Jenna & The Taxi Driver
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Author's Note: To all those who liked this story and were kind enough to criticize me thank you I appreciate it very much. I am very sorry that it took 5 years for this new chapter but to be honest in the last 5 years I haven't had the urge to write anything new for this i've been very busy in life with a lot of medical problems such as dealing with Cancer, Chemotherapy,and Knee replacement and hip surgery, Also I tried my best in this new chapter to write with better grammar and spelling and structure so if you still don't like it oh well LMAO it's the best that I can do. And I promise that after this it won't take another 5 years for another update. Thanks to you all from NEWBIE

Chapter 1

Jenna came home from work ready to party that night. She got dressed putting on stockings on her perfect legs and feet it was a beautiful sight. Then some sexy open toes shoes. She also put on a micro mini skirt and a very revealing top she was ready. She went to a club called Cahoots it looked like a nice little club. She went in and had a drink. A man came up to her and tried to grab her breasts. She slapped him and she saw him leave. After another drink she started to get dizzy she stumbled out and got into a cab. She told the driver who looked oddly familiar where to take her then she blacked out.

When she came to she didn’t recognize where she was she tried to move and suddenly realized she couldn’t. She began to panic she looked around and realized she was spread-eagled and naked on a concrete floor. She tried to yell out but all that came out was ugh buhh ugh . She started crying and eventually fell back asleep. Then all of a sudden she was doused with cold water which instantly brought her back. There was a man standing over her laughing. She tried to yell at him but to no evail she knew she was gagged somehow but didn’t know how. She began struggling again not moving because of her tight bondage. She eventually stopped and then he spoke.

“Hello Jenna” he said, “I bet you are wondering why you are here tied up spread-eagled and naked on my basement-dungeon floor”. She nodded yes. He then said “I’ll explain it to you then. At Cahoots last night I saw you walk in with your stocking feet and shoes your perfect legs and breasts and I knew I had to have you. I may have tried to cop a feel on you but that was just a distraction while my best friend who happened to be bar tending there last night slipped a little sedative in your drink. As for the cab that is just a hobby of mine I drive taxi. As you probably noticed you can’t speak because I wired your jaw shut and I will remove the wires when I decide to let you speak again which is probably never.”

“Now during your time here I'm going to put you in a lot of bondage positions. It will be painful. But there is nothing you can do about it. I have locked the doors in here so you can’t get out unless you have a key. I have the only key so don’t try anything stupid. I’m going to blindfold you now so I can untie you and put you in a better position.” He places a blindfold on her strapped it in and locked it with a padlock so there was no way she was taking it off. He then untied her legs. Then her hands. He then rolled her onto her stomach. And he roped her beautiful ankles together horizontally then vertically. He then folded her arms in back so her hands were touching the opposite elbow and tied them together. He then stood up and watched her writhe on the floor trying to talk and get out of her bondage. He then noticed a D ring on the back of her blindfold and an idea struck him. He then got more rope and tied it around the bunch in the middle of her tied ankles he tied it off then ran the other end through the D ring in the harness blindfold and pulled back. This suddenly brought her head up and she panicked. He kept looping the rope and pulling till eventually it was so tight her toes were touching the back of her head. She began crying again he then tied her toes together and then tied off the rest of the rope completing the super hog-tie. Her back was really arched her toes touching the back of her head which was pulled up so far that even if she could see she could only stare at the ceiling her arms crossed in back and tied off. She wasn’t moving anywhere. He stood there a long time watching her test her bonds. Looking for slack and finding none whatsoever. She again began sobbing and mumbling getting frustrated at her mouth. He walked up to her and he said. You better stop crying this isn’t going to get any better this is just the first night. And with that he went upstairs locking the doors and left her to her bondage.

Chapter 2

So there she was in a dark concrete floor in someone’s basement jaws wired shut blindfolded and in a super hog-tie. She tried to get her toes off the back of her head but with no slack her toes were stuck there. She spent at least an hour struggling to get free. Trying not to fall on her side because she knew if she did it would hurt more. She then thought of what he said that this was just the first night and she started to cry and eventually fell asleep. She had been asleep for about two hours when all of a sudden she felt herself getting tipped over on her side now she was in trouble. She began struggling again. But to no avail. She then cried herself to sleep again.

About 7 A.M. he woke her up and turned her back on her stomach. Then stuck her with a needle he explained that it will relax her enough so he could untie her and she would be too weak to fight back. She yelled as best she could through her wired jaws but it was no use no one could understand it any ways. He injected it in her and then waited a few minutes for it to take effect when it did he untied her completely and removed the blind fold. She was able to see what he was doing but was way to weak to try to fight him. She then saw him move toward the wall and turn a crank which brought down a hook with a bar attached to it. She began to worry but being this weak she couldn’t move. He then dragged her over to the bar and began locking ankle and wrist cuffs on her with padlocks there was no way she was taking these off. He then attached her legs to the wide bar and her legs were spread in that position with no way she could close them. He let her sit there as now the drug was beginning to wear off a little bit. When the drugs wore off completely he watched her struggle she was desperately trying in vain to close her legs but it was no use they were open too wide for comfort. She then grew tired and quit. He then moved in and grabbed her right wrist and attached it to the part of her bar that her right ankle was attached to and did the left wrist on the left side. He then walked over to the crank. She saw him there and begged as loud as she could and even cried for him not to crank it but all that came out was ughughgugh duhghguhgh digigihgigh ighthght. Be began cranking and she felt herself slowly leaving the floor then he stopped her ass was now the only thing touching the ground.

He asked her do you want me to stop here? She tried to say yes and he heard her and new what she said but he said no OK and began cranking again. She yelled and yelled as her ass left the ground and her weight was now on her ankles and wrists she was now a giant hanging V. She began violently struggling shaking her legs trying to close them crying she was embarrassed that her pussy was in full view and there wasn’t a thing she could do about it. He then pulled out a whip and started hitting her on her pussy she cried and screamed through and wired which really wasn’t that loud. He then took his finger and jammed it in her pussy she didn’t know what scared her more the fact she was hanging in air with some stranger's finger in her pussy or the fact that she was getting aroused by the finger. He pushed in and out and twirled and she was approaching what to her must have seemed to be the mother of all orgasms she was on the brink and was yelling through the wires as best she could PLEASE MAKE ME CUM !!! MAKE ME CUM!!! Her body tensed up he knew she would orgasm and then all of a sudden he withdrew his finger leaving her on the edge unable to orgasm she started shaking and through the wires tried to yell PLEASE LET ME CUM I BEG YOU LET ME CUM!!! She jerked violently trying to orgasm but couldn’t she sobbed and sobbed trying to orgasm. She calmed down and just hung there and then he stuck it back in and she was approaching orgasm and again just as she was about to orgasm he withdrew his finger and again she shook badly trying desperately to orgasm like her life depended on it she was still sobbing with frustration and the fact that he could bring her on the brink as much as he wanted but would not let her orgasm he held his finger just outside her pussy and she began trying to arch her pussy toward it trying to hump his finger but it was no use. He kept this up all day and into the night. He then told her it was time to sleep and he went upstairs and left her there hanging. She cried herself to sleep.

Chapter 3

He was upstairs watching wrestling on TV knowing full well the flying V known as Jenna was in desperation down there she really wanted to close her legs and probably would have done anything to do so. After he first went up and turned out the lights she shook violently trying to close her legs but tired herself out. So she just hung there and tried her best to sleep. He watched from a web cam he ran from downstairs that was planted in the basement. He just sat there and watched her hang. He then decided to go to bed. He got up about five in the morning and got up and listened to a syndicated radio show. About 7 he went down to the basement she was still sleeping but it seemed her legs were uncontrollably twitching. He went up to her and smacked her hard on the ass to wake her up and then walked over to the crank she mumble through the wires something that sounded like thank you he began to crank and she started to lower but then he stopped and raised her again then lowered again just to mess with her. She began shaking again side to side trying to get down and close her legs he laughed and finally put her on the ground.

He then pulled out the needle again and injected her with the relaxer once it took effect he undid her from the bar then undid her right ankle strap. She wondered why he then stood her up and walked her over to the wall and attached her left wrist to the wall followed by her right wrist her she was now stuck against the wall by the wrists the left was straight out to the side the right was up the wall over her head. He then took her left foot the one with the ankle strap still on and lifted it to her head and attached it to the wall to a I bolt right at head level. So there she was stuck to a wall one wrist to the side one above the head and her foot at head level she had to balance on one foot. But he wasn’t done yet . The drug was slowly wearing off so he had to act fast he quick went to a closet down there and pulled out clips with wires that went to a box which also had a button on it he opened her pussy lips and clipped the inside if it were not for the drugs she would have cried. He then placed the button under her right foot and her foot stood there holding the button down he then turned the box on.

By now the drugs were just about wore off completely and she was shaking and crying out for him to let her leg down and even tried to bring it down herself. And was about to take her free foot off the button and he told her I wouldn’t do that if I were you she did any ways and a big jolt of electricity shot through her he screamed as loud as he had ever heard. He just laughed and said. I told you I wouldn’t do that. Every time your foot leaves the button you will get shocked each shock will get bigger. She looked at him in horror. She pleaded to him through the wires and begged to please remove the button and clips but she couldn’t understand her any ways and said its time for me to watch some daytime TV. So I will be back maybe around ten so that will give you a couple of hours. See you then. He went upstairs and left her balancing on one foot. She was getting weak having to shift wait and that would cause her to get shocked he was watching some daytime talk show but also watching her on the web cam and noticed one thing she was little by little getting aroused. By each shock he thought she would try to make herself orgasm.

He looked at her and she was approaching climax and he quick went to the circuit breaker in the kitchen and just as she was one sec away from a orgasm he shut off the power and the shocks stopped she grew wild and started stomping on the button trying to shock herself to orgasm and then cried and yelled out NOOOOOOO!!!! And started shaking trying to orgasm just like she did while she was hanging in air but couldn’t orgasm. She was horrified. At the fact that every time she came close to a orgasm he somehow prevented her from having one. She was already aching from having one foot stuck at head level but after the shaking trying to orgasm the pain grew worse and she sobbed. He came down stairs and she was crying her ass off she looked at him and as best she could asked him why wont you let my orgasm? He said how would that be fun for me I like it when you try to orgasm but cant I'm going to do this for a long time . I'm going to go out for the day I’ll leave you here like this. I’ll be back in the evening. And he left.

Chapter 4

It was seven at night when he returned home he went downstairs and she was still there asleep but her legs were twitching uncontrollably. He woke her up and as soon as she saw him she started crying for him to let her leg down and he did. He let her leg down and she sighed with relief and she said as best she could thank you so much. He told her he had to go upstairs quick and he will let her stand on both feet for now. And she got worried what did he mean by for now? All she did thought is stay there that's all she could do with her arms like they were. He went upstairs and fixed himself some dinner he had pork chops and a baked potato. After he was done he put the rest in a blender and liquefied all of it so he could feed Jenna since her jaws are wired shut she cant open or chew.

He went down stairs and she was struggling trying to get away from the wall. He told her he had her dinner and held up the container and put the straw in her mouth and she sucked away she smiled at the taste while she was eating he asked if she liked it she shook her head yes. He then pulled it away and said time for tonight's fun. He took the ankle cuff off her foot and placed it on the one that wasn't pinned up to the wall during the day he then switched her arm positions to the exact opposite then took the foot with the ankle cuff and while she shook her head no placed it to the wall again just like the last situation except different foot she began shaking trying to bring her foot down. He told her he would be right back and ran upstairs and quickly came back down with a brown paper bag which was filled with something.

He pulled out a shaker with the label facing him so she couldn’t see he asked her (I bet you want to know what's in this shaker don’t you) she while sobbing shook her head yes. He said first things first he took a ankle cuff and put it on her free foot. Then brought down some rope from the ceiling and tied it to her free foot. He then cranked the crank again and slowly her foot was lifted off the ground she was horrified then her foot was stuck out in front of her she was hanging against a wall arms pinned one foot pinned at head level and one foot stuck straight out in front. He then walked to the shaker again and picked it up and said now I will show you what it says. He turned it around to reveal it to her. Her eyes grew wide with horror as she read QUICK ACTING LONG LASTING PREMIUM QUALITY ITCHING POWDER she screamed as loud as she could but he just caked it on her leg sticking straight out. It took effect immediately and she began shaking wildly then took it and put some on the sole of her foot that was at head level. She turned her head trying to get it to her foot to lick the powder off to relieve the itching but she couldn't do it she. He put some on her forehead and tip of her nose by now she was crying . He then stepped back and watched with amusements. She just kept shaking and shaking trying to relieve the itching but was accomplishing exactly squat. He just stood there laughing. She was sobbing and sobbing. She was itching so badly and yet she was so helpless plus the strain of hanging like she is hanging. He then told her it was time for him to go to bed . And for her to get some sleep also cause he has a very special surprise tomorrow something that she would never have thought of. And with that he went upstairs and left her to her shaking.

Chapter 5

He went upstairs to get ready for bed. While he was changing he was watching her on the web cam she was still shaking violently trying to relieve the itching. He turned the cam off and went to bed. An hour later she went to sleep too. He woke up about 6:30 in the morning quickly dressed and got to work while. He quickly walked up to her she woke up and saw him but he quickly injected her with something new and she blacked out. When she woke up she noticed one thing her jaws were unwired, two she was not tied up anymore, and three she was covered head to toe in a cat suit with holes for her asshole pussy nose and eyes and mouth. She was sitting in a chair. He just said good morning. As you see you are not tied up anymore and your jaws are unwired. She suddenly yelled out WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS and tried to take it off put it seemed to be glued to her.

He said that cat suit cant be taken off till I think it will come off. He then told her to her surprise if you want to leave this basement by all means go right ahead you are free. She then ran up to the door and opened it and ran through he then took out a remote and hit a button all of a sudden she stopped in her tracks she was shocked all of a sudden she felt herself turn around and walk back down to the basement she was straining to try to stop but she couldn't. When she saw him she saw him laughing and holding the remote. He then explained ha ha ha I lied. That suit is a total control suit I can control your entire body your arms legs fingers toes head neck even your ears. She said how and he hit a button and she felt her ears seal up she couldn't hear a thing. He just laughed. He hit a button and her hearing came back I can make you sit down if I want lay down if I want I can even freeze your body in whatever position I want. You are under my total control from now on I wont tied you up anymore unless I really have to. She cried. He then went up to the top of the stairs and installed a box next to the doorway. He then explained it this is a control box if you go more than four feet out of the basement it will cause the suit to automatically make you go back to the basement. Then he opened a door in the hallway and said this is your bathroom you can go in here without the box activating but you go past the doorway to the bathroom it will activate. I am going to go upstairs right now and leave you down here to your own devices. He then shut the door and left her down there. She just sat there sobbing. Then she remembered her pussy she had been slowly getting aroused as her body was forced to walk into the basement.

She than began fingering herself little did she know he was watching on the web cam she didn't know about and saw her fingering herself bringing herself close to a orgasm then she said out loud finally ill get to orgasm. He heard it and waited she was on the brink one second away from orgasm and he hit some buttons and just as she was about to come she felt her finger leave her pussy she screamed NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! And her other hand followed they went up in front of her and she couldn't move them to put her finger back in which meant no orgasm. He hit more buttons and her fingers moved in so they were two inches from her pussy and he stopped they were stuck there she began to try to arch her pussy toward her finger she was just about there when he hit another button then she locked up she couldn't move at all her body was stuck in that position she could not orgasm she strained hard trying with all her might to orgasm but she just couldn't she cried and yelled he left her like that for a long time then he hit two buttons and she felt herself stand on her tips toes and then was stuck in that position. She yelled out HELP ME!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!! Then came his voice over a speaker. No one can hear you this room is soundproofed. Ill let you down in a bit. I'm going to nap.

Chapter 6

After about an hour he hit the buttons and she was let go she just sobbed at the fact he can make her do whatever he wants and she cant do a thing about it she then got the urge to piss so she went to her bathroom he saw her go in and she sat down to pee and then he hit a button just as she was about to pee when she felt herself tense up she couldn’t pee he was making her body hold it in she strained and strained to pee but nothing she cried and yelled out PLLLLEEEAAAASSSSE LET ME PEE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET ME PEE!!!!!!!!. Finally when she was in real pain he let her pee she was so relieved that she thanked him . then he hit a button that made her get up and walk back to the basement. he then came down and told her he was going to work but he could use the remote from very very far away so he can make her into any position at any time she cried and asked why was he doing this to her and he said cause females like you always make guys like me feel like shit so now its my turn. So ill be back around midnight tonight but ill still fuck with you whenever I want so enjoy and with that he went upstairs. and left she just spent the first two hours pacing back and fourth she did try once to make it to the front door but the box kicked in and no matter how much she tried her body automatically went back.

He had been driving for a little while when he decided to have some fun with her he started pressing buttons and all of a sudden she felt her left leg lift up and bend so her foot was on her belly and then her other foot forced on tip toe then her hand covered her face she tried to keep her balance but fell with a thud on her back she cried and tried to move but was frozen he left her like that for ten minutes then unfroze her. she just lay there for a couple of minutes then he pressed more button then all of a sudden she was forced to sit up and her legs were forced behind her head then her arms were behind her back and she fell on her face and tried to turn over but was stuck on her face she cried and screamed and strained as hard as she could but was stuck he left her for about twenty minutes then again unfroze her. He started pressing again and then she was standing her leg bent back till the tip or her toes were touching the back of her head like a ballerina her finger was forced in her pussy and froze there he then froze her body like that so she was stuck again she sobbed the loudest this time here she was her finger in her pussy and she couldn't move it to bring her off. this time it was thirty minutes before he let her go again.

He was having so much fun plus making money from the taxi fares. Meanwhile she was crying and crying at her helplessness she was still straining to move her finger hoping to orgasm but it was useless. finally he forced her finger out and unfroze her. next he hit buttons and forced her to lay down flat on her back arms out to the side and froze her there she didn't mind this one but she had no idea what he had instore next. he hit buttons and suddenly she felt herself slowly rise to a climax she thought finally she thought finally he will let me orgasm . she was rising and rising she tried to rock her hips but was frozen it built and built and she was just about to orgasm and she shouted out loud THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME ORGASM! and then all of a sudden he made her stop on the edge unable to orgasm and she shouted NO NO NO NO ! MAKE ME ORGASM PLEASE! but it was too late she felt herself teetering on the edge but again unable to orgasm again she cried she so desperately wanting to orgasm but unable to. He left her in that position for a long time she was thinking of her parents and siblings and thinking that she will never hear them or see them again. he left her there for about six hours when he unfroze her she was aching and it was just about time for him to come home. He left her alone for the rest of the time he was away when he came home she had cried herself to sleep so he left her that way and went up to bed. and decided he can have more fun tomorrow.

Chapter 7

He was trying to go to sleep he was tossing and turning and on one turn he accidentally hit a button without knowing it and Jenna's leg lifted straight up which woke her up. she tried and tried to bring it down but she couldn't it was stuck there. she eventually went back to sleep after crying some more. All this without him knowing. it was left that way until she couldn't sleep no more he was finally sound asleep but she was struggling to get to her foot she was hopping around trying to keep her balance and bring her foot down but couldn't she started yelling and screaming which woke him up he was mad and saw the button had been pushed. He went downstairs and saw her she screamed at him PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING MY FOOT DOWN BRING MY FOOT DOWN I CANT WALK!!! He pressed the button and her foot came down he apologized and said he didn't mean to do it. She was screaming at him calling him a fucking bastard and he said enough of this he hit a button and while she was saying something and she felt her jaws automatically close. She tugged on her jaws trying to open them. She looked at him horrified then he hit another button and her ears sealed up she couldn't hear him now she could see him laugh but couldn't hear it but that would change he hit another button and all of a sudden she couldn't see. and visor on the head of the suit came down and covered her eyes. now she was deaf, blind, and mute. she starting trying to make her way toward him but kept falling over things.

She struggled to try to get up and was on all fours when he froze her body that way she couldn't even cry but he knew she wanted too. he then made her walk on all fours around the room bumping her head into stuff and laughing she didn't know all she could tell is she was moving. He then unfroze her and she struggled but stood up she was still trying to open her mouth. And he told her even though she couldn't hear "time to have some real fun" and he hit a button and her nostrils sealed up and she couldn't breathe she froze and then started running around trying to breathe she was pulling an pulling on her mouth but it wouldn't open she was just about to pass out when he undid her nostrils. Then her eyes then her ears and finally her mouth. she was gasping for air and working out her jaw. And he told her " Now you will listen you are now my slave from now on I will take care of your every need but you can never leave this house I have boxes all over the house the only one that will always be on is the one on the front door occasionally ill turn some of the others on if I need to keep you contained to one part of the house. Now if you don't want this ill leave you down here for the rest of your days. I am offering you a better situation. Take it or leave it right now. She softly said :I'll do it" he said good now you can come up stairs and sit in the living room with me and watch some TV. With that they went up stairs and watched TV. They watched a episode of Law and Order SVU. She told him she loved that show and he told her he liked it too he showed her the other bathroom and permitted her to use it and she did.

After that they watched some more TV then he ordered a pizza but first he sealed her mouth so she couldn't yell into the phone. After that he hung up and unsealed her mouth. He then took her to her new room. It had a bed toilet and TV stereo he said she can decorate it how she likes all she has to do is tell him what to get and hell get it for her but told her once he goes to bed she goes here with a box so she cant leave hence the toilet and sink. Then there was a knock at the door and he froze her where she was so the pizza guy couldn't see she struggled to move but all she accomplished was turning herself on. Finally he returned with the pizza and unfroze her he noticed her pussy dripping and told her time to take care of that and with that he grabbed the remote and brought her to edge right there she was worried that he wouldn't let her cum and would just leave her teetering on the edge again but he was generous this time and let her come her whole body convulsed with the awesome power of the orgasm she was on the floor humping the carpet by time it ended and she thanked him so much she actually kissed his feet. And he said sometimes ill let you cum sometimes I wont depends on what you've done and what condition IM in at the time. Then they went into the kitchen and ate afterwards He took her to her cell and activated the box so he could go to bed. she lay there and said to her self "I better get used to this at least IM not in the basement anymore" and with that she went to sleep.

Chapter 8

The next morning she woke up after the best sleep she had had since she became his prisoner. She lay there till the cell door opened and he must have hit a button because against her will she felt herself get up and walk out of the room. He came up to her and told her I’ve some things to show you and motioned for her to go to the living room. He showed her the telephone and told her to pick it up. She did and as soon as she lifted the receiver he jaws clamped shut she put it down and her jaws were released. He said every time this phone receiver is picked up your jaws clamp shut so you cant yell for help. He then played with her lifting it and putting it down messing with her jaw. She got angry and threw a punch but missed. He became angry and told her. Now you are gonna be punished he hit buttons and she was forced to sit with her legs crossed. she couldn't uncross them no matter how much she tried now he made her hands ball up into fists and froze them like that. She asked How am I supposed to get around now and he told her crawl with her balled fists and then he clamped her jaws shut and brought down the visor and told her he was going to leave her like this for as long as he saw fit as her punishment.

He then told her time for him to go to work he'll change her position later is he feels like it. Then she heard him leave and she turned on her stomach with her legs crossed and tried to drag herself along just then he came back in and said OOPS I forgot something he hit a button and her arms folded up and froze now she looked like her arms were amputated below the elbow. She cried and tried to talk but her jaws were clamped plus she couldn't see. He told her bye and finally left for the day. she tried to drag herself along but with having to do it by the elbows it was useless. So she just lay there on her stomach her legs crossed frozen her eyesight gone her jaws clamped her hands balled into fists frozen and her arms folded and she couldn’t go anywhere. She sobbed for a while. After about an hour and a half he hit buttons from the taxi and she was unfroze but still blind and her jaws still clamped. She tried to feel her way around but kept running into things.

She found the couch and laid down. He eventually gave her her sight back and her mouth back as well she immediately went to the bathroom and sat down to pee. just when she sat down her hands were forced to grab her ankles and she struggled to keep balance but fell on her face she tried to get up but was unsuccessful. She cried again she lay there for a while trying to hold it in and just as she was about to pee herself he let her free and she peed. He then started to stimulate her she felt herself approach orgasm and she lay back on the floor humping up on air trying to orgasm and just as she was about to cum he stopped. She screamed and tried to bring herself to orgasm but he folded her arms again so she couldn't she cried again she wanted so desperately to cum but she couldn’t .After she calmed down he unfroze her and left her be till he got home. He cooked dinner they ate watched some TV and went to bed.

The next day was pretty much the same he tormented her from his taxi came home they ate watched TV and slept. The next morning they had breakfast and just as he was about to leave she kicked him in the nuts and tried to get to the door but he froze her before she got there. He was furious he went up and slapped her across her face and she was stuck there so she had to take it. He then said now I'm going to put you in a very cruel position and it will hurt after a while I hope you are as limber as you need to be and with that he made her sit down. Then he hit more buttons and her legs spread wide. He let her sit there a minute as she tried to close her legs but couldn't do it. Then came the weird part He hit another button and she bent over so far till he mouth was on her pussy and he froze her there so there she was on the floor with her own mouth stuck to her pussy. She struggled mightily shaking up and down trying to get her mouth off her pussy then she cried a little and whimpered he told her bye and then left for the day she couldn't go anywhere she tried to move by using her arms but she didn't get very far.

He left her like that all day and all night as well. And the next day he unfroze her legs but not her head he was still mad. This time she could get around by dragging her arms and legs but it was still uncomfortable with her mouth on her pussy she was starting to get aroused and her pussy started to drip and the juices went right into her mouth which made her gag. After a long time she finally started licking her clit with her tongue and tried to bring herself off what she didn't know was he was already home and watching and she started moaning and shaking and then all of a sudden he clamped her jaws and she was once again denied a orgasm. She shook violently trying to use her tongue and just laughed she knew he was there now and she tried to scream at him. He then unfroze her completely and she just sat and cried in her hands. He then made her go to her room and put her in another position.

He hit buttons and she was suddenly on her stomach and he feet were raised up so the tops of her feet covered her eyes and she was in pain but he left her like that. And he would leave her like this for the rest of the night and she cried herself to sleep once again.

Chapter 9

The next morning he unfroze her and left her unfroze all day she knew he was up to something she just couldn't figure out what he had stayed home all day and was installing a lot more boxes and had a lot more remotes. Finally she got up the courage and asked (what's the boxes for if you don’t mind me asking?) He replied (actually I don't care if you ask me questions these are boxes for my friends and their slaves I am hosting a party tonight for my friends and their slaves these boxes are for them and we will make you play with each other in different ways. so don't worry you will have fun tonight.) She was kind of scared but she knew she had no say in the matter and then he told her (that's why I'm leaving you unfroze today so you will have plenty of energy for tonight. All day she just laid around resting up for the party and he did the same they watched some day time TV they watched the Tony danza show then Maury on their local fox station then ate a small lunch then they took a nap.

They woke up about five an hour before the guests would start to arrive. He told her just to sit there and he would use her when he felt like it then one by one guests started to arrive some with slaves who looked just like her and some just solo they sent their slaves to converse with the others where Jenna was sitting they talked like they did this all the time. She just sat there and finally one spoke to her and said ( you must be new at this I'm Monica is this your first party?) Jenna replied ( yes it is and I don't want to be here I was drugged and now I'm stuck in this suit and forced to do what ever he says.) Monica spoke up ( Hon we are all in your situation but you get used to it after a while I've been with my master four three years now.) Monica then said ( just wait till later they will play with us and bring us off it will be fun.) For a while the guys just played cards and ate while the girls talked and watched one of the TV's. After a while they decided its time to have fun and they walked into the living room and took their chairs it was time for the entertainment the girls were herded into the center of the living room where one girls master hit some buttons on her remote and she was on her stomach with her foot on the back of her head her jaw clamped shut and her sight taken away they watched her squirm as she cried and tried to take the foot off relieving the pain but it was no use. after she was un froze

Monica's master made her lay on her back and froze her there with her legs spread then Jenna's master hit buttons and she laid on top of Monica until her pussy was lined with Monica's mouth and her mouth was lined up with Monica's pussy they both knew what was going to happened and Jenna didn't want it and begged him not to do it but their masters cut off their site and hearing and then forced their faces into each others pussies and were screaming to be let go they couldn't breathe good and then Monica started licking jenny's pussy and she was getting aroused so Jenna figured she was supposed to do that to Monica so she did the same they started to moan loudly and they were both approaching orgasm and they were so close but then all of a sudden their masters locked their jaws and they were both stuck on the edge and both tried to hump each others face but couldn't move they screamed yelled and cried to orgasm but neither would get to at least not yet. They struggled for about six minutes till their vision and hearing was returned then their masters said you may now bring each other off and their mouths were un stuck and it took less then a minute before they were both having body racking orgasms they then both went limp they expected to be released but they weren't. Then they began to struggle again they wanted to be taken off of each other but they left them like that for another fifteen minutes so they had to have the others juices in their mouth Jenna gagged but Monica didn't she seemed to like it.

The guys turned their attention to two others they were forced to suck the others foot and tried to pull the feet away but were unsuccessful and they were brought up on their foot and forced to hop in unison to the kitchen and get them some more sandwiches they had to make sandwiches while they had the others foot in their mouth the hopped back sobbing like crazy finally everyone was let go including Monica and Jenna. But they weren't done yet they were prepping for something that would make jenna almost pass out one guy names mike noticed his girl was drinking lots of water then asked him if she could go relieve herself and he said sure that's when the taxi driver had an idea he said wait lets make this fun and mike made her spread her legs and locked them then the taxi driver hit buttons and Jenna was walked over and had her face planted in mike's slaves bush she screamed and screamed she knew what was coming then her mouth was forced to cup her vagina and then with mike hitting a single button his slave whether she wanted to or not pissed inside of Jenna's mouth and she had to take he she strained to pull away but couldn't she gagged and almost passed out then she was released. Jenna sat there and cried in her hands she had never been so humiliated in all her life and then he took her to the bathroom to get the taste out of her mouth and he told her ( You will never have to do that again that was a one time deal I swear.) After a few minutes they returned to the party were they did more positions but they were minor then the guests left and mike as he left said something new to jenna his name he said (Great party Steve hope to do it again sometime.)

Monica's master stayed a little while longer they talked and noticed that Jenna and Monica seemed to take to each other they came in and told the girls ( we see that you two seem to take to each other so every other day Monica will be brought here to keep you company Jenna you will both be put into positions during the day some solo some involving each other. and as usual your every need will be taken care of. Then Monica and her master left Steve said OK what do you want to eat I will make you anything I have here in the house. She opted for some chicken noodle soup then after he let her clean up and go to bed where he left her unfrozen all night She stopped him before he left and said ( could I get a TV and a dvd/vcr in here so I can have something to watch in here?) He said ( of course ill pick them up tomorrow then ill have you write down a list of VHS and DVD title for me to pick up also.) She thanked him and went to sleep.

Chapter 10

The next day he came home with what she asked for a TV with a vcr/dvd player and her list of titles that night he had some fun with her putting her in positions and doing some breathe play with her and when he led her back to her cell he told her. Tomorrow Monica will be here and his master will be here to have fun with the both of you while I'm at work he is here to install some plumbing stuff for me but he will be watching you two also. So get your rest cause he loves bondage more than I do. She slept good that night but he woke her up at five a little earlier than usual. Monica and her master arrived around six and they had some fun with her and monica for a little bit putting them both in positions and making them cum. After he left Monica's master said. OK ill leave you two alone for a while while I work . And with that he left to get to work they sat and watched TV for a while then Jenna asked. Have you ever thought of trying to escape? Yes of course Monica replied but I cant when I pick up the phone my mouth seals shut and then jenna said. Same here wait it will do that to me here but not to you. Monica said right. And she picked up the receiver and both their mouths sealed shut. Monica put the receiver down and she said. Fuck its set up for me too. That's right her master said as he walked in. Its set up for both of you so no calling out. And just for that I'm going to put you two in a very difficult position together. He hit buttons on the two remotes and they were sitting on the floor facing each other.

He hit more buttons and next thing they knew monicas right foot was getting inserted into Jenna's vagina the whole foot Jenna cried Monica tried to pull it out but there was no use and he hit more buttons and Jenna's right foot was stuck in Monica's vagina so there they were sitting on the floor both getting violated by the others foot but he wasn't done yet he hit more buttons and Monicas left hand balled into a fist and went right into Jenna's mouth same with Jenna's left hand. They were crying by now and trying to pull their hands and feet out of each other but its no use. He went back to work and they writhed on the floor as much as they could they eventually got to their feet well each on one foot and they hopped around crying and they fell over several times causing each other lots more pain Then they both realized they both had to pee badly. They hopped to the bathroom and then realized neither could sit on the bowl in their present position the gave muffled loud screams till he found them and saw them both there and asked. Do you both have to pee? They both gave a confirmation mphff.

He laughed well that's something you are both gonna have to figure out for yourselves but I will help you and he hit buttons and they both had their hand back so they could balance better they begged him for their feet but he said no. And to let him know when they are done. Jenna finally said after they realized it. No matter what we are gonna have to piss on the others foot if we hope to pee. I guess so if we must and then they lined up to where monica was lined up to the bowl and she peed and it went all over jenna's foot and then jenna did the same. when they were done they called him in and he let their feet go so they could clean up and just when they thought they could leave he replaced their feet and their fists. Then he did something that really scared them he took away their sight and then gave them both body racking orgasms that made them both collapse. When they both regained strength they tried to get up together but without sight they just fell ever time they eventually sobbed enough that he felt sorry enough to let them both free of the situation.. They thanked him and even kissed his foot. He let them go back to the living room and watch a little TV and he went back to work they chatted for a little bit monica told her story about how she came under her master and jenna told hers and they both realized the same thing happened to both of them. After they watched the Tony Danza show he came back in and said. Time for some fun. And with that he hit buttons and all of a sudden their mouths were sealed and so was their noses they couldn't breathe they went crazy trying to pry open their mouths the ran around bumping into things and just as they were about to pass out he opened their mouths they gasped for minutes and then he did it again. Again just as they were about to pass out he let them breathe. He was having fun with them and they were exhausted.

He let them catch their breath. He then he got out some rope and took them down to the basement he hog-tied both of them and suspended them then he brought them together and attached a two sided ball gag to them so they couldn't pull their head away from each other. They wiggled their fingers and toes wildly they wanted down and tried to yell but all that came out was mphfffffs . They sobbed and sobbed but he just stood under them and fingered them till they were about to orgasm then he withdrew and left them shaking violently trying to orgasm. They eventually passed out from the strain he still left them hanging there and finished up his work and came back downstairs and they were awake and mphfffing wanting to be let down well he cranked down monica but not jenn and they were still attached and monicas head was wrenched up while jenna was wrench down it also tilted jenna which scared her to death she became really frightened. She mphffed louder than ever he left them hanging till jenna started crying then he let her down also they rolled around trying to break the ropes but it was no use. He cut them loose but didn't take off the gag and they had to walk side to side looking at each other. They made their way to the kitchen where they were forced to cook for him it was really hard but they got it done they were forced to watch him eat and drink while they couldn't do either they were hungry afterwards he made them wash dished while gagged and then he took it off of them and they yelled at him but stopped suddenly when they realized she shouldn't fuck with him. He told them. That's right you better shut the fuck up cause I got the remotes and Jenna he gave me cart blanch do you with you whatever I want.

And with that he hit buttons on the remotes and monica was forced to spread her ass cheeks and he pushed more buttons and Jenna's face was buried in her ass she desperately flailed away and tried to break away but again it was useless she even placed her hands on monica's ass cheeks and pushed with all of her might but she was stuck there she eventually tired herself out so she hung there attached to her ass he then made her walk around uncontrollably while jenna was attached just then he came home and saw them and laughed. He sat down and watched she saw him and tried to talk but her mouth sealed to monicas ass like it was she could only mphfff. He took his remote back and unattached her face she gasped for air . He told them. All right that's enough fun for a couple of days thank you two for coming and Jenna you have earned two days bondage free. Monica and her master left and he cooked Jenna and himself some dinner and they watched TV they went to bed around ten and he told her. Now for the next two days I wont put you in any positions you can stay in your cell if you want or hang around the rest of the house. And you can get up whenever you want when you want out tomorrow just yell and ill let you out I'm off for the next two days. And with that she went to sleep for the night.

Chapter 11

The Next morning He got woke her up by hitting a button on the remote that instantly gave her a orgasm she squirted cum all over the bed then using the remote he made her lick it up. After she was finished gagging he told her. My friend and his slave Monica are coming over again today so he can work on my surveillance equipment while I'm at work. She yelled at him for waking her up the way he did and he reacted by cutting off her air till she was on the ground and he let her breathe again.

After she left her cell he made her lay on the ground and hog-tied her with some rope. After watching her struggle for about twenty minutes his buddy arrived with Monica. And they used his remote on Monica forcing her to lay in front of Jenna displaying her wet pussy in front of her and then he used Jenna's remote and forced her to lick Monica to orgasm. She couldn't resist cause of the suit not to mention being hog-tied like that. Once Monica squirted in Jenna's face he untied her and cleaned her up. Now I'm going to go to work now as you know my friend Randy here is in charge he has the remotes so he can make you do what ever he wants he will have fun. And with that he left for the day.

First Randy used the remote to make them have continuous orgasms over and over they were cumming on the floor and all over themselves. While this was happening he was disabling the recording devices and video camera's. With that done he went back into the living room where they were still orgasming they were babbling and sobbing. Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeee make it ssssssstttttttoooooooppppppp! We can't take the orgasms anymore. He pressed buttons and it stopped. After wards he picked Jenna up and placed her on the couch and picked Monica up as well. All right now that the camera and recorders are off we can brief you. Brief me? Yes brief you we really aren't Randy and Monica. What are you two talking about? Im' Jake Cornel FBI and this is my partner Olivia Davis my partner we are undercover to bust this ring of slaves like you people across the world are in your exact situation. I and others have been sent undercover to bust them Iv’e been assigned to this city to bust this ring and I'm close to busting your master but till then you are gonna have to try to survive can you do it? I think so I've survived so far. OK then I won't do a thing to you till I get the call from him that he is almost home. Then I will have to do stuff for you to make it seem real. OK she replied.

They just sat around and watched TV and talked about different things. Hey don't you have to be working on his system? Yeah but that only takes about five minutes to do so I have time. Oh OK she replied. He went off to get them lunch from Wendy's and Jenna and Olivia talked about things like her mission and what Jenna has gone through. Olivia explained about some other women who are experiencing the same thing. He got back and they ate. Jenna was so grateful she hadn't ate good food in so long he had been feeding her very little and what he fed her didn't taste that good. After they were done he ditched the wrappers. And got to work he installed the new system for him but didn't turn it on yet. Jenna felt so good that she wasn't being tortured right now. She got to rest. She just watched TV with olivia. She for the first time since she was captured smiled.

About 15 minutes to 3 he called Jake and told him he would be in in 15 minutes. OK dude he told him and he hung up. OK Jenna and Olivia its gonna be show time I'm gonna have to torture you before he gets home to make it seem real once I start up the new system I will begin OK? OK Jenna replied. It was about five minutes away from him being home. Jake started up the system and then he told her OK Jenna I'm sorry about this but I have to keep my cover. And he hit buttons and began orgasming over and over just like that morning they were squirting all over the floor and themselves again he walked in and they screamed for it to stop. They were crying and sobbing and babbling. He said OK Randy make them stop. Randy hit buttons and it stopped they lay on the floor all wore out not really tired but Jenna figured she should act like it. He thanked Randy for the help and then He and Monica left. Before he left he told him about the part at his place that Saturday.

After they left he had some fun with Jenna torturing her for the rest of the evening with ropes and the controller and forcing he to cum over and over. He took her to her cell about 10:30 to sleep for the night. She lay there thinking about Jake and Olivia and the Secret she was going to have to keep. And finally fell asleep.

Chapter 12 (added: 09/16/2011)

Jenna Lay there asleep but she couldn't help thinking in the back of her mind about Jake and Olivia and her now only hope of being rescued. She just hoped it would be soon as she didn't know how much longer she could stand being Steve's Slave. The next morning she woke up and something was different inside her for the first time since she became his helpless prisoner she didn't wake up crying or in fear. She took this as a small victory in some way as she now had some hope again.Hope that oneday she will be freed and will see her family again. Just as she woke up she felt her body stand straight up and walk out of her cell and into the kitchen where Steve was waiting.

Ok bitch he said. Now that you have been here long enough it's time you start earning your keep you will now assume you slave's duties that means you will clean this fucking house every day top to bottom including Vaccuming,Dusting,Cleaning the Dirty Dishes, Scrubbing the bathrooms and floors, and of course Laundry this is on top of your duties as my sexy slave. She also took this as a good thing cause that meant that unlike every day since she's been here almost she won't be forced into painful and humiliating positions by this damn suit and his damn remote. Next Steve handed her a Scrub brush and a bucket with cleanser and told her NOW cunt go and do the bathrooms now and if they aren't clean enough for you to eat off of the floor there will be HELL to pay. He then hit some buttons on the remote and she felt herself walking to the bathroom the he had assigned her as her bathroom and she immediately started cleaning. It took her 40 minutes to clean it to what she felt was his expectations and he came in to inspect. She was very scared now about what he might to do her if it wasn't clean enough to his liking. He finished Cleaning and said. You are lucky you fucking cunt this room is very clean good job I guess a slut like you can clean.

Next up was his bathroom and when she went in it was completely filthy. A typical guy bathroom crud on the tub and the sink loose toothpaste gunk in the sink soap scum on the shower door and the toilet looked like it hadn't been cleaned in 20 years. He said ok now for the fun part and when he said that a chill ran down her spine. He said I'm going to make this a lot more interesting for me and very frustrating for you. And he hit a button and all of a sudden her pussy started humming not really enough for her to cum but she knew it would be enough to keep her very frustrated eventually. He then said you have 2 hours to clean this particular room and the vibes in the suit will be going the whole time and I've added a little something if at any time you attempt to bring yourself off this suit will punish you. You won't know what the punishment is but trust me you won't like it very much and don't forget 2 hours or you will be severely punished and he left.

She immediately got to work despite the buzzing for the first half out to 45 minutes she was able to work as a good pace and keep her composure. But around the 1 hour mark she could feel the frustration building she desperately wanted to cum but the vibes in the suit weren't going nearly fast enough to cum just enough to keep her hot and bothered. She wanted so badly to just plung her finger in there and masturbate but she remembered what he said about the suit and about a punishment and she certainly didn't want that. So she tried to keep her mind off of things by thinking about Jake and Olivia and about her family and what she thought was gonna be her eventual rescue and she was getting the work done she got the toilet and sink clean. She also got the soap scum off the shower door and now was starting on the floor the final thing to do. It had now been a hour and a half and she only had the floor to do but she also had another problem the frustration factor in her she was getting even more horny and aroused and now despite her best efforts she couldn't think of anything else but cumming.

She scrubbed and scrubbed that floor as hard as she could and it was getting clean and she had ten minutes left before he came back to inspect.She wasn't going to make it she feared she was so close to finishing She scrubbed her hardest and got it done with 5 minutes to spare and then all of a sudden she snapped and threw herself on her back and just thrust her fingers in her snatch and started frigging herself furiously.She desperately needed to cum and didn't care about the consequences she could feel the orgasm build and build and build. And all of a sudden just as she felt herself about to crest and cum. Her fingers against her will just stopped which snapped her out of it.Her eyes shot open and she immediately it was a punishment. She felt her body rise up to all fours like a dog and she was stuck there. She desperately tried to move but nothing. Next she felt her mouth weld shut she couldn't scream talk beg nothing. If she could struggle she would but she was completely frozen. Next she felt a huge jolt of electricity in not only her pussy but her ass as well. She wanted to scream and she wanted to move but absolutely nothing moved all she could do is just sit there on all fours and take this electricty this painful electricity in her ass and pussy. This went on for ten minutes straight he had walked in during this and looked at her and said. I knew a slut like you wouldn't last 2 fucking hours without trying to cum. You are stupid slut but at least it looks like you have got this bathroom done.

She wanted to plead and beg him the whole time to make it stop but the suit had made it where she couldn't open her mouth no matter how much she tried she couldn't even grunt at him. So she did the only things she could do she sat there on all fours (like she had a choice in that matter) and she started crying.Tears flowing like a river out of her beautiful eyes.She just wanted this punishment to stop she thought she might pass out from the pain. After 5 more minutes of this finally the electricity stopped but she was still stuck on all fours. Her body was really getting stiff from being in the exact same position for 15 mintues without even being able to twitch. Finally her body was unlocked along with her mouth and she started bawling and sobbing in front of him she didn't care at this point because the pain was so bad. He looked down at her after about 2 minutes of this and said STOP YOU FUCKING CRYING CUNT!!!!!! You brought this on yourself so you have no one to blame but YOU. I told you not to masturbate a very simple instruction but you couldn't follow through with it.I warned you that you would be punished if you did this but you did it anyways. She stopped crying and said but I couldn't help it you turned on those vibrators cause you knew I would be able to last and would do it. He walked right up to her and slapped her hard across the face and yelled.DON'T YOU EVER FUCKING TALK BACK TO ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!!!! I OWN YOU CUNT I WILL DO WITH YOU WHAT I GOD DAMN WELL PLEASE!!!!

Then he calmed down and spoke to her softly and said I will let you calm down for about ten minutes and compose yourself then I want you to come to the living room. I'm sorry for yelling but when you piss me off I will yell like that so in the future like always don't anger me. He left and she once again started crying she took the entire ten minutes he allowed and and composed herself as best she could and went to the living room where he was waiting with a duster.He said now you will dust the living room and the dining room and to make things more interesting he hit a button and she felt her left leg raise up till her foot was on her ass. You will do this every day on one leg you will have 1 hour to dust everything otherwise you guessed it a punishment. He then left and she did her best to hop around the room and start dusting.Very quickly she got very adept to hopping on one leg around the living room and dining room and got all the dusting done with 20 minutes to spare. He came in and inspected quickly. He looked at her and said Good cunt very good and you got it with 20 minutes to spare now whenever you get it with time to spare the rest of the time you will be free to do whatever you want completely free of bondage but when it's time to be at the next chore you better be there or else. So right now for the next 20 minutes you are free. He hit a button and her leg went down.

20 minutes later she joined him in the kitchen to do the dishes. He said Ok now you will wash the dishes. You only have to wash them and put them in the drain rack don't worry about drying they will air dry then you can put them back in the cuppboard later. He then hit the remote and the visor popped out of the head part of the suit and came down blinding her. She got worried but didn't say a word cause she knew if she did she would get punished again. He said you have 1 hour again to get these dished washed and there are a lot to do here. and every time one plate or anything breaks you will slap yourself in the face HARD with that he dropped a dish on purpose and it broke she immediately felt her hand slap herself hard across the face which of course she couldn't see coming. She stifled a cry and immediately started feeling her way around to the dishes and the soap and rags and began trying to wash blindly. She managed to get through about a 1/3 of the dishes pretty well withouth breaking one and all of a sudden she dropped a coffee cup and heard it break immediately she slapped herself hard and it caused her to yell out. She could here him from another room BE MORE CAREFUL NEXT TIME YOU SLUT!!! She started washing again when about 20 minutes later she dropped a plate and thankfully this time it didn't break she blindly reached down and picked it back up and washed it.

She finished the dishes and she felt the Visor lift up she was able to see again. She immediately picked up the broken cup and threw it away.He came in inspected and said good job BITCH pefectly clean with only 1 broken dish and you have 16 minutes to spare you can now rest. You may help yourself to anything in this kitchen just remember you dirty a dish you must wash it again. When your 16 minutes are up you will meet me in the laundry room for your final chore for the day.He left and she went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of Coke and drank it she felt so good to drink a Coke and get to relax again for a few minutes she then got out a piece of swiss cheese and scarfed that down. She calmed down considerably and started to feel better for the final few minutes of this break. Then she went off to the laundry room for her final chore.

She met him in the laundry room and saw a big pile of laundry. He said welcome to your final chore bitch now you know how to do laundry right??? She replied yes sir I do. He said nicely put bitch but from now on it's Master ok. She said yes Master and he complimented her again. He then said now this chore will only get done on sundays obviously but today you will do it for the first time. Now go ahead and load the whites here in the washer and get it started. She walked over picked up the pile of his dirty underwear and socks and placed them in the washer.Suprisingly enough she wasn't bound in any way while doing this. She placed some Clorox bleach in the washer and he said now start it up. She set the whites to wash and as soon as it kicked in the suit mader her lay on her stomach. Then she felt her feet raise up behind her and go into a en pointe position her ankles were also crossed now. Then her arms were forced behind her and all of a sudden parts of the suit broke away forming ropes of some kind and proceeded to bind her in a hogtie. First it tied her crossed ankles in such a way that it was now impossible for her to close her legs. Then her wrists were tied tightly together and then tethered to her ankles completeing the hogtie. Next her mouth clamped shut eliminating her ability to make a sound and the visor came down againg taking away her sight. She started struggling on the floor desperately trying to get loose. He said that's alright cunt you are allowed to struggle all you want. Next she felt the vibes in the crotch start up again on low she really didn't want this. She could immediately feel a orgasm brew but again she knew this wasn't enough to cum. He then said by the way while you are like this you if you can manage to cum by all mean you are free to cum as many times as you want. And every time the washer or the dryer is going you will immediately be placed in this position till it stops then you will be untied get up get a load going in the dryer and another one in the washer and start them. You will then be placed in the positon again. This cycle will continue till you are done. After all this you will take the clothes to my bedroom,fold them neatly and put them away. And to show you I'm being a sport about this while you are folding and putting away you will not be bound in any way whatsoever but you will have 1 hour to get that done. Now 1 last thing before I go he hit a button and her ears sealed up and her hearing was gone.

He left her to her struggles.She struggled for a minute or two hoping somehow to break the binds but of course that wasn't going to happen. 15 minutes later the washer stopped and she was unbound.She immediatetly got up and put those clothes in the dryer and got another load in the washer. She started them immediately and then was promptly returned to the same position. This position was starting to get to her. The vibes were driving her crazy and her feet hurt like hell from point forced into the en pointe position. She could feel the orgasm brewing again but there was nothing she could do about it. She was trying to close her legs but because of the way her ankles were crossed and tied she couldn't no matter what she tried. This cycle continued through the second load of whites and 1st load of darks by the fourth time in this position her body was sore and she wanted so desperately to cum. She began humping the floor hard hoping it would do someting and suprisingly enough it was working. She could feel it really start to build now. She was getting closer and closer to that elusive orgasm. And just when she was about to cum the washer stopped (the dry always stopped first) and it was all immediately removed. She screamed in frustration she was so close she wanted to finish herself off but she knew if she did PUNISHMENT. So she as quick as she could got the final load in the dryer started and immediately was retied into position. This time she knew what she was doing. In no time at all the orgasm was building back up. She was humping the floor from the hogtied position like crazy and she also found the more the tried to bring her legs together the hotter it was for her so she started trying to force her legs together. It built and built and built to where she worried she would be cut off again. Then it hit her like a tidal wave she just awashed in the orgasm that she had been craving all day long. She shuddered and thouroughly enjoyed the orgam.

When she calmed she was tired and wanted out now but there was still 30 minutes left in the dryer cycle she begain to feel the aches and on top of that the Vibes were still buzzing meaning that the tinglings of pleasure were still going and it was right back to frustration central for her. She didn't want to cum anymore her pussy was sore but she couldn't stop it and began humping and trying to close her legs once again. Overall in the last 30 minutes she managed to have 3 more orgasms that she didn't want but because of the Vibes in the suit she couldn't help. Finally the buzzer on the dryer went off(not that she heard it). And she was untied it took her about a minute to get her body up because she was exhausted from the orgasms.

She compiled the clothes and brought them to his room where she immediately began folding and putting them away. True to his word she was not bound at all during this time. She got it all done in only 20 minutes which left her 40 minutes to spare. Steve walked in inspected and just said to her. Enjoy your 40 minutes cunt and walked off. She just collapsed on his bed and rested the entire 40 minutes. She was tired, sore, and just overall drained of energy from this hard hard day of chores. He came in after the 40 minutes and said Ok bitch now since this is your first day of doing chores which you did all very very well I'm going to let you go bondage free till tomorrow. Now starting tomorrow you will do the chores bound in the same ways you were today but you will also serve my sexual needs as usual after that. So enjoy the rest of the afternoon and tonight's freedom bitch cause hell is gonna start tomorrow.

The rest of the afternoon she just laid on her bed in her cell watching the VCR/DVD player he had bought her and she didn't speak to him exept when they were getting dinner which she was allowed to eat in her room all by herself. When it came time to sleep she had a hard time once again just thinking about all that had happened today with the chores and the punishment and the orgasms. She eventually dried her tears and went to sleep once again dreaming about her rescue that she was sure was gonna happen eventually.

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