sucked on. All in all this took around half an hour.

She couldn’t help but notice that every time the pumps sucked on her breasts; the dildo was also switched on, stimulating her. Anna had changed the settings so that instead of a random interval between arousal, she was only being aroused when her breasts were being worked on.

They then left her like that for some time, she wasn’t sure exactly how long, but it was for a shorter period of time than before. What surprised and scared her were the changes her body was undergoing. She noticed that her areoles were darkening, becoming more pronounced against her fair skin, and that her nipples were filling out, becoming even fuller. The cups over her nipples never squeezed or crushed them, just held them snugly, letting them fill out naturally. What was worse was the fact that they were starting the dildo later and later, so that the pumps were sucking on her breasts before the vibrations kicked in. Her body didn’t really notice the delay though, every time she felt the pump start, her juices started to flow, turning her on more and more. The dildo was just the icing on the cake, reinforcing her growing addiction to having he breasts pumped.

She can remember the first time she produced milk. She was lost in a sexual daze, letting the pumping and dildo arouse her, driving her mad with the need to make it, when she saw a drop of clear liquid form on the tip of her right nipple. As she watched, it slowly dropped of the nipple to be replaced with another drop that was slightly more opaque. This too dripped of, this time it was replaced with a clearly milk coloured drop. Checking her left breast she saw that it too was starting to drip.

Returning to her right one, she watched in amazement when instead of a drop forming, there was a clear and definite spray of milk from her nipple. After a couple more sprays, it changed to a steady stream of milk leaking from the nipple.

She became aware of a bell ringing, and suddenly the door was slammed open and in rushed Anna. She just stood there and watched as both breasts produced milk. Anna eyes were riveted on her breasts, and her hands were making little waving movements, it was obvious that she was really excited by this development. Looking her square in the face, Anna told reminded her that there was only one more stage to undergo before she was ready to be presented and put to work.

The next couple of weeks were a blur, as they completed their work upon her. First up was an addition to the milking machine, so that her milk could be collected and measured. Every day she was milked, and every day her output grew, from those first few drops to what seemed initially quite a healthy output of around ten ounces. They reduced in intensity and duration the stimulation provided by the dildo, until it just lay there snuggled deep in her. It was no longer needed; they’d managed to swap her addiction to stimulation from the dildo to the action of having her breasts milked.

Whilst her milk production grew, Anna fitted a new device around her torso. It looked like a peephole bra, though the openings were a little larger to allow the milking cups to be attached. What made it scary was the multitude of needles that protruded from the surface of it. As Anna worked she explained that now she was producing a healthy amount of milk, she’d need to keep her fluid intake up. This bra was to ensure she took in enough liquid, whilst enhancing her already too ample bosom.

Hung from the frame were two 500cc bags of saline solution, which Anna connected up to either side of the wicked looking bra. Staring intently at her face she threw a switch, and she watched as the needles slowly sunk through the bra and into her breasts.

It was all she could do to let out a croak as the needle pierced her breasts. She could hear Anna tell her that the measurements they’d initially taken were to ensure that the needles wouldn’t hit anything important on their way in. Breathing heavily, she watched as they stopped, fully in position. She had to take a deep breath when she felt the saline being forced through the needles and into her breasts. In front of her eyes, they started to swell, growing noticeably larger. As she watched amazed and horrified, they grew at least another cup size, and firmed up even more, so that they looked incredibly full, and almost unnatural.

Anna went on to explain that this would now be a regular morning ritual for her. They’d stay this full almost all day as her body slowly absorbed the saline, returning to normal sometime during the night.

As she tried to adjust to the new weight of her breasts, she watched as Anna disconnected the tubing that connected her breasts to the measuring jar, and fitting it to a gag, she strapped it to her head so that she could feel the tubing between her teeth and pressing against her tongue.

The feeling of pressure faded as Anna turned on the milking pump and this time started up the dildo. The feeling was incredible, the fullness of her breasts, the suction on her nipples, causing her milk to flow, and now the additional stimulation between her thighs, as if she needed it.

She watched as her now free flowing milk slowly filled the tube and crept towards her mouth. Somehow this struck her as incredibly sexy, being made to drink her own milk. Although she was so incredibly turned on, and had been for most of the time she’d been kept there, she had gotten used to the idea that no matter how turned on she was, she was never going to actually make it.

As the first drops of milk dripped from the tube and onto her tongue, letting her taste her warm, sweet milk, Anna turned up the dildo, and gently caressed Lucy’s exposed clit. She’d been without another’s touch for so long it catapulted her from desiring but not expecting to cum to a shattering and explosive orgasm. She literally shook, as her orgasm took control of her. The only reason she didn’t collapse was the fact that she was securely restrained. She felt her body clenching and trembling in the throws of her most powerful orgasm before she slipped into unconsciousness.

After that initial explosive orgasm, Anna varied her treatment. She quickly learnt that if he sucked on the tube, she’d get both her milk and her orgasm quicker, and that if she was played with without the milk, instead of an orgasm she got a shock through her clit piercing.

By the time Anna was finished with this final stage of training, just the scent of her fresh milk would make her pussy run with juices, and make her beg for release. Although being played with was nice enough, it wouldn’t make her cum. Only the taste of her hot milk on her tongue would enable her to make it.

Finally she was ready, and Anna helped from the frame, steadying her on her all too unsteady feet. She covered the mirror before helping her into her new attire. As the back was being laced up, Anna told her that this was going to be her working clothing from now on. As Anna laced up the back, pulling the dress almost uncomfortably tight, she detailed Lucy’s new duties; she was to be the clubs newest hostess, there to meet and greet the clients, showing them exactly what sort of specialised services the club was able to provide. Her other duty was be available to provide refreshment as and if a client required it, either straight from the tit, or to be milked so that they had the freshest milk available for their beverages.

Standing her in front of the covered mirror, Anna quickly whipped the cover off, revealing to her new clothed self. She couldn’t believe just how she incredibly sexy and deviant she looked. She could feel her cheeks colouring as she took in her new look.

The dress was a black velvet affair, snugly tailored so that it seemed to form a second skin, which emphasised her slender build, and nearly six foot six height. As if the figure hugging tightness wasn’t bad enough, it was the alterations that staggered her. The dress was high necked, and her red hair contrasted well against the black, but the most striking feature was the cut away that framed her perfect, incredibly full breasts. Turning so that she could see the side, she noticed that, that too was cut way so that from what ever angle you viewed her, her more than ample bosom was visible.

She could feel her pussy start to flood with her juices as her nipples slowly leaked milk. This was the first time that they hadn’t been safely encased by the pumps, and without the now hourly milking her breasts slowly leaked two thin stream of milk, one from each nipple. The scent of the milk was slowly driving her crazy with desire. She wanted so much to nuzzle at her own breast, to greedily suck on her engorged nipple and to drink straight from the source.

She was distracted slightly from her own desire by the sight of him enter the room and slowly walk round her, his eyes drinking her in. She heard him tell Anna how hard it had been not to peek and see how she was progressing, instead he made himself wait until she was finished perfection. Anna responded by telling him that she’d exceeded expectations, and now was producing over 32 ounces a day.

As he stood there, admiring her, she felt the tip of Anna’s tongue gently brush against her nipple, and collect a drop or to of her milk. The electric shock of that touch almost made her make it, and even though she desperately wanted to, she knew her much needed release was just beyond her reach.

She felt Anna purse her lips and slowly suck her engorged nipple into her hot mouth, her lips making a seal. She could feel Ann’s tongue working as she sucked on her milk filled breast, greedily drinking down her fresh milk. After too short a time, Anna’s lips let go of her nipple, and she straightened, pausing briefly before kissing her full on the lips, her tongue forcing her own lips apart. As her own lips parted she could feel the rush of warm milk from Anna’s mouth to her own. Anna hadn’t swallowed everything. As her tongue tasted her own hot milk she could feel her body trembling in the throws of another orgasm.

Once she’d recovered, she gazed down at her milk filled and leaking breasts, and with a sinking heart she realised the full wickedness of their plan. Initially she thought that they’d had her arms removed so that her breasts would be shown off to an even greater extent, without the distraction of arms to block the view, or get in the way. Now she realised that their true intent was to drive her mad with her craving.

She yearned to take her nipple into her mouth and greedily suck the milk from her breasts, that the taste of her milk straight from nipple to mouth would send her into a never ending rapture, but without her arms there was no way she could left her heavy milk filled breast to her greedy mouth and fulfil that aching need.

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