What You Wish For
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Chapter 1: Lowered Expectations

I couldn't believe my project was finally complete; after only three months I could finally enjoy the fruits of my labor. Shaking with excitement, I stood in front of the device overpowered with emotion. Fear, excitement, joy and pleasure coursed through my veins at once. If not for the tightly locked chastity belt I knew I would have been on my third or fourth orgasm. Before I get into the details however, I should start with a little background first.

My name is Ashley and I am a 26 year old software developer for a healthcare company (yawn). If there was anything I loved more than anything (even bondage), it was computers. They don't betray or disappoint you, I don't know what it is exactly, but I always felt like myself around them. I am sure a psychologist would say I have intimacy issues, and they would probably be right. What I do know for sure is I have had my fair share of disappointing men and despite my best efforts I find myself alone, again.

A little over six months ago I was in one of the best relationships of my life. He was handsome, had a good job and no matter what, we always had a good time. We had been dating for only a couple months when I decided it was time to tell him my deepest fantasies. I prepared a fantastic meal, set the mood with several candles and dressed in the sexiest lingerie that I owned. He arrived home from work and needless to say was caught off guard. Leading him to the table, we sat and enjoyed the meal and after a little small talk I jumped right into it. Like other men before, he was a little taken back but quickly composed himself and asked my favorite question "So, uhhh, you want to be tied up a whipped or something?"

Sigh. I guess I can't be disappointed; most people only have TV and movies to draw upon. I tried to explain that there was much more to it than just whips and chains. I detailed how thrilling it felt to pleasure a man while unable to move; how the ropes seem to channel the energy from an orgasm back into my body and how deliciously satisfying it is to have served my Master's every desire.

Without hesitation, he whisked me to the bedroom where a bondage buffet of toys awaited us, restraints, rope, gags and even my hood was laid out on the bed. He tried to ask what to use first, but I quickly interrupted with my finger pressed against his lips. "My fantasy requires you to be in control with one limitation. Don't do anything I wouldn't normally do in bed." I said with a grin. He agreed and with some on the job training and some of my magazines, he had me restrained pretty well. Damn well considering this was supposedly his first time.

In the past, men had always gone for the path of least resistance. They had thought of bondage as a chore, just one more thing added to the list of 'chores' needed to please me in bed. Handcuffs and a blowjob, almost sounds a roadside restaurant special if you think about it. Luckily, or so I thought, it was different this time. I found my hands and elbow cinched tightly together. My breasts thrusted forward, looking better then ever. The feeling was as delicious as I had imagined.

My legs were folded over next and cinched in a strict frogtie leaving easy access to my now moist pussy. Each ankle was securely tied to my thighs with several coils of rope with the final knot tucked into the bind, just like the magazine picture.

He completed the ensemble with a large ring gag. I was in absolute heaven.

A few minutes passed as he watched me writhe and squirm on the bed. I was in pure bliss and if not of my arms forced into a solid pole behind my back I would have rubbed myself to orgasm! With no other recourse, I looked into his eyes and moaned, licking my tongue around the rim of my gag.

If I were a betting woman, I would wager it took about 93 seconds before his warm, salty semen filled the inside of my mouth with a final deposit filling my right eye. Instinctively I tried to reach for it to wipe it away but was quickly thwarted by my restraints. I thought back momentarily to every fantasy I orgasmed to at the hands of my fingers and realized that each one stopped as the man of the hour came in my mouth, pussy or ass. I was now in uncharted territory. Unlike my fantasy, I found myself humiliated, in a fair amount of discomfort and hornier then ever.

Tilting my head slightly I was able to use my other eye to try and plead for some help. I moaned slightly, trying not to girgle the cum still pooled in the back of my throat. I never imagined how difficult it would be to swallow with a 2" ring gag in your mouth. He gave me a quirky smile, obviously enjoying my situation and how it degraded me.

Yes, uncharted territory this was indeed. Zipping up his pants, he leaned in close to my face and told me he was going out to the bar. My brain raced in a desperate effort to recall a safety word, song, hum... anything! My body tensed, it took me a full 5 seconds to realize the soul crushing reality; I had never discussed safety at all!!! I mentally kicked myself over and over while simultaneously fighting the fear building in the pit of my stomach.

Panic took over. I thrashed all over the bed shaking my head while moaning for him to stay. Before leaving me he simply laughed, "Enjoy the ropes babe, I will back in a few hours. I'm sure you will be ready to go when I get back, but just in case, here is something to keep you busy." I watched as he picked up a bullet vibrator, turned it on low and tossed it on the bed. Before I could protest, he turned around and snapped his fingers. "Almost forgot!" he remarked.

He sat on the bed next to me and slowly traced his finger around my pussy. Finally I thought to myself, some relief for me! Using his index and middle finger, he slid them slowly inside my pussy. A few pumps later and I was well on my way to orgasm town. Just as quickly as it began unfortunately, he withdrew.

"The boys are the bar like a smell to go with a story, they are going to love this one!" he said cruelly. Without another word, he had hit the light switch and shut the door. I screamed at the door as best I could but to no avail, he wasn't coming back.

I laid on my bed taking stock in my situation. I had to remind myself that on some level, this is what I have always wanted. Well, sans the humiliating bar stories. I was quickly realizing that real life was much different than fantasy. One never imagines how dried cum in your eye stings, how your shoulders begin to ache after only 5 minutes, or how your mind plays tricks on you and makes you believe you will never get free. In a fantasy, everything is perfect and this sure as hell was not like any fantasy of mine!

I tried to loosen the knots on my wrists and legs, but it was no use. They were too tight, double knotted and out of my reach. The floor was at least 3 feet below me and bound as I was, trying to get down would certainly result in a painful injury. I deduced that if I did get down, I had no way to reach the doorknob. It became disappointingly obvious that my only option was to wait for him to return and hopefully release me.

Despite my predicament however, as much as I loathed to admit it he might be right, my pussy still ached. I wanted an orgasm... bad.

With a lot of effort, I brought myself up onto my knees and tried to reach my pussy. I was amazed on how effective the elbow tie was. I might was well been wearing a chastity belt, lord knows my fingers would have got closer!

For the next 15 minutes I tried every position I could think of to reach my now very moist pussy. My last attempt left me panting like a dog on my knees twisting and turning. All I had to show for my efforts were a few nail scratches on my inner thigh. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness now and I tried searching for anything could possibly get me free. That's when I noticed the bullet vibrator buzzing away on the bed.

I glared at the toy, buzzing merrily away, almost mocking my quandary. It could have been the pain in my shoulders, elbows, legs and jaw. Possibly the fact my legs were sticky with desire, clouding any judgment I had left. Whatever the reason, I found myself face first on the bed, legs spread like a gymnast, dry humping the tiny vibrator in a matter of seconds. I had contemplated the sheer humiliation of the act, but I didn't care. Tight ropes, aching love hole and the occasional brush of vibration across my clit was all I needed to put me on a fast track to a mind blowing orgasm... or so I thought.

Minutes into my journey I heard the front door slam. Initial reactions of joy and fear washed over me. The hope was that he would simply let me go or maybe have the decency to give me a good fuck first. The reality was that two hours, five beers and six tequila shots had passed and he was not known to be a happy drunk. To make matters worse, he wasn't alone.

I found the veracity of my dry humping hastened as the voices drew closer to the bedroom door. I was so close, the flutter of a butterfly could have put me over the edge but alas, it was not meant to be.

"I told you she was a slut" my soon to be ex-boyfriend announced to the crowd.

"She's drenched in sweat! What in the hell has she been doing?" someone chimed.

Without much effort I was flipped over onto my side revealing the bullet and the large wet spot surrounding it. If not for the ring gag, I probably would have explained how it wasn't what it looked like. Instead, my face drew a bright red that would make a sunburn jealous.

"What do you say boys, her pussy is soaked and begging for a hard cock to fill it. I'll go first since she is my slut after all, you two flip for her mouth" he said with a drunken cocky smirk.

"I dunno man, you sure she is up for this?" one of them questioned, "I don't think I could explain a rape charge to my wife."

I didn't hesitate; I vigorously shook my head with a resounding 'NO'. I moaned and twisted my body to make sure they all could see. With my one good eye I could see my boyfriend was not amused. The other two stood uncomfortably glancing between their friend and me. Growing tired from my Broadway performance of a helpless girl on the train tracks I settled down and anxiously waited.

Moments more passed before one of the guys spoke, "Ummm, look man. I can get plenty of bitches on my own; I don't need to rape some kinky bondage slut to get my dick wet."

The fat, balding, delusional man had a point and the equally repulsive friend agreed. They continued the discussion in the hallway and on into the living room. I couldn't quite make out what they were saying, but the tone was not pleasant.

In their haste and to my good fortune, the bedroom door was left open. Risking life and limb, I quickly squirmed to the edge of the bed and slowly slid down on my stomach. With a clumsy tuck and roll maneuver, I was on the floor unscathed save a minor rug burn.

The arguing continued in the living room so I made a break for it. With the energy of a cheetah and the speed of a turtle I shuffled my knees out of the bedroom door, down the hall and into the bathroom. My knees were on fire from the rough carpet; I took a moment to catch my breath. I could hear my boyfriend apologizing for the misunderstanding and promising to make it up to them as he was showing them out.

I knew that little act wouldn't last and the thought of being on the receiving end of a drunk man was terrifying enough, but with elbows firmly tied behind my back and ankles tied to my thighs I was in no position to defend myself. Even the gag limited my ability to call for help, not that any of our neighbors were close enough to hear me. I knew I had to get free, it was crunch time.

As he shut the front door I pushed the bathroom door shut with my shoulder and used my forehead to secure the pushbutton lock. Quickly I made my way to the bathtub using my head and body to push the curtain aside. Without a second thought, I pressed my stomach against the edge of the tub and dove inside. I cringed as my lower half slammed down inside of the tub, half from pain and other from the noise.

Recovering from my fall, I struggled to my knees again. A slow drip from the shower was enough to keep the porcelain wet and very slippery, not to mention frigidly cold! Frustrated, I found a new appreciation for the simple tasks we all take for granted. It wasn't until my seventh attempt, knees straining against the sidewalls of the tub that I found myself upright again.

My plan was not perfect, but it was all I could think of on short notice. I squirmed my way over to my shaving dish and reached into it with my 'mono-arm'. Like a baby reaching for a toy, I batted around inside the dish until JACKPOT! Armed with a brand new, 3 blade leg razor it was time to get free.

That was the plan anyway.

Careful not the cut myself, I slowly shaved the rope fibers away. Not the best tool for the job, but it was working.

"Ashley! Where in the hell are you?" his voice echoed through the house. "I swear to God... You are going to pay for this"

My heart raced. I could hear it pounding in the quiet, dark sanctuary of my tub. The process was not going as fast as I had hoped; fibers from the rope were getting stuck in the blades slowing the process. My fingers were shaking from fear and lack of circulation. For the first time since this whole experience began I started to think I was going to die.


It didn't take him long to discover I wasn't in the bedroom anymore.

"Don't make me break down this door Ashley!" he screamed.

I couldn't open the door if I wanted to. I just froze and waited for the inevitable.

In a matter of moments he broke down the door, smashing the thin panels to bits with his fists. I squinted my eye a bit as the hallway light flooded in. Nostrils flaring, he charged me like a bull; tossing me over his shoulder, carrying me to the bedroom and tossing me on the bed again.

"You stupid fucking slut" he bellowed, "Do you think this is some sort of joke?"

I shook my head in disagreement.

"You tell me you love being used by men and how it pleases you to be bound, fucked and used. For Christ's sake, you enjoyed my blowjob earlier more than I did!! Instead, this is how you repay my efforts for trying to make you happy" he slurred.

Arguing with a very angry and drunk boyfriend while bound head to foot with rope and a ring gag in your mouth is about as futile as it gets. My only hope was to try and get his mind off of things.

Without a second thought, I turned onto my back and spread my legs. Looking into his furious eyes, I moaned for him to fuck me. I crossed my fingers hoping his cock would still work after the nights drinking.

He glared at me for a good 30 seconds before dropping his pants and tightly whities. "You are probably going to enjoy this more than me, but don't worry, I'm not done with you yet" he quipped.

The act itself was not as fulfilling as I would have hoped. My pleasure was certainly not on the agenda. To my surprise he performed quite well given his inebriation. The events of the night had spoiled the mood a bit as you can imagine. His body weight crushing my already agonizing shoulders and arms didn't help much either.

After shooting his load inside of me he rolled over, closing his eyes. It was time to make my break for it. I waited a few minutes to make sure he was asleep and started to roll over.

"Where do you think you are going slut?" he asked, startling me.

He walked out of the bed and walked out of the room only to return with a knife. My worst fears had been realized. He was going to kill me!

Grabbing a fist full of my hair, he pulled me to my knees and to the head of the bed. I closed my eyes and started to pray. It is interesting how people turn to a higher power when faced with traumatic situations. This one certainly qualified.

To my surprise, I didn't feel the sharp stabbing pain of a knife but the biting pain of my nipple clamps. Out of the 15 sets of clamps I have, he found the pair with teeth. I gasped in pain as he applied each one, making sure to thread the chain through the headboard rails.

"I guess I will see you in the morning... babe" he snipped, "If you really want to be free, I have placed the knife somewhere in the house. If you are still here in the morning we are going to have some real fun."

Of course it wasn't as simple as that. He was kind enough to put a thick leather hood over my head before he left, laced as tight as he could manage. I could feel the stitches in the leather indent my skin. Always the optimist however, I no longer had to worry about only seeing with one eye.

I heard the front door slam and breathed a sigh of relief. I took a few moments to compose myself and come up with a plan and summon my willpower. These clamps were not coming off themselves.

One big pull, that is all I will need or so I told myself. I had only used these clamps a few times before, and then it was only short term. The pain, combined with that in my body, especially my shoulders was absolutely unbearable. I truly was on the verge of breaking.

Taking several deep breaths, I leaned forward. My mind was desperately trying to talk me out of what I was about to do. Self doubt tried to convince me he would be back to release me; that the knife wasn't really there; that he never left and is going to punish me more if I try and escape again or worse then all, my nipples would be ripped off.

Panic took over.

I threw my body back.

My world went from dark to black.

Without a frame of reference, I have no way of knowing how long I was out. I found myself lying on my arms, slightly to my side. Worried that he could possibly return at any moment, I rolled onto my stomach.


As my luck would have it, one of the nipple clamps didn't release and was painfully attached to my right nipple. I groaned at the knowledge of what torments awaited me as the chain swung for the slightest of movement.

Catching my breath, I pulled myself to my knees and could feel the clamp painfully sway; I would almost pay to see a picture of what I looked like at this point.

Slowly I made my way to the edge of the bed, easing myself to my stomach again and slid down the bed. With a thud, I was back on the floor. I laid there for a moment to catch my breath and let the throbbing pain in my right nipple subside a bit.

I made myself upright again and began my trek to the door. After only a few seconds I found wall with a window. I never thought to get my bearing before leaping off the bed. Cursing under my breath, I turned myself around and made haste in the correct direction.

"Son of a bitch!" I attempted to scream; muffled by the menacing gag.

It wasn't long before my expedited pace caused me to catch the hanging nipple clamp in the inner folds of my thigh. It took some careful maneuvering, but I was once again unfettered and continued on my journey, albeit at a more methodical pace.

Moments later I could sense myself in the hallway. At my slowed pace, it could take me a day to find that knife. Plan A seemed like the only option. An executive decision was made and I scooted my way to the bathroom for the second time tonight.

As my quest continued, random thoughts kept popping into my head. I wondered if I could spin the nipple clamp chain bound as I was or if the vibrator was still running on my bed. I chalked it up to fatigue, both physical and mental.

The daydreams worked and before I knew it, I was inside the bathroom again carefully moving across the now busted door. I felt a little déjà vu as I flipped my body over the bathtub wall once again, graceful as a swan I'm sure!

I was overwhelmed with emotion when I reached the end of the tub... something had finally gone my way! With a razor in my hand, I sobbed profusely as I carefully sliced the ropes on my wrists away.

About fifteen minutes passed before the rope finally broke. Another 5 passed before I could free my hands, freedom was so close. My hands tingled for a few moments and quickly turned to a 1,000 beestings. Nothing I did stopped the pain as some of the circulation returned. I groaned when I realized this was nothing compared to when my elbows would be released.

When the tingling subsided a bit and I used my hands to release the ropes on my legs and encountered a new problem; they didn't tingle but were stiff as all hell! It had to of taken a good thirty minutes before I felt safe to stand up for the first time in hours.

I walked into the kitchen in search of my bread knife. My nipple adornment swayed merrily, pulling and tugging my tortured nipple, but I didn't care. I could taste my freedom.

Scooting my bare ass along the edge of the kitchen counter, I searched for the knife block. Panic started to well up in the pit of my stomach again when I couldn't find it in the usual spot. I knew it couldn't be that easy (easy?? This was easy??). After another pass I found that it was simply tipped over, probably from when he grabbed the first knife. With my fingers squirming like worms on a hook, I felt around until I finally found it!

The bread knife had a serrated edge and a long blade. Leaning slightly forward, I was able to rest the blade on my elbow ropes and slowly saw them away.

When I say slowly, I mean S L O W L Y. Pressure being an important part of using a knife, I knew this would take while. Eternity passed and ... BAM ... my elbows sprung open like a bra on prom night. I was finally free! I wanted to jump in celebration, but I simply didn't have the energy. My nipple might have had a word or two if I did anyway.

Instead I felt my way back down the hallway into the bedroom. I fell back on my bed and relaxed with my hood and ring gag tighter then ever on my sweat soaked face. Using my last bit of strength, I pulled the nipple clamp off groaning and wincing as I massaged life back into it.

Not surprisingly I was asleep in a matter of moments after that.

I eventually awoke to the sound of my alarm clock. It took me a few seconds to realize that all this wasn't just a dream. The reality of it all came to a head when I found my fingers tracing the seams of my leather hood.

With my newfound dexterity and mobility, I unlaced the hood and pealed it from my face. Oranges peel easier then this thing did.

I made short work of the gag and found my mouth to be bone dry and vile, like when you sleep in an air-conditioned hotel room. I rushed to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and drink some water.

I smirked at the haggled mess I was in the mirror. Hair matted, eye still filled with dried cum and wonderful red welts where the hood's stitching imprinted on my face. I drew a bath and relaxed in a sea of bubbles for the next hour.

With my body renewed I got out of the bathtub, dried off and dressed for a very long and busy day. I walked into the kitchen past the broken bathroom door. As soon as I entered the room the coil of rope from my elbows caught my eye right away.

A title wave of emotion is the only way I can explain it. The danger, pain, exhaustion, fear and humiliation of the night hit me all at once. Until this point I guess I had treated it as a dream in my mind. Maybe it was a defense mechanism; another fine puzzle for a psychologist I'm sure.

In that moment that my expectations of all men fell to nothing. How could I ever trust again? I knew that leaving him wasn't enough; I had to start a new life away from this town. It was only a matter of time before he told the entire town of my 'hobby'.

I loaded my SUV with essentials and was gone before noon. I never looked back; well... not exactly.

I found that writing off men was a bit harder then expected. After a month passed I found myself tying myself up more and more. By month two I was using more elaborate ties, larger ice blocks and sometimes putting the release key outside so I would have to wait until nightfall to retrieve the key.

Finally by the third month I couldn't take it anymore. As twisted as it was, I wanted to re-live the first thirty minutes of that night more than anything. Like leprechauns and unicorns, I was convinced there was no man that could give that to me... they simply didn't exist; at least not one that would let me free after.

With nowhere else to go, I turned to my computer and engineering skills to build the ultimate bondage torture and pleasure device. It wouldn't be a man; it would be perfect!

Chapter 2: Bitch in Heat

"I'm sorry Ashley, my trip was extended another week" Linda said, knowing I would be upset.

"Ugh. I'm dying here" I sighed.

"Oh I think you will be OK; It will only make it better in the end right?" she replied in a chipper tone; almost enjoying my predicament.

"Yeah, yeah. Am I still picking you up at the airport Saturday morning?" I asked.

"If you wouldn't mind... I have to run now. Talk to you later, OK?" she said.

"I guess" I answered, slinking into my chair.

It seemed so long ago when I started building my contraption and even longer still since I put on this damned chastity belt despite the fact the belt came later. Chastity was never something I thought I would enjoy and boy was I ever right. I felt like a heroin addict in rehab; willing to do anything for an orgasm. Why would I do this to myself?

Around three months ago when I first started working on my 'man-replacemnt' I became totally obsessed. Not only with the project, but the mind-blowing experiences it would bring. I couldn't get anything done at work; my mind would wander constantly. I reasoned that since I was not getting my work done anyway, I should use my time to work on my project.

As I would write the various pieces of code for the device my mind would wander again, fantasizing about what it would do to me and how it would feel. Frustrated, my bathroom trips increased exponentially. Co-workers started to take notice. The occasional stifled moan from the bathroom stalls was not helping me either. It was only a matter of time before I would be caught.

I searched the Internet and found a used Neosteel belt and had them overnight it to me. It was on my doorstep when I arrived home from work that Friday. The weight and permanence of it sent a shiver through my spine. My arms became littered with goose bumps, almost trembling as if in the presence of evil. If I only knew how right I was.

I thoroughly cleaned the belt several times making sure any and all cooties were eradicated. Standing completely naked in my kitchen, I put the belt around my waist but it didn't fit! I adjusted the position and tried again, and again, and again. I was getting tired and frustrated; I only needed to go another centimeter. With one try left in me, I went to my bedroom and laid on my bed. Sucking my stomach in, the clasp finally popped over the post. Pulling hard, the crotch strap slipped into place. My heartrate rising, I slid the lock into place. *Click*

I wore the belt for the entire weekend, only removing it to make small comfort adjustments and hygiene. I was amazed on how much work I was able to get done when I was not busy getting myself off every hour.

Wearing the belt the following Monday to work was interesting. It was the first time I had been any distance from the keys and strangely, knowing that made it easier to do my work. I would still daydream and even become horny but it was able to shake it off. Short of like my own sex patch!

Home was a different matter, I would always take off my belt the moment I got home. After relieving my frustrations of the day, I didn't have the willpower to put it back on so most times I didn't. To make matters worse, I had so much pent up sexual energy I spent all my free time playing 'catch-up'. I really wanted to finish this project. Desperate times called for desperate measures. I decided the belt would have to stay locked on until I finished.

Linda had been a good friend of mine since high school and lived nearby; one of the reasons I fled to this town. I even stayed with her the first few weeks of my arrival until I found my own place. She knew that I enjoy bondage but didn't really understand it. Like everyone in my life, her knowledge of the subject is tainted by the media. Knowing this, I knew I had to come up with a white lie; lest she think I am a total pervert. Who am I kidding right?

That weekend I went over to her house, stopping at the electrical supply store first. She invited me in and it wasn't long before she noticed something was on my mind.

"I need to ask a favor of you" I asked, timidly glancing away, trying to avoid eye contact.

"Anything Ashley, you know that" she answered concerned.

"Well, it is sort of embarrassing. I made a foolish bet" I said with my face turning cherry red.

"OK... Do you need money?" she replied, raising an eyebrow.

"NO. No... Nothing like that. The bet was that I could stay locked in a chastity belt for 6 weeks" I said.

"Huh?" she blurted out, obviously confused.

We had shared many intimate details, showered together at the gym and even skinny dipped in her pool. Unafraid, I stood up and pulled my jeans down to my knees.

"Oh my!" she gasped.

As you can imagine, an uncomfortable silence filled the room. Linda stared at the belt, tilting her head from side to side. Judging by her perplexed look she didn't know what to make of it. After a minute passed, I finally spoke.

"It doesn't bite" I joked.

"Sorry, I just have never seen anything like it. I have so many questions! That can wait though, what was your favor?" she asked, her eyes never leaving the belt.

"I need you to hold to keys for me. I can't trust myself. I need you to keep the keys from me, especially when I have weak moments. I don't expect it to be easy for you; I have a feeling I am going to try every trick in the book to con you out of them" I explained.

"I don't see why not. What are friends for right? No matter how unusual the request!" she agreed in her normal chipper manner. "So who is this bet with?"

"Just some people online. A discussion came up on how long each one of us could go, one thing led to another and bam. We had a bet" I told her.

"So how do they know you are not cheating?" she questioned further.

"Trust and this little plastic device. It covers the lock and keyhole. The only way to remove it is to cut it off. They are normally used for electric meters. My friends online will know if I cut it off because the serial number will change. I will be sending them weekly pictures of the belt, the lock code and the day's newspaper" I clarified.

We continued to talk about how frustrated I would be and how Linda could never go that long without an orgasm. I joked that if she finds her house ransacked it would probably be just me and not a robber. After a few hours we hugged and said our goodbyes. My heart raced again as I handed over my keys. Linda quickly put them in her pocket, joking that she would try not to lose them.

Speaking from first hand experience, that joke is never funny.

The first few days were rough; I wanted desperately to beg for my keys but didn't want Linda to stop playing along. Having never worn the belt for any extended periods of time, I was unprepared for the 'whole' chastity experience. When I had the keys I always removed the belt if I had to defecate. I typically showered with the belt off, so cleaning my nether regions was now a chore; one that required an extra 20 minutes in the shower each morning.

The 6 weeks that followed were a blur; a frustrating, bitch in heat, I would do anything for one orgasm, blur. Despite feeling like I was a horny slut, willing to hump anything for a little relief most hours of the day, the project was complete. It was so massive that I dedicated a spare bedroom to it. I just hoped that it would live up to my expectations! Now all I needed was for Linda to return from her trip (the bitch took my keys with her!) and I could finally enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Linda returned a week later as promised. I picked her up from the airport and drove to her house. It was obvious that the keys and the belt were on both of our minds, but neither of us would bring it up. Instead, we droned on with small talk.

I must say, I have had better small talk in an elevator with a balding fat man who is hitting on me.

Arriving at her house we hugged again and said our goodbyes. Linda patted her jeans and jacket pockets before looking up with a shocked expression. "Oh my God! I'm so sorry, I must have left them in the night stand at the hotel!" she gasped.

I stood there for a moment, my mind spinning the wheel of emotions trying to pick something appropriate.

"Just kidding! They are on my necklace" she joked (again), removing them from the gold chain and placing them in my hand.

With my freedom back, I got in my car and raced home hoping for the best time of my life.

Oh, and just for the record. The joke is still not funny.

Chapter 3: Into the Rabbit Hole

I gazed intently at the flickering computer screen, desperate to know what would come next. Would it be another shock? A pull on my nipple clamps? Maybe something to push me over the edge? God, I had hoped so.

Having left Linda's house in a rush, I raced home to kick off the weekend. The belt remained locked on for the trip with the keys in the trunk. When I arrived home, I was so excited that I didn't even notice the belt was still on until I undressed! Half naked and wearing only my bra and jeans I quickly retrieved the keys from the trunk and shed the belt post haste.

Standing in front of the device without the belt locked on took every shred of willpower not to pet the kitty once (or twice) before taking the plunge. No... apparently I am a glutton for punishment because within minutes of my release I was locked again, this time in a device of my own design.

The device was everything I had dreamed of and feared all at once. As the first hour of relentless torment and teasing passed, I knew had done my job all too well. Little by little rational thought bleed from my mind only to be filled with animalistic lust and desire. My so-called complicated life had been reduced to wondering what would come next. It didn't matter how pointless the mental exercise was, I was completely consumed.

Surrounding my body was a framework of metal, wires, solenoids and many other mechanical gadgets. My body was lying face down horizontally on a padded split-Y bench with heavy leather straps circling my upper body, lower back and thighs to the bench. My ankles were drawn back and upward, forcing my butt and pussy to rise slightly. Each ankle was secured to steel manacles that are welded to the framework. In this position, my pussy and ass are very exposed; an easy target for the device.

"MMMMmpmmmpMMMppph!!!" my stomach muscles tensed and cried out from the anal assault.

Inserted in my ass was a medium sized plug which is connected to a modified TENS unit. Intensity and duration are random, but well within my pain tolerance for the session. Hardly a comforting thought as thousands of volts course through your anal cavity.

Just outside my pussy was a very well lubricated dildo connected to a shaft. Under ideal conditions, the vibrator would be buzzing away, slowly fucking my pussy to multiple orgasms. So far tonight, my luck has been less than ideal. The vibrator is not a one trick pony however. It is connected to the same TENS unit as my anal plug, able to plunge gut wrenching electricity in and out of my pussy.

My breasts were in no better shape. Draped over each side of the bench, thin leather straps circled the base of each tit, forcing them into balloons. My nipples had painful clamps attached to them, connected to independent solenoids below me. The one thing about solenoids is they pull in one direction when activated and FAST. One cannot fully appreciate the speed and power of such a device until your nipple is pulled an inch from your body in a millisecond!

The device has many more implements of torment and pleasure that I decided not to use, at least for the maiden voyage. No bondage is close to complete without a good gag, so I buckled my favorite ball gag trainer in place. Using a mini-carabineer, I arched my head back and connected the top strap of the gag an eyebolt in the framework. Relaxing my head caused the straps to pull even tighter, causing my jaw to crush the rubber ball inside. Delicious!

To ensure there was no escape until my anonymous Masters and Mistresses allowed me to, each arm was fitted with strong leather cuffs, both above the elbow and at the wrist. Where a D-ring would normally go was a thick, metal plate; something I ordered custom from the Internet. Directly above my body were 4 electromagnets capable of holding a metric ton of weight. Needless to say, I wouldn't be squirming free. The position forced me to arch my back slightly (as much as the straps would allow); locking my elbows and wrists behind me completing my helplessness. It was the first time my arms were truly forced together behind me and it was every bit as wonderful as I had imagined.

Rope... eat your heart out!

I closed my eyes and imagined I was held captive and tortured for government secrets. I was hogtied, blindfolded and held in a underground bunker. My captors had gagged me to muffle my screams, but it didn't help much. I think it was just to further my submission. With my back arched, pussy forced wide open I twisted in my bonds as my mind raced as the terrifying possibilities...

"MMmmmpphhhhhhh!!!!" I screamed into the gag. Whoever they were, they had been relentless on my tits!

Continuing to twist in my bonds, I prepared myself for the next 'persuasion'.

"mmmmmmmmmm" I moaned to the soft vibrations and slow fucking from the dildo. My nostrils flared as my breathing and heart rate quickened. I tried anxiously to move closer to the dildo and push it in deeper, but to no avail. The straps were too tight. I thought to myself, "If they keep this up, they might get those secrets yet."

All of a sudden, it stopped... again. I grunted in disappointment, I was so damn close this time that my body was peppered with goose bumps. All I needed was another damn 10 seconds! My captors must be professionals.

The line between pain and frustration had become a haze. Having been without an orgasm for months and this machine pleasuring me to the brink over and over without release was a torture a TENS unit could only dream of. I wanted... no, NEEDED to cum so bad I was starting to resemble a heroin addict in detox. My body was drenched in sweat and quivering with desire. The things I would do for an orgasm at that point... the mind boggles.

I looked at the computer screen, wondering what would be next. What made the experience so exciting was the human element. The torments and tortures were not simply the whim of a computers random number algorithm, but actual human control.

Building the machine itself was a lot of work, but only half of the project. To make the experience as real as possible, I developed a web based computer game. The game features an anime girl, bound in a strict hogtie, awaiting her Master or Mistresses next action. To the left of the game screen is a toolbar with several instruments of pleasure and torture such as vibrators, clamps, plugs, and whips. These devices correspond to elements within my machine.

The object of the game is simple, keep the girl on the edge for as long as possible without causing her to use her safe word or orgasm. The difficultly increases as time passes, eventually causing the game to end, but not until the virtual girl almost explodes from pain and pleasure. Unbeknownst to the players, every action is sent to a database server. The computer in my house tracks the progress of all players, carrying out the sum the actions performed over the past minute. If 20 players pull on my nipple clamps and 10 use the vibe, my nipple clamps get pulled. The game was released to the web a week ago and since then have been a steady stream of users looking to control my virtual body.

"MMPPhh!!! .... MMPPhh!!! .... MMPPhh!!! .... MMPPhh!!!" I grunted as every muscle in my body tensed. Each plunge of the vibrator felt like someone's foot was kicking me in the crotch. Glancing at the computer clock, I was relieved there were only 20 minutes left before I was 'scheduled' to be released... hoping it was going to be in more ways than one!

Over the next 5 minutes I was brought to the brink once more only to crash down after 3 successive pulls to my nipple clamps. It had been almost two hours since I had strapped myself into that thing and I knew it was far from done with me.

For release, I must endure a preset number of minutes and for tonight I had selected 120. Over the past week, most players have been content with giving the virtual girl a quick orgasm. I expected to be sopping wet, drunk with orgasmic bliss by now but it seems that more players are trying to get a high score than a cheap thrill. Don't they realize a girl has needs even if she is virtual?!?

In case of emergency, there are two buttons near my fingers. Pressing and holding both in for 5 seconds will terminate the game interaction and begin a release sequence. Suffice it to say that the punishment does not suit the reward. It would have to be a life threatening situation to use it. The mere thought gives me shivers!

As a secondary backup, the device feeds its power from a battery backup device (charged, but disconnected from the wall). It is big enough to run the equipment for 4 hours, so if I lost consciousness or the equipment failed my release would be automatic.

The normal release method does have two small caveats. Release is not automatic; it requires me to hit one of the buttons within 5 seconds to turn off the magnets. Pressing either button within the time limit turns off the entire device, including the vibrator and any chance of a parting orgasm. Secondly, release can only come when the vibrator is active, so if I get 5 tortures in a row and want out, I am stuck until the masses decide to use the vibrator on me. To sweeten the pot and entice me to not release myself, the vibrator increases in intensity, speed and duration after each 'missed' release.

I glanced up at the screen and watched the tallies for the next instruction count up. A moan escaped my gagged lips when the vibrator counter took the lead spot. I was nervous with anticipation and tensing my body as if I was about to go down the first hill on a rollercoaster.

True to my design, the vibrator revved up with renewed vigor and excitement. My pussy, dripping with arousal, felt the first of many thrusts deep inside me. Limited by the straps digging into my flesh, I bucked with all my might – clenching my fists to ensure I don't accidentally press the button.

A climax of nuclear proportions was building in my body, from my toes to the top of my head. The sensations were already overwhelming; my vision blurred and my arms and legs began to quake. 20 seconds later...

"MMMmmmmmmphh! Mmmmpph! Mppppph! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph!!!"

Wave after wave crashed over my body. Everything was in sensory overload; I could hardly breathe; darkness started to creep in from my peripheral vision but I didn't care. The vibrator continued its relentless plunging into my pussy and I was pathetically trying to pull away. My body had started convulsing, rattling the heavy framework, but not enough to cause even a flinch. Saliva filled my gagged mouth, forcing me to breathe through my nose. I tried desperately to hold on, but the decreased airflow was too much, my vision continued to fade until.... blackness.

I wasn't out for long before my online controllers started to pull on my nipples again. The orgasm had completely drained me and if I could, I would have slept bound in that position all night, dildo stuck in my pussy and all. I felt the vibrator stir once again, and with regret I pressed to the button. I don't think my body could have taken another orgasm.

My arms fell to the ground like rocks; I couldn't move them at all. If not for the exhaustion, I would have surely panicked. Instead I patiently waited for the blood to circulate again and movement return. The process was slow going, but I managed to release all my bonds and slide out of the device.

I sat on the floor and reflected on the experience. It was far more intense than I had expected, but I guess that is all part of the allure and why I built the device. If it performed exactly how I expected and I could predict how it would make me feel, it wouldn't be much fun would it?

Before crawling out of the room, I looked back and felt a chill go through my body. My body was in pain but pussy was eager to make up for lost time. A small part of me wanted to jump right back in the machine and do it all again.

I smiled and remembered that the weekend is still young!

Chapter 4: Innocence Lost

"So who is he?" she pressed.

I paused for a moment, giving my friend a knowing smirk "There is no man in my life"

"Fair enough, what's her name?" she joked.

"Oh God Linda. If I am not seeing a man I must be lesbian?" I said with half-hearted disdain. "Tsk Tsk"

"Well what the hell is with you? You ask me to hold on to your chastity key for almost 2 months, I give it back and for weeks you have been on Cloud 9." Linda exclaimed, throwing her arms in the air.

"Ever since I got the belt off, I have had a new outlook on life." I answered, realizing I was quickly running low on excuses.

With a scowling grin, Linda looked me in the eye "I think you are full of it... scratch that, I know you are. I will let you off the hook for now, but I will find out, don't you worry!"

There was no doubt that Linda could read me like a book, I had been on Cloud 9 since my first experience with the device. Our lunch date conversation shifted to lighter, meaningless topics. I could tell my good friend was hurt and for a moment thought about inviting her over to see for herself. She had never been what you could call a sexually liberated woman, but more of the man on top missionary position type of girl. On the other hand, she seemed OK with my chastity belt and I would bet that she even enjoyed being my keyholder. Hell, I'm sure she would gladly jump at the chance to do it again knowing her.

We said our goodbyes and went back to work. We made plans to see a new romantic comedy that was coming out this weekend which gave me a little less than 5 days to think of a new excuse. The thought of making someone up did cross my mind, but I am no fool; digging myself deeper into this lie was only going to hurt her more.

After leaving work that night I decided I would give it some serious thought while in the device that night. I had made some minor enhancements that I was dying to try out. I don't want to say that things are starting to get boring, well, OK... maybe a bit. To be honest, it is a little depressing to realize that after months of hard work and frustration I would feel this way so soon. I expected it would take months before I wanted something new, not 3 weeks.

I ate some dinner quickly and grabbed a shower before heading into my play room. I booted the computer up and double checked that the enhancements were working properly. Clicking an icon I launched a stats program that would let me cheat and see what the next torment would be. For some reason I found it very entertaining, like a horse race. It gives me chills when I see the counter for a punishment and my vibrator climb neck in neck.

After setting the 5 minute start time my freshly shaved body slowly climbed into the device. I masterfully strapped my legs into place and positioned the vibrator and anal plug with ease. My nipple clamps were next; tightly securing them to new motors which allow them to be pulled slowly. For tonight's special, I strapped on a rather large spider gag, complete with a chin strap as well as another over my head. For those of you unfamiliar with this type of gag, it is simply a ring gag with 'legs' near each corner, making it near impossible to twist it out of your mouth. The additional straps seal the deal; my mouth was open for business for the next few hours.

With my bondage in place, I secured one more strap over my shoulders keeping my chest firmly locked against the warm leather bench. With some effort I raised my arms to the electromagnet bars. CLANG! The distinctive metal on metal sound echoed through the room, like a gong announcing my bondage had commenced.

Unlike many adventures before, my head was not strapped to the framework. This freedom does not come without a price however. Under my nose is a well endowed dildo complete with pressure and heat sensors. Working with the software on the computer, it can not only detect if there is pressure at multiple points on the shaft, but if it is actively being sucked. For tonight, I have told the device to keep the vibrator on low at all times which is never enough to bring me over the edge, at least not in the one minute bursts that I get. My only hope for an orgasm is to suck the rubber cock under my nose with enough ferocity that the device will match the vibrator speed accordingly.

"OOooooopphh!" I groaned through the gag; my body jolting into a rigid state. Gazing at the dildo, I was caught in a daydream of the orgasms to come, I had not realized the electric anal probe 'horse' had just won the race. Luckily I had only just got started, so the device was still taking it a bit easy on me.

Looking down at the dildo again, I couldn't help but think of that fateful night months ago. Bound similar to how I am now with a ring gag in my mouth and a cock in my face. I don't deny that even with the device, there is no single moment that has surpassed what I felt. Sucking his cock, fighting against the tight ropes around my wrists and elbows; pretending I was just another sex slave.

I looked up just in time to see the vibrator win the race. "nnnnnnnnn" softly escaped my mouth as the vibrator kicked on. It felt nice, but next time wouldn't be so gentle, I would make sure of that.

With renewed focus, I looked intently at the screen. Watching the vibrator and nipple torments climb to the top I started to get a 'sucking' start. Counting down the seconds in my head I quickened my pace.


"MMmmmmmmpphhhh!!!" echoed through the room, my poor nipples painfully pulled and tortured by the device. Removing my mouth from the dildo, I glance at the screen only to see the vibrator lost by 1 point. Damnit!

"The game is afoot!" I thought, giving the computer screen my best scowling look for its betrayal.

For the next 30 minutes I tried to predict when to start sucking, but typically ended with a sore ass or pained nipples. On the few times I was granted some pleasure, I was too exhausted and out of breath from the attempts before to do anything about it. After a brief rest I watched the screen again excited to see the vibrator was sure to win. With 10 seconds left and I started to suck and begin the countdown in my head. Sucking with increasing energy I got into a rhythm and began to quicken my pace.


The saliva soaked cock slid easily in and out of my mouth. The vibrator buzzed with increased intensity against my equally soaked pussy, but it was still not enough to push me over. I soon realized the problem and pushed the dildo deeper and deeper down my throat. The vibrator picked up speed; matching my efforts but I needed more. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead as I closed my eyes in preparation for one hell of an orgasm.

58...59...60... Click!

"MMmmmpppphhh!!" I cried out... God, not now... I was so close. My body twitched as the adrenaline and breathing started to come back to normal. What I had not planned on was how the ring gag would affect my oral performance. Without my lips I couldn't maintain pressure, at least not enough with my tongue alone. Hornier than ever now, I would have to deep throat the dildo if I wanted any relief in the next couple of hours. The mere thought of extra discomfort made my body tingle. I couldn't help but fantasize that my Master was unhappy with my oral ability and was forcing me to please as many men as he could find until I improved. This unexpected twist was exactly what I needed as it was the unexpected that truly turned me on.

Little did I know. at the moment my computer had taken on a life of its own. The luminescent screen looked down on my sweaty body, but I was too busy imagining what my Master would do to me if I didn't perform and if I had it in me to get my long awaited climax. On the screen the mouse was moving about, exploring my work with a lot of focus on the application that ran the device I had locked myself into.

Figuring the next punishment would be coming up soon, I instinctively looked at the screen to prepare myself. Panic washed over me as I watched the mouse cursor move itself within the device's management tool. My body was frozen beyond what any amount of bondage could do. My eyes remained locked on the screen dumbfounded as to what was going on. Reality soon sunk in when the cursor unchecked the box labeled "Enable Safety". The program popped up a reminder that by disabling this option, escape would not be possible until the release time had been met. Without missing a beat, the cursor quickly confirmed my worst fear.

"Oh God No!" I thought, seer terror washing over me as I knew I was now inescapably bound. In desperation my fingers reached for the release buttons, damning any torture that may come. My eyes clenched, hoping...no, praying that my body would be washed over in a sea of agony with freedom as my reward. As the seconds passed by, I hung my head in defeat. My body began to tense up in a vain attempt to free myself; my lust and desire flying right out the window.

Trying desperately to quell the panic that was now making me nauseous, my mind filled with images of that fateful night so many months ago. Unlike before I was at least somewhat mobile and was able to release myself. Barring a sudden gamma radiation burst washing over my body and developing super strength, there was no way I was getting out. To make matters even worse, I had become so trusting of the device that I didn't even both using the UPS battery backup as a secondary safety.

In my distress, I almost hadn't noticed that I had not received any shocks, vibrations or anything for several minutes. Along with disabling the safety, the mystery hacker had turned off the feed from the Internet. With my nerves somewhat calmed I watched the screen trying to determine what their next move would be. Whoever they were, they were diligent in snooping through everything. They paid particular attention to the equipment connected to the computer before opening a web browser. Perplexed, I watched them visit Yahoo and download their IM client to my computer. "What on earth would they want with that?" I thought.

Once the program was installed, they proceeded to configure and launch a chat session with who I could only assume was themselves. When the chat session came online, I finally had my answer.

TightRopes69 would like to view your webcam, do you accept?

"Uuuuuuuuuoooooooo!!!" I screamed into my ring gag. Unable to move, I helplessly watched the cursor slowly move towards the yes button. Seconds later I was staring at myself on the screen. I immediately looked away with embarrassment. I had entertained the thought of recording myself and posting snippets on a blog but decided against it. Even when I did consider it, I had planned to hide my identity with a hood. Against my wishes now, my face and naked body was on display to an anonymous hacker. Despite my reservations and fears, the wetness between my legs was starting to return. I couldn't tell if it was the voyeurism or the lack of control that was getting me so excited, I simply felt compelled to see what would happen next.

"Hello? Are you OK?" the message displayed in the chat window. Gathering every ounce of courage in me, I lifted my head, looked at the camera and nodded that I was indeed OK.

"I was playing a game online and noticed some strange traffic on my Internet connection. I noticed it was logging into a remote database and when I noticed the password was not encrypted, I couldn't help myself, I had to check it out. Before I knew it, it lead me to this computer. I know you can't answer me with that ring gag in your mouth, but does the game control the contraption you are in?" the chatbox chimed.

I was not surprised this person knew what type of gag I was wearing, but had so quickly figured everything out. If I could have, I would have turned on the nipple torments and anal plug on full as punishment for leaving the password unprotected. Without the ability to do anything about it now, I looked up at the screen and nodded my head once more.

"Very impressive. Looking at your documents, I can see you are just outside of Boston. As it happens I am only about two hours away. 289 Lincoln Street right? I have enjoyed your game so much, I can't help but want to try the real thing. See you in two hours? My name is James by the way, I can let myself in." the IM window chimed again.

My body wracked with fear again, I couldn't believe this was happening to me again. How could I have been so foolish! I should have just told Linda to throw away the damn key to my chastity belt and I wouldn't be in this mess. Summoning every bit of energy I had left I tried desperately to find a weakness in the device. Exhausted and defeated I closed my eyes and pretended this was all a dream.

Out of nowhere the vibrator fired up and started to plunge deep between my moist lips. It took me a few seconds to regain my senses and looked up at the screen to see James playing with the controls. He had activated the vibrator and moved the slider to 40%. It wasn't enough to get me off, but was plenty to get me back into the mood and my mind off the situation at hand.

Watching him navigate the controls he soon figured out what everything did he started playing my body like a fiddle. Forgetting the camera was watching my every move, I tried to grind my hips against the vibrations. Just when I was getting into a rhythm, the nipple clamps started to slowly pull at 50% power; just enough to get a girls attention but not ruin the mood.

"Suck the dildo if you want to get off. You got 1 minute before I shut everything off but the anal electric shock plug in your ass for the next two hours" he typed on the screen.

Caught up in the moment, my mouth went right for the dildo with every intent on sucking the black dye out of the latex. I knew I should be wracked with fear at the mere prospect of two hours of anal shocks, but it only served to motivate me more. My head bobbed up and down the cock in front of me, increasing the vibrations against my clit.

"mmmphh" "mmmmmmphh" I moaned as much as I could, occasionally licking the head of the dildo. I pretended it was his cock in front of me and he was enjoying the show. It only turned me on more and with only seconds left I pushed my head to the base of the dildo pushing it halfway down my throat. Trying to inhale while pulling my head up created an incredible amount of suction and sent the vibrator into high gear. My whole body began to shake making it hard to keep the suction going. My lungs burning for air, I could see the blackness starting to creep in.


With quite a bit of force my head flew off the dildo; my body now wracked in the troughs of the most incredible and violent orgasm of my life. My breathing remained very shallow and in short bursts as I tried to stay conscious. Even the after shocks were more powerful than most of my orgasms and they continued for several minutes. I was in my own world, drenched in sweat and soon wishing I could simply crawl into bed.

"WOW! That was simply incredible. I have so many questions. Hold on." he said.

Knowing I was unable to move, I began to assume this was a joke on his part. No sooner did the thought cross my mind however when the electromagnets holding my arms sprung open! I couldn't believe it. Either this was a mistake or he is actually letting me go!

I didn't waste any time removing the rest of my restraints while James watched me on the webcam. Between the anal shocker and nipple torments, he could still have plenty of fun still. Exhausted, I sat on the chair in front of the computer and readjusted the webcam purposely leaving my tortured breasts in view.

"I never really intended on keeping you locked up. I was hedging my bets that before I came along you were fantasizing that you were captured and being tormented. I was only trying to add some spice to it, make it more real. I hope you are not upset." he pleaded.

I thought for a moment about everything that happened and realized that he had brought spice back into the adventure. He could have very easily carried out his promise and done what he wanted with me, even kidnapped me and nobody would have been the wiser. At the very least, he could have tortured me for hours and left without a trace. I reassured him that he had not upset me and admitted that I actually had a good time overall.

"I'm so glad. Let me take you out tonight; I'll make sure the first stop is a massage parlor :)" he asked.

Looking straight into the camera with a smile I said "Sounds like fun, I'll see you when you get here. Oh..." changing to a devilish grin "you will have to let yourself in the back as I will be otherwise... incapacitated." With a wink I closed the chat connection and disconnected my computer for the Internet. Chuckling for a moment, I couldn't help but imagine poor James with his rock hard cock bursting out of his pants for the next two hours. It was the least I could do!

Chapter 5: In for a Penny, In for a Pound

"OK OK" I playfully barked, "Yes, I met a guy and no, you can't meet him. Not Yet."

"Was that so hard?" Linda scolded, raising her eyebrows. "So is he horribly disfigured? 450 pounds? Married?" she drilled.

"No no, nothing like that. He is a sweet man, very good to me and very handsome. I have only gone out with him a couple times. Can I at least get to the third date before you 'inspect' him?" I asked with a grin.

"It has been over a month and you have only seen him twice? Something is not adding up." she pressed.

"We met on... well, the Internet and spent a few weeks chatting before meeting. I haven't felt like this since I was a teenager. I keep feeling the bubble is going to pop and this fairly tale will be over. I'm just a little afraid that you will find something wrong with him." I explained with sincerity. I really was in a fantasy world.

Linda and I continued our lunch and I gave her every detail of our relationship except for the device and how it lead to meeting James. She was genuinely happy for me and even partly jealous. We both agreed that the distance may cause a strain, but if it was meant to be, it was meant to be.

After paying the check, I could see Linda's eyes dart down to my waistline. Before I could react, her eyes met mine with a look of surprise. "Saving ourselves for marriage? Or you don't trust him yet?" she asked, trying to keep a straight face. Without having to look I knew the waistline of my skirt had lowered enough to see the top of the chastity belt.

Maybe it was one to many cosmopolitans, but felt compelled to shock that smirk right off her face. "I guess that is up to him. He has the keys!" I quipped.

Linda gasped, drawing her hand to her mouth with feigned shock "Oh my, you kinky little slut!"

"I'm a slut?" I innocently questioned, "I haven't had an orgasm in almost two weeks!"

It was hard to read my friends expressions at this point. I would say a little shock mixed with excitement. There was no doubt her mind was racing at the prospect of it all. She leaned closer to me, lowered her voice and asked "Does he really have the keys?"

"Yup" I nodded, knowing she was longing for juicy details. Maybe I was wrong about her; I couldn't help but think that maybe she was a kinky girl at heart but was too afraid or ashamed to acknowledge that side of her.

"Damn! I'm going to be late for my meeting. I gotta run. Don't you dare think I don't want to hear more!" she blurted as she scurried to her car, checking the time on her cellphone for a fourth time.

I walked back to my car, my heels clicking on the hard asphalt. It wasn't often that I wore a skirt and heels, but I couldn't help myself. I felt sexually charged, more than ever before and jeans didn't help express those feelings. Having Linda discover my dirty little secret only added fuel to the fire.

Sitting in the car, I grabbed a tissue and tried to absorb the wetness oozing from the belt. My fingers instinctively probed the belt, looking for any weakness, any sensation that could hold me over until Saturday afternoon. After 5 minutes I realized it was useless. I screamed and banged my fist in frustration against the front plate of the belt. "Only 48 more hours to go" I reminded myself.

"Hi Hon, I am walking out of the door now. Anything special you want to do today?" James asked.

With desperation in my voice I answered "As long as it involves me ending up in a pile of orgasmic bliss, I'm game"

"Weren't you bragging how you went 6 weeks without an orgasm last week?" he questioned with a tone in his voice.

"I wouldn't call it bragging" I said defensively, not liking the sudden direction this conversation was taking. "Besides, I will make it worth your while!"

"I have no doubt of that. I will release you when I decide, no sooner. Now I need to think of a suitable punishment for begging" he scolded.

"But I.." I attempted to plead, quickly cutoff by James.

"But nothing, those were the rules agreed to when I locked you in that belt" he continued to scold, "Now if I were you, I would think of a way to show me what a good slavegirl you can be"

Quickly I pulled the receiver from my ear and glared at it. My visceral reaction was to tell him to piss off and give me my damn key back. I took a deep breath and put the phone to my ear again, "I'm sorry. I just feel like I am going to explode."

"Apology accepted, we will discuss it more when I get to your house. Bye hon." he said.

"Don't be too long master..." I said in my most seductive voice before hanging up.

Tracing my fingers along the crotch plate covering my pussy there was doubt my enforced chastity was turning me on. Mentally, I felt like choking the man. The sensations were so powerful by this point in the week that I was constantly aroused. This of course would force me to think about bondage and what he would do to me that weekend, causing more arousal. Juicy, exhausting and unfulfilling arousal.

With two hours to prepare I hoped in the shower and scrubbed myself clean. The belt easily doubled the time, forcing me to pull, shake and contort my body to allow the soap and water to do their job. The most frustrating part of it was this effort is all based on the hope he actually unlocks me!

I dried off in the bedroom and started to get ready for his arrival. Tight leather turns James on more than anything, so assuming he brought the key with him, my plan was to make myself irresistible. From my closet I pulled out a black leather corset and put it around my waist. With the belt on I can't tighten it too much, but does add a bit more shape and pushes up my breasts quite nicely.

Next I dumped most of my toys and restraints on the bed, carefully arranging them for easy access. Sitting on the bed my 6 inch heels were next, making sure I pulled the straps around my ankles tightly before threading locks into the holes, clicking them shut. Reaching behind me, I grabbed one of my spreader bars and put it between my legs. What made this spreader bar so devious is it has a built in ratcheting system that allowed you to widen your legs but not close them without pressing the button in the middle of the bar. I wrapped the leather cuffs from each end of the spreader bar around my ankles and locked them on with two additional padlocks.

Gathering the rest of my toys for this excursion, I carefully waddled my way to the corner of the room where a low hanging spider plant hung. The plant was merely a decoy for the heavy chain tethered to the ceiling with a half inch carriage bolt. Unhooking the plant I set it aside and positioned myself so my back was facing the doorway. Using some of my favorite hemp rope, I looped it around my waist just above my chastity belt. Knotting it in the front, I pulled the loose end through the top of the belt, between my legs carefully making sure it rested tightly between by labia and back up under the back of my belt and rope. Bending over slightly, I pulled the rope up to the chain and looped it through the ring at the end. Using what little leverage I had, I pulled hard on the rope digging the hemp deep into my pussy.

As I tied off the rope, precariously balancing in my very high heels, I had to stop and focus myself again. My pussy has been so deprived these past couple of weeks that any sensation, including pain, was now sending shivers of pleasure up and down my body. For a few minutes I grinded the rope, enjoying how the fibers coarsely rubbed my clit. James unfortunately was due to arrive at any minute so I begrudgingly stopped. I knew I would probably have plenty of time to frustrate myself when I finished.

Another one James's weaknesses is ring gags. Unfortunately his cock is a too big for even my largest gag, but never the less, it drives him wild to watch me vigorously lick his cock through the gag. He can't orgasm from it, but is so rock hard that he doesn't last for more than a few minutes of licking before he shoves his cock inside me. Knowing this, I gleefully strapped my largest ring gag in my mouth, the same one from when we first met. I pulled a leather hood over my head with the eye holes sewn shut and extra padding around the ears to mute most noises. Carefully I pulled my hair through the top and the laced it nice and tight, forcing the leather to mold around my skin and accentuate the ring in my mouth. For a finishing touch, I put on my 5" posture collar and locked it with a padlock trapping the hood's laces underneath.

Using a short piece of rope I braided my hair into it, giving it a few tugs to make sure it was tight. Reaching behind me, I tied the free end to the chain my crotch rope was attached too.

"aaaaahhhhoooowwww!!" I screamed with shock.

In my hurry I bent myself over and regretted not putting more slack in the crotch rope. I gave it a few minutes and let myself get used to the pain which eventually subsided. From the floor I picked up a menacing pair of nipple clamps with a long connecting chain. They were not terribly strong but they had exposed metal teeth that prevented any slippage. I learned this from experience and not surprisingly I only needed one lesson!

Gritting my teeth against the leather wrapping around the gag, I winced as I put on the first clamp... "If only I could see my facial expressions now!" I thought. Before I could talk myself out of it, I looped the chain around the spreader bar and tried putting the other clamp on. It was a little short so I slowly bent a bit lower, my head now pulled straight back from the hair braid. It was just enough to get the other clamp attached. "aaaaaaaahhhhhoooww" I screamed again.

Like the first, it only took a minute for the pain to dull to a tolerable level. In many respects I was proud that I had got this far. In my past attempts at self-bondage I typically would have rubbed myself to orgasm, untied myself and be lying on the floor in a heap. I was unsure if it was James or the belt (maybe both) that brought this out of me. One thing was certain; I had never felt more turned on.

With practiced ease I put leather wrist cuffs on each wrist, strapping them tight. Holding three locks, a short chain and a key in my hands, I pulled my wrists behind my back, locking them on with the chain locked between them. Using my fingers, I pulled my wrists up my back into a reverse prayer careful not to drop the padlock and key. It was slow going, especially at the end when I ran out of corset to pull against. After about 5 minutes of effort I could feel the D-ring on the back of the posture collar. Having never done this before I was surprised that I could actually get my hands that high. Looping the padlock through the chain attached to my wrist cuffs and through the ring in the collar I relaxed my arms, tugging playfully.

I took a moment to review everything in my head. In the event James didn't show up the key in my hand would release the reverse prayer. The keys to my wrist and ankle cuffs as well as my posture collar were neatly tucked away in the back of my mailbox on the street. Even with the sidewalk to guide me, the idea of going outside while partially deaf, unable to speak and totally blind sent shivers down my spine. It was just after noon and I would have to wait at least 12 hours before I could even attempt to get them.

As I stood there bent at the waist playfully tugging the lock, my mind began to sweet-talk me. My hips grinded slowly against the rope; visions of my tongue running up and down James's throbbing cock filled my minds eye. Instinctively my head rose to match the position of his cock in my fantasy causing delightful pain to shoot through each nipple. I watch his hand reach between my legs gently teasing me. With a soft grin he spoke "That feels incredible Ashley." I was soon lost in fantasy land, logic and reason were trapped in the dungeon of my subconscious (and while they won't admit it, they love it too). Click! I squirmed with new vigor as the next fantasy started to play in my mind.

After 20 minutes of relentless teasing and fantasies I slumped in my bondage resulting in the crotch rope reminding me there is no rest for the weary. Like the device, I was starting to feel more aches and pains all over with no real relief. I tried to stay focused on small milestones to prevent myself from aborting the whole thing and ruining it for James.

SMACK! "aaaaahhh!" I grunted.

The surprise of the assault set forth a chain reaction starting with my head snapping back and pulling hard on my nipple clamps. The shock had caused me to lose my balance and before I could stop myself my foot extended outwards by 6 inches thus widening my stance, digging the crotch rope deeper into my pussy. To top it off my hands flung open causing me to drop my key. Somehow I knew he wouldn't be picking it up for me any time soon.

"I'm impressed my pet" James complimented, "you must really need an orgasm bad"

Nipple clamps be dammed, I nodded my head vigorously "uuuhh huuuhhhh"

"We still have the matter of your punishment, would you like it now?" he asked.

Nodding my head I grunted my reply "eessss asster". I knew the sooner the punishment was over, the sooner I got my orgasm.

"Let's get you out of that belt first" he replied.

The jingle of keys echoed in the room as he fumbled through them. I wiggled my ass in anticipation of the devilish device being removed. I could feel him put the key into the slot and with a loud click, the lock sprung free. Carefully he removed it from my waist, revealing my wanting pussy, puffed with desire and a very soaked crotch rope running through it.

I could hear James fumble with some of the toys on the bed and before I knew it he shoved a pump gag into my mouth and inflated it. With it behind the ring I had no chance at expelling the invader and no way to protest.

Seconds later I felt him loop some rope around the base of each breast. With them hanging down like they were it was pretty easy. He tied them off to each ankle but not as tight as I would expect. I couldn't understand why he would bind my breasts when the nipple clamps were already doing that job.

I didn't get much of a chance to think about it. Slowly he pushed my elbows together before wrapping a liberal amount of PVC bondage tape around them. Starting at my elbows and working his way up to and around my hands. When he was done my arms were not only locked securely in a reverse prayer but sealed with at least two layers of PVC. He was careful to wind my fingers into fists but not before placing the dropped key in there. "What I diabolical bastard" I growled to myself.

The sensation of total immobility while struggling to keep my balance in 6" heels kept me on edge and thus far was enough to stave off the pain pulsating throughout my body, especially my shoulders. My yoga training had prepared me for plenty of situations, but this was new territory.

Next I felt him tighten the laces on my corset, pulling them tighter each time I exhaled. It didn't take long before I was left taking short breaths through my nose. Lastly I felt him tie something to the chain hanging from the ceiling and let it hang down, pressing lightly against my pussy.

"Your punishment will be in two parts. The first will last for 30 minutes. I will be watching you, so if you can't breathe or are in distress you know what to do." he spoke into my hooded ear.

"I will not tell you when the 30 minutes are up. If you ask for release early, the remaining minutes will multiply your next punishment. If you go beyond 30 minutes, you will receive the minimum. Understood?" he asked in a surprisingly authoritative voice.

I nodded in agreement.

Moment later I felt the distinctive vibrations of my Hitachi Magic Wand. I squirmed in delight and thought, "I will take this punishment any day!"

"MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmppppphhhh" I moaned loudly in my gag.

The tight bondage, soft vibrations and even the crotch rope felt like heaven. I felt my body shutter a bit as it became overwhelmed with the sensations. Like before unfortunately the sensations were not enough to bring me over the edge. Not missing the opportunity my mind began convincing me into finding a better position to get the vibrator closer to my clitoris. Unable to bend in any direction I started to realize that in my current predicament I probably wouldn't be able to orgasm.

"Raise your right leg up" the voices in my head suggested.

My mind in a fog from constant teasing, it seemed perfectly logical. Using my hair and crotch rope as supports my right leg began to rise. I could faintly hear the spreader bar click as it ratcheted into position. I couldn't care less; every click brought the vibrator closer to my clit. When I finished my knee was almost parallel with my torso and the vibe gently bounced rhythmically to my squirming body.

30 seconds. That is the total time it took for me to realize how devious James was and why this would be a punishment I would not soon regret. Even with the light pressure of the vibrator my orgasm was on a fast track but not before the horrible cramp in my left leg caused me to buckle a bit.

Everything happened so fast. Thinking I might fall, my right leg immediately went to the floor to compensate. The spreader bar was almost 18 inches wider causing two new immediate problems. The increased width put additional strain on what felt like a guitar string between my legs and the heels of my shoes were no longer on the floor.

The function of the breast ties became abundantly apparent as well. With the increased width of the spreader bar the ropes were now tight, pulling my body further to the floor and causing even more strain on my hair tie. Worst of all, the vibrator was now buzzing wildly against my ass, inches away from my dripping pussy.

I couldn't take it any more, orgasm be damned, punishments be damned.

With regret, I started to hum 'Mary had a little lamb'.

In a whirlwind of activity my pump gag was removed, the tape around my arms was cut loose, spreader bar shortened, the breast ties removed, my crotch rope loosened and the nipple clamps came off. James was quick to cover my mouth with his hand after removing the clamps, narrowly avoiding an embarrassing 911 call from the neighbors. Once he massaged feeling back into my nipples he helped me stand up straight. My mind was in a fog and every muscle in my body ached.

"Are you alright hon?" James asked with concern.

I nodded my head slowly, still trying to work out the kinks in my neck but the posture collar was not cooperating much.

"I'm impressed you made it 23 minutes" said James. I twisted my head slightly in the direction of his voice, trying to understand what he was talking about.

While the fog in my head cleared I could feel James messing with the strings of my corset and pulling them a bit tighter. Moaning softly through my gag I swayed my hips pushing my ass firmly against his crotch. With enthusiasm he started to grind against me through his pants. I wiggled my fingers in frustration, if only I could get my hands on his cock, he would be putty in my hands.

To my surprise however I felt a belt tighten around the waist of my corset. My mind was racing trying to deduce what it could be until I felt the all too familiar steel band pulled between my legs. "My chastity belt? But how? With the corset on the band is far too big" I thought trying put the puzzle together in my blind prison. I fought as much as I could, trashing my body around, desperate to thwart his efforts.

"AAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!" I screamed, my vigor was quickly dispatched with a firm pull on my crotch rope.

Without a word James continued, making several attempts put full the front crotch plate into place. Defeated, I used my fingers to grab ahold of the crotch rope behind me to steady myself. On the 5th try he was able to pull the plate into position.


"I'll be in the living room watching some TV, come join me when you get free" he said, giving my nipples a playful pinch before leaving the room.

The belt dug slightly into my skin making its presence unmistakably known. I cursed the man under my breath but my body knew different. Never in my life had I been so turned on that my own juices ran down the sides of my legs. If not for the crotch rope and belt I would need safety cones directing people around the puddle.

Getting out of the restraints took a bit of work. It didn't help that I only had the key to unlock my reverse prayer, the rest were sitting in my mailbox. It took a few minutes for the numbness to leave my arms before discovering my next challenge. Unable to remove the cuffs and connecting chain from my wrists I could not pull them in front of me until the crotch rope was untied. I bent forward so I could reach for the crotch rope knot the slack in my hair tie was pulled tight further limiting my mobility. Blind and hindered by ropes it took me over 10 minutes to find the right angle the release my crotch rope knot. The hair tie was a bit easier, but still took 5 minutes of frustration to release the knot.

I sat down on the floor I worked my wrists under my butt and around the spreader bar. With my hands in front I carefully pulled the remaining rope from the crotch rope free from the tight bands on my new belt. My fingers explored my latest fashion accessory first noticing several D-rings around the band of the belt. It seemed a bit heavier and fit snugly around my corset; there was no chance of removing it until the belt was removed. Cutting it wasn't even an option due to the heavy steel boning.

The more I realized that escape was not possible I became excited again. Using the rope still tied around my hair, I strung it through the rear d-ring on the belt and tied it off. I caressed my breasts and fantasized being at work locked in my corset and new belt; keys... over 100 miles away.

A while had passed and without any way to orgasm my fantasies soon fizzled out. Standing up I had a wicked idea. I felt around and found the padlock and key from my reverse prayer. Removing the key from the lock, I dropped the key in the front of my corset. It took a bit of work, but I was able to work the key down to the top of my chastity belt. There was no way the key would go any further and due to the sticky sweat was not coming back up again!

I decided against leaving my hair tied to the back of the belt, mostly fearing the damage from a fall. Instead I found a set of clover clamps and put them on running the chain though the ring on my posture collar. Finally with the lock in hand, I snapped my wrist cuffs to the rear D-ring of the belt. "ooooohhh" I purred as a tugged mischievously against the lock and belt.

The walk to the living room was a slow one. I cursed after running into each wall. "You would think I would know my own house by now!" I couldn't help but think. Needing a distraction I fantasized how my plan would play out. Unable to leave me in my current state for the weekend, let alone work, he would have to release the belt and corset to release my hands. With any luck, my plan was to seduce him before he could get the belt back on!

Reaching my destination I called out for James but was met with silence. Stranger still was the TV was not on, at least not the audio. I started to become a bit panicked when the phone rang and the answering machine eventually picking up.

It was James, and he didn't sound happy "Hi Ashley - I'm really sorry. The data center at work just went down and my phone is ringing off the hook. I'm on my way back home to take care of it. I came to release you a little while ago but you looked like you were having too much fun on the floor."

Stunned, I shuffled over to the couch and sat down. "How could he just leave me like this?" I questioned in utter disbelief.

"I am not sure where the other keys are, but knowing you, I am sure you had a backup plan in case I never showed up. Never the less, I don't want anything to happen to you. Please don't be too mad at me, I asked your friend Linda to come over. I told her where the house key was and she said she would be there in about 30 minutes. I didn't give her many details, so if you release yourself before she gets there all should be OK. If not, you are probably stuck anyway and will need her help." he continued with deep concern in his voice.

"I will keep calling until I hear from you or Linda. If I don't hear from either one of you in the next hour I am going to call the police. Again, I am terribly sorry for all of this. I am not supposed to leave town when I am on call, but I just had to see you again. Even if it was short, my mind will be racing for the next week. You are simply too damn sexy especially with that belt and corset locked on..."

"Says you, you're not wearing it!" I grunted into the empty room

"...You have no idea how hard it was for me not to take you over and over in that position!"

"Why the hell didn't you!" I groaned.

"Anyway, I am coming up to a tunnel. Call me soon! Oh, one more thing... you lasted 23 minutes leaving you with a 7 multiplier. That means you will have to spend 7 w#*&#s in the belt unless you @&#^#" he trailed off, his voice crackling into static as his mobile phone lost signal.

In a flash, logic and reason were once again locked in the dungeon. Panic washed over me and I thrashed in my bonds for several minutes only succeeding to spread my legs by another foot. Exhausted I knew all I could do was wait for Linda.


Chapter Six: The Natural (added: 08/17/2010)

"eeeap!" I yelped, startled by the loud knocking coming from the back door.

I could only assume it was Linda, at least I hoped it was. By the sound of locks clicking open I knew I wouldn't have to wait long.

"Ashley..." Linda's voice cautiously asked, "Are you OK?"

"uuuuhhhh hhhhuuuuhhhh" I replied through the ring gag while thinking how glad I was I couldn't see the expression on her face.

I could feel her hands navigate the bonds around my body soon realizing a padlock secured just about everything on me.

"Where are the keys?" she asked.

"eennn a aailloox" I tried to answer.

I vaguely hear her mumbling my muffled words over and over until she asked, "In the mailbox?"

I nodded my head happily thinking how difficult it would have been to write it down with my hands cuffed behind me. I could hear the front door open and Linda stepping outside. Seconds later she returned, dead bolting the door behind her. The rope from my hair was undone and the posture collar unlocked.

"aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" I screamed into the gag.

Pulling the collar away from my neck, she didn't notice it was connected to my clover clamps, pulling them clear off.

"Oh god, I'm sooooo sorry!" she apologized.

While the fiery pain subsided and blood returned to my nipple she made surprisingly short work of the hood's laces and gently eased it off my head. The ring gag was removed soon after and tossed aside with the hood.

With a deep breath I summoned the courage to look at her for the first time. I felt guilty for putting her into this uncomfortable position. I feared that she would think less of me; that this type of activity was only for degenerates. Certainly not someone she would want to remain friends with.

I watched her drag an armchair near the couch and sit down, crossing her legs. Our eyes met and my fears seemed to melt away. Her gaze was still one of a supportive friend. It wasn't awkward, but yet, I couldn't think of anything appropriate to say. Thankfully, she broke the silence.

Now smiling, she leaned back comfortably in the chair, deliberately resting the keys on the arm. "Got time for a few questions?"

"I'm a little tied up at the moment, but I can always make time for my best friend." I joked, relishing in the excitement of the moment. It was in that moment however I realized she never tried to release my wrist or ankle cuffs. She didn't know about the key in my corset yet; she was certainly up to something.

"Let's start with the obvious, what the hell happened?" Linda asked.

I was a bit nervous at first but quickly became comfortable discussing the events of the day. I explained how over the top horny I have been and the whole thing was to make James so excited he wouldn't be able to resist.

"I don't understand, why not demand he release you?" she asked with a puzzled look.

"Think of a roller coaster. You know you won't get hurt or die, so why the rush of adrenaline? For those 60 seconds you're out of control, safe, but at the mercy of the tracks." I answered with a smile. I could see the wheels turning in her eyes, her mind trying to understand.

"I'll admit that I've been tied up, but nothing close to this. This turns you on that much? You know, denying yourself sex?" she responded.

"Well I didn't wake up one day thinking, 'I wonder if there is a way to deny me basic sexual pleasures and torture myself in the process'" I joked, "This is just an evolution and something I've longed to share with someone for a long, long time."

We continued to chat for the next hour or two as Linda was genuinely intrigued. James checked in a few times to make sure I was OK. I assumed anyway as Linda was the only one who spoke with him. I sensed they were plotting something, but couldn't be sure.

"I suppose I should finish unlocking you." Linda said with a joking sigh.

The leg restraints and shoes came off without any trouble but the wrist cuffs posed a greater challenge.

"Hmmm, is there another key? This one doesn't seem to work." Linda asked with a puzzled look.

"About that... The key is inside my corset." I answered sheepishly.

"How did it get there?" she pressed.

"I was hoping that James would have to unlock the belt to get the key and I would make my move. My plan backfired a bit as you can see." I answered smirking.

"I guess that explains why he left me a key to your belt" she said.

I shooched forward on the couch to give her easier access to the lock. Propped up on my elbows I stared pleading at her.

"I like that even in your situation you have a sense of humor" Linda said with an evil grin, "you and I both know that you won't let me put that back on you once it's off. Hopefully James comes back this weekend!"

"Hhhmmmph" I scowled.

Ignoring my frustration, she continued with cheer "So I was told you have an invention to show me!"

I cursed James for telling her about it. It was exhausting enough to tell Linda about my sexual fetishes but this was a whole new level. Begrudgingly, I stood up and motioned her to follow me. I insisted on a few shots of Tequila in the kitchen before heading into the room. I had a feeling she would need something to relax her a bit.

"Oh my!" she gasped as we entered the room. Smacking my arm, "I can't believe you didn't tell me about this!"

I didn't answer and made my way to the computer while Linda examined the device. With some effort I turned it on and loaded the machine's control application. Selecting the options I wanted I turned to Linda, "Wanna take it for a spin?"

"YES!" she shouted with excitement.

"Wow, that wasn't the answer I was expecting. Certainly not the enthusiasm!" I commented.

"I dunno, the way you describe how it feels and the obvious lengths you have gone to achieve it. It would be foolish of me to turn down an offer to experience what you feel." she answered.

"Well what are you waiting for? Strip!" I told her with a smirk.

Instantly I could see her discomfort level rise. She started with her sneakers and slowly continued until she was standing in just her panties and bra.

"Ehh hem" I cleared my throat.

Her redness was really starting to show and I loved every minute of it. She unsnapped her bra first, releasing her well rounded breasts; plenty to wrap some rope around. Her thumbs hooked around her matching pink panties and slowly lowered them to the floor before stepping out of them.

"And I'm the naughty one huh?" I commented while I admired her cleanly shaven pussy.

Linda didn't say a word and just scrunched her face at me in mocking distain.

"Okay I've setup the machine to take it easy on you. If at any point something hurts too much or you're in distress just start singing 'Mary had a little lamb'." I told her, noticing her perplexed expression.

"It's a safeword, or song in this case. It lets you scream, curse and even beg while staying 'in scene'. Since the song wouldn't be anything you would do normally it tells me that you're not acting but genuinely in trouble." I explained.

"That's reassuring if not a little embarrassing" she remarked.

"That's the idea" I said with a wink, "now let's get started!"

I walked Linda through the steps to secure her body into the device. I took everything slow and explained as much as I could to keep her at ease. Instead of the anal plug, I had her substitute it for some pads on her ass. The last restraint was the special wrist and elbow cuffs which was a bit difficult to put on with my hands behind me.

"The nipple clamps are not necessary, so we can skip them if you want" I asked innocently, hoping the alcohol was starting to take effect.

"Hell no, if you can do it, so can I!" she belted with liquid confidence.

"Good girl" I thought as I explained how to put them on. She gritted her teeth and grunted after each one but stood fast.

"When you're ready, bring your wrists and elbows up to the metal plate behind you."

Clang. Clang.

The unmistakable echo of metal on metal filled the room. I was very impressed that she was able to connect her elbows so effortlessly. The look on her face was really what stole my focus. A slightly panicked struggled quickly ensued as she came to terms with her situation. At least with rope there is some give letting you believe escape is possible. The electromagnets gave no such comfort, holding her arms in parallel and perfectly rigid. This certainly was not the pink fuzzy handcuffs Linda was accustomed to!

I was so distracted by the show in front of me I didn't notice the timer had run out and the device was now live. First up was the vibrator which took Linda by surprise.

"That cock isn't going to suck itself!" I prodded prompting a shocked look from Linda, "The better you do the more powerful the vibrator will get."

I watched in amazement as Linda was subjected to humiliation, pain and pleasure over the next half hour. She was truly a natural and completely focused on the task at hand, her orgasm. I was so engrossed that I almost didn't hear my mobile phone ring in the other room. "I'll be right back dear, don't go anywhere!" I teased. I couldn't resist.

Seeing the call was from James I answered the phone and put it on speakerphone. Hearing it was me he apologized profusely and promised to make it up to me. I accepted and he informed me that he was already on his way back and would be here within 30 minutes.

"I look forward to it; I have a surprise for you when you get here!" I said with excitement.

"I can't wait! See you soon love" he replied before hanging up.

I walked back into the room to see Linda covered in sweat and staring intently at the screen. I chucked a bit when I wondered if I looked that intense inside the device. She had already mastered the timing so when the vibrator started to kick in she was already sucking the dildo in front of her.

When I say suck, I mean she sucked it like her life depended on it. I would give any man about 30 seconds of that blowjob before he exploded. Her guttural moans told me she was close but with only 10 seconds left I didn't think she would make it.

3... 2... 1... "Mmmmmmmmmpppphhh!" Linda screamed with her mouth still full of rubber cock.

In my wildest dreams I never imagined my best friend in a sweaty, frustrated and sucking cock for the chance of an orgasm. She was so distracted that after 30 minutes of watching she still had not noticed I had returned to the room.

"Hi love" James whispered in my ear, wrapping his arms around corseted waist. "How did you manage this?" he asked.

"I'll explain later. You're just in time for the fireworks." I jokingly replied.

Having received a gauntlet of torments, Linda finally received her dessert. She was so hungry for satisfaction that she started to suck long before the screen indicated the vibrator would turn on.

"Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmph MmmmmmmmMMMMMPPHH!" Linda moaned progressively louder while sucking on the dildo.

We both watched intently as the clock ticked down. With 10 seconds to spare Linda exploded. Her body became rigid for a moment and then started to shake and convulse. She screamed obscenities that would make a sailor blush, but we both knew she was on cloud nine.

Lost in a trace, Linda didn't notice us shut off the program until her arms fell to her sides. I got on my knees to see her face better while James started to remove her restraints.

"How are you feeling?" I asked looking into the blank stare of her eyes.

"Wonderfu...." She answered with her voice trailing off.

James made short work of removing her from the device and carefully picked her naked body up in his arms. I told him to put her in the bedroom to give her some time to recuperate.

We both met back in the living room and snuggled up on the couch.

"I'd say that was the best orgasm she has ever had in her life" James remarked.

"That's an understatement if I heard one!" I exclaimed, nudging him with my shoulder, "I think I may have created a monster"

"Something tells me she'll thank you for it" he said smiling.

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