The New Place
  • Author - Jeff Stout
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  • Story Codes - F-m, F-mf, reluctant, bondage, cbt, chastity, extreme, humiliation, kidnapping, suspension, torture
  • Post Date - 4/17/2007

It had been almost a year since I had been to the dungeon and I was itching to go again. I really didn’t like having to pay the money, but with nobody in my life who would understand my fantasies, my best outlet was the professional mistresses I had been to a few times before. I went out to the dungeon web site and was disappointed to discover that all of the mistresses that I had visited in the past were gone. There was a new crop of them now, but I didn’t find them as attractive as the originals, so I started surfing the web to find a new dungeon. My surfing was successful as I quickly found another dungeon that looked to be fairly new, was not that far away, and looked to be stocked with several young, thin, attractive mistresses. I started an email discussion with one of them who went by the name of Mistress Jennifer. The emails went on for several weeks and over that time I started to slowly share with her my desires and fantasies. Then one day she emailed me with a day and time to come for a visit. This took me by surprise, since at the other dungeon, I had always asked for a date / time and they either said yes or no or suggested a different appointment time. It was the upcoming Saturday evening and I was instructed to be there at 10:40 PM prompt. It seemed a bit late, and her forwardness made me a bit nervous, but of course I said yes. All week, I could think of nothing else.

Saturday came and I went to the new dungeon. I was pretty nervous because I had never been to this one before and didn’t know what to expect. I knocked on the door and was relieved to be greeted by Mistress Jennifer. I introduced myself, she said “Come on in” and opened the door. I entered into a really large greeting room that had 4 additional doors leading in every direction. She closed the door behind me and I got my first good look at her. She looked just like her picture, and I was in heaven. She was about 5’8” tall with long blond hair, a very beautiful face, and despite a very petite figure, still had plenty of curves in all the right spots. She looked like she was no more than 20 or 21 years old. She was wearing a red corset, a pair of black thong panties, fishnet stocking that went up to her thighs, and black leather boots that went up to just below her knees. She snapped me out of my lustful gaze when she said curtly, “lets get started, we need to keep on schedule. Follow me.” And then she turned and walked through the only one of the four doors that was open and into an adjacent room. When she turned to walk away, I got a good view of the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. It was amazing; I couldn’t wait for my session since I had told her in my emails that I loved women’s asses and that I wanted hers to be involved in my sessions.

I followed her into the room and it was mostly empty which surprised me. In the middle of the room was a large table that was only about 2 or so feet high, it looked a bit strange since it was lower than a typical table. What also made it unique was the fact that there were steps at one end to make it easy to walk up onto the table. And there were shackles and chains that were attached to the four corners of table. Also in the room was a rack on the wall that was used to hang all sorts or ropes, whips, paddles, crops, and other devices. And there was a basket lying in the corner.

“Take off your clothes and put them in the basket” ordered Mistress Jennifer, “we don’t have much time.” I quickly took off all of my clothes and put them into the basket in the corner and then walked back over and knelt down, naked, in from of Mistress Jennifer. “Very good” she said, “now kiss my boots and show a proper greeting.” I bent forward and kissed the toes of both of her boots. Then she said “get up on the table and lay on your back.” I did so and Mistress Jennifer then proceeded to attach a leather shackle to each of my wrists and ankles. Next she walked around the outside of the table and tightened the chains that were attached to the shackles in such a way that I was stretched very tightly out to the corners of the table. Next, she took a long belt-like strap and placed it over my waist and threaded it through slits in the table that I hadn’t noticed before. She then crawled under the table and connected the straps together and pulled them tight. It basically belted my waist to the table so that I couldn’t move or twist at all! It was amazing how restrictive this was. Next she placed a leather cap on my head that had a chin buckle. She buckled it on so that it wasn’t coming off, and then repeated the strap process with the table. When she was done, my head was belted to the table and the belt was connected in some way to the cap so that I couldn’t even twist my head from side to side. I was completely immobile, arms and legs stretched out to the corners of the table, naked, and my head forced to look straight up at the ceiling. I had mentioned in my emails that I liked very restrictive bondage, and she did not waste any time in meeting that desire.

Mistress Jennifer then walked over to the rack with all the devices while I strained to do my best with my peripheral vision to watch what she was up to. I couldn’t see her, bit it sounded like she grabbed several items. She came back over to me and put a bag of ice on my crotch. It caught me by surprise and it was cold! “Quiet!” was all she said even before I had a chance to voice a protest. After about 60 seconds, she removed the ice and quickly put a chastity device on my limp penis. It was hard to see what it was, with my head pinned and all, but it basically looked like a clear, bent plastic tube that forced my penis to be bent down. She then attached the tube to a ring that she had already slipped around my balls and locked them together with a small padlock. With the way it was set up, I wasn’t getting an erection anytime soon, and there was no way to get the device off without the key which she slipped into the top of her corset against her left breast. It seemed kind of strange that she put a lock on it since there wasn’t any way I could reach it with my arms bound up, but I didn’t think too much about it at the time. I was also kind of surprised by this because we had never mentioned chastity devices over the previous weeks, and I usually like the build up and masturbation at the end of sessions. I started to say something but before I could she said “open wide”. She moved quickly so I didn’t get a good look at the device, but looked a little like a big rubber ring with straps and a buckle. It went into my mouth and forced it wide open; I could feel something pushing on my teeth forcing my mouth to stay open. I couldn’t talk or make any discernable noises because of this. Then Mistress Jennifer pulled the straps tight and buckled it behind my head and to the cap. It was going nowhere. “Now stick out your tongue” she said in a commanding tone. I did and found that it was indeed a big circle with a hollow center. I could stick out my tongue completely; I just couldn’t close my mouth or talk in any way.

Next Mistress Jennifer said “Good, I even have a few extra minutes to play.” Then she walked over to the foot of the table and walked up the stairs and onto the table. She bent down, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and whispered into my ear, “you won’t forget this night for a long time.” “Let’s practice your tongue skills,” she giggled. She then stood up and placed the bottom of her boot over my mouth and said “Worship.” I stuck out my tongue and began to lick the bottom of her boot. “This is a pretty cool position I put you in” she instructed. “With you like this, I can force you to lick whatever I want and I don’t have to hear you complain about it.” She then promptly laid down next to me and positioned her armpit over my head. I tried to pull away, and turn my head when I saw was what was coming but I couldn’t move at all as she pressed down with her armpit onto my mouth. “Now lick!” she commanded as she pinched my nipple and gave it a twist. I licked her armpit with my tongue. “Very good slave,” she said, “you get a little bonus.” She then got up turned around and knelt back down with one knee on either side of my chest. What a sight! Her beautiful ass was positioned right in front of my face. She then squatted back and placed her left ass cheek against my mouth. “Now worship my ass, slave” she ordered. And I complied and licked her luscious ass cheek. I could feel my penis try to get hard, but with the chastity device, it was going nowhere.

Suddenly there was a knock on the outside door that was audible from the room we were in. Mistress Jennifer stood up and walked down the stairs and off the table. She looked at her watch and chuckled to me “Don’t go anywhere.” Then she turned and walked out the door and back into main greeting room closing the door behind her. I heard her go to the main door and open it and I was surprise to hear many people entering. It sounded like tons of people and they were making a lot of noise chatting among themselves. The all sounded like women and by the rowdiness I suspected that they had been drinking before they got here. What was going on? My mind was starting to spin as I heard the outer room filling up. It sounded like there were at least 20 people on the other side of the wall. I pulled on the restraints and they didn’t even budge a little. I tried to wiggle and turn and I couldn’t move all! I was starting to get nervous and began feeling even more exposed and vulnerable than I did a few minutes before. What was going on, what had I gotten myself into?! What was this new dungeon all about? Then I heard them start to quiet down and Mistress Jennifer began to address the group. The wall muffled her voice significantly, but I could still make out what she was saying. “Welcome to the dungeon. For tonight, let’s call it Tri-Delt’s dungeon. I know for some of you this is your first time here, but for the rest of my sisters who have been to our play night before, we have a brand new crop of ‘toys’. Remember, there are only a few simple rules. 1) no exchange of blood or sexual fluids; safety first 2) don’t kill anyone, and 3) have fun! Now enjoy.” When I heard this my mind began racing, what the hell was going on?!

Then suddenly the door to my room opened up and 6 or 7 girls came barging in. They were all around 20 years old and good looking. “Look what we have here” one of them said as they were all laughing at pointing at me. I started to panic and pulled on my restraints as hard as I could, but there was no movement to be had, I was stuck! The panic and embarrassment was washing over me in waves! It’s one thing to be with a Mistress who is dressed up in Domination gear and understands your mindset and what and why you are doing this. It is another thing to be completely naked, bound and gagged, and completely vulnerable with 8 sorority girls wearing jeans, t-shirts, and summer dresses laughing and pointing at you and judging your sick fantasies! “Where do you think you are going” one of them said with an evil smile, while I continued to thrash and try to pull free. Then she bent down and whispered into my ear so that only I could hear, “just wait until I get my chance with you, I’ve got something special planned for you.” Next Mistress Jennifer walked into the room and all the girls looked to her as their leader, except for maybe the one who whispered into my ear. I looked at Mistress Jennifer and tried to ask her what the hell was going on, but all that came out was ‘mmmpphhhh’ due to the ring gag.

“Now ladies,” Mistress Jennifer instructed, “what we have here is a male slave.” “Notice how weak and pathetic he is.” “The first thing to remember is that he is here to please us not the other way around” “There are many ways he can to that.” “One of my favorites is put him in pain and to watch him squirm.” “Allow me to demonstrate.” Mistress Jennifer walked over to the rack and grabbed a leather riding crop. She then walked back and gave me a smack on my nipple. It wasn’t real hard, so it didn’t hurt much. “Notice how as I increase the power of the stroke, you can see his discomfort increase,” she said as she started to hit my nipple repeatedly and began to increase the power of her strokes. As she picked up the power, they really started to hurt and so I began to squirm a little bit, but I couldn’t move much due to the restraints. She increased the power more and more until I was thrashing against the restrains grunting and moaning through the ring gag. “As you can see, he is quite uncomfortable now.” “Does anyone want to try?” she asked. “I do, me first” said the mean girl who had whispered into my ear. She took the crop from Mistress Jennifer and went to work hard on both my nipples. She didn’t start slow and ease it like Mistress Jennifer and I was squirming and grunting almost immediately. “Now, don’t kill him just yet Kate” instructed Mistress Jennifer. Then the crop proceeded to be passed from sorority girl to sorority girl as they all gave my front-side a good working over. Some were not too rough, but others really had no qualms about really inflicting some serious pain. It was very nerve racking for me because each girls was an amateur and had no idea how much pain she was actually inflicting. By the time they had all had their turn, I was exhausted and completely covered in my own sweat.

“Another way to inflict pain,” Mistress Jennifer continued, is to apply these special clamps to sensitive areas”. She then applied two clamps, one to each nipple. The clamps really bit hard into my nipple as she put them on and I let out a muffled scream on each one. The clamps were connected by a small chain. “Notice that if I pull this chain, the clamps pinch tighter and I can get a reaction from our slave,” Mistress Jennifer instructed as she gave the chain a rough tug. My body convulsed as the clamps pierced into my sensitive nipples and I felt like they were going to rip them off. “Another thing that gives us pleasure is when we can humiliate our slaves and demonstrate our power over them.” “Here is a good example… when is the last time you had a man eager to lick your armpit? “ “Watch this,” she said as she placed her armpit just over my mouth. “Now slave, lick my armpit,” she commanded. I stuck out my tongue and gave her armpit a single lick. Mistress Jennifer then addressed the gathering, “Now, that is impressive, but what is really impressive is when you can make him do it with some passion.” She then turned to me and said, “Lick it eagerly… worship your Mistress’s armpit like you love it.” She then proceeded to pull very hard on the chain and hold it there. The PAIN was immense and unbearable and I could only hold out for about 3 seconds before I began to lick and lick and worship her armpit very aggressively. The pain was tough to bear as I licked and tasted and smelled her armpit. She then let up on the chain and I let out a sigh of relief. This brought some chuckles and laughter from the ladies. “Let us all show him how weak he is,” Mistress Jennifer continued and spit into my forced open mouth. The other ladies all followed in kind until all of the ladies had taken turns spitting into my mouth. “Anyone else need to have their armpit cleaned?” she offered and there were a few volunteers. When the first one went up, Mistress Jennifer instructed “You don’t always have to inflict the pain to get the response you want.” I took her clue and devoured the first armpit will all the worshiping vigor I could muster before any chain pulling and immense pain was necessary.

Then I heard a shout from outside the room, “Jennifer, come here, you got to see this!” Mistress Jennifer called back, “OK!, I’ll be right there.” “Now have some fun with this guy” she said and walked out the door. I had been so caught up in my own situation that I hadn’t figured out that each room had a guy like me tied up in it and the women were moving from room to room playing with the slaves.

It only took about three seconds after Mistress Jennifer left before one of the girls closed the door. Next Kate quickly took charge, “Now that goodie two-shoes is finally gone, it’s time to really go to work.” Then she placed a blindfold over my eyes and removed the nipple clamps.

*SMACK* *SMACK* came a whip or something across my chest from out of nowhere much harder than anything from before! Ouch! It stung and my body thrashed in response to the pain. I tried to scream and call out for Mistress Jennifer, but the gag prevented anything helpful from coming out of my mouth. The room exploded into laughter as the 8 girls were laughing at my pain. SMACK SMACK SMACK the whip continued as I broke out into a sweat again. The pain was quickly becoming unbearable and my eyes began to water under the blindfold and the noises coming out of my mouth were getting louder and louder. Suddenly it stopped and I heard Kate say into my ear, but loud enough for everyone in the room to hear, “This is nothing compared to what we have in store for you.” “and before you get any bright ideas, Jeff, if you mention one word of this to Jennifer, we’ll make sure your little perverse secrets becomes public.” How did she know my name was Jeff! Before I could figure it out, she continued, “Jeffrey Stout, of 315 Maple Lane, you’re not very bright to bring your drivers license to a dungeon.” They must have gone through my clothes in the basket!

“I’m first, I heard one say as she climbed up on the table. “Look at this little dick” she said as she gave my penis a little kick in the chastity device. “I hope his tongue is better than his dick” she continued as I heard her removing her underwear. I didn’t hear any pants being removed and my suspicions were correct when she sat down on my chest and I could feel a baggy sun dress covering the top half of my body. “Don’t make me torture you slave, just do your job” she said as she slid forward and placed her already damp pussy directly over my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and began to lick her pussy as the waves of scent poured over my face. She had a hairy pussy and the juices began to flow all over my face and into my forced open mouth as she moaned and I continued to lick her pussy lips and clit. Because of her upright position, large amounts of her juices flowed out and into my mouth, filling it up. After about ten minutes, and probably 2 or three orgasms, she got up off my face. Then suddenly, I felt a cold spash of water over my head and a quick toweling off. Before I could come to my senses, another pussy was pressed onto my face. “This is too easy!” one of them said. “I need to get me one of these at home,” said another. And so I licked and licked multiple pussies as my face continued to get drenched in juices. After a while my tongue started to get tired and I so I took a quick break. SMACK came the whip against my inner thigh and Kate said “No resting!” so I quickly started back up. After another 4 or 5 girls, my tongue was completely numb, but I pushed on as the whip was very quick every time I would let up.

I was beginning to really dislike this Kate and her whip. She was clearly the one in charge because after a few more girls, I heard her tell the group “You think he is trained, watch what I can make this little pussy do.” Next she removed my blindfold and climbed up on the table. She began to take off her shoes and pants and it was a sight to see. She was very hot and as she pulled off her tight jeans, I was able to see that she was wearing a red cotton thong.

Next she knelt down and squatted back with her ass up near my face and said “now lick.” I tried in vain to turn away as her ass cheek pressed against my mouth. I didn’t want to give this arrogant bitch the satisfaction. SMACK came a whip on the inside of my thigh! Holy Shit did that hurt! SMACK came the whip again. “You have been commanded” came the stern order. So I stuck out my tongue and licked and worshipped her ass cheek. Then she stood up remove her panties. Wow was she hot, if it wasn’t for the chastity device, I’m sure my dick would have been hard as a rock. I was hoping that she would turn around and face me so that I could see her pussy, but instead she knelt back down and squatted back with her ass cheek near my mouth again. SMACK SMACK SMACK! “You are a slow learner, aren’t you,” Kate yelled. So I quickly stuck out my tongue and began licking her ass cheek. “Now watch this” she said to the group as all of the girls started laughing as Kate shifted her position and my tongue began to slide down the crack of her ass. I quickly pulled my tongue back into my mouth before it touched her asshole! I tried to shift my head, but couldn’t. “I didn’t wipe today” she announced. And the whole room exploded into laughter. “No, I am serious, I have been saving up for this,” she said and she then shifted again so that her asshole was over my eyes. She was right, I could see her DIRTY asshole! And I could really smell her ass and it confirmed that she hadn’t cleaned up at all the last time she went to the bathroom. She repositioned over my mouth and next came the order, “I want you to do it like you like it. Now slave, lick the shit off my asshole.” I just laid there completely repulsed by the smell of shit in my face. “You are going to show these lovely ladies that you are my ass slave and stick your pathetic little tongue into the shit that you love. Now lick the shit off my asshole!” Kate commanded. “Watch how pathetic this little piece of shit is” she chuckled to the group. Then Kate pulled up on the top of my chastity device, moving my penis out of the way, and hit my exposed balls with a firm smack from a crop. OUCH! Did that hurt!!! Then a second hit, then a third. The pain was unbelievable. It made the nipple clamps seem like nothing! “You know what to do” SMACK SMACK! SMACK she repeated… I was really struggling but I was holding out. SMACK SMACK “You know you want to lick my asshole you little worthless, piece of shit.” Kate began to pick up the pace and before long I was absolutely at my end and couldn’t take it anymore. So I did the only thing I could, I stuck out my tongue and took a lick. It was unbelievably nasty as I could clearly taste what I had previously smelled. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. She wasn’t letting up! What did this crazy bitch want? I did what she asked. I actually licked her shit covered asshole. I began to panic as the pain was off the charts and so I licked again and again and again all over her asshole eagerly cleaning it all up in hopes that she would stop. By now all of the girls were laughing hysterically at my expense! “How pathetic,” one said. Kate finally stopped the smacks. How embarrassing to be totally at the mercy of this arrogant girl, licking the shit off her asshole! “I bet you don’t like the taste of that do you slave” she said in a mocking tone.

She then got up and turned around and showed me that beautiful pussy that I wanted to see so badly. She then knelt back down and put her pussy over my mouth and I began to lick. After the ass, I was glad to have the pussy. I had only just begun and said, “if you spill one drop, I promise that you will regret it” and she then began to piss into my forced open mouth. In shear terror I drank it down as fast as I could in hopes that none would spill out, but it was coming too fast and I couldn’t swallow the warm pee quick enough and a little bit dripped down the side of my face. “You are going to regret your failure”, she said sternly. “You now have to pay the price! You thought those little crumbs were disgusting before, if so much as one little bit comes back up out of your mouth, you will wish you were dead!” Kate said as she turned back around and squatted down over my face. The horror washed over me as I realized what was about to happen. I started to pull frantically on my bounds to try to get free, but it was no use. I was held fast. I was helpless to move out of the way or do anything to make it stop! Kate was about to take a shit in my mouth and there was nothing I could do to stop it! I looked on in fear as I saw the little bud of her asshole begin to open up and the brown piece of shit slide out or her asshole and into my forced open mouth. The taste and smell was the most foul I had ever experienced as I began to swallow her shit. It was too much and I gagged on it and spit it up all over my face. “WHAT THE FUCK is your problem!” she yelled and jumped off the table. She went over to the counter and came back with several of the tightening clamps and quickly put one on each of my nipples and two on my ball sack. She then connected the four clamps together with their chains. She then put a rope around the center where they were all connected and threaded it through an eye bolt in the ceiling. She then took the loose end of the rope and began pulling on it. The pain was unbelievable as she continued to pull and the rope took up all the slack and began to pull on the chains causing the clamps to tighten on my nipples and balls. I quickly swallowed what was left in my mouth and began to lick the corners of my mouth to ‘clean up’ what I could. She pulled tighter and tighter until I couldn’t take it anymore and began to scream through the mouth gag ring. I began a desperate attempt to clean up the rest with my tongue, bit was of no use. She then said ‘Never disobey me again’ and walked over to the wall and tied off the rope on a peg that was there for just such a purpose! I couldn’t believe she did that as I continued to scream! It felt like she was doing irreparable permanent damage to my nipples and balls as the pain was immensely intense. I was pulling upwards against the belts as hard as I could to get relief from the chains and the clamps, but I couldn’t do it! After a few more minutes of steady screaming and palpable panic in my voice, people started leaving the room, one at a time. No one had the balls to stand up to Kate and she was clearly going over the line. Tears were now streaming down my face, and finally she was the only one left in the room and the door was closed. I was starting to grow faint and I thought I might pass out from the pain while she just stood there and dispassionately looked on. Next she took a whip of some kind and began hitting me all over my body. The pain was off the charts, I tried to thrash around from the pain, but mercifully the restraints were solid enough to keep me from pulling on the clamp chains too much. Finally after what seemed like hours, but was probably no more than a few minutes, she went over to the wall and untied the rope and let it go slack. My nipples were bleeding slightly when she removed the clamps. “Are you going to be a good boy” she asked as she removed the rest of the clamps. I couldn’t respond to her question, all I could do was lay there sobbing uncontrollably.

After quite few minutes, I was slowly regaining my composure. I was still in pain, but it was slowly coming back to manageable levels. Kate jumped back up on the table and squatted over me. “Now clean me up,” she ordered. Without hesitation, I stuck out my tongue and began cleaning the shit off her asshole. It was foul and nasty, but at this point I would do anything to avoid another punishment like the last one! After I had it cleaned up pretty good, she got up off the table and put her clothes back on. Kate then sat down and lit up a cigarette while I just laid there in the room slowly regaining my composure. I could hear the noises from the other rooms slowly quieting down and I strained to hear some of the other girls exchanging pleasantries as they were leaving. Kate broke my concentration by saying, “Don’t get too comfortable, I’m not done with you yet!” A wave of anxiety washed over me… what else could she possibly have in mind? And why hadn’t Mistress Jennifer coming back to save me? She was my last hope.

Kate finished her cigarette, got up from her chair, and went over to her jacket. I could see her pulling something from the pocket that looked like a jar with liquid in it and a rag. Next Kate walked over and stood next by the door and carefully opened the jar. After a few more minutes, the noise from the other room slowly quieted down and now it sounded like everyone had left. Then suddenly the door opened and Mistress Jennifer walked in with a smile on her face. Kate had positioned herself so that when the Mistress Jennifer entered, Kate was behind the door and out of view. Jennifer said as she was walking over to me, “I hope you enjoyed that Jeff, sorry I didn’t give you any advance warning to what this was all about, but I figured you would enjoy it more if it was a surprise.” I looked on helplessly as Kate came out from the behind the door and was slowly sneaking up on Mistress Jennifer with the wet rag in her hand. I struggled and tried to warn her, but all I could say was “mmmph” as the ring gag was still in my mouth. “Don’t worry” she said, “I will get you out of there, cleaned up, and on your way home soon. I have to get another slave free first, but I will be back in a few minutes.” But before she could turn around, Kate was on her with a bear hug from behind. Jennifer began to struggle to try to break free, but the rag was expertly placed over her mouth and nose and the chloroform didn’t take long to work. Soon, Kate was standing over an unconscious Jennifer with an evil grin on her face. “It’s about time this know-it-all bitch got what’s coming to her.” Kate said with an evil chuckle. I began to struggle and pull on my bondage in one last attempt to get free. My one potential savior had just been taken out! I was screwed! “Oh you are becoming a pain, why don’t you take a nap too?” she said as she put the rag over my face and everything became dark!

“You fucking bitch! You deserve this!” Kate yelled snapping me awake from my sleep. Then I heard the loud smack of a whip hitting skin… but it didn’t hurt anywhere. I was still groggy from the chloroform and confused as to what was going on. Then I realized that it wasn’t me being whipped, but Mistress Jennifer. What a site there was in front of me! Mistress Jennifer was on the table with me, she was in a kneeling position straddling my stomach with both of her legs firmly attached to the table. Her wrists were bound together and pulled high to the ceiling forcing her to stretch out very tall. She was completely naked so her shaved, spread, naked pussy and her breasts were directly in my view. CRACK! The whip came crashing again across her tits causing Mistress Jennifer to jump and cry out through the red rubber ball gag that was in her mouth. “You think you are the queen of the world? It’s about time someone put you in your place” Kate said as she continued to strike Jennifer’s tits over and over. After several minutes of some very brutal whipping, Jennifer was completely losing it. Her chest was a bright red and so was her face. Tears were steadily streaming down her face as she thrashed and cried out after each of the merciless strikes hit her raw tits. “Are you enjoying this? Or would you like me to stop?” Kate teased. Jennifer shook her head and looked with pleading eyes at Kate. It was clear that she wanted Kate to stop. “You have to earn your relief. How badly do you want me to stop? Would you be willing to violate that cute little virgin ass of yours?” she asked. A horrified look crossed Jennifer’s face and she did not respond to Kate. Then came three of the most violent strikes I have ever seen with a whip! Jennifer let out a horrific sound that caused MY heart to skip a beat. Blood started to drip down Jennifer’s left breast where the whip had cut her. “Well, are you willing, I could use this whip all day?” Kate asked. Jennifer meekly nodded her head.

“It’s show time Jeff” Kate said and she looked down at my face for the first time since I woke up. It was then I realized what was going to happen and noticed for the first time, that the chastity device had been removed from me dick while I was unconscious. Kate picked up a black thong from the floor and draped it over my face. It was heavily scented with pussy juice. “Do you like the smell of Jennifer? She gets pretty excited when she sees all you boys tied up” Kate asked as she was rubbing the crotch of the panties against my nose. It had the desired effect and within a minute I was as hard as a rock. Kate then took some lube and put a heavy amount all over her index finger, walked up behind Jennifer and quickly, with no sense of sympathy, shoved it roughly up her ass. “You’ll thank me for that” Kate said as she pulled her finger out, wiped her hand clean, and walked over to the wall. She then turned a crank that lowered Jennifer’s hands down several feet. “If Jeffery doesn’t cum in your ass in the next 5 minutes, you are going to regret it for the rest of your life.” Kate demanded. “I suggest you don’t drag your feet on getting started.” Jennifer was smart enough to not see this as an idol threat and she immediately squatted back and slowly impaled her asshole on my cock. The first few strokes were rough on me as she was very tight. It must have been pure pain to her and the look in her face confirmed it. After a few strokes though, it was getting easier for both of us and before long she was riding my cock pretty hard. Kate was standing right next to us and laughing uncontrollably. “Oh are you a sight to see!” she laughed. “How the mighty have fallen” she chucked. “You look like you enjoy getting your ass fucked by a pathetic little wimp of a man… and oh by the way, you only have two and a half minutes left.” Jennifer heard this and began to really pick up the pace. She was now riding my cock for all she was worth pushing it deep within her ass. I could tell from the look on her face that she was in pain and completely humiliated. I really wanted to cum for her so that her total degradation wouldn’t be in vain. Lucky for her, it didn’t take too long and with about 20 seconds to spare I had a mind blowing orgasm as I shot a huge load up into her asshole.

“Don’t get off of him” Kate ordered sternly. Jennifer complied and sat there with my dick up her ass trying to catch her breath after the workout she had just undergone. Kate then cranked up Jennifer’s hands as far as she could without forcing her up off my dick. “Now Jennifer, I am going to undo your leg ties” Kate said, “if you try anything, I’m not going to be happy. Do I need to remind you of what the punishments are like when I am unhappy, or are you going to be a good girl?” Jennifer quickly nodded to indicate that she would be a good girl. Kate untied Jennifer’s knees and legs and had her squat and put her ankles together on my chest. Kate then quickly cuffed her ankles together, attached another chain from the ceiling to the ankle cuffs, and cranked them up into the air. Now Jennifer was suspended by her ankles and wrists just over top of me. “I think that Jeffery enjoyed that a bit too much” Kate said and she adjusted the ceiling chains so that Jennifer’s ass was now positioned over my face and slowly lowered her down. “It’s cleaning time!” Kate chucked as she lowered Jennifer’s gaping pink asshole on to my forced open mouth. Cum and shit dripped out of her ass while I had no choice but to lick and clean it up! How disgusting! After several minutes of being forced to eat my own cum mixed with shit, Kate went back to the wall cranks and pulled Jennifer’s hands up high and lowered her ankles down low so that she was almost standing upright. Then Kate undid the ankle chain and attached another one from the other side of the room and cranked the new one up. This basically caused Jennifer to be flipped over. She was now suspended over top of me, but now with her facing down. Kate worked her magic with the cranks until Jennifer was positioned with her face over top of dick. “It’s time to return the favor” Kate said, “and if I hear one word there will be severe consequences.” Kate then removed the ball gag and lowered Jennifer down onto my cock. Jennifer did not hesitate and licked clean my nasty shit and cum covered cock. I could see from the twitch of her nose that she was fighting the repulsion of actually licking up shit. “I bet you weren’t planning on licking your own shit up today were you little miss bitch? Kate taunted. After Jennifer was done, she raised her head and was contemplate saying something, but Kate was quick at the wheel and stuffed the ball gag back into her mouth and fastened it tight.

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