The House That Jack Built
  • Author - Obsidian Grey
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  • Story Codes - M-f, non-consensual, bodymod, bondage, extreme, kidnapping, latex, machine, slavery, snuff, torture, toys, violent
  • Post Date - 10/13/2006

He had run every red light between the Strand and St John’s Wood and it seemed like all the speed cameras in London had flashed him as well but the late evening traffic was light and it had taken him just 20 minutes so far. He knew he was close and when he turned the corner, all four tires squealing and saw the flashing lights, the endless lines of police cars and back up units, the Fire Engines and the Ambulances and heard helicopter blades beating the air rhythmically above him, he knew he was in the right place.

He didn’t even bother with central locking; he just got out and slammed the door of the black BMW behind him. He saw the policeman facing him, standing well in front of the blue and white incident tape stretched across the road, as he soon as he walked out of the side turning he was parked in. He was staring at him intently and he knew straight away that there was going to be a problem,

“Sorry mate! Can’t go through. Police Incident!” he knew he was wound up; he knew he had to stay calm.

“Yeah, okay. Look, I’m Charlie Matthews I’m an …” the Policeman was not impressed.

“Look Charlie, do yourself a favor and…” he had a restraining arm across his chest now and Charlie was in a hurry, “But I have to…” the man in uniform was leaning in close.

“Now listen to me, slag! Just fuck off! All right? Otherwise…” immediately Charlie’s shoulders dropped. He let his arms fall to his side, his palms open in a non-threatening manner. He moved closer to the Policeman. Slipped into his intimate space with his submissive posture. Quietly he said, “ Sorry Officer, really sorry! Didn’t mean to...” then he bought his knee up sharply and caught the officer squarely in the balls. As he dropped to his knees so Charlie gripped him firmly round the neck with one hand and applied pressure. The officer groaned and passed out.

Now he was striding past him across the wide, surprisingly quiet, tree lined street to the large, Georgian, terraced house immediately in front of him. He didn’t think anyone had seen him until he noticed the woman in the long black coat running toward him. She was quite tall, slim, late thirties maybe, short blond hair, care worn expression, she stopped just in front of Charlie and looked at the fallen policeman, Charlie said, “He said something about having a pain, maybe in his arse, and then he just...” Detective Inspector Anne Chilvers looked grim, “Come on Charlie. I’ll get you through!” she took him by the arm, pulled up the tape and led him over to the long white trailer with “Mobile Incident Unit” inscribed along its sides then she took him up the steps and inside.

He had to blink to adjust to the low light levels. There were monitors in here and lots of people staring at them. There was no radio noise at the moment and he realized that everybody wore headsets. Toward the back were seats and tables; obviously a briefing area .He recognized a lot of people. There was a tall man in an expensive looking overcoat staring down at a glass, under lit, table with a map on it. DI Chilvers said quietly,

“Guv? He’s here!” The man looked up abruptly, turned with a half smile on his face and put out his hand, “Hello, Charlie, we never did have that drink!”

Charlie didn’t smile but he would drink with Superintendent Ray Gardner anytime and he shook his hand, then the Superintendent’s smile faded rapidly, “I’m not going to mess around, Charlie, this is bad, very bad! I know you know Claire Gifford but does the name Jenny Barrett ring any bells at all?” Charlie felt as if he were suddenly frozen to the spot. Both Police Officers looked at him anxiously. DI Anne Chilvers touched his arm and said questioningly, "Charlie?” Charlie Matthews looked at her briefly and then he turned to the Superintendent and said, “Yeah. I know Jenny Barrett. She’s my daughter!”

Claire groaned. She tried to open her eyes but they seemed to be held shut somehow. She felt pressure on her eyelids and she knew almost immediately that the strange position she was in was likely to leave her little movement but she tried all the same. Nothing, but nothing, budged and she tried to take stock of her situation.

She was lying on her stomach. Her arms had been folded behind her and her hands were in what had to be very thickly padded, thumbless, mittens. Her legs were doubled up behind her and she could feel straps, broad straps, around those doubled over legs and her torso and around her folded arms at roughly six-inch intervals.

Around her neck there had to be at least a 6-inch wide posture collar because there was no movement there at all. There was also a strap around her forehead that seemed to be linked to her arms. It held her head up rather than letting it droop forward and would probably have allowed her all around vision of her surroundings if she weren’t wearing an occlusive hood.

She tried to wriggle again because she could feel something else now. Something strange lower down. But she still couldn’t move. She could feel fresh air around both her vagina and her rectum like those areas were open and exposed and that worried her. She tried desperately to calm down and to gather her racing thoughts.

She could feel and smell rubber. The only place she couldn’t feel it was there! Around her arse and her pussy. The heat and smell combined suggested she was wearing a rubber suit, a rubber hood and what had to be tight, knee length boots. Even now she could feel something touching the sensitive little entrance to her back passage. Surely it couldn’t be the heels of those boots?

She took a breath. Her mouth was full; she had to breathe through her nose. She knew she was gagged but her mouth was SO full that it had to be inflatable. She could feel it forcing her cheeks to bulge outward, so big was it. She tried to speak but heard little more than a grunt. She was quite sure her hearing hadn’t been tampered with though because her ears seemed normal, there was nothing packed inside them. She wasn’t really sure if that was a good or a bad thing.

Suddenly she felt pressure, pressure on the straps around her doubled over legs. They were being compressed even more and now she realized why. She had been very uncomfortable about the strange liquid feeling in her rectum and as her legs were flattened further she could feel something nudging against her open and vulnerable back passage.

She heard a strange sound. A kind of wheezing noise and then she felt her rectum being gradually forced open. Something was sliding inside her. She had been pre-greased for it and now it was slipping home. She tried to pull in extra air but her situation was getting the better of her. The invader, it had to be a dildo and a pretty big one at that, seemed to be fully inside her now, she didn’t want to admit it but just feeling it pushing its way in had been SO good but then she heard that tell-tale wheeze again.

This time the focus of her feelings shifted to the front of her body. She realized, to her horror that exactly the same thing was happening to her vagina now. Something was nudging her labia and she recognized, once more, the strange lubricated feeling that she previously hadn’t had time to acknowledge.

Whatever it was was big, really big but it was sliding up her easily enough and just stretching her sufficiently to make it feel exciting. Just like before. She knew she shouldn’t feel like this but perhaps now wasn’t the time to feel guilty. Her whole body shook then. With a last flourish the vaginal invader slid finally home leaving her weak and trembling.

She was just wondering what was going to happen now when she heard a voice.

“Justine! Justine! Justine, come here please. Come here, that’s good. Justine, I know you want to please me, I know you do and you know what we agreed, so can you please take out her gag? I should be able to speak to someone, after all. Thank you Justine!”

It was a relief to feel the pressure going down. Very soon the now limp and wet piece of rubber was being pulled out of her mouth. To her surprise she could also feel movement around her eyes as well. She knew a bit about occlusive hoods and it felt as if the detachable blindfold was being removed.

She could feel studs being popped. Then the stuff covering her eyes was being prized away. She blinked, she was in a strange light but she could see it now. Two thick pads of what must be dough. There was a figure in front of her, a figure that had to be that of a woman. She balled the dough in her fist and compressed it into a ball. Without even looking at Claire she turned and walked quickly away from her.

Slim but shapely she was wearing a PVC cat suit similar to one Cat Woman wore in the Batman movies but without the stitching or the ears. The legs of the suit were cropped at just below mid calf and she wore high-heeled strappy and shiny black sandals. As she left the room, her heels clicking on the bare floor, Claire tried to call after her but a voice, a familiar voice and the one she heard earlier said,

“I wouldn’t bother. Even if she came back she couldn’t talk to you!” Claire looked around in the direction of the voice and as she did so the true horror of where she was and what was happening to her finally struck home,

She was in a room. A long room. A room that was only dimly lit but that seemed somehow suffused with red light. She could see other lights in the black painted ceiling but they were off at the moment. The floor was also black but the walls were red. It was almost as if she were in a kind of a museum. She could make out what appeared to be glass cases dotted all round the room in seemingly random positions, all on deep plinths, all with something inside them. Something that she really did not want to think about.

As her eyes focused she realized that each case contained a restrained girl!

Each one wore either fetish clothing or nothing at all and each one was bound in a different way or to a different piece of apparatus. They all seemed to be held in a viscous but clear substance of some kind. Perhaps fortunately for her, her thoughts were interrupted,

“They’re lovely aren’t they!” horrified Claire did her best to look round. She saw a glass case that was positioned lengthwise on its plinth rather than horizontally and it was only partially filled with the clear substance. There was a figure standing up in it. About her height but younger, she was dressed in a beautiful violet rubber suit and shiny black ankle boots, she wore a full hood in the same color but the eyes and mouth were open.

Although she was standing up it was obvious that her hands were handcuffed behind her and her ankles were attached to the cross piece of a metal pole that she seemed to somehow be sitting on. She was enclosed in the thick, clear substance up to her neck, her body seemed to be set rigid but her head was free. Even as she was studying this strange picture the girl spoke again,

“And very soon I’ll be just like them, I’ll finally be able to join them!”

Claire shivered and raised her eyes upward, unable to move her neck any further, and made eye contact with Jenny Barrett. Charlie Matthews’ wayward daughter who he had seen only once in the last 20 years. For some reason Claire felt a tide of emotion welling up inside her. Only 9 months ago she had been saying a tearful goodbye at Stanstead to a smiling Jenny who she had just managed to extricate from a murder charge.

Superintendent Gardner shifted slightly in his chair. They were in the briefing area at the back of the trailer where he and DI Chilvers had been bringing Charlie up to speed. He looked him in the eye,

“This man Charlie, the one we’re looking for, this Phillip Bernard; the more we dig and the more we come up with, so the more dangerous he sounds. We’ve got hold of his ISP address, or addresses, I should say. He frequents chat rooms. Fetish chat rooms. Ones that involve Bondage, Domination and Sado Masochism …” Anne Chilvers smiled,

“Or in other words; BDSM, right Charlie?” if she was trying to embarrass him she didn’t succeed but he gave her a wry smile. Superintendent Gardner showed no signs of noticing the interaction and continued

“ …and also real time fetish clubs. He’s well known on the fetish scene and does not have a good reputation. Everyone we’ve spoken to refers to him as an out and out sadist. Normally goes under the name of The Marquis….” Charlie leaned forward in his seat and interrupted,

“What, as in The Marquis De Sade?” Anne Chilvers nodded,

"That’s him and he likes vulnerable young girls, Charlie. Impressionable ones, ones between 18 and 25…” Charlie stared at her, Jenny was 25 but he let Anne continue, “…ones he can mould, ones he can manipulate. There’s evidence to suggest that he took one girl, Mary Lyons, as his regular partner and, just for starters, got her to change her name, by deed poll, to Justine, as in the book by the real Marquis. There are rumours about her too but we haven’t substantiated any of them yet and what we’re also trying to substantiate are the disappearances. The disappearances linked with the chat rooms and the clubs HE was linked with. We’ve got 55 so far…” Ray Gardner took up the story.

“We’ve got profilers working on his background but I warn you, Charlie, that at the very best he comes across as a vicious sociopath!” Anne took up the reins again,
“You know what happened. Jenny contacted Claire this morning and as you were unavailable, she called me. Told me she’d had a phone call from someone who talked about this Marquis and how she was staying here with him. Told her that she was going to be made beautiful,” she looked down at her notebook ““for all eternity. Beautiful just like all the others!” Claire was worried, against my advice she came over here and we haven’t heard from her since!"

Charlie stood up. He wanted things to happen and he was worried. More worried than he could remember being for a long, long, time,

“So what’s happening? Out there, I mean.” he inclined his head toward the house that was the focus of Police enquiries. Both Ray Gardner and Anne Chilvers were standing next to him now, Superintendent Gardner pointed to the monitors and said,

“SO19 are surrounding the place. Now at the moment it seems quite impregnable but they’re everywhere. They’re on the roof, they’re on balconies, the whole street has been evacuated and they’re in the house next door. We cannot make contact by phone. We’ve tried simply knocking on the door but no one answers. In fact we’ve had no response at all so far and the Commissioner, through his staff, has basically told us to stop fucking about and go in!
“ I don’t like it but SO19 have had their orders. I reckon they’ll try any time in the next 5 minutes or so!” Charlie nodded. He agreed with the Superintendent. He would not have entered that house yet but he could see that pressure was being bought to bear. SO19 were the SWAT team of the Metropolitan Police. If anyone could do it they could. Charlie looked thoughtful,

“What about listening equipment? Has anyone tried putting long range mikes out there?” Anne Chilvers nodded.

“Yes, Charlie. There’s been some screw-ups but I’ve dealt with it all. The stuff only got here about ten minutes ago but it’s nearly all set up and ready to go!” Charlie was still thinking,

“Spy cameras! Have they tried drilling through the walls?” Ray Gardner looked anguished,

“That’s where we have problems. The Specs of the house have been changed. It’s all been altered. The brick walls have all been lined with solid concrete and steel. Any attempt to drill makes one hell of a noise and is bound to alert whoever is in there. We’ve got a diamond drilling company parked round the back but it’s …” he was interrupted by loud, continuous, banging, Charlie immediately started toward the door but Anne held him back.

“It’s started Charlie! They’re breaking down the front door. You can watch it on the monitors.” Charlie did as she said and watched grimly as one man with what looked like a large heavy cylinder with handles stood in the doorway and smashed it against the door whilst at least six others, all wearing blue coveralls, stab vests and baseball caps, stood behind him waiting, Heckler and Koch sub machine guns at the ready.

The sound of splintering wood was clearly audible as the door was finally breached but Charlie could sense that something was wrong. He saw the men cross the threshold of the house but he didn’t see the trip wire they must have caught as they entered.

The explosion was catastrophic. It set off car alarms in a four street radius. There were no signs of the six men that went inside, just a thick column of smoke and dust that obscured the doorway and began to rise lazily into the night sky.

“You know you don’t have to stay still, don’t you. You DO know you’re on a kind of turntable? You can move around if you want to! You can see how good you look in the mirror behind you!” Claire shivered. This wasn’t the Jenny she knew.

She wondered idly if she were on drugs and then she shifted her weight to one side a little. Just to see if it were true. To her amazement a motor hummed in to life and she began to spin slowly round. Now she could see what Jenny meant. The wall behind her was one huge mirror. For the first time she was able to see exactly what sort of predicament she was in.

She had to breath in deeply through her nose to try to keep the panic at bay.

Just like all the others she was on a plinth. The only difference was that she wasn't enclosed by a glass case yet. She was tied exactly as she suspected she would be and wearing pretty much what she expected too. It was a black rubber cat suit with an attached hood. Thick, red, nylon straps held her down. Straps that were virtually unbreakable. She was on her stomach, her legs were doubled over and she did indeed wear knee length boots. They were red in contrast to the cat suit.

She stifled a gasp when she looked more closely at those boots because they had a heel like she had never ever seen before. They were tightly joined together by the strapping but from their six-inch heels sprouted what had to be a huge, lifelike, replica of a man's penis. One that she could see and feel was now buried deep inside her rear passage. She felt the other dildo too now, the one in her vagina. To her horror the movement of the turntable seemed to have bought it to life and it was gently vibrating inside her.

Despite herself and the feeling of dread that was beginning to build in the pit of her stomach, she could feel herself getting wet. But before she could be drawn too far into the pulsating wave of pleasure that was also mounting within, Jenny’s voice jolted her back in to the here and now,

“Don’t fight it Claire!” she was saying matter of factly, “Just give into to it! Once you’ve felt it you won’t want anything else, ever again. The Marquis told me that the first time we did it, the first time he tied me up, just the way you are now, and showed me his machines. They were just like the ones you’re attached to now. He kept me like that for nearly a day. Just try to imagine that! Twenty fours hours of total pleasure, Claire. Once you’ve had that you never want to go back, believe me. You'll never want the ordinary life again!”

Claire was sweating; the dildo in her bottom was beginning to vibrate now and she wanted to scream. She wanted to scream at Jenny and tell her to get a grip on herself and think about the old Jenny. The laughing, voluptuous, cheeky, Jenny that had won Claire over the first time she had met her because this Jenny, this morose and morbid, Jenny, was so different and so obviously not the girl that she had taken into her heart

Maintaining her composure as best she could she asked,

“Jenny, what about these other girls, how did they get here?” Claire had come to the grim realization that all these girls were dead but that they were all set, somehow, at what, to them, must have been their finest moment. Jenny smiled,

"Well, they all met the Marquis of course and he fulfilled all their desires. See there?” Claire had already realized that if she moved about as much as she could it disturbed a movement sensor and caused the turntable to move. She shifted to her right and found herself rotating slowly round toward Jenny once more. She changed position as best she could when she saw the slightly plump girl that Jenny was indicating and bought the turntable to a halt.

She had lovely features. A rubber, open faced, yellow hood framed them but that was all that was visible. The rest of her was inside a fairly large and ornate walnut box.

"That’s Victoria!” Jenny seemed proud, “Victoria hated her limbs. Always did! She thought she would be much better off without legs and arms. Not sure if that’s Munchausen’s or not but anyway! She told the Marquis and he sorted it. He knows someone who can do that sort of thing and within a week she’d had both her legs and both her arms amputated! When she came home he kept her permanently in that box, just the way you see her. Just like in that film. And she was permanently penetrated as well!” Jenny stopped for a second and giggled,

"Oh that sounds funny doesn’t it? But she was. She had those things in her all the time, just like you and just like me, Claire.” She looked down at herself, “See this pedestal I’m on? It puts all the weight on them. I have to rest on the dildoes in my bum and in my pussy and it is absolutely gorgeous! Can you even imagine how wonderful it is to be displayed like this for everybody to see?” Claire could not even comprehend it right then but it appeared that the vibrations in her inserts were growing stronger and stronger because Jenny was throwing her head back now.

Claire guessed they must have been running at full power because Jenny was starting to moan and to groan and very soon the vibrating dildoes were tipping her over the edge into a powerful, sustained and very noisy climax.

The atmosphere inside the trailer was somber and subdued. Of the six men who had entered the house, three had died, two had been critically injured and one had suffered minor lacerations when the small box loaded with nails had exploded. The man who had broken the door down was unhurt but was in deep shock.

To make matters worse, as soon as the bomb had gone off a thick metal curtain had come down in the hall, about 10 yards from the door, effectively sealing the house off once more.

The three police officers could hear the air ambulance leaving for the final time but what had most upset them was what they had heard relayed from the powerful system of microphones that had now been set up outside the house

For the first time in many years Charlie was frightened, genuinely frightened. Not for himself but for Claire and his daughter. A daughter who he pledged to get psychiatric help for if he ever got her out of there alive. As they continued to listen to Claire and Jenny’s voices crackling over the speakers Charlie sat slumped in a chair whilst Anne stood behind him with a hand on his shoulder.

Ray Gardner finally turned to look at Charlie,

“I’m getting this all on disc, Charlie and I’ve got to say that Claire’s behaving like a real professional up there, despite everything! I just wish that we could somehow communicate with her and tell her what we need to know because the Commissioner wants the place stormed, regardless of cost. He’s ordered up a helicopter with a thermal imaging camera on board that he hopes will tell us the hotspots but...” Charlie interrupted him.
“She’s getting there, Guv. I know she is! We’ve just got to give her the time that we don’t have, somehow!” He thought for a moment, “Oh and while I think of it, how old is this bloke, this Bernard character?” The Superintendent thought for a moment and then said,
“Fifty eight, I think, but why...” he was interrupted by a scream. A scream that could only have come from the speakers. A long drawn out scream that Charlie recognized, to his horror, as coming from Claire.

She had done her best.

She had tried desperately to ignore the feelings but the vibrators, with mechanical coldness, had just whirred away inside her, becoming gradually stronger and stronger until she was just unable to resist and had fallen into, what for her right now, was the dark abyss of sustained climax. She choked back a sob and looked up at Jenny who smiled benignly.

“I told you Claire, don’t try to fight it, just give in!” but Claire knew she HAD to fight it. She knew that she couldn’t give in. Still trembling she looked at another glass case.

The girl inside seemed to be somehow floating in midair. She was face down; arms and legs outstretched and wore nothing. She was completely nude and perfectly preserved, perhaps forever, in the strange, glutinous, substance. What Claire couldn’t help looking at though, was the size and shape of her breasts. Even in the position she was in, rather than hang or droop down, they formed perfect globes. How she got like this was a mystery. Her long black hair fanned out around her exactly as if she were floating. Jenny came to her rescue,

“That’s Sandra. She hated her boobs! They were tiny and she really wanted them bigger. So the Marquis obliged. He had them enlarged to a 56C cup and she loved it. She absolutely loved it! She’s got vibrators in, just like us, but they’re remote controlled, so there's no wires, you can’t see anything. The Marquis made a frame out of a special stuff that would dissolve after the preservative came in contact with it. She was actually bound naked hand and foot and suspended in that case but you can’t see it now. It just looks like she’s floating!”

Claire would have shaken her head if she could have done, to try and rid herself of what Jenny had just told her and the feelings that had arisen as a result but she couldn’t. She needed more information. She had heard the explosion downstairs and she had to assume that the Police were out there. She knew about long-range microphones from some of Charlie’s surveillance activities and she just hoped they were using them now. She did her best to look up at the only other living person in the room with her and tried to stay calm,

“Jenny, tell me about Justine, only when she was up here earlier you said something about there being no point me calling her back. Why? “ Jenny laughed

“Oh well, Justine was one of the Marquis’ first. She’s utterly devoted to him. You might as well say she’s his slave! His real life slave. He’s her whole life. She was very shy, was Justine, very conscious of her figure. Hated talking to people and she was another one who hated her tiny boobs!” She did her best to look down at herself and her pleasantly shaped and ample breasts,

“Can’t say I’ve ever had that problem myself but you know how it is; different strokes for different folks!” she took a deep breath.

“So the Marquis sorted her too! She’s got 46DD breasts now.” Claire thought back. The girl was very slender. They must have looked absolutely huge on her. Jenny’s voice bought her back to reality,

“And she doesn’t have to worry about talking to people anymore because the Marquis had his surgeon cut out her tongue!” Claire’s mind was reeling and she was so, so frightened now. She did her best not to show it and took in a series of deep breaths; eventually she looked at Jenny again and asked,

“Tell me Jenny, all these girls in such a seemingly short space of time. How does the Marquis get them here!” Jenny smiled pleasantly,

“Oh well, that’s the whole beauty of it, really. He arranges with them to have themselves abducted! He’ll contact a third party and he’ll arrange for them to meet up somewhere and discuss it and then they’re kidnapped and bought here! It’s like a game. He tries to have them arrive in either as little as possible or in some bizarre costume or other!

“Of course, they never go round the front, they always come in down that side alley and through the back garden. There’s a door there that’s controlled by Justine. She lets them in and looks after them. That’s how she got you but you probably don’t remember much about it.

“She played with me up here, stroked my tits and ran the vibrators very slowly. Wouldn’t let me come and then got me to talk about you and describe you and tell her all abut you, basically, because she was curious when I asked for a phone to call you!” She looked deep into Claire’s eyes,

“I wanted to talk Claire! I just wanted to talk to someone and you were the only one I could think of!” She looked down at the floor. For just a moment the old Jenny seemed to have come back. Then she looked up again, "So when you came here for me, Justine crept out and stunned you with the tazer and dragged you up here. I think she must have given you something else as well ‘cos you were out for quite a while…” Now she looked at Claire, her eyes wide and it was obvious that a tear was rolling down her cheek.

“I’m sorry Claire I really am! I didn’t mean this to happen to you. I really didn’t and I am so, so sorry … I just needed to talk to someone!” and then she began to cry in earnest.

“Aren’t you a little old for this? He likes them between eighteen and twenty five, y’know!” Anne Chilvers tutted loudly.

“Oh shut up, Charlie! And mind how you tighten that buckle. My pussy’s in there, remember?”

They were in the back of an ambulance, the only private place they could find. It was, they all agreed, a long shot but it was the only shot they were likely to have and it had all sprung from the conversation between Jenny and Claire.

Charlie had said it first. He had stood up in the back of the trailer listening to them talking and said,

“Well, that’s it then! That’s our in!” Anne had agreed.

“Yep ! We get two people to the back gate posing as abductor and abductee and when Justine comes to the door...Bang!! We hit her with everything we’ve got and get inside. Where she is can’t be booby trapped, so that’s it, that’s our point of entry!” Superintendent Gardner had been skeptical, however.

“And what if he’s in there? The Marquis. He’ll just pick you off!” Charlie had jumped in then,

“But it doesn’t look like he IS there, Guv! That’s the whole point. Justine took out Claire, Justine dragged her upstairs, Justine tied her up. Justine supplied the phone for Jenny... Justine! Justine ! Justine! It's all Justine! No sign of the Marquis. It was a trip wire that set the front door bomb off, you know that, not the Marquis…” but Anne was playing Devil’s Advocate.

“Unless he’s tucked away in this Control Room that you reckon he’s got, Charlie. The place he runs everything from. His impregnable inner sanctum! Because if he IS in there and we manage to get in, then we’re dead anyway!” Charlie had looked at her and snapped his fingers,

“Electricity! We get the electric people down here and once we’re in and we give them the signal, they turn all the electric off and we carry on with torches! Me and Anne the advance guard, SO19 behind us!” He had turned to Superintendent Gardner and said, "What d’you think of that, Guv?” but Ray Gardner was already on the phone to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police asking him to sanction the idea that his team had just come up with.

Finally they were ready. He had to admire Anne, both her for her guts and her figure. He smoothed his hands up her shapely hips and said,

“I didn’t know you knew Claire!” Anne Chilvers smiled.

"Well, you don’t know everything, Charlie Matthews and besides it’s just girlie stuff. We like each other! We have a coffee sometimes. Sometimes we go shopping. And if you must know I met her after you got that kicking in Hampstead, you know, the diamond job! All we do is hang out!” Charlie slapped her almost bare rump,

“Well I hope that’s all that hangs out!” Anne tutted.

"Really, Charlie! Just because you and I, well you know, a few years ago and just because I like some of the stuff you like doesn’t mean…" she turned and looked at him, "Oh Charlie! I know Claire’s Bi but that’s a typical male reaction. Just because we meet every now and then doesn’t mean …” Charlie was grinning,

“You mean you haven’t plucked up the courage to do it yet!” she smacked him playfully on the arm ,

“Oh bollocks, Charlie! It not all about sex and where are my boots? I’m not going in bloody barefoot!” Charlie smiled again,

“And you can’t go in wearing hobnail bloody boots either! Here, put these on!” He pushed a pair of black patent stilettos with four-inch heels across to her. She gave him a look but she knew he was right so she slipped her red toe nailed feet into them. She tried a few halting steps whilst Charlie looked on.

He had to admit she looked good enough to eat. All she wore, apart from the shoes, was a black leather body harness that cupped her crotch and weaved its way up her body, ending in a leather slave collar around her neck and framing but not covering her small, pert, breasts. It left every important part of her bare. They had debated, briefly, shaving her crotch but as her pubic hair was blonde and had obviously been trimmed recently, much to Anne’s embarrassment, they had decided to leave it the way it was.

Charlie couldn’t help himself. He stood behind her again, put his hands on her shoulders and whispered in her ear,

“Ready?” he was pleased to feel her shiver and she nodded silently, “Okay. Give me your wrists!” as she put her hands more than obediently behind her back, so he slipped the handcuffs on her and ratcheted them in place. Now he was picking up her long black coat and draping it over her shoulders. He noticed movement and saw Superintendent Ray Gardner standing by the door.

“Blimey! You’re a site for sore eyes, Anne! Don’t suppose we could persuade you to do a turn at the Christmas party?” she was about to speak but as she tried, so Charlie slipped a large black ball gag into her open mouth and before she could do anything he had it fastened tightly behind her head. She tried to protest, tried to say something but Charlie slapped her on the bottom again, picked up a dog leash and clipped it to her slave collar. He looked quizzically at the Superintendent,

“Everything ready?” Ray Gardner nodded.

“That’s what I came to tell you. SO 19 have just given me the heads up. They’re ready when you are!” Charlie eased his way past Anne and, with just a light tug on her leash, led her gagged and nearly naked, hands cuffed behind her, out of the ambulance.

For the past few hours they had been gradually scaling down the Police presence in the street and moving them into adjoining roads. Even the trailer had been moved. The incident tape had been taken down and the helicopters had been withdrawn too. SO19 were still concealed in every available nook and cranny but apart from that the place looked normal again apart from the hurriedly shored up portico of the house.

Charlie had used his own car. It had been bought up to the ambulance and then he and Anne had ducked inside. Just before moving off he had checked his gun. The gagged Anne had squealed at him through her gag, knowing that he was not entitled to use it as an ex policeman but he had simply smiled, patted her on the cheek and started the car.

There was a small alleyway to the right of the house that led to an open space. In the garden wall that ran along one side of this alley was a small, black painted, door. It was three O’clock in the morning now. They had made the assumption that it would be late nights and early mornings when most of the abductees would arrive.

Charlie switched off the engine, gave Anne a quick glance and then got out of the car. He walked slowly round to the passenger side, opened the door, undid her seat belt and then pulled her unceremoniously out by the leash. Teetering uncertainly on her heels for a moment, Anne recovered quickly and then followed Charlie obediently to the black painted door.

To his annoyance it was locked but he tapped on it lightly and stayed calm, looking around him as perhaps a new arrival would, whilst Anne stared obediently and passively straight in front of her.

He was starting to think that they had drawn a blank when the door opened silently and apparently of its own accord. Without even looking at Claire he led her through the opening and as soon as he did so an incredibly bright light flicked on and blinded him.

Shielding his eyes he pushed the helpless Anne forward in the hope that the light was as much for her as it was him. Still she remained quiet and passive, her hands cuffed behind her, her coat hanging loosely from her shoulders.

In a flash in his head almost as bright as the light in his eyes, Charlie suddenly realized what he needed to do. He quickly whipped the coat off Anne and dropped it on the ground, then he stood behind her to show off her trim and obviously toned figure in the bright glare of the spotlight. Just to demonstrate her passivity he began to tweak her nipples, assuming that there was at least one camera watching them.

Still looking forward and totally unmoving, Anne groaned a little through her gag. Charlie was busking this and he could only think of one other thing he could do. Without warning he ran a finger down Anne’s tight stomach and stopped just above her labial lips. Now she stiffened. She drew a deep breath and as she did Charlie plunged his index finger into her warm and surprisingly moist vagina. She did her best to stifle what would have been a gasp and drew several more deep breaths.

Charlie was just about to slip in a second finger when the light snapped out just as quickly as it had come on. He was taking a few moments to get used to the dark again when he noticed a previously unseen door at the back of the house that, even as he watched, was sliding gently open. Guessing that Anne was still blinded he pushed her forward in the direction of the door but he wasn’t expecting what he found inside.

As soon as they entered the door slid shut behind them. He was expecting to at least see a human face but there was nothing. They were in a small area that appeared to be fashioned entirely from glass. The walls were glass; the ceiling was glass, even the floor on which they stood was glass. Charlie stared but he could see nothing beyond those glass walls but he guessed that whoever was behind them could see him.

He assumed that most, if not all, of that glass was one way. There was lighting in the floor and lighting in the ceiling. There was also lighting in the wall behind him. The one with the door. The one they had just come through.

He thought quickly, he had little choice. He grabbed hold of the nearly naked Anne and began talking very fast,

“Hi there! You okay tonight? Got a little package here for ya. She’s a real prize is this one! Take a look! Take a good look at her,‘cos you don’t get too many o’ these to the pound!” he turned to look at Anne who stood, meek and submissive still, looking straight ahead of her, "Do ya darling?” then he turned back to the wall he thought most likely to have an observer behind it. “Don’t say much, well she can’t ‘cause of the gag! But she’s a true submissive is this one. She actually wants to be made into a living fuck toy!” he turned to Anne once more. “ Ain’t that right darling?” but Anne did not move so Charlie continued, “See these?” he dropped to his knees and began stroking Anne’s shapely, bare, legs.

He stroked them all the way up to her crotch, let his hands rest there and then eased himself up again, “ They’re lovely, those legs, ain’t they? But she hates ‘em! She hates her legs AND her arms! She just wants to be a head and a torso so that she can suck people off and not be able to do anything about it! She don’t care if it’s a man or a woman, she just wants to suck. She wants 'em to use her. To spunk in her mouth and just come all over her face! Don’t ya darling?”

Without warning his fingers were inside her. One pistoning in and out of her vagina, the other seeking out and finding her delicate little clitoris and massaging it gently. Now his lips were against her ear and he noticed, with some satisfaction, that her eyes were already closed.

“Yeah, you just wanna be fucked, dontcha? You don’t like fucking, you just like being fucked! Being abused and FUCKED!” he screamed the last word in her ear and as he did so he jammed three fingers inside her and rubbed her clitoris so hard he thought it would bruise her but it had the desired effect. Anne threw back her head and climaxed, screaming through her gag as she did it.

Charlie couldn’t look at her but he put his hands on her shoulders to try to calm her down. As Anne sobbed for breath he suddenly realized that a small dark opening was appearing in front of them. He walked forward pushing Anne in front of him.

As she disappeared into the dark void that yawned in front of her Charlie tried to follow but as he did so a steel shutter slid quickly, noiselessly and empathically down in front of the entrance preventing any further progress whilst the glass door closed over it

He hadn’t been prepared for that. He had at least expected someone to come out and take Anne but the glass door to the garden was starting to swing open now, he thought of calling for back up but wondered just how far he would get.

Suddenly the garden door closed again and the door through which Anne had disappeared swung abruptly open once more. There was no sign of the steel shutter now. With one hand on his gun Charlie walked slowly inside . It was dark in here. It was only a small room and the only light came from a bank of monitors over to his left. As he stared at them he could hear something behind him and he turned abruptly only to see Claire minus her gag and handcuffs bending over a prone figure in a small room off to his left.

He walked in and immediately realized that he was in a kind of repository of restraint equipment. The walls were lined with white pegboard and they overflowed with row upon row of ball gags and handcuffs and blindfolds and pump gags of all shapes and sizes.

The figure was obviously female, so large were her breasts. She wore a PVC cat suit with cropped leggings and black, strappy, high heeled sandals. She was struggling but her hands were cuffed behind her with the cuffs that Anne had worn. Charlie had taken the precaution of not looking them so that she could escape quickly. The girl’s ankles had been cuffed too, with cuffs from the walls.

Even as he watched Anne tore a hole in the crotch of the cat suit and pushed an object that looked like a gun with a square barrel into the tear and held it hard against her shaven crotch. Charlie realized instantly that it was a Taser and that Anne was about to apply electricity direct to Justine’s vagina.

“Talk to me you fucking bitch! Talk to me! Where is he? Where’s your fucking Marquis…” as gently as he could Charlie gripped her arm and said quietly,

"She can’t tell you Anne. She’s mute! She’s had her tongue cut out, remember?” but he already knew that this wasn't about Justine. Anne stared, her eyes boring into him and hissed,

“You crossed the line, Charlie! You crossed the line when you did what you did just now…” Charlie looked into her eyes.

"I’m sorry Anne, I really am but I did what I thought I had to to get us in here. You must understand that!” and then he took the radio from his pocket and said , “Gatehouse is secure! We have Justine. Repeat we have Justine! Code Midnight out!”

Anne was still staring at him but before she could say anything more all the lights went out.

Six officers from SO19 joined them shortly afterward whilst more surrounded the house. They all had powerful flashlights attached to their weapons in anticipation of the power shut down. Anne was skeptical but Charlie felt that Justine might co-operate with them. He helped her up, still cuffed at wrists and ankles but even as he did so Anne lunged at her with the Taser again and applied it to both her huge, surgically altered, breasts.

Justine collapsed to the floor. Charlie snatched the Taser from the nearly naked Detective Inspector and then helped Justine up again. Tears were running down her face now, whether from pain or from something else, he couldn’t be sure. He said quietly.

“Justine, I will make sure that no one else hurts you, okay? You’re as much a victim of this as anyone else. Do you understand ?” the girl was sobbing silently now. Even though in some ways it hurt him to do so, he took her in his arms and held her for a few seconds. Finally he looked at her and asked,

“The Control Room, Justine. The Control Room the Marquis uses. I need your help. I need you to take us there. Will you? Please, Justine?” the girl stared at him for what seemed like minutes and then eventually she began walking towards what appeared to be a blank wall. There was a very slight swish and a panel slipped to one side allowing access to a set of stairs.

She turned and looked at Charlie and then began to descend with him following at her heels.

He had expected it to be in the basement but he had not expected what he saw in the torchlight as they finally reached the end of the staircase.

In what had to be the middle of a very large basement area sat a huge glass cube with banks upon banks of monitors inside it and a huge throne like chair on which a figure sat. It was almost like watching a king on his throne but this king wore a black, masked, cape and black gloves. They couldn’t see any more.

The officers of SO19 were already deploying, submachine guns in hand, around the cube but after more than two minutes of close examination they all shook their heads grimly.

There was no way in.

Charlie turned to Justine once more, mindful of the fact that Anne was standing behind her with a blank look on her face. Almost in a whisper he asked,

"How do we get in Justine? Do you have keys? Is there an entry code or a door…” but Justine stared at him wide eyed, shrugged and spread out her arms. She didn’t know. Charlie looked at the officers who had already raised their weapons and then looked at Anne. Finally she said,

“You’ve got no other option Charlie. WE’VE got no other option. Let me do it. I’ll take the stick if goes wrong!” and then she leant over the stairs and said just loudly enough for all the officers to hear,

“This looks like the only way we can get in. On my mark open fire. Three, two , one, MARK!”

The basement erupted with the sound of gunfire and the outer walls of the cube literally disintegrated as round after round impacted against them. As they shattered and collapsed on to the floor Anne called out "Cease firing!” and the cacophony stopped abruptly.

Charlie was already on the move. Regardless of this own safety he was picking his way through the broken glass and into the Marquis’ inner sanctum. It was quite obvious to him that the place would had been difficult to get into at the best of times and that the the glass probably formed a maze around him, a bulletproof maze but the officers had been using special bullets coated with a hardening agent that would shatter the toughest of materials.

As he entered the room where the Marquis sat Charlie found himself retching! The place reeked. He looked down and to his horror saw two pools of darkening, congealing, blood and then he looked up. He looked up into the lifeless eyes of the man who would be forever known as the Marquis De Sade Of The Twenty First Century.

The man was dead, he had slit his own wrists. Or had he? Suddenly Charlie whirled round and saw Justine standing a little way away from him, staring at the dead form of her Master. Instead of abject devotion, instead of her falling at his feet and crying, as he had expected her to do, Justine simply stared. It might have been his imagination but Charlie thought he could detect hatred in that stare.

He blew out his cheeks and thought about his gamble. The marquis was fifty-eight years old and, to the best of their knowledge, he had already collected fifty-five victims. Claire and Jenny made fifty-seven. What might have been his fifty-eighth and perhaps final, victim walked in to the shattered glass room and said quietly,

“So it’s over then. Over before we ever really knew it had bloody begun.!” Charlie looked at her, thinking that perhaps Justine had taken her in out of pity or even guilt for her dead Master, perhaps to fulfill his final desire.

Her shook his head. He wanted desperately to get out of this place. He grabbed Anne by the arm and rasped,

"Not until we get Claire and Jenny it’s not!” and they both ran from the remains of the shattered cube and up the basement stairs to what they hoped was the Marquis’ Black Museum.

“What’s that noise? What’s going on?” It was Jenny. The gunshots and all the noise downstairs had unsettled her.

Wearily Claire looked up and around her as best she could. At this Museum of Horrors and said weakly,

“Well with any luck they’re going to get us out of this place!” Jenny stared at her horrified.

“But they can’t. They can’t do that. This is where I want to be! This is my home for all eternity!” She began to struggle and Claire could quite clearly hear the vibrators within her hum into life. She could see her hands moving or rather she could sense them working at something behind her back.

To her abject horror Claire realized that the glass case Jenny was in had a lid and, even now, that lid was sliding into place. The noise of the vibrators was getting louder and Jenny was already beginning to writhe against her bonds.

Not wanting to believe what was happening Claire shouted,

“No Jenny! No! Please don’t !” but it was all too late. Jenny was speaking now but she seemed to be in another world.

“This is how they all went, Claire. They all did it themselves. We have a tiny button in our hands that’s linked to a valve implanted in our necks. When the time comes we switch on the vibarators and then we press the button that releases the poison into our bloodstreams. There are sensors. Once the sensors detect that we’re gone, it automatically fills the case with fluid and preserves us forever. Goodbye Claire. I loved you! Say Goodbye to my Dad for me!” and then she screamed and writhed against the pole she was attached to, whether in orgasm or pain it was hard to tell.

Claire could not believe it. Already huge tears were streaming down her cheeks and already the preserving fluid was rising up over Jenny’s mouth and nostrils. There were no tell tale bubbles. As she closed her eyes to stop herself from seeing her dead friend she heard glass breaking but even the sight of Charlie and Anne running anxiously toward her could not stop her crying.

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